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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 6, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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in the temple in oak creek. the search began after shots were reported in the temple. all sorts of equipment was pulled in and officers had guns drawn. some of that equipment was armored. the f.b.i. according to local reports did confirm that the search was connected to the temple shooting and neighbors were asked to leave their homes last night and told to be prepared for several days . >> they just said we needed to leave right away. that we wouldn't understand right away what was going on, but we would understand in the future when we find out what was going on. we were shock had no idea what was going on and we just left
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right away. according to witnesses inside of the temple, the shooter which was not described as a bald white man six foot tall said nothing and began to shoot once he stepped inside of the temple. sources say that he was in his 40s and a u.s. army veteran. we expect to hear or hope to hear more and identity reveal of who the shooter was and what might have motivated him to enter in the sikh temple and began to fire. >> thanks >> and while the f.b.i. is in the early stages. they are handling it as a domestic terror case instead of a hate crime. first we'll talk about hate crime, brian. >> brian: it is a criminal
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offense against a person or property with the defender race, religion and disability ethnic origin or sexual orientation. >> it is domestic terrorism. unlawful use or threatened use by a group or individual based and operate nothing the united states or puerto rico without foreign direction committed against persons or property to intimidate a government, civilian population or any segment with a political or social objective. >> steve: it looks like they are looking at domestic terrorism rather than a hate crime. abc news report that the shooting could be the work of a white supremist or skin head. they mentioned what is known of the shooter. he had weird tattoos that gave them the feeling it was the
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work of a skin head. >> the sikh religion has 500,000 followers and a lot of people mistake them for being muslim. they don't shave and they wear turbans and they have seen a rise in persecution of the slant islamic sentiment. >> brian: here are the headlines. >> five minutes after the hour on monday morning . we start with an extreme weather alert. severe thunderstorms in the nascar. lightning struck and kill would a fan as thousands headed to the cover. the man was in the parking lot when a bolt of lightning hit his car. >> all i saw was bang and flash and that girl ran over there. and it was a mess. >> nine other people were
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injured and two of them in critical condition. >> now to ohio. look at the funnel cloud. some people saying they had no idea what it was at first. >> it was fire first and smoke and cloud started to form and tornado went across the street. >> it was scare yelike a loud boom and then i seen the wind. >> had you seen that before? >> never. >> storm knocking down treeps and power lines and leaving thousands in the dark. no word when electricity will be back up running and no know was hurt. meanwhile jamaica getting pounded by heavy rain from tropical storm ernestos. no reports of serious damage or injuries. there is the fishermen. ernesto will drench the coast of the honduras today. >> nasa curiosity rover making
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history as it lands on mars. >> touchdown confirmed. precision . check out the commitment. the rover successfully landed after 1:30 this morning and going after seven minutes of terror and the nerve wracking process of landing on the planet . within minutes curiosity beamed back the pictures. you can see the leg in the shadow. the rover is traveling in space and looking for potential signs of life for the next two years. >> president obama is hoping to raise campaign cash with help of hollywood star power. he will attend two event in connecticut at the home of harvey weinstein. mitt romney continue to outpace the president in fund raising. he last month he raids 1.3
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million. democrats are in danger of not raising as much money. >> southwest airlines is starting to refund customers after a major malfunction with an air fare promotion. offering half price tickets to celebrate reaching e 3 million facebook. but they were charged repeatedly and some cases 20 times or more for a single flight. timing of the refund will depend on the banks and the airline said it will pay for overdraft fees that resulted from the additional changes. these are the headlines on monday morning. >> good news about the craft landing safely on mars. we stopped making stuff like that. and nothing in the line. >> it is a robot. fox learned about the featured speakers in the republican national convention. they have a large roster of talent.
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they are settling and highlighting. >> some stage they announced nicky healy. mike huckabee you know him from television and governor and ran for president. john kasich ohio government government and martinez, first female hispanic governor in the united states. >> you are realizing the importance of the female vote. and rice, you know, having her being one of the potential speakers would be great for foreign policy which some view governor romney as being weak on. and you have uation for senator mccain and governor scott happening in tampa and his popularity is rising. who is not on the list? markco rubio not on the list. chris christie is on the list. he was announced last week to be a featured speaker and
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governor mcdonald is not and paul ryan is not on the list. they are not on the list and makes seem like they are on the short list of vp candidates and did not announce who the key note. is it one of those. apparently they will announce it closer to the convention. key note speaker playing a big role and be a vice-president candidate or could they possibly you know, be like president obama when he was a septemberor when he made a speech and catapulted him in the political stage. >> brian: john kerry gave him a break. there is no drama. aides are worried about not filling the seats at the stadium when the president speakings. a lot different than 2008. >> s
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and next guest a former reporter went to jail to protect her sources. she will weigh in on this. >> and this stood as a war memorial for veterans. now athletes want it gone. and the mayor said no chance. he's live here. that's coming up. hi, i'm phil mickelson.
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it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> steve: with the white house leaking information to make the president look good. panic is ensuing. reporters are telling that top secret sources inside of the administration is drige up.
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problem solved. judy miller spent three month in jail protecting the sources in a leaking investigation and currently a fox news contributor outside of prison. >> yes, wild and free. >> steve: all of these secret national security things have been leaked to the new york times and places like that and pop up in books and makes the president look good and now suddenly the new york times complains, because was all of the f.b.i. probes our sources are drying up. >> duh. this is the problem. the leaks that are investigated now by not one but two special prosecutors they are injurious to the national security. they jeopardize our security as a nation and make it harder to implement foreign policy and yes, they have the affect of drige up sources because
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everyone is afraid of being hauled and asked questions under oath. >> steve: how many times were you told by national security in the administration. >>ince since i cover it a lot. people leak for all kinds of different reasons and you never know why they are leaking. some leaks tell people how their government works. others damage our national security and those are the kind of leaks that are investigated. >> steve: the thidge about the leaks, judy. they make the president look good and tough clearly too many looks like it is a concerted effort to get the guy four more years. >> that's the problem. when national security information is policized and people think that leaking is being done to make the president look better, that
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gets us in to territory that is very damaging. and then people wonder whether or not they are getting the real story and to do that and leak information to make a political candidate whether he is a president running for reelection or's senator look good. that is reprehensible. >> steve: it is not just one person saying judy, i have a scoop for you. whose book was it they made top officials to spill the beans. >> david sanger excellent's book and full of interesting information and secrets. that's part of the problem. and having been the target of a leak investigation and how much time it takes and what it does to your ability to function it is damaging, we are so tied up with lawyers
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and time preparing things for a special council, that you can't do your job. >> steve: in your case you would not reveal source of information that you came to acquire . you would think the f.b.i. in looking at the white house. tom and have a talk. >> it is a wide ranging investigation . many, many people are being interviewed and that's what the paper was complaining about which is a chilling of sources. that's going to happen if you insist on publishing information that damages or potentially damages national security. >> steve: judy miller always a pleasure. no better authority on this topic. >> unfortunately. >> steve: have a great week. meanwhile a athyeasts want the
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steve stoof welcome back. philadelphia eagle head coach andy reed mourning the death of his eldest son 29 year old garrett was found dead in a
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training camp. they say foul play was not involved but they haven't given a cause of death. garrett struggled with drug abuse in the past. chilling details of a report between a american airlines boeing 777 and a air force cargo plane. the two jets almost collided near jfk because the air traffic controller was distracted reading flight instruction says to another airplane. the plane kept communication with one controller when it pasted in another. on board collision avadance system went off in the cockpit. glad it worked. brian. >> brian: one atheist group called the cross unconstitutional.
6:22 am
it wants the cross taken down. >> the city's mayor said it will not come down without a flight. the mayor of woodstock. leo fon tain. >> brian: how do you plan on fighting this, mayor in >> we have a team of attorneys that is our constitutional expert that is advising and we received offers from a number of national organizations that offered to help us free of charge . liberty defense council. there is no lawsuit filed but it is a matter of preparation and advising. >> right to have faith and believe and practice and worship. is it not a testament to what the community wants. they raised $18500 in a defense fund should a lawsuit be filed? >> we hope by educating the
6:23 am
story behind the monument. it is about four war heros and a mother who lost all three of her son tots war and continues to dedicate her life to the veterans and gold star mother. once they understand the story they would not file it. >> atheist said it is on public land and take it down. >> i think the supreme court is cleared. they never ruled that crosses can't be on public property definitively . right now, there is cases that show that there are differences between the sorts of items and we believe that this cross is a part of the long standing monument that is a tribute to four specific soldiers and most of them. one of the bodies was lost at sea and others are buried over seas. and this is close to the grave site they will get. and the monument has been
6:24 am
there 90 years and this monument there 60 years. i urge people to go to the website and learn about the monument it is a fascinating story and hopefully put a end to the case altogether. >> we take donations. and we will raise information and knowledge about this and proprepare for a potential suit. the organization has a lot of money in the bank waiting for the execute. many compared to saving private ryan . unfortunately this mother didn't have a fourth son to save. it is important for the community and most importantly the four soldiers. >> thank you so much. you are receiving all sorts of e-mails showing for him not folding. >> very much so.
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now add a tablet for only $10 monthly access. >> there was one story that a lot of people have been talking about over the last couple of days, that is the fact that harry reid said a bain investor told him mitt romney hadn't paid taxes 10 years and mitt romney's father george romney would be very, very embarrassed. there are many people who feel that harry reid simply made that up. >> brian: he has nothing to back it up. he could say i protect the source and then double down and at a point where george
6:30 am
stephanopolis said do you repudiate the stance on this and making a blanket statement with nothing to make back it up. it had mitt romney defending the fact that he paid taxs and it brings it back to the tax question. >> senator reid mentioned it to the huffington post and on the senate post. and lindsay graham called harry reid a while. >> i like harry but what he did on the floor of the senate, he's lying about his statement about knowing something about romney. >> you think he's lying. >> you think he is lying. >> i do. he's created a issue and making things up at a time when the country is about to file it out. >> brian: the response from
6:31 am
david axelrod was like clock work. >> mitt romney can release the taxs and see what he is hiteding. he fulfilled the obligation of disclosure to run for president. why should he go 10-15 years. the democrats are getting that conversation out there. >> it is a bit ironic we haven't seen any documents released from harry reid. >> brian: we don't know his. >> steve: we know interestingly enough. bob scheiffer compaired harry reid to joe joe mccarthy. if he said i am sorry i made tup. he might use the democratic national campaign apology they made to sheddle addleson.
6:32 am
who is a casino owner who bank ared with gingrich and now supporting mitt romney. democrats came up with a story that suggested that he was aware of prostitution sain his casino in mccaw. he said that is not right and i will sue you. >> brian: now the democratic national committee saying the dnc made unsubstantad. >> chris: while mitt romney is talking about the number one thing. people are talking about jobs. what doo we see from the other side? >> diversion. >> chris: somebody getting prostitution. >> rumor system what people are calling them.
6:33 am
6:35. and we'll get to headlines. disturbing story out of akron, ohio. a man charged with murder after allegedly shooting his wife in a hospital icu. the victim's husband of 45 years went in the room and opened fire. she is now brain dead. police believe it may have been an attempted mercy killing. >> not one but two security scares in the newark liberty airport and causing hundreds of delays. a woman passing through an security checkpoint and several flights were delayed or cancelled and dozens of passengers were rescreened and later determined that the woman was in a flight going on cleveland. and the second was a checked bag that set off an alarm for explosives.
6:34 am
>> steve: calm down in newark. social security is far from the deal it used to be. first time, people are paying for into social security than they will get back in benefits. associated press study said it will get worse over time. this comes as baby boomers are retiring. social security trustees said the program will run dry if congress fails to act. 56 million people collect social security benefits and that expected to receive 91 million by 2035. >> and president obama's reelection campaign is helping you to spy on your neighbors. a mobile app lets you locate the address of people around you who are registered democrats. it gives the name, age and gender. hoping that it will get out the vote come november. >> meanwhile, we have
6:35 am
treacherous weather to talk to you about. maria is live. >> good morning and good to see you and good morning, everyone. we saw extreme weather with storms rolling through the northeast and southeast. over 100 reports of severe weather and 19 of them in the form of damaging wind gusts and most of the want reports came out of the northeast it is a tranquil day out of the northeast with the showers and storms off shore. you have a chance on new york city southward . again, a much quieter day and it will be pleasant behind the frontal boundary. southeast, you will continue to deal with the showers and thunderstorms over the day and next several days. we are not looking at a widespread damaging threat. you can see isolated reports of that and dangerous lightning and isolated flooding from the storms. keep that in mind. it will stay humid and on the hot side.
6:36 am
across the rockiless. we have seen showers and thunderstorms already several weeks and that is the story once again especially in the afternoon hours. the tropics are heating up. we had two tropical storms over the weekend flor yence ernesto. florence is now a tropical depression. but ernesto is going to strengthen over the next couple of days and could make landfall in the yucatan and producing heavy rain and strong wind. back to you. >> brian: we'll check in with the weather throughout the show. it is a family affair. ser 18 and - on serena and venus taking home the gold. it is the first double gold medal since the year 2000. serena and venus won the doubles in be you.
6:37 am
macalalanded on the back of her heels. maroni considered a lock for the gold technically she didn't. >> talk about the fastest man in the world. trying to come along . here is tyson . here's he is still the king of a hundred. >> he is winning in 9.63 seconds and hussein's, tyson finished fourth. get this, if you look close. there was a battle thrown at him as he raced.
6:38 am
do it again if it was actually tossed. >> i had an entire soft drink thrown at me while i was riding my bike. >> were you in the olympics. >> no. that would have been a great story. >> one of the true stories outside of michael phelp system gabby douglas. she will not only cash in big. she has to, because her family, and her mom declared bankruptcy for the second time leading up to the game. >> natalee hawkins twice filed for bankruptcy. she is so happy in the stands and single mother and 24 hours of foreclosure of the virginia beach in january before chapter 11, at that point she only had $500 and owed $20,000 to the trainer in virginia. >> that's what many parents
6:39 am
can relate to. not only to train an olympics athlete and it is tough for parents to do and mention the trainers and clinics. and she is worth $100 million in endorsement deals. >> the pressure is on her shoulders and train my family and bail out my family or watching the house and my mom being tossed. and she shined. >> she's already on the corn flakes box. and a flying squirrel. and our next guest served as nine years as a navy seal and he was forced to resign because he spoke out against the president. he said there are things you
6:40 am
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] gillette. the best a man can get. i amana filling in for gretchen carlson. president obama's senior advisor paid a $100,000. money two speeches in 2010. sharon osborne is quitting america's got talent because she is angry nbc dropped her son jack from the stars earned stripes when he was diagnosed
6:44 am
with multiple sclerosis. she is under contract. >> some things that bothered him about the u.s. military. >> hoping to be a voice of reason. he spoke his mind against president obama's policy . that forced him in early retirement. joining us now is author of the book battle on the home front. karl higby. welcome back. they would not vet your book. >> no. they didn't want it. thea commanders were more concerned about how the fall out of the book would affect their contraries than barack obama. >> you said i know the procedures for the pentagon to view it do you know where an active duty person wrote a book and it was printed.
6:45 am
>> plenty. but none controversial. but the own commander wrote a book. >> double standard? >> i believe so. >> by the way, the book is out and available. write the book or leave. you decided to get out early to do the book. they threatened you with a dishonorable discharge. >> they did. i got out and resigned. >> steve: you said the book is condroversial. what mas it controversial. >> there is an agenda on capitol hill. it needs to be called attention to. so many things that are destroying. the national which i talk body and the the politics on capitol hill. it infiltrated the military and commanders are saying, karl this is great. and five minutes later in a conference call shun me for it. >> brian: the war effort is
6:46 am
policized. >> it is endangering our troops. >> brian: it is affecting the voting . a big debate yesterday. they talked about in ohio in particular trying to attack what the military has which is an absentee ballot and trying to extend it to everybody. >> david axelrod attacked out of his jurisdiction. they gave it to them to give them a fair advantage. if you are deployed or if you are doing duty, you might not make it home to ohio to vote in a timely matter. >> steve: the obama camp is suing the state of ohio because the way they changed the law, they would end regular early votersing except for military on the friday before the tuesday.
6:47 am
>> absolutely. sometimes military members only have a short time to get home and vote. >> brian: here is david axelrod with chris wallace. >> the way governor romney is false and misleading . what that lawsuit called for not deprive the military of the right to vote on the final weekend. of course they should have that right. what that suit is about is whether the rest of the ohio has the same right. >> steve: the thing is, ohio is trying to give military personnel a little edge in voting. >> it is not even a edge it is a fair shot at voting. >> brian: thank you for your service for nine years. >> follow me on facebook and pick up the book on >> brian: need cash, up next, five ways to cut the car insurance bill. >> chris:>> steve: this pastor
6:48 am
thrown in jail for holding a bible study. what he's doing behind bars it is religious. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing
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>> we have been waiting for you. how do you getet best deal with the coverage you need? vera gibbons is here with information that we can bank on today. >> that's right. >> we need three quotes. >> it is incredible.
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shop around and find out who has the best price and find out what type of coverage and reputation of the company . do it all on the web. get general ball park numbers. >> next up. you say we can raise the deductible. how do we decide when it is time to do that? >> here is the numbers to make you think twice. you raise it 200 to a thousand you can save 40 percent or more. make sure you have enough in the emergency fund to cover yourself. >> cross your fingers. >> and in michigan state, the family there. it is dilickous. they shell out 8 percent on annual premiums. >> who doesn't want to save money. >> even if you are not. >> and drop unnecessary coverage . if you have a car that is 10
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6:54 am
shop around. >> and those are very good sites to begin the process. >> you can see the process vary. and there is hundreds to save. >> thank you for your time. >> 6:56 is the time. he sold out seats in 2008 and this year, it is a different seatation. and democrats are worried that president obama will not draw a crowd. >> and rnc chair and big news from republicans and all here to help host in the 8:00 hour. don't go anywhere. you are watching fox and friends most efficient line of luxury hybrids on the road, including the all-new esh. ♪ while many automakers are just beginning to dabble with the idea of hybrid technology...
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♪ almonds. ♪ fiber one is gonna make you smile. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fiber one nutty clusters and almonds. with 43% daily value of fiber for you. crunchy nutty clusters and real almond slices for your taste buds. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. >> anna: 7:00 o'clock on the dot. good morning to you. thanks for being with us at "fox & friends." i'm anna kooiman, it's august 6. i'm filling in for gretchen carlson. a fox alert.
6:58 am
violent shooting leaving 7 people dead. cops calling it domestic terrorism and we've just learned the identity of the accused shooter. breaking news from the scene seconds away. >> brian: may i have the envelope, please? >> anna: there you are. >> anna: thank you very much, lady. the results are in. republican party convention headliner. what it tells us about the romney vp pick. >> steve: also, he was jailed for leaving a bible study at his own house. but this morning, he's still praying behind bars and he's got company. he's not alone. "fox & friends," hour 2, for a monday, starts right now.
6:59 am
>> anna: i was trying to do, brian, was the last second, i was -- >> steve: you handed him something that looked like an envelope. >> brian: like a paper airplane. it pays to take aragami with your electives. >> anna: yeah. i'm surprised i remembered that from third grade. let's try again. >> steve: anna is in today. great to have you. she's in for gretch. great to have you. >> anna: thank you we learned the identity of the man police say is behind the sikh temple massacre. wade michael page, 40-year-old active duty soldier. steve brown is live in oak creek. steve, we hear someone else is also in custody. what's this all about? >> we understand that perhaps a girlfriend might also have been
7:00 am
arrested by authorities. we believe in connection with the shooting yesterday. what we know about wade michael page, our justice department producer was able to pry up a good job doing it, is that this gentleman served some time at fort bragg, that he was found to have white supremacist tattoos on his arms. wade michael page, age 40, the shooter, as identified by sources close to the investigation. prior to that, not a lot of answers were available to folks as to who was responsible for this before knowing the identity of wade michael paige, which we've just released. people were left to respond and kind of sort things out on their own. a makeshift memorial was set up outside the area where the media was corralled. we also have a picture of what was going on inside the temple just as the shooting started.
7:01 am
folks are saying that without a word, the gunman just walked in, started opening fire. now, the folks that witnessed it described a bald white mail, believed to be in his late 30s. six people ended up dead. four sikh worshipers inside the temple. two outside. obviously the scene was one of panic and chaos. >> some people walked in and started shooting and there were little kids who started screaming with the gun fire going on of the the lady and the kids, they hid in the closet. >> we are told there were a number of people that hid inside the pantry where a meal was being prepared. all of the folks that survived witnessed it, were pain-stakingly taken through a briefing that was held across the street at a bowling alley, understanding this is a domestic terrorism incident and the f.b.i. has taken the lead in this particular investigation.
7:02 am
of the six victims, we have the name of one. it is the president of that temple is described as someone who was attempting to tackle the gunman in forgetting the folks that were inside the temple at the time of the shooting. so he's among the six that died in that shooting. again, wade michael paige, age 40, believed to have white supremacist tattoos, army veteran, spent time at fort bragg, he is the shooter, according to source. back to you in new york. >> steve: steve brown, thank you very much. it's interesting the f.b.i. would be treating it as domestic terrorism and not as a hate crime. why is that? we don't know for sure, but we can break down the two for you. for instance, what is a hate crime? a hate crime is a criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender's bias against race, religion -- that's why a lot of people thought it would be a hate crime,
7:03 am
disability, ethnic orientation or sexual orientation. >> brian: and domestic terrorism would be defined? >> anna: unlawful use or threatened use by an individual operating in the u.s. or puerto rico, committed against persons or property to intimidate or customers a government, the civilian population or any segment thereof in furtherance of political or social objectives. some of their advocate groups of the sikh religion say since 9-11, they've been victims of more persecution because they are often confused with muslim. some people even think associated with al-qaeda. they don't trim their beards, they don't cut their hair. >> steve: completely different religion. >> brian: there is about 700 in total. meanwhile, headlines. then we'll talk more. >> anna: 7:06. an extreme weather alert. thunderstorms rock the
7:04 am
pennsylvania 400 nascar race. lightning struck and killed a 41-year-old fan and thousandss of people headed for cover in the pouring rain. the man was already in the parking lot when the bolt of lightning hit his car. >> i didn't see nothing but a bang and a flash and people laying on the ground. there was ambulances coming. troy ran over there. that girl ran over there. it was a mess. >> anna: nine other people were injured. two of them in critical condition. now heading to ohio, take a look at this funnel cloud spotted in gerard. some people saying they had no idea what it was at first. >> looked like a fire at first, smoke coming up. then i was looking, the cloud starting to form and the tornado went straight across the street. >> it was pretty scary. it was like a loud boom, then i seen the wind going by. >> have you ever seen anything like that before? >> never. >> anna: it knocked down tree, power, and left thousands in the dark. no word when power will be back
7:05 am
up. no one seriously hurt. there is a tropical storm warning in effect right now for the coast of honduras after jamaica got a pounding from ernesto. cop high school to rescue fishermen. no reports of serious damage or injury. fox news alert. curiousity rover making history as it lands on mars. >> 7.5-meters. >> anna: successfully landed this morning. it went through what nasa calls seven minutes of terror. the nerve racking process of defending on -- landing caught on camera by another satellite. within minutes, curiousity beams back the first pictures from inside the crater. here you can see the rover's leg and its shadow. it has been traveling through space for eight months now. it will explore mars, looking for potential signs of life for the next two years.
7:06 am
president obama is hoping to raise campaign cash tonight with the help of some hollywood star power. he'll be attending two events in connecticut, including one at movie mogul harvey weinstein. new numbers released show mitt romney continues to outpace the president in fundraising. last month he raised $101.3 million. the democrats have already warned they're in danger of not raising as much. new concerns fort democratic national convention party insiders saying the president's top aides are reportedly worried about a poor showing for his acceptance speech due to the current economic situation. democrats as a result said to be taking steps to make the convention more open to the public. those are your headlines on your monday morning. >> steve: they had that problem in london at the olympics. that made the organizers look back. >> brian: again, media might not cooperate. let's talk about what the rnc will be doing. more drama on their side because we'll be seeing the vice vice
7:07 am
presidential candidate center stage. established stars and up and coming stars on the stage and a new detainee where we're used to seeing the president. look at the names that have been reloosed that will have key speaking parts. >> steve: nikki haley, martinez, condoleeza rice are all female speakers. none of these seven names will be the keynoters, apparently. it has been rumored that chris christie is president-elect obama going to get it. these are -- >> anna: governor nicky haley, she's expected also to be appealing to some of the younger voters. she is the youngest sitting governor in the u.s. right now. her husband also supposed to be deployed to afghanistan next year. so she'll spleen a strong military message. >> brian: if you're evan listening on radio, john mccain
7:08 am
and john kasich is on the list. chris christie rumor to do have the keynote speech. he won't confirm or deny that because that would indicate whether he'd be the vp pick or not, which is conspicuous by its absences. marco rubio, senator portman, governor tim pawlenty and conkman ryan, all not on the list, but all you would think would weather have a role in the final, maybe short list. >> steve: sure, coming up this hour, reince previn will be coming up and talk about the speaker's announcement and ask him about his comments yesterday referring to harry reid as a dirty liar. >> anna: dirty harry, they're calling him. >> anna: maybe reince previn will make the announcement for mitt romney and say who the vp will be. you never know. i think he knows. don't you think?
7:09 am
>> steve: no. i think mitt romney will pick ann romney or beth myers. i don't know. >> anna: 11 minutes after the hour. in this economy, the president and the rest of washington will say they feel your pain. it turns out that's not the case. washington, d.c. has one of the lowest unemployment rates of alt big cities. what's the secret? stuart varney knows and he's on deck. there he is. >> brian: rielle hunter is setting her sights on a new man. she's hoping the donald can bail her out. we're going to ask him when he joins us live. i sense "celebrity apprentice" [ female announcer ] caltrate's done even more to move us.
7:10 am
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and you can use up to four times less. good news for even the biggest kids in the family. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong?
7:13 am
>> brian: glad you're up. national unemployment rate has risen to 8.3%. in washington, d.c., it's 5.7%. why is the nation's capitol doing so well? >> anna: stuart varney is here with a whole lot more on that. so washington, d.c. doing pretty well. >> if you have a president and administration which is all government, all the time, you can expect the federal government workers will do rather well, as well as the city in which they live. that's exactly what's happening. you just outlined washington, d.c the unemployment rate is 5.7%. right? 8.3% for the rest of the nation. the number of new federal workers who have been hired during the obama administration? 38,000. compared to a lot of jobs in the private sector and a loss of jobs from state workers. how about home prices? up 10% in the washington, d.c. area for 2009. everybody else suffered what?
7:14 am
20, 30% loss. how about the three wealthiest counties in america? all of them are suburbs of washington, d.c because of all these federal government workers who are very well paid. if you have an administration which really sets its sights on expanding government, you can expect the center of government to do very well and it is. >> steve: i go down to washington with some regularity and over the last couple of years, it has just been breath taking the amount of new construction going on. here in new york city, aside from down at the world trade center area, there is not really much construction going on here. but there, the town is on fire. >> you have to go to north dakota to find a similarly well to do area because of the oil boom. >> brian: do you think that's what every administration -- with every administration? >> no. which other administration in recent years has so expanded federal government employment as washington, d.c. has? which -- by the way, all that
7:15 am
stimulus money, dc, got more stimulus money than any other city in america per head of population. >> anna: we've got some figures to show there. we can show you those. district of columbia, 8,000, $357. alaska. you also say that one of the reasons washington is thriving is the more you learn, the more you earn. public education in virginia and maryland is possibly helping as well, right? >> that has been raised as a possibility as to why there is great prosperity in the dc area. the average around the dc average is for much higher standards of education. far more college degrees. i'm sure that's a fact. but what came first? the government pouring in the money with the college graduates to follow? don't tell me that the college graduates suddenly settled in dc and then came the money. >> brian: what does come first with stuart varney is an
7:16 am
appearance on our show, to be followed by your show at 9:20 eastern time. >> struck it all -- you can have it all. >> brian: and at 4:00 o'clock. you play neil cavuto. >> steve: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead on this monday, he was jailed for leading a bible study at his own house. but this morning he's now praying behind bars and he's got company. a lot of it. we'll tell you straight ahead. >> anna: then hey, guys, looking to add a little flavor to your flirting? try getting in the kitchen. our next guest says a good meal is a great way to get to a woman's heart. she'll show you exactly how to do it with flirty recipes coming up next wake up!
7:17 am
7:18 am
that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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7:20 am
>> steve: quick headlines. the port authority of new york and new jersey said to be cracking down on world trade center construction workers who are boozing it up on their breaks. this after a number of construction accidents down at ground zero. 20 workers have already been caught and lost their credentials. good. pastor locked up for holding a bible study group at his home is holding one behind bars. he's serving a sentence in jail in owes owes for violating zoning and building codes for the bible sessions at his arizona home. as many as 30 inmates have attended his bible study sessions there at the jail. anna and brian, over to you. >> brian: thanks for that. if you are looking to find a creative -- if you're a man looking to find a creative man
7:21 am
to impress your lady, no matter who she is, look no further than a cooking class. >> anna: the new class, fitting with flavors, teaches men that the quickest way to a woman's heart is through the kitchen. here to help u.s. pamela -- you is pamela morgan. good morning. >> good morning. >> steve: you're looking saucy today. >> thank you. >> brian: you got three ways to a man's heart or man's way to a woman's heart. what do you got? >> i teach how it spice up a man's life in their relationships through cooking and flirtatious. today we are going to make some spicy latiny food and you just put on a little salsa music. we're going to make a mojito. >> brian: do we have salsa music? for example, the sassy shrimp taco. >> yeah. that's what we have right here. i made one and you'll help me make another. so this is so good.
7:22 am
so we take a tortilla and put on all these ingredients. a little cabbage, a little avocado, some tomato. a little sour cream. >> brian: this is the tomato, right? >> yes. >> brian: does speed matter, like how quick you're making it? >> i think you can take your time. then you're going to put a shrimp right in the middle here. >> brian: what about talk in between? >> that's the most important because cooking is like foreplay. women love to be teased. so for a guy, if you can learn how to tease a woman and i say it's all over the kitchen. the sensuality of food and how to use it. >> brian: you're buying into this? >> anna: yeah. did he have israeli. >> it's kind of nice for the woman to get involved with the cooking as well. yeah, have her come in and help you.
7:23 am
>> brian: that's the completed salad. >> right. this is a salad. i took the same shrimp and in it, i put lettuce, green beans, a little mango, and we're making this really sassy here. this is a mango dressing. i'm going to pour it over here. and i teach you how to make fresh vinaigrettes and marinades in my class. so you'll learn all of that if you come to flirting with flavors. i'm going to toss this up here. >> anna: we also have a mojito. we don't want to forget that. >> you got to get to the cocktail. women love cocktails. especially pretty drinks. the mow tito. we're making a mocktail, it's so fun. a little strawberry and then your lime and some fresh mint and then we're going to muddle it because i have this philosophy that muddling leads to cuddling.
7:24 am
>> brian: really? >> yeah. >> brian: so i'm suddenly pro muddle. >> then you pour in the little strawberry syrup. i teach you how it do this in class. some ice. and a little -- cheers, sparkling water. flirting with flavors. >> anna: thank you so much. >> brian: congratulations on the book that's out. >> anna: i can have a sip? >> brian: yeah, 'cause it's mocktail. good muddle. >> anna: thank you so much. got to go. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, are harry reid's rumors just flat out lies? his colleagues think so. >> i actually like hearing but what did he on the floor of the senate is so out of bounds. i think he's lying. >> anna: now one of donald trump's friends pulled into the rumor mill. he joins us next. and they're living the american dream one gamble at a time. the stars of "hard core pawn" here with secrets to making
7:25 am
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>> anna: 7:30 is the time on your monday morning. time for your shot of the morning. photo from london, the full moon creates a six olympic ring. photographer happened to snap the picture when the moon was perfectly positioned behind the olympic rings hanging. the picture was posted on twitter and has been retreated thousands of times.
7:29 am
now after it's been on fox, probably thousands and thousands more. >> brian: how do you figure that out? what are the odds of that happening? >> steve: maybe the camera guy walked around until he got it exactly right and clicked it. i don't know that everybody saw that. >> brian: okay. >> anna: we have more headlines to get to. we begin with a fox news alert. just moments ago, fox news confirming the identity of the alleged gunman in the sikh temple shooting in wisconsin. sources identifying him as 40-year-old wade michael paige, active duty soldier. sources also saying police have his girlfriend in custody. shots were fired yesterday as dozens gathered at their house of worship to pray. seven people are dead, including the gunman. the makeshift memorial already set up to remember the victims. police evacuating the area around the suspect's home. we'll have a live report from oak creek in our next hour.
7:30 am
>> steve: not one, but two security scares at newark liberty airport causing major delays for hundreds of flights. first a woman reportedly passed through security checkpoint after setting off an explosive detection machine. that's never good. several flights had to be delayed or canceled because of that. and dozens of passengers were eventually rescreened. it was later determined that the woman was on a flight that landed in cleveland and was no longer considered a threat. a second incident at the same airport triggered by a checked bag set off an alarm for explosives. after another screening, it was given the all clear. but plenty of delays. >> brian: serena and venus williams taking home the gold for women in tennis. serena's first gold medal since her sister did it in 2000. serena and venus also won the doubles title in 2008 together. venus was eliminated early on in the singles. sandy richards roth getting
7:31 am
the first medal in track. winning by about a body's length for the men, jamaica's usain bolt, bolting into history. watch. break his own olympic record with the 100-meter dash. he had a 9.63. the previous record 9.69. the olympic dream ending for south africa's entrant. the first double amputee to ever compete in the olympics still thrilled he got to take part. he says he will be back again. >> steve: the blade runner. you know who is back with us? carol alt, who has been on the program a number of times. joining us 'cause in a half hour, you'll co-host the show with us. >> i am going to co-host with you. >> steve: now kind of like carol alt, this is your life. see if you can identify the voice of this man. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, and carol was absolutely a spectacular -- i
7:32 am
would say not only a survivor, but really a star on "celebrity apprentice." >> good morning, donald. how are you? >> how are you? >> anna: donald trump. >> she did a great job, fellows. i tell you what, she was almost a winner, right, carol? >> donald, we're not going to go there, are we? you know who should have been in the final. >> steve: we'll talk -- >> we did -- >> brian: that's the thing, you can't pretend like somebody else is making the choice. you really have to fire your friends in some cases. >> i have to fire a lot of friends. it was not easy doing it with carol because she was very good. she did a great job. >> i was the best, donald. come on. [ laughter ] >> anna: what was it like to work with the donald? >> it was fantastic. it's an amazing show. i came back this year to help my girlfriend, patricia, raise money. so it's really grown. it's incredible what the producers do. donald, you just do a fantastic job. >> anna: how long have you known donald trump?
7:33 am
>> do we need to go there? probably 32 years. >> steve: no kidding. >> who he was don. we did the joe franklin show together. it was don and carol. >> brian: get out of here! the joe franklin show. i tate hate to say i'm that old. he was just don trump. hi, don. >> i could walk down the street, i had no problems. i knew carol a long time. >> long time. >> steve: swinging down memory lane. mr. trump, should we call you don? >> you can call me anything you want. anything you want. >> steve: donald, have you heard about reel hunter, who was involved with john edwards, wanted to be our president. her book sold only 6,000 copies. that was a dud. now apparently she wants to be on "celebrity apprentice" and if she doesn't get that, she'd be on "dancing with the stars" or the bachelorette. what do you think? >> i haven't heard that. we're already cast and starting to shoot in about five weeks. and we've been fully cast.
7:34 am
literally, we have five people for every involvement it's amazing how many celebrities there are. not everybody is a great celebrity like carol. but it's amazing how many there are. >> steve: with the kind of background that rielle hunter has, is that the kind of person you would want on your show? >> you know, the biggest problem i have, she tells somebody i really like donald trump. i think he's amazing. now, it's hard for me after hearing that to say she's terrible. i don't know anything about it. i've never been a fan of him. that, i can tell you. i always thought he was a total phony. >> anna: drama makes for good tv. >> and drama makes for good tv. it might be good in that sense. i don't want to say bad about anybody, although with respect to him, i can't -- he put himself throughout and he's a disgrace. >> brian: donald, the rnc let go some of the names that will be speaking. do you think that you're going to have a role in some way, shape or form? >> i know they want me to. i'll see what happens. i'm getting something in florida the night before.
7:35 am
you have to understand this was i'm sure in -- they're giving me the statesman of the year award on the evening before the convention and i'm very honored by that. that's the sarasota republican party. >> brian: wow, congratulations. >> it's great. florida. >> steve: very nice. i'm sure you heard about this, last week harry reid said a secret source called him on the phone and said that mitt romney didn't pay taxes for ten years and that mitt romney's father would be ashamed if he were alive. so many people think he's made that stuff up and here is senator lindsey graham of south carolina yesterday calling harry dirty harry, a liar. >> i've been around this town for a while. i actually like harry, but what he did on the floor of the senate is so out of bounds. i think he's lying about his statement knowing something about romney. this is what's wrong -- >> that's pretty stiff.
7:36 am
>> i think a leader of the -- i really do. i think he's created an issue here, i think he's making things up and a time when the country is just about to fall apart. >> steve: that's where we are. making stuff up. >> brian: what do you think? >> first of all, i think he paid taxes and i think that he shouldn't probably at this point give his returns because they'll look at one return for five years ago, see a little statement and they'll make a big deal out of it. i have said it examine i've said it a lot, that if obama opened up his records, maybe mitt should give his returns. that would be a great trade. i guarantee you it would be a really wonderful trade. >> brian: what do you mean records? >> i'd like to see his college records. i'd like to see his college applications. i'd like to see asking about his past, which many people know nothing about. i'd like to see his passport records, which are sealed. obama spent over $4 million in legal fees to keep these things quiet and then he stands up and says, i want to see his tax returns. he's given tax return examines if they give more -- and i understand him saying -- they're
7:37 am
very, very complex and 100% straight, 100% legal, but they look at little nitpicking things and then you have another month of debate. now, if obama gives some of his sealed records, where all of this money has been spent to keep them sealed, i would certainly make that trade. i think that's a great trade. >> steve: what do you think, donald, would be in his school records that people would find of interest? >> i don't want to get into that, but i think it would be very, very interesting to see. and i really think, and i've said that to the people and i really believe that that would be a trade that you'd like to see. i would tell you "fox & friends" would love to see it. i think you would find things very, very interesting and very shocking. >> anna: you just feel that something is hidden in there and that's why he's spending so much money to hide is it? >> you're spending millions of dollars to hide it examine most of the presidents have released their college applications and their college records. and a lot of questions are being raised by a lot of different
7:38 am
people. why does he not want to give out his college application? >> anna: senate majority leader will decide he'll release some of his tax returns as well. but really it's not just harry reid, the democratic congress national campaign committee now with a big apology. we're going to roll this one out for you. >> brian: they finally admitted by saying that he knew with prostitution in one of his schettino was wrong. the dcc made an unsubstantiated allegation. they went on to apologize. and a supporter of the opposing party, that was wrong. he goes on to apologize to addleson, if you're him, is that enough? he's a friend of yours. >> he is a friend of mine. i think it's probably enough. i mean, it's politics and it's a loft things are said l it's harry reid or anybody else. a lot of things are said. examine i think it's great they're apologizing. i think it's great for sheldon. >> steve: he had threatened a lawsuit. >> brian: real quick what, do you think mitt romneys that do in the last month leading up to the convention that he hasn't been doing yet?
7:39 am
>> i think he has to be very tough. he's a very nice man. he's a very smart and honorable man and now he's really got to get tough because they are playing down and dirty with him. what they're doing with him and the republicans, i think are really -- you know, the hillary clinton campaign, it was the most vicious ever run against hierurgy obama. this one is making that look like baby cakes. so i will tell you, i really think that the republicans and in particular mitt, are going to have to really get down and dirty, that he will have to get very tough because the things that are being used against them are disgraceful. >> steve: it is now a sprint to the convention. donald trump, we thank you very much. >> thank you. i'll be watching carol. i tell you what, i'm going to be watching you on that second hour. that's great. >> jane us. >> steve: we'll see you in 18 minute. >> yes, you will. >> anna: 7:42 is the time this monday morning. the results are in. the republican party releasing the names of its convention headliners. and the names giving us a few
7:40 am
clues about a vp pick. reince previn will join us, so write them down. >> brian: does owning expensive car put you above the law? wait until you see what the driver of this ferrari does to outrun a parking ticket. he pays the price
7:41 am
7:42 am
[ heart beating, monitor beeping ] woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. ♪ [ [ barks ] [ announcer ] all work and no play... will make allie miss her favorite part of the day. [ laughing ] that's why there's beneful baked delights. from crispy crackers to shortbread cookie dog snacks, they're oven-baked to surprise and delight. beneful baked delights: a unique collection of four snacks...
7:43 am
to help spark play in your day. >> steve: in response to senator harry reid's accusation that mitt romney didn't pay taxes for ten years, reince previn yesterday accused senator reid of being a dirty liar. >> i'm not going to respond to a dirty liar who hasn't filed a single page of tax returns himself, complains about people with money, but lives in the
7:44 am
ritz carlton here down the street. >> brian: his comments risky? not ohm for him, but for all republicans? let's ask him. joining us right now is the chairman of the republican national committee, reince previn. do you want to back off calling dirty harry, dirty harry? >> you know, there is no triple down in black jack, but i'll triple down on my comments from yesterday. speaking of las vegas. it's the truth. what else do you call somebody who goes on to the senate floor and claims that someone hasn't paid any taxes in ten years a complete lie? uses his official office to do it. we all get it. he's just playing this game and -- it's amazing to me that there can be any honor in a position that he holds that he's
7:45 am
degraded so far down the tubes. it is what it is. he's a dirty liar and we're moving on. we're moving on to defeating this president and saving this country. >> steve: over the weekend i was at an event and there was a member of congress who is a democrat and i asked him about this. and he said you can't say something like that in public unless you have the proof. do you feel he has just made this up because we've seen the white house, they had a chance through axelrod to disavow it examine he double downed on it? >> it's sort of one of those things if you tell a buddy, hey, why don't you tell me that doocy stole his car. well, okay. guess what? someone told me, steve, that you stole a car. well, it's foolishness. it's totally inappropriate. and it's unbecoming of a majority leader. but again, it's dirty politics.
7:46 am
i was just listening to donald trump, i think he's right. we have to be prepared to play tough. we're not going to sit around and allow these folks to manufacture stories and information, steal an election off of nothing when we've got 8% unemployment, debts coming out of our ears and an avalanche hitting our children and we have a country to save. that's what we're going to focus in on. >> brian: let's talk about the convention, to make work, you need it. the speaker's list has been release released. your sense of -- governor, i should say, any names you'd like to add to that list? >> there is going to be a lot more coming. this is just the first wave of names and very proud and honored to have these folks that will be speaking at the convention. i think it's going to be the best convention we've ever had,
7:47 am
the time is an incredible place. it's a great venue. i've seen the construction going on down there. we're going to have an opportunity to have four days of telling the mitt romney story. who is this honorable man who gave away all of his father's inheritance to charity, built something from nothing, a good husband, five good boys, something that we can really be proud of in this country as opposed to a president who -- i think he's got a problem with the american dream. he's got a problem with success and if he doesn't have a problem with it, he's willing to use it to divide this country. i have think we're going to present a totally different view of america and something i think every parent in america believes in for their children. >> steve: that's coming up at the end of the month. reince previn, who heads up the rnc, thank you very much for joining us from washington. >> thank you. >> brian: straight ahead, they're living the american dream. one gamble at a time, the stars of "hard core pawn" standing by
7:48 am
with secrets to make money from things you already own. >> steve: i had one of those in my basement. good morning. first on this date back in 1966, "ain't too proud to beg "by the temptations. number within in america. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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7:50 am
7:51 am
>> anna: you're going to love this segment. thank you for joining us here at "fox & friends." 7:53 now. the show "hard core pawn" takes viewers behind the scenes of a successful family-owned pawn shop where they make a living selling and buying high priced items. but small business owners took a hit recently after the president had this to say. >> if you got a business, you didn't build that.
7:52 am
somebody else made that happen. >> anna: let's go to the third generation pawn broker and the owner of american jewelry and loan and ashley gold is his daughter. welcome. >> thank you. >> anna: let's talk about that comment 'cause you guys -- this is a third generation business, you hope to pass it down to your kids. when you work that hard, do you feel like the government has had a big hand in doing this? >> 31 years ago when i opened up american jewelry, i had three employees and myself. i worked night and day. we're regulated use business. the city of detroit had a hand in helping me with my licensing, but it was all my blood, sweat and tears for the last 31 years. we've 50,000 square foot facility, 50 employees, that's a lot of hard work. >> anna: very interesting tv show that airs on tuesday nights. let's get to some of the items you brought in. first one we have a baseball card that we want to show. >> we have baseball cards from the early 1920s. people bring in everything of value. we're a pawn shop. nothing is unique that we don't take. we take in everything.
7:53 am
>> anna: you've got an afc championship ring? >> 1989, we received a championship ring, one of the celebrities had lost his money and came to us and sold it to us. >> anna: one kilo gold bar. i may be running away with this. how much is this worth? >> $51,066 right this minute. and this tennis bracelet. >> i've never held something this expensive in my life. >> that one is $30,000. >> anna: oh, my gosh. you're the expert. >> i am. >> anna: how about this? an accomplish torch? >> from the 2002 salt lake city olympics. >> anna: this is legit. how do you tell that these items are legit? >> a gentleman won that in an auction and he brought that in. he brought in all the documentation. >> anna: so they have o have all the paperwork. >> you're holding it. >> anna: thank you so much for coming in.
7:54 am
>> there go. >> then we have this for you. >> anna: thank you so much. good luck with the show. >> thank you for having us. >> anna: 7:56 is the time on your monday morning. we have some brand-new information this hour about the shooter at that wisconsin temple. who he is and details of his military background. the police chief joins us at the top of the hour. and it's super model monday. carol alt on her way in to co-host "fox & friends," hour 3. you don't want to miss it. we'll be right back ♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the deliciousness you desire. the brownie of your dreams is w deliciously real.
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get great values on some of our newest models. ♪♪ a flavor paradises aof delicious fishes ♪♪ ♪ friskies seafood sensations. ♪ ♪ feed the senses. four crse seafood feast, just $14.99 start with soup salad and cheddar bay biscuits then choose one of 7 entrees plus dessert! four courses, $14.99. offer ends soon. come into redster and sea food differently. >> steve: good morning. it's monday, august 6. i'm steve doocy. a fox news alert. new information this morning about the shooter at that wisconsin sikh temple. who he is and details of his u.s. military background. the police chief joins us live in moments. >> brian: we now know who will be taking center stage at the republican convention in just
7:58 am
weeks. it will be telling who is not on the list because it all revolves around who the vice president nominee will be. carol? >> carol: and running over a police officer isn't the best way to get out of a ticket. even if you drive a ferrari. "fox & friends" starts right now >> steve: action. >> steve: who is that lady on the couch? it's carol alt! of course! >> carol: who is that lady in the red dress. >> steve: how are you? >> carol: i'm good, thank you for having me. >> brian: gretchen is away, you have the last hour all to yourself. we'll try to make it as nato as possible. you matched steve's tie. a little insulting. >> carol: i'm sorry, brian. but i do like yellow. >> steve: this is kind of like a first date. let's talk a little bit about
7:59 am
your past history. your dad was fire chief? >> carol: a fire chief in the south bronks. so i am all new york. >> steve: of course, you were probably the very first super model. >> carol: yes. but i was talking to wayne rogers back stage, and i said to him, you were an actor, economist, historian. >> he said, could like to be categorized. and neither do i. >> brian: this is why we don't let wayne talk to our guests. he messes everything up. we want to learn more about you. you didn't set out to be a model. correct? >> carol: no, i was in the army. i was studying law through army rotc and i was doing this for a summer job. trying to get money for my college education, of course. >> steve: did i read somewhere -- we're look at some of the 700 covers you've been on. your dad tried to keep track of all of them and lost count at what? >> carol: my father passed away in 1983 and he had 500 covers by then. so i really don't know. i don't know who really counts
8:00 am
that. who really counts that stuff? i don't. >> brian: we would. if we were on the cover any magazine, we'd count that and frame it. >> carol: when it's one, it's easy to keep track of. >> brian: it happens already. carol, the thing about you, you're more than just a model. you're also an entrepreneur and also you have been known for somebody who really takes care of themselves and has also helped other people with this raw diet that you were on like a month ago talk being. >> carol: as you get older, i find it harder to keep in shape and feel good and stay younger and relevant in this market. i'm looking for every edge that you can get. the edge i have found is in raw food. i try to teach others. >> brian: you're in a movie that's out now. as you know, we've been covering the story all weekend and we'll continue the coverage on this fox news alert. we know the identity of the suspected shooter who opened fire inside a wisconsin temple, leaving seven people dead. >> steve: sources confirmed
8:01 am
first to fox news, the suspect is 40-year-old wade michael paige. this shooting now being investigated as a case of domestic terrorism. joining us with more details on the shooting, oak creek mayor, steven scaffitti and oak creek police chief john edwards. good morning to both of you, good morning, good morning. >> steve: chief, what can you tell us about wade michael paige >> i can't at this particular time confirm the identity because of some of the investigation that's going on. obviously we know who the shooter is, but we have investigators following up on tips right now and until i know that anything that i would give out regarding his identity wouldn't yep dies anything they're doing, i'm not going to confirm his identity. we do know some information about the individual's background, though. >> brian: what can you tell us about his background? >> we do know he was -- the information that i was given, he
8:02 am
is in the military. he was only in our area a very short period of time and he hasn't been here that long. >> brian: he's not active duty? >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear it. >> carol: he's not active duty, is he? >> no. , no. he was discharged. i don't have the dates on that. that's information that's being gathered. when i'm sure we have that at our command post right now with all the investigators gathering that last night, following up on tips that were coming in at that time. >> carol: you have his girlfriend in custody, yes? >> no. we have nobody else in custody. i have heard reports that there have been others in custody. from what i understand, there is nobody else in custody. >> steve: we heard a report that perhaps people were over at her place. has she been questioned by authorities? >> that, i'm not aware of. that may have been done late last night or early this morning of the i haven't been briefed by those investigators. we did go to several residences just to try and determine who this individual was, what his motive may have been and we may
8:03 am
have talked to many individuals regarding that, including neighbors, family, and others. >> carol: what else have you trying to -- are you trying to figure out about the shooting? >> trying to determine the motive. we're trying to find out what the motive may have been. that's where we're going back 24, 48 hours what he may have been involved in, what he may have been doing to try to determine what his motive may have been for this shooting. >> carol: do you think he was overseas in the military and perhaps that might have spilled over? >> could be a possibility. that's some of the things we're trying to check into. checking with the military, we'll check in everywhere he has lived in the past and they have that information. so anything is possible. we're following up on all those leads. it would be premature for me to say that that is the case. >> brian: mr. mayor, we don't know much about -- a lot of people don't know much about the suburbs of milwaukee. how rare is an incident like this? >> i would say it's extremely
8:04 am
rare. we are a pretty quiet community located south of milwaukee's airport on lake michigan. 35,000 people. very rare to have anything, even approaching this. rare to have a homicide. obviously it's a shock for our community. something that we're still trying to cope with. >> steve: chief, one of the things that's got to hit home for u.s., i know that police officers responded quickly to the 911 calls. this guy ambushed one of your cops, right? >> that's what it appears, from the evidence that is at the soon of the they stopped to do what is an active short. we had calls of 911 coming from the sikh temple. our first officer on scene did come across someone who was injured and he was trying to assist that person when the shooter did ambush him at a very close range. he was shot between eight and nine times. he had just came out of surgery last night. his second surgery. the latest update i have is he's resting comfortably with his family in the intensive care
8:05 am
unit. at this point, i've been informed that there is no life-threatening injuries. >> brian: eight or nine times and surviving. was he wearing a vest or protective equipment? >> he was wearing a vest, yes, he was. he received some of those rounds struck him in extremities, in the neck area and cheek. luckily nothing vital was struck. >> brian: could you tell bus the assailant? did he have tattoos? >> from what i was told, yes, he does. we don't know particularly what they are. but we know he did have some from some of the witness descriptions. >> steve: very good. chief and mayor, we thank you very much for joining us. we wish it was under better circumstances. our hearts and prayers go out to all of you out there in oak creek. thank you. >> carol: the rest of your headlines, extreme weather alert severe thunderstorms rock the
8:06 am
pennsylvania 400 nascar race at pocono raceway. lightning struck and killed a 41-year-old fan as thousands of people headed for cover during the pouring rain. the man was already in the parking lot when the bolt of lightning hit his car. >> i didn't see nothing because bang, a flash, and people laying on the ground. there was ambulances coming. troy ran over there. that girl ran over there. it was a mess. >> carol: nine other people were injured. two of them in critical condition. heading to ohio, take a look at this funnel cloud spotted in gerard. some people saying they had no idea what it was at first. >> it looked like a fire at first, smoke coming up. then i was looking, the cloud started to form and the tornado just went straight across the street. >> it was pretty scary. it was like a loud boom, like an accident, then i seen the wind going by us. >> you ever seen anything like that before? >> never. >> carol: the storm knock town tree, power lines and leaving
8:07 am
thousands in the dark. no word on when electricity will be back up and running. unfortunately, no -- fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. is it tropical storm warning in effect for the coast of honduras. this after jamaica got a pounding from tropical storm ernesto. no reports of any serious damage or injuries. fortunately. republican president national candidate mitt romney still out raising the president when it comes to campaign cash. the romney campaign pouring $11,001.3 million last -- $101.3 million last month. we know some of the biggest name will speak at the republican national convention. the list includes south carolina governor nikki haley, former arkansas governor mike huckabee, ohio governor john kasich. also on the list, new mexico governor susan martinez, arizona senator john mccain, and former secretary of state condoleeza
8:08 am
rice. florida governor rick scott, just moments ago, rnc chairman reince previn, spoke on "fox & friends" about the convention. >> we're going to have an opportunity to have four days of telling the mitt romney story. who is this honorable man who gave away all of his father's inheritance to charity, built something from nothing, a good husband, five good boys, something that we can really be proud of in this country as opposed to a president who -- i think he's got a problem with the american dream. >> carol: the convention begins august 27 in tampa. >> brian: we'll be there. i digress. >> carol: and this is what you shouldn't do when you see cop writing you a ticket. the owner of this $257,000 ferrari hops in and runs over the cop's foot. the guy, who happens to be the boyfriend of reality star stephanie pratt, was then pulled
8:09 am
from the car at and arrested as he should have been. >> brian: watch this. it gets really ugly. >> steve: he's about to extricate the guy from the car. you just ran over my foot. >> carol: excuse me. this is a policeman. >> brian: oh, my goodness. >> steve: carol, you used to have a ferrari, right? >> carol: i did. i did. >> steve: and? >> carol: i would never run over a cop's foot ever. >> brian: very good point. >> carol: if you have one, you can certainly have enough money to pay the ticket. >> brian: you said it's -- it's expensive to shop and fix. there is no cheap fix on those cars. >> carol: if you right around new york city with potholessering forget it. it's always in the shop for sure. >> steve: we got carol alt with us on this monday. remember when social security meant financial security? not anymore. the stunning historical shift that has just happened. >> brian: then the president has been trying to backtrack on his you didn't build that comment.
8:10 am
but our next guest says no matter how the president tries to roll it back, the there is no way the white house is a friend of small business. actor, economist and friend of carol alt, wayne rogers is here next. okay, here's the plan.
8:11 am
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>> carol: the white house and the president continues to claim they created a job friendly environment, saying, we build businesses through hard work and initiative with the public and private sectors working together to create a climate that helps us to grow. president obama knows that. >> steve: but our next guest doesn't agree and says the administration is actually killing businesses. wayne rogers, economist and former mash star joins us live. good morning to you.
8:14 am
like people tonight know who you are on mash. so many people on the right side have said of the political spectrum this administration is one of the most antibusiness administrations in decades. what do you think? >> it's not just antibusiness. i think it's a combination of things. jeffrey immelt, ho is the president's advisor on economic jobs guy, by the way, i saw he had moved the x-ray division of ge after he was crying, gave a speech to the chamber of commerce, you got small business, you got to create job, two weeks later, he moved the x-ray division to china. was in the country for 116 years. he's a fraud of sorts. i think he's a fascist. i mean that in the best sense of the word, that he's an economic fascist. he thinks that the government has to be -- the president thinks so -- the government and
8:15 am
business need to be partners in things. i mean, mussolini couldn't have written that better. if you read any of that stuff where the government becomes part of the economy, or you've got a combination of big business, big labor and big government, all in cahoots with each other. >> steve: carol, you were telling us about your small business. >> carol: i have a small skin care business and it's impossible these days to get a loan. what is that all about? >> well, they pass an act when you got -- i saw sandy wild came out and he's become a believer, i guess, in 1999, they got rid of the act examine allowed banks to conglomerate so that a commercial bank, somebody who makes loan, takes deposits, could combine with an investment bank, as soon as you did that, put those together, allowed the banks -- you know, the four banks, we have four banks in this country that control over 55% of the banking assets in this country. if that's not a monopoly, i don't know what is.
8:16 am
>> carol: can what can we do to fix it? >> you get rid of the dodd-frank act, which is 2300 pages of garbage that nobody read. we have elected people who do not read and therefore, they go ahead and pass -- it's unbelievable. you get rid of that. go back to the act that worked from 1933 to 1999. why wouldn't it work today? it creates a lot of banks and they're in competition with each other. competition is the natural regulator. you don't need all the regulation if you have competition. >> steve: real quickly, if mitt romney is elected, and i know you prefer him over our president -- is that going to change things? >> i don't know. you know, it's -- you don't know. i'm not sure because -- i'm not sure that romney is not a captive of big business in the sense that -- small business creates 80% of the jobs in the united states. big business, if -- that they
8:17 am
bribe the congress, in fact, everybody -- >> carol: there is no competition. >> there is no competition. that is correct. and they've got everybody on the payroll. the lobbyists down there who are bribing the congress and all that, i just don't know. i mean, it would be nice to say that he would. >> steve: he has created a bunch of jobs and that's the number one thing people are concerned about. >> he's done that in the past, but i don't know. when you get to be president of the united states, you're a captive, you're not a, you know -- >> steve: just like you're a captive on the curvy couch right now. wage rogers, thank you very much for joining us live. carol, what's coming up? >> carol: coming up, the president is helping you spy on your neighbors. if you want to know how they'll vote in november, all you need is a smart phone. you got to hear this one. >> steve: there is an app for that. she's our guest co-host and clearly the expert on looking good. she is showing us how to grab this, not that, when you're hungry in a hurry. which should you eat?
8:18 am
carol alt shows us coming up, right? >> carol: that's right. thank you ♪ ♪ three, six, nine ♪ the goose dra wine ♪ the monkey chew tobacco on the streetcar line ♪ ♪ ♪ clap, pat, clap your hand ♪ pat it on your partner's hand ♪ ♪ right hand ♪ clap, pat, clap your hand ♪ cross it wi your left arm ♪ pat your partner's left palm ♪ clap, pat, clap your hand, pat your partner's right palm ♪
8:19 am
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8:21 am
>> carol: time for your news by the numbers. super model edition. first, guys, 35. according to vogue magazine, that's how many super models officially exist on the planet. i know i'm not up with of them 'cause vogue never thinks so. >> brian: why is that? >> carol: i have no idea. next, 83. that's the age of the oldest super model in the world. her name is daphni self and she lives in england. she credits her good looks to never using botox. >> brian: very windy there. >> carol: very windy. keeps your skin flattened out. >> brian: i guess so. >> carol: 65. the number of guests you can invite to your wedding if you rent out kathy ireland's
8:22 am
hawaiian vacation home. offer hasn't named the price. what about just for vacations? >> brian: i don't think so. you know kathy ireland, could i drop your name and kathy will give a coupon? >> carol: a super model discount. >> brian: everybody knows about you, you're sexy and raw that and ha happens to be the name of your book. >> carol: yes. what we've done today is taken the idea of snacking or -- people are traveling in the car this summer and they're driving. >> brian: always in a hurry. >> carol: always in a hurry. always want to grab something. i lined up some of the resources from my book to show you things you can grab on the run and still be healthy, happy, and arrive in great shape. >> steve: when people think of raw food, they think of just chewing on a carrot or banana. but no. that's not the case. >> carol: steve that, is the first question everybody always asks me. they ask me, do you eat carrots? i mean, sometimes, yeah. in my salad i do. but i love to eat chocolate and granola and i have all kinds of
8:23 am
bars. why don't we start with this. you want to start with snacks? these are snacks. >> steve: i've never seen these. >> carol: raw peanut butter cups, chocolate bars. there is many. this just happens to be what i had around my house. raw revolution bars, for example. these are like tootsie roll bars. they're incredible. >> brian: what makes them good for you? >> carol: what makes them good for you is that everything in it is not processed. so it's what we call raw, or processed under 115 degrees fahrenheit. when you do that, you keep all the oils intact and they're so good for the body. it's the processing. it's the chemical additives. >> steve: this really turned your whole life around when you switched. >> carol: it saved my life. it really did. i had so many health issues trying to stay thin as a model. i made so many mistakes and my whole mission now is to teach other women how not to make those mistakes. >> steve: it's breakfast time. what about great know la?
8:24 am
>> we have go raw granola. we have -- this granola barses. >> steve: do you use million workers' compensation it? >> carol: you can use almond milk. better to make it than buy it because again, they process it. easy to make. there's a recipe in the book. you put it in a blender. it takes two seconds and you keep it in the refrigerator all week like your regular milk. then all kinds of bread. onion breads and this one is amy's living magic. there is -- >> steve: this is bread that's never been baked? >> yeah. there's a place called raw makery on-line where you can order things. you have bread sticks. you have tortillas. i could have made your shrimp tortillas all raw. >> brian: basically you got to be somewhat self-sufficient. you can't wait for people to make these? >> carol: why not. you can make them. you can buy them. you've got the option. eating raw is so versatile and
8:25 am
all about abundance. it's not about deprivation. >> steve: check it all in her book "easy, sexy raw." carol alt. >> carol: you're supposed to be half host, half guest. >> brian: very strange. >> carol: our top story still developing, what we learned about that mass shooting in a temple in wisconsin, we are live next. >> brian: then. >> steve: if you paid into social security, you're going to want to hear this. the stunning historical shift that just happened. >> brian: he became the first man to walk across niagara fall he's high water. he's showing us how it's done. wallenda here live on the plaza. >> carol: i brought my sneakers, brian, you ready? >> brian: i'm ready to do this. >> steve: i could fall three feet, one foot hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good?
8:26 am
sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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8:29 am
>> steve: fox news alert. sources telling fox news the gunman in this sikh temple massacre in wisconsin is 40-year-old wade michael paige. despite an earlier report, sources say no other suspects are in custody. >> brian: steve brown live in oak creek with the latest. steve? >> hey there. a picture is forming, although we don't have one specifically, of wade michael paige, a picture is starting to form based on
8:30 am
information that we collected on him. you mentioned he's 40 years old. he is has u.s. army veteran. not active duty. a veteran. a veteran who once served at least some of his service time at fort bragg. we are told that he also had white supremacist tattoos and most recently lived in south milwaukee, which is a suburb of the city of milwaukee. recently in terms of the police investigation in the last several hours have been tracing wade's movements. >> trying to find out what the motive may have been. that's where we're going back 24, 48 hours seeing what he may have been involved in, some of the things he may be doing to rye examine determine what his motive may have been for this shooting. >> in regard to his current residence, that duplex where police have been spending over -- spent time overnight searching his apartment, neighbors, who were asked to leave their homes, have been allowed to move back in. again, they've been searching that particular duplex which was recently rented, extentsively
8:31 am
searching it. we're starting to get some of the names of the six victims killed at the hand of wade michael paige. one was the president of the sikh temple. as we understand it, was attempting to tackle paige as he entered the room and firing the gun. essentially trying to protect the other worshipers that had gathered for that sunday service. we hope to learn a lot more, including the names of the rest of the victims at a news conference scheduled for 10:00 o'clock central time and fox news channel will be bringing it to you live. back to new york. >> steve: terrible story. steve brown live in wisconsin, thank you. >> brian: rest of the headline, 'cause there is much more going on of the disturbing story out of akron, ohio. the 66-year-old man is expected to be charged with attempted murder today after allegedly shooting his wife in a hospital in the icu. police say the victim's husband of 45 years went inside the room and opened fire while standing at her bedside. the hospital now declaring her
8:32 am
brain dead. police believe the incident may have been an attempted mercy killing. >> steve: word this morning that syria's prime minister has defected to jordan along with three other cabinet member steres. this is big news. if the report is true, hajab will be the most senior official to quit president assad's government. syrian television has a different story, state run, claiming he was fired from his post just two months after he was appointed. good one. there has been a steady stream of defections by military examine government officials in syria amid growing unrest. >> carol: social security no longer the great deal it used to be. according to brand-new study, people retiring today are paying more into social security than they will ever get back in benefits. the associated press study says this problem will only get worse. this comes as many baby boomers are retiring, leaving fewer american workers social security trustees, saying the program will run dry in 2033 if congress
8:33 am
fails to act, about 56 million people now collect social security benefits. that number is expected to hit 91 million in 2035. >> brian: nasa's curiousity rover making history as it lands on mars a short time ago. >> confirmed. [ cheers and applause ] >> brian: let the celebration begin. the rover successfully landed just after 1:30 a.m. this morning. it went through what nasa calls seven minutes of terror. they called it before. the nerve racking process of descending onto the red planet, all caught on camera by another satellite. curiousity being back, the -- beamed back the first pictures. you can see the rover's leg and its shadow. that means we'll have longer winter? >> steve: six more weeks of mars. >> brian: the rover has been traveling through space for eight months. it will explore mars looking for potential signs of life for the
8:34 am
next two years. here is what bothers me. we have nothing else coming around the pike. nasa is basically out of money. are we willing to -- no more space shuttle or probes. >> steve: we have outsourced our manned space flight to russia. >> brian: right. does that bother you, carol? >> carol: to russia? >> brian: yeah. >> carol: it does bother me. we've been outsourcing everything. i think that's really bad for our economy to begin with. but then again, space was our final frontier. >> brian: we were the first ones to think about it. >> carol: they were all followers. >> steve: that's right. it will see what you can do to fund the space program. >> steve: i'll do my best. we'll have a bake sale. maria molina uses space technology to track the storms with the doppler and radar and satellite. >> brian: talk about leg, maria, show us your legs, because you have something special on your calf, am i right? >> that's right. i actually carry my mic and ib pack on my leg. >> brian: i've never seen that.
8:35 am
>> people think i'm under house arrest. no. it's my mic and ifb pack. good morning. good to see you. good morning, carol, nice to have you guest hosting this hour. we did have a lot of activity as far as the weather went over the weekend. we had strong showers and storms roll through parts of the northeast. some of that actually produced severe weather. we had over 100 reports of that. most of those coming in the form of damaging wind gusts and most of them coming out of the northeast. most of those already out of the region. we do have them offshore. philadelphia you're dry. we'll see the sun come out. beautiful weather for today with temperatures that will be pleasant, lower humidity. temperatures only into the mid 80s as we head into the afternoon. southward, this frontal system is not going to push out of the southeast. it's just going to sit here and produce showers and storms, throughout the afternoon hours. when we get the sunshine and daytime heating and humid knit place. it will stay muggy and unpleasant out here. very summerlike weather. westbound, the rockies getting showers and storms. some of that already ongoing
8:36 am
right now. you'll see more throughout the afternoon and it's that time of year, the tropics heating up. tropical storm ernestoophor cast to make landfall across belize and yucatan peninsula as we head into wednesday morning. brian? >> brian: thank you very much. we'll keep in touch. let's update you on what's happening in sports. family affair, summer olympics. serena and venus williams took home the gold. they beat the czech republic. they evidently had two women to play against them. congratulations to both them as they get another gold for their trophy case. and gymnastics. mckayla maroney settled for silver after falling on this vault. she had to land it. her feet sliding out from underneath her. she comes in second. still very good. and who is the fastest man in the world? can you say usain bolt? watch. >> usain bolt trying to come
8:37 am
along. bolt! he's still the king of 100. >> brian: wow. can you imagine getting off to a slow start and having the world record? tyson gauge finished fourth. that's a quick look at what's happening in the world of olympic sports. >> steve: let's talk a little bit about gabby douglas, the first african-american to grab the top gymnastics medal. you've already seen she's on the cover of the corn flakes box. they say she could earn, because she has dazzled the planet, earn $100 million, examine it could not come at a better time. >> carol: yes, her mother was in debt. she's got three other children at home of the i think it's very important that these athletes are able to pursue their dreams. >> brian: yeah. she is able to do that and her mom has declared bankruptcy once in december. they declared bankruptcy again. she owes $20,000, i believe, to her trainers and her gym, all to get to this moment.
8:38 am
now, i was just saying this last hour, i just think of the pressure on the 14-year-old shoulders. is all the hard work and sacrifice it going to be worth it? if i don't do well, my mom loses her house and my family -- >> carol: her sisters and brothers, too. she's not siblings that are living in the same house and need their parents, too. yet all this resources were going towards gabby. so it's a lot of pressure and it's a lot of -- for these young girls. >> brian: i think she's going to last forever. if you hear her talk, examine listen to her interviews, she's got the mind of a 25-year-old. >> carol: and her smile is dazzling. i have not seen a smile like that on an olympic -- >> brian: you would be a great judge of that. >> carol: it's a beautiful smile. >> steve: when she's been performing like that, she seems like she's got not a care in the world. but obviously with what's going on at home, got to weigh heavily on her. somebody else, tmz is reporting that ryan lochte's family is divorce -- his divorced parents are facing foreclosure on their home in florida. >> brian: he's finalli' emerged
8:39 am
out of michael phelps' shadow and perhaps he can cash in and help the family out. it's amazing what you sacrifice. coming up, parents listen up. want the secret to getting your child to sleep? a brand-new study revealing one simple fix you have to hear. >> carol: and remember, when democrats like jen f. kennedy used to be in support of tax cut as soon as. >> tax cut, i think, is the most important. the major reason is because of the lift it would give the economy, the assurance it will give us against another recession. >> carol: so what changed? kennedy democrat here next. ♪
8:40 am
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>> carol: quick check of your headlines. president obama's reelection campaign now helps you spy on your neighbors. the obama for america smart phone app locates nearby registered democrats and gives you their name, address, and age. parents, you might want to swap batman out for a big bird a. new study says preschool kids who watch violent cartoons have a hard time falling asleep compared to kids who watch educational cartoons. >> brian: that's a quick look at what's happening in the news. now this. president obama wants to raise taxes, but even the late democratic president, john f kennedy said tax cuts are the best way to heal the economy. >> the tax cut i think is the most important. that would be $11 billion tax cut in a period of 18 months. we're not doing this just because everybody would like them reduced. the major reason is because of the lift it would give the economy. the assurance against another
8:44 am
recession. >> carol: what has changed in the democratic party since jfk was in the white house? joining us now is former economic advisor to president reagan, art laffer. good morning. >> thank you. pleasant being with you. thank you. you're doing a great job, by the way. >> carol: thank you. it's not as easy as it looks. >> brian: art, first off, you were a supporter of kennedys early on, but the philosophies diverged quickly. what do you think changed in the democratic party? >> i don't know. even in the '86 tax act, all the democrats voted to cut the highest rate from 50% to 28%. that included schumer, harry reid, it included bill bradley, al gore, chris dodd, and joe biden. they all voted to cut tax rates. the change has been very recent and i think it's basically obama related. i don't know why this class warfare stuff has come back, but it's really disruptive. >> brian: when you talk about the message amongst both parties, about the middle class
8:45 am
and the refrain from president obama is mitt romney wants to become president to give himself a tax cut and do it at the expense of the middle class. what's the truth? >> jack kennedy, which you showed right there, was a very wealthy family. he didn't cut the highest rate to help his family. he did it to help the country. kennedy cut the tax rates across the board to stimulate. he cut government spending, reaffirmed the government's convert ability to gold and did free trade, which is called the kennedy round tariff negotiation. every one of those is opposed to what obama is doing. obama is going the opposite direction. and i just don't understand why the democrats lost their play card. why they don't really support what they used to be the champions of. >> carol: why don't you tell us why it's so important to have these tax cuts what, that would do to the economy. >> basically what you really need to do is incentivize producers to hire people. you need to create an environment of growth, prosperity and you can not love
8:46 am
jobs and hate job creators. that's what's going on here is the president is really talking down business, talking all these regulations. those are the people who create jobs, those people who make over $250,000 a year are the very people who employ the middle and lower class people and create those jobs. it's ridiculous to think those people will continue to provide jobs, output and employment if you raise their taxes, and you are raising their taxes. it's not giving them a tax cut. for ten years, those tax rates have been this way. now they're going to pop them up on one small segment, the job creators. it's silly. >> brian: and unfortunately, we're in the silly season when things couldn't be more serious. art laffer, economist, thank you for joining us. >> thanks, brian and carol. >> brian: coming up straight ahead. >> carol: he was the first man to across niagara fall he's high wire. now he's showing us how to do it. brian, you have your sneakers this morning. >> brian: like one foot. nick wallenda from the famous
8:47 am
family will be here live. let's check in with another guys o'clock he calls himself bill hemmer. every day is like walking a tight rope when you're with the mccallum kid. >> carol, you made steve and brian's day. >> carol: this is so much fun. >> you said it's more difficult than it looks. well done. >> brian: interesting. you keep the sound up. >> carol: i just ingratiated myself. >> every now and depend, i listen to brian. today is one of those days. good morning on a monday. there is breaking news on the shooting in wisconsin. we're learning more about the alleged gunman this morning of the details on that. republican leader calls harry reid a dirty little liar. john sununu reacts. social security is more expensive than ever. we'll explain why. a new report on the cost of healthcare. what it means to you with dr. mark siegle. see you in ten minutes on "america's newsroom" [ barks ] ♪ [ upbeat ] [ barks ] beneful playful life is made with energy-packed wholesome grains...
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>> carol: millions watch nick wallenda's walk across niagara falls from canada and the united states. now he's preparing to defy death again. >> steve: this thursday, he will be suspended more than 100 feet in the air and walk between two atlantic casinos, am atlantic city casinos in new york. but first he's here to show us how to do it. are you crazy? >> carol: i'm going to try. >> brian: you met carol alt before? >> i have not. >> brian: how thrilled are you right now? >> i'm very thrilled. >> brian: your famous family, i watched the whole thing in las vegas. walk us through it. how scared were you? how nervous were you? >> not scared. it's all about training and preparation. i started walking the wire at the age of two about this high off the ground and worked my way up. it's all about my comfort level and a mental game. >> carol: wait a minute. you're a two-year-old could walk this? this puts the pressure on. >> i got three kids and all of
8:52 am
them are walking it. >> steve: show her how easy it is. >> i'll show you how easy it is. the big thing is focus on the other end. we try to focus on something that's solid and stable, which is one of the challenges over niagarafalls is there was nothing stable to focus on. >> carol: they said to do wear a harness. >> it really did bother me. it's something that i've never done before and i won't be doing it in atlantic at this this thursday. but unfortunately, i didn't have a choice 'cause my partner wanted me to wear it. >> carol: you're going to let go so i can balance? >> brian: this is incredible. look at that. >> carol: could you imagine with all that water flying below you and you can't focus? you said when you came out of the mist from the water, there was a sea of light flubs -- bulbs? >> the music was moving and the mist in front of my wife. i will be performing, atlantic city, free to the pick up, 3:00 p.m. >> carol: which are the two casinos.
8:53 am
>> i'm walking between two cranes 100 feet above the ground. >> steve: very nice! carol alt! >> we have a show opening in atlantic city on the 12th through the 22 of september in atlantic city. >> brian: eventually you'll be walking the grand canyon. >> hopefully next may. i'm fighting for no tether. that's the big negotiating tool. >> carol: now across the grand canyon. >> luckily we're working on indian territory, so it's easier to get the permission. >> steve: can you take a tilt up. nick wallenda said next time he comes to "fox & friends" -- >> first thing i looked up. >> steve: he wants a wire between those two buildings. >> carol: i can't even walk with his hand helping me. >> brian: he's going to walk us out. >> steve: by the way, at niagara fall, people said you were praying real loud? >> absolutely. that's where i find my peace and my comfort. >> brian: he talked his way through the whole walk.
8:54 am
>> steve: he'll be in the after the show show. we'll be right back. hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffns, and stop joint damage. because enbrel, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel,
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i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios >> steve: the wallendas have been in cable longer than we have and nick wallenda in the after the show show. >> brian: are you going to stick around? >> love to. >> steve: round of applause, carol alt! >> carol: thank you, guys. >> steve: see you tomorrow, everybody. bill: as we start a new week, good morning, everybody, fox news alert. learning more information an new informatn about the gunman at at shooting in
8:58 am
wisconsin. michael page, a former army soldier, six people shot dead before the gunman was taken down by police. we're waiting for more details during a news conference that but i will see and watch here live. we'll bring it to you live when it happens. hope the weekend was great despite the news. >> i'm heather childers in for that mack. alongwith the six dead, three children injured including a police officer arriving on the scene. a 20 year veteran of the force and another officer quote, put down the shooter. >> officers responded to a 911 call. because of the heroic actions of our officers they stopped this being worse than it could have been bill: rings leventhal at the shooters house in wisconsin.
8:59 am
what do we know about the alleged shooter at this point, rick? >> reporter: we're still gathering information, bill. what we're told wade michael page was 40 years old. he is is an army veteran. served out of the fort bragg and fort list, from april 92 to october of '98. never deployed. received army good conduct medal. humanitarian service medal. he was a psychological operations specialist. he apparently moved into the duplex behind me a couple weeks ago. nabe pours that we had spoken with didn't know the buy. may have just broken with his girlfriend. described as heavily tattooed. some sources say he had white sue premises tattoos but we can't confirm that, bill, and can't confirm a motive. bill: what is it like in the community? >> devastated. sikh community thriving in milwaukee.


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