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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 19, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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i walk in the studio and he said. karoke. >> gretchen: that's right. >> good job. >> it would be nice to let gretchen do it >> unbelievable. >> achula. and i need the mike. >> we'll see you tomorrow . "fox and friends" starts right now. >> she just wants to play the game. >> gretchen: good morning, today is wednesday. it is september 19th, 2012 and i am gretchen carlson. thank you for sharing our day. we have dualing videos shaking up the race to the white house it is president obama's turn to be haunted by an old tape. >> at a certain level to make sure everybody has a shot. >> and so will the truth hurt
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both cand dates or define the race. you decide and i have a hot mike. >> steve: change in the white house. change in story. could the administration be ready to admit they were wrong and terrorist planned the attack on our consulate in libya? >> brian: > steve: oh, , e inhumanit i. >> i thought that scammled thing was korea and it hit me what it was. i was going to have one moment when it was scrambled. he knows everything.
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he knows a little bit. >> and the other thing you can never get a job with the good man people because you work on family if you ed. he could never work on jeopardy and wheel of fortune. >> he knows everything about everything. >> he knows everything. >> everyone has different tacks. >> there are two hidden tapes that are providing much information. >> not hidden anymore. >> it is great. you might not have seen it before. the other one you are seeing everywhere. >> we'll do the head lines first. anti-american demonstration in. protestors broke through a barricade throwing bricks. several people were injured .
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angry protestors tried to storm the u.s. consulate chanting death to america . it is a familiar chant these days it is not the first time the consulate was under attack. 350,000 chicago students are heading back to school this morning. the chicago's teacher's union back in the class. >> it is exciting and let's get going. >> the new deal gives teachers a 7 percent raise and they fought off the new esystem . but they will have to work longer days. children in kindergarten will get two and half more years of instruction by the time they graduate. police in arizona will enforce a key part of the immigration
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law . the judge will be allowing officers to inspect the papers of those they suspect are here illegally. president obama making a shop on the late show and he talked about libya and politics and beer that he brews in the white house. >> is that legal? >> i don't know. we started making it and then somebody said do we need a license for this? and now we got a little operation going there and you know, if the presidency thing doesn't work out. you know. got a microbrewery thing going on. >> the president was in new york city for fund raiser. one in j-z's night club. >> they have to be careful
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with the permits. kids can't have lemonade without license. i can't imagine a brewery. >> i don't see eric holder knocking on his door. yesterday at this time we told you about a video that came back to haunt mitt romney. it was taken back in may. >> it is haunting him. >> he talked about how half of the country is not paying taxes now comes to light a 1998 conference where then just a local politician by the name of barak obama made it clear. government doesn't work and listen, you will hear the sound bite. i believe in redistribution which is extraordinary. listen. >> i think the trick is figuring out how to structure government system that pool
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resources and hence facilitates redistribution. i believe in redistribution at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody's depot a shot. >> we heard him say it three and half years ago in the campaign with joe the plumber. >> not in so many words. >> it is the process. the people are hearing this. he said it twice at least on tape. this is part of his philosophy. it is up to the people to decoid if they like it or don't. >> you get the same feeling and spirit. you didn't build that and if you are rich and successful and not just because you are smart all . statements electified the whole process and then you realize it was there in 1998. he is composed for a state senator talking about inner
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city politics and how talented he is. mitt romney tapes that came out. they were taken through a cell phone camera and showed mitt romney talking to a bunch much supporters who paid $50,000 to ta to them. i never written that size check to go to those event. you want to hear something extra besides a stump speech. i essentially don't believe that 47 percent of the count row will vote for me. they will vote for president obama because he is -- the country that is not paying taxes. he talked about neal cavuto. >> first he responded to the president's new tape. >> the idea that redistributing. i know there are some people in our count row that want a government take from some to
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give to others and they would be on the receiving end of that and feel it makes sense . i believe instead the role of government to help people who needs help. that's why we have a safety net. and then government gets out away. and allows people to build enterprizes and they hire other people and rope the rewards. >> and now the audio tape from 1998 where bark obama talked about how he believe necessary redistribution the gop is pushing that out. well, he was saying that back then. clearly this is a certain that he his socialistic tendency at times when he talks about spreading it all around. that's what he feels. in washington a gaffe when someone tells the truth. and same thing as mitt romney
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did. thos what rush lim bah. >> we reach a tipping point. have we reached the tips point where more people are comfortable being cared for than they are providing for themselves . we all fored or thought that this election would give us the answer to this question. >> it is not in my mind these are not gaffes. >> they are real. >> this is how they feel and these two tapes and what they say in them is what the election is about. move up the debates two weeks from today. this is what it should be about. one mans point of view and another man's point of view and ther opposite when it comes to running business in the country and redistribution of wealth or free enterprizes. let's get to it >> by the way trump said the governor should
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not apologize and steven hayes said this is opportunity for the governor romney if he takes advantage to further define. i thought john put it best. 47 percent won't vote for romney but not fren percent don't pay taxes. but not the military. seniors don't pay taxes. that doesn't fit in the type of people who will not vote for mitt romney. he has to pair it out and if you are a senior or veteran he should be trying to get your vote. >> so now two tapes out there. we have mitt romney from the past may and barak obama from 1998 talking about redistribution. on most channels you don't hear both. we played mitt romney yesterday and obama today.
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not like mitt romney hits the fan. >> we'll hear them both. hopefully people will be watching. let's talk about the other topic that is going on. guess what is in the back burner and foreign policy. the white house is getting asked questions. i am glad they were pressed about the libya story. remember on sunday, u.s. ambassador susan rice said the episode in libya was not a terrorist attack and not planned and part of an uprising about the videotape and spontanous was the word she used. jay carner yesterday was pressed on whether or not they are still sticking to that story. >> based on the initial information and that includes all information, we saw no evidence to back up claims by others that this was a preplanned or premeditated
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attack. there is an ongoing investigation and the fbi is investigating and that will follow the facts where ever they lead. >> as of monday they were not on the ground because the conditions were too tense. i think it is fair to point out i am a genuous. i didn't have any problem that governor mitt romney said we should not be apologizing for a video after they attack the embassy. you know that president obama lost five points and gall up and the daily tracking poll before the 47 percent came out as well as rassmussen has it back to a one point since the twen embassies got hit. >> the president had a post convention bounce and it went up in flames. >> and the oh, my gosh.
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are you going out to get another green tree for me. it was good celery, thanks. coming up on "fox and friends". remember when the dnc honored thet haves by showing russian war ships. see anything about the airplanes that is not so american. favorite tv shows asked to promote obama care and guess who is paying for it. stewart varney is here to explain that. ♪ hey now. ♪ get your game on. ♪ hey now. you are a rock star . ♪ all that glitters is gold. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way, right? lady, i just drive the truck.
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>> gretchen: 16 minutes after the top. hour. obama care may be ready for prime time in california. according to the new york times they are spending big bucks to plant favorable mess annuals in the favorite tv show. stewart varney is here to explain . >> greetings. >> gretchen: a lot of people say taxpayer money in california to go promote message of obama care inside of sit coms, how can that be? >> they want favorable publicity. california is setting up the health care exchanges and paid a million to a public relations company to push obama care and favorable messaging of obama care in the mass media. they want to promote and place obama care in a favorable light in shows like grey's
6:18 am
anatomy or modern family, our taxpayer money is going to a public relations money which is pushing a policy in the mass media. >> gretchen: what would we see? say we are watching grey's? they will say. >> they will say how about that health care thing. i got coverage. that is enough. >> gretchen: it will be like in the older days and they would put pop corn and diet coke in the messaging while you are watching and you wanted pop corn. >> this is placing a product in a favorable light. it is not coke or pop corn, it is it a political policy and that makes me so wrong . >> gretchen: they are doing it under the guise of exchanges and how they can say they use taxpayer. >> all states had to set up
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exchanges. that's how you will get the coverage. it is set up by each state. california is setting up its exchange and wants favorable coverage of obama care. it wants to present the exchanges and health care reform in a favorable light. it is using taxpayer money to put that out watch out, here comes a reality show it would be based on people who don't have health care coverage. >> gretchen: seriously? >> yes, under obama care they would . and the trimes and trib eulogies and suffering of people without health care and made into a reality show and makes obama look good. you will get health care. >> gretchen: here is a statement from the california health benefit ex. they are reviewing and evaluating to reach the californians and no
6:20 am
educational efforts under consideration . >> gretchen: nothing to do with a reality show. our show at 9:00. >> not a reality show. >> gretchen: huge blow to your rights as partners. a mother hauled off to jail when letting her children play unsupervised. and people shouldn't vote for hatch because he might die in office? ♪ can you tell me that some day we'll all be blue. that will be the day when you say goodbye. ♪ that will be the day when you made me cry. ♪ you say you are going to leave and you know it is a lie, ♪ because that will be the day when i die. it'sacked with 21 vitamins and minerals and protein
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>> steve: quick head lines for you on this wednesday morning. orrin hatch democratic republican warn utah voters not to elect the republican because he might die. they call scott howell's commens outrageous and offensive and first russian war ships and now planes are not american either. they are turbish. they were shown in the democratic national convention while a navy four star paid tribute to vet rans. >> is there a doctor in the house mr. kilmeade? >> brian: i was staring at the fighter jets. it is too late when we find out that we have them.
6:25 am
ovarian cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. they admit our screening techniques are not saving lives. >> all of the approaches used to develop early detection has been with the idea of finding proteins that are present in the ovaries and they will find that maybe only partial truth. >> brian: so how can people find out if they are at risk. we'll ask the doctor at the university and part of the folks medical a-team. manage else when we look for ovarian cancer. >> early detection and both ovarian cancer and prostate cancer are a-symptomatic. and the doctor said we have to
6:26 am
look for abnormal proteins and look beyond the ovary. a lot of the time cancer originates in different parts of the reproductive tract. he is on to something. he thinks we should look in the blood for ovarian cancer. for prostate cancer we have a tool and we shouldn't do the prostate because it is leading to too many biopsies and surgery. since we used it. death has gone down 50 percent. and let's hear from our own dr. somati who is a top prostate surgery about what he thinks of the psa. >> the truth it psa is not the best test but that is all we have. we have the same issue with mammogram and colon oskopje.
6:27 am
it has reduced mortality based on all of our data that exists. the truth is we need to have that information without the psa screening. you are going to see more and more men die. >> they are worried about money. they think surgery is unnecessary. and if they feel it is not accurate enough they look at the price. >> but the psa is cheap. it saves money and tells you, you might have a problem with the prostate and i send a patient who doesn't do surgery right away. and you might follow a trend or look at mri. and more and more imaging and if you need surgery. key is to give it while you are localized. it is unbelievable. you can get in there and get it out without blood loss and then you are looking at a cure. if you are a young man and
6:28 am
looking at a life time of a cancer problem, chances was a cure. >> and the other one we have. dr. mark seagal. thank you. >> eric holder justice department working with a liberal media outlet. e-mail to prove it and media attacking mitt romney for these comments. 47 percent of the people who vote for the president no matter what. fren percent who are with him. who depend on government and believe they are victims and believe that the government has a responsibility to take care of them. >> was he just telling the truth? here next to talk about. q. first happy birthday to tryst an. she is 48 years old and she is not old. ♪ ine n if they have.
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style and california life guards getting on the latest craze started in south korea and the video just got them fire the city not happy they used the pool and uniforms and life guards are fighting to get their jobs back. a petition on line all over the globe. >> brian: the gsa call they have no problem. there is no smoking clown. >> gretchen: we cut it off before. it doesn't seem like there is it a person in the pool and >> steve: if you are a life guard there is no one to save. >> brian: they might as well rub each other >> gretchen: i knew it was going down fast. >> brian: did you see the last shot they were putting protection . >> steve: yes, they were.
6:34 am
>> gretchen: oh, my gosh. after you say things like that it is always my turn to read. >> brian: let's just pause. >> gretchen: routers reporting that france will close embassy in 20 countries because was a babbing lash of a cartoon dipecting the prophet mohamed. french officials are increasing the security at the embassies. >> steve: a group trying to take down the fox new channel it is true . the dailer caller file would a freedom of information request and that revealed e-mail collaborating with media matters on story to slam critics was obama if the fast and furious. eric holder is aware of the collaboration. >> brian: it is getting
6:35 am
together with media matters which is tax exempt left wing political organization to create so-called news that would not exist. i believe eric holder is aware of the coverage and she is doing that at his direction. >> steve: is that ethicical. the department of the justice declined to comment. >> brian: plus size mri machines. number of obese americans the demand for larger machines is growing. and ther developing scans that would have up to the doses of radiation in order to fit overweight americans. 28 percent of the americans are obese up from less than 20 percent 15 years ago. >> gretchen: a texas mom spends the night in jail after her children were playing outside . tamy scooter said they were
6:36 am
riding scooters unsupervised. she got the charges drop and now suing for $7000 in damages. >> steve: meanwhile, the main stream media launched an all aught assault for mitt romney. fren percent of the people rote for the president no matter what. they are with him and they are depending on government and believe they are victims and government has a responsibility to care for them. >> brian: the government admits he was speaking off of the cuff. >> gretchen: but he stands by what he said. that too many americans depend on the federal government. >> the right course for america the government steps in to help those in need. we are a compassionate people. but we believe in free people and free enterprizes and not redistribution.
6:37 am
the right growth for america is create growth and not redistribute. >> gretchen: he is a fox news contributor in the new book screwed and dubs for president. >> my dog is running for president. >> gretchen: i saw that. >> the hidden fren percent gets fine as long as there is tennis ball included. >> gretchen: how does the fren percent hurtful to mitt romney or can he explain his way past it? >> a friend sent me a excerpt from the army tactics manual and said when you were ambush turn toward the ambush and return the fire most of the time when you are ambushed you want to run away and caught and hurt. but they say turn toward the fire and return. q. that's what mitt romney needs to do.
6:38 am
everything he said was accurate. he's right. i mean he's a little bit wrong statistically. fren percent of the country gets the checks. but 17 percent get social security or medicare and veterans benefits which they earned and 30 percent get entitlement tests based on food statches and welfare and subsidized house that sort of thing and medicaid and i believe that he's right. we are becoming a country of two. taxpayers which is 50 percent and tax eaters. and i think his point is well take yen the media loves to play the game of gotcha. there is no gotcha. first he said correctly the palestinians don't have an economy and don't work at their income. they sit back and wait for un
6:39 am
welfare payments. second one when he said that they were burning our embassy in syria ask they -- and they were doing it not because of a movie but because of america weakness and this is the third one. and the media said he will lose in the polls and get killed by it and each time the american people said wait a minute, he told the truth. i think that's what is happening here. >> steve: we just played the sound bite where he talked about redistribution and if people don't get what he was talk being -- talking about there. the video got the red font on where barak obama in 1998 when he was a state senator said i actually believe in redistribution. mitt romney got i lot of play. it will be interesting to see how much main stream media plays redistribution. >> his comment to joe the
6:40 am
plumber it wouldn't hurt to spread the wealth around. i think mitt romney should have made it a main stay of the campaign. he needs to turn boo it and return the fire and make it a major issue in the campaign and he will win over that issue. everybody knows it is it the truth. >> brian: he began to do that. >> i loved his response brian. he turned boo the fire and fought it and there is one other thing. the media is trying to sound the idea that romney got buried. that was true on wednesday and thursday but not now. gall up has him back to one behind and rassmussen has him two ahead. i think the libya situation and the arab situation is killing obama and i think this quote is going to help romney and not hurt him. >> gretchen: it is interesting to see . people are waiting for the debates and these will be the
6:41 am
central issues. and free enterprizes argument and ther different. dick morris. good to see you this morning. see you next week soon. >> brian: coming up. curtain coming down on the father/daughter dance in one school because it discrimsinates? thank goodness it is tame. ♪ [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil® for their headaches. my name is sunshine and i have three beautiful girls. i like taking advil® for a headache.
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6:45 am
after the top of the hour. parsts of the east coast under flood warnings and following a wild round of storms and an 21 lewis is there this morning . hey. >> gretchen good morning . we moved our live shot from when woo last checked in with you. this is a telephone pole. mother nature caused it to bend. look what she did behind us. look at this tree that is detached from the man. and by our guess sen or eight wires. you talk about the wild weather it was crazy. crews will have their job to work out in that sight. a number ofs are blocked because of situations like >> crazy weather day yesterday.
6:46 am
let's go over to steve . >> steve: oh, yeah, here they come. well, no father/daughter dance in one rhode island high school. it has been cancelled thanks to the aclu. they say the school discriminated against single parents. shawn joins us from providence. good morning. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: i am doing. this started when your wife was told she would not be able to attend the mother-son dance with your 7 year old. >> that's correct. at the open house. >> steve: why is that? i went to all of my kids father-daughter dances and my wife t the mother-son dances. why can't they have them up there? >> i guess there was a mother in a different school that decided to file a complaint
6:47 am
because her daughter didn't have a male figure in her life which was followed up by having our local aclu sen a letter to our school district and threatening a lawsuit saying we are in violation of the law and this follow would another victory by the aclu in my school system where the controversial prayer banner. >> steve: i got you. and there was a number of children in the classes and they had an aunt or neighbor or somebody else essentially stand in for them. why isn't that a possibility? >> that is it a possibility. i think it is it the local aclu kind of bullying our school system. you know, we are denying our families and kids the opportunity where it was a simple remedy that our general law needs an amendment to
6:48 am
reflect title 9 and i stepped in and researched all of this and came up with a solution and hopefully will fix it at the same time aclu in rhode island is taking advantage of communities like mine that done have a lot of cash on hand. >> steve: the aclu said this type much gender stereo typing is cron contrary to federal law yet, shawn, we both know that on a federal level, there is that thing that you mentioned title nine exempts boy scouts and exempt father/daughter dances and you have a law on the books and if you are elected you will get rid of that law. >> yes, i contacted the leadership in the general assembly and once it reconvenes, there will be an amendment submitted. 92 we'll look at you and your
6:49 am
beautiful family and find out whether they will be able to do it in cranston rhode island in the future. shawn, thank you for yoining us. >> thank you. >> steve: what do you think about that e-mail us at folks and hate to pay parking tickets. what if you owe $3000 worth for your government official. the wolf migrated from the control room to the studio and brought. we have friends . "fox and friends". ♪ you make my heart sing. ♪ you make everything groovey. ♪ wild thing.
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>> >> brian: host of nat wild. casey son son is usually out in the animals. but he has a different course today>> gretchen:. now you can get closer with the video game nat geo tv. and he joins yus brought along frinds. >> good morning, this is it canyon a golden eagle. they use these birs as scouts. they have incredible eye sight and they can see a bird or carcass and i woop down and follow them. >> how do you follow them. eye sight. >> you don't use a drone. >> no, they are like nature's drone.
6:54 am
>> steve: we heard the eagle was becoming extinct and no longer in >> no, through awareness with the interactive television we are inspiring kid families to care about the wild. you can fall in love with the animals. >> steve: you have a couple and bring in ashley the bear. what does an eagle eat in >> whatever they want. they are super predators. >> gretchen: this bear looks cute and cuddly. >> she is born literally that big. >> brian: about the size of a panda. >> they are tiny and they are curious. >> steve: he was born in january . >> they are always better than nothe den. >> steve: we had two of those in the back yard and the police came to watch. all they want is something to eat.
6:55 am
>> absolutely and part of that is doing the right thing out there. if you put your garbage away they will not get in trouble. we are trying to teach, we can live in harmony with animal there is ways to do it and we are teaching them how to do that. >> gretchen: anything sweet and berries that is starkly different from the favorite food of the gray wolf. raw meat. >> steve: i like the way none of them cross their trails. that is strategic. >> they are wild an mams and they derve to be in the wild and they are not because people don't understand them. >> you know why that critter is dangerous. >> they are essential for the eco system and they are great
6:56 am
hunting machines. he is nervous. >> like i said they deserve to be in the wild and awareness. we teach awareness. >> brian: red riding hood and the fable cost the wolf a lot of popularity. >> you hear about the big bad wolf . and the tail is between the wolf's leg. >> that means she is unsure and she see showing that. >> why do you feel concerned. >> steve: one of your best frens is a bear named brut us. >> casey anderson host producer of nat geo wild and america the wild and new game called kinect. how do we get it >> it is more than a game.
6:57 am
it is cool interactive television. >> steve: thank you, casey. >> gretchen: you are about to see the space shuttle endevor. and we'll be live >> brian: president's latest celebrity barb a champagne tower and don't expect those pictures to show up on the white house website. there was no videos allowed. mornings aren't alwayserfect. that's why i give them carnationreakfast essentials. it'sacked with 21 vitamins and minerals and protein so kids get the nutrition they need to start the day right.
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, september 19, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us today. the best way to create wealth is to spread it around? >> actually i believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody has got a shot. >> gretchen: that was president obama before he was president. now mitt romney firing back late last night. we will tell you what the counterpunch was. >> brian: the white house said it was a spontaneous attack that left four americans dead, including or ambassador. now they're leaving the door
7:01 am
open to change in that story. that story is coming up next. >> steve: and for one last time, a nasa space shuttle will take to the air. endeavor making its final voyage across america. with that, the end of an era. "fox & friends," hour two for wednesday, starts right now. >> you're watching "fox & friends." that's the great way to begin your day. >> steve: thank you, don king. good morning. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. hope you're begun have a great middle of the weekday. we have a fox news alert. in minutes, endeavor will take off from the kennedy space center for its final flight. steve harrigan is watching for us in miami. good morning. >> some amazing pictures coming from nasa tv as we begin to see the space shuttle endeavor taxi out onto the runway. it's not going to be doing the flying today. it will be bolted on a modified 747. this will be its last flight
7:02 am
after two decades of service. it's really a tribute to the space shuttle program and to endeavor. it's going to be nighing low over several nasa sites, stopping for a day in houston and then making its way out to los angeles international airport. once there, another remark annual technological feat. it will move on the ground. this space shuttle is the size of a five story building. it will be moved through congested parts of los angeles to its final resting place in the california science center where it will be part of a museum. so moving it on the ground 170,000-pound object through a city will be quite a site. they've been making preparations, moving street lamps, telephone poles, electric wires to get this ready. it's the youngest of the five space worthy shuttles. it was built after the challenger. it served 123 million miles in flights examine really means -- and really means a lot to the people along florida's coast examine come to see it on its
7:03 am
final voyage. >> gretchen: steve harrigan live in florida. we'll keep an eye on it. >> steve: steve, i got a question, can it make the trip all the way out to los angeles without refueling or do they have to do that? >> they are going to stop in el paso for refueling. they're going to fly low over stennis air force base in mississippi. flying low over scenic sights in california. this will be a great photo op for a lot of people who follow its progress. >> steve: really cool. it looks like it's about to take off. >> brian: thanks, steve. we'll talk to you again. >> thank you. >> gretchen: other headlines, 350,000 students doing something they haven't done in a week. yeah, they're going to school today. the chicago teachers union voting to suspend the strike after seven days on the picket line and parents are celebrating >> i think this is fantastic. well overdue and i'm excited
7:04 am
about it and let's get going. >> gretchen: it gives teachers a 7% raise over the next throw years. they also fought off the more stringent requirements in the new evaluation system that they will have to work longer days. children who enter kindergarten will get 2 1/2 more years. cops can enforce a part of an immigration law. it allows officers to question the immigration status of those they suspect are in the country illegally. it was on hold while the obama administration examine other challenges -- and other challenges wound their way throughout lower courts. the coast guard ending the search for a woman who fell off of a cruise ship. cameras caught the incident on sunday night just east of fort lauderdale. the 21-year-old from tennessee was traveling with her mom on royal caribbean's allure of the seas when she fell into the atlantic ocean. the coast guard searched more than 2300 miles before calling off the search.
7:05 am
don't mess with the man and his dog. 66-year-old steve's dog was in the villages in fellow when a alligator grabbed him and took off into the water. he says he didn't think twice about diving in after his dog. >> i got ahold of her back left foot with my left hand and i got my arm around the gator's tail and we were all underwater. >> steve: what? >> gretchen: he used every ounce of energy and able to escape. both needed a few stitches. the gator was caught by a trapper so it's no longer a threat. those are your headlines. >> brian: that's one of the dangers of living in florida. you always got the gator watch happening. >> steve: the villages, america's happiest hometown. yesterday we told but a video that came out late the night before where mitt romney is talking to some people at the home of a hedge funder in boca a
7:06 am
couple of months ago where he said essentially half the country doesn't pay taxes, so they're not going to be listening to his message on taxes so he can't count on them voting for him. was it a coincidence that same day there was this video leaked from back in 1998 when barak obama was in a state senator, this was at loyola in chicago, where he makes it very clear that he believes in redistribution of wealth. we haven't heard this before. here it is. >> i think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pull resources and, hence, facilitate some redistribution because i actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody's got a shot. >> gretchen: so this is back in 1998, 14 years ago. we did hear lot of this with joe the plumber. this was one of the game changing moments in the campaign
7:07 am
in 2008 when barak obama, then candidate, went into the driveway of joe the plumber in ohio and they had that conversation that was picked up on tape. so it appears this is the ideology that president obama, when he wasn't president long ago, has held for all of these years. it's interesting because both campaigns now have these tapes, but you may not hear about the obama tape. only if you're watching fox news to hear about this sort of counter response now. in the meantime, mitt romney did respond to it last night in dallas. >> this idea that the president has a redistributing -- i know there are some people in our country who want to have a government take from some to give to the others. they'd like to be the others that are on the receiving end of that. and feel that a redistribution model makes sense. the president some years ago said he favors redistribution. i don't. i believe instead the role of government is to help those who need help. >> brian: he did mention in the -- he called on the release of all his tapes of the entire
7:08 am
event. he called on that yesterday. he said i take you took it out of context. we'll see. we'll hear more and more. he also weighed in on the palestinian situation and his father actually lived in mexico. but to go back, a lot of people don't believe him saying 47% of the people don't pay taxes aren't probably going to vote for him is not a gaffement it's somebody being candid about the reality because john mccain got 47% of the vote. and he senses the president starts with 47% of the vote. so the question is, could you make this a positive? i saw steven hayes last night say this is an opportunity to disseminate you believe from what the president believes and make it clear. pat buchanan with something similar with greta van susteren. >> can you have a system of society where there are far more tax consumers than there are taxpayers? john c. calhoun said that is the beginning of the end of a democratic republic and we are in the fail safe zone right now
7:09 am
and almost crossing that line. this is a great debate to have in the end of this campaign. barak obama is a drug dealer of welfare. he wants permanent dependency, in my judgment, of all these folks on the federal -- somehow getting benefit, benefits, benefits, and paying no taxes. >> steve: let's see what happens with the romney campaign going forward. by the way, yesterday on this program just like all the other channel, the number one story was the mitt romney tape. absolutely without a doubt. this morning, according to our producers in the control room, this morning on all the other channels, they're still talking about the mitt romney tape. they are not talking about the president's tape. talking about redistribution. >> gretchen: you have to -- >> steve: they have all of them out there, but only listening to us. >> gretchen: okay. so both campaigns have these tapes. you got to wonder if the mitt romney camp put out this tape now in response to the tape that came out about him. have they been holding on to it? a lot of people would argue, you've got to start firing back now. it would be interesting to know
7:10 am
the back story on that. are there more tapes that will be coming out? >> brian: the daily caller had it. i would say this, i don't think mitt romney should be in dallas and salt lake city. shouldn't be in the battle ground states? it doesn't think he is. i don't know what his planner is. let's talk about what's happening really around the world. basically on fire. you see our embassies hit, double figures now. it's not slowing down in pakistan, afghanistan, and throughout north africa. everyone's focus is on libya. what is the story there? 50-man commando attack with two separate waves. the administration is the only one on the planet who believes this wasn't planned. it was spontaneous. they are back off that a little bit. >> steve: jay carney said yesterday it might have been a preplanned attack, which flies in the face of the message that they had been beating that drum they had been beating so loudly, from the ambassador. >> brian: here is the biggest
7:11 am
story, bin laden is dead. if you see what's happening in north africa, 12 nations called to attack our embassies around the world using bin laden as a symbol, but not as the guy giving the go sign. you have to wonder where we're going in this war on terror and what they always told us from day one, this isn't about one guy. i think this narrative has got to change. we won the war on terror and bin laden is dead. i think that's in trouble. >> gretchen: did you know this stunning claim? jesus had a wife? huh? the stunning new artifact. we'll bring you that. >> brian: lucky lady. >> steve: that would change a lot. then mitt romney at the center of a political fire storm for suggesting that many obama supporters have an entitlement mentality. but isn't this exactly the kind of message he should be embracing? columnist mark stein, who is brilliant, a brilliant writer, says yes, he's here to talk to us coming up next.
7:12 am
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7:15 am
>> steve: fox news alert. we want to go back live to the ken do he space center -- kennedy space center in florida where the endeavor is about to take off. this will be the first leg of its final flight. it's headed today to houston. then to los angeles, on the top of that 747. it will be kept in a houstonar until mid october when it will make its way to its new home at the california space center. as we just heard from steve harrigan, once it lands at lax op friday, what they've done is they've had to cut down 400 trees in los angeles for the 400-mile trip to the museum and move back all sorts of phone poles and utility poles as well. >> gretchen: apparently the weather along the entire route looks great and it has been delayed two days thus far because of the weather. we'll keep our eyes on that for you. we're going to keep watching it now. >> steve: in particular, they were going to take off
7:16 am
yesterday, but as we reported, yesterday was a wild day of weather and it was quite strong down in florida as well yesterday. so the shuttle will wind up arriving in los angeles a day late because of yesterday's thunderstorms. >> gretchen: it's at the end of the tarmac now. cape canaveral, florida. let's listen in before it takes off. >> once again. >> carrier aircraft commander jeff, pilot bill rickey and flight engineers henry taylor,
7:17 am
gary ash, and larry la rose, about to embark on the final ferry flight from kennedy space center. >> one airborne, the shuttle carrier aircraft will make a
7:18 am
tour around the space coast at about an elevation of 1500 feet off the ground. flying 210 knots. it will be a majestic sight to see.
7:19 am
>> steve: we thought it would have taken off by now. we should point out that if it all goes as planned, it will go on public display at museum in los angeles at the ends of october and valley, and this is
7:20 am
cool, the ship will be exhibited upright attached to two actual solid rocket boosters and a giant replica of its external tank, all connected to a partial replica of a launch tower, that is if they ever get to los angeles and take off from florida. >> gretchen: see, they're going to make all these stops in between. it's going to be a three-day trip. so they'll make stops at stennis space center in mississippi examine assembly facility in new orleans, and it's going to fly low over fort lauderdale so people can see endeavor. it rolled out in california back in 1991 at a cost of $1.7 billion. some of the most high profile missions were flown by this shuttle covering 25 flights nearly 123 million miles. looks like a great day down there right now. obviously weather is not a condition as it was in the last couple of days why it didn't take off.
7:21 am
>> steve: weather was a big problem yesterday. that's why they couldn't take off. that why it will wind up in los angeles a day later. it will land at lax on friday. we heard from our correspondent in florida that this thing is going to stop by in el paso to do some refueling a little later. i believe a little later on today. >> brian: was that my toss? >> steve: no, not yet. >> gretchen: brian is waiting to do an interview. >> gretchen: the shuttles -- do shuttles have take off times? >> steve: it's right now. ladies and gentlemen, final takeoff for the space shuttle endeavor. let's listen in now. >> and we have first motion. the shuttle carrier aircraft and pace shuttle endeavor beginning to thunder down shuttle landing facility runway 15 heading to the southeast, taking to the skies for one last time from
7:22 am
kennedy space center. wheels up and officially 7:22 a.m. eastern daylight time, spite shuttle endeavor soaring atop nasa's shuttle carrier aircraft about to begin a 20-minute flyover of the space coast area.
7:23 am
the aircraft will remain about 1500 feet above the ground, turn toward the coast, conduct a flyover of kennedy space center, cape canaveral air force station, and then head south down the beach where onlookers are gathered. nasa television will cover this entire flyover as best we can. the shuttle carrier aircraft
7:24 am
will head south out of range of our cameras, but then come back for one final pass of the shuttle landing facility in 20 minutes. during this flyover, shuttle carrier aircraft will continue south along the beach toward patrick air force station -- or patrick air force base, and then turn inland and fly north over the -- >> gretchen: you've been watching the shuttle that will end up in california. it will make some stops in mississippi, new orleans, along the way we heard our reporter tell us that it's going to refuel in el paso, texas. what a beautiful shot. a lot of people down there watching it live and we bring it to you live here on the tv screen as well. >> steve: it sure is pretty. brian, over to you and a special
7:25 am
guest who has been waiting patiently. >> brian: fascinating. mark stein is here action author of "after america," it sole so well. mark, you are watching the space program here. we don't have a space program. this is a depressing shot. >> i got a whole section in there in my book on the space program. hard to imagine this country even going to the moon, putting a man on the moon anymore. we don't have -- we have nasa. what were they talking about? nasa television covering this. what's the point of having a nasa television? the head of nasa said in 2010 that the purpose of his agency now was to -- he'd be in charge with reaching out to muslim countries to make them feel good about their scientific achievements. so we can't put a man on the moon, but we can put a diverse outreach at riyadh. that's america. steve said he thought it was really cool that the thing is going to a museum or whatever. it's not cool. >> brian: it's depressing.
7:26 am
>> it's tragic. >> brian: let's talk about mitt romney. he made these remarks that we all heard and we're still talking about it. let's listen. >> brian: right now, according to the "wall street journal" poll, he's trailing by five points. these remarks came in the spring, can they hurt or help him? >> he phrased it badly, as he often does, because i just got off the boat. but as i understand the system you guys run here, you don't have a queen and a prime minister. you just got this one president guy who is going to be president -- >> brian: the only king we have.
7:27 am
>> so he should be trying to get as many of the 100% of americans as he can get. sew phrased it badly. but this is the greatish of our time of the adds pat buchanan said. and it is the other side of the space program's story. we no longer have a space program, but we have a massively expanded social security disability program in which healthy 52-year-olds have given all hope of finding work ever again. >> brian: you're saying this an opportunity of taking -- if taken correctly by governor romney, he should run with these remarks and make america examine what they want? >> yeah. a source of shame is that 50 million people in this country are on food stamps. and the idea that it's embarrassing because a guy is caught on tape talk being that. the embarrassment is that we don't have the guts to talk about that. my book basically says this country is sliding off the cliff. and if america votes to go off the cliff in november, that's the choice of a free people. but mitt romney owes us an
7:28 am
honest discussion of the choice in this election. >> brian: obviously he believes it. if he's caught on camera saying this, there is nothing on the prompter. here is an example. 49% of american households right now receive somebody in their house, receives some type of benefit from the federal government. in 1992, that number was 27%. >> exactly. and if you go back to when the space program launched, when john f. kennedy said let's put a man on the moon by the end of the decade, back then it was regarded as a stigma. if you were someone who didn't work, if you were someone who was on -- dependent on the government for support. now it's not. now it's routine. now a food stamp cart is like your mastercard or visa card that. is wrong. and it's killing. on the other side of the ocean, it's killing some of the oldest nation states in the world and it will kill us here, too, if we don't reverse it. >> brian: i had no problem, one of the few people had no problems with the remarks and the timing of the remarks after what happened in benghazi. we didn't know how many were
7:29 am
dead. but it seems like america agrees with me because the polling came out and niece a dead heat in -- he's in a dead heat in the gallup poll. >> i think you're right. that's the other side of the equation that when money drains, power drains. when you're broke, you lose control of your destiny. and the guys lighten up and running up the al-qaeda flag on burning u.s. embassy compound understand they have nothing to fear. this guy, mitt romney from the coverage in american newspapers, you would think he was already president, that he's somehow responsible for this and responsible for that. no, the guy is responsible is the fellow sitting in the white house. he's the president. american embassies are ablaze. nearly 50 million people on food stamps. this is the obama track record. that's what he hopes to be reelected on. >> brian: i think the american people saw it was out of proportion. i'm curious to see what they think this tape coming out. congratulations on your book. i'll talk to you on the radio. you can take your jacket and tie
7:30 am
off then. congratulations. the book is "after america, get ready for armageddon." next, eric holder's department of justice caught working with a liberal media outlet that target its critics. we got e-mails to prove it. plus the u.s. government has planned to deal with the $16 trillion debt, print more money. but what plan -- what plan will work for you? dave ramsey can't print money. he has an answer to that. but first, the endeavor's final flight, we're still watching it. we'll rewatch it as it takes off [ male announcer ] for the saver, and a big first step.
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hands-- a $29 value, free. call the number on your screen. [♪...] >> steve: welcome back. we told awe number of times about this far left attack dog blog called media matters for america. one of their main goals is to destroy fox news channel examine run us out of -- and run us off television. how is that working out so far? but now the daily caller has, through a freedom of information act, gotten their hands on some internal e-mail between the department of justice and media matters because apparently what they were doing is they were coordinating essentially propaganda between the department of justice and media
7:35 am
matters for the critics of the department of justice, you know, of eric holder, fast and furious, stuff like that. >> gretchen: the big part of the story here is that it's supposed to be a nonprofit organization, so it gets taxpayer money. so should it be in the tank for one political side? >> brian: shouldn't be calling the justice department for all of us. >> steve: it shouldn't be political or the left or the right. like the lady with the scales. tucker carlson says he runs daily caller. he says media matters is working with the d. o.j. and the top guy there, the attorney general, probably knows it. >> it is getting together with media matters, which is a tax exempt left wing political organization, to create so-called news that would not exist otherwise. by the way, i believe eric holder is aware of this. i think he's very aware of this press coverage examine i think she's doing this at his direction. >> steve: if you go to the daily caller site and see the e-mail,
7:36 am
you can see they clearly, the department of justice is coordinating messages against fox news channel, against darrell issa, members of congress, and even against members of the department of justice staff. is that ethical? i bet there is an investigation. >> gretchen: the rest of your headlines. onhatch's democratic opponent warning them not to reelect the six-term senator because he might die in office? senator hatch is 78 years old. scott howell, the opponent, 58. hatch's campaign manager is calling the comments outrageous examine offensive. >> brian: i think so. kentucky woman already in trouble for driving drunk, just landed extra time over a facebook post. police say 18-year-old paula asher was over the legal limit when she crashed into a car with four teen-agers inside. after the accident, she wrote about the d.u.i on facebook and added, l.o.l., abbreviation for laugh out loud.
7:37 am
parents of the teens saw the post and told the judge who sentenced asher to two days in jail and ordered her to delete the facebook page. she'll be back in court to face charges for the accident later this month. >> steve: a harvard professor unveiling this ancient 4th century piece of paper that reportedly quotes jesus referring to a wife whom he identifies as mary. but it may not be actual proof that jesus was married. >> this is an old story. it's probably a new find, but it doesn't really give us anything more except if someone wants to say that this fragment piece of paper is evidence, that would be new. >> steve: well, father mark aray says the paper shares similarities with gnostic gospels, which were the writings of an early sect of christians. >> gretchen: federal reserve chairman ben bernanke is printing more money to troy and
7:38 am
boost the economy. >> brian: since you can't print more money -- >> steve: check it out. >> brian: what can do you to dig yourselves out of debt? >> steve: personal finance expert and now a guy who is going to have a poseable action figure, dave ramsey joins us now. good morning to you. >> that's painful, guys. >> brian: we took a picture of you yesterday and we just put it up there. >> gretchen: you don't like being a super hero? >> steve: or a man in tights. >> gretchen: luckily we're only showing you the upper half of you. >> this is one of those moments i'm truly speechless. >> brian: i did not know we could print our own money. i've been doing that. >> that's a little scary, brian. we'll have to check out the copier in your basement. that's one way to get out of debt, i guess. actually it's not. it's not going to work. all they're trying to do is flood the market with monetary policy here in order to keep interest rates down because the fed is trying to do that to% artificially to get the economy
7:39 am
stimulated. how is it working for you so far? it hasn't. >> steve: exactly. since we can't print money ourselves, you got tips for getting out of debt. first, we'll put them up here, debt is not a financial tool. what do you mean by that? >> well, everybody seems to think there is good debt and i can use debt to move my life along. i can use debt to lift my business. i can use debt to do these things and it really hasn't. the bible is clear. proverbs says the borrower's slave to the lendser. if you've ever been in debt, you know that feeling. i've definitely been there and it's not a place i want to go. i've walked a bunch of people out of it. it doesn't lift you. the second thing is you need to act your wage. you've got to learn to live on less than you make. a concept obviously congress can't grasp. it just is completely out of control. this whole spending thing on america, on a personal level, on the business level, on the government level. wherever we go. we've got to stop doing this. many times in my life i tried to outearn my stupidity. i thought if i could make more money it would work out. and it doesn't!
7:40 am
you can't make enough money to start being stupid and for it to work out four. again, whether you're an individual or whether you're a government. and of course, then we use the debt snowball, paying your debts off smallest to largest to get people out of debt. >> gretchen: let's take e-mails. dave in california says we're browning in debt. do we stop paying so they'll give us a settlement or pay them off? good question. >> if you're able to pay your debts by taking an extra job, by selling some things, by cutting the cable off and getting your lifestyle down, you signed for this. moral and a legal obligation, you should pay your debts. if you're able to. if you're unable to, then yes, you've got to select which ones you can't pay, let them go into default, meaning i'm being a dead beat. i can't pay my bills. but you can't, then you got to work with them and try to do a settlement. >> brian: then from mickey in virginia says our second car is eating all of our savings. it's hard to survive with one car. we've considered renting them, but how can we get out of this
7:41 am
cycle? >> the old beater question of $1,000 or $1,500 car. sometimes you do have one that's completely dead. i mean, you've driven the thing all the way down into the ground. and the truth is, you could probably get another 1500 or $2,000 car for your second beater for right now cheaper than you can do the repairs. so you got to measure that out, look what the repairs really are. sometimes we get a little drama involve with the repairs 'cause they're a hassle and $200 feels like we spent $2 million and so we use that as emotional justification to buy a car we can't afford. >> steve: great advice. dave ramsey, or as we know you, super dave ramsey, thank you very much for joining us from nashville. >> thanks, guys. >> gretchen: coming up on the rundown, egyptians want americans executed for the recent riots, but they also want us possibly to release this known terrorist, the blind sheik. word the obama administration may be considering this? that's what peter johnson, jr. is going to say. he's coming up next.
7:42 am
>> brian: then hate paying parking ticket as soon as what if we told you you owe more than 300,000 bucks worth? for your government officials. >> steve: first, the aflac trivia question of the day, born in 1949, this british woman is best known as the world's first super model. who is she? e-mail us. if you're first, you win. [ giggling ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] ♪
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7:45 am
>> steve: guess what i've got? yep. news by the numbers. first, $367,000. that's how much money government workers racked up in tickets in washington, d.c nearly 2600 for running red lights. they've got those cameras. next, $280,000. that's what this 18-foot tall illuminated champagne tower cost at last night's new york city fund raiser for president obama. the ehave not was hosted by jz
7:46 am
and beyonce. that is something. and finally, 50,000, $54. that's the new average median household income in the united states, bringing it to the lowest level since 1995. gretch, over to you and peter johnson. >> gretchen: thanks very much. egyptian authorities are seek the death penalty now for seven christians living in the united states. for their part in producing that anti-islamic film that sparked violent protests across the middle east. so do you think that's harsh? well, then there is this, a conservative web site,, reports the u.s. state department could be currently in negotiations with the egyptians to transfer one of their citizens to terrorists back home. that man you've seen, known as the blind sheik, serving a life sentence for his part in the 1993 world trade center bombing. here with more is fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. >> hi. >> gretchen: so this is a claim by, fox has not been able to confirm this.
7:47 am
state department spokesperson was asked about it yesterday and she denied this transfer might be going on. >> denied. but president morsi raised this issue, president of egypt in the campaign before he became president. so there has been some talk, well, maybe a transfer, maybe an exchange based upon his ill health. he's got a life term in a federal prison examine all americans would be outraged by that. i was at world trade center bombing after the bombing when i was working for the mayor in 1993 and thank god there wasn't more loss. >> gretchen: are these two separate stories or is it an exchange? >> i brought them together because they appear to be two separate stories, but they appear to be part and parcel of the same type of foreign policy we have. we now have a situation where about 7 coptic christians and minister terry jones in florida have been charged in egypt, have been charged in egypt under
7:48 am
penalty of death with a bunch of crimes there. harming national unity, spreading false info, insulting islam and inciting sectarian strife. now the national prosecutor said there is a warrant for their arrest and that if they were arrested, they would be tried in egypt and subject to the death penalty. three of those folks are americans, including pastor jones. so what i say is have we created the seeds by which this occurred by nature of our foreign policy? i say it because the federal government continually points to this trailer as a cause of riots in the middle east. number two, by it becoming publicly known that general dempsey, the head of the joint chiefs of staff asked jones not to support this movie, are we encouraging this behavior and then finally, to give the public the impression that the producer
7:49 am
of this ridiculous and offensive movie or trailer was somehow under control of the authorities, as being rushed out bay bunch of police types, his head covered up, is somehow -- that somehow he had done something wrong legally in terms of making an offensive, stupid, ridiculous trailer or film, to give that impression to the middle east world, that's wrong. so have we sowed the seeds of our own prosecutions? it's outrageous on the face of it, that people in america would be prosecuted in egypt more making a movie no matter how offensive the movie and then be subject to the death penalty in egypt? when you put these two stories together, even giving consideration to allowing the blind sheik to return home to egypt after being part of that terror which was the runup to 9-11 and then at the same time have americans subject to the
7:50 am
death penalty in egypt for making a movie in the united states, it shows how topsy turvy the world has become and how, unfortunately, in effect of our foreign policy is at this point. >> gretchen: and just to reiterate, the state department says that there is no truth to that. >> they deny it totally. >> gretchen: peter johnson, jr., have a from day. >> good to see you. >> gretchen: coming up, are you obsessed with your favorite celebrity, follow their every move? is that normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow is on deck to answer your e-mails. first, on this day in history in 1981, the number one song was "endless love" by diana ross and lionel richie. begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8.
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7:53 am
>> steve: world's first super model, lesley lawson. you know her as twiggy.
7:54 am
the winner, douglas burrows. he know his super model. congratulations. >> gretchen: are you normal or are you nuts? the question everyone asks once in a while. it's a question we ask dr. keith ablow every week. joining us to answer e-mails is fox news contributor and gist, dr. keith ablow. good to see you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: lot of people have a fascination with harry potter, brian, do you? >> brian: no. >> steve: me neither e-mail comes, i am a die hard harry potter fan. i collect all types of props from the movie examines books. i own wands, a hog worth replica. i'd hate to see how much money i've spent on this stuff, but i can't stop. should they stop or is it normal? >> here is the thing, the operative statement there is i can't stop, which makes this person something other than a fan.
7:55 am
it makes this person a hoard. so the bottom line is, much better use of money would be therapy than buying another wand because you need your own identity. not that of a sorcerer. >> brian: true. i've said that over and over again. okay. number two -- >> yet you keep buying wands, brian. >> brian: i apologize. i got to get over this. my girlfriend is wonderful, but she's obsessed -- this isn't about me. she's obsessed with a certain singer. she goes to hundreds of concerts all over the u.s. and uses her time off to drive 18 hours to a concert or fly anywhere they perform. what's going on there? >> again, look, this person is like nuts, like an addict! so it wouldn't be any different if she was driving all over the united states for pure heroin. the bottom line is that this person needs to be told, you got to set a boundary. this many concerts or the next one you go to, just stay on the road. don't come back. you're in love with the singer.
7:56 am
>> brian: dr. keith says break up with her if she follows this man. >> steve: i think a lot of jimmy buffet fans would disagree with you. >> brian: and grateful dead fans. >> gretchen: my boss recently made a big deal out of the way the coats hang in our office closet. she said the hangers have to be pointing out with the opening of jackets facing the left side. [ laughter ] don't come to my closet. is this nuts? >> it's quirky. it's not nuts. i guess if you have a boss who is that easy to please, maybe it's not such a terrible thing. it's not crazy. it's just weird. >> gretchen: can't you say it's organized? >> it's not as weird as the egyptians. >> steve: it's quite controlling. keith, thank you for joining us. we've weighed in on so many things. i feel a lot better. >> brian: i think we cured somebody. >> i'm glad. >> steve: wand sales are going to plummet today. >> gretchen: send us y e-mails if you want to be diagnosed as normal or not.
7:57 am
coming up, sorry, dads. the aclu finished the father-daughter dance. send us y e-mails. >> brian: military about to face a mock attack. are they a real danger? details top of the hour ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a reason to look twice. the entirely new lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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8:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is wednesday, september 19, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time today. the protests we saw in egypt may have been the start. breaking news, embassies across the globe shutting down over an even bigger threat now. we have the latest details seconds away. >> steve: meanwhile, dueling videos causing a major shakeup in the race for president. this morning it's president obama's turn to be haunted by something he said once upon a time. >> actually i believe in redistribution. at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody's got a
8:01 am
shot. >> steve: will the truth they told hurt the capped dates or will it finally define this race? we'll report and you will decide as always. >> brian: it's a moment many of you probably remember. the father-daughter dance at school. erase this from your memory, men examine fathers of the future. it's been scrapped. the reason? it's discriminating. >> steve: darn it. >> brian: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> steve: the father-daughter dance may be discriminatory in cranston, rhode island. however, there is a guy who wants to run for congress and he says if elected, he's ging to change it there because it is legal across the balance. >> brian: i experienced the father-daughter dance through two generations of children. they're nine examine 11. in the beginning, they don't want to leave you. then they get scared, they kind of leave you. then they want to leave you and then they feel bad you're sitting this alone. because they hang out with your
8:02 am
friends and you see some people you know. it's an important time, but now i'm going to plan to do something else. time to play darts with the guys because it's ending in this country. >> gretchen: you don't live in cranston, though. >> brian: what starts in cranston, ends up in mass peek with a. >> gretchen: let's get to your headlines and then we'll discuss that story. two developing stories. u.s. decide to go close its consulate in indonesia now because of anti-american protests. 300 people protested outside this consulate there and one outside the embassy in jakarta. now the french foreign ministry confirming that france will close its embassy and schools in 20 countries because of possible backlash from a cartoon published in a magazine depicts mohammed. 350,000 students doing something they haven't done in a week. going back to school. the chicago teachers union vote to go suspend the strike after seven days on the picket line.
8:03 am
parents are happy. >> i think this is fantastic. well overdue and i'm excited about it examine let's get going. >> gretchen: deal gives teachers a 7% pay raise over the next three years. they also fought off the more stringent requirements in the new evaluation system. they will have to work longer days, however. children who enter kindergarten will get 2 1/2 more years of instruction by the time they graduate. starting right now, police in arizona can enforce one of the key parts of the state's controversial immigration law. the judge just ruling in favor of the so-called show me your papers provision. it allows officers to question the immigration status much those that they suspect are in the country illegally. it had been on hold, as you might recall, because the obama administration and other challenges were in the way. but they wound their way through the lower court. just 45 minutes ago endeavor took off on its final flight.
8:04 am
>> wheels up and officially at 7:22 a.m. eastern daylight time. >> gretchen: leaving kennedy space center in florida on the back of a 747. it will make stop in houston, texas today before finally reaching los angeles late tomorrow. spend will end up in the california science center. >> brian: right. >> steve: you know what? we thought the 747 was going to take off right then when we we want to live coverage of nasa in florida, but it took about five minutes or so before they actually took offment brian, you know what it reminded me of, it reminded me of june 29, 2012. do you remember that day? >> brian: no. >> steve: we got some tape. >> you see white smoke billowing >> brian: they're telling me to check back in later, but no, i'm going to sit here. i'm ohm kidding. gretch, take it away. right now without -- being unable to mike the steam coming out of the rocket, it's up to me to bring you through this.
8:05 am
there we go. rocket commentator, steve doocy, we've been through this before 6789 so many launches when we're together in space. what does this remind you of? >> steve: remember that one time we had to fill for 75 minutes? >> brian: yes. that was it. >> steve: this is not going to happen this time. >> gretchen: maybe brian should be reading this. but the launch of the delta 4 rocket scrapped for the fourth time this morning. >> brian: you struggle at all, i'll jump in. >> gretchen: it was set to blast off. >> steve: times there is no take off on time. that tape has come back to haunt us. >> brian: because we tried five separate times. >> steve: it never took off. >> brian: it never took off! i just happened to be on 'cause we rotate entries. >> gretchen: gretchen, you're wearing the same dress! fox news alert. i got to go change! i have on the same dress i had on that day. what are the chances? i now have to stand over here and do the talking points. because i can't be shown with
8:06 am
the same -- that is unbelievab! what is the coincidence? >> steve: last time we had -- >> brian: why don't you give gretchen your coat? can you do that? >> steve: yeah, sure. >> gretchen: all right. let me put it on. that is unbelievable actually. i'm going to get an e-mail from gwen martyr, the fashion maven. >> brian: almost like an anderson cooper fit. very skin tight. >> gretchen: speak of old videos, they come back to haunt you in more ways than one. i didn't know it was going to haunt me. >> brian: that's what threw me off. i said am i watching myself talk? you had different clothes on. the bottom line it, it was the rocket that never left me. >> steve: failure to launch. >> gretchen: there is a video from 14 years ago that president obama probable lea doesn't want the american public to hear because it talks about redistribution of wealth, which has been a strong criticism about him that has been going on
8:07 am
for 323456 years now since -- 3 1/2 years since that joe the plumber moment. this is back in october of 1998. listen to this. >> i think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pull re-- pool resources and, hence, facilitate some redistribution, because i actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody's got a shot. >> steve: so for the now president of the united states, be caught on tape saying i actually believe in redistribution, it taps into a lot of -- the republicans are pushing back using this because it taps into a lot of people's fears that the president is a socialist because he is pushing redistribution. mitt romney took that little bit of news that barak obama likes that idea when he talked last night in dallas. listen. >> this idea that the president has of a redistributing, i know there are some people in our
8:08 am
country who want to have a government take from some to give to the others. they'd like to be the others that are on the receiving end of that. and feel that a redistribution model makes sense. i believe instead the role of government is to help those who need help. we're a compassionate people. if there is someone that needs help, we help them. that's why we have a safety net. but then government gets out of the way. and allows free people to pursue their dreams and build enterprises and when they build them, they reap the rewards. they hire other people and they lift our economy. that's how america works! >> brian: this morning he's saying gaffe or not, he's going to move on. he he wants to expand on it. he wants to talk about getting people empowered and being responsible and getting people a job in which they do pay taxes and paying to the system because right now for every $3 that -- for every dollar we earn, $3 goes into debt. the math doesn't work. mitt romney would be smart to start using that to say, i'll be the responsible candidate out here. we can't continue the way it's going.
8:09 am
>> gretchen: i think both of these videotapes shouldn't be seen necessarily as gaffes. i think they're actually relevant to what this election is all about less than 50 days from now. mitt romney talking about free enterprise and barak obama talking about his beliefs in redistribution of wealth. these are two separate ideological point of views we'll hear a lot about, i hope, at the debates 'cause they're very different and it will give the american public a chance to really see the stark differences, at least from a business point of view, between these two. >> steve: when it comes to the debates, i don't know what we're going to see exactly because so many people are already worried that the moderators and the questioners are going to lean so far to the left that it won't be a fair fight. so mitt romney's got to be ready. but rush limbaugh was on the air yesterday and he said that the mitt romney comments released a couple days ago, this is a perfect opportunities for mr. romney to go on the offensive. here is rush. >> we ask ourselves, we reached the tipping point, just like --
8:10 am
have we reached the tipping point where more people are comfortable being cared for examine taken care of than they are providing for themselves? we've all feared that this election or thought this election was going to give us the answer to that question. >> brian: that's what the a enwill be. senator scott brown and linda mcmahon who wants to be the next senator from connecticut both say i don't agree with mitt romney's comments. however, governor kristy doubled down and said he should stand behind him examine continue to back it up as donald trump says don't back down. >> gretchen: they're not running for election. but linda mcmahon and scott brown are in two liberal states. that's probable lea why they're doing it for the independent vote. >> steve: one thing peggy noonan writes is given what -- the state where mitt romney is right now, he needs to shake up his staff. >> brian: that's a political story that shows there is a
8:11 am
political fall out since the rnc. she's been critical of him lately. it's not easy for me to say that. >> gretchen: let's talk about this, the aclu once again possibling its way into a pc story, politically correct story. how many of you have had a chance as dads to take your daughter to the father-daughter dance at school? it's like one of the biggest highlights of my daughter's year in november, picking out her dress, my husband buys her a little cover sang. they go and -- corsage and they go and do all the moves. guess what? some kids in rhode island can't do this. >> steve: because rhode island specifically -- >> brian: smallest state in the union. >> steve: thank you very much. certainly one of the tiny ones. it's against the law there for this kind of gender discrimination, so there is a local law maker by the name of sean gately who is impacted by the mother-son dance not occurring, he now is running for office saying if elected, he'll change that.
8:12 am
here he is. >> i just think that this is the local aclu kind of bullying our school system, you know. we're denying our family and kids the opportunity where it was a very simple remedy that rhode island -- that our general law needs an amendment to reflect title 9 and everything would be fixed. so that's kind of where i stepped in examine researched all this and came up with a solution and hopefully we're going to fix it. but at the same time, i think the aclu, especially here in rhode island, is taking advantage of communities like mine that don't have a lot of cash on hand. >> gretchen: that's an interesting point he ended on because this is what we've come down to in our society right now is that schools can't afford to be sued. they can't afford to have any kind of these lawsuits. so they just cave. they cave to this political correctness pressure examine this -- and this is a prime example. >> brian: let's see what you say in south carolina. tom says, have they lost their mind? i danced with my daughters at
8:13 am
their wedding. will they want to outlaw that? >> steve: terry says next they'll cancel prom because my son or daughter doesn't have auditor football because my kid can't compete. some people need to realize they can't participate in everything in this world. we should point out that you can't have the father-daughter, the mother-son things all across the balance of the country. it's just in rhode island where they've got that pesky little law. >> brian: it's not illegal yet. if you're dancing with your dad, you won't be arrested. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," rest easy, your streets are safe now. cops arrested a mom for endangering her children. guess what she did? she let them play outside. she spent the night in jail. >> brian: mitt romney suggesting many of obama's supporters have a entitlement mentality. is he right? our panel weighs in in a moment. good morning, folks mornings aren't alwayserfect.
8:14 am
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8:17 am
>> this could be the opportunity for romney and for that campaign to finally take the gloves off and take the fear off and just start explaining conservatism. >> shouldn't even come close to apologizing. he should talk about it. everybody should talk about it. examine by the way, he's not going to get those votes anyway. but he should be talking about it and not apologizing. >> the idea it's embarrassing because the guy is caught on tape talking about that, the embarrassment is that we don't have the guts to talk about that. >> steve: so they all say don't apologize. by now we've all heard mitt romney's hidden camera comments. so should he embrace the comments examine go for broke?
8:18 am
let's talk to political panel. angela, communications director for go pac michelle, and fox news contributor and former howard dean campaign manager, joe trippi. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> steve: michelle, let's start with you. so their advice, sound biters we just heard there, don't apologize. embrace it and go for it. >> absolutely. there is no doubt that this has been a thorn in the romney campaign's side for the past 48 hours. >> steve: thanks to the main stream media. >> yes burks the truth is, he can turn the situation into an opportunity because the debate about our increased reliance on the government for food stamp, welfare, 49% of the people get some form of a government handout, we need to have this debate. it's a chance for romney to draw a line in the sand, draw the contrast for us between the two fewers that we could choose from under president romney or president obama -- >> because you have too many americans today that depend on the federal government and too few americans that actually pay federal income tax.
8:19 am
>> steve: so what he was saying, mr. romney, was absolutely pretty close to being true. >> right. it is an opportunities. >> look, donald trump was right. don't apologize. he's got toc out forcefully, talk about this and take it. but the problem is the handout thing. the handout, people who are getting veterans benefits, in that number, they're not getting a handout. people getting social security that are in that 47 -- they earn -- >> steve: you know -- >> what i'm saying is when you throw them in there, those are votes he could have gotten. >> he still might get them. >> if he can -- did she it's not handouts. there are people -- >> there was an overlap of certain people that don't pay federal income tax that could be conservative that would vote for mitt romney. i still believe he can get those votes. however, he should talk about people being on the government dole and what he wants to do to help them get off the government dole. >> it's not about veterans or
8:20 am
social security and the elderly. it's about the 46 million people on food stamps and those are people that we could win for votes. ask any one of them, i'm sure they'd prefer a paycheck. >> not if you're saying, you won't take personal responsibility. a lot of those people are working their rear ends off. >> it's the way he talks about it that's the gaffe. >> steve: does the romney shop retool their message on this or do they wait until the debate? >> i would. i would -- not retool it, but relanguage. he has to retool the language. i understand the argument and the argument is one that could work, could very well work. but it's going to backfire on him if he keeps doing the handout on the take thing. >> steve: we'll continue the conversation with these three. it's going so well. we're going to hold them over, talk about this. they are the ads that are blanketing nearly every swing state. brand-new commercials from both campaigns, you're going to see both sides and our panel will rate them coming up next. and forget "american idol." the newest singing superstar may have stumbled on fame at the
8:21 am
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8:24 am
>> gretchen: 24 minutes after the top of the hour. look out, the zombies are coming. the undead are testing its counterterrorism response. they'll be invading city streets on halloween weekend issues so police and first responders can practice. america is getting bigger and now so are its mri machines. hospital near you could be getting the plus size models in order to accommodate oversized americans. steve? >> steve: all right. thank you. just 48 days now until we vote
8:25 am
in the presidential election. both campaigns reporting millions -- pouring million noose political ads. how effective are the ads? our political panel continues. we got angela, michelle examine joe. okay. i'm going to play a snippet of each of the two ads from each of the two campaigns and then we will play movie critic and find out how you like them. first up, here is barak obama's brand-new ad made with those candid comments off the cell phone that mr. romney made in boca a couple of months ago. >> i don't like it. it shows he's out of touch that if he thinks half of the country is feeling like victim. >> i'm not looking for a handout. >> i don't think anybody is ever looking for a handout. i think that we all want chances and opportunities. >> if you try to separate by demographic, separate by
8:26 am
classes, you know, you're not really a president. >> steve: all right. speaking of handouts, we'll have you grade them by putting your hand out using your four finger examines thumbs. all together, how many fingers examine thumbs would you -- and thumbs would you give that? >> three. >> steve: three, four, four. michelle, why do you give it four? >> because it fits exactly into obama has strategy, which is to talk about everything but his record on the economy. so this fits perfectly. another perfect distraction from the 14% unemployment, 2 million people looking for job, smallest work force in 30 years. so of course, it's a great strategy for him. i also agree with the line that if you're separating people by demographics and class and division that you're probably not ready to be president. which is funny 'cause that's exactly what president obama has been doing for his past four years. >> steve: all of the irony. you gave it four as well. >> yeah. i think it plays in exactly what i'm talking about. it's the use of the words entitlements, handout, people on the take. there are a lot of hard working americans who aren't on the take that get lumped in where
8:27 am
they're -- you're going to see more of them. and on the separation, romney is the one that gives -- he's never had a tough day in his life. >> we don't know that. >> from working. i'm talking about financial day. i think that's -- >> he's self made. i give it a c because it's the same old and people want solutions and obama has done this. it's tired old ad. >> steve: let's go to the other side of the political aisle. here is a romney ad. it's called dear daughter. how effective is it? we'll ask the panel. >> dear daughter, welcome to america. your share of obama's debt is over $50,000. it grows every day. obama's policies are making it harder on women. the poverty rate for women, the highest in 17 years. more women are unemployed under president obama. more than 5 1/2 million women can't find work. that's what obama's policies have done for women. welcome, daughter. >> i'm mitt romney and i approve
8:28 am
this message. >> steve: yeah. you can't be accused of having a war on women with him. you give a five. joe? four. and another five. angela, why five? >> because it represents the american dream. every generation wants to leave the next generation bottom offment the bottom line is this translates party, race and gender. >> steve: michelle? >> it's focused on jobs and the economy which is what everybody is focused on and it touches on the feeling that mothers, and women have that their children will have a worst future because of what president obama has done. >> steve: joe trippi, who gave both filming a 4? >> yes. look, the generational thing is exactly right. every american wants to leave a better life for their children examine trying to close the gender gap which he has to do if he's going to have a shot at this thing. >> steve: excellent panel today. thank you very much. meanwhile, straight ahead, parents, this isn't the same country you grew up in. up next, a mother hauled off to jail for letting her kids play outside on the cul-de-sac in front of her house.
8:29 am
not kidding. then, you remember him from "pretty in pink," andrew mccarthy is back from another journey. this one to find love and settle down in real life. he's settled down with gretchen right now in the green room. we'll be right back
8:30 am
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8:33 am
>> new interview, initial obama says she doesn't think of her family as famous. michelle had to go get ready for dinner with jay-z and beyonce. >> gretchen: that was the fund-raiser that took place here in new york city. it was one of two after the president was on the letterman show. republican presidential nominee mitt romney back on the trail today as president obama is fresh off that celebrity fund-raiser and this morning, brand-new poll numbers, molly henneberg is live for us at the white house with those. good morning, molly. >> good morning, gretchen. there is a new poll from the "wall street journal" owned by the parent company of this network and although this race may come down to a handful of states, these national polls are a national snapshot of how the country feels right now. this one out today has the president ticking up a bit. it's a poll of registered voters and it shows the president has a six point lead.
8:34 am
50-44% in this "wall street journal" poll. that's up from the 4 point lead that he had last month. this poll was taken after the attack in libya last week. but before governor romney's comments on people being dependent on government. in the right track wrong track question, 55% of registered voters say america is on the wrong track. 39% say it's on the right track. that's a 7 point increase since august. as for what the candidates are doing today, today the president will be at the white house. he and the vice president had a meeting here with secretary of state hillary clinton. governor romney will be in florida. he has two events in miami and then flies to georgia for a fund-raiser in atlanta. back to you all in new york. >> steve: thank you very much. north lawn of the white house. >> brian: how much money do these guys need? >> steve: apparently a lot. >> brian: 40 days left, you still got to do these things? come on! >> steve: and more to come. an extreme weather alert. parts of the east coast under flood warnings this morning following a wild round of storms
8:35 am
that knocked out power to tens of thousands of people. i think 70,000 out in the new york city area. look at the aftermath in baltimore, maryland. a tree crashed right into a woman's house, just as she laid down in her bed. there have been no reports of serious injuries, but there is a lot of picking up to do on this wednesday morning. >> gretchen: texas mom arrested for letting her kid play outside without supervision? she says her two kids were riding their scooters in the front yard. an officer arrived saying the neighbors complained about this because the kids were playing in the street without supervision. she was arrested for child endangerment, had to spend the night in jail. charges eventually dropped. now she's suing the local police department, as well as her neighbor. >> brian: you're stunned by this? >> when i was growing up, my mother said be home at 6 and had no idea where i was.
8:36 am
>> brian: you love the way gretchen read the story, right? >> it was flawles. >> steve: good interpretation? >> beautiful. >> brian: you would expect to see -- i guess that. we're not doing it now. they just yanked the story. >> gretchen: that was not flawless. >> brian: that's right. >> steve: once again, our old buddy, andrew mccarthy. he has a new book out called "the longest way home." good to have you back. >> nice to be here. >> brian: or really bad. a fine line. >> it has to do with -- you ever have a neighbor like whoever lived next to these people on the cul-de-sac? either kids loose and they're playing out in the yard? >> they're banging the roof with their broom, you know, keep your guard. >> gretchen: people don't know about you, and i said this to you in the grown room, they recognize you from all of your acting you've done in your life. but they probably don't know
8:37 am
that you're this travel writer. >> yeah, think alternate side, secret career for the last dozen years or so. ten years as a travel writer, yeah. >> brian: is it discovery or see nice stuff? >> it actually is the former. i started traveling -- i was seeing all these movies and i found traveling was a real way to figure out who the hell i was. i found the further away from home i got, the better i felt about things and more clarity i had. so i kept traveling and i started writing about it. that eventually led to the book. >> steve: sure. and when you -- i would imagine when you were acting all the time, the studios would fly you around first class. now that you're paying on your own dime, you still flying up front? >> when the magazines are paying, i'm back in the coach area. >> gretchen: it started from a young age, right? i saw in your book when you went to bermuda -- >> i did. >> gretchen: you wrote a journal. >> i did when i was nine years old about my trip and what i had for breakfast examine things. then it eventually grew and took
8:38 am
on a life of its own. >> brian: you travel, but you're a loner. so does anything happen when you travel? do you talk to people? >> it sounds like seinfeld episode. >> brian: you go there and think. >> some people go to therapy. some have coffee and chat and figure it out. i figure stuff out and find out what i'm thinking when i'm on the road far from home. this book is about coming to terms with getting married and intimacy and how does a loner become a couple? that's really the event of the whole book. i figured that out along the way. >> brian: you want to find out how to be a couple. >> it's one of those paradockses. i love you, honey, i got to go. if i can bring myself to come back to you, yeah. i find that paradox makes complete sense to me. other people look -- >> steve: how do you figure that out then? because if your wife wants to be with you, but you want to go to padago in, ia, how do you come together? >> i'm like, i have to have me, then i can have us. she's like, i need to have us so
8:39 am
i can have me. i think that's a male-female thing. i always come back from traveling. i'm a better person. i'm a better version of myself. i'm kinder, more open, more accessible. so i suppose i bring back love when i come back from a trip. >> steve: you missed your wife? >> i did. i'm far away and realize, hey, i really love you. >> gretchen: do you go on trips with your wife as well? >> of course. >> gretchen: okay, good. >> brian: club med? [ laughter ] >> i've never been to club med. >> steve: it's fantastic. keep them coming. >> gretchen: while you've had this sort of side-bar life in the travel industry, you're also still acting as well, right? >> yeah. i have an independent movie coming out this weekend called "the brooklyn brothers beat the best." i did a christmas movie for hallmark that will be out. ironic movie. >> steve: when you say hallmarky, that means people
8:40 am
will be crying. >> people will be crying and hugging and by the end we'll feel really great. >> steve: i love the hallmark stuff. >> it's a great formula. it really works. they're phono act because you don't have to be hip examine jaded. you can be sort of hi, i'm here with you and i really like you. >> brian: we know how the hallmark movie ends. how do you project your life ending? [ laughter ] how do you see it going. >> steve: what is this a horoscope? >> you try and discover yourself. >> steve: do you mean what next? >> i don't know. it's sort of one day, you know, leading to the next. i don't know. the whole travel thing and the whole sort of -- has changed my life. certainly has done that examine given may different kind of focus. i'm not totally focused on acting. so i like having two or three hats to wear. >> gretchen: do you stay in touch with other folks in the so-called brat pack of the '80s films? >> i ran into john prior yesterday. after 20 years. we both looked at each other and
8:41 am
went, "pretty in pink requestin" >> steve: whatever happened to that reunion? >> whoever thought we'd still talk about the movery 30 years later. we were on a show together. >> steve: read his new book. you're a terrific writer, called "the longest way home, one man's quest for the courage to settle down," which he has done. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up on this show, we keep hearing it, america is more polarized than ever before. but why? dr. larry sabato picture has been dissolved in so that man will predict what will happen in this presidential election. he'll tell us. >> gretchen: then everybody knows lauren bush because she's related to two former presidents. now she's on a mission to serve the united states on her own. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
8:42 am
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baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. let's fix dinner. >> brian: this just in, linda lorelle arrested overnight in new york city for hitting a man with her car. and leaving the scene. the troubled star was reportedly leaving a nightclub. the victim is being treated for knee injuries. you expect this on shows like "american idol." but what about the supermarket? ♪ i will always love you ♪ . >> brian: girls shocked shoppers with karaoke, hit whitney houston's "i will always love you." she's quickly gaining fans on youtube. >> i say to them tonight, there is not a liberal america and a conservative america. there is the united states of
8:46 am
america. there is not a black america and a white america and latino america and asian america. there is the united states of america. >> gretchen: that was then. senator barak obama four years before he became president of the united states. the truth is, eight years after he broke on to the scene, americans seemed more polarized and divided than ever. and the question is why? let's ask larry sabato, professor of political science at the university of virginia. good morning, professor. >> good morning, gretchen. hope you're doing well. >> gretchen: we're having a good day. can i ask you that question, why do you believe such a stark change from just eight years ago when we heard the president talk about cohesion? >> gretchen, we do have a liberal america. it's the democratic party. we do have a conservative america. it's the republican party. and that's the answer to your question. we have polarized because our parties have changed dramatically over the years. there are a lot of reasons for it. but essentially, when i was
8:47 am
growing up right after the last ice age, the democrats had a big liberal wing and they had a big conservative wing. mainly situated in the south. the republicans had a big liberal wing in the northeast and parts of the midwest, california, and they had a big conservative wing, mainly in the midwest. today you have almost all liberals in the democratic party, almost all conservatives in the republican party. and that means when one party's governing, a specific ideology prevails and that polarizes the country around the parties and ideology. >> gretchen: one way you've seen this change happened with southern support, so if we go back to 1960 and we look at the presidential candidates, kennedy and nixon, we see that actually president eventually candidate scores more with southern support. but if you compare that now to how the south feels, you have
8:48 am
mitt romney winning handily over president obama, big difference. why? >> it's a giant difference. again, it's ideological. the south has been more conservative traditionally, partly due to the aftermath of the civil war. but some other reasons besides, and as they moved into the republican party, they solidified conservatism within the republican party. that process began really in the mid 1960s and it was completed by the early 1990s. gretchen, what's really interesting to me, going back and studying the 1960 election between jimmy carter and ford, do you know that more than 30 states were highly competitive, were decided within just a few percent of the vote were swing states? we have eight to ten swing states in this election, compared to over 30 back in 1960 or 1976, two close elections. >> gretchen: wow. that should mean that it's less travel for the candidates then
8:49 am
because they're probably focusing their time on those states, right? >> yes. less travel and also all those tv ads go into the swing states like the one i'm in, virginia. frequently you don't see a product commercial anymore. you just see a series of six or ten candidate commercials strung in a row. >> gretchen: wow. virginia is one of those states. that's where you are right now at the university there. have a great day. we'll talk to you again soon. >> thank you, gretchen. >> gretchen: she's related to two presidents, but now she's on a mission of her own to serve the united states. lauren bush. lauren joins us live coming up next. first, let's check in with hemmer for what's on. >> how are you doing? is the story on libya the attacks there changing at the white house? also what did the president mean when he talked about redistribution yet again? what about the romney team, is it doubling down on that 47% chen? we have a packed line - up. there is tons of news to cover. martha and i will see you in ten straight minutes on "america's
8:50 am
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>> gretchen: welcome back. the figures on hunger right here in our own country, the united states, startling. 49 million americans don't know where their next meal is coming from. 16 million of those are kids. according to feeding america, that equals one in five american children. >> brian: lauren bush lauren, co-founder of the feed foundation, is helping lead the charge to defeat domestic hunger with an exciting new national endeavor. she's also the niece of former president george w. bush and a frequent guest on our show. right? >> yeah. thank you for having me. >> steve: good to have you back. things are different because you were lauren bush last time we saw. now you're lauren bush lauren. >> longer name. yeah. got married over a year ago to david.
8:54 am
life is good. very happy. >> steve: congratulations. >> thank you. >> gretchen: it's easy to remember your last name now. >> it is. it's one and the same. tell us about this run 10 feed race series. it will be in new york city, but also other big cities across america. >> yes. so excited. it's actually this coming sunday, which i can't believe. it's run ten feed ten. new york is the main flagship event and ten cities around the country and for when you register, you're giving ten meals in your hometown. so it's about feeding people locally because as you just said, there is such a need in america. 49 million americans. one in five children are in food insecure environments. that's just unacceptable. >> brian: your family has a gene that likes to give back and serve. what made you choose this? what alerted you to it in. >> i started my work with hunger eight or nine years ago with the u.n. world food program. my first enter was abroad actually in world hunger.
8:55 am
that's such a different type of hunger. but i was always aware that there was such a need here as well and the need, because of the recession and because of the economic situation, is even worse. so it's really the right time to start really paying attention to this issue and helping out. >> steve: i believe the last time you were here you were talking about the feed bag, which was available at the whole food stomp we've whole bunch in our trunk right now. and they actually help extend a hand to a lot of people who are absolutely hungry. >> yeah. most of the money feed us race has been through the bags and product. so that's why this run is something that's totally different. it's philanthropic fitness and just about getting people involved and active and helping their there will communities. >> gretchen: are you still doing modeling as well? >> no. no, no. >> gretchen: it's just this -- this is your full-time job? >> eating is my life and i love it. so excited. yeah. it's been great. >> brian: how close are you -- how interested are you in
8:56 am
politics and what's going on and the play by play of the polls? >> not that -- i mean, i'm interested -- no, i'm interested in obviously watching the conventions and it will be exciting to see what happens in november. but yeah, very focused on feed and very focused on the issue of hunger, which isn't a political issue. it shouldn't be. it's really humanitarian issue. >> steve: if people would like more information? >> run ten if you're not in one of the cities where the race is happening, there is a way you can self organize your own run. just plant that seed out there for anyone who is interested. >> steve: can you stick around? >> sure. >> steve: more with lauren bush-lauren in two minutes the capital one cash rewards card
8:57 am
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>> gretchen: quick reminder. bob massi is heading to tampa,


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