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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 11, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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i'm except from empowering. a stupid word. empowers is a waste of time. >> bob: what sales socialist, communist, male, mao -- >> dana: go on. that is it for us on "the five." thank you welcome to a special edition of "red eye". i am filling in for greg gutfeld. now to andy levy for our pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> we will preview thursday's vice presidential debate with a fair and balanced look at paul ryan and the goofy aninaty of ryan. the shocking story that is really an unfounded rumor. and finally, what happens when we send bill schulz out on the street to get people's opinions about a giant ferris wheel? hopefully they gut him like a pig and waive his end trails
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in his face as he screams in unimaginable pain. >> thanks, andy. >> you becha. let's welcome our guest. she and i met at a take back the night rally in the late 80s. we took it back, and then we couldn't figure out what to do with it. that was fun. i am here with tammy bruce, fox news contributor and host of the nationally syndicated talk show. he and i met on second avenue. i had to follow him and he had you are cred. -- and he had crushed. it is sherrod small. and this man first came to my attention when he made the cover of variety's how did they manage a career in media edition? it is bill schulz. and sitting next to me is jonathon hunt, the chief correspondent for studio b and the fox report on fox newschannel. >> a block. the lede.
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that's the first story. >> well, the left had a fit when she picked mitt. and now stacy dash is addressing the bitter ago craw mown -- acrimony sparked by her testimony. she defended her support for mitt romney on piers morgan. >> it is my constitutional right to have my choice of who i want to vote for as president. >> are you allowed to have it. >> i chose him not by the color of his skin, but the con at the present time of his charkt -- the content of his character. >> she used the whole reverse thing on him. >> piers said there were a couple of mean misses on twitter and dash managed to smile through the bile. >> these people here -- this is somebody who tweeted, you are an unemployed black woman voting for mitt romney. you tall, beautiful, idiot.
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somebody said, kill yourself you old hag. >> wow, really? >> she got my message? >> anyway, speaking of jerks -- >> you are the former president of the national -- >> don't remind me. >> you have a lot of experience with people trying to tell you how to think. does the left have a problem with totalitarian? >> i don't want to hear anything more about the republican war on women until liberals give stacy dash half as much respect they give roman polanski and then we can see who has the war on women. >> she supported her. >> she tweeted.
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everybody tweets of the she says racism -- disagree with her, but don't do the racism. a fluke is part of the problem. she is added into the democratic dynamic of dividing the genders and doing the war on women and the contraception. for her to be shocked. even piers morgan was shocked stacy was attacked. what planet have they been on for the last four years? this is the part and parcel of what has been going on. if you are conservative and say anything you are attacked. they have suddenly said, what world is this? we are familiar with it. we are used to it. welcome to our world. >> sherrod, you can't possibly disagree with that. you may have perm feelings on this. -- personal feelings on this. you started in "clueless" right? >> that was me. >> do you have a clip? >> there we go. some of my better work. >> you held up great. >> thank you.
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>> it, woulded out well. it worked out well. >> the freeway? >> will this make you support romney? >> i don't listen to what hot girls have to say. nobody does, right? we just pretend we do. >> she did holdup well. she looks great. i support her. she can support who ever she wants to support. make your pick and make your choice. i can see why people get aping gree at her -- get angry at her. it is stacy dash running her mouth. shut up. shut your mouth. but i want her to vote for who she wants to vote for. it is the american way. >> how old was she in -- -- >> remember paul rudd played the college kid. stacy dash was three years older than him. >> she had the 22 -- she has a 22-year-old son. >> look at them there. they are definitely in their
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late 20s. >> every high school actress. >> i wish they looked like that. >> i can't understand a thing pier morgan said. >> nobody can understand a thing piers morgan says which is why the ratings are so awful. being the second best british person on american tv. but my question is, who is stacy dash? the tweets are offensive. they are stupid, but really, the timing, stacy dash happens to be trying to start a musical career. single is out this week, oh i wonder why she tweeted. she is anything but clueless in this whole thing. >> are you saying that stacy dash started this controversy -- >> yes. >> oh my. >> and who is the most controversial man i can endorse in this race. >> and she was dumped from her vh1 show, i do know that. >> and turning conservative will boost your career in the music scene. i think we heard that.
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>> lil wayne is a far right conservative. >> bill, are you a big fan of "clueless" the movie. did you know that it was based on the story "emma" written by a fantastic author? >> i did. and you told me that earlier in the office. >> and then i went on-line and connish ifed it. >> when i saw the film "emma" with gwenyth paltrow. they ripped off "clueless." that's how dumb i was. >> i wonder about was. >> from twitter hates to thursday's debates. so after the daily caller reported that president obama then known as barack obama attended the wedding of abc news senior foreign correspondent, many conservatives said this was another example of media bias. abc news responded, this is absurd. martha is known for her tough, fair reporting. added, you are nothing but a frustrated young man.
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that's not what they said. the president attended this wedding over two decades ago along with nearly the entire laurie view. many of -- entire law review. wow. the entire law review at your wedding. that must have been the best electric slide ever. the advisor to the nonpartisan debate commission says the organization doesn't care obama attended the wedding more than 20 years ago. he tells usa today, quote, we selected martha because she is a terrific journalist, and she will be a terrific moderator, and we are thrilled to have her. the notion that that affects her ability is not something we have given a moment's thought to. if they are not going to give it a moment's thought, we should give it a moment's thought. can a journalist be objective in something like this? >> of course they can. that's their job. and martha is a good journalist. can we all just stop with e
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with attacking the -- with attacking the moderators. if she shows a bias tomorrow night, but then, shut up. >> i actually went to that wedding. it was beautiful. it was a beautiful wedding. >> technically you were a bartender. >> everybody in the belt way -- those nerds know how to tip. everybody who lives in the belt way knows each other anyway. everybody in dc, they all happening out together. i don't care it it is media or senators. >> the belt way? you are throwing around these political terms. >> i am the black o'reilly. they call me bloreilly. >> debating skills are not something that are put into use in the office of the president. why do people care if they are good at debating? >> you have to show you can handle pressure. you can handle being asked questions. we saw obama milt after
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five -- melt after five minutes. romney was just looking at him funny. >> he actually thought he won when he walked off the stage. that's what i read in the paper. obama thought he won. >> he thinks he wins everything. he was president for five minutes and he won the nobel peace prize. >> was there any wars in that five-minute period? no. >> isn't she married to the guy obama pointed to the fdc? >> how many husbands does she have? >> there are a lot of linkages. we would be lessons tiff if we interest didn't see so much bias in the process. i think she is also good, but the biggest question for tomorrow night is whether or not the vice president will be sober. and then we will see how she handles that. >> are you saying they have a few nips before? >> i don't know. >> we just want to make sure. that's all. joy he has a few -- >> he has a few plugs, but
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doesn't take nips. >> we will be really watching to see if joe biden crashes and burns. >> i would rather watch my grandmother's funeral than watch that debate. it will be awful. >> i was a bartender at that event. >> bill, everybody said biden is going to do terribly. he may win the expectation game. why are expectations so big? >> it is all crap when their supporters say how great they will do. it is all crap. after the last debate, it is a whole new ballgame. >> he is second, that is not clean up clean up comes fourth. >> i have been hear august lot of sport metaphors, and i what wanted to join in. >> i talked to a well connected democrat who just said the thing that captured
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the whole thing. who on earth thought this woman said that joe biden would be playing backstop for us. >> as long as he doesn't ask about the people who work in the 7-eleven's in delaware and we will be fine. >> he speaks off the cuff, and does it sound racist? sometimes it does. what is important to remember here is the fact that this has come out. it will be completely unbiased. >> that's the whole point. >> why are the campaigns talking about this? they are talking about strategy and overcoming expectations and who are the stakes higher for. isn't that what we are supposed to talk about? >> we are just following their lead. whatever they say we will follow. >> i think they are following us. >> we are following them following us following them. >> is this what wag the dog
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is. >> from courting voters to courting controversy. see how i moved on there? ma done that you has caved in -- madonna caved in that she not wear a muslim bridal costumes in her next video. a bunch of killjoys. they paired a traditional veil with u.s. soldiers' uniforms which was meant to comment on women's rights and war, something like that. it is sad i had to explain that to you so i could figure it out. madonna had the outfit ready to go. she was really proud of it. she said it was her terrabride costumes. she just brushed it off. but when they mentioned her actions could put her life at risk, she decided to ditch it from the video and will not bewaring it on stage. she was really disappointed. do you like how i added drama to that quote? >> you struck a pose.
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>> for more on this story let's go live to the back up vocalist? how has this affected the tour overall, girl. >> too busy rehersing, i guess. >> who are the real bad guys in the story? is it militant islam, or is it madonna for just being madonna? >> who is madonna? >> stacy dash is bigger than madonna at this point. >> in my neighborhood she is. madonna is always trying to spark controversy. she is trying to do this muslim wedding garb? for the love of good she just needs some attention. is she looking for a new husband or something?
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>> are you obviously not a madonna fan. >> we are always stoping what we want to do because we want to piss off muslims. >> well, -- >> top worrying about somebody trying to get at you. get at them first. >> wasn't tera bride -- >> i would be terrified if she was walking toward me. >> i want to see her in madison square garden. i was the only straight man in the audience. i am european. >> sure, you were. >> on a serious point that sherrod was making for once, if madonna, of all people, is changing what she is going to do because of the potential threat, wow, islamic outrage has won. >> they control everything. >> she never caved into catholic protests. >> one, this can't be -- i think she should do it.
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it can't be anymore damaging than dating sandra burn hart. and i get to have the exclusive word that the segment will be changed from her being on the gigantic cross she used a few concerts ago, they will put her on it and they will lower it into a vat of urine and that's because the muslims don't care. jay i saw that on a "jackass" movie. >> and thin it -- and then it would really be european, right? >> i'm out of here. >> bill, you are the biggest fan of madonna. how goes the tour so far? >> mb -- second of all, she was never going to do this. madonna is a very spart publicity w word. she had it leaked so we would be like, oh this is tear -- terrible. and she was never going to do it. now we talked about madonna.
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the result for her is no stoning, no attacks, no bombs, everyone wins. >> coming up, why did beyonce back out of clint eastwood's film? and is her part now available? i am a veer till actor. verse till actor.
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does their law have a flaw? so this summer massachusetts approved a $20 fine on people who swear loudly in public. dog gone it. now the state's attorney general is recommending they reverse the ban on cursing, arguing the by law violates first amendment free speech
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rights. it surfaced after they complained that teens and other young people were swearing up a storm in the downtown area and the public parks. let's discuss it in the -- >> lightning rooooooooouuuuuufnnnnddd. lightning round. >> good timing. >> that is like synchronized swimming. >> made my night of the. >> they love that on twitter. >> why not let the town govern as they wish? isn't that what america is about? small towns making their own laws? >> i think if all. if all of the kids are swearing and running around like crazy people, maybe you should find the parents for having bad children. just make the parents pay. the parents need more control over their children. >> it is $20. the $20 will scare the kids, but it is knot that intimidating to -- it is not that intimidating to parents. what do you think? >> if it is true it is a violation of first amendment rights. somebody in my schooling --
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school owes me $100 at least. >> they are not saying you can't curse, but they say curse and then give us money when you do. >> it is -- you have it in public schools. you have a curse jar in a public school when kid curse you have to put $1 in it. i am asking why does the attorney general have to get involved with this? why can't we have towns decide. you know how things work here in our country, jonathon? >> i have no idea how anything works in this country. how would a law like this fly in jolly old england? >> it would bail out the entirety of europe in one night. they are doing it here. we were told we can't beeping curse. >> i blame her. >> our editors #r* alcoholic. you are impeding their bar
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time. >> you have a different set of curses. bloody is something -- >> bloody arr. >> we can curse british and they don't have to edit it. >> and schedule is a curse. >> you are dealing with freedom of speech. when i work i have to pay taxes. maybe it is interfering with my freedom. when does the freedom of speech start, do you have freedom to teachers and when you are five. >> they say it is anyone who curses is town. >> good luck taking it from this drunk dude. you owe me $20. >> good luck. >> especially in the commonwealth of massachusetts. >> $20, what is that in -- is it 20 pounds? >> 300 pounds. >> the only thing i know about british currency is a half a crown is an enormous tip for
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somebody to get you a turkey. next topic, this week it was reported that a miss beyonce was dropping outs of the remark "a star is born." officially the singer blames scheduling reasons telling e! news, for months we tried to coordinate our schedules. it was not hope. hopefully in the future we can get a chance to work there. some wonder if her decision was politically motivated. mr. beyonce and mr. jay z hosted a fundraiser in obama while eastwood talked to a share. do you buy this scheduling of the new exhausting -- exhausting for celebrities?
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>> why are you bashing jt? >> be yawn -- beyonce can't do the movie because she is busy faking another pregnancy. >> r. >> i -- >> you never had the first baby. you know it is a surrogate. >> could it be it is not as god as the original and she is backing off because she is nervous. >> it was since january of 2011. she got one of the fake pregnancies. what i like about this is she and obama can be unemployed at this point. >> two plaque people? >> they need to not remake this film again. first it was with judy garland and then barbara streisand. this is like remaking "the wizzard of oz." >> it is called "the wiz" and it was great. michael jackson was in it.
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>> clint eastwood will have an easy time filling that hole. >> bill, when i was in high school i was sent to watch the newly released with judy garland and should i make him realize he was a kid? >> was it julie followed by barbara. forral -- for all of you kids out. thereth is important if you want to work at a tabloid. if you don't have a story, but you don't want to deal with libel, you don't make a headline that says beyonce split from inside flick. you just add a question mark. beyonce shift? a political move? >> we don't know. as for our source, some say. some say is the best source you will ever have when you want to make a story.
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some say it was actually eastwood and not beyonce. he decided an empty chair. >> it is a fun fact. do you have a comment on the show 1234* e-mail us at fox and do you have video of your animal doing something boring 1234* click on submit a video. we might use it. still to come, the half time rbs with andy levy. >> tonight is sponsored by do i gnaw sores. the extinct reptiles. thanks, dinasaurs.
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we're back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong. for that we go to andy levy. >> how are you tom? >> great. how is it going? >> going well. tammy, you said you don't want to hear anything about the republican war on women until liberals give dash more respect. >> half as much. jay either way, you are basically saying you don't ever want to hear it again? >> apparently not. i don't want to ever hear about that at any point ever in the future. >> my guess is you are going to. >> i have a lot of wishes that don't come true. >> don't we all.
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>> well, hello. >> who has binaca. >> i believe her last name is fluk and rhymes with book. >> are we past the swearing seggent in. i don't say her name that often. >> you don't listen to what hot girls have to say -- sorry, what hot girls got to say. then you said -- you can see why people get angry and you said shut your mouth, stacy. doesn't seem polite. >> i am keeping it real. >> do you feel the same way about sam jackson? >> yes. shut up, sam jackson and take off the kango. it is not 1983. they equally piss me off. >> i don't understand the anger. i don't get angry. they say what they say. i just don't care. >> i am not angry, i just know once he said it we will have to live with it for a week or
3:33 am
two or three. for the love of god. >> and you want her in a leg chair and she will wear a dress. >> i would put it on the screen and pause it. >> i will wear my shoe mirrors. >> i am moving on. you mentioned that dash has a single coming out this week? joy it is a track called "life of the party" that she sings on. and he said not in a statement written by a publicist, working with stacy dash was a pleasure. she is better than 85% of the singers out there and i look forward to working with her in the future. >> debut album. stacy dash, isn't she 50? debut album at 50 years old? >> in not, sherrod? >> 50 is the new 49. >> she is in her 40s and not 50s.
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>> jonathon i am with you, this whole thing is ridiculously thin. this said, does it get to a bigger point about the incestuous world of journalism and politics? >> they have always been journalists and always will be journalists. we will do the town hall things that brings in different voices. it is a made up thing. it is stupid. it is trying to convince the referee to pull the game. >> i agree with you. >> it seems like the worlds of journalism and politics are more incestuous. everybody is chumy. >> sure, but i -- is that wrong? i don't know that it is. >> it strikes me as not a great thing for the country. >> move to canada.
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>> i will not move to canada. >> take justin bieber with you. >> they matter in the fact she she -- he has to look at the pressure. if biden doesn't trip and fall, everyone will say it is a draw. >> that's exactly why romney and obama, everybody was so shocked. obama created an environment where all romney had to do is not and horns on its head. biden did well in 2008 against palin. i think it will go smoothly and biden has been frankly acting strangely. i will have some popcorn ready and we will have a good time. >> he is not a bad debater. but we have been bombarded with the truthful images of him with a constant gaffs and the saying silly things. >> it has been four years since he debated. >> four years is a longtime.
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we will see what the four years have done for him. >> he will ignore paul ryan and attack romney a last time. jay they got to realize the big bird thing is played out, right? >> he said we are going to leave it up. we have no plans to take it down. they have no idea how it is res son nateing. >> i want it to continue. i am thrilled. jonathon, shame on you for saying the reason you watch nascar is to crash and burn. >> that is not why we watch nascar. >> put your hand on your heart. >> that's not why we watch nascar. >> to be fair nascar is a biscuit that you have. >> that's right.
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>> bill, as a long-time debate watcher any chance he takes off his shirt? >> well, i will tell you in the debate that goes on in my head, always and everywhere. >> that's not much of a debate. >> that was a cheap shot. >> no. >> sherrod, i agree with something you said, and then tom disagreed with you. therefore i disagree with tom. you are right, sherrod, when you say by their campaign talking about expectations, they are leading us. i don't think the journalists are leading the campaigns. the campaigns are leading us. >> we are allowing to be lead. >> remember the new york times wrote the article before the romney debate about how romney was preparing all of these zingers. and everybody followed along saying he was working on all of the zingers. it was a head fake. and everybody bit. >> he states the facts.
3:38 am
>> he looked good. mitt romney looked good. >> i ain't voting for him. >> somebody asked how many he has had? >> there is only three. >> madonna decides not to wear islamic garb. why did you opt not to wear your tera bride costumes? >> i am in the costumes. >> massachusetts camp fined for swearing. >> tammy, you pointed out that they are not saying you can't curse. it is the opposite of free speech. >> not really. free is depending on how much money you make.
3:39 am
you can choose not to and save that money. >> i was making a joke on the word free. >> beyonce drops out of the remake of a star is born. #w that said, is this not the perfect opportunity for stacy dash? >> i think it would be if stacy dash had any idea it existed. >> she is lovely and smart and we will see how she translates. >> and she coordinates the publicity. >> new cycle pundits does not a box office make. >> the lead in the movie. >> back to you. >> thank you, andy. >> next, is it possible to go from hating caucasian men to loving them in the span of one magical year? sherrod small discusses his new memwior.
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>> that's right. >> first, will the world finally get people to visit new york city? the highest employee attempted to find out.
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when it comes to high flying fun, if you build it, will they come? staten island has just okayed construction of the world's tallest ferry well. ferris wheel. the 625-foot tall monster will carry 1440 people, and it is set to open in 2015. that said, the drug industry's number one tourist attraction, bill schulz, couldn't wait that long and he hit the streets to talk turkey with the tourists about all things ferris. >> i'm back at times square to talk to the people and find out if this new ferris wheel will illicit boos are on great
3:44 am
views. ps, i work for fox news. >> they want to build the world's biggest ferris wheel. it will take 38 minutes to go all the way around. it will have a great view of manhattan. is that something that will make you go to staten island? >> if they had a giant ferris wheel, a big one, i would go to watch it roll off into the water. >> yes. >> why? >> it is the world's biggest ferris wheel. >> there is a sucker out there for every ferris wheel. >> it would have to be more than the fer whys wheel. >> they also go to tvi fridays. >> they have one there too. >> i am not big on ferris wheels. it wouldn't make a difference to me. >> do you have a problem with heights this. >> no. >> do you have a problem with having fun? >> no. >> would you take the ferry all the way to the ferris wheel and do something like this? >> i don't think so. >> do you think anyone else will? >> yes.
3:45 am
if you were here for a week. >> well it only takes 30 minutes. >> some are multiple choice. which are the final celebrities are from staten island? kristina aguillera, arnold schwarzenegger orb d, alf. >> alf. >> alf is not real. >> if any kids are watching they are real. >> it is the area times square. unlimited bread sticks, authentic italian meals. >> i wish. we are on at 3:00 in the morning. >> the island ferry is taking it into manhattan. a creature that ran for president or c a popular
3:46 am
nightclub for bachelors. >> a boat that takes people in. >> i am thinking about the staten island ferry. >> it has a great buffet. they love it when women come in. >> it is full nude later at night. >> i will be there. >> i am a bouncer. >> would there be something that is bigger and better carnival wise that draws you to staten island? like the world biggest tilt a whirl? >> i don't know what that is. >> it is a whirl but tilty. what is the featured animal? >> the gator. >> the elent if. elephant. >> and kristina aguillera. she is there one week and do not feed her. she bites. how about the world's largest we are slide, and it would go straight into the hudson and depending on what hepititis
3:47 am
and/or needle you get, that would be your prize. any other thoughts about all things ferris wheel? you don't care or want to go to the toys r us. >> toys r us. >> excuse me, any thoughts on the ferris wheel? anyone? those tickets guys are jerks. the bottom line, will the staten island ferris wheel make it harder? >> would you take a ferry out to do a -- would you go all the way out there? >> i have never been to staten island. not before this report i knew it existed. >> it is a $480 million to spruce up the waterfront. is it worth it? >> it is the largest
3:48 am
landfill. , but it will be the largest public park in the new york area. i think the ferris wheel is happening. >> right. they are putting them all over there. >> staten island needs a mall. >> the working girl has not gotten much attention. >> that's why everybody played basketball. it was right on the water. >> you never go to staten island. >> i used to. >> it would be warmer. >> secondly this proves that size matters. i don't know if that has been discussed on this program. >> i can't remember his first name.
3:49 am
>> i want the water slide at gitmo. >> time to take a break. coming up, a discussion about guys with hairy chests.
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last story, a new study and it it may be different from what scientists previously thought. this preference arose long ago because the ladies wanted to avoid parasites that like to make their home in hairy areas. the research shows that the preference extends to parts of the world where parasites are not much of an issue. can you believe it? sherrod, if it has nothing to do with parasite, why do women prefer nonhairy guys ? >> a hairy man is disgusting. you don't have to work hard. >> don't you remember, remember that famous nude photo of -- what was the actor? >> burt reynolds. >> you didn't know it was the
3:54 am
bearskin run -- you didn't know where the bear skin ended and his hair ended. that's what they called it. i don't remember the 1970s. >> you don't care? thank you for asking. i just care about -- most people don't want hairy women around. i can speak to that. cultural difference, james bond, sean connery and daniel craig as a baby's bottom or a baby's front. that tells you culturally where things are going. >> a lot of men love daniel craig too. >> a lot of men i though do. >> jonathon do you style your body hair the same way the hair upon your head? >> the hair on my head has come from my body. i shaved it off and put it up here. >> bill, you don't have a single hair on your body, right? >> i am the next stage in
3:55 am
evolution. >> and yet you are covered with parasites. >> really? did you know dolphins used to be hairy, and they have evolved -- i am now more aerodynamic and better at the beaches. the last comment was not my style. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up with tv's andy levy. to see recent shows go to fox eye.
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supply this -- a program note, there is no "red eye" tomorrow. a tear falling down cheek. it is due to fox newschannel coverage of the vice presidential debate in danville, kentucky. a new "red eye" returns on friday. time to go back to andy levy for a post game wrap up.
3:59 am
>> it was george ferris, junior. >> i just call him george ferris. >> they are subscribers that make my new radio program possible. they are an army. i have an entire country and i need an army. it is thrilling you asked. how can people become a soldier in your army? >> i don't care if you have a hairy chest or not. >> jonathon big day on friday this. >> yes. my eldest daughter is going to be 10. jordan, happy birthday double-digit. but for 24 hours you are still 9 so go to bed. it is 4:00 a.m. >> sherrod, what is going on with you? >> jordan call me in eight years. too much? huge


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