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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 31, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> sean: let not your heart be troubled. that's it for this edition of "hannity." we will see you from the dnc convention next week. thanks for being with us. >> we have come too far to abandon the change we have fought for these past two years. >> i'm sure we will see tons of speeches that say exactly what i want to hear. >> when wh people ask you what's this campaign about? >> i'm not interested in what he says anymore, i'm interested in what he has done. >> you tell them, this is all about hope. >> i don't know if we can recover from them. >> you tell them it's still about hope. >> change. >> hope. >> change. >> as he would say it, we are ready for a change. >> i don't feel he deserves a second chance. >> he promised change. >> promise, promise, promise. >> obama -- let me down. >> it's sad. it makes me angry. that really makes me very, very
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angry. >> it just hasn't worked. >> four more years of barack obama would be four more years of gridlock. >> we try to change and look what change got us. >> i could not vote for another four years of obam amount of i voted for the wrong guy. >> i am not voting for president obama. that much, i do know. >> he's done a lousy job. >> he didn't make good on any of his promises. >> farther and farther in the dust. >> businesses closing. >> government handouts. >> i am so disappointed. >> i expected a lot more. >> we're divided. >> we are spending way too much. >> i have no optimism. >> i feel for my children. >> more disgust. >> i'm exhausted and i am tired. >> the health care costs are going up. >> it looks very dismal. >> it is not hopeful. that's just heartbreaking. >> i have always been a democrat. >> i'm a democrat. >> i live in florida, registered democrat. >> i'm independent. i was raised democrat. >> democrat. >> democrat.
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>> east side of des moines. >> i voted for obama. >> i voted for obam amount of northeast ohio. >> democrat. >> virge. >> i'm independent. >> typically, i vote more democrat. but not in this election. >> i cannot vote for president obama again. >> sean: now, welcome to this special edition of "hannity." you just saw part of the new movie titled the hope and the change. it's a product of citizens united and highlights a large group of registered democrat and independent voters who supported barack obama in 2008 but now, four years later, they are not buying into the hype, the hope, the change. the movie will premiere on tuesday in tampa at the republican national convention and in september, just in time for election day, the movie will be out in theaters. but tonight, you will be able to see large portions of this film. and hear directly from some of the voters that are featured in the movie and all them voted for obama in 2008 and none will be
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supporting him. the film's writer and producer and fox news contributor pat caddell are here. pat culted on the making of this film. i don't say this lightly but i mean every word of this. this is the most powerful documentary i have ever seen in my life. there is no way that anybody watches this film could vote for barack obama. it's impossible. you bring us back and walk us through the whole election cycle. it's almost like -- it's almost like, i feel like i have amnesia and i follow this every day. tell us how you got started. >> dave and i talked about having a film for this cycle. we didn't want to just talk to conservatives or tea party people. we wanted to really think through and look at it through david axelrod's eyes in the summer and fall of 2012 and look at the battleground states, 7
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states, 5 to 6 million voters, all democrats, all independents, that voted for president obama. that's when we reached out to pat caddell. we needed people to help us find the pool of people who were so strongly supporting president obama and go through the journey of their live and it is country in the last four years. >> sean: it is almost an awakening process. you remind us of the huge crowds, "yes, we can," and i won't have to put gas in my car or pay for my mortgage if we elect president obama. now people wake up, four years later. >> it's a very powerful film, sean. i think that that is -- saying it in their own words. these are democrats and independents. these are what i consider people bandy about the political professionals, the political professionals bandy about the reagan coalition. in my opinion, that's who these people are. if politicians can speak to middle america, these people,
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they will win a lot of americans. >> you are a democrat, you have been outspoken about the obama administration. very different barack obama in 2012 than the one on this film. this was an uplifting figure what was going to unite the world. >> what's important is that all the people who appear in this film who are again, democrats, independents, no conservatives or tea-party people. these are people in the middle or conservative or moderate democrats. but they believed. they invested a great deal of hope. their disappointment -- sean, you are a conservative-- i have no problem being nail from the beginning, pat. >> but these voters have invested other kinds of hope so. their disappointment in what they did not get, what he promised and what he has delivered. what is shocking is hearing their own words. my job -- you want to do this straight, you have to go out and talk to people in their language, not your language, not the people you talk to.
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and let them express it because it will shock you. >> sean: that's the best word. we are going to show folks -- you have to see this. we are going to show you a lot of the film throughout the next hour. i think that's the word i would use. it shocked me to go back and to see the crowds and to see people and this moments where people thought that this country was going to get better and change and that this unifying figure and seeing it through the prism of today and then the negativity in this cycle. >> can i just say, you know, everybody likes to -- on a daily basis attack citizens united for our supreme court case. we went to the supreme court and fought the federal election commission for our right to do this. we didn't go to create super pacs or to create american crossroads or allow unions to spend a lot more money. we went to the supreme court for our first-amendment rights to make films and advertise them, which was a criminal act -- a
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criminal act under mccain/feingold. this is our first film since the veekt-- that's a great point. it really is. when you are going through the old footage, though. you see the crowds and the select moments that we all remember -- >> it was unbelievable. >> we looked at the crowds. and you look at the catharsis -- crying-- by the way i. the celebrities. >> one reason i got the idea and we heard the focus groups and interviewed people. i asked them to go back to the summer of 2008 and asked them go back to election day and the emotion, the investment peoplev had in president obam a. it was unbelievable. when you put it together with the footage and hear them talk about it, you could see this country, president obama for a moment in time had something that i think was unique in american history. you see-- maybe this is the wrong question. was it all an illusion?
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in other words, was he almost like -- a product of slick marketing? >> kijust say i don't think the people who are in this film and a lot more people -- that we spoke to in the focus groups, they really didn't understand barack obama's background. they didn't understand, our first film in 2008 about reverend jeremiah wright. >> democrats and independents, that's what pat can kendra were so important -- they have a different nomen claature. the things that people are talking about, that's not even on the horizon. >> it really isn't. >> it was very much focused on bringing the country together. >> sean: pat, i program we will get you back in. we will have more with steve, david and pat. then later, you are going to hear from democrat and independent voters featured in this film. they will explain why they once believed in barack obama's hope
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and change slogan. and why they now say they regret their vote. >> i think he is in over his head. >> i don't think he was well prepared for these problems. >> i don't think that... i got >> i don't think that... i got what i was expecting. this country was built by working people. the economy needs manufacturing. mhines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's puttg more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy his year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real thin... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪
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ive my strong belief is that obama has made it worse. >> he is not uniting the citizens to come together and be just one america. he is pointing out income issues. >> the >> he's not pointing out common issuings, he's poigning out racial issues. >> there is a type of a class warfare that is taking place. >> it focuses on wall street. >> the protesters are... giving voice to a more broad-baseed frustration about how our financial system works. >> you have a business... that -- you department build that. somebody else made that happen. >> it has divided the people because there are a lot of people that feel, hey, i work very, very hard for what i have. and i don't like people putting their hands in my pocket and telling me that i have to give it to someone else. this special edition of "hannity."
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that's another clip from the film hope and change. we have the men behind the movie. that's interesting. we keep hearing, pat, you are a democrat, class warfare. they doubled down on this. >> people are upset. remember, the thing that people wanted was to unite the country, change the way politics worked. he promised for democrats, independents who are disappointed, that's a big thing. let me say something about these people. this is the business i have been in for a year, going out, talking to people -- my people, if you will and seeing them, is that no one in our -- we have a political class, political -- we don't talk, we tell you what the people think. those voices, what they describe as you see, how they feel about the country, what they worry about their future, what they are going through in their own lives. there are moment when is you watch and you sit in the focus groups and we talk to these people -- where you want -- i wanted to cry because you
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realize how poignant and they all, you know, this is not -- nothing was scripted, nothing was programmed. you could tell that, this is the voice of america. you know what? other americans are going to see this and say, my god! that's what i think. >> sean: that's what is extremely profound about the film and why i say it's the best documentary i have ever seen. and i have seen a lot of them in the course of my life. i watch this. every time we talk about 1 in 6 americans in poverty, statistics, $5 trillion in debt, 25 million under-employed. 15, you know, a million more americans on food stamps. these are the people that are hurting, suffering and they're not getting what they were promised. >> the power of this film, i think, comes from the fact that you hear ordinary working americans, the middle class-- heart and soul. >> they are so much more articulate than the political class of both parties and even the media. they -- they understand that our country's in an existential crisis, of financial and
10:16 pm
economic existential crisis that is destroying america because it's destroying their lives and their children's lives. >> sean: i agree. but i get callers to my radio show. i am almost convinced if we had barack obama on tape, you know, robbing a bank and shooting all the tellers, they would say, that's okay, because we have to give the mon tote poor. there are some people who have never woken up from that trance, dave. why? >> you have the hard core. you are always going to have that on both sides. >> sean: the ones that hate pat caddell -- >> on both sides. [chuckles] >> look, these people are so important, as pat was saying, to listen to and not talk to. that is the key to november's election, in my opinion. >> you are listening to them. letting them, this is, i think for the country, for the voters, as i said, people identify themselves -- we are missing this story. our media doesn't cover them. we talk about them, we look at
10:17 pm
polls and this is how people feel. this is the voice of america. and this is the voice of the people who will decide this election. it's not the people who call in for barack obama because they are against him -- by the way, we had no discussion -- it's important to know this. there is no discussion about romney, republicans or anything. it was all about the journey they had been on-- they all bought into obama. >> they invested and voted for him. >> they made a connection because he said he was going to bring the country together and solve the economic crisis. i believe president obama's and david axelrod's strategy of division, trying to do the identity politic, at best fhe is to win, it will be a pyrrhic victory because when you hear these people talk, they don't want to hear this. they want to you focus on putting the country together. >> sean: and get the problems solved. we'll come back and have more
10:18 pm
with steve, david and pat. and some of the voters in the film who were brave enough to come forward and tell their stories, they will join me right here on the set and go on to explain why they believe president obama has failed you, the american people. >> we answer every problem by borrowing or printing. >> it's like a spending frenzy there. >> stop spending! you don't have no money. it's just basic. seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going.
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>> we thought there was going to be a change. everybody who voted for him thought there was going to be a change. >> i am responsible. and together, we have to restore a sense of responsibility in washington. we have to do what businesses and families do, we have to cut out the things we don't need. >> there is no eating out. i don't have cable. we don't have a cell phone. >> the extras have been cut out. >> no extras. >> i have this budget my gas every month. >> when we are planning to go anywhere on a weekend, we take into account how far it is, how much gas it's going to be. >> my kids want this, want that. i have to say no and i try to find -- trying to find creative ways to tell him why he can't have something without saying, i can't afford that. >> i struggle, every single day. >> we have had to make some
10:23 pm
sacrifices. >> this is the limit. i have to go with the budget. >> now, if you are a taxpayer, concerned about deficits, i want you to understand i am concerned about deficits, too. i watched the debt get bigger and bigger and bigger. and it concerns me. >> the continuation as our chairman has said, of a budget that, unfortunately, spends a little bit too much, taxes too much and borrows too much again. >> he's the chief executive. so the ultimate responsibility of the budget is his. >> it would be better doing nothing than to pass this budget, for the sake of our economy, for the sake of our future and jobs. >> to come up with a fiscal plan that makes sense that not only pays the bills, but helps us pay these debts that we have. >> maybe he just does not quite understand budgets because he hasn't had to live within a
10:24 pm
budget. >> sean: wow. welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." in a few minutes, i will be joined by the voters you saw in that clip. we continue here. you know what is so amazing? all of these people? every one was a democrat, independent voter, enthusiastically. we have trow mind people of this. one of the things that just grabbed me is the crowd size. this very week obama's campaign came out and they said, we are trying to limit the crowd sizes. remember, he launched in ohio. half empty house. >> there is a reason for it. i think what steve said at beginning of the film, because, remember, these -- they are reminding people what they thought they were getting whether they were part of those crowds, they don't want to do that. look, david axelrod and -- and david plouffe -- the chicago-operation campaign. they have done millions of
10:25 pm
dollars of focus groups with these people. what we did was duplicate. they know-- they know how bad it is. >> this is not, as i keep saying, their worst nightmare is to have those voters saying they are disillusioned, not that he is a socialist, but to say, he promised us, we're hurting. he is not helping us. >> sean: you agree that the obama campaign knows this is how i. by the way, seeing the film, that's why there is no vacation this year. that's why there is no soaring rhetoric. we don't upon to hear rhetoric. we want to see action. >> sean: how do you explain the negativity? >> this is the danger, i think, for him, they have decided because i was involved in the campaign in 1980, trying to say the other guy is worse. that's another chapter of my life. but this is -- the negativity he's doing to divide, you see -- you will hear these people on how they feel about the division of the count tree -- it works against what he was.
10:26 pm
that's the danger for him. >> sean: that's the one thing he was able to hang on to. the likeability. all right. so this is going to -- you are going to unveil this next week in tampa and it will be -- the following week at the dnc. >> we will show the film. >> right beforehand. >> good luck. i am not going to that viewing. >> we will march this in to the battleground states and cities where the cast is from to put it in theaters. hopefully, within the next couple of day, we will be announcing a major television deal. >> sean: everybody eye go book to my original statement. if everybody in america sees this film and you will meet these people next, right up here on our set, they cannot voight for obama. you can see the stark difference. >> people remember fahrenheit 9/11. a lot of people saw that movie -- maybe millions, but hundreds of millions of americans saw the impact of the michael moore ads and they were the best ads in the cycle, in my
10:27 pm
opinion. >> you are about to see the heart and soul of america. >> this is a process, this represented -- [overlapping dialogue] >> you will see-- guys, amazing movie. really, really incredible. you are at the rnc, dnc, in theaters soon. some tv deal coming. >> that's right. >> sean: show it all over america. i really appreciate you. thank you. coming up tonight, now we have shown you clips of the movie "the hope and the change." hear from the voters who are featured in this film when they join me right here on set, in studio, that's next. >> i am very fearful for the financial future for both of my children. >> they're going to be living the crisis. it's a big concern of mine. it's a fear that i live with. >> i'm concerned about the future of this country. i am concerned for my grandson.
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no other energy company has invested more in the us than bp. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. today, our commitment to the gulf, and to america, has never been stronger. >> right after i graduated college, i took a job in the billing office of a local hospital. and i could see firsthand what the effects of obamacare were going to be and it is not going to be a positive change. >> as an immigrant, i really never thought that this day would come to where it would be forced to have, you know, health insurance. >> the more i understood, the more concerned i became because when i see people being forced to pay for their insurance -- >> how can the federal government control what health care that we have?
10:33 pm
>> i have dealt with basically government-controlled med -- medicines and so on and so forth. >> thank you. >> it's primitive. you are not going to get the same care out of obamacare as what we are getting today. >> thank you, everybody. >> if they can pass health air and mandate that we carry it and penalize if we don't, i don't know where it's going to end. >> thank you. >> your health care that's becoming more and more what communist countries had, which was just having to paywait in line in order to be seen by a doctor. >> i really never thought it would come to the day where i was forced to buy health insurance. >> this is exactly what my father was trying to get away from, back in communist eastern europe, some of the same things that are happening right now in the government. >> sean: welcome back to this
10:34 pm
special "hannity." joining me are some of the democrat and independent voters featured in the movie "the hope and the change." now, they voted for barack obama in 2008, butly cannot count on their vote in november. thank you. you are big movie stars now. thanks for being with us. let's talk about where you were then, where you are now. what happened? because the movie shows all of this excitement and everybody caught up in the moment. what happened? >> in the beginning of 2008, at least, i was caught up in the moment. hithat hope that, dream, wow, look at this guy. this guy's going to make changes that we need. we are going to see the gdp go up and jobs and i think this is made in america. it was a lot of bliss, at least, it seemed. >> sean: you are a small business owner? >> i am. >> sean: how is your business from four years ago? >> it certainly hasn't gotten a lot better. there are moments that i think that things are going great. but right now, it's in a slump. >> sean: i listened to your
10:35 pm
comments a lot during the film, expressing a lot of disappointment. >> yes? tell me how you were there, versus how you are today? >> back then, i think there was a lot of excitement based on a lot of things that were going on. i mean, he was a very... charismatic individual that we were excited about. and someone who was always voted straight party line, voting, vinever had to really deal with certain issues, if you will, as a part of my decision for who i choose to vote for. but over the past four years, i am an ordained minister. and because of that, the past four years have been kind of trying for me because i have been asked, basically to try to accept some things that i fundamentally cannot accept-- would one of them be the
10:36 pm
contraceptive mandate in the obama bill, just curious, based on the fact you are a minister? >> well, that's part of t. but it's really the same-sex marriage issue. >> sean: he's going to unite the country. everybody's excited. i look at how he is running this campaign. are you following this campaign closely? >> yeah. of course. absolutely. it's important. >> sean: i think it's important. you see the change in tone. in other words, it's so divisive. he can't run on his record. he is not the unknown quantity he was, reading from the teleprompter. is that very discernible for you? >> it's very clear, absolutely. gosh. it's so transparent, the non-transparency that there has been, it's so clear now that he is not capable or -- or able to do the things that he said he was going to do now. you can see it in the ads that he runs for his campaign.
10:37 pm
there is no basis, there is no -- looking at the issues. it is attacking personally. >> sean: romney, apparently, we didn't know it caused the woman to get cancer and he's a felon and a tax cheat special he wants dirty air and water for our children. that's what it is reduced to. chad, you are a construction worker. i don't know the extent you know my background, but that was my background many, many years. i worked every area of construction. vimany frens in the construction business. most of them are hurting. most of them are struggling to keep, you know, afloat right now. are you experiencing the same thing? >> still experiencing the same thing, evenar the four years, doing very well in the business, having the housing market crash, having to get out of the building part of construction i was in, start over from the bottom in an a.v. installation industry, which is a small business, also floundered over the last four years, barely
10:38 pm
managed to stay afloat. and have not seen anything turn back around as to we are going to build more houses-- what about the stimulus money? when you thr went to -- let's see, brazil and a car company in finland and canada and mexico and solyndra and suppower and that these were guys, big bundlers for obama, they got all of this money, did you get bailed out? does that anger you? >> no, i hope the car company in finland's doing better because the rest of us here aren't. >> sean: with american tax dollars -- >> no, i want him to stimullize this country. i want him to keep it here and make us what we were. >> sean: how many of you think, by a show of hands if i may, we will get you in the background, i promise, how many of you think that the president really redistribution was the answer and that he tried tgave us $5 trillion in debt, how many of you think that that economic philosophy is a failure?
10:39 pm
you do. you believe it would work? >> no, i didn't raise my hand because i think it stale works. i am not -- i don't think he knows where to go right now. i think that he -- you know, got everybody excited. everybody was hopeful and now we are starting to realize that it's not the change that he promised didn't come. what else does he have to promise? i think he is now trying to... get excited in other ways, like he is going out with the celebrities. he is-- i think -- >> he's, you know, trying to be laid back. that's not where we are at. >> sean: that's a really good point. we'll pick up on that when we come back. thank you for being here. you are all movie stars. you know, we can -- you know, george clooney, watch out. the movie was profound and had a big impact on my. coming up, more with our focus
10:40 pm
group of voters, featured in the brand-new movie. they are going to explain what they think is happening to their hard-earned money as this special edition of haupt continues. -- "hannity" continues. >> pay rent or eat. >> sean? >> have water tonight or a roof over your head. >> i am working twoions. >> a lot of us are working very hard. and i am wonder figure obama is
10:41 pm
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we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why, at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> i honestly don't feel like the government is looking out for my tax dollars, whatsoever. i feel like it's all a complete hustle and we are the butt of the joke. >> the middle class has not gotten bailed out in this entire process. >> we are not big banks. we are not the stock market or car dealerships. we are just small, average people. obama's eyes, we don't count. >> the stimulus was a shocker, as well. >> the american recovery and reinvestment act that i will sign today is the most sweeping
10:45 pm
economic recovery package in our history. the beginning of what we need to do to provide relief for family, worried they won't be able to pay next month's bills. the first steps to set our economy on a firmer foundation. >> we decided very quickly, we will print more money. that's what we have done the last four years, print more money. >> there is a huge trust factor. yeah, i don't know where the money came from in the first place to be able to give us the stimulus. >> i am not sure there is any watchdog groups watching all of this. it seems to be very unclear where all of that money is going. >> sean: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." that's another clip from the movie "the hope and the change." joining me are some of the voters featured in that movie. president obam said about george bush in july of 2008, george bush took a credit card to the bank of china in the name of our kids and he rang up, you know, $4 trillion in debt. it's now $9 trillion.
10:46 pm
that's irresponsible. that's unpatriotic. $4 trillion, 8 years. we already have $5 trillion, going on 6 with obama in under four years. what does that tell you about money? >> it tells us, they are printing money-- spending money? >> spending money. that's where i messed up when i was looking at this election. he said all the right things, but he never said how he was going to do it. i think he realize wld he got in, he didn't know how to do it. >> sean: good point. >> i think he screwed us over. he gave us hope, but the change came for him and his family, not the average american person? one of the things, i want to ask you this general question that i have -- i am a conservative, most of you know that. i tried to vet the president in 2008. i went back and i looked at 20 years of reverend jeremiah wright's church. i interviewed reverend jeremiah wright. that was the last interview he did in that election cycle.
10:47 pm
i looked at relationship with bill ayers. he started has political career in the home of an unrepentant terrorist who was part of a group that bombed the pentagon, the capitol and new york city police headquarters. throughout the course of the campaign, he was asked one question, about bill ayers. he said he was just some guy in the neighborhood. do you think his policies represent some of his radical background? do you think he's more radical than you thought? yes? hands up. anybody? yes? yes? no. >> no. >> sean: would you hang now the reverend jeremiah wright's church 20 years? >> that part, no. >> sean: would you give a speech with an unrepentant terrorist who was part of a group called the weather underground. >> i should clarify-- i am being really mean. >> no, ask the question. the truth is, is that i don't know the things that you are peeking on, then i can't have an opinion on t. but what i do believe is that my opinions that
10:48 pm
i do have of obama are based on the fact of what he has promised and what we actually got. i can't say a whole lot about whether or not his policies are a failure because i think he missed an opportunity. he had the ability to execute and he spent most of his first year at least, trying to get everybody to agree-- this is more about results for you? >> it's 100% about results? >> so, you think... vetting a president, though, on these important issues -- i just think it told us a lot about him. i was widely criticized. the president mentioned me on the campaign trail,ats least 10, 12 timeses in 2007 and '08. he doesn't really like me. but i saw that he surrounded himself with radical people. do your friends tell but anything on this? do your friends tell you what you might have expectd? do you wish you vetted him, in other words?
10:49 pm
maybe that's the question i am trying to get to. >> yes. on a lot of things. you have to understand when you have been raised... in a democratic home, and you have been basically taught to just straight party ticket, there is an option when you vote, check that box and everybody out. and you are not given the opportunity to think for yourself. >> sean: i like your intellectual honesty. what do you think? do you think you know more and we didn't pay attention to these thing snitches i definitely feel i know more about him. i think it was about shining lights and snapshots and smiles and all of that stuff that drew voters to him. i am an independent. the household i grew up in, a father who was republican and the mother who was a democrat. so they went to the polls and cancelled each other out. i said, i don't want to vote by party. i want to vote by candidate. there is good and bad in both sides? >> anyone else. >> i almost always vote
10:50 pm
republican, conservative. i didn't because i was frustrated and i think that's why i didn't vet him? >> i was frustrated with conservatives at the time. i thought they spent too much moafnl but the biggest deficit of george bush was $450 billion. we have not had a deficit under obama under a trillion. >> but that seemed big then. >> sean: i agree. >> i don't think he seems any more radical than he is now. i will tell you why. earlier on, with the lights and the pictures and the hope and the... the charisma and the dreams, you were blinded. and now, the curtains are open, we see the man behind the curtain. >> sean: i called it obama mania, like people in a trance. yes-we-can. o-bam-a. you go to a concert, you get caught up in the music of the moment. we have to take a break. we will come back. what do the voters think of
10:51 pm
president obama's lavish vacation over the past four years? his basketball and golfing. their answer may break your heart that. and much more, straight ahead. all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today. domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... mom: ready t♪ go to work? ♪
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10:55 pm
>> this is a celebrity president out of touch. >> i think most folks understand how hard i work. >> he has no idea, no idea whatsoever. >> i evaporate taken a vacation in the last -- well, sinceuent 06. >> i don't feel like he's used his time wisely. >> play golf? go to hawaii on vacations. >> with americans strug lipping as much as they are, i feel that taking those vacations, playing that round of golf, when i can't take a vacation -- it sucks. you know, it sucks to see him like that. >> a common person, trying to make $4 a gallon for gasoline, this is not the leadership you want to show. >> the increases in the cost of living for us personally are hitting us the hardest. >> losing a home and moving to an apartment, having to it take two part-time jobs and working a
10:56 pm
full-time job and not being able to take vacations and cutting back on a lot of the necessities. >> i know that i am working like hell... and i don't know where the hell the money's going. >> he talks about other people being out of touch. my goodness, just look at his actions. >> sean: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." we continue with the voters from the brand-new film call "the hope and the change." one in six of our fellow americans live in poverty. 15 million more americans are on food stamps since barack obama became president. 25 million americans un- and under-employed, over a hundred golf outings, nantucket, hawaii, basketball, concerts. what do you think? yeah? >> i think it's good to be the rock star president, right? can you do what you want. >> out of touch?
10:57 pm
>> very out of touch. he has the right to take an occasional vacation. but 20 percent of the country is struggling to feed themselves-- you are out of work, you live in pittsburgh? >> yeah. i wish i had the money he spens on vocation. just one vacation, that would give me a real vacation. >> sean: how long have you been out of work now? >> since last thanksgiving? >> sean: you are on unemployment? >> i'm on disability. >> for me, it's not the vacation. he's a hard-working man. he deserves a vacation. for me, it's more, he's out of touch. he's out of touch with what all of us, the middle class have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. hia conversation with a friend of mine before i came here. she said to me, thank you for being our voice. you have an opportunity to talk for us. maybe somebody will listen.
10:58 pm
and that's all i want is somebody to listen. you know, we complain -- he's always doing the things that he wants to do, being able to go out with, you know, the movie stars, get into that whole rock thing. you know, we the middle class would just like to live a nice life. let our children see a nice life. my-- the thing that upsets me is that hope-- the hope was for my kids. my daughter is losing her house. because what she bought it for and what she is trying to sell it for is like, half. >> sean: scary. >> it is very scary. >> sean: 24% unemployment right now. average american in 3 years has lost 39% of their saved wealth. average home price across the country, down nearly 40%. reaction? and compare it to the vacations
10:59 pm
and the lifestyle. >> what he proibl cent for his -- spent -- what he probably spent on his family to go to hawaii could pay my bills a few months. to know i am spending 40 cents-- it would pay for a couple of years. i know what an hour is for air force one. he and his wife flew separately to nantucket and back, separately. that's twice the cost. >> i think it's so sad and mind-boggling that the things that he thinks are keeping him in touch with all of us are the very things that are pushing him further away, making him seem so much more distant and not in touch with what is really going on with the world -- with the country. >> sean: we are out of time. thank you all. i think your message, ma'am, is heard loud and clear. i wish your daughter and all of you, i hope you get working soon. good luck in your business. thank you for being here and telling your story.


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