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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 23, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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jenna: thanks for joining us, everybody. jon: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert on some new data in the presidential showdown as both candidates put the debates behind them and launch into a frantic two week sprint of cross-country campaigning. welcome to "america live", everyone, i'm megyn kelly reporting live from dallas this tuesday, i'll tell you why in a second. exactly two weeks out from election day 2012. breaking earlier this morning for the first time other than brief bounces around convention time, one candidate is now leading the other by more than three points in rasmussen's daily tracking poll. and that candidate is governor mitt romney. he's ahead 50-46 percentage points over -- that's four
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percentage points over president obama, and with the clock ticking down until voters head to the polls, every minute, every second on the campaign trail could be critical. chris stirewalt is our fox news digital politics editor and host of "power play" on live. chris, hello from dallas. >> hi, megyn. meg and let's -- i'm still thinking about boca even though i've maneuvered over to -- moved over to dallas. [laughter] but these two candidates are eyes on the road. they are all about what's over the next two weeks and ground game. your thoughts on where we go in the wake of last night from here. >> well, here's the deal, even if the president can claim a victory inside the debate winning with some focus groups, not others, even if he can say that, he didn't achieve his objective, and the objective last night was to use the last remaining scheduled moment to reset an election that he's losing, that he's on his way to lose, that he missed his opportunity to reset the race. he came out swinging very hard
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against mitt romney, cometted on the attack, scornful, mad at mitt romney and really tried to take him down a peg. he didn't change the trajectory of the race because even those people who said the president won, a lot of them said that mitt romney looked plausible as commander in chief. that's dangerous. so for the president as he goes into these final 14 short days, he's got to find a way to not just rehash, but he's got to find a way to reset. megyn: but the buzz last night, you know, in boca on set and in the spin room was that mitt romney was trying to appeal to moderates, to women in particular by not trying to look like a warmonger, by sounding a little bit more doveish and so on. and in the meantime his opponent, barack obama, was worrying about ohio, repeated by mentioning the auto bailout and trying to draw distinctions between himself and governor romney on china and other issues. that's the truth of this election right now, chris, is
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that if mitt romney doesn't win ohio, there are ways to the presidency for him, but they're tough. >> oh, and, you know, that's mostly, mostly numb erie, people that talk about a path that's not ohio for mitt romney, that's a very remote possibility. and here's what we've known all along, is that the big five -- pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, wisconsin and iowa -- this election was going to come down to those rust belt states. that's where it came down to, and for mitt romney the name of the game is win ohio plus one of any of the other ones. paul ryan's home state where he's doing pretty well, iowa where he's doing quite well. especially as we see florida swinging into the republican column, that was the first big test, and he's looking much better in virginia. he looks like he's got north carolina sewn up. so it comes down to those phi states -- five states, ohio plus one more, and you're going to see the president who's put a
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tremendous amount of focus in blocking ohio. he's going to be pouring it on in these final 14 days. megyn: you know, is there any historical precedence for this? is there something we can look to where a candidate like mitt romney was behind for the entire race in a state like ohio, i mean, i have yet to see one poll that shows him ahead in ohio. but then turns it around? because, you know, in this particular race isn't that exactly what was happening to romney in virginia, he was behind, behind, behind, behind, behind until he was ahead? >> well, michael barone described it to me this way, as 1980 in slow motion. in 1980 it was like a cataclysmic crack to president carter's incumbency, and then ronald reagan surged right through. but now with the media segmentation, with 24-hour polling, with everything, it may be that we are watching manager like that happen -- something like that happen play out in slow motion as these states start to swing into mitt
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romney's column and go forward. the president understands that his pollsters that, his campaign understands that, that's why he's swinging so hard and trying to really in these closing days kill mitt romney's character and make him an unacceptable alternative in the last hours. megyn: talk about last night watching the debate unfold. because i think to a lot of us who expected it to be more of a brawl, it was a little surprising to see mitt romney not punching back, you know, sort of staying -- walking a more moderate line, holding his fire. and after the debate charles krauthammer said on the air, look, i would have loved to have seen mitt romney come out swinging, but that's why i've never won a race, and he's won several of them. >> well, and here's this, it doesn't take much for a republican in this day and age to convince americans that he is willing to go to war. that is not the basic challenge for a party that that in the
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last presidency had two. so that's not what republicans have to convince americans of. they have to convince persuadable voters that, in fact, they will be judicious in the use of force and that they will peel that back. and what romney knows -- and this is very interesting -- two things. one, so committed are his voters, the base republican voters, to ousting president obama a and that intensity has been hardened with the constant attacks, the unending attacks by the obama campaign. so mitt romney knows he's got a solid base, and now he is free to reach out to the middle and appeal to these moms and appeal to these folks who want to know that he's not going to take the nation to war. megyn: uh-huh. so interesting. chris stirewalt, thank you, sir. >> you bet. megyn: well, the president doubling down on his economic strategy with what he calls the, quote, blueprint for america's future. president obama at a rally in delray beach, florida, waving around a 20-page booklet his campaign released today. that booklet outlining a wide range of jobs proposals from his
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administration. >> first, my plan builds on our manufacturing growth by ending tax breaks for companies that are shipping jobs overseas. i want to reward small businesses and manufacturers who are creating jobs right here in the united states of america. [cheers and applause] second, my plan will cut our oil imports in half by 2020 so we control more of our own energy here in america. megyn: and here's a look at why the president stayed in florida after last night's debate in boca raton. the latest polling average from that averages all the polls shows romney leading among likely voters with nearly 48.5% and the president averaging around 46.5%. if you look at the more recent polling, it looks very much in governor romney's favor. we've told you earlier that suffolk polling pulled out a while back saying they don't believe that's competitive any
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longer although clearly team obama disagrees with that. critical state, as you know, in this election. governor romney, meantime, now working to shore up support in the nevada with paul ryan. the pair set to appear in henderson together just about a couple of hours from now. nevada is another battleground this year, and you can see why the governor is there. the latest polling average shows the president ahead in nevada with 49 points of likely voters and mr. romney trailing with just more than 46%. nevada becomes critical to governor romney without ohio. well, a new controversy emerging from one of the president's more them p rabble zingers from last night's debate, president obama hitting hard when challenging governor romney's views when it comes to defense spending. >> you mentioned the navy, for example, and that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. well, governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets. megyn: well, marines are still
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required to undergo bayonet training, that's because the marine corps says the weapon becomes, quote, just as effective as a rifle in close combat situations. and tmz actually spoke with people in the industry who now say they were shocked and offended when they herd the president's comments. still ahead, michael reagan will weigh in on that moment, the bayonets and horses moment and what he calls a tough line but a questionable strategy. well, president obama last night vowed to find those responsible for murdering our ambassador and three other americans in libya, yet "the new york times" managed to track down the accused ringleader at a café sipping a strawberry frappe. [laughter] i am not kidding. and fox's own greg talcott tracked him down, too, and he said nobody -- nobody -- had calculated him other than media people. just ahead, we'll look at the quest for justice and how that's going. plus, debate fact check, both candidates calling on
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americans to check the record on the auto industry bailout. mike emanuel gets behind the wheel and delivers the bottom line. and a fierce exchange after governor romney accuses president obama of going on an apology tour for america. we asked former white house chief of staff andy card about that exchange, next. >> the president began what i've called an apology tour of going to various nations in the middle east and criticizing america. >> nothing governor romney just said is true. starting with this notion of me apologizing. this has been probably the biggest whopper that's been told during the course of this campaign.
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♪ >> 9/11 was an enormous trauma the our country -- to our country. the fear and anger that it provoked was understandable. but in some cases led us to act
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contrary to our traditions and our ideals. we are taking concrete actions to change course. i would like to think that with my election and the early decisions that we've made that you're starting to see some restoration of america's standing in the world. in america there's a failure to appreciate europe's leading role in the world. instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges, there have been times when america's shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive. megyn: well, that was president obama overseas in 2009 speaking during what his opponent is calling his apology tour. governor romney touching off a fierce exchange last night when he brought this up in the big debate.
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>> i think from the very beginning one of the challenges we've had with iran is that they have looked at this administration and felt that the administration was not as strong as it needed to be. i think they saw weakness where they had expected to find american strength. and i say that because from the very beginning the president in his campaign four years ago said he'd meet with all the world's worst actors, chavez, kim jung-il, with castro and with prime minister ahmadinejad of iran. -- president ahmadinejad of iran. and i think they looked and thought, well, that's an unusual honor to receive from the president of the united states. and then the president began what i've called an apology tour of going to various nations in the middle east and criticizing america. i think they looked at that and saw weakness. >> nothing governor romney just said is true. starting with this notion of me apologizing. this has been probably the biggest whopper that's been told during the course of this campaign. and every fact checker and every
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reporter who's looked at it, governor, has said this is not true. megyn: well, andy card was the white house chief of staff under former president george windchill bush, and -- w. bush, and this was one of the most interesting moments of the evening, andy, because the president was very defensive on and. and rather than trying to defend his actual comments, he just put it on reporters, every fact checker who's looked into it has said it's just not true which, you know, the words speak for themselves. either people believe that was president obama apologizing for america, or they don't, but how can a fact checker say it's not true? [laughter] >> well, you don't find the word "apology" in what he said, but his actions and the rhetoric that he offered and his demeanor was one of apology, was saying it's not -- i'm sorry for what happened. that's not who america is. well, america has resolve. in america, you know, we are a wonderful nation, but i'm reminded that prime minister
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tony blair who was a terrific leader during a terribly challenging time, and he was a great ally of the united states, he said america wants to be loved, but the truth is it can't be loved. it's always got to be respected by its allies and feared by its enemies. and i think president obama has not lived up to the responsibility of being the leader of the free world, the president of the united states, commanding respect and, yes, delivering a little bit of fear if you're not willing to tow the responsible line of being an honorable part of the world community. megyn: you know, one of the things that they did not get into last night, perhaps along this same line, is the question of american exceptionalism and whether president obama believes in that and what mitt romney's feelings are about that. because president obama in the course of that so-called apology tour, he was also asked about whether he believes in american exceptionalism, and he said, well, i think america is exceptional the same way greece thinks it's exceptional and so
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on. and that is really not exactly american exceptionalism. but this whole apology tour argument touches on the same theme which has been somewhat problematic for some in the republican party. this is a problem for them with respect to barack obama. >> well, yeah. the brightest light of freedom and hope and i'm going to say entrepreneurship, creativity in the entire world, in the history of the world. and it's up to the president of the united states to keep that light shining very brightly. but it's also to shine a spotlight on problems in the world and let people know that they've got to stand with the united states when we discover something that's not right. and if you don't stand with the united states, as president bush said, you're either with us or against us. there is an element of respect that comes by being strong, and america has not been as strong as it used to be, and i don't think our president has been a leader for the world the way that other presidents have been and the world cries out for.
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no other nation can lead the way america is expected to lead. in fact, most of the world waits for america to lead, and if it doesn't, then bad things happen, and there are a lot of bad things happening around the world right now. megyn: well, that was -- mitt romney was trying to get to the point of what happened in iran in 2009 when there were the seeds of revolution. i mean, there was a beginning push for a different regime, a different way of life over there. and we did not do anything to sew the seeds of -- sow the seeds of democracy in iran when we had the opportunity, and he said that coupled with this, you know, apology tour, whatever you want to call it, the comprehensive message to folks like iran was we're not involved. we're not going to fight for the causes that we believe in. you know, is that, is that fair? is that fair? or is that a situation in which, you know, did president obama shortly after coming into office really want to get us involved in stoking the fires in iran after he was trying to get us
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out of two other wars? >> well, you remember that there was some people arguing and fighting for freedom inside iran. they were looking for the united states to at least be rhetorically supportive of what they were doing. and i think they did feel as if the rug was pulled out from them as we were looking to introduce the iranian leadership to responsible behavior. they had been introduced to responsible behavior many, many times and didn't show up to accept the invitation. megyn: what did you make of last night's approach by mitt romney? >> well, i thought mitt romney looked like a president. he sounded like a president, he was measured. i thought that he was not at all what president obama was trying to turn him into being. he was not scary, he looked responsible. he actually created a climate of diplomacy and trying to work towards solutions. and i thought president obama really looked like he wasn't very presidential, and i thought that the comment about, you know, we have a ship, aircraft
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carrier and you can actually land planes on it was pretty derogatory and probably insulting and not indicative of someone who wants to build bridges and create a climate of diplomacy or to get things done if washington d.c. so i thought mitt romney looked like he was a very, very presidential leader, and i'm anxious for him to be able to take the oath of office to be able to live up to that expectation. megyn: andy card, thank you so much. always great getting your perspective. >> thank you, megyn. megyn: well, while millions were watching the debate last night, we got some new reports that the battle for the white house may be getting a little partisan elsewhere. just ahead, see how a state senator's son ended up like this, reportedly for trying to rescue his pro-romney campaign sign. plus, this infamous campaign ad from 2008 making a return appearance across the cable channels last night just as the two candidates were taking up the issues of defense cuts and our national debt. that debate just ahead.
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megyn: well, one of the most heated moments in last night's debate was over the 2008 multibillion dollar auto bailout. president obama accusing governor romney of not wanting to help the collapsing auto industry, but governor romney fired back saying he did want to help them, he had his own plan to do it, and it just didn't involve wroig checks to struggling companies and interfering with them. both candidates called on the americans to check the record for the actual facts, so we did. and mike emanuel, our own chief congressional correspondent, is here with what we found.
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mike? >> reporter: hi, megyn. president obama said if he had taken governor romney's advice, we'd be buying cars from china instead of selling to them. romney fired back he favored the automakers going through a managed bankruptcy to go through cost and debt burden, and that led to this exchange. >> governor romney, you keep on trying to, you know, airbrush history here. you were very clear that you would not provoid government -- provide government assistance to the u.s. auto companies even if they went through bankruptcy. you said they could get it in the private marketplace. that wasn't true. they would have gone through -- no, i am not wrong. i am not wrong. >> you're right. >> people will look it up. >> reporter: well, we looked it up, and mitt romney wrote an op-ed in 2008 with a headline written by the newspaper, let detroit go bankrupt. in it romney wrote, quote: the federal government should provide guarantees for postbankruptcy financing and assure car buyers that their
1:27 pm
warranties are not at risk. romney went on to say in a managed bankruptcy the federal government would propel newly-competitive and viable automakers rather than seal their fate with a bailout check. this issue is critical in battlegrounds like michigan and ohio, so that's probably why some sparks flew there. megyn? megyn: mike emanuel, thank you. well, the president last night vowing to hunt down the people responsible for the deadly attack on our consulate in libya. our own greg talcott -- and the new york times, for that matter -- tracked him down without too much trouble sitting in a café drinking a strawberry frappe. seriously. and scoffing at america openly. so what's next in our quest for justice? is. and the debate drawing much-needed attention to something noticeably absent from the actual discussion. new reports on how the united states could be helping arm islamic jihadists in syria.
1:28 pm
neither guy talked about on the stage last night even though they spent a lot of time on syria and even though they did a big article about it in "the new york times". we're talk about it coming up. plus, the president's health care overhaul a hot topic during the showdown. a new warning surrounding the potential impacts of the measure coming up. >> if you've come down with a case of romney, if you can't seem to remember the policies on your web site or the promises that you've been making over the six years that you've been running for president, if you can't even remember what you said last week -- [cheers and applause] don't worry. obamacare covers pre-existing conditions. we can fix you up! [cheers and applause] we can cure this decide!
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remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you thousands a year in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. megyn: that is the now infamous
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political ad nicknamed the chinese professor and it resurfaced. it's supposed to highlight what the future might look like if we don't get our spending up control and china ends up effectively owning us. it's running until the sunday after election day. it happened to air last night just as the presidential candidates were taking up the contentious issue of defense cuts and our national debt. >> i will not cut our military budget by a trillion dollars which is a combination of the budget cuts the president has as well as the sequestration cuts. that is making our future less secure. >> first of all the sequester is not something i propose'. it's something the congress pro posed, it will not happen. megyn: that came as a surprise to a lot of folks on capitol hill.
1:34 pm
leslie marshall and lars larson are joining us. the president says it will not happen. but that came as news to everybody on capitol hill because right now it's the law that it's going to happen and he signed the law and snow no one has done anything to -- and no one has done anything to change it leading to reactions like this from lindsey graham who says it's going to happen unless there so is leadership, and john mccain a republican who says we have been begging the president to sit down with us to avoid this. what his own defense secretary said would be a devastating blow to our national security. he said don't worry, sequestration won't happen. mccain said he's not a dictator yet. what does he mean? what does the president mean? >> now that we live in a fact check world it can't happen because he said it. i'll take him at his word.
1:35 pm
i would say there is a bit of confusion. though i know lars will say something. the bottom line here is the bottom line. it's like lars saying we need to cut. we do not cut defense when even form officials that worked in the pentagon in the reagan years said if you cut a trillion dollars over the next 10-12 years it won't hinder our national security and we won't be putting ourselves at risk. here is an example, that coupled with i believe the loyalty to grover norquist. we are not going to get anywhere unless politics is put aside regardless of whose elected president next time around. megyn: what about the point the republican senators were trying to make, we need leadership to
1:36 pm
avoid it from happening. right now it's written into law that it is happening. >> the law is the law suggested by president obama's chief of staff, put in there at the insistence of the democrats. as you said, signed into law by president obama. may god forbid that some day our road warder megyn kelly works for chi-com bosses instead of roger ailes. as candidate romney is suggesting. let's go make some more money. let's drill for oil, dig up coal and have our leadership sit down, a real president who can work across the aisle. obama had no history of doing it in illinois, no history of doing it as a united states senator and zero history of doing it as a president. the law said this president is supposed to write a budget.
1:37 pm
he has chosen not do so for three-plus years. for the president to sit there last night in front of you and say it wasn't me that did it, it was the congress, apparently he didn't take enough law classes to understand that laws don't become laws unless the congress passes them and the president signs them. maybe somebody needs to wise up president obama. megyn: we can all agree it was both the fault of the lawmakers who got him the bill and his fault because he signed it. you can't sign a law as the president and then just pawn off all the responsibility on somebody else, can you? >> leslie can. >> come on, lars, no. >> tell us why it am not his fault. >> being from massachusetts, you have to remember that when mitt romney was governor he worked with the democrats. he was a liberal when he was the governor of massachusetts. he was a liberal republican and
1:38 pm
left-leaning republican. he worked across the aisle. >> that's the only way you are going to get anything done in massachusetts because 87% of the legislation were democratic. >> tell me why he couldn't do it with the congress. >> when you have a minority leader that says the agenda of your party is to unseat this president, how could anybody -- >> that an old line. megyn -- megyn: he mint was his top political goal to get president obama out of office. >> the president proposed a budget. every democrat in the house of representatives vote count president's budget. then paul ryan proposed a budget and it was passed by the house of representatives. then harry reid said i won't even let it have a vote. he knew it would probably have to pass. at least the pressure could be there on all those democratic senators. megyn: that chinese ad, the
1:39 pm
chinese professor thing, the debt we are under. that came up in the last debate, two debates ago talking about we are $16 trillion in debt. the president said i apoint the commission but then the commission was totally ignored. and the question is, where is the leadership on our debt which is a serious issue. er in so worried about the moms in the country. moms worry about that. >> megyn, i always said if a woman were in charge we wouldn't be having these problems necessarily. but we'll have to see. >> like nancy pelosi. >> when we look at leadership the leader can only work with the willing bodies of the house and senate. one of the -- when you have people saying, look -- the republicans agreed to half the
1:40 pm
original spending cuts the president and democrats proposed. when you are talking about a million dollars being shaved off the military. we are pulling out of afghanistan and we are out of iraq. when you look at iesen hour, nixon, ray began -- knicks why,. it helped reduced the debt and the spendinger. >> doing right now. >> the rest of the government is not a rubber stamp, leslie. the president has to work with these people. he made no effort to do that. we need to take one of those bayonets he thinks the u.s. military doesn't use anymore and pare it down to the 1917 navy. megyn: good debate. thank you. the parents of a 14-year-old girl filed a lawsuit against the makers of a popular energy
1:41 pm
drink. you know these drinks, you don't have to drink the coffee, you can drink these things instead. this little girl train two cans of it. she went into cardiac arrest and she died. before you rush to judgment, you need to see the evidence in "kelly's court." can people be held responsible for a natural disaster? and new reports reveal the u.s. government's role in helping get weapons into syria and into the hands of radical islamic jihadists. exactly what the administration said it's not doing last night. but the "new york times" raised a challenge to it. why is no one talking about it. ramp peters weighed in. 4g lte is the fastest.
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>> we need to have a very effective leadership effort in syria making sure the insurgents there are armed and the insurgents that become armed are people who will be the responsibility parties. >> we are playing a leadership role. we organized the friends of syria. we are mobilizing humanitarian support and support for the opposition. we are making sure those we help are those who will be friends of ours in the lock term and friends in the region in the long term. megyn: we are only helping our friends in syria. you heard it from the president, you heard it from vice president bind. but something was notably absent from this discussion. a bombshell report in the "new york times" that we told you about last week that weapons we are sending over there that are meant for syrian rebels are winding up in the hands of
1:46 pm
islamic jihadists. they are being shipped by saudi arabia and what door. audi a -- shipped by saudi arabia and qatar. but they are ending up in the hands of jihadists. this is the "new york times." most of the arms shipped at the behest of saudi arabia and qadar are going into the hands of is almostists. that line, that conclusion that president obama and the senior white house officials are aware. why didn't anybody discuss that? >> romney's people didn't pay
1:47 pm
attention to it and obama doesn't want to talk about it. that's what happens when you pretend like a goofy bumper sticker like "lead from behind" is a serious strategy. of course qatar and saudi arabia will channel arms toye to jihadt groups. we pretend saudi arabia and qatar are our allies. but we want a different post-assad syria. we weren't a secular democracy where women have rights. the saudis and qatar want a post-assad syria that looks like saudi arabia. megyn: we are not shipping the
1:48 pm
arms directly. but were providing intel and sending second-handle light weapons. we are working with allies to make sure these rebels get the arms if you read the "times" article. the reason most likely mitt romney didn't challenge barack obama on it is he, too, says this is the way to go to ship these arms. that's well and good if that's what we decide we want to do. shouldn't there be some controls in place to make sure we aren't arming jihadists, islamic jihadists who want to blow us from here to kingdom come? there is a question whether we need tighter controls over what was happening in syria. libya after we got rid of their leader. are we setting ourselves up for a similar result in syria? >> yes, or much, much worse. syria has a larger population
1:49 pm
and a strategic position. my expectations in foreign security policy are very low. but this is so inept. it beggars description. syria matters. we should have all along been heavily engaged on the intel side identifying the factions. this started out as a secular oriented, freedom oriented revolution. because we haven't engaged actively and intelligently, not with boots on the ground, but weapons in the right hands in syria we abdicated our responsibility. we turned our syria policy over to the saudis and the qataris and to some extent the turks. all of whom have different goals. saudis want a saudi arabia clone. the turks want to expand the ottoman empire.
1:50 pm
obama stressed women's rights. but his inattention and dishonesty are setting syria up for a fundamentalist regime and civil strive beyond the calendar. megyn: there is a real question based on this report whether we would have anything different if we had a president romney. they want us to rely on our arab allies to do it. but according to the "times," that's not going so well. ralph peters, thank you for your expertise. coming up, you will hear from a very special person who brought me to dallas today. we'll explain what i'm doing in texas. after weeks being told by allies and critics he needs to talk about second term plans. the president released a glossy,
1:51 pm
20-page plan for creating jobs.
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
1:54 pm
megyn: the battle for the white house is getting more heated. with just two weeks to go we are getting reports of violence. police in wisconsin are trying to track down two men who they say tried to steal a pro-romney sign from the son of a state senator. the suspects threw him to the ground, beat him, punching him and beating him in the face. he was treated at the hospital and later released. a court ruling overseas leaves a lot of scientists and lawmen
1:55 pm
shaking their heads. law women, too. an italian court convicting a group of scientists on manslaughter charges for failing to predict the 2009 earthquake. >> reporter: scientists have a better understanding of why earthquakes happen, but as close as predicting them, the closest they can get is a few hundred years or decades. these are some of the most respected scientists in italy. they have been convicted of manslaughter because their crystal ball failed. the city of l'aquila was having swarms of earthquakes. the lead geologist said it is unlikely that an earthquake like the one in 1703 could occur in the short term. but the possibility cannot be
1:56 pm
totally exclude. 7 days later they were hit with a 7.3 magnitude quake. they were put on trial with a judge and no jury. the families of those killed got to testify against them. the lead scientist said i'm dejected. desperate. i thought i had been acquitted. i still don't understand way was convicted of. the case is automatically appealed so they won't go to jail right away. some say this is the worst miscarriage of justice since galileo was convicted for saying the earth revolved around the sun. megyn: president obama promising to get those responsible for the death of four americans in libya and bring them to justice. gregg palkot tracked down the accused ring leader without too
1:57 pm
much trouble. and the "new york times" found him sipping a raspberry frappe in a cafe. many journalists thought it was one of the best lines in the debate. bla [ female announcer ] beef, meet flavor boost.
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megyn: fox news alert. new numbers from gallup just released in the last half-hour showing governor romney maintains a significant lead over president obama just 14 days before election day. a brand-new hour of "america live." welcome to dallas, texas. the beautiful state of texas. i'm megyn kelly. i'm going to tell you in two minutes what i'm doing here. this is the latest from gallup it was predebate. mr. romney has a 5-point advantage over the president. this is over a week. a rolling average of their polling. the governor has held the gallup lead for a week straight. this is the obama campaign attempts to hit a reset button
2:01 pm
launching a new narrative with a full-scale push of the president's jobs plan. part of that grassroots effort includes this 20-page jobs pamphlet. it's called a plan for jobs. surrogates will be holding up at campaign events. the new efforts come as critics and some polls suggest the reelection bid is in a bit of trouble. wendall goler joins us live from the white house. >> reporter: the president's advisers said they always expected the race would be close though it's not clear if they thought it would be this close. president obama has lost most of his lead in battleground states. lost his lead in florida and virginia and that may mean mitt romney got more out of the first debate than the president got out of the second two. it may mean ohio has become even more important to both
2:02 pm
candidates. now that we have had the foreign policy debate the obama campaign is pushing back on the romney camp's campaign saying it doesn't have a jobs plan. printing copies of a slick booklet they hope to get to as many voters as possible. there is nothing new in the book. it just puts together mr. obama's check policies including tax hikes and spending cuts. rebuilding the manufacturing sector, investing in education and developing domestic energy from fossil and nuclear sources. they claim romney doesn't have a plan. >> we joke about romnesia, but this is about trust. you know, there is no more serious issue in a presidential campaign than trust.
2:03 pm
the person who leads this country, you have got to have some confidence that he or she means what he or she says. >> reporter: the president will join vice president biden. vice president bind said you can take mitt romney's word that he will be tough on china or barack obama's promise to be tough on jobs. megyn: governor romney campaigning with his running-mate congressman paul ryan in two battleground states. they will hold campaign events in nevada and colorado. that includes kid rock and rodney atkins. check out our web site and click on elections for the latest polls, latest events it's all
2:04 pm
right there. during last night's debate president obama again promised to catch and punish those responsible for the terror attack that killed four americans at our consulate in libya. >> with respect to libya as i indicated in the last debate, when we receive that phone call, i immediately made sure we did everything to secure those americans who were still in harm's way. number two, that we would investigate exactly what happened and number three, most importantly that we would go after those who killed americans and we would bring them to justice. that's exactly what we are going to do. megyn: the question days when. the "new york times" found the man identified as the suspected ring leader behind this attack in a cafen last week sipping a strawberry frappe and mock can the libyans and mayor chance. gregg palkot located him without
2:05 pm
too much trouble, too. raising questions about who exactly we are looking for. eli lake is a senior report are for the daily beast. eli, you have been at the forefront of the reporting on this case. and we have been relying on your reporting a lot. we thank you for the good work you have been doing. it's been interesting to read. you and our own catherine herridge. you know, i think no one is demanding that the administration get everybody immediately and we know right off the bat. but why is the "new york times" able to find the guy having a strawberry frappe in a cafe and the guy is saying nobody has come to talk to him. no officials, just press people? >> i think there are a couple things. the cia presence in eastern libya is now pretty much no
2:06 pm
longer there. that an ex-was evacuated on the night of september 11 or the morning of september 12. second of all, the white house itself has not decided whether this is going to be a law enforcement action so you have the fbi investigate. you work with libyan authorities. whatever they are at this point. and you ask them to either extradite these people top u.s. ports or try them in libya, or whether you pursue this as an act of war or act of terrorism and you send special operations forces where some of these people live in eastern libya and you either find them and take them somewhere else or you kill them with a drone strike. those decisions that the white house i understand haven't been made. the u.s. military prepared what are called target packages but they have not acted on that information yet. megyn: what do we know if anything why the administration would be treating this like a
2:07 pm
crime scene as opposed to a terrorist attack president obama told us last week he concluded this to be? >> unlike in pakistan, there are no secret or open arrangements with the government in libya because there wasn't a government in libya to speak of until september 13, and that prime minister was then voted out earlier this month. so the situation in libya is such that i think the policy before 9/11 was for the u.s. government to wait for a libyan government to form, then have a mature relationship on counter-terrorism and a series of other things with that government. unfortunately this act of terrorism occurred while the libyan government was forming. what we do know is all throughout libya, a lot of security is pretty much at the hands of militias. some will be sympathetic to the
2:08 pm
jihadists. megyn: we are talking about islamic jihadists that hate the west and america. there were questions about whether these al qaeda sympathizing or affiliated groups are filling a power vacuum in libya and whether that's going to create even bigger problems for the united states and its allies down the road, eli. >> there was a report commissioned by the pentagon into counter-terrorism that described ansar al-sharia. the line was that it is effectively a group with local concerns. that may well be, but if they were behind the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, those are not just local concerns. one of the key suspects in all of this who used social media
2:09 pm
shortly after the event that led the u.s. intelligence committee to find this guy fled to turkey, but the turks sent him to tunisia. he has connections in north africa and the middle east. it was not just local libyans protesting a video. megyn: the president last night was talking about libya about how he's proud of his decision to go into libya and out of qaddafi. and now there is a worry that that decision ultimately will lead to this situation there that could go from bad to worst. we certainly hope not. eli, thanks again. we read your sufficient every day. >> thank you. megyn: we are live out of dallas today. we got up 4:00 a.m. for the hair
2:10 pm
and makeup today which happened over in florida, and got on a plane to come to texas and we had a good reason for doing that. i traveled here with our team for an exclusive interview with our former first lady laura bush. she speaks out on life after the white house and the current political environment. we'll run the full interview for you tomorrow because we want to bring you an important issue she wants to talk to you about. she has been out on the campaign trail this election six times. her husband pran four times and her father-in-law ran twice. i asked her if she had any advice for the wives of the candidates as they head into the home stretch? >> i know they will be able to get through without any thoughts from me for sure. i just wish them both the best. i know what it's like. i know people are tired. they are tired probably because they campaigned really very hard. but i also know the adrenaline
2:11 pm
rush of those last few weeks and few days, and then election night of course i just wish them the best. megyn: the former first lady who led a noble campaign highlighting the poverty endured by the women of pakistan. have you been paying attention to this? you need to. when malala yousufzai was 11 she decided she wanted to go to school no matter what the taliban told her. she decided to secretly get to school. they unleashed a campaign against her. at 11:00 she had the courage to do this in the face of the taliban face. at the age of 15 she was shot in the head as they boarded her bus, singling her out by name.
2:12 pm
now she is a cause celeb for the world. even the pakistanis are starting to acknowledge the danger it poses for allowing a safe haven for the extremists in their country. i'll have that interview tomorrow on america live. she also talks about how the former president is doing. we'll bring that to you as well tomorrow. the campaigns have come off the final debate. two long-time campaign foes will show us how last night's answers gave clues to what each man needs to win. a 14-day sprint to the finish. coming up, i'll have that debate. stay with us.
2:13 pm
2:14 pm
2:15 pm
2:16 pm
>> our navy is smaller now than any time since 1917. the navy said they needed 313 ships to carry out their mission. we are down to 285. we are down to the low 200s if we dough through a sequestration. our air force is older and smaller since any time since was found in 1947. >> i think governor romney hasn't spent enough time look at how our military works. you mention the navy. we have fewer ships than we did since 1916. we also have fewer horses and bayonets. we have aircast carriers where planes lands on them and ships that go under water. nuclear subject marines. the question is not a game of battleship where we are countingships. it's what are our capabilities. megyn: horses and bayonets in
2:17 pm
what many in the media are calling the most scathing putdown of the night. but was it a good strategy? michael reagan joins me, chairman of the reagan group. the media literally erupted around me laughing and many clapping. they love it. your thoughts? >> it was a heck of a shot across the bow, full from barack obama to mitt romney. about it also showed barack obama is condescending in the way he goes about things and opened the door for you to see how he conducts business in washington, d.c. it reminded me of that moment with him and eric cantor early in the administration. he said there are consequences to winning the election. i won the election. a putdown to eric cantor. you begin to see why he's accomplishing nothing in washington, d.c. where my father was accomplishing everything in washington, d.c. because when he
2:18 pm
spoke to you he spoke with you. he did not speak down to you. he was able to accomplish things overseas because he spoke with the people overseas, he didn't speak down to people overseas. he put them on the same level and respect who they were. last night no respect from the president of the united states to mitt romney. a lot of respect from mitt romney to obama. megyn: that an interesting point. more than speaks to an ability to be bipartisan and whether the president has that. whether he's been in washington maybe too long. maybe it's gotten to him and he's sort of gone native. the guy who's going to be hope and change got to washington and now he sounds like the people he said he was going to change. >> i think he's always been like that. now he's under pressure. he's being asked questions from another source. not an easy softball question
2:19 pm
from david letterman or jay leno. but someone who wants his job. also last night a lot of the use of the word i *. ronald reagan never the use of the word i *. he said no telling what a man can accomplish if he doesn't care who gets the credit. obama wants all of the credit in everything that happens in washington, d.c. and around the world. another reason he accomplishes nothing in washington because you have got people in the house, people in the senate who would also like to take credit, but obama gives no credit to anyone. megyn: what did you make of the tone with which he was talking about possible downsizing of our military. is that going to play well in states like virginia, norfolk? it was a good zinger, might there be some particularly in the military community who might not react well to that? >> virginia lives anodize on the united states navy.
2:20 pm
my father's ship is in dry dock and will come out in february. the george bush was the last carrier to go to sea a year ago. it's not going to play well in the military whether you are a soldier -- by the way, heads up -- soldiers still use bayonets. so again soldiers are not going to go -- the military is not going to go with it and i don't think the military has been happy with this president from the beginning of the presidency. megyn: in the end do you think the women would react well to that tone? they are always trying to what the women voters because barack obama can't win if he doesn't win women. does that tone appeal to women voters? >> i think last night he was trying to appeal to the women of the middle east. the condescending tone doesn't play well with women in the united states of america. last night there was more worry
2:21 pm
about the women in the middle east. and heads up on that one. you have got a situation where saudi would rather have the rest of the world look like them and look like america, and you know how women are treated in saudi. megyn: in the middle east, that's one of the main topics i am going to discuss with laura bush. in any event it's an interesting sound bite and it's getting a lot of attention today. michael, thank you. we are taking your treats on it. follow me on twitter at megyn kelly. let me know whether you think that was a great zinger. as both candidates traited shots a mayor employer was worried about the impact of obama-care on next year's bottom line. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your
2:22 pm
doctor, period. if you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan, period. no one will take it away.ha no matter what. folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. i'd say happier than a slinky on an escalator. get happy. get geico. melons!!! oh yeah!! well that was uncalled for. folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy, ronny? happier than gallagher at a farmers' market. get happy. get geico.
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megyn: the auto supply chain store auto zone growing a list of companies publicly warning about the effects of obama-care. the company employs 70,000 people nationwide. >> reporter: the companies release their annual reports. they are look ahead and they realize obama-care could cost them a lot of money. 40,000 of their 70,000 employees
2:26 pm
are full time. for now. one of the ways they can get around this is taking their full-time employees and cutting their hours. they said to their employs changes to our healthcare structure could have a significant negative impact on our business. mcdonald's restaurant voicing concerns. the company that owns red lobster, olive garden and longhorn believes it will get a major hit from obama-care. the chain of applebees restaurants, the chief of that chain says he's unclear exactly what obama-care will mean when it comes to taxes and fines. >> we can keep our people and just pay them less. somebody has to pay obama-care. obama is not paying obama-care, is he? >> reporter: the head of jimmy
2:27 pm
john's subs. he says he has don't math and he believes obama-care will cost him 50 cents per sandwich. >> if you have 40 or 50 employees in a restaurant. there goes the profit in your restaurant. so it's very expensive to just pay the penalty as well. i think we have to manage around it. >> reporter: the way he plans to manage around that is to take his full-time employees and cut them down to 28 hours. that makes them ineligible for full-time healthcare which is what a lot of companies are planning to do. but they are waiting until after the election before they do anything. megyn: aren't you so tired? is it just me? good story, trace, thank you. >> reporter: you should be tired. great work last night. megyn: thank you. i'm listening with one ear.
2:28 pm
i'm thinking i need a cup of coffee with the other ear or perhaps instead of a coffee, an energy drink. wait, no. a 14-year-old girl drinks not one but two of them right after the order and she has a fatal heart attack. and she is not the only one. her death comes as the fda announced an investigation into five deaths possibly linked to these drinks. now the child's family is suing monster. but there is more to this case than meets the eye. and we'll talk to two long-time campaign pros about how each candidate shared some clues in last night's presidential debate about what they believe -- what their internal polling must be telling them they need to win. that is next. p. >> we have been through tough times but we always bounce back because of our character. because we pull together. if i have the privilege of being
2:29 pm
your president for another four years i promise you i'll always listen to your voices. >> now it's our turn to take that torch. i'm convinced we'll do it. we need long leadership. i'll work and lead you in an open and honest way and i ask for your vote. where is everybody?
2:30 pm
2:31 pm
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megyn: pack now to our top story, and political insiders
2:33 pm
have made this one of the hot topics of the 2012 campaign. the gallup daily tracking pal copy out an -- poll came out an hour ago saying the governor has a five-point lead over the president. the governor has held a lead of five points or more for a week straight as the president's supporters have repeatedly attacked gallup for what they now believe is a skew to the right. with the debates officially behind them and the president and governor romney back out on the campaign trail, we bring in our campaign experts to tell us how each man is going to close his argument. ed rollins is a fox news contributors, he's had major roles in nine campaigns, and susan estrich is a law of political science at usc. she, too, is a fox news contributor. so gallup shows romney with a five-point lead, it's been a week like that, but it was seven
2:34 pm
points, it was six points, now it's five points. ed, your perspective on the latest gallup numbers. >> you know, my sense is everybody argues with polls they don't like, but to me it's always about motion, who's moving forward. and for literally a week, ten days all the movement has been on the romney side. so whatever poll you take, he's got the motion. so my sense is that whatever they're doing is working. he's now an acceptable alternative. the debate last night he sort of passed the commander in chief qualification. he looked presidential. and my sense is they both have to execute their game plan in the last two weeks, but he's in a very good position. he is an acceptable alternative to the president. megyn: susan, the stories today aren't how mitt romney is playing offense over the electoral college map and barack obama is playing defense over that same map. it dovetails with some of the commentary we heard last night including from our chris wallace who if you didn't know who was
2:35 pm
who, you would think mitt romney was the president playing it safe and barack obama was the challenger trying to put points on the board. >> well, i think if you watched the first debate, you would think that the president was playing it safe, and it was a terrible strategy. so i think, you know, i think it's a mistake to put too much stock in any one poll. these polls are all over the place, and ed and i both know, you know, this is a close race. i think anybody who thinks they know the outcome, um, probably doesn't know much about being in close races. and i think in the last week and a half, two weeks we're going to see obama at least himself pushing a positive jobs plan, but i expect a lot of negative ads from both sides, and, you know, we'll wait and see. ohio is still very close. most polls have obama up a point or two. but the only one that really counts is the one on election day. megyn: uh-huh. and last night as we were watching the two candidates, ed, the folks out on the panel with me and in the spin room were saying romney's trying to sound
2:36 pm
doveish, like he's not a warmonger because he isn't and also doesn't want women to think he is. it's all about these women voters because president obama has a very, very lead with them. and then they said president obama was likely to make his game plan about ohio voters, trying to craft his message to them. >> my sense is they both have lots of focus groups, and in all probability the focus groups said you're both a little aggressive, we didn't like this particular format. at the end of the day, if mitt romney can do better with women voters than traditional republicans, he's going to win this thing. he's got great strength among men, and you've seen in the polls the last several weeks, women are starting to move towards him. we're tired of war, and, unfortunately, this nation's been at war for 11 years in
2:37 pm
afghanistan. people want someone who is safe, secure, basically strong enough to stand up to our adversaries but at the same time is not going to do anything reckless, and i think that was the presentation he made last night. megyn: susan, talk about that as somebody who's run a campaign. when these candidates go on stage for a presidential debate, have they done focus groups? have they -- [laughter] internal polling that tells them, look, the one thing you have to do tonight is appeal to women, or the one thing you have to do is tell ohio voters how you saved the auto industry? >> the is the sky blue? i mean, ed and i may not agree with where the race is, but there's absolutely no question that a lot of money and a lot of time is going into polls and focus groups and tests and strategic discussions which doesn't necessarily mean they're right. i mean, i thought and said openly that president obama was way too disengaged in the first debate, and that's what most voters thought. i think he's won, quote-unquote, these last two debates at least
2:38 pm
according to all the postdebate polls because he's been more aggressive and more assertive, and, you know, they have different agendas, clearly. romney's agenda last night very clearly was not necessarily to outpoint the president, but to try to convince voters that it wouldn't be dangerous or reckless to vote for him. i think obama's agenda was clearly to come across as the commander in chief, in a commanding way to take on romney for some of his missteps along the way, and it remains to be seen. the first debate created a big bounce, the second two may not. megyn: ed, talk about the push for the next two weeks and where the candidates go tells us a lot. >> well, they're going to go the same seven states they've been going for the last three weeks. [laughter] you know, you're going to see them in ohio, florida, virginia, north carolina, maybe wisconsin. if you start seeing them slide off to pennsylvania or colorado, you know that those states are
2:39 pm
in play. what often happens in campaigns like this is the national polls sort of are a week or so ahead of some of the state polls, and you're going to see some of these trends move down. but you have, as susan said -- and she's a first rate professional -- we know everything that's happening. we have all the data, we're looking at it. you don't know who's going to vote at the end of the day, but you know where you're voters are, and it's your job to get your voters to the poll or get them by absentee ballot or whatever. we're moon candidating with our voters, but at the end of the day unless they go vote, i've had many a campaign, and i'm sure you have had too, in which the postelection showed i had won the race, but my voters didn't turn out and vote. [laughter] so it's very, very important that you make sure your voters get there, and that's what the effort will be, get out the vote in the next two weeks. megyn: susan, got to ask you about ohio. mitt romney, it's tightening there, another poll showed them tied, but i have yet to see a single solitary poll in this
2:40 pm
entire election season that shows mitt romney ahead in ohio. what does that mean, if anything? >> well, it means that that's the president's stronghold, and it means that, you know, as so goes ohio, so goes america potentially on this one. i think i've seen polls showing there's at least a 50/50 chance that ohio will decide this election. and what makes this, as ed said, such a nail biter is, you know, if you lose by a lot -- as has been my experience on a number of occasions -- [laughter] you know if you'd done this different or that different, it wouldn't matter very much. if you lose by a little which somebody's going to lose in this election, you can spend the rest of your life if we'd gone to ohio one more time, if we'd put more money on the ground, it's a tough one on both sides. >> 10 plus million -- 130 plus million people are going to vote, and a million people are going to be the difference in this race. megyn: it's incredible. you know? it's incredible. and here we are, at last, in the last stretch.
2:41 pm
[laughter] great debate. thank you both so much. >> congratulations on last night. biggest fox viewership last night, 11.5 million watched you and. the president and the other candidate too. megyn: yeah. it was all about me and bret, that's what my agent's going to tell me. [laughter] >> congratulations, megyn. megyn: the truth is, the ratings are thanks to all of you, and we appreciate you being there with us. well, the fda is now investigating a popular energy drink, you know these things, i don't know, it's the noncoffee drinkers' coffee. but now they say the stuff is possibly linked to fife deaths, including that of a 14-year-old girl, and her family is now suing. but the tragic story may seem simple, and yet you're going to want to see the evidence before you cast a vote. that's next in kelly's court. busy in here. yeah. progressive mobile is... [ "everybody have fun tonight" plays ] really catching on! people can do it all! get a quote, buy and manage your policy! -[ music stops ] -it's great!
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2:45 pm
on the same day the fbi launches an investigation into reports of five deaths now possibly linked to monster energy drink, a maryland family is suing the company. they say their teenage daughter died after drinking just two cans of the stuff. a 14-year-old girl named anise who had a heart attack, they say, brought on by caffeine toxicity last year. however, that is not the full story, and now there's a question about whether they can sustain this lawsuit. joining me now to discuss it, joining me now to discuss it, joey jackson, former prosecutor and defense attorney, and mercedes kohl win. all right, mercedes, just make the case on behalf of the girl's family because a lot of people drink this drink and don't die of heart attacks. so how do they prove that there was something inherently defective about -- >> that's my job. >> monster's going to say, wait a minute, first off, we have a
2:46 pm
warning on the label -- megyn: oh, wait, joey, are you representing the family? >> i am representing the family. megyn: stand by, mercedes. i'm so confused. it's a miracle i've made it this far. joey, you make the girl's case. >> here's the story. this is a classic case of strict liability. here's why. it's defective product, and it's unreasonably dangerous. when you have a product that you introduce to the market that has seven times the amount of caffeine in a normal 12 ounce can of soda, i think that's problematic. when you market that particular product in a manner with a warning -- there may be a warning, but it's insufficient. i think there's cause for concern. when you further put on notice because there was an investigation by the food and drug administration stemming back to 2004 regarding other fatalities that were associated with this and, finally, megyn, when you have an autopsy report that concludes, as you stated at the outset, that her death was due to toxicity regarding the caffeine, i think that that's
2:47 pm
problematic for the company. >> may i proceed, your honor? megyn: okay. but there's more to the story. >> always. >> your honor, this is how it goes. frankly, it's not an inherently dangerous product. why do i say that? because there isn't a study that says a number of individuals that consume this product have had lethal circumstances, so we can set that aside. secondly, there's a warning on the can. i bought the can on the way here and it says clearly, not recommended for children. it is a tragic, horrible circumstance that this 14-year-old died, but she is a minor, she is a child, this drink has a warning that specifically targets her age group that says you should not be drinking this. and thirdly, the monster drink is going to come forward and say she had a heart defect, a congenital heart defect that caused her death. if it ever goes back to trial, you get before the jury, it's a battle of the experts where his experts are going to -- megyn: go ahead, joey. >> saying it was a heart defect that killed her. >> now, of course, mercedes
2:48 pm
being the fabulous lawyer that she is would note on the container that she is, but only a lawyer like mercedes would look at that tiny little print. the fact is that the warning is clearly insufficient, number one. megyn: and look at the way they dress the can, joey. >> marketed to children. you have to know that children are going to be consuming this, particularly in a day and age when people are consumed with their life, and they need to stay up. number two, with respect to the prior condition that this girl had, we all know what we call, megyn, you know this very well, mercedes, the egg shell or thin skull plaintiff. you take your plaintiff as you find them. if a person has a prior existing condition which would if supplemented by caffeine cause their death, that represents a problem. >> will there has to be some foresee about though, joey. megyn: the other thing, mercedes, is that i read she had some condition, and they said potential heart muscle weakening, and then i read further and said it was my to
2:49 pm
valve prolapse which is a heart murmur which millions and millions of americans have and they're fine, and they drink tons of calf -- caffeine, and they don't have heart attacks. is the company going to get out of liability by saying she had a condition that millions of americans have? >> they can. what caused her death. if they've got an expert, i'm sure they will give plenty -- megyn: how did she drop dead? let me jump in, i'll give you this again, mercedes. how did she drop dead? i'm sorry to be so callous. how did she die if it was all about the heart murmur stimulated by a little caffeine? was it just coincidental that she downed two of these monster drinks and then died? you're going to say it had nothing to do with this? >> they will say it was a contributing factor, but it wasn't the end all of her death. it's not an inherently dangerous product. there have been five deaths, but certainly we don't know the
2:50 pm
circumstances of the others. they may have had heart disease as well. so they're going to come forward and say it wasn't the actual cause of her death. yes, it may have been a contributing factor -- megyn: before i give you the floor, before i give you the floor, joey, one ounce of a monster product has about 10 milligrams of caffeine, one ounce of red bull has less than that. just 9.5 milligrams of caffeine, it's almost the same as red bull. >> what i think you're doing, though, what i think they're doing is they're introducing a product onto the market which could clearly be and can clearly cause harm like it did cause harm. and with regard to the admission that it was a contributing factor, that's enough. if you apportion liability and you say that based upon this poor little precious, gorgeous girl's death and her consuming this drink, two drinks within a 24-hour period and that contributed to her death, that's liability. they need to go back, rework this product and introduce one that is safer into the market. megyn: i don't know. >> that worning -- megyn: red bull's been out there
2:51 pm
for a while, and people are drinking that all the time. just ask carl cameron, he survives on that stuff. coming up, folks in a key battleground state got something suspicious in the mail, stay tuned.
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2:54 pm
megyn: well, fears of voter suppression unfolding right now in the key battleground state of florida. republican voters in at least 23 counties say they got official official-looking letters in the mail questioning their citizenship in what seems to be an attempt to scare them from voting? phil keating is tracking it live from miami. >> reporter: the secretary of state of florida calls this a clear case of voter intimidation. every single voter who got one of these fake letters has one
2:55 pm
thing in common, almost all of them a registered republican, people like john who was born in west virginia but now lives in naples, florida, he says the letter regarding his citizenship status certainly looks genuine with official-looking heading and the name of the county supervisor there at the bottom, but he fears most people would not know what a real, legitimate letter looks like to detect the fake and older voters or people unable to drive to clear this up, well, may opt to just bag it this election year and not vote. >> i can't help but think that it was, was a presidential election issue and not simply -- although it would trickle down to every, every republican candidate as well. so it's a republican/democrat issue, i would say. >> reporter: another legitimate citizen who also received one of these bogus letters is the jacksonville city council president, bill bib --
2:56 pm
bishop, who's had his citizenship vetted years ago. all florida voters are now being warned, a key clue here the envelope that these letters are mailed in is postmarked from seattle, washington, which, of course, has zero to do with florida elections. >> what makes this different is this is a systematic effort to discourage otherwise qualified voters from voting. >> reporter: as of yesterday we were at seven florida counties impacted, we're now up to 23, and as each day goes on, well, state elections investigators are expecting more and more people to be potentially suckered into being scared not to vote. megyn: well, the debates are done, and 14 days separate us from choosing our next president. we are live as both president obama and governor romney begin their swing state sweeps. don't go away. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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