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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 7, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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[ relaxing music playing ] [ chuckles ] -whew, so many choices. -take your time. -the service center. -okay. giving you choices -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> at a time like this we can't risk political bickering. we have to reach across the aisle to do the people's work. >> i am ready to reach out and work with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together reducing our deficits reform you are our tax codes fixing our immigration system freeing ourselves from foreign oil. we have work to do. >> president barack obama re-elected to a second term.
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i am patty ann brown. >> it is wednesday october 7th. thank you for watching fox and friends first. let's get right to the numbers for you. president po bam ma winni-- pret obama winning 303 electoral votes. mitt romney winning 206 electoral votes. >> breaking down the popular vote president obama winning with 50 percent of the vote and mitt ronl knee had 48 percent. the president winning almost all of the battle ground states let's take a look at those numbers florida, obama, 50 percent romney 49. to virginia swing state 51 percent romney 48 percent. >> colorado, obama taking 51 percent to romney's 47. >> to iowa where obama garnered 52 percent of the vote. romney 46 percent. >> ohio perhaps the most pivotal state of all. >> north carolina my home state
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obama 48 percent. romney winning this one with 51 percent. president obama 52. >> on to pennsylvania president obama 52 percent romney 47. we have team coverage of all of these election results and more. we have more on the president's victory. >> we also have heather nauert with a look at the exit polls and ainsley earhardt breaking down the balance of power in congress. we start with kelly wright. >> heather, patti ann good morning to you. after his election victory president obama is sounding a con sill tory tone. he has learned from those who supported him as well as those who opposed him. because of that he will return to washington more hardened and with more resolve. the president and his family greeted supporters who gathered
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in chicago to celebrate his victory. people from every background and ethnicity clearing fin the background some chanting four more years. they reached the speech before the jubilant crowd extending a message to all americans. >> whether i have earned your vote or not, i have listened to you. i have learned from you. you have made me a better president. with your stories and your struggles, i return to the white house modetermined and more inspired than ever about the work we have to do and the future future. >> president obama gave his agenda for the what lies ahead during the second term the changes in immigration and mode yachtly working with congress that avoids the fiscal cliff that would cause mass discussion
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in defense. >> i believe we can see this future doth. we are not as divided as our party suggests. pe warrant physical. but if it does make sure we we are and forever will be the united states of america. you have to figure for such a divisive election president obama is calling for reconciliation now. he will call mitt romney to discuss how they can work together and sol 6 some of these issues. the president will work with democrat and republican leaders to deal with the challenges thatly ahead. >> patti ann, heather? >> you guys are the best. thank you so much. mitt romney and his supporters are coming to grips
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with their loss. governor romney says he gave it his all. >> paul and i have left everything on the field. we have given our all to this campaign. i so wish -- i so wish that i had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction but the nation chose another leader. ann and i ask you to pray for him and gray for this great nation. >> good morning, guys. we h yesterday we looked at the map we saw all of the states in gray the all been colored in with the exception of florida. there's a lot of red out there there. was a fair amount of support for romney but he didn't reach that critical 270 vote threshold in the electoral college. he was in boston when he waited
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for the returns to come in. he spoke to an enthusiastic crowd. he thanked them and said that he had conceded the race to president obama. >> i just called president obama to congratulate him on his victory. his supporters and campaign also deserve congratulations. i wish all of them well but particularly the president, the first lady and their tauters. >> this is a time of great chapel cleng and i pray he will be successful. romney did 294 different campaign stops through out the course of it. even though the election is over he says big challenges still face the country. >> i ran for office because i am concerned about americans. this election is over, i believe the principles with which this
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nation was founded is the only sure guide to a surging key con me. they thought they had a good fast victory. even iffed mid best to reach the 7270 we needed. >> doug lou saider live in walking the balance of power remains the same for us. ainsley is here to break it down. >> the gop will remain in control of the house of representatives. republicans held a 240 to 190 advantage. five seats were vacant with the polls closed by this morning republicans 1 to 232 house
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seats. monday der. among those reelecti-elected to seat paul ryan the congressman winning an 8th term in wisconsin. republicans fell short in their effort. they lost 4 key races including one in massachusetts. democratic challenger elizabeth warren repeating firs republican scott brown and then in fir virginia tim cane and he may defeat the open seat goiwithout going after jim as wells. republican linda mcmahon lost to democrat chris murphy. there were some big wins for republicans. in arizona he defeated democrat for the open seat of john kyle. me meanwhile cuban americans had become the first latino to pin a den gnat seat.
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michelle match lan won her 4th term in congress. oo with the am the question is what happens next? >> for the mast two years we have a democratic controlled senate. they have been virtually deadlocked. in does that leave us? where the president reach across party lines during the second term? that is what charles krauthammer is looking at today. >> we are left in the country exactly where we started but a little bit worse off. the republicans are in control of the house a little bit stronger. they are not going to budge. there's no way in which holding out on obama they are going to cave in. obama doesn't have a way to go. he governed large in the first two years when he passed the largest sfim lus which is all
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spl ideas. he tried to enact them. in toward to low this is not a mandate in the numbers or in the way he campaigns. he did not campaign on any ideas. anything charge, anything important. he didn't address entitlements or anything like that. i think he has -- he would go back to who he is. people have said he should have auk successful cover term. he is not a moderate he will try to push his agenda through. >> you heard krauthammer reference clinton's stint to the center. we will hear analysis on that when former presidential council brian davis. >> the time is 140 minutes after the pop of the hour. he says. obama businesses
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>> in the senate the democrats retain control there with a 51 percent majority so far. >> we are taking a closer look at the voters in this election and fox news exit polls released a short time ago providing insight. heather nauert joins us with a
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look at that. >> good morning heather. >> good morning ladies. some of the polls are surprising this morning. one shows president obama was re-elected even though a majority of americans think the country is not headed in the right direction. 52 percent of voters say america right now is on the wrong track. 46 percent felt the country was going the right way. 49 percent said if things were going well it is more than 46 percent said the u.s. was on the wrong track. many voters we spoke with 38 percent said that unemployment was the top economic issue. 37 percent said that it was rising prices. voters with the prices favored the president. it was nearly four years since he left office more voters still blamed president bush with the
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economy then president obama 53 percent say george bush is more to blame than president obama. he tried blaming bush on the campaign trail for the weak economy. by a 10 percent he felt they were more in touch with people like them. 53 percent taking president obama compared to 43 percent for mitt romney. 28 percent of all voters were whites 50 percent voters were black and 10 percent were hispanic. strongly supporting president obama. >> the percentage of votes cast was the lowest going back to the year 1992. >> ladies? >> thank you very much, heather. >> patti ann? >> republican mitt romney says he is proud of the campaign he ran but voters have made another choice. >> katherine per rad dperada jos with more. >> we are here at the boston
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convention and ex pope center in south boston. this is where mitt romney's election night was held. it was where he conceded to president obama just a few hours ago. they were told he is at the hotel next door. this is where the party was last night. want to show you video of the election party that mitt romney held here. it was a party. this is a very, very tight race. nobody knew it better than mitt romney. that is why after voted on tuesday in massachusetts he took to the campaign trail going to swing states pennsylvania and ohio. president obama did end up taking both of those states where mitt romney was rallying monday night. the mood was very, very somber. he gave his concession speech. this is a little bit of what he said. take a listen. >> like so many of you paul and i left everything on the field. we have given our all to this
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campaign. >> i wish i was able to lead the country in another direction. we earnestly pray for him and for this great nation. >> mitt romney also thanked his wife ann and his family and all of the people who worked on his campaign. >> thank you very much katherine. 18 minutes after the hour. he may have won with a bitterly divided congress. will gridlock take over? >> mother nature about to hit thousands of people already devastated by sandy and a nor' easter is on the way. the forecast is up next. [ man ] ring ring... progresso
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s >> welcome back. time for the first degree weather update on maria. the storm already in the mid eels. >> we are talking the nor' easter. later this morning into thursday it is a prolonged period of time. northeast coast especially it could be strengthening looking at more coastal flooding and beach erosion. as high as 4 feet will be possible across portions of long island. keep it in mind through out the day and the night and tomorrow. we are talking rain conditions over into portions of numbering new jersey into new england. we could see snow up to 6 inches in spots. back to you guys. >> thank you very much oo.
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>> i think we are going to be exactly where we were say a year ago with the debt ceiling argument in a year. the country will slide right through a second term because i don't see give on either side particularly when the president was a very weak mandate for a second term. >> president obama has won that second term but he still faces a sharply divided congress. will we see another four years of gridlock. for a fair and balanced debate political strategist julie razinski. they remain the same democrats controlling the how is that has gridlock over the last four years you expect more of the same? >> i certainly hope so. i said whoever was elected president the opposition party
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opposing party has to understand the voters have spoken. the voters have decided twhaent this president to continue his agenda. some people may not be happy with it. a lot of people are not happy with it. but the majority of people voiced their opinion. i hope congress and opponents in congress and outside congress understand this is the will of the american people. >> it is a slim majority. the electoral college vote may have been divisive. but can he interpret his win as a mandate? >> you hit the nail on the head. this is a narrow victory in the popular vote. let's look at very accurate polling data we have here. what the polling data told us sure he won a very narrow majority but they also believe we are headed in the wrong direction. the economy is the top issue but they are not sure who to trust. it doesn't support the healthcare law.
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it is not a mandate at all. the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. god bless our crazy country. >> both houses of congress during president obama's first two years in office. rye pub cans blocked his agenda. is that really fair? >> he has this pesky little thing called a filibuster. i have said for a long time we need to get rid of the filibuster. even if mitch mcconnell had become the senate majority leader. this is the majority and the senate. get rid of the filibuster and majority vote. they have the majority vote the senate should have the same. we would get a lot more done if that was the case.
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>> do you see him reaching across the aisle more? >> don't think he will have much of a choice. he has been digging in his heels so far. if he continues to do that he may have a lot of trouble establishing it. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. the time 26 after the hour. still to come bill clinton was able to compromise in his second term. should the president go that same route? >> barack obama is going to have to be humble. he is going to have to see that the needle hasn't moved. >> that was former clinton advisor lonnie davis. we are going to have more from him on why a sit down is the key to success. breaking down the vote including an in-depth book of what drove voters in the key states of ohio and florida. ♪
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shredder, a $29 value, free! call or go online now. [♪...] >> i believe in america. i believe in the people of america, and i ran for office because i am concerned about america. this election is ore but our principals endure. i believe the principles this nation was founded are the only sure guide to a resurge in the economy and to greatness. >> america, i believe we can build on the progress we have made and continue to fight nor new jobs and new opportunities
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and new security for the middle class. i believe we can keep the promise of our founder. the idea is if you are willing to work hard it doesn't matter where you are or where you come from or what you look like or where you love, it doesn't matter whether you are black or white or hispanic or asian or native americans or young or old or rich or poor, table to table, gay or straight. you can make it. >> good morning. i am heather childers. >> i am heather brown. it is wednesday november 7th. thank you for watching "fox and friends first. we just heard from mitt romney conceding to president obama and the president's remarks. >> the obama winning 303 electoral votes well over required 270. mitt romney winning 206. president obama winning with 50
5:32 am
percent of the vote and mitt romney had 48 percent. >> the president winning almost all of the key battle ground states. take a look at the can he numbers president obama 50 percent romney 49 percent. >> in virginia what was a key battle ground state. >> in colorado obama took 51 percent to romney's 47. >> 52 percent to romney's 46 percent. ohio 50 percent romney 48. north carolina obama 48 percent romney winning this one 51 percent. >> new hampshire obama 52 percent of the vote to romney's 47 percent of the vote. >> paul ryan's home state wisconsin republicans thought they might have a chance there but obama won 53 percent to romney 46 percent. >> pennsylvania a hard fought swiping sta
5:33 am
swing state. >> kelly wright is live in dc with more on the president's victory. heather nauert breaking down the exit polls to find out why people voted the way they did. ainsley earhardt looking at the congressional races. good morning kelly. >> after the victory president obama had a con sill tory tone. he is saying he learned from those who supported him and those that opposed him. because of that he will return to washington more determined and more inspired. they celebrate add victory he reached out to all americans. >> i believe we can build on the progress we made he will continue to fight for new jobs and new opportunities and security for the middle class. >> the president gave his agenda
5:34 am
changes in tax codes and immigration and working with congress to develop a new fiscal plan that avoids a fiscal cliff that would cause massive cuts in defense cut domestic programs and shorten across the board tax increases. i believe we can see a future together. we are not as divided we are not as cynical as they believe. we are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions. we were named more of a collection of red states and blue states. we forever will be the united states of america. the president acknowledging this was a divisive election. he will call his republican challenger governor mitt romney to discuss how they can work together now. the president will work with democrat and republican leaders to deal with the challenges facing the country.
5:35 am
kelly wright live for us. thank you. mitt romney falling short in his pledge to lead our nation for the next four years. doug luzader is live in washington with more on that. good morning, guys. even if you give that to mitt romney at this point still not enough to veet magic number 270 in the electoral college. mitt romney appeared to thank his supporters and tell them he had conceded the race. i just called president obama to congratulate him his supporters and campaign deserves congratulations as well but particularly the president, first lady and their daughters. this is a time of great challenge and i pray the
5:36 am
president is successful in guiding our nation. it has been a long road. he took time to thank paul ryan his running mate. >> i want to thank paul ryan for all he has done for our campaign. and for the country. besides my wife ann, paul is the best choice i have ever made. because of his hard work and commitment to principal we will continue to contribute for the good of our nation. >> we will see more of paul ryan he was re-elected to congress last night. back to you guys. >> patti ann? >> after months of campaigning balance of power in congress little change this morning.
5:37 am
the gop keeps control of the house of representatives. the republicans fell 240 to 190 advantage. republicans won 233 house seats more than the 218 needed for a majority. demes won 186 feet. michelle bachmann winning. paul ryan wins his congressional seat as mentioned for his 8th term in wisconsin. republicans fell short to win control. the gop won races including one in massachusetts. democratic challenger elizabeth warren defeating republican scott brown. in missouri claire mckaskill defeati
5:38 am
defeating. there are big wins for the republicans. in arizona jeff blake democrat richard har mona for senator john kyle. meanwhile tea party backs cube man americans ted cruise making history. he becomes the fest to win a senate seat. >> with that balance of power remaining the same we still face a divided congress. that could mean another four years of gridlock. >> many analysts returning to bill clinton's term. that is what fox news contributor former special council to clinton lanny davis is talking about. >> barack obama is going to have to be humble. he is going to have to see the needle hasn't moved since 2000 from a red blue 50/50 nation. he has a vit victory in
5:39 am
electoral college but he faces this. he has to reach across the aisle as governor romney said bill clinton and the choice of bill clinton in the key speech in his second term pivoted and became a bipartisan president in the sense that he reached out to gingrich and worked on welfare reform and in a bipartisan fashion. this is a second term for him to run for history and >> the time now is 39 after the top of the hour. still ahead we are taking a look at why people voted the way they did especially in ohio and florida including which way independents voted. >> president obama winning the electoral vote but the race was much closer when it came to the popular vote. is it time to rethink that
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>> with our parents nevering the past came to our homes. we looked to job creators of all kind counting on you to invest, to hire, to step forward. we looked at democrats and republicans at all levels to put the people before the politics. >> thank you for believing all of the way. through every hill, through every battle. >> you lifted me up the whole way. i will always be grateful for everything you have done through all of the incredible work you
5:44 am
put in. >> trip for reelection last night. >> the president won 50 percent of the popular vote while mitt romney took 48 percent. >> now a closer look for control of congress. republicans holding on to the majority fof the house. >> the democrats will keep control with a 51 percent majority. lots of excitement and tears in chicago last night as president obama scored a second term. >> let's go outside of the president's house there. good morning. >> good morning. there was a party there there has been movement in the middle of the night. as you know things went pretty late last night. president obama and his family turns out of his home. it is a security alert.
5:45 am
when they came home they were not line. there were a lot of people standing in the rain in the morning it's about 40 degrees here chili. she wanted to get a glimpse of their president and welcome hthm home. here is a seat from inside mccormack place where the celebration went on. there was an avalanche of confetti and people who watched it on television got to see their president inside the election headquarters where thousands of supporters were inside the building. they were on their feet all night long. they were crowded together for so long ambulances had to be called. some people collapsed from heat. the president had been on the move and also joe fwiend has been on the move around chicago interrupting traffic flow bringing the white house here. the exit plans from chicago back
5:46 am
to washington aren't quite known yet. that happened only hours ago. >> joanie, thank you so much. >> ohio and florida two swing states that were gracively courted by both campaigns. exit polls reveal the buckeye state. it remains too close to call. heather nauert joins us now with a look at the exit polls. >> good morning. a whole lot of pen dits predicted the winner would become the next president of the united states. that remains true one group that helps give president obama the edge union households. 61 percent backed the president last night to 37 percent of them sided with mitt romney. that is an increase from obama
5:47 am
four years ago. they reminded them often about their support for the bailout of the u.s. auto industry. that really connected with voters. 59 percent approved of the pailout. >> they showed jew close that race is in florida. they make up a third of the electorate there. 50 percent of them supported president obama compared to 48 percent for mitt romney. there is a sizable piece of the american population in florida. they prefer mitt romney as president. republicans scoring 50 percent of their support. but it was a different story among hispanics of noncuban dissent 58 percent casting for president obama 32 percent going for mitt romney. 17 percent of voters in the state of florida are of hispanic
5:48 am
sis sent. a lot of information-coming out of the exit polls. >> heather nauert, that you are. president obama winning the electoral vote but the race much closer when it came to the popular vote. is it time to rethink our system. >> see what's coming out. >> you have a good night and a morning show the next day. we have time to analyze the stunning victory over mitt romney. frank luntz thought it was going to be mitt romney win but he explains why it wasn't. guess what? dr. stabenow nailed it on the nose. we will close the show with him. we are going to examine some of the senate races. george allen. and sen ter brown over pass pass might be able to take the other
5:49 am
seat after he lost his seat the other night. the exit polls. it is only on fox and friends. i can't wait to see how it comes out. watch. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
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>> welcome back. you are looking right now at the current standingsment president obama winning with electoral votes 303 to 206. take a look the popular vote difference had been razor thin all night long.
5:53 am
is it time to get rid of the electoral college and only go by mow the people vote? let's ask presidential historian nick ravine. >> a lot of people said to me why should i vote? my vote doesn't count. when it boils down to it it is true. >> to some extent it is. interesting fact in 1968 richard nixon visited all 50 states. he would take 47. in this obama visited 11 states. there has been a drinking on the electorate based on what the swing states there. th there will be a conversation about whether it still works. a dozen swing states and the rest of the states get ignored. >> why should people vote then? >> because it's commission of duty there are still state elections and congressional elections. with the popular vote i will say this it was important for president obama to win that happen because it confers part
5:54 am
of his mandate. if he had lost the popular vote and won the electoral damage it's more important to win the electoral college. >> that happened three times in history. drove cleveland but more importantly in 2000 bothering w. bush it impacted his ability to have a mandate. >> he of course won the electoral college. >> but lost the popular vote. for a while as you mentioned it looked like romney was going to win the popular vote. >> at one time he was ahead. >> california and other states came in. it would be difficult to amend the constitution to get rid of the electoral college. >> what steps would have to be taken? >> two-ways to amend it. three fourths of the state will have to pass. or pass legislations. or two-thirds of congress. it is a long time the
5:55 am
constitution will be amended. i think there will be a conversation about what purpose does it serve and that is protect the small states and is it still bsh bsh nevada but we are talking about those. more importantly the candidates are visiting the states. if they were in mop layer votes. at least this way they have to visit all regions of the country. >> any possibility of coming to some sort of conclusion and kind of incorporating both the popular and electoral voting. >> there is talk. this is the system change is bad if you set it up today. candidates most the best mask. republicans are struggle to go get there.
5:56 am
>> it shouldn't come down to the math. it should come down to who people want in office. >> only three times in history has b that been divided. it still works pretty well. if i am one of those states i like it because i want the candidates to visit and be concerned about my issues. thank you very much. we will be right back. stay with us. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do
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