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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  August 5, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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that chick-fil-a gives you diarrhea, i wouldn't know, i don't support those home mofobs and chicago said they would ban chick-fil-a from opening restaurants in their town. >> chick-fil-a's values are not chicago values. >> and they joined me on the show a couple weeks ago. i would say that most in america appreciate that freedom of speech still lives. i don't know why anyone would be upset with chick-fil-a, not only the way you treat the employees, but every customer. >> and we feed hungry people and the circumstances, you come in the door we're going to serve you. >> if everybody who appreciates a business who stands up for good things, maybe wednesday, august the 1st could be lets ago to chick-fil-a day in america.
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the number one breakfast meal. >> i've got an order from mike. one for mike. >> come on. >> and-- we treat everybody with honor, dignity and respect. why don't you get up early in the morning and come to chick-fil-a? >> oh, agree with what they stand for, i'm coming three times, breakfast, lunch and dinner. >> you guys don't look angry to me. >> i was hungry. >> harris: fox news alert we got a video moments ago of a massive crowd in houston, texas, the folks turning out to show their support for chick-fil-a restaurants. >> you can still see people lined up outside chick-fil-a, but this is nothing, the store owner says earlier today this line wrapped around the building and went all the way to the stop light. >> chick-fil-a appreciation day generate add huge line on
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chicago avenue that went around the block. >> a stream of vehicles that neighboring snaked around the restaurant and access roads and extended out on to the highway. >> and the police had to be called to cope with a traffic jam and thousands descended in that southwest suburb. >> we're getting e-mails from our viewers about long lines and tax stores in tupelo, mississippi, in georgia, on and on it goes. >> mike: you don't have to honk the horn or carry a sign. it's not a political statement. it's just a thank you to a company that's operated with integrity. than provided sound business practices and treated everybody with the dignity that every human being deserves. >> and do you have enough chicken for today? (applause) >> well, now, last wednesday the feathers flew. america ate chicken, boy did they eat chicken and rahm emanuel, he ate crow.
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[applause] and it all started here on this show two weeks ago. that's when i told the founder of chick-fil-a that i was going to encourage people across america to eat at his restaurants and wednesday, august the 1st, not as a protest, but as an affirmation of the right of his son dan, the coo of the company and a devoted christian, to speak freely about his convictions and i talked about it daily on my radio show and encouraged the followers of my web page. and chick-fil-a did not promote, they didn't have to, and by the way, for almost 13 hours, facebook sensored my page because of protests from the left, but facebook eventually restored it. now, people asked why did it? well, it's simple, i didn't want a christian brother, dan
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cathie to express a biblical version of marriage and angry hate speech from people who attempt today bully automatic out of business and dan to be alone. and when mayors in boston, chicago, washington and san francisco actually threatened to censor his speech and keep him from local commercial in their cities, if freedom loving americans didn't speak up, they would be sit in the back frt political bus and told to shut up. and the coo simply expressed his personal view of marriage. and by the way, it's a view shared by voters in all 32 states where that's been on the ballot and the one that was shared by even barack obama until just a few months ago. i'm not anti-gay. i do business with gay people. i have employed gay people. i have friends who are gay. i just don't like intolerance, hate speech and bigotry carried out against religious
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people like dan cathie. being a christian shouldn't mean being disenfranchised. and ceo's aren't targeted, the ceo's of apple computer, starbucks and amazon are among those who support same sex marriage, i'm not calling for their businesses to be destroyed or sensor them. i like starbucks and love apple computer products and ordinary things from amazon. i buy their products not their politics. i can only imagine the outcry from the left if the mayor of dallas or birmingham said that a ben and jeri's ice cream shop wouldn't be welcome in those cities because of the liberal views of the founders. chick-fil-a had the biggest day in their country and people filled our inbox from pictures from everywhere, photos from louisiana, and here is some from alabama, and we had some pictures sent to
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us from colorado. and then from the west coast, the left coast as some call it in california. and we have them from south carolina, pictures that were sent to us from west virginia, and so many, many more. all of the chick-fil-as filled with customers. by the way some of the stores ran out of food and it was the lead story on tv stations across the nation. the folks, it wasn't about chicken. it was about freedom and fairness, and there was no violence in the maybe only real protests came from the chickens themselves. (laughter) >> wednesday, august the 1st, america ate chicken, but they didn't act chicken and they celebrated their freedom to think, believe and speak and surely, america is diverse enough for that to happen. [applause]. well, we are halfway through the olympics in london and our
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olympians are at the top of the medal table once again. but in another example of government punishing success, did you know that the irs is taxing america's medal winners? congresswoman mary bono mack is trying to put a stop to that and she's joining us next. i'd love to hear from you, go to my website and click on fox news feedback session or sign up for my baibs page and follow me on twitter. find a link to that and more at >> harris: breaking news on the fox news channel i'm harris falkner, homes being evacuated right now in wisconsin, tactical units in a milwaukee suburb focused on one house, no confirmation how it might be connected if at you will to what's is six miles away. an abbi a gunman opened fire during a prayer service, 911 calls
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pouring in, and worshippers hiding in closet and texting loved ones from their cell phone. in the end, seven people dead, including the gunman and he got into a shootout. one officer shot multiple times and that police is being treated at hospitals along with two other victims and the fbi on the lead supported by the atf along with law enforcement. stay with fox news and check out for the latest on the shooting in the temple in wisconsin. i'm harris falkner. huckabee continues right after this. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil® for their headaches. my name is sunshine and i have three beautiful girls. i like taking advil® for a headache. it nips it in the bud. and i can be that mommy that i want to be. ♪ [ male announcer ] take action. take advil®.
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>> imagine spending nearly your entire life hitting the gym every day before the crack of dawn and running miles outdoors when the temperatures are below zero and in some cases moving away from your family all for a chance to become an olympian. then you achieve your dream and proudly represent the united states as you stand on the medal podium with a flag draped around your shoulders. next thing you know, you get a
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knock on the door from good ole uncle sam asking you to pay up. medal winners, most of them amateur athletes are going to be taxed on the prize money that they earn because they earn one of the top three spots in the the olympics. and california congresswoman mary bono mack along with north carolina's butterfield, introduced a bill that would exempt our olympians from being taxed on success. and congresswoman you and a democrat have joined together in saying that we really don't want to punish our athletes for being successful. tell me, how did the bill come about for you you? >> first of all, i think we're in the middle of the olympic fever right now and our olympians are taxed for winning medals and started talking about it and went to the ranking member and excite abouted it and something to stop the discriminatory tax, if you will, from going into effect and it helps that we have the olympic fever right now and so excited about our
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olympians and happy that we have a bipartisan bill on the table to save them from this tax. >> mike: just to sort of set the stage. athletes get $25,000 if they win a gold. and they get let's see, $10,000-- 15,000 for a silver and 10 for a bronze medal. and this is money, essentially, it's a stipend for all the months and years of preparation that they have had to be away from income producing opportunities. it's a tiny pittance amount of money especially for that level of success, but the irs since 1984 says that's taxable income and we've got a full screen, take a look at it. if they win a gold it's almost $9,000. about $5300 if they win a silver and $3500 if they win a bronze. i don't think the federal treasury is somehow going to get out of debt, congresswoman if we assess our medallists these taxes. what kind of response are you getting from your colleagues in congress to end taxing the olympic medals?
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>> that's a great question, governor, not only a great response from my colleagues, but from my constituents back home, too, they think this is outrageous. they're so appreciative of all of the hard work and the dedication and years of sacrifice the olympians put into their careers. the olympians are not there to win money, they are he' there to show they're the best in the world and perhaps to show that the united states is the best in the world and that's what this is all about. so, feedback from my constituents and colleagues is overwhelmingly supportive and scratching their heads why the irs monitors what's happening in london. >> mike: only eight out of 34 countries participate in the olympics even tax anything on the part of the athletes. i think a lot of us, when we learn this, and i just found out about it this week myself. my gosh, these are people who are giving america a good name. taxing them might be giving us a bad name. so, how did you first come to
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know about it and when did you say i've got to do something. you've b you' you've your ate one that took this up with congressman butterfield and tell us why it became so important to you. >> well, it actually again, news bubbled up through the media and my staff was watching the olympics and they said, wait, this is wrong, mary, look at this. let's introduce a bill and interestingly enough. my bill is not the only one which was dropped that day. i know that marco rubio is on board and he's pushing an effort, and when in the house, aaron schrock. and we're see proud and i'm proud of the female gymnasts. we're so proud of our athletes and appreciative they're out there and showing the best that the united states has to offer and i think every american is going to say, and thank them. not tax them.
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>> mike: have you heard whether the president will sign the bill if it makes it through the both houses of congress? >> i have not heard that. but again, you know, my ranking members, butterfield of north carolina, he's a great member and we stercertain don't agree on everything, but i think that his participation in the white house will help in that effort. >> mike: if this bill apply retroactively to these olympians? >> no, it importantly would be retroactive and this year's treats. >> mike: and that would be-- >> especially michael phelps. >> mike: this could amount to serious pocket change for him. >> yeah. >> mike: i've not talked to a single person personally who thought we ought to be taxing the athletes.
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we feel they're providing for us and our country a great moment of national pride at a time when we can use good news. almost like we ought to forego the taxes and i hope they win it, and they bring patriotism and national pride to this country. >> you're so right, governor. and it's important, we like the ticker tape parades and like to celebrate them and remember that tef' sacrificed much of their lives to get to stand on the ppodium and should dread the irs when they get home and not only that, but they're inspirational to us and we love what they're doing. we love celebrating with them. nobody wants to think about the irs at a moment they're standing on the podium celebrating a gold medal. >> mike: i appreciate what you're doing, a great and noble effort. it may be one of the few bipartisan bills that make it
8:17 pm
through this congress. and main you can work on the rest, too. thank you for being here, great to talk to you. >> thank you. >> one of the american olympians who hopes to win a medal in london. and he says that god is his coach. marathon marathoner ryan hall joins us next. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. to drive a car filled with as much advanced technology as the world around it. with the available lexus enform app suite, you can use opentable tmake restaurant servations... search wi bing... and listen to pandora.
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(applause) >> he's america's fastest marathon runner and hopes of singing our country's national anthem while wearing a gold medal around his neck in london next week. while most olympic athletes have been training for big events with their coaches, he says the only coaching he needs comes from above. i spoke to olympian ryan hall from his home in arizona before he boarded the plane to get to london. >> thank you for joining us and i know you're on your way to the olympics and we're
8:21 pm
excited about the prospects of you winning a gold this time in the marathon. if you do, we know that the irs may come after you and bust you for about $9,000 worth of taxes. and before we get into the discussion of the marathon, how do you feel about being taxed for winning a medal? >> you know what? i might not be the best to figure out if it's right or wrong, but you know, as an athlete, i think, man, what a wonderful problem to have. i would love to be taxed with that medal around my neck and have to worry about taxes, a good problem to have. so, if i get there and get the medal then i'll be glad to kickback the cash i've got. >> mike: a great attitude to have. because i guarantee if you get the medal, the irs will be able to find you for sure. so let's go back to beijing, before we set the stage for london. it was not what you had hoped for, you had trained, prepared, there was a lot of
8:22 pm
anticipation, people thought you would win the gold there. and you came in 10th. and talk about the disappointment from beijing. >> yeah, you know, it was a disappointment for me for sure, i had high hopes of getting on that podium and you know, i was right there, closing ceremonies 'cause the awards presentations for the marathon is during closing ceremonies so i was standing steps away from those guys and getting their medals and it hurt to not run as well as i'd hoped, but you know, i've since looked back on that and put into perspective and realize that you know, it's all part of god's plan for me and i appreciate the race i had now, but you know, i remember running into that tunnel in the olympic stadium and i dreamed of that moment my entire life and coming in in 10th place and being grumpy in a bad mood and in the tunnel all you hear are your footsteps, oh, god, i don't understand what went on and i was grumpy and felt like god
8:23 pm
was telling me this wasn't everything you've dreamed of, but everything you need to this point in your career so i was glad to get that from god in the tunnel and came out a different man from the tunnel and ran around the stadium and cherish regardless what place wai i was in, and taking in the crowd and stadium and relishing the moment rather than pouting. >> mike: one of the things i've admired about you, ryan, you articulate your faith very clearly, very capably and there are a the lot of athletes afraid to do that. you're not. you've been quoted as saying, your coach is god. explain what you mean by that. >> yeah, a couple of years back fall of 2010 i felt like god was telling me to take the next step in my faith and myself where i'd hear his voice every single day and to be my coach and felt like he was telling me to do that and i was stepping out and
8:24 pm
following his lead. i don't think every single christian needs god as his coach, but every christian should be desperate to hear his voice every single day and should be connected with him every single day and having him as my coach has helped me being more intimate with god and hear his voice every day and lean on other people he's put in my life and lean on the bible and make my faith more real and tangible and i've seen god show up in tangible ways and my first marathon with god as my coach in boston, and ran the race 2:04. one of the things that happened in the race, something i've been training for in years, ran the boston marathon and preparing for one way race and sure enough that day we had at best tailwind and i remember at one point in the race looking up at the american flag and it was just blowing directly the direction we were running and i remember just smiling and just laughing god in my mind and total ly my
8:25 pm
prayer on this day. >> you're a special athlete with an incredible story and one of the reasons i was so excite today talk to you. when we come back from the break i want to talk about some of the criticism you have and how you handle that and how you prepare even in the midst of people mocking you, because of your faith. more with ryan hall when we return. stay with us. humans. we mean well, but we're imperfect creatures living in a beautifully imperfect world. it's amazing we've made it this far. maybe it's because when one of us messes up, someone else comes along to help out. that's the thing about humans. when things are at their worst, we're at our best. see how at liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? the global ready one ? yeah, but you won't need... ♪ hajimemashite. hajimemashite. hajimemashite. you guys like football ? thank you so much.
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>> this is harris falkner out of new york. the milwaukee has called in a bomb squad and keeping reporters away. and not clear whose house they're focused on. it follows a mass shooting at a temple a short distance away. earlier a gunman killing six people and wounding others at the sikh temple, the wounded officer in critical condition we're told and a second officer shot and killed the suspect. it all happened and services were about to begin on this sunday. the attacker gathered at services and say it's treated as an act of domestic terrorism. stay with us fox news channel for the latest on the story. i'm harris falkner, we'll get back to huckabee and go to we're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. ♪ >> ryan, how do you deal with it. when people say, oh, so, god
8:29 pm
is your coach and they try to make something of that? >> well, i do my best to, you know, stay out of stuff that's written about me, and stay off the websites and don't read media written about me, as far as i try to stay out of that stuff, you know, inevitably that stuff trickles through and sometimes i hear it secondhand through other people and i don't feel the pressure to prove god that he's real through my running and i tell people all the time, just because god is my coach, i'm not saying that everything i do is perfect. >> the only criticism i listen to, are people that god put in my life. my wife, my family, people who love me and who might have input for me that's good, positive feedback, but you know, beyond that, my goal is to still listen to god. >> mike: and obviously, you're doing something right and that's what i think is so incredibly amazing about you. and clearly, you're running for a gold medal and you're running to win, but you know,
8:30 pm
in talking with you, ryan, i don't get the impression that winning for you a race, winning an earthly race for you is everything that is. tell me what it is that drives you and motivates you. if you don't win in london, are you still okay with what you are as ryan hall? >> yes, certainly. i think one thing that god has been telling me over and over and over again, and spent the last six months just running my brains out preparing for this race is, jesus is the prize for me. and that's such a thing for me because i feel like gold medal or medal of any color would be icing on the cake for me. i feel like i already have something that transcends an olympic medal and brings that to my daily life every single day that's way better than winning the gold medal and i've read about enough olympic gold medallists who have trouble after winning gold. gold medal is the not everything in life. that's what i love about
8:31 pm
god,'s available for everyone and offering amazing lives for everyone not like a gold medal. only one guy on one day can have that medal. and that's great for my coach and running for him. and another thought i've had recently, i can't make god be more proud of me than he already is. if i finish first or last, when i stand before god right now he's so incredibly proud of me and that just frees me up to not be afraid to fail, not be afraid to take risks and that's one of the things that made me a great marathon runner, i'm not afraid to go for it. i've finished last night before, but, it's really fun to go after your goals and don't feel that huge pressure, you know, feel that you're a failure, you don't feel like you have to perform for someone you're performing out of who you are not out of what you're going for and that's a huge difference. >> mike: you know, eric little, a great runner in the olympics almost a hundred years ago, who had very strong christian convictions, refused
8:32 pm
to run on sunday and there were a lot of things about him. the movie chariots of fire and the line in the movie, ryan, i think of when i hear you and it is is that when i run, i feel god's pleasure and i almost sense that when you run, it's as if you feel his pleasure. and would you identify with eric little said? >> eric little is a huge hero, i've seen a play after the marathon and i'm a huge fan of eric and yeah, i totally, whenever we do, we're created to do. that's our form of worship that we can do and when i'm running, you know, unfortunately i'm not a good singer when i'm in church and singing, i praise god with everything in my heart and it doesn't sound pretty, but when i run, i feel like i'm doing what god has given me the gift to do and what he intended me to do. and i feel a connection with
8:33 pm
god and feel not very often even in church. you know, i call the place where i train, i call it my sanctuary and feels like that to me. church is as much outside of the church as inside the church. >> mike: ryan, you're a remarkable young man, i'm so proud of you and america is proud of you. we're all pulling for the gold, if you do, if you don't, you know what? we're still proud of you and the extraordinary testimony and witness that you bring and i wish you the very best in london. >> thanks a lot. i appreciate your support. >> mike: ryan hall, marathoner, on the american olympic team. coming up, you're going to meet a small business owner who says that the president's health care law can't force him to go against his beliefs and pay for his employees conce contraceptiv contraceptives, and he has successfully challenged the mandate. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever.
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[applause] >> the controversial obama man >> the controversial obamacare mandate from insurance companies to provide contraceptives that went into effect last week. the mandate requires employers regardless of their religious or moral convictions to provide coverage for abortion and drugs and sterilization or contraceptives or face heavy penalties. the paul is the owner of hercules industries, a denver based heating company and he's a devout catholic and challenged that mandate and that might cost him town 9 million in fines and paul and his attorney join us now. welcome to the mike huckabee show and good to have you here. [applause] >> paul this was offensive to you because of your personal convictions that this was a violation of your conscience making you way for abortion i dine us drugs that you don't
8:38 pm
believe in because of your faith. explain. when you first found out about this, were you shocked that the government was going to insist this upon you? >> yeah, completely shocked. and really, it's not me, it's our whole family and goes beyond that. our company has been in business over 50 years and over three generations and i speak on behalf of all of my brothers and sisters, and my brother will and jim and my sister, christy and carol. and we are very proud to really pass this on and live the values and faith that our parents gave up us that that we are hoping to give our children. saying we're shocked is putting it mildly. >> i think that all of america is shocked telling people what the conscience would be and the limitations of their faith would be. the and an attorney representing hercules and the family. you were able to win an injunction at least for now.
8:39 pm
describe for us why this case is so important, whether we're a part of his company or not. why does this case matter? >> well, the reason it's so important is because the administration is taking the position that people must choose between earning a living and living out their faith. and we certainly know that americans do not want politicians to decide what faith is, who the faithful are, and how we should be allowed to live out that faith. >> and paul, this could affect you at the financial level. i mean, the estimates of up to 9.6 million dollars, that's a lot of money, but even you have said as much money as it is, it's more than the money for you. how could it be, even more important to win the battle, not just for the financial issue, but for the moral issue? >> well, that's a great question, governor, and absolutely, we have two issues, and one financial and anyone in our business knows that you know, several or many, many millions of dollars
8:40 pm
would be crippling to our business and it would be harmful to our business and harmful to our employees and benefits that we currently provide, which are generous. so, yeah, that's the economic factor, which is scary, to say the least. and the moral issue is deeper than that, and we really haven't done the math to see what the economic impact would be at this point because the moral issue of religious freedom to us is a greater issue and really, the freedom that all americans have, it's a much bigger issue to us than what we're focused on at this point. >> mike: david, the very first words of the first amendment, congress shall make no law and then it says it shall make no law which would infringe on our freedom of speech or exercise or prohibition there of. it would appear that your case is based on the fact that congress has in fact made a law that trampled all over
8:41 pm
paul's faith. that did prohibit him from practicing his faith. is that the legal basis upon which you feel comfortable you're going to win this case? >> it is, and i think that's what people need to understand, is that this isn't just about the newland family or their business, this is about the constitutional and statutory right for people to decide how they should live out their faith and whether they can involve their religious principles in their business, just as you spoke about in the chick-fil-a business. and this runs the gamut of a constitutional issue, the core of our country and that's religious liberty. >> mike: paul, you and your family have taken a big risk. you understand that. you've had a three generation business, if you lose this case, you could well lose your business, you believe so strongly, you're willing to put it on the the line like this? >> it's, when you put it like that, it's a scary proposition certainly, but you know,
8:42 pm
again, we have such good values and faith in our family and business, as i had said earlier. our parents would be very proud of their children, i'm sure, living the faith and values that they've given us, and again, we're trying to pass on. so, do we want the business to be harmed? absolutely not. and i think that all 300 of our employees would agree that, you know, this has been a good place to work for 50 years and we'll keep it at that. at some point you've got to stand up for what's right and what's going on now and this doesn't feel right to us whatsoever. and you've got to dig in your heels at some point and say stop. >> you know, when i hear stories like this, here is paul and his family, they're really not asking the government to do something for them. they're asking the government to quit doing something to them. quit telling them how to run their business and their faith. several months ago, i remember speak to go a group and after the obama administration had come after the catholic church and their position, which is a
8:43 pm
moral, defensible position and i remember saying to folks, look, this isn't about catholics anymore, today, we're all catholics. and every one of us who believe in the freedom to worship as we choose and to speak as we choose. we all better be catholic. we all better stand with the people who are standing for their fundamental basic first amendment rights to worship as they wish without the government telling them what the limits of that could be. [applause] >> that's why this case is so very important. and i just want to say, my heart felt gratitude to paul newland and his family for having the guts to stand and not just fold like so many people would for fear of economic reprisal. it takes a lot of courage to do what they've done. i hope if there's any way to stand with these folks, you will and you'll be like them in that kind of courage. god bless you, paul and hercules industries out there
8:44 pm
in denver. >> thank you. >> mike: you're welcome. harry reid is spreading rumors about mitt romney on the senate floor. i've got some things to say about that. i know you're surprised. we'll be right back. [applause].
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[applause] this . >> mike: mrauz politicians on bh (applause) >> this week politicians on both sides of the aisle said some pretty remarkable things. i want to take a few minutes to respond to some of them. i want to start with senate majority leader harry reid. he continues to spread a still unfounded stories that he says he heard from a guy who he says invested with bain who told him that mitt romney hadn't paid tax ins a decade and even though reid says he doesn't know if it's true or not. he made a point of saying it on the floor of the u.s.
8:48 pm
senate. >> the word is out he hasn't paid any taxes for ten years. let him prove that he has paid taxes because he hasn't. >> mike: let me see if i get this straight. did you hear what he said at the beginning of this. >> the word's out. >> mike: the word is out. do you know who put the word out? harry reid did. (laughter) >> i mean, is that not amazing? the word is out. yeah, harry, it's out because you put it out there. now, by the way, it appears that some imagery friend that harry has has whispered into his ear. well, when i was a little guy i used to have an imagery friend who talked to me and tell me all sorts of things and would i use what he told me as an excuse to tell my mother why i hadn't come in on time or why my room wasn't clean or why the dog hadn't been fed. but i grew out of having imagery friends. harry still has his.
8:49 pm
[applause] >> and they must be whispering stuff in his ear. now, by the way, if you are harry reid's friend (laughter) >> i'd like to hear from you and i'd love for you to drop me a note. send it to me, harry reid's friend at huck and we sure would like to hear from you, and by the way, harry reid is so animated about mitt romney's tax returns, do you know that harry reid has not released his tax returns? maybe, harry before you go criticizing mitt romney's you ought to release yours, and by the way, why tonight he release his returns, mitt romney? probably because harry reid wouldn't understand those any more than the u.s. tax code and maybe, what harry ought to do, instead of worrying about mitt romney's tax returns, is get a budget on the senate floor which he hasn't done since open 23rd of 2009. all right, second great quote
8:50 pm
of the week. new york mayor mike bloomberg is taking this thing too far, latch on, looking up baby formula so new mothers will breast-feed. i'm not making this up. in response to his newest initiative, he had this to say. >> anything that we can think of that will improve your health, life expectancy in new york city is three years greater than it is on average in the united states. why don't you just focus on the big numbers? >> okay, so now, let's see, it wasn't enough that he banned salt. and then he said we wouldn't have anything bigger than a 16 ounce soda. so now he says, we're going to lock up baby formula to encourage women to breast-feed. i think as long as it doesn't contain more than 16 ounces of milk, that will be fine. now, if we really want to carry this to extreme, i guess
8:51 pm
we need to ban open-toed shoes, there are a lot of people walking on the sidewalks and if you get stepped on. and beverages served at room temperatures, and not hot or too cold and they won't get a brain freeze or burn themselv themselves. maybe no bath tubs, somebody might drown in one of those and another thing we should do is ban all steak lives, those can be dangerous. from now on new york steakhouses that new york is so famous for, tear your meet with your hands because that way you won't hurt yourself with the knives. if the mayor is going to tell us how to be safe. let's go all the way, mayor. let's don't end with just baby formula. all right. chicago mayor rahm emanuel this week let everybody know what he thought of presidential candidate romney's trips overseas. he says and i quote, i don't know how he'll handle the head of state job, he's made a mess of being a tourist.
8:52 pm
at every level this trip has shown more how mitt romney is not ready for the oval office. oh, where do i start? (laughter) >> this is rahm emanuel who criticized chick-fil-a for not having chicago values. somehow, maybe rahm didn't understand that in chicago same sex marriage is not even legal. on the way day that rahm emanuel was criticizing chick-fil-a he had his arm around louis farrakhan, the head of the nation of islam who made very harsh statements about same sex marriage and known to be a little on the anti-semetic side i don't remember him asking louis farrakhan to leave chicago. and i think that mitt romney is quite prepared to be president, he's had experience in the private and public sector and for that matter, the nonprofit sector, i think he's a lot more prepared than the president that we have now.
8:53 pm
[applause] >> president obama had to explain the rising unemployment rate and on friday tried to play a guilt trip on it over taxes. >> here is the thing, there are a lot of well-to-do americans, patriotic americans, who understand this and are willing to do the right thing, willing to do their part to make this kupt strong. >> mike: and i'd almost think if we don't want to pay more taxes we're not being patriotic and doing our part. since almost half the country doesn't pay any taxes might it be a good idea so that they feel patriotic, too, that everybody get to pay a little bit before some pay more? just a thought, mr. president. [applause]. >> mike: i want to end on a positive note. there are some in washington who have our backs. republican congressman mike kelly on the house floor talking about how the government regulations are killing businesses. you want to talk about the thousands ap thousands of
8:54 pm
pages we put on the backs of the job creators. you want to talk about creating jobs in america? when you want to see a nation that doesn't want to participate, but wants to dominate in the world market, then let them rise, take the heavy boot off the throat of america's job creators and let them breathe. [applause] >> and for that, he got a standing ovation on the house floor and i say, amen and amen, pass the offering plates. well, i hope you've enjoyed our show, we've thoroughly enjoyed having you with us. i want to say thanks to all of you who participated in what started right here on this show two weeks ago, chick-fil-a appreciation day, i think it worked. and thanks, and god bless. until next time from new york, this is mike huckabee, have a this is mike huckabee, have a good week. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. and i had a heart attack right out of the clear blue... i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. he's my success story. [ laughs ]
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♪ i think the whole world's addicted to the drama ♪ ♪ only attracted to the things that'll bring the trauma ♪ ♪ yeah, madness is what you demonstrate ♪ ♪ and that's exactly how anger works and operates ♪ ♪ man, you gotta have love just to set it straight ♪ ♪ take control of your mind and meditate ♪ ♪ let your soul gravitate to the love, y'all, y'all ♪ - ♪ people killing people dying ♪ ♪ children hurt and you hear them cryin' ♪ ♪ can you practice what you preach ♪ ♪ would you turn the other cheek ♪ - ma'am. - [gasps] - you forgot your purse. - oh. you don't know how worried i was. thank you. thank you very much. - hey. nice move, kid. doughnut? - a message from the foundation for a better life. thank you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. it remains one of the most shocking crimes in history. >> no children. no footprints. no blood. we knew they were gone. >> 26 children with their >> 26 children with their school
8:58 pm
gus driver kidnapped and buried alye. how did they survive? >> we started to lose oxygen. didn't think we would make it out. >> it's the hot new sport but it has been around for ages. meet the olympic champion who not only trained the star of the hunger games but is out to hit the bulls eye again in london. despite sanctions they are all over the streets of tehran. who is buying them will surprise you. i am allison cam rat taw. >> i am amy kellogg. >> i am ar they will neville and we are here on this episode of "fox files." >> the summer of 1976 was a festive time in america. the bee gees ruled the airway
8:59 pm
airway ---er air waves. >> they celebrated the 200th birthday on the 4th of july. the center piece operation sail a nautical spectacular in new york harbor. it was happy days on tv and in theaters "the omen" had movie goers shaking in their seats. a real life horror story was about to unfold in a small farming community in central california agricultural belt 150 miles southeast of san francisco. >> we had pigs and a barn and chickens. it was down the street from jennifer brown. >> we knew the whole entire town. >> it was a small american town. >> had a few shops a few stores but it's not a very big town. >> thursday july 15th, 1976. with only one day left of summer school a group of children at


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