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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  September 30, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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have a great week you next fox news sunday. >> the countdown is on to a historic encounter. two presidential candidates that spar in the battle ground state of colorado with the election weeks away. will it be a game channinger? i'm harris falkner, we're live as fox reports tonight. coming face-to-face, for their first presidential debate with millions of americans set to tune in, both sides now setting expectations. >> i think what people are going to see is who is mitt romney, what kind of a president is he going to be and what are the choices that i have and matters in this particular debate and all the debates. what we're going to tell the
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people, the whole campaigning where we are as a country, where we need to go. how to rebuild the economy and make the middle class secure. >> harris: fox report, how the nominees are preparing right now. and they make the decisions that affect americans now and for generations to come. the nine supreme court justices headed back to the bench less than 24 hours from now, to settle some of the most divisive issues in our country. in minutes, what's at shake. also, riding along on the final leg of a cross country journey to honor our fallen heroes and the families they left behind. celebrate, mission complete. ♪ we begin tonight with what could very well be a defining moment of the 2012 presidential election. the first the debate between the men who want a lead america three days away. governor romney hunkered down
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in washington on final debate preparation and president obama on the campaign trail in the swing state of nevada. for now, the strong sense of optimism from team romney. vice-presidential nominee, congressman paul ryan in an interesting brushed aside polls showing president obama leading in several key state telling anchor chris wallace, governor romney will win come november. and one of his most outspoken supporters, new jersey governor chris christie, also making a bold prediction that governor romney will do very well and his performance could change the whole race. here is governor christy from earlier today. >> he's going to come in wednesday night and have his vision for america and he's to contrast what his view is and the president's record is and the president's view for the future and the race will be turned upside down thursday morning. >> harris: we'll kick off our coverage with campaign carl
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cameron. and republicans are trying to draw a distinction betweening mr. obama and the republicans leading up to wednesday night. >> they have and mitt romney has been doing his level best to kind of lowering expectation. the enthusiasm from chris christie and paul ryan may be run counter to the candidate's desire and lower the bar and make it easier for him to appear to overachieve. the romney campaign recognizes the polls haven't been going their way and talked a long time the debates will be an important moment. and paul ryan was essentially trying to set the stage for mitt romney by framing the issues as the romney-ryan ticket sees them, almost five weeks away. >> we can either have a dynamic growing economy that produces opportunity or a stagnant economy that fosssters dependency. we can stick with the failed policies of the last four years, or a brighter future. stagnation versus growth.
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dependency versus opportunity and upward mobility. that's a classic choice, a clear difference that we're offering. >> romney returns to boston for the weekend and this morning, church and debate prep and tomorrow off to denver getting ready for the face-off on wednesday night, harris. >> harris: it's interesting how they prepare, the practice sessions. do we know how governor romney's practice sessions are going? >> he spent quite a bit of time doing it, a lot of book research, just studying, a great deal with the campaign teamworking ways to phrase questions as suscinctly and the mock debates with rob portman, playing the role of president obama, researched his debate performance against john mccain and some others, and doing his level best to get under romney's skin and romney's just about what a tough debater portman is, on a number of cases, it's been portman's responsibility to try to irritate mitt romney or
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trip him up on the issues and he's played an important role on this and this debate is six segments, 15 minutes long east and the first three are about the economy and the fourth is obama care and health care reform. the fourth is on governoring and the 5th is role of government. all of these things will dominate the discussion, but romney is planning after this coming debate on wednesday, before the policy speech on the week before the vice-president debates, the attempts by the romney ryan campaign, to go beyond the economy and try to do the whole campaign contrast in the last four years. >> an exciting time for all the americans who said now, carl, they'll tune in more, leading up to the debate. thank you, campaign carl, good to see you. moving on now to president obama and his visit in the swing state of nevada tonight. the president arrives in las vegas a short time ago and we're told the president will remain in nevada before wednesday preparing for the debate. on this sunday, some of the president's advisors making rounds on talk shows, and the
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white house advisor plouffe seeming to look at the chances for the debate giving romney the upper hand. >> now, challengers tend to do really well on debates and that's the history. and we believed all along that governor romney had potentially more out of the debate than we do. >> harris: correspondent ed henry is travelling with the president and playing the expectations game. >> oh, big time, they're trying to play that expectations game and got senator john kerry playing the role of mitt romney, and familiar with his record pack in massachusetts and familiar with this kind of podium and stage and the obama campaign is trying to stay woe is the president hasn't debated in four years, since he went toe to toe, a day job and commander-in-chief and only a few practice sessions not enough time like mitt romney has had to practice and then as you mentioned david plouffe who is on some of the sunday talk shows today.
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trying to lift expectations on the other side by mitt romney, saying he got an awful lot of practice back in that long drawn out republican primary, take a listen. >> listen, he's prepared more than any candidate i think maybe in history. certainly in recent memory. we believe that governor romney has been a good debater in the past, he's very prepared and the clever zingers and lines in hess pocket and we understand that he'll probably have a good night. >> and the obama camp feels good after what chris christie did said it's going to be a game change and extraordinary performance by mitt romney, the obama camp thinks that plays right into the expectations and now it's raising them very high for mitt romney to have to shake it up in these debates, harris. >> harris: as we know from carl cameron that mr. romney has been at the campaign headquarters in boston preparing. why is the president in nevada? >> well, it's a battle ground state as you've noted earlier and i remember covering john kerry in 2004. a debate against the president, then president bush
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in arizona and did his debate prep in new mexico, a media attention in the battle ground state and he's trying to do that president obama in nevada and the foreclosure crisis and the unemployment rate double digits and the president knows economic challenges here and hoping he'll get a little play for his message and his plans and rally and it's going to start a few moments behind me with someone with early voting starting in nevada in a couple of weeks and they feel good in the obama camp. nevada even though it's hard hit, the polls show the race very close and they think mitt romney should be far ahead with the economic message and people are hurting here. they think it's a sign that romney is not breaking through and the president is doing pretty well in nevada. >> harris: you bring up a good point. this first debate focusing on domestic policy and you talk about those tough economic issues on the ground, in nevada where you are now, it would be interesting to see just how well watched the first debate will be by those people there, thank you so much, ed henry.
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fox news will bring you the presidential debate live. our prime time coverage with anchors bret baier and megyn kelly, wednesday night 8:55 eastern. and in a few minutes, bret baier will join us live from denver where the debate will be set to take place inside the fox report. and new calls for investigation and the terror attack in libya that killed our u.s. ambassador and three other americans. senator bob corker describing the obama administration's response to the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi as bizarre. corker, a republican from tennessee making the statement in a letter to national intelligence and wants to know what led up to the death of ambassador chris stevens, two navy seals and a worker. and steve centanni, what's the latest in washington. >> the fbi has yet to enter benghazi because of the dangerous security climate there. senator corker who sits on the foreign relations committee wants to know why, and he
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fired off a letter to intel chief james clapper, calling the situation bizarre and demanding answers and says in part, 18 days ago, the administration judged it was appropriate for our consulate to be lightly guarded. and what has changed in libya in such a short time. is that even fbi agents and our personnel entered the city. and the u.n. ambassador susan rice who has said a few days after the attack, that it appeared to be a spontaneous uprising and the long video. >> and we have reports now that intelligence people knew within 24 hours that this was a terrorist attack and yet, they sent her out, to say things that were absolutely false and continued to do so. and then, as mccain says the violence in lib rah clicks, with the story and al-qaeda diminished. >> for its part. the administration claims the situation in benghazi was so complex, they didn't know for sure that it was a terrorist
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attack although now they're saying it is. and the obama campaign advisor turned the criticism back to mitt romney. and governor romney leaked that on the libya issue on the first day and was terribly mistake been what he said. and that's not what you want in a president of the united states. >> and democrats say now protecting american personnel going forward, harris. >> harris: you mentioned something i had not read the complexity of the issue around benghazi, the follow-up i would want to ask, well, could you just dumb is down and explain it? and steve centanni, thank you very much. >> you bet. >> harris: right now, tragedy in a place that cares for veterans and their families. police say gunman showed up at vfw ap started firing, but we're now just learning with the deadly shooting and happened again, the ultimate betrayal, a murderer in an afghan uniform turns the gun on his american counterparts. what's become a disturbing
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trend and a grim milestone for our troops in the war zone. stay close. ♪ you do ♪ something to me ♪ that nobody else could do ♪ pling a lone hand
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>> police near orlando, florida, says two people are dead at a veterans of foreign war post. what we know, police this winter springs, florida, say an unknown number of armed men opened up on bikers getting ready to leave the vfw post for a charity ride. it's unclear if anyone inside shot back, but hearing plenty of gunfire. they have one in custody and investigating so far. no one has been charged. well, are american soldiers targeted in a green on blue attack in afghanistan? someone dressed as an afghan soldier turning his gun on american soldiers on a check
7:16 pm
point outside a base in the provinces. the disturbing trends like we've telling you about. peter doocy. >> the numbers are 2,053. suspected insider attack, in the 11 year war there to 2000 and u.s. and coalition forces killed by insider attacks this year to 53. and the former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolten says today, he thinks the so-called green on blue attacks will continue until americans leave afghanistan, so afghan security forces can get a head start pledging their allegiance to the taliban. >> the green on blue attacks are likely to increase as the date for the withdrawal grows closer and the taliban attacks, if anything, may diminish. why should the taliban take risks when they know we're leaving. it's more for the afghan national army of course now who want to show their loyalty
7:17 pm
to taliban. >> the defense secretary leon panetta says the taliban is trying to undermine our trust and joint chiefs of staff says that won't work. >> and one army commander told me insider attacks are an affront to their honor, at odds with their culture. as for us, we are adapting to changes in that threat as well. that's what professional militaries do. >> reporter: the number of deaths from insiders attacks has risen dramatic from 20, two years ago to 35 last year and 53 this year so far, even as both sides are working hard to stop them with beefing up security on joint missions and ante up background checks on recruits. >> harris: thank you. we've heard them speak about each other and now they'll speak to each other and the nation of course. what's at steak at the debate? we're ask bret baier who
7:18 pm
arrived at the debate site in colorado. the former marines started out, and a few days later. 3200 miles later as well. they've reached their final destinations on bikes. coming up, the generation proceeds from the mission families and the heroes welcome from the warriors. ♪ you know what i love abut this country?
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>> a major milestone today at a cross country trek dedicated to the fallen war heroes after a grueling 3200 mile road and
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the support staff, including the war veterans finally reached their destination and new york city's ground zero in an effort to raise awareness and money for the children of the men and women who have died serving this nation. molly line is back and joins us with details on the well deserved salute. nine days on bikes. >> absolutely, an incredible honor to be able to tag along on this ride with the amazing heroes and just the physical elements they were able to achieve as they struck out across the nation and accomplishing so much and this is really all about the children. they want to be able to honor the children of the fallen comrades and make sure that they can get an education. and set off from california coming into manhattan. and the manhattan streets and over the george washington bridge and incredible video today of them taking the road with an honor to be there with all of them. and a chance to see one wounded veteran, wounded in iraq in 2004, losing his left leg and today, he was able, they pulled out a special bike
7:23 pm
for him. and surprising before things got underway and he was able to pedal like he wanted to across the nation today, finishing up at the 9/11 memorial site. and here is joseph worley. >> if you're going to see the towers close up for the very first time. there's no better way to do it than the way we did, and i tell you, it was an extremely emotional experience. >> and it was a moving end to what happened to the journey, to 9/11 memorial and they each spoke the names of fallen comrades, an incredible day. >> just a great group. and very physical challenge, but there is some emotion bee note it, the heart of the race. >> absolutely. it was about serving the children and the central goal aiming to raise 1 million dollars to help with the fallen soldiers and they said it was all about remembering. >> if you're going to see the towers close up for the very first time. there's no better what i to do it than to see it the way we
7:24 pm
did it. and i tell you, it was an extremely emotional experience for me. >> in some little way, brought the people closer to remembering our friends and our family members, you know, who didn't make it home. >> the reason we do this is to remember. and we want to remember those who have fallen, service to our country. and take care of their families. it's all about taking care of things we lost. >> and for more information about the riders and how to help, go to 9/11 heroes for the ride. >> we featured them last week on fox report, and following them on twitter and tweeting them amazing to follow them along. utah, kansas, and people came along the route and cheering for them. they were really grateful and able to pay things forward. >> they tweeted the pickets of it, terrific, good to see you. >> thanks for having not. not far from that tribute, the world famous run honoring the firefighters killed on september 11th, 11 years ago.
7:25 pm
>> it was huge, more than 25,000 people coming from all over the metro area and here in new york, but far beyond that from england and hawaii. this morning, they were in lower manhattan for the 5 k run, a fundraiser in the race to ground zero as it was under a terrorist attack. >> they raised money for helping wounded warriors build homes that-- houses and function, and when you see some of them here, you realize what a worthwhile cause this is. >> this is a great event to honor the firefighters and so we're out here today just to go-- united for the armed forces and also for the police officers and firefighters. >> harris: this race is fdnyc tunnel run, siller was a firefighter who ron from the
7:26 pm
battery tunnel and all the way to the towers and did not make it out alive. when he did it, he was wearing 60 pounds of gear. wow. and one stage, two men millions of votes up for grabs, first the presidential debate. 72 hours away and we're learning new details how each is preparing. we'll go live to colorado for a preview with a special report anchor. >> one u.s. marine stationed overseas keeps the camera rolling when he captures a stunning sight. we'll play the tape and see what he saw. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. governor of getting it done. you know how to dance... with a deadline. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go.
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ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at >> i'm harris falkner, this is a fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news, the first presidential debate now just three days away, and both candidates working on last minute debate prep and as we mentioned earlier, president obama is in nevada where he's holding a campaign rally and journalists confirming, governor romney arrived at boston headquarters to prep. landing in colorado where the debate show downs takes place, anchor special report bret baier. he'll join me with his take. some including the vice-presidential nominee, paul ryan, says a debate could
7:31 pm
change the game. >> it's possible. you have some columnists writing in this is the super bowl of politics and debates are because the political world and even folks who have been paying attention to politics start to listen and they watch, especially the first date. and standing the challengers standing alongside the president of the united states, confronting some things you've only seen confronted on commercials, that's an opportunity for the challenger to make a mark. >> however, in the big picket, can it change the dynamic completely? i don't know. you have to, you know, depending on races past, one debate doesn't really do it, and it's a series of debates, it's a series of things that happen after a debate. you heard governor chris christie on meet the press today, saying that thursday morning, there will be a different kind of race that develops after wednesday night's performance. and that's what republicans are hoping for, that they see
7:32 pm
mitt romney-- that's much like the florida debates with mitt romney, that we saw after he lost in south carolina in the primaries and newt gingrich came out swinging, very on the office and making a stand. >> you know, bret, in recent days on your program, special report, we've seen the expectations game you've played out. if you're out in front of a candidate talking things out do you go high or low? >> both campaigns have been setting the bar extremely low for their own candidate. and boy, david plouffe is out there saying governor romney is essentially the best debater anywhere in multiple appearances today and saying that the president just hasn't had time, and he's been doing all of these other things and it's amazing to see the lengths the obama campaign has gone to to try to set expectations. but i think when you get to wednesday, all of that goes out the window. and it's all about the issues
7:33 pm
if neither man has a major stumble, both sides are going to come out of it either way and say, their person won. and no matter what happens. but if there is not a major event, you'll go to the second debate, and wait to see what happens there. >> harris: you know, i want to get to the basics of wednesday night if we can for just a moment, and the focus on this first debate is in that policy. what are some of the questions that we might expect to hear? >> and jim letterer, the moderator to lay down a format on the economy in the first section. they have questions to start off the discussion, and then a discussion, free flowing, it's supposed to stay on the topic matter that they've agreed to, which is domestic issues. so, i don't expect any wavering off into foreign policy, libya or afghanistan, you don't know that that possibly could happen, but it's supposed to say pretty structured, but the discussion
7:34 pm
is something new, so le herrer can press and there's a lot of free flow in those 15 minutes, so, a lot of things can happen in a short time. >> harris: with the time i have left with you. i want to focus on style and the moderated debates before, did a beautiful job in the g.o.p. primary i might ad. from your experience i'm hearing that the candidates should work in humor. humor can back fire, can't it? >> sure, if it's too staged, if it's hokey, it can come off as just not genuine. and all of these folks who are out there telling governor romney he needs to have a connection moment, there are many other folks on the conservative side who are saying, he needs to be pressing and on point and on big issues, so, you have all kinds of advice flowing for governor romney on this big event. i want to point out quickly, harris, that we're here, also, to do a show tomorrow night,
7:35 pm
on special report, for arapahoe county one of the 30 swing counts we've identified throughout the country. arapahoe is important in colorado went background for president obama in 2008 and went for president bush in 2004 and 2000. we talked to a ton of people today. the really interesting things said what issues are motivating them. >> harris: yes, you put it arapahoe is almost quintessential swing county. and tune it here for fox news for the political debate and best analysis, you're seeing with bret there. live coverage wednesday night 8:55 answering corpsed by bret and megyn kelly and on special report. don't miss it. another programming note for you, this one for tonight. a fox news special, john stossel goes behind the scenes
7:36 pm
to show you what's going into weng the presidency after sean hannity's one on one with donnell trump. pop the corn. and in the supreme court, following tradition, many of the supreme court justiced attended a red mass celebrated annually for judges, attorneys, law school students and judges and officials. as for the new term the supreme court is set to take up a slew of cases some dealing with civil rights following the blockbuster decisions we all watched last term, involving immigration and president obama's health care law. shannon bream now with the news from washington. shannon? >> monday kicks off the brand new term in the supreme court and there are a number of controversial disputes awaiting the justices. at least six of nine justices attended the traditional pre-term red mass in washington on sunday, a tradition started back in 1928 in new york, praers for wisdom
7:37 pm
and inspiration for all members of the judiciary. on monday the court will consider whether nigeria citizens can sue shell oil company in u.s. court for human rights abuses they say the company committed in nigeria, one of the most anticipated, a white student who she was not admitted to the university because of race based. and justice kennedy will be the swing vote in that case and expected to take up one case related to same sex marriage and defense of marriage act which the obama administration says it will no longer defend in court. another appeal involved counseling prop 8 amend the constitution so california would only rec knees a marriage between a man and a woman as valid and legal. >> from the moments the cases were filed, this is a case that would ultimately makeets
7:38 pm
way to the supreme court and looks like the time is now. >> we could know as early as monday morning whether the justices voted to take up either of the same sex marriage cases, shannon, thank you. >> in japan, people on alert in tokyo, as a powerful and destructive typhoon has its way. the storm injured dozens of people and left many without electricity. ground traffic paralyzed there and along the northwestern coast lien. thousands have been evacuated over the fear of flooding. the typhoon at one point packing winds of 78 miles per hour and that force captured by an american marine on the southern island of okinawa. the storm expected to dump up to 20 inches of rain. look at that wind. and japan drifted sometime tomorrow. and a bomb goes off inside a sunday school and now it looks like we know who did this. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> kenya, the explosion at a
7:39 pm
nursery school at the church in nairobi. you can see children's shoes left behind. a nine-year-old boy killed in the stampede of people trying to get out and police expect sympathizers of al shabab, a radical militant group that controls most of central and southern somalia which shares a border with kenya. the spain, the go of the cutting back and citizens turning violent in the streets in response. and outside parliament and madrid and started hurling stones with police, at least one person injured. the crowd angry about tax hikes and spending cuts among the 17 nations and the euro currency. >> and china, that flying fire, just part of the drill, but a pretty intense one. the exercise focusing mainly
7:40 pm
on island dissent. and participants, both military and civilian. >> ukraine, an enormous gathering in the capital city for a morning exercise routine, young and old, stretching and flexing, following the lead of a group of actors on stage. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. an earthquake in part of the country where maybe you wouldn't expect it, tonight we're hearing from the people who felt it. and bears, really? do i have to say anything else? they're so cute. hmmm, this one is hungry. and invading one suburban neighborhood. [ mother ] you can't leave the table
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7:44 pm
community of irving outside dallas and followed a few minutes later by a few powerful after shocks and minor damage, reported and a lot of rattles, i mantel, no injuries though. >> and my daughter in bed, and i felt like someone had jumped on the bed or something. >> i was sitting watching tv in the middle of nowhere it was like an explosion and i don't know, flt really weird. >> watching the movie, the "titanic" actually and it shook twice and first time shook, kind of like nervous and the bigger shake, in our apartment complex. >> wow. and we're told the tremors did not interfere with flights at nearby dallas fort worth airport. emergency crews blocking off streets and bringing in hazmat teams for a giant warehouse fire in chicago. our first stop on our trip across america. illinois, more than 200 fevers spending hours trying to get
7:45 pm
that fire under control. crews saying they believe it started on the top floor and quickly spread, engulfing the entire building. part of the warehouse collapsing at one point and firefighters say no one was instead at the time. no word yet on a cause. arizona, rescue crews working feverishly to get to a construction worker who fell ten feet into a trench in the road. >> if you fall into a trench, what we have several of the workers that fall into a trench and that trench implodes on them and comes in from the side more than likely they're going to die. >> firefighters lowered rescue ropes down the crevice and managing to squeeze in and get him out safely and then off to the hospital. new jersey, bears, a whole family of them, mama and cubs outside stroll for a by the to week at a local park. >> i was in complete shock. we couldn't believe it my wife was in the car driving and screamed as soon as we saw the bears. and pretty much climbed the
7:46 pm
tree, shook the pears down and eating them one by one. >> the police kept them far enough away until the bears moved on. >> indiana, and in hiding and proud of it. how is she celebrating? skydiving. >> it's awesome, awesome. >> and i don't even have to jump. they pushed me. >> rosemary jumping with some family at her side and she's no adrenalin junky, but wouldn't be surprised if she does it again. that's a fox watch across america. a surprising about-face for a former top prosecutor who once pushed through dozens of death penalty cases, why he's now urging voters in one state to repeal capital punishment. and california governor jerry brown signing a law today that could let hundreds of criminals convicted to life in prison without parole to walk free. what prompted that move? . [ male announcer ] the perfect photo... [ man ] nice!
7:47 pm
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>> hundreds of california inmates who were once sentenced as juveniles to life in prison without parole could one day go free under a new state law. democratic governor jerry brown signed that bill into law yesterday. now, judges can reconsider life sentences after the prisoners have served at least 15 years. courts could then reduce a no parole term to 25 years to life if the inmate shows signs of rehabilitation. governor brown's support for this law is at odds with law enforcement and victim's organizations. some 300 prisoners currently serving life term sentences in california for murders committed when they were under the age 18. so this affects a lot of people. and speaking of california,
7:51 pm
the death penalty has been an issue in for decades especially in the golden state and restored by voters in 1978. now there's a movement underway to once again repeal california's death penalty. douglas kennedy has more. >> the 184 million dollars that the death penalty is costing is a total waste of money. it's flushing it down the toilet. he spent 32 years inside the los angeles district attorney's office. >> and he prosecuted dozens of death penalty cases. >> we did, and not just prosecuted them, but convicted most of them. he's since changed his mind about giving felons the ultimate punishment and death penalty cases are too expensive and knows from personal experience, there is a lot of room for error. killing people is a huge responsibility and the criminal justice system isn't always perfect. >> it's not, unfortunately.
7:52 pm
we're dealing with human beings, so there's fallibility. >> and he's supporting prop 34 which would eliminate the death penalty in california. opponents say he's advocating letting hundreds of killers and rapists off the hook. >> these people are literally the worst of the worst. >> mcgreggor scott a former u.s. attorney and spokesman for the no on 34 campaign. he says californians shouldn't have to pay for the extra incarceration of life in prison. >> the taxpayers will be housing and providing medical care for these worst of the worst inmates. >> the critics are asking why you would pay any extra money to house and feed these terrible criminals. >> many' smiling because that is so misleading. it actually costs substantially less. he. >> he satisfies death row inmates often have luxury suites with private cells and it's far less expensive to house them with other violent
7:53 pm
criminals. in los angeles, california, douglas kennedy, fox news. >> governor romney, president obama gearing up for their first presidential debate on wednesday, it's our fox fast forward. and that plus your sports. peter schrader is here. stay with us. ♪ you do ♪ something to me ♪ that nobody else could do [ male announcer ] red lobster's endless shrimp is back... but only foa limited time! try as much as you like, any way you like! like parmesan crusted simp just $14.99. i'm ryaisabell and i sea fd differently.
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so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage thaall other networks combined. >> green bay packers getting back on track after losing on a very controversial note a week ago. da, da, da, with real reps this week, pete schrader fox >> many' glad they didn't find a replacement guest for today. the nfl remraemeplacement refs,
7:57 pm
packers should have won, a bad call and they go against the saints and win 28-27 at home and saints 4th loss 0-4 on the season and ironic, there was a holding call the last couple of minutes and ended up costing the saints and benefitted the green bay packers. >> harris: all right. atlanta falcons, carolina panthers. >> looking to go 4-0 the first time. carolina had the lead throughout this one and punched the ball away and ryan takes the falcons about 99 yards the foonl minute of the game, get out. and set up the field goal, and bryant knocks it in, a clutch player. . >> harris: i missed this, but-- i don't play golf, but watching golf, he called it,
7:58 pm
his fantasy team. >> i said did texas is the team to watch this year. and says it's fantastic and they won again today. go to 4-0. and the thing with houston their offense is doing the job. scored 30 points or more in three of the four games and they look-- i don't see any team able to beat this squad. >> harris: did something change for the game? and the second year, they had a full off season to prepare and one of three, four deep. gritty stuff there. >> and wade phillips a by pretty much booed out of dallas, now a hero. >> harris: isn't that interesting? staying on the calendar, life changes, let's talk golf. i thought the u.s. would take the ryder cup out of the hands of europe. >> looking for the churp since 1999. they were up and europe came all the way back and cameron makes a big cut and look at the europeans celebrating in
7:59 pm
the u.s. over outside of sheing, a huge comeback for europe and keeping usa from winning their potentially third ryder cup since 1999. >> they had to keep playing, they had to tie so it wouldn't be an outright win. if they tie the defending champion wins. no matter what happens, tiger was taking it, doesn't matter, europe wins and devastating loss for usa golf. >> harris: one of the worst tournament for tiger woods, bet are day today though. good to see you, thanks for being here. fox fast forward. some of the big story this week, on monday the supreme court begins a new term expected to take up controversial issues including same sex marriage and voting rights. and one of the biggest of the 2010 debate. governor romney squares off in the first debate. watch it live on fox, 8:65 eastern and on friday, a fresh reading on the health of our economy when the labor department r


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