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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 5, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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we will have full election coverage tomorrow night. thanks for watching us tonight's. i'll bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> tonight we are live on the eve of the most important election we have ever faced as nation in modern times and voting kicks off a few short hours from right now. by this time tomorrow night the returns will be pouring in and we could be one step closer to putting america, the country we love, back on track and one step closer to a president elect that actually understand business, one who has a record of creating jobs. every the next hour we will cover every aspect of this race. we will check in with rudy
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giuliani, ann coulter, marco rubio, he had gillespie. we want to update you with the latest stores. we start with the racemessen tracking survey. romney up over the president, and this is our final glimpse into the minds of voters across the country before they head to the poles. and gallop, it, too, shows gov. romney beating his opponent, close margent, 49-48. we will have in-depth analysis from the key winning states, including encouraging news for team romney. but first joining we, former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani. how many stops did you have? >> we did about 20. we did ohio and florida and we just finished in pennsylvania. >> you had five stops? >> norm coleman and i did all of them together. we had john voigt with us today
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in pennsylvania. and i was very encouraged by pennsylvania. i campaigned there a lot. i was, i was there in '04 when we came two points away from taking it. i was very encouraged by pennsylvania. i think there's a tremendous amount of activity there. the party is really energized. every group that we met with the crowds are really enthusiastic. they feel like they are relevant all of a sudden, all the talk about ohio, all the talk about florida, all of a sudden they are relevant. i think the party people, i think we have the enthusiasm factor on our side so we can pull it out. >> i have gotten the internals, i have seen them. right now it's tied. you saw the crowd last night. very interesting as we come down to the wire remember one thing i think most people will acknowledge, charles krauthammer said this and others, romney had all the momentum coming out of the debates. hurricane sandy comes, there's a big embrace by somebody we both know very well, governor
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christie, something has shifted. gasoline, for those who don't live in new york, long island and new jersey, a minimum, four, five hour wait. you have people suffering. let me show you a montage of people in the east coast. whole story has shifted into what i am calling obama's katrina. watch this. >> we keep convincing people. >> we -- what is going on here [bleep]. >> the old lady has nothing. >> what are we going to get. [bleep]. >> and i mean, seriously, people out here are very frustrated by what's going on. >> it's just chaos. it's pandemonium out here. >> everybody is hotheaded, everybody is upset. >> we can't live like this. it's too hard. we cannot live like this! people who have not even left their apartment because they scared. we can't live like rats. this is disgusting. >> we need to -- please,
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president obama, please listen to us down here! we are going to die! you don't understand. you've got to get your trucks here on this corner now! >> we need help. fema takes so long. three to five days, we have no place to go. >> my kids are in the shelter with me. >> this story has flipped. gas lines minimum four hours all across new york, new jersey and long island. the president comes in, photo op and leaves. >> the minute he got the photo op he went back to being campaigner in chief. it's been disaster for new york and new jersey. not enough gasoline, not enough water, not enough electricity. you can't fly water into new york. if you focused on it, fema didn't preposition the water, fema didn't anticipate the enormous amount of demand for gasoline. fema didn't do this, president
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didn't do that. president bush got taken apart for the katrina reaction. this is probably more pathetic than katrin abbas this is smaller. i know something about emergency response. i know a lot about emergency response. you want my grade for this one, president obama? how about f minus? and ten people died just in midland beach in staten island. staten island, rock aways, breezy point, the jersey shore. they are decimated. >> i was there. i was there before i left on my trip. i had a press conference there with the towers. they raise money, they are out there, giving out blankets, giving out water, they set up three or four offices. they aren't getting much help. >> let me ask you this. this is fema's job, this is what they are suppose it had to do. mayor bloomberg, gov cuomo, gov
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christie. i'm outraged. >> i remember, because i was down at ground zero a day after 9/11. you were there that night and never went to sleep. they had generators down there immediately. we have two generators in central park that can literally light 400 homes in staten island, new york, which has no power and it's 29 degrees outside. so this story that, quote, stopped romney's momentum has now changed. people see the gas lines. what impact? >> i think the impact will be there. i think two things will have the impact on the election if people are assessing. his being campaigner in chief and ignoring the people in staten island and breezy point and new jersey and new york. i think leaving people behind in benghazi. i think what happened in benghazi is an absolute tragedy. i think it's a story that has yet to unfold and i think the
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real key to benghazi that i would like you to focus on. there were two attacks on that consulate beforehand. a competent president would have supplied more security. these people didn't have to die. a president -- a president romney, a president reagan, a president who was competent and awake, a president mccain would have not security there back in april, may, june. >> we have three problems. before they requested security it was denied. during they had opportunities to help, cries for help, and we had a navy seal die and you i interviewed his father. a navy seal died because he was told to stand down and he refused. he saved 30 lives out of that consulate. he was a mile away from the an ex. remember it came up in the second debate and gov. romney turned to president obama and said you said this was terror? cbs did an interview, and only now did they -- they knew that the president was not calling it terror and candy crowley jumped
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in. watch this that the media didn't so you that cbs sat on after the second debates. it's pretty outrageous. watch this. >> mr. president, this way you went out of your way to avoid the use of the word terrorism with connection with the libya attack. do you believe in is a terror attack? >> it's too early to know how this came about exactly, what group was involved but obviously it was an attack on americans and we are going to be working with the libyan government to make sure we bring these folks to justice one way or the other. >> this has been described as a mob action. but there are reports that they were very heavily armed with grenades. it doesn't sound like your normal demonstration. >> as i said, we are still investigating exactly what happened. i don't want to jump the gun on this. >> now, the president didn't say two weeks later that it was a terror attack and the president still hasn't told american where
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were you that day, mr. president? >> that proves when mitt romney said in the debate. >> that's correct. >> candy crowley's correction was totally inappropriate, totally false. it shows that he wasn't describing it as a terror attack for weeks, even though a terror group took credit for it immediately and washington was informed of that. how come i could figure out in few minutes it was a terror attack and he couldn't figure it out for two weeks? because they are covering up, they are lying, and they wanted to create the narrative that libya was fine, they had defeated al-qaeda and this was going to interfere with his political narrative. same problem with the hurricane. his political agenda trumps. >> who is going to win tomorrow? >> i think romney. and i think pennsylvania. he will have a two or three state margin. that's what i think. god billing. >> i have been through this once or twice.
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>> an awful lot rides on this for america, for our country. >> we will analyze all of that. mr. mayor, good to see you. thank you. >> we have a busy show tonight. we will get the inside scoop from the romney campaign advisor. and also senator marco rubio. and dick morrison, is he staning by his prediction? if you are still unsure how you are casting your ballot tomorrow we will unavailable the president's report card from the handling of the debt, healthcare. has obama made this a better place in four years? and ann coulter, she's here. she will answer that straight ahead.
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let's compare to how things are today as compared to four years ago. the average price after gallon of gasoline was $1.84. it's almost doubled. and if you live in new york, new jersey or long island you also have to wait three, four, five, six hours to get the fuel. fuel is not the only thing that skyrocketed. american families are paying more for groceries as well. it has increased 5.8%. the unemployment rate is higher. and fewer americans are working than when he started four years ago. obama promised by this time the unemployment rate would be 5.2% but to no one's surprise he has
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failed to do that. but that's not all. when he took office there were 32 million americans on foods stamps. fast forward, a staggering 47 million americans are on food stamps. this is not the change that americans were promised. the simple truth is americans cannot afford another four years on top of all of this we have $6 trillion in debt, $25 million in underemployed, one in six on food stamps. joining me now, the new york best-seller "mugged" ann coulter. more americans on food stamps, how is this even close? >> it is a disaster. i travel to america a lot. >> to america? just this year i have spent time in seven of the ten swing states, which is part of the reason i'm so competent that i will be back wednesday night for the victory party. and people are really suffering out there.
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i mean, people are unemployed or underemployed, 23 million unemployed, and most of all everyone sees obamacare coming down the track and that is really -- i mean, that's the end of america. if we don't overturn that in the next few years, the plane -- >> if you don't overturn it now. >> we become a pathetic western european country without the cobblestone streets and without america out there to protect us. according to the treasury, the treasury secretary, tim geithner, twain report said the entitlement programs, plus interest on the national debt to pay for the programs, within ten years will consume 92% of the federal budget. that's eight cents left over of every dollar to pay for the entire military, for national parks, food safety inspections. the entitlements are already broken. only romney and ryan has a plan
9:17 pm
of touching it. by the way, not for anyone 55 years and older. >> well, you have a very negative president obama talk about revenge. you know, out, there get our vote for revenge. i'm looking at that revenge for who? >> right. >> then you have gov. romney, vote forgot of your country. >> yes, yes. i really love how corny romney is and how patriotic and they keep making fun of him for this in the mainstream media. >> look at the crowd he's drawing >> and some don't think he's hip enough. we tried hip. we've had really hip the last four years and the country is suffering. romney-ryan is such an amazing ticket to have two articulate republicans, we were just talking about this in the greenroom, i don't remember who value vin coolidge's vice president was but you probably have to go back to him to have two republicans like this. i don't know if the viewers saw
9:18 pm
today that the first elected black governor in the united states, doug wilder, the first black governor was republican, of course. but doug wilder is the first elected one. the other one inherited it, he was lieutenant governor. he came out and endorsed romney. he was very polite. he talk about traveling around virginia and talking to people. he very clearly was not endorsing obama, but what he said, i talked to people and they thought they were vote fourth a moderate. >> there were a lot of people that didn't believe you and me, that said, oh, he's going to govern as a moderate. i can name names. >> doug wilder coming out with a column saying he is a left wing president, he is suffering. and i talk to people who voted for him last time and were proud to have obama as president and they aren't voting for him to time. >> let me show you this clip. a lot was made over the impact of the hurricane and how it slowed down romney. i want to show you this by a public housing unit in brooklyn,
9:19 pm
devastated. this is obama's katrina. and now the people are seeing the gas lines and the suffering and the millions without power, the millions without heat, the millions -- the tense and thousands of that lost their home, and the cries for help. people realize obama comes in, photo op with your friend, governor christie, and he leaves. look how bad things have gotten. >> there are thousands and thousands of people would live in red hook in public housing. the conditions they say after this storm are now deplorable and that's what we saw. we had to it climb a stairwell ten flights. there were no emergency lights. there was debris in the stairwell. there was human waste in the stairwell. we told a rape had taken place there earlier. we entered the apartment of one of the residents. she was heating her apartment with her oven. she said she had the gas on throughout the weekend. extremely dangerous. other residents doing the same thing. no running water.
9:20 pm
no toilet facilities. the only food that she has has been provided sporadically she said from the national guard. then we talk to her briefly outside her apartment house and she told us that she is in desperate need of help. >> it's a week later. there's no gas. there's no electricity. >> right. >> there's no heat. people's homes have been decimated. there's no fema. there's no generators. >> well, what we just saw there, please, no more sneak previews from hospitals will be like under obama became because you just saw it. you can't control a hurricane but you can control how the government responds. can we have a little free enterprise mixed in here? because romney, like he wants to reform entitlements and he wants to reform fema so you won't end up with situations like this anymore >> we will go state by state with ann coulter coming back. and we will check in with marco rubio, and dick morris, is he
9:21 pm
going to stand by his prediction? and gov right mom said he's not done campaigning. he's going back to ohio and going to pennsylvania. we get the inside scoop from his campaign advisers, ed gillispie right here on this election eve edition of "hannity" at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use, it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing.
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welcome back. with us the always outspoken new york best selling author ann coulter. we were talking about our friend, matt, in the earlier segment. he has as his headline now "stay calm." and it quotes stephanie cutter. i said whatever you do in the conference call today, don't listen to the exit polls. [laughter] >> by the way, we don't usually as conservatives, and i kind of agree with you but not for the reasons, it tells me panic has set in. one other thing they are explaining obama has not been into this race, he didn't want to prepare for the debate. only in the last week he's been motivated. he didn't want to run the negative campaign they have been running. >> they are already making excuses. >> they are making excuses. >> that's always done after wrecking the economy with the stimulus, wrecking the country obamacare.
9:26 pm
i mean, after our ambassador is killed he's flying to libya for a campaign function. and as i have continuously maintained, it wasn't that obama was so terrible in the first debate, the one they all talk about is the big game changer, obama was as good as he always is. what was different about the first debate, romney was so good. and by the way, he's always that good. >> the one thing is i think romney got stronger, more presidential. it's interesting in the final moments, romney is appealing in the independents. romney is expanding his map. and obama is trying to energize his base because they don't think they have that sewn up here. >> i would like to clarify. it is not by -- the rumor about how republicans have to move to the center when they win the general election, it's not a position change. it's that he seems like a decent person, and you can't change that. as doug wilder said in his piece, the democrats have tried
9:27 pm
to demonize mitt romney and it hasn't worked. he seems like a perfectly credible candidate and people can see that. the more people see of mitt romney, the more they like him. which is what we are seeing in the policy and with a we are going to see tomorrow. >> here's my prediction. i will give it to you, ann coulter, first. i think go romney is going to win florida, obviously north carolina and indiana, virginia. i do believe gov. romney will win ohio. for all the reasons karl rove has laid out and one other reason, i call it the bill cunningham factor, he knows that state better than anybody. he said he's never seen intensity like. this you look at intensity independence -- >> i don't think we need it. i think we will win it. >> i think he is going to win new hampshire. >> i don't have him winning that and i have him winning. i mean, in my absolute base minimum, what mitt romney is going to get, first one same as yours which i think everyone basically grease with now. i have him winning iowa, wisconsin, colorado.
9:28 pm
>> i have colorado, i have iowa. >> and that's it: he can lose pennsylvania. he can lose ohio, he can lose new hampshire. >> then he has to win colorado, wisconsin and either iowa or new hampshire. >> he will win iowa, wisconsin and colorado. no question. the minimum elect tore really votes he has and he has a shot at ohio and pennsylvania. >> i was there all weekend. i can make your argument and that is the scott walker recall. >> yeah! >> no, no, but that's a big thing. but you look at the policy, it's very tight. it's very -- >> screw the policy. give me a break. the. >> you have to look at them. >> the polls basically are these states, it's a tie. it's a tie. whenever you have a tie, a, the republican win. whenever you have a tie totally separately, the challenger wins. and you have the bradley effect when you have a white man running against a black man and there's a war now more than ever before. because americans are afraid to
9:29 pm
say they are voting witness obama because they will be accused for racism. but if you are a tea party,a racist. if you are against obama, you are a racist. if you are against the testimony plus bill. >> and you think it has oppressed people in terms of telling people who they are really voting for? >> that's what the bradley effect is naming over. tom bradley in california, it happened to denkins and doug wilder himself. the polls overpredict a victory for a black candidate. we haven't seen it go the other way. we haven't seen an in couple pant helped by a tie. we haven't seen a republican helped by a tie. i was going through with you about four weeks ago, pollsters always have excuses aft fact. they have never made the mistake -- >> last question. we have to go. are you mad at your beloved chris christie. >> no. problem was right after he became governor, obama, and i'm -- obama denied new jersey
9:30 pm
because he was a republican, important new jersey important education funds. purely political. and fema shouldn't work that way. >> bloomberg didn't take him in -- >> they don't need to. they don't need to. they are already democrats. this president plays politics with fema money and christie is happy to do it. >> have a happy election day. >> we have to go. dick morris, is he still as optimistic as he was throughout this campaign as this election eve edition of "hannity" continues imagine you, with less. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens,
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geico, see how much you could save. >> i'm mitt romney, i believe in america and i'm running for president of the united states. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. >> that was former massachusetts governor mitt romney way back in june of last year kicking off his campaign for president in new hampshire.
9:35 pm
by the way, i was there that day. and tomorrow it all comes to a head. here preview the governor's big plans for election day is senior advisor ed gillispie. he's in boston. how are you? >> i'm good. great to be with you tonight. >> so from what i understand, internal polling, dead even in pennsylvania, governor romney is going to go back to pittsburgh tomorrow? >> gov. romney will be in pittsburgh tomorrow and cleveland. we have momentum and we are going to capitalize on that. we are going to keep the intensity up of our voters. we've been impressed by the gaps we see in all of the polls where republican voters, romney voters much more likely to vote than president obama's voters. and pennsylvania i think is going to be a big, big win tomorrow night. a lot of people will be surprised, but i won't be because when you look at where the president is and public polls across the country, when you are the incumbent president of the united states this close to election day and you are as
9:36 pm
far below 50% as he is, you are in deep trouble. >> basically the president is at 48%. if you look at all the polls, you average them all together, that's pretty much where he is. two states you know very well is the state of ohio and the state of -- or the commonwealth of virginia. let's start with virginia. what do you see happening there? most polls have gov. romney up by two. it's pretty close but it's a must-win state for gov romney. >> gov. romney is going to carry virginia. as you know, he was there today. the crowds, the intensity there remarkable. we have a great ground game. most importantly, we have a great message that's regular naturing very much in virginia. especially northern virginia and hampton roads where the sequestration, the effect of these random arbitrary and deep defense cuts are going to have a very dramatic impact. then you look at the coal economy in the west, southwest of virginia, and people there very scrub set with president obama's policies w he will have
9:37 pm
a good night in virginia tomorrow. >> when you look at ohio and pennsylvania and virginia, energy, coal, fracking, all these things come to play in all three of the states. one thing that has come spoke play is the early voting. you look at colorado, ohio, florida, you see similar patterns. how do you analyze what is happening? because usually on election day, in 2008 john mccain actually defeated barack obama on election day. so a big indicator is going to be early voting. where do you find yourself at as of this moment. >> we are overperforming in our early votes compared to where we were in 2008 and democrats are underperforming. >> by about how much? >> that's true every w it depends on the state. the swing in ohio is 253,000 votes. that's a significant swing in ohio. it depends on the state, sean, but everywhere that pattern is the case. that's why we feel so good because we know that they are going to perform very well on
9:38 pm
election day. democrats have been -- we have been doing a good job of getting low propensity voters to vote and the high propensity voters on election day. >> ohio as of saturday, there was about a 265,000 net swing. >> right. >> but there's still two more days of voting. from what i hear, hamilton county had a lot of voters out there earlier today in ohio all day long. let me ask you about the campaign itself. the president has userd the term bser, they have accused him of being a murderer. they run a sleazy campaign, big bird, bayonet, all the typical things they play but the president is not talking about his record. there was an ohio rally today, and jz, well, instead of the b word he used the word mitt romney and changed it. let me play that for you. >> and i changed this one up.
9:39 pm
i have to do it, i'm sorry. i didn't get clearance from the secret service, so if they come tackle me, you come save me. i changed the lyric of the song and it goes like this. ♪ i got 99 pounds but mitt ain't one ♪ ♪ let's do this real fast before they come up here and smash me off the stage ♪ ♪ i got 99 problems but mitt ain't one ♪ >> what do you think, reaction? >> i think we have faith in the voters, sean. we know this is a big election about serious issues confronting the country. mitt romney has a plan to create 12 million new jobs for those americans who are struggling with the chronically high unemployment. unemployment today is higher than when president obama took office. 15 million more americans are on
9:40 pm
food stamps than when the president took office. these are big issues and we will stay focused on them. one thing that's been clear over the course of the past couple weeks is mitt romney is running a big ideas campaign, a positive optimistic vision for turning this country around. and president obama just is not. and i think voters are responding to that. i think that's why we have momentum today very much going into election day because the voters know what we need to turn things around. and president obama frankly just is not offering it. and mitt romney is. >> ed, it's good to see you. not one person behind you, and looks like the fox news room, not one person waved to their mom. they are so focused on their job. >> very disciplined here. >> i can tell very much so. we will be watching tomorrow closely. big day. and coming up, dick morris will be here. does he still think there will be a huge win tomorrow? up next, florida crucial for both candidates but polls are showing the sunshine state is
9:41 pm
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>> if there's anyone who is worried the last four years are the best we can do or if there is anyone who fierce the american dream is fading away, or if there is anyone who wonders whether better jobs and better paychecks are a thing of the past, i have a clear and unequivocal message, with the right leadership america is about to come roaring back! [cheers and applause] >> that was gov. mitt romney reffing up the crowd in virginia today. you can see his final swing state push on election eve. we have to prove that his message is resonating with voters across the states. the sunshine state shows gov. romney has a five-point lead over president obama. joining me now is marco rubio. sir, how are you on this election eve? >> i'm doing well. >> it's game time. i like let's get this game on. let's get the results coming in. things look good in florida.
9:46 pm
if you look at florida, you look at states like virginia, ohio, colorado, early voting, you see the trends, democrats, the president dramatically down. huge gains for republicans. but a lot of these national polls have it close and state-wide polls have it close. how do you interpret it? >> i don't know about the policy. i can tell you this, the reason why barack obama won by such a margin in 2008 is the had huge margins up to election day. and in florida, their margins, nor democrats than republicans voting, it's down by half. they are going to lose election day. so he doesn't have nearly enough lead in terms of that registration gap going into election day. and by the way, all the policy show the independents in florida are trending toward romney. it's very possible that tonight as we go into election day romney could actually be up by 200,000 or 300,000 votes going into election day in florida. soy i feel great about florida and we are seeing similar
9:47 pm
numbers across-country places like virginia, north carolina, ohio, even pennsylvania where i was last friday. 1,000 people showed up for a rally. 1,000 people. >> yeah. and that was just from little old you, senator. >> that's little old me. >> and you are the conservative coalition. a lot of anecdotal evidence i'm looking at, and you mentioned enthusiasm, and the other thing is the poll, independents. even cnn has a plus 11 democratic poll that is dead even but you look at independents you have romney in the 50s and obama in the 30s. let me show you something from madison, wisconsin. back to 2004, bruce springsteen out there, 80,000 people. barack obama this year, 12,000 or 18,000. you see this all over. you don't see those crowds. you don't see that enthusiasm that obama had i think in large part because he hasn't been successful. and i think that hope and
9:48 pm
change, enthusiasm has kind of washed away a little bit. >> either bruce springsteen has lost a lot of fans or the thrill is fading for barack obama. >> one or the other. >> and the truth of the matter is obama 2008, the reason why he did so well is because he promised to elevate the country, unite us, bring us together. he said very clearly you may not agree with me on everything but i'll bring us to go. that barack obama is long gone. what you have now is a divider, a person who deliberately pits americans against each other, has run a very negative campaign from start to finish. in fact, has had very little to talk about in terms of what he would do in the future. and i think that's turn off a bunch of voters that were with him in 2008. >> i think like a lot of people i was really surprised, i'll not sure who president obama was talking about when he was talking about revenge. but the romney campaign jumped on t no, we ought to be voting for love of country, not revenge. here's the ad they put out. >> that's right. >> did you see what president obama said today?
9:49 pm
he asked his supporters to vote for revenge. for revenge. >> don't boo, vote! vote! voting is the best revenge. >> instead i ask the american people to vote for love of country. >> vote for revenge? revenge against who? who does he want revenge against? >> it's an angry campaign. that's pretty clear. you saw it in the debates and you have seen it on the stump. you've seen some of the stuff they have said about mitt romney. i don't think they ever thought they would be where they are right now. i don't think they have ever been challenged, even during the primary. barack obama politically has never been where he is tonight which is on the ropes facing backlash, facing a lack of enthusiasm. he's never faced anything like this. i know during the primary against hillary clinton he had some rough days, but nothing like this. i think you are seeing it come through. that whole notion about revenge, that's preadvicely what i'm
9:50 pm
talking about. that is so different than the barack obama of 2008 that that's why you get 12,000 people. america at their core don't like this negativity. >> one thing, there really needs to be a discussion after the election, and that is demographically, when you look at these polls, hispanic americans, i think of that been targeted in a way that's untruthful and lying about republicans, i think a natural constituency for conservatives, for the republican party, and still at least according to the policy, they will vote republican. can that be fixed? >> sure. look, i think we are the party of upward mobility. limited government conservatism is the best way to achieve economic empowerment. those are the number one issues in the hispanic community. i think when it comes to issues like immigration, republicans need to do -- conservatives need to do a better job of talk being what we are for, not just what we are against. we are for legal immigration. we are proud of the fact every
9:51 pm
year 1 million people immigrant legally to the united states. no other country comes close. >> but this has been demagogued to death. >> absolutely. >> we need some comprehensive reform that does not, for example, reward or give amnesty out. >> that's right. >> but certainly a solution to the 12 million estimated people or whoever that are in this country who have been here nor many years. >> when it comes to that there is a vast things americans agree on. they agree on border security and e vair pie and modernizing the immigration system. certainly i think there's a compassion for folks who are here and especially younger people brought here as kids but we have to be smart how we solve that as. we that's something i plan to work on and i have been working on. >> senator, is your daughter okay? >> yeah. >> everything is okay with that? >> she's doing fine, sean. thank you for asking. >> we are glad to hear that. >> thank you. >> i had the opportunity to meet your family. a lovely family and we are
9:52 pm
grateful these okay. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> and coming up, dick morris gives us his final thoughts on the election eve. he's been predicting a bits of a landslide. where does he stand? his final prediction when we come back. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story.
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>> now according to my next
9:56 pm
best, tomorrow's outcome will be the biggest surprise in recent political history and gov. mitt romney will win in a landslide? he said he will get 325 electoral votes. former clinton advisor, dick morris. look, dick, i love you. i think gov. romney is going to win florida, virginia and ohio. i think he's going to win new hampshire, colorado, maybe iowa, probably iowa, wisconsin is close. he will be the 45th president of the united states. i do not see the blowout you see. explain. >> well, first, i stand by my prediction. we are going to win 325 electoral votes. we are going to win the popular votes by five points or more. if you look at the national polling, the national gallop poll just concluded out today, shows romney one point ahead, 49-48. but the survey data shows that
9:57 pm
all of our 49 is going to come out to vote but only about 45 points of his 48 are going to come out. there's about a seven point margin between the enthusiasm of democrats and that of the republicans. so right away you've got a four point margin and then you have two points of undecided or three points, which probably break two to one or more against obama because he's the incumbent. so you take a poll that shows a one-point romney edge and becomes the five to six point romney edge. the same is true in all of these states. we will carry the states you mention. we will also carry pennsylvania. and i believe we have some shot, a pretty good shot at carrying minnesota. i think it's going to be -- well, you can call it a landslide or not, but 325 to 223 is pretty landsliding in my view. >> well, look, it sounds fun to listen to. i'm just urging people a little
9:58 pm
bit differently than you. you know something, dick, this comes down to me to a very simple thing. every time we talk about unemployment statistics, we are talking, and 25 million americans, these are people, families, that are suffering needlessly. 17 million new americans on need stamps. you know what in they don't want to be there. we can do better as a country. 49 million chris in total, 1 in 6 in poverty, $6 trillion in debt. my point to you is this, that gov. romney is a turn around specialist. put aside all of the negatives about president obama. >> you don't have to persuade me, sean. i think that the -- i think that the problem is that obama cannot get his vote out. according to george mason university, the pollster sent me this data, you had 41 million early votes in '08, now you have 30 million. that shows the democrats can't produce their vote. now i'll tell you what's going to happen, sean.
9:59 pm
he's going to lose, obama is going to lose, and then they are going to blame it on a lack of minority vote. and they are going to say we suppressed the minority vote. you know, the u.n. is sending inspectors into the united states if see that our election or fair and what is going to happen is the narrative is going to be, oh, romney stole the election by suppressing the minority vote. that's what we talk about in "black helicopter" the u.n. taking over global governments and it will be absolutely fraudulent and you will hear it right after the election. but, sean, on election night -- >> we got to go. >> i want you to be thinking of me. >> dick morris, thanks for being with you. one final word to everybody tonight. this election now, you have heard from the pundits, you've heard from the politicians, heard the debates, but now it's where it should be. it's in the hands of you, the american people. this will be a tipping point election for the country. those who believe in bigger government, those who


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