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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 14, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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i hate you. >> okay. back to you, greg. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> whatever the explanation, whatever the excuse is, this is a record of failure. paul ryan immediately on the offense against president obama as the race suddenly heats up. >> congressman ryan is a decent man. >> bill: we'll have a comprehensive report on the ryan selection with carl rove. dennis kucinich, bernie goldberg and adam corolla. >> this is not a pick for suburban moms. this is not a pick for women. >> bill: it took the media just minutes to start attacking paul ryan. we will show you what is happening in this arena. also tonight why poverty is getting worse divide the trillions of dollars that have been spent combating it.
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caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. paul ryan for vice president. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. conservatives like congressman ryan, liberals don't. so it is independent voters who mr. ryan must persuade if he is going to help mitt romney become president. congressman is a good choice for romney because it makes the election a simple decision. do you want a free market driven economy and fiscal discipline by the federal government or, or, do you want the feds to exert more control over the economy in order to provide social justice? that's the decision. for paul ryan the choice is clear. worse recovery in 70 years. unemployment has been above 8% for more than three years.
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the longest run since the great depression. families are hurting. we have the largest deaf and the biggest federal government since world war ii. whatever the explanation, whatever the excuse is, this is a record of failure. >> and that will be the theme of the romney ryan ticket that the obama administration has failed economically. the president will rebut by saying that the republic economic vision will make things worse and your security will be put in jeopardy and tax cuts. on the personal front, the president said this. >> i welcome him to the race congressman ryan is a decent man, is he a family man. he is an articulate spokesman for governor romney's vision. but, it's a vision that i fundamentally disagreed with.
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>> and that's true mr. obama is a passional liberal willing to lose the election rather than his big government big spending policies. so the choice is clear. at least for those who pay attention. there in lies the proverbial rub. most americans are not paying attention. they do not understand how the debt effects them. how the private marketplace is under siege and how the country is heading toward bankruptcy. therefore many voters will cast their ballot on emotion it is my job to neutralize that emotion presenting the facts thereby giving you decision making currency. president obama has been demon needs by the right. mitt romney and paul ryan vilified by the left. today the "new york times" called mr. ryan an extremist, interesting choice of words from a newspaper that is avidly supporting, perhaps the most extreme economic policies in the nation's history. never before has the federal government spent so much money and run up such a huge debt. but it is on paul ryan himself to convince independent voters
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that he is not extreme, that his vision for the country will ultimately help hard working americans. back in 2008, the mccain campaign avoided this program, they simply did not want the senator or then governor palin to be subjected to tough questioning. that was a huge mistake. mitt romney and president obama have both appeared here on the factor and were both treated respectfully. but both were held to account. we hope in this election cycle all the candidates will answer the tough questions and that includes vice president bide den who has been avoiding the factor. it is imperative that all the candidates dodge the dodge. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. how will paul ryan's selection play out in the electoral college? as you may know 270 electoral votes are needed to win the presidency. joining us now from washington fox news analyst carl rove. first of all, mr. rove, am i making any mistakes in my analysis? >> so far so good but we're just starting. >> okay o. so, the reason that i think it
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was a good choice for america, romney selecting paul ryan, is because now we can run on the economy, the vision for the future, the debt, the budget, the deficit, all of the things that i think are putting americans in jeopardy. so that is why i think it's a good choice. it's a stark contrast. with me so far? >> yeah. in fact, i think t makes it about big ideas. there is one big idea you left out there paul ryan is focused on making these changes in entitlements, spending and deficits in order to grow the economy. he comes from that part of the republic economic school that says our first and foremost goal ought to be encourage, prosperity for all of america and by doing so, we will have a brighter future. but to do that he knows we have to put our fiscal house in order, control the spending and do something about fiscal promises made to people that we ultimately will not be able to keep and bankrupt our country and leave a big bill for our kids and grand kids to
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pay. >> most americans are not economists, they don't really dial in on how trickle down theory works or the liberal theory works they just don't know and they're not gonna know in two and a half months. i mean, let's be honest about it. most of the population now are distracted. olympics, football coming up. summer vacation. kids going back to school on and on and on. paul ryan is a policy wonk. he is a wonk. he knows all this stuff. right? but eyes glaze over when you get into economic theory and i say that most americans are going to vote emotion. and the obama campaign to some extent the republicans as well are going to whip up the emotion. they are going to whip it. so yeah campaign about big ideas, i think, is going to stay in the tax the rich. he is a -- you know, doesn't care about you. he is going to throw granny out on the street. already seeing those things. >> yeah, look, i think if that's the content of the
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campaign, particularly from the obama side it's not going to work. people know the country is in grave difficulty. they know our economy is hurting. >> bill: do you really think -- >> -- yes. >> bill: why isn't s. president obama's 45. >> 43. a lot of people still have hope and aspiration. here is the point though. you make a good point. tough big issues and how do you get through about them. paul ryan's district was carried twice by bill clinton. narrowly carried by bush in 3 '04 and won overwhelmingly by barack obama in 2008. yet, paul ryan wins re-election by two thirds of the vote. how does he do that? how does he do that? 2 to 1. blue class working class leaning district taking complex ideas and explaining them in a way that people can get their hands on. not only that vote but the democrat vote. >> bill: if he can do that then that will be an asset to mitt romney. electoral college. do you have your gizmo there. do you carry that everywhere you go. that little blackboard thing
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you have got? >> i got my white board, yeah. >> now, you take that everywhere you go, right? >> sleep with it, under your pillow? church? >> no, no. i leave them in fox in a special drawer because they don't travel too well. they cost $11.95. you may get a wardrobe budget. i'm asking for a white board budget in my next contract. >> i think you should get more chalk, too. >> exactly. they're markers, not chalk. markers. >> wisconsin 10 electoral votes. still even with ryan's presence is not like you are going to -- marco rubio had been the v.p. you figured florida going to go for romney. it's a lock. but not wisconsin because it's so divided. ideologically. >> well, look, interestingly enough, joe trippi and i were on earlier this evening on bret baier, both of us agreed that this probably puts wisconsin from a lean obama state which is where it is today to a toss up state. whether or not it's going to end up in the republic column we don't know. but a vice presidential candidate has his principle electoral impact in his home
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state and can have anywhere from 2 to 3 to 4 point swing in the election. and from what it might otherwise be. otherwise the state is about six points. so 3 or 4 point swing towards republicans. away from the democrats would put it in the republic column. >> bill: does it really matter, 10 electoral votes as opposed to florida's 29 and ohio, too. ohio is another one that romney has to carry. go ahead. >> yeah. well, look, the important thing is not just the home state. and it's not the electoral impact of the vice presidential running mate. that's generally nationwide about half a point and generally gets canceled out. what matters is is what it says about the ticket itself and what this says is that governor romney goings to make this about big ideas and tackling the deficit and controlling spending. he is going to be aggressive in defending reform ideas. this is going to be important. >> bill: any state that you can just pick right now that ryan's selection will have
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immediate impact. >> besides wisconsin i would say the industrial midwest, ohio, pennsylvania, michigan and i also think, for example, iowa and colorado. iowa because, for example, there are large number of catholics, this is only the second catholic on republic presidential ticket in history and there are a bunch of catholics in the swing part of the state. iowa as you can see in the map is a toss-up. does in places like north carolina and colorado where, you know, a younger and northern virginia, where there is a younger electorate. young, fit family man, outdoor guy. appeal to independents help in those places. watch how he handles the issues of medicare and social security in florida just like marco rubio turned this into a positive. real quick quibble. north carolina and south carolina as toss-up states. no way romney doesn't carry that state. >> unilaterally moving south carolina into the romney column today. trip pay and i agreed we are sick and tired of south
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carolinians. we have made a decision. >> first before do you that thing. >> won't recall my calls. four assistants keep from calling. you never take my call. i always get your voice mail. this is bill o'reilly's phone. leave a voice mail and we may or may not call you back. >> bill: tweets. >> you don't even read your own twitter stream i know that. >> bill: i don't even know what that is. carl rove, everybody. next on the run down, democrat will reply to mr. rove. later, bernie goldberg and adam corolla both weigh in on dumb voters and
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>> bill: continuing now with lead story. reaction to paul ryan selection as mitt romney's running mate. joining us now from washington democratic congressman dennis kucinich. so, in the beginning, just right after the announcement was made on saturday morning, some democrats go oh, this is great for us. paul ryan is an extremist and that's what the "new york times" said today as i pointed
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out on talking points memo. do you feel that way? do you feel like this is a slam dunk for your party, this is a great thing? >> no. this election is up for grabs. with the economy being what it is, with unemployment, with trade, china trade in particular, we're still at war. there is a lot of issues that are going to be discussed that will determine the outcome of the election and, frankly, i'm glad that paul ryan is in the race because his position in the race will help define the issues in a much clearer way than any other candidate that romney could have picked. >> bill: all right. so you are actually agreeing with me that you want to be careful with because you do have to go home and walk the streets of d.c. today. you don't want to have to be put in that hopper. now, you watched as congressman ryan as chair of the budget committee submitted two spending budgets to the full congress. both passed the house and were killed in the democratically controlled senate. when you saw his budget, ryan -- what ryan wanted the federal government to do, were you frightened?
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did that scare you? did you -- were you sweating and all upset? >> i'm already concerned about the fact that wealth is accelerating upwards in america, bill. you know, it's not about whether i am afraid of it. i think we have to have a debate over do we want the wealth of america to accelerator upwards. do we want to privatize medicine and do we want to privatize social security. >> bill: do you think that ryan was some sort of crazy guy with these numbers? these numbers are going to hurt americans, you it's portrayed in some democratic circles. >> i voted against it but, at the same time, i can tell you that this is a debate america needs to have. because it's a debate about what kind of a society do we have. do we have a society that cares for people? a society that take dares of people when they get older. society where the health of people becomes older. society where people ought to have a job and then they can pay taxes. >> do you think we have that now because we have
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$1 trillion going to means tested welfare every year. the taxpayers footing 1 trillion. >> what do you mean welfare? >> means tested welfare. food stamps, medicaid, things that poor people need, a trillion dollars, so i think we have a compassionate society already here. we have a enormous amount of spending on this already. am i wrong? >> there has been a lot of compassion for people at the top income bracket. >> bill: let's stay with the working class people. if we're footing the bill -- >> -- that's where i come from. i come from there. >> bill: yeah. so do i. you know that a trillion dollars for people who are poor and just getting by. >> there is a lot of people. >> that's not a compassionate system. >> those are people that used to have jobs and homes and retirement security. and this economy has thrown them out. we can't forget them. we have to bring them back. we need to create jobs. have healthcare for all. jobs for all. social security benefits protected. >> bill: sounds like a communist system. >> communist?
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hey. >> bill: you never have jobs for all. some people are too drunk to work. >> with the federal reserve, you don't have to worry because right now their monetary policy guarantees 6% unemployed. what are we going to do about those 8 or 9 million americans. we have to put america back to work. then you have everyone paying taxes. >> all right congressman. just to recap. you think ryan is a decent guy, right? he he is a decent guide. >> a gee sent guy. good choice. we need debate. >> i agree with that 100%. thanks for coming on. directly ahead attacks on paul ryan have already begun. show you the latest ad. later bernie goldberg on how press is treating ryan announcement and adam corolla on whether he thinks most americans are even paying attention. coming right back.
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>> bill: impact segment
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tonight, take about 35 seconds before the democrats inner jetted attacks on paul ryan. ♪ ♪ >> put on a very comprehensive plan rewriting the healthcare system. medicare, social security, our entire tax system. >> i think it will be marvelous if the senate were to pick up paul ryan's budget and to adopt it. ♪ ♪ >> bill: joining us now from denver, mary katharine ham and from washington, juan williams. whose book muzzled the assault honest debate out in paperback. mr. williams obviously a senior citizen. can you tell just by looking at him there. are you frightened now by the ryan announcement? does he scare you? are you going to take away your entitlements when you pack it up? >> no, no. now, bill, you are a man who is a rarnl thinker, not given to emotional outbirses, but let me ask you a question.
4:23 am
if you want to win florida. if you want to win virginia. if you want to win ohio. if you want to appeal to independent women and seniors and veterans, paul ryan? paul ryan. >> bill: he has got to make his case. he is pretty articulate. >> big case, you just put a big target on your back. i don't understand it it's a puzzle to me. talk about women. his stance on abortion, planned parenthood. what about the seniors? the seniors. >> bill: run it down. >> seniors going to go nuts when they find out that this guy wants to turn medicare into some kind of private voucher plan? come on. >> bill: i like the private vouch every plan. >> it's not for seniors, you know that. >> bill: run it down. abortion planned parenthood that's a conservative issue. all republicans are going to coalesce behind paul ryan on that. and. >> wait, wait. hold on. let's stop there. there for a second, bill. >> bill: go ahead. because, remember, even mitt romney says yeah, you can have an abortion in cases of incest
4:24 am
or rape. >> don't want money government money going to planned parenthood. you don't lose anything there at all as far as the constituency that might vote for the romney ticket. >> yeah. because they want independent women. >> look, if you are a liberal leaning independent, you are going to go for barack obama. and that's that. so it's the traditional leaning independents he has got to appeal to and that's in their zone. but mary katharine, juan raises a point that and so did carl rove, that the congressman is going to have to clarify his entitlement medicare, social security stance and vision in a way that the folks who are very distracted are going to have to understand. if he doesn't, the obama people are going to paint him as they are trying to paint him now as this extremist crazy guy. >> i agree with you. i think they have to do that quickly. the reason they have to clarify is the democrats are going to repeat over and over again the lie that this has anything to do with current seniors. doesn't. the plan that he suggested would not effect anybody over 55 at all.
4:25 am
further, the new plan that he creates created with yuan the more bipartisan. allows seniors in the future. the bottom line it's going -- >> it's going to be portrayed as juan just portrayed it juan being almost a surrogate to the obama administration. >> right. exactly juan knees to be told that's not the case and people can correct those ads and robert gibbs senior advisor campaign for the president already reprimanded on nbc making that point. that's just not true. ryan he doesn't come across scary or intimidating on these issues. >> i'm no surrogate for anybody. i wi tell you what the facts say mary katharine is that the government, the congressional budget office says even for existing seniors, people over 55, people that ryan says won't be affected they will be paying more. they will have to pay more. >> known knows, that's all conjecture. hold it mary katharine. let me control the interview, all right? okay. >> go ahead.
4:26 am
>> bill: i mean, i feel juan's pain. juan is he a scared doesn't know where is he going to be living in five years. he may be fired in five minutes. >> that's true. >> bill: juan has to depend on the entitlement culture that we have. juan, you can't sit there and tell me, juan, that you are frightened about paul ryan's selection. you cannot do that because you know you are not frightened. sea politician like every other politician. he will modify his views to fit into what the majority of the party want. and you can't sit there and tell me you are afraid granny is going to get pushed over the cliff. so, stop it? >> that's not true, bill. bill, let me. >> bill: you ar. are afraid? >> right now in washington, you have tea party freshman in the congress who absolutely love paul ryan, love paul ryan's budget who see him as really serious about making major cuts in this budget deficit. >> bill: you juan williams are frightened of this selection. >> >> bill, i happen to be pretty
4:27 am
well off. if that's what you are asking me no, i'm not personally frightened. i have got to tell you something, i don't believe in putting seniors at wisconsin. >> seniors at risk. mary katharine you get the last word, go. >> the government itself says that this program is inis vent in 12 years. doing nothing as president obama wants to do doing nothing exacerbate the problem. giving people fix the problem is having adult conversation the obama campaign said it wants to have. furthermore in polls you have seen from rasmussen from public policy polling in ohio shows this doesn't hurt him as much as people think it does with seniors. numbers have been pretty high with him. abc poll says since he was named the v.p. pick, his numbers have gone up with independents and women who juan is talking about. is he likeable. he can make it fit. >> bill: i have got to go. this is not a telethon. >> no, no. i'm saying some of that stuff is ridiculous. i wanted to make a point. >> bill: next week.
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plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. social justice and mitt romney. is the governor callus us against poor people. goldberg on thed me were analyzing ryan. corolla on whether the voters know anything at all. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. i was having trouble getting out of bed in the morning because my back hurt so bad. the sleep number bed conforms to you. i wake up in the morning with no back pain. i can adjust it if i need to...if my back's a little more sore. and by the time i get up in the morning, i feel great! if you have back pain, toss and turn at night or wake up tired with no energy, the sleep number bed could be your solution. the sleep number bed's secret is it's air chambers which provide ideal support and put you in control of the firmness. and the bed is perfect for couples because each side adjusts independently to their unique sleep number. here's what clinical research has found: 93% of participants experienced back-pain relief. 90% reported reduced aches and pains.
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>> shepard: personal story segment last night catholic social justice lobby called network issued a press release
4:32 am
calling on mitt romney nuns to spend the day with the poor. attorney and executive director of net worth. so your organization believes the federal budget cuts are going to hurt the poor. but if the economy collapses, sister, under 16 trillion-dollar debt load, the poor and everybody else are going to be disseminated have you into account. >> yes, we have recreated with our interfaith partners faithful budget what the faithful budget calls for is reasonable revenue to pay for responsible programs that we saw. one of the things that many people don't realize is that catholic sisters run many programs in our country for low income folks. we take some of the central money, we leverage it with donations and private contributions and create really amazing responsible programs that we saw. >> bill: i don't think anybody is arguing that catholic charities u your organization do amazing work among the poor. let's stick with the government here for a minute. >> sure. >> because have you called on governor romney to come down. that implies that you believe
4:33 am
he doesn't know or doesn't care about the plight of the poor people. that's the implication of it. >> well, i think he may care. but the ad that he ran last week, describes him as being lazy, as not being in touch and not -- >> -- that may be over simplifying that. >> that's how i heard it. >> it's not my job to defend governor romney. in 19 -- in the early 1970s, i worked in appear labor shah. appear labor shah appalachia. at that time the poverty rate was 11%. now, the poverty rate is 15%. it's gone up 4% since 1973. >> what we have to look at. >> wait, sister. >> i'm sorry. poverty rate has gone up 4%. despite $26 trillion in government spending on means entitlement to combat that it's gone up 4%.
4:34 am
>> but if you look at wages, wages have stayed totally flat during that time. >> i understand that. >> that is more the issue because folks making minimum wage are below the poverty level. whereas in the 70s, folks making minimum wage were above the poverty level. >> bill: do you want a guaranteed wage? is that what you want in this country say every family gets a certain amount of money and if they don't earn it the government gives it to them? is that what you want. >> the issue is folks like i met on our recent bus trip in milwaukee i met billy, his wife and two kids. his hours got reduced. he is now living below the poverty line. but he continues to work at his part-time job to keep a roof over the head. >> bill: what's the solution in your mind to that problem? >> i believe that the food stamp program that we have a supplement. we have agreed to supplement which are both to the individual but they are also a business supplement because this allows his employer to pay lower wages. >> 35% of the population is
4:35 am
now on some kind of welfare here. that's up from 6%. so we are becoming what you, i guess, want. they are getting this. it's a trillion dollars a year going into these programs. >> you know, bill, i would really prefer living wages. but our. >> bill: do you want a guaranteed wage? is that what you want. >> which one do you want. >> i'm asking you. i'm the interviewer here, sister. >> i'm sorry. >> what are you lobbying for? do you want a guaranteed wage? every american family of four gets 30,000? is that what you want. >> we're pragmatic. earned income tax credit is a great program. actually congressman ryan said he favors. >> tell me what you want, sister. >> what i want is money in the pockets of hard working people that are living below the poverty level. >> bill: if you can't earn it, you want to give it to them to a certain extent. >> my point is people are earning it, the other challenge we face is that for every job opening right now, there are four applicants. so i believe one, we have to deal with the debt by raising
4:36 am
taxes. we can't afford the bush era tax cuts. we just can't afford it. >> if you raise taxes, what if that makes the economy worse. >> it won't. >> it has in the past. it's constricted investment. >> look what happened. if you really believe in free market. then what we want to do is is shift money to where there is pent up command. the romney budget won't do anything to stimulate the economy. let's give people who need t a way forward. >> >> bill: do you think obama done poor. >> he has done better than the ryan budget would do but i'm not totally satisfied. >> bill: the poverty level is at the highest -- it's 15%. how has he done well. >> it's the economy, bill. the issue is the economy. >> bill: he hasn't solved it. the president hasn't solved it. spending all the government spending, has made it worse. >> no. actually it hasn't.
4:37 am
>> bill: it's 15%, sister. the stats are the stats. >> well, the stats are the stats. but let's look at what's accomplished. folks are working. folks are engaged. folks are taking care of their kids. if it's because of flat wag, then it's about time we address the issue of wages. that's what jesus would say pay to the labor what his worth is let's do it. >> bill: we appreciate your work very spirited debate. thank you very much. when we come right back, bernie goldberg on how the media is handling the paul ryan situation. adam corolla will answer the burning question how dumb are american voters? moments away.
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>> bill: weekdays with bernie segment tonight. the national media went into a frenzy after mitt romney announced paul ryan as his running mate. nbc chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell said this about ryan. >> talked about [inaudible] come from god and they don't come from government. this is a big selection. this is not a pick for suburban moms. this is not a pick for women. >> bill: all right. joining us now from north carolina to analyze. purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg. so not a pick for women. you say? >> yeah. this is -- i say this is almost funny.
4:42 am
paul ryan says that our -- first, let me say i think what she is really saying is this is not a pick for liberal women who i, andrea mitchell, hang out with. i think that's the real point she is making. but paul ryan says that our rights come from god, not from government. however, you feel about that, whether you think they come from god or from government, however you feel about that how does she jump to the conclusion that this isn't a pick for women? the younger women, single women will vote for barack obama. we know that. married women, married women with children, older women tend to vote republic. but something has happened to andrea mitchell along the way. i think the msnbc culture has washed over her. she travels all over the world with hillary clinton. i think she ought to spend
4:43 am
more time in that part of the country between manhattan and malibu and meet some women who aren't like the ones she hangs out with in georgetown. >> look. i agree with you. ms. mitchell used to be a hard hard news oriented journalist and is no longer that she says she's things off the top. here is how ridiculous this is. paul ryan says our freedom comes from god. doesn't the collect larr ration of independence say that? i believe it does. inalienable rights. are you quibble bling with that andrea? are we going to set the declaration on tire now? what are we going to do. >> my point is even if she is quibbling with that even if you believe our rights don't come from god, that there is no god, that they come from government, how do you go from that to that this isn't a vote for women? i don't get the connection. and i will tell what you it is though. when reporters hang -- they live in a bubble.
4:44 am
and her bubble is in georgetown. and when you hang out with too many like-minded people, you make the mistake of thinking everybody thinks that way. and they don't. >> bill: that's what's good about me. because nobody wants to hang with me. i don't have anybody to hang with. >> that's a good point. >> bill: so i can't be infected by the points of view of my compatriots because i don't have any compatriots. three presidential debates, one vice presidential debate and the moderators have been named, jim lair over at pbs. candy crowley cnn, schieffer at cbs, he did a very soft interview with romney and ryan on 60 minutes last night. >> right. >> bill: martha raddaiz do the v.p. debate. they are smart and journalism is concerned, you agree with that correct? >> yes. >> bill: i don't like mr. schieffer for personal
4:45 am
reasons. and can you read about that in my novel those who trespass. that's the first time i have ever said that on the air by the way. bernie loved that book. >> it's a great book. seriously. >> bill: here is what is wrong with this. there is no juice here. you know, it's the same old stuff that if they candy crowley asked them a question and they don't choose to answer it and go off on any tangent, candy is not going to do what i did, hey, listen, you are not answering the question. get back in here. he is not going to do it and that's why these debates are almost obsolete. >> i thought your complaint was going to be along ideological lines so i wasn't expecting this. along ideological lines let me say they are all going to be on their best behavior. they are on a big stage. the whole world is watching. so, i'm not going to lose any sleep about that. but you are right that this is sort of in a new age of media, this is sort of a throw back. this is sort of traditional,
4:46 am
perhaps traditional to a fault. >> i think we should get ted koppel out of semi retirement and have him do it. we are now bringing in people who will do a fine job of asking the questions. but, both romney and obama are going to do the two step. and they are going to answer what they want. and then we're all going to be sitting there going yea yea yea yea yea. i'm jealous i didn't get invited. i'm petty and that's why i'm saying what i'm saying. you, of course, are none of those things and it's always good to see you. >> i'm not jealous and petty and i'm not sure what that segment was about. thank you. always good to be here. >> adam corolla on deck. how dumb are american voters? he will tell us. corolla is next.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. how dumb are american voters? obviously a loaded question but perfect for adam corolla, author of the big new best seller "not taco bell material." joins from us california. what are they saying in taco bell about paul ryan? are they saying about him? >> you know, no caro taco bell. i don't know what that means and i'm from los angeles. they don't speak english over there and who cares? i do not like those people, bill, they did not sign me up when they had the chance to sign me up. they saw greatness looking them in the eye and they looked down at their ha rachis. as far as paul ryan goes, no one know who paul ryan is like no one knew who sarah palin was but we have to pretend we know. paul ryan, i don't like that guy's politics and then they have to look home in wikipedia
4:51 am
paul ryan like they have been following wisconsin politics or like anyone followed alaskan politics. no one knew who sarah palin was. >> bill: palin quickly defined herself as the flamboyant, young, very very conservative woman who, you know, was going to galvanize the base. paul ryan is a serious guy. not to say that governor palin isn't a serious person. but paul ryan is a policy wonk. i said this earlier in the program. i don't think most americans and i was using the taco bell analogy that they don't -- they get the microeconomics. they are north looked in on that. even if they don't know who ryan is they can understand what the hell he is saying. >> who cares? he is the vice president. he is the third base coach of politics, do you really care? no but that's changed since hand bell hamlin was vice president under lincoln. cheney has h. an enormous amount of power during the
4:52 am
bush administration. i don't know what biden does. i don't even know if he is in town. i don't know. but the v.p., if romney, for example, should respect ryan and should go to him for economic advice and i think he will. >> he may. and i don't know what biden does either. neither does biden. and all i'm saying is i understood when you had mccain as the potential presidential and mccain had got the late checkout at the hanoi hilton and still had shrapnel in his liver and has had five strokes if something happens to him you are going to have palin. romney is a mormon. the man is brand new. he doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke. he won't drink tea. he has been loving the same woman for 50 years. he is a poster child, kids, if you are watching, not that you guys have anyone under 50 watching the show. but kids, if you are watching. this is why you shouldn't drink or smoke. look at the guy. he is brand new like 65 years
4:53 am
old. >> bill: he will be around. probably never reached that pinnacle under him. look, the point of the matter is, that americans as i said in the talking points memo. a lot of them are are going to vote emotion. your crew, jimmy kimmel, does he know anything about paul ryan? do all of your pinhead show biz friends they don't like him but they don't anything about him and they don't care to know anything about him. >> no. but that is the -- i mean, that's the society we have crafted. no one needs to know anything about anyone. if you get to know somebody, then you may like them. and you -- since you don't want to like them, why get to know them? why not just vote for the other guy. >> bill: change your ideological position because somebody might make sense. >> once somebody becomes a human being, it's hard to hate them. and then once you don't hate them anymore, it makes it hard to love your guy. and that's just the way we approach life. that's just the way we are wired. >> bill: okay.
4:54 am
but there is one exception to what you just said. once somebody becomes a human being to people it's hard to hate them? right here. 16 years here, carolla. do you know what i'm talking about. >> wow. >> bill: at love people really hate me. >> yeah. >> bill: adam corolla, everybody, doing his best to keep the west coast sane. factor tip of the day in a moment. , this juan, will make you smarter quickly, the tip 60 seconds away.
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>>. >> bill: factor will make you smart they are a moment. we want to be nice to all the veterans. we have a great package for them. each branch of service represented. check them out on so far the mrns are leading. now to mail. richard...
4:56 am
>> bill: i worked at social service, it's insane. many able-bodied people are scamming the system.
4:57 am
>> bill: sounds to me like you are seven i can. personal power should be used for good. once another person responds positively to you after you ask them how they are you can have a relationship to the benefit for both of you. you need to wise up.
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