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tv   Cost of Freedom  FOX News  September 1, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm EDT

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off the hook, you can say i need to play golf honey, for the troops. >> definitely a good excuse. and tomorrow on the show, ricki lake joining us. >> she's back. >> back with a new talk show. >> yep, yep. >> oh, wow. >> join us for the after the show, show, "fox & friends," here is cavuto. >> this is a fox news special presentation. the cost of freedom convention edition, bounce or bump, here is neil cavuto. >> neil: all out after the republican convention and ahead of the democratic one. a crucial weekend because pick a battle ground state. any battle ground state and that's where you will find a republican ticket trying to keep the momentum going and suddenly nervous democratic ticket trying to get something going. and mitt romney in ohio at this hour, the president scheduled for iowa later this day. two states you've already heard a lot about and will
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hear is lot about. half a dozen jump ball states that were all barack obama states four years ago, anybody's guess right now. because they are that close, and things are that tense, which explains why we are so happy to be with you here live. because this labor day weekend, allow your resident nerdy numbers guy why the parties are laboring so a hard today. and express it in my nerdy number terms, 92, you heard me right. 92 the combined electoral folks for some half dozen zwick states could and likely will decide this presidential contest, from ohio, where governor romney is today, to florida where he'll be joining his running mate, paul ryan, later today, to iowa where the president will be making two stops today and then to virginia, where he'll be campaigning tuesday. are you beginning to see a pattern here? they're all tossup states and
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along with wisconsin and michigan, represent opportunities for both tickets to score potentially big wins. but, if republicans win in the last two, in wisconsin and michigan, whoa, katie bar the electoral vote door. and here is our fox news who would have thunk alert. that's a little too dramatic. you get the idea. these are democrat state bastions not gone red since ronnie reagan, that's a stunning in measured-- michigan, and don't hold it against them. and it's too crucial to ignore. states they all won easily four years ago, and kind of a jump ball today. and you wonder why so many democrats are worried and some folks in charge of raising money for them are worried, one of the president's top fundraisers on the phone, don,
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the math still looks good for you guys, but it's problematic, lectorly, what do you think the way things are looking now? >> well, i think, it's interesting that so many battle ground states are more competitive than i would like to see them. but, i think michigan, for example, romney's doing well in michigan, still the president is leading there, but that's the state his father was governor up and i think that they have not hit by high unemployment, but the i think the president's going to get a lot of credit for what he's done for the automobile industry, especially the success story with general motors, and-- >> it doesn't seem to be resonating don. you might be right in end. it might go his way, but right now the polls are dead even in that state and depending on the poll you look at, but it shouldn't be that way for a president who all, but rescued the state. rescued those auto workers, and the rescue that was ripped
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by the both members of what is the republican presidential ticket. and yet, it's that ticket that's very competitive in that state. >> well, still like a lot of the other battle ground states are still struggling financially. the economy and country is struggling and there's some positive signs, but, in places like michigan, wisconsin, ohio, they're struggling there, so, they're certainly going to look at the president who is running a nation and hold some accountable. what i thought was disappointing if i'm a republican, was i look thursday night i was at a dinner party with mostly republicans, new yorkers, and people from the new york tri state area out in long island, and watching romney's acceptance speech and people who wanted to support him, there was a lady there who said she wanted to hear something from him, because she had voted for obama the last time around and wasn't
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going to vote for obama this time. but afterwards, she said he didn't move her, because the speech was too negative. and i think that the damage is is that romney has to layout more of what he's going to do for the country and i think when the voters in michigan, ohio, business business hear him, and hear from him and hear his attacks on the president and the in general talks about how he's going to approve the economy, they're not going to be swayed by it. >> and i don't know, the speech going to hold it, and if you're going to argue on the tax thing, good for the goose problematic for the gander, i'll leave that aside. do you have trouble though raising money, this go around versus last go round. because on a crucial issue, for example, targeting the rich, anssue you said was a mistake in wanting a raise taxes on our most productive citizens, you yourself disagreed with the president's approach on that. has that hurt the passion of
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those most loyal to raise money for this president? >> yes. >> and in fact, it's interesting, the new yorker did an article about the fund raising tax particular of the president and this administration. and the approach and the distance that he's had with donors and carried through now with the democratic party and i think that, you know, it's very difficult for the democratic party and for those raising money for the president to have a program that is targeting increasing taxes and targeting attacks on the wealthy and then expecting them to turn around and give large confusion to the president and the democratic party. if you look the republican party when it comes to donors is clearly outpacing the democratic party. it's just very difficult to get people to contribute money against their own financial interests and it's very difficult to get people to
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contribute and be excited about contributing, when they are being attacked for their success, for their wealth. now, that's not to say these people, many of them may end up voting for-- >> they may come around. >> don, i hope to see you out in charlotte this week, if not, be well, good luck. >> thank you. >> it's a bipartisan good luck, by the way. >> republicans are trying to counter the democratic convention with a series of events, will there be any singing? >> let me close by giving president obama a heart felt message from the good people of south carolina, ♪ hit the road jack and don't you come back no more no more no more. thank you. >> neil: i would say republican congressman tim scott of south carolina gets the most innovative speech award from the last convention. and congressman, good to have you back. may i suggest, my friend the
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you stick to your day job, you're very good at that. in all seriousness i enjoyed that and very good at ribbing yourself. and there is an argument your after the republican convention, that everyone is united, but now they're concerned whatever momentum you got out of the convention, given the proximity to the democratic one is going to go poof. what do you say? >> i would disagree. there's no doubt that the democrat convention starting on tuesday, i believe, in charlotte, i'll be there as well not at the convention, but doing work for the romney campaign. i actually think it's good news for us to have it in close proximity and the bottom line is simply this, mitt romney ma i had a fantastic case from my perspective and i think he certainly performed better than most had expected that he would do. >> did you hear what they were saying, he was with some-- i always think that. >> i heard that. >> the stuff is so arbitrary and it is no matter who you talk to, that some were wild, come were not.
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some said he was taken off the attention meter by clint eastwood. what do you think? >> i don't think so. i think, neil, if you listen to what your previous guest said that she voted for obama last time and i'm sure that some republicans voted for obama last time, but i want to know who they were and why they did it, number one, number two, i would simply say that every republican will be voting for obama now, but the bottom line, we're looking at the independent voters and i believe the case was made by mitt romney and paul ryan, why the independent voters would want a new direction for america. think about the impact are not extending bush tax cuts for all americans, and 700,000 more jobs lost in this country. and think about the impact of the military sequestration that could lead to the loss of another million jobs in the civilian world and 200,000 men and women in uniform no longer employed. that impact is 2 million more
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americans out of work, because of the failed policies of the democratic party. >> congressman, your party signed on, if you couldn't cobble together an agreement. it's the mra -- plan, it is what it is. one thing i wanted to raise about the convention, it is what it is, and, it was the reflection of speakers was not the reality of the party. and all of the other liberal blogs and so-called news channels that made a big deal about there was a subliminal racial coded message about republicans that they're not a diverse party. and you took personal offense, when you and i were speaking, in tampa. >> it's ridiculous-- >> still ang and -- angry about it. >> remember this, if we had no
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minorities, no browning of america reflected on the stage we would have now been having a conversation about-- >> you're right, you're damned if you do and-- >> and neil, remember this as well, because of president obama, in 2010, we had more black folks running as republicans since reconstruction. we had 42 candidates nationwide running as republicans for congress and across state legislatures, and county counsels, more folks get elected during the 2010 mid term elections as black republicans than any any other time. we have seen major progress because in part, because of the failed policies on the left. people are now trying to align themselves with the values and the issues and they're pushing the right side of the ballot box and i literally mean the right side of the ballot box in order to mange sure this country continues. >> very well, congressman and you are a good singer,
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certainly better than me, but that's a low bar. congressman (laughter) i hope to see you in charlotte. >> look forward to it, is i remember. >> neil: getting this morning, governor romney getting ready to speak as we speak in cincinnati, ohio, he's trying to carry his convention benefit to key swing states and we'll take you to it, as soon as he takes to the stage. >> and 30 million americans hitting the roads this weekend. and paying dearly at the pump. if this keeps up will the president pay dearly at the polls?
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>> the death toll rising this the wake of the devastating floods in the storm ralph
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vamged gulf. now at seven. and live in new orleans with the latest, joen than. >> hi, neil, life is rapidly returning to normal here in new orleans, which benefitted from the added protection of the army corps of engineers levee stem which has undergone nearly 15 billion dollars in renovations and improvements sense hurricane katrina. outside the federally protected area it's a different story for the low lying coastal communities and in the plaquemines parish, draining flood water during a lack levee. isaac pushed water over the levee, and rescued stranded residents who ignored evacuation orders. now that the storm has passed they're anxious to return to their homes to salvage what's left. >> and we're waiting for the water to go down on allowed to take in a flat boat and at least try to salvage some things, and these are the actual pants i was rescued in,
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so, we don't have many clothes, and you know, both have jobs here and the clinics are running, we're sitting ap hopefully soon we can go in. >> and mitt romney canceled a scheduled campaign stop in virginia to visit storm ravaged area, in laffite and he toured with bobby jindal and president obama will visit the region on monday. utility crews have been hard at work, restored electricity to more than half of the customers who lost it during the storm and even so, more than 400,000 customers in louisiana remained without power which is making things all the more uncomfortable as the sun comes up. the national weather service says that isaac left behind lots of moisture in the area and you combine that with above average temperatures, and in many of the coastal communities, it makes for a heat index above 100 degrees. neil? >> yikes, yikes. >> jonathan, thank you very
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much. jonathan serry. it's slamming drivers on this busy holiday weekend and gas prices at a record level for a labor day weekend. and jumping 30 cents just last month. could it have voters jumping away from the president, come november. who better to ask than john hofmeister, the president of shell oil. that's a staggering run-up, what's going on here? >> americans are going to pay more for gasoline this year than ever in our history, neil. that's a very serious issue, but the question, will they lay blame where blame should be laid? the president will do a very good job of bad-mouthing the out companies and blaming them for the problems and opec for the prices, but the reality is, we have wasted four years in not aggressively drilling our way to more energy security because of the anti-hydrocarbon view of this administration and only talked about hydrocarbons in the last 12 months.
10:19 am
that time it's been anti-hydrocarbon. >> the administration would say, cavuto we've heard you along with hofmeister and keep talking about how we won't let him do the things that he and his oil budies want him to do. the licenses that oil companies are sitting on. they're not drilling, not interested. what do you say? >> it's more rhetoric, and oil executive who is not drilling on leases, there's not enough oil there to drill because you're paid to drill for oil. you're paid to develop those leases and not paid to sit on them. you're paid to produce value for shareholders, so, it's a nonargument. although it sound, retorically intelligent. it's not at all. >> and even got clint eastwood on board on your side for that argument. here is clint eastwood a couple of days ago. >> i think if he had stepped aside and mr. romney can kind of take over, you could still use the flame though maybe a smaller one, not that big gas
10:20 am
guzzler when you're going around to colleges and talking about student loans and stuff like that. and you're an ecological man. why would you want to drive that truck around? >> president obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans. and to heal the planet. my promise is to help you and your family. >> neil: well, between the two of them the bottom line you argue, you pursue a coherent energy policy you'll get votes. >> if you have a coherent energy policy. we've only heard a coherent message in the last really eight months since january. the reality here is i'm embarrassed as a democrat that this administration has done so little. i've tried to talk inside the
10:21 am
fence, inside the tent, as it were, and i have not been listened to at all. so, they're going to pay a huge price because they didn't listen, they didn't do. from 2007 onward i've been saying the very same thing. we have got to have more domestic production. if he woo-- we don't we're at the mercy of opec, shame on us, we have all of this oil we are in the ground, we're not touching it. >> neil: and a maybe on president obama, and john hofmeister, it may be not a name proving for the president's big night, but it will be a number, a very big number. cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. trouble with a car insurance claim. [ voice of dennis ] switch to allstate. thr claim service is so good, now it's guaranteed.
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>> well, this can be a little awkward. with democrats kick off their convention, this could be the
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week we see a big number on deck. and 16 trillion dollars. what we've accumulated year after year, deficit after deficit. something very, very evident in the republican convention in tampa and the republicans focusing on it like a laser beam throughout the week. to david walker, who has been very big on this issue, of course, the former u.s. comptroller general and ed david. before i get to you, besides having the pleasure of chatting with you, a chance to talk to rand paul of kentucky who said this should be a bipartisan rant because it's bipartisan blame, this is from rand paul. >> the republicans and democrats alike though, must slay their sacred cows. republicans must acknowledge that not every dollar spent on the military is necessary or well spent.
10:26 am
democrats, democrats must admit that domestic welfare and entitlements must be reformed. >> he got applause on the military thing, david, but it's kind of what you've been saying, everyone has to look at their sacred cows and go to town, right? >> everything has to be on the table, we need to reestablish, tough controls, and social security reform and medicaid and rationalize our economies and generate more revenues, we need to reduce, defense and other spending without compromising national security. as we've talked about on thursday evening, neil, the 16 trillion dollar number low balls the problem. here is the number, my friend. the number is 70 trillion, 410 billion, 400 million. go on up, go on up, 10 million dollars a minute and democrats and republicans are to blame. >> neil: you're talking about unfunded liabilities and the whole nine yards, right? >> what i'm talking about, you
10:27 am
take the debt, the unfunded civilian and military pensions and unfunded social security, under funded medicare, according to official government documents, 7 trillion 400, going up 10 million a minute and find out and track it at 10 million and that's the number people should be talking about, know the 16 trillion dollar number. >> neil: you know, ron paul, rand paul's father, had said we're beyond the stage of cutting it. we're almost beyond the stage of thinking we can boom our way out of it. so what do we do about it? >> well, i spoke to ron paul yesterday at length on the phone, you know, the truth is, is that we shouldn't be focused on cutting the debt. we have to get debt to gdp to a reasonable and sustainable level and debt as a percentage of the economy. we need to get it to 60% by 2020 through more growth policy-- >> what is it now?
10:28 am
>> well, if you just look at public debt, it's about 75%, when you count what we owe social security and medicare, it's 105. so if we just look at the public debt. 75, let's get that to 60% of gdp by 2020. pro growth, do more fiscal responsibilities. neil, as you know, at the end of world war ii we were at 122. we went down to the 30's and we didn't pay off a dollar of debt. >> neil: does it make a difference, dave, if we get the government as a shareholder of overall spending, i think they want to bring it down and the ryan plan to-- i think it's close to 24, 25% now. what kind of difference would that make? >> it would make a big difference, in 1912, 100 years ago. the federal government was 2% of the u.s. economy. this year it's 24. in 2040, it's scheduled to be 37. i think we can solve this problem, in a way that's pro growth, maintains a solvent secure safety net and should be politically feasible at
10:29 am
about 21 to 22 percent of gdp. maybe a little lower. but, the republicans have been part of the problem, too. they brought us medicare prescription drugs, they bought us two undeclared and two unfinanced wars, and they bought us the second round of tax cuts that we couldn't afford. so they've got to change, but so do the democrats. >> that's right. you and i so many times that we can point fingers till we're blue in the face, but move on and be with the problem that we've got. david, always a pleasure, look forward to seeing you, and seeing your interview next week and get together. >> i think we're going to be together and i look forward to that, neil e very good. i always enjoy our chats. david walker, and still waiting to hear from mitt romney, you know, trying to enjoy whatever tentative bounce in the polls he has. and there's time to hold on to that luster, because the conventions are back to back, but we'll be hearing from em had shortly. in the meantime, forget what dirty harry said.
10:30 am
did you hear what harry reid said, herman cain did and he said this was no joke.
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>> we're live and it's a good thing. things are getting lively, very lively. in ohio, we're expecting governor romney and later joined by running mate paul ryan in florida. prime minister is hitting the campaign trail as well and less than an hour to iowa a crucial swing state for both campaigns, even though it has all of six electoral votes. take a look at this, the super dome in new orleans, as hurricane katrina, the super dome was the symbol of destruction and pretty good now. and providing hurricane isaac a lot of money spent in the area, to make sure that it would. and governor romney, prompting this response from no less than harry reid.
10:34 am
it's either hypocrisy for mitt romney and paul ryan making a pretense showing sympathy for the victims of hurricane isaac when their policies would leave them stranded and on their own. >> herman cain heard about this, read this and started cursing indescriminately and joins us right now. herman, this just got under your goat, right? >> yes, it did, neil and here is why. look, president obama tense his fund raising and his campaigning. i think that the fact that governor romney went there shows that his first concern is is this something to do to help. this is his nature. that's one of the things that came out loud and clear during the convention last week, the testimonials from people who have known governor romney for year. it was not a campaign stunt. he genuinely cares about people and helping first. and so, when senator reid said that, it was disingenuous on
10:35 am
his part. >> neil: you've got to wonder, i never find it constructive to make political hack statements from either party for the republicans to d disparadi disparadi disparage when he goes to the hurricane hit areas or mitt romney. a good gesture is a good gesture is a good gesture. done with it, shut up. >> it is and it was a good gesture and i agree with you. here is what senator reid is forgetting. some people died. some other people are still suffering. some people lost everything that they have. and to make a politically charged statement like that based upon nothing, but his perception and his intent to try and attack romney and ryan, i think that that is disrespectful to all the people that suffered in this particular hurricane. >> neil: and go to the campaign now and post this convention and this bounce thing we much about, depending on the poll, whatever you read, a little small amount,
10:36 am
but it tends to fritter an i way when the next party convenes. where do you think we're going to be, you know, a few weeks from now? >> first of all, i believe that the convention this week, despite having to eliminate a day, was extremely, extremely successful and i do believe that there's going to be a bounce to come out of it because of a number of factors. number one, ann romney and others did a great job of humanizing mitt romney. he had been demonized and demagogued through sound bites in the mainstream media. they did a great job of that. and secondly, the message at that came out of this convention was very loud and clear, a difference between republicans and democrats. republicans wants to face the problems and here are steps to fix them. next week we'll hear more rhetoric. two or three weeks from now, i predict that the romney-ryan ticket will have edge over the obama ticket and maybe not outside the statistical error
10:37 am
of 3 to 4%, but i think that they're going to have an edge and the reason is, because people are not stupid, and people are waking up to the fact, if not just be hot air. >> all right, herman cain, always a pleasure my friend, be well. >> thank you, neil, as always, be well. >> herman cain, well, the devil may be down in georgia, but big named celebrities aren't going to charlotte for the dnc convention like they were in 2008. country music legend charlie daniels thinks he knows why. charlie, good to have you. >> well, hey. >> neil: what is going on there they're going to have a number of celebrities, no need to orabout that when it comes to democratic conventions, not as many we're told. what's going on. >> to many of them, i think it's dampen the enthusiasm across the board here, not just in that area, but in-- and i think a little bit of, from my twitters and stuff,
10:38 am
sense a little bit of desperation across the board on the democratic side. i think, i personally, myself, i think that ann romney hit a grand slam home run. i think that well, so many speaksers did. i thought that romney's speech was impassioned and addressed things that needed to be addressed and from what i see from what seems to be going on in the republican party, we're going to tell you the truth and how to fix it and how do you fight that? i think this election is going to be, and which america we want. do we want democracy, do we want to address our problems or feed our problems and keep going downhill and the american people which way it's going to be and i don't know that there's a lot of people don't want to get involved in that. you know? and maybe that's the reason they're showing up. >> neil: the clint eastwood they think, predictable heckle he got from the mainstream media, foolish, a waste of time, a mistake and
10:39 am
republicans will rue the day they tried to get clint to support the ticket. i think it's overdone, the crowd there seemed to like it, we seem to overanalyze these things. he was not an official, he leaving out the night, should they try to win over celebrities? is it important. >> i think it's not the fact that he was clint eastwood, it's much more of what he said the other night. now, he came on halfway of his speech and got on the bus and started watching it and watched half of it. what i heard, the important thing was not who he was, but what he said. >> neil: leave it to you, charlie daniels. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: all right, we heard the democrats are not, not planning a debt clock at their convention next week probably for good reason. it's likely to hit a very,
10:40 am
very big milestone as they're convening, an outgoing democratic congressman, it shouldn't scare the party into slowing down. he says it should jolt them to throttle spending up. ♪ ♪ i can do anything ♪ i can do anything today ♪ i cano anywhere ♪ i can go anywhere today ♪ la la lla la la la [ male announcer ] dow solutions help millions of people by helping to make gluten free bread that doesn't taste gluten free. together, the elements of science and the human element can solve anything solutionism. the new optimis [♪...] >> announcer: with nothing but his computer, an identity thief is able to use your information to open a bank account in order to make your money his money.
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. he. >> neil: well, you know, if you're a republican running for president, it's kind of the presidential drill. down in ohio you're not going it without winning the buckeye state first, why you'll find mitt romney there yet again today. pounding his cool it on the spending stuff. again, today the democrat who says mitt's sending the wrong message at the wrong time for the wrong voters. he knows the voters and the state, he's dennis kucinich, outgoing congressman. congressman, you say that republicans are looking at the wrong play book. what would you do? >> this is about going back to
10:44 am
the basics, job creation and helping people stay in their homes, money for education, investment in energy and the environment, and doing something about our trade deficit which has closed a lot of trade policies, closed a lot of industries in ohio and the midwest. so, it's just basics, you don't have to get fancy. >> neil: well, when you say you don't have to get fancy, in order to invest, you need to have money to invest. we don't have money to invest. we're 16 trillion in debt now. >> you make a good point. the way that fred can create money out of nothing for the banks, the government without having to borrow from banks, can spend the money, into circulation and create jobs and the ep had the infrastructure. >> neil: back at you, that's a very good point. but we see the lunacy of where this has gotten, both the fed with running around and around and around to little avail and now the government with uns had of billions in stimulus to little avail. you seem to be saying,
10:45 am
congressman, maybe you'll get better results with more money. >> we've got they're out of work-- >> something we didn't alleviate with 3 trillion to get them back to work. >> the money spent to try to prime the economy wasn't enough, neil. we have to build 3 trillion dollars of infrastructure in america. there's plenty of work to do. >> neil: why does it always come down to infrastructure. because for all of the highway tolls, for the state tax dollars and fees and other is user services that presumably have gone into roads and bridges and the things you hold dear. why do we have the problem we do? why wouldn't you want to first look at throwing good money after bad? because, this seems to be a big old black hole? >> you build a bridge, that's good money after good. >> neil: but we're not doing that. and just so-- and you argue, the goal-- something happened to that transportation lock box and the same keys taken away from
10:46 am
money supposed to go to schools and to poverty relief, as a percentage, and still, what it was, in the mid 60's when all of that stuff started. you know, still the same number of people who are poor. still the same number of schools that are disadvantaged. and still the same lousy tax overall sat scores. and maybe more money isn't the answer and more government isn't the answer. >> i never said more government is the answer. >> the government providing our money. >> if the government is giving money and goes to the private sector and doesn't get to creating jocks. if the fed is creating funny o if the government is creating money out of nothing. >> if the government has given better than a trillion dollars to the various private construction firms, many of them, by the way, union operated, that's fine, whatever it is, and it's not yielded the fruit you thought,
10:47 am
then you're saying, well, maybe would have better results if we give them more money. i would say no. >> well, neil, we haven't spent money on the scale it's needed first of all. >> neil: if a trillion doesn't cut it, what would? >> we need a 3 trillion dollar infrastructure program to-- >> triple what we've already spent? >> absolutely, you ask the american engineering societies and the people who study this thing, america's infrastructure is woefully in need of repair and the problem is that we are moving forward, the national declaration that this is important. it's an investment in business, not only creating jobs, but businesses and solid infrastructure. >> dennis, i love you to death, but what is it about the democrats. they have this thing about infrastructure. you love roads, you love bridges, almost at the expense of everything else. and i. >> no. >> neil: no, no, hear me out. >> know the at all, not at all. >> neil: i think of a laid off
10:48 am
high-tech executive and run to him and say, good news, good news, we got more money for that highway project in our county. what is that retired, or suddenly laid off executive going to say? >> and on that news, that laid off executive might be a laid off executive because our trade policies are rotten and we've given away the store to china. we have a-- >> i know. >> a trade deficit just about 100 billion dollars-- >> and good news, good news, dennis just approved this for a new bridge. >> all over america. >> neil: okay, fine. and he says, okay, that's great. i've got my mba, i'm out of work. >> you're an engineering you've got a job. >> neil: what am i supposed to do paint the lines down the middle of the street. >> no, you're a structural engineer, you have a job and a person that does surveying, you have a job. >> you're dreaming my friend. just dreaming. >> dreaming? >> and our money, which is making it a nightmare. >> losing our position in the world.
10:49 am
we have to be a great power by being a great nation which employs people and helping commerce. this is about business, about moving commerce and about roads. >> neil: we're not a great power jay more, because we bled money dry. >> and on-- >> this is a bee -- bipartisan rant. bled money dry, 16 trillion in debt. >> going to way-- >> we're going to get better results if we spend more money. we can't become a great power with the government spending money. maybe we should entertain being a great power with the government simply stepping down. >> if the private sector isn't creating jobs, who is going to have jobs. the public sector-- >> i'm willing to make a bet. if you get out of my way, the private sector will start doing the job. >> they've had a chance and haven't done it. >> neil: because it's in the way-- because you're regulating, you're taxing. >> and laying people off, they're making money--
10:50 am
>> they're doing it because the environment-- would you invest in an environment that is more-- >> this is america. >> neil: and the government is more capital, the government is taxing more, regulating more. is that environment, would you commit so much as a penny more to expanding a bubble gum machine at your plant let alone a job? and what would make your apartme apartment-- what would make you optimistic to spend. if you're promising you wouldn't add 100 new regulations a day, they might, might, might, say the coast is clear, dennis is off my you know what, i'm in. >> and if wall street is influencing both parties, you tell me what is going to change. >> neil: i love you still, but-- >> i love you too. >> neil: are you going to be next week in charlotte? >> i'll see you there. >> neil: no, you won't. know i don't like you anymore (laughter) i'm kidding, kidding. this is the scene right now, in ohio his home state and
10:51 am
crucial, crucial state. polling dead even there, we'll have more, too.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
e. >> neil: after the conventions it's on to the debates. you're looking at the scene in ohio right now where mitt romney is scheduled to speak very shortly. not all the nominees are going to be there, for example, libertarian presidential nominee gary johnson will be watching like everyone else from home. the former republican governor of new mexico could still help decide who does win in the end. he joins me now on the phone. governor, you're not in on any of the presidential debates and should have separate vice-presidential debate. you're not in them because you don't poll to be in them. what do you think of that. >> actually they have not said that i will not be in the
10:55 am
debate. i'm going to be on the ballot in all 50 states and all the states remaining because the republicans are challenges us at every intersection, but no, at this point here he still may be on debates and the issue is being in the polls to determine. >> neil: what is the threshold, governor, 10%, 15? what? >> 15 and you know, national poll last week. i'm at five. that's not reported. if it were i think the overwhelming reaction to be who the hell is gary johnson and maybe i ought to check that out. >> neil: i can see you cutting both ways, you could take some votes away from mitt romney, you could take some votes i guess in colorado away from the president. but you argue, we get the argue upside down. it's not about taking votes away, it should be an alternative period. and third party candidates never amount to beyond being seen as spoilers. >> i maintain a wasted vote is
10:56 am
voting for someone you don't believe in. i end up in some states taking away from obama and in some states from romney. back from the debates, how about the notion, let's not bomb iran, let's get out of afghanistan, end the drug wars and balance the federal budget tomorrow and scrap the federal tax system and replace it with the fair tax, that would be an interesting debate, i think, of course, but i'm a little biased. >> neil: somehow you got into the republican convention and i was curious, how you made that happen. >> that was you, you all snuck you in there. >> neil: i had nothing to do with it, nothing to do with it. but security was alerted and how the hell did he get here. >> i hope this doesn't jeopardize your job, but you did get me in there and it was fun. >> neil: it was interesting. governor, gary johnson the libertarian candidate for president of the united states. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: well, a lot is going on this morning and waiting to hear from mr. romney and pat
10:57 am
buchanan and one would word that may decide this race. and pictures from isaac is coming in and let's just say coming in and let's just say bad to worse. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> the cost of freedom bounce or bump. here is neil cavuto. >> we are in between convention and we are in between a rock and a hard place. both parties are trying to get their message out and double teaming it today. here is our latest. in cincinnati governor mitt romney will be getting up to the stage. we'll listen in and see what the presidential nominee who is dead even has to say and bring up the news there. and in charl lot, the
11:01 am
democrats are putting their touches. protestors plan to make their voices heard as well president obama will head to the democratic national convention. six electoria votes are up for grabs . bill clinton did it by saying it is the economy, stupid. they join us right now on the phone. are you better now than you were four years ago. >> i think with the elections coming down to now. the country has decided to replace obama. it is told by obama and romney he is a ruthless executive but
11:02 am
he is competent. the key to the election is mitt romney demonstrating he has a heart and soul and compassion for people. that's what the republican convention was about. i think he and ann romney removed doubtos that i think he has a fighting chance to win this. >> i read a teleprompter and i have it over you there. looking back to 1980, we were as a nation willing to consider changing horses midstream in the case of jimmie carter. that is a big move to fire your president. you have to see how the other guy stands up. and that one debate that year with ronald reagan and jimmie carter seem to allay americans of the fears if they switch horses they would be switching to wrong guy. the debates rise in importance today. >> they do. the country believes that it
11:03 am
had a failed president and ready to change him. but the same situation then. they look at ronald reagan and told it is a crazed cowboy and movie star and can't be trusted . then he removed those doubts in that debate by coming off as the genial and humorous conservative he was. the country said that guy is just fine and 10 points suddenly switched to reagan. and he won it. that's what mitt romney to h hopes to do and hoped to do in his convention. >> when you look at the polls and they are so tight. just a slight movement in either direction could make a close election anything but. but say mitt romney tipped all of those midwestern state,. wisconsin and michigan ironically come to mind. they haven't been republican since ronald reagan and that
11:04 am
carries to ohio and indiana and pick up for democrats and they win back virginia and north carolina and win back florida. again, that is the run of the table republicans envision. but given the tightness of the polls, is it out of the realm of possibility? >> it is not. ask ourselves where is obama. if he is at 45 or 46 or 46, and he's in deep trouble it said the country that knows him well is prepared to replace him. the problem is to mitt romney. if he comes off in the three debates as someone who is acceptable and competent. everybody believes he is competent and he has a soul and heart and carepeople and able to run the economy and create jobbings, they will go to home. american people are conservative sometimes reluctant to take a chance. but if he can prove he's got it.
11:05 am
you are dead right. he could rule over the swing states and pick up wisconsin and michigan. >> you never know, patrick, thank you, good to have you. >> thank you, my friend. >> in des moines where the president is going to be. i don't know how many times he's gone to that state. but he might as well buy a condo. >> i am thinking about it this is the third time in the last two weeks i was in the state of the iowa with the president. one of those trips was a bus tour that was three full days in the states. they are not just drive bys and only six electoral votes in the state of iowa. i asked a top obama advisor why to invest so much time. we are competing in the battle grounds because we expect a close race . those six electorial votes could tip the balance. that tells us that the president realizes he had over
11:06 am
350 electorial votes it may be a much tighter majorin in either direction. you have to get to 270 obviously to win. and the president was well above that last time. he's in iowa today and tomorrow i will be with him in colorado and monday labor day in oio. obviously another key battle ground and then will leave to go to new orleans to visit the storm damage. and obviously tuesday, he will go to virginia. another key battle ground with pat and that leads up to charlotte and the convention and key battle ground in north carolina. and key states that he won last time and he wants to keep in his column. a state like iowa here. 50-50 it is close between the president and mitt romney. when i talked to top romney advisors. the president is spending time in states like iowa. and the mitt romney camp thinkings he is on defense.
11:07 am
when you win over 350 electoral votes like the president did last time in 2008, you are playing defense. it is mitt romney who has to be on offense to take iowa and virginia and north carolina away from the president, neil. >> the white house said they didn't watch the republican convention. they always comment on it which i find funny. are they worried about how united republicans seem to be appear. you know jazzing your base and the president has to do that with his base. that is not to say he doesn't have the young and minorities. but even if a couple of percent come off each demo group harms him. they are alarmed aren't they. >> they are acknowledge that the paul ryan pick galvinized the base and helped with the catholic and evangelicals that
11:08 am
were not certain about mitt romney and in the big picture. the obama camp insists they are not too worried because that is turning out the base and the obama camp thinks what will win the race is the independent voters in the middle and bringing in hispanics and others that democrats have done better traditionally . from my conversation with them. the ryan pick will help but will not expand its base. and they will take it away from the president. that's what the last couple of months are all about, neil. >> thank you very much ed henry. >> the campaign is slog down. you might think again. president obama signed an executive order forcing u.s. factories to speed up the plants. co-founder of 7th generation. jeffrey how does it work?
11:09 am
>> neil, i represent an organization called american sustainable business council. 150,000 small and medium size business in america. and we a lot of policy concerns and our interest is to see which candidate are going to take on issues like taxes the wealthy and bringing up minimum wage and dealing with the mess we have when it come to corporate taxings. huge companies paying nothing at all. things like toxic chemicals that are not adqualitily regulate subsidies that go to the wrong industries. and so we are if you like an alternative business voice and we are concerned about creating an america where corporations succeed along with people and the planet. >> but if you are pushing corporations, a lot of them are not in the best financial shape to speed an agenda to cost them a good deal of
11:10 am
money. let's say you are right and it is it a good go is now the time to push to do this? >> i am not sure corporations are struggling. they have more cash than they have had in 70 years profitable. >> you ever wonder why they are not spending it? >> do i ever why they are not spending it? yeah. >> maybe they are worried. do you hold on to cash when you are worried? >> i spent my life running businesses and run three cumps and the last one was seventh generation generating a couple hundred million in sales. i invest to grow my company, not guided by my uncertainty of the economy it is consumers that matter. i don't buy the argument that they have so much cash that the politicalun certainty and economic uncertainty is
11:11 am
preventing the investmentings. that makes no sense. companies have to think out far beyond what is happening. >> no, they don't. right. if you are a large or mudium company. you can go and have a good plan and make sense over time. if you don't know what the text policies will be. and being conservative with your cash and could see why. we aranty. and the companies convince them. >> many people within a decade or two. and we are running out of
11:12 am
natural resources and it will go higher. i am nolt just talking about natural gas. i am talking about what is happening with water and food prices. they are more sustainable. look at the chin ease government. and look at alternative industry. they know in the long turn . and that will be the winners for the economy. we are not doing enough for natural gas and not tapping the fossil fuels and on. you are open to all above. >> i am not open to a regulatory landscape that tilts the playing field in inappropriate ways. i will give you a great example. i spent decade selling
11:13 am
bathroom tissue and we sold it made from recycled fiber and not virgib fiber . the government historically spends a billion subsidizing virgin fibe yer makes recycled fiber and better for the environment and creates less pollution and uses less water. that is policy that does not make sense and not good for business and not good for consumers and doesn't help to deal with the issues that we face in our economy. >> jeffrey, thank you very much. >> thank you, i appreciate the opportunity. >> all right. big labor helping democrats make a push. a very big ceo is worried big time . (chanting) y stock screener, you can try strategies from independent experts and see wh criteria they use. such as a 5% yield on dividend-paying stocks.
11:14 am
then you can customize the strategies and narrow down to exactly those stocks you want to follow. i'm mark allen of fidelity investments. the expert strategies feature is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account.
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11:17 am
big labor going door to door in swing states. and just in time for the democratic national convention and after protesting the gop convention in tampa, this is extraordinary, a rock star in tampa. john paul one of the nicest billionaires i know. co-pounder of paul mitchell and anyway, it is interesting. they are pulling out all of the stops and letting their presence known to both parties. how does it resonate with guys like you? >> love you all out therend see them pulling out all stops. besides pulling out all stops, don't you get away and just go for what is important? in listening to your show. great guests that you had on there reminded me how government can work for you. but only if they drop regulations. scott walker, great governor of the state of wisconsin.
11:18 am
made it so business friendly. marquee yacht spent 7 million retooling their facility and brought back 400 people to work and create finest medium sized yacht. and could only do it where a governor, and government worked with you and not against you. i look at all of the things going on and why don't some of the people talk about if government is more friendly to business how more business can be pumped up and people go back to work as opposed to bashing one another for stupid thingings. >> you know, try to explain why guys like you and a lot of businesses are holding on to cash. i think businesses, and you have had success in your career. i think it is human nature to hang on to your cash and you don't know how things are going to work out. it may be a long-term
11:19 am
strategic thinker and have confidence. you have a good thing going and built and expanded it. you were not foolish about it. you don't blow it all right up front and watched how the winds were going and that's how a lot of guys hang on to that and they are like average joes and joannes and don't see any reason to spend. >> so correct. if it was not for a climate that scott walker made available to us in wisconsin. earl and i would not have spent 7 million to retool this company in a economy where it is not the way to go. we believed they would be able to work with us. in other states i wouldn't be able to do that. you are 100%. i have involved in water projects for conservation to help our planet out. but when it come to hard mon yehard industries, it has to be favorable. we want to do it if it becomes
11:20 am
favorable. we knew it would be favorable and it was our pleasure to invest and put 400 people back to work. all craftsman and american people and we believe in america people. by gosh, so do other companies. you have to have the climate and believe in america. >> all right. john paul dejoria. it is always a pleasure. >> thank you, sir. >> and i think john boehner is speaking. he never comes on the show because we critize congress a lot of the time. but every other prominent republican does. ry and abigail higgins had...
11:21 am
...a tree that bore the most rare and magical fruit. which provided for their every financial need. and then, in one blinding blink of an eye, their tree had given its last. but with their raymond james financial advisor, they had prepared for even the unthinkable. and they danced. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you.
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11:23 am
>> happy that itt is moved on from jone boehner to ann
11:24 am
romney who will be at the microphone talking about mitt romney. >> we have been critical of republicans and democrats on this show alike on spend i have critized the speaker a good deal as to whether he means what he said. everyone has appeared and the speaker has not. that's what i meantime by that. just to clarify that. we'll follow closely what they say. the republicans. and he's in louisiana right now familiaring the torm damage. senator, mitt romney getting critized for going to new orleans and elsewhere to get a lay of the land. what did you think of that? >> that is ridiculous. i was with governor romney yesterday and it was tremendously helpful. number one he was not in the
11:25 am
way and he brought enormous national coverage with them to focus on our plight and what we are going through and i think he genuinely wanted to understand the issues involve would and all of that is legitimate and that is pure politics some of the negative reaction that you are hearing. >> when you go there you heard what your senate leader harry reid said about republicans talk a good game and wanting to so their emotion and empathy and they cut the programs that provide the help to hurricane victims, what do you say? >> i don't know any republican who want to cut important necessary disaster assistance. i want the federal government do less things but actually do them well. right now the federal government does everything under the sun and they usually have nine or 10 programs . federal government needs to do
11:26 am
a few things very well that only thing like national dance and interstate highway and disaster assistance for big disasters to supplement state and local government. i don't know any conservative who thinks differently. >> do you get a sense right now, senator as where we talk that republicans are getting the better of this debate or getting none in this debate post hurricane and clint eastwood. >> i will be honest with you. i have been out of that whole discussion and debate without power and tv coverage and focused on this stuff. i am not avoiding your question but i am the wrong person to ask because i have been out of it in terms of the national issues for the five-days. >> senator that is a very, very good answer.
11:27 am
thank you very much. >> thank you. >> back to ohio and romm rom - mitt romney is addressing the group. >> we have a plan to get america working again. it is going to create about 12 million new jobs and 460,000 jobs right here in ohio . five things we'll do. five thingings that will get the economy growing again and i need josh mandell in the senate to make that happen . rob portman and speaker boehner and all of the good republicans, we need to have them as well. those five things, number one. get north america energy independence and use our oil and our coal and our gas and nuclear and renewables.
11:28 am
number two. make trade work for us. selling good and services and crack down on china and any other cheaterings. number 3. make sure our workers have the skims they need to succeed and our kids have the skills they need to succeed in the coming century. right now our schools in far too many places in america are not doing the job they need to do. i want to make sure we put our kid and teachers first, and the teachers union behind. [applause] number four, number four. entrepreneurs and businesses
11:29 am
of all kinds invest in ohio and other states. put their life savings to work here unless they know we are not headed to the place greece is in or spain or italy. those places that had such trauma overseas and to make sure that is the case, we'll finally have to do something that republicans have spoken about for a long time. we didn't do it. when we had the lead we let people down. we don't need to lead them down. cut the deficit and get us on track to a balanced budget. [applause] number 5. i want to champion small business. i want to make it easier for entrepreneurs and innovators to grow and build businesses. that's where most of our jobs come from.
11:30 am
instead of doing what the president want to do which is raising taxes on our best small businesses. i want to bring them down and i want regulators to understand i want to help small business and take that plow off of small business and get rid of obama care and replace it with someone that holds down the coast -- cost of the health care. [applause] [cheers and applause]
11:31 am
>> we recognize what a great responsibility you have given us . how much you expect from us to get back the white house and get america back on track. we have seen last four years a lot of disappoint a lot of families having hard timings. i saw a report this morning, even as jobs are being created, as they look at jobs being created, they note that the jobs we lostt were middle income jobs and the jobs we are getting back are low-wage jobs. people in this country are having hard times. the average income in america anded median income in america has dropped $4000 as a family even as the price was gasoline and food and health premiums are up. these are tough times for the
11:32 am
american people and added to all of that is the divisiveness and bitterness that we have seen from the president's campaign. look, america is a story of the many becoming one. and accomplishing extraordinary things because of our unity. i thought today of the great heroism, patriotism and courage of ohio's best, neil armstrong. what a champion. [applause] the courage and character of that one man combined with the unity of so many who came together to help achieve a great accomplishment. it is a model for our nation. i will do everything in my power to bring us together. because united america,
11:33 am
america built the strongest economy in the historyryf the earth. united we put neil armstrong on the moon. united we faced down unspeakable darkness. united our men and women in uniform continue to defend freedom today. i love those people who serve our great nation. [cheers and applause] this is a time for us to come together as a nation. we don't have to have the divisiveness and bitterness and recrim nations that we have seen in the last four years. i will bring us together and put in place five steps i described. america will come roaring back and a better future is ahead and it is out there waiting for us. our families deserve it. our children demand it and the peace and planet of the planet depend oz it. i love america, and we are taking this country back and
11:34 am
we'll get america strong again for you and your children special the future, god bless the united states of america . god bless the great people of ohio. thank you so very much. thank you. ♪ >> all right. mitt romney electricifying the crowd. seemed to be losing his voice post convention. that is probably more than understandable and relatable. he's up there with all . ohio republican dig natarries and did find it odd for him to commend speaker boehner. it is so called kill zone budget that republicans are railing against. it was speaker boehner i might point out approved of that process. the two sides couldn't coddle together a deal. there was a fall back and automatic cuts that kick in. you hear a good deal about that. and for speaker boehner
11:35 am
championing the issues and republicans defining themselves backing away from those rules that the speaker agreed and an issue that i wanted the speaker to address. virtually every republican leader has talked with us about it. as the democratic has on this issue except for the speaker. to the democratic representative who will be leaving congress. one of those gooding blue-dog democrats, here we stand on this stuff, congressman, the automatic cut that is kick in and now trying to change the rulings. i can understand that but couldn't that be more damaging if you break the very spending rules that you all agreed to. >> it is more damaging if you end up with the dollar amount in spending reductions that is less than what was agreed upon. sequestration was a fall back
11:36 am
and what would happen if congress failed to act. i heard one of my colleagues on your show today on the other side of the aisle try to portray sequestration as a democratic issue. the reason that sequestration is about to go in affect is the congress tailed to work together along with the president and everybody involved fail would and now we are facing the automatic cuts. >> but he did change the rulings. i am not saying left or right or blue green republican or democrat. if you acknowledge, not you. you acknowledge we might not be able to strike an accord or agreement and we'll have a fall back in case we lose our back bone which is what happened. and now you have automatic cuts facing you and you are afraid you are losing your back bone. my beef against the speaker for him to claim otherwise is distorting the truth and if you are talking about fiscal
11:37 am
resolve you are not showing it. i think if they change that unless they agreed to an accord with bigger cuts, it makes a mockery and it is the speaker's fingerprints all over it. >> you can't a process where you agreed to cuts where as it is a fall back position and come in later and with draw it. >> that makes you a phony it makes a speaker the phony on and democratic leadership a phony and canard of the entire process. you say you are serious about this. i was there last summer when the accord agreed to. i sweat my hiney off because you guys don't believe in air conditioning which is fine, it is savingugs money. we thought there was a back stop in case someone lost their back bone, now the taxpayer thinks you can just remove the back stop. >> it is worth while to do a better way to do it and put a
11:38 am
mechanism where you achieve saving and bring down the deficit and debt and do it in a more sensible way. and that is fine. to walk away from the agreement and not follow through with our end of the bargain is ridiculous. >> what is happening now? i worry about the budget issues and tax rights they are backing up like the planes of la guardia and all at the end of the year. as you leave that place, what do you think is going to happen? >> mother of all lame duck session. we have so many expiring provisions that are postponed until after the election. it will be determine would by who wins the white house in november and who controls the congress both the house and senate and all of that is up in the air. the dynamic of that lame duck will change based on who wins in the elections. but the issues that are facing the country that are postponed are enormous. >> all right congressman, thank you very, very much.
11:39 am
and for you folks back home. i don't mean to get preachy. i am all green on this stuff. and not red and blue. and you are told a load of stuff on the sequestration issue. neither party means what it said. it is led by the speaker of the house and is not following through on the commitment and if you blow the deal and you just let this money grow and you don't address it with a new deal of equal or more cuts, you have made a sham of the process and you would reemphasize the process to taxpayers at home that neither party has a handle and you are doing your nominee very small service in that regard. >> dnt organizers trying to whip up last-minute enthusiasm . the growing list of democrats is no show and maybe filling
11:40 am
the stadium for the president to accept his nomination is. we are told free tickets are rushed up just in case. the obama campaign acknowledging to fill every seat. mayor good to have you. >> great to be with you. neal. >> two things. to that stadium you think every seat will be filled? >> i see a lot of empties. but the stadium is already blue. i think we will be in good shape there. >> very good answer. >> what are they going to call it bank of america stadium. you are going to call a lot of pr baggage with the democratic party and railing against banks and bank of america in particular. especially the logos in the background. >> we have had no problem calling it bank of america stadium. bank of america is headquartered here in charlotte and we are
11:41 am
consistent about call that. we are excited about the 74,000 seat capacit yethe energy is tremendous. >> you have the bank of america executive trying to wiggle in a logo over the president's head who polices that? i don't know. i do know that is 74,000 seats there and excited about the president coming down. he's done a tremendous job here in north carolina and helping us to restore manufacturing. we have more manufacturing activity than over the last 15 years under the president . he's gotten our economy from losing three-quarter to positive job growth. i think north carolina is excited about the convention. we haven't hosted a convention before. that is a big thing for us. >> mayor, a lot of things have
11:42 am
changed, north carolina fortunes and he took thing and looks dicey now. how do you think it looks. it is neck and neck. the polls and we had romney and president obama trading first place. but it is always within the margin of error. and the president has had such an imprissive ground game in north carolina. in 2008, they stayed involved in the state and i feel good about his chances and i would be worried if i was mitt romney. >> you think it is gay major thing worked against the president in your state. your voterss and rour residents overwhelmingly rejected it. and the president pushing it. and that may be yours of all states, just bad timing? >> well, i don't think we can make that a referendum on the election. how people vote on a social issue is not necessarily how they are going to vote for
11:43 am
president. >> it is a nonissue in the fall? >> i think it will be a nonissue. people are worried about the economy going to move forward and educate their kid asks infrastructure invested in their state and the president has a much better and more detailed plan for how he will do that than mitt romney. >> and mayor thank you very, very much. looking at mitt romney in ohio as he wraps up things there. he will be criss crossing the state and look being at florida and virginia and looking at michigan and wisconsin and he's going to look at states republicans have never won since ronald reagan because he senses there could be a turn around going on here. it doesn't take that much what could be a close election to anything but. it is up to either cand date getting out . getting out the troops and loyal supporters and -- more after
11:44 am
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>> probably notice you are getting grilled in the chicken aisle. barbecue favorites and beef chicken and snacks and ice cream. to a guy behoknows all about the food stuff. ron, how bad do you think it gets. >> you know, i think we are going to see a little bit of a inflation. i think we are projecting couple of percent . i think it is going to be something that is going to be handled as part of the continue progress of all of our businesses. >> prices run up in one air. generally with food inflation what starts in one area doesn't stay.
11:48 am
it is bouts of inflation and see it moving around. we are passing along the inflation we see. as a business. it is about doing something different. we went through a quarter earnings up twen percent . comps sale up 7.1 percent . more importantly our stop tripled. and we invested for differentiation. >> i am a big fan of this. it is a comforting thing. they are conducive to when you want to just chill out and relax. >> eat. and do you worry that you could push that too far and there will be a point in which people will say all right. this, this crum bun, i might
11:49 am
entertain at x-dollars but not double z. >> we are not doubling our prices. we are committed to not rising our prices beyond the rate of the inflation. obviously with inflation, we all experience that the same. we will always find an opportunity to do right by our guests and we will invest in having a better deal. >> i am wondering does either cand date and their policiless make a difference to you? i mean, if, if, if, you argue that the demeaning of our dollar mean that is inflation down the road will be a bigger issue, is there such a thing as a riskier cand date? >> here is what i think. the problem is not one cand date or the amm. the entire political class. you said their inability to
11:50 am
solve problems. we have serious problems in this counselry. you heard romney speak to them. you have got a debt problem, energy problem, and an issue with education among otherings and the real question is, can the political class come together and solve them? if they commit to solve and kick that can down the road, it is proof positive, that our system is not working to serve us . i can tell you as a businessman, if i, if, i bring my organization to a budget and if i can't solve the problems, you know what happens? i am fired. the entire political class has to move forward and cut out hyper partisanship and blaming others and solve the problem. >> you said it better than any of my guests combine employed ron, thank you very much. more after
11:51 am
this. of identity thieves "enough." we're lifelock, and we believe you have the right to live free from the fear of identity theft. our pledge to you? as long as there are identity thieves, we'll be there. we're lifelock. and we offer the most comprehensive identity theft protection ever created. lifelock: relentlessly protecting your identity. call 1-800-lifelock or go to today.
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>> word is on this could be the president's secret weapon. the stock market. the wind at his back. looking at august and stocks since the president took office, remember we were in a swoon here and from the lows, they have come back. one reason why democratic congressman said the president's policies are working. congressman whether they are policies are not that could be the wind at his back. is he bragging about it in his speech wall street going his way. >> i think he should brag about it. there is a lot of good things happening under his watch. if he is under the burden of criticism you have to take the
11:55 am
good with the bad. there is a lot of good. >> many markets type say that expression. markets have fallen solo and bound to go up. this is a president who bashed walltreet and bad cats but they ironically might be riding to his rescue. >> the president has had a steady hand at the helm. things haven't gone as well as you would like. unemployment is too high. but the policies of the president are paying off. i think we were headed to another depression and prevented that from happen grown the public sector jobs. >> why is growing. >> i am sorry private sector jobs. >> i just worry and i look at the speaker's list for the democratic convention and i know you are still putting it together. i don't see a lot of the
11:56 am
business touch as i did in the republican convention which makes me think you don't like business guys or don't want to hear from them. >> i love business guys and i think we need to together. neal, you are talking about sequestation and i couldn't agree with you more. i voted against that package because i think congress ought to do the job it was elected to do and not push it off on a committee and pretend that the committee didn't work and therefore we are absolve of it. the american people are tired of the political posturing and want to see us together. >> that we can agree. and you think they will get something done there and you think business will be represent in charlotte next week? >> i think the democratic convention will show inclusiveness and all walkings of life and all kinds of people including business people and ople who need help. >> good, i look forward to
11:57 am
seeing you my friend. congressman, be well. we are coming close to the end of the show. but we'll be in charlotte this week. not red, or blue, but green, your money all over it, all of the time. s' labor day sale, like redhead everest hikers for under $20. and a bear creek spotting scope for under $80. plus stop by our hometown festival this weekend for free family activities,@ food and giveaways.
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