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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 2, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> and go to gretchen carlson. >> you gave it away. gooble, gooble. turkey. >> gretchen, we need your help every day. >> next time don't show the video before the word. >> makes it easier for us. have a good "fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning everyone. it is it tuesday october 2. i am gretchen carlson . flights are ground and investigation under way in the country's big of the airline after row of seats come loose from the floor after take off. >> steve: i hate when that happens. one day until the presidential debate and mitt romney gets in this last minute dig . >> i will make sure we get resources in alaska and by the way, i will get pipe line from
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canada if i have to build it myself. >> steve: will lines like that work in the debate tomorrow night? it may depend on president obama's achilles hill. >> brian: unlike me he can build something because he knows how to work a ratchet gun. military faces lay offs. it is our money. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ note ♪ "fox and friends". >> steve: welcome back to studio e live from midtown manhattan and brian welcome back. >> brian: you want to feel old in >> steve: sure. when i started here my son was six months old and yesterday was his 16th birth >>
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gretchen: does he have his driver's license. >> brian: he has his her mitt. >> steve: you started with me, you got old. remember when sally came to the studio in a stroller. she is a sophmore in smu in dallas, texas. >> brian: i am excited about the pregame show to debate number one. >> gretchen: we have a lot of big-time guests. bill orile yelaura ingrams and bill. >> and we have brand new developments. a third row of seats coming loose on an american airlines. over the weekend frightflight was forced to make an emergency landing when a row of seats slid around the cabin. >> is that unusual. during climb out rows and
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passengers row 12 d, e, and f came unluse apparentlies are unable to sit in the seat. >> gretchen: yesterday a flight in new york had to the same reason. eight american airline planes are removed from service. a new report showing that the white house holding meetings about al-qaida threat. the obama administration meeting to talk about the terror group and whether the united states should launch strikes there. the group is dangerous since getting crote of large areas in somalia. the sessions began before the u.s. consulate atact in benghazi that left four americans amtrak collides with
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a tractor trailer . the train with 169 people on board was heading from oakland to bakersville, california when the truck blew through the passing again. passengers tossed around like rag dolls. >> it was ripped out and fell on top of him. i had to lift up the seat and i found him in his car seat. >> smoke. it was just, the train came apart. >> gretchen: train service suspended in the area. we are one day from the presidential debate. mitt romney in denver. it will make the way for the future of the counsel rye. >> these debates are an opportunity for each much us to describe the path way
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forward for americans. >> i am concerned about having a serious discussion about what to do to keep it growing. >> gretchen: the high-stakes debate on domestic policy kicks off 9:00 p.m. >> steve: the president is holed up with john kerry. he said debate prep and they are making him do his home work bohoo >> brian: he was being sarcastic. but is everyone saying that the debates don't matter . they have talked about each other. and the ones who say even the benghazi hasn't thwarted the bounce president obama has gotten. of course it matters and
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remember what happened when john kerry did so well against president obama? >> gretchen: this is why people will tune in tomorrow because we haven't seen them together on the same stage. it is ohio and nevada, and florida and virginia. but they are not on the same stage hopefully geth the same question and so you can decide the question. gen sacky who is the spokes person for president obama trying to down play president obama's possible performance. saying he has a tendency to give long winded substantative answers comprehend they give us concrete answers. >> steve: last thing the obama people want is for the president to lecture mitt
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romney and united states of america. poem in the romney camp. usually the contender gets a bounce simply by being on the same stage that's what will happen to mitt romney tomorrow this is going to be part-two of our strategy where a lot of people have never seen mitt romney before. first roll out in the rnc. >> gretchen: people who watch honey booboo, don't know much about mitt romney. it is going to be a debate in the university of denver. brit hume had busies to say about bill oriley. >> look an incumben running with a record like this and the economy still in serious shape many people are predicting a new risession and all of the trouble he had over
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seas he ought to be in a lot of trouble it is surprising to many people he is ahead . we think that manage will happen. mitt romney is an acceptable enough he is an honorable decent man . people would not have problem changing on him. it hasn't happen. but it hasn't come and that's why people are, a lot of republican are down cast in this state. >> brian: remember john lovitz. i can't believe i am losing to this guy. look at the stats that you would think that president obama is trailing unemployment 8.bon. in terms economic growth. 1.3. that is all-time low. right track, and wrong tract is out of balance. and approval rating under 50
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percent. and it is now under 50 percent. >> steve: that is part of the new normal that they write about in the new york post. people are getting used to that and it is it mitt romney's opportunity to say this is the new normal and i am losing to this guy? which guy is going to be. >> gretchen: i argued about gas prices the new normal. why are americans satisfied with paying 3.80 a gallon. there is no media attention about it that's the fifth thing to add to your list. does that mean from gas prices to everything else that brian laid out there, that's what people feel comfortable with out there. the theory are people are approaches the 50 percent are receiving government payment. and so, does that mean that that is the new normal in this country as well?
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>> steve: the president does have one giantic achilles heel according to charles. he doesn't like to be called on things. >> his one weak point is that he is thin skinned. you occasionally will see it in the press conference. if mitt romney can get upper his skin. that happened in one or two of the clinton debates and it could puncture that aura that obama has. one thing will help romney . being on the tage. just being on the same stage as the presidentinantly raises your stat u. what will the questions about tomorrow night. will it be fair or balanced in it will be domestic policy . we are entered in knowing what your question should be. what do you want to know.
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e-mail and twitter us was we'll read them later on. >> brian: in the mean time there is a request for military rotes and the ending of one war and the ongoing war on terror and ending of another war . you would think that the military is anxious to weigh in. that is not the case in terms of demand. >> steve: we talked about this yesterday. if you look at the number of the military requesting absentee ballots. it is down. 70 or 80 or 90 percent lower numbers than we had back in 2008. these are the request are down by 50 percent. and republican senator from texas said this is another example of how the u.s. department of defense under president obama has failed our military. and in fact, he and another senators wrote a letter saying
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this is unacceptable. >> gretchen: they believe under federal law man dated the creation of on base voters assistance offices which they claim is not put in place. we concluded the department stands in clear violation of the federal law that man dated creation of onbase voters offices. and it will likely be paid this november by military service members and their families. you can still get the ballots and if you are a member of the military member. and family member of machine overseas they still have time to get it >> brian: if you don't get your ballot write us or maybe you are disinterested which is hard to believe with the cut backs and lay aughts and calling recruiting station that affects somebody. you are worried about your health care. 92 you have another
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assignment, if you have not requested an absentee ballot and why. coming up. should an illegal imbe a u.s. lawyerine though he is not a u.s. citizen. that is a big debate coming up. >> gretchen: white house offering them money so they don't send out a pink slip, is that a coincidence. stewart varney said he thought not in his british accent. >> brian: that's his audio. ♪ ♪ if i love, is the strong one. ♪ [ mother ] you can't leave the table
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[ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. with a 50% annual cash bonus it's the card for people who like more cash. what's in your wallet? i usually say that. >> steve: military contractor lochheed martin putting the breaks to send letters to employees .
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it would have gotten white house said hold off on the notices for now. >> gretchen: we can gather from the chuckle you don't think it is it a coincidences. >> there are no coincidence five weeks to election. they don't exist. lay off notices by law was supposed to go out on november 2nd. they would have gone out to people in virginia which is a swing state. the white house doesn't want that. it moved hen and earth to top them. lochheed martin -- >> gretchen: how did they do it? >> it is it a hypothetical lay off and no warning notice is required. they come back it is clear . we have to send them out. the white house said if you don't send them out. we'll indemnify you against
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the losses if the lay offs have to take place. white house used taxpayer money to make sure lay off notices didn't go out. they are trying to buy a few dozen vote necessary virginia and preparing to use our money to do it >> steve: we are talking about lawsuits, hey, look under the warren act lochheed martin you are suppose tod let us know . and now the white house will write a big check maybe. >> they will make sure every last potential vote goes to the president this is what they are doing right now. loch heed martin want tod send out 123,000. >> steve: but ther required by law. >> gretchen: let's remind our viewers why. it is all part of
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sequestitration . >> that's the deal on january 1st. half trillion worth of defense cuts spread over 10 years go into affect. that means lay offs. >> gretchen: the argument that the obama administration we might come to a deal where sequestitration doesn't happen. it is it a hypothetical series was lay offs and you don't have to send out the warning notices. lochheed martin didn't buy that and so the white house came back saying we'll indemnify you. >> steve: thank you. >> very much. >> gretchen: coming up next on the run down. now you see here and now you don't. women erased from the catalog. 92 not all but one . he is a deadly and decorated pilot and he was on the rise.
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what this vice presidenter pilot has to say. you are coming up next on "fox and friends". ♪ ♪ born free. ♪ free, like a river raging strong. ♪ is the wind we are facing . ♪ hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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>> 22 minutes after the hour. moments ago police arrested six crew members in connection with a boat crash in hong kong. and a boat slammed in a pack of people on the way to see fire works and more than 100 people are hurt in hong kong's worst accident in a decade.
6:23 am
now you see her and now you don't. ikea apologizing for not using a woman in a catalog ship tod saudi arabia. they are reviewing their pictures. in saudi arabia women cannot cannot drive cars and it is offensive to have them in magazines as well. really? >> brian: this morning we are honoring a woman. he is one of the most decorated pilots. and sharing the story about the rise in islamic terror. it is called vice presidenter pilot and it is one of the best. retired lieutenant colonel dan hampton is my guest. he kept his flight suit.
6:24 am
you wrote it yourself and it is all true. it is when you first got in touch with islamic terror. >> i would have to say cobart towers. and first instant of true terror was in cobar. standing in the wall and just missed your eyes and sliced up your back. >> went through the wall. >> you walked through it >> no, blew me away. >> and then on 9/11, you found yourself in the eye of the storm. how? >> we came back from the middle east and on a retune training flight. i found out my father was in the pentagon when the plane hit, too. that was a bad day.
6:25 am
>> brian: was he okay. >> yes he was fine. >> brian: you will never forget the passengers face. to see a fully armed f-16 off of the wing tip brought them up short. it was an being morning. >> brian: other wars and conflict necessary kosovo and the days in iraq. how dangerous were those skies? >> it tarted out extremely dangerous. there was a lot left over from the first gulf war and saddam and everyone in four went down fighting. >> brian: thigh had more fire power left and one of two times where up felt you could die is when you tumbled on what was left of saddam's forces. >> yes. the medina division of the republican guard and went down to look for a company size
6:26 am
unit and found an endivision and they fired so much missiles and i lost all my decoys >> brian: you sat there wondered if this was it >> i was zipping along as fast as i could go absolutely. >> brian: are you proud of what you have done for this country in >> i am. i will always look back and know when it counted i did manage important. >> brian: have you processed it as you see your daughter gone right now. and your wife as well? >> it is finally set n. i robbery retired for a few years . i am happy and very grateful. >> brian: when you see sniper become best seller for months after months. this is the same type story we didn't hear because you don't talk about yourself. >> i have been razzed for
6:27 am
years about that. i thought it was time it tell >> brian: do you think american knows how potent the fire power and great our military is, especially in an all vol tore force at this time. >> they have a better idea now than 20 years ago and anybody who hurts us has a better idea what we can do. was it harder when you saw your wife and daughter that they didn't know what you were doing? >> when the dust settles, you realize what could have happened and you could lose . it is hard . >> brian: ha what is your great of the concern about us leaving afghanistan today. you hear about the attacks and continuing conflict? >> it is it a lack ever direction. it is it a lack of purpose. no one has a clear idea do we
6:28 am
stay or go and what do we do if we stay and if we go who takes ow place? i wish there is more clarity. >> brian: he is one of the best pilots. it is hard to imagine anyone more accomplished than you. go out and get this book. 28 minutes after the hour. if you thought that the white house should be safe from hackers. how the chinese broke into the computers that hold our nuclear secrets and should have illegal be able to become a lawyer, a big break in the case today. ♪ ♪ i swear. ♪
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>> well, the white house confirmed that chinese hackers over the weekend infiltrated government computers. they were going to commit identity theft until they saw how low our credit rating was. it is not going to work.
6:32 am
like stealing a maxed out credit card. >> steve: should we be more concerned about that? >> brian: this is it outrageous >> steve: absolute lie. >> gretchen: we are concerned and it is our first head line. >> brian: no, we are concerned but the people who allowed it to happen. >> gretchen: we'll find out more information. white house staffer opened an e-mail that was a fishing attack and the phfishing kind with a link that gave hackers acess to a computer system it is not known what information was left and taken behind. it was taken for nuclear commands x. white house spokes thereto man claimed that no classified net woshes were happened. >> steve: they blamed bush? >> brian: sure. >> steve: can an illegal
6:33 am
immigrant be a lawyer. he passed the bar. but the florida bar denied his application because he is here illegally. he claims he now qualifies under president obama's immigration plan and so he should become an opportunity. >> gretchen: a professor hospitalized after he tripped naked in the case. the michiganitate professor was eccentric and half way he ranted about computers and steve yobs and pounding the walls and windows and screaming at students. >> you could hear there is no (bleep) god and he was chutely naked except for his socks. >> it is the craziest thing i ever witnessed. >> gretchen: it took police 15
6:34 am
minutes to respond. they say he will likely not face charges but hopefully he will get help. >> brian: and clothes. david letterman urging viewers not to vote romney because he will not come on the show. >> we have not heard from mitt romney and his wife. 36 days remaining. if you want to be in the white house, you have to sit over there and fight to me. i am a registered independent. you have to come on listen, do me a favor, if he doesn't com on, rort for him. he said he is a reg mr. #2: ered independent and not a thought on the dog. that was total in all of his inspired brew with president obama. why would mitt romney go on.
6:35 am
>> he did a top 10 list. >> gretchen: i remember that. >> steve: that's enough. looking at top 10 cities. you come up with the order. we have rain from the great lakes down to the midatlantic and florida. and lingering out in west texas. they need it and meanwhile, current temperatures. we have a lot of the 40 50s in the northern half of the map and 30s extending down in south nebraska believe it or not on this tuesday, second day of october. today's day time highs looking like cent here in new york city and same as caribou, maine and chicago and room teerature in memp istennessee. it will be 82 in raleigh, dur ham and portions of florida. temperatures in the 80s and same for south texas and a
6:36 am
scorcher out in the desert southwest very toasty and 92 today in tinsel town. and that is fox travel cast. >> gretchen: developing store tore and third report of seats coming loose on an american airline's flight. and what can you tell us, good morning. >> good morning to you, gretchen. scary for passengers on board and all three loose seats were found and now the faa is investigating a total of 8 757 with the similar issue. one discovered last wednesday on the american airline flight to dallas. and saturday it happened on a american airlines flight from boston to miami. the pilot had to turn around and make an emergency landing here in j.f.k. airport. >> it is that unusual one for
6:37 am
you. during climb out, rows and passengers seat rows 12 d, e, f were loose out of the floor. passengers were unable to sit in that seat. >> loose seats found yesterday on board of an american airline flight from new york to miami. the faa said the planes had had maintenance work that required the seats to be removed and reinstalled the spokes person said there could be a possible issue with the model of seats and how there a are installed in the tracking of the floor of the planes. we should point out no injuries were reported on any of the flights. for now that's the latest from i didn't have jive airport. i am jerry drew, back to you.
6:38 am
>> gretchen: time for sports. >> brian: this is my second part of the day. >> gretchen: you decide to do that? >> brian: there is a request and i see the note necessary my locker. and the bears' defense dominating tony romo. sorry cowboy fan. they picked him off and jay was 18-24 and didn't complain. he made all but one pass. bears improve to 3-1. and giants are 2-2. and gine fans really feel for the cowboys. dc now stands for division champs. listen . nationals -- national league title. first time in fine years that the nation's capitol have a post season playoff.
6:39 am
they beat the rangers and they still have a shot in the division. and opening the first playoff trip. every starter is a rookie tigers with a win against the royals. second straight american league title. and the yankees so very close to winning their division. they beat the red sox who actually stopped playing . 10-2 x. lead the orioles by one game. both will be in the playoffs and this could be their 13th division title. >> steve: didn't one of the homers hit the restaurant? >> you can get your money back if you were hit in the glass. wood i johnson putting his country before game green. he would roother see mitt romney for president than the jets win. johnson said his country comes first .
6:40 am
he's firmly in mitt romney's camp. and the next story will be will mark sanchez take a seat for tim tebow. >> gretchen: rex ryan saying no but it is only today. see what happens on sunday. >> brian: more weight rex ryan loses the jets loselap bands or stomach belt and put the belt back on. >> steve: quite a theory there. >> brian: i will go for it? >> steve: put your tin foil hat back o. speaking of tin foil a major recall. major recall for things americans eat every day. >> gretchen: justices want a do over on obama care? our judge is standing by to weigh in next. ♪ fine by me. ♪
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where did you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer. when we got married. i had three kids. and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball. those years were crazy.
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so, as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of it for us is that there isn't anything on the schedule.
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>> gretchen: peanut butter recall expanding. and includes target and stop and shop and other major retailers and recalling 101 products after salmonella-related illness were linked to trader joe's peanut butter. >> and obama care persuading doctors to throw support behind mitt romney. they will vote to mitt romney versus obama. the reason for the change
6:44 am
failure to redo tort reform. the third largest health care staffing nump in the country now to two person people right over >> gretchen: thank you, brian. the health care debate could be headed back to the supreme court and this is challenged for religious reasons. wasn't the law already upheld . andrew napalitano is here to make it all make sense. >> presumably one can make sense. >> gretchen: didn't they rule on the law entirity and come back with pieces television. >> the worry to your question basically yes. the supreme court the out come was a surprise. ruled on the individual man date that everybody have health insurance and on the state exchanges, that the congress forced the state to raise taxes and tell them how to pend it the supreme court
6:45 am
weighed in on that. the statute is 2700 pages long and there are many other challenges in the court system to other parts of the statu. there are 45 plaintiffs all religious organizations many of them catholic and arch dose dose of new york challenged the so-called employer man date. the employer man date requires employers to buy health insurance that makes services available that violate the employer's values like birth control and abortion and euthaniasia. this would apply to universities and students. can yesterday the supreme court recognized one of the employer mandate challenges made its way to the federal appellate court and the appeals court said we don't want to hear supreme court said we are about to tell the appeals court to hear this.
6:46 am
so it can make its way to us. the supreme court will rule on this next year rather than three or four years from now. >> gretchen: what is the messaging from the supreme court that they would tell a court below to rule on it. >> it is not unprecedented but seems unusual because it is in the middle of the presidential election and hot topic. it tells me just a guess from knowing the thinking of the justices and studied it for more years than we think. perhaps the supreme court will come out with a different outcome. there are many parts that they could look at. first amendment said congress can not interfere with the free exercise of religion . can congress force religious organizations that condemn abortions to pay for it?
6:47 am
>> gretchen: the supreme court not supposed to rule on how american people feel about the issues. rasmussen poll that the voters stands on the repeal of the health care law. 52 percent. 42 percent say bother. >> i am not surprised. the health care law lost popularity in the political campaign. but it is going to require a republican president and congress to undo the individual man date. if you are thinking can the supreme court rivisit the individual man date they can but probably won't. they >> gretchen: we could see more of the cases coming to them because of the 2700 pages. >> absolutely and soon maybe 2700 different cases out >> gretchen: and you will look at all of them.
6:48 am
have a great day. before you get on a plane, prime target for terrorist and about to meet the team whose job it is to cope them out. it is it a busy morning in "fox and friends". barry sanders and why he's switching to be a mitt romney vorst now. the former governor of california arnold schwarzeneggar, stick around. ♪ jenna shared her recipe with sharon,
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>> steve: it is considered a prime target for terrorist. miami international airport routine work includes everything from dealing with bad weather to busting drug smugglers and a new series premiering tonight gives us a look inside miami international. >> this is the kind of tuv our officers intercept in the check points. you have to bring this in your carry on and i wonder what this person was thinking when they brought it through. hello. what was in the person's moined when they walked through the check point. maybe seeing the mother in law in >> it is called airplane. and director of security in miami international airport joins us live. >> good morning. >> steve: you were telling me all sorts of prohibited items had to circular saw.
6:53 am
>> it is baffling what people bring through at check point and loaded foirarps. i can't buy you had a forgot. didn't someone put a gun inside of a teddy bear. and the child carried it through . people try to put weapon necessary prosthetic lims. >> what about the lady with peanut butter. >> she was eal over that. she had a large thing of skippy, jiffy. chozy mothers whatever. she loved her jive. and she had to leave it behind. >> steve: why? >> it was more than 3.4 ounce. thanks to the scare back in august now. aviation security. >> steve: there is a lot of people who try to sneak things on board. they are not necessarily terrorist. they like to travel with
6:54 am
prescription drugs and some like to travel with the illegal drugs. >> aviation security is serious business. we have to get it right every day. terrorist only have to get it right one time. we don't take chances. >> >> steve: isn't it a chance by having so many restricted zones on camera showing people how it is done in miami? >> we think the public has a right to know. most airport security directors and understandably so would not approve. but this gives viewers an opportunity to see what csa and cbt and miami police and airport operations team do on a day-to-day basis and what we do to fight terrorist and intercept drugs . >> steve: a lot of people point of reference and tsa person bugs them as they go through and check their
6:55 am
belongings . >> a hundred thousand people come through our terminal on a daily basis. and this shows yout intrasy of a airport . it has a cascading affect and even the system. it is amazing and people will find that this is it a fascinating behind the scenes look. >> steve: that's where they lost my bag in that big room right before we g. and a lot of us suffer the indignities of flying these days, i understand the director of miami international airport is on the no fly list. >> that's why i am there to protect him. poor every time he gets on a plane we have to identify department of the homeland security. his name is same as one that is same as not so desirable person. he is the man, we are a many city on steroids. but he is a great guy and all
6:56 am
for this program and shows people what life is like in a major international airport in miami >> steve: the show is tonight and premieres on the travel channel. thank you for joining us live. >> thank you >> steve: and good look stopping grandma with her benut butter. >> forget the bath tub scandal. another official stepping down for lavish conferences insteved spending it on our vet rans. >> who better to ask than bill white. he's here in the next hour of "fox and friends". >> i started a tour in summer in las vegas. i broke this tooth off. at the gum line. and in an alcohol swimming pool related incident. and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit.
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>> gretchen: top of the morning. it's tuesday, october 2, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us. nothing like last minute crapping. the two candidates preparing for their debate tomorrow night. mitt is laying out this vision. >> i will say it again, that's one more good reason to get rid of obamacare and i'll get rid of that first day i'm in office. >> gretchen: will that be enough, though? it may depend on one thing. president obama's achille's heel. what is it? we'll explain. >> brian: not again. seats aboard three airplanes go flying with passengers strapped to them. now that airline under investigation because we all want to know what in the world is going on of the who is loosening the seats or are they just old? >> steve: how does this happen? the president of a foreign nation shot on camera? the story behind the unbelievable video as fox friends friend hour two for tuesday starts right now.
7:00 am
>> gretchen: hope you're gonna have a great tuesday. we've jam packed show still ahead. check out our guest list for today. we have ron white. >> brian: who is hysterical. >> gretchen: we have barry sanders, scott bat from the band, creed. he'll tell bus his life story. bill o'reilly and laura ingraham and arnold schwarzenegger. you know, cruel, cruel summer, nathan lane, i heard a rumor? i was listening to these songs yesterday. bananarama, the best girl's band ever. they've been around 30 years already. this they'll join us. >> brian: tomorrow we'll apology to the go-goes. >> gretchen: and maybe i should call them ladies. so -- sorry, i love them. i'm not going to be pc.
7:01 am
i like them. she's been here. i like them. let's do headlines. new developments. there is now a third report of seats coming loose on an american airline flight. the "new york post" reporting last week a flight from colorado to dallas had an issue and another one when a row of seats began sliding around the cabin. take a listen to audio of the pilot talking to air traffic control. >> an unusual one for you. during climbout, rows of passenger seats, row 12 d, e and f came loose out of the floor. passengers are unable to sit in that seat. >> gretchen: yesterday another flight from new york to miami forced to turn around for the same reason. the planes recently underwent maintenance during time when seats were removed and reinstalled. eight american airlines planes removed from service. the incidents could be related
7:02 am
to labor management tension at american, which is cutting labor costs and laying off maintenance workers as it tries to turn around under bankruptcy protection. new rereport reveals the white house has been holding secret meetings about al-qaeda threat in north africa. according to the "washington post" this morning the obama administration has met several times in the last few months to talk about the terror group and whether the u.s. should launch strikes. the group has become more dangerous since gaining control of large pockets of territory in mali and getting its hands on weapons from post-revolution libya. remember folks were concerned about that. the discussions began before the u.s. consulate attack in benghazi apparently that left four americans dead. >> brian: we were reporting on that earlier than this. >> gretchen: amtrak train derails after colliding with a tractor-trailer, leaving at least 20 passengers injured. the train headed from oakland to bakersfield, california, when the truck blew through the
7:03 am
crashing gate, hitting the train. three cars were knocked over and passenger, including a newborn baby, tossed around like rag dolls. >> it was the hardest thing. the seat in front of us was ripped out and fell on top of him. so i had to lift the seat up and dig under the debris and i found him in his car seat. >> smoke. it was dust and the train came apart. >> gretchen: the metal pieces from the truck were found actually inside the train. none of the injuries life-threatening. train service in the area suspended for now. the academy awards has a new host and it's not an actor. seth mcfarland will host. it's the creator of "the family guy" and the voice of ted and creator of ted. he hosted on saturday night live and the charlie sheen roast last year. the academy awards will air february 24, 2013. those are your headlines this morning.
7:04 am
>> steve: 's funny guy. >> brian: yeah, right. he looks exactly like peter brady. but extremely funny. let's talk about what today is. today is the pregame. the prefight, all the hype can go actually continue today, but ends tomorrow as we finally get underway with these candidates going head to head. i'm excited about this because we'll see these guys shoulder to shoulder and you can not tell me that this will not make a difference in this campaign. if mitt romney comes off too shrill, defensive about his wealth, he could be doomed. if president obama looks as stumped as he did that univision town hall, he could all of a sudden find himself in a chase like he's never been in before. >> steve: sure. apparently what the obama people want to make sure is mr. obama does not appear too long winded. you've seen some of the press conferences he's given live here on fox. >> brian: isn't that the job of the moderator? >> gretchen: everything is time control. >> steve: it's a clock and jim
7:05 am
lehrer you hope will do just that. once they stop it, they can say whatever they want to. he can ask whatever questions and they can answer however they want to. aside from the fact that the obama people are trying to make sure that mr. obama speaks in shorter sound bites. they're also trying to make sure he doesn't look like he's lecturing. mitt romney will try to get punches off. john sununu said you'll see combativeness, but at the same time, you don't want mitt romney to appear too mean to the president. >> gretchen: the american people just want to hear as many answers as possible. so i do hope they have these time limits and that the candidates are forced to say what they mean and what they think in a short period of time. is it that tough? the american people have so many unanswered questions, especially the people who have not made up their mind about who they'll vote for. so if they're going to invest 90 minutes in watching this debate tonight, they want to hear a lot of answers. tomorrow night. so they want to be able -- we're talk being it so much, it feels like it's tonight. it's tomorrow night. they want to hear as many answers as possible. i hope the time limits will be
7:06 am
in effect. >> brian: shear why president obama is in unchartered water. he hasn't debated in four years. instead of being the 40 something senator who has got two years in office with this great orator skills and promise, talk to your enemy, i'm going to reach out to the islamic community, the muslim world. i'm going to rebalance our economy, make it a fairer situation. and then promise health care and immigration reform. he could say whatever he wants and senator mccain sits there and g that's impossible, but i can't prove it. now we have four years to look at and say, what did you do? why did do you it? defend what you've done. that makes it a lot easier for governor romney n my mind, than senator mccain. no more theories. now we've resume. >> steve: that's right. and in fact, the romney camp has kinds of changed their strategy over the last couple of days publicly and now they're going to make it a choice. so many people know that the economics of our situation right
7:07 am
now are horrible and if you look at history, there is no reason this president would be reelected given the past, if it's prologged, given the fact that unemployment is above 8% and gas prices close not closinn on 4 bucks. mr. romney presenting a choice, four more years of this, or the american people will get to determine what kind of america they want to live in. a mitt romney america or a barak obama america. >> gretchen: so no doubt that the two teams who are preparing both of these candidates are saying a lot of time figuring out, what are the negatives about the other guy or how do you get under the skin of the other guy to make it to your advantage with the american people? so last night charles krauthammer on "special report" had his theory about how mitt romney might be able to get under the skin of president obama. >> i the his one weak point is that he is thin skinned. you occasionally will see it in
7:08 am
a press conference and if romney can manage to get under his skin in some way, i think that actually happened in 08 one or two of the clinton debates, i think it could sort of puncture that aura that obama has. one thing that's going to help romney is that simply being on the stage is always true of the challenger. just being on the same stage as the president, instantly raises your stature. >> gretchen: that's interesting. the other interesting thing is if off chance, check out the "new york post" article today by john horrad because he talks about this new normal in our society. could it be that americans are just somehow satisfied with these high gas prices now as a new normal? satisfied with 8.1% unemployment. could it be that there is sort of this giving up sort of feeling that oh, well this is the america that we live in now and that's why president obama continues to do so well in the polls. or is that not true? are they just waiting to hear
7:09 am
these sort of faceoff moments between the two candidates to find out really who they're going to end up deciding on. >> brian: we want to know the questions that you would like to hear on wednesday night. of course, the future debates as well, the vp and two more. this one is about domestic policy. here is what chad says he hopes to hear. i'd like to mow what each would do for small business. what would they do to help me so i'm able to hire others to expands my business and make it so i don't have to close the front doors and then again how do you fire somebody if you have to let them go? there is a lot of litigation. >> steve: glenn has written us. here is what he would like asked. president obama said he was going to use a scalpel to reduce the budget. what happened? how will governor romney attack the budget? >> gretchen: and from shirley, cutting the military at a time where we need to be strong and have respect as a military power against our enemies who burn our flag and kill our diplomats. that's interesting, shirley, because this debate will be about economic issues and many
7:10 am
other things domestic. but would an interesting strategy be for mitt romney to try and bring in sort of these foreign policy arguments because they've been on the front burner for the last couple of weeks. is there a way to bring that into his advantage tomorrow night. >> steve: even though -- >> gretchen: even though it's not supposed to be. >> brian: here is the question i would like, mitt romney, how would you -- if bill clinton couldn't have turned this economy around in four years, even he couldn't turn it around in four years what, could you have done to turn it around in four years? see if he comes back with specifics or if he comes back with rhetoric. can mitt romney comment on why he has offshore accounts? can mitt romney thoroughly and adequately explain the 47% comment which has been used for the other side in ads and can he expand on his math on the economy? if he can do that in a way in which we can all understand without generality, i think he could have momentum. if not, then president obama --
7:11 am
>> steve: they've been working on the lines, first in vermont and now out in colorado as well. it's interesting, though, to hear how people on the left and the white house have been down playing the president's performance. >> brian: you think so? >> steve: just a little bit. remember over the last four, five years, we've been told barak obama brack, one of the whyest political speakers of all time, now we're expected to believe he's going to do so-so. >> brian: velma heart had the best line ever. i'm tired, mr. president. i'm tired of defending you. >> gretchen: he's lucky he won't get velma tomorrow night. >> brian: it's not hard to throw him off, though. >> gretchen: i will place a bet with you that the 47% question will definitely be asked tomorrow. >> brian: absolutely. if he doesn't have a good answer, he shouldn't win. >> steve: you know what? velma may not be in anybody's camp this time, but you know, who will be, that is john elway threw his support, the hall of fame quarterback, behind mitt romney. one of the things he said is,
7:12 am
america needs a comeback team. mitt romney and paul ryan are that team. thank you, john elway for that quote. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," they fight for your right to vote. military voting appears to be way down. is the government making it too hard for them to vote? we're going to get to the bottom of it next. >> brian: then, bet you've never seen this before. cops chasing a drunk guy on a horse. >> steve: wait a minute. the drunk guy is on the horse?
7:13 am
7:14 am
>> brian: $3 million, that's how much money attorneys for whistle blowers donated to the
7:15 am
president's reelection campaign as the obama administration cracks down on corporate fraud. they're reaping multi million dollar rewards. next, $5.6 billion. that's the latest payment the postal service failed to pay. the agency now expects it lost $15 billion in the last fiscal year. but says service will not be interrupted. i still like the peel off stamps. $6.1 million. that's how much taxpayers paid for a pair of g8 conferences last year. one of the officials resigning in wake of a scandal. >> steve: startling new numbers show many members of our military may not be voting in the upcoming election. according to the nonpartisan military voter protection project, absentee ballot requests by our troops, way down. take a look. in key battle ground states like florida, it's less than half the 2008 total. in virginia, it's around 1%. and in ohio and north carolina, the rate is about one tenths of
7:16 am
those seen four years ago. what's hyped this? let's talk to the election attorney and joins us from our dc bureau. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: what do you think is going on? >> i think this administration has made a calculated political decision as it does with everything, that the majority of military voters are not going to vote for this president for reelection and so the administration has not enforced the law and not opened the military voting assistance centers and more than half of the military installations in the world and has spent zero effort trying to insure that our military men and women have the right to vote protected and insured during this election. >> steve: you know what? i think you just included a little bit of news right there. you've done some research and you've discovered that the administration, despite the law being on the books, that they've got to open up these voter information centers, they haven't spent any money opening them up in many cases? >> well, it's interesting because the department of
7:17 am
defense, inspector general's office issued a report this year saying that over half of the offices that were supposed to be opened could in the even be contacted and military personnel, when they're assigned to a new location, a new duty post are supposed to be given voter information. it's not being included in their packet. that's why the numbers are so down this year compared to two years ago. certainly compared to four years ago. it's quite shocking really. >> steve: the numbers are jaw dropping. but according to one of the fox news stories i read this morning regarding this, spokesperson for the pentagon said look, the reason the numbers are down this year as compared to 2008 is because last time there were robust primaries on both the republican and the democrat side and this time we only have a republican primary. you're shaking your head no, you don't buy it? >> no, i don't buy it. polls show in may of this year, the president was receiving only 34% of the military vote.
7:18 am
let's look at it this way, the obama administration has spent $20 million this year to promote obamacare to the people because they know the public doesn't like obamacare. spent $5 million in may and june of this year encouraging people to get on food stamps. you tell me why it is that this administration, which could come up with $530 million for solyndra to reward political cronies cannot come up with $20 million a year to open these voting information centers that are required by federal law? and this administration, the justice department has sued states like florida trying to enforce the law against illegal immigration voting, alien voting that has done nothing to insure the protection of the right to vote of our military men and women. i find it absolutely appalling. >> steve: and if you look -- i believe it was in july that the administration sued -- what was it? in ohio to block early voting for military members.
7:19 am
>> yes. the administration and the democratic national committee took the position that giving military voters three extra days for early voting discriminated against nonmilitary voters. and they won that suit in front of a liberal federal judge. so this administration and the department of justice under eric holder have been very aggressive in claiming that any efforts to protect the integrity of the election somehow discriminates against people and yet, they have done nothing to tri to insure -- try to insure or men and women, fighting for our right to vote and making sure their voting rights are forgetted. it's quite appalling. >> steve: we thank you very much for joining us today from dc to tell us your analysis of what's going on behind this. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> steve: you bet. by the way, it's not too late for vets and troops to pick up their absentee ballots. go on-line and visit either
7:20 am, or there are procedures right there. you can click through and get an absentee ballot mailed to you. too bad it's gotten to that. all right. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. take a good look at this. that is the president of a foreign country getting shot at a close range. how the heck did that happen? we've got the story. then, how are america's blue collar voters feeling about the upcoming election? who better to ask than the king of blue collar comedy, ron white. seen there with the king of white collar cable, brian kilmeade. here next new pink lemonade 5-hour energy?
7:21 am
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7:24 am
>> american airlines flight was diverted to jfk international airport saturday after a row of seats became loose in coach. okay, that's when you know we're getting too fat in this country. okay? when we're breaking whole rose of seats during takeoff. when you take off and the seats break off? yeah. >> gretchen: that's funny, unfortunately, i don't think that's exactly what it could be because american airlines passengers and the troubled carrier may have other reasons why that's happening. now there has been a third report of seats coming loose. let's see what ron white has to say about all this. his latest comedy act is called a little unprofessional. and he joins us now. could it be, i'm just going to throw it out -- could it be they've had all these labor talks with their maintenance workers and pilots, could it have something to do with that, like they go and do a little
7:25 am
work with the screwdriver and accidentsally undo the seats? >> the blank look on that face is i don't have something in my ear telling me what was just on. i guess it was leno talk being this american airlines debauchle. >> brian: we're trying keep you in the dark. >> thank you very much. i doubt it. i mean, i would imagine that everybody -- they look at these planes so closely. they're x-rayed every 600 hours from top to bottom. the electronics, and these aren't optional inspections. these are faa inspections. >> brian: what's causing this then? we booked you -- >> i know. >> gretchen: leno said it was because americans are getting too big. now when we take off on airline, the seats are coming off the bolts. >> because of the heavy passengers? is that what he said? >> gretchen: yeah. >> steve: professional humor. >> okay. that's jay leno.
7:26 am
>> steve: you travel a lot via air all the time. >> i do. >> steve: you've got to worry about the safety of everything. >> i do. and i finally bought me a plane. >> brian: that's a good time to ask our fans to buy us a plane. >> have everybody chip in and if everybody listens to this show, they wouldn't have to give very much to put you guys in private jets transportation. >> brian: ron that, is true and i wish people would take your lead. some your fans could help. let's talk about performance. >> my fans are busy. >> brian: watching you. you know what it's like performing and being funny. what about performing and having knowledge, the debate? what goes into the preparation, in your mind, for these two guys to stand shoulder to shoulder with 60 million watching? >> i would vomit if i had a task that daunting. i would throw up because it's just a big trip thing. they're both going to try to trip each other all night long
7:27 am
and i just watched a segment about getting under obama's skin and you can do that. i think, we were talking about the blue collar folks and what they're feeling now. i think they're sick of the lies from both sides. i think they should be told the truth. i think that's what they're looking for. i think they're looking for answers. that's for sure. but if you don't have answer, i don't think they're buying it hook, line and sinker anymore on either side. so i think they're looking for a story. we all need a story, but it's got to be something that they can sink their teeth into. i think they're scared to death. >> gretchen: would you invoke they should -- would you advise you should invoke humor? >> i sure would. obama is funny. he does good shtick whenever he has to. i've never seen romney make anybody laugh. but that's not important for a president. you don't have to make me laugh. clinton didn't make me laugh. he made me cheer. >> brian: you like him. >> i did. >> brian: you also are pro-military. what you do for the law
7:28 am
enforcement foundation, paying out money is unbelievable. >> well, no matter what side of the debate you're on, this country is at war and that's all our responsibility. these guys are coming back, men and women coming back blown to smithereens and sustaining injuries that would have killed them in the last conflict. now they're living through it. that means their ours for the rest of their lives and their kids' lives. so if you can't get behind something as simple as -- most people can -- as raising money to help these wounded soldiers, then i think you're a little off. but the aff does a great job. that's my main charity. >> brian: you always walk to hospitals. go see these guys. this isn't just a check you write. but these are the people you see. >> yeah. that's how i got personally invested in all of it is a trip to walter reed one time. all four of us from blue collar
7:29 am
guys went. one guy holding his little girl and he only had one limb left and i went and cried like a baby. there had to be more i could do. once you get the right angle on it, it's pretty clear what you should be doing. >> steve: so with your new comedy project, you're benefitting that group -- if people want more information how to download it? >> you can get this thing for five bucks. price of a sandwich. you can download it. if you want to, talk about creating jobs, download it, burn three copies, sell them to your friends for five bucks apiece. now yours didn't cost anything and you can go buy that sandwich that you would have bought with the five to start with that would be gone today anyway. >> gretchen: you created a small business. >> there you go. >> steve: it could be copyright infringement. >> i don't care! it's my copyright. do what you want to with it. >> steve: thanks for letting be be part of your ron entourage
7:30 am
today. >> brian: it's too early for you. did you it anyway. good job. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up next, military contractors facing major layoffs, but the white house offering offering a them o keep quiet 'til after the election? more after this. >> steve: brian's nfl great barry sanders here. he's not helping us with our football picks. he'll explain with brian kilmeade coming up next. >> brian: i'm going to try to tackle him. >> steve: good luck. >> gretchen: look at barry saying, no go ♪
7:31 am
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>> gretchen: time for your shot of the morning. the white house, look how beautiful that is. pretty in pink. this is what it looked like last night in honor of breast cancer awareness month. across the pond over in london, buckingham palace turning pink, too. >> steve: if i would have had a camera, i would have taken a picture of the george washington bridge. the pearl necklace usually the lights as it's been described, this morning when i drove in, all pink. >> brian: do you have to actually change every bulb? >> steve: over. i was wondering whether they had to change them or put a different color housing. >> brian: i'm going to look into that because that's the only thing i can do at my house is change bulbs. i would have been eligible to help them.
7:34 am
i'm a good bulb guy. me and uncle fester. lockheed martin caving to pressure. agreeing to not issue required layoffs. but critics say the obama administration is more concerned with the election than thousands of workers. kelly wright live in washington. make heads or tails of this. >> here is one of the reasons why they're saying it's all dealing with the election. if lockheed martin issued its layoff notices, employees would have received those on november 2, just days before the general election. and in battle ground states like virginia where millions of people are employed who are working for defense contractors, a wave of job cuts there could have actually spelled trouble for president obama's hopes for a second term. lockheed's announcement that it will not issue job layoffs come as a welcome sign to the white house and is following the office of management and budget that employers will not have to comply with the warren act, to warn workers they could lose their jobs. now the omb issued new guidance
7:35 am
to further minimize the waste and disruption associated assoch the issuance of unwarranted notices, this memorandum provides guidance regarding the allow ability of certain liability and litigation cost associated with this warn at compliance. >> politics and it's indefensible. you make the point that the law is very clear. if, because the sequestration, a company is going to have to make layoff, they have to give notice and the obama administration is telling them, don't tell anybody you're going to get laid off because what's happening in our administration. but they go beyond that and say not only don't comply with the law, but we'll make the taxpayers pay your legal bills. it's outrageous. >> lockheed martin luther kingen and other companies were threaten to go send out letters in an effort to pressure congress and the white house to take action against drastic
7:36 am
defense cuts. republican senator john thune, the lead sponsors of the sequestration transparency act, finds the obama action troubling. he says despite the white house's guidance over 1 million americans employed by the defense industry fear that their jobs are now on the line unless president obama, senate democrats engage with congressional republicans on replacing the unbalanced defense cuts with alternative savings. brian? >> brian: all right. thank you very much. appreciate it. we'll see where this goes or if anyone takes notice. besides us. 24 minutes before the top of the hour. that was kelly wright helping us out. >> steve: right. we're going to have a quick clarification. earlier i did an interview with a woman from our dc bureau about the military -- if you're interested in getting military absentee ballot. let us put up on the screen the correct e-mail address. go to -- rather web address is
7:37 am i said dot org. >> brian: jot that down. all right. so in a few minutes, barry sanders will be here talking about -- okay. >> steve: he's here. >> brian: thanks for blowing my surprise. >> steve: we got other headlines for you. a terrorist sprung from prison being linked to the u.s. consulate bombing in benghazi. reports say fighters trained by him took part in the libya attack that left four americans, including ambassador dead. amad reportedly escaped from prison during protests in the middle east. former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld saying the obama administration is not helping. >> i think that the foreign policy of this administration for 3 1/2, four years now has been one of a step back. you can't lead from behind. leaders lead from the front.
7:38 am
>> steve: officials say amad has petitioned the chief of al-qaeda for permission to launch an all-out al-qaeda affiliate and secured financing from al-qaeda's wing in yemen as well. >> gretchen: can illegal immigrant become an american lawyer? that's the argument in front of a supreme court. the man came to the united states from mexico when he was only nine years old. he earned a law degree. he passed the bar. however, the florida bar denied his application because he is living here illegally. he claims he now qualifies under president obama's immigration plan. >> steve: take a close look at this video. a guy with a pellet gun walks up to the president of the czech republic hispanic shoots him. -- czech republic shoots him. look at that. the president's body guards don't seem to know what happened and let the guy get away. the suspect even had time to talk to the media before cops
7:39 am
arrested him. the president only suffered minor injuries. his head body guard has resigned. good job. >> gretchen: take a look at drunk riding. florida police chase down a drunk man riding a horse down a highway. he told police he was headed to his grandmother's house. he rode his horse through busy intersections and railroad tracks. police had to stop a train because of him. word spread through town and a big crowd started to follow him. >> i see a horse come out of a road and riding on u.s. 1. had to be 20 cop cars. that was probably one of the funniest things i have ever seen in my life. >> gretchen: his father eventually stepped in and helped police get his son off the horse and then he was promptly arrested. >> steve: mr. kilmeade, over to you and a legend. >> brian: right. big difference. barry sanders was inducked into the hall of fame in 2004 and his
7:40 am
jersey from the 1991 season is on display at their museum in can'ten, ohio. that's where the hall of fame is. now that jersey is coming to you as the nfl hall of fame launches its largest traveling exhibit ever. here with us right now is football hall of famer barry sanders looking like he could play. do you want to come out of the retirement and make the american right now? >> i hadn't planned on it, now. >> brian: okay, good. unless you change your mind, you'll stay retired? >> right. >> brian: what do we have? >> i did. as you said, jersey from 1991. >> brian: you actually wore this? >> i did. >> brian: this is normally on display in canton? n it is normally on display there. here is a helmet that shows you the warrings for the nfl quarterback to communicate with the coordinator or the big man up top. >> brian: look at this. so it's a big transmitter. they only talk to you when you're on offense. >> right, the quarterbacks. >> brian: how amazing. >> it's terrific. as the runningback, i never had a chance to experience that.
7:41 am
>> brian: and when you see quarterbacks do this during the game, they're not shutting out the crowd. a lot of times they want to heart coach, right? >> exactly. >> brian: that's gotten better. shear probably the most fascinating thing. to be honest, i thought i shouldn't be touching it because i thought it was the first cup. but instead, this is the first [ laughter ] , if you know what i mean. air pockets there. but it does offer protection. it is actually a nose guard. 1905. >> real tough guys back then. >> brian: no kidding. can i put it on? >> feel free. >> brian: you have no idea if i can put this on. this is a nose guard. by the way, i'm actually tasting is a sly have a from 1905 that's not quite dried yet. this is what they had. they basically had leather helmets and nose guards. >> wow. >> brian: he tells me wow. when we go to canton, we see the
7:42 am
ceremony, the magic and the emotion and the family and crowds. would you want to encourage people to do is go in all year round. why should we go out there? >> the great thing about this exhibit is that it's a traveling exhibit. it's going to go to a lot of your nfl cities. it brings canton to the fans and have a lot of great exhibits, interactive exhibits where you can actually step into a booth and make the call. obviously that's kind of a lot of things that have lately people have been talking about and jerseys and a lot of great memorabilia. vince lombardi trophy, things like that. you can put on an authentic nfl uniform. lot of great things that this exhibit has. >> brian: right. you're one of the guys that appreciates the history of the game, even though you made history, one of the top backs to ever play. now your son is at stanford. we can look for him busting some tackles as well. >> we hope so. >> brian: right. eventually will. thank you very much.
7:43 am
barry sanders, thanks for coming down and thanks for wearing that blazer. you earned it. coming up next on "fox & friends," you heard lawmakers talk about falling off the fiscal cliff. what does that mean for your weekly paycheck? 90% of americans might see their check change not for the better. then, he's putting down his by guitar and picking up politics. the front man of the band creed is here to tell us why he's switching his vote from democrat to republican [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup.
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all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
7:45 am
>> i want to say congratulations to yahoo ceo who gave birth to a baby boy yesterday. though it was a little awkward when her baby's first sounds were gaga google. [ laughter ] >> steve: marissa mayer has an
7:46 am
urgent task for her staff. she wants them to help name that newborn baby. the small addition will also have a big presence around yahoo. mayer, who is raising a few eyebrows for only taking one to two weeks of working maternity leave, is expected to bring her son to work. meantime, sleep deprived employees can cost employers billions of dollars. harvard researchers analyzed an insomnia survey of over 10,000 workers. they say the sleep disorder is responsible for 274,000 workplace accidents and errors each and every year. that results in $31 billion in extra costs passed along to awful us. gretch? >> gretchen: thanks very much. a new report shows americans will soon be facing a serious financial crunch if congress doesn't act soon. nearly 90% of americans would face higher taxes next year, raising the average household tax bill by $3,500. mirror to break it down for us is the "fox business" network's elizabeth mcdonald.
7:47 am
this is what we've been hearing about, but we haven't talked a lot about it because of the election. but it's this fiscal cliff we talk about. >> yeah. that's right. and this is a study that's coming from the nonpartisan tax policy center. they went to their calculators and tried to figure out what the hit would be for everybody in terms of their income brackets and they're finding that everybody would get hit. the lower brackets who see a tax hike of $412 per year and the middle brackets will see about a $2,000 tax hike, all the way up to the 1%. they'll see $120,000 tax hike. so what's happening is every rate group are going to see possibly the taxes go up, income, payroll, investment taxes are going to go up january 1 if the u.s. congress does not deal with the fiscal cliff. >> gretchen: so this is a result of the fact that the bush so -- so-called bush tax cut also expire is this. >> yeah. >> gretchen: there has been no action on that thus far? >> it's part of that and also the payroll tax cuts and also all sorts of stimulus provisions such as child tax credits,
7:48 am
education credits for college, the earned income tax credits will go away for the poor. the cbo is out there saying if the congress doesn't do anything about this, it could throw the u.s. economy into a double dip recession because of a lower gdp by from 3 to 4%. you know the one who termed it, the person who coined the term looks like it was ben bernanke, federal reserve chairman. he used the term earlier this year. so also at the same time, we've got health reform coming in with new levies on investment. >> gretchen: new taxes? that would be coming at the same time. this is up to congress or the president? who needs to do something? >> here is the issue, depends on who wins and how the lay of the land will g depending on who wins the election. if the president wins reelection, you'll possibly see gridlock. now the talk is to just let them expire temporarily and then do a quick fix for everybody but the upper bracket, so that way you could say look, we passed a tax cut and we did raise taxes on
7:49 am
the upper bracket. if mitt romney, then he'll probably say i need time to fashion a budget. i'll have to do this in 2013. there may be delay. in that case, in either scenario, the u.s. congress would say to the irs look, adjust the tax withholding tables and so until we deal with this. so it's not an open and shut case. everybody will see their tax rates go up or tax go up january 1. there could be some leeway there. >> gretchen: liz mcdonald, thanks so much. he's putting down the guitar, taking up politics. scott stapp on why he's switching from obama tropical storm 9-11 then bill o'reilly and laura ingraham are here together. what do they expect in the first presidential debate. don't miss their predictions. first, on this day in 1982, the number one song was "jack and diane" by john cougar mellencamp [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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♪ . >> steve: that's exactly how i sound in the shower. for over a decade, he's been topping the charts and winning grammies as the lead singer of creed. now scott stapp is giving a revealing look at his life in his new memoir called "sinners creed." >> gretchen: joining us scott stapp. i know we can get from the title of the book that this is not going to just be all sugar coated, is it? >> not at all. it was amazing journey writing this book. it was a journey of self discovery and i was going through a time in my life where i was coming out of the darkness
7:54 am
into the light, so to speak. so it was good to go back and look at everything in my life to see what made me who i am. >> steve: you lived the typical rock star life for a while, didn't you? n yes, i did. yes, i did. all the way. >> steve: all the good stuff and all the stuff that wound up being bad, to? >> yeah, exactly. i felt at the time that's what you're supposed to do. >> steve: sure. >> some of my idols, like moreson and others, that's when they did. not to get to the problem, but just began getting involved in that lifestyle. >> steve: sure. >> and that's a dark path. >> gretchen: i think people will be interested in reading your book because they'll see that your life growing up was not all wonderful either. maybe some of that could have led -- even though you were in a christian situation and you still consider yourself a christian. >> definitely. >> gretchen: that christianhave a lot of problems, too.
7:55 am
>> absolutely. we've seen that over the years when a lot of our leaders in the christian church have had some problems and they got exposed. you know, i became, whether i chose to or not, you know, that, the same thing. so it's good to be home. >> steve: it's good. it's good to have you because you revealed when you came out during the break that you watch "fox & friends" most mornings as you get the four kids off tole ski. so you're watching the news. have you thought much about what's going on with politics and who you're going to vote for for president? >> most definitely. it means a lot and with everyone going through these hard economic times and some of the other issues that are really key to this election, it's decision time. i'm an independent, registered independent. >> steve: you voted for president obama, didn't you? >> i did. i voted for president obama and where i stand right now with that is i'm just disappointed
7:56 am
and had very high hopes and expectations and was really inspired by president obama. i still am. he's an amazing speaker. but i just found his, in my opinion, his administration ineffective. a lot of promises, but no real delivery. >> steve: sounds like you're about to change your vote. >> gretchen: you live in the all important state of florida. >> yes. most importantly. it's what's romney offering a? that's kind wildfire i sit right now. -- it's kind of where i sit right now. where is the plan? lay it out so the american people can understand it. >> gretchen: you think the debate also help? >> i hope so. i hope so. my heart and soul would really love someone like reagan or fdr to come back and give us a new deal, be bold. be committed. don't care what anybody thinks. >> steve: division thing. >> yeah, man. when you tear down the wall, do it. we got to look at, in my
7:57 am
opinion, we got to look at our situation like that and i just hope that in these debates we see someone do that. for me, it's hard to commit and to trust to president obama again because i was so inspired and thought everything was going to change. i know he walked into a tough situation. but i feel change is in the air. i feel this recession did she dish call it my house, the great correction. i think it's needed for us to grow. but we got to have someone lead us. >> steve: it's been great to hear your perspective on what's going on with politics and also congratulations on the new memoir and thanks for watching "fox & friends." >> yeah. it's a special day for me. my book is coming out and i have a song titled "sinners creed" coming out. >> gretchen: thank you. coming up, the president can't run on the economy, he's losing strength on foreign policy. what should he say at the debates and can romney pull
7:58 am
ahead afterwards? laura ingraham and bill o'reilly top of the hour. >> steve: then arnold schwarzenegger is here on the curvy couch talking about his future and his past, including that affair with the housekeeper [ male announcer ] in a world where breakfast has become boring and steless... only one man can save the day. kellogg's crunchy nut! ♪ sweet and nutty crunchy nut! [ male announcer ] honey sweet flakes with nuts in every bite. it's super delicious.
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to events that engage and create buzz... to e-mails that keep loyal customers coming back, our easy-to-use tools will keep you in front of your customers. see what's right for you at >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is tuesday, october 2, i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing part of why day with us. u.s. border agent has been shot. it happened in an area known as the drug smuggling corridor. we have the breaking details just moments away. >> steve: meanwhile, the president can't run on his economy and is losing strength on foreign policy. so what should he say at the debates? can romney pull ahead? laura ingraham and bill o'reilly together in moments. how cool is that? >> brian: pretty cool. plus bill o'reilly has a new book out. i hope this one is a best seller for him. for the third time, the seats
8:01 am
break loose on american airlines flights with passengers strapped in as they take off. what's going on with american airlines? is my frequent flyer miles ever going to add up to anything? "fox & friends" starts right now >> gretchen: welcome. we start this morning with a fox news alert. fox news confirming moments ago that border patrol agents were involved in a shooting near naco, arizona. i hope i'm pronouncing that correctly. right now we are hearing one agent has been killed. another is wounded, but expected to survive. the area is known for drug trafficking. the agents are assigned to the station renamed two weeks ago for fallen agent brian terry. a manhunt underway for the ailed shooter. other news, eight american airlines actual planes now pulled from service after a third report of seats coming
8:02 am
loose on a flight. new york post reporting last week a flight from colorado to dallas had issues with loose seats. over the weekend, a flight from boston to miami was forced to make an emergency landing when a row of seats began sliding around. listen to the audio of the pilot talking to air traffic control. >> unusual one for you. during climbout, rows of passenger seats, rows 12 d, e and f came loose out of the floor. passengers are unable to sit in that seat. >> gretchen: then yesterday, another flight from new york to miami forced to turn around for the same reason. the planes recently had maintenance during account seats were removed and reinstalled. but there is concerns the problems could be linked to labor at american. amtrak service shut down in central california where a train derailed and injuring at least 20 people there. the train with 169 people on board headed from oakland to
8:03 am
bakersfield when a truck blew through the crossing gate. three cars knocked over. passengers, including a newborn baby tossed around like rag dolls. >> it hit so hard, the baby flew on the other side of the seat in front of us. literally ripped out and fell on top of him. so i had to lift the seat up and dig under the debris and i found him in his car seat. >> smoke. it was dust and the train just came apart. >> gretchen: none of the injuries are life-threatening. we learned overnight that the white house has been holding secret meetings about al-qaeda's threat in north africa. >> brian: snore secret got out. >> steve: the obama administration has met several times in the last few months to talk about the terror group and whether the u.s. should actually launch strikes in that region. critics say the meetings are just politics as usual. >> there is this circling of the wagons that is really concerning about this. again, americans need to understand the truth. we've got to avoid this notion
8:04 am
of any political convenience. >> gretchen: the white house discussions reportedly began the u.s. consulate attack in benghazi, libya. all right. now it's time to bring in the two guests. bill and laura. bill o'reilly and laura ingraham, together. usually we see them on "the o'reilly factor". what kind of deals did you make with each other? >> i just go where i'm told. [ laughter ] i'm here. i don't know what's going on. >> steve: we're going to talk about your brand-new book, comes out tomorrow "killing kennedy." >> today, doocy. it comes out today. >> steve: that's not the data that i've got. >> who do you believe, me or doocy? >> steve: you're right. let's go to laura to break the tie. >> it came out yesterday. >> steve: we'll talk about the book in just a minute. but first tomorrow night, the big debate at the university of denver. and laura, let's start with you. the president, it has been said many times, can't run on his economy because it stinks right now. given what's happened in libya
8:05 am
and iran and everything else, he's losing strength on foreign policy, what is he going to have to do tomorrow night? >> well, i think that the great vulnerableability on foreign policy is a shock to the romney campaign that thought well, it's enough to dot economy, it's enough to convince everybody that the economy is that bad, but you know, as bill and i have talked about on his show, a lot of people believe the economy is not great, but maybe it's getting a little better. so that narrative hasn't been set. i think most people when they saw that embassy attack, the administration rushing out to say it was spontaneous, not to say it was a terrorist attack, now we find out that a lot of these militants who are released from prison during the so-called arab spring have turned out to be new al-qaeda affiliates. we're seeing real instability in north africa and throughout the middle east and i don't think president obama can blame george bush for this. i think this is a new vulnerability if romney mr. exploit it and that remains to be seen.
8:06 am
>> brian: 55 more gitmo detainees will be loose. it will be interesting to see. bill, you don't think it's that big a deal. you say this story has been out there for a week and the polls haven't moved much. >> i think it's an interesting story as far as journalism is concerned but i don't think the folks are locked in on it. i think the governor would be smart to make it part of his package tomorrow night of imcompetence. look, mitt romney, it's all on him. all on him. all president obama has to do is basically just be himself and not say anything, just repeat the same old thing. mitt romney has to convince the american people that going forward, he's a better alternative than the president. it's not going to be easy. so he's going to have to paint the president as an incompetent. this libya thing can be part of that, but certainly the economy, way more important to the folks than libya. but he can weave it. the second thing is that romney has got to kind of put aside his politician persona. i mean, he looks perfect, right? he looks like a president should
8:07 am
look. but that's not working against him because people don't know who he is. he's got to find a way to say look, this is who i am. this is why i'm better. in very simple terms. it's daunting task for the governor. >> gretchen: yeah, it is. because if he comes across as sort of being in attack mode, which a lot of republicans want him to be, then the press might say, oh, wow. he really went too far. >> he can't care about the press. he can't care about them one bit. he's got to smack the president like laura ingraham would smack him. >> gretchen: really? >> thank you. >> gretchen: do you agree that? are you one of the critics who thinks romney hasn't been tough enough? >> i think the polls indicate that romney obviously is not where he wants to be, gretchen. and you can say he should have been nicer. i guess that is an argument issues that if only romney had appeared with more babies and more puppies then people would like him more. people like leaders. they like someone who ties it together, frames the picture for us.
8:08 am
and bill is right, whether it's imcompetence and imcompetence and corruption, this administration's policies haven't delivered for the american family and the american middle class, and right now it looks like they're not delivering on an other really important issue which is our national security. i think both of those issuers framed properly by mitt romney, without concern about whether people like him, but whether people look at him and say, that guy could be president, i hear what he's saying and that makes sense. he's not a celebrity and he's not embracing the celebrity culture. in fact, he's kinds of the antes celebrity. i think he needs that moment tomorrow. >> brian: bill, this is to your point. one of the campaign aides said this, romney's advisors have a simple strategy. be balanced, be fine tuned with your argument, which show a personal warmth. i think america -- what you have. what you radiate on a daily basis. but show a personal warmth while doing it and not looking too much in the attack mode. i have a point to share with you because we have some time on our
8:09 am
hands. i believe that this -- i believe governor romney has an easier time than senator mccain because today fight against ideas and what ifs. now you have a four-year track record to go at distinctly and directly. do you agree with my assessment? >> i think so. there was an unknown quantity about senator obama at the time that mccain didn't want to get into well, he was really this way because it was really speculation and now we all know how the president is governing. what romney should be doing right now is watching ronald reagan take apart jimmy carter. now, with this caveat, president obama much quicker than jimmy carter. much. however, the way that reagan did it was authoritative, but kind of focusy. i don't know if romney can be folksy. but you got to be bold and fresh out there. but you got to do it with more of a twinkle in your eye than a malice. >> bill, look, why is "the
8:10 am
o'reilly factor" and "fox & friends" popular? >> i don't show malice and i'll tell i couldn't. one of these crazy right wing talk show host social security off the air, i understand, savage, isn't he off the air? >> brian: i heard he's having trouble. >> because he's malicious. >> first of all, michael savage, you might not like him, he had millions of people -- >> he's malicious. that's what he is. if romney starts to do that, if people sense that -- >> we're not talking about -- >> i'm sorry, laura, you're wrong. if romney starts to do that without -- >> that's not what -- when has romney ever done that? >> come on, come on. >> you're creating paper tigers, bill. romney, i was in new york last week, and he performed beautifully. unfortunately, nobody really showed up to cover it. he did two speeches, one at the clinton global initiative and one at that education forum. he was amazing. i was like where was that guy during the whole campaign? >> gretchen: interesting. >> if that's the romney that shows up, romney is going to smoke obama.
8:11 am
if that's the romney. >> reagan did it just right. >> exactly. >> if romney does that, if he can capture a bit of that reaganesque quality, then you're going to see those polls turn around very quickly. >> bill, i was going to compliment you and you didn't let me. the reason o'reilley is popular is not because you're not tough. you are tough. but you also bring the facts in and you bring in analysis to the people that they can say, gosh. even if i don't agree with him, i respect his point of view. that's what romney needs to do. >> brian: you always end on a positive note. please say something nice to laura. >> we love laura. are you kidding me is it i have to say, we have some of the best debates in television. not just cable. >> thank you. >> anywhere. she's strong and she -- >> gretchen: we got to wrap it up. thanks so much. now we have breaking news to tell you about. u.s. border patrol agent shot dead. another agent injured. all unfolding in naco, arizona, area known for drug trafficking. joining us is william
8:12 am
lajeunesse, who has been covering a lot of this border patrol violence for us. what can you tell us? >> details are pretty thin now. i got a phone call about an hour and a half ago that the agent had been shot fatally. family notifications are going on right now. the search is underway for the shooter or shooters. i can tell you naco, arizona is a very remote area of arizona right on the border, basically southeast of tucson. i think the shooting happened about 8 miles over the border. i was told by a source. and at this point in time, naco, as you know, it was two weeks ago we were down there to dedicate that station to be renamed after brian terry. that was where he worked out of. this was not too far from where brian terry was shot. as you said, this is a known drug smuggling corridor. very active in this area. the search is underway by county sheriffs. >> gretchen: william lajeunesse,
8:13 am
thanks so much. it will be interesting to see if that's a debate question tomorrow night. immigration and border patrols coming back one day before the debate. >> steve: more with bill o'reilly on his brand-new book, plus now you see her, and now you don't. why ikea erased women from one of their catalogs. >> gretchen: and he's back. >> brian: arnold schwarzenegger like you've never seen him before sharing everything from his biggest accomplishments to his bigger mistake some say. 626 pages. >> steve: it's long. >> brian: not counting the index. back in a moment. we have a loft ground to cover mike rowe here at a ford dealer with a little q&a for fiona.
8:14 am
tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee... affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of res? your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. buy four select tires, get a $60 rebate. use the ford service credit credit card, get $60 more. that's up to $120. where did you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer.
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>> gretchen: okay. we were going to see david letterman who wants -- let's go to it now. >> brian: let's listen. >> we have not heard from mitt romney and his people. they have an open invitation to be here, 36 days remaining. he's going to have to -- if you want to be in the white house, you got to sit right over there and talk to me. i don't have a dog in this fight. i'm a registered independent. just you got to come on. and listen, do me a favor. if he doesn't come on, don't vote for him. >> gretchen: wait a minute. he's a registered independent? that's news o a lot of people. >> i think everybody knows dave is a liberal guy and supports the president. but i'm the same -- i got to say, mitt romney haven't been on "the factor." so i may be doing that same routine in a couple of weeks. we're expecting the governor to come in. i've interviewed him many times in the past. we're look for both the president and the governor to come in. >> brian: let's talk about "killing lincoln." -- "killing kennedy".
8:17 am
the teen book is number one. "killing kennedy." if there was no success in "killing lincoln," would you have written this book? >> no. 52 weeks on the new york best seller list, that's driving them nuts. it's number 4. the success of that 2 million copies sold led me to say okay. -- this is all personal for me. what do i want to know about? i wanted to know the real story behind not only jfk's assassination, but how he governed. what he did in the white house. after reading this book, you'll know everything about him. the good and the bad. you'll know how he died and who killed him. now, there are some questions we couldn't answer and we tell the reader that. i can't answer this. or stuff that's not explainable, i'm still working on it. but you read this book, you'll know who john f. kennedy was, who his wife was, and how he died. >> gretchen: you believe in the theory that it was a one- >> no theory.
8:18 am
we don't do theory. this is all facts. lee harvey oswald shot john kennedy to death. he put two in the car this 3 1/2 seconds and killed kennedy. that is beyond a reasonable doubt. now, were there any other people around oswald who should not have been around him? yes. did kennedy have other very powerful enemies? yes, he did. we go through it, but everything in that book is fact based. >> steve: let me tell i couldn't this is going to be another number one best seller. this past weekend was a rainy saturday. i was down in dallas visiting my daughter who is in college there. because of it raining, we went to the sixth floor museum. >> in deeley plaza. >> steve: it was standing room only. so many people, even -- they want answers. >> it's a very emotional deal. i lucked out on two ways. i got access to the f.b.i. agents who were in dallas who were say signed by hoover to the case. they've never talked to anybody.
8:19 am
so we have all fresh stuff there. and the second thing is, we pinpoints where had jfk changed. he changed dramatically, the death of his baby patrick. i spend a lot of time on that in the book. on before he was one way, after his baby died, he was another way. it's fascinating. everybody remembers if you're alive back then where you were when kennedy was killed. i open the book, i was at high school on long island. it came overt loud speaker. my maternal grandmother, winifred kennedy. very emotional book for me. very happy with it. if you read this book, you will be entertained and you will be informed, no doubt. >> brian: one question you can't answer, could you tell us now when you close the book, you hand it to the publisher and you said, i still don't have the answer to that question? >> yeah. there's a guy named george demornshield, a shadowy guy and
8:20 am
he's swirling around lee harvey oswald. he's a loser. no way this guy should be swirling around him. i reported on this guy when i was working at wfaa it tv in dallas 'cause he taughthere. i can't put that together. now, i chased him to florida and i was about to knock on the door where he was, his daughter's house, and he blew his brains out with a shotgun. >> steve: oh, my goodness. it's going to be a big hit. you can download it right now. >> that's right. it comes out today. >> steve: download it, buy it. go out and get it. the great bill o'reilly, the author of "killing kennedy." we thank you very much. >> thanks, we appreciate it. >> gretchen: coming up, his dream to become a powerful united states attorney, the only problem is, he's in this country illegally. can he still get the job? a big development in his case coming up. >> brian: he already scored a super bowl victory. next a victory for veterans. big mcsaki, a veteran himself, here next [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods
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>> gretchen: 24 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines. the man accused of leaking confidential vatican documents will take the stand today. the pope's ex butler allegedly gave documents to the press to expose what he called corruption in the church. he faces up to four years in prison if convicted of theft. a brazen attack by chinese hackers on a white house computer. a staffer opened an e-mail which was a fishing attack and gave the hackers access to the computer. it's not known what information was taken or left behind. brian? >> brian: he's known for his heart and passion on the football field. remember new york giants receiver phil mcconky's moment
8:25 am
in the 1986 super bowl. >> the giants final pass of the game, the player who personified patience and persistence received the ultimate payoff. >> i caught the ball and there is my touchdown in the super bowl. >> brian: right. he's not only a giant, but a dedicated patriot, serving in the navy before going pro. he's got a new company, giving back in this way. the company is called academy securities and they have a mission, to hire and train our military veterans. phil mckahny, good memories first off of that catch. too bad the other player didn't have good hands. >> he's one of the best of all time. he's the member of academy securities. >> brian: before we get into academy securities what, did serving in the military do for your football career? >> i think the big thing is it made me realize that no excuse
8:26 am
is accepted nor tolerated. when you're in the military, you've got to dior job, do it perfectly and every time because your life depends on it and others' lives depend on it. football may not be that extreme, but to win, to become a champion, a world champion, bill parcells would say no excuse is accepted or tolerated. when you understand that as a military person, as an athlete, you get more out of yourself. you contribute more to your team and your organization. >> brian: so that's what you want to do. that's what you brought to the team and it was exciting watching you play. so you formed this academy. you realize what a lot of people realize. the unemployment rate for veterans coming out of the military is double what the national rate is. how do you help it? >> it's sky high. academy securities is a registered brokered dealer. we're certified disabled veteran business enterprise. we offer our clients municipal finance, trading, funds placement, investment banking. we bring together industry
8:27 am
experts and military veterans who create a first class financial services firm. currently our work force is almost 40% military veteran. we hope to get to a 50/50 ratio. jpmorgan is our mentor. they'll enhance our capabilities, allow us to get there. and to go out and to seek military veterans. if you think about it, corporations today, they spend tons of money going outside of their organization to bring in people to teach their managers, their employees about leadership, about service, about team work. these people that are transitioning from the military back to civilian life, back to corporate life, they embody all those qualities. why don't you want them in your organization to enhance what you do, to help you grow, to be a better company? >> brian: these guys have been eating sand for three years and in some cases, ten years. how do they apply to your academy?
8:28 am
>> well, they've got disciplines. they have problem solving. >> brian: will you train them? >> we will train them. we bring them in. we will train them and financial securities. you have to have a series 63. if you're in construction services, there are certain qualities and skills you need there. fox news, you've got different areas of needs. these people all have skills, unique skill sets that learned in the military and specialty skills that can be transitioned back to civilian life. so if you bring an industry expert next to a military veteran and help train those people, it can only make your company better. >> brian: phil, how too we find out more? >> well, you can go to, you can go to jpmorgan 100,000 jobs mission. there is a huge initiative by corporate america to help employ these people. they've got a goal of 100,000 jobs over the next few years. they've already hired 18,000. there is mom and pop 501c 3
8:29 am
organizations going on. >> brian: we'll put that on our web site. phil, thanks so much. great what you're doing for the country. great what you did for the giants. thanks for your time. >> thanks so much. >> brian: straight ahead, the hardest choice he's ever had to make, jump from a third story window or die. the dramatic video you have to see. and arnold schwarzenegger like you've never seen him. how he figured out he had a child out of wedlock and how he told his wife, what he did for california, how he broke into this country as an immigrant. became an american citizen and a huge success story
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
>> gretchen: we start with a fox news alert. border patrol agent has been shot dead near naco, arizona. a manhunt now underway for whoever is behind this shooting. another agent wounded, but is expected toc okay. this is an area known for drug smuggling. the agents were assigned to the brian terry station. it was just renamed for that murdered border patrol agent two weeks ago. terry murdered with a gun linked to the botched fast and furious program. >> steve: meanwhile, in other news on this tuesday morning, early voting already underway and people in the state of ohio are lining up to cast their ballots. this while president obama and mitt romney, the challenger,
8:33 am
prepare for their first debate tomorrow night. chris o'day is live from denver with the very latest. good morning to you. >> good morning. no doubt about it, the arena is the country's most exclusive venue now. we're here inside the media center. this is where hundreds of reporters from across the globe will gather during the presidential debate. you can see here all the different work stations set up. then back there past those black and red curtains is actually where the stage is set up. that's where president obama and mitt romney will go head to head tomorrow night. if you look at this monitor here, this is where the stage is set up. that's live look we're seeing right there. and later on today, run throughs will actually begin. take a look at this video right here. shear a closer look at the arena being transformed into one big television studio. today's dress rehearsal is expected to last all day. the commission says they'll make final adjustments on wednesday
8:34 am
just hours prior to the debate. it's not clear yet how many invited guests will fill the venue tomorrow. we're told it will be right around 200. of course, colorado, one of about eight key swing states critical to this year's election. we should mention that mitt romney, they campaigned here in denver yesterday. his wife, ann, will be here later on today. and then on thursday, right after, just hours after the presidential debate, president obama will be campaigning in denver once again. so again, guys, colorado, about one of eight crucial states to this year's election is going to be interesting to see what happens. going to be interesting to see the presidential debate go down here in the city of denver. back to you. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. the whole country and the world will be watching tomorrow night. >> gretchen: with just three words, arnold schwarzenegger became a household name. >> i'll be back.
8:35 am
>> gretchen: of course, the terminator helped arnold top the list as one of hollywood's highest paid actors. then came his successful bid to become the governor of california. his journey hasn't been without its share of scandal and heart break. now he's telling all in a new book called "total recall, my unbelievably true life story." he's our guest on the curvy couch for the first time, i believe. isn't it? at least if recent years. >> brian: it is. >> i think each one of us has done interviews. i know with you i've done several interviews. >> brian: in los angeles, we've had you via satellite when you were governor and had so many challenges. putting this -- looking at this book, up 'til here, it's been an unbelievable success story. and it got really difficult from governorship afterwards. how have you processed it all and was it painful writing that last 80 pages? >> first of all, it was painful to go through this period and then, of course, i'm not a person that likes to look back.
8:36 am
good or bad. always have been a person that moves forward. setting one goal after the next and conquering those goals and turning them into reality. this was a painful period in reality because you realize how many people you've disappointed and how painful this was for my whole family and for the children especially also, and it's terrible. i feel terrible about it. you want to apologize about that every day, you think about it every day. , but you always have to move on. the key thing was that my wife and i, we made a commitment to raise the kids together. if christmas or easter, or birthday celebration. >> brian: how are they handling it? >> it's difficult. even just us talking about it. if they see it's a difficult thing, 'cause it reminds them again, reawakens the whole
8:37 am
thing. what the important thing was people ask me, why did you put this in the book? i said look, if i write that book about arnold, arnold's life is about huge successes and that the most extraordinary immigrant story that i know in this country, but at the same time, also about failures. i've had failures professionally, i had failures in my personal life and i write about that. >> gretchen: why write a book at all some people are wondering? is this a way for you to come back into your movie career again or why write the book? >> this was making for 20 years because since the early '90s, there has been kinds of chasing know do an dot biography and -- autobiography and i said no, no, no, i don't have an interesting enough story. then when i became governor, i said i do have an interesting story to tell now. it just happened to be that then on the end, there is the scandal became part of that. >> steve: you are a -- i haven't read the whole book, but i read
8:38 am
around it and you're a great story teller. you start when you grew up in austria, your family was dirt poor. fast forward, you move to the united states. tom brokaw introduce you to maria shriver. you fell in love and got married. at the ends, is that chapter called the secret where you revealed that deep dark secret of bad feeling you had about that kid who sure looked a lot like you. >> that's right. >> steve: in telling that part of the story, in such a public way now, has that impacted your relationship with maria? >> no. i think that maria loves me and i always will love maria. she was the only true love in my life and she was a woman unlike anything else. she was a great partner. she was a really interesting family since she comes from a democratic party. there was always interesting
8:39 am
discussion. she was fantastic and helped in every step of the way. that's what's so sad about it, you know, for me also is that that happened and she did not deserve that because she was fantastic. >> brian: when i'm done with this, i'm saying, have you for sure closed the book on your relationship? >> no. >> brian: can you see you reconciling? >> yes. absolutely. the -- i'm an optimist. i think the key thing is instead of worrying about us is the children. the children are going through very important phase. i want to make sure the children feel good about us and about our relationship 'cause they know that we got along and we never have a fight, maria and i. we always get along, we help each other. and we are just separated now. i think eventually, i hope, that wounds will heal so much so that we can get together again. >> brian: wow. stick around. we want to talk to you about your days as governor and your
8:40 am
extraordinary journey becoming the number one box office smash and your possible return. including my best movie ever, the "expendables". how many times have i said that? >> then you have to tell me about your fitness program. >> brian: i'll have to take off my shirt. >> gretchen: is it just you? >> brian: if you have a pen, i can write down some tips. >> steve: arnold sticking around. california used to run on the verge of bankruptcy. what the heck happened to the golden state and what can the rest of the country learn? the former chief executive of california will spill the beans. >> gretchen: women erased from the ikea catalog. why did they do that? >> brian: can you say saudi arabia? one of the top duoa of all time is back. bananarama is here. they wouldn't let me in the band. apparently they didn't need a
8:41 am
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it's all about change. the kids are going back to school, it's the perfect time to get back to you. a perfect time to join weight watchers and start losing weight and feeling good right now. join for free. weight watchers. because it works. >> gretchen: can an illegal immigrant become an american lawyer? that's the question before the florida supreme court. the man immigrated here as a kid, earned a law degree, passed the bar. however, the florida bar denied his application because he's here illegally. but he says he now qualifies you should president obama's immigration plan. terrifying scene caught on camera. a 72-year-old man jumping from a building in new york city on fire. the military vet dropping from his third story apartment into the arms of good samaritans below. he says he channeled his days as a paratrooper. he was not seriously hurt.
8:44 am
now you see her, now you don't. ikea apologizing for erasing women from its catalog in saudi arabia. in the past, the company changed catalogs to reflect cultural standards. women in saudi arabia are barred from work, travel, study, unless they get permission from the men in their lives. oh, yeah, they can drive. >> steve: quick look at news. continuing conversation with the former governor of california, arnold schwarzenegger. he's got a brand-new book out called "total recall." you probably got pretty good recall about california. let's talk a little bit about, there is a lot of buzz that california is on the verge of bankruptcy and is going to need some gigantic bailout. people who live in states where they've been fiscally responsible and haven't lived beyond their means are going why should we bail california out? >> first of all, i don't think anyone has to worry about california needs to be bailed out. i think that i've heard that
8:45 am
story for the last 40 years. ronald reagan struggled with the california budget even though he promised he would never raise taxes, he had to raise taxes and had to make severe cuts. i remember then governor wrestled with the same thing in the '80s and he had to raise taxes and had to make severe cuts. governor wilson had to do the same thing and i had to do the same thing. i think the legislators in california always spent more money than they take in. that's been the biggest problem. >> brian: do you think unions are a huge problem? >> they are, because for instance, the pension problem that we have in california, we have a state that we have at least $400 billion of unfunded liability because of our public employees pensions. it is all because in 1999-2000, they decided to change the pensions and to give them this special kind of deal. >> brian: why couldn't you fix that? >> we did. we did mention reform. but we knocked it down from a
8:46 am
$500 billion liability to $400 billion liability. and the idea is the next governor goes in and knocks it down to 300 and slowly negotiate it down. this is what needs to be done now and i think the people of california are very upset about that we have the state employees getting this kind of extraordinary amount of money. >> gretchen: they still are vote not guilty the same people. >> money for education, building infrastructure and other things. this money is directly taken away from higher education -- >> brian: cal continually votes in the people who believe in funding those pensions beyond belief. >> absolutely. >> gretchen: at the same time, you're losing what people argue is the job creators by the millions are leaving california, right? >> it's important to note that california has a debt of around $80 billion. it's very little in compared to other countries that have that kind of a gdp that we have, which is almost $2 trillion. so we are nowhere to be in trouble financially if ha wait a minute we just every year for decades had a 10, $50 billion
8:47 am
deficit because we just spent too much money. >> steve: as big as the deficit is in california, it doesn't even approach what we're heading toward here in the united states of america. >> that is really tough because when you talk about $16 trillion, i mean, this is the last few years come from ten to $16 trillion. that is troubling. then on top of it, you have the deficit, which is like a trillion and a half every year. i mean, we are talking about a lot of money, and on top of it, this country doesn't have a budget for three years, we've been waiting for a budget. there is no budget. how do you operate that way? >> brian: that's a failure for the president, don't you agree? >> everyone in washington it's a failure. if congress cannot get their act together and look at this, if you can not get immigration reform done which they have been talking about ever since i've gotten into office, they've talked about immigration reformment nothing gets done. every year they say, next year is an election coming up. hello? of course there is an election coming up because that's the way the united states constitution is. every two years we have an election. >> gretchen: republicans put
8:48 am
together a budget and harry reid has not put together a budget and the president's budget was voted down unanimously a no. >> steve: it's a great book, check it out. it's out right now by governor arnold schwarzenegger. >> brian: last question, did president obama ask you to be energy secretary? >> we have had discussions about helping and i don't get into the details of what the discussions were. because they were discussions. but we did talk about working together on some of those issues that i feel very passionate about. environmental issues. >> steve: you would have been good because you have a lot of energy. >> thank you very much. >> gretchen: thanks. are you ready for a flashback? one of the greatest female pop duos next. >> brian: let's check in with bill hemmer. >> i'll be back, too, by the way. can we drop that line now? >> brian: yes, you can. >> good morning to awful you. was benghazi president obama's 3:00 a.m. call? john bolton, peter king on that.
8:49 am
republicans demanding answers from hillary clinton, why they are investigating now. five weeks to the day before the election, there is one day before the denver debate, john sununu on strategy and a major provision of obamacare goes into effect this week. thousand could affect you. all that with martha and me in 11 minutes on america's news room till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8... vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. "there's stylish." "there's functional." "and then, there's both." "erika tsubaki is a big fan of both."
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♪ . >> gretchen: they're one of the greatest female pop buos of all time and now bananarama getting back on stage for the first time in 20 years. they join us live. i'm so excited. i love you guys. i've been listening to you for all these years. why are you back on tour?
8:53 am
>> pinktober is run by hard rock cafe to raise breast cancer awareness and it's our 30th anniversary as a group. >> steve: congratulations. >> we thought it was great to tour. so we're doing hard rocks all over the country. >> steve: you're starting the hard rock pink tober program right here on our program. very nice. >> yes. >> steve: i know you've done it a couple times before. how would you like to do "venus" for us? >> we would love to. >> ladies and gentlemen, bananarama. ♪ ♪ burning like a silver flame ♪
8:54 am
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>> gretchen: we're back with bananarama. tomorrow, frankie valuey will be here. that will be great and dick morris will be here. >> brian: both have tremendous singing voices. >> gretchen: i don't know about that. you have a new album out. >> yes, just a couple of tracks which we thought we would put with this. >> gretchen: of all the songs that so many people know, what's your favorite? >> we always enjoy gang bangers because it was the biggest hit around the world really. so and "cold summer." robert deniro. >> brian: you're going to sing in the after the show show, "cruel


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