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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 18, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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i'm andy levy. see you next time. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> as recently as a couple of weeks ago, the white house was putting out feelers to see if hillary was interested in replacing joe biden. >> juan: will president obama drop gaffe-prone joe biden and bring on hillary clinton as his vp? we'll take a hard look at what could be an election game changer. >> they have been trying to sell this trickle down snake oil before. it didn't work then. it won't work now. i think they know their plan is not very popular. >> mr. president, take your campaign, the division and anger and hate back to chicago. >> juan: mitt romney and president obama continuing to trade barbs. how nasty can this campaign get? we'll talk to the press secretary of the obama reelection campaign right here.
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>> mr. president, you did not kill osama bin laden. america did. >> juan: and a group of navy seals critical of the president now being called gutless by the far left bomb throwers. we will talk to one of the seals under attack. caution. you're about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> juan: hi. i'm juan williams in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get right to our top story and our lead guest, ben, the obama campaign spokesman. i have a lot to talk about with him, including the nasty tone of the obama campaign and its supporters. complaints from the white house press corp. that mr. obama is avoiding them, instead choosing softball interviews. increased speculation that vice president biden has made one too many gaffes and hillary clinton
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has been asked to replace him. joining me from chicago, ben. thanks for coming in. we appreciate it. let's start with the news. >> thanks for having me. >> juan: you heard about the author ed klein, the author of the amateur, a book that absolutely cast gates the president. he says that he has it on sworn word from his sources in the hillary clinton camp that she has been asked to replace vice president biden on the ticket. is that right? >> that information is about as credible as mr. klein's book. mr. klein's latest book, einvented an entirely fictional dialogue that president clinton and secretary clinton had in their home where he wasn't present. everyone has denied the substance of that book. this is a media driven narrative. the vice president has been absolutely essential governing partner and running mate. he can lay out the stakes for the middle class in this election like few others and he's absolutely essential to our
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take. you've seen him campaigning all around the country, laying out the choice in this election between a ticket that's committed to building the economy for the middle class out and governor romney and congressman ryan's plan which is extending and expanding tax cuts for the wealthiest. >> juan: but ben, ben, hold on. this is a no spin zone here. what you've seen this week in the ice of most americans is a gaffe-prone vice president who has introduced charges of racial politics into the campaign, who doesn't know what century he's in, talking about changes for the 20th century, i believe we're still in the 21st. this is a man who it seems is bringing distraction and even some criticism from democrats. doug wilder, former black governor of virginia criticizing him for his reference to chains and slavery. ben, isn't that hurting your campaign? >> look, what the vice president was talking about is something that speaker boehner has talked about that congressman ryan has talked about. they've talked about unshackling
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business and unshackling wall street. and the vice president was pointing out who pays the price for that when wall street is allowed to write its own rules. it's the middle class. and ultimately that's the debate that i think voters want to have. they're going to side with the president and the vice president on that. they don't believe wall street should be allowed to play by one set of rules where they can pursue risky financial deals that puts the middle class at risk. >> juan: if that's what you're saying, i understand it. but i don't understand why you had or vice president biden i should say, had to bring race into it. it didn't help your campaign and it started a wave of criticism and allowed mitt romney to then say this is a divisive campaign being run by president obama, a campaign that sinks to divide america, does not live up to the promise of hope and change. instead, what mr. romney said was, president obama is trying to divide us and simply 51% of a divided country. that's what he said based on the actions and words of vice
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president biden. >> that's not what the vice president was referring to. he was referring to the comments made by speaker boehner and congressman ryan about unshackling business. and unshackling wall street. i think that's an interesting comment from governor romney. somebody run almost an entirely negative campaign over the course of the past year, tearing down his opponents and then telling them to stop whining. if you spend a day on the campaign trail with the president, you'll hear him lay occupant the stakes in this election between an economy built from the middle class out and the top down. if you were in iowa on the campaign trail, he was calling for the immediate passage of the farm bill which congressman ryan has held up, which would provide immediate relief to the farmers and ranchers in the midwest who are experiencing the worst drought in 50 years and calling for extension of the tax credit so all the wind energy jobs over the course of the past few years don't go away. >> juan: wait a second. let's get back to what we're talking about here, ben. i have heard you say that
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governor romney is unhinged for saying that president obama is running a divisive campaign. so you're calling the man unhinged. i have also seen an ad run by an obama support pac that accuses basically accuses governor romney of being involved in a woman's death because of cancer. and on top of that, of course, we have the constant badgering of mitt romney to release taxes as if he's a criminal. in fact, someone in your campaign said he may be guilty of a felony. isn't that divisive? >> well, in terms of unhinged, governor romney, this past week and after running an almost entirely negative campaign, said that he wanted to have a debate about the economic choice facing voters this november. that's what the president said this election is about all along. yet a few days later he abandoned that pledge in which he accused the president of running a hateful campaign. as i said, if you spend a day on the campaign trail, i don't think those remarks had any bearing on that.
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we spend a lot of time debating an ad that our campaign didn't produce, but every day on the campaign trail, governor romney questions whether -- >> juan: are you going to apologize for that ad? are you going to disavow any association with that ad? you want to apologize for it right now tonight? >> we didn't produce that ad and we have made a different argument. governor romney is campaigning on his experience as a corporate buyout specialist and he said that during his tenure at bain capital, he was a job creator. but the fact is he profited off of bankrupted -- >> juan: okay, okay. ben, you're not answering the question. all right. ben, look, thanks. >> it's not an ad that we produced. >> juan: all right. >> we have made a different case. >> juan: okay. i hear you. i think everybody hears you. but then look, thanks. i think you were a real stand up guy for coming and being on the factor. we appreciate it. >> happy to do it. thanks. >> juan: you're welcome. for the romney campaign, the
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selection of paul ryan for the vp slot has really energized the base. joining us now to talk about that and to respond to mr. la bolt, congressman, a surrogate fort romney campaign. you hear ben la bolt saying oh, no, it's the romney campaign that's playing dirty ball and we're just responding. what do you say? >> when the president is out there doing hard ball interviews with people magazine and entertainment weekly, governor romney and paul ryan are out there doing 60 minutes and out there talking about jobs and the economy and -- look, what they're engaged in in the obama administration and in their campaign is the politics of personal destruction. they're trying to distract at every turn. it's a playbook, comes around with a playbook out of chicago and the american people shouldn't stand for it. >> juan: now, when you hear this persistent drum beat, release your tax, release your taxes, release your taxes, and then mitt romney comes up and says, well, i've looked and in fact, i
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have paid taxes -- that's what he said. i paid taxes over the course of those 13 years, in direct contradiction who what we heard from the senate majority leader, harry reid. a man who is a leader in the american government making such an unsubstantiated claim that mitt romney didn't pay taxes for some time during that period. what do you think is going on here with the tax issue and why is mitt romney now saying, yeah, he paid 13%, which i think was -- i don't think that was a smart comment 'cause that invited more fodder from the obama team. >> look, what you need to understand about governor romney is four years as governor action he had full financial disclosures. he has done everything that's required by law. that is a full two years of disclosure. did he exactly what senator mccain did during his presidential run. this is just an attempt by the democrats to distract from, for instance, today the states released their unemployment rate. 44 of their 50 states had unemployment go up this year.
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do you think the democrats want to talk about that? absolutely not. instead they want to try to distract and cause a distraction and say look at all this smoke over there, where there is none. governor romney has done everything required by law. he should be thanked for that. there is nothing else that they need to release. >> juan: karl rove said on twitter that he wants vice president biden to stay on the ticket, congressman. he's delighted to have him there. do you think it would help that obama ticket if they got a very popular female politician, hillary clinton, currently secretary of state, to join? >> at the end of the day, this is about replacing president obama and putting in somebody of competent. they'll be key debates here, but i pity the person who has got to try to bone up vice president biden on economic matters and go toe to toe with paul ryan about jobs, the economy, the budget,
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the appropriations process. good luck to that staffer. good luck there. >> juan: but the romney campaign is not hearing anything about possibly hillary clinton jumping on this ticket because, in fact, president obama has until september 6 at the convention to make the big change. and it would have impact. there is no question that would be a game changer in this race. >> that would be a game changer. i just read the newspaper and looking at stuff on-line like you are. so who knows what they're going to do? but i think it is an embarrassment every single week, seems like every day now vice president biden is very prone to some sort of gaffe. he's a vice president of the united states. it's an embarrassment. >> juan: let me ask about the fact that the white house press corp. is now on edge with the obama white house over the failure of this president to have a press conference. it's been a long time. now, the contrary point of view is president running for reelection, going back to 04 and president bush, they tend not to have press conferences.
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but the fact is, the president instead has been off talking to radio stations in new mexico about eating mexican food. he's been talking to people about his favorite sports teams. what is going on here? >> the president is out at the state fair, you know, buying a round of beer for everybody, doing hard ball interviews with entertainment week complete people magazine. he's had time for 120 rounds of golf burks he's only met twice with his economic council. he's had two cabinet meetings this year. those types of things, you just -- it doesn't seem to be a balance. this whole idea of red states and blue states, we're the united states, man, that went out the door a long, long time ago. he's always in campaign mode and wants to try to appeal to that so-called jay leno vote who are will get their news from people magazine. >> juan: congressman, before we go, do you think that the selection of paul ryan to be the vp, has helped or has it pushed mitt romney away from talking about economics, which everybody
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agrees is the real issue in this campaign? >> no. look, paul ryan is a superstar. he energized the base. i think paul ryan has shown an aptitude to reach across the aisle and do things in a bipartisan way. he's been highly successful in a key state like wisconsin, which is not overtly a republican conservative area. so he's just great. i think the more the country gets to know paul ryan, his wife, they got these beautiful three kids, he is the smartest guy on capitol hill. and to have mitt romney select him, just signals to the rest of the world and the country that we're serious about actually solving the nation's problems. not going off and doing what the president and vice president are trying to do, talk about tax returns or other things, which actual -- let's solve the real problems. >> juan: congressman, thanks so much. >> thanks a lot. >> juan: next on the rundown, nbc news anchor invokes the n word during a discussion about the presidential election. we're going to show that to you. and then, a group of former navy seals not happy with the
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>> juan: in the 2012 campaign segment, some political pundits think vice president biden has become a political liability for the obama campaign. and there is buzz about hillary clinton replacing him on the democratic ticket. >> as recently as a couple of weeks ago, the white house was putting out feelers to see if hillary was interested in replacing joe biden on the ticket. hillary told valerie jarrett that she was not interested in running as obama's vice president. >> juan: the gop is jumping on biden's recent missteps. check out this new ad from karl rove super pac. >> in hard times, america needs smart, disciplined leadership, a vice president americans can count on. >> at three letter word, jobs
4:18 am
j-o-b-s. >> improving race relations. >> they're going to put y'all back in chains. >> some people say joe biden should be dropped from obama's ticket. but we say, joe should stay. joe biden, america's greatest vice president. when we need him most. >> juan: the question tonight, should obama make the switch? joining me now from fort worth, texas, radio talk show host jeanine turner and from los angeles, fox news contributor, lesley marshall. lesley, do you want him to go? >> i wanted hillary to be president for years. that's an unfair question. but i have to tell you, we can wish it. we can hope it. we can dream it, but if i put my tooth under my pillow tonight, i don't think anybody is going to be giving me some cash in the morning. this is not realistic. secretary clinton will be leaving her position and vice president biden will be on the ticket with the president. i don't believe all these rumors we're hearing today about that. >> juan: but wait a second. i think what you just said is, it would be nice if, in fact --
4:19 am
>> i want her as president and i want her to be and i believe she will be the first female president the united states has ever had. i'm hoping. >> juan: you're hoping. you're hoping. jeanine, do you think, in fact, this discussion is hurting the obama-biden ticket? >> oh, no. i don't think it's really hurting the ticket. i agree with lesley. hillary clinton is not going to do it. what i think is hurting the ticket is all of this racial diversion from the real issues. i think people can really see through it and everything from the comments -- >> juan: hang on. hang on. jeanine. people don't know about tory's comments yet. we're going to play a little bit of that, we're going to come it that. i'm interested in whether or not you, as someone who supports the romney ticket, thinks, hey, this is great. remember, karl rove is saying, keep biden on the ticket. best vice president ever! >> yeah, right.
4:20 am
keep him on the ticket. hillary would be much better. but she's not going to do it. so i believe they say it's going to be biden, it will be biden. >> juan: ladies, on thursday night, there was a closed door meeting, had obama, biden, and hillary clinton in it. so that has added to the speculation based on what ed klein, the author, has reported. do you give this much credibility? >> i don't. i mean, she's secretary of state of the united states of america. the president, the vice president, i mean, i don't know. maybe they're out to kill another osama bin laden. who knows? but i don't think that necessarily, that conversation took place. perhaps they were talking about the campaign. perhaps they were talking about the next step after she leaves coming up next year. the next step for this administration. >> juan: jeanine, in fact, john mccain, who famously picked sarah palin and rudy guiliani are both saying it's time for biden to go. a little different than the message coming from karl rove. so what are republicans thinking
4:21 am
here? looks like there is some division in the ranks even as they're calling attention to joe biden. and i wonder if they're doing that because of concern about too much focus on paul ryan at this point. >> well, as a conservative, as a republican, i really tonight care what they do with biden. i think they want to keep him on, take him off, whatever they want to do. i think it's really sort of the moot point for us. i'm more interested in romney and ryan and all these crazy things that are being said and that the obama campaign is going for rhetoric and attacking personally, whereas romney is trying to stick to the issues and ryan. i would rather focus on romney and ryan. >> juan: jeanine, earlier you mentioned torre and some outrageous comments he made on msnbc. let's take a look. >> he's really trying to use racial coding and access deep stereotypes about the angry black man. this is part of the playbook against obama, the otherrization, he's not like us. i know it's a heavy thing to
4:22 am
say, i don't say it lightly. but this is (bleep). you are not one of us. you are like the scary black man who we've been trained to fear. >> juan: that is him talking about mitt romney and here he is august the n word to describe how romney is handling the obama campaign and trying to portray them to the american people in order to defeat them. jeanine, what is going on? i mean, is this defensible? >> i think it's disgraceful actually. and unfortunate. i think in this country, we don't need to be talking like that in any sort of way. i believe it's a deflection. he's deflecting from the real issues because they can't talk about the real issues and instead they want to keep it on this racial divide. i think it's shameful. >> juan: lesley, i want to hear what you have to say on this because i tell you what, i just thought he went over the line there. i think he hurt himself, but what do you think? >> when i was a little girl, i asked my mother, i was called an n word lover. and my father's best friend was
4:23 am
black, married to a white woman. and my mother took me to the sink and put soap in my mouth and washed it out and i knew that was a bad word. it's still a bad word. it's an offensive word. i know i'm a white chick here, but i think it's offensive to hear it and say it. however, i do think that the fact of the matter that president obama is the first biracial, first african-american president does weigh in questioning birth, questioning religion. >> juan: that's a separate issue, lesley. that's a separate issue. when you hear someone then using that n word to characterize the way romney is handling, i just thought it's the politics of hate. i don't think it's the right thing. ladies -- >> it's inciting instead of having insight. >> juan: that's what i'm thinking. lesley, jeanine, thank you very much. directly ahead, is the president playing games with the press? some reporters are accusing
4:24 am
mr. obama of dodging tough interviews. geraldo rivera will be right here to tell us what's going on. and later, we've compiled some of the most bizarre moments in factor history. you'll want to stick around for this,
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>> juan: in the fridays with geraldo segment, it's been 59 days since president obama had a news conference with white house reporters. yet he found time to do interviews with people magazine, entertainment tonight, and new mexico's pop music station, kob fm where he was subjected to this hard hitting interview. >> what's your favorite new mexican food? >> i will confess i have not been able to sample enough to have a favorite. the last time i was in albuquerque, i had some pretty outstanding mole.
4:28 am
>> what's your favorite song to work out to? >> my ipod has a bunch of different stuff. i mean, i've got a lot of old school r and b, stevie wonder, earth, wind and fire, marvin gay. >> juan: with us now, a great dance champion, fox news anchor geraldo rivera. you can catch his program, geraldo at large, on fnc this saturday at 10. geraldo, is this the ugliest political campaign you've seen? >> let me tell you, if i would have been there in front of the president, i would have asked him what his sign was. [ laughter ] i'm also -- he's going to give the interview to the dog food channel before he gives it to me. i've asked every single day and i get the same answer, you know, which is no answer at all. so i understand the frustration of the white house press corp. is it the dirtiest campaign? willie horton was pretty bad. i have to say, joe biden's comment, i mean, i hope it was a
4:29 am
gaffe. i hope it wasn't intentional. i hope they really weren't blatantly playing the race card, you know, which is definitely possible. everything is so premeditated. everything is so scripted and there are all of these hidden agendas. not so hidden, not so subtle. but what biden did ranked really up there with -- maybe only surpassed by the ad where romney essentially is accused of killing the lady with cancer. >> juan: what about on the other side of the ledger, they say this ad about president obama being a wealthier president? >> i think that is also a hideous distortion of the reality. you know what the problem is? i think the real problem goes back to citizens united. i think it goes back to the supreme court of the united states. they spent as much as they spent in the total 2008 campaign and we're still in august. can you imagine if you live in a battle ground state, my poor mom in florida, every time she puts
4:30 am
the tv on, she's getting bombarded by these attack ads from one side or the other. ohio, my goodness, it's really going to be a kind of a vicious time. >> juan: offer good reporter, so i want you to put yourself in the seat of a white house correspondent who finds that the president is unavailable north texas talking. now, you can say that president bush back in 04 similarly did not have press conferences. but is this the right thing to do for the leader of the free world, to not be taking questions from people who are following the news of the world, the news of the day, the top economic numbers? >> clinton didn't give press conferences either after the first couple of years when he was trying orgeat his health care passed along with hillary. so i think they get into a rut where they don't want to go before the white house press corp. i have to say, they're kind of whiney, the white house press corpse. they have the traveling press corp. they're with him all the time. they think they have special
4:31 am
skills. i think nancy o'dell did a great job on entertainment tonight with the president the other day. people magazine does what people magazine does. but i think that the press corp. tends to feel that they are entitled, you know n a way, the fact that the president is tweaking and doesn't bother me much at all. he'll get around to it. too many of the press conferences i noticed -- the good thing is, the president has to think on his feet. the bad thing is, the reporter, particularly the b reporters, tend to look for the gotcha moments where they can trip him up and the follow-up is something also designed to -- >> juan: let me just say something to you. you're my guest here tonight on "the factor." i'm looking for a gotcha moment. people want the leader -- >> you want one, i'll give you one! >> juan: people want the leader of the free world to not be scripted. they want to know what you're thinking and what you're going to do. and all respect to that reporter from people or entertainment tonight, guess what? she doesn't follow the news as
4:32 am
intensely as a white house correspondent. ed henry knows more than she does. >> ed henry does more than most reporters whether they're on the white house seat or not. >> juan: all right. >> agreed. but people tend to study for the president. they tend to be well briefed for the president. sometimes they're intimidated certainly by the president. i would like to see him be more open, but he is, as you suggest, following in the tradition of ducking the press, of the bipartisan tradition of why risk all that? why risk that? >> juan: let me peek up for geraldo rivera and say, mr. president, come on geraldo's show. >> if you dare. if you dare. >> juan: geraldo, thank you. also, come on "the factor." bill o'reilly sits right here. as "the factor" moves along this evening, a new book chronicles president obama's association with a member of the communist party. we'll hear from the author. and later a, a group of retired navy seals releases a scathing
4:33 am
documentary criticizing their commander in chiefment we'll have a special report
4:34 am
4:35 am
4:36 am
>> juan: in "the the factor flak segment, when barak obama was a teen-ager growing up in hawaii, from time to time he sought advice from a man named frank marshall davis, a member of the communist party. the president talks about his meetings with frank in his own book "dreams from my father." bill recently sat down with the
4:37 am
author of a new book "the communist." frank marshall davis, the untold story of barak obama's manipulator. >> now, mr. obama has never said davis was his mentor, doctor. yet he used the word in your book title. why? >> yeah. i think he was clearly a mentor, bill. he refers to him 22 times by the name frank alone in his memoirs, dozens of more times via pronons, other forms of reference. he's in literally every section of the memoir. not just the first part in hawaii, but obama mentions him when he gets to europe, africa, when obama gets to chicago, the first thing he does is visualizes frank marshall davis. ironically it was davis himself who found himself professionally examine politically in chicago like obama did. so i mean, i'm an historian, i'm a cold war historian. i've done books on figures as diverse as ronald reagan and hillary clinton. ronald reagan's mentor, ben cleaner, isn't mentioned one time in his memoir.
4:38 am
>> you submit his influence, davis' influence was -- would you say it was more than anyone else? would you say that davis' influence on barak obama's political thinking was more than anyone else? >> i would say this: during those formative years, the adolescence, teen years, from 1970 all the way to 1979, from the time he was nine years old until he went off to college, i would say nobody qualifies as a mentor as much as frank marshall davis. >> obama by his own admission was a stoner in high school. this guy, davis, lived in hawaii. he was kind of a bitter guy who didn't like the american system. obama's grandfather introduced the young barry as he was called back then, to mr. davis. and then basis basically gave him advice on life. i don't see anything in your book or in president obama's book that says davis tried to incull indicate him with
4:39 am
communist doctrine. >> that's right. that's an important point. i say in the book that the book's called the communist. it's about davis being a communist and not obama. >> do you think barak obama is a communist? >> no, i don't. >> 'cause there are some people who do. >> right. i certainly don't say that and i think that -- what die in the book is i lay out -- it's really about davis. this is what davis believed. there is 20 chapters in the book. 90% of them are about davis. and i think he was an influence on obama. i do go through the long list of remarkable similarities. you've got davis bashing wall street, calling for taxpayer funding of universal health care, talking about fundamental change, advancing fundamental change, bashing the rich, the wealthy, calling for taxpayer funding of public works projects to keep america out of the great depression, attacking general motors, all sorts of stuff. i say okay. does that mean that obama believes these things because
4:40 am
davis believed these things? no. these could all be commonnallities among the political left. i really bill what davis is, davis is a another of those radical influences in president obama's past who i think help explain his intellectual, ideological and perhaps even political development and how he became a man on the left. so i mean, we talked about bill ayers. he isn't mentioned in "dreams for my father." we've talked about jeremiah wright and i think this is probably the most unappreciated and remarkable influence of them all and especially during those crucial mentoring years. >> all right. we appreciate you coming on. >> juan: when we come back, is the media ignoring the family research council shooting because of the politics involved? and later, a group of retired navy seals says barak obama is leaking military secrets, putting lives at risk by doing so. wow. we'll talk to one of the seals
4:41 am
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>> juan: thanks for staying up with. i'm juan williams in for bill o'reilly. in "the factor" follow-up segment, as we reported last night, 28 year oldal-year-old man was arrested on charges of shooting a security guard in the lobby of the family research council building in washington. the frc is a conservative group
4:45 am
that oppose the gay marriage and the suspect is a strong gay rights advocate who was carrying sandwiches from chick-fil-a. so while this looks like a political crime to me, the press has not spent much time covering it as that. joining us now from virginia is rich, an analyst at the media research center. rich, when you look at the coverage, and i'm talking about specifically here on tv, abc gave it two minutes. nbc, 17 seconds. cbs, 20 seconds. this is the night of the incident. the night of the shooting. how can you come to any other conclusion but that there is a double standard here? >> well, i think it's unthinkable that the same chain of events could happen at a liberal organization like planned parenthood if a conservative volunteer had walked in with 50 rounds said y agree with your politics and opened fire. i think that would have been a major news story. you mentioned the coverage
4:46 am
thursday night or wednesday night. on thursday night, only abc followed up. cbs and nbc with the few seconds of coverage that wednesday were done with the story. they didn't see anything there. compare this to when you have incidents where like the gabby giffords shooting last year where conservatives were falsely implicated. you had a national conversation about how conservative rhetoric was out of control. even though that had nothing to do with anything. 55 stories on abc, cbs and nbc in the first five days. 80% of the discussion of that was blaming conservative rhetoric. this is a story where they don't see a theme to follow. they don't see something to follow up with. so it's a nonstory. >> juan: why don't they see something to follow up with? rich, i don't care if you are a liberal or conservative. the idea of people walking in with guns to attack people that they have political differences with is outrageous! i just can't believe that the networks won't pay attention to the story, but it's got to be
4:47 am
that they don't like the conservative direction of the family research council and the fact that they condemn gay marriage. i mean, is that the obvious answer or am i wrong? >> i think that is absolutely obvious answer. the whole discussion we're supposed to be having is about tolerating people you have a disagreement with. the problem with the family research council from the media's point of view is they agree that they're a hate group. they see an enduing or on thursday morning, less than 4 hours after the shooting, was saying as fact that family research council is a hate group. no, they're a christian group that doesn't agree with the gay rights agenda. we're supposed to be able to let them have their views, let the people on the other side have their views, and have a civil discussion. if you can't condemn it when people bring out violence into these things, then you're really -- we're doomed in this country. >> juan: rich, before we wrap up, i want to ask you this
4:48 am
question: what if someone said to you, but rich, the reason they didn't cover it is because no one was killed. when you have the shooting at the holocaust museum in washington, someone was killed. when we saw the events with gabby giffords in arizona, someone was killed. could that be the reason that news organizations have neglected this story, rich? >> the reason no one was killed is because of the heroics of the security guard. abc is right along cbs and nbc, but abc decided this was worth covering. the top story wednesday. full story follow-up on thursday. they did a follow story on "good morning america." >> juan: rich, that's a good point. thanks. next on the rundown, a group of retired navy seals says president obama is taking too much credit for killing osama bin laden. we'll talk to one of those seals.
4:49 am
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4:52 am
>> juan: in the back of the book segment tonight, a group of former u.s. military and intelligence officers, including retired navy seals, has reloosed a scathing 22-minute documentary accusing president obama and his administration of leaking military information that puts lives at risk. the group also says the president is taking too much credit for killing osama bin laden. >> this administration didn't capture or kill or eliminate bin laden or anybody else. there is a whole lot of folks in the military and intelligence community who worked on this for a very long time. >> mr. president, you did not kill osama bin laden. america did. as a citizen, it is my civic duty to tell the president to stop leaking information to the enemy. it will get americans killed. >> juan: in response, the far left says the retired navy seals are gutless for not admitting they're running a gop anti-obama campaign. joining us now from virginia
4:53 am
beach, one of the retired navy seals seen in the documentary, scott taylor. so mr. taylor, gutless? is that right? >> well, normally wolves don't really care what sheep think about. but i would suggest that i doubt that he would walk out of his air conditioned office into a bar examine call any special operator gutless. i seriously doubt that. >> juan: well, is there political motivation behind the ad? >> no. it's interesting, of course, that whoever opposes this is trying to paint it as though it's a gop arm or something like that. when, in fact, we have folks from both sides of the aisle, in fact, most of them are probably apolitical. but we feel very strongly it's a serious group, broad coalition of seals, delta force, ex c.i.a. we're serious individuals, highly motivated and highly organized and we really believe in what we're saying. >> juan: now, your group, that's
4:54 am
short for operation security. as you say, has people who are democrats and republicans. but you are a republican. you ran for mayor of virginia beach in 08. you ran for congress in 10 as a republican. is that right? >> yes, that's right. i am a republican. but i'm an american first, juan, as are you. and i think that democrat senator from virginia who i respect, mark warner said it best that democrats are outraged, republicans are outraged and americans should be outraged. >> juan: but you're doing this in the middle of a presidential campaign. so it's going to have political consequences and people are going to raise political questions about your intent. you understand that, right? >> absolutely i understand that. of course. but again, it's an american issue and unfortunately, this is the only time that politicians seem to pay attention, during the political season when their political lives are potentially at stake. so absolutely. this is why we're doing this. >> juan: mr. taylor, but you know that people are going to say this is analogous what happened to john kerry in 04
4:55 am
when it was charged that the bush campaign swift vote add vietnam veteran, questioning his war record and making it out to be the case that he was lying about some of the honors he received. is this similar, in your mind? >> it's not similar in my mind at all. in fact, i really truly believe that this broad coalition of ex person operation and intelligence officials who have been on the front line, some are still serving in contract positions alongside them, i think the american people can understand and that they will believe these folks above a obama campaign consultant who releases a statement. >> juan: you know what? i think that you have a right to speak your mind, political season or no political season, and i think america clearly feels you should speak out if that's what you and your group, as you point out, bipartisan, want to do. so thank you for standing up, mr. taylor. >> juan, thank you very much for having me. appreciate you. >> juan: you're welcome. up next, some of the strangest moments in factor history.
4:56 am
you won't want to miss this. that's 60 seconds away
4:57 am
>> a look at the strangest things that have happened right here at the factor. >> the most intense introduce was with university of south florida professor, sammy l. arion. after we spoke with him, he was arrested and convicted on terror charges. hey, doctor, with all due respect, i appreciate you coming on the program. but if i was the cia, i would follow you wherever you went i. you don't know me. >> all the circumstantial evidence. >> if you don't know me, you can't judge me. >> i am not judging. >> don't worry. we have been looked at and a judge has said that we are not a threat to national security, even the government has said we are not. >> okay, all right. i would go to dozeny's with you,
4:58 am
i would go everywhere you went. >> the fbi did arrest him. it was a lot of funding into nefarious enterprises and he was convicted. another very intense situation was my interview with black panther guy, quinelle "x." the term white devils, would that be good -- >> we are talking about the white man is the devil. if you don't believe that, trust me, white folks will do to the one -- [inaudible]. >> white devils. we are going to hear that. >> the devil is wicked and a master of deception. i say in the words of malcolm "x," if you find any good white people, kill them first, before they turn bad. >> you don't want to kill anybody, do you? >> i want to do to you what you have done to us. you have killed our men, our children and our babies -- i want to give you the same hell i. are you willing to break the law to do that? >> we do peace is possible, violence when necessary.
4:59 am
>> you looked at the face of evil, right there. finally, on a much lighter note. flam buoyant basketball player, dins rodman enters the no-spin zone. what was your drug of choice? >> alcohol. >> drinking a lot? >> i used to do it because i was bored, pretty much. >> did you drink when you were playing a lot? >> oh, yeah. like a rock star. >> give me a scale, 1 to 10, 10 being the biggest party animal, where were you? >> i was up there in the upper echelon, 15. >> do you regret it? >> no. i don't regret it at all. >> strange moments on the factor, indeed. and before we go, a quick reminder to check out the fox news special, fixing our school, airing this sunday at 9:00 p.m., hosted by yours truly. and this is it for us tonight. thanks for watching. i'm juan williams. and remember, the spin stops here because war


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