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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 28, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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we'll be excited. tune in tonight. to fox news to watch the speeches from ann romney, mia love and chris christie. that's it for us on "the five." back here live tomorrow in tampa from the same spot. tune in, everybody. have a great night. >> bob: yeah! captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: i'm bret baier. this is a fox news alert. we're coming to you from the tampa bay times forum where the republican convention is finally underway. behind with us the trimmings. we have just seen mitt romney voted the republican nominee for president. he is not officially the nominee until he accepts it thursday night. we want to go to the floor right now for virginia. >> unemployment rate in the southeast. 5.9%. state accumulated $1.4 billion in surpluses in the last three years. we are honored, madam chairwoman, to cast three
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votes for congressman ron paul. 46 votes for great job creator, the next president of the united states, mitt romney. [ applause ] >> virginia, 46, romney. virgin islands. nine votes. >> bret: that was governor bob mcdonald who was under consideration we're told to possibly be a v.p. pick for mitt romney. popular republican governor in virginia. this voting has been going on for a little while, for an hour or so. governor romney made 1,144 delegate number by new jersey putting him over the top. it's importantbe to remember that while this is all poch pomp and circumstance, it wasn't a surprise, it's the official duty of the rnc to get to this point.
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carl cameron, i want to do q&a before we get to wisconsin and talk to you for a second about the process from the floor. charles cameron, the chief political correspondent. it's fun to see, isn't it? >> reporter: it's a gas. this is american politics. conventions are often derided as little more than advertising by the campaigns in the party. so the truth of the matter is each democratic and republican convention, every four years is an opportunity to see the political bodies as they want to be seen, as they want to be perceived. there is less analysis heard from media. they get a lot less partisan opposition from the opponents. an opportunity to see. we can learn from that. you hear the delegation as they call out a vote. variety of support for variety of ron paul. the delegate love that and cheer heartily. when this is over it's expected that ultimately romney could be actually nominated and accept the nomination by acclimation. traditionally even if there is dissent on the firefighter's dissolved by the end of the convention because of the republicans and the case of
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the democrats, too, they want to leave con vention unified as possible as part of the grassroots undertaking to make up the print following the convention. ten weeks. the speeches are humorous. the folks for texas talking about how they're the biggest, the folks from new hampshire saying they were the first big victory. all of that is part of this. and while there is always a certain degree of bickering in either party interimly internaly are beginning to repress it and the rest of the week is building hype for big speeches, paul ryan tomorrow night, mitt romney on thursday and ann romney in a few hours. >> bret: let's listen in to the floor a come back to you to set up the day's stories. >> and bring jobs back to our state. and our nation. the wild and wonderful state of west virginia proud to cast the vote for the next president of the united states, mitt romney.
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>> west virginia, 31, romney. >> wisconsin. 42 votes. >> i'm governor scott walker. [ applause ] >> wisconsin -- [ applause ] >> thank you, fellow delegate delegates. wisconsin, on wisconsin! [ applause ] wisconsin, the home of the
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national football league mp3. major league baseball's mp3. miss wisconsin is miss americ america. and reince priebus, our national chairman is from wisconsin. [ applause ] but most importantly, someone i know as the braviest person i know in politics, the most courageous and decent the next vice president of the united states, paul ryan is from wisconsin. [ applause ] wisconsin proudly casts 1 votes if for next president of the states, mitt romney and one for ron paul. >> bret: governor scott walker from wisconsin, up and coming star of the republican party. governor who fought off a recall evident to take him out of office in june. arguably the reason paul ryan
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or one of them is on the ticket is because of scott walker's efforts in wisconsin. wisconsin, carl, now a state in play. get to the end of the list, state crucial to the election now. >> reporter: it's representative of the romney campaign folks to expand the battlefield. paul ryan injected big energy in the campaign. putting wisconsin in play, that is another step toward the 270 electoral college votes that he will need to win election. he passed the 1144 delegates several minutes ago. today was a nervous event in the making. campaign was concerned about the storm and logistics and concerned about just getting here. mitt romney and ann romney today left engler and came here and will be out on name? a short time. watch. >> app romney handed out home -- ann romney handed out homemate cookies ahead of the big convention speech tonight out thing mitt's personal
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side, character and values as would-be president. >> any more last-minute changes? line you need to tweak? >> there is not a line to tweak but we are refining it up there. >> she expressed concern for those in isaac's path. dislike for learning to use a teleprompter and offered off the record fashion consultation for female reporters intereste interested r outfit tonight. isaac required them to travel together canceling the surprise. mr. romney speech thursday will outline his positive vision for the country and aides say there will be criticism of the incumbent. with isaac bearing down on the gulf coast, strategist stephens downplayed expectations set by the campaign two week ago they would have 11-point bounce saying the storm and the democratic convention next week changed that. >> i can think all bets are off about any past performance, being a predictor of the future.
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i think it's extraordinary we are going to the convention. with the lead. if the election were held tomorrow we'd win and win easily. >> governor romney planned a few closed finance meeting in meeting with key battleground delegations. mr. ryan arrived this morning with campaign crew and wife and kids in advance of vice presidential speech. bill kristolie joked -- chris christie joked his staff lowered the expectation for his speech. >> a lot of commentary on television, this has to be a 20-minute version of the gettysburg address. >> the guardp state. proudly cast all 50 of its votes for the next president of the united states. governor mitt romney. >> the formal state-by-state roll call nominating the romney-ryan ticket it was first priority of today's convention business. >> all of that is basically now officially complete. later this evening, chris
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christie likely to rock the house and ann romney's speech a pivotal moment as she talks about her spouse in hopes he is the next president. bret? >> bret: carl, quickly, governor walker, that was one of the loudest sustained applause you've heard in a long time. >> absolutely! no question about it. he is a rock star here. he has put wisconsin on the map. he helped paul ryan get introduced. bret? >> all right, carl. listen in to the music for one second. ♪ ♪ >> bret: a little bit of the flavor. everybody dancing and celebrating the official nomination comes thursday. the reason it was delayed is the weather. hurricane isaac now, just how slowly is hurricane isaac moving toward the louisiana coast?
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let's put hit the way. many of you could run faster. we have fox team coverage tonight. senior correspondent rick leventhal is in alabama. correspondent casey stegall in new orleans. but we begin with meteorologist janice dean telling us where the storm is headed. jump up and shout. >> i'm glad you are having a good time. of course, all eyes are on the gulf coast because we have a really serious situation. this form is getting stronger -- storm is getting stronger. this is the best organized storm i've seen in isaac since its inception. we are dealing with strong storm, category one. they upped the winds to 80 miles per hour. there is a chance this could actually strengthen further. as it comes closer the coastline. we are expecting landfall overnight. as bret mentioned it is a slow crawl. that means more time over water. it means potential for more
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rainfall. gusty winds for 24 to 36 hours. we could see tropical storm force winds battering the vulnerable coastline. look at where we have the tornado watches in effect. we see the outer bands. look at the center. that is well defined. eye wall this storm is strengthening in the last several hours. those are the tornado warnings we have north of pensacola area. the threat for tornadoes continue. we're going to see heavy rainfall. most vulnerable areas. 90 miles per hour around the center of the storm. in new orleans, we are clocking winds of 65 miles per hour. casey, give us the latest. >> j., conditions deteriorating in new orleans. we are on the eastern shore of
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lake pontchartrain. you can see the weighs lapping ashore and we are starting to see heavy wind gusts. 4 miles per hour or so here. rain is really coming down. just beyond the i-10 bridge there, looking east, is where lake pontchartrain meets lake born and lake born meets the gulf. earlier today army corps of engineer closed a huge lake on the barrier. it was built after katrina. 26 feet above sea level and designed to protect the low lying areas from the storm surge. meantime, new orleans is under voluntary evacuations. many people staying put. president obama has approved a disaster declaration for louisiana and ordered federal dollars to the region. to is upment state and local response evidents. evidents -- response efforts. >> we have response team and supplies to help the community in the expected path of the
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storm. >> this is a huge storm. go live. 150 miles east of where i'm standing to my colleague rick leventhal in daumin island, alabama. hey, rick. >> casey, the conditions have been deteriorating here for few hours. getting the steady winds 25 to 30. gusts 40 miles per hour plus. take a look at the dauphin island bay. white caps. by tomorrow morning we could have water waist or chest high. >> rick leventhal in alabama. thank you for the report. we'll follow all of the going on, of hurricane isaac. we'll have coverage throughout the night. one way to follow convention is twitter. we'll trend on that in a few minute. up next, what the president is
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>> bret: welcome back. on the table is national committee meeting steve king. president obama is trying to grab his own share of the convention while republicans are in tampa. chief white house correspondent ed henry reports the president is going back to school. >> this week in tampa my opponents will offer you their agenda. it should be a pretty entertaining show. >> president obama on the road in two battlegrounds. iowa and colorado trying to counter the show in florida. >> what you won't hear from them is a path forward. instead, it will be an economic plan that says if you just give folks making $3 million or more a year another $250,000 tax cut, jobs
6:18 pm
and prosperity will rain down on everybody else! while the campaign team makes the case republican mitt romney is about to get the political version of an extreme makeover. >> con vention reinvention. >> etch-a-sketch of epic proportions will be shaken to its core. >> i am running for office for pete's sake. >> on august 30, mitt romney stars in the "do-over." >> romney allies believe the president's refusal to give up the stage shows he is on defense. especially with one-time lead slipping in states like iowa and republican paul ryan's home of wisconsin. >> he is worried about romney getting a bounce out of tampa. what he is doing to counteract that is get his message out and push back in the republican message. >> president is spending time here on college campuses, trying to rev up a key part of the base four years ago. in part turning the obama attack back to romney. >> he would sit down and grab a pen and kick 7 million young people off the parent's plan
6:19 pm
revealing the health reform. maybe we should call his plan "romney dun care." i do care. >> recent poll shows the president has 16-point lead among voters under the age of 35. though fox exit polls from 2008 show the president had a much more comfortable 34-point edge among voters under 29. >> recent graduates having a hard time finding a job. they are more likely to get a job at starbucks and live in their parents' basement than find the job they're training for in college. >> a private research group says consumer confidence fell in august unexpectedly to the lowest level since l.a. november objob fears recommend mind they're the next unemployment report comes out the friday after the democratic national convention. just one day after the president's big speech. >> ed henry traveling with the president in fort collins, colorado. thank you. up next, was the president too ready for his hollywood
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>> bret: back at the tampa bay times forum. the band is in gear. they recessed until 7:15 and the big speeches of course tonight. a few delegates still dancing. get to the rest of the news. we have new information tonight on the connections between the white house and the makers of a movie about the bin laden raid. many people wondered if the relationship was a bit too cozy. now chief intelligence
6:24 pm
correspondent catherine herridge shows us what the latest evidence says. >> when was the last time you saw bin laden? >> the hollywood version of the bin laden raid called "zero dark thirty" will not be in theaters until after the election. new information from the freedom of information act show white house staff were involved guiding the director and screen writer. "we are trying to head visibility to the usama bin laden project. deputy national security advisor in a june 2011 e-mail to senior staff at the c.i.a. and defense department and press offices." "we would like to have whatever group going around at the white house to get a sense of what they are doing." >> the white house was as involved in making available information to the filmmakers as the c.i.a. and pentagon. it wasn't done in a vacuum. >> according to the e-mails, the plan for the bin laden come pound was confirmed to the filmmakers. we will be building a full-scale rep will ica of the
6:25 pm
house include -- replica of the house including the house of the animal pets. >> i don't mind. i'm work on that tomorrow. >> e-mail shows the filmmakers were granted access to translator on the raid and one of the mission's planners. another e-mail in july 2011 shows friction within the c.i.a. over an agency tour for the filmmaker. we have had a few requests lately that caused some of the staff perceive there is some favor tim in the way the requests have been doled out. in august of last year, the white house brushed off claims of preferential treatment as ridiculous. >> there is no difference in the information that we have given to anybody working on this. >> in a statement, seems to ignore e-mail showing the filmmakers had unusual access. bret? >> bret: thank you. we'll continue to follow that. the head of syria's main opposition group is criticizing the u.s. officials saying it's premature to speak about tran division system government. western commanderrers in
6:26 pm
aleppo asking western country for greater assistance saying nonlethal aid is not enough. salts were mixed. the dow lost 22. nasdaq gained four. home prices rose last month by half a percentage point from july of last year, first such increase since the summer of 2010. no word of the cancer that arlen specter is facing. he has overcome go battles with hodgkins disease since 2005, brain tumor and cardiac arrest. after bypass surgery he switched parties and lost his last race. back to the convention, thanks to partnership between fox news and twitter viewers at home. will get a chance to have say on the performance of the big speakers at the republican national convention. starting tonight. stirewalt is here to tell us how it works.
6:27 pm
>> twit her monitor the rest of the convention. this is unique technology and analyzes the sentment of twitter user it. gives them a chore. positive or negative tweet about them. for example, look at ann romney who has her big speech tonight. mitt romney tour going in today is 49 out of 100. that means out of all of the opinions expressed on twitter about public figures, ann is doing better than almost half. good snore the rough and tumble world of the twitter verse. today she is four points below the average score. new jersey governor chris christie score. he is there 47 out of 100. but seven points behind today. democrats sounding off before the rnc party kicks off tonight? but a solid score.
6:28 pm
republicans are voicing their support. the score should rise. but how much it rises is what they should do. go to log in. they don't need a hashtag or a special code. just go to twitter and say the name of the person and assess their opinion. good, bad or other. >> we will have results and track it. >> go to and we can take your e-mail and put the chat in. go to politics tab. you'll love it. >> bret: no grapefruit. when we come back, jeb bush on the family, the convention and his future. direct rates side by side to find you a great deal, even if it's not with us. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too.
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to find out more, request your free decision guide. call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> bret: he spent plenty of time in the white house. jeb bush has been the son of a president. and the brother of a president. many think one day he may mick his own run. i sat down with him last night. i asked about the man just voted the republican party nominee. mitt romney. it started the interview asking him what needs to happen at the convention. >> great speech by mitt romney will set the stage for the fall campaign. not just about how the president failed, which he has on the economic policy for
6:33 pm
sure. but also what the romney-ryan proposals are. in a way that people can relate to. >> you talked about reaching out to latino mistimes. do you think your party is doing okay job at that? >> okay is as good as i can say to be honest with you. in the heat of a campaign it's difficult to do that. to have an objective, for the part of off-election years. think you need hispanic elected officials be the voice for this. republican party elected people like ryan sandoval and martinez and marco rubio, ted cruz. >> you talk over the weekend about your brother and the president's evidents to paint the economy toward your brother and blame him. "washington post" had a poll and ask about the economy.
6:34 pm
54% said they thought it was time for president bush. >> you heard that message every day in white house. you'd begin to believe it. but second point is that no one is suggesting that he wasn't coming in to the presidency with tough economic issues. what has he done to fix them? that's where people ascribe blame. constant referral back to constantly say look, it's not my fault. i have no ability to deal with this is weakness. we need strong leadership not weak leadership. >> bret: there is a vuller inability that the romney-ryan ticket is going to really hit on as far as entitlement reform and tax reform? >> absolutely. >> selection of paul ryan the leading indicator this is an election about the big things. president would love nothing more to have it be about the small things on the margin. governor romney wins and may win with a better than expected margin if he talks about big things that people know need to get fixed.
6:35 pm
>> education. you are slated to speak about education. still speaking about education, right? >> i think so. >> this is an issue that is so important. it doesn't get a lot of coverage. >> people have education policy at the state and local level. people don't assume that this is a federal program to fix the schools. this is something that needs to be of national purpose. needs to be a national priority implemented at the local level. this is where there is an advantage over the president. in terms of the understanding of that. being a good partner since he was a governor. >> bret: when i go around the country, the biggest thing i hear is why can't washington work together? >> me, too. unbelievable. >> bret: is there a time that it gets back from this
6:36 pm
partisan time that we have seen to something of let's get something done? >> if you look at romney's life experiences it's all about solving problems. getting from point "a" to point "b" in the most efficient way. in a way that improves whatever it is he is working on. as president, i would expect him to finds ways, creative ways to reach across the aisle. not just making the debating points. not just traveling the country doing speeches attacking opponents, but trying to find common ground. that is who he has been. as governor. how he ran the olympics. that's the case if he is elected president. the president has had two chances to prove this. one is after the historic election where he one because it's supposed to be about hope and change and different approach. from get-go he did the stimulus and healthcare bill and poisoned the well.
6:37 pm
after the shellacking in 2010 he had another chance to do what bill clinton did in 1995. recast the order of things again. he didn't. he doubled down on this hard edge ide log call approach. he abandoned the chance to lead. romney offers the leadership america needs. >> bret: you are a major surrogate for the romney-ryan ticket. i know enjoy having you out and about speaking on their behalf from what i hear. when you look at the podium is there a little bit of you that says i wish i was giving the speech on thursday? >> not at all. >> bret: a it will? >> i'm comfortable with the life i have. my wife and i are living large in our beloved miami. i'm working on the things that are important to me. i have a blessed life. >> bret: governor, thank you so much for the time. >> bret: thanks. enjoy tampa. >> bret: we are enjoying tampa. republicans make it official.
6:38 pm
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i'm romney. i believe in america. i'm running for president. >> this is not the first time you gave me your vote of confidence and this time i'll take it to the white house. >> this is a good night for rick santorum. i want to congratulate senator santorum. wish him the best. keep campaigning down the road. >> this is an unusual interview. do it again. >> huge vote for massachusetts. take the victory to the white house. >> thank you, pennsylvania, delaware, rhode island, connecticut, new york. >> new jersey, 50. romney. >> bret: it has been a long
6:42 pm
and sometimes bumpy road for mitt romney. but he has now achieved what he set out to do at the beginning. getting all of the votes needed to become the republican party nominee. he will accept that thursday night. bring in the panel. mara liasson, national political correspondent of national public radio. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. juan williams, columnist with the hill. bill kristol editor of sandusky. one of thsand --"weekly standar" one of the biggest speeches is ann romney tonight, wife of mitt romney. we just received excerpts. i will read some of this. she will say tonight i want to talk to you about love. it read somewhere that mitt and i have a storybook marriage. well, in the storybooks i read there were never long, long rainy winter afternoons in a house with five boys screaming at once and the storybooks never had chapters called m.s. with breast cancer. storybook marriage? no. what we have a real marriage. she ends by saying i can't tell you what will happen in
6:43 pm
the next four years but i can stand here as a wife and mother and grandmother and american. ing may a solid commitment this man will not fail, this man will not let us down. this man will it up america. that is just some of the excerpts released by the romney campaign. your thoughts about this? the poshes of the speech? >> it's -- the importance of the speech? >> ann is the number one validator for mitt romney. she is qualified to do something he is reluctant to do, which is open up. show what is behind his awkward exterior. talk about him as a son, husband, father. i think she is in to in this cliche now humanize him. and it's something that a lot of republicans felt he should have been doing earlier. but now the romney begun to sit down for interviews and cook pancakes for the cameras and she will tell us for a lot of things and countertact stereotype all the bam become attack ads.
6:44 pm
that he is a wealthy, out of touch with no americans. >> bret: only flip pancakes for chris wallace. >> peanut butter on them. >> that's right. charles? >> there are two prongs to the obama attack on romney's character. the first is that he doesn't care. the second part of it, he dun care because he had it too easy. he is not one of us. he doesn't understand the conflicts. and the difficulties of ordinary people. here is his wife who can speak to both issues. she has been with him for all these years. she can speak about how caring he is as a husband. as a father. and someone who has had great difficulty. that is the second part of it. everyone manuals he had a storybook, storybook story. history and everything went easy for them and smooth. the fact she has had the medical problems, overcome them and then he stood by her in a way that was
6:45 pm
extraordinary. i think is the second part of that. i think if they can make that message penetrate, just once from her. because he is unable to speak to that about himself. he's stiff that way. in a way has a sense it's unseemly to do. that could have huge effect. >> bret: juan, tonight i want to talk to you about love. that is a line that she will say tonight. that seems like it transcends some of the back and forth, war on women, perhaps they are making a statement there. >> i thought you were talking to me. >> bret: oh, yeah. i love you, too. >> i must say i think what we are getting here is that hard political medicine. it's intended to cure the problem that in the "wall street journal" poll defines women favor president obama 51-41 orve mitt romney. if you ask them who is more in touch with concern of american women 60 to 31 obama over
6:46 pm
romney. ann romney the prescription to solve the problem for mitt romney. i think she has the capacity to deliver the medicine. the question is how much are the american people buy as opposed to simply say, well, that is what she is supposed to say? what about the cat lick? what about the horses? what about your fancy life? are they going to say i say this is genuine speech. >> bret: quickly, on the campaign trail it seems like she is received as a genuine deliverer of the message. >> she. is i think she will give a good speech tonight and it will be well received. people are exaggerating how important this is. people do expect their wives to say nice things about husband. michelle obama had a nice tribute to barack obama next week. i think it will be followed up by the paid advertising and thinking through how to prove that mitt romney cares about middle class americans and all
6:47 pm
of that. not going to be enough to have a nice half hour with ann romney. it will be helpful. >> bret: okay; panel. stand by. next up, another speech tonight. perhaps a different tone. new jersey governor chris christie.
6:48 pm
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6:50 pm
i was talking to the communication staff today and they get a lot of credit for things that i do around this country. they have done i think a fabulous job, don't you, of lowering expectations for tonight's speech? listening to the commentary this morning on television, this is basically got to be a 20-minute version of the gettysburg address or i'm in huge trouble.
6:51 pm
i think by 10:30 tonight i'll be like that horse in the gate at the kentucky derby. you know, waiting for the bell to go, banging up against the gate to get out there. that is the preview. >> bret: that is all we get. new jersey governor chris christie getting ready for speech. 10:30 p.m. eastern time. see it on the fox news channel. latest fox news poll. we asked folks what is their opinion of chris christie? favorable. you can see in the g.o.p. 52%. popular there. some people don't know who he is but will tonight. >> governor christie capable communication staffers today he may process off. this won't be the blistering indietment a lot of people expect. the speech was written by governor christie. he got guidance from the romney people but this is his effort to lay out what he has done in new jersey, what
6:52 pm
conservative things worked at state level and say romney will do the equivalent at the national. to try to associate the romney-ryan campaign to what christie has embodied at the state level. word you will hear a lot is "truth." american public needs to hear the truth. capable of hearing the truth. they won't slink any more than the citizens of new jersey shrank themselves. it will be a different tone than people who expect christie to go out and lambaste obama. >> bret: judging by the preview it will probably be humorous and raring to go in the gate of the kentucky de derby. >> he is a problem soft-er and knows thousand get it done in new jersey. that's what you will have. the contrary speech comes from rick santorum. rick santorum will try to fire this place up. he will seek the tea party
6:53 pm
enthusiasm, dinism and be conviction politician for truth and principle. take back what he said about the friend in the past. call him a flip-floper and worst republican to run against obama. >> bret: the speech in prime time is ann romney and chris christie. that is what all the networks will carry. we're carrying them as well and streaming other speeches. >> i agree the christie speech is not all negativity. what is really important is the theme of the republican campaign is that the other side obama, they are out of ideas. they tried their plans for a term. not working. we are willing to say what is going on with the country. the radical reforms -- they won't use the word "radical." christie will talk about his experience as the guy who took on the intractable problems at the state. taking on the teachers union. without fear. that is the theme. we can do it. we are going to look people in
6:54 pm
the eye. we're going to taken to intractable special interest. we can do this. one point about his speech, keynote address is a sprin springboard. obama had it in 2004. the next cycle he was the nominee. bill clin top had it in '88. the next cycle he was the nominee. we have could be looking at one of the future stars, perhaps nominees of the future. >> we are absolutely looking at a future star. what is so interesting, every convention has the kind of sub text story of fight for the next time. whether it's four years or eight years. you have a hugely talented bench on the republican party. christie, ryan, rubio. a lot of people look at them as the new direction of the party. romney doesn't excite as much passion as the younger guys. seen a transitionm figure. this is the future of the party. conservative reformers.
6:55 pm
this is the begining of the battle for 2016 or 2020. >> bret: because of the pick of ryan. it's different campaign. bigger, and bolder. chris christie will talk about truth. i talked about jeb bush the vulnerability for president obama not leading on entitlement reform and tax reform. that is a big part of campaign. >> absolutely. republican party with admirable men. the -- [ inaudible ] first night is dris christie. quite young energetic to say the least, populist governor of new jersey. paul ryan, very young and impressive reformer from wisconsin. different from either the southerners who we have seen a lot of in 20 years. app is different from the older figures that we've seen a lot of.
6:56 pm
>> ten seconds. surprise tonight? >> i think santorum is going to be the surprise. i was thinking don't forget santorum in the mix of people battling for the heart of the party future. >> charles? >> christie is going to be hilarious. that will surprise people. >> i don't think so. he is entertaining. >> people who haven't seen him before. >> be ready. panel, thank you as always. that is it for panel. stay tuned for some final thoughts tonight. everyone has goals. take the steps to reach yours, with us with real advice, for real goals. the us bank wealth management advisor can help you. every step of the way. from big steps, to little steps. since 1863 we've helped guide our clients, so they can take the steps to help grow, preserve, and pass along their wealth. so their footsteps can help the next generation find their own path. all of us serving you. us bank there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer.
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u.s. senate and the white house. all that tomorrow. and please pos tonight, for the first time. bitter and fox will be able to measure all the positives and


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