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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 8, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EST

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>> brian: we'll go over the aftermath of the hurricane, storm and nor'easter. we'll find out if there is a god because the post doesn't think so. >> steve: we've had all this bad weather. but victoria secret angels are in town and all is well at brian's house. >> brian: see you on the radio. here we go, everybody. the fox news alert. markets open at the bottom of the hour after a freefall. did you see this? dow seeing the worst day of the year, plummeting 300 points the morning after the election. fears after fiscal cliff driving investors out the door only hours gave president obama another four years in the white house. that is where we start today. good morn i'm bill hemmer. martha: good morning, bill hemmer. i'm martha maccallum. a big piece of unfinished business, helping to push the dow below the 13,000 mark. a ugly day yesterday. washington failing to deal with the monster tax hike
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issue coming down the pipeline. mapped door budget cuts kick in in 54 days. house speaker john boehner says it is time for the president to lead. here he is is talking about that. >> mr. president, this is your moment. we're ready to be lead, not as democrats or republicans but americans. we want you to lead, not as a liberal or conservative but as president of the united states of america. we want you to succeed. bill: stuart varney, anchor of "varney & company", fox business network. the issues on the table are the same issues as monday. we want you to succeed by the way. what did you hear or what are you hearing based on the statements out of the washington now? >> three statements to listen to very carefully. speaker boehner, senate majority leader harry reid, and the big union boss, richard trumka. if you add them all together, tell you exactly what they said in a moment, add them all together the outlines of a deal would look like this. this is on the fiscal cliff. the outlines would possibly
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look like this. raise taxes, certainly raise tax revenues right now, beginning next year. promise to cut spending down the road and ignore the deficit. you heard from speaker boehner. harry reid said, you can't push us around, we'll tax the rich. richard thumb came in we want to preserve medicare, medicaid, social security and we don't care about the deficit. you add that up, tax now, promise to cut later, ignore the deficit. that could be the outlines of a fiscal cliff deal. bill: be clear on that now. speaker boehner before the election last week. what he is saying, there is big distinction here now, you can raise revenue but don't touch the tax rates. >> yeah. bill: how would you do that? >> okay, you could do that by cutting some loopholes. obviously, with this new administration, you're not going to get tax rates cut. that was the romney plan, to raise revenues. so you could eliminate some
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loopholes, deductions, for example, as a way of bringing in more tax revenue. but you're right, bill, there is a key distinction between tax rates and raising revenues by cutting loopholes. bill: give me an example. what would that deduction be? >> suppose you narrow the mortgage interest deduction, just suppose, that is not necessarily on the table, just suppose you did that, millionaires can not deduct all of their mortgage interest. you can't do that. that would be a loophole which you could cut. that is not necessarily on the table but that is an example. bill: go ahead. >> the bottom line is, bill, tax revenues are very likely to go up one way or the other, they will go up, starting early next year. and plus, promises to cut spending later and don't care about the deficit. if that is the outline of a deal, that is the deal most likely will take place early next year. bill: now you have a president who won a second term who insists that the, those with the highest rates
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need to pay 4 to 5% more of gross income to washington. >> yes. bill: is he going to give on that? >> i don't think so. i think that is bedrock president obama, second term. harry ride l reid back him up. bill:. do house republicans agree to that? >> that would mean some kind of cave on the part of house republicans or some kind of deal that fudges the language on rates versus more revenue. i think a deal is coming. bill: we'll see you 9:20, fbn. check him out. "varney & company". >> sure. bill: can the president and congress avoid this calamity? and will the president be able to work with a republican controlled house on anything? we'll ask the current chair of the republican national congressional committee, peter sessions out of texas. he is coming up a bit later on "america's newsroom.". martha: there are a lot of ways to get there. senate majority leader harry reid says his party is sticking to their guns, insisting any plan to involve the fiscal crisis, must have, we were talking
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about, higher taxes on wealthy. here he is. >> as i tried to make clear here, there was a message sent to us by the american people, based on the campaign. and that is, people making all this money have to contribute a little bit more. and all the exit polling, all the polling we've done, the vast majority of the american people support that, including rich people. martha: who already pay the huge chunk of the taxes in the country as it is, just throwing that out there. we talked to art laffer about this as well. how do you get there in terms of this kind of a deal? the president wants to let bush-era tax cuts expire for higher income americans. that was echoed by harry reid. individuals earning $200,000 or more, including many of the big cities where president obama got so many votes, a lot of those people
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will be impacted many who do not consider themselves wealthy. in 2009, 3.9 million filers reported adjusted gross income of $200,000 or more. that represents 3% of all federal tax returns. that paid around 30% of all of the income taxes that are paid in this country. so we're going to break this down. we'll really talk about this, analyze the best way to deal with all this. bill: a former congressional budget director, warning that failure to act on the fiscal cliff could have disasterous consequences for the economy. doug holtz-eakin saying it could lead to yet another recession. >> these are big cuts, 10 to 14% in programs, a quarter of the way through their fiscal year. that is bad policy and dangerous. the fiscal cliff is $440 billion of taxes and $200 billion spending cuts. that is had% of gdp when we're growing one 1/2 2% growth rates. going over the full fiscal
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cliff is recipe for recession, no question about it. bill: he also says that the most important thing right now for the president to do is reach out to congressional leaders including two of those key republicans, house speaker john boehner, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. martha: virginia governor bob mcdonnell reacting to the election loss saying the republican party must find a way to better solve their core political message and the delivery. here it is. >> the outrage to newer, voters, minority voters, bret, we got pretty well clobbered across the board. i believe our conservative ideas are better for all those groups, all those people. we have to be more effective. i think our message is better. when young people looking crushing national debt, not being able to get a job when they get out of college i think our message resonates we have to be more effective getting to them early. martha: governor mcdonnell adds he is disappointed by
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romney's loss in his state, eight out of the 11 congressional seats for the republican team were won in the state of virginia. bill: here we go on a fox news alert. weekly jobless claims. it is thursday morning. number of americans seeking unemployment benefits dropped 8,000. 355 is the number. 355,000 filing for first time unemployment claims. labor department warns the figures were distorted by superstorm sandy. applications declining in one state because the unemployment office lost power during the storm. sandy pushing up applications in other states because those temporarily out of work sought benefits. martha: you may see some people getting jobs as rebuilding begins on the northeast. here is little perspective on the number since december 2007. here is the chart we look at. weekly jobless claims stayed above 300,000. they spiked back in 2009. we're a long way from that number. economists say weekly claims must consistently fall below
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375,000. that is shown by yellow line. we've been bumping along it for a long time. to indicate the job market is truly strong enough to move the economy in the right direction to change the overall unemployment number. lately weekly jobless claims have dipped below the line, averaging 372,000 a week this year. this is the fourth time the claims have been under 360 in the past 4 1/2 years. overall, 5 million americans are collected unemployment benefits. that is big, big number. bill: first time in a decade, mcdonald's announcing a drop in the monthly sales. blaming the slowdown to increased competition from other fastfood chains along with the sluggish economy. comes after a year of mcdonald's outperforming its main rivals. mickey d's last posted a monthly sales drop in 2003, nine years ago. martha: oh, boy. we have to stay on this story, folks, because
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thousands of people who lost their power during superstorm sandy are back in the dark once again. what a tease. they got it back for 24 hours and slammed by the next nor'easter that came through. look at these pictures. november 8th, november 7th, yesterday, the latest storm toppling trees. tore down power lines once again. dropped seven inches of snow across the most devastated parts hit by the storms. airlines canceling flights all over the place in and out of the new york city area. this adds frustration to already such weary residents across this region. >> mother nature is really killing us right now. we're sorry for whatever we did. we'll make it up to you. >> this is awful. this is beyond terrible. it's awful. i'm done. martha: steve centanni is live in new jersey. steve, that area has been hit so hard and so many people still living through that.
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what is going on where you are? >> reporter: absolutely. a terrible one-two punch for people already devastated here by hurricane sandy. now we have this early nor'easter. we had a convergence of events a late hurricane and early nor'easter. nine days separating the two huge storms having terrible impact from new jersey, new york, connecticut. we have heavy wet snow. as you can see three inches of snow on the ground. john, pan over and take a look. this road clear behind me. a lot of snow on the trees. power lines are there. the problem there are still leaves on these trees. that makes branches heavy. the heavy wet snow comes down as it did all last night. makes the branch the weak. breaks them off, snaps them across the power lines and you have a big problem. 400,000 people out of power here in new jersey alone. that, as some people who already power back after hurricane sandy, and lost it again last night because of this new nor'easter.
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a problem up and down the coast here, along the jersey shore where we had two to three to five inches of snow. we have about three here. three in new york city. five inches in central park. 10 inches in someplace from this very early nor'easter. getting power back on will be a challenge. it may take some time. it is a huge setback for emergency relief crews and efforts underway to get things back to normal after hurricane sandy. now we have this big snowstorm and they're dealing with the aftermath here in barnegat. back to you. martha: some people are in desperate situations out there and needs to be remembered. steve, thank you so much for bringing us that. this latest storm is to blame for 115,000 new power outages. 60,000 of those customers are in new york and new jersey and they lost power again after sandy and got hit again last night. more than 600,000 people are still without electricity. some of them are literally
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hovering around, i saw pictures of people in queens and in staten island. they have a cooking pot on a table with candles float being in it. they're hovered around that for warmth. the president said 15 minutes you will get a call back from the agencies. he wanted no red tape. we need to know what is going on. bill: sandy was blamed global warming by the mayor. wonder what he blames the storm on last night? just saying. brazen thieves at a mall on motorbikes. what they got away with. it is all caught on tape as you see. senator leader harry reid raising eyebrows about ending gridlock in washington. does the top democrat want to stop republicans from stopping him? martha: the house set to hold new hearings on terror attacks in libya, kill our ambassador and three other americans. congressman jason chaffetz on answers he is not getting from the white house. we will not stay far away from this story. we're two months in. >> maximum alert, september
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1st. this was information that was coming. what's infuriating we have hundreds of terrorist types activities. our consulate is bombed twice. the british ambassador has an assassination attempt and you're here arguing whether the number was five or two, or five or three. and the security experts who have been to libya didn't get resources they asked for. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare...
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martha: there is growing frustration in florida. the race for the sunshine state's 29 electoral votes still technically too close to call. some voters spent up to seven hours waiting to cast their ballot and now they're angry the effort didn't end up in the decision to call the race. unusual situation for florida. >> definitely they need a new system. they need someone to get in there to do things better. martha: election officials in florida are still counting absentee and provisional ballots. bill: yeah they are.
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house intelligence committee now will plan to hold a closed-door hearing next week on the deadly attack on our consulate in libya. among those expected to testify, head of the cia, david petraeus. now republican congressman jason chaffetz back home in utah, a member of the house oversight government reform committee that had its own hearings two weeks ago. welcome back to "america's newsroom.". catherine herridge is reporting that the list of suspects after the raid on our consulate in benghazi that killed our u.s. ambassador has now extended to several dozen people. many of them with ties into egypt and cairo. what more do you know about that, sir? >> we do know that there are dozens of suspects. this threes right in the -- flies in the face of the administration told us that this was some mob and a video that got out of control. what is clear from the beginning it was terrorist attack that was coordinated.
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there were terrorist at it being activities in benghazi in months leading up to this. thanks to senator lindsey graham we're able to interview somebody there in tunisia. bill: you were just in tripoli. you did not come back with a favorable review. you have alleged that the administration is stonewalling. is that still the case now or has there been a little give-and-take on some information and questions you have? >> hopefully now we're past the election the administration will do the right thing. coming up to the election they did not. i sent the first letter over to secretary clinton on september 20th. they had the gal to print out pages on internet site and pretend they were somehow complying with that letter. they were not. there are so many documents that we need that are unclassified and classified that they have yet to provide to congress. they need to do this. they game to be the most open and transparent administration ever but not
9:20 am
doing basics sharing with congress this basic information. bill: based on what you have learned, why would they wait until after the election? >> because the president will have to decide which way he will have it. because he tried to have it both ways and he has to decide which one he thinks is the truth. and, you know, this idea that "60 minutes" released the videotape the day before the election, it is appalling what is happening here. the national media has been totally absent on this, except fox and a couple other news outlets and some decent reporters that have been out there but the administration itself has got to come clean what happened before, what happened during the attack, and then they have got to explain how they misled the american people and the world what really went down in benghazi. bill: next thursday is when the households its hearings. that is open to the public. but on the senate side the hearing will be closed. on the house side you will have david petraeus. director of national
9:21 am
intelligence, james clapper. james olsen. olsen is the first one in the administration to suggest this is terrorism in the first place. have you been able to inform our advise your colleagues on your committee next week based on what you learned so far and what have you told them that is key and important about learning now? >> mike rogers, who's the chairman there of the intelligence committee, he and i have met. we have talked about this situation. we have been unable to unearth thanks to whistle-blowers, brave whistle-blowers who provided information. it scares me, bill, shutters to think if we didn't pepper the administration we would still be misled. we have core information in the hands of the intelligence committee. tell you with darrell issa and trey gowdy and host of others on the oversight committee we're also going to pursue it. if the administration thinks because they won an election this thing is going away, absolutely not, we'll
9:22 am
continue to press on this. bill: jason chaffetz, thank you, from salt lake today. martha. martha: with the president winning re-election the new health care law is here to stay. dr. marc siegel with his thoughts on that. bill: the hunt is on for a gang of robbers on wheels.
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martha: well you can kind of laugh or cry. you sure don't know what month it is but beginning to look a lot like christmas in new york city. queens also hard hit in the snowstorm and all these areas got hit so hard by hurricane sandy and your heart goes out to folks waiting for food, water, socks and clothing. one sign fema office, fema office closed due to weather. so that pretty much says it all. bill: even our colleagues, all around the place.
9:26 am
our neighbors and friends. vastly affected by this. some words of advice for the president from a big and important public supporter, former secretary of state colin powell what president obama needs to do to improve on his second term. >> i don't think he worked hard enough creating the right relationship with the business community. i think he could have done more with respect to setting the right tone and showing some leadership. and these are two areas that i think he really has to focus on in his second term and that is reaching out to the business community and listening. bill: wow! powell endorsed president obama just last week in 2008 he did it also but he maintains he is still a republican. colin powell. martha: how about this? a group of jewel thieves speeding away on motorcycles with their multimillion-dollar haul and did it inside a shopping mall. look at this. looks like an action movie or something. this happened at a british
9:27 am
mall just opened for business. obviously very well-planned. they were armed with actions and used one to break the store display. witnesses say they grabbed cartier and rolex watches. boy, this happens at these jewelry stores and these guys are pretty well practiced. they jumped on their bikes and rode off. nobody with injured except an elderly shopper who needed to be treated for shock. bill: where did this happen? martha: london. they abandon the whole scene 15 minutes later and still no sign of them. bill: they drove their motorcycles through the shopping mall. points for creativity. but they got away with it. martha: yeah. you don't see that every day. put that in that category. bill: just milling around and saving gas over here on the motorcycle. so iran is wasting little time flexing its military muscle after the u.s. election. this coming as new questions
9:28 am
arise over the direction of america's relationship with, israel. a live report from jerusalem on that, martha. martha: with the election over both sides are talking about compromise on capitol hill right now. can we expect that? as washington comes back and gets down to business. tell me what you think about that. send me a tweet @marthamaccallum. can we expect some deal-making? we'll be back. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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bill: there is new violence in the streets of athens, greece. watch here. the [shouting]. bill: rioters are back and out in force on the streets of athens hurling firebombs at police as the parliament there okays new austerity measures to get hands on vital bailout money, money that it needs. amy kellogg live in london this. amy? >> reporter: bill, as you can see the situation is bad. that is violence that flared in the midst of a two-day general strike called in greece. the government keeps making these cuts it needs to make in order to gets financial house somewhat in order. this is against the backdrop of staggering unemployment. new figures out today, show the month of august unemployment in greece is 25.4%. youth unemployment at a staggering 58%.
9:33 am
unemployment in greece is actually twice the eurozone average. a record 1.27 million greeks were out of work in august. that is up 38% from last year. i know i have just thrown a lot of figures at you, bill. but i think it does paint a very accurate picture of the pain and the desperation right now. greece entering its sixth straight year, bill of recession. bill: that is remarkable. thank you, amy kellogg there. unemployment among young people in greece, 50% plus. staggering. amy kellogg in london. martha: senate majority leader harry reid says that senate democrats are looking forward to working with republicans to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. here's what he said. >> it's better to dance than to fight. it is better to work together. everything doesn't have to be a fight. everything doesn't have to be a fight. that is the way it has been the last couple years. martha: that is from a former boxer. willing to work, but when
9:34 am
asked about changing fill luster rules, here is what he said. >> i'm not going to talk about -- you asked a question, i'm answering it. yes, i do. i think the rules have been abused and that we're going to work to change them. we're not going to do away with the filibuster, but we'll make the senate more meaningful place. we'll make it so we can get things done. people want to vote on what you mentioned, same-sex marriage and abortion. martha: there you have it. all right. there's the balance of power right now in the senate. it remains largely the same. democrats picked up few seats. they have 53. republicans have 45. two independents caucus with the democrats still in place. does the majority leader still want to work with republicans to get something done in this next congress? doug schoen, former advisor for president clinton. monica crowley are radio talk show host. both fox news contributors.
9:35 am
good morning. what do you think about what harry reid said, monica. >> if you believe harry reid i have a bridge to sell you. given in charge of senate democratic majority he literally slammed the doors in the face of republicans for years. this is chamber he leads which has not produced a budget over 3 1/2 years. since the republicans gained control of congress in 2010 or january of 2011, they have produced over three dozen pro-growth economic bills. they have sent it over to the senate and harry reid has killed each and everyone. so the idea somehow thatter harry reid found a new virtue in bipartisanship is laughable. remember the day before the election, martha he said, point-blank if mitt romney were elected president he had no interest whatsoever in working with him or the republicans. in this case now he has no real incentive to work with republicans and he certainly will not change his tune now that he is in control and has more seats even than
9:36 am
before. martha: that is pretty dark story. doug? >> well i hope, and pray that monica's wrong. we are heading toward a fiscal cliff. we're not heading to it as democrats or republicans. we're heading to it as all americans. we have tax increases that are coming. we're having the trillion dollar plus in cuts to social programs and to defense through sequestration that we're heading to. the bottom line is non-partisan sources say if we don't get together and work on a bipartisan basis we'll go into a deep and arguably crippling recession. so i don't think we have any choice but to take harry reid at his word. martha: the biggest thing, you look at sort of intractable sides and pieces of this puzzle, right, haley barbour was on last night, congress can't lead. this is conglomeration of people with ideas of grudges and egos and all this stuff, i'm adding to what some of
9:37 am
haley barbour said there. what we need is the president to lead. the president as we know spent precious little time on the phone and in the office with leaders of these organizations. is there any sign that will change. will he call harry reid into his office and say, we got get to work here, hairy, monica? >> i hope so. as you laid out, monica, we're facing serious challenges in this country. tax policy. the fiscal cliff. raising the debt ceiling. we're 616.2 trillion dollars in debt. all these things have to be dealt with. there is nothing in president obama's background, history or character to suggest compromise and conciliation. there is nothing in harry reid's background or history or character to suggest conciliation or compromise. these two men have, certainly been along the same lines in their approach to governance, which is just, don't allow the other side. not deal with it. martha, you mentioned about
9:38 am
him not working the hill. it is not just that obama has not dealt with republicans. there are a lot of democrats on capitol hill who said he won't even talk to us. martha: doug? >> well, i must tell you i think with a new congress and a new president admittedly along similar lines to what we had before, we have to look optimistically. the president held out an olive branch what i thought was otherwise very useful and constructive speech on tuesday night. john boehner was positive. harry reid was positive. look, i know all the problems --. martha: let me jump in, doug. i guess the question is, is there any liberation in being a second-term president. >> yes. martha: that makes you look around say we're in this glass bubble and people are banging on outside of it and looking at us going what is happening in there? i think there are some people who are so disillusioned with the political process. >> they are. martha: is there any change coming from the president in any of these criticisms that are being -- >> there has to be. he has to lead. haley barbour is right.
9:39 am
the president has to go with a bipartisan package of tax reform, entitlement, reform, fiscal and spending cuts and try to get a deal done. his legacy depends on it. the country's future depends on it and bipartisanship requires it. martha: very likely, monica, from the republican side there will be people who say look will absolutely not sign anything that includes tax increase. i don't understand why that isn't translated into tax reform? why don't republicans say, don't give us tax increases but we'll give you a lot of revenue in the form of tax reform. we are willing to get rid of loopholes and you will see revenue rise because of the tax reform you're willing to do? why don't we hear more of that? >> that is the argument they should be making. that is one of my criticisms of governor romney during the campaign he should have been making that argument in a much more profound and powerful way. every time since jfk through ronald reagan, through george w. bush when you lowered marginal tax rates you have more revenue coming into the treasury to deal
9:40 am
with this, to deal with the deficit, to pay for government programs that the left so beloves. these arguments need to be made. we need to make a moral case for the free market. we need to make the moral case for tax reform. that's a huge challenge for the republicans certainly now that they didn't gain control of the senate. remember, also, martha, when we talk about the president leading, yes he has to go through congress on big fiscal issues we're talking about but he has shown in his first term he is certainly happy to go around congress through executive fiat and bureaucracies to do what he wants to do anyway. compromise is not necessarily an incentive for him. martha: thank you both. thoughtful conversation. bill: with the outcome too, martha. it is full steam ahead on obamacare. what you need to know about the significant changes coming your way. we'll ask our doctor, dr. marc siegel, what you need to look out for. that's coming up. martha: a picture is worth a thousand words, right? hurricane sandy toppled these cars so they landed on
9:41 am
top of each other. a few days later the snow came. now what? >> difficult and hard. >> i'm sick of it. it's, and it's early. not even wintertime yet. >> devastating. there is not a word for it. for lack of a better word it sucks my friend told me about a great new way to get deals. it's lled bankamerideals, from bank of america. i choose the cash back deals in my mobile or online banking. i just use my bank of america debit or credit card when i pay.
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>> allied assault driven by the german offensive. they may be up to nazi tricks and sniper is searched for hidden means of doing damage. martha: look at that honoring a heroes more than 60 years later a massachusetts hero in the battle of the bulge receive as bronze star. tech sergeant harvey leflur served under general patton in world war ii. the delay for the honor blamed on a clerical problem
9:45 am
in washington. look at video. since his discharge from the army 1946. he has been volunteer for various causes throughout western massachusetts. what an honor. fantastic. bill: we salute him. so often they don't even talk about their experiences. even at that age. thank you, sir, for your service. obamacare it is here to stay. what do you need to know about how health care will change for you? dr. mark siegel, fox news medical a-teamer, associate professor of medicine at nyu langone medical center. good morning to you, doc. we have a pros and cons here. here are couple advantages. covers preexisting conditions. there are no lifetime limits and no co-pays for preventative care, are you cool with all that? >> in a way. preexisting conditions have been covered in new york state since the 1990s. but the downside and i'm for that, it usually leads to increasing premiums. in terms of co-pays on
9:46 am
preventative services, that is expensive too. i'm not sure that i can convince myself that my patients wouldn't go for those tests anyway. i think the reason people don't go for mammograms or colonoscopies because they. i don't think people lose their coverage because they used their insurance too much. though, bill, another problem people are overusing their insurance. for sure i see too many patients that aren't really sick. someone has to foot the bill for that. bill: there is fraud component to this too. let me save that for another day. disadvantages. you mentioned higher premiums. there will be new taxes. and are people necessarily satisfied with their doctors? >> well, bill, first of all, definitely will be higher premiums. i mentioned that in new york state. i mentioned that with overuse of insurance. i mentioned that with less co-pays and deductibles. it is not just what i said about preventative services. the law will definitely push down deductibles and
9:47 am
co-pays. i would rather see patients pay out-of-pocket if they're not that sick. then they can get a lower premium. taxes, there is incredible number of taxes built into this law our viewers may not be aware of. there is medicare tax. there is obviously the penalty or tax if you don't buy insurance. also on small, on large businesses who may decide not to cover you. bill: what is all that going to cost? >> what? bill: what's all that going to cost? >> that will cost probably many billions if not trillions of dollars. this is what the issue with obamacare is. it is really, let's tax people in order to be able to pay for it. i think the idea of covering 30 million more people with health insurance is a good one but i want to he no, what kind of insurance? this insurance is too easy to overuse. no one looked at other issue which is doctor dissatisfaction. doctors are not being paid enough. we have too few doctors. we have a doctor shortage. we'll be replaced largely by nurse practitioners and
9:48 am
physicians assistants who are quite good but don't have training i do. people will get care from large groups and hospitals who can handle the bottom line to stay in business. bill: i heard you talk in the past, that will decrease incentive for people to pursue medicine. you also argue that will decrease the incentive for doctors to stay practicing well into their 70s? or at least their 60s? >> bill, there has been a lot of surveys out doctors are more and more considering early retirement. considering decreasing number of patients they see. playing ball less with insurance. if you have insurance expansion but your doctor is not taking insurance that insurance doesn't help you. i also think there will be less and less of incentive for people to to to medical schools. statistics are starting to show that. i love medicine. i love practice is iting. there are plenty of people out there like me but the government can't count on that. bill: there is another thing, component to this, health exchanges set up in the states. from what i understand 30 states have not moved
9:49 am
forward on that yet. what does that do? >> this is big headline. they have to pony up. they have to tell hhs next week whether they will set up exchanges. if they don't set up a state exchange means the fed will do it for them. hhs insists that you will still get your stipend if you can't afford insurance, even if they set up the exchange but means no uniformty. bill: if the state, no uniformty, and the state doesn't move forward the federal government comes in and does it for them. i have to run. there is so much to talk about, mark. we'll bring you back. the next question i have for you, if you're my doctor and i like you do i get to keep you? the answer is maybe yes, maybe no from the answer i'm hearing from you. >> exactly, bill. bill: marc siegel. >> thank you, bill. martha: a call today for a third party. why herman cain says neither party is ready to deal with the nation's economic problems? is he right? we'll talk to governor pataki about that. big plans. so when i found out
9:50 am
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9:53 am
bill: we've got a pet shop break inn grabbing national attention a thief caught on camera stealing puppies. surveillance video catching a a guy in colorado throwing a rock through a store window. watch this. making his way where the puppies were sleeping. getting away with three little pups worth more than $2,000 a piece. the police are on the hunt. the store owner is worried about the safety of the dogs. martha: putting them in a bag? bill: rock through the window. martha: all right. back to larger foreign policy issues now because iran is starting to flex even more military muscle. state tv announced massive air drills that will start this weekend. the war games are set to cover nearly all of eastern iran and will show off the country's arsenal of jet fighters, drones and air
9:54 am
defense systems. leland vittert is live in jerusalem. what does this mean for the region? >> martha, hard to tell whether the iranians are this to drum up support within their own country or try to scare a lot of folks here around the region about the possibility of an israeli strike on iran. typically from the war games we don't see any new military hardware being shown off. this does involve 8,000 iranians troops here. the other thing it does, it raises the fears and the price at negotiating table. if the iranians feel they show off more and more military might, they have a better chance to sit down with americans and other western allies around the negotiating table they may get more for giving up nuclear programs that appears harder to take it out militarily because of drills like this. martha? martha: interesting. this was announced hours after the election here at home, re-election for president obama. what is the feeling on all of that in israel, leland? >> reporter: there was a lot of vocal, down right hostile
9:55 am
reaction from israeli politicians to the re-election here. there is lot of fear that a second-term president obama is going to be much tougher with israel on the palestinians and also of course on the iranian issue. no secret there is an icy relationship between president obama and the prime minister here. the prime minister did all but endorse governor romney in the election. there is lot of anger from a number of is reillies making israel a partisan issue. people are down right scared what might happen yet. someone with int man knowledge of the u.s.-israeli relationship, come january when president obama is inaugurated he will eat grilled bebe, referring to the prime minister at the inauguration. feeling that the relationship between the united states and israel will change drastically. back to you. martha: thank you very much. bill: you want change, america? what is the at the top of the obama agenda for a second term?
9:56 am
what are house republicans saying about that? martha: a snowy nor'easter already hitting a devastated region. folks in staten island simply can not get a break. >> your house is gone, your life is basically in a dumpster, how do you go on? >> haven't figured that out yet. really haven't. it is the next step.
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
martha: it just doesn't stop, folks, a one-two punch from mother nature. power is knocked out once begin to many people who just got their power back after sandy. a strong nor'easter dumped about a foot of snow on storm ravaged area. look at this, the disaster and the snow on top of it. these folks can't catch a break. a brand-new hour on "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. they cannot catch a break.
10:00 am
this is terrible news. places like staten island new york where there was anger and frustration because the fema offices were closed because of the weather. said to be reopening today, we here. >> it's snowing, this is liken sullike insult to injure. >> fema is closing up for several days, what is the reaction? >> i wish i was on national tv, i'll tell you the real retax when we sareaction when we saw the emails on our phones. >> anna korman joins us now on hard-hit staten island this morning. how has the nor'easter affected the people who already have had such a hard time. >> martha, initially it was snow on top of all the debris. crews are now picking all this up and it literally smells like a sewer here. this is one of the nastyist
10:01 am
things i've smelled in my life. they are handing out masks to people in the neighborhood. it's just awful. these cars, this is evidence of super sandy, we have boats slammed into homes. if you take a look at here at this flag torn and tooth erred, it says owe mama, fema, help! we can show you as well hundreds of thousands without power, many of them had just had it turned back on and now they are in the dark again and over 1300 flights have been cans erred as well. one piece of information came out this morning, andrew cuomo has fired his emergency manager directly for allegedly diverting a crew from storm-ravaged victims and having them clear a tree from his very own personal driveway. martha: that is an unbelievable story. the president said that people would be called back within 15
10:02 am
minutes. he didn't want any red tape. he got a lot of positive credit in the election for how he handled hurricane sandy. the local officials are also being put to the test here. what are the people in that ar area saying about how the government is handling this. >> they are angry. particularly on this street. they are a half a mile from the matter. this man has lived here his entire life. there has been the army corps of engineers coming putting these signs. but you're nervous answering the door to them. >> i'm very nervous. i have a 2-year-old, a diabetic father. the only thing we have is to put money out of our pockets to stay in your house. >> what are the signs. >> basically if you have children they are not allowed in the house. if the children come in the house even for a t-shirt let alone sleep in your house they'll call childrens services
10:03 am
on you, you'll lose your kids, you're already losing your house, you've lost everything you own. and there is no help. >> reporter: they said check the internet, you don't have the internet. >> i don't have anything. i would love a who the spot and make a truck for my neighborhood so we could get on the internet and watch the news. i woke up yesterday morning and didn't even know who the president wasment as an american that is totally unacceptable. my father and people on my black that are retired police officers, correctional. on this block most of them are fireman, active duty fireman. bee don't know who the president is. we have no idea where the help and free food is, we have no idea where anybody is. we can't contact any building departments, any insurance companies, we are not getting any her, it's totally unfair. martha: ap anna keep him for one second. can he come back there?
10:04 am
i want him to clarify something. >> reporter: christopher, come on back. martha: is he saying that they want him to leave his house and that if you're caught coming back into your own home to get supplies that are in your house that you could lose your child, is that what he said? >> reporter: christopher, so with these signs on the doors, they say that your house is unfit to be in, what are the rules and regulations that they are telling you when fema came by yesterday? >> the only thing fema -- they didn't even really promise, fema said maybe we could get you a washer and drier. i can't even use in it my house. these signs are from the new york city department of building. realistically if you don't answer the door you don't have to comply. if you don't want to get kicked out of your house don't answer your door. it is unfair what they are doing. i'm a construction worker, i
10:05 am
built houses, i understand what these papers are. they are going to come take my electricity, my residence tame prior lee. i'm going to have to put all my families life savings back inch to the house so my family has everything again. martha: we will look into all of this for you, christopher. >> totally unfair not only for my family, for this whole neighborhood. these houses need to be repaired so we can live in here. we are a strong neighborhood, we will survive and we will not let the city take it from us. >> reporter: chris, thank you so much. martha back to you. martha: anna that is unbelievable. the people who are supposed to be helping these families are telling them they'll get kicked out of their home if they are caught coming back to that to pick up supplies. >> reporter: we will look into all of that. martha: please do. a great job in a desperate area of staten island. bill: that man speaks for a lot of people here. many communities in new york and new jersey, people are fed up starting to organize their own
10:06 am
efforts until waiting for the government to help. skwreupbs genaro is one of them a staten island resident. good morning. >> yes i'm here. thank you for giving me the opportunity for recognizing that this isn't a story that started with me here it started seven days ago, seven days ago this news story started. i've been on the ground on my hands-on niec knees homes. these are half a million homes with no flood insurance. they've been told by insurance companies go see who you have to see. governor chris christie says there is 60 billion damage in new jersey, fema has x amount of dollars. i recognize those voices, we have mobilized. the brown cross has mobilized. we have 2,000 volunteers. we are servicing people. if you need help, if you need help right now you need to contact us, and the way to contact us is through the brown
10:07 am
cross. brown cross 22012 a 22012 o*p 22012 a22012 at we want your name, and where you are. i have not seen one fema call. my kaupb aunt said she saw female. it's toxic, there is mold in the home. the houses need to be properly demod inside and out. we have the skill, we do not need contractors to take 50 jobs and take two years to do these jobs. we are keeping order. bill: let me ask you a question here. what you're saying is you've got even very little if any help. >> zero, zero, sir. bill: and you are serving the
10:08 am
role of fema, is that what i hear you say? bill: we are the community. we are not asking for anyone to come here and do our jobs. we are completely capable -rblgs we have thcap capable, we have the manpower, the will. you can donate 90% of your donation tax-free to those individuals. gateway rotary foundation. 20 years in the business of helping people in staten island. so it's gateway rotary foundation. you would send your mail here to the po box i provided to you folks. you guys, please, read off that po box to mail in checks or you can go to www.funny raise.come fund release. funds will be dispersed to the area. what we need from your folks out there if you can hear me right now because you not heard me.
10:09 am
we elected a president. we didn't know who it was. i was home, seven times they said it was because of the response. he got the vote because of the response. what response? the same response we got in libya. my family members and country men are dying. brian said, hey man i'm on the bus i'll call you back in a few. i respond to him i'm embarrassed of my country, my media my bosses. no my bosses. bill: i'm going to let you know. >> i cannot believe days have passed, the politicians don't know about the weather. they knew water was coming and told people to leave. obama got reelected on the basis of response. do not cut me off. i contacted every major news organization. i want to let you know at 6:30am i picked up a boy that was turned down by the police four
10:10 am
blocks to the bus station. i was looking for a boy and man that i was told was walking aimlessly in that storm last night. i left my home crying, crying, i cried to brian as i left my home to look for the man and boy i couldn't find them. i got a flat tire, i hitchhiked twice. i found the other boy, 24. bill: this is the reason we wanted to hear your story and put you on tv. i want you to know we here your emotion and frustration and the reason we're doing this is to make sure you guys can get the help we need. i hear you loud and clear and when that nor'easter blew here last night it was rubbing the salt in the wound deeply. vince, thank you. i appreciate the email you gave us and we'll try to get our best to get the folks out there. he has a 4 month-old child that he needs help with too. imagine going through this here. you can just close your eyes and think about that, you can hear in it his voice.
10:11 am
martha: i feel for them and there are communities who are mobilizing a help people and they are so frustrated that they are not getting the help they need from the government. a lot of what he was saying was sort of getting caught up and he had many stories sort of on top of each other. what you heard in his voice is very clear, so everyone needs to do what they can to try to help out the situation and what we can do is continue to bring it to your attention and hope that folks get some help. all right, moving along this morning. there is one frustrated republican who is ready to turn his back on the gop. here is what he said. >> there are just as many disgruntled democrat has would probably be a part of this movement as there are republicans who are sick of the political class. and so i think that realistically that it is more valuable today than it has ever been. martha: former presidential candidate herman cain wants a new party all together. is that the answer? bill: congress and the president say they will work together to
10:12 am
avoid that fiscal cliff, and how will they do that? we will he talk to the head of the republican congressional committee to try and get some clues. martha: he might not be vice president but he won another term as congressman. paul ryan back on capitol hill, as the house budget committee chair. what is his agenda? we'll be back. that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see whatat's new from campbell. it's amazing what soup can do.
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bill: there has been yet more violence in iraq, three car bombs exploding in several towns south of baghdad. five reported dead there. more than a dozen wounded, one blast taking place in a commercial center 60 miles from the capitol, another bomb went off in a shiite town near a government agency, no claim of responsibility as of now. martha: we've seen the snowstorm that came in on top of the cars that were already piled up, like
10:16 am
little match-box cars all over parts of new york, and we've heard the desperation in the people's voices that we just spoke to, mr. genaro, we spoke to another man on the street, who says he has a 2-year-old baby and a diabetic father and they tell him he has to leave his home. joined by george pataki. >> thank you, martha, i listened to bill talking to vince. the frustration is so obvious and you feel so bad for the people going through this. martha: is the government doing allows see job? >> i don't think they are doing all they could. i know i had colleagues from work yesterday out in the rock aways and they said the city was out there in force but they saw no sign of fema, a couple of days earlier a big crew from my office went down to staten island and they said they saw no government presence at all. but all you can do is push the government to do better, but encourage people not to allow their frustration to become
10:17 am
anger. you heard vince, and i was impressed at what he was working on is people helping people, neighbors helping neighbors, that's what we have to do. yes, i can understand getting angry but it doesn't help. try to help each other and we'll keep pushing the government to respond as quickly as strongly as possible. martha: governor, the stories you're hearing and you look at these people huddled around a pot of water with candles in it. their roof is missing. a car has gone through part of your house a story i heard from staten island, the snow starts coming and as you point out no fema. and you look at exit polls, 42% say hurricane sandy and the president's handling of it was a very important part of their vote. >> i know, it's very frustrating. you can imagine what it's like when you're one of those people huddled around the little fire with an open roof in your house. it's outrage just. what we can do is demand and urge the federal government, the state government, the federal
10:18 am
government to do more. it doesn't help to get angry at this point. later on we can figure out what went wrong. right now let's just try to help. martha: indeed. back now to the topic that we invited you onto talk about. let's listen to this sound byte from herman cain where he suggests that there should be a brand-new party out there. here he is. >> we need a third party to save this country. this country is in trouble, and it is clear that neither party is going to fix the problems we face. i don't believe the republican party has the ability to rebrand itself against the mainstream media machine that play want lee workplay want lee works to support this president and other liberals as well as the democrats. martha: what do you think of that sir? >> i love herman cain and i understand the frustration again, because all of us are angry at washington for the failure to really solve any of the big issues facing our
10:19 am
country. let's look back. this was not a landslide. you change less than a quarter of a million votes in key states and today we're celebrating president-elect romney. this was not a massacre. what was frustrating was the inability to articulate a grand vision as to how we are going to solve these problems. and that, to me, was the weakness of this campaign. we didn't have the specifics so people could say, this is what they are going to do. to me, the solutions are there, paul ryan did a tremendous job in the house trying to articulate detailed solutions now we need to carry forward and solve the problem. martha: some people say owe he was the wrong pick. do you think that is true and was he under used in the campaign. >> i don't think so at all. i think paul ryan was the right pick. either one of of the handful in washington who had the courage to say we had a serious problem and here are specific solutions to those problems. instead of getting credit for that, even if you might disagree with the solution he was
10:20 am
pillered. herman cain is right i think the media should have said, okay you don't like paul ryan and john boehner's plan wrist the president's plan, where is the senate's plan and they never did that. martha: what is the one thing that you think the g.o.p. needs to do. if you had one piece of advice. >> specific ideas how we get the competent growing again and deal with the deficit. martha: george pataki thank you very much and thanks for your words of encouragement for those who are suffering in the state you once governed. we hope they get help soon. >> amen to that, martha. bill: there is now even more fallout from libya. last hour congressman jason khaeuf et cetera told us this. >> we know there are dozens of suspects. this flies in the case of what the administration told uts that it was a mob and video that got out of control. bill: apparently the suspects are traced deep into egypt. in moments what else fox news has uncovered just today, also there is this in a moment.
10:21 am
martha: foot race and then a car crash during a wild pole pursuit. >> we saw the police going up the wall with all their guns and stuff. so we immediately ran back inside, told all the students to remain in the classrooms and not to leave the classrooms until we hear what is going on.
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
bill: we have new information into fox news about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya that killed four americans, including our u.s. ambassador. we have learned that the list of suspects now includes a handful of people who may have ties to an egyptian extremist group. catherine herridge live on that in washington. what are we learning about this group, catherine. >> reporter: a u.s. official tells fox that the jamaal
10:25 am
network is committed to violence to aeu tin a a its political ambitions, they are hard-core violent extremists who are trying to develop a big relationship with al-qaida. in late october egyptian police tpwroebg up a terrorist cell linked to the jamaal network. one of the suspects linked to the consulate attack killed himself setting up explosives in his apartment. as many as a dozen militants were arrested and weapons confiscated that would include enough hard war for a five man cell. it's also alleged that they set up camps in eastern libya and that's where some of them trained for the benge arattack. bill: where does the investigation stand on capitol hill? >> reporter: two hearings are set next week before the house and senate committees. both are them will be closed. two months after the attacks there are between 2 and 3 dozen suspects actively being investigated at any one time.
10:26 am
the majority are libyans. the list has expanded to include the egyptian suspects. they say this is more evidence of premeditation. >> we do know that there are dozens of suspects. this flies right in the face of what the administration originally told us that it was just some mob and a video that got out of control. i think what was very clear from the beginning of this attack that it was very coordinated. there are terrorist activities that were active there in benghazi in the months leading up to this. and of course there are more than dozens of suspects. >> reporter: the other thing to watch and what we've heard consistently from committee staffers is that they believe the state department has not been forthcoming with providing documents citing their internal investigation. also to note some of the most significant documents we've seen to date like the emails that went to the white house situation room were presented to these committees essentially by whistle-blowers, bill. bill: a week from today you have two major hearings and there will be headlines from there. thank you, catherine herridge continues her reporting on
10:27 am
libya. martha. martha: th the election is now in everybody's rear view mirror. the people's work begins. how do congressional republicans plan to get things accomplished with the president at this point. we'll talk to a member of the leadership team. bill: a reunion that is going to touch your heart. that is a military father returning home after 13 months at war, go, get him. martha: oh, my. >> whatever expectations i have of coming home and surprising rebecca, it's far outweighed by the first moment when you see your wife and child again.
10:28 am
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10:31 am
bill: there is a man tate in yesterday's result, a mandate for us to work together on the solutions to the challenges that we all face as a nation. bill: that was house speaker john boehner, congress and the president are going to have to find a which to work together. eric cantor sending a letter to fellow republicans. in part it reads the president cannot demand that every issue be resolved his preferred way. likewise we cannot expect that every issue will be resolved the way we prefer. our task is to legislate based on our principles and force the compromise that will be necessary to get our nation back on track. texas congressman pete sessions, chairman of the national republican congressional committee. how are you doing, sir, and good morning to you. >> good morning to you also. bill: i've got very simple
10:32 am
questions for you. eric cantor says legislate based on our principles. define that and how does that jive with what is going to happen with your negotiations with the white house and democrats in the senate. >> our majority leader has it right. our principles are that america needs to have jobs and job growth. we need to go back to a principle and an understanding that we need a brighter future, spend less, because we have fewer people on unemployment. employ more people so that they can get their jobs back in line, and their lives. gasoline is still too expensive. we have to worry about gasoline. we have to worry about groceries. we have to worry about things that the american people focus their lives on and those are the principles that eric cantor speaks so well of. we need jobs and job growth in america. bill: where do you think there is compromise on this? you guys were butting heads so many times and you were standing
10:33 am
for your principles. when i was with the house speaker the other day he suggested we might have to go for a bigger grand barring began. is this the climate to be able to get something like that done? we are talking about what our principles are and what we're going to stand for. the facts of the case are very simple the president wants to raise taxes on the wealthist 2% of americans. what it does is it net loses 700,000 more american jobs. they are really from people who need those jobs. our principle would be, mr. president we are not going to help to you get that done. the president has an insa tia ble appetite to tax and spend. he should learn to that an insa tia ble appetite -- >> how do you giver the white house incentives not to raise the tax rates but to increase
10:34 am
revenue. where will that come from? >> there are a whole bunch of ways you do that. you start with, we need more jobs. how do you get more jobs? we can bring in business loaders from all across this country, and economists who can tell us how to do this. the president has to get off his fairness issue, which loses jobs and go to the job issue. if you know how to create a job, and many of us do, it's really pretty simple, bill. we need to be hung up on creating jobs, and that's what republicans want to do. will we compromise on how to do that? yes, we will. but we will not compromise on the things that are about jobs and job creation. bill: i see. and the other thing the speaker told me is that you're not going to raise taxes on american small businesses. >> that's the best way to kill it. bill: you're going to hold that line. i'm just wondering how you get him to cross over and reach agreement with you? >> well, one would have to ask
10:35 am
the question, why don't we meet in the middle? why don't we denied it's going to be about job growth and saving jobs? when you take and look at taxes, and then you look at dividend taxes, and taxes off earnings for a business, or for an investor, and you go raidin raising those from 15 to 40% what you're taking that inch between part that would have been about jobs and rebuilding that country and you give it to the government, not to balance the budget, but simply for fairness, the issue of fairness. republicans want and need us to stand on our principles for the american people of job growth. that's how we get this done for the country. bill: i really appreciate you coming in today. because we are trying to read and figure out which way this goes. the clock is running, unless you do an extension that kicks it three or six months down the road. these are big issues to tackle in a very short period of time. >> i know they are. bill: we'll be in touch.
10:36 am
>> you bet. martha: joining us now from washington bret baier anchor of "special report." good morning. >> good morning. martha: you listen to that and you hear the list that the president laid out in his speech the other night of what he plans to tackle. he says he wants to cut the deficit, make us energy independent. he wants to overhaul the tax code and deal with immigration. what does washington look like right now? >> well it looks a lot like it looked before this election, and it looks a lot like gridlock, but you hear a lot about compromise. now you heard congressman sessions there talking about reaching across the aisle but to a certain point with principles intact. now the president, according to a lot of people who are looking at this. is in a stronger position, because he's going to argue that this election, the result of this election, which he campaigned on, raising taxes for the top, tier, he will stick
10:37 am
hard to that fact, and that republicans will have to negotiate on that in some way, shape or form. you heard vice president biden talk about that just yesterday. now whether that means getting to the table and the cap goes up from 250,000 to a million dollars for raising taxes, you're going to likely see tax rates go up, no matter what the push back is from house republicans just because of the results of this election. and the republicans as they are doing their own inc introspection will have to way the politics of all this. martha: when you look back at simpson-bowles and i'm reminded of real tax reform, removing loopholes. i wonder if there is compromise to be met on the issue of removing the loopholes and that does lead to the wealthy in this country paying more because they won't have the loopholes and it gets you some real tax reinformants. is that an issue that the
10:38 am
president, the white house from what you can tell is interested in at all? >> definitely, i think that will be resurgent. i think there will be a new simpson-bowles effort, in fact simpson-bowles, they've been giving speeches, both of them all over the country. there is a new effort with commercials, kind of a grassroots effort, some $35 million has been raised by ceo's and private business to keep that effort from that report, the simpson-bowles report, alive. but the administration has never stopped mentioning it, even on the campaign trail. the trouble was you could never get to that consensus about broadening the tax base without raising the tax rates on the top level. martha: that's why paul ryan didn't vote for it, right? because he wanted the reform without the increase on the top level. >> he wanted healthcare in there as well and that wasn't in there. martha: let's talk a little bit about dependence on foreign oil, because the keystone issue will
10:39 am
come back. the issue was the president said it's being evaluated. we're continuing to look at the keystone pipeline. a lot of critics said it's not going to happen until after the election. here we are after the election. is it only green jobs on the loss of dependence on foreign oilish ooh for is the keystone back in the maximum. >> i think you'll see a lot of things on the table that just were not on the table because of the election. i think that the election rhetoric and all the things leading up to the election will start to melt away and you can start to see some things talked about that perhaps were not talked about before. and on energy the president has said it's an all of the above effort. whether that actually develops and whether it becomes all of the above we'll have to wait and see. i expect the president at some point very soon will have a news conference. he hasn't had one in a longtime. who knows it may be tomorrow. we could have some questions along these lines. martha: it will be interesting to see sort of who the main
10:40 am
characters are in this play as we talk a lot about change and about people sort of getting together and trying to hammer some of this out. thank you so much. we'll see you tonight on "special report." bill: congressman ryan were is back in washington very soon with the serious task of helping to fix our fiscal crisis. when he arrives this will be an issue we often addressed on the campaign trail. >> we know now without a shadow of a doubt that if we stay on this path this to mountain of debt, this crushing burden of borrowing and spending and taxing and regulating and money printing, we know that it will give our kids a lower living standard. we've never done that before. bill: so how does he accomplish ha that? we'll talk to art laug art laffer, former reagan economic adviser, next.
10:41 am
10:42 am
10:43 am
bill: now there is a desperate search on for survivors in guatemala after a massive quake yesterday struck near san marcos, near the mexican
10:44 am
border. nearly 50 reported dead so far but dozens believed buried under collapsed buildings and other debris. that earthquake had a magnitude 7.4. rescue efforts tonight there today. martha: congressman paul ryan now heads back to washington where there is indeed lots of work to do. he will continue his responsibilities there as the chairman of the house budget committee, which is a powerful position, as we face a mountain of debt that now stands at more than $16 trillion. so where do we go with all this? art laffer is former reagan economic adviser. art, good morning, good to see you this morning. >> good morning, martha how are you. martha: i'm doing just fine, thank you. let's talk about paul ryan. he was vilified for his budget when it came out and passionately supported by others. the president called him out on it once in a public forum. he ran for vice president, lost, now what? >> well, now i think the ryan
10:45 am
budget is a real problem for the president. when he was running for office it was politics, but now the president won and if things don't go well, and i don't think they are going to go well for the president, i think the ryan budget now will be really going after obama not the other way around. paul ryan i've known him since he was this tall an is one of the most exemplary people i've ever seen both in his personal life and in his professional life. he's been a strong advocate of good, sound free market, progrowth supply side economics and i think he is odds on favorite for the next republican nominee in 2016 and he's a very serious person in congress, and he's liked by all people. i mean left wing, right wing, in the middle. he is highly respected for his competent and his professionalism. martha: you're saying he's the perfect person to build the bridge and convince people that he's right. as you accurately point out as well, which is no surprise coming from art laffer, if the
10:46 am
president doesn't produce a growing economy he's not going to have a good legacy, which is clearly something that he wants now as well. >> he's not going to have that. martha: that would seem a recipe of some kind of getting together on this and trying to be hopeful. >> well i hope so. i'm very, very hopeful about what is going to happen, martha. i think this was the election not to win. we have the 2013 tax mageddon that will lead to a very sharp drop in economic activity. looking at 2014 i'm very excited about how the elections will turn out there, and 2016 will be the equivalent of 1980 and we'll have enormous prosperity in america. i continue be more happy and more optimistic than i am. this is obama's day, he won and the democrats did pretty well, and, frankly it's their game, and it's the only game in town. but i hope they go with the simpson-bowles flat tax and spending restraint and sound money free trade. martha: do you think obama will go for real tax reform.
10:47 am
>> no, i don't. martha: a flat tax provision. >> no. martha: or he will allow anything tow pass that doesn't include increase in taxes for the wealthy. >> i think he's going to require increases in tax rates on the wealthy and that's his downfall. that makes no sense whatsoever. the wealthy are the people who hire everyone else. you can't love jobs and help job creators, martha, he hates job creators. and it's just too bad. you'll see the consequences of that in the next couple of years, and unfortunately then it will leave the opening for the real change to occur in america. martha: colin powell spoke out about that, and he was supportive of the president but he said some very critical things about him. he says he doesn't know how to deal with business, he doesn't like business, i'm paraphrasing him. it was essentially along those lines an says he needs to know how to work with congress. >> all that is true. i don't know after you praise them after saying all those things. it seems like that is the only thing that is important for a president to be able to do is the things that colin powell said he can't do.
10:48 am
he's a fine man, president obama is, great family, good person and enormous success story but he's a bad president and we need a good president and a good congress to work together. martha: what about john boehner's role in all of this? i'm curious about who the faces and voices are that we'll be watching closely as they try to hash this out. >> john boehner is also a very fine man, and congressman from ohio, good family, good background, good man. he's in a very tough spot. he could do a compromise without getting the agreement of people like cantor and ryan, he could do it, but i think he'd be very mistaken to do that. he could get 50, 60, 70 republicans in the house to move and vote with the democrats, but i don't think he should do something like that. i think the republicans should stick to their principles, free market, progrowth supply side economics and let the chips fall where they may and that's what i think john boehner should do. martha: thank you, art. saying that people involved are
10:49 am
good men and they should be able to get in there and work this out and it wasn't a bad election to lose and you're optimistic about the future. bill: you know what didn't stop throughout the elections. martha: what? bill: car chase. we've got one for you caught on tape. this one got crazy. officers chasing down a suspected bank roche and we wi bank robber, and we will show you how that turned out. look out there. ith the bankamerd cash wards credit card, i earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas! no hoops to jump through. i earn more cash back on the things i buy most. [ woman in pet store ] it's as easy as... [ all ] one! -two. -[ all ] three! [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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martha: a wild scene was caught on video in pittsburg when police started chasing a suspected ban bang bank robber, watch. just like the movies but it's real. some of the police officers went after him on foot.
10:53 am
you see a police cruiser smash into something. the officer who was driving we are told is okay. he went right into that tree. police eventually caught up with him and they have recovered the stolen cash. good for them. a good outcome. bill: it's cool when it happens in daylight we great video out of it. you know where he's going. ever met a smart criminal? martha: no. bill: the man convicted of shooting former congresswoman gabrielle giffords, killing six others will be sentenced today, in fact a few hours from now. 24-year-old art laffe jarrod laughner will be sentenced. >> we are expecting sentencing to begin an hour from now. he will be sentenced to multiple life terms with no chance of parole or any appeals down the role, that's what he agreed to in a plea bargain arrangement after he was found by a federal
10:54 am
judge to be competent to stand trial this. way he avoids the death penalty. the drama will come when the victims confront him for the first time. gabrielle giffords and her husband will reportedly be in court with mark making a statement. giffords story of survival nothing short of amazing. doctors had to remove part of her skull and brain. she returned to congress and voted on key bills. her husband, mark flew a space shuttle mission during her recovery. we expect to hear from the man who replaced give oerdz in congress, that was ron barber. he was shot in the cheek and leg. he has no feeling in the lower part of that leg. in all 12 people injured, six people murdered. bill: will this put this now to rest today dan? >> there are still some outstanding questions. we don't know exactly where he will be serving his time. we know he could go back to
10:55 am
missouri where he was in a federal prison and also a medical facility where he was being treated for schizophrenia or he could go to some other federal facility. we don't know whether or not he's going to be put on trial for -- in county, in the county case, because the d.a. here could file charges and seek the death penalty, although that seems unlikely because all of the family members who have spoken publicly have said that they support this sentence of life in prison with no chance for parole, because they don't want to go through a lengthy trial. so it's unlikely that the county d.a. would file charges and seek the death penalty, but it's still out there, he said no decision has been made. bill: we are a few hours away from that. dang springer in tucson, arizona. martha: the hits just keep oncoming here for the northeast, battered by super storm sandy. a nor'easter dumps a foot of snow in some areas. more than a million people don't have any heat. there is a lot of suffering going on and we are waiting for help. we'll show you that at the top of the hour.
10:56 am
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martha: something to feel good about. a emotional reunion for a family in texas. watch. [applause] bill: nice. martha: look at that mom and little girl. captain scott schwartz returning home after serving 13 months in afghanistan. it was great because he got that hug from his 7-year-old daughter. they were at the elementary school where mrs. schwartz is a teacher and daughter emma is a student. >> just been a really long year. so i'm just, i'm really glad to have him back. martha: okay. now i'm crying too. thank captain schwartz, so much for his service and for that beautiful family. feel good everybody. bill:


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