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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 27, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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between now and november 6th. 40 days to go. it's just getting interesting. >> yes. >> sean: good to see you. >> sean: sign up at >> sean: thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. greta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight is it skewed? are the polls really punishing mitt romney with blatant bias? dick morris says yes and can prove it. he also evidence that mitt romney is pulling ahead. dick morris. we'll find out. plus, the obama administration is incompetent, confused, or flat-out lying? u.s. intelligence shows we knew terrorists attacked our consulate in libya and it was confirmed within 24 hours. why the charade?
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>> what happened initially, it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. >> as i said last week, as our ambassador to the united nations said on sunday, as i said the other day, based on what we know and now, and knew at the time, we have no evidence of a preplanned or premeditated attack. >> two sources have told fox that within 24 hours of the attack, all of the evidence that the u.s. intelligence committee had at that time pointed to a terrorist attack, and that it was the work of a specific group related to al-qaeda and its affiliate in that area. >> obama sends his surrogates out to lie about the -- about the cause and the nature of the attacks. obama created a conspiracy theory, and coordinated a campaign of deceit to distract from the truth that affects our national security. >> the thing that's disturbing
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about this is the naivete of an absolute fundamental ignorance of the -- of warfare. look, this was an attack on its face. >> this is turning into something not short of banghazigate. what's going on here? why are we not being told what happened to these four americans? >> the administration is living in a fantasy world. first they insist it wasn't a terrorist attack. then they say they can't whether it was or not, so the fbi completes an investigation, which it hasn't begun. >> this is a cover-up in the middle of a campaign, a cover-up related to the security of the united states of america, relating to the depths of four brave americans. >> if you're applying intelligence and common sense, the fact is this clearly was a terrorist attack. >> i think operate clearly it was a terrorist attack, because a group of terrorists obviously conducted that attack on the consulate. >> so this campaign of deceit was deployed, was put out there because obama has a re-election campaign, and the truth would
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make him a one-term president. so we can't have the truth. we can't have the truth about anything. we can't have the truth about the failures of his economic policies. we can't have the truth about the failure of his foreign policy. we can't have the truth about his overall failure as a president at anything. >> greta: and the hits keep coming and fast. former new hampshire governor john sununu ratchets it up, saying president obama is absolutely lazy and detached from his job. governor sununu joins us. nice to see you, governor. >> good to be here. how are you? >> greta: very well. very tough words. can you defend them? because that's very biting words. >> sure. look, one of the key responsibilities of a president is to keep up with the intelligence data that's coming in, what's going on around the world. this president has skipped about 60% of his personal contact presidential daily briefings,
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the pdb. that document he skims on his ipad is a summary. the briefings that come over, the experts that come over to follow in detail what's coming up on, this president thinks he's so smart he doesn't have to go through that. he thinks he doesn't need to put the extra work in for going through that process. that's why i say he's lazy and detached and unfortunately ambassador stevens suffered the consequences of us not providing adequate security there. >> greta: are you saying, though -- okay, you say that he died as a result of us not putting adequate security there, i agree with you on that. are you saying that president obama is in any way responsible for his death? >> look, an administration as a whole is responsible for what happens on its watch, unless he wants to tell us that the buck doesn't stop there. this president has, in my opinion, failed to maintain respect for the united states in
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that part of the world. and respect is one of the great assets you have in trying to protect your diplomats around the world. >world. >> greta: can you think of reason the administration kept pushing the youtube video theory, not straight with us from the get-go? i mean, people were suspicious. it's 9/11. it's americans getting killed. it's that part of the world. it's our property, because it's the consulate. is there any other -- is there any explanation that you can give us as to why we weren't told it was terrorism when they knew it? >> you gave some choices of incompetence, lying or cover-up. i think it's all three. i think it's incompetence. i think it is a fact that they have policies there that don't work. i think it's lying. he goes to the u.n. and says video, video, video, video after his own people before he went to the u.n. had begun to acknowledge that it was a terrorist attack. that to me is disingenuous.
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frankly what is puzzling is what they could possibly have thought they would gain by going through this. i think that just reinforces the incompetent component. >> greta: you know, i've been to think what could possibly be the explanation, because, i mean, it is bizarre that the american people weren't told. i mean, everybody was sort of suspicious, you know, because of when it happened, although, you know, the facts may bear out something different, but naturally it looked like it from the get-go. i'm wondering if there's a political advantage, that he thinks it's better if we think al-qaeda is pretty much finished and have al-qaeda rear its ugly ahead even as a relationship to this group, if that's politically unattractive, i mean that is a possibility? >> greta, i have no idea what this president does or doesn't -- why this president does or doesn't do what he does. i think most people who understand foreign policy are also scratching their head. we have gone into a complicated part of the world, and really
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made a specific effort to try and undermine our own credibility, our own perception of strength, our own perception of willing to be tough. we have failed, for example, to put real hard pressure on the russians who keep sending arms to assad, even though we said 14 months ago assad has to go. i cannot understand the logic behind the illogical foreign policy of this administration. >> greta: okay. you've worked in the white house, two administrations. i'm curious how these daily briefings, how they routinely work. i mean, are they usually at the same time everyone day? take me through what these are. >> i can tell how they were under george herbert walker bush. i doubt they strayed very much at least in the way they would like them to happen, but obviously each president does it his own way. every day at about the same time, i think it was around 8:15 in the morning, between 8:00 and 8:15 in the morning, the briefer would come in. the president would be given half a dozen, maybe a dozen
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pages. he would spend five or 10 minutes going through it. then we would engage the briefer, whatever experts they brought, to answer specific questions about the issues that were outlined -- and the word is outlined -- in that document there. the president would go through and ask questions. in the bush white house, it was the president, the chief of staff, myself, the national security advisor, and the vice president. and that's the process that we had. and that's the most important half hour of the day for the president to find out what's going on around the world beyond the headlines that one might read in the newspaper. and it is in fact that intelligence briefing that i think is the most important single source of information for the president to get a sense for what his daily responsibilities are to preserve the national security of the country and stability around the world. >> greta: hypothetically, is it ever okay for the president to -- are there any
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circumstances where a president should lie to the american people, or it's okay to the american people, it's good to lie to the american people? >> well, the right answer to that is i should lie to you and say no. >> greta: okay. how about telling me the truth? i mean, i'm just trying -- you know, for the life of me i can't figure out why they blamed it on the youtube video. >> sure. if you ask a president a direct question, in which he gives you an absolutely honest answer it jeopardizes the national security of the united states, i think he ought to give you an evasive answer. >> greta: so unusual that a u.n. ambassador, susan rice, got sent out. like they sent her out to dry, send her out to the five sunday shows to look the most foolish. >> and the president goes to the u.n. and says video, video, video. he hung himself out to dry. this is after his press
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secretary that it is obvious that it was an act of terrorism. there's no rationality to this white house. >> greta: governor, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: now to a very disturbing question. did the obama administration just flat out lie? the obama administration did know from day one that the attack in our consulate in banghazi was terrorism. why didn't they tell us? is there some reasonable explanation? let's ask state department official hi liz cheney. why didn't we get the truth from the get-go? >> one you heard the president's speech in virginia, he said al-qaeda is on a path to defeat and osama bin laden is dead. that's their success, that somehow the killing of bin laden
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has ended the war. it's an inconvenient fact for them politically if in fact al-qaeda is resurgent across north africa, in the gulf, as we've seen now in the last few days. so for them to have to come out and say this was a terrorist attack on an american official, an assassination of an american official by al-qaeda on september 11th, really, you know, after they had just had a week of spiking the football at their own convention makes things very difficult for templately. >> greta: for the life of me i don't understand why the president doesn't say, right from the get-go, we suspect terrorism, it's 9/11, americans were murdered on american property, who didn't suspect that? we have to wait for facts. we mistakenly thought it was the video. we've now learned that it's not the video, that it's this. but he doesn't even like sort of confront the sort of situation. >> no. well, i think most people had their first inclination that was something very wrong here with
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susan rice that first weekend out, saying this was a video, this was a video, this was spontaneous, when people knew it wasn't. the second problem they have, greta, we now know because of the reporting of katherine harridge here, there was a dea assessment, a cia assessment, the chairman of the joint chiefs say
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washington in fact now dealing with terrorism as a law enforcement matter. they don't want to admit that, but everything they've done to date shows in fact they view it
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as a crime, not as a matter of war, and certainly having to say we were attacked again on the anniversary of 9/11 would remind people that in fact we are still at war. >> greta: does it have any political effect? the american people typically, historically, vote for the economy? that's sort of the primary. is this sort of on the eve of election going too go by the eve of the election or stick around a little bit? >> the resurgence of al-qaeda, the combination of seeing this on the television screen, plus what people are now seeing looks to have been lying to the american people has very real potential to make people understand this president is not somebody who ought to lead us again for another four years. >> greta: liz, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> greta: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warning the hour is getting late, very late, to stop iran. today at the united nations prime minister netanyahu saying iran could build a nuclear bomb by next summer, and urging, maybe even begging the world to draw a clear red line to prevent
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it. >> where should a red line be drawn? a red line should be drawn right here before -- before iran completes the second stage of nuclear enrichment. necessary to make a bomb. before iran gets to a point where it's a few months away or a few weeks away from amassing enough enriched uranium to make a nuclear weapon. >> greta: former u.n. ambassadorjohn bolten joins us. good evening, sir. your reaction to the prime minister's speech today. >> i thought he made a couple of important points. the first is this effort to draw a red line, which i think is a mistake in strategic terms, but in political terms it's the important for a leader of a democratic country. he has to be able to justify to his fellow citizens if he's about to make the very hard and
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risky decision to use military force against iran's nuclear weapons program. i think he needs to show that he tried to get the united states to agree on a red line. he tried to meet with the president. he failed. now he's going to do it publicly. i think he's doing his duty as prime minister of israel to show that he's gone the extra mile. second, he made a very, very effective argument against the continued reliance on economic sanctions to stop iran's nuclear weapons program. continued reliance on sanctions, objectively speaking, benefits iran, because it provides the illusion that we're doing something about the nuclear program when in fact it simply gives iran more time. i think netanyahu laid that case out very effectively. so he's put the world on notice that they're getting ready. he actually gave the obama administration a concession. he did push the timeline back a little bit. his key phrase was spring or summer. you know, technically spring begins at the vernal equinox on
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march 20th. i think that's the key date. after our election and after the inauguration on the 20th. >> greta: all right. let me tell you my sort of suspicious thought for which i'm only -- i must underline suspicious -- i thought he was more aggressive last year when he spoke to the general assembly, and this year it almost seemed like by giving this six or eight-month period until the spring until the red line is reached, he's telling iran, take a deep breath, we're not going to do anything for six months, basically stand down about what we, israel, will do to you, meanwhile getting revved up and getting ready to do something, because i think it's pretty plain to this prime minister that ahmadinejad is not going to back down. >> yeah. well, of course, it's not just ahmadinejad. it's the entire iranian regime. i do think he was saying to obama, calm down, i'm not going to do anything before november 6th. indeed, as i say, he was indicating to governor romney
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he's not going to do anything before the 20th of january. in fact, one of the problems with the red line that prime minister netanyahu himself said in his speech is that our intelligence on where iran is is imperfect. when you draw a line you that cannot absolutely verify, you can't be certain when they've reached weapons-grade levels of uranium enrichment in a way you're holding yourself hostage to your own inadequate intelligence. i personally believe iran blew past red lines long ago and won't take anybody's red line threat seriously, because they don't believe, in particular the united states, will use military force. >> greta: he had a much cozier relationship with the united states in his speech. it's been rather frosty in prior months, in listening to the exchange between the two nations. i'm curious, and i think you have a softer view than this i do, having heard at least some of your remarks is that today our u.n. ambassador, susan rice,
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was not -- she did not attend the speech by the prime minister because the speeches went long today. instead she elected to go to a luncheon with foreign ministers. so she was not present. now we had -- we had our envoy there and we had our u.s. ambassador, israel, there, but for some reason it appeared to me that it would have been, in light of the promise that we've had showing our closeness with this country, she should have been there. >> well, from the obama administration point of view i would have thought she would have attended both the netanyahu speech. instead they went to have lunch with hillary clinton and the foreign ministers of the five permanent members of the security council. you know, ultimately that's hillary clinton's call. as i say, i would have recommended being in the hall to have a higher ranking official there. >> greta: why wouldn't she -- why wouldn't they want to do that? am i way too sensitive about
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this? with all the sort of problems that president obama has seemingly had with the prime minister, why wouldn't we want to show huge respect, especially after yesterday with ahmadinejad speaking on yom kippur, all the sleights that the israelis have had the last few days. >> well, you know, that's a question that goes to a course of conduct by the obama administration for 3 1/2 years of just utter disdain for both prime minister netanyahu and the state of israel. and it's simply one more brick in the wall of the case that the president's perfectly prepared to isolate israel and that he does not hold the u.s./israel relationship in the same high regard as every other president going back to harry truman. so i think it's consistent with the administration's effort to distance itself from israel, which has been manifested so many other ways as well. >> greta: all right. well, it's a small point. may be bad manners. certainly pale in consideration to the more important issues of
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nuclear weapons. ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, is governor romney taking the lead? could that possibly be true? dick morris said there's more to the polls than meet the eyes. dick morris is here dick. also former secretary of state henry kissinger, does he think the u.s. should draw a red line to stop the nuclear build-up? you'll hear coming up. plus, sparks fly as ann coulter took on the ladies of "the view." whoopi wasn't taking it. do not move. "on the record" back in 60 seconds.
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>> greta: there's no doubt about
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it, the presidential race it tight, but the sizzling question who hats edge. polls in swing states showing president obama pulling ahead of governor mitt romney, but not so fast. dick morris, author of new book "here come the black helicopters" has something to say about the polls. he joins us. nice to see you, dick. dick, you may be perhaps the only one who's saying that these polls suggest that governor romney is winning. please tell me how you arrive at that. >> sure. well, karl rove i think has some thoughts like that. let me go through it. what's going on now is these polls are assuming that you have the same high level of african american, latino and young people vote in 2012 that you had in 2008. not the normal level, which you had in '04, '00, '06 and so on. the pollsters are awaiting the data to assume you have that level. so, for example, in 2008, 14% of the vote was cast by african
10:24 pm
americans. in 2004, in all the other years, only 11% was. in 2010, only 11% was. so what the pollsters is doing is weighting up the number of black interviews, giving them more weight so that they account for 14% of the sample, not 11%. for young people, they historically have been 12% of the vote. they're weighting it up to the 18% that it was in 2008. latinos have always been 7%. they're weighting it up to 9%. they're doing so either because they're in the -- i believe misguided impression -- that the electorate of 2012 will be the same as '08, or that it's wishful thinking on their part, and they're trying to present polls that discourage romney supporters and encourage obama donors. >> greta: first the african american issue. it's a 14% versus 11%. could that 3% differential, is that so significant as to skew the polls? i mean, is that a huge massager?
10:25 pm
>margin?>> well, it's a three-point-point margin. in other words if you have a poll showing romney losing by five, he's only losing by two. the latinos bring it to even, and the young people give romney an edge. when you look at all of these polls, you go by what is the most likely turnout, not the eight turn out, a lot less, maybe more than far, but less than 2008. you get to what rasmussen has, who does it properly, a tie race. when you have a tie race, greta, it's an advantage for romney, because the undecided vote always goes against the incumbent. that's how reagan got elected. carter was six points ahead of him seven days out, and carter lost by nine because the undecided always went to the challenger. when you're undecided you're basically saying you don't like the incumbent. >> greta: if you take today's numbers, instead of weighting them to the 2008 election,
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weight them to 2004 or 2000, does it have a different winner? >> yes. if you take any of these polls that currently show romney behind by five, six, or seven points, you weight them to the 2008 turnout, you have romney at least tied and in most cases ahead. you also have him carrying florida easily, virginia easily, ohio more or less a break-even race. you not only have the weighting, you have the undecided vote. i really believe that's what's going on -- we all talk about media bias. this is an instance of it. they're trying to drown the romney campaign and the perception that they can't win, they're losing, so everybody gives up. it just ain't so. >> greta: dick, just a quick question. you said if you weight them to 2008, only five seconds left, did you mean weight it to 2004? >> if you weight it to '04,
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romney's winning. >> greta: okay. >> i have a take on netanyahu. just take a second to say. >> greta: five seconds. >> yeah. he has decided, i think, to wait for romney to become the new president before he attacks iran. that was the meaning of the march date. if he thought obama was going to win the election, he would probably attack before election day. so obama would be constrained by not wanting to lose the jewish vote. clearly the u.s. has a military capacity they don't, and if he waits until march romney would use it on his behalf. >> greta: that's a long five seconds. dick, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: up next, they voted for clinton, gore and obama. so why do they now plan to vote for governor mitt romney in november? you'll hear from voters who are switching sides and our political panel is here to talk about it. that's next. also fur flying and blood on the floor on the set of "the view." see what happens when ann coulter goes head-to-head with the show's five hosts. it isn't pretty, but you can't stop watching it.
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you'll see it. back in 60 seconds.
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>> greta: from the $16 trillion deficit to the stubbornly high unemployment rate, president obama supportsers are finding lots of reasons to change their votes. they're speaking out in a new ad for the romney/ryan ticket. shot clock. >> i voted for bill clinton twice. i voted for clinton. >> i voted for clinton. >> al gore. >> i voted for al gore. >> al gore. >> i voted for barack obama. >> i voted for barack obama. >> barack obama in 2008. >> i had huge hopes. but you know what, i got burned in 2008. >> the trillions and trillions of dollars of deficits. >> this time. >> this year. >> i've changed. >> i'm changing my vote. >> i changed my mind. >> to mitt romney and paul ryan. >> to romney and ryan. >> to mitt romney and paul ryan. they have plans and ideas that i believe will work.
10:30 pm
>> greta: joining us our political panel, rick klein, michael crawley, and justin sink. rick? >> find me a voter for voted for mccain four years ago and now says obama. it's a small segment of the population. this is the kind of message. it's an invitation to the former obama voters, the one-time obama voters who may be supporting him right now, on the fence right now, to say join us on the other side, you don't have to hate the guy, that he's the wrong direction for the country, we're giving up on him, moving the other direction. it's a powerful message, something the romney campaign would have liked to tap into a few months ago. >> greta: michael? >> how are the people in the middle, willing to vote for either party, not strong partisan, how are they going to break at the end of the day? they could decide it. >> the romney party will break
10:31 pm
overwhelming against obama. if he hasn't closed the deal yet, they'll get the voters. the cautionary note in 2004, john kerry was banking on a similar dynamic. he was hoping a lot of people that voted for george w. bush would say, i don't like the things worked out, i'll go with kerry. they split down the middle, enough to let bush stay in office. >> i thought it was interesting that the voters said, i'm changing my vote, i'm changing my vote. that was the predominant message of the obama campaign in 2008, you know, change, we saw on the signs, the banners. you really see that the romney campaign is trying to tap into those voters, really co-op them from the obama campaign. >> greta: i thought it was a two-fer. i thought it was also an effort to get the women. you know, they could have put men in there, found some men. michael, the women vote was important, certainly in '96. >> that struck me as well. this is a running theme with the romney campaign in the homestretch. you know, i took one thing away from that convention in tampa,
10:32 pm
it was we love you, women, women are special, women are great. a lot of the romney advertising has a very -- has had a very heavy female presence. they have a budge big deficit wh women, and they're trying to close it. >> greta: rick? >> no subtly in terms of the campaign messaging. i go one step further, i think that was midwestern accents i heard. >> greta: either from illinois or wisconsin. >> we really like you if you live in wisconsin or ohio or illinois. they need to be doing better among women. republicans almost always lose women in republican conventions. can't lose it as badly as they are right now to barack obama. >> when you look at the money spent on this ad, they're spending $10 million on this push, and much of it is going to those exact midwestern states, wisconsin, ohio and iowa, the states that romney needs to kind of gain ground on. >> wisconsin really opens up
10:33 pm
possibilities. without wisconsin, it's looking very hard, particularly the way things are looking in ohio, so many other swing states. if he can get florida or wisconsin, he has a path. >> greta: those were nice ads. no one is said to be a rot and horrible person, a thief or crook. it was a nice ad. >> that's the point. the country hasn't decided that it doesn't like barack obama. it may not vote for him again, but even people that -- pretty strong partisan, a lot of folks say they like him generally, and certainly people that voted for him four years ago you're not going to convince him he's all the evil things that some of the ads say he is. >> the 47% video that came out last, campaig romney talking abt campaign strategy, he said they were having a tough time selling a vilified version of barack obama to former voters, so they wanted to hammer the idea of disappointment, disenchantment. you saw that in this ad. >> romney said that at the convention in tampa. the clear message has been, if you voted for barack obama, it's understandable. there was a lot of excitement at that moment, but
10:34 pm
now you may be excited, take another look, think about it again. don't feel about your original vote, but the guy was in over his head. that's a recurring merge. >> greta: up next, former secretary of state henry kissingker, prime minister netanyahu urging the world to draw a red line. is that what the u.s. should do? dr. kissinger in two minutes. and the latest youtube craze takes aim at the replacement referees. you have to see that as well. that's two minutes away. raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank.
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24 hours. zero heartburn. >> greta: this was a terrible call. it robbed the packers of a win on monday night, and brought the replacement refs battle to a piling point. that was not funny at all, but unrough station found the comedic sign in a spoof of "call me maybe." >> ♪ i just met you
10:37 pm
what's your number. ♪ i'll call it maybe ♪ what's the number ♪ i'll call it maybe ♪ hey just met you ♪ that play was crazy ♪ what's it number ♪ i'll call it maybe. >> greta: big news, the nfl and real refs reached a tentative deal. what do you think about the fiasco? go to
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>> greta: it no secret, the relationship between the united states between and israel is frostier now more than ever. former secretary of state henry kissinger warning that has to change. we spoke with dr. kissinger earlier tonight. dr. kissinger, nice to see you, sir. >> always good to be here. >> greta: how do you describe the current state of relations between the israel and the u.s.? >> it's strained, because there are assurances given, but the relationship is aloof. it's not really full confidence on either side. and as the situation develops, that has to change. >> greta: what happened? because we used to be on very good terms with israel. at least i think there was trust
10:41 pm
back and forth. >> well, there are a number of issues. i think we agree about the nature of the danger, but the israelis feel a greater sense of urgency that -- a greater surge urgency we do, and that there's a timeline that needs to be as netanyahu said at the u.n. today. we believe we should permit diplomacy to develop beyond a further beyond, but the fact of the matter is that i would say within a year from now the question has to be answered, where is the iranian program? secondly, what do we define as unacceptable? and third, what are we going to do about it? at that point we have to come
10:42 pm
together, because i don't think there's any question that israel will not accept it, and that there is -- therefore there is high danger of a conflict. >> greta: today at the u.n., when prime minister netanyahu spoke, he put up the chart and showed the three stages of development of a nuclear weapon. he has said that the first stage has been met by iran. the second stage will be completed by late spring or early summer. and then it's just a matter of a couple weeks or a short time after for the third stage in which they will have the nuclear weapon. what he said was that we need to increase sanctions and try to use some diplomacy, but he wants a red line, a line beyond which -- that's next spring when they finish stage two. do you think the red line is a good idea? >> well, i would divide red line into three different parts. one, you can define it as meaning that we give the israelis authorization to act on the basis of a red line.
10:43 pm
that i don't think we can do. we cannot give a country an advance authorization to go to war. secondly, should we have a red line in our own mind at which point we say the unacceptable level has been reached? absolutely. we have to understand what we mean by the red line, and not redefine it in order to extend it. third, should the iranians understand that there is a red line which they cannot cross i would again say absolutely. so in the sense of should there be an american position that defines to ourselves what we consider unacceptable and what we will do about it, and conveys
10:44 pm
that determination to the iranians, that needs to be done. that needs -- doesn't need to be announced, but it needs really to exist. >> greta: now we have so much more with dr. kissinger. he says that the attacks in libya were clearly terrorism from the start. so why didn't the obama administration say that? we asked dr. kissinger. hear his answer to that and much more. go to and watch the rest of the interview. straight ahead, who is rush limbaugh accusing of running a campaign of deceit? rush will tell you himself. that's next.
10:45 pm
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10:48 pm
>> greta: rush limbaugh is accusing president obama of running a campaign of deceit. why? here's rush. >> bottom line is obama knew the attacks on our embassies on the anniversary of 9/11 were planned and it had nothing to do with the video. he knew that within 24 hours, if not sooner. the attack at banghazi and upon the death of the ambassador. let's boil that down. what was the theme of yesterday's program? obama knowingly lied to the american people. obama and his conspiracy theory, coordinating a campaign of
10:49 pm
deceit to distract from the truth that affects our national security. by the way, this was a truth that revealed reckless incompetence in planning for the security and safety to people that work for him. the state department five days, you know this, five days before put a notice up on one of their websites that there was no credible information of any threat, and 9/11's coming up, but we don't have any credible information. that's now been scrubbed. the gateway pundit is reporting that warning -- it was not a warning -- that that little memo from the state department to employees that worked there, that's been scrubbed from their site. you can't go find the posting on the state department website which told everybody over there was no problem. they've taken it down. this is not -- this is not the kind of -- this is the most transparent regime in history,
10:50 pm
they promised. so this campaign of we do deceis deployed, put out there, because obama has a re-election campaign, and the truth would make him a one-term president. >> greta: democratic strategist joe trippi joins us. joe, this situation looks bad for the white house. even after it became apparent that it was terrorism to the rest of the word, the president still hung on to the video theory. play devil's advocate, can you come up with a plausible explanation? >> there's a bunch of them. first of all, we still do not know any of the things that rush is talking about. we do not know for a fact that the president knew the next day, 24 hours later. but assuming he did -- >> greta: you should havhe shou. would you agree with that? >> it's one thing for you and i to look at it and says this is a
10:51 pm
terrorist attack. our government only says that when they know for sure it is one. >> greta: apparently they do intelligence internally that said it was a terrorist attack, and when it happened, if i was the president, the first thing i would say, what happened? >> right. look, there's definitely a big back story that none of us know about it. there will be an investigation. the senators are calling for it. one of the things that could have happened simply is the guys who did this are on the run. we actually had intelligence maybe that says that they kind of knew the neighbor neighborhot they were going in. they want to keep them there. they don't want them to run to another country now, so you put out the word that this wasn't a terrorist attack. >> greta: put a street story out? >> yeah. we know who did it, we're coming for you, only gets them to go run. i don't know any of this, but i'm saying there are plausible things that we'll find out something, because none of this
10:52 pm
story makes sense. i agree with rush, none of it makes sense, but i don't think it's -- i don't think there was like a owe foe campaign purposes they tried to tell people it wasn't an al-qaeda attack. they're telling people it was a terrorist attack, that there were attacks to militia and terrorist organizations. what's the cover-up? >> greta: if it's not a cover-up campaign reason, then it's incompetence, which is also not particularly flattering or there's some back story. one of those three. >> clearly there wasn't enough security and -- i mean, there was a security lapse here that -- >> greta: that's a different issue. i think everyone agrees on that one. >> so there was competence issues there that will come out. we'll find the bottom out of that. i do think there's a colossal, massive back story that we don't know. by the way, i've done a lot of work in the region. you know, you'll often have clandestine operations going on in which the government of libya
10:53 pm
did not know about that we had americans there that they did not -- the government didn't know, the terrorists didn't know they were there, and we were getting them out. there's all different kinds of -- >> greta: you don't get a ton of mail that -- what does joe trippi think about it? i asked you for the hypotheticals. >> i don't believe necessarily any one of these things, but something else is going on that the senate and other people are going to find out. press will find out over time, but none of what we're hearing makes sense. >> greta: unless it's incredible incompetence or deceit. those are the other two choices. >> right. i don't buy the deceit. i don't understand what you get for lying for five days. >> greta: why doesn't he come clean and explain? >> there's some reason they can't. i really believe that. there's some other thing going on that gets to -- that -- we are going to find out. now, the republicans will say, we're not going to find out till
10:54 pm
after the election. probably true. >> greta: all right. i got to go. joe, thank you. coming up, would last call, tv studio looks like more like a boxing ring. ann coulter in one corner, whoopi goldberg in the other. see how that turns out next. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer up to 9 months. [ male announcer ] because enbrel®, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu.
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share everything by turning your smartphone into a mobile hotspot for up to 8 wifi-enabled devices at no extra charge. like the new droid razr m by motorola only $99.99. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights it's time for last call. fire works at the view today, whoopi goldberg going head to head with ann coulter about her new book. >> what i'm trying to say is that race mongering has been very bad for america. liberals use it to promote cause that's have nothing to do with blacks and in fact harm blacks. >> please stop. if you're going to talk about race at least know what you're talking about. at least know what you're talking about. >> tell me how much you know
10:59 pm
about being black. >> this isn't about being black. >> what you just said you made statements about how black people feel. >> this is not a book about black people this is a book about white liberals and i do know this, is a fact republican policies on crime and welfare were caused ratist when they got implemented after the oj verdict, i might add by reagan and bush judges over all, tens of thousands of black lives were saved. that is a fact. i do not have to know about... >> you're -- you're what are your facts a little shaky. >> democratic segregationists were all liberal democrats it's a lie they were conservative democrats. >> they, everybody was. white people were. they didn't matter whether they were or not. >> hold on, hold on.


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