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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 18, 2012 12:00pm-1:59pm EST

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>> eric: we'll have the latest on israel, coming up. >> jamie: have a good day. >> shannon: for a fifth straight day, the israeli military and militants in the hamas-ruled gaza strip are hammering away at each other by air and sea. dozens have died and neither side is showing any sign of letting up. an israeli official reportedly just landed in cairo, where egypt is trying to broke are a cease-fire. as israel signals it is open to negotiation, it is also preparing for the possibility of a ground war. we have team coverage. we have a reporter on the ground and a reporter traveling with president obottom akeeping a close eye on the middle-east. leyland? >> reporter: shannon, this is a country on the brink of war, just over my right shoulder is the gas station, where many
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citizens soldier some of the 30,000 reservivist, called up, stopping for everything from oreos to water to do rito's to pick up before they man their tank, maneuvering in the black of this, right behind me, before possibly heading into gazzasm more than a dozen palestinian killed in airstrikes inside the gaza strip. many of them are civilian, some children. here, we have had at least a dozen injured. this is quite literally the tip of the israeli spear. these are citizen shoaleddiers, a lot of them engineers or accountants, drafted into service here. they are getting their tanks ready, all along the gaza border. there are platoons, just waiting for the go order. it is lit real go over that hill, into gaza. the palestinians are not wasting any time to try to take pot shots with their mortars, from our position up here, we only have about 7 seconds from where we hear the warning sirens to
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get down on the ground before the mortars hit. in just a couple of hours issue we have had one mortar there and one hit just 20 yards behind us. we are heading from one location to another. you probably heard the iron dome go off. you can see people taking cover right there. in this whole key in one of these sirens is to try to find a place to lay down and tuck in, somewhere like this rock. by the time the sirens go off to the time you need to be down is just 20 or 30 seconds am we heard the impact. you can see the firefighters hosing down the car. the air raid sirens went off at 8:00 this noarpg morning. you can imagine the people in the house, in the neighborhood, having breakfast, were thinking, as they heard the sirens and then heard the explosions. right now, we're still seeing
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the bright orange glows from the gaza strip, the israeli airstrikes coming in. and the rockets heading out. one just headed for tel aviv, we think was intersepted by the iron dome missile defense system, which has saved countless lives here on the israeli side. there are peace talks going on right now, we are told there is an envoy in cairo, that's probably a positive sign, but prime minister netanyahu says he is ready to escalate into something like a ground war, in the next 24 to 36 hours. this will go the way of a cease-fire or a long and definitely bloody battle on our hands here. >> jamie: leyland, we know you will bring us the latest. thank you so much for your coverage. president obama's warning both sides upon to ramp up the fighting in the middle-east, even as he supports israel's right to defend itself. the president is monitoring the crisis closely, as he is in a three-day swing to south asia.
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wendall is with the president. >> reporter: the president has talks almost dale weprime minister netanyahu and egyptian president morsi and has reached out to the turkish prime minister. he said he would like to see the violence between israel and the palestinians diminish, but says that israel has a right to defend itself. >> israel has every right to expect that it does not have missiles fired into its territory f. that can be accomplished without a ramping up of military activity in gaza, that's preferable. >> reporter: here in thailand, mr. obama's wrapping up the first leg of a three-nation tour, visiting what one analyst calls the troubled children. he goes to burma and cambodia, in burma to urge in theic
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process and in cambodia, despite the lack of it, there was a wat pot monastery, with the reclining buddha and asked the monk there for prayers, for talks to avert the fiscal cliff. >> i always believe in prayer. i believe in prayer when i go to church, bam home and if a buddhist monk is wishing me well, i am going to take whatever good vibes he can give me. >> reporter: the president says he's confident he and the congress can reach a deficit reduction agreement. a lot of analysts think that's one of two questions likely to be most asked by the leaders in the summit in cambodia. the other is who will replace secretary of state hillary clinton. >> shannon: we know you had travel troubles. be safe and see you soon.
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our next guest is from tel aviv. the former chief of staff to israeli prime minister netanyahu. sir, thank you for joining us today. what is the situation there in tel aviv for you? >> just a few minutes ago here in the great city of tel aviv. we had a couple of missiles shot on tel aviv. roughly 1 million people are in shelters. what is happening here in a nutshell, 7 years ago, we handed gaza over to the palestinians. they formed a state. days after forming the state, they began shooting missiles on our civilians. and ever since, it's been going on and on. a few days ago, enough was enough and prime minister netanyahu authorized taking out the head of the terrorist, the iranian terrorists in gaza.
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that's with we did. since then, the terrorists have been shooting thousands of missiles on us. we will protect ourselves and that's what we are doing at this moment. >> shannon: i want to ask you about the report of an israeli official who has gone to cairo to engage in talks, hoping to broker a cease-fire, what do you make of the involvement in egypt in this conversation? there was a cease-fire earlier that didn't last, obviously. what are the hopes of the israeli people, of the government there that there would be a cease-fire that would be permanent? >> you know, i have been riding around southern israel and met thousands of israeli. there is a consensus, everyone is willing to endure being in the shelter a few more days or weeks, as much as possible, as long as we win the balt on terror. this is know war. this is a fight on terror and people who are deliberately
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shooting civiliance, usually they're shooting from inside hospitals and kindergartens so we can't fight back, using kids as a human shield. we need to beat the hamas. that's what the population in israel wants. >> shannon: how do you respond to the criticism that comes from the other side, saying that israel is the aggressor, you know, they point specifically to occupation, these are their accusations. how do you respond? >> shannon, there is no occupation. we left gaza. there is not one soldier in gaz a. there is not one israeli there. they have the option to turn it into the singapore of the middle-east. i hope that one day they doll that. right now, they have turned gaza into a launch pad of terror into israel. iran has taken over gaza and is attacking me and my kids and my family. we are going to defend ourselves. we have been here for thousands of years in this land. we intend to continue being here. there is only one aggressor and
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that's the iranian terror stemming out of the gaza strip. >> how is the iron dome working. we have heard that folks can see it in action, over tel aviv. what has been your experience? >> well, the iron dome is pretty remarkable. viseen dozens and dozens of missiles shot at us and you simply look into the sky and you see our counter-missiles intercept them midway and blow them up. it's a pretty remarkable technology. but i do want to emphasize at the end of day, we have fowin the battle on terror. it is not enough to intercept missiles midway. we have to hunt down the terrors -- terrorists. >> reporter: thank you for your firsthand account there. thank you. iran says it's trying to bring an end to syria's civil war.
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the country's official news agency says a one-day meeting it was held in tehran to try it get syria's government and opposition leaders on the same page. but it is not clear that any major rebel or exile group attended the meeting. most of the opposition does not trust iran because it's a key ally of syria's president. many think the conference's reaction to the formation of an opposition group coalition to oust bashar al saud. >> eric: the ceo of black elk energy, which owns an oil rig, has identified a found body is one of two contract workers missing since friday. black elk energy will continue to search for another worker who is still missing. four workers who were burned are still hospitalized. the company says that no oil is leak from this platform. federal investigators looking into a deadly parade accident in
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midland, texas, say a warning signal sounded 7 seconds before the float collided with the freight train on thursday. it was the second of two floats that crossed the tracks. the first did clear safely. ntsb found no problems with the train's brakes, tracks or cars. president obama and lawmakers are cautiously optimistic about a budget deal. but nancy pelosi says it must include tax hikes for the wealthy. we have the latest. >> reporter: shannon, the house minority leader, nancy pelosi, sits at the negotiates ing table with the leaders, trying to steer the country away from the fiscal cliff. she says he will not accept a deal that does not include tax rate increases for the wealthiest americans. but she also said she thinks negotiators have enough of a sense of urgenc tow get a deal done by the middle of december.
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>> we are all grownups. we have a responsibility to the american people. the elements for an agreement are there. time is of the essence, the quicker we do tthe more confidence we instill, the better it is for the economy and the american people. >> reporter: republicans, too, have expressed optimism that the fiscal cliff can be avoided and are open to signing legislation that includes new sources of revenue. but the president wants to raise most of that new money with $1.6 trillion over a decade. republicans are not likely to go along with that. this is why. >> there certainly is room for negotiation on a real solution and a real solution includes both revenue, increases and spending reductions. the reason we have concern about what the president has talked about and my friends on the other side of the aisle have talked about is that it doesn't solve the problem. if we take the president's deal that he had brought to the
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table, do you know how many days that pays for the federal government? not -- 8 days. want 8 months, not 8 week, 8 days. >> reporter: last night in a fopped raisener iowa, republican senator marco rubio talked about the fiscal cliff and made clear that congress created the cliff and that goes to show how dysfunctional the process of legislating in the united states is. >> shannon: several republicans want u.n. ambassador susan rice held accountable for comments she made days after the attack in libya. we will talk to adam smith who is defending ambassador rice. a lot of folks are still in desperate need after hurricane sandy. later in the show, we will show you how you can help with these efforts and about many other worthy causes as well. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain.
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>> shannon:erts are underway to broker a truce in the escalating israeli/gaza conflict. according to the egypt foreign ministry, they have been
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negotiating efforts to nerkt a cease-fire. it brokered an agreement in october that later collapsed. the u.s. is, of course, keeping a close eye on the middle-east crisis. congressman adam smith, a democrat from wawashington state, is a ranking member of the armed services committee. i will get your reaction to israel? >> sure. it's a terrible situation. i think the president and everybody in the united states, we need to support israel as strongly as we can. it is hard to imagine living in a place where at any moment, rocks can rain down. i went to the gaza strip and heard stories of the previous rocket attacks. and now hadt has accelerated. i think the influence of iran is a huge parts of the problem. it's a terrible situation in gaza, 1.5 million people in terrible conditions. but they are not going to go goat better until hamas and gaza stops the violence against israel. we have to support them in any
12:19 pm
way we, and keep working on a very, very difficult problem. >> shannon: we do have reports that there are negotiations with egypt, trying to broker a cease-fire and indications that israel is preparing to prepare for a ground war offensive. how worried are you about that step playing out? >> well, very worried. the president said it best in the clips you were showing, we need to try to avoid that. israel has to defend itself. hopefully, we work with the egypts to broker the cease-fire. if there is a ground invasion, that will increase the violence and make it that much more difficult to get to a peaceful situation. israel has to do what it can to disop the rockets from raining down on the citizens. >> shannon: i want to turn to libya, benghazi, with the testimony from general petraeus and others, there are several g.o.p. senator who is have said that ambassador rice in the version that she gave, several days after the initial deadly
12:20 pm
attack in benghazi, they have called her unqofl qualified, untrustworthy and they would block her nomination as secretary of state. you have defended her. but i want to read something you said between the time of the attack and when she -- when she made the rounds on the sunday shows. >> right. >> shannon: in the interim day, you said this was not just a mob that got out of hand. mobs don't attack guns blazing, i think there was a growing consensus it was preplanned. if you had that estimation a couple of days before he went on the sunday shows, why should she get a pass on saying something different. >> there is a quote that i have from her sunday interview where she said, it was initially a demonstration, then other extremist individuals with heavy weapons of kind that are regrettably readily available in libbia, launched the attack. susan rite rice didn't say this was a bunch of demonstrators who
12:21 pm
turned violent. there was a dispute about were their demonstrators, were they all armd? were some of them armed. >> eric: she said clearly, they were heavily armed and attacked. the only dispute here is were there other protesters? if you look at the video that we have, there are some people looting. demonstrators are violent, too. the situation in libya is that there were armed militias right there. and by the way, this is a definitional thing, by pre-planned, it was a matter of hours. in fact, at this point, it looks like it was less pre-planned than my statement would have apply to the statement i made a couple of days after the attack. it looked like there were militia whose saw this opportunity, who used it as a rallying cry, they used the video and 9/11 as a rallying cry. they said, here's an opportunity. let's attack. that has never been in dispute. that's about how susan rice
12:22 pm
described. it the only thing that she might have been wrong about is the presence of the demonstration before the attack. at the time, she also said, this is what it looks like. we are not sure. it's evolving. but she never denied there was extremists and that they were heavily armed. go back and look at the transcripts. it's what she said. this is a ridiculous attack on susan rice. frankly, i have never seen such a partisan approach to a foreign policy issue. i have an enormous amount of respect for senator mccain, i think he's dead wrong on this. have you to look at what susan rice actually said. >> shannon: there is much there to parse. we will continue this conversation the next couple of hours. we appreciate your time. >> thanks for the chance. >> shannon: a new crew taking over the international space station. who is staying and who is headed back to earth? [ female announcer ] beef, meet flavor boost.
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>> shannon: as the incoming fire continues, israel is bombing targets. each as an israeli envoy is in talks in egypt about a cease-fire. peter doocy has some of your top stories. >> reporter: a short time ago, israel's iron double team dome interceptor system shot down two more missiles aimed at tel aviv. the hamas till mant -- mill at that points continue to lob rockets across the border and israel is widening its offensive, launching dozens of rockets today. egypt is leading the international effort to broker a truce. president obama is closely monitoring the escalating conflict on a three-day trip to southeast asia. he says the asian pacific region will be crucial to creating jobs in the u.s. and shaping our security and prosperity. supreme court justice alito is defending the court's
12:28 pm
controversial 2010 ruling in the citizens united case, allowing independent groups to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on campaigning. speaking to the federalist society, alito says the first amendment protecting free speech from an individual or a corporation. and honest abe would not approve. a rhode island man used counterfeit their 100 bills to go shopping at target. but there was a critical flaw in his plan. they had abraham lincoln's face and they should have had benjamin franklin's face on them. those are the top stories. >> shannon: all about the benjamins. >> reporter: all about the benjamins. president obama is not the only one closely waffing the situation in israel. lawmakers here are doing the same. joining us, a member of the house armed service committee and co-chair of the house israel defense caucus. congressman, thank you for joining us. what is your take on what is
12:29 pm
playing out right now in israel? >> it's a sad situation. but i defend israel's right to defend itself when have you hundreds and hundreds of rockets coming in. iran seems to be funding some of this, ultimately. israel has a right to self defense. fortunately, the iron dome system is having a 90% success rate, if the rocket is going to an inhabited area. the iron dome, developed by the israelis and funded by the u.s. to some extent, is working. >> shannon: we just had one of your colleagues on, adam smith. i wanted to talk about the things coming up, benghazi, libya and ap ambassador rice. as i read his comments to him, between the interim of the attack and when susan rice made the rounds on the sunday shows, he said himself this, wasn't just a mab that got out of control. there is a growing consensus.
12:30 pm
he says that's not inconsistent with what ambassador rice said two days later. your take? >> i disagree with adam smith. i respect him. i like him. but susan rice was telling us things -- i don't think it was necessarily her fault. she was telling us things that were false. someone gave had he ever bad information. we need to get to the bottom of that. >> shannon: that's a question, you know, we have heard about the talking points that apparently, former cia director general david petraeus testified, at least according to those who heard the testimony that the cia put out its own talking points and it was different from what was carried out by susan rice. so somewhere in the interim tsounds like there were two versions what have the cia prepared and what ended up in her hands. how do we get to the bottom of who changed them? because that seems to be the big mystery that no one seems to be able to answer. somebody put their hands on the report and edited it.
12:31 pm
who was it? >> no one's admitting to that. i am not sure we are ready for a select committee. but a standing committee like homeland security, armed services need to get to the bottom of that. general petraeus is just the beginning. he showed -- he showed us that he knew it was a terroristac starks, from day 1. susan rice should have known that. and it's troubling that she did not know that. i don't know if she's not listening to her intelligence briefings, or if she doesn't do her homework, but it's troubling that she didn't know better when she went on five talk shows. >> shannon: do you think the president signaled that he does intend to to nominate her for secretary of state? >> in the house, we don't have a say in the nomination process. but i think eye would not recommend that he nominate her. in fact, i think she should never become secretary of state. i think she should resign, as peter king has called for, from
12:32 pm
her current position as u.n. ambassador. if she can't be more discerning, do her homework -- if she can't tell what the intelligence committee is saying being she should know better. >> shannon: we will talk with your colleague, peter king, coming up in the next hour. thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: three astronauts are headed home. they are between the international space station and earth. we have more on their journey home. dominic, hello? >> reporter: hi, there. it was an emotional handover from the american commander, sonny williams, passing control to the international space station, overwhelmed, gush about this experience of working in space and from the video, you can see a hair floating wildly in the anti-gravity environment. she choked up as she spoke of the enormity of the work that she and her fellow astronauts do up there. take a listen.
12:33 pm
>> we are honored to be fulfilling that dream and living that dream right now. so i just wonder what is going to happen -- or what our future has in store for us, 10 years, 25 years, 50 years and 100 years from now. >> reporter: incredible shot there. she handed it off. they return to us at 8:53 with a russian and a japanese astronaut. they have had a busy motion to fix a radiator leak, the docking of the dragon, the first cargo craft to visit the international space station and they have been part of human scientific tests. to cap it off, they had a close call with a chunk of space debris on friday. the crew had to be ready to scramble to the life boat, while the debris drifted within two moyl miles of them. in space, that's really, really close. a big sigh of relief from the
12:34 pm
career. back to you. >> shannon: highly technical work. those are brave folk, bringing back the information to help us with future development. i have to say, the hair is amazing. the fact that she didn't put a cap on it. we embrace it and gravity is an amazing thing, and lack thereof, also. that's wonderful. we love it. dominic, thank you. >> reporter: take care. >> shannon: on a much more serious note, rockets are streaking across the sky between israel and the gaza strip. after the break, we will talk live with a reporter on the ground about what he is saying there -- seeing there. ay men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands?
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>> israel has a right to protect itself. if sending ground troops in is the only way they can clean out this mess of rockets being fired at them, you know? you can't blame them for doing
12:39 pm
it. >> i don't think the israelis want a ground war. they are only going to gl into gaza if they need to to eliminate the remainder of the missiles... >> shannon: echoing the president's statements today in support of israel, saying it has the right to defend itself, even though leaders in that region are pressing for a cease-fire, israel has declared it's ready to, quote, significantly expand its military campaign, if necessary. we have a journalist with one of the most respected israeli news services in the region. abi, thank you for joining us. you are on the frontlines. what can you tell us? >> good evening. well, just 30 minutes ago, we heard again, one of the sirens and another rocket shot from gaza was intercepted by the iron dome system. luckily, for us, no casualties. >> shannon: you have covered
12:40 pm
this region and written about it and lived there for years. so for you, putting this in historical context, how does the incursion between the two sides measure up in the scope of what you have seen and heard the last few years? >> well, it reminds us, it reminds me at least, the round of escalations we have witnessed in the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009, in an operation, during which the israeli army -- [inaudible], after an aerial attack that went on for a couple of days and even more than a week. at the end, because of the continuously shooting of the rockets from the gaza strip towards israel, yes, there was a ground operation. the israeli army and liardship finds itself in the same dilemma they were in in december of 2008, whether to go to a ground operation in gaza and probably will have casualties on the
12:41 pm
israeli side and many casualties among the population of the palestinian population, in gaza strip. and this is a big dilemma for the israeli decision-makers right now. if the rockets will be conditioned or the shooting of rockets will continue, i guess that israel won't have any other option but to go to a ground operation. >> shannon: is there a sense there among the israeli people on the ground and they're living with the reality of this playing out, that they would be willing to see that move made by leadership, to move ahead with a ground offensive? >> lthe problem with a ground operation is that you can -- guess how tell start, but you never know how it will end, mean figure gaza's mud during the winter is pretty deep. at theentious ve of an election campaign, meaning january, we have elections for prime minister and the parliament.
12:42 pm
it might be be risky and even dangerous for the prime minister netanyahu that has the victory in his pocket, almost. so this is one. dilemmas that netanyahu has to consider. in then, we know the result, the idea is that the israeli will win, will manage to defeat hamas' forces. but there might be a big political problem for netanyahu him, if there will be many casualties among the soldiers. >> shannon: avi, thank you so much for taking the time to give us a firsthand account. coming up, we have breaking news in the allen west recount in florida. stick around. there is that and much more. [ forsythe ] we don't just come up here for the view up in alaska.
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>> shannon: all right. some important developments in the allen west race. a noop deadline has passed in florida, to report new returns in the race between democrat patrick murphy and republican congressman allen west. you will remember that allen west has been fighting for a recount after whath his campaign claims are discrepancies in the vote, early votes and the count. sources are telling fox news that the st. lucie county canvassing board that agreed to the partial recount, missed the deadline to count nearly 37,000 early votes. under state law, unless they received an emergency exemption from the state, the unofficial
12:48 pm
results filed last week, which show patrick murphy winning the race will be certified. the results showed murphy winning with 1900 votes. so the canvassing board, had it gone through the recount, they missed the deadline for noon, now saying, okay, we are done. there won't be any more recounts. the race is left where it was, absent intervention by the state. we'll continue to follow the story. we want to hear more from the allen west campaign. we understand they are going to pursue other legal options. but for now, absent an intervention tlooks like the race will go to murphy. president obama says his upcoming trip to burma is not an endorsment of the government but the problem. monday, he will be the first u.s. serving president to go to burma in a three-country asian
12:49 pm
tour t. divers have found a body at the rig of an oil fire, they will continue to search for another worker who is still unaccounted for. four others were badly burned. the company, black elk says there is no oil leak from this site. americans are sitting at their thanksgiving dinner tables and black friday, a store-busting sales, hoards of freb frenzied shot've shovers and nervous employee, shoppers are lining up outside their favorite stores -- it's true. >> shannon: thanksgiving is an ideal time to remember what we do have to be thankful for. we are highlighting charities, working with the red cross, helping those affected by hurricane sandy.
12:50 pm
we have the chief public affairs officer 1st red cross. welcome and thank you for coming in today. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: red cross works all over the place. can you give us an update on how folks can help anda is happening there? >> let me update ow sandy. this is the largest relief effort in five years. it is pretty massive. we have served right now, 6 million meals and snacks. we have had 75,000 people in overnight in our shelters. this past weekend, we did a huge push of cleanup kit items for them to use in their homes. and with the help of a lot of volunteer who is showed up spontaneously, we delivered 700,000 cleanup kits, relief kits and things like that. but the people up there are still really hurting. so we are going to be busy over thanksgiving. we are going to be going true the neighbors with thanksgiving peel meals for them. we are going to be helping normal charities that do this kind of thanksgiving, we will
12:51 pm
help them fthey need, you know, extra resources because of the extra need this year. we have been busy there. but as you said, we respond to 70,000 disasters all over the country, every year. >> shannon: let's talk about the things you had in the works. over the holidays, do you special things. tell bus those? >> sure. we encourage people over the holidays to give something that means something. so that could be the donation of blood. the red crotionz collects 40% of the blood in this country. we still need that. during the holidays, we see a dip because people are busy with plans, so if you can make time to donate blood, that would be great. one of our most popular programs is sending the cards to the troops ore seas. this is our fifth or sixth year. i was in a card-making event yesterday, where kids were doing cards. and so, it's important to -- to know that we don't forget them, they there are and they like to get cards from home. we have a catalog online, where
12:52 pm
you can pick out a gift for someone on your shopping list and give it in their honor t. might be the blankets that have you seen used over sandy. you could give that in honor of someone on your shopping list. it really makes people feel good. i just encourage people to sign up to volunteer with the red cross. we are a volunteer agency. 90% of the people that you see at sandy are volunteers. if you get trained during the year, god forbid, when disaster strikes, you can be on the seen scene, helping others. >> shannon: we all have something to give, whether it's time, blood, money, or car, there are ways for all of us to get involved. we thank you. we know that it never lets up. we would encourage folks to check your web site and check out i. and thamps to fox viewers, that is allowing us to turn compassion into action and get the relief there. >> shannon: thank you for coming in. and thank you to our viewers.
12:53 pm
we give you credit for helping. the red cross is one of many groups will we will showcase. what are your favorite charities and why. how are they helping folks? send us a quick tweet. we'll read those later in the show. and we want to hear how you are helping in your community during this holiday season. we have set up a you report section. we have heard from some of you. we had this picture by tony, who wanted to show that her daughter and best friend are making posters for a coin drive and the proceeds will be sent to hurricane sandy victims. we have mobling groomers, offering free cleanup for pote owners. debbie said the good in people comes now the times of crisis. send us your story. we want to hear fru. go to you can see on the page, the
12:54 pm
snow globe. there is a link under the holiday helpers section. and we'll choose some of your stories and share them on air, hopefully inspire others. president obama stands behind the dream act and some others are proposing their own immigration plan. we will take a close look at the two, right after the break. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] woer what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relf ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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your hospital and doctor coverage... with part d prescription drug coverage, and extra benefits... all in one complete plan... for a $0 monthly premium. no more than what you already pay for medicare part b. other benefits can include 100% coverage for an annual physical and immunizations, vision and hearing coverage -- and prescriptions as low as $2... at pharmacies and retail locations like these. ♪ don't wait. let's get you on the right path. call today to enroll in a plan from unitedhealthcare, like aarp medicarecomplete. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: immigration
12:58 pm
reform is on the post election radar for both political parties. a republican senator has come up with his alternative to the president's plan. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel takes a look. >> with the election over, some republican laks are floating conservative alternative to president obama's dream act. supporters say achieve act would legalize status of undocumented children who grew up by giving them visas. after earning a degree or serving in the military they could eventually become citizens. unlike to dream act it does not allow the people to jump ahead of legal immigrants waiting their turn. >> it's a perfectly reasonable way to go. >> congressional sources say retiring senators kay bailey hutchison and jon kyl were working on the plan with marco rubio over the summer but it was put on hold after mr. obama's executive action. now with the election over, some republicans are waiting if the time is right to pass it by the end of the year. rubio says conservatives must
12:59 pm
better explain they are for a legal immigration system that works. hard to get people to listen to you on economic growth, tax rate and healthcare if they think you want to deport their grandmother. policy matters, too, but rhetoric is important. >> 12 million more latinos voting this year than 2008, they're becoming a more powerful political force. >> what was encouraging is to see increase in latino turn-out. >> romney received 27% of the latino vote. the worst g.o.p. showing. >> it's only a matter of time that you can't win an election without hispanic vote. i see good signs that the con seventives are paying attention and they need to speak to the hispanic community. >> congressional sources say
1:00 pm
it's a temp rare solution. there is a humanitarian issue to be addressed. in washington, mike emanuel fox news. >> shannon: israel widens the defenses and expands targets as it enters day five in battle against the militants in gaza strip. short time ago, the gaza medical officials say israeli missile flattened a house in residential neighborhood killing 11 civilians including several children. international community brokering a cease-fire after concern growth that israel and hamas are closing in on an all-out war. we begin hour number two of the american headquarters with israeli ambassador. thank you for coming in today. >> good to be with you. >> shannon: how do you respond to concerns raised on both sides of the issue, where this is happening is not a traditional battlegrounds. >> keep in mind, we have 5.5 million israelis under shell fire. we are talking, on the way to
1:01 pm
fox. sirens are going off in tel aviv. that is close to three-quarters of the entire population is in a bomb shelter or within a 15-second run from the nearest bomb shelter. that is how long you have before the bomb hits. the difference between us and hamas organization, they are using civilians as human shield. they are shooting behind them to maximize how many civilians they kill on our side. we by contrast take superhuman evidents to my mize casualties on their side. we have a compute they're generates tens of thousands of phone calls in residents of areas likely to be targeted telling them get out of there. sometimes civilians are hurt an we regret. we are trying to prevent that. that is the difference between us and them. they are trying to kill our
1:02 pm
civilians. they have 150 wounded. >> shannon: iron dome is acting as hoped and expected preventing the loss of life and injury. >> it has 90% success rate. watch the missiles taken out of the sky. for that, we owe a great debt of appreciation to america, the president, and congress who has given tremendous support for the iron dome battery system, which is the first antimissile defense system in history to work for wartime. >> how difficult and challenging is it for israel to be where it geographically, especially over the last couple of years as we see so much unrest and transition to leadership and along with leadership's clearly opposed to israel and the survival? how much more challenging has it gotten in the last couple of years? >> it's a tough neighborhood. sometimes it gets tougher. we see opportunities. if the regime in syria falls
1:03 pm
that would be a good thing and a huge blow to iran an hezbollah. elsewhere, we see challenges. hamas remain aster rorrist organization dedicated to the destruction of the fate of israel. if you look at theco innocent, they want to kill -- covenant, they want to kill jews throughout the world. not just in israel. there is no sitting down and negotiating with people. they shoot at us and they have to know they will take all measures to defend ourselves. that is what we'll do. >> shannon: you talk about the negotiations there is a report officials are in cairo now and efforts for a cease-fire. what assurance do you have at all that the owe side of the to cage woulthe -- of this theyd stop. >> we had to paralyze southern part of the country and that is not tolerable. president obama said no country would put up with that. we appreciate that. he that is the reality.
1:04 pm
we're not going back there. we made a huge gesture in 2005. 9,000 people we yanked out of their homes to try to make peace with palestinians there. instead, we got thousands and thousands of rockets fired at us. we are willing to strike a deal to make sure that situation does not return. until that happens we'll take all the necessary measures to defend ourselves. >> shannon: is it possible to have legitimate good faith organizations with a terrorist group? >> very difficult. understand whatever arrangements have to be made, you can't trust hamas. hamas a terrorist organization. dedicated to killing civilians. that's what it has to do there. has to be an international component there. again, i'm going to start harping on this. we can't go back to what we had before. we're going to take every measure necessary and legitimate to make sure that situation does not return. >> shannon: what is the
1:05 pm
tipping point for israeli leaders from the prime minister to decide it is necessary to move forward with ground war operations? >> hamas keeps escalating. as i mention before, coming up to the studios now, the sirens were ringing in tel aviv. yesterday they were ringing in jerusalem. it's personal with us. i have a son who is an infantry officer. daughter who is a teacher in vm. oujerusalem. our kids' lives are on the line. what do you do as a parent? defend your children. we'll do what we have to do to defend our kids. >> shannon: what do you see as the timeline? make a decision about the ground war for out how long it could last. any estimation as to worst case scenario? >> if we have to use that force we want to use it in the efficient way. utmost to avoid casualties but we're not there yet. we hope hamas will back down and accept arrangements to ensure they will never again
1:06 pm
fire at the population and paralyze the country. we live in a tough neighborhood but we are a resilience and robust country. we can handle it. >> shannon: all right, ambassador. we appreciate your time. we will be monitoring this minute-by-minute. this is constantly changing. >> shannon: thank you. let's go to david lee miller on the border of israel and gaza with the latest on what he is seeing there. dade? >> we are one mile from the israeli-gaza border. we saw rockets fired in direction of israel. a minute later we saw from the location where the rockets were launched. gigantic fireball. response from the military. more than 900 rockets have been fired by militants today alone. 75 of them were fired.
1:07 pm
three targeting tel aviv. one sistance the shrapnel from an intercepted rocket fell on a car and caused a fire. elsewhere today, the number of israelis were injured. as many as seven dozens more treated for shots. throughout the day, a number of heavy barrages of the rocket fire. specifically one israeli city in the south, was fired upon and very short period of time. 15 times. we talk to police spokesman outside a building in the city that came under fire. he said he believes hamas by firing so many rockets and such a short duration might be trying to potentially overwhelm the missile defense system. listen to what he had to say. >> what we have seen there are significant number of rockets coming in with sequences.
1:08 pm
coming in five at a time. not just randomly one and two over there all over the southern region. five and five and ten. >> as i speak to you right now, jeff head near the border i can hear israeli military aircraft. they have been targeting militant sites throughout the day. we're told now that the death toll is 22. 11 people were killed. all of the same family. five women an four children in the figure. the latest is that the diplomatic thought in cairo continued to take place. back to you. >> shannon: david lee miller live on the border between gaza and israel. thank you. new calls for susan rice to testify against the attack in benghazi, libya. they tackled the closed door talks on capitol hill. doug mckelway has been keeping up.
1:09 pm
to find out what the folks had to say. >> afternoon. what we are hearing today is a sharp divide between interpretation of the former c.i.a. director david petraeus' system by the congressional republicans and congressional democrats. republicans on the one hand said sometime after the c.i.a. talk points about benghazi issued by the c.i.a. keywording that pointed to a terrorist attack was taken out. republicans want to know who took it out. democrats are in protective mode around u.s. ambassador rice and the president. >> the issue is whether susan rice should be pillarried for using the intelligence reports that david petraeus signed off on. which is dni, the director of national intelligence, mr. clapper signed off on. were they part of a coverup? did they do something wrong? >> ask them, when general
1:10 pm
clapper and petraeus signed off, when they went to the administration we don't know if it's the white house or the national security council, justice department, defense department. that language changed. >> saxby chambliss says increasingly the evidence for change in those talk points points to one direction. every leader of the intelligence community there, folks from the state department, the f.b.i. everybody there was asked do you know who made the changes? nobody knew. the only entity that reviewed the target points that was not there was the white house. >> watergate style hearings are not needed. but they are calling for such a committee. >> shannon: doug, thank you very much.
1:11 pm
all right, here with his reaction to the israel and libya situations, homeland security chair and intelligence committee member pete king. thank you. thank you very much. >> shannon: start with pennington libya. what we do know and -- benghazi libya. what we know and don't know. there is a great number of talking points that it seems from when they left the c.i.a. or left with general petraeus seen of them, to when they ultimately got to ambassador rice there was a change. >> i don't know what the democrats in the white house are trying to hide. it's not what they are saying. they both said the intelligence community in its entirety signed off on talking points. they went to the administration. come back and the key language was changed. whether it was the white house or the pentagon. or the national security council, someone in the administration changed those talking points. only the administration can tell that. the white house said they
1:12 pm
didn't do it. so who did? the defense department or justice department? national subject council? why don't they admit who did id it? that is the question. to blame it on petraeus and clapper is wrong. whatever petraeus and clapper did, that was changed by the administration. not by petraeus and clapper. number one. the only answer is the public to demand when the administration did it, who told them do it and as far as rice is concerned, no reason she is confined to talking points. >> do you think that she, as you mention, that she had the span of information and was made sacrificial lamb? she was given talking point and didn't tell her the whole story and sent around why the u.n. ambassador was doing the sunday shows?
1:13 pm
do you think there is a level of intelligence? does she have an opportunity to know more? >> susan rice has great ability. i've known her and i have regard for her and her ability. in this case, given talking points and she accepted them. but to me what is hard to understand as the u.n. ambassador, command of state department she has access to classified information she wants. plus what the c.i.a. and director of intelligence has. she can look at it themselves. i think she has more of a responsibility to find out more information. i wish they would tell us who did it, why an when.
1:14 pm
>> i want to ask about the f.b.i. explanation that uncovered the extra marital affair. what do we know of the investigation? who knew what when? the white house didn't know until election week. where is the failure there? what did we know? >> i cannot go into that. they had a responsibility once told about it, they had an obligation to tell the president of the united states. they cannot have a key member of the foreign policy team to carry out the sensitive missions to under the investigation by the f.b.i. for something that could have made him a security risk. the president was owed that. hard to believe and understand
1:15 pm
why they didn't tell the president. >> dough you feel there -- do you feel the president knew earlier than the white house represented to us? >> i don't know. the foreign general didn't him, then he has to explane why. if he didn't tell him, they should explain why he didn't act. the version right now is the attorney general did not tell the president. to me the burden is on the attorney general. he had an obligation to tell the president. >> chairman, we thank you for your time. >> thank you, shannon. >> three weeks after super storm sandy. much of lower manhattan is dealing with the damage left behind. homes and businesses are uninhabitable. we are live in lower manhattan with a little good news. >> well, hello, shannon. much of the focus following the super storm sandy has been on the coastal community of new york and new jersey that have had tremendous damage. much of the island of
1:16 pm
manhattan is still reeling as well. we are in the lower portion. south seaboard area. you see the crews are pumping. if you follow me this way you can see the water line on the window. restricted use sign that is the story up and down the street. power, heat, and residential towers are closed. they are allowing them to blame rebates. throughout the financial district, the workers are displaced due to office towers being shuttered. and the lower east side are flooded. they are reporting less foot traffic and sales since the storm. julie, former chairperson of lower manhattan community board says 35% of businesses have business interruption insurance.
1:17 pm
the community resilience has been tested before and they will come back strong. >> this is difficult after sandy. we have faced this devastation before, after 9/11 when we had to rebuild the neighborhoods. for so many residents and businesses we have been down the road before. we are community survivors and we'll rebuild the neighborhood. do it as a team. >> the real problem is the conditions could be persisting for not weeks but even months. new york city's economy could be suffering for quite some time. back to you. >> shannon: difficult situation. anna, thank you for the update. >> in the past three months, the obama administration has proposed thousands of new government regulations. how those could affect you, your family, job and business. we ask a guest from the national federation of independent business next. sometimes what we suffer from
1:18 pm
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1:21 pm
>> in just the last 90 days, the obama administration issued nearly 6,000 new proposed regulations, which could impact everything from small businesses to your
1:22 pm
private property. joining us to talk about the implication is karen, the executive director of national association of independence business legal center. thank you for coming in. >> 6,000 sounds like a lot in 90-day period. why does that matter? >> this matter because they're trying to get jobs. we have seen every month as we track the small businesses why are you hiring and not hiring is basically what they are saying, the top three reasons comes in the regulation. for small business that employs most of us, it's 10,000 per employ they have to absorb >> shannon: so if they do hiring they add that to the cost.
1:23 pm
>> correct. correct. >> what are things that are trouble to businesses? >> most of the conversations we have had have been regulation to healthcare bill. there are thousands for every bill of that size passed. how do you deep an eye on them coming down the pike? >> this is hard. it's what we do every day, much less for members who have businesses to run. we are seeing an aggressive epa. the environmental regulations that will come out, especially if they don't -- and are coming out, if they don't directly regulate the members and the small business owners they will raise the energy cost which is a top ten concern for them. energy cost. they have to pay to turn the lights on. in addition, you've got department of labor that is very aggressive in going after small business owners and putting new regulatory burdens on them and what they can and can't say and do to their employees. all of that is more of a headache. really hurts our job creators. >> shannon: of course. we understand there has to be some regulations.
1:24 pm
rules for how the businesses operate. average people operate in the country. this is place of law and order. where do you get to the tipping point where you have gone too far and you see it as a burden rather than benefit? >> right. we have been seeing that. you see it where the government collecting information, which means that small business owners have to fill out that information. you know, they get hundreds of thousands of pages we know they are not going to look at. but we have to fill out. you also see now a move toward -- not just enough to a problem. but to solve it in a way that the platinum standard. is that really worth it? is the juice worth the squeeze? what other possible benefit comes out of it? >> shannon: this is not just economic. we have battles over issue like hsh mandate. they are provided to give interest at a no cost to employee. big battle to catholic church and other businesses.
1:25 pm
one had a big win. publisher of bibles not viewed by the administration as a religious employer. so not just about money. there are other issues that come up with the regulations as well. >> right. tree dom of speech. we have a lawsuit right now against the national labor relations board. mandating that the businesses put up information that they do not want to put up. forcing them compelling them to do so. we think it's a violation of the first amendment. there is fundamental principles that we are fighting the regulations on as well. >> shannon: we know you are on it and we'll stay on it as well. folks can know what is following up out there. many of the regulations, all of them have comment period. make sure that folks know where to find those and weigh in before the government makes the final decisions on the regulations. >> thank you, karen. >> thank you. up next on american news headquarters as night falls in israel there is no reprieve from the constant rocket blast between israel and gaza. up next, firsthand account from former aid to benjamin netanyahu who happens to be the "new york times" best selling author of israel at
1:26 pm
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>> shannon: bottom of the hour. here are some of today's top stories. new information about the race between incumbent congressman allen west and channeler patrick murphy. sources tell fox news the county canvassing board missed a noon deadline to count the 37,000 early votes. republican lawyer reports that the county supervisor of elections was hospitalized friday. she wasn't at the recount. her assistant oversaw the election recount. it appears absent state intervention, resulting
1:31 pm
showing murphy to be certified. west's legal team is vowing to fight on. we'll hear more from them in minutes. ameridose is going to stay closed for a year and is the sister company of the pharmacy tied to the meningitis outbreak. black friday arrives again, black friday with the door busting sales. starting on thursday on some stores. there are shoppers. you have seen them. lined up and waiting and ready for the deal. >> fifth day in row, attacks continue. and rockets are targeting tel aviv. joel rosenberg is on the ground in israel.
1:32 pm
joel, what is your impression of how it's playing out in israel? >> good to be with you. it has been an extraordinary week here. hamas fired some 800 rockets and missiles from wednesday. but fired at jerusalem. no one shot a missile at jerusalem since 1970. even saddam hussein in the 1991 gulf war thought 39 scud missiles at israel and never shot at jerusalem. so we are seeing a level of eel and sheer evil. everybody time hamas fires they are committing two war crimes. number one, firing to civils and behind civilians. amid civilians.
1:33 pm
this is an extraordinary situation. we need people to be paying for peace of jerusalem more than before. >> shannon: travel extensively and done work in israel and done it in a book, israel at war, what is your sense? where is this headed? >> the big issue, the question is israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu going to order ground invasion? open question now. israel set hundreds of terrorist targets inside gaza. they are doing extraordinary job limiting the loss of life. it's an entirely different occasion if israel has to invade. they have mobilized 75,000
1:34 pm
israeli reservists. wi have tanks and other military equipment. everything is prepositioned for the invasion. it's not clear it will happen. the big issue here is iran. iranian missiles mostly that hamas and other terrorist are using to fire at israel. iran funds and encourages and supports hamas and the other terrorist groups. this is a proxy war. if israel has to launch
1:35 pm
pre-emptive strike against iran. they are testing its own system to defend itself against an on slot of the hamas missiles. many of which come from iran. >> shannon: joel rosenberg on the ground. thank you for checking in with us. safe travels to you. >> guest: thank you. appreciate it very much. >> shannon: it's 8:44. counting as we head to fiscal cliff. can lawmakers reach a deal and keep us from going over? digital politics effort will join us next. stirewalt after the break. don't miss it. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again.
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so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
1:39 pm
>> shannon: house democratic leader nancy pelosi is hopeful congress can come up with a deal to avoid fiscal cliff. other members of congress on both sides of the aisle say they are not going to one. how do they make a deal? joining us, host of "power
1:40 pm
play" on fox, 11:30 a.m. eastern, digital editor chris stirewalt. good to see you. >> great to be back. >> shannon: who moved? >> they all move. that congress likes to do is get itself off the hook. members of congress love to do something. that's how we got here with the triggers and the automatic. here is what we see taking shape. you heard it this morning as etch was floating it out on the sunday morning shows. they create triggers. you say the overall taxes will go up. you can do it as a capital gains tax or what the republicans want which is more money comes in because you close loopholes and don't raise the rate. something on the re-knew side happened. then you have automatic triggers that congress, the democrats opposed to the cuts
1:41 pm
can say we didn't really do it. we turned down the automatic cutting machine. later it took some money away. >> shannon: hence their 9% approval rating? >> they got re-elected. most got re-elected. >> shannon: so i think about senator burning burn called dr. no, because -- senator coburn. called dr. no. he puts out the waste books. they're entertaining. this is where we find out the taxpayer money pays for robot squirrels. the recent one is about defense spending. he says the republicans say don't touch defense spending. but things that aren't benefiting the soldiers and troops. like the military running micro brewery. this kind of stuff. he says is there a place to cut in defense and plenty of domestic spending can be cut. members of congress on both sides of the aisle. republican colleagues alike with democrats are too lazy to do their job. >> there is a growing number of republicans who share that point of view.
1:42 pm
the republicans like defense spending and they like military preparedness. there is a growing number of people from the tea partyish brand. ask rand paul from kentucky what ought to be done with defense spending. for the folks, the president and the leaders in congress are going to find that when they say well, we can't cut defense spending there will be republicans that say yes, we can. >> shannon: yes, we can. >> yes, we can. >> shannon: borrowing a line from the other side of the aisle. maybe it will work. i want to ask you about something else. we are getting information on and we don't have all the details yet. fight over allen west fighting for he count of the early votes. some of that was taking place in st. lucie county. we got to a noon deadline by law is the time secretary of state has to certify it. the folks doing the recount says we didn't get it finished. so there are no updated numbers and that means after intervention, patrick murphy, the democratic challenger will
1:43 pm
take the seat. allen west spokesman supporters are up in arms over allegations of fraud. i want to read a little what his campaign had to say. what was a bad swaig gotten worse. whether it was done intention anally ads to suspicion. what this is getting uglier. >> what do you bet this heads to florida supreme court. you have the intense supporters. he is a military man. they will follow him and keep pressure on. it's headed to tallahassee, don't you? >> my hometown. >> we have a special event at america's news headquarters. to know stirewalt is to know he loves slim gyms. happy birthday from the news headquarters. we love you.
1:44 pm
>> thank you, shannon. >> the effect of the fiscal cliff is real and could be immediate. fox news correspondent william la jeunesse explain what is will happen to some american farmers and the small businesses if washington doesn't get it together. >> one of the taxes being negotiated in washington is the estate tax. due to jump from 35 to 55%. critics argue it's not about the income equality. even russian china had no etate tax. it's about revenue. >> they drive a 12-year-old truck and earns less than bureaucrat in washington, d.c. >> there is no way that financially my kids can pay what it will demand for us after death. keep this intact.
1:45 pm
>> the idea behind the estate tax is prevent wealthy among them. >> that is not the american farmer. >> it would be paris hilton, the celebrity. hotel heiress. that is someone more targeted at, not the americans. >> the rites will increase to 55% on estate of $1 million or more. republicans want to eliminate death tax entirely, president wants more for estates of $3.5 million and up. >> if we're burden with millions of dollars from the state tax, it forces the breakup of branches and farms and it's not good for the environment, not good for the future generations and it's
1:46 pm
not good for american in general. >> he inherited the ranch decades ago. come january, the tax burden on his children would be more than $13 million. currently the estate tax raises $14 billion. it affects 3,000 and jumps to 52,000 families. $40 billion in revenue next year. families should not pass on the wealth. especially unrealized capital gains but farmers and ranchers say it's unfair. back to you. >> thank you. you heard of black friday a cyber monday. what about the one in between? small business saturday. we'll tell you about it next. in behavior, ss
1:47 pm
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>> the body of a worker missing after oil rig explosion has been found. >> black elk energy drivers made the discovery inspecting the rig. the flat form explosion friday morning injured four other workers. officials say no oil is leaking and that any sheen seen on the ocean surface is residual.
1:51 pm
the coast guard suspended its search. >> john mcafee has been eluding officials for days. he is wanted in connection with a murder on his property. they believe they have been looking for him for a week. since the manhunt began, he has been talking to tech reporters on the phone. he told them he has been in his house. with the news hostess is turning off the ovens, twinkies are turning to overnight sensation. hostss has made other knacks. they announced they are shutting down. have to lay off 18,000 employees. find out more about these and other stories back to you. >> shannon: my thought is as
1:52 pm
you say that, thousands of dollars for snack cakes but the producer says i'd pay it. those are people willing to pay it out there. >> if you want to spend thousands on twinkies you should -- >> i don't know. donate it. it's the holidays. there are people in need. write a check to red cross instead. >> shannon: thanks, peter. when we told you that for example were lining up for black friday, you might have said no way. here is more proof. this is a shopper's camp-out in la mesa, california. serious shoppers. they have everything at the disposal. food, the heater, the tent, the sleeping back an chairs. how about participating in the small business saturday? another option. brenda is here with a preview of that.
1:53 pm
>> saturday means the most to small businesses in your area. the engines if hiring want you to know that you don't to go to wal-mart or target or best buy to get discounts. >> cyber monday. big buying online. in the midis small business saturday. american express helped million business ring registers in the holiday season when they might otherwise be overlooked. the latest survey says the index of owner optimism road to 93.1. up from 92.8 in december. pre-election. there was plenty of pessimism
1:54 pm
about what is ahead. >> they are not doing well. they don't have a good view of the future. 19% expected to be worse. >> last year, 100 million people nationwide participated on saturday shopping at the locally owned stores. three out of four business surveys say they will option deep discount saturday. >> we like the sound of that. >> thank you. inside scoop there. >> all right, we shared one of the favorite charities with you. now we like that you are sharing yours with us. up next, you twitter responses. regarding your favorite charities. coming up.
1:55 pm
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>> shannon: the israeli ambassador says he is willing to strike deal with hamas in gaza strip but in the meantime, israel will take all measures to defend itself. a short time ago he told fox he hopes militants will back down before israel is forced to launch ground offensive. he said there must be international component to any truce because hamas is a terrorist organization that can't be trusted. keep it here.
1:59 pm
after our show, "fox news sunday" is next. chris wallace has interviews with saxby chambliss and joe lieberman about the israeli and benghazi talking points that were changed at some point. first week of our holiday helping segment. today we shared a favorite charity with you. red cross. we want to hear what your charities are. we got a ton of responses here. tony says -- >> a lot of you said you have family and friends in need. so charitable choice for you. thank you for sharing and keep sending us your tweets. that is it for us in washington. i'm shannon bream. thank you for watching.


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