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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 5, 2012 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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yoargeting stocks to trade. well, that's what trade architect's heat maps do. they make you a trading assassin. trade architect. td ameritrade's empowering web-based trading platform. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account. we're live at the democratic national convention in charlotte north carolina interest there is giant news on the first night of the convention. two big issues raising questions first platform nose longer safe that jerusalem is the capitol of israel and republicans are using it to say it is meant to israel is weak that. is not all this, year's democratic platform takes out a mention of the word god. that is causing more on the convention controversy but first, tonight, headlines the
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first lady michelle obama. >> well, today, after so many struggles and triumphs and moms that have tested my husband in ways i never could have imagined, i have seen firsthand, that being president doesn't change who you are. no. it reveals who you are. you see, i have gotten to see up close and personal what being president really looks like. i've seen how issue that's come across the president's desk are always hard ones. you know problems where no amount of data or numbers will get you to the right answer. judgment call stakes are high and there is no margin for error. you're going to get all kinds
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of advise from all kinds of people but at the end of the day when it comes time to make that decision aas president all have you to guide you are your values and your vision and the life exkbreerns that's make you who you are. barack knows american dream because he has lived it. and he wants everyone in this country everyone, to have the same opportunity no matter who we are or where we're from, what we look like, or who we love. and... he believes that when you work hard, and have done well, and walked through that doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you. no. you reach back you and give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed.
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>> california congressman is the vice chair of the democratic caucus and joins us, nice to see you. and tell me, sir, tonight looking at republican -- democratic platform that you have, you no longer have the words god in the platform. why? >> well, i think you heard the word god just about every other sentence here tonight whether it was in english or in spanish. and so i think what you can say to the rest of of america is that we're looking forward to moving forward understanding that we need to help of the lord to make this happen in the right way for all americans. >> but why is it removed from the platform? i'm curious n 2000, there were four mentions, 2008, seven mentions, 2004, 2008, one. and just sort of curious was
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an an oversight? or taken out purposely this time? >> i am not sure that we're worried about how many times the lord is mentioned on a piece of paper, we're concerned about making sure we have the help of the lord to make sure we get americans back to work. i think you heard the mayor and his key note delivery talking about how every morning, his grandmother would send him off to school with bless you. the lord. let the lord bless you. i think it was powerful to hear people talk about how we did this together. it's a we. not a me as we heard so much last week. it's about all of us working together. and may the lord bless you. i think it was something very powerful to hear about how we work together and we build this country. i think that is the message the president wants to send out. it's about starting with the middle class and working up. >> with the mayor's speech was
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a very powerful speech. i certainly think powerful and inspiring to many people and he has extraordinary story and his mother sounds amazing as well. nonetheless it's remarkable. and are you saying the platform doesn't matter and maybe it does if it's a written platform. of a party or your party. just trying to figure out to what extent the party relies on it at all? >> well, i think a fabulous platform if you think about values embedded in it and how it take talks about moving america forward. i wasn't involved in much of the work of the platform. some of the issues were important to me. i know that the platform is a statement of where democrats want to take this country and it talks about how the middle class is the corner stone of building this country and talks about how we have to get back to continuing to create jobs and talks about doing the right things on immigration and
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reforms and trying to make sure we invest in education. i think that it very clear here, all democrats are talking about how we need help of everyone working together and certainly help of the lord. >> if it is a great platform one of the things not in this platform is whether or not jerusalem should be the capitol of israel. once we take from that the -- that that is not in this particular platform and there has been controversy on prime minister netanyahu for instance and there is suspicion perhaps the relationship has been somewhat diluted over the past couple years. >> if you take a look at the language of the lat form when it comes to israel, our strong
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al skbri partner and the relationship between our countries which i think everyone will not only recognize as being indecember pensible but has continued to grow under president obama that what we're talking about continuing to be shoulder to shoulder the best friend to israel has ever seen z still, at the same time working to make sure the middle east we're doing everything possible to be that broker of the ability to have peace agreements, a broker of security for lail rail -- israel and neighboring countries and a partner in making sure all countries recognize that peace in the middle east and peace and prosperity for everyone else in the world including united states. i think there is a strong platform talking about the relationship. >> would you agree it's fun to hear the first lady of the united states speak? and tonight is no different? >> sorry? what? >> i say it's always fun to hear the first lady of the
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united states speak. and tonight is no different. fun to hear from whether mrs. bush or mrs. obama. it's fun for everybody. >> absolutely. because you get to hear the personal stuff. you get to go inside of the white house and go up to the second floor of the white house where the family lives and learn a little bit more about the family. i think it's great having three daughters they do everything possible to make sure their daughters have a live of their own. so it's a fabulous speech. she hit a home run. we ran up the score on this one. and we still have tomorrow and thursday to go. so it's been a great convention so far. >> congressman, thank you sir. >> thank you very much. >> and coming up utah congressman and republican jason chaffin. why is he here tonight? well, he is hear to tell you next the g.o.p. possibly made its ticket official but republicans what are they doing? behind the scenes there is
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more live coverage coming up including our famous political panel. it's late but you don't want to miss any of this. do not touch that remote. we're back in couple minutes. >> when your country is in a costly war with soldiers sacrificing abroad and our nation is facing a debt crisis at home, being asked to pay your fair share isn't class warfare. it's patriotism.
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a few months ago, mitt romney visited a university in ohio and gave students there a little entrepreneur yil advice. start a business. he said.
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but how? borrow money if you have to from your parents. he told them. gee. why didn't i think of that? >> democrats not the only ones here in charlotte. several republicans under town to make sure their message doesn't get lost in the shuffle. and here to cause political mischief? >> just to remind people there are 23 million people out of jobs in and can't find work. remind the president we have $16 trillion in debt. and paying $600 million a day in interest on that debt and not just gloss over and say we need to move forward when he has a senate not a single member of the has voted for. >> zp what do you make of the
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platt form issues? the republican platform probably has omission people are catching tonight is in the democratic pat form had to do with the absence of the word god. the congressman just rev yense yensed -- reverenced many made reverence to god. >> there is process they call with a product. to take the word god out is a serious omission. >> do you think it was deliberate >> it wasn't accident. >> and there is -- do you think we don't want this in the platt form? we don't want it in? >> i think that is the decision they made. it's been in several times before. looking at this, someone made a decision and voted on it and said we don't want it in there. same with taking out jerusalem as the capitol of israel f
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you're concerned about the safety and security of ale israel i don't see a way you can support barack obama this time. last time he got about 70% of the jewish vote and in florida it's vital. >> one of the issues political suicide. he knows there is a -- i think it's what they believe. >> well, at least to give them credit for doing something they really believe. >> but that is the problem. they're not the best friend of israel and we should be united but you go and take this out, now, it does become an issue. you have the israeli ambassador having to issue statements it as a blunder by the democrats and wrong and should have been the message we have strength together that. is the message republicans are sending. >> i think both are very impressive and so mayor castro
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tonight and this speech this is a showcase tomorrow a super star hispanics in this country. >> we have great people in the republican party and stars on the democratic side of the aisle. what barack obama has to do is remind the president they could have addressed immigration. they did not. >> and people still predict they swril the hispanic vote. it's interesting how they said, hispanic vote, most people expect it will be the democratic vote. >> i think republican party has a lot more to offer hispanics in terms of jobs and opportunity z commit tomt growing the american dream. and that is why you can see governor american yez and are
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leaders in the republican party. we have just as much to offer and i would argue more to offer. much more so than democrats but of course i'm objective. >> and yes. i noticed that. >> and should be an interesting convention. >> absolutely. >> straight head u.s. well, hits a milestone but not a good one. and it's sure a lousy timing for the president. we're going to tell you what it is. and the former chairman of the president's counsel of economic advisors is here. also, our political panel, the one you love is coming up. same ones in tampa. now, they're back here in charlotte. that is coming up. stick around. >> to have confidence in me i will be worthy of your trust. you will carry to the fight to the people in the fall and we can bin.
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one thing i know with certainty having served two great presidents, is that in the next four years, an unforeseen crisis, or challenge is going show up and seize this country. whose leadership, whose judgment, whose values do you want in the white house when that lands like a thud on the oval office desk? a person who says if four words let detroit go bankrupt or a president who had another four words, not on my watch.
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>> we're back live tonight with democratic national convention opening. this is republicans blasting the president or out of control debt. here is paul ryan in an iowa rally today. >> we just heard about an hour ago that our government eclipsed $16 trillion mark in our national debt. this is a serious threat to our economy. of all the broken promises from president obama, this is probably the worst one. because this debt is threatening jobs today, it's threatening prosperity today, and it's guaranteeing that our children and grandchildren get a diminished future. we have a debt clock at the convention last week. i don't see the debt clock this week.
2:52 am
the problem is no leadership on this issue. the senate hasn't passed a budget in three years. we have a very clear choice ahead of us. are we going to stick to the same path, a nation in debt and doubt and in decline are going to let mitt romney get this thing turned around, cut spending, balance the budget and create jobs? that is what we're going to do. >> greta: with me is the former chairman of president obama's council of economic advisors. explain to me president obama piled up more debt in three and a half years, more than twice the president bush did in two terms. why is the difference? >> the main reason the deficit exploded is that we went into the worst down turn in 75 years. so before there ever is an obama administration, in january, of 2009,
2:53 am
congressional budget office forecasts the deficit $1.3 trillion based on how economic conditions are. it's quite important we separate what the true fiscal challenge facing the country we've known about for 40 years and rooted in the aging of the population and rise of health care costs and choices about tax policy and separate that from nart comes from the business cycle, and i would point out the decisions we made at the end of 2010 in a bipartisan basis. last bipartisan statement we did is everyone agreed to extend the tax cuts and then, discovered that the deficit was larger than what is forecast after they passed the tax cuts. >> greta: going through economic indicators to figure out how the country has fared under president obama with this latest discussion about
2:54 am
whether or not you're better off now. unemployment 8.3% that is higher than projected. rate interest rates at lows yet the economy is in a rut yet money in theory would be cheap to bor yochl the economy slowed. the gronl 4.1% last quarter of last year, first quarter 2.0, that down z declined again in the second quarter 1.7. we have 46 million on food stamps which is a rise, business uncertainty. chairman zibed the economy as far from satisfactory. none of those are particularly appealing and sort of inspiring indicators do you have something to make me feel more inspired?. >> seems like you rather
2:55 am
selectively chose. >> i agree with what the chairman said we've got a long way to go. but anybody who would rather be in this situation in january, 2009, versus where we are now, was a a.sleep during january, 2009. that is onof the harrowing scary months in the history of the country. we lost 800,000 jobs in a month. we had just gone through the worst financial crisis in almost a century. what and net worths had fallen 40% or 50%. my colleagues are calling me up people in the economic profession saying this is exactly how the great depression began. and you better figure out how to gelt out of depression that is about to start. so we, absolutely are better off than that situation. that doesn't mean we're in a good shot spoth now. we're trying to work our way
2:56 am
out of it. the growth rate we have had have been modest. i would highlight... >> greta: lousy might be a fair way to strib it. you say modest. i might say lousy. >> advanced world sh i was going say as much as we have struggled, if you look at germany, the uk, japan, throughout europe, throughout the advanced world, we're getting no support from any other part of the world. so are the growth of our exports just through the sweat of our ownboro. there is no growth engine driving to help us. i would say the second thing is that remember in 2004, when george bush runs for reelection. they say quite rightly, he came in and n.a recession he did not create. that was a problem. >> he got a surplus. >> i'm saying to george bush's credit he said we can't create this recession and created a million jobs in the last year, that is what he ran on in
2:57 am
2004. we have more than four million created. >> i have to a hard break and austin sorry to do this to you. >> any time, greta. >> our political panel is here, you'll want to see what they thought of michelle obama's speech and joe trippi are here, stay with us. we'll be right back. >> so today, when the challenges we face start to seem overwhelming or impossible, let us never forget that doing the impossible is the history of the nation. it is who we are as americans. it is how the country was built. if you have copd like i do, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd iludes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiva helps corol my copd symptoms
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we're back live in charlotte, north carolina. it's opening night of the democratic national convention, tonight fess vifts building up to first lady michelle obama. here is a look at highlights. >> i am honored to accept your nomination for president of the united states. wait. this is not my speech! prompter guy can we pull up my speech, please? this is awkward. >> you see this platform is a clear choice. between economic pathways
3:01 am
forward or back, inclusion or exclusion, grow together as a nation or be a country of savage disparity that's favor the fortunate few. over the greatest driving force of any economy. a large and robust middle class. >> this nation has been through hard times. but those hard times have hardened our resolve. i'm ready to do the difficult work for a second. i want to do that work with barack obama and not a tea party i'd hola log. we can move america forward but we can only do it together. >> republicans tell us that in the most prosperus among us do even better that somehow, the rest of us will, too. folks... we've heard that
3:02 am
before. first they called it trickle down. they called it fly side. now it's romney ryan or is it ryan romney. either way, it's been tested. it failed. the economy failed. middle class paid the price, mitt romney just doesn't get it. >> when it comes to the health of our families, barack refused to listen to those folk who's told him to leave health reform for another day. another president. he didn't care whether waits the easy thing to do. that is not how he was raised. he cared it was the right thing to do. he did it because he believed that here in america, our grandparents should be able to afford their medicine.
3:03 am
our kids should be able to see a doctor when sick z no one in this country should ever go broke because of an accident or an illness. he believes women are more than capable of making our own choices about our bodies and our health care. that is what my husband stands for. >> and joining us now our political panel. >> it was a personal speech, yet political without mentioning mitt romney. i think it fit well with the argument they're making for government in your life. and they won't come out and say that. but that is, i think,
3:04 am
emotional high point in the speech making this argument about how government can help and is necessary in a life. that image she left us with of mitt romney wanting to talk through the door and letting it shut behind him is a lasting one into that speech. >> and a real contrast between her speech and ann romney's speech. ann romney introducing herself, mitt romney. at times almost a girlish sense in ann romney's speech she talked about dating in the teens and everything. this was a different speech to say barack is still barack, still that same guy you knew in 2008 and loved. rick is right. it didn't mention romney but it didn't actually hit a few of the points. i think one of the things is that she talked about growing up she said we didn't begrudge anyone success. we admired it. and believed everyone should have access to it. that is a direct response to
3:05 am
the message of the republican party. >> i thought it was a very good speech but i thought delivery was terrific. she knocked the ball out of the park with presentation. in romney -- ann romney i think gave a good speech and was a little nervous. and i think michelle obama has had training and it showed. and i think that it was a moment that probably reminded a lot of core democratic voters of the excitement and the romance they had in 2008. and it's was sort of a reintroduction here is the guy you fell for. that i fell for. i, meaning she, michelle. and obama's life story being the story of the american dream, think conjures up feelings people were swept away. i think if you just measure it from the energy in the hall, base had to have loved it. >> raising the question undecided. i don't know if they're watching yet. there is a little bit of not much of a bounce coming out of
3:06 am
the republican convention makes you wonder whether they're watching or not. but whach watching is there anyway to get a cents of what is your voodoo on the undecided watching? >> they used to be obama voters idea of emotion of the love that they felt four years ago is important. one line is that i love barack more than difour years ago. i don't think there is many that could say that. you need to approach. >> about a spouse? >> no. about barack. the president. whatever the fact check is on that. but rekindling that love for the president. i think so key in the speech in terms of connecting saying so many of us, so many, so many, this idea of her being part of the shared american experience identifying herself, her marriage, her husband, and her biography as part of the american dream and middle class that is always the term. >> undecides the story of the
3:07 am
undecides in the past woke or so has been disappointment. we've had polls and focus groups talking about how disappointed they are in the president's performance trying to sort of buck them back up. again, response to republicans she talked about for barack, success is not much money you make, it's a difference made in people's lives. we heard mitt romney is really rich. money in foreign accounts that. is not our value. >> yes. as you say it's voodoo. hard to tell how speeches play with certain things but think you but putt your finger on it. my best guess is that this is a character dual. case is this guy is more closely connected to the problems of real americans. he's the real deal. and you know, republicans tried this in tampa and you heard a lot of it from ann and to some degree i think the question is who is going end
3:08 am
up being more credible? and i think that michelle did the best she could. >> there are people trying to feel what the american people feel. most people didn't go to an ivy league school. it's hard whether it's speakers they have, i didn't go to school people i grew up with. ways lucky to go to pretty good school autos you have to go back a generation. my father worked in the city water department or ann romney's case my grandfather was a welsh immigrant. they have done very, very well in life. >> on both sides. >> and speakers on both sides. it's interesting in that. we'll take a break. gentlemen. stick around. we're going to check back in the panel but right now, newark new jersey mayor cory booker speaking tonight. back in may, mayor booker call add tacks on governor romney's
3:09 am
bain capitol record nauseating. later he had a change of heart then claiming he was referring to attacks by both parties aas being nauseating and tonight mayor booker taking to the stage here in charlotte. >> if you're a citizen of the united states of america f you're an american, first generation or 15th one will tg work hard, play by the rules and apply your god given talent then you should be able to find a job that pays bills. you should be able to afford health care for your family. and you should be able to refire with dignity and respect. and you should be able to give your children the kind of education that allows them to
3:10 am
dream bigger. to go even further. and accomplish more te then you can imagine this, is our platt form. this is our platt form... this is our platform. >> democratic strategist joe trippi joins us, ni to see. >> where are these undecided? watching conventions? >> first there are aren't any undecides left. there are so sue i doubt if they're watching you can't get much of a bounce not like in the old days you'd be in july having the convention. there is 20% of the public. you can get a clinton got like a 16 point bump out of the 1992 convention. i don't think it work that's way anymore. then have you to confront both these convictions being on top
3:11 am
of each other. i think that romney may well have gotten a four or five point bump. we may never see it because it's already eroding as others start to speak. >> american taxpayers paying a fortune for the conventions and both parties have raised a billion dollars or will. and this f.there are no undecides to rule and they're wrapping up the base,. >> i mean look. conventions are obsolete. the platform doesn't -- with the first thing that went. there is no key that believes his convention is thinking he's going run on his own issues. only reason to have the party apparatus is fund raising and organization.
3:12 am
and i think that obama campaign is doing here what it did in denver, which is using convention as an organizing cool tool to recruit volunteers to get out the vote here in north carolina. and in denver, they recruited 25,000 volunteers for election day while during that convention, i think they're doing the same thing here in north carolina. >> what should we make of the fact the word god god is not in this platform? is that an oversight? or deliberate? what is the -- . >> i doubt that the campaign had any clue that that happened until they found -- i just don't think the campaigns are paying attention to platforms. anymore other than there isn't a problem. >> why are they spending time doing this busy work and making platforms if they're meaningless? >> well, their personality contests. what i mean is that it's mitt romney's presidential
3:13 am
campaign. it's barack obama's presidential campaign. the party platforms are more something activists care deeply about. the candidates often leave on the side of the road, the platform they're not going carry it out. it's the way it actually worked. i don't to be honest with you, i can't tell you a single word of my party's platform for any camps. i mean, you know, back when ways working for anominee i didn't pay attention to that. i was paying attention to what is vaguean -- reagan doing? what is -- what is you know ads are tacking us? what do we do in the debate? >> is there bugsy work for activists in the party? if you're saying it doesn't matter to candidates? i mean, taking the word god out is going mean a lot to many people out of this one. >> and i don't think there is a plan to do it is what i'm
3:14 am
saying. i think they found out it was out, i didn't know it was ever in. i mean that. so... >> the reverence to jerusalem? >> that i knew waits in. >> that is something if you wrote the platform you had to know that was political dynamite. and that is -- you had to know. >> it's like congress. i mean, you're a caucus in congress can do stuff that the president. >> when want to help your candidate rather than sticking dine know might? >> activists in both parties are -- are far less moderit than candidates from -- the fact this is busy work for act ti vifs? you can put together a platform anyway? >> no. no. >> i think look. i think there is some pro life points in the republicans
3:15 am
platform, unclear that that, that romney is. >> i dompblt think it provides for rape. >> that is what i'm striing to say. he killed -- he's in the going carry out that part. party platform, i'm pretty sure. >> and. >> thank you. >> coming up, vice president biden is fired up. can the ticket overcome the results of a startling poll? and republicans did it. now, democrats are doing it, too. both parties trying to win over latino voters. who is winning so far? coming up. >> like many of you i watched the republican convention, and they told a few stories of individual success we all
3:16 am
celebrate individual success. but the question is... how do we multiply that success? the answer is president barack obama.
3:17 am
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3:19 am
back live in the democratic national convention. obama campaign swinging back with a question pitched by republicans. are americans better off than they were four years ago? here is what vice president joe biden told workers in detroit. >> do you want to know whether we're better off? i have a bumper sticker for you. osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. >> we know it what vice president biden thinks but what do americans think? are they better off? according to a poll a majority of likely voters say the nation is in worse condition now than september, 2008. only 31% say the nation is in better condition and 15 say about the same. and there is a ousy number.
3:20 am
>> 46% believe mitt romney is going to win and is that that is triking to the fox news poll had 57-39 so voters like to back a winner. these voters we've seen michelle obama they want to make this a choice, not a referendum. >> you did a poll on job performance said based on job performance does the president deserve to be reelected? yes. 40%. no, 54%. that is more damaging than barack obama. >> and that is bad news for obama campaign. that is what democrats are nervous about that is that we didn't see a big bounce and that means mitt romney gave a
3:21 am
good speech. it wasn't spectacular. the economy is not good. that is the tough part is that it is getting better when our polls show most people think no. its it's not getting better. he hasn't helped the situation. it's tough. still, in the battle ground states if you look at individual states president obama doing quite well. >> what do you make of the fact the number is still minimal coming out of the republican convention? it's is that he has no bounce? there are no undecides? the bounce is low. >> and i think because they're not a lot of inindependence is a factor. there weren't a lot of line that's you remember mitt romney, i think he gave a decent speech but it just doesn't wow anyone. like michelle obama tonight. maybe barack obama, maybe bill clinton, tomorrow, i just didn't have the energy. the energy is behind getting
3:22 am
obama out. and there is not a lot of energy of getting mitt romney in that. is the problem. and mitt romney raising record numbers of money. but think that is because they want obama out. >> when you look at economic numbers they are grim. you look at the economy are you better off now than you were four years ago? it's a stunning number. it is. >> democrats all over the map on that question. october, 2011 president obama said people are not betterer off than they were four years ago. joe biden said there are different answers on it. they haven't had a answer on it and it's kind of surprising it's gotten the week off to a bit of a stumble. >> how are they going to sell the economy for the american people? >> go after mitt romney attack him. he doesn't have a plan goitsing to get worse under him. i think obama is going to time the george w. bush and we see
3:23 am
republicans trying to tie obama to jimmy carter. one term and that is it. >> he, i would think that what voters have to look at them sexes whether or not they think things have improved with president obama and whether or not they're not satisfied whether they think it will get better. >> that is the problem is that president obama urging patience. and we've seen wave elections. >> if a trend is encouraging you can be patient if you think it's a platt trend or should be better, then, it's hard to sell patience. >> yes. that is why jobs number report on friday is going to be important as well as friday before election day. >> well, i think the problem
3:24 am
is that we don't know what is going to happen with the tax. people aren't investing or doing anything. waiting to see what happens. and that is not happening to a lame duck when i think hurts the president. >> i think so. it doesn't help him. >> thank you. >> and coming up, republican rapid response team. what is that? taking you behind the scenes next. live coverage continues from charlotte. >> my favorite job is having a boss who gave the orderer to take out bin laden and cool with us getting gay married. so thank you invisible man in the chair for that.
3:25 am
3:26 am
3:27 am
our platform is crafted by democrats. but it is... not about partisanship. it's about pragmatism. it's not about left or right but moving america and our kmi forward. our platform and our president stand firm in the conviction that america must continue to
3:28 am
outbill, outinnovate and outeducate the world. >> this week may be democratic national conventions but republicans noticed and they're here, too and making their presence known what. thr they doing? jenkins gets the scoop. >> mr. chairman you've got quite an operation here, what is this? >> this is our rapid response team we have here at the nascar next to the hall of fame and nascar facility here, there is a full team to tell the truth about where we're at in this economy and tell the truth about barack obama and tell the facts about mitt romney and what we're going to do dichbly in this country. >> we're just blocks from the convention center. is it your thought that your team which is pretty big but small compared to down the street that you can beat them at this game? >> we're doing i rapid response is great. we've done maybe 15 interviews
3:29 am
today. just had 50 reporters in the back room that we can give a little tour of. that is what you need to do. we're fighting for the future of america that. means coming down to charlotte as republicans and going toe to toe with them. >> let's take a look. >> well, let's go. >> we did our press conference up here. and this allows us to hold daily press conferences here. we just got done doing one. 50 reporters here allows us to get into the story. >> part of this is being accessible in person so when reporters are writing for the day they think okay. hang on we've got republicans down the street. we're on the primt ter here they can come back biwe can get in the story so it's a very leel that we can be in the narrative that. is important. >> this is what we do our bookings and communications and research. it's all here. >> hi. >> how sflu.
3:30 am
>> is the boss working you hard? >> there you go. >> there is is working so hard, we need caffeine. >> okay. then, here you have all of our more booking work here making sure we're on every show, every paper, every publication has a response. >> checking out team. and got you working hard congressman? >> yes. this is our area here just a crack teamworking all day making sure that we're staying on message and we're monitoring what is going on out there. >> and now are you doing twitter? facebook? keeping track? >> yes. >> how much of it is moving media? >> there is a much -- want to talk about president obama had such a -- had a lot of steps with the media we're doing
3:31 am
better than democrats are in this social media and digital reach tu twitter verse and facebook but also just our communications and our rapid response through the internet and e mail. through all of this social media outlet wez have available to us. and it's a fact that you know you have to be able to reach multiple audiences through different ways. and we've got a group of text messages people text us and get our messaging through a text application. we can do video texting and communication all day long. >> and there are those doing that. >> and folks are working here. >> right. what has been the response from the democrats? to your operation? are they ignoring you? are they gauging you? because this is not i mean this isn't just a couple guys doing some running. >> right. what they're trying -- they haven't said a lot. i'm sure that it must mean this close to their operation
3:32 am
with one of the best venues in all of charlotte taken over by the republican national committee. it's aserious deal. and so... we're just trying to capitalize on the day. making sure we're doing our job and that we're communicating with the american people. >> are you keeping things for a surprise? i know you're releasing an ad. is there like every day we're going to have a new video and new ad. every day there is a new messageage but this is going come down to president obama's promises and what he delivered and the fact that mitt romney and paul ryan can help save this country with setting goals and meeting goals and hitting the met tres -- met tricks we need to hit in this count try pennsylvania congressman is a democrat, but he voted against obama care. he voted to hold eric holder in contempt. nights nice to see you. >> thank you. >> i'm curious. in the fact the chairman of the federal reserve says the
3:33 am
economy is not in a satisfactory posion, president gives himself an incomplete grade. you voted against your president on obama care and against administration on eric holder. why do you vote for president obama? >> there are things in the economy that are not where we would like them to be there are things that are better, gdp was minus in the first quarter of 2009. ever since then, it's been sitive. >> it's declining in last three quarters. four in december,. >> but it's still. >> down to 1.7. back in a downward. >> there is a trend going in the wrong direction again. >> but it's better than it was. >> better i'll give you that. >> is it's not where we want it to be. no one is claiming we're out of the woods. doi think he's done a good job
3:34 am
in navigating troubled waters. it hasn't worked properly but think that i thi we're heading in the right direction. >> is it soley on the basis of the economy he has your support? are there other reasons you think he's a better candidate? >> i think when we look back at president bush in a positive sense he kep us safe for eight yirs, president obama continue that's record but we killed osama bin laden. that is something president obama play aid big role in. >> you look at these polls and so we just had polls it showed high level of the dissatisfaction with the president deserves to be erected again. and do you expect the president to win? do you have a level of concern? >> i know he's going win the state of pennsylvania where i'm from.
3:35 am
not going do well in the direct i represent but he's g going to win the state. >> and the platform in this controversy about the democratic platform which in all fairness i didn't go after. and the only reason it's curious is because in prior years, it's been tlchl the fact that jerusalem is not there. >> there are party activists that make changes and i don't think people cross refr refrs -- reference everything in there. >> mayor booker says it's about moving america and economy forward so. mayor booker seems to say this is an important platt form.
3:36 am
it seems like there is a sense of well that is just a platform people. >> well, platform people have put together a focus on the economy. yes, focusing on social issues like immigration and by and larnl focuses on the economy. you talk about what is missing but it's done on the basis every four years you reevaluate policies. this word was used multiple times and i don't think that is the issue. issue is the economy. >> congressman, nice to see you coming up, convention first, what was it? who was it? next on the record continues live from charlotte, north carolina. >> he's the same man who started his career turning down high paying jobs and working where a steel plant is
3:37 am
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quebec's newly elected premiere was delivering a victory speech. security moved in to rush pauline from the stage. it is unclear if she was the target. she is the leader of a party which favors separating the french speaking province of quebec from canada. reports say one person was killed and another was wounded, and the alleged shooter is now in custody. firefighters say it could take a week to fully control a massive wildfire in southern california. the fire burning for three days now in the san gabriel mountains east of los angeles. 3600 acres have burned. the terrain and warm temperatures there making it tough to fight that fire. the lack of wind keeping the flames from moving toward the l.a. suburbs. the fire close to 25% contained. now back to "on the record" and i will see you at 5:00 a.m. latino vote, republicans sure want it. go to -- so do democrats.
3:41 am
parties going out to support the latino vote. and tonight the first latino key note speaker ever at a democratic convention. >> it doesn't cut education, transportation and cut job training it doesn't just pummel the middle class, it dismantles it, dismantle what's generations before have built to ensure everybody can enter and stay in the middle class. mitt romney says no. when it come tz respecting womens rights, mitt romney says no. when it comes to letting people love who they love and marry who they want to marry, mitt romney says no. when it comes to access to good health care, mitt romney says no. actually,... actually...
3:42 am
actually... mitt romney said yes. now, he says... >> owe no. >> governor romney has undergone a makeover. and it ain't pretty. here is what we're going say in november. we're going to say... no! >> and this is a battle of hispanics in this convention. >> absolutely. i got a lot of buzz about this guy sounds like marco rubio. and they spoke last week, both are young up and coming and there is also last week we had
3:43 am
ted cruise and governor martinez of course we're just getting started here in charlotte with more hispanics shining here and getting star roles here. both want that vote. >> no question about it. there is they're going to try to go after that vote and heard jeb bush say you can't just occasionally say hola. have you to govern with them and work with the community to try to get this support. and most would say democrats are faring better but it's an area both parties want to have a part in. >> democrats had the latino vote by commanding numbers. what is interesting is that polls on air is that there are
3:44 am
lots of -- latinos are conservative. they're not voting conservative but democrat z interesting is that governor martinez said, i think she used the word damn she went to a launch with democrats and talked issues and she goes damn i'm a republican or something like that. so those two things that there is a huge hispanic population that will vote republican. numbers don't show that so far. >> right and he talks about picking yourselves up by your boot straps which is something people come here planning to do. so a lot vote on pocketbook issues. so they feel like one part yes or another may be better because they're a family trying to live the concern dream. >> it's sure is tun to watch tonight. we can see both, i mean they, the speeches were inspiring
3:45 am
and fun. they are both great speeches to listen to. >> that is right. senator rubio talked about his father working in the back of the room so he can be up front and speaking. mayor castro had a line about his grandmother, i believe pushing a mop so he can hold a microphone. powerful. >> remember the speech for so i think we'll see those two men beyond just another night. thank you for staying up so late. >> thank you. >> coming up they're back. president bill clinton tomorrow night. tonight, he will not show the obama campaign his speech. what is up with that? on the record is live this week from charlotte. >> we need to have a special moment in history. the cold war is over. and our values, freedom, and
3:46 am
individual rights and free enterprise triumphed around the world. just as we have won the cold war abroad we're losing battles for economic opportunity and social justice here at home. now that we have changed world it's time to change america.
3:47 am
3:48 am
3:49 am
there is a from greta what are your thoughts in the convention?
3:50 am
>> obama should be reelected. >> and now, that was the world's shortest interview that took lace right here at the democratic national convention. it's just getting started. here is a look at speakers from night number one. >> there is no blueprint for how to manual for fixing a great recession and two wars at the same time. believe me, if it exited, boy have found it. each crisis was so deep. and so dangerous. and any one of them would have defined another presidency. we face a generation moment in american histry. fortunately fr us we have a once in a generation president. four years ago, america stood on the brink of a depression despite odds, and united
3:51 am
republican opposition. our president took action. and now... we see 4.5 million new jobs. he knows better than anyone there is more hard work to do. but we're making progress. now... we need to make a choice. and to me, to my generation for all again raigs still to come our choice is cheer clear. a man who has chosen us and who is our president. barack obama. >> my daughters are still the heart of my heart. and the center of my world. but let me tell you today i have none of those worries from four years ago. no. not about whether barack and i were doing what was best for our girls because today, i know from experience, that if i truly want to leave a better world for my daughters and for
3:52 am
all of our sons and daughters if we want to give all of our children a foundation for dreams, and an opportunity worthy of their promise, if we want to give them that sense of limitless possibility their belief here in america there is always something better out there if you're willing to work for it then we must work like never before. and we must once again come together. and stand together for the man we can trust. to keep pufing the great country forward. my husband, our president, barack obama. thank you. god bless you. god bless america.
3:53 am
>> and our political panel is back. tomorrow night, big night. >> it's exciting and i think there are some testimonies who are a little nervous, they're always mervus when bill clinton starts talking. you know, earlier we had moments where he seemed to go m somewhat off message and made a reverence to mitt romney's sterling business career and i really think there is not that much reason for concern when he has to deliver big speeches and i think he nailed it. i talked to democrats said what you should expect is not red meat. it's a clinical case of the choice for democrats right now. it's similar to those this advertisement clinton film that had said people may have seen. this is saying if you want to go back to the bush era economy, you can go for mitt
3:54 am
romney. >> and i do think if the past is an indicator bill clinton makes a case for reelection better than obama does. >> he does do that analysis. and how to get the through the suffering people lpsz and does it in a more compelling way. >> he's going to relish this moment. president obama is coming to him and saying i need to you help me. i need to you make... >> it's like saying come on, dad, help me. >> i think they're happen yes to play that role given the history had with barack obama n ways his legacy is complicated by whatever the obama legacy is going to be. and a segment had trouble with the past. i think this is a democrats saying you tell us how to tell the story of where obama deserves reelection. we're having trouble getting
3:55 am
there. >> there is a real irony out there. obama's early campaign is primmised on the idea the clinton era was a let down. and you know we have to aim higher and do more, now he's saying bill gork out and tell everyone how good it was when you're president and how i'm going to make it like that again. so this is to years ago today. >> this is a job record so much better and people have gotten over their bad memories, he polls well... and those of us who thought he should have been impeached are softening on the guy. >> there is no secret and he's
3:56 am
got to make the case that president thinks about. >> and he the president obama is in a better place. and if you're not wild about the person. >> you lose what the president talks about for making the case, he's running on the clinton economy on the 1909 far more than the last four years, that is a guy looking at his own legacy. >> and if i were running against him, i'd play the tape ask say why do you have to pull in president clinton to talk about the president clinton years? >> i think it's a legitimate question. let's not talk about what happened you know in 1993 and 1997. let's talk about what happened last four years, he's looking back through policies and gentlemen, thank you and thank you for being with us tonight.
3:57 am
and staying up so late. we'll see you again tomorrow night, back live from democratic national convention, a great hour, our special time, right now, make sure you go to greta good night from charlotte, income nrk. we'll see you tomorrow fight. don't forget, 11:30, coffee.
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