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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 3, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i can't even say it. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: looting gas shortage and power outages causing chaos tonight all throughout the northeast and while local news reports indicate that some new yorkers have been forced to dumpster dive for food in the wake of this week's superstorm, our president your commander in chief s back to playing politics. today he threw by partisanship out the window and viciously attacked his opponent at three separate campaign events in the swing state of ohio. as usual he lied about governor romney's record about where he stands on issues and what a romney administration would mean for the middle class and women and every other voting group.
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these are desperate times for team obama. he is trailing in the polls and is being forced to spend resources in states that he won easily in 2008. as a result, the lying will no doubt continue into tuesday. what makes matters worse this just as temperatures begin to reach the freezing point in new york, new jersey, long island and connecticut over the weekend and famed families without food and power, electricity and heat our compassionate leader will be campaigning alongside who else, bruce string seen, former are drug dealer jay-zed former rapper who once shot his brother and uses the. in word. the rhetoric flowing from supporters even more disgraceful. ohio governor ted strickland attacked governor romney for sending his campaign bus to deliver disaster relief supplies this week. watch. >> and then there is mitt romney who tries to fake
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compassion by asking people to bring food to a rally and when they don't do it they take $5,000 and go out to wal-mart and by food to pass out to the people coming to the rally so that he can get his picture taken loading boxes on a truck. >> sean: excuse me, governor but he has given more money to charity than barack obama and that cheap skate joe biden combined. faking compassion? i'm sorry are but the man who truly fakes compassion is the one that you are supporting in this race. president barack obama went to bed on september 11th this year without convening his national security team even as americans were being massacred in benghazi. president obama got up the morning on september 12 and went to vegas instead of focusing on a terrorist attack that killed the u.s. ambassador and three other americans including two navy seals. it was president barack obama
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he was the one who met with the families of victims on september 14 and despite the fact that we now know he knew this was an act of terror he continued to blame about a video both before and after the somber home coming that you are seeing on your screen. apparently not fell the truth and worrying about an election while americans is are suffering barack obama's ideas of real compassion. unfortunately for residents tonight in new jersey, new york, connecticut and elsewhere, well, you don't live in swing states. if the main street media had any sem ambulance of courage they would be covering this like it was obama's katrina, which it is. the jobs report is up. we will check in with karl rove and look at predictions from others as the outcome of tuesday is now pretty much at hand. joining me with reaction to all of this, radio talk show host willie billy cunningham.
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his radio show is heard nationally across the country on sunday nights. sir, welcome back. ju you are a great american. >> sean hannity, how are you? >> sean: after the photo op,. billy cunningham where does president obama fly? to vegas. meanwhile, it it is beginning to freeze in the northeast. people don't have heat, electricity. the gas stations that are open people are waiting six hours or long are to be able to get gas. he comes to town. he hugs chris christie, photo op and then heads off to vegas. your reaction? >> i would say a few things. number one, i think this is obama's katrina in which he is showing a complete lack of compassion. i can recall a speech he gave in denver in front of 70,000 fans in which he said if you elect me the winds will stop blowing and the oceans will not rise. what happened to the anointed one and messiah who could
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control natural events. this dropped out of the friendly skies for a quick photo op and back into the friendly skies and out to las vegas where he said no one should ever go again to raise money. i would say this right now to you, sean hannity, right now in butler county, the most critical county in ohio, 30,000 attended rallies wrapping up that carl cameron talked about two and a half, three hours ago which is the largest crowd. let me give you a little bit of ohio perspective. four years ago. >> sean: i want to stay on this point and then i want your full analysis of ohio because you know ohio better than anybody. let me show you how bad things are getting in the northeast. besides the lines and devastation and suffering and cold weather and lack of electricity. five days into this janet napolitano says well, we will get resources to you as soon as possible. if this was george bush the media would be screaming bloody murder. listen to the people suffering in the northeast tonight.
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>> fed up. fed up. this line. that line. what are we? is this america? >> we are here for you. and we will not forget. we will follow up to make sure that you get all of the help that you need until you have rebuilt. >> we have no food. >> people trapped in here still. >> we pledge to h help those whose lives have been turned upside down. >> don't have anything, anywhere to go. i don't have no clothes. >> people here are still working. they are still looking for people. it's craze. >> we look out for one another and we don't leave anybody behind. >> nothing has been done here. >> where are you going go? you have no gas and no nothing. >> 22 years in my home and i lost it. >> and you have people saying i'm going to die. i'm going to guy. i wish i had the audio but i don't. >> sean hannity i would say that the same federal government that controls fema that can't preposition gasoline trucks near service station and
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preposition bottles and mres is the same federal government that wants to control your healthcare. if they can't hand out water bottles on time and properly how do they handle hip replacement surgery? we are watching the incompetentence of the federal government on display. >> sean: you know ohio. i there was with you in 2000 and 2004 and 2006 you have predicted with pinpoint accuracy what has happened in that state. a month ago, maybe it was two months ago you told me barack obama was going to win, ohio. you said that things have now changed dramatically in the swing state of ohio. where do you stand tonight, sir? >> sean hannity, this state has flipped from the blue column not red column for three reasons. number one, secretary of state john houston in columbus would tell you that there is 220,000 fewer he democratic votes in early voting and 30,000 more
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republican votes. that means there is a 250,000 vote flip which is the margin by which obama won ohio in 2008. secondly, ohio is a republican state. 20 of the last 24 years we had republican governors. the legislature is overwhelmingly republican. every elected member of the supreme court of ohio is republican. 75% of elected officials in 88 counties are republicans. and thirdly, by independent voting measures, 10% to 15% of independent voters in ohio are going to vote for mitt romney. and also the catholic church when i go to saint sin vent in kenwood in since is national the minister is telling us vote for religious freedom. vote for the biblical definition of marriage. vote for life. there is half a million catholics energized in south, ohio, to pull the lever for mitt romney. mitt romney will win, ohio, and is going to win ohio easily. >> sean: wisconsin?
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>> wisconsin will go for romney because what walker did and what ryan did made it possible for mitt romney to win wisconsin. let's face it, tonight in westchester, 30,000 people came to butler county, ohio, the most important county and the most important state in the the union and last -- and the last cycle four years ago, we couldn't get 300 people to watch john mccain. 30,000 stood in a grass field to hear the words tonight of mitt romney and paul ryan and it was a turned on moment for this state. >> sean: billy cunningham you have never been block cincinnati. i'm taking it to the bank. you are a great american. god bless you. >> so are you. god bless america. >> sean: karl rove shares his predictions for tuesday's election. unemployment numbers come in today and unemployment numbers rise yet again. how much more proof do you need that this president is not up to this job? >> a quick programming vote a
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he is saying he is the candidate of change. now, now, don't boo, vote. vote. but let me tell you, colorado, we know what change looks like. we know what is going to help
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the middle class. we know what is going to grow jobs. we know what is going to reduce the deficit. >> sean: really? if you know he how to do all these things why haven't you done them the past four years? is that the best you have got, mr. president? we see what your hopey changey thing brought us all. today the unemployment rate rose yet again. higher than when you took office four years ago and now stands at 7.9%. at this point in your presidency you predictd that by october of 2012 the unemployment rate would be, let's see, 5.2% at this stage. earlier, congressman paul ryan talked about the long list of obama's broken promises. there is no end to it. watch this. remember when said he would cut the deficit in half? i don't even have to follow up that one, do i? what we are seeing today is that 23 million americans are struggling to find work today.
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what we see today s that 15% of our fellow country men and women are living in poverty. this is the highest poverty rate in a generation. the economy is growing at less than half the rate the president said it would be growing at if only he could borrow a bunch of money and spend it on his cronies in the stimulus package. we are 9 million jobs short of what he said he would accomplish. >> sean: the simple truth is the obama administration has done nothing to move this country forward, only backwards. and haar to respond to the president's chances on tuesday, his handling of the storm and much more, former alaska governor and fox news contributor sarah palin. governor, this is simple for me. one in six americans in poverty. $6 trillion debt. 17 million, 17 million more americans on food stamps, bringing the total to 49 million. for every one job obama created 75 more people got on food
5:16 am
stamps during his presidency and there is 25 million unemployed americans. does that person deserve reelection? >> and don't forget our deflated currency and the oncoming inflation that will be a result of that. sean, just a few examples that you gave in the previous minutes of your commentary certainly show that all of that hopey changey stuff of this obama administration straiks is in a big messy loud bloody train wreck and four more days, it can't come soon enough. >> sean: i agree with you. why do i believe -- i wonder if hurricane sandy hit ohio or virginia harder or any of the important swing states president comes in and photo op, big hug with governor chris christie and patting each other on the back and a lot of we are all doing great and every politician's name is named, let's see, we have got four
5:17 am
days, we he have no electricity for millions. we have one in three gas stations open. six hour waiting lines. we have got people suffering, freezing, starving. no water. no gas. homes destroyed. and no government. you can't see any fema help here. nothing. >> well, it is quite a shame that, you know he, obama got what he wanted out of that and that was the photo ops with a republican governor so that he and the mainstream media could kind of fake that bipartisanship that in no way, shape or form does president obama represent. he is the most partisan president i think that we have ever had. so he got his photo ops out of that unfortunately because then he got to jet off and you know, here he goes again. >> sean: back to vegas. >> party in vegas with jay-z and quite unfortunate because as you say, be sean, people are
5:18 am
truly suffering and this isn't a time for politics and i think it is quite a shame that president obama chose to seize the opportunity along with the complicit lap dogs in the media to make it a political statement. >> sean: i got to tell you something and when you hear people saying they are dying, when you hear people saying they have no food, when you hear people saying they are freezing, when you hear -- the president is just out campaigning. and the media in this country is so complicit, so wanting this guy to win it is unbelievable. what do you predict for tuesday night? what is your prediction? >> first, sean, the media is so corrupt that is what the bottom line is, the lamestream media. people through the example of the storm they cannot put their hope and their faith in government. they can't put their faith in some politician. they have to be self-sufficient and dependent on something greater than some politician in washington, d.c. that s a lesson learned in this. tuesday night, you know, i think that many, many people across america wil who perhaps
5:19 am
before wanted to put their hope and their faith in obama's false promises have awakened and we may be up late tuesday night as senator john mccain said earlier on a fox program, i agree with that. i do believe that enough americans have awakened and understand that it is time for a shift, a fundamental transformation not of our country but a transformation of what we perhaps had previously believed in in the name of politics so we can get america back on the right drag. >> i notice even on your sweatshirt you have is an american flag. >> amen. >> thanks for being with us. a lot more coming up tonight. the architect karl rove is here. we will get his predictions and go swing state by swing state for tuesday night. also lin
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four more days! four more days jet four more days! four more days! four more days! >> thank you so much. you got that one right by the way. you got absolutely right. four more days. >> sean: as that rowdy romney crowd pointed out today, forget about four more years. we are four short days away from the most important election in your lifetime.
5:24 am
who better to ask for predictions, form resorb senior advisor, fox news contributor karl rove. i'm actually with you. i got this romney three points and with the backlash that is now evolving on the east coast, six hour lines, violence, electricity, and the president goes in for a photo op and janet napolitano says today oh, we'll get it there as soon as possible be, i think there is going to be a big backlash in the course of this weekend. your reaction? >> look, i think sandy helped him early on because it stopped the conversation about the election and turned it to this gigantic storm but i think you are right the images we are now starting to see coming out of new york the film of the woman on staten island confronting senator schumer, these are not good things to happen. while the state is are generally in charge of disaster relief, the president the advantage of having been there
5:25 am
air early and the disadvantage of anything that happens. fema distributed a very small number of generators and seems to think that it is going okay. >> sean: i think the idea that the president comes in and photo ops and then just like in benghazi wham on a plane right off to vegas is not serving well because the people have not been served here. literally one this three gas stations are closed. it is getting very cold now in the northeast even tonight and it is going to get colder by next week. electricity out for millions. if you get gas or a gas station open it is a six hour wait. generators that were set to be used in the marathon that was canceled because of public pressure could have literally helped 400 homes get power so people can get some heat and electricity. here we are, we are four days out. polls probably don't mean anything at this point. be maybe a little tightening. but where do you see the race as of this moment? >> well, i see it -- i see it tight.
5:26 am
it is a point or two race. the question is going be what moves the dynamic this weekend. people are going to -- the people that are up for grabs are going to be listening to the final arguments. the final arguments were in clear view today. president obama saying things are going good and they are going in the right direction. all we need to do is keep doing what we are are doing and in four more years everything will be fine. governor romney's argument is the country is going in the wrong direction and we need to have change and somebody to create jobs and do something about the debt and put the country in the right place. when you have two out of every three americans thinking the country is going in the wrong direction, it is hard to make a tatous quo argument like the president made today. we will see the various ground games come into play here. we are already seeing it in the early vote. the early news s not good for the the president and is good for governor romney.
5:27 am
>> look at ohio four years ago. 230,000, 40,000 fewer democrats have voted, nearly -- >> no, i have it as of last night. 547,000 democrats have voted early or cast an absentee ballot or requested an absentee ballot, 470,000 republicans. 712,000pares to 712,000 democrats four years ago. >> sean: is this ohio? >> this is ohio. 165,000 fewer democrats have voted. 98,000 more republicans have voted than four years ago. that is a swing. as of last night of 263,000 out of the democratic column and into the republican column. and remember, president obama won the state by 262,000 votes. he cleaned up in the the early vote. he won by over 300,000 votes in the early vote and then lost on
5:28 am
election day to john mccain and the people who showed up at the polls. that is traditionally how it happens. democrats do well in early voting and republicans do well in the election day voting. for the president to have already wiped out by poor performance in the early voting and the republicans take election day bodes well for election day in ohio. i think it will be a squeaker but i think the republicans are likely to take it. this pattern has been here for over ten days. i have been monitoring this watching it closely. as the republican total does up you take that with the democrats who haven't shown up and the republicans who have shown up in excess of the number and this number has been growing. it was like 240,000 late last week, 250,000 early this week and now 263. >> sean: let's then go to florida. by all accounts democrats are even pulling out of there right now because they didn't do well in early voting.
5:29 am
what do you make of virginia? what do you make of wisconsin? what do you make of colorado, nevada, iowa, new hampshire? >> well, look, the easiest way to look at this is even if you look at the real clear politics average which includes a lot of the goofy quinnipiac poles and marist polls. the republicans are winning, indiana,, north carolina, virginia and florida. in fact, if you take a look at that all of the mccain states plus 30s that they are waning and i do think they are going to win, republicans are going to win all four of these states. is they are at 248. then you look at ohio which i think the early vote numbers are clear indication of of what is going to happen in ohio. that s another 18 electoral votes. and then colorado which is, you know, is in the rcp average just under water, 9/10 of a percent. but that is largely because of a couple of outliar polls that have huge numbers more democrats than republicans.
5:30 am
i think we are going to win colorado and that gets you 275. and we are going to pick up out of ohio, new hampshire, nevada or minnesota, pennsylvania or wisconsin we are going to pick up something else as well, i think. >> sean: so you are predicting it will be a good night for mitt romney and the country on tuesday? >> well, it is not going be at night. it is going to be in the morning because this is going to be very close and could go either way. this is where i think it is going as of now. assuming that romney has a good weekend and frantic activity in the right places with the right messages and then sometime after the cock crows as i said on the morning of wednesday morning we are likely to have him be the 45th president of the united states. a long, long night with a lot of very close states. >> sean: i will be looking for fox news projects that is what i'm waiting for. it's coming soon. stay right there. we will continue with karl rove. and then when will this administration start answering questions about libya and
5:31 am
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and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. if there is any one wore relationshipped that the last four years are the best we can do, if there is any one who fears that the american dream is fading, if there is any one who wonders whether better jobs and better pay checks are things of the past i have a clear message, with the right leadership america will come roaring back. >> sean: that was republican presidential nominee mitt romney today giving what the campaign is now calling his closing arguments before voters head to the polls on tuesday. and back with more as we look at our predictions for tuesday the architect karl rove. i want to go back to ohio because as you pointed out we went through all of the numbers, very, very important. then we have got the coal factor in eastern, ohio. you have obviously this election is usually won or host in managemen hamilton county, e
5:36 am
cincinnati, dayton surrounding areas. a lot of catholic voters out there that are not happy about the mandate. are these type of things maybe that are not picked up by polls? >> yeah, and look i don't think they are necessarily picked up by the early vote. i have been looking at what are called the ohio river counties. coal country in southeastern ohio and you look at those and they are okay in terms of the turnout with you look at the sentiment in that area and you recognize and realize there are probably people who are nominal democrats who voted early and ain't voting for obama and then you take a look at hamilton. cincinnati down in the southwest corner of the state is really critical. you also have the counties like claremont and warren slightly to the east of there and you take a look at their early vote totals and they are up enorm over 2008 and well above what they were in 2004. another interesting thing is in the central part of the state
5:37 am
there are two counties, delaware and liking which are suburban exurban counties around columbus. these are counties where they have got soft republicans in there, people who sometimes vote for democrats, sometimes vote for republicans. if you look at the turnout among, for example, 0.37% more republicans than democrats voted early in 2008 and now it is like 30 some odd percent more republicans than democrats voting. that is a sure sign that romney is bringing out michael barone talked about this sort of the aflew went soft republicans, moderate voters in the suburbs coming out to vote for romney. one of the reasons why pennsylvania is in play. take a look at bucks, montgomery, belle and chester counties in the -- delaware and chester counties in the southeastern part of the state and romney is going to run better than republicans have run in recent years. >> sean: and the philly suburbs might not be as strong for dem
5:38 am
democrats and pittsburgh and other places i would expect big turnout there, too. let's go to virginia. in every scenario it is kind of assumed that governor romney will take virginia. up two points on average in the polls that i'm following closely. three points in some. why are you so confident in virginia? what are the signs there that you are looking at? >> first of all, i'm looking at the polls in which he is behind like the washington post poll and governor romney is ahead among independents, strong among republicans and losing the state? i don't think so. look at ratio of republicans to democrats and find out they have a higher number of democrats to republicans than they had in 2008. i think virginia is returning to its original course its historic role of being a republican state. i'm a little worried about the snow in far southwestern, virginia. you do down in the appalachia coal country region and you got a lot of democrats who are going to be voting for romney because of coal. there is a lot of snow down there. i think it will probably be cleared by tuesday but again
5:39 am
when you have a lot of snow and an unseasonably early snow you got a little bit of a problem. romney is doing well, everywhere. he is is really hitting hard defense spending in southeastern, virginia. the tidewater area where you have a lot of defense contractors and a lot of military families. hitting on all of the cylinders in virginia right now. >> sean: last quick question, does romney ryan take wisconsin? >> i think they have a good shot at doing so. the numbers are looking good. president obama is spending a lot of time there which shows he is deeply worried about it. wouldn't be spending time if he were getting away with a state easily. one other thing, too, the president is going to make a stop in superior wisconsin in the northwestern part of the state. i'm convinced he thinks minnesota is at play. that is a place you go in order to affect duluth, minnesota. i think it is a very smart play on the president's part. not only a part of wisconsin that is important but also
5:40 am
saying i need to get there because i may be seeing minnesota slip away from me as well. >> sean: i'm ready for game day. let's get it on. thanks for being with us. >> let's do it. >> sean: we now know that while four americans were dying and our consulate was under fire our administration did not convene its terrorism task force whic exists solely for a crisis like what happened in
5:41 am
5:42 am
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5:44 am
>> sean: and another day, another twist in the white house coverup of the benghazi terrorist attack. according to e-mails provided to fox news, during the attack on the consulate there was a communication breakdown and as a result senior counter terrorism officials felt "out of the loop" and from cables obtained by fox news we are also learning that the u.s. mission in benghazi drafted a contingency plan to suspend
5:45 am
operations and move to the cia annex which was about a mile away. but that is not all. we now know that officials at the state department decided not to send what s called a foreign emergency survivors you port team, a unit designed specifically to respond to incidents such as this. earlier todayed during a briefing the state department was asked to respond. watch this. >> again, i am going to leave it to the arb to do a full review of what went on before, during and after. i'm not going to get into any of the details. >> so as soon as you stand down you will go on the record and say something? >> i'm not planning on speaking on this issue at all. >> joining me, fox news contributor liz cheney. they have contradicted themselves. >> yeah. >> sean: they have ducked. they have dodged, obfuscated and we have four dead americans and they even died. and they are just trying to crawl to election day. is it working, that strategy?
5:46 am
>> every single day sean as more information comes out it is becoming clearer and clearer that the president is more interested in protecting this follows image that he has defeated terrorism than he apparently was in protecting our people. and if you ask yourself what is the most important test for a commander in chief? it is whether or not he s willing to do the right thing regardless of the impact on his political fortunes or on his image, whether he is willing to do the right thing to protect the nation and protect our people and it is absolutely clear that president obama faild that test. >> sean: two weeks after this we know that he was still denying it was terrorism. >> yes. >> sean: we know that the ambassador himself, multiple, multiple requests for extra security that was denied. we know that we have these brave navy seals, ty woods is one of them, told to stand down. he disobeyed orders and risked his career and gave his life and saved some, what, 30 lives in the process.
5:47 am
>> right. >> sean: and we don't know what the president knew, when the president knew it because the president won't tell us. >> right. >> sean: and we know there is videos that exist. go ahead. >> and we know from the cia timeline that was released yesterday that the cia knew it was ansa ral-sharia within hours of the attack. within four hours of the attack the cia knew you that. we also know that the state department has said on the record they did not believe this was because of a video at all ever. they knew there was no mob outside the emba cipr embassy,g before it began. the president of the united states failed to provide the security that the people requested at the connecticut. the president of the united states failed to provide the kind of reenforcements that perhaps could have saved lives and defended those facilities
5:48 am
and people and after the fact misled the american people. for the state department spokesperson to be saying i'm not going to talk about it, frankly, it is way above her pay grade. the president of the united states needs to talk about this. >> sean: this is before mistakes, during mistakes, after lies and coverup. that is what this has now become. but you use the term earlier, you know, we get images of the president when they killed bin laden. he is sitting there in the situation room. we get images when they are talking about hurricane sandy which by the way the president leaveis photo op and leaves town. it is a disaster out here in the the northeast. it is getting cold. people are freezing. there is no gasoline. there is no electricity. there is no food in some places. and he is gone. he is out back to vegas. he seems but not a photo op of what he did with benghazi. was he in the situation room? was he aware that the state
5:49 am
department was watching this in real time? that our intelligence officials knew within hours what this is? i can't believe this has gone on six weeks or seven weeks and we haven't gotten any basic answers out of them. >> if you think about what did the situation room look like in the aftermath of this attack you have to emergency to yourself a dark room with cricket the chirping in it. the president was on his way to spend time with jay-z and beyonce. americans deserve answers before they cast a vote on tuesday. >> sean: and i think the american people have a right to hear the tape that caused ty woods, my sources tell me available, drone video and video of the compound and audio of cries for help that caused ty woods to disobey orders and not stand down as told. why not play that for the american people before the election? >> that bravely exhibited by those men in benghazi they
5:50 am
deserve a commander in chief who is up to that standard of leadership and frankly right now they don't have one. >> sean: coming up, you know things are looking bad for the president when the new york times says that a state like, pennsylvania, could be in play on tuesdsdsdsdsd
5:51 am
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5:53 am
let me tell you something.
5:54 am
i may be the only person in america but i am far more enthusiastic about president obama this time than i was four years ago. >> sean: that was is former president bill clinton at a campaign stop in florida earlier today. seems like president obama's most high profile supporter is finally coming to terms with the dwindling excitement surrounding the anonned one and he is certainly not alone. even the new york times cannot ignore governor romney's forward momentum and is isitting that pennsylvania s in play. so it pennsylvania support of the bishops jet a possibility? here to talk with us is fox news contributor charles krauthammer. you and i were talking off air. what a back handed complian cot
5:55 am
of bill clinton. seems like the president goes and gives christie a hug and promises he will be acting all presidential and then flies off again to of all places las vegas. and since then one in three gas stations are closed. six hours people are waiting in line for gasoline. tempers are flaring. electricity is scarce. and people aren't getting the help they need. janet napolitano says well, we will get it to you as soon as possible. this is five days into this. and i'm thinking that whatever goodwill the president had is backfiring big time as america sees government's income pa tense on display. >> obama in my mind is the luckiest politician i have ever seen. part of his rise in the senate race a long history of that sort of unusual things happening that pave the way for
5:56 am
him. here he is -- i go back to monday of this week. romney is on the roll, increasing slightly every day his lead in the national polls, catching up in the swing states and then sandy hits. first of all, it freezes the race. second of all monopolies the news so nothing else comes out and inevitably you you get to play the commander in chief and get to be in the situation room. of course, he wasn't on libya but that is another issue. then he gets to stand out there with the governor of new jersey a republican so he can now play the bipartisan whereas he has run the most partisan administration probably in the last 50 years. he gets all of those images that are priceless stuff that you couldn't possibly get in advertising. and then the is sub limbal thing. in a disaster the party of government has the upper hand. if there is anything that we need government for, it is war,
5:57 am
national emergencies, domestic and foreign. gives this aura government perhaps it is the thing we need. then you are right the first three days of the disaster is the solidarity phase and the phase when everybody is looking really good and then he takes off and, of course, now is the pain phase. this is inevitable. huge disaster. the government cannot do everything it promises. but the question is will this be local coverage which i suspect it will. and will the national media fly off to vegas with the president, which i think they are going to do. >> sean: look, i don't know the answer to that. i suspect like brit hume said that i guess it is on our shoulders to tell the country that we have been lied to about benghazi. that things that we were told are not true, they knew it wasn't true, they were watching this in real time. so maybe that is our role. but i think it is deeper than that because this anger, this pain, this is his katrina as i
5:58 am
say because it is imploding. charles, there are people, the temperatures are going down fast. there are people freezing. there are people dumpster diving, waiting six hours for gasoline out there. there is no help in sight. and then we got crews from alabama that are being turned away by unions and called scabs and scumbags after they come up to new york to help restore power for people that need power? those are the supporters of obama? that story is not going to be able to stay under wraps for four days, it is impossible. >> a question of under wraps getting the publicity that all of the comparable stories got in katrina. the difference, caucuses tree that you had george bush as president and here you have barack obama as president. the national media are so invested in this guy they will
5:59 am
do everything they can to drag him over the finish line and if it they have to ignore this, they will ignore it the way they ignored benghazi. you can't ignore it completely but it is not going to get the blank coat coverage that the feel good got last week and that is why i think it helped obama to slightly recover in the national polls. >> sean: last question i have for you. who is going to win this election, charles krauthammer, your best prediction? >> romney. very close. but he will win the popular by i think about half a point, electoral college probably a very narrow margin. >> sean: charles krauthammer. going to be a long night on tuesday, maybe even into wednesday morning. but if you are right i will take a half a point. i'm predicting three. i have got a friendly gentlemen's bet, dinner with you and i will be more than happy to pay. thanks for being with us. >> pleasure. >> sean: that is all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. this sunday night, special


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