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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 2, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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2:00 p.m., 2:00 to 4:00, we hope you will engine us. and onward to election week. here is shepard smith. >>shepard: people are having a hard time getting how wide-spread it is for miles and miles. with can tea party it was 45 miles of the mississippi party but here it goes for hundreds of miles. making making we havered on the side of not overreporting what is happening because we live here but new york has been devastated. devastated. the five burroughs, staten island has been leveled. >>shepard: so many weeks and months ahead. see you on thursday. the news begins anew on "studio b" gas short averages are serious. they are getting worse from the monster storm. some drivers are waiting in line if hours and some do not bother. the ones who try are finding the gas has run dry.
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now, real fears that jet fuel could run out in the nation's busiest airspace. never heard of that. millions enter day five with no power, tomorrow, running water, for some, no real place to call home, workers are setting up for the marathon, a decision world-class event, lots of money coming in. do we do it in the mayor says we do it. you might imagine, there are frustrations. we have our last economic report before americans go to polls on election day, four days away and that shows the unemployment rate has changed again as both campaigns enter the home stretch. it is a very busy day unless breaking news changes everything. parts of the east coast and beyond struggling after super storm sandy, officials now say at least 90 people died in the storm. today, about 3.5 million homes
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and businesses still have in power. that's down from more than 8 million. but the nation's big of the city and much of the eastern seaboard remain crippled, five days in and a large part of lower manhattan, almost all of it, has no electricity and some stores are open for business letting customers shop for food and other necessities in the dark and others brought if generators to run the coffee shops but in brooklyn, piles of trash and debris. the new york mayor toured the damage. in coney island, flooding could force officials to relocate 12,000 animals at the aquarium. remember, the problems do not end here in the east. in west virginia, officials are sending blackhawk helicopters into mountains where the heavy snow came. in tennessee, national park rangers tried to rescue a hiker who ran in trouble in snow drifts up to 5' high.
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people in more than a dozen states are still dealing with power outages from the super storm, and the majority of them, in new york and new jersey. those lucky enough to have generators are facing fuel shortages with long lines at the pumps again today, people waiting hours for their town only to have if man cases ationed run out of gas before they can fill up. the problems now spreading into eastern pennsylvania and there are fears of a jet fuel short average at the major airports in new york. now the latest from new york but, first, rick is live in new jersey. gas lines. again. rick: unbelievable. we were at a couple of other gas stations here about ten miles outside of new york city, there are hundreds and hundreds of cars lined up and they ran out of fuel. then picture came here to route 3, westbound, and an amazing sight, people lined up with gas
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cans for fuels or work vehicles, and people who have lined up their cars on route 3, waiting for hours. the people at the pumps now said they waited about two hours. we are told that this line stretches more than three miles. can you not see the end of it because it goes beyond the crest of the hill so the people at the end of that line could be in for a wait of several hours. the issue here is power. many of the gas stations, by one estimate, four out five gas stations in new jersey do not have power. they cannot pump the fuel. a couple have generators. if they do not have power they cannot pump. those that do are running out. or they have ridiculously long lines. the power could be out in new jersey for at least another week. >>shepard: i understand a town in jersey is talking about rationing. >>guest: one town has decided to go to an odd and even plan from the 70's, in your license lates ends with an odd number,
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that is when you can get gasoline. but on an even number day you need an even numbered tag. we could see more of that. we could see more rationing where they limit purchases to $20. we have seen that already. but, right now, people are filling up and some of them have half a tank of fuel and they still willing to wait for two or three hours because they worried about the next time they can get gas. >>shepard: thank you, rick, from cliffton new jersey. the governor of new jersey is speaking right now, chris christie, like, listen. >> first they told me i couldn't, and that is the thing about being governor, because here i am, they said i could not come. what i have seen, the destruction that the lt. governor and i have seen along the beaches and bayhead, it is just not recognizable.
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i have driven on route 35 since i was a young child coming to the shore with my parents and you cannot recognize the places anymore. it is heartbreaking. heartbreaking for every person in new jersey to see our shoreline cut in half the way it was on monday. it is important to see the damage to get a handle on it and chart a course for rebuilding. that's what we are about to embark upon. all of us together. we are inching closer for being normal in new jersey. there are things we need to get done. for instance, this morning we opened up atlantic city and we opened up the casinos. we are ready to repopulate atlantic city with the people who were evacuated from atlantic city. they are now staying at the university. they are going home. human services has worked with
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atlantic city officials to develop a plan and the travel ban has been lifted. we lifted the travel ban for atlantic city and more and communities at cape may including wildwood and north wildwood and west wildwood and stone harbor and sea isle and ocean city. to help those unavailable to get to home, the department of human services in partnership with the salvation army, the american red cross, southern baptist church and community food bank has established ten comfort stations for people to recharge, get warmth and get food. >>shepard: a lot of work being done for those in new jersey. but the biggest problem is gas. you realize how much mass transit there is but in many cases you have to dry to get to the bus or the train and in many places the bus or train are not available and that requires gas that people do not have. officialsofficials are waiving n
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regulations that could slow the tankers from unloading and the new york governor telling people there is a lot of progress and people should stay calm. and jonathan hunt is in bay ridge, brooklyn, the governor says gas is on the way. >>jonathan: behind me is new york harbor, the upper harbor which has been closed because of the danger of debris in the water. today we have been told that the entire harbor is now open so the tankers and the barges bringing in oil and gas to the terminals which are on the new jersey coastline, they can new get in. according to the governor cuomo this means for those waiting in the long lines, help is on the way. >> there is in reason to panic. there is in reason for anxiety. this is -- we understand where
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there was a shortage, we understand why it is going to be better and it is going to be better in the near future. so, no panic, no anxiety. we ask for a little patience. >>jonathan: while state officials and the coast guard control the waterways, it is private companies such as exxonmobil and b.p. that own the terminals f they decided it is too dangerous for the tankers for dock there, the gas still will not be getting to the customers. we have been here for three hours, now, and despite the harbor being open, we have not seen a lot of shipping traffic coming through so far. >>shepard: as for the gas, it is of no use if there is in power to pump it. >>jonathan: absolutely. it is not just about a shortage of gas. a lot of the gas stations in new
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york and new jersey do not have power. you cannot switch on the pumps to pump the gas without power. that situation should get better, we are tell, in new york in the next 24 hours. we are told by con-edison they plan to have all power on to downtown manhattan by midnight tonight. there is no such good news for those in new jersey suffering from this gas shortage, with huge areas of new jersey likely to be without power if at least another week. >>shepard: thank you from the community of bay ridge. half of the deaths in the city of new york, the five burroughs happened on staten island where teams have gone through thousands of buildings in senator of -- search of survivors. this woman says she is trying to save pictures and other personal items from her mother's home after it swept the house off its
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foundation and carried it over to the other side of the street. yesterday the red cross handed out meals ready to eat. many locals say four days after the storm they are not getting the help they need in an area known as the "forgotten borou borough." over my shoulder, look at this the fire department is checking on oil that is spilled. you have a boat on top of a car
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and we will spin the car down 1830 degrees and you get a sense of the size of the marina with the heavy equipment. they are starting to move some of the boats and help has arrived. the new york police department arrive add few moments ago to maintain order but until now many are frustrated and angry. listen to this woman. >> the police sent a car the day of the fuel leak. no one else has been here. have not heard from fema or the coast guard. it is puzzling. i understand there are worst case scenarios at the beach but it is amazing that nothing has been done here. >>reporter: things are changing this hour, with the homeland security secretary here on staten island and will tour staten island and speak about the help the people will be getting. >>shepard: you can know about
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what you can see and so many cameras were in brooklyn and queens and in manhattan but there were not that many on staten island which got crushed. it was lethal. >>reporter: it was. they got hammered. almost half of all the deaths, 41 deaths city-wide and 19 here in staten island and that figure will probably go up. among those who died, an off-duty new york city police officer was taking his family members including a again month infant to the attic to keep them safe and he went down to the basement and got electrocutes in the floodwaters. another tragic story, two young victim as 2-year-old and a four-year-old, were with their mother in an s.u.v. and the vehicle washed over with floodwater and their mother unable to hold on to the two kids and there was a massive search for them and their bodies were found in a marsh.
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they are on the minds of so many, underscoring the extent of this devastating tragedy. >>shepard: devastating, indeed. thank you, david lee. politics rolls on. we listened to a president obama rally not last hour so we will listen to a mitt romney rally today. in ohio, live. >> i know how to do it and that is why i believe on november 6 you will give me the nod and i will become the next president. now, the talk is remarkably cheap. four years ago then candidate obama, promised so very much but he has fallen so far short of what he promised. as senator portman said, he promised he would have a post partisan presidency. but it has been the most partisan i have seen with the
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bitterness and division and demon savings, hallmarks of the presidency. he said he would focus on creating jobs but instead he focused on creating obamacare which killed jobs. he said he would cut the deficit in half but it doubled. he said he would get unemployment to 5.2 percent and today it ticked up to 7.9 percent. that is 9 million jobs short 789 those are real americans. can't find work. 23 million in work can't find work or work that is up to their needs. this is a critical time. the president was a president who took office with the economy as the number one challenge and he has high are unemployment today than when he took office. think of that. the president of the united states presides over a nation under his leadership where unemployment is higher than the day he took office. he said he would save social
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security and medicare because they were headed to insolvency. instead, he made no effort to save either and he took $716 billion from medicare to pay for obamacare. and he said he was going do lower the cost of your health insurance by $2,500 a family by now. instead it has gone up by $3,000 a family. gasoline prices are also up by $2,000 a family. of course, he said he would work across the aisle on the most important issues america faces. the last time the president met with either the republican leader of the house or the republican leader of the senate to talk about jobs or the economy offer the deficit was in july. this is a budget who -- president who has promise add lot of things whose record is different. rather than building the bridges we need, he the a broader and
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broader divide. i have a very different approach. i recognize this president is, again, making new promises. these are promises he can't keep like the last ones because he says he going to keep us on the same path we're on. what we know, if we stay on this same path, $16 trillion in debt will become $20 trillion in debt. we know high unemployment today will be high unemployment over the next four years. we recognize that take home pay will continue to decline, we will see stagnant wage growth. we know the he will devastate the military and the secretary of defense said in fact the $1 trillion in cuts to the military, that would devastate our military. unless we change course, we could be looking at another recession down the road. the question is this, do you want the same course or do you want real change? we appropriate real change.
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>> the president is promising change but he didn't deliver. i promise change and i have a record of delivering. i started a business from scratch and helped make it success will. that is not easy. that is change. i took over another business in trouble and turned it around. that is real change. went to the olympics in trouble and got them back on track. that is real change. i went to massachusetts as the governor of my state -- there is a man from massachusetts, appreciate it -- the legislature was democratic, we did not battle. we had a multibillion dollar gap and we came together to solve the problem by reducing spending, brought taxes down 19 times, made our state more
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business friendly, and a $3 billion budget gap became a $2 billion budget surplus. or a rainy day fund. accomplishing change is not something i just talk about it is something i have actually done. we need to have someone in the white house who cannot just talk about it but who can do it. paul ryan and i plan on putting in place real change from day one. across america, people have talked about our five-point plan. we will take full advantage of our energy resources: coal, oil, gas, nuclear renewables and review our regulations to make sure burning coal is done clean but not kill the industry like
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the epa has done. we will double the number of permits on federal lands and federal waters for drilling and oil and gas. day one we were take steps to get the pipeline from canada built. we will get north america on track to be energy independent in eight years. that means less cost to fill up the tank, less cost to heat your home. and if you are cutting steel and bending it, it take as lot of energy the manufacturing cares deeply about the cost of energy. if we take advantage of our natural gas and oil and coal we will have low-cost energy bringing more manufacturing back. it will make this company do better. energy is so key to our nation. that is why one of the first
3:21 pm
things we will do is get america on track to energize security. i want to open up more trade particularly in latin america. when nations cheat and over the years china has not played fairly we will stop that. number three we will make sure training programs are ideal for the people who need training for the jobs of day. we have to fix our schools and make them competitive. four, we will do something politicians have spoken about and never done. we are going to cut federal spending and balance the federal budget. i will not just take office on january 20. i will take responsibility for
3:22 pm
the office. [ applause ] >> i want to help small business. i want small business to grow and thrive. by executive order on day one i will look at all the obama regulations and take out those that killing jobs and killing small businesses. i will make sure taxes are globally competitive. from the beginning of our administration every entrepreneur every business person will know that the government of the united states for the first time in four years likes business and likes the jobs business can create. we have forgotten what a real recovery can look like. we forgot what americans can achieve. if we limit government rather
3:23 pm
than limiting the dreams of the american people. i will limit government. you can choose. the people of america can choose what kind of a nation we will have. they have all the information they need. this group has chosen. there are people who have not. i want them to then how they make this choice. they have the information they need. if the president were to be rewill elected he will not be able to work with congress. don't care what he says we have four years of record. he burned a lot of bridges ignoring congress, attacks congress, demonizes congress. they will not work together. we will face another debt ceiling limits. there will be a threat of a shut down or a default. that sends chills throughout the economy and costs jobs. the president cannot work with congress to get the job done. he said he would. he didn't. i have a different view.
3:24 pm
i take him at his word. he said the other day he can't change washington, dc from the inside. that is where i will put him on the outside on november 6. [ applause ] >> when i'm elected president i will reach across the aisle and find good democrats and good republicans that care more about the country than about politics. i'll meet regularly with democratic leadership, republican leadership and get america on track and get beyond the extraordinary partisan decides that keep us from getting done what needs to be done. the president were to be
3:25 pm
re-elected he will continue the war on coal and push back on oil and natural gas. it is in the nature of some in the party not to want to support carbon-based sources of energy. i will take america on a different track, take advantage of our energy resources to get good jobs for the american people. >>shepard: that is former governor of massachusetts, mitt romney rallying in ohio. carl cameron is there, as well. a busy day ahead for this guy. >>carl: they are racing in the final four days recognizing that turn out and the ground game will matter and he needs to energize the base and continue to talk about them. tomorrow we are going to hit at least three states, the same two on sunday and on monday getting back to new hampshire where the campaign started with four or five states. she all the key battleground
3:26 pm
states. he will visit ohio he times the next couple of days and another event here today. virginia a couple of times and florida a couple of times before wrapping up in boston. we have heard the closing arguments. it is a vote for obama is the status quo with stagnation. a vote for mitt romney is bold change and prosperity. the president made all kinds of promises to be a bipartisan leader and wasn't able to do that with obamacare with not a single republican vote and he promised to restore the economy, bring down the debt, cut taxes, balance the budget, et cetera, and that hasn't happened. he says if the country is behind him and elects him and if democrats are willing to work with him he can militia it and a slap back from the senate democratic leader harry reid from nevada saying if mitt romney has a fantasy of casting severely conservative agenda he will not get help from senate democrats which echoes what the
3:27 pm
republicans said when president obama took office and now before mitt romney wins, assuming he would, the democrats are saying they will not help. >>shepard: we used to watch the last three or four days of campaign where the candidates spend their money but they have so much money they can spend all they want and now we watch where they go. what do you make of the fact that mitt romney is going back to pennsylvania? >>carl: i was talking to a senior advisor about that and he likened to shooting pool and said if there is an open pocket you drop a bomb in it so they are going to pennsylvania looking at the polls and seeing they have narrowed and viewing an opportunity. it is worth noting that there was a plan for mitt romney to go to nevada and that has been knocked off the agenda. in part because it is a longer flight out there and we are going to colorado so it would not be thatcy but it is a sign that mitt romney sees the polls shifting to obama in nevada and not mitt romney. pennsylvania, he is going, and
3:28 pm
wisconsin we are there, where the polls have narrowed and wisconsin because of paul ryan's addition to the ticket. that is a state they did not expect to have a shot. pennsylvania is a key player if you believe their calendar and spending and decision to go there. it would potentially help out if it went wrong in ohio, the romney campaign still says they are confident they can pull it off in ohio but recognize that president obama got steam there the last couple of days, so, pennsylvania could be part of a replacement strategy combined, perhaps, with ohio and colorado. ohio is always central to the victory central joy and he is doing a lot of scrambling and it could be a contingency plan but when the polls get this close with a lot of money lying around, spend it. >>shepard: why not. the obama campaign and mike emanuel is with the president near columbus ohio. we her from the president on job creation. how is he going after governor
3:29 pm
romney today? >>reporter: he says there are signs of progress 5.5 million job creates and he says that mitt romney lacks new ideas and that is returning to the ways of the past. here is the president in buckeye country in columbus area today. >> we know what change looks like. and what the governor is offering ain't it. giving more power back to the biggest bangs, that is not change. another $5 trillion tax cut in favor of the wealthy, that's not change. refusing to answer questions about the details of your policies until after the election? that is not change. would report after running in 2008 as "hope and change" he is not crazy about governor romney saying he is the "change" candidate and the president calls governor romney a great salesman. >>shepard: the president invested a lost time in ohio is
3:30 pm
this the last time before tuesday? >>reporter: he is making the third of three stops in ohio today. we expect he will make stops in ohio saturday, sunday, and monday including cleveland, cincinnati, and columbus. clearly recognizing that if he wins ohio it makes it harder for governor romney to get to the 270 electoral votes. he will make stops in wisconsin and iowa a midwest firewall trying to keep governor romney from getting to the 270 electoral votes needed. in terms of governor romney returning to pennsylvania the obama campaign says that is a desperate attempt to get to 270. >>shepard: today's job numbers remain better than predicted pointing to slow but steady economic growth but the national unemployment rate went up. how will voters respond at the polls on tuesday? that is ahead.
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and the latest on the obama administration's response to the attack in libya. that is ahead. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] it started long ago. the joy of giving something everything you've got. it takes passion. and it's not letting up anytime soon.
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3:35 pm
that means long cold nights for folks who cannot heat their homes. how long will the snap last in rick: five or sick -- six days it feels like a big shock to the system with the temperatures in the 30's and cooler than last night and tomorrow they continue to drop. look at the next five days across the jersey shore, dropping four or five degrees by monday and the coolest day on monday with lows in the unper 20's over the weekend. staten island, a couple of nights below freezing, likely saturday night into sunday night into monday, also, out on long island, the same trend, sunday, monday, tuesday kind of the coolest days. unfortunately, temperatures are cool and we are around five- to ten-degrees below where we should be. >>shepard: how does election
3:36 pm
day look? rick: not bad, the coastal storm is not going to be big, do not panic. wherever you see, the white are clouds and the rain is the green. tuesday morning, 6:00, we look good with a little bit of rain developing across georgia and north florida and south carolina and north carolina but it is light rain. the rest of the country, we could not be looking at a better election day which is good news in the middle of bad weather lately. >>shepard: thank you, sir. back to the economy. we heard from both the presidential nominees on the jobs report and we took 12 minutes of a speech from president obama and 12 minutes of a speech from candidate romney. the last of the jobs reports is out and the economy is the greatest issue of the election if the voters but how much does the report stand to shake up the race if we will bring in an
3:37 pm
associate editor for "the hill" number in washington, dc. she will be on our panel on election night on fox broadcast network. the last minute numbers, how do they play? >>guest: i don't think it is a big deal. it will not shake things up. this number allows both candidates to continue their talking points. romney saying this is not strong enough and president obama is not capable of fixing the economy, and he is, and it is time for a change and president obama saying we are looking at steady job growth, and we are headed in the right direction. people are starting to tune the jobs reports out. they do not affect the polls in september or october. >>shepard: was that something that would drive you, but if you are about jobs is how you feel about jobs. do i have a job where i am
3:38 pm
upwardly mobile or my kid? >>guest: it is like that. if you think president obama stewardship is a failure, and you will are voting for mitt romney you decided that a whiling ago. if you are decided on president obama, you are looking at a new normal, if rebound is the president on wednesday morning he defies history with the highest unemployment since fdr and he will have successfully made the case this is a new kind of growth slow and steady out of a bubble economy, a new normal, and i don't know that will happen but that would be the argument if he homed -- holds on. >>shepard: mitt romney has to win virginia and ohio and to do that the ground game has to be good. you need your voters to the poll. how does he look? >>guest: well, mitt romney has the advantage with intensity. people who want to vote president obama out of office
3:39 pm
and want to vote republican do not care how they feel about mitt romney they will get in the car and they are energized. he will not have a problem turning his voters out. it is looking like a base election and i don't think anyone has momentum and i don't anyone is swaying undecided. it is about turning out the voter. for president obama the storm shows people suffering and it will be a tough day to get your supporters to vote. >>shepard: i wondered about that. by day five of a hurricane, or day six everyone picks someone to be mad at. sometimes it is the local, sometimes it is mad at your president. >>guest: and all heart strings that were pulled by the governor of new jersey and the president coming together it towns to bitterness.
3:40 pm
watching people not getting food or gasoline and not able to get to work, it starts to upset people. five days in, by tuesday morning, the nation could feel differently about this than on thursday. >>shepard: we will see. the cycles go fast. see you on tuesday night. >>guest: i look forward to it. >>shepard: new york city mayor says the annual marathon will go on as landed. of course, here comes the incoming, a lost knockers are trying to figure out where they stay, how they will get gas if their cars and whether they can get food on the table so the mayor is taking some heat. and the race planners say they still don't know how they will get runers to the starting line which is...where in st.en -- staten island. and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque.
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west virginia are still trapped if their homes and they are trapped because of 3 feet know. the state sent out teams in helicopters to scope out the mountains for anyone who needs help. the army usually uses helicopters to air lit -- airlift people for medical missions. six have died and shoveling snow and the stress can trigger heart attacks. hundreds of thousands of folks across new york are waiting for the power to come back on. at the same time, the city itself prepares for the marathon. the mayor expects more areas of the city will have power on including lower machine -- manhattan, and he adds new york city needs an event like this. >> remember, on 9/11, rudy made the right decision to run the
3:45 pm
marathon, it pulled people together and we have to find some ways to express ourselves and show our solidarity with each other. >>shepard: organizers have thought announced how phones can get to the starting line on staten island. they backed away from plans to use a ferry service. staten island is over the bridge and into brooklyn and queens where blocks and blocks are without power. the race moves into manhattan and generators in central park are providing juice for mayor then tent -- for marathon tents. and now, our guest is on the phone. it is a mess. >>guest: it is devastating on staten island. it is not katrina but we are a close second. >>shepard: any time your house
3:46 pm
is without power or full of water or on the ground you have your own private katrina. a lot of the people staying at your hotel which is not normal, they are from there. >>guest: yes, we own two hotel s in the same parking lot here so we have been here for ten years and we have opened up at the world trade center so we are used to disaster. no one realized how bad this is and on wednesday when we thought the people who are here if a couple of days would leave, we thought it would get better and it was not getting better, we called the marathon people and said we would not send our neighbors into the street and we are going to need to tell the
3:47 pm
marathon people they is to go someplace else. >>shepard: you are not the only one calling the marathon people. this is a cover of the "new york post" owned by the parent company saying abuse of power, with generators that will power tenths for the marathon folks. listen to what happened on fox business network, where we share resources. here is what happened: charlie gasparino said the marathon could be canceled, in fact, we do not have it confirmed, because of sponsors that want to pull out so the sponsors, some of the sponsors and i don't have details, i have what charlie gasparino is reporting on fox business network, we will get to the bottom of what this is, but you must know this is politics. the mayor of new york city endorsed yesterday so that is in the mix here, too. i am trying to imagine after
3:48 pm
katrina and they could not have layed a game at the superdome because there was no way with the superdome flooded. on thursday, the brooklyn nets were supposed to open with the new york knicks at the new center in brooklyn. if you have been watching you have seen the lines of people that are waiting for buses to get from manhattan or brooklyn to manhattan. so they canceled that. but the mayor said this goes on. it means hundreds of millions to the city, is that something we ought to think about? >>guest: well, the mayor is a great mayor and i understand his position, and he is a billionaire and does not take a salary and gives the money to the city and charities and he made that decision not realizing like us how bad it was on staten island. now we have had time to stand
3:49 pm
back i am a hotel own are trying to take care of people in the community. if you were in my hotel now and look at people in my lobby who are begging me, please, don't throw me out don't throw me out. i have no place to go. it is an easy decision. we got some backlash, people that were yelling and screaming and we do have a contract but when a guy was not nice to me, i said, why don't you turn on the eff-ing tv, turn on the eff-ing tv and call me back and let me know if you can't find a different hotel. >>shepard: thank you. i feel for you. thank you very much. you sitting at home and watching and we are doing politics but here in new york city all the local television stations, and there are 100 of them, ten have
3:50 pm
choppers in the air, all day long, going from neighborhood to neighborhood to neighborhood. they are not just looking at another house, but here is fox station in new york city, they been doing this every hour since the storm hit. when we watch the cameras we say, that's such and such area and we know what we watching. this is not an abstract thing. this is where we know people. if those people need a place to stay and because of the marathon necessity cannot have one, how would you feel? maybe this isn't a done deal. the mayor says the marathon is going on. the nets are going open their season tomorrow. very excited about that. ahead, new details on the deadly attack in benghazi.
3:51 pm
a communications breakdown left senior officials in the dark as the assault took place. that is coming up.
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3:54 pm
>>shepard: new reporting on the attack in benghazi. this was a communication breakdown that left senior counterterrorism officials out of the loop. now the details from the pentagon with jennifer. >> according to e-mails shared with fox by military sources the senior counterterrorism officials felt cut out of the loop the night of the attack and days after. top state department officials decided newt send a rapid response unit designed to respond to terrorist attacks, foreign emergency support team which has been deployed it
3:55 pm
assist investigations after the u.s. cass -- "uss cole" bombings and could have helped the f.b.i. gain access in benghazi faster than the 24 days it needed. it was said that the most senior people in government worked on this issue from the minute it happened, including the secretary of dense, chairman of the joint chiefs, secretary of state, national security advisor, et cetera. now nearly eight weeks after the attack the c.i.a. released the most detailed timeline to date of what the agents did on the night of attack. in a briefing to reporters, at langley, c.i.a. officials attempted to rebut the account provided to fox news by a source would was involved in the rescue efforts. the c.i.a. said it took 24 minutes from the start of the attack for former seal woods and other agents to leave the annex to provide help at consulate
3:56 pm
less than a mile away. a second team left 40 minutes after the attack began. our source says all team could have left earlier but they were told to wait for libyan assistance, when they radioed for help at midnight they were told there was nothing. two were killed eight hours after the initial attack on the consulate. ine today. so, i'm happy. sales go up... i'm happy. it went out today... i'm happy. what if she's not home? (together) she won't be happy. use ups! she can get a text alert, reroute... even reschedule her package. it's ups my choice. are you happy? i'm happy. i'm happy. i'm hi'm happy. i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. (together) happy. i love logistics. i haven't thought about aspirin for years. aspirin wouldn't really help my headache, i don't think. aspirin is just old school.
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>>shepard: if your surveillance video is on the local news this is a good chance you robbed a bank. but this woman hit the jackpot. lottery officials released a picture to track her down, she bought a winning lottery ticket worth $23 million but never claims the prize. officials say she was running out of time before the ticket expired and her daughter came across the picture in a newspaper just in time and she has come forward. to claim the jackpot. that is 9 luck i have, y


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