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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 18, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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impacting your bottom line, be sure to tune in to that. that's it for the cost of freedom block, everybody, thanks for being here, have a great event. >> and this is a fox news alert. vice-presidential candidate paul ryan just wrapping up the key campaign stop at the sprawling retirement community the villages, hi, you'll jamie colby. >> kelly: welcome back, good to have you back, i'm killy wright. welcome back inside another hour of america's campaign headquarters. speaking in front of thousands of republican retirees, focusing on what's become one of the biggest issues on the campaign trail and that is medicare. and slamming president obama's time in the white house, chief political correspondent carl cameron is live at the villages where he had to chance to sit down with it, how are you. >> i'm well and so is paul ryan and his mom mrs. douglas.
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the villages was a piece of political back drop for republicans was an aggressive undertaking. it's the biggest retirement village they say in the world and in order to live here, obviously, you have to be a retiree, at one point, it seemed as though mr. ryan forgotten that, and how many of you folks are near retirement and said yes, and how many are eligible for medicare and seemed surprised by that and he got his bearings and remembered where he was, an important part of the political landscape. a high concentration of seniors and they vote in florida, seniors, and paul ryan, congressman from wisconsin and joined the romney ticket exactly a week ago today and they've been trying to make medicare reform, retirement reform making tough decisions on election day, central to their campaign. mr. ryan had a massive crowd and lee greenwood sang to the crowd and he sang, it's proud to be an american, lots of
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tears, lots of romney supporters and red, white and blue clothing and here clearly the villagers residents came eager to hear what romney had to say and this particular villages location, lots of g.o.p.ers here, and so, after he had the opportunity to introduce his mother to the crowd and say, that he will save medicare for her as well as for his late grandmother who relied on it. and hear their responses which they said were all positive to the idea that the republicans will offer people a choice, that for 55-year-old, those near to retirement and those retired, medicare will stay as-is, no choice, no change, but in the ryan, romney plan, what mr. romney and ryan argue will be an alternative offer for people under 55 in which they will have officially a pay for service plan or what democrats call a voucher plan as an alternative. and the republicans are bashing the obama administration for what they say was 716 billion dollar raid on medicare, popular for seniors health care in order
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to use it to underwrite and finance the obamacare plan and for that a lot of noise, a lot of attention and making head way on the issue and we talked about is it at length and i had a chance to speak to mr. ryan a bit ago and our interview from earlier. >> great to be back with you, carl. >> welcome to the campaign trail from fox and me and i thought i is saw you, you didn't believe me a year ago when i said this would be you. >> and i didn't actually, you're a good prognosticator. >> you're out for a week, are you secure enough to accept into the oval. >> mitt romney would not have selected me to be his running mate, if that was not the case. i would the not have accepted if that was not the case. >> and everybody at the villages, he he's so young, so young. >> 42, younger than president obama when he took over. >> well, af been in congress for 14 years, i've been involved in working on leading this country to get us back to work and get our budget
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balanced and the debt under control and excited to join the the romney-ryan ticket because mitt romney is providing leadership sorely needed to get back to work and i'm a part of that. >> and you make your pitch, and tell us what they said. are you persuaded that you will not-- >> and people are going to see through this. look, the president can't run on his record. it's a bad record. the president raided 716 billion dollars from medicare to pay for obamacare. en so that's a record that the president doesn't want to talk about so that's why i think he's to a campaign of not of hope and change anymore, but blame attack, smear, fear i think that people are going to see through this. that the positive vision to get people back to work, to shore up medicare are the kind of things that people are going to vote for this fall and i don't think they'll accept what they've seen. >> and paul ryan is talking about 700 billion plus out of
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medicare and waste, fraud and abuse, and that sounds hypocritical to them. >> we voted repeatedly in the house, before having the budget, and repeal all of obamacare, including this raid on the medicare program. the democrats argue that your first proposal would have completely changed medicare, by replacing it with the paper service voucher program that you've done. now it's an alternate. now it's a choice and welcome us through the process of changing it because mr. romney checked into it and it wasn't a choice. was that what changed your mind? >> mitt romney came out with your medicare plan first before we did in the house and as we got into looking to the issue and talking with democrats, it evolved to be a plan and this medicare reform plan in the bipartisan commission to save medicare and bipartisan support, in congress today. and what mitt romney is talking about is making sure that we keep the medicare, in
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on the retirement, and preventing this raid that president obama has put on the program, to pay for obamacare, by repealing obamacare, we can restore medicare. and also, they're offering a bipartisan solution, and for future retirees when they're not there. >> is it not the case that there are some things that the republicans are now proposing that they proposed in the past and opposing things they opposed in the past? >> and we're offering solutions. the president is not. the president has a failed economic agenda, 23 million people are still looking for work. and one in six people in poverty today. unemployme unemployme unemployment above 8% for 42 months and that's why he's basically relegated his campaign to the vision, frustration and the solutions we're offering have origins from bipartisan commissions from the commission set up in 1999, the tax reforms we're
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talking about. get rid of loopholes and lower the rates and create jobs. >> president obama called it fairy dust today. more trickle down republican promises in the past that didn't work, fairy dust. >> look, i think the president is going to keep trying to divide people in this campaign to try and score points to win this election, it's not going to work, the economy is not going like it needs to. what mitt romney and i are proposing to plug those special interest loopholes that make everybody else's tax rates higher and lower rates for everyone, small businesses, families, that's how you create jobs and tax reform and it's simple, fair and competitive, one of the key ingredients to create economic growth and job creation and it's part of mitt romney's plan for a songer middle class. >> democrats tried to attack your integrity saying well, you said you opposed the stimulus package and asking for stimulus projects and were you against it, for it while were you answers it, can you
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clear at that up. >> sure, so my office sends tens of thousands of letters to versus federal agencies and this goes through what we call a case work system and we treat it as a case work for constituents and i take full responsibility for it, whether it's my intention to send letters supporting stimulus, this doesn't change the the fact that the stimulus was a bomb, it didn't work, it's a boondoggle and borrowing and spending, spending on things like solyndra, that doesn't create a job. >> in the past republicans said i'm against ear marks, but if this is going to pass with ear marks-- >> i didn't know about the letters until recently and they were brought to my attention, they were to the case work system and i take full responsibility for that and the plan i'm trying to make is stimulus was a failure and the president promised stimulus, prevent unemployment from getting above 8%, it's been above 8% for 42 months and it was borrowing, spending and giving out to cronies like
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solyndra, that did not work to create jobs and meanwhile, we have economic stagnation and that's why the romney-ryan plan for a stronger middle class are the kind of things you need to do to create jobs, higher take home pay, more jobs, faster economic growth and to what are often solutions and the reason that stimulus didn't work at the time it didn't pass, it's bad economics, didn't work and all of these boon doggles is not a way to grow the economy. if borrowing and spending and taxing and regulating are were the secret for economic growth. would have been the golden age. >> and even the democrats begrudgingly give you props, you talked about when were you a kid you talked about redoing budgets and-- >> the deficit in the ryan policy and quickly, syria, civilians getting wiped out over syria's troubles, what's wrong with the president's policy. >> he was late to it, late to speak forcefully to pronounce
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our values. assad is butchering his own people and we're late to help the opposition to do what we need to do to get that dictator out of there. what i would say about foreign policy i've been in congress a number of years, that's more experience than barack obama had when he came into office. and now, i've voted to send people to war. >> what would you say russia and china, and the u.s. security council and imposed sanctions on them. >> well, this is a testament to the fact that the reset with russia was a failure. our relationship with russia is weaker not stronger. look at what the frustrations we're getting at security council from russia to begin with. so, i think this is a testament to the fact that the barack obama strategy for the russian reset. i believe with romney that we need strong allies, and peace through strength. strong national defense. that's the kind of foreign policy we need to have a
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strong america and we think that president obama's foreign policy has hollowed that out. >> is it easier to-- and just on china and trade, and next part of the problem, china holds so much of our debt, almost half of that money is borrowed from foreign countries and so, because of the president's agenda, a big deficit, trillion dollar deficits every year, because of the president's agenda of not even offering a plan to get this deficit under control, the senate hasn't passed a budget three years and on china to float the bonds. we need spending under control and the deficit under control to where more independence as a country. the more we rely on countries like china, the cash throw, our government and deficit, the less we have on foreign policy and china has been stealing our intellectual party and we need to be firm and strong and opposition of
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strengths and when we keep relying on all of these governments to lends us their money, that makes it hard for us to be a strong nation. >> one of the things a question on, why now supporting the position for china, and when in the past you've been reluctant about it and maybe that's not the way to do it, they hold so much of our debt. >> i believe that free trade is necessary for prosperity. and i've always been a strong advocate of making sure that we hold our trading partners to account, when they're not giving us fair reciprocal treatment. and to me, it's consistent with what i believe, the leadership that mitt romney is offering, if our trading partners aren't holding up their end of the bargain, you have to old them to account and that's what mitt romney is proposing. >> and what surprised you in the last seven days-- >> the crowds are huge, enormous and the enthusiasm and nor energy out of this. and they have he been so
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gracious with our family, mitt and ann. and we have young kids, you've seen my kids and his grandkids and his grandkids and my kids have banded and jan and i are delighted how they've opened up their arms into our family and been gracious. >> having been the budget chairman, leader, the ideological scion of the new republican party. how do you fold these you've been into under the romney rubric. and obviously had to adjust to be his running mate. talk about the transition, emotionally, intellectually, little sleep and few meals, run, run, run, go ahead. >> look, i'm running on the romney-ryan ticket and mitt romney asked me to run you share my values and you have the experience that compliments my experience. and what we've done, we've applied the same principles to
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solving problems. i'm excited to follow his lead, to be on his team, and to pursue an agenda where we obviously agree on a huge difference here is between the romney-ryan visionings, the plan for a strong middle class and the obama vision, which is more government. more regulations, more taxing, more spending, more deficits. more debt. and less jobs, more of the same. >> we're not going to stand for that. we're going to give the country a clear choice, here is how you get back to work and how to get people out of poverty and america's ideas on track and keep the country strong. >> joe biden has been in congress and washington a heck after lot longer than you are, how are you preparing for the big square off debate. >> i've known joe a long time and we've gotten along. in the house we do a lot of debates, debate daily with each other more than they do in the senate. >> so you think you've got him pretty much on the-- >> no, no, got to look at that--
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to have this conversation, this is a clear choice of two futures, the contrast couldn't be brighter and i'm excited about highlighting. >> do you get ticked off people the rad dical extremists. >> i'm a happy person, i have that kind of demeanor, i'm used to that. >> and on the trail. >> see you carl. >> so there you have it, paul ryan as he wrapped up after his remarks here to a packed crowd, they say 5, 6,000 people were here just in the town village square here. and off he goes now, mr. ryan will be continuing to campaign throughout the course of the weekend and then on monday, he will go to new hampshire where the romney-ryan ticket will be reunited in the first of nation, primary new hampshire and hold a town hall meeting and they'll take questions from new hampshire and feisty and cantankerous voters. maybe the media will get a
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sound bite out of him. clearly he's gotten his talking points down and now is lock step with mitt romney. hard to flap. and now, off he goes to get back together with the ticket. the campaign thought they would be separate all the way up until the convention the end of next week. they've decided it would suit both of them to get them together and mr. ryan certainly puts a lot of spring and energy into the romney events and romney is enjoying the fact that ryan on the ticket has allowed him to focus the entire debate on medicare reform, entitlement reform and through that on what the republicans say are some failures of the obama administration to address the nation's biggest problems. we'll send it back to you. >> reporting live from the villages in florida, we thank you for the very informative and insightful interview with the vice-president, vice-presidential candidate paul ryan. >> and on the head of the visit that carl mentioned, the president going to new hampshire and he is-- or rather of the romney-ryan ticket going. the president is in wyndham,
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new hampshire and speaking to the first event in the debate and watching later in our 4 p.m. hour ellissen to the president live as he campaigns in another part of new hampshire, rochester chester. kelly. >> kelly: new questions this hour about syria and what could happen to their stock pile of weapons, if the regime falls. could u.s. troops be called in? we will ask general jack keane just ahead. >> jamie: beyond the dream, award beginning gospel singer, inspiring a new generation of singers, winans. >> kelly: winans. >> geraldo: and how her life has changed since the death of her very good friend. whitney houston. ♪
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>> medicare reform, a hot button issue on the campaign. president obama saying the romney ryan plan would cut for older americans, what we heard
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earlier, folks nearing retirement would be protected under his plan with governor romney from those cuts and ryan added medicare needs to be overhauled so the program can be around for future generations. let's have a fair and balanced debate. angela mcglowan and angelina maxwell, is a democratic strategy, ladies, welcome. >> let me start with you, one of the things when you talk about curbing entitlements, a generally winning argument for democrats, they don't like to cut them n this particular case, with president obama spending so much on obamacare, is that the reason we're talking about having to curb entilements in some way? >> and that's not the reason why we're having to talk about it. we should have curbed the entitlement decades ago and needs to be changed and yes, democrats traditionally win the arguments, none of us like change, i don't like change and the bottom line is this, in 2024 medicare part a, the
1:23 pm
medicare trust fund is going to go bankrupt and we've promised to spend tens of trillions of dollars on a program we can't afford, but we have to do something about it. what paul ryan is talking about is obama's program, obamaca obamacare, cuts 716 billion dollars from medicare which will currently hurt seniors. >> and having his mother by his side, congressman ryan said certainly enough that that generation and the next generation will still be protected. but here is what president obama's campaign put out almost immediately after our crew, i thank them so much make it go into the full screen, president obama says through a spokesperson, mitt romney and paul ryan know a detailed debate about their voucher plan is politically sow sidal and not telling about the current impact on seniors, including congressman's ryan. congressman ryan didn't tell seniors in florida, seniors would face higher medicare premiums and prescription drug
1:24 pm
costs and forced to pay out of pocket for preventative care. he didn't say if he had his way, medicare would be bankrupt in just four years. does the campaign have the facts to that up? >> yes, they do. one of the main things focus on. repealing obamacare would bring back the donut hole that would require seniors to pay out of pocket costs for prescription drugs and also, most seniors are on a fixed income. while congressman ryan's mother is a very nice later named betty, she's like i not on fixed i think come because she has a millionaire congressman for a son and most seniors are going to get a voucher, not be able to pay the difference between the voucher and what their costs and the health care costs will really be in the future. >> all right. with a minute left, angela, another question for you, but please comment. >> i don't see the numbers that back up what president obama or obama, the obama campaign is saying, and the bottom line is this:
1:25 pm
they need to back it up. with obama cut, 716 billion dollars out of medicare, you have medicare experts that testify before congress, that says this would hurt access to care. >> no, that's not the case. >> yes, it is. >> the 716 billion dollars. >> yes, it is. >> is actually in paul ryan's plan, so if he's so against 716 billion dollars in medicare, why is-- >>en it's coming out of the same pot. and-- >> why don't we find out waste, fraud and abuse and saving seniors money and go forward in the future. >> experts testified that would cost one to six hospital and i know in miss missippi and candidates. >> it will hurt seniors. >> it will not hurt seniors. >> and bankrupt-- i want to see those numbers stating that we're going to bankrupt, republicans, medicare four years, that's hogwash. >> it's not, it's not. >> got to leave it there. ladies, both sides, thank you so much for being with us
1:26 pm
today. see you soon, kelly. >> kelly: could chemical weapons from syria fall into the wrong hands? we'll talk about it, and what the united states may or may not be doing about it. that interview coming up with general jack keane to explain. this is the plan that revolves around you. introducing share everything. unlimited talk. unlimited text. and a single pool of sharable data that powers up to 10 devices. the first pl of it's kind. share everything. only from verizon. add a smartphone for just $40 monthly access. ♪ lord, you got no reason ♪ you got no right ♪ ♪ i find myself at the wrong place ♪
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♪ >> and welcome back everybody. bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news, the world's oldest commissioned war ship will set sail under its own power for the second time in 131 years. and mark 200 years since the u.s.s. constitution's victory battle in the war of 1812. there's a showdown brewing over the right to sell fresh lemonade and milk. yep, this is video of last year's protest near capitol hill and activists are fighting back against regulations that say the roadside stands violate health
1:31 pm
and safety laws. and paul ryan making a visit at the villages a complex in central florida, where the new vice-presidential account made a pitch for his plan and governor romney's to overhaul medicare. >> syria's conflict. intertense phiing, concerns specifically over what could happen to syria's chemical and biological weapons, if president assad's regime loses control and whether or not u.s. forces could be called in. and syria reportedly holds the fourth largest stock piles of chemical weapons in the world and believed that syria has been developing the weapons program since the 1980's. syria's suspected stock pile includes must standard gas and sarin gas and nerve gas, bringing in former chief of staff for the army, jack keane, show us your insights
1:32 pm
for any part of the world, but this in particular, a night maryish situation of chemical weapons that fall into the wrong hands. >> what concerns should we have here in america, about syria's assad regime losing control of these weapons? >> well, certainly, we have two fundamental concerns about syria as the assad regime continues to lose more and more control of its own country. and that is number one, who will be the post assad regime that we'll have to deal with. and number two, what about those chemical weapons? the size and scale of those weapons as you noted, is very significant and dramatic. and you can be rest assured for a number of weeks now, the central intelligence agency and the masad out of israel, where are those sites and what does it take to secure them. >> general, as you know, that's been dialog between the allies and united states, as
1:33 pm
well as israel to determine what to do here. the u.s. still has no plans, however, to put boots on the ground in syria or even to enforce a no-fly zone. what can the united states actually expect to do, given syria's chemical weapons and the fact that they could fall into the wrong hands like al-qaeda and hezbollah? >> that's certainly our concern is, that we would lose control of those weapons and these radicals, in hezbollah or in al-qaeda or other groups, regaining control of them and mayhem that they can cause with those is rather traumatic. look, the cia is not going to announce what the plans are and what they actually have plans. and certainly-- >> i guess what i'm getting at though, and i know, i'm basically talking about what's happening with the obama administration, because we've seen at that diplomacy through the u.s. has failed so far and we've also seen that the president has not taken a forceful stance in condemning what's going on in syria, although they have come out publicly saying they condemn the attacks, but the president
1:34 pm
has not said assad needs to step down and explain how he would best facilitate that. >> yeah, well as i was saying, we secured gaddafi's chemical weapons not really known to your viewers, the ceo secured those weapons, rather quickly and dramatically, and put contract guards on them. so, we do have plans, to secure those weapons, rest assured. secondly, our diplomacy certainly, i agree with you, has not been the most successful. and the fact of matter is we leaned on the u.n. and we've only provided limited assistance to the syrian rebels when all they've ever wanted for us, they've never wanted our troops and not even asked for a no-fly zone and they would take it if we gave it to them. what they wanted from us is anti-tank weapons and anti-aircraft weapons and there's evidence that they've received some of the weapons though not in the numbers that they want. how they got there, we don't know whether they're through a
1:35 pm
third party or ally m the region, i think what we're attempting to do now is establish relationships with those groups who are in syria, so that we have some influnce to to shape events in a post assad regime. and that's the thing that takes place geopolitically and a plan to secure-- >> and general, if i could unpack what you said, reading between the lines. what i hear you saying, while the president may not publicly be talking about it, behind the scenes at the cia and other counter intelligence and terrorism efforts, something is being done on the ground to try to help forward the cause of the united states and other allies, very much concerned about what happens to the chemical weapons. >> we can rest assure that that is actually taking place. and i mean, i don't ask the ceo those kind of questions, but, knowing what their behavior is, knowing what they've done in the past, it passes the common sense test that they are he' all in on this with the ma sad and with
1:36 pm
other intelligence agencies in the region. >> kelly: general, one final question. sources speaking of question of anonymity, 50,000 ground forces would be needed if the worst fears of assad's regime falling and chemical weapons being available. those be enough, to achieve all of the chemical weapons? >> well, i think to secure the chemical weapons, assad doesn't have that many forces securing now. and i think the numbers is a bit extreme. i think it would be, you know, far less than-- i don't know the exact number of sites, i've been told they exceed a couple of dozen to be sure and then, the amount of people it would take to secure those is far less than what those numbers would suggest and i think if we needed a sizable force to do something like that, i think we would go to a multinational force in the region to endorse that
1:37 pm
kind of security. >> absolutely. general, we thank you as always, a lot of questions there, and you cut right through all of the media reports about what's happening in syria and get down to the suggest glar jugular, what is being done so far. general jack keane, thank you. >> thank you, kelly. >> jamie: we thank you, as well. and the latest job numbers show up tick in unemployment in 44 states, that includes, interestingly, most of the key swing states and presidential election, that of posting the highest unemployment rate at 12% and rhode island and california trailing right behind. what does it mean for the economy overall. jonathan hoenig, capitalist pig hedge fund and a regular on cashing in. great to see you, jonathan. >> great to be with you. >> and it's capitalist isn't it? >> we'll just get that out. listen, jonathan, 44 states is a heck of a lot of states and that means so many people are out of work and the number is climbing up, up, up and the
1:38 pm
candidates are talking about medicare today. and is there some tie-in between if you can save medicare, but cut costs you'll still create jobs? >> you know, jamie, candidates seem to have these grand visions, certainly, the president about how to create jobs and the recovery summer was supposed to be two summers ago. as he pointed out. this unemployment data a very kitchen table issue, something you need a harvard mba to understand remains not only stubbornly high, but shockingly high, especially in the swing states. >> over 10 percent, under president reagan's recovery and 3% of the high under president obama's quote recovery fallen about 1%, so, it's a kitchen table issue that's not going the president's way right now or the economy's way. >> i'm sure the discussion will go from the medicare issues and the concerns that seniors seem to have, but they also have concerns about keeping our economy going
1:39 pm
without a doubt and it's a big, hot issue, and so, my question is if 44 states are in this much trouble with job creation, what does it mean for the rest of the country and who's got it right? do the republicans have it right or the democrats have a right or a combination of the two, can you weed through it and tell us what we need to turn it around? >> well, i mean, certainly, it's hard to find any objective measure that says the president's remedies, which has been more intervention, we only hear a lot about the stimulus ready jobs, a lot of the intervention and the supposed fixes. so, i mean, it's clear that the economy's simply not something that the president wants to talk about, not surprisingly because know the numbers simply haven't gone their way. i think from an investment perspective, jamie, i've seen so many investors sitting on their hands reluctant to hire people and to put money into mutual funds, i think because of that economic environment that's created. so, even if the economy does improve. my sense is that most investors certainly will say that it's despite the
1:40 pm
president's efforts not because of them. >> would you say government control is a bad thing for business? >> and-- >> or say excessive government control? and how much is excessive? what we have now? >> well, i mean, you can look at it just in terms of the so-called recovery. the areas in which the governments helped the most like banking and housing sort of like health care and also suffered the most, so there's a direct correlation, between economic freedom and economic prosperity. unfortunately, certainly the president's plan seems to have moved us more in that direction, more intervention and more regulation, more control. and it hasn't worked thus far, you know, to see if it will work or potentially work in the next four years as well all right. two plans, two parties and thank you, jonathan for weighing in, always great to have you here. >> kelly? >> a new study suggesting eggs are as bad as smoking? have you heard this? it's amazing. the shocking new study saying no to the yolk. the doctor david samati, what
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>> c winans is an award winning recording artist, ten grammies, and uses a music cal platform to reach out to the youth of america to motivate them to pursue a life beyond the dream. ♪ >> her voice has become a signature trademark of gospel music. cc winans, a star, who is living her dream to make music that inspires people. >> god blesses us to accomplish our dream, just so that we can help others. >> helping others, particularly changing young
1:46 pm
adults is what cc loves best. she organizations an annual faith-based workshop, always sisters, and brothers. and in university of nashville, encouraging teens and young adults throughout the world to help transform their lives from broken dreams to hope and promise. >> and some have dealt with some of the most horrific things from rape to coming here really feeling like life is over and they're contemplating suicide. life is not over. he whatever has been broken can be fixed and not just fixed, but made better. >> and it's praise of who i am and what i believe in and just stepping out and saying, this is me. >> and that transformation, that's the transformation that happens, they come here one way and they leave totally changed. ♪ >> following the tragic circumstances that led to the death of her dear friend
1:47 pm
whitney houston, cece feels to work harder to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way. >> it's a tragedy and to me, something that did not have to happen. so, that does definitely weigh on you and encourage you to really understand first and foremost that tomorrow is not promised. >> and knowing that life is short is what compels cece to use her influence to make a difference. >> and to tell people really, what life is about and that's about loving god. loving yourself and loving one another and letting them know that, they can do it, whatever their dream is, they can accomplish it. they just is to believe that they can. >> it's up to you-- >> broaden our horizons, i feel just it's gotten me, brut me closer to god.
1:48 pm
>> and what are you taking away from this event. >> a more changed person and be more focused on life and for those that i have. >> ♪ >> transforming lives, what cece winans is about and her dream is to help as many young people, to say no to drugs, and no to gangs and yes, a life filled with hope and promise. >> eggs for breakfast, healthy, right? >> well, maybe not so fast. there's a shocking study you need to hear about before you scramble up. we'll be right back. ó@x á á@@
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>> welcome back, it's no yolk. a new study suggesting eating eggs could be just as dangerous as smoking? researchers find that cholesterol in yolks can speed up the thickening of the arteries, almost as severely as smoking a cigarette. well, the doctor is a medical news a-teamer and vice-chairman and chief of robotics at mount sinai medical center and weighs in on this topic, when i saw this, i thought maybe i should eat oatmeal in the morning,
1:53 pm
that's not bad. >> what about the egg? >> this is observational study. i don't want people to think if they are actually having egg yolks, they're going to die or have a heart attack. the cardiologist from london, dr. spence followed about 1200 patients. if you're having too many egg yolks in the week, if you're having more than four it's not good thing for you. that's as bad as smoking, going to make the vessels, ka rot particular arteries, vessels that bring the blood to the brain thicker, higher risk of stroke or you can have heart disease. we've talked in the past, it's very controversial discussions, and talked about the fact that egg be yolks can increase your good cholesterol, hdl. it remains controversial discussion. >> kelly: what about those who use egg whites only, can they still eat their eggs without any cause of concern? >> would i argue that actually your point is very strong, that eggs are actually a good thing for you, it has a lot of protein, it has fatty acid and
1:54 pm
we actually need eggs and egg yolk had some cholesterol. you need some cholesterol. too much cholesterol is not good for you, so, each egg yolk is about 200 milligram of cholesterol and 100 calories a day, if you're having three to four egg yolks week, you're fine and one of the great recommendations that we're going to put up with you is, how much should you be taking high risk or low risk, and one of the things you should be be concerned about, national, blood and heart, lung institu institute, 1 1/2 egg yolks a day no more than full egg yolks weekly. high risk patient, high risk diabetes, high blood pressure. and only 200 milligrams of cholesterol per day, a good recommendation. >> a very good recommendation, for those accustomed to have the three-egg omelette on a routine basis, are you telling
1:55 pm
them to cut back. >> no, you know me, the way i practice medicine. never that radical. what i say is moderation is the key. if you're an olympic swimmers and really an athlete and you have to build muscle mass and exercising, you need that. >> kelly: you need that. >> it's okay because you're burning it, if you're a couch potato and not really doing anything and not exercising, make sure you're not taking too much of this cholesterol. >> kelly: jamie, what did you have for breakfast? >> i had eggs, eggs for breakfast, but a tip. tell me if i'm a bad person, what i do at restaurants, when i order egg whites with one yolk and i say i'm allergic to butter, and worried they'll use spray, could that be a culprit if you have the eggs and whites in butter? >> that's a great point. that's why jamie is always with us, and look, you take away the butter, stay away from the cheese, that adds more calories to it. and stay away from the bacon. you can make this into a very
1:56 pm
healthy omelette or make it into a nightmare. moderation is the key and also, the sugar, bacon again, you know, a little bit of wine, a little bit of exercise, but you know, too much eggs is not good for you. >> kelly: everything in moderation. >> moderation. >> kelly: very good point. >> jamie: doctor, thank you for approving my breakfast, good to he zoo ysee you. and see you on sunday house call. thanks for being with us, lots of great information, keep it here on fox, a busy day out on the campaign trail, too, i'm jamie colby. >> kelly: and the journal editorial report, coming up next. have a great day. >> jamie: bye-bye. hey baby goat... nohat's not yours... [ hikers whispering ] ...that's not yours. [ goat bleats ] na, na, n-- no! [ male announcer ] now you can take a photo right from video, so you'll never miss the perfect shot. [ hikers laughing, commenting ] at&t introduces the htc one x.
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