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tv   Presidential Inauguration 2013  FOX News  January 21, 2013 11:00am-3:00pm EST

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and lawyer a bush. i don't know if we are at less of a divide. president obama will set the tone today. that may be a foreshadowing of things to come as he goes into his second term and they remain at loggerheads. joining us throughout the day brit hume and chris wallace are with us here on the set. let me ask you about that. it was an unfortunate event, the because, i can tell you i heard them and they were loud and it was an unfortunate moment. are we in less of a partisan moment now. >> i don't think so. it goes to one of two pieces of clearly unfish eurbd business frounfinished business, to sue night the count kraoe which has not occurred. we are more divided than before. and get the economy on a surround recovery to get out of
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a recession that we've had. the pieces of business hangover the president. he has proven that you can get reelected in a weak economy, which a lot of people, myself included thought would be more tkeufpbt it turned out t difficult it turned out to be. it was a narrow election. he has that ahead of him. not to mention the things that haunt a second term which none of us can imagine today. >> you can see former president clinton and secretary of state clinton. who is going to be testifying before congress in a less friendly atmosphere later this week. i was reading obama's first inaugural address today, because i thought, you know, let's get a sense of what it is that he said four years ago. i want to read you two lines. on this day we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and falls promises the recriminations and warn out doug mas that for far too long have
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strangled our politics. that is an incomplete at best. not all the president's fault but also counterparts on capitol hill. but we are still strangled by that kind of division. talking about national security and the global war on terror, we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals. that was part of the promise he was going to make to shut down guantanamo, to end enhanced interrogation .
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say that's a good decision on his part and he realizes as commander-in-chief what he has to do. it was his first order, actually in office. a lot of people forget that. as you look at the former president, bill clinton and the secretary of state, looking on, we will see a lot of the dignitaries walking down and being seated. looking back over all of the inaugurations you have covered, what stands out? what you think we should be looking for? >> the first thing that stands out in my mind is watching the coverage that we have seen from previous inaugural celebrations. what an extraordinary idea to move it from the east front of the capitol that overlooks a parking lot, where this crowd
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really wouldn't fit for years ago, now we have this magnificent view of the mall. it is almost worth watching the coverage just to see these extraordinary shots which you don't see all the time of the experience of beauty of the national mall and the capital once all dressed up in its ceremonial garb with flags and so forth. that is a piece of it and it adds to the national pride that we feel that we have this event every year. it is something to be proud of, it is evidence of the republican and democrat dealers this is a holiday, especially here in washington. so we have those things in the second and our girls can be taught. very few of them are memorable.
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the freedom agenda was noted for that reason. it led to things of a lot of people felt were unfortunate that this administration is trying to change. but many of the rest of those are kind of lost to history. >> jim is live on the mall. >> guesstimate used to be on the east side which is a very cramped space. ronald reger and move it in 1981. it was suggested to him and he thought it was a good idea and some say one of the reasons was he wanted new presidents looked on the national mall where you see all of these crowds and he wanted the president to be able to look at the monuments washington, jefferson, and lincoln. both a message of humility and
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of inspiration to someone taking the oath of office for president. >> this is now the biden family. the biden brothers who have been a campaign concert with their father the other night when he was at the iowa ball. he said he was proud to be president of the united states meng corrected himself and said he is proud to be vice president of the united states. it is said that he does want to be president and he will throw his hat into the ring as soon as this gets underway. >> there are a couple of people who are likely to throw their hats in the ring, including mrs. clinton.
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they have used this family bible and all the swearing sin and his family. president obama we used to buy votes. i think history should note i saw one of the people on the stand who was jay-z. the first time that he has been on the inaugural stanford presidential inauguration. [laughter]
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also beyonce will be performing and james taylor and kelly clarkson. megyn: i'd like to take that back. you can start from scratch. but can you get through the rest of the day without either of these two words? the phrase makings once way -- making one's way. [talking over each other] >> okay, your guide, john roberts, he is going to make his
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way. >> the notecards are there. chief justice roberts loved the oath, and i thought that was interesting. here come the daughters, sasha and malia. looking spectacular in their coats. >> yesterday his youngesty his t daughter said daddy, you did not mess up. [laughter] >> the president obama started the morning with a little prayer service, interface from all kinds of spiritual leaders,
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reverend lyons sat down with chris wallace in recent days and gave a little bit of a sermon and talked about how in recent days he thinks the president has been almost pastor in chief dealing with tragedies such as the one in newtown, connecticut. trying to bring communities together their and president has an opportunity today to try to bring the country together. there will be a luncheon with congressional leaders after the swearing in his. you will see that giant stand behind me that has bulletproof glass, the president and first lady will review the parade. we are told that the president attended school there, play basketball, it was interesting to note that in 1953 by president eisenhower had a cowboy along the parade, came over and through a lasso around
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president eisenhower's head. we were told that president eisenhower was not happy about that. but i can report and guarantee that that will not happen today. because the secret service would probably name and harm a cowboy that would do that. >> in formal business, you have one cabinet member that is not in attendance. we are told that secretary shinseki he is the one who is not attending the festivities. also out of a continuation of caution. and those who have been sent over to the senate. the nominations of john brennan for cia, chuck hagel, and john kerry and jack lew for treasury. that is a big deal in the weeks ahead. bret: it is a tradition.
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these nominations have been out there and but they are formally made it to the senate so they can hope that the senate will move forward in the days ahead and confirm his new cabinet. as you know, there could be some roadblocks there. questions republicans have about jack lew being nominated for treasury secretary. they are not happy about the way some of the budget negotiations have gone in the past. of course, the debt ceiling in that debate will be hanging over those hearings. john kerry coming in, nominee for secretary of state. as chris mentioned, hillary clinton will be testifying on capitol hill, both the house and senate leader on benghazi. a lot of lingering questions on now. finally coming you mentioned chuck hagel as well. a lot of questions for him and his stance towards iran and israel. he has already asked so many of those questions on the sidelines.
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certainly it is usual that the president gets picked a cabinet. it is certainly republicans will have their questions. megyn: just a little bit of information on the fashion on the president and first lady's daughters. malia obama is wearing a j. crew ensemble and sasha obama is wearing a kate spade ensemble. >> the ladies at home are with me and they care. hillary clinton has some new glasses which we should remark upon. we will talk about the first lady who also be wearing some j. crew a little bit later. it can go to j. crew and look at
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the first lady. here is the second lady right here. let's check in with paul. reporter: hello, megyn. we had the first big incidents when sasha and malia came out. the last few people being squeezed into the mall viewing area here. people are wandering around and have turned to go to their seats. james taylor will play for the president takes his oath. the crowd is enthusiastic. we have a beautiful sunrise this morning. before that happens, everyone hopes that they will be able to move here to move the parade
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back to the white house. a small crowd, as we have said, we have heard in recent days that the country is more divided and there is terrible partisanship still looming. and the president is still going to try to advance his legislative agenda. to that end, there is a very real byproduct taking more heat from the president and from democrats, which could lend to them either further additional partisan tone for the second term. we are told that there will be a call of unity for republicans and even critics today. first, the ceremony and they appreciation of what is the 57th
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inaugural celebration. you see it on that basis. megyn: as we watched the first lady entering, i will update you on the fashion. she is wearing a navy blue tom brown coat. her necklace is by cathy waterman. the shoes are by j. crew. the belt is also from j. crew. other than that, we will have to go online. >> is this one of those things where the designer is released the day? megyn: yes, i think it is. [applause] megyn: she looks spectacular and
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radio. what a day for the family. as the president said to his daughters yesterday, i did it. we have to be feeling that after these hotly contested election this last year. >> there we see vice president biden. let's just listen to some of us we will take a listen to some of this .
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[patriotic music playing] megyn: chuck schumer, who is the master of ceremonies make some opening remarks and then there will be an indication by mary evans williams. this is the first time the woman has delivered an invitation in the first time a layperson instead of clergy has done so. this is 50 years after her husband was gunned down at the driveway of his mississippi home. michele obama and her daughters
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looking very happy. let's take a listen. [patriotic music playing] bret: it there we see vice president joe biden introduced.
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nancy pelosi is behind him and then you see president obama. it is still ain't getting ready for that speech. megyn: it will all be written out for him, there is nothing to worry about. [footsepts]
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[footsteps] [inaudible conversations] [patriotic music playing] megyn: that was the president walking through the credits. can anybody tell me what that is? bret: it is the part right under the middle of the statuary hall
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where the donors. megyn: do think that is an odd name for that part of our capital? speech you know, i don't. megyn: they have emerged through the crypt and now shall begin shell began the actual ceremony. we have been listening and will continue to listen to the united states marine band. they have been playing since 1801 for thomas jefferson. they are america's oldest professional musical organization. >> the president of the united states, barack obama. [applause] [cheers]
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[applause] [cheers] megyn: i wonder what is going through his mind right now. bret: i don't think he is very worried. the inaugural speeches of time to set the tone. we have a panel here in place to analyze the speech. we have "the weekly standard" writer steve hayes, kiersten powers and kiersten, first to
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you. this day and moment and president. >> he wants to celebrate this incredible nation and this is really a day for everybody, not just for people who support barack obama. as an american watching this, it's a great day to watch the president of the united states being supported. megyn: especially during the bloody political battles. everyone is there, it is peaceful, it is uniquely american. >> i was down there in the crowd earlier and people are so top of it. i thought how wonderful it is. super so many people, it is inspiring. inspiring in terms of barack obama's personal story.
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also i think for people to say, in our country, despite the division and anger and political faction that we see almost daily, we come together and celebrate democracy. all of us go to the polls, all of us have a vote. the last time around the president spoke about accountability and responsibility on a freezing day four years ago. this time around, i think there has to be a greater effort in this speech is to be about a third of unity. >> it certainly feels smaller than it did four years ago. while it is the sort that the president was reelected, it's not the same as it was four years ago. i remember coming into the
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capital area four years ago and working behind three generations of black men, a grandfather, father, and his son. and i heard the grandfather explain to the grandson how important of a moment that was. it just feels like there is not quite as much about of that this time. the crowds are smaller, the people are certainly enthusiastic, but it's not quite the same that was a few years ago. megyn: yes, it was four years ago, he can you talk about that? the importance of mlk day as we watch our first black president take his second inauguration. hold that thought. [cheers] >> mr. president, mr. vice president, all who are present, welcome to the capital and the
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celebration on great democracy. this is the 57th inauguration of an american president. no matter how many times, we the people, choose our leaders and we celebrate today the inauguration president barack h. obama. we know we would not be here today without those in our armed
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forces to preserve our freedom. we offer our infinite thanks for your bravery, your honor, your sacrifice. [applause] [cheers] >> this democracy of ours was forged by intellect and above all, a stubborn adherence to the notion that we are all created equal and that we deserve nothing less than a great republic worthy of our consents. the theme of this year's inaugural is barack h. obama.
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i speak at the capitol dome, when abraham lincoln took office two years earlier, the dome above us was a half built eyesore. conventional wisdom is that it should be left unfinished until the war ended. given the financial needs of the time. but to president lincoln, the half finished dome symbolizing have divided nation. lincoln said that people see the capital going on, it is a sign that we intend the union shall go on. despite the conflict which engulfed the nation and surrounded the city, the dome continued to rise. on december 2, 1863, the statue
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of freedom, a woman, was placed atop a dome. she still stands today. in a sublime irony, it was a freed slave who helped to cast the bronze statue. our times are not as perilous or dispiriting as they were in 1863. but in 2013, far too many doubt the future of this great nation. also our ability to tackle our own eras have finished domes. the times are so complex, the differences in the country in the world so deep, we will never overcome them. when thoughts like these produce anxiety, fear, and even despair, we would do well to remember that americans have always been and still are a practical, optimistic, problem-solving people. that is our history shows, no
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matter how steep decline or difficult the problems, how half finished the task, america always rises to the occasion. america prevails, and america prosperous. [applause] those who bet against this country have inevitably been on the wrong side of history. so it is a good moment to pull the statue of freedom at the top of the capitol dome. it is a good moment to gain strength and courage and humility from those who are determined to complete the half finished dome. it is a good moment to rejoice today at this 57th presidential inaugural ceremony, and it is the perfect moment to renew our collective faith in the future of america.
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[applause] [cheers] thank you, and god bless the united states. [applause] [cheers] in that spirit of faith, i would like to now introduce myrlie evers-williams who has committed her life to expand the principles of this country to all americans. mrs. myrlie evers-williams will lead us. [applause] >> america, we are here. our nations capital. on this day, january 21, 2013,
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the inoculation of our 46th resident, barack obama. we, at this time to ask blessings upon our leaders. the president, vice president, members of congress, all elected and appointed officials of the united states of america. we are here to ask blessings upon our armed forces. blessings upon all who contribute to the essence of the american spirit. the american dream. the opportunity to become whatever mankind and womankind allows us to be. this is the promise of america.
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as we sing the words of this is our country, let us act upon the meaning that everyone is included. inherent dignity and inalienable rights of every man, woman, boy and girl be honored. may all of your people, especially the least of these florists in our blessed nation. 150 years after the emancipation proclamation, and 50 years after the march on washington, we celebrate the spirit of our ancestors. which have allowed us to move from the nation upon one hopes and a history of disenfranchised vaux, to today's expression of a more perfect union
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we ask where our path seemed blanketed by forms of oppression and by despair, we ask for your guidance toward the light of deliverance. but the vision of those who came before us and dreamed of this day, that we would recognize that their visions still inspire us today. they are a great cloud of witnesses. unseen by the naked eye. but all around us, thankful that they're living was not in vain. for every mountain, you gave us the strength to climb. your grace has pleaded to continue to climb for america and the world.
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we now stand beneath the shadow of the nation's capital whose golden dome reflects the unity and democracy of one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. approximately 4 miles from where we are assembled, the hollowed remains of men and women rest in arlington cemetery. they too believed fought and died for this country. may their spirits infuse our being. enabling us to continue to build this nation. and in so doing, we sent a message to the world that we are strong. fierce inner strength. an ever vigilant in our pursuit of freedom.
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we ask that you grant our president the will to act courageously, but cautiously when confronted with danger. and to act prudently but delivered me when challenged by adversity. these continue to vest his efforts and lead by example in consideration in favor of the diversity of our people. plus our families all across this nation. we thank you for this opportunity of prayer to strengthen us. for the journey of the days that lie ahead, we invoke the prayers of our grandmothers, who taught us to pray, god, make me a
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blessing. let your spirit guide us, as we claim the spirit of old. there is something within me that holds the reins. there is something within me that vanishes pain. there is something within me i cannot explain. but all i know, there is something within. there is something within. in jesus name, and the name of all who are holy and right, we praise. a [applause]
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>> i am pleased to introduce the award winning tabernacle choir, the brooklyn tabernacle choir to sing battle hymn of the republic. ♪
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glory, glory, hallellujah. ♪ >> [singing "battle hymm of the republic" ♪ ♪
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♪ ["battle hymm of the republic"] ♪ ♪ ["battle hymm of the
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republic"] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ["battle hymm of the republic"]
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♪ ["battle hymm of the republic"] [cheers] [applause]
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>> please join me in welcoming my colleague and my friend, senator lamar alexander. >> mr. president, mr. vice president, ladies and gentlemen, the late author of the roots live by these words. find a good and phrases. today we praise american tradition of transferring a reoccurring power in the inauguration of the president of the united states. we do this in a peaceful orderly way. there is no mob. there is no coup. there is no impression. this is a moment when millions
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of stop and watch. a moment that millions of us will always remember. it is a moment that is most conspicuous and enduring symbol of the american democracy. how remarkable that this has survived for so long in such a complex country, when so much power is at stake. the freedom to vote for our leaders and the restraint to respect the results. last year at mount vernon. a tour guide told me that our first president, george washington, once posed this question. what is most important, washington asked, of this grand experiment, the united states. washington answered his own question in this way. not the election of the first president, but the election of
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its second president. the peaceful transfer of power is what will separate our country from every other country in the world. so today we celebrate the 57th inauguration of the american president, find the good and praise him. now, it is my honor -- it is my honor to enter introduce justice sonja sotomayor. will everyone please stand. [cheers]
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>> mr. vice president, please raise your right hand and repeat after me. i, joseph r. by then do solemnly swear, that i will support and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic that i will bear true and safety and the legions and take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties on which i am about to enter. so help you god. >> so help me god.
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>> congratulations. [applause] [patriotic music playing] >> it is my pleasure to introduce renowned musical artist james taylor. [applause]
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♪ ♪ [james taylor singing "america
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the beautiful"] ♪ ♪ [applause] >> it is my honor to present the chief justice of the united states, john roberts junior, who will administer the presidential all oath of office. everyone please rise.
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>> please raise your right hand and repeat after me. >> i, barack h. obama, do solemnly swear that i will execute the office to president of the united states and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states. so help you god? vmax so help me god. congratulations mr. president. [applause] [cheers] [patriotic music playing] ♪
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[cannons firing] [cannons firing] >> ladies and gentlemen, it is my distinct honor to introduce your president of the united states of america, barack h.
11:53 am
obama. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] >> thank you. [cheers] >> thank you so much. like vice president biden, chief justice, members of the united states congress, distinguished guests and fellow citizens. each time we gather to
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inaugurate a president, we bear witness to the enduring strength of our constitution. we affirm the promise of our democracy. we recall that what runs this nation together is not the color of our skin or the tenets of our faith or the origins of our names. what makes us america is our allegiance to an idea articulated in the declaration made more than two centuries ago. we hold these truths to be self-evident. that all men are created equal. [cheers] [applause] that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable
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rights, among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. today we continue a never ending journey to bridge the meaning of those words with the realities of our time. history tells us that while these truths might be self-evident, they have never been self-executing. while freedom is a gift from god, it must be secured by his people here on earth. the patriots a 1776 did not fight to replace the journey of the king with the privileges of a fuel, or the rule of the mob. they gave to us a republic, a
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government of and by and for the people, entrusting each generation to keep safe our founding creed. for more of the 200 years we have had. we have learned that no union founded on the principles of liberty and equality could survive half buried. we made ourselves a new and we vowed to move forward together. together we determined that a modern economy requires railroads and highways to see travel and commerce. schools and colleges to train our workers. together we discovered that a free market only works with your competition and fair play. together we resolve that a great nation must care for it the vulnerable and protect its
11:57 am
people from life's worst hazards and misfortunes. to it all, we have never relinquished our skepticism of central authority. nor have we succumb to the fictions that ills can be cured through government alone. our celebration of a nation, and enterprise, our insistence on hard work and personal responsibility. these are constant in our character. we have always understood that when times change, so we do too. fidelity to our founding principles requires new responses to new challenges. preserving our individual freedom ultimately requires collective action. for the american people can no more know more meet the demands of today's world by acting alone in the american soldiers could have met fascism and communism's
11:58 am
with muskets are in no if no single person can train all the math and science teachers for what they will need to quit the children of the future for. or build the road to networks and research labs that will bring new jobs to our shores. now more than ever, we must do these things together. as one nation and one people. [cheers] [applause] this generation of americans has been tested by crises steel our resolve and prove evers-williams. a decade of war has not ended. [cheers] [applause] and economic recovery has begun. america's possibilities are limitless. for we possess all the qualities
11:59 am
of this world, youth and diversity and openness. unless capacity for risk and a gift for reinvention. my fellow americans, we are made for this moment and we will seize it so long as we see fit together. [cheers] [applause] we, the people, understand that our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well in the growing many barely make it. [cheers] [applause] we believe that america's prosperity must rest upon the broad shoulders of a rising middle class. we know that america thrives when every person can find independence and pride in their work.
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when the wages of honest labor liberate families from the brink of hardship. we are true to our creed when a little girl born into the bleakest poverty has the same chance as everyone else because she's an american, she is free, she is equal not only in the eyes of god but also in our own eyes. [cheers] [applause] we understand that our programs are inadequate for the needs of our time. so we'll turn these new ideas to revamp our tax code, empower our schools, and infuse our students with the ability to retire. our purpose and worse. a nation that rewards the effort and determination of every single american. that is what this moment requires. that is what will get real
12:01 pm
meaning to our creed. we, the people, still believe that every citizen deserves a basic measure of security and dignity. we must make the hard choices to reduce the cost of health care and the size of our deficit area but we reject the belief that america must choose between caring for the generation that built this country and investing in the generation that will build its future. [cheers] [applause] we remember the lessons of our past. twilight years were spent in poverty and parents of a child with a disability have nowhere to turn. we do not believe that in this country that freedom is reserved for the lucky or happiness for the few.
12:02 pm
we recognize that no matter how responsibly we live our lives, any one of us, at any time, they may face a job loss or sudden illness or a home swept away in a terrible storm. the commitments we make to each other through medicare and medicaid and social security, these things strengthen us. [cheers] [applause] they do not make us a nation of takers. they free us to take the risks that make this country great. [cheers] [applause] we, the people, still believe that our obligations as americans are not just to ourselves, but to all prosperity we will respond to the threat of
12:03 pm
climate change. knowing to do so would affect our children in the future. some deny the overwhelming judgment of science. but none can avoid the devastating impact of raging fires and crippling droughts and the more powerful storms. the path towards sustainable energy sources will be long and sometimes difficult. but america cannot resist this transition, we must lead it. we cannot see each other at nations that technology that will power new jobs and industries. we must claim its promise. that is how we will maintain our economic vitality and our national treasure. our croplands and snowcapped peaks. that is how we will preserve our planet.
12:04 pm
commanded to our care by god. that is what will lend meaning to the creed that our fathers once declared. we, the people, still believe that enduring security and lasting peace do not require perpetual war. [applause] our brave men and women in uniform, tempered by the flames of battle are unmatched skill and courage. our citizens know too well the price paid for liberty. the knowledge that their sacrifice will keep us forever vigilant against those who would do us harm. we are also heirs to those who wanted peace and not just the wars.
12:05 pm
that's lessons that we must carry into those times today as well. we will defend our people and uphold our values for strengthening of arms and the rule of law. we will try and resolve our differences with other nations peacefully, not because we are naïve about the dangers we face, but because engagement can lessen suspicion and fear. america will remain the anchor. we will renew our institutions that manage crisis abroad. no one has a greater stake at a peaceful world and its most powerful nation. we will support democracy from asia to africa to america to the middle east, because her interest and conscience compel us to act on behalf of those who long for freedom. we must be a sort of hold to the
12:06 pm
poor and the sick and the marginalized. the victims of prejudice. not out of charity, but because peace in our times requires the constant advance of those principles that are creed describes. tolerance, opportunity, human dignity and justice. we, the people, we declare today that the most evident truths, that all of us are created equal is the star that guides us still. just as that guided our forebears through some of the falls, just as excited all those men and women, those who hear a preacher say that we cannot walk alone.
12:07 pm
that our individual freedom is inextricably bound to these owners. [cheers] [applause] it is now our generation's task to carry on with those pioneers began. our journey is not complete until our wives and mothers and daughters can earn a living equal to their husbands. [cheers] [applause] our journey is not complete until our brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. for if we are truly created equal, surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well. [cheers] [applause] our journey is not complete until no citizen is forced to wait for hours to exercise the right to vote.
12:08 pm
[cheers] our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the hopeful immigrants who still see america as a land of opportunity. until bright young students and engineers are listed in our workforce rather than expelled from our country. [cheers] [applause] our journey is not complete until all our children from the streets of detroit to the hills of appalachia to the lands of of newtown, connecticut, know that they are cherished. but they are always safe from harm. that is our generation's task. to make these rights and values of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness, to make them real for every american. being true to our founding
12:09 pm
documents does not require us to agree on every contour of life. it does not mean that we all define liberty exactly the same way. that does not mean that we follow the same path to happiness. long debated about the role of government for all times, it does require us to act in our time. [cheers] [applause] for now the decisions are upon us, and we cannot afford delay. we cannot mistake absolutism for principle. or substitute spectacle for politics. or treat name-calling as reasoned debate. [cheers] [applause] we must act. we must act knowing that our work will be on perfect.
12:10 pm
we must act knowing that today's victories will be only partial, and it will be up to those who stand here in four years and 40 years and 400 years to advance the timeless spirit once conferred to us in a spare philadelphia home. my fellow americans, the oath i have sworn before you today, like the one recited by others who serve in the capital, was an oath to guide the country, not party or faction. and we must faithfully execute that pledge during the duration of our service. the words i spoke today are not so different from the oath that is taken each time a soldier signs up for duty. foreign immigrant realizes her
12:11 pm
dream. my oath is not so different from the pledge we all make to the flag of waves above and fills our hearts with pride. they are the words of citizens. they represent our greatest hope. you and i as citizens have the power to send this country's course. you and die, as citizens, have the obligation to shape the debate of our time, not only with the bullets that we cast, but the voices we lived in defense of our most ancient values and enduring ideas. let us now embrace an awesome toy, which is our common effort and purpose. with passion and dedication. carrying that precious light of
12:12 pm
freedom. may god bless you. and may he forever bless the united states of america. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] [applause] [cheers] [applause] >> at this time, please join me
12:13 pm
in welcoming award-winning artist kelly clarkson accompanied by the united states marine band.
12:14 pm
♪ ♪ [kelly clarkson singing "my country 'tis of thee"] >> ♪ ♪ ♪
12:15 pm
♪ [kelly clarkson singing "my country 'tis of thee"] ♪ ♪ ♪
12:16 pm
[cheers] [applause] >> are next distinguished guest is the poet richard longo, who will share with his words that he has composed for this occasion. [cheers] [applause]
12:17 pm
>> mr. president, mr. vice president and america. one today. inaugurals across the great plains, spreading a simple truth across the rockies. one might waking up rooftops under each one a story. told by our silent gestures, moving across windows.
12:18 pm
my face, your face, millions of faces yawning to life, getting to our schooldays, apples and limes and oranges a raid like rainbows, begging our praise. chuck's heavy with oil, bricks or milk, teeming over highways alongside us. on our way to clean tables, read ledgers or save lives. to teach geometry or ring up groceries, as my mother did for 20 years so i could write this poem for all of us today.
12:19 pm
all of us. as vital as the one like that we move through, the one light on the blackboard with equations to solve history to questions and the "i have a dream" we all keep dreaming, or the possible sorrow that won't explain 20 deaths a children that will be absent today and forever. many prayers but one might. breathing color into stained-glass windows, life into the faces of bronze statues at our museums and and just as mothers watch children fly into the day. one ground. our ground.
12:20 pm
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clothes line. whistling across café tables and the doors will be open each day for each other saying, hello. shalom, and i must say, or windows deal was every language spoken into one win, carrying our lives without prejudice. one sky since the appellations and sierras claimed her majesty and the mississippi. we thank the work of our hands
12:22 pm
weaving steel into bridges, finishing a report for the boss on time, stitching another wound or uniform. the first brushstroke on a portrait or the last floor on the freedom tower going into the sky, a symbol of our freedom's resilience. some days guessing at the weather of our lives, some days giving thanks for a love that loves you back. sometimes crazy sometimes a mother or a father you couldn't get what you wanted. through the gloss of rain or the weight of snow or the brush of
12:23 pm
dust. but always, always home. always under one sky. it is our sky. always one moon, like a silent drum tapping on every rooftop and window of one country. all of us facing the stars, hope is a new consolation waiting for us to map it. waiting for us to name it. together. [applause] [cheers] [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, it is now my privilege to introduce
12:24 pm
doctor luis leon to deliver the benediction. >> let us pray. gracious and eternal god, as we conclude the second inauguration of president obama, we ask for your blessings as we seek to become, in the words of martin luther king, citizens of a beloved community, loving you and loving our neighbors as ourselves. we pray that you will bless us with your continued presence, because without it, hatred and arrogance will infect our hearts. but with your blessings, we know
12:25 pm
that we can break down the walls that separate us. we pray for your blessing today. without it, ms. truss and prejudice will rule our hearts. but with the blessing of your presence, we know that we can renew the ties of mutual regard, which can best former civic life. we pray for your blessing, because without it, the fear of others differ from us will be our rule of life. but with your blessing, we can see each other, created in your image. a unit of god's grace, unprecedented, not repeatable and irreplaceable. we pray for your blessing. because without it we will only see with the eye can see. but with your blessing, we will
12:26 pm
see that we are created in your image. whether brown or black or white, male or female, first-generation immigrant american or daughter of the american revolution. gay or straight, rich or poor. we pray for your blessing because without it, we would only see scarcity in the midst of abundance. but with your blessing, we will recognize the abundance of the gifts of this good land with which we you have endowed this nation. we pray for your blessing. please bless all of us. privileged to be citizens of this nation with a spirit of gratitude and humility that we may become a blessing among the nations of this world. we pray to you or shower with your life-giving spirit the
12:27 pm
elected leaders of this land, especially barack obama, our president, and joe biden, our vice president, fill them with truth and watchfulness that they may do your will. though their hearts with wisdom and forbearance without righteousness and justice so that men and women in this nation can find the fulfillment of our humanity. we pray that the president and vice president and all in political authority will remember the words of the profit might prophet mica walk humbly and love god.
12:28 pm
mr. president and mr. vice president, may god bless you all your days. all this we pray in your holy name. amen. >> ladies and gentlemen, please remain standing for the singing of our national anthem sung by beyonce and performed by our united states marine band. please remain at your place while the presidential party exits the platform.
12:29 pm
chandos [national anthem] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
12:30 pm
♪ [national anthem]
12:31 pm
♪ ♪ [national anthem] [cheers] [applause] >> beyonce had a stirring rendition of the national anthem. the president was sworn in, officially yesterday, shaking his vice president's hand. his and not real address hitting on theme, saying that the constitution must be a
12:32 pm
never-ending journey. but they must bridge the meaning of the words in the constitution. talking about that threat of his speech, saying that to make these words be like these values like life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. we also talked enough on a number of different themes. especially not going after entitlements, saying that we need to tackle the deficit, but we have to defend social security and medicare and medicaid. he mentioned newtown, connecticut. from the streets of detroit, the hills of appalachia, and the quiet streets of newtown, connecticut. he ended with a common purpose and passion that one country should come together. let's listen in.
12:33 pm
[inaudible conversations] >> as the president leaves, this was, as we predicted, a great time. [inaudible conversations] bret: is he looking for beyonce? megyn: well, it's not clear. the consensus seems to be he was maybe nodding off a little at the beginning of the ceremony. bret: he has lunch inside and then the parade, which will be a
12:34 pm
spectacle in and of itself. megyn: you can see the congressman on the screen. he appeared to be there for a portion of the remarks. you mentioned the inaugural remarks. certain things that we heard during the campaign, such as the land where too few are enjoying the privileges of success. that something needs to be done to equalize that situation. at least three times by my count he mentioned that, saying that they did not fight to replace the tierney of the king with the privileges of the field. we understand that a growing many barely make it an freedom is not reserved for the lucky or the field. chris wallace is still with us.
12:35 pm
chris: it's interesting. if you think about these two issues that dominated his election-year, including the midterm election that followed, his election was dominated and determined. it was determined by the economy, which was in terrible straits when he took office. what did he say about the economy today? he said a recovery has begun. it began only months after he took office in june 2009. so what did he say in the speech today that said i have a plan or new ideas for creating a more robust economy? tactically nothing to the 2010 the terms, which is where it was driven in considerable measure
12:36 pm
by the growth of the deficit of the national debt. so we do get some words about him and he says we may need to make the hard choices and reduce the cost of health care. then he gets into medicare and social security and any intention that you might've thought that he had to shrink those programs to si that would allow him to continue to thrive or survive. it is unmentioned here .
12:37 pm
>> it seemed to me that he made some comments is in commitments in this campaign. and i intend to keep them but it's a real call to arms and the idea that we can't do these things individually whether it's from the economy to infrastructure to helping people in need after hurricane. we need to do it as a community. he talked again about the fact that we need to do the benefits of the economy and not just for the few but the middle class as well. he defended entitlements and alternative energy and he reached out to women and to gays. voting rights and gun control and it just seemed to me that this was a president and a very
12:38 pm
clear and not at all comprosing way, saying that i campaign on these issues, elections have consequences, i intend to keep my promises. i can't solve everything but we are trying to act. not just for support of the country, but the agenda as well. the advocacy groups organizing for action. he intends to keep those promises. >> yes, this is the message of a firewall president. someone who is protecting the progressive agenda. someone who is saying, you are you're not going to get past me any changes to unravel a liberal agenda of the past 50 years. essentially it is not transformational in essence. but he is saying that you are
12:39 pm
going to do things that would change those things of the past. >> that's exactly what it was. this is a defense when it comes to these programs. which now, if you take them all together and add them up, you are way past 50% of the federal government spending. basically don't mess with these. megyn: just to interject, "the washington post" had an editorial on january 19 saying that honest that the government will be able to sustain what the government favors. its entire budget will be swallowed by entitlements. you know, i don't know we've had
12:40 pm
a liberal agenda. we've had reagan and the two bushes. a lot has been done in the last half-century. he says he's going to protect the liberal aspects of our governments and entitlements, not only that, but he's going to explain and expand it. not just protecting it, but expanding it. >> i think that's right. i think it's both. he talked about gay rights. that is very important to the left. >> as a civil rights issue of. >> that's right. he talked about global climate change and how we will attack that. immigration reform. by the way, there is jay-z and beyonce. >> by the way, she looks
12:41 pm
fantastic. >> moving on quickly. she is an incredibly beautiful woman. megyn: i defended him when he said it as well. [laughter] [talking over each other] >> i was just saying that i think both of you have points well taken. pillars in the eyes of the democrats and liberals of the american social progress in american society. he was also advancing some items which were not well established one can say he's the president, he got elected, he's got a mandate. but he wasn't saying that he was going to meet republican pathway. >> the president and the vice
12:42 pm
president with the official signing. [inaudible conversations]
12:43 pm
[inaudible conversations] >> thank you very much. [applause] megyn: we received about a dozen e-mails from our folks and viewers elaborating on what the crypt area is. it is called that because george washington was supposed to be buried there. but he was not because his family ultimately wanted him to be buried in virginia at his estate. but it was the exact center of washington dc.
12:44 pm
now they are going to go off and have a lovely luncheon. i want to pick that up on your point. speaking to the agenda, it includes the fox news contributor that sent out a tweet, our journey is not complete until we unify. but what would you expect from a president? that, of course, is their agenda. chris: that's right, we need to come together, find areas of agreement. he didn't say that. i'm not saying it's wrong that he didn't say that. there is john mccain who knows something about losing to barack obama, he did it four years ago. but it strikes me -- i guess i was stuck to the degree that this was an unyielding and
12:45 pm
compromising of an espousal. i basically thought to myself that it was a poetic version of a speech he would make accepting the nomination of the democratic national convention, saying this is what i want and if i get to be elected, now, he has been elected and inaugurated, this is what i intend to do. bret: what you do is you go general. you articulate widely agreeable themes. there's actually some of the little bit more like the state of the union address specific sites of things that he thinks ought to be done. this was somewhere of a typical inaugural address and you may make general reference to programs but it's usually veiled in such a way that you are not accused of sticking your i in
12:46 pm
your critics >> we talk about how the party should come together. how they should not talk over each other. "the washington post" also had the communications director in which he is talking about legacy and working with the republican party. a mix of things coming up. there is a moment of opportunity that is important. what is frustrating is that we don't have a political system or an opposition party worthy of the opportunity. >> i was struck by that. again, i agree. i was really struck by that because basically as dan was
12:47 pm
saying, it's the republicans fault. it's not a matter of compromise. it's a matter of they don't get what's right. they are not up to this moment. it's pretty hard to get the room to negotiate when that is the term of engagement. >> have we seen that repeatedly? we saw that on the gun debate, the discussion about the reason we are seeing this at these gun stores is because the opposition is without foundation pushing for profits and ratings. not only that, but the president said we cannot mistake this for principle or substitute spectacle for politics or treat name-calling as reasonable debate. i mean, we just came off of a brutal campaign in which his top lieutenants were calling mitt romney a felon and a liar and called the president barbarians
12:48 pm
at the gate. >> this gets right to the heart. people who are obama supporters believe that the republican party has been utterly obstructionists, mightily so, and utterly partisan since the first day. people say, we love to do business with this guy, but he never offers us anything. that would constitute an extended hand to the other side and save here are areas where we would agree and accept this and i believe that.
12:49 pm
this seems utterly bereft of an outreach to the opposition. >> i think there are two sides to this argument. the white house would certainly point out that mitch mcconnell was the one who said that our primary job is to make sure that barack obama is a one term president. there certainly has been a failure to get along, but i don't think you can lay on the side of the white house. and giving them the syncretic, they believe their vision of america's rights, there has been a strong opposition and use of filibuster unprecedented by senate republicans. the house majority has its view of the world. and i don't know that i would say that the republicans have been any better or worse than the democrats .
12:50 pm
they try to jam it down their throats. >> there is john kerry speaking with bill clinton. he is supposed to be taking over for secretary clinton. the inauguration as he has witnessed many times. >> to many, i'm afraid. one thing that is how he said we cannot treat name-calling as reasonable debate. i think there are a lot of republicans who would think that they can say that very thing about the president himself.
12:51 pm
and as far as entitlement and social security and medicare are concerned, the president took billions of dollars out of medicare, not to improve medicare, but use it to fund obamacare. now, the president wants a real legacy here, he's going to have to help keep those programs intact. as you know, they have promised tens of trillions of dollars more in benefits than we have any plan to pay for. a true legacy for the president would be to start taking action to try to make sure the programs still have life in them.
12:52 pm
the head of the republican party put out a statement about this today. that was a very important moment, very embolic. also, myrlie evers-williams, there was a lot of symbolism in that part was touching and well received by everyone here. bret: you were there four years ago. is there a difference in feeling, but since the crowd of the whole view, yes, it's one fourth of what was it was then. then you had the first african-american elected president and it was something hopeful. a lot of promise about that. now the president is mired in partisan politics with a lot of difficult issues before him on which he is making little progress with congress, so there's a different things.
12:53 pm
i have to say that beyoncé got as big a cheer or more than the president. [laughter] so it is a very different feeling here. of course, second terms, if you have all discussed, are a very different thing from a first term were you come with nothing but hope and promise and no difficulties before you. that is not where this president is now as he begins his second term. >> we have jim outside the capital. jetblue is getting ready. he is currently white house chief of staff. he is talking to a longtime congressman there.
12:54 pm
megyn: what we see there? >> john roberts and his wife. he met so they are going for this in your capital for the congressional luncheon. this goes back to 1897. they have 15 shots that are going to prepare the meal in a makeshift kitchen. president lincoln dined on corned beef and cabbage and blackberry pie at a restaurant during his and abjuration. >> we are going to head to break, taking a look at the dignitaries and vips on this,
12:55 pm
our special coverage of inauguration 2013. stay with us.
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
>> welcome back, folks, it's a beautiful day here in washington d.c. and we continue our coverage of president obama's inauguration. i'm megyn kelly live in washington. >> i'm bret baier, we're awaiting the inaugural luncheon at the capitol and mike emanuel is on the hill for the entire afternoon as we look inside the luncheon getting ready to get underway. mellow, mike. >> reporter: good afternoon, i'm struck by the tone, if you will, so far today here in washington after some really brutal fiscal fights in recent weeks. today for the moment, the tone seems to have changed, a lot of mingling between republicans and democrats
1:00 pm
expressing optimism about the way forward, some which the president had been more specific in his speech and i talked to a senator from ohio and says he wishes the president talked more in bipartisan terms, had talked a little about the need to reform entitlement programs that are essentially bankrupting the country, and certainly, theft of the younger generation is the the way he put it. and so the luncheon will be warm and friendly, there will be toasts and custom lennox gifts given and some 3000 calories later lunch will be over and onto the next activity for the president and vice-president, which will be coming out through the rotunda and then reviewing the troops and then heading on to the parade that we are so familiar with on inauguration day, guys. >> megyn: wow. >> bret: 3,000 calories, better walk in at that parade. >> megyn: that's right. and by the menu we've seen and of course, justice scalia
1:01 pm
graduate-handing with senator leahy. >> reporter: the crowds have been excited out here and i join the chorus of brit hume and others, that beyonce looked beautiful and i think she did get the loudest applause here, and might have been tied with the the president, but certainly had fans here today and we had a chance to talk to a lot of people, some here four years ago and some repeating this time around, how they feel, how they've seen the country change and progress in their opinion over the last four years, and a number of them said, the crowd was smaller this time and easier to navigate being for the inauguration this time around and acknowledged that as hopeful as they've been for president obama as they were in 2009, now today in 2013 that they're still very serious problems facing the country. and we talked to folks who traveled from all over from as far away as hawaii and be acknowledged there are still real fights to go on in here in washington and both sides need to come closer to the
1:02 pm
middle to find the common ground, that the president wasn't able to find in fourors, that he'll be able to complete the work. and crowds are hopeful, but subdued and much more realistic this time around about what he will or won't be able to accomplish and the fact that there's still some real friction here in washington and the fact that in their opinion, it's heating up, not cooling down and that's what we've heard from the crowds here today. back to you. >> shannon, thanks. moments ago we saw justice ruth bader ginsburg, one of the more, if not the most liberal justice on the high court, hugging senator dianne feinstein and one of the most likely to retire, a bill clinton appointee, they like to step down if they're appointed by a democrat, under a democrat. and she had an infamiliar must incident on the high court, fell asleep during one of the important arguments after justice alito had ascended to
1:03 pm
the bench and he didn't know what to do, i was in the court. whether to poke her in the side and asleep most of the argument. if who was next to him and what responsibility if any did they feel. >> . >> bret: we apologize, congressman adler was not asleep, but we did get e-mails that he may have been. and justice roberts is there and secretary clinton, i want perspective on the speech and reaction from syndicated columnist charles krauthammer on the inaugural address, charles? >> i thought it was an amazing speech. historically very important. not memorable, not a line here that will ever be repeated, but i think very important historically because this this was really obama unbound. and i think what's most interesting is that obama basically is declaring the end of reaganism in this speech. remember, he once said that ronald reagan was historically
1:04 pm
consequential in a way that bill clinton was not. and what obama meant is that obama had changed the ideological course of the country. in 1981 in his inaugural address within two minutes, reagan had declared that government is not the solution, government is the problem. today's inaugural address was a rebuke to that entire idea. this speech today was an ode to big government. it was a hymn to big government. in his refrain, the three "we the people"'s, number one i'm going to defend what liberalism acheered, medicare, social security, medicaid. i'm not going to let any of that be chipped away and secondly, he said the vision for the future, climate change and green energy, the new expansion of liberalism in the new century and then the third element was his expansion of civil rights, where he talked
1:05 pm
about immigrants and gays and shoe-horned to gun rights under the rubric of security. he outlined the liberal agenda, the big government agenda in the future. and brit talked earlier, remarkably there's absence of any mention of the economy, the deficits, what outsiders would say is the great challenge of our time headed to over a cliff, a real cliff of debt into a sort of a greek future. there is nothing of that in this speech. obama had zero interest in that and this was a declaration that his interest is to restore us to the liberal ascenbency, in the reagan decades and clinton in his state of the union address, the era of big government an over. and this declaration, big government is back i'm the man to do it, a remarkable speech.
1:06 pm
>> bret: charles, one line says he we must make hard choice toss reduce health care in the size of our deficit, but as brit mentioned, it's followed by, but we reject and a series of lines why you cannot touch social security and medicaid and medicare and you cannot essentially deal with those in a way that touches that negatively in any way, saying, they do not make us a nation of takers, these programs free us to take the risks that make this country great. what do you make of that segment? >> i think the rhetorical device where you give a nod to what the other side is saying, say, yeah, we've got to reduce health care costs, he said that in 2009. he's done nothing about that. in fact, he's already invented a brand new entitlement, obamacare, an expansion of social security and medicare, of the 20th century, so,
1:07 pm
that's his first hyper liberal legacy, if you want, a new grade entitlement and green energy, but he says, oh, yes, we've got it here and then the "but", i won't touch any entitlement and that's the reactionary liberalism, defending these units of the past even though they're now obsolete given our demograph demographics and the increase to the cost of health care and that's what i'm going to defend and i'm going to expand. so i found this sort of unrelenting and you get a sense after man who said, all right, i won my second election, i never it have to face the electorate again and i'm going to be who i want to be and i'm going to change the ideological trajectory of the country, that's my job, that's why i'm here historically and he sees himself as a world historical figure and this speech is sort of a declaration. >> megyn: charles, you know, it's true he certainly didn't make jobs and the current unemployment figures and so on
1:08 pm
the focus of his speech and he didn't specifically address the state of the economy, but you know, if you listen to what he said, he seemed to be telegraphing something. i mentioned it earlier, the continuing references to how we didn't replace the tyranny of a king with the privileges of a few, he says our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it saying we believe america's prosperity must rest upon the broad shoulders of a rising middle class. i mean, what is he really talking about there? more tax hikes on the rich? >> i think that's exactly right. he's not terribly interested in the economic agenda. you would think a country with historically high unemployment, historically we've never had higher chronic unemployment with a recovery that's the weakest since the second world war and with 16 trillion dollars of debt would address that in his inaugural address and the only extent he does, as you mention right here, is sort of class war on what he seems to attribute to the selfishness of the rich,
1:09 pm
without giving it any serious consideration. so, to the extent he's interested in the economy, he will use it for a little class war, for a little levelling, reduction, inequality. but he's outlined, showing that's not his main interest. the main interest is changing the nature of the relationship between citizen and state, where he restores the prestige of the government, the importance of the government, which used to be the case in the heyday of the liberalism before ronald reagan. >> megyn: when you heard him condemning the name calling on capitol hill, thoughts about that given what we've seen over the past year? >> i thought that was a low point in the speech. if you're looking at this as ideological speech, you can say it was a rather remarkable defense of advancement of liberalism. that was a petty note that shouldn't be in an inaugural address. obviously, it's a reference,
1:10 pm
he thinks to republicans, but as you pointed out, when it comes to name calling, i think he and his campaign were sort of a world heavy weight champion in the last year. but i thought he did have one touching note at the end. he tries to say that i'm the man for the common man. and in some way there were elements of that in there and i liked the part where he said that "i take the same oath as a soldier does or as an immigrant does" it's a way of saying this is one of the aspects of his idea, but we are in this altogether. and the essential equality and devotion to nation and to the constitution. so, that was a note i thought was really nice. but generally speaking, when he speaks of "we working together being responsible for each other" he's not speaking of a common duty or even of civil society, of the free association. he means government, that government is what he means by "we" and that's an idea from
1:11 pm
the mid 20th century and-- >> charles, let's listen in. the vice-president is being introduced. >> accompanied by senator lamar alexander and mrs. alexander. [applaus [applause]. ♪ >> just to know we were told earlier when the president passed through and as you see the first family entering, the first couple, he said to his
1:12 pm
old colleagues in the senate, i miss it here. and served just two years as a first term senator before he began his presidential campaign in earnest not once, but twice now we see, it's a territory he knows well, so doing a little glad-handing with old colleagues today on capitol hill in addition to celebrating the moment. >> bret: a great shot there the top of the dome. >> megyn: we're told he wanted to take a moment to take it all in, the first time may have been slightly overwhelming and now he's had some time to go through it a second time and maybe enjoy the moment a little. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states, barak h obama and mrs. obama accompanied by charles schumer and mrs. schumer. [applause]. ♪
1:13 pm
>> as we get ready to start this luncheon we're going to take a quick break, and keep is here on fox as our inauguration coverage continues. [ male announcer ] nearly sixteen million people visit washington dc every year. some come to witness... some to be heard. we come to make an impact. to learn from leaders... and to lead others. to create... and create change. we are the george washington university...
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risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. >> welcome back shgck, fox new coverage of inauguration day. we're looking live down the mall as people are clear down there. and right now luncheon is underway inside the capitol and soon, after that luncheon, the parade will start and there on the right side of the screen you're looking at the parade route and people already lining up on both sides. and the president will make the walk and then will have a lot to show you throughout the afternoon right here on fox news channel. fox news sunday host chris wallace is sitting down with one of the nation's leading public historians. hey, chris. >> thanks, bret. we're fortune to have with us presidential historian jay winnik who has written a number of books, my favorite,
1:18 pm
april 1865, the months and final months of the lincoln presidency, and let's talk about this in historical terms, not political pundit terms. i thought that charles krauthammer made a good point. to a certain degree saw this as obama declaring an end to the age of reaganism and kind of clarion call of liberalism. did you hear that in the president's speech? >> no, no, i was struck by it. i think that's an adequate characterization and one of the things that struck me is how usually on inauguration day, the president speaks to all the american people not just to his political party. this was very much a partisan speech and when he complained about name calling, not being a substitute for recent dialog, it almost brought it mind what thomas jefferson did in his inaugural speech where he was unhappy with the how the press was treating him. he was granted the same thing in his second inaugural where
1:19 pm
he said he had been scandalized. and both of these seem to have echoes for it. and he did bring up the image of both lincoln as well as washington, but the fact that he said so little about the debt made me think he could have quoted another line from lincoln that was quite memorable near the end of his presidency when lincoln said we can never finish this if we never start it. that could have been about the debt and the fiscal crisis today. >> as you see the sweep of history, is it possible given the fact that this president got 50, 51%, certainly was not any huge mandate for him, can he turn the country around and usher in a new age of liberalism? >> well, second terms are very difficult. often a graveyard for presidents and we talked about how george bush unexpectedly met up with katrina as well as the financial meltdown, bill clinton was impeached, and the list can go on. even franklin roosevelt who seemed to be able to do no wrong in his first term badly
1:20 pm
stumbled in his second term. history says that president obama has like 16 to 18 months and he will really need the other side. can he turn the nation around? i don't think he can in the way he did in the speech and i think he will find that very quickly he will need the republicans, who were sort of left out, who got sort of hidden bystanders of this speech today. >> i want to ask you that. you reference the idea of jefferson complaining about the press and ulysses grant complaining about the reporters as well. the partisan tone of this speech, i mean, there weren't a lot of a attacks, but in a sense it was pretty partisan and wasn't a lot for the other side. is that unusual in an inaugural address? >> i think it is a little bit unusual and i think charles put it it adequately when he said that this is kind of a clarion call that barack obama is sending out and what we are probably seeing is the the most unvarnished barack obama
1:21 pm
that we've seen since he's been president. so, i was really struck by that. >> you say the unvarnished barack obama. there are some people, charles suggested, obama unplugged. do you think that perhaps we're going to see in his search for reelection in his first term he moderated views and now, he feels he can simply go crazy, if you will, in terms of his agenda? >> i think he can. whether he'll be successful or not remains to be seen and history is working against him. if we go back to the speech, for instance, it's interesting in the beginning, rather than talking about the constitution and reading from it, what he really did, he read from the declaration of independence and it's a very historical speech in the sense that here we have a black man being reinaugurated and his hand resting on lincoln's bible and in turn resting on martin luther king's bible and that's a stirring sight, but i felt the speech had echoes of
1:22 pm
something that could have been written 50 years ago. >> last question, when people talk, there's been a lot of talk in the last few days, about the curse of the second term and that that certainly can be overstated, a lot of great things accomplished in second terms as well, but the problem that presidents tend to run into in the second term when they're no longer these politicians seeking reelection, is hubris, overreach. did you see seeds of that in this speech? >> i expected for this speech to have a limited agenda and for him to show what his handful of guidelines are and what he really wants to accomplish. and this was a very wide expansive speech covering everything from healing the planet to the evidence of inequality at home. i was surprised by it, but i think we can end up with a final happy note. an inauguration is a day when all americans can celebrate democracy and that's something we should remember from this day as well. >> presidential historian jay winnik, thank you for your perspective on this.
1:23 pm
i'm not sure charles will like that krauthammer expressed this adequately. i don't think there's anything adequate about charles krauthammer, but i plan on using that line to tease him for the next months. >> he did. and coming up we'll speak with somebody else who liked the speech a lot, kirsten powers along with juan williams, joining us with their reaction after the break.
1:24 pm
1:25 pm
>> welcome back for a special inauguration coverage. we have correspondents stationed along the parade
1:26 pm
route. there it is, there's the parade route. let's start with steve rosen at john marshal park and pull you out of the map and very cool, james, if you could see it. >> i feel liberated. good afternoon, bret. we're in the section of washington d.c. known as judiciary square about three quarters after mile as the crow flies from the capitol itself. people are starting to line up for the parade which will take place after this luncheon concludes, i would say from my vantage point probably part of 1.5 mile long parade route, people are lined up eight to ten feet to see the procession. there will be some 10,000 people and we're also told, 200 animals that take place, take part in the parade. one thing to look for, preceding the president's actual vehicle, his limousine, there's going to be eight floats. four of them will recognize the four states from which hail the first two couples, hawaii, delaware, pennsylvania, and illinois.
1:27 pm
the other four floats are going to advance the theme, what we've heard about, civil rights. one dedicated to the reverend martin luther king, whose birthday is observed today, another float devoted to various civil rights movements including not only the african-american protest movement of the 50's and 60's the women's movement and lgbt and that's something that struck me, bret, about the speech. the president almost positioning himself as more then a president, but a civil rights figure, so much of his speech was given over to the subject of civil rights. and yet, i venture to say had you canvassed 100 americans, any 100 americans on election day, what is the most important issue this country faces they would not have named civil rights, but that's clearly a preoccupation of this president. >> bret: and you see a lot of back and forth, capitol hill, covering a lot of this
1:28 pm
bickering over legislation, and your thoughts about the reaching out, some of the things that chris talked about with jay winnik and some of the things we talked with brit and chris. the partisan side of it and whether the president is really sending a signal. >> i've been listening to the coverage and heard this analysis. i was struck by the contrast between this speech and the speech that president george herbert walker bush gave in 1989 when he reached out to the democrats who were seated on the dias schls and said to friends in the loyal opposition and i do mean friends and i do mean loyal. there was no such grace note in this speech, bret. >> bret: james, thank you. >> megyn: you watching the folks lining up along the parade route and this is one of the moments everybody has been waiting for and a lot of folks have been waiting for, reminds me of times square on new year's eve, 6 a.m. a lot of people were walking over to make sure they got a good spot on the mall. it's pretty nice day in
1:29 pm
washington not like four years ago where with the wind chill it was in the teens. they come prepared and knew what they were in for, how badly they wanted to be a part of it. reminds me of a moment we had on fox news channel, four years ago, bret was anchoring, i was out on the mall and ran into a woman about whom our viewers still ask me. and why the people on the streets just stay. and they say, remember this moment? >> but people are ready, they came prepared, they have layers and food and meet tanya, quickly before i let you go. meet tanya from maryland. hello. >> megyn: all right. i have to show you what she's wearing, bret. look how tanya prepared on her day on the national maugham. tanya, let's see the layers. >> hand warmers, gloves, my pockets, i have body warmers. i also have my food. i was very prepared. >> megyn: show them what you've got. look at it bret. >> bret: don't tell her to take it off.
1:30 pm
>> my lunchables. >> megyn: she's not lunchables in there, bret. >> underneath that layer i have my water and also, i have my camera in this pocket. >> megyn: got to have a camera. >> exactly. >> exactly. >> megyn: she says nothing was going to stop her from being here, is that right. >> no way. >> megyn: she was fantastic. i wonder if she's out there today lining up along the parade route. >> bret: got her lunchables. >> megyn: you've got to come prepared. >> bret: that's true. >> megyn: when we come back we're going to check in on the national mall and upcoming, the parade. stay with us. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight.
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or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. >> you're looking live at the parade route there as they're getting read. the joint commission on inaugural ceremonies will be concluding the luncheon at some point here and at that point the president will get in a motorcade for a little bit and then will start a walk, waving to the crowd and make his way all the way down pennsylvania avenue to the white house. at which point, the first family will get to -- inside to the white house and then come back out to the reviewing stand to see all of the floats and the bands. it should be a pretty interesting afternoon. >> megyn: fun to watch. want to get live now to karl rove and joe tripe who have been standing by and love to hear their thoughts, karl,
1:34 pm
start with you. >> well, i remember this lunch incidentally, this lunch is one of the best meals you'll have in your life. i was there twice and everybody sort of enjoying themselves getting ready to go out into the cold and the president is about to get in the limousine and done a ballistic armored coat in order to make the walk traditional block. but the speech today was a hill programatic. i that you three lincoln speeches in there. the house divided speech. no nation founded on principles of liberty can survive half slave, half free. and of and by and for the people. the interesting one was the president's 1862 famous message to the congress as our case is new, so must we think
1:35 pm
and act anew. and this was theme was applied during the speech. mostly a laundry list what he wanted to achieve in the next term and very little of it devoted to jobs, economy, deficit, debt spending and things that people are most concerned about. he devoted far more to equal pay, gay marriage, voting rights protection, immigration reform, gun control and certainly climate change than he did to any references to the big economic issues that the come tri combines. it struck me as a little odd, on this day fewer americans are working than when president obama took office four years ago and at the current pace of job creation it will take us 26 more months to get back just to the point of number of people working when we went into the recession in december of 2007 and in the meantime, 8.6 million people will have entered the work force without a job available for them. >> megyn: karl, before we go to joe, i want to pick up on your initial comment. you're somebody who's been right next to a president as he goes through this day, a
1:36 pm
couple of times. what do you think is the state of mind of the president now? do you think this is something he's able to enjoy. does the enjoyment come later when they're not under the glare of the cameras? what's it like? >> well, both. first, the first inaugural, it is a blur. i remember talking to president bush about how did you feel? and he said there were almost no moments for feeling until he got in the oval office with his father, where it was the first moment that he felt emotion. i know that's i thought the whole day was a blur and sitening the reviewing stand and someone said would you like to see your office in the west wing? and only when i got into there, sort of with my wife and son that sort of the emotion of the moment got to me. the second inaugural is different. it's sort of like, you know, it's everything seemed to move a little slower and you could enjoy the moment. and the president's relieved, he doesn't have to worry about running for election again. bush took it as a moment where, you know, sort of the last vestiges of politics, you
1:37 pm
know, he could throw he it away and focus on what he thought was right for the country and you know, it's a moment of liberation in some respects, i know that's a hackneyed phrase, but the guy i worked for, a moment he felt, looks, i no longer have the requirements of being a party leader, i don't need to worry about getting reelected, i can just stay focused on tough decisions the country needs to make and work across the aisle without any fear. >> bret: joe, our friend from the washington post, chris wrote today today in his second inaugural speech president obama became the progressive leader that many liberals thought they were getting when they voted him into office four years ago, do you agree? >> yeah, i do. i mean, two things, first of all, i agree he with karl it was much more of a state of the union speech than what i would have expected from an inaugural speech, but then, yes, i agree that i was
1:38 pm
surprised how tough politically this speech was. i don't believe a president referencing phrases of his opponent in the election. i mean, when he talked about the takers, people, programs like social security, medicare, these don't make people takers, sort of referring to mitt romney and the way those words were spoke been those programs and spoke been the campaign, i mean, that was pretty tough stuff, but then, the thing, the real clue at the end of that speech he keeps talking about it's time to take action now. take action now, we've got to take action now on global warming, on immigration, and what's fascinating about that is when you go back to they renamed his campaign apparatus organizing for action, just a couple of days ago, it looked to me pretty much like a setup in the speech for we're going to go do this and it's time to take action now. i don't think it's coincidence
1:39 pm
that that line was in his speech so many times and that that's the name of the organization that's now going to be pushing his agenda out there, 20, 30 million people strong, moving over from the campaign. i just don't understand why they didn't do this the first term. i'm for what they're doing, but i don't think it's to see those things happen in the speech today and that's what the organization is. >> bret: not to quote extensi extensively, but disstill obama's speech to a single sentence and that sentence is "i'm the president, deal with it." . >> well, i think chris is -- i mean, chris has a good way of putting things. i think it's "this is what i intend to do, this is my agenda" we're going to take on immigration, take on global warming which i thought, again, seeing that in the state of the union speech, but i think it's really significant that you saw it in the inaugural, those kind of
1:40 pm
specifics. >> joe, karl, thank you as always. >> megyn: coming up the president set to make a toast at the inaugural luncheon and then the start of the parades. >> bret: you'll also hear from senior strategist from the campaign, david axlerod. continuing coverage of inauguration 2013 right here on fox news channel. with the spark cash card from capital one, sven gets great rewards for his small business! how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% cash back on every purche, everday! woo-hoo!!! so that's ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great sinesses deserve great rewards! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? here's your invoice.
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>> welcome back, everybody. we're just a short time away now from the beginning of the inaugural parade where we will see the first family, first in the motorcade and then, they will get out of the car and they will walk the last few blocks that has become tradition, starting with president jimmy carter. the last couple of blocks to the white house and enjoy the festivities from there and we will enjoy them together momentarily as things get underway and president and first family finish the luncheon on capitol hill. in the the meantime, we want to talk to our own chris wallace who has had a special guest. >> thanks, megyn. we're joined by former senior strategist in the the obama campaign and white house and now the head of the institute of politics at university of chicago, david axelrod. david, welcome on this very special day and congratulations. >> thank you, good to be inside and warming up. >> there you go. here in fox news. and let's talk about-- >> warmed up here. >> let's talk about the inaugural address. i think the general reviews from people here at fox has been that it was a very assertive, even aggressive call to arms for a liberal agenda, fair?
1:44 pm
>> no, i think it was a call for the country to come together and act on these big challenges that we have to face in order to perpetuate opportunity in this country, to perpetuate an economy in which people can work hard and get ahead. and-- >> but it was from a liberal perspective. there was almost no talk about budget and deficits, in fact, he said, he had one sentence about, yeah, we need to deal with controlling health care costs, but i'm not going-- and then very prolonged defense of entitlements and also, this line which a lot of us noticed. we cannot mistake absolutism for principle or substitute inspe speck cal or reason and-- >> here at fox took umbrage on it. >> no, on the part of the president calling name calling and saying that's what the republican opposition. >> i don't think that he specified that that is applied
1:45 pm
to anybody, now, fact is that the republicans in congress have been defined by their actions and that's why their polling numbers are so poor right now and why the congress' polling numbers are so poor. i don't think that absolutism, i'm sure the president would say, on the part of either party is helpful in solving problems. obviously if we're going to move forward we're going to have to find a way to come together, and obstructionism though, because that's self-defeating path. >> where in the speech did he reach out to republicans, to the john boehners and the mitch mcconnells and say in the search for common ground, i hear what you guys are saying? >> look, i think the whole theme of this speech was that throughout our history we've had very, very significant differences and we've been able to work through those differences and of course, you know, you're a student of history, now we've gone through more significant eras
1:46 pm
of dissent and disagreement than this. his point was we can come together. the point on absolutism though, is we can't come together if we are unyielding and unbending in our points of view. >> why so little talk about jobs and the economy? >> well, i think if you looked at the opening passages of the president's speech he talked about building an economy in which opportunity abounds, in which people can get ahead. that's the fundamental question and obviously jobs is a -- is an essential issue for our country, but also, building an economy which those jobs pay and which people can get ahead, that's fundamental. i mean, we have a state of the union speech this three weeks in which he'll have an opportunity to layout in greater detail his proposals on all of these issues. >> we have less than a minute left and i hate to ask you to do this in such a short time, but ten years ago, ten years
1:47 pm
ago you met state senator barack obama, now you were there today at his second inauguration as president. quite a ride for you. what were your emotions as you sat there on the inaugural stage? >> well, i looked at him and i looked at the faces from his past and my past who have been along on the journey and extraordinary thing to think about the incredible path we've taken together. you can see it in his face, in his hair as well, i mean, it's been a challenging one, but incredibly invigorating one as well. i was very proud, very, very proud. >> david axelrod, good reason for you to be proud. thank you so much. and bret and megyn, back to you. >> megyn: thank you. we've been getting about who is in all of the buses that we're seeing going up and down the parade route. we're told that those are the officials who are taking in the ceremony on capitol hill and did not get an invitation to the luncheon.
1:48 pm
>> bret: you almost said dignitaries. >> megyn: i owe chris wallace 50 cents and when he comes out next i will give it to him, but first, make good on our promise. look at her, she looks all bundled up appropriately and make good on my promise bringing in kirsten powers, steve hayes and juan williams, that's next. [ male announcer ] nearly sixteen million people visit washington dc every year. some come to witness... some to be heard. we come to make an impact. to learn from leaders... and to lead others. to create... and create change. we are the george washington university... we come to make history.
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1:51 pm
>> welcome back to our special coverage of the inauguration. as you look live at the parade route. we are getting ready for the finish of the luncheon up on capitol hill and the president and first lady and vice-president and the second lady, dr. jill biden will start that route down to the white house. the news continues today, however, the state department just put out a statement, saying that they can now confirm the death of three u.s. citizens in the terror attack in algeria. that confirmation coming just moments ago. with that realization that while we listen to the speech from the president, there are a lot of big issues facing us both foreign and domestic. we welcome back our panel, weekly standard senior writer steve hays, juan williams, columnist with the hill and daily beast columnist kirsten
1:52 pm
powers, let's get back to the speech and get your reaction, kirsten. >> well, i liked it and i said i thought it was a very, a positive uplifting speech that talked a lot-- i did think there was talking about coming together and saying my fellow americans, we're made for this moment and we'll seize it as long as we seize it together. now more than ever we must do these things together as one nation, as one people. i think it was a, a great vision for the country. and to the point that both liberals and conservatives are making this, this is a very progressive liberal speech, that strikes me as interesting. if you look at things he said, they strike me as just american things, and you know, we must care for the vulnerable. we must, you know, lift the middle class, we should revamp our tax code, harness new ideas, and technology, and you know, we're not a country who thinks we should be at perpetual war. we should try to resolve our differences with other nations peacefully, promote democracy. i think there's so much
1:53 pm
everyone can agree on, i don't understand why people are seeing this as being such as almost divisive, i think that republicans are seeing that way and liberals ringing the bell, oh, we've won and ringing the bell. -- >> and a columnist said this may have been the most unabashedly progressive speech he's given as president, to date at least the tenor of the speech suggests there may be more to come, what do you think, steve? >> i agree and don't see these as mutually exclusive. if you look at the conversation chris wallace had with david axelrod and he was emphasizing people coming together and you've heard charles and brit talking about the speech. the president is saying come together under my progressive agenda, everybody fall in line, do what i'm telling you to do, i've won the election, in that way, i think that chris was right. the passage is he end of the speech interesting, where the president says progress does not compel us to settle
1:54 pm
centuries long debates about the role of government in all time, but does require us to act in our time. i thought the president spoke as those those debates had been settled in activist government. this is what the president was laying out and doing it as much of what he didn't spend time emphasizing as what he focused on. he didn't talk at length about debt and deficit, which i argue is the crisis of our day and didn't spend much time on it nobody's asking him to provide great detail about these things, it wouldn't be appropriate, that's more appropriate in the state of the union, but he didn't spend just in terms of allocation of the 18 minutes he spoke, he spent time speaking, he didn't focus a lot on those issues, and he did defend things like the entitlement programs and he talked about further investment and investing in technology to compete with add v
1:55 pm
-- adversaries. >> and when chris asked david axelrod, we cannot mistake absolutism, principle, substitute name calling for reasonable debate. the president wasn't saying anything, but i tell you it was the republicans he was talking about, so, i guess, that's where some of the analysis was coming from, both on the left and the right. >> i don't think there's any question that we are in extraordinarily partisan times, bret. i think that partisanship has led the people to believe that washington is dysfunctional, as you know, the polls show that the congress is rated in single digits. as i read somewhere, along with head lice and colonoscopy. that's how unpopular washington and the congress are at this moment. if you were to compare the popularity ratings of the president and the congress, vast difference. the president in terms of personal approval and job approval are in the 50's. so that's pretty good right now, especially, as compared to the congress. now, i think that if you don't
1:56 pm
speak to the partisan divide, i think it's a mistake. and when you say that there's an issue in making sure that you don't misstake absolutism for principle i think you're speaking directly to some of the tea party freshmen who came in in the last mid term election. i think you're speaking directly to people who say never ever compromise with in president or you're not truly a conservative. and i think he had to say that. you know, the two inaugural speeches that stand out in my mind from my writing and one of them, obviously, would be lincoln's second inaugural that's inscribed on the walls of the lincoln memorial in washington, but the second one is fdr. also inscribed on the wall at the roosevelt memorial and that talked again about major change in entitlement and trying it suggest that the american people can move forward, but protect the ability to look out for us all. >> bret: stand by, panel, if ul. there's plenty more to come, including the inaugural parade. all of those folks coming to
1:57 pm
see it. >> megyn: and our john roberts, as our coverage of the presidential inauguration rolls along. (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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>> welcome back, everybody. to fox news' special coverage of the presidential inauguration. >> bret: i'm bret baier. john roberts is our man on the flatbed truck, this is actually a great position to be in riding along. not yet, you will be though, john. >> bret, this is absolutely the position, we've had it all today. up on the platform for the inauguration looking down at the mall and now waiting for the president to finish up his apple pie and cheesecake ice cream to come out here and before we get the parade started you can imagine what's going on inside that inaugural luncheon where the president is sitting down with harry reid and john boehner and talking with evan bahy over
2:01 pm
the weekend, i'm sure they took the sharp objects off the table and have a food taster. and one said, don't worry, my vice chair lamar alexander will be sitting between them to make sure things are civil. all joking aside, they thought this is going to be a good luncheon and everybody will be professional and the big battles of course, will come tomorrow. and don't forget that hillary clinton is also, secretary of state going to be testifying on benghazi on wednesday. that will be another big event that happens here on capitol hill. now, to the parade, we can pan off just a little bit and you can see that some folks have gathered here at the beginning of the parade, quite a bit different than it was at least at this point from 2009, where people were 20, 30 deep along the parade route. we'll probably see that, and looks like people, five, six people deep headed down constitution avenue. we make the turn on to pennsylvania avenue and then a slow crawl up to the white house. and jimmy carter was the first president back in 1977 who actually walked this route. last year, president obama as
2:02 pm
president bush did got out partway through and walked to the white house and we expect that's probably going to happen again. this parade will be about a mile and a half long, include all sorts of interesting floats and of course, fabulous marching bands from the u.s. military, some civilian ones as well. this all started back in 1801 with thomas jefferson had a little bit of a parade that was taking to the inauguration. 1909 with james madison is when the first official pred happened and i think as megyn pointed out to you yesterday, bret. perhaps the most infamous one was 1973 with richard nixon when he ordered the park service to spray all the trees with basically a form of bird be gone, it was called roost no more. and didn't want them on the parade goers, and the pidgeons ate it and they were falling on top of people because they
2:03 pm
were sick. >> megyn: more like live no more. >> live no more. >> bret: let me read you some of the major headlines. washington post, obama strikes notes of bipartisanship, and emphasizes liberal economic treems. new york times, obama cites nation's ideals and calls for progress in face of divisions. chicago tribune. obama calls for collective action. l.a. times, obama uses inauguration to spotlight policy pledges. politico, obama testifies to the power of government. boston globe, marking the start of second term obama calls for unity and action. john, you were out front there. your take on this speech and kind of what you thought. >> we knew going in there was going to be a call for common ground on certain issues, not on every issue. the president feels he needs to take the lead on certain issues in his agenda that he wants to get pushed through, taxes, immigration and the
2:04 pm
like. but other issues he believes that there is room for cooperation. what you really have here though, bret, is the intersection of ideologies. you have one party is saying that they are promoting the idea of individualism and pulling yourself up from your bootstraps to become whatever the american dreams allows you to have. on the other side of the fence, the idea of the collective working to make life better. if they want to get anything done they need to find a way to bridge those two gaps, right now this city has been engulfed as what many have described as toxic partisanship, the ideology on both sides is so strong there was no meeting in the middle. i was a little surprised during his inaugural address that the president, particularly given history spend so much time on the idea of green energy. you know, as he was talking about certain energies to work to be promoted will be good for the future. you know, come to mind, is he talking about solyndra in his inaugural address? some of us thought that was a little unusual, what he
2:05 pm
drilled down specifically on some policy, that was the one that he chose to do. the big question is going to be how the president operates from here on in. is it going to be a spirit of cooperation will it be a spirit of confrontation? don't forget during the fiscal cliff debate the president managed to find a way around the majority, the republican majority in the house, charles krauthammer famously said that the president effectively neutered the majority in the house, will he continue to do that or reach across the aisle to speaker john boehner to try to get things done cooperatively. we'll see and things are underway now. >> bret: john, we'll be back once you hop on the flatbed truck. >> we're on, but not rolling. >> bret: once you get rolling. >> megyn: we'll look forward to that. he was speaking about presidential history when you look at inaugural parade and our room here at fox news gives us background information. take you back to 1841 and william henry harrison. william h harrison. this guy loved being president and so excite abouted his
2:06 pm
inauguration, the first one to take a railroad train into washington d.c. for it. he spoke for an hour and 45 minutes, they said it was 10,000 words. he braved the cold weather without a hat and the first one to have a fish planning of the parade and taking it very seriously, the first one to have floats in his parade and after he stayed up all night partying and his lengthy address in the cold without a hat, bret. >> bret: he died. >> megyn: a month later. poor president harrison. contrast him with franklin pierce in 1853. he sounds like a bag of chips. he decided to drive to the capitol. he affirmed, rather than swore the oath. he decided not to kiss the bible. he canceled all the inaugural balls. who would he party with. >> bret: the guy who partied, he lived, he did live. >> megyn: there is that (laughter) . and striking a happy medium. president obama's remarks 18 minutes.
2:07 pm
>> bret: the white house said 20 minutes or less and i was thinking, 20 minutes, the going bet to be, take the over on the president. >> megyn: don't mention bets to me. >> bret: oh, yes. >> megyn: i'm still-- >> and joined by chris wallace and brit hume, go ahead, megyn. >> megyn: well, yesterday chris and i had a friendly bet. it wasn't that friendly, there was money involved, a quarter, whether chief justice roberts would use notes this time around because he botched it last time and i said be, oh, he's not going to use notes. he's got a great memory and jaded by what happened last time. he said he'll use notes. >> megyn: i said no, i lost. i owe you a quarter and double or nothing on the ceremonial swearing in today. i owe you 50 cents. i have a counter offer for you. >> chris: this sounds like she's not going to pay me off. >> megyn: i have two quarters, i want everybody to see i have them here and i'm willing to pay. >> chris: let bret hold them. >> megyn: i offer you either those or, or, i offer you a
2:08 pm
million dollars. >> chris: what is that? it's michelle obama money. >> where did you get that. >> megyn: one of the pieces of paraphernalia to celebrate the inaugural. the back, barack, michelle, sasha and malia and not only could you have this million dollars, sort of like the trillion dollar coin. >> chris: what are you, howie mandell, deal or no deal. >> megyn: i would offer you this one, apparently worth 2013. >> chris: wow. >> megyn: they don't -- denomination. >> chris: i would love those as a souvenir, but i'll take the 50 cents. >> bret: i'll pass it over. >> chris: thank you, thank you very much. there you go. >> takes the bet. >> we talked earlier today about the terrible tendency that every anchor has, abusing the terms dignitary in the phrase making their way or making one's way. it has not passed your lips. >> megyn: what am i chopped liver? i've been good, too. >> good for you. >> bret: i think we may have
2:09 pm
said not to say it. >> megyn: i think, yeah, we made a commitment and a couple of times-- >> in that context it doesn't count. >> megyn: and dignifies people. >> and drove him crazy, he'd rather say high muck-a-mucks. no, that's not going to happen. >> and doug mcelway is down at freedom plaza. what a great transition. doug, you're a v.i.p. of sorts. how does it look. >> reporter: i was told maybe 5,000 people just filled up. and the people are very, very eager to see the president and the president, a quick direction and an important one, not jn roberts made reference to the cream cheese ice cream served and i read it's sour cream ice cream and not being a dignitary, bret, i don't have the chance to sample it, but we've heard over the loudspeaker system here if one were to down all
2:10 pm
three courses, the lobster with clam chowder sauce, the bison, the grilled bison and then that sour cream ice cream, it would amount to 3,000 calories, so, the president, if he wants to walk the entire parade route is entitled to walk off some of those. we don't think he will walk that parade route. you mentioned that jimmy carter was the last president to do that and that was of course, the pre terrorism days or at least pre-9/11 days and there's a chance, we have heard that if he does choose to walk any portion of the route, it will likely be near 4th and pennsylvania avenue closer to where james rosen is staged right now and the national archives building which is easier to secure, or the 1600 black of pennsylvania avenue, and just outside the white house where he eventually will get out to assume his position on the parade route and you mentioned william henry harrison and the infamous story of him dying just a month into office. it's a reason not to be too
2:11 pm
consumed with your political opposition. the reason that he delivered his inaugural address, all 8,000 words in two hours was that he was peeved that his political opponents thought he was weak and meek and mild and he chose to take the podium at the inaugural address without his overcoat and it was a very, very cold day and a wet day and after that two hour long delivery he walked the entire parade route, ultimately resulting in him getting pneumonia and dying just a month into office. a word to the wise there, bret. >> bret: oh, this is a cool little animated graphic, showing the entire parade route there. down pennsylvania avenue and all the way to the white house, as it kind of winds its way, that's the route that the president will take and there you see the reviewing stand, right in front of the white house, i think, right there. >> megyn: fancy. >> bret: that's pretty good. >> megyn: well done, graphics. >> bret: nicely done. >> chris: the single most interesting fact i heard today, karl rove saying that
2:12 pm
president bush and i assume president obama puts on a 40-pound overcoat when they walk on the route because it's bullet-proof. did you know that i'm not sure that we should have that information. >> bret: i knew they had a vest, i didn't know it was the full coat and you know, when they throw out the first pitch, they have the coats that were bullet-proof. i knew that from the days of covering the white house. did you know? >> well, no. (laughter) >> and reagan didn't wear one, how he got shot-- >> he stayed in the car for his parade. >> chris: he did, but he went up through the little hole in the roof and went like that. >> and the secret service-- >> this is got to be scary for the secret service, obviously they devote their lives to protecting the president and the first family and thankfully the records show there's never been an attempt on our president's life during an inauguration. >> look up and down pennsylvania avenue, lots of windows. >> they've got sharpshooters
2:13 pm
and counter measures all over the city we won't get into. they have to worry about the walking in the street given what we've seen in the past. >> he walked six blocks last time and you don't know how many blocks he'll walk. and president carter walked the whole route as doug mentioned, but six blocks is a long time to get out and wave. >> megyn: i hope that michelle obama's heels are low heels if they're walking the whole route. >> bret: telling us to go to break quickly. >> megyn: i can't imagine why. >> bret: this is so interesting. and bob beckel and dana perino on the other side of the break. promise we'll get there. stay with us. [ male announcer ] this year, make safety your top priority
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i'm glad we had adt. [ male announcer ] adt. always there.
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>> welcome back, everybody. they're saying about 10,000 people are going to participate in this parade. only eight floats, but 10,000 participants and the list is long, who will join the route 1 1/2 miles long and as we await the start of that parade we're joined by dana perino and bob beckel, co-host of "the five" here on fnc. welcome to you both. let me start with you on this, bob. i'm interested to hear your reaction on whether you agree with these headlines and some are saying, this is the most progressive speech that he has given, others seeing this as more centrist down the line presentation. your thoughts. >> when i heard you talking about it was a liberal speech. i don't agree it was a liberal speech, it was popular along the lines of teddy roosevelt
2:17 pm
and huey long. you're arguing he didn't reach across the aisle to the republicans, the republicans never reached across the aisle to him. he tried that, made a big pitch in the first inaugural address and coming together and finding some common ground and the republicans never met him on common ground and so i don't blame him being the way he is now. this is not dividing the country. we're talking dividing a small percentage from the rest of the country. so, i think it was a terrific speech and all things-- and one more thing, he's going to deal with entitlements. if you think for a minute this guy is going to allow his legacy to be dealt in deficits so enormous never be forgotten, he'll deal with it, he'll deal with it on his terms. >> megyn: dana? >> well, i think that president obama didn't give bob a lot to work with today. when there's no wonderful line that you look to and go, oh, my gosh, that was the moment, the moment that pulled at our heart strings, the moment that brought everybody together. complaining about the first
2:18 pm
inaugural and the aftermath of that ignores a lot of history that happened, but a president has a chance in a second term to take a second stop -- a second step or press the reset button, but when i heard that today, for example, on entitlements, what he's going to deal with it, if that's true and i think he should and i think he probably could get something done if he were going to, he said we reject the notion that we don't take care of some people who are the neediest, that suggestions that some people reject that we take care of the neediest. and hurt. and americans show they do pomp and circumstance in a traditional way and loved to see the daughters and see and hear from them in the future when they're able to take about these moments. >> the conservative may have heard that, that's maybe what they heard, the very conservative believe that, but look, and this is, again, we've said that over and over
2:19 pm
again, elections have consequences, he won and it's time for nem them to get over i and sooner the better. >> as for winning-- >> i'm sorry, go ahead, dana. >> i want to say that after you've won a second time, and you're not going to run for office again, you have a choice to be magnanimous and reach across the aisle or win in a way that would-- for a lot of of people it's not just the far right, but to hear that and go, wait, does that mean that we're just going to have more of the same type of fighting we've had in the last two years? maybe people don't necessarily feel that way today. they have some things that they have to get done and they have to get done together. and one of them is coming up soon, the fiscal cliff issue again, sequestration and the like. if he is serious about taking on entitlement spending they need to layout a specific plan very soon because it won't be too long from now that we're talking about a lame duck president. >> bret: so, bob, do you agree with chris from "the
2:20 pm
washington post," one sentence that sums it up, "i'm the president and deal with it". >> look, no, i don't agree with that. >> bret: and you kind of just said it. >> well, no, what i said was -- and what i think we're talking about here, dana says that in second term you have to be magnanimous and reach across the aisle. i don't think you could reach across the aisle here because the people we're talking about are the republicans and the house of representatives who are the most conservative group of people who sit in one party that's ever sat in the united states congress. they are not going to move across and meet with barack obama on entitlements, on anything else, and i think in that regard, can you split off republicans as he did on the tax increase? maybe, maybe that's possible. but there are very few moderates left in the republican caucus in the house. and i don't think there's one of them, who thinks that barack obama should be president and want him to be successful. and their job is to make the second term bad. >> oh, bob, that's what-- >> thank you, dana.
2:21 pm
>> what the party does. to say that mitch mcconnell want today hurt president obama from the very beginning, when he said that he-- his goal was to defeat him that's what opposition does, october of 2012-october, 2010. >> we'll see you on "the five", don't go away. ♪ hi dad. many years from now, when the subaru is theirs... hey. you missed a spot. ...i'll look back on this day and laugh. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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2:24 pm
>> looking live inside the capitol, the luncheon just finishing up. let's listen in to house speaker john boehner. >> over five decades prior to the civil war and it's a wonder they actually made it here that long. and see, the acoustics were terrible, just couldn't hear anything or in some spots, you can hear everything that was being said in the room. to make -- it was a mess. and of course, it was also at a time when our leaders weren't hearing each other all that well to begin with. there was a century and a half and many architectural improvements later and we gather in the old hall to better hear one another and to renew the appeal to better angels. we do so amid the rituals and symbols of unity, none more important than our flag.
2:25 pm
this year, old glory will mark a milestone of her own. it was the spring of 1813 that the new commander at fort mchenry ordered a flag to be flown over the entrance to baltimore harbor. it should be be so large, he said, that the british will have no difficulty in seeing it from a distance. for such an enormous banner, a mother and daughter team had to stitch together, overlapping strips of wool to make the product whole, from many, one. so a grand flag was born and not long after that, an anthem to go with it. today whenever we put out the flag, whenever we hear it snapping in the wind, it gives us proof of the blessing that we call democracy. this symphony of service and faithfulness we'll all play a part.
2:26 pm
so in the spirit of harmony, i'm proud to present the flags that flew over this battalion of democracy today to president barack obama and vice-president joe biden, and to you, gentlemen, i say congratulations and god speed. [applaus [applause] >> house speaker john boehner at the luncheon inside capitol hill, it's coming to an end here, a little bit-- running over there about 30 minutes, as it's continuing after this, the parade gets underway. here now to join us, former george w. bush chief of staff, andy card. andy, thanks for being here. this is always an interesting day to watch, with the pomp and circumstance. all of the things that focus the country's attention on the
2:27 pm
transfer of power. your thoughts on this day, and looking back into two times that you were a part of this. >> oh, it's a great -- it's a great day to celebrate america and i love this constitution and the fact that you have article one hosting the brand new article two swearing in and the article three doing the swearing in, so you've got congress, the president, and the supreme court all there on the same stage and now they're enjoying a wonderful lunch where they're going to have very brief speeches, but say they're going to get along and work together and then they'll pile into limousines and the parades will start and just tremendously exciting. i love watching the inauguration. i love the state of the union, or the inaugural address that the president gave. i didn't agree with everything he said. i thought it was kind of a parallel universe speech. >> bret: let me ask you about that. >> the pomp and circumstance, the 21 gun salute, the
2:28 pm
national anthem, fabulous. >> bret: what do you think of the address? you mentioned the parallel universe. >> well, it was a very lofty address, but i don't think it touched what most americans are worried about. it it didn't really talk about protecting us, and that's the oath of office. and then it didn't talk about the real concerns we have in america of an economy that's not growing, and spending out of sight, and we also don't have a situation where there seems to be any interest in working really together to address those problems. so, i hope the president will come out in his state of the union address and start to say, i care about what's happening in america right now and i want to make sure people have a job and people have an economy that's growing, and don't worry, i'm going to protect you. there's a war on terror going on around the world and i'm going to focus on that. the other call for noble action is noble, but it's not the real concern that america has. i think he was speaking past us a little bit and there are many people in america who
2:29 pm
said nice speech, but, really, what are you going to do about the real problems that we have in america today. >> megyn: on the subject of foreign policy, andy. good to have you here. good to see you. on the subject of foreign policy the president said the following in part: we are heirs to those who want peace and not just the war who turn sworn enemies into the surest of friends-- >> i've lost the audio. >> megyn: unfortunately we've lost the audio, you can hear anddy say. we'll try to get those reestablished and these are the dangers of live tv and these are the official vases. >> inaugural gifts. >> megyn: the one that was presented to the vice-president joe biden has a more springtime etching on the side of it and we'll take a brief listen and eric cantor and the president and first lady standing up. [applause]
2:30 pm
[applause] >> the toasts are coming up right after this. and this is in by the way, statuary hall. this used to be long, long ago, the hold house chamber, now it is the area in front of where the house of representatives is. there's a statue of nearly every state in statuary hall and the halls around that area, as we see the president and vice-president receiving those gifts. >> megyn: it wasn't the best
2:31 pm
place for congress to meet given the dome ceiling and you can hear now how the voices ec echo. >> bret: but you can stand on one side of that hall and actually whisper and hear on the other side. >> megyn: and somebody then-- whereupon somebody said we've got to get out of here. >> bret: forget this place, let's do it someplace else. >> to present the momentos you all will receive as you leave statuary hall. >> megyn: and this is stretching out a little long. you've got to feel for the people who are standing out on the streets of washington d.c., waiting to see, waiting to catch a glimpse of the president of the floats as i mentioned earlier they've been out there for hours lined up and down the streets to catch a glimpse of the parade, but as soon as they wrap up the festivities, look at a bunch of politicians, altogether in washington. you could have foreseen this. they like to talk and like to hear themselves talk. >> bret: and the president was pretty short on the inaugural address. >> megyn: it wasn't the president, it was everybody else on capitol hill and finally they'll take to the
2:32 pm
parade route at some point and we'll look forward to that. you guys both covered capitol hill. brit and chris are still with us. i mean statuary hall this is where they do it they don't conduct business there anymore, but one ceremonial thing that happens every four years. >> yes, it is, and as john boehner pointed out the acoustics are such at one point in history when the house used to take place, when you hear your opponents from the other side of the room because of the strange acoustics, and apart from the statues in there, about the only interesting thing about the room and in fact have the inaugural lunch there. >> chris: and i've taken my four children there and stand on one side, there's a mark on the floor and essentially really fun to do. i know, you're looking at me, this is what the wallaces think is fun and stand other other hand and john quincy adams discovered this trick of acoustics and as a result,
2:33 pm
listen and hear what the other party was doing and got a huge advantage out of that. >> bret: and also the place where after the state of the union addresses or major speeches inside the house chamber that everyone comes to the station and all of the lawmakers come out. it's the same room spin room post big speeches. >> megyn: they're going to be doing toasts in a moment. a beautiful shot of at statue of freedom on top of the capitol dome. 150 years old this year and the nu during the inauguration, the beauty shot of washington. majestic city. >> look at the view down the national mall. >> and hundreds of thousands of people who were there and aren't anymore. >> and those are tarps, and they look like snow, but they're tarps to protect the national mall. >> the grass. >> after the debris that was left this four years ago. >> and behind the capitol is
2:34 pm
the old rfk stadium. >> to the right of it, you see that semi circle, it looks like a quonset hut, that's the washington armory. >> bret: let's listen in to the toasts. >> you've been an extraordinary leader of this nation and a true partner to our president these past four years, you play many roles, advisor, advocate, implementer, persuader, strategist and most important of all, friend. we're confident that unique partnership between you and our great president will only grow stronger and more productive over the next four years. mr. vice-president, on the surface we don't share a common ancestry, but on a deeper level we do share a common story, an american story of achieving our dreams thanks to the sacrifice of our
2:35 pm
immigrant forebearers, as you embark on your will to serve second term, in the spirit of those who came before us and on behalf of all americans, we offer you all our support and warmest wishes and we say to you, salud, chen don and cheers to our great vice-president. vice-president. >> . >> bret: mr >> mr. president and all of those assembled, i always enjoy this lunch more than
2:36 pm
anything we did in the capitol. for the 36 years i served in the the senate, i had the great honor of being included in this lunch, the former presidents and vice-presidents and because it really is it really is the place to get together unlike any other time when we gather. it's always like a new beginning when we are in in room. a sense of possibilities and a sense of opportunity and a sense sometimes misleading, but a sense that maybe we can really, really begin to work together. and chuck, we may come from different ancestors, but as all our colleagues know over the years, we're cut from the same cloth that we share that same common, absolute conviction that was expressed by harry truman when he said, america was not built on fear,
2:37 pm
america was built on courage, on imagination, and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand. that's what you've done throughout your career and that's what almost everyone in this room has done. at the end of the day, it's an absolute confidence, absolute confidence there's not a thing, a single thing this country can't do. i spent too much time with all of you, not to know you feel it with every fiber in your being that there's nothing, nothing this country is incapable of. i must say the president kids me socationly, i know harry reid always calls me senate man, i am proud to have been a senate man and proud to have been president of the senate and that pride is only exceeded by the fact that i am proud to be vice-president of
2:38 pm
the united states serving as barack obama's vice-president. one of the great-- (applaus (applause) >> as a matter of fact if the president will forgive me and as we were walking out and as he said savoring the moment and looking at the crowds and americans assembled, found myself surprised me he even and turned to him and said thank you, thanks, thanks for the chance. thanks for the chance to continue to serve. and so, folks, i've raised my glass to a man who never, never, never operates out of fear, only operates out of confidence and i'm toasting you, chuck. (laughter) >> and a guy, a guy who i plan on working with. you can't get rid of me, man, remember, i'm still part of
2:39 pm
the senate. god bless you, chuck, you have he' done a great job and lamar, you have as well, chuck schumer, good to see you, pal. >> the best parts of these events are unscripted. i'd now like to introduce our senate majority leader, my good friend and really foxhole buddy, a great man, harry reid to offer the official toast to the president. [applaus [applause] >> americans today are wishing the president god speed for the the next four years, people all over the world are looking at us and
2:40 pm
our democracy and wishing the president the best in the years to come. i've had the good fortune for the last many years to work on very close, personal basis with president obama. i've watched him, the most difficult challenges that a person could face. i watched him do this with brilliance, with patience, with courage, wisdom, and kindness. for which i have learned a great deal. so mr. president, i toast and pray for you, your wonderful family, and our great country.
2:41 pm
for more successful years, barack obama. >> here here. >> michelle and the speaker of the house came to a meeting of the minds that i may be delaying the proceedings too much and so i'm just going to be extraordinarily brief and say thank you. to my vice-president who has not only been an extraordinary partner, but an extraordinary friend and to dr. jill biden
2:42 pm
who has partnered with my wife with an extraordinary generosity on behalf of our men and women in uniform, to the entire cabinet that is here, i'm grateful to you, some of you are staying and some of you are leaving, but i know the extraordinary sacrifices that you and my team have made to try to advance the cause of progress in this country and i'm always going to be grateful to you for that. to the speaker of the house and nancy pelosi, to democratic leader harry reid as well as republican leader, mitch mcconnell, and to all the congressional leaders and all the members of congress who are here, i recognize that democracy's not always easy and i recognize there are
2:43 pm
profound differences in this room, but i just want to say thank you for your service and i want to thank your families for their service because regardless of our political persuasions and perspectives, i know that all of us serve because we believe we can make america for future generations, and i'm confident that we can act at this moment in a way that makes a difference for our children and our children's children. you know, i know that former president carter, president clinton, they understand the irony of the presidential office which is the longer you're there the more humble you become and the more mindful you are that it is beyond your poor powers individually to move this great country. you can only do it because you have extraordinary partners and a spirit of goodwill and
2:44 pm
most of all because of the strength and resilience and fundamental goodness of the american people. and so i would like to join all of you not only in toasting the extraordinary work that chuck schumer and lamar alexander and others have done to create this special day for us, but i also want to thank each and every one of you for not only your service in the past, but hopefully your service in the future as well and i would like to offer one last toast and that is to my extraordinary wife, michelle. there is controversy about the quality of the president. no controversy about the quality of our first lady. [applaus [applause]. thank you everybody, god bless you and god bless america.
2:45 pm
>> . >> bret: okay. now that everyone's standing, you can remain standing because it's my privilege to introduce the-- his eminence archbishop dimitrious to deliver the benediction. >> megyn: and they're running an hour and a half, there are tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands lining the streets of washington d.c. waiting to see him. and there they are. you can see them waiting and lining up. and the presidential parade had begin momentarily and i want the final thoughts pr brit and chris as we await the presidential's inaugural parade. >> i think we had a clarifying moment, and the president's speech put to rest the idea that barack obama is a mod
2:46 pm
ral.ra moderate. and he's a liberal and intends to pursue the course of that liberalism and he's going to pursue as if he had a he enormous mandate. he had a narrow win, but decisive win and the battle lines are clearly drawn. and i don't think there's hope barring proceedings developing, which is always possible, that we're going to have any kind of unity in washington that some people have longed for for so long. >> bret: chris? >> well, i agree with all of that. a couple of things that struck me about barack obama, one was and supposedly someone in his family said, enjoy the moment. and he seemed in a way that he didn't four years ago when i suspected it was an out of body experience, to savor this inauguration, he seemed to be totally in ease in his own skin as he walked down the steps to the inaugural stand
2:47 pm
and looked with such evident pleasure and delight at the brooklyn tabernacle choir sang the battle hymn of the republic and at that wonderful moment at the end when he walked off to the top of the steps and people started filing out at the end of the ceremony, as he stood there and as we now learned, he was just watching, he said he told joe biden because he wanted to appreciate the hundreds of thousands of people who had come out. yes, we'll certainly talk about the politics this have and the fact that i certainly agree that it was a liberal call to arms, but there was something about, excuse me, the majesty of the country and the moment, and the celebration of democracy and the way, as we said, we either transfer power or reaffirm power, and it's a good day to be an american. >> megyn: and brit, one final thought on the liberal agenda you think that president obama is now going to pursue, the one thing standing between the president and the enactment of
2:48 pm
that agenda is the house representatives. what do they do from here? >> remember, they got reelected, too, most of them, not all of them, but most of them. enough of them so there's a majority. they feel they're obliged to pursue what they promised, as he is, so therefore the stage is set for further clashes, but the one thing i think they may have learned over the past couple of years is, particularly some of the newer members who i sometimes refer to as the pie in the sky caucus, there are limits what you can do by virtue of one house in the congress and when the white house as well. and one thing we're going to see the next months and years, how well they learned that lesson and how they take on the president and his agenda will be able to do it more skillfully than in the past. >> bret: the loyal opposition. gentlemen as always, a pleasure. we are awaiting the start of this parade and it really will start in earnest. and this luncheon has officially come to an end and we will check in with john
2:49 pm
roberts on that flatbed truck, getting ready to roll any moment now on the other side of the break. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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>> welcome back to special coverage of the inauguration. we've partnered with twitter again to track what america is saying about this inauguration. >> megyn: this graphic shows how many tweets out per minute and they use hashtag inauguration. and we're talking about the most talked about on twitter. the peak moments when president obama arrived and was seated there were 14,062 tweets per minute and when he took the oath of office a spike to 24,760 tweets per
2:53 pm
minute. the biggest moment was during the the speech when he said, quote, we cannot mistake absolutism for principle or name calling as a substitute for debate. >> bret: let's compare that to president obama's first inauguration. a look the at inauguration 2009. the peak moment was at 12:06 eastern when president obama took the oath of office, 3,210 tweets at that moment of course, 2009. a lot more twitter users now than there were then. still interesting to look at and you can always tweet us directly @megyn kelly a and @bret baier. and interesting to look at how people are reacting. >> megyn: and it's been fun and viewers have been tweeting throughout the broadcast and some we work into. and a lot of people want to know who were in the buses and we found out for you. feel free to tweet. >> bret: and the focus on the the parade, delayed because
2:54 pm
the luncheon was delayed. are you moving yet, john. >> megyn: no. >> reporter: we're in the same place we were. we're in an interesting vehicle, a flatbed truck usually used to carry around barricades. we're the cargo this time around and owned by the secret service and has a secret service agent driving it. how often do you get driven around in a flatbed truck by a secret service agent. here is what we're expecting will happen in the next hopefully few minutes or so, looking at buses out in front of the east capitol. we were talking about the west front of the capitol earlier today. it's the east front. the president and vice-president will come out and review the troops, join the motorcade there and they will come down this road and take a left turn on constitution avenue. we'll take constitution down until pennsylvania meets it and then we'll go up pennsylvania avenue. all the way to the white house. this is really the best part of the whole inauguration, you've got the pomp and ceremony of what happens on the platform at the west front, but this is where the president really gets a chance to meet the people.
2:55 pm
jimmy carter walked all the way from the capitol to the white house back in 1977. it's not expected president obama will do the same thing, but he's expected to get out of the car, once, maybe a couple of times and see, we will have that for you live here bret and megyn. >> bret: okay, john, thank you very much. president obama's-- let's listen in here. >> the reverend dr. martin luther king, jr., this of course being martin luther king, jr. day, the only the second time in history the presidential inauguration has fallen on mld day. first was the of inauguration of president bill clinton. and this is an important day for the obamas and so many who have come to witness the event here in washington.
2:56 pm
>> . >> bret: what a moment that is. what a moment to use the mlk bible among-- and the lincoln bible as well for the swearing in and this will be the 50th anniversary this year of the march on washington, you know, and the "i have a dream" speech and now we have our first black president and that's one thing americans of all colors felt so proud about four years ago and still do, the progress this country has made, speaking of lincoln and dr. king. >> bret: and he mentioned those moments as he looked down the mall in this speech today, and said, to hear a king proclaim that our individual freedom is inextricably bound to every soul on earth, marking that day as well. and to walk out with the house speaker and the house majority leader who he will have fights with in the coming weeks, heated fights. >> megyn: but good for us. you know, good for you us as a people to be able to join together like that despite their bitter partisan differences, we can get
2:57 pm
together and celebrate the peaceful transition as we've been saying of power and hard fought elections that don't always go the way some folks want and still they can work together at least for today. >> bret: thanks for being with us. shepard smith takes you through the inaugural parade. i'll be back at 6 eastern for special report. >> megyn: take care, thanks, everybody. right in the old bucket. good toss! see that's much better! that was good. you had your shoulder pointed, you kept your eyes on your target. let's do it again -- watch me. just like that one... [ male announcer ] the durability of the volkswagen passat. pa down something he will be grateful for. : when you have diabetes...
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