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tv   Americas Election Headquarters  FOX News  November 5, 2012 11:00am-1:00pm EST

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bill: are you going to sleep tonight? i guess we should. martha: we should, right. get some sleep and store up for tuesday night. it will be really quite something. we can't wait. this is what we've been working for all these years. jon: right? bill: big show tomorrow. check you out tomorrow morning. see you later tomorrow night. make it a great day. martha: "happening now" starts right now. we'll see you tomorrow. jon: we begin with brand new stories and breaking news. jenna: your vote can make all the difference in razor tight presidential race. it all may come down to a photo finish in one battleground state. how governor romney and president obama are spending their final 24 hours. also, a week ago it was easy to fill up the tank. now frustration rules in some places with long lines for gas after that monster storm we've been talking so much about. what impact could scenes like this have on the election? we'll ask that question. the only swing state both presidential candidates
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will visit today. one indication of its critical role in tomorrow's outcome. how both campaigns are getting out the vote in ohio. it is all happing you now jenna: only hours to go. hours, jon. jon: can you believe that? jenna: it is hard to believe. we're glad you're with us. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. brand new numbers to share in the race for the white house as the candidates make final appeal to voters in those critical swing states. the president getting ready to address supporters in wisconsin just minutes from now while governor romney gears up for a rally in virginia. "real clear politics" average of polls shows president obama and governor romney essentially tied. .4 of a percentage point separating these two men. it is a race so tight it could come down to a few battleground states and both candidates are keenly aware of that. >> our fight goes on.
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america does best when everybody gets a fair shot and everybody is doing their fair share and over plays by the same rules. that's what we believe. that's why you elected me. that's why i'm running for a second term. >> tomorrow we begin a new tomorrow. tomorrow we begin a better tomorrow. this nation is going to begin to change for the better tomorrow. your work is making a difference. the people of the world are watching. the people of america are watching. we could begin a better tomorrow tomorrow and with the help of the people in florida, that's exactly what is going to happen. jon: joining us now, ed rollins, the former national campaign director for reagan-bush '84. he is also a fox news contributor. the polls open in less than 24 hours across the country. is this cake already baked? >> no, absolutely not. who turns out tomorrow is what matters. both sides no exactly what they have to do to execute the gameplan.
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obviously romney come from way back to make this a very competitive race and i think he has an excellent chance winning this race. jon: you do? >> i do. jon: why? >> he has more intense voters. he basically solidified his base. it started out as an anti-obama base and became very much a pro-romney base. my sense that is very important place to be. jon: we should mention you managed michele bachmann's campaign. she was campaigning against him. there was not a lot of republican enthusiasm, i should say not a lot but republican enthusiasm was tepid in the beginning. you think he solidified that? >> i think he solidified that. the born-again christian element of republican party is very, very important is really intensified. catholic voters are intensity point in time. they feel that religious freedom issues are very important. whoever wins with the catholic vote, majority historically won the presidency. i think we have real intense supporters out there. senior voters are extraordinary voters and turned out in record numbers in 2010.
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my sense they will do that enabout. jon: you say republicans are for romney. what about independents? >> well i think independents are basically in the latest polls show they're splitting towards him. i think that clearly is what makes a difference. equally important there will be more republican voters than there in 2008 that was a record number of democrats. i think they will have a hard time getting that same kind of vote intensity out again. jon: the democratic polling models that essentially take the 2008 election and call that the new standard, you think that that is inflated with democratic votes? >> it doesn't last too long. didn't last in 2010. quickly evaporated. you go back to the last decade. republicans have increased their intensity and i think our coalitions are very strong and they're very supportive. jon: romney campaign is pushing into pennsylvania and minnesota at this late-stage, running ads. that kind of thing. are those states winnable for them? >> if we end up with a landslide they certainly are.
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i don't think anybody at this point will predict a landslide but certainly ones worth, they have the resources. there is no reason they shouldn't have gone there. i don't think that the coalition that gets them there. i think the coalition that gets them is the one we talked about on the show over and over again. they have to win florida, they have to win virginia. they have to win ohio. they have could win something else, colorado, iowa, new hampshire. jon: these candidates are both making appearances today. i know they're talking about at least on the republican side, mitt romney is talking about making appearances tomorrow. can that be effective again with less than 24 hours ago? >> what i had does creates a media buzz gets your supporters intense. what you don't want to do is take away from getting out the vote efforts, sometimes building rallies, takes volunteers and people. if i do something, make it quick in, quick out and get back to boston and start preparing for victory tomorrow night. jon: your prediction
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victory. >> i think romney will win a close race. jon: ed rollins, thanks very much. >> my pleasure. jenna: i have a feeling my next guest might disagree with that. that's why we have him on. lanny davis, from the d.c. bureau. forever former white house counsel for the clinton administration and fox news contributor. ed, excellent chance mitt romney has. what say you? >> i think ed rollins has it right on everything but his prediction. let's start with undeniable fact, even though i'm a democrat already voted for barack obama. mitt romney deserves a lot of credit for closing a gap by the end of september looked like would be a landslide victory for barack obama. to imagine that obama is actually in some polls in a tie vote in pennsylvania, which was 15 points lead, as recently as 30-days ago, you have to give credit to the surge of mitt romney that started with the first debate but has leveled off. jenna: lanny, why isn't it enough? >> it has leveled off because of two reasons.
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first of all obama did much better in the second two debates. reminded his base why they supported him. he did get a big boost from the latest democratic governor of new jersey, chris christie, who in his own way gave barack obama i'm sure, for sincere reasons a big boost that he could be the bipartisan president that he promised he would be in the '08 campaign which i hope in his second term he will be. jenna: what ed just said about the vote turning away from being anti-president obama vote and a pro-romney vote? what about that enthusiasm for romney and not just against the president? how does that factor in in your mind? >> well it is definitely an issue that concerns me. it is mitt romney of the first debate talked about his record in massachusetts, working with democrats, even mentioned his health care proposal, had been the mitt romney even at the national convention, much less earlier, we would be in a different situation now. mitt romney allowed himself to be labeled so far to the
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right that even rick perry looked liberal on immigration issues. so i think right now the romney that we all feared, which is a moderate to conservative republican, could actually win tomorrow if the turnout is as ed rollins suggests. right now i would rather be in barack obama's position, leading or even in all the battleground state polls than in mitt romney's position. jenna: in a recent editorial you gave three reasons why obama will win and should win on tuesday. among them you say, likeability, you say message, people are more excited about the president. but i notice that you don't really talk about his leadership or his character as a reason why he should win on tuesday. why not? >> well, i, i stride to limit my columns to the, 700 words that, limit me but i certainly do think that he showed leadership on health care and i do think he showed leadership on the economy. and as president clinton has said when you're in a deep
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hole and climbing out, you are better off than you were than you were in the deep he will -- hole. the criticism i've given to president obama on two grounds all year long, is one, his failure to endorse simpson-bowles and address the national debt which i think is a failure of leadership and two, he didn't transcend the political divide of red and blue states. indeed exacerbated it in some of his rhetoric and his very personal attack, negative ads that i was concerned about. so that's, a b-plus from me as a partisan democrat. i'm still a supporter of barack obama. i think he has strong character. jenna: all right. still a passing grade as you just mentioned. >> for sure. jenna: lanny, this is on bill clinton. bill clinton is all over pennsylvania today. he is not the only quote, unquote star on the campaign trail. you have bruce springsteen out there. jay-z, john mellencamp is also out on the campaign trail for the obama-biden ticket. how much do these apearns
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poos really matter this close to election day? >> they rev up the enthusiasm. they really don't change minds but i think bill clinton's message changed minds at national convention. i think it was the pivotal moment for the barack obama campaign that they invited this former adversary in '08, they were adversaries to come in and give a centrist message and also to be gracious to the other side. he said nice words about mitt romney. he still does. even talked about george bush in his speech at the national convention. that's what's been missing in the obama campaign is the transcend ant above partisan politics that made barack obama such a compelling in figure in '08. i think in his second term when he is running for history, rather than for re-election you will see that barack obama emerge. >> only time will tell. do you think bill will break out the saxophone with all the other musicians he has to compete with, or will that not happen today? >> i've known this guy for 40 years. i think that saxophone was
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an important moment in the presidential campaign. i'm not sure, he needs to get his voice back before he blows the saxophone. jenna: it is tough with bruce springsteen and the rest. >> thank you. see you tomorrow. jon: power outages, floods, terrible destruction left by superstorm sandy, they will sure have an impact on election day. it will be a long time before people on staten island will recover. that storm create ad commuting nightmare, triggering long lines at gas stations. many people needing gas not for cars but generators that can power their homes. many others are not sure if the polling places will be up and running tomorrow. >> it's really like on the back burner. i don't know what we're doing today. as far as voting my school is up the block. i don't quite know yet. >> you knew it was coming a week in advance. the same people who were planning for whatever they also should have been
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planning an alternative. jon: david lee miller is in brooklyn, new york, for us where frustration is growing a week after the storm hit. david lee? >> reporter: that's right, jon. it is a cool, crisp, sunny autumn day here in the red hope section of brooklyn. one week after the storm while most of the devastation is gone, water has receded, much of the damage has been repaired, there are still thousands and thousands of people who are suffering, people who live in the public housing projects here, that do not have electricity, do not have water. and are lacking food. we talked to one woman a short time ago, and she explained to us, she like many others are now at the breaking point. >> we can't live like this. it is so hard. we can not live like this. there are people who have not even left their apartment because they're scared.
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we can not live like rats. this is disgusting, when you walk up the stairs you see what i'm talking about. it is pitch black. there are snakes in the hallway. we can't do nothing, nothing at all. >> reporter: we took a look where she lived. the situation, very serious. in fact, dire. the stairwells do not have emergency lighting. we climbed 10 flights to her apartment. there was debris every step of the way. there was human waste on the ground. elevators not working. there is no electricity. her apartment is now heated by her gas stove. her neighbors are doing the same thing, a very dangerous situation. people here say, they have to get help and they have to get it soon. just moments ago i can report that the national guard did arrive here. i asked to speak to the commander in charge. he says he is now on a walking tour, jon. we're going to pan around here. i will let you see for yourself. we'll pan past our light
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stand. pulling up a few moments ago, the red cross. they say they are now here to distribute meals. but many of the people who live in red hook, brooklyn, say they are in desperate need of help. they say their pleas have not been heard. no indication from authorities how much longer they will have to live without power and water. they would like the mayor to come here and see the damage for himself. back to you. jon: what is mess. david lee miller in red hook. thank you. jenna: certainly a lot of stories to get to today. we'll move back to politics now. the presidential candidates focusing on key swing states as they make their final race for the white house. the finish too close to call hours before millions of americans go to the polls. we'll look at two states that play key roles deciding who wins the election tomorrow. of course fox news is your election headquarters. don't miss a minute of the coverage. it begins, 6:00 p.m. eastern
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jon: right now, you are inside america's election headquarters with just hours to go until the polls open on election day. let's look at the race in two swing states sure to have a huge impact on tomorrow's results of the first to new hampshire. the latest "real clear politics" pole average shows president obama ahead of governor romney by two points there. to ohio, where the latest "real clear politics" average the polls has the president leading the governor almost three points. let's talk about it with a couple of political heavy hitters from both states. drew cline, in new hampshire. steven kopf, washington bureau chief for the "cleveland plain-dealer.". drew, i want to start with you. in this kind of election a two point lead would seem to be monumental. yet the obama campaign is spending a lot of resources, sending a lot of surrogates to new hampshire, the president has been appearing there. why? >> the president has come here three times in the last
11:19 am
month. four times if you go back to sent him self. he sent bill clinton twice. michelle has been here, both bidens. they're sending a lot of resources into a tiny state that has four electoral votes. my suspicion they're looking at internal polls showing it maybe a little closer than the public polls show it. jon: that two point lead we talked about from "politico" you think the obama campaign sees it smaller than that? >> that is my suspicion. why else would you have the president of the united states spend so much time, four visits to a state with four electoral votes? the other indication this is how close they believe the national election will really be. that the president has to come to little new hampshire four times. jon: yeah. steven, ohio is always, we could, the phrase is overused, a battleground state. where does ohio stand right now. >> as you said the current polling average is 2.9 points. i will point out a brand new poll out, ohio poll from the university of cincinnati has
11:20 am
a point and a half away. has obama at 50 and, and, it has governor romney at 48.5. that pollster is saying it is too close to call. so very hard to say right now. jon: so, when we're watching returns from ohio tomorrow, stephen, what should we look at? >> you should look at not only what is going on in the big cities, we can all agree i believe that the incumbent president will carry the cities, will carely cleveland. will carry perhaps the core of columbus and will carry cincinnati. you have to look at the exurbs to see what happens there. these are places the republican can be counted on to get 60 to 70% of the vote. does the democrat cut into that margin by two or three or four points or not? or use the urban vote come up, city core vote come up three or four points to outweigh that. a couple of places to look interesting. if you go to ohio's earn border, you're talking coal country. as you know governor romney
11:21 am
really pushed the coal issue pretty hard. we're talking about some issues like jefferson county ohio, which is where steubenville is, obama won that race by 76 votes i believe last time. watch for that to see if it flips back. i suspect it will go over into the red column or the other end of the state, go to defiance. defiance is republican country. there is general motors plant there though. will the auto bailout pay off there? remember defiance is where governor romney first made his comments about jeep jobs going to china. jon: ohio could be a long night there. what about new hampshire, drew. will we know the answer fairly quickly we think? >> i doubt it. i think you're looking at another long night. the romney camp has a bigger get out the vote operation than mccain did here but, tactically on the ground i think advantage goes obama. he has more than twice as many field offices. his get-out-the-vote team is doing something really
11:22 am
interesting this year. they're targeting voters by looking up their voting records and going to their homes or sending them mailers, hey you voted this many times in the new hampshire x-number about of years but your neighbors voted this many times. you're a little behind. won't you be embarrassed if you go out --. jon: we'll have to say good-bye. thank you both dedede and ♪
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jenna: we were talking a little bit about i, the ow come in outcome in battleground state of ohio. we have a live look at following station in ohio, a business i busy place. ohio is one of the ultimate prizes. 18 electoral votes to decide whether governor romney or president obama is headed to the white house next year. ohio is the only swing state
11:26 am
both men will visit today. we have a professor of humanities and foreign policy at barred college. editor-at-large for the american interest. he writes quite a few blogs which i always find interesting including this one last week, walter. the ohio dynamic, weak candidates, strong parties. why do you say that? >> if you look at ohio, neither one of these candidates is who ohioance would have really picked. ohio is down to earth kind of state. it is sort of left community organizer from chicago or is it the mormon plutocrat who has been governor of massachusetts? ohio would probably not wanted either one of those candidates. jenna: interesting when we talk about polls and how tight they are, sometimes, the rhetoric is because, wow, everyone is so enthusiastic about both candidates that's why they're tight. you think maybe they're tight just because maybe satisfaction with one is not very high? >> that is when the polls are almost 50/50.
11:27 am
that means neither candidate is blowing the other one out of the water. at this point, as many people on both sides are voting against the other guy as voting for their own. jenna: tell us a little bit about the strong party part of this. this isn't something we talk a lot about, super pacs and all the money coming into the campaigns. you say ohio is something to watch because the parties are still so strong, even if the candidates may not be? >> that's right. you know when we talk about politics in this country, too often we do it from 30,000 feet up, the nation, the super pacs or whatever. but in a lot of states you still have very important party organizations, that have a history, that have a tradition, that have a morale. ohio happens to be in some ways, have the strongest republican party organization of any state. in ohio it has been winning elections for republican presidents pretty much since the civil war. and you go out there and talk to some of the guys in that party and the people in
11:28 am
that party and they have a sense of identity and commitment. the democrats in ohio, kind of the same. you've got a labor union movement. you've got sort of urban ethnic ties there going. so on both sides you have very self-conscious, very committed organizations. because ohio is usually very closely divided, they're used to fighting. jenna: and that seems like that is part of what we're watching and not to discount either party in this race as we go into election day. >> yeah. jenna: walter, broadly speaking what is it best? is it good to have weak candidates and strong parties on the ground really connected with communities or better to have strong candidates that resonate where where you are in the country and relatively weak party organizations? >> look, i think, i have nothing against strong presidential candidates. i think in our country we need to stress grassroots politics more. people talk about the problem of money in politics and media and so on. the more the grassroots are engaged more its neighbors
11:29 am
and local organizations, you know, pushing for their own agenda things they believe, the less all this money really matters. i'd like to see our country again see stronger parties, stronger local organizations, and for the average citizen to feel like they have more involvement in the government. jenna: do you think that would break some of the focus on let's say the 12 swing states that we'll all be talking about for the next 36 hours? would that make it more democratized if you will, as far as candidates having to pay attention to areas that are a red state or just a blue state and kind of cross off the list without any work? >> i think it would strengthen the importance of issues, speaking to people kind of rationally about the things they believe in. but let's also not another get, the swing states change. missouri used to be a swing state. virginia used to be a solidly republican state. years before that it was a solidly democratic state. california used to be part of a so-called republican
11:30 am
lock. so, you know states change. any given point they're going to be some small subset of states where it is closely argued but over time i think maybe all the states get a chance in the spotlight. jenna: change is the only constant, right? >> exactly. jenna: imagine an election about issues. >> we can't have that. jenna: we have a lot more to talk about. we already do, walter, great to have you on set with us. jon? jon: well it is all about the swing states in the race for the white house. we are now minutes away from president obama's rally in wisconsin. you're looking live at madison, wisconsin. guess who is on stage, the boss, bruce string steen. this comes amid controversy over comments the president made in another battleground state. telling voters there voting is the best revenge. governor romney has an answer to that, we'll take a fair around balanced looks coming up
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jenna: well the presidential candidates spending the final hours before election day battling for undecided voters in some key states. governor mitt romney attending rallies in florida before moving on to virginia. we'll see him there in just a little bit. meantime the president about to take the stage in wisconsin. that's where we find chief white house correspondent ed henry. he is live in madison, wisconsin, where that big crowd is. ed, you traveled with this campaign a long time.
11:35 am
how is the team feeling with one day to go? >> reporter: oh, they feel confident. you have bruce springsteen behind me here. he just started his set. he made nice remarks about people still suffering from hurricane sandy and we can't forget that as the campaign goes on. there are 19,000 people behind me waiting for the president. bruce springsteen started with a song, no surrender. that is may be how they're feeling. there is lot on the line for the president. he will find out whether he wins and gets another four years and whether his signature health care reform will live or die based on this election. tell you last night the president had stevie wonder, another musician singing for him in ohio. the president did some dance moves to suggest he is confident. i talked to some of his top advisors. they say in private they think this could ablow out. they are feeling confident. they think a lot of battlegrounds will go the president's way in the final hours. the case is about trust you can trust him and can't trust mitt romney. take a listen.
11:36 am
>> here's the thing. part of a presidential race is about policy. and part of it is about trust. you've got to have a sense of whether or not the person means what they say, and say what they mean. >> reporter: now obviously the pushback from the romney campaign has been if it will be about trust there are still lingering questions about the terror attack in benghazi. what the administration knew. what they did about it in the initial hours. also lingering questions about the economy. and some of the promises the president made four years ago and where we are now. all of that on the line here, jenna. jenna: nice that you have arranged to have the music in the background as well. i know he is there for the president. it works with your reporting. bruce springsteen is not the only one. you will be with jay-z. you have a star-studded day. you have bill clinton in pennsylvania. >> reporter: yaw. jenna: how big are the
11:37 am
appearances in the final hours? >> reporter: ultimate rock star, bill clinton in terms of democrats trying to turn out the vote. republicans mocked some of these events saying the president doesn't have the same star power he had in 2008 to draw big crowds. so he needs to bring out these celebrities. bill clinton was with him in new hampshire yesterday. he has been one of the president's most forceful advocates, yesterday attacking mitt romney with lines like this. take a listen. >> he has tied himself in so many knots saying he didn't oppose than what he clearly opposed i expect every day he will be offered a job as chief contortionist at cirque du soleil. >> reporter: they are putting bill clinton done out there today for four stops in pennsylvania even though democrats mocked the idea that mitt romney has a chance there for 20 electoral votes. putting bill clinton out there showing they may be more nervous. i'm thankful springsteen started with the slow part of the event and not the
11:38 am
hard wok so you can hear me. jenna: we'll bring your viewers back there when the president started talking. ed, i will start talk calling you ed hollywood men henry since you're around the bigshots. thank you. jon: hollywood henry. the race for the white house not without controversy after a comment by president obama during a campaign stop in springfield, ohio. governor romney seized on it. take a listen. >> no, no. don't boo. vote. vote. voting's the best revenge. >> president obama asked his supporters to vote for revenge. [booing] for revenge. instead i ask the american people to vote for love of country. [cheers and applause] jon: talk about these developments now with sean spicer, the communications director for the republican national committee. sean, you don't think voting
11:39 am
for revenge flies very well among the american public? >> good morning, jon, no, i don't. i think american people are looking for real bold change and the reason we've been able to expand number of battle ground states in this election because of the threeis, intensity, independence and issues. on inches tensety our base is fired up, enthusiastic much more so than the democratic base. we're seeing a huge swell in our ground game in terms of number of voter contacts. independents, no matter what poll you look at governor romney is leading nine, 10 points, all the way up to 20 points with a number of independents going with him. on issues people are looking for mitt romney, they're showing he is the candidate talking about the big solutions to problems we face, whether the economy or the debt, energy independence. so in all of those areas we've got what it will take to propel us over to victory tomorrow night. jon: wait a minute. i'm sure you heard ed henry saying he has been talking with sources inside the
11:40 am
obama campaign, and they say they're pretty confident it will ablowout for obama. >> right. if you look at the two most precious things that campaign has going into the end it is their time and their money. we're putting our time and money into expanding the number of battleground states, minnesota, wisconsin, pennsylvania, new hampshire, all states that jim messina said were very safe obama states a couple months ago. we're putting our time and energy into there because we're expanding the map, the number of states able, we think are in play whereas on the flipside, again, look what ed mentioned in terms where they're spending their top surrogatess. to a place like pennsylvania. they know it is close. they know that governor romney's message is resonating there, they're on defense. wisconsin, minnesota, new hampshire, pennsylvania, they're the ones on defense. we're out there expanding the map. you look at time and money where we're putting ours and they're putting theirs, it tells the whole story. jon: democrats say that expanding the map is a sign of desperation on the part
11:41 am
of republicans. pennsylvania for instance, hasn't voted for a republican president since 1988. you really think pennsylvania is winnable? >> absolutely. i not only think it is winnable, like saying that the team that is surging at the end. game is only running up, only trying to score more points because they're afraid of possibly losing. makes no sense. we are literally expanding the map into places like pennsylvania, wisconsin, minnesota. they're not. and so they are the ones with a couple months ago talked about going into places like arizona, missouri, indiana. we're not playing, they're not going into places they thought were safe. they have taken more states off the map. they're not in north carolina because they know that is going to be romney country. so, again, they're talking points sound good but when you look at the reality where they're putting their candidates and top surrogates and putting their money, there is no question they're on defense and governor romney's intensity and enthusiasm for governor romney and paul ryan is what
11:42 am
is driving us to be able to expand into these states and it is not about 270 anymore for us, jon. this is about 300, 310, 315. jon: you think you can get that many votes? all right. >> jon, i tell you when you go out on the road and see some size of crowds out there and people waiting in the cold for hours on end just to hear and see governor romney or paul ryan it is unbelievable. the enthusiasm that you see on the ground, number phone calls that people are willing to make or go knock on their neighbors doors, i never seen anything like it. jon: we'll see what happens starting tomorrow. i have a feeling that will take a few days to get the thing ironed out. >> i feel good about it. it will be a great night for us. thank you, guys. jon: sean spicer, thanks for being such a regular guest of ours on "happening now.". keeping it fair and balanced we'll talk next hour with the traveling press secretary for president obama's campaign. jenna: 300, 310, 315. jon: that's what he says.
11:43 am
jenna: we'll see what jen has to say about that ed says they're talking the same way. jon: each campaign is very optimistic. that is what is so interesting this time around. jenna: hmmm. jon: somebody's wrong. jenna: someone is wrong, that's for sure. there will be a winner and there will be a loser. the number one voter issue remains the economy. look at the dow. a slow week last week for the dow. closed two days because of that superstorm that hit the east coast. keep it here at fox news channel for the best political coverage anywhere, anytime. fox is america's election headquarters. [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters,
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and you do yours. ask if nexium is right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. [ male announcer ] the way it moves. the way it cleans. everything about the oral-b power brush is simply revolutionary. oral-b power brushes oscillate, rotate and even pulsate to gently loosen and break up that sticky plaque with more brush movements than manual brushes and even up to 50% more than leading sonic technology brushes for a superior clean. oral-b power brushes. go to for the latest offers. jenna: we're waiting the president in wisconsin. we'll bring you there when we see i am step to the microphone in madison. meantime fox news teaming up with folks at twitter to find out what you're saying about voting in the battleground states in the election. throughout tonight and tomorrow twitter will track views of polls and candidates in stwing state
11:47 am
and offer state by state analysis. much of that information exclusively to fox news. activity surrounding the election has truly spiked in the last 24 hours. nearly 3,000 tweets per minute. double what we saw yesterday. there has been more than 1.3 million election related tweets. here is a little bit what people are talking about. yesterday energy was at the top of this list because so much thought and tweets were going towards hurricane sandy and trying to find fuel in the east coast that was screwing a little bit what we were seeing. now we're seeing the economy back up talk. that is what the top top topic related to the election of 2012. foreign policy, taxes terrorism and energy and the environment rounding out the top five. as for candidate mentions look at this. we talk about polls being so tight. 35% for romney-ryan and 35% for obama-biden. we're talking about mentions on twitter that is interesting. we're monitoring tweets from
11:48 am
some fox personalities, political heavyweights. so you can please join us for all the reporting at live for complete online and social media coverage. we'll be talking about it on the air on tuesday. jon, you're on twitter, right? jon: i'm on once in a while. jenna: what do you mean once in a while? jon: i'm sending out a tweet looking for open gas station. jenna: jon has this mysterious social media strategy, if you will. jon: that's right. pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. jenna: i still tweet. you should see the things i tweet about you on twitter. jon: you do? jenna: viewers talk to me bit. we're watching what the candidates are saying because one of reasons we watch twitter because it is a way campaigns are communicating directly with their audience. mitt romney, sort of interesting today, we talked about polls being tight, mentions of both the president and mitt romney being 2008. they're also mirroring themselves on twitter. governor romney earlier today said this. i'm asking for your vote tomorrow because i want to get america working again.
11:49 am
he includes a link to the romney campaign website where you can vote. meantime the president just out moments ago with his own tweet. he says, help win this election by making sure your friends and family vote. they have a link so so that you can go there and find out where you can vote. both campaigns, both candidates talking about where to vote. that gives us an idea about, you know, how important the voting turnout is. all right we'll move on from there. that is a tweet from michelle obama. that was from last night. let's move on to couple live events we'll need to get to today. wisconsin is a swing state but ohio is a swing state as well. jon: ohio is we've nerd huff about it but another swing state could play a major role what happens in the race for the white house. we'll tell you about that. [ female announcer ] the humana walmart-preferred rx plan p-d-p
11:50 am
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11:53 am
jon: it holds the first-in-the-nation primary and new hampshire will also play a pivotal role in this election as one of the crucial battle ground states in this very close race. molly line, live in manchester. how hard-fought is the race in the new hampshire, molly. >> reporter: tooth and nail. president obama returning for a sixth visit yesterday. later on today, former massachusetts governor mitt romney will return for a 12th visit there is tremendous amount of advertising dollars spent. we had no trouble finding voters ready for yesterday to get rid of the ads. pro-romney ads have spiked no surprise there. they're spending $8950,000 in the final week. obama team, $650,000.
11:54 am
overall the democrats spent more money here in the granite state. up through the end of the october, democrats spent 6 million to republicans 12 million. polls are fluctuating as well with. latest granite state polls over the weekend showed a dead-heat. final polls released today, shows president obama pulled ahead 50% to mitt romney's 45%, jon. jon: what are voters saying there? >> reporter: no surprise here but the voters are very engaged in this election. they're always willing it talk politics and easy to find people on both sides. take a listen. >> i'm voting for barack obama because i believe in his stance on social policy issues, particularly around human rights. >> i'm voting for mitt romney. >> reporter: why? >> well, because i think most important for me right now is the economy and getting jobs back on track. and our deficit. while i agree with some of the social issues with obama, more important for me right now is the economy. >> reporter: and here's a little perspective how
11:55 am
powerful four electoral votes can be. in the year 2000, george w. bush beat al gore here in the granite state by 7,000 votes. a little more than 1%. had al gore won here he would have won the election. jon? jon: fascinating, molly line new hampshire. molly, thank you. jenna: new hampshire to wisconsin. another important swing state. there's the president holding his first rally of the day. let's take a listen. >> i can't thank him enough for everything that he has done for this campaign. he is an american treasure. he gets embarrassed when you talk about him that way but he tells a story what our country is and what it should be and what it can be. and i get to fly around with him on the last days that i will ever campaign, so that is not a bad way to end things. this is an incredible crowd and it is good to be back.
11:56 am
[cheering] the weather is cooperating. you know, sort of feels like chicago. nice and brisk. there are a couple of other people i want to thank before we get started. your next senator from the great state of wisconsin, tammy baldwin is here. [cheers and applause] she'll follow in the footsteps of two other outstanding wisconsin senators, herb kohl and russ feingold who are here. [cheers and applause] one of tht
11:57 am
storms of our lifetimes. and i had a chance to visit new jersey and every day i've been talking to mayors and governors and local officials and families, and we mourned those lives that have been lost. and, whenever i talk to folks in the region i tell them, the same thing that i say whenever a tragedy bee sets the american family and that is, the american people come together and make a commitment that we will walk with these folks whose lives have been upended every step on the hard road and the hard road to recovery. we'll carry on, no matter how bad the storm is we will
11:58 am
be there together. [cheering] no matter how bad the storm is we will recover together. we're all in this together. we rise or fall as one nation and as one people. you know madison, that spirit has guided this country along its improbable journey for two centuries. it carried us through the trials and tribulations of the last four years. in 2008 we were in the middle of two wars and the worst economic crisis since the great depression. today our businesses have created nearly five 1/2 million new jobs. [cheers and applause] the american auto industry is back on top. home values are on the rise. we're less dependent on foreign oil than anytime in 20 years and we've doubled the production of clean energy across america.
11:59 am
[cheering]. because of the service and sacrifice of our brave men and women in uniform the war in iraq is over, the war in afghanistan is coming to a close, al qaeda is on the path to defeat, usama bin laden is dead. we have made progress these last four years. [cheers and applause] we've made progress these last four years but the reason we're all gathered here in addition to listening to bruce, is because we know we've got more work to do. we've got more work to do, as long, as there's a single american who wants a job but can't find one, our work is not yet done. as long as there are families working harder and harder but still falling behind, we've got more work to do. as long as there's a child
12:00 pm
anywhere, in madison, in wisconsin, in america, whose languishing in poverty and barred from opportunity our work is not yet done. the fight goes on. [cheers and applause] our fight goes on because this nation can not succeed without a growing, thriving middle class and sturdy, strong ladders for everybody who is willing to work to get into the middle class. our fight goes on because we know america has always done best, we've always prospered, when everybody gets a fair shot. and everybody's doing their fair shot. everybody is playing by the same rules. that's what we believe. that's why you elected me in 2008 and that is why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states. [cheers and applause]
12:01 pm
>> four more years! four more years!. four more years!. >> wisconsin, tomorrow you have a choice to make. and it's not just a choice between two candidates or two parties. it is a choice between two different visions for america. it is a choice between turning to the top-down policies that crashed our economy, or, a future that's built on providing opportunity to everybody and growing a strong middle class. [cheering] understand wisconsin, as americans we honor the strivers, the dreamers, small business people, risk-takers, entrepreneurs, who have been the driving force behind our free enterprise system. and that free market is the greatest engine of prosperity and growth the world has ever known but we also believe that in this
12:02 pm
country, like no other, our market, our system works only when everybody has got a shot, when everybody's participating, when everybody has a chance to get a decent education. when every worker has the chance to get the skills they need. when we support research into medical breakthroughs and new technologies. we believe that america's stronger, not weaker, stronger, when everybody can count on affordable health insurance. [cheers and applause] we believe our country is better when people can count on medicare and social security in their golden years. [applause] we think the market functions more effectively when the rules are in place to make sure our kids are protected from toxic dumping. to make sure consumers are not being taken advantage of by unscrupulous credit card
12:03 pm
companies or mortgage lenders. we believe there's a place for rules and regulations that make sure that people are safe. and we also believe there are some things politicians should stay out of. for example, we think that folks in washington, specially men, should not try to control health care choices that women are perfectly capable of. >> the president with his first speech of the day in madison, wisconsin. he has quite a day ahead of him as does mitt romney, traveling to several states, with their final argument if you will to voters. the president starting off today, saying no matter how bad the storm is we will recover together. in reference to hurricane sandy, a metaphor, a bipartisan metaphor for his campaign in the last seven days. if you want to watch the president and what he has to say in madison you can do so at jon: meantime there is breaking news out of the romney campaign. romney campaign sources
12:04 pm
confirmed to fox news that the governor will return to ohio for an event tomorrow. john roberts is in columbus now, live with more on that, jon? >> reporter: good afternoon to you, jon. another sign how important the buckeye state is in this election. early voting has been going on here more than a month, $1.6 million votes cast. romney campaign feels they need to come back here one more time. we go to nevada, then ohio, then florida, ohio. then virginia, then ohio. they feel like even though they have got an event this afternoon at the airport in columbus they need to come back here one more time. very unusual for a presidential candidate to come out to do an event on election day. typically they wrap up around midnight as governor romney is planning to tonight in manchester, new hampshire with kid rock and others and go back to the home base and sit there and go vote. they wait for election results to come in that night. governor romney and his
12:05 pm
campaign feeling because they feel like they could grab ohio? they have been very confident about that with their conversations with me or they feel like they need to come back here because it is slipping away. we also don't know what type of event it will be or where it will be. the columbus, dayton area has been a focus. they want to reinforce ham milt ton county -- hamilton county in cincinnati or collier county in cleveland. we don't know what will happen or what form it will take because you don't want your supporters if they already voted out at a campaign rally as opposed to polls but we hope to get the news back to you. jon. jon: it will be interesting to see, john roberts in columbus. >> reporter: it will. jon: with a dead-heat in the polls, both candidates have one day left to try to convince voters. it is down to the ground game and who can do a better job getting out to vote. both sides spending final day of campaign, making a final pitch to voters before they grow to the polls and
12:06 pm
cast their votes. president obama speaking right now in had son, wisconsin. then he goes to columbus, ohio, and des moines, iowa before heading to chicago, where he will spend election day waiting for the results. governor romney making stops in florida, virginia, ohio, and new hampshire before, as we just heard from john roberts, heading to ohio for a little more campaign and campaigning, and then spending the rest of the day at his home in massachusetts. bret baier is the anchor of "special report." he will be leading our coverage on election night and where these candidates are going tells you a lot about the state of this race. >> it does, jon. tells you a lot what they're trying to defend. tells you a lot what they're trying to prevent the other candidate from getting to 270. that is the bottom line the race to 270 as we've been talking about, 270 electoral votes needed to win with the white house. and right now, according to the average of all the polls president obama does have the edge in these battleground states but what we've been talking about also is the enthusiasm you
12:07 pm
get on the ground and how much that turns things. what percentage does that, what does that mean in these battleground states, versus the organization of the obama campaign. so the gop enthusiasm versus the machine of the obama campaign in the battleground states. that is the battle we'll be seeing playing out in state after state after state. jon: the romney campaign thinks they opened up new battleground states. they are advertising in pennsylvania on the air in michigan as well with. the question is, is that pie in the sky? is it a feint? is it a dodge or is it the real deal? >> you talk to republicans in pennsylvania. you talk to people that look at this stuff very closely. they say the pennsylvania ones seems to be real. that the polls are very, very tight but traditionally, republican, state of pennsylvania and michigan frankly has been charlie and the football. they pull the football away at the last minute despite spending tile and money there. the fact that governor romney went there suggests, perhaps they see an opening
12:08 pm
there. democrats say it is a desperate ploy. republicans say, this is the real deal. jon: what about florida? democrats were rejoicing when paul ryan became the vice-presidential pick because they thought they were going to be able to clobber republicans over the issue of medicare. >> right. jon: doesn't seem to have worked in florida? >> in fact most polls now say the issue of medicare is very tight, four or five points towards president obama but, used to be 15, 16, 17 points advantage for president obama and joe biden. so in florida that issue is really a nonissue and most people are seeing florida going republican but the fact that mitt romney has to make a stop there suggests that it is a little tighter than they would have liked. jon: tight, tight as a drum really in so many of these states. bret baier, good to have you here. >> thanks, jon. jon: america's election headquarters is the only place to watch on election night. bret will head up coverage along with megyn kelly. we'll have reporters all over the nation and a panel
12:09 pm
of great analysts at the ready. it starts tomorrow night at 6:00 eastern time. jenna: certainly talking a lot about ohio. governor romney and president obama ending their campaigns with all all out sprint and contest in the buckeye state could not be closer. the president edging governor romney by just under three points as you see in your screen. that is according to the "real clear politics" average of statewide polls. here is a little context why ohio is a big deal. 18 electoral votes up for grabs. as bret said, 270. that is the number. that is what it takes to win the president has visited the state 17 times since april. governor romney making 22 visits since that time, when he became his party's presumptive nominee. as we heard the breaking news from john roberts. he will be headed back there again tomorrow. for some historical context, contests, that is, john f. kennedy was the last candidate to lose ohio and still win the white house
12:10 pm
way back in 1960. so it has been done before. mike tobin live in columbus with the latest now. mike? >> reporter: jenna, as you take a look around this early voting location in franklin county, columbus, ohio, you see how busy it is. this is an old kohl's department store. it is packed with people. the line snakes all over the old department store. of 15,000 votes cast earlier in ohio over the weekend, 8513 were cast right here. so arguably this is ground zero for ohio. that is why it is getting so much attention from all over the nation. the obama for america tour bus just drove through this location, hauling with it a bunch of obama supporters. politicians from all over the nation. their goal is to influence the outcome. they do it by talking to people, particularly those they consider their base, their base of support and encourage them to endure these long lines. >> the reality what happens here in ohio will impact
12:11 pm
california. we know the outcome of the race will i think be determined by how ohio actually votes. so we're here to encourage people to vote and vote early obviously. >> reporter: democrats here in ohio believe they're getting a bump from early voting. republicans in ohio agree that the difference is the republicans think by pushing so much of this early vote that the democrats are cannibalizing the voters who would come out on election day. they anticipate that the numbers will swing quite a bit on election day, despite the fact we're seeing a lead for the democrats here in ohio right now. it is all very exciting. both sides are predicting very, very narrow margin of victory. jenna. jenna: exciting indeed. the next 36 hours, mike. time will dell tell. mike tobin, thank you. we're in the final push before election day with the candidates locked in one of the closest presidential races in recent history. it all comes down to the battleground states. we'll talk to president obama's traveling press
12:12 pm
secretary on the campaign trail in the swing state of wisconsin. plus a look at media coverage of the campaign. how it started to change after the first presidential debate. what do you think happened? we'll get into it. i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th,
12:13 pm
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jenna: both candidates in a final mad dash across several swing states today. last hour we talked to san antonio spicer, the communications director for the republican national committee. he says his team is busy expanding the electoral map, they have a real shot at winning and putting the obama team on defense. take a listen. >> in terms of where they are spending their top sur gather, tow a place like pennsylvania, they know it's close and governor romney's message is resonating there. they are on defense in all the
12:16 pm
states, wisconsin, new hampshire, pennsylvania. we are out there expanding the map. we are looking at time and money, where we are putting ours and they are putting theirs it tells the whole story. >> travel press secretary for the obama campaign is live in wisconsin at the first event today. >> tkgood mourn. jenna: nice to have you with us. he says you guys are playing defense, is that what you're doing today? >> that is fantasy land talk by mr. spicer with all due respect. this is a campaign where we are currently tied or ahead in every single swing state poll. mitt romney is trying to compete in pennsylvania. right now he's spending time there because they haven't been able to crack the nut of ohio. we feel great about our chances. we feel we have a better ground game, a better candidate, a better deal for the middle class and think that w wl lead us to victory tomorrow. jenna: we heard breaking news that mitt romney is going to be headed back to ohio tomorrow for an unplanned campaign stop in
12:17 pm
the final hours of the election. will that alter your plans at all? >> no, the president will be very busy today and tomorrow. he'll be doing about a dozen radio calls to get people out to the polls, about a dozen interviews with state satellite tv, he'll maybe be visiting with volunteers. he'll no question be pounding the pavement looking for every vote between today and tomorrow. we haven't changed any travel plans. one last visit to ohio doesn't change the fact that the people of the state have rejected what mitt romney is offering. and we don't think -- we think that ohio is going to be in the democratic column tomorrow night. >> san antonio seems very confident. he says it's not about 270 it's about 30o310, 315, and oured henry, and he's talking about electoral votes. our yessed henry says the murmurs in the backe backed are
12:18 pm
similar, very, very confident about a huge victory. do you want to get on the record with that. are you arresting a 200 2300, 310, 315 victory here. >> i never make a death about election threat votes. we feel great about our path to victory. our ground game is second to none. that is going to get us across the finish line. the romney teams can use any spin and talking points that they want to use but all that matters is how many people vote and we think more people will vote for president obama than mitt romney tomorrow. jenna: speaking of spin let's put that aside for a second. i have a personal question for you, jen. i'm thinking of all the work both campaigns have put in over the last years. and it takes something special to, you know, give up a normal life, quote unquote, hit the road and devote yourself to one man, trying to get one manny elected president. i'm curious, why, why did you decide, why do you believe so much in the president that you're willing to do that?
12:19 pm
>> well, i've worked for him for about six years on and off, and i have to tell you today i believe in him even more than i did the first day that i started working for him, because he has fought to get healthcare reform passed, he has fought to get wall street reform passed. he doesn't shy away from challenges. at this point in the game this is a family and we have people back on the road with us who were part of this team, part of this family four years ago in chicago, part of this time and part of this family your years ago and we are here because we are excited and inspired by the president every day. no sleep, massive coffee i may be doing jumping jacks later, but no regret about it. jenna: jumping jacks to keep you awake. >> exactly, exactly. jenna: we were struck on set talking about the campaigns and how much it takes to put these things together. we look forward to having you back as always. thank you. >> thank you.
12:20 pm
jon: i'm noticing her purple scarf. she doesn't want to go red or blue. jenna: it's the color of the moment, jon, it's very politically neutral. jon: there you go. governor romney and president obama making a final push for votes before election day. with the race too close to call are the media treating both candidates equally? we'll take a look with our news watch panel next. plus we talk a lot about the electoral college, but what is it? why do we have the thing? you've been asking, we have the answers coming up on "happening now." [ metal rattling ] ♪ boo! i am the ghost of meals past. when you don't use new pam, this is what you get. residue.
12:21 pm
[ female announcer ] bargain brand cooking spray leaves annoying residue. that's why there's new pam.
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12:23 pm
jon: with just one day to go before the election president obama and governor romney essentially are locked in a tie. an interesting analysis of media are coverage of the presidential candidates caught our attention. according to the pew's research
12:24 pm
centers project for excellence in journalism before the first presidential debate president obama had the edge in terms of favorable media coverage. 22% of the coverage he got, 51% mixed, 21% negative. after the first debate the numbers essentially flipped with governor romney getting 20% possible tee stories, 50% mixed and 30% unfavorable. so have the main team media treated both candidates equally? let's bring in our news watch panel for today. jim pinkerton is contributing editor and writer for the american conservative magazine, also a fox news contributor. alan colmes is host of the alan colmes radio show also a fox news contributor, and author of the book "thank the liberals for saving america and why you should." jim, i imagine you looked at these results and said surprise, surprise. >> well, not really, because it still showed governor romney getting negative press after october 3rd. that was kind of striking. look, even president obama admits that he was quote, asleep unquote during that first debate
12:25 pm
on october 3rd in denver, and yet even after romney wins a huge victory the press still manages to be negative against him. i would point out lest the viewer be confused here the pew center survey that shows on net over this year president obama has got even much better press than governor romney over the whole course of the period of time the survey ends on october 21st, that was to say two weeks ago. since then we've seen another reversion back to the norm i think. jon: alan you would agree that the press ought to be fair, right. >> sure. jon: are they. >> yes, the press goes with the momentum is. there was certainly more momentum for mitt romney after the first debate an got as you see in the pew study reversal of where the numbers were. in terms of after october 21st certainly what's happened over the last week if you want to talk about press coverage itself the hurricane probably went to the favor of barack obama in terms of press coverage because he was front and center as someone leading the nation.
12:26 pm
the president obama goes with the momentum. i think think as a whole the press is automatically by as. conservatives feel that way. i think they are saying that because when romney loses they can say, the press t did it. >> they say the top issue to voters was the economy but you'd never know it from the news coverage. even the gop primary moderators pushed social issues to give team obama ample distractions from the 23 million under and unemployed. jim, what do you think? >> i think he's right. i think that if this had been president bush presiding over this exact same economy, homelessness and unemployment, and misery would be the lead story every day. let -- since alan mentioned the hurricane, let me give you another example of this. today's new york times the headline is in sight of manhattan skyline living for
12:27 pm
loren and dark. this is rockaway queens where there is no light, no power nothing. this story is going to hurt mayor bloomberg badly in his legacy in new york city. however if you go back seven years to hurricane katrina the news then about that storm was how president bush and fema and michael brown and everybody failed. you never heard about mayor nagan and governor belong could he. now the situation is reversed and it's bloomberg taking the blame for the storm and not doing better for it as opposed to president obama. if this were bush right now you'd be seeing a split screen of bush campaigning, and then people being miserable in their wrecked houses back home in queens. jon: what about that? we heard from david lee miller earlier today, a hispanic woman getting up there in years complaining how absolutely miserable it is where she's live. why should that not be president obama's fault as it was president bush's fault? >> katrina was a much larger
12:28 pm
national issue than with all due respect to queens. jon: why? >> because katrina was -- the magnitude of katrina in terms of what it represented nationally was not specific to a neighborhood in new york. overall the reaction to sandy has been -- jon: so the president is not -- i mean he's the president to all the people. what does it matter if the story hit in queens -- >> the media is focused in that particular case on the story of one woman. by the way i don't even know what party bloomberg is. he's an independent. are they trying to make bloomberg look bad because he's left or right? >> they are trying to make bloomberg look bad because he's not the president, he's the scapegoat, he's taking the fall. hurricane sandy was new york city, it was new york state, it was new jersey who probably got the biggest hit of all and yet again there is not the kind of agonizing anguished coverage anderson cooper parked in new york two years after the storm to talk about how terrible bush
12:29 pm
was. >> why did chris christie get such favorable coverage? he was it because he was a republican. >> he got good coverage because he was praising obama. >> the only reason they covered christie was because he spoke positively of obama otherwise the governor of new jersey where the storm hit would not have got even coverage. >> he got more coverage and affection because he praised obama. >> because obama did a good job and christie did the right thing by praising him. >> people in the impact zone in the skyscrapers, i don't know if they would say good job now. it's a week out and they have no heat or power. >> are they blaming particular politicians for it? >> they are blaming the system and fema and the national media are not connecting the dots that the president is in charge of fema. jon: i am eating of jenna's time. we have to say about guy. jenna: want to bring you to jersey city new jersey where we are watching a two alarm fire
12:30 pm
that has apparently spread from one building to another. this area affected greatly by hurricane sand deal. we don't know the source of the fire, how it began. we know there are no injuries reported at this time. it's worth a mention that when electricity starts coming back online and jon you probably know a lot about this. when there is flooding, a lot of water, electricity has been out you really need to make sure that your main fuse breaker box is turned off. when electricity comes backo on it can spark a fire. a lot of folks are using oven toss try to heat their homes. it's really, really cold here in the northeast. i'm just mentioning this. we don't know if that is related to this fire. i'm mentioning this. sometimes we see this after a catastrophe. jon: it's the most dangerous part. people use candles for light, they might even bring a barbecue in their home to try to heat it, it's very dangerous, it has carbon monoxide. jenna: let me draw your
12:31 pm
attention to this. this is a firefighter coming out on a stretcher where the fire is taking place. we don't know anything about his condition or who potentially is inside the homes. so far no inquiries reported, obviously as we see this we'll bring you more information and bring you back to jersey city. at this point still a lot of information yet to be gathered. jon: more misery. jenna: we'll keep you up to date on this. it is a last-minute push for both campaigns in the battleground states. any minute now governor romney will speak at an event in virginia. you're taking a look at a live picture there. polls put the presidential candidates in a dead heat in virginia. the latest on that. and the day before election day already problems turning up at polling centers. what eric shawn in our voter fraud unit has just uncovered, we're going to have his live report just ahead. [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan?
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12:35 pm
>> flee hours ago mitt romney was in florida, now he is in another key swing state virginia for an event. let's go ahead and listen to the governor >> w governor. >> we ask that you stay at this all the way until victory tuesday night. [cheers and applause] >> tomorrow we begin a new tomorrow, perhaps some of your family and friends have not yet made of their mind who they are going to vote for, so ask them to look beyond the speeches and the ads and all the attacks,
12:36 pm
because talk is cheap. ask them to look at the records. a record is real and it's earned with real effort. the president promised change, but change can't be measured in speeches, it's measured in achievement. and look at his record, four years ago candidate obama promised he'd do so very much but he fell so very short. he promised to be a post partisan president but he's the most partisan. blaming, attacking, dividing. it's not only republicans he refused to listen to, it's also independents. by the way he was going to focus on creating jobs, instead he focused on creating obamacare and that kills jobs. [booing ] >> he said he was going to cut the federal deficit in half, he doubled it. he said that unemployment by now would be at 5.2%. we learned on friday it's 7.9%. those percents may not be real meaningful to you, unless you think about the people behind
12:37 pm
them, because that's 9 million american jobs short of what he promised. unemployment today is higher than when barack obama took office. now he promised he'd also have a proposal for us by now to save medicare and social security from insolvency. he hasn't. in fact he raided medicare $716 billion to pay for obamacare. [booing ] >> he said that he was going to lower health insurance premiums for the average american family by 2,500 dollars a year. and if you got that ne have you got that new reduced rate? i didn't think so. it has gone up by $3,000 a family. with a median income of a family at $50,000 about that is a $5,000-plus difference. the gasoline has gone up $2,000 per family since the president has been in office. by the way he said he'd walk
12:38 pm
across the aisle, work with republicans on the most important issues of the day, do you know that he has not met on the economy or on the budget, sequester, or on jobs with either republican leader of the house or senate since july? think of that. [booing. >> instead of bridging the divide between the parties he's made it wider. now so much of you look at the big debates we have in this country not as a republican or democrat but as an american. you watch what has happened over this country over the last four years with an independent voice. you hoped that the president would live up to his promise to bring people together to solve big problems. he hasn't. i will. [cheers and applause] >> let me tell you why he fell so short of what he promised. it's because he cared more about a liberal agenda than he did
12:39 pm
about repairing the economy. i mean, did obamacare create new jobs? >> no. >> did his war on coal and oil and gas create new jobs? >> no! >> did that dodd-frank regulatory bill help banks give out more loans. >> no. >> does race raising taxes put more people to work. >> no. >> how about that avalanche on new regulations, does that help small business? >> no. >> you've got it right. almost every measure he took hurt the economy, it hurt fellow americans. we have 23 million americans today, think of that number, 23 million americans struggling to find a good job. one out of six of our fellow citizens living in poverty. and the middle class is being squeezed in our country. take home pay is down by $4,300 a year from the year he took office. and you're paying higher prices at the pump, higher prices for insurance, for electricity. this weekend i spoke with a wife
12:40 pm
of a 60-year-old man here in virginia, he had worked as a welder for 40 years, but he just got laid off at age 60 in the prime of his life, by the way. [laughter] >> yeah there are a few of us, yeah. [cheers and applause] >> his wife asked, what can i do to help him? and she made it very clear she doesn't want a government check. he wants a job. the president thinks more government is the answer, more jobs, that's the answer for america. [cheers and applause] >> the question in this election comes down to this. do you want four more years like the last four years? >> no! >> or do you want real change? >> yes! >> of course president obama promised change, he just couldn't deliver it. i not only promise change, i have a record of achieving it, i built the business --
12:41 pm
[cheers and applause] >> i helped turn around another business that was in trouble. helped put the olympics back on track when they were in trouble. and with a democrat legislature in my state i helped turn my state from deficit to surplus, and from job losses to job growth, and from higher taxes to higher take home pay. that's why i'm running for president. i know how to change the nation, how to get it back on course, how to create jobs, how to get a balanced budget, how to get rise in take-home pay. [cheers and applause] >> accomplishing real change is not something i just talk about, it's something i've done and it's what i'm going to do when i'm president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> if you believe we can do better, and if you believe america should be on a better course, if you're tired of being tired, then i ask you to vote
12:42 pm
for change. help us win this. paul ryan and i are going to bring real change to america from day one. when i'm elected -- jenna: there is the audio. we are having a little problem with our feed from virginia. that happens from time to time. we were just about to tell you you can watch more of what mitt romney is talking about online. his themes go back to the economy, the mantle of change that we heard from the president's campaign four years ago. you heard from the president at the top of the hour. he was talking about bi-partisanship and healthcare a little bit. let's take a minute more of mitt romney then we'll talk a little bit of about where the two campaigns are headed over the next 36 hours. >> people all overt country are responding to our five-point plan to create jobs. part one is taking full advantage of our energy, oil, coal, natural gas, renewables and nuclear. i'm going to double the number of leases and permits on federal lands and in federal waters.
12:43 pm
i'm going to act to speed the approval of the keystone pipeline from canada. [cheers and applause] >> number two i'm going to move to boost trade, particularly with latin america. we have some natural advantages there and it's a huge market. i'll finally designate china as a currency manipulator, they've got to play fair. [cheers and applause] >> i'm going to -- [no audio] jenna: that was mitt romney again, and jon has now more on the campaign. what else -- there is a lot more to talk about. but you're going to focus on politics as well. jon: that's right it is essentially a tie race with less than 24 hours to go in the race for the white house. all the major polls point to one thing, a dead heat between governor romney and president obama. all the polls show it within the margin of error. so what can we take from these latest numbers? bill crystal is the editor of
12:44 pm
"the weekly standard" and a fox news political analyst. as a political analyst, bill are you making predictions. >> no, i think it will be a close race, and that's pretty amazingly close and it could break either way at the very end or -- so i don't know. i was very struck by the mitt romney speech we just saw. he is closing in my opinion in the right way. he's closing big, he's closing presidential, he's closing with an indictment of president obama but a policy indictment of president obama not a personal indictment and he's closing with his own positive agenda. i think that's intelligence. that could win the few. ing independents. i talked to someone last night making phone calls in ohio, his organization is making phone calls in ohio, he's on the republican side so you can discount him, they found independents, they are calling people who previously said they were uncertain voters, uncertain who they were going to vote for. he says they are breaking 60-40 for romney enough to put him over-the-top in ohio. there is a little bit of a move
12:45 pm
to romney in the end. certainly more enthusiasm and intensity on the republican side. i don't think it will be that easy for the obama machine or team to drag reluctant obama volters from o890 the polls. if you had to put a gun to my head i'd predict romney but it's too close to call. jon: they have romney winning 47-40. republicans are heartened by that. they say it's hard to win an election for president if you are not winning the independent vote. >> if he wins independents by 5, 6 points he'll probably win the election. i talked to one pollster this morning who said, look if more low propensity voters vote it probably helps president obama . if you get the enthusiastic voters voting, and some voters who 0 are disappointed with president obama, they can't quite bring themselves to vote for a republican, for mitt romney they don't agree with him on some issues they may just stay home and that scenario, mitt romney wins.
12:46 pm
obviously everybody depends on who votes. i'm struck personally because i've talked with democrats who have been very loyal democrats. one or two are not voting this year, one or two are voting for romney. i know of no one going the other way. i talked to people in pennsylvania, that really is in play. here in virginia it will be close, i think romney has a slight edge. my personal gut instinct is a slight movement to romney, which might be enough to take him over-the-top by a point or two in these key states. i think anyone who says they know what is going to happen tomorrow night, though is not telling the truth. jon: pennsylvania fascinating hasn't voted for a republican president since 88. democrats say, oh, the romney campaign is just blowing smoke by advertising in pennsylvania, but if that's true, then why is president obama sending bill clinton to pennsylvania to campaign for him? >> i think that is a very big deal, jon. clinton is their biggest weapon and in states like pennsylvania clinton is more popular i'm almost certain than president obama would be. clinton carried pennsylvania
12:47 pm
pretty comfortably both times. hillary clinton won pennsylvania in 08 against president obama. president obama said they bit early cling to their guns and the like. they are putting in clinton to bolster the swing reagan-clinton democrat vote in pennsylvania. i don't know that that is going to work. i've talked to people in western pennsylvania in particular as well as people in the philadelphia suburbs, i think that could be amazing if pennsylvania goes by half a point or a point for romney, or ohio go that way, mitt romney may not have such a close victory in the electoral college. they will all be close. jon: bill crystal thanks for watching it with us. we'll take you back now to that romney campaign. we think we've got the gremlins out of the system, let's listen in. >> she teared up as she was telling me this. and it wasn't about the money, this was about her future for
12:48 pm
her family and for her family of employees. i want to help the hundreds of thousands of dreamers like rhoda, and i will. [cheers and applause] >> another difference. now that if the president is reelected he's going to say he's going to improve our schools. but he'll do what his largest campaign supporters the public sector unions insist on, and your kids will have the same schools with the same results. when i'm president i'll be a voice of the children and their parents, because there is no union for the pta. [cheers and applause] >> i'll give the parents the information they need to know if their school is succeeding or failing and i'll give them the choice they need to have to pick the school where their child has the best chance for success. [cheers and applause] >> by the way, as governor we were able to take our schools to the very top in the nation,
12:49 pm
number one in 50 states and we did that by working together, republicans and democrats, by listening to the good advice of our best teachers who dedicated their lives to helping others, listening to the parents, always putting the students and their education first, and i'll do the same as the president. these last few months as our campaign has gathered the strength of a movement it's not just the size of crowds, although this one is pretty darn impressive, i've got to tell you. [cheers and applause] >> it's also the depth of our shared conviction. it's made me strive to be even more worthy of your support, and to campaign as i would govern, to speak for the aspirations of all americans. i learned as governor of massachusetts that the best achievements are shared achievements. i learned that respect and good will go a long way. it's usually returned in-kind. this is how i'll conduct myself as president. i'll bring people together.
12:50 pm
i won't just represent one party, i'll represent one nation. [cheers and applause] >> throughout the campaign the president has brought almost every argument he can think of to the front. he's tried to convince you that these last four years have been a success. and so his plan for the next four years is to take all the ideas for the first term, the stimulus, the borrowing, obamacare, all the rest and do them over again. he calls that forward. i call it forewarned. [cheers and applause] >> the same course we've been on won't lead to a better destination. the same path means $20 trillion of debt at the end of a second term, crippling unemployment continuing for another four years, it means stagnant take-home pay. it means -- [no audio] and of course it means a devastated
12:51 pm
military. unless we change course by the way we may be looking at another recession. just the other day in his closing argument president obama asked his supporters to vote for revenge. [booing ] >> for revenge. i ask the american people to vote for love of country. [cheers and applause] [chanting] we want mitt! we want mitt! we want mitt! >> we have got to lead america to a better place. we have to be a united nation. this is essential for us to come together at a critical time like this. by the way, we are only one day away from a fresh start. [cheers and applause]
12:52 pm
>> one day away from the start of a new beginning. my conviction that better days are ahead is not based on promise, hollow rhetoric but on solid plans and proven results and it's based on an unshakable faith in the american spirit. if there is anyone who is worried that the last four years are the best we can do or anyone who fears that the american dream is fading away or if there is anyone who wonders whether better jobs and paychecks are a thing of the pass i have a clear and unequivocal message, with the right leadership america is about to come roaring back. [cheers and applause] >> we are americans. we can do anything, and we are going to. [cheers and applause] >> the only thing that stands between us and some of the best years we've ever imagined is lack of leadership and that's why we have elections. tomorrow is a moment to look into the future and imagine what
12:53 pm
we can do to put the past four years behind us and start building a new future. [cheers and applause] >> you saw the differences [no audio] when the president and i were side-by-side during those debates. [no audio] >> he says it has to be this way. i say it can't stay this way. he's offering excuses. i've got a plan. i can't wait to get started, he's hoping to settle. americans don't settle, we build, we aspire, we dream, we listen to the voices that say, we can do better. [cheers and applause] >> it's time for a better job and a better life for our kids and for a bigger better country and that better life is out there, it's waiting for us. our destination is in the hands of the people of america as they go to the voting booth tomorrow. tomorrow we'll get to work rebuilding our country,
12:54 pm
restoring our confidence and renewing our conviction. confidence that we are on a solid path to steady improvement, confidence that college grads four years from now will find a better job. [cheers and applause] >> confidence that single moms who are working two jobs will have a shot at a better job. and so tomorrow on november 6th we come together for a better future, and on november 7th we'll get to work. [cheers and applause] >> i need you to reach across the street, to your neighbor who has the other candidate's sign in his yard, and i'm going to reach across the aisle in washington to people of good faith in the other party, because this is much more than our moment, it's america's moment of renewal and purpose and optimism and we've skwraourpb need far anjourneyed far and wide in in campaign for
12:55 pm
america's future. we are almost home. one push is going to get us there. we've known long days and long nights. now we're close. the brighter future is waiting for us, the door is open. i need your work, walk together, tomorrow we'll begin a new tomorrow, god bless you, god best the united states of america, god bless the commonwealth of virginia, we're going to win in virginia with your help. thank you so very much. thank you guys. thank you. [cheers and applause] jon: lynchburg, virginia a romney rally wrapping up now. big news today when it was announced that the governor will head to ohio for literally last-minute campaigning in ohio tomorrow on election day. we'll be back with more coverage on "happening now" in just a moment.
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12:58 pm
>> a fox news alert.
12:59 pm
according to reuters, more than 7500 gallons of fuel were spilled from a refinery in linden, new jersey. it is that they weigh refinery, part of phillips petroleum operation. new jersey cannot catch a break. 7700 gallons still there and the coast guard saying 780,000 gallons of oil mixed with water recovered from another refinery operation in new jersey. jenna: taking you to the breaking news situation we talked about earlier, these are apartment buildings. one caught fire, then the next one caught fire as well. we did see one firefighter being taken off the scene in a stretcher. so far, no other reports of injury and we are continuing to watch for the source of this fire,


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