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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 24, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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u.s.a. 143 years ago today. so little changes. and now you know the news for this monday, september 24th, 2012. i'm shepard smith. we're back tomorrow. "studio b" in the afternoon. fox report in the evening. thanks for spending time with us. that guy is coming on. good luck. >> the rirl factor is on. tonight. >> you are asking the american people to hire you as president of the united states think would like to hear some specifics. >> mitt romney dodges questions about what deductions and exemptions he would outlaw. why is the governor doing that he? he wool tell you. >> i don't think -- we will tell. >> you i don't think anyone is going to be confused as to the ideological belief of most of the people who appear on fox. >> i think that's grossly unfair. bret baier, is he an idealogue? >> i don't know bret baier. >> bill: you don't know. >> bernie goldberg itching to weigh in on the koppel o'reilly shootout. he will be here.
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>> do you think obama made the right choice by choosing paul ryan as his vice president? >> yeah. >> do you think he picked paul ryan because is he african-american or because he is qualified? >> it could be a little bit of both. >> at howard stern crew interviews some african-americans who don't seem to know anything. was that fair? adam can a roll low will weigh in. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. on 60 minutes last night the president and governor romney did not say anything new. but it was the way they said what they said that was most interesting. the president looked a little jumpy especially when steve cross started ticking off
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things that he has promised to do but has not con. mr. obama maintaining the desperate economy changed all of his plans. meantime mitt romney looked a bit more authoritative even when dodging the question. >> i will not lower the share of taxes paid by high income individuals. and i will make sure that we bring down rates, we limit deductions and exemptions so we can keep the -- in the code and encourage growth in the jobs. >> devil is in the detail. what are we talking about mortgage deduction, charitable deduction. >> the devils is in the details wanted the angel is in the policy which is creating more jobs. >> it's obvious mitt romney does not want to say what deductions and tax exemptions he would phase out. that's because there are tons, tons of unintended consequences for limiting mortgage deductions, charitable donations, things like that. the governor simply doesn't want to deal with the fallout in the middle of his campaign. but i believe romney does want
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to simplify the tax code and keep the wealthy paying far more federal tax than anybody else. on the subject of romney's own money, there is unfairness going on. the democrats say. this. >> mitt romney paid just 14.1% in taxes last year. he keeps millions in bermuda and the cayman islands. he won't release his tax returns before 2010. maybe instead of attacks others or taxes romney should come clean on his. >> bill: the governor has come clean on his. he released 2011 tax return. he paid a bit more than 14% in federal taxes because his income is earned from investments and that's the long-term capital gains rate. so, what's the problem? president obama wants to raise the cap gains tax which might very well slow down investment in american companies. i certainly wouldn't buy as many stocks because the risk/reward becomes stacked against the investor.
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the stock market is already a casino with manipulation all over the place. there is no question that if the feds make investing less profitable by raising the tax on gains, there will be less investment. and if there is less investment, there will be fewer jobs. >> are you hearing me on this, president obama? now, the media should know the difference between the income tax and the cap gains tax but they choose not to report it. instead, they mislead folks with the thinking that romney is not paying his fair share. warren buffet actually started all the madness and that's what it is. madness. once again, if you make investing harder, fewer people will invest. finally, let's take a look at what all the candidates paid the feds in 2011. the first line up there. that's what all the guys made. gross income. with romney obviously far in the lead.
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the second line is what they all gave to charity. paging joe biden, 1.5% of your income not impressive. romney donated 30% of his income to charity. president obama 22%. the third and fourth lines up there are what the candidates actually paid to the feds. once again, governor romney far in the lead. now, this isn't a pro-romney talking points. this is a fair talking points. memo to the media you might want to try it and that's my memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. joining us from reaction. fox news analyst mary katharine ham and juan williams. juan, are you getting the page that i gave to president obama that if you raise the cap gains tax, you raise it up to the high 20's where the president wants it. fewer people, people like me, are going to invest in the
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stock market, companies will get less money in investment, that means there will be fewer jobs. are we understanding that, juan. >> i think history tells us a different story. i think the cap gains rate was higher during the 1990s and people were investing and making lots of money. in fact, we didn't have even have a deficit. >> ill. >> bill: bill then when when we ran into trouble president bush lowered the cap gains and then we got out of trouble because more money came in. and led to the highest amount of federal tax revenue in history, juan. >> did we get out of trouble? >> bill: no, no. no. because we had the wars and we had the war on terror and all of that. but the facts are the facts. highest amount of tax revenue ever flowing into washington came under president bush when he lowered the capital gains tax. now, mary katharine, am i misguided here? am i misstating something here? >> no. i think you are right. i mean, barack obama is
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proposing through and he has through the buffet deal before that we should basically jack up the capital gains tax which would discourage investment. >> bill: you are disagreeing with juan. >> and furthermore barack obama was asked about this in a debate with hillary clinton in 2008 where the moderator said it has been shown tax revenue goes up when the capital gains rate is lower. isn't that something you would be okay with? for fairness i would like to jack it up. >> for fairness now, mary katharine, romney dodges the question. all right. what exemptions going to knock out? what deductions are you going to come down? he goes the devil is in the angel or the angel is in the devil. purgatory is limbo or heaven is hell. i don't know what he said but he dodged it didn't look real good, did it? >> i don't know if he dodges the entire question. >> bill: he dodged the question. you don't know? did you not hear the words? >> on the deduction
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specifically. i will say there is a lot on the table. there is enough on the table that tax policy groups have been able to do studies on his plan. he wants to bring down the rate. >> does it make the governor look good on highly rated program to dodge the question? does it make him look good, he probably needs to footnote, look, we have put these on the table. because they have had specific deductions on municipal bonds and interest rates and that kind of thing that he can cite. i think it's probably better to put them out there. not as finalized products that's the risk because us he don't know what kind of congress you are going to be dealing with. >> long winded round about way doesn't look good just to leave it like that. >> let me say on another highly rated tv show it did not make him look good.
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to come to a consensus in congress and we're going to bring it down. i think that would be a good answer. would it not? >> not for me. because, remember a couple weeks ago i said i don't want to buy a anything a poke and made fun of it. basically what he is saying i'm going to cut the stacks rates for the rich but i'm not going to tell you how it's going to balance out because i'm not going to tell you about loopholes and deductions. it looks like you are giving money to the rich. >> bill: if he didn't do it, he would be a liar because is he on the record as saying he would do it. so i'm saying. i'm taking him at his word. >> do what they say, bill. >> bill: i'm sorry. i know politicians, i know we are cynical that's a big one. that's a no new taxes read my lips. >> is he going down the simpson bowls track. is he offering some details on it he is he afraid the obama
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campaign will demagogue as they are happy to do anything they put on the table. is he trying to avoid that. >> don't want that to become a distraction. but, look, you either believe him or you don't. juan doesn't, mary katharine does. >> obama already broke his parental. -- pledges. >> you believe that guy but not that guy. come on. >> bill: during the commercial continue sniping at each other and may the best analyst win. on the run down, good news for governor romney in the polling today. hume will analyze that bernie goldberg wants to get in the middle of the coply/o'reilly shootout. is that wise? those reports after these messages. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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>> bill: politico george washington university poll puts president obama at 50. mitt romney 47. that's among likely voters. the rasmussen daily tracking poll has the president with
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47. governor romney 46. dead heat. that's good news for the governor because he was suffering over the 47% remark. joining us now from washington. fox news senior analyst brit hume. when you were listening in the break. brit and i were just talking. you picked up something in the juan and mary katharine segment. which was that? >> which was during the clinton administration, after the big washout for the democrats in 94. latter stages of his first term early part of his second term he cut the capital gains rate. i don't remember the date exactly when it happened cut it down to 20%. prelude to the booming economy we enjoyed in the latter part of his presidency. that, of course, was also the period when we had this gusher of tax receipts that led us into surplus. bush the younger cut it again. down to 15 and they had the highest revenues ever under that. so, i think we have made a convincing argument here tonight that all of this not paying their fair share, 14%.
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it's all a bunch of garbage, do you know what really concerns me as an american not just analyst on television. this type of propaganda takes root and people believe it it's my job to tell the truth to the folks no matter what side they are on. and it's just garbage, it's garbage. romney makes his money from investments, that's the lawful tax rate. he pays it. yet, he is some kind of dodge greed head. and it's wrong. and that's what's going on. and the media drives that am i wrong? >> the media certainly don't often point out that we have a pretty steeply progressive tax code in which the higher income brackets pay the overwhelming share of american taxes. not just a larger amount. but a much larger share. and that the people as romney correctly pointed out. certainly the case that nearly half the people don't pay any federal income taxes at all. none. >> bill: i don't know why governor romney isn't more forceful in defending himself though. he did make a mistake dodging
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pelley's question about what deductions he might consider cutting. and he didn't have to say specifically because we all know that, you know, as soon as he says well i cut this then all hell breaks loose and the industries go crazy. he could have said i'm looking at a whole bunch of them. >> he could have said look, everything will be on the table. he could say i'm not sure that would have helped much. i think this campaign, the romney campaign is kind of invested in the idea that with economic conditions the way they are, that when it gets down to it, people are simply not going to vote to eelect this president and this cautious candidate doesn't want to step in any dog do along the way. >> bill: you don't believe that. >> the problem is he is getting into controversy anyway. i'm not sure he wouldn't be letter off. look, i don't know. this i'm not a political consultant. but i think, you any, he he might be, if that's going to be the case, you might as well be bold. >> that's what i said he has got to be bold and fresh. maybe not that fresh. but he has got to go on and say, look, this is why the guy isn't doing the job and i can do it better. doesn't do that in the debates
8:17 pm
is he going to lose, because even though the polls are tight. today's two new polls very tight which surprised me. the polls in the key state like ohio and florida not going romney's rate right now. >> look at the battleground states, ohio, florida, virginia and down the list. they are all going badly for mr. romney and being you look at a state like wisconsin which was thought with the nomination of paul ryan might be in play, he is trailing badly out there. now even the senate race, which was thought likely to go to the republic tommy thompson, even that's upside down for the republicans out there and current polling. all of this can change. we have got some distance to go here. it isn't looking gadd for mr. romney in the polling at the moment. >> bill: why do you think that changed since the conventions? what drove the change? >> well, i wish i knew. i'm at a little bit of a locals to understand how this detype gravity: certainly lead defeat incumbent.
8:18 pm
he seems to be doing just final. part of it was the convention bounce. part of that has faded. part is romney is clumsy and not natural politician. politics is not for amateurs. people complain bitterly about the politicians. some are complaining about romney not being a good campaigner. he may be a fine man and good president he is not a politician. >> if is he a good debater he might be able to overcome that. >> he wasn't a very good debater in the primaries. >> jimmy carter had the same problems as president president. maybe history is repeating itself here. last word. >> that's what the romney people have to be hoping. puts a lot of premium on him. >> bill: brit hume, everyone. directly ahead, concerns that the justice department is so far left it can't do the job for all americans. charles krauthammer has some thoughts. later, bernie goldberg on
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koppel/o'reilly and adam carolla on howard stern. we're coming right back. eart atk right out of the clear blue... i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. he's my success story. [ laughs ]
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>> exact segment tonight, justice department official tony west has been nominated for the number three position associate attorney general. mr. west needs to be confirmed by the senate. problem is he once represented convicted terrorist john walker lyndh involved in the murder of cia operative michael span in 2001 in afghanistan. he pled guilty to a terror related charge and sentenced to 20 years in prison. serving his term in terre haute, indiana. joining us from washington to analyze the situation charles krauthammer. this is important because attorney general eric holder has been accused, by the right, conservatives of simply being in the bag for the far left. we saw the black panther
8:23 pm
voting thing border stuff. fast and furious stuff. prosecutions. it's not straight down the line. the obama administration has deported more illegal aliens than any other in history. holder has enforced the drug laws pretty aggressively. how do i put this west guy into progressive? is he a far left guy? >> >> why do you identify him as far left guy. >> worked in san francisco advocacy. >> that makes him a liberal. >> all right, the lind thing, i mean obviously when you take a high profile case like that, people ask questions. >> and i would answer the question and say there is some people who believe that everybody has the right to a lawyer, particularly the despised and that it's one of the great things of american law that everybody does get a defense. now, if i were in his position and i were giving away free
8:24 pm
time, i might prefer to spend it defending a black kid in the inner city about to get 30 years for a new drug offense or find other causes. i personally wouldn't do this cause. going back to john adams defended the british soldiers who were in the boston massacre we do have a tradition of providing representation. >> bill: that's fine. in totality, would you vote for this guy west to confirm if you were a senator? >> that's a difference. the president and the attorney general have every right to nominate anybody that they want. and the senate can accept and reject. i would actually be ambivalent about this. if that were the only charge against him, i'm not sure he has already been. >> bill: let me give to you with more. >> in the justice department for a couple of years. >> bill: let me give you two more. he represented lind. he also represented a man named mark klein who leaked stuff about the national security agency, all right? and he represented a case
8:25 pm
whereby he said and his client said defense of marriage act, signed by bill clinton was unconstitutional. there is no doubt this guy is on the real left wing spectrum in politics. do we need to have that kind of a man, number three in the justice department when there are questions already about the justice department? >> let's go to you're list of particulars on the last issue. it's the president who decides whether you are going to do the defense of marriage act or not. it wasn't west's decision. that's not at his level. is he carrying that administration policy. is obama too left? i would say yes. on election day i won't support him. that's what you have a democracy. you make a choice. you want a president who goes against the defense of marriage act. i wouldn't lay it on west. the idea that he is beyond the pale i don't accept. i think there are radical civil libertarians who believe, for example, that the neo nazis had the right to
8:26 pm
have a demonstration in skokie which was the town that had the highest number of holocaust survivors in the united states and say that on principle you have to allow that i agree with that even though it's a horrible distasteful thing. i would defend it in court. i might not want to spend my time on it but other people do. >> you know where his sympathies lie. i wouldn't vote for him in the senate. because i don't want to politicize justice department and i right now believe the justice department is politicized left, that in unhealthy way so i say no to mr. west. last word? >> i agree with you the last word is. this i agree with you but that's why we have elections. you decide about the man at the top. do you want somebody who appoints people like this? or don't you? but i reject him for the post because is he a civil libertarian who believes in defending just about anybody. >> bill: charles, thank you as always. interesting debate plenty more
8:27 pm
ahead as the factor moves along this evening. watters on the biden watch. we sent watters to see the vice president in new hampshire. things got interesting there. bernie goldberg on the koppel o'reilly shootout. what did mr. goldberg thing about that? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it.
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>> bill: i have known vice president biden for years and talked to him on the phone very allusive sitting for an interview. we thought it was time for jesse watters to go see the v.p. ♪ >> define this college for me darth mouth. >> everyone crazy right now. >> is this a party school, be honest. >> yes, dartmouth is a party school. >> were you stoned last night? >> i don't drink at all. >> you didn't answer the question. how pumped up are you about team biden. >> very pumped. >> as jacked as the next guy. >> you don't seem that jacked. >> you are on your own jack. >> i'm the kind of guy that doesn't get too jacked. >> why do you support biden. >> i support president obama and biden is like his right-hand man. >> what does biden represent? [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> i think biden has always said what he needs to in order to get elected.
8:32 pm
>> what does biden stand for? >> biden stands for -- >> the suspense is terrible. >> gay marriage, women's rights, big one for me. >> what does he understand about you specifically. >> we have a voice, too. >> is that water or vodka? >> try me. i'm pretty gullable. >> mr. vice president, bill o'reilly has a question when are you coming on the factor. >> tell me when he wants me i will try to come. >> are you sure? >> would biden make a great president? >> he certainly would be frank, wouldn't he? i don't think anyone would trust him near a nuclear button. >> what about when he says the republicans want to put you back in chains talking to a black audience. >> they are going to put y'all back in chains. >> that was very questionable. >> i think the put back in chains comment was absolutely ridiculous. >> he is the kind of guy you want to have a beer with? >> absolutely. and his wife is something
8:33 pm
else, jilled bien. >> dr. jill. >> doctor, doctor? glad i'm not sick. are you here because biden is here. >> i'm undecided voter. >> we found undecided voter here. >> i'm going to vote for romney quietly. they won't talk about it but that's what they are going to do. >> obama is too right wing for you socialist. >> yes. >> are they okay with that. >> yes. >> i feel sorry for you guys. >> i feel sorry for you. >> i didn't get that son, do you get that? >> do you ever watch bill o'reilly. >> i like o'reilly. i don't agree are with him but i like him. >> sounds like someone just punched you in the gut. >> i saw him during the convention he was doing a good job. >> i'm excited for the jon stewart bill o'reilly debate. >> all right, dartmouth college up in new hampshire, right? >> hanover. >> that's probably the most conservative ivy league school.
8:34 pm
>> they call it the conservative ivy. i talked to about 30 people. 20% were undecided which shocked me. so, obama beat mccain 66% to 33% with young people last time. now, the last poll, he is down only 9 points. romney to obama. this is a danger zone for president obama. >> bill: maybe. it depends the young vote when they turn out or don't turn out. now, when you confronted the vice president. that's as close as you could get, right? >> yes, right. >> bill: were there secret service guys keeping the press away. >> they put the press in a chain linked fence. they had us chained in. we got some general admission tickets. we put our normal hats on and went in with a handy cam. when he finished we beelined v.p. before the veto service got there. >> no press availability there. >> no. >> you couldn't ask him any questions. >> no. >> you bought a ticket and got in with hand held and you asked him that. >> yes. >> do you think he actually heard you?
8:35 pm
>> i don't think he did. i could tell he heard me because he went the other way afterwards. >> usually when my name is mentioned that's what happens. i don't think heal come in here. >> why would obama let him come on here is the real question. >> he should because he basically is going to reach an enormous amount of audience and wield be respectful as we always are and he should -- he is an irish guy. he should like to debate. is he from scranton. >> do you think he can get out of the no spin zone gaffe-free? do you think so? >> i will make more gaffes than he would. we may have to send you out there again because he said he was going to try. >> i'm ready to go. >> we will hold him to that. jesse watters, everybody when we come right back. bernie gold b rg on the koppel/o'reilly shootout. adam carolla on howard stern show interviewing black americans about president obama. very controversial what stern did. the factor will return in a moment. governor of getting it done. you know how to dance...
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] a simple gesture speaks to respect... and respect speaks for itself. introducig the new jeep altitude editions. style looks better with substance. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight, there was an interesting reaction to my interview with ted koppel last week on the factor and his chat with me on nbc news. some thought that mr. koppel came in with a preconceived point of view. >> i don't think anyone is going to be confused as to the ideological belief of most of the people who appear on fox.
8:40 pm
>> bill: i think that's grossly unfair to the hard news others. okay? if you look at our bureau system and the people we have reporting, all right? i will run them down for you, bret baier, is he an idealogue? >> i don't know bret. >> you don't know, okay. that's a big piece of the fox news puzzle and you don't know him. >> that's final. >> bill: joining us now from north carolina comment the purveyor of bernard goldberg got come mr. goldberg. i was surprised brit hume pointed out to me earlier in the break i didn't confront ted koppel with the fact that we had baier and shepard smith certainly not a conservative, back to back. and perhaps i should have done that more. but i did say to him, look, you have got to know the players here and he clear live didn't know the players except for the prime time. the 8 to 11. and you say? >> right. i say that ted koppel basically knows one thing about fox. just one thing. he knows he doesn't like it.
8:41 pm
here's a man who is unaware that fox has, let's call the evening newscast, the one at 6:00 eastern time totally unaware of that apparently. he doesn't know who bret baier is this is embarrassing for someone who is about to do a story on cable television news. it shows a tremendous gap in his journalistic knowledge and a tremendous gap in his journalistic curiosity or uncuriosity in this case. and it explains why i think his nbc piece on the subject was as shallow and unsophisticated as it was. >> let me stick up for koppel for a moment. he came in here, gentlemen, you know, we had made the arrangement that i dual an interview with him if he he does an interview with me. and we both taped everybody so there couldn't be any shenanigans in the editing and all of that. >> his basic hypothesis is that the prime time 8 to 11 is
8:42 pm
really all that matters and shah shapes -- that shapes how the nation responds to not only fox news but cnn and nbc. and he says that because he perceives us to be right wing conservative from 8 to 11:00 and i don't know how you perceive greta van susteren that way, but there you go. but, and that is an intimidating force on congress and on the discourse in america that this kind of conservative push as try debt as it is with o'reilly and hannity is a disruptive force to the nation. that's where he was going with it. >> yeah. well, let me make three points if i might. the first point is that ted does believe that cable television is a polarizing force in the country. and it's not good for the country. that is a perfectly legitimate news story. i would even agree with some of the things ted koppel
8:43 pm
probably believes on that. but what you can't do, if you are a journalist, is you can't fill up your story only with stuff that supports your conclusion, that tv, cable tv is a bad thing. so as a result, if you watched his story on nbc, you wouldn't know that brit hume existed as a commentator on fox. you wouldn't know that kirsten powers or charles krauthammer or juan williams who i disagree with about everything existed. they are all civil people whether you agree with them or not. they are not foaming at the mouth. that wasn't anywhere in the story because that would have screwed up his conclusion because they are reasonable. the second point is that he is so concerned about nastiness and instability, you remember after the tucson massacre, the "new york times" blamed this on conservative talk. they said it created an atmosphere where this shooting
8:44 pm
happened. it was a total 100% lie. the shooter was mentally ill. he probably didn't know who you were, who rush limbaugh is, who sarah palin is. ted koppel, mr. sensitivity about insflt never mentioned a word about that kind of polarizing incivil it's. he doesn't understand why fox is really the most important. that's because it gives a voice to people. it let's people in on the national conversation who ted koppel and the mainstream media won't let in and have a voice. >> that's on cable. >> talk rye but ted koppel on nightline. so concerned about the media, he never had me on. he wasn't interested in my point of view and neither were the other media elites at the network because my point of view was not one that they
8:45 pm
found acceptable. so, ted is a smart guy. there is no question about that he has done a lot of good work in his career. there is no question about that. is he not a terribly thoughtful guy when it comes to issues involving the media. >> you say he is not a fair guy is what you are saying? >> well, if he were more thoughtful, it would have occurred to him that there are other things on fox, number one, that fox enables people to be part of the conversation, that fox, if you want to say fox is uncivil at times, what about the "new york times" he? used as his voice of reason nbc news piece the media writer for the "new york times." he never said to david carr, the media writer. >> bill: what about you guys? >> what about the unsiflt. >> is rumble a good idea or
8:46 pm
bad idea. >> 72% say it's a good idea. 28% no. 28,000 voted. thank you very much. if you become or are a bill o'reilly premium member, you get the rumble free on saturday october 6th because we like you. if you remain a civilian. the rumble most controversial story of the east coast. howard stern's crew interviewed some black americans about barack obama. adam carolla with analysis moments away. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours? with thermacare heatwraps. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells that penetrate deep to relax, soothe, and unlock tight muscles.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. politics and howard stern. if you listen to it him on sirius radio you know his crew does man on the street interviews. recently stern sent his guys
8:50 pm
to talk to black americans only about the upcoming presidential vote and they were armed with loaded questions. >> do you think obama made the right choice by choosing paul ryan as his vice president? >> um. yeah. >> do you think he picked paul ryan because is he african-american or because he is qualified? >> it could be a little bit of both. >> >> joining us with reaction is adam carolla, we could could have gone five minutes with that here is my question. stern is in business to entertain, number one, and provoke. so he sends his guys out and he he said himself on the radio, you are all african-americans in this piece. was that fair?
8:51 pm
>> well. no but comedy is not fair and that's how life works. he is trying to get a laugh. not be fair and balanced. i can't tell it you most people are stupid like if you ask most peoe what's mount rushmore they would say that's where walter peyton is buried. right? >> bill: something like that. >> i have got it to say, this too. bill, i was hanging out with jon stewart last night at the emmys. oh yeah. >> bill: let's get to that in a little while. get back to this. you did a radio program. you know -- i think that stern probably could have got just as much humor and that's a good observation, we say comedy is not fair. he could have gotten just as much humor doing a cross section of people because as you point out there are dunder heads everywhere. right? so you don't just have to do one race and he did african-americans in this thing.
8:52 pm
so i'm wondering why he did that. we can't speculate. we don't know. we can always speculate that's our business. it's the kind of thing where if you are going to tell a pollock joke you don't say eastern europeans. you go pollock. that's the joke. you know, you get specific. comedies about being specific. i'm just sad that you guys have a harlem. we don't have a harlem. we have south central. it sucks. you guys have apollo theater and bill clinton's office and the globe trotters. >> bill: it's not a ghetto anymore. harlem has upgraded considerably. >> i know. you should come down to it south central you get shot by south koreans. >> i have been down there. i know what the situation is. >> you would blend right in. >> bill: low rises not high rises and this and that. >> it's your core audience i don't want to offend them. >> bill: you, adam carolla you didn't say anything wrong with
8:53 pm
the stern thing. you probably would have done it yourself, right? >> sure. why not. you pick a group and have fun with them. you mock them. we have a black president, so that's why they are focusing on african-americans. >> okay. so you and jon stewart hanging out at the emmys which stewart won. did he win for best hair or what did he win for? >> well, we were just back stage in kimmel's dressing room and doing coke and swapping wives and doing the stuff we do. >> bill: didn't have to go to the emmys to do that that's just what you do on the weekend. >> no, just just a sunday night. well, first off, he won his tenth emmy and i saw him back stage and he was so ecstatic because he was like finally i have enough emmys to hold down my pool cover. i remember him saying it like it was yesterday. actually it was yesterday. >> did it ever -- i thought kimmel did a great job. we had fun. he a nice guy and i'm looking
8:54 pm
forward to the debate. >> bill: did you ever think why hasn't "the o'reilly factor" ever won an emmy for best whatever stewart is -- you know. we're never nominated. nobody ever does that do you think it's fixed, carolla? do you think it's fixed? >> yes. well, it's not fixed. it's a hipster party. and you didn't rsvp. >> i'm not hip? look at this tie. i'm not hip? >> do they not have mirrors anywhere even in the bathrooms there at fox? >> no. look. it's not kimmel's office with mirrors on the ceiling. am i not hip? >> no, no, no. we don't do mirrors on the ceiling. the coke falls right off. [ laughter ] >> bill: i don't think i'm going to get much else out of carolla this evening. so say hello to all the guys out there for me. tell them to nominate us next year. >> i shall. >> factor tip of the day.
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we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> bill: tip of the day in a moment. first the mail. bill, you're mostly right about many americans being in fog about issues, but consider this, america is not embracing quality anymore. we celebrate meade oakity. mediocrity. bill, yo long days when a walter cronkite could alter an issue. most americans not well informed. david wolf, carmichael, california. bill, i just heard you tell mike huckabee that president obama is smart and fast. he's zip in my opinion without a teleprompter. the president's fast on his feet
8:57 pm
and the governor will have to be sharp to beat him in the debates. richard, florida. i just watched three white guys demonstrate their total ignorance of randy newman and his music. it takes a little sophistication to understand newman. i agree that they lack sophistication, rich, but i have it coming out my ears. newman's song about white people is tinged with race, period. sue, new york. mr. newman's song comes off as a mix of idiocy. bill, please recognize that greg gutfeld's wit and intellect is superior to yours. i will work hard to grasp that, phyllis. jeff, omaha, nebraska. bill, the only worse than
8:58 pm
mr. williams' cheap shot at you is his ratings. when is "killing lincoln" coming out? it keeps on trucking. with "killing kennedy" coming out in eight days, a week from tomorrow, it's possible we will have two books in the top five. almost unheard of. in addition "lincoln's last days" remains one on the juvenile list. by the way, vegas almost sold out. salt lake city will sell out as well. we've added a show in houston as well. finally tonight, the tip of the day. there are reports that monica lewinsky was shopping a lurid book about president clinton. apparently she doesn't have a
8:59 pm
deal yet, but telling publishers she will say primitive things if they pony up the dough. here's a tip for you alone, monica. if you do this, you will further lower yourself in the eyes of the world. years ago i felt sorry for you, but if you write a book that would hurt the clinton family and america, your own country, you are a sad human being. by the way, the asian repping the book is from nesbit, which used to be a classy literary agency. used to be. you guys need to wise up fast. "factor" tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news "factor" website. talking point memo posted there. we'd like you to spout off about "factor" anywhere in the world. word of the day, do not be redut


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