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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 30, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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changed dramatically overnight up and down the jersey shore in the mid-atlantic. up through newark and new england. our best to you and yours on a cold dark night. maybe you are listening on satellite radio. you should find something a little more uplifting than well, i would say. this >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> it's been a very very upsetting situation. >> bill: i was terrified. i will tell you, i'm usually not afraid of storms. but this one really did scare me. >> lost everything. our cars are totaled. >> the basement is completely flooded. our cars are ruined. this is terrible. >> bill: the devastation in the northeast brings america back to the 19th century as machines crash everywhere. we will tell you about the human toll and it is grim caused by hurricane sandy. >> my instructions to the federal agency has been do not figure out why we can't do something. i want you to figure out how we do something. >> bill: president obama
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taking the lead in the hurricane aftermath. charles krauthammer has some thoughts on that. >> i have had the chance to speak with some of the governors in the affected areas and they have talked about a lot of people having hard times. >> bill: governor romney also trying to appear presidential in the face of billions of dollars worth of damage and the loss of at least 39 american lives. we will take you to the devastation zones. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. hurricane sandy in the presidential race. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. i'm sorry i missed you guys last night but i was transported back in time to 1850 after hurricane sandy hit long island, new york. actually, the storm didn't exactly hit us. it made landfall just south of atlantic city, new jersey
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about 100 miles away. but the winds off the ocean were so intense that they killed 18 people here in new york city and at least 40 overall. the destruction was immediate. trees and power lines collapsed. hudson river overflowed into the brooklyn battle battery tub. atlantic city the gambling mecca under water in many places. and the machines that we use and depend on collapsed all over the region. cell phone service gone. land line gone. cable tv out o. power to your house nonexistent in many places that means darkness and candles and whining children. this was life back in 1850. when it got dark, it got dark. there was no length. but today americans are so dependent on the machines that this kind of interruption can be devastating. in fact, the power companies estimate it could take up to 10 days to get full hour restored in the northeast.
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you can bet terrorist all over the world are jotting that down in their notebooks. the sad truth is that america's electrical grid is obsolete and we do not have enough money to put it under ground where it belongs. also, when there is a disaster like hurricane sandy, the phone lines become tied up. it's very difficult to get through even for emergency calls so people die. the relationship between high tech and our lives is becoming more frightening every week. we now depend, depend on these machines. in fact, gas stations couldn't even pump because the electricity was out. food rotted in del can as at the del can as at the sins. generators a must today. my didn't work. 10 grand. can you imagine how pleased i was with that occurrence. the good news is that in my town, manhasset people always
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rallied as they always do. the guys best pizza place in the world fired up today to feed the folks. this is why i live in that town. because patriots live alongside me. chances are your town is like that. most americans are good people who help their neighbors in times of need. and there will be more of those times down the road. especially with america's infrastructure being so fragile. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. overview of the devastation fox news extreme weather center rick reichmuth. all right, rick. what was the place that was hit hardest on the jersey shore? that's where it came in on landfall. which place was hit hardest? >> you know what you have to think. a storm like this effects some people worst of a hurricane is going to be that storm surge. that storm surge was most devastating in new jersey. these images here from atlantic city where over three quarters of the town was under
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water. all of these areas, all of those barrier islands that protect niewmg are all over top and once you get the it's been very very scary. new jersey taking the prudent of brunt of it incredible damage. maryland, delaware and parts of long island. also seeing storms. all the way up to maine. bulls eye of that storm surge you caused the most damage across new jersey. >> that was just south of atlantic city. came on short of atlantic city. generally storm surge to the right of it atlantic being on the south end of new jersey. most of that storm surge just encompassed. >> they got everybody out of there. christie was threatening to beat them up personally in they didn't leave. they got everybody out. we didn't hear of any deaths in atlantic city. in fact, new york city had a lot more death than atlantic city. >> 18. >> you couldn't evacuate new york city. it's gotham. 8-millimeter -- 8 million people.
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they did get people out of low lying. here because of the dependence on mass transit and all of the people living so so close together that lower manhattan, here is christie touring jersey. let's segway into lower manhattan. the hudson river now comes across on to the island of manhattan, correct? >> yeah. the hudson river on one side and east river on the other side. both of those rivers came on shore in lower manhattan. manhattan didn't get the worst of the wind. there was a 62 mile-per-hour wind gust with not a lot of rain. and what happened was the storm surge came on to quickly that it caught so many people off guard. and it was the highest that has ever been recorded. the last time it was anywhere near that was back in 1821 with a hurricane that came on shore. we saw the storm surge came in. it flooded seven of the tunnels in and out of city. >> bill: yeah. >> the path trains, the subways. >> take a look at these pictures here. that's salt water, bill. you have to figure out how to get the water out of there. >> bill: that's corrosive.
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it's going to leave a tremendous deficit in the they have to spend billions of dollars cleaning it up in new york. i think it's going to go that high here. >> you are right. they are saying four days hopefully to get the subways back. in i don't know how they are coming up with that kind of an estimate. >> bill: they the get some lines up but some won't be up in that time. >> there is a point breezy queens, claf on the water. summer community but some people, and it was a massive fire. what happened there? sad story. this is the western most bare your island on long island. very close to new york. barrier island overtopped with water. fire starts. the fire department tries to get out there. it's flooded and it's a barrier island. difficult to get to. the winds were gusting to 80 miles per hour. so you have a fire started. and these homes are very very
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close together there. >> they are packed. >> they are packed. you get winds going 80 miles per hour. why don't know what started the fire. >> some kind of electrical situation even though the electric went down you have got a lot of oil and got a lot of gas hanging around. so that wiped out pretty much this whole neighborhood wiped out the neighborhood that's something that's been there 150 years. >> such a beautiful treasure of a community. a lot of first responders back in 9/11, bill live here and also the town right in the community where that airline went down couple months after 9/11. they have been hit. >> it's right adjacent to kennedy airport. go to the snow. huge blizzard in west virginia and parts of lower ohio. this thing is -- it's heavy wet snow. it's caving in the roofs. >> heavy wet snow.
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a lot of the leaves on the tree. over 300,000 people without power in west virginia alone. snow across north carolina into tennessee. parts of ohio. parts of virginia, 3 feet. more snow to go. probably another 6 inches for people and the wind is blow guilty. blizzard conditions as well. >> where is the storm now? >> look at this. it's still huge. it's still huge. we have got rain and winds back towards chicago. 8.2 million households without power. that's households. multiple people in households. probably 16 million people without power tonight. very cold. giant storm winding down but still impacting the area none the less. >> all right, rick. thanks very much. appreciate your good work all through the day. fox news meteorologist have been absolutely stunning from the time that this started. next on the run down. charles krauthammer on president obama's reaction to the storm and how this will play out in the presidential race. later bernie goldberg on how the media will handle the last
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double miles you can actually use. what a coincidence? what's in your wallet? [ all screaming ] watch the elbows ladies. >> do not figure outs why we can't do something. i want you to figure out how we do something. i want you to cut through red tape. i want you to cut through bureaucracy. there is no excuse for inaction at this point. >> bill: joining us now to react to the political implications of the storage, fox news analyst charles krauthammer in washington this evening. so, i didn't see the president do anything wrong today. i mean, he did what he should
8:14 pm
do. he is the symbolic head of the country. he can't do anything about this other than to say to the federal agencies just get on it as anybody. would and you say? >> well, if i wanted to be cynical i would say that his ad vice as we just heard it is to deregulate as you go along. in the recovery efforts. but, look, you are absolutely right. he is doing what you are expected to do. in one sense you are the father of the nation you speak on behalf the nation speaking sympathy the way he did after the shooting in tucson. this is role. then you pretend you are going to be directing the red -- the restoration efforts whereas, in fact, you know that almost all of it happens at the gubernatorial level. what the president does is releases a lot of money to help all these states and also to try to manage fema, which, as yet, is not engaged. it's more the immediate
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response is at the local level, the fema is for the longer. he has done okay. there is is no criticism of that. >> bill: i don't think anybody should be sniping at him or romney. romney the same thing. he has got to be sympathetic. he doesn't have any power to do anything. he has got to show his concern. they both cancelled some appearances and all of that i won't sniping. what i would say if i were cynical but of course i'm not you can discount that. >> you are little bow beep. going forward, tomorrow is a hybrid news day. you will still have storm stuff but the story will deintensify and the political stuff will come back. and then on thursday, both romney and obama will regain, you know, they will start to campaign again. looking forward, i don't see sandy as a factor. >> no, i don't. it might have marginal effects. it does show the president is
8:16 pm
presidential. people expect that in a national emergency. that's not really stuff. you might say that if you look at where the storm is spread. it's now in ohio and virginia. these are places where the obama campaign had counted on early voting and they made a big effort on that. the president himself cashed the ballot early first time in u.s. history way to encourage others. democrats thought that might be advantageous for them. more republicans than democrats who voted early. again i think that's probably a watch -- wash. one thing it might effect things as we resume the campaign. tomorrow is going to be a half and half day by the end of the week we will be back to campaigning. when you have this emergency and you have this tragedy and latest effects of the tragedy are going to go right through election day. not a one day deal. there is imposition on the candidates, a requirement to
8:17 pm
have a kind of solemnedy that you would when people are throwing all kinds of charges around. since the obama campaign is far more negative. i have seen in the ads i have seen the last couple of days still really harshly negative on romney because they really don't have a positive agenda. that's going to restrain what the democrats can do to some extent closing argument. >> it also distracts watching this stuff. here in the northeast. which is obama country. we expect obama to carry every state in the northeast with the exception of new hampshire. pennsylvania, believe me, pennsylvania is in play obama campaign was counting on a lot of those negative ads. people aren't going to be paying attention to them because that storm is ripping right through that state right right now. >> absolutely. >> three days of ads in pennsylvania. all of that the psychology,
8:18 pm
the money at the federal level that's going to have to be used to restore the northeast, we're talking billions and billions of dollars. it just heightens the fact we don't have enough money to upgrade our electrical grid in this country we're 40 years behind where we should be there. this smentd going to effect the election but it does make you think that 800 billion-dollar stimulus which sprinkle hurled out of airplanes and helicopters and left not a trace ended up in solyndra and other places. imagine if we had single project like highway hour picking the interstate highway system and it had been the electrical grid or burying every wire in the country under ground. >> bill: absolutely. very good thought. >> there was simply the money was spent, wasted and it is written on sand.
8:19 pm
>> bill: that's right. if we had done a tba or interstate and you could see it and it would have put people back to work which was suppose to be what it was all about. directly ahead. recent polling says president obama's job approval rating dropping then rebounding very quickly. what's going on with that and then, we will take you into the storm zone for some personal observations from our correspondent on the scene all day long. those reports after these messages. nobody said an inkjet had to be slow. or that printing in color had to cost a fortune. nobody said an all-in-one had to be bulky. or that you had to print from your desk. at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use, it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing.
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>> bill: campaign 2012 segment tonight. wild swings in president obama's job approval rating. on october 26th of the gallup said the president's job approval rating was 46%. then two days later same poll it's up to 51%.
8:23 pm
5 point swing. so what is going on. joining us now from boston david pelly. director of the research center. from charlottesville dr. larry sabato teaches at the university of virginia. doctor, begin with you. gallup now, that's the last poll until the election on job approval. but, you know, these wild swings don't make any sense to me. can you figure it out? >> you just got it exactly right. they don't make any sense. that's why i no longer pay attention to gallup. 24 point swing, gore, bush in the last two weeks of the campaign. it's absurd. look at the polling averages bill, i went back and checked because of the subject of your segment. on october 3rd before the first debate. obama's job approval was 49.2% in the polling averages. today in the polling averages. it is 49.8%.
8:24 pm
essentially unchanged. does it tell that you barack obama is in good shape going into the stretch here or it doesn't matter? it's the same? >> no, actually, i think he is on the cusp. he is on the edge of the burt knife and can fall either way although i have to say 8 years ago today, bill, 8 years ago in bush's re-election race, where was he in job approval? 49.8% precisely where barack obama is today. >> bill: mr. pelley low goes in your recent polling we remind everybody you pulled out of west virginia north carolina and virginia. romney is going to take those states. you suspended polling there do you believe that tonight. >> it was based on the head-to-head number. barack obama was leading 48% to 40% in those three states.
8:25 pm
six weeks ago. then 4 will% 44. now it's 48%, 48%. common denominator barack obama is still stuck at 48%. so, if, in virginia, especially or in bell test get up to where it is is in new hampshire and ohio to 49%, we would certainly take another look and jump back. in it's still stuck at 4%. as incumbent as the known quantity, very difficult to get to 50. when you can't seem to grow beyond that. >> still standing to analysis. in ohio, rasmussen today, has romney up by two. >> i can tell you, we pulled ohio last week. and i looked at the two polls that had obama plus 4. i don't think obama plus four is the right number in ohio and here is why. >> bill: what was your number by the way? >> we had it tied.
8:26 pm
47, 47. suffolk listed all the candidates on the ballots. a couple of things of on those polls that i noticed. number one cuyahoga county was weighted at 13%. the truth about cuyahoga county from 2004 to 2008 the total votes cast in ohio went up 100,000 if you add up all the candidates but in cuyahoga county, between 2004 and 2008 which was a big year for barack obama, cuyahoga county casted less ballots in the election in 2008 than 2004. the relative strength of cuyahoga has dropped to 11% north 13%. >> bill: that's very favorable to barack obama. that's the cleveland area. so, if they are weighting that in a heavy way. >> at 13% instead of 11%. >> bill: it's reality that the vote is dropping there. it's going to be better for romney. >> true. >> bill: do you trust rasmussen, larry? you are pretty outspoken about these polls. remember, scott was on it the last time and the time before
8:27 pm
that scott hit it right between the eyes. >> no, i know scott quite well. and our heart goes out to him because of the situation in new jersey. he has a tough situation. >> bill: he couldn't come on because he can't come out of house. >> he is in the ballpark but i go by the polling averages, bill. polling averages in ohio show obama up by 2 points which means it's very close. let's see what the jobs number is on friday. what's the unemployment report the friday before the tuesday election? >> bill: i see romney with momentum in that state right now. i think romney -- >> -- he certainly has support among independence. >> bill: right. >> i think in those plus -- obama plus four polls, bill, as we have talked about, they had a party identification advantage of democrats. >> bill: i don't believe that i think rasmussen is on it i think romney is up by a little right now. okay, now, you have a fascinating race and real quick now, david, in massachusetts between scott brown, the incumbent republic
8:28 pm
senator and elizabeth warren, the liberal democratic challenger. you have the race to warren by 7, the "boston globe" polling in the same period of time just about the same likely voters has it tied. you say. >> we have been different before. suffolk has been different than the conventional polling. i stick by the number. i think what you are see is that in this poll scott brown independent women from moved from brown to warren. union households from moved from brown to warren. we picked that up between the september poll and the october poll. massachusetts has never elected a woman to u.s. senate in the history of the commonwealth and next tuesday you may see her become elected. >> bill: if your poll is right certainly you have got her up by seven. fascinating. as you move along this evening. bernie goldberg thoughts on how the play out.
8:29 pm
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>> bill: as we reported at the top of the program. hurricane sandy has caused billions of dollars worth of damage and killed at least 40 americans. 8 million folks remain without power this evening. take you to the storm zone first up. joining us from queens new york jonathan hunt.
8:33 pm
what's the most dramatic thing you saw today, jonathan. >> bill, two things. first of all, the suspect rise over the city of long beach, long island. today revealing the utter devastation there. it's a city on a barrier island. the waters from the ocean side met with the waters from the bay side completely innun dating i would say pretty much the ground floor of every single home of that entire city. then tonight, coming here to breezy point and seeing an image that was like something from the world war ii blitz in london in one small community, bill, 80 to 100 homes literally burned to the ground. and the stark image i saw as i waded down through the floodwaters of that scene of just a lone chimney stack the only thing left standing in that community tonight, bill. >> fire started, right? >> yeah, absolute miracle, bill that everybody got out
8:34 pm
alive. you know how tightly packed these homes are in the communities like this here in queens. >> bill: everybody would have been dead who stayed there. >> they would have absolutely been dead. and if it had not been for the heroic actions of the fire department as well, there may have been more deaths because it would have spread further. not everybody had evacuated. cause of the fire is still unknown. >> still unknown at the moment, bill. likelihood cause of the fire is some sort of electrical spark caused by the flooding. they are still investigating the cause at the moment, bill. >> bill: good job all day long. let's go to doug mckelway he is in delaware, resort place, affluent, a lot of big homes there what was the most dramatic thing you saw? >> bill, i would have to say the most dramatic thing i saw was the extreme contrast what we experienced to what people to the north of us experienced. over my shoulder across the delaware bay see the blinking
8:35 pm
of the new jersey light house as the crow flies that's only 17 miles away from here. a little bit north of that, utter devastation of the kind that jonathan hunt was just talking about. but here, we are on the south eye of that storm's eye. ill defined as it was. we got the back end of the storm, the westerly breezes. last night when the high tide hit at 10:00 p.m. those breezes were blowing westerly. they pushed the storm surge out to sea. everybody here in delaware woke up to houses and cities intact. one of the state authorities who controls beach erosion here said that beach and beach sand and beach dunes are meant to be extendible. the infrastructure behind them is not. go did they evacuate the beach. >> did everybody get out of there. >> mandatory evacuation.
8:36 pm
there is going to be economic damage because a lot of the businesses are closed down. >> very lucky. you can see jersey and jersey got devastated. thank you, doug. let's go to molly line, milford, connecticut. i live very close to the long island sound in n. a bay right off of it. that sound was rocking last night. i mean, that thing was as high as i have ever seen it and then milford is right on the sound on the connecticut side what wag the most dramatic thing that you saw, molly. >> absolutely, bill. you said it sandy is a force of nature when she came through. we saw enormous trees snapped in half. enormous tree not even too far from here that came down on top of a building. all the things that you normally see in the course of a big storm coming through. giant, giant piles of sand that were pushed in from the surge. the most droatic thing i saw was a parking lot absolutely filled with giant trucks and all the workers on those line crews, on the tree crews that came here to clean up this mess. chatting with a few of those
8:37 pm
folks, they had come in from canada, from ontario, canada. there was a guy that told me he was in arkansas. he drove to kentucky. slept there for a little while. drove the rest of the way. shows the number of people that's going to take to clean up this mess and the fact that they came from all over the country. families all across the country loved ones here to clean up the mess. >> easier to get to connecticut. you can't get into new york, the manhattan thing was forget it you couldn't get in here. long island is isolated because it comes off. but connecticut, it was -- you know, geographically, you wouldn't think that connecticut would get whacked like that because the storm is coming off the atlantic, you have got long island in between. it did. the whole long island sound was crazy. molly, thanks very much. when we come right back, bernie goldberg on how the media will handle the last five days of the presidential campaign. then crowley and colmes on american women are they breaking up with president obama? we're coming right back. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news
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>> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. after the storm chaos subsides most likely on thursday it will be back to presidential campaigning with the u.s. media heavily invested in president obama's re-election, how will that reportage play out? joining us now from north carolina with some thoughts, bernard goldberg. what do you expect to see on
8:42 pm
thursday through monday night? >> i don't think we are going to see anything different, billed in the final days of the campaign than we have seen throughout the campaign. what we have seen throughout the campaign is the media pretty much covering for president obama. so, let's take one example. i think the media will continue to show the same aastonishly lack of curiosity over how the president handled benghazi. they have showed very little interest before. they will will show little interest after. they will portray the president as a strong leader and presidential because of how he covered -- how he handled the hurricane, and he may talk about that even after thursday, so they many continue to portray him as a strong leader, which is perfectly fine. but i'm wondering if at some point we start to see comparisons between president obama and hurricane sandy and
8:43 pm
president bush and hurricane katrina. that may happen. >> bill: yeah, but i don't think that's going to happen. it's retail politics now. the factor has, i have spoken at the highest levels with the romney campaign and the obama campaign. i said hey, listen, you have got to do an interview with me. it will be a worldwide event. everybody will be watching it. it will be on the internet. you know, this is something you have got to do. they basically say well, that's the word they used that's intriguing. that means he you don't have a chance in hell. intriguing means it is not going to happen. i understand president obama he would have to answer questions about lynn i can't. not -- libya. it's not going to be brian williams here. is he not going to do it because of that i can't understand why mitt romney is not doing it because mitt romney has a story to tell. in my opinion, he has a story
8:44 pm
to tell. but i think what the strategy is on the romney campaign is to retail it in ohio, virginia, florida, colorado, and nevada real strong and then we have the electoral college if we can take all of those states, we win. we're north going to do this o'reilly punk. we're not going to bother with him. >> no, no. i don't think they see you in a negative light. i think they made a calculation. and the calculation is that there is not enough upside to take a chance doing an interview with you. >> bill: that's a wrong calculation though. >> well, maybe it is, maybe it, that's the one i think we both agree they have made. otherwise, they would be here instead of me right now. >> bill: well, nobody would ever bump you. >> that's a good point. >> bill: i offered both of the candidates a half an hour on the factor. back-to-back. but the upside to both of them is, that they get to show the
8:45 pm
american people in a very challenging forum what they are made out of. because there is -- i submit and everybody else says this, it could go either way still, bernie. it could go either way. >> i totally agree. >> bill: looking for a tipping point. i hate to steal malcolm gladwell's book title. >> the tipping point. maybe, who knows, we disagree. the tipping point may go in the wrong direction if mitt romney sits down with you. >> bill: let me ask. would you rather go out guns blazing, doing everything that you can to win the game in the fourth quarter, all right, or do you want to run out the clock? >> no. the answer is i would rather go out guns blazing. >> bill: yeah. >> but, wait a second. i might define guns blazing as spend are more time in ohio, and iowa and wisconsin and not sitting down with you. >> bill: with the same stuff? it's it the same stuff. >> yeah. >> bill: they have been doing
8:46 pm
since may. >> you may ask things that bring out answers that aren't the staple stuff and that's -- same stuff and that's where the problem lies. >> bill: i see it as an upside. i think you want to win and i told governor romney's people with all due respect call john mccain and call senator -- oh my god, i'm so old, kerry in massachusetts because both men said to me, we should have done the interview with you the last week. both of them. you are crazy not to take that opportunity. they made a decision. >> bill: not yet. it's still in play. >> do you want to put any just between us, i don't want the folks at home listening to this. do you want to put any money on this? >> bill: i think romney might do it. i think he might do it? >> and president obama. we give that a zero? >> bill: i don't know. it would have to be his call. he would have to make it. the president would have to
8:47 pm
make it himself. >> can i ask you a quick question? >> bill: yeah. >> do you think that more than a few reporters are sort of wishing at some level that the hurricane had not hit two blue states like new york and new jersey but it hit iowa and ohio. >> bill: it did hit ohio though. it's going to matter in ohio. >> i mean direct hit, you know. >> bill: yeah. >> i think that -- i'm saying this only half tongue in cheek. more than a few of them wish it hit there because that might help president obama look presidential which he is entitled to look in three important states. it isn't going to make any difference in new york and new jersey. >> bill: crowley and colmes on deck. american women, will they stand by their man, president obama? barack and hard place up next. all energy development comes with some risk,
8:48 pm
but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, barack and a hard place. monica' crowley. single women migrating toward governor romney. >> important part of that is single women. president obama had a huge lead among single women that is now gone. two reasons. both of which were carried out by the obama re-election team. poet have not just failed but back fired. the first is they spent months, hundreds of millions of dollars in attack ads trying to brutalize mitt romney as some evil greedy capitalist. then the first debate comes along and what do women see they have a sea normal brilliant thoughtful, responsible compassionate guy. >> bill: i don't know if that's what all women see. if sandra fluke were here she would not exactly describe him in those terms. >> she is a liberal outlier. i am talking about most women. you are asking why the gender
8:52 pm
gap has evaporated. >> bill: first debate he overcame the stereotype. >> yes. i agree. >> bill: you agree all the money obama campaign spent demonizing the man in 90 minutes he overcame it? >> overcame it in general moderate mitt not the mitt rehad seen prior to the debate. >> bill: you admit he has overcome that stereotype. >> what counts here is the electoral college rasmussen in state by state by state has with women obama leading in almost every swing state. >> bill: i think obama would probably carry women, monica maybe 52, 48 which isn't enough. >> that's correct. >> bill: which isn't enough. >> if that true is is not enough. >> bill: romney would win with that break. >> another break too started off by the obama team which which was this bogus war on women. symbolized by the life of julia cartoon where they have women infan niced and taken care of by the government from
8:53 pm
the time they are babies until the time of their death. most women reject that and then of course last week you have this ridiculous ad telling young women who lose your political virginity to barack obama. that kind of cult reject. >> bill: i don't think most american women even know these things exist. we do. >> people have seen it and edges posed to it reject it. >> you don't think it's enough for obama ha to overcome. obama 54, romney 46. i don't think romney can make up the difference at this point. >> bill: all he has got to make up is two more points. >> i don't think it's going to happen. >> bill: of course. because you are rooting for the president. >> not just a matter of my rooting for the president. look at nate silver. also the real clear politics. >> "new york times." >> if you want to call nate a liberal. >> bill: i look at the polls as you do. this storm might change it a little but it's still toward romney as rasmussen pointed out today. romney is now up by 2 in ohio. you know this guy jesse
8:54 pm
watters? you know watters? >> he came to my house and tried to do an interview at some point. >> bill: this guy is totally out of control. we sent him out to talk to single women about the presidential race over the weekend. bailing him out. he has that report tomorrow night on single women talking about the presidential race. colmes and i my side of issue. >> we don't see what you are seeing. >> finally we are agreeing with something you don't agree. >> it took how many years. >> still jobs and the economy. and it's not about women's issues. it's about all americans. >> women will decide the race. and they can close. but tomorrow we will have the definitive women and presidential race starring jesse watters. >> look forward to it. >> the factor tip of the day in a moment. the governor of maine weighs in on my book.
8:55 pm
uh-oh. the tip 60 seconds away. . 4g lte is the fastest. so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ?
8:56 pm
isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. >> bill: the tip of the day features the governor of maine and my book, qoal killin "killi. >> those that know me know i like reading history. presidential biographies are my favorite. recently i spent the evening with bill o'reilly's book, killing lincoln. i read many books on lincoln's assassination. it is really a thrilling read and i recommend the book. >> bill: wow. big thank you to the governor whom if never met, but the lobster's on me, governor, next time i'm up there. what we think is a first mr. american publishing, killing lincoln moves up to number three
8:57 pm
after 56 weeks on the best seller list. amazing. i thank you all. now to the mail. karen, i'm enraged at the libyan coverup. thank god that fox news is standing up for the truth. ed parker in houston, texas. millions of us share your frustration. it's simply a question of being honest. joan in huntsville, alabama, bill owen, you're way off base suggesting that mitt romney was derelict in not focusing on the last debate. you are the one who is derelict in giving president obama a pass. now, since we're seen in 120 countries all over the world, i'm trying to figure out just where you guys have been hanging out to come to that kind of conclusion. it's my -- i'm the one? are you guys underwater? do you live in atlantis, the lost continent? i don'see seethe american medial
8:58 pm
disgrace. they're actively helping president obama get reelected. joetta fletcher. president obama has nothing to hide. he should take trump's offer of $5 million for charity. the gesture would help his campaign. i disagree. donald tram i trump is a master marketeer. any president who participates in a stunt demeans the most powerful office in the world, right? i'm sure president obama would like the 5 million to give to charity or maybe pay down the 16 trillion debt, but $5 million, 16 trillion, it's like a penny, but that's okay. i'm sure he'd like the money, but he can't do this stunt business. kathy in wyoming. bill, how dare you insult my hero, greg gu gutfeld, about his height. he's the funniest and cutest man
8:59 pm
on all of fox news. excuse me just for a moment, kathy. excuse me. i'll be back. i'm just trying to digest your statement that gutfeld is you're hero. i'm just trying to -- i don't remember insulting gutfeld's height. i did mock his tie which was short on his chest. maybe that's what you're thinking of. jane and bob from florida. gutfeld and mcgurk were hilarious. we like the way you combine humor with news, it makes a great balance. we try. mr. o'reilly, my father celebrates his 80th birthday today. he served in korea, built a small business, an is very generous. sounds like a patriot to me, michelle, happy birthday, joe. thanks for everything. that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website. we'd like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the


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