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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 24, 2013 1:00am-2:00am EST

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here at fox we report and you get to decide and that's all the time we have this evening, as always thanks for being with us, let not your heart not be troubled and greta is here. >> greta: tonight, well, it got nasty, the battle over benghazi still raging. >> we were misled that there were supposedly protests and something sprang out of that, saw sprang out of that and easy to ascertain that's not the fact and the american people could have known that within days and they did know that. >> with all due respect, the fact is we had four dead americans, was it because of a protest or guys out for a walk one night and decided they'd go kill some americans, what difference at this point does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, senator. >> people don't bring rpg's and mortars to spontaneous
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demonstrations, that's a fundamental. the president of the united states as late as september 24th, two weeks later, did not acknowledge that this was an act of terror. >> and i have said many times, i take responsibility and nobody is more submitted to getting this right. >> madam secretary, you let the consulate become a death trap and that's national security malpractice. had i been president at the time and found that you did not read the cables from benghazi, did not read the cables from ambassador stevens, i would have relieved you of your post. >> this pandora's box, if you will, of weapons coming out of these countries in the middle east and north africa is the source of one of our biggest threats, there's no doubt that the algerian terrorists had weapons from libya. >> the american people deserve to know answers, and they certainly don't deserve false answers, and answers that were given the american people on september 15th by the
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ambassador of the united nations were false. i certainly did not know of my report that contradicted the ic talking points at the time that ambassador rice went on the tv shows. >> at anytime did you see the initial attack on the monitor with the president. >> congressman, there was no monitor, there was no real time, we got the surveillance videos some weeks later, that was the first time we saw any video of the attack. >> now, we're only days into the president's second term and already tough foreign policy challenges. and secretary clinton's testimony and reports that those who attacked the algerian gas complex, also in the benghazi attack and controversy over u.s. sending f-16's to egypt. former speaker of the house newt gingrich joins us, good
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evening, sir. >> good evening. >> greta: i want to start with the f-16's to egypt. there's a field that was struck in 2010 and just delivered now, why are we sending f-16's to egypt? >> well, we've had a very long military relationship with the egyptians, but i think with the new president, who clearly is a member of the muslim brotherhood, somebody who as recently as two or three years ago said that children should be be taught to hate jews, the jews were comparable to pigs and apes, i think that we should be reassessing the whole relationship. i really am doubtful that morsi and the muslim brotherhood are going to turn out to be reliable allies and i am very concerned that we seem to have a policy that's on autopilot so no matter what they do, we continue to give them weapons and f-16's are primarily useful against israel. i don't know of any other country that egypt is going to use those aircraft against. >> greta: you talk about
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reassessing, it seems like that's almost not even on the-- up for consideration and just to quote further, what morsi did say in 2010 as he refers to jews as blood suckers who attack palestinians as well as describing them as descendents of apes and pigs and in september a few months after becoming president of egypt had the president of sudan under indictment from the icc, he invited him to egypt. he should have been arrested and amnesty international wanted the president of sudan arrested when he left the country and yet, he gets a special visit and it's the sudan that is helping, helping iran with their weapons program. so, why are we up to our eyeballs, still helping egypt help these other countries? >> well, my view would be that it ought to be totally reevaluated and we should consider cutting off the economic aid which is about a billion and a half dollars a year and we should be considering cutting off both the aircraft and the tanks. their primary use is going to
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be against israel. i don't know of any other explanation of what you need them for, they're not going to go, be effective anywhere else in the region. and so, i'm very disturbed by that, but it fits a general pattern. you heard secretary clinton say it it doesn't really matter what happened at benghazi. why are we going back and looking at what happened? well, baloney. of course it matters. this administration consistently refuses to confront the reality of international terrorism. and now a country we didn't think would have an event, the algerian crisis involved people with benghazi and drifting all over the region and you'll have better armed terrorists in more places and nobody six months ago knew where mali was and now mali is
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in danger of becoming a terrorist sanctuary. nobody in the administration wants to admit this is spiraling steadily worse and is getting to be, i think, a bigger and bigger international problem, which raises the question, how can you know that an embassy is safe? she talked about looking at high risk embassies. i would argue we live in an era where every embassy is a high risk embassy if the terrorists figure out that's the one which is vulnerable to be attacked. >> greta: i remember that we used to look the at presidency in terms of how many, how many countries would-- now we're looking at least in north and west africa in the past few months sort of awash with terrorism and they're called al-qaeda related groups and it's spreading and you make the reference to mali, i mean, the whole place is turning into a sort of a fertile ground for the creation of terrorism. what are we doing?
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what should we be doing? >> well, we need to have a very basic rethinking of our entire strategy and frankly goes back to the bush administration. neither the bush administration nor the obama administration has wanted to confront the scale of international terrorism and the scale of the fanaticism which is driving it and you could argue that obama is worse, but the elites in both parties are trying to find some way to get it down to being a manageable problem. it's a big problem. and frankly, nobody in the u.s. is covering the problems in pakistan, which are very real. pakistan is probably building more nuclear weapons right now than any other countries in the world. we talk about an iranian bomb maybe in the the near future. i think there are whoever a hundred pakistani nuclear weapons and it's a very fragile country with very, very deep problems. afghanistan is decaying, it's not getting better.
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iraq is decaying, the amount of violence in iraq has gone up dramatically and syria is a mess. and bahrain has a serious problem and yemen is a mess. somalia is a mess. you start looking around and begin to realize there's a much more dangerous world out there than president obama's inaugural address or secretary clinton's testimony today would lead you to believe. >> greta: mr. speaker let me just change the topic. >> greta: i am 'm curious, who the leader of the republican party right now. >> i don't believe we have a leader, and-- >> and i'm talking about, sir, who is the, you know, who does the republican party look to right now? >> the republican party will not have a single leader until we get a nominee in 2016. that's just the nature of being the opposition party. we have a lot of great governors, a lot of very effective senators and house members. i think there are a lot of folks who could emerge as
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leader, but nobody's going to be able to get that job until they win the nomination in 2016. that's just the nature of politics in america. >> and so, how do you-- >> i have to take a second, wait a second and one second tell your audience, calista and i had the great opportunity today to visit billy graham's library, a remarkable place and in billy graham's library the last interview he did was with you three years ago and they show it to everybody who comes through and it opens with him saying how thrilled he is that you're interviewing him. and it's truly charming, and i just think you deserve some credit for being a person who got his attention, convinced him to do an interview like that, the first one he'd done in many years and it's a very, very charming interview. i just wanted to report that to your many viewers. >> greta: that's very nice. i'm very lucky, his son and i have become very good friends, franklin graham and i have become very good friends and so i was given the opportunity to interview his father.
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very fortunate. anyway, speaker, always nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> greta: today, marco rubio grilling secretary of state clinton about security for americans in libya long before the september 11th attack. were his questions answered by the secretary of state? we spoke with senator rubio a short time ago. >> the part i wants today focus on how it's possible you have an interview with the prime minister, and the consulate is not raised to an alert. air the secretary of state and your staff isn't coming to you and say we have a problem. 200 attacks and britain pulled out of benghazi and how weren't there discussion abouts these topics, the answer is either the meetings happened or they didn't and we have a problem in the state department how information flows. so to me, it's not just about assigning blame, it's figuring out what went wrong internally so this never happens again. >> did you get at that answer.
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i think what we found out is that secretary clinton met with the prime minister and the issue of security was not touched, but not deeply, again, i don't understand how that's possible. >> in october of 2011 or-- >> both, october of 2011 she visited libya and march of 2012 the prime minister came to washington and on both occasions she admitted she talked to him about security and th security situation so clearly there was awareness at that level, the secretary level of the department of state that we have a serious security program, and we were counting on militias to provide for the consulate or provide in benghazi what normally is the responsibility of an organized government to do and i think that's what she kind of told us today. in fact, i think in her answer to one of my questions she said that these militias in the past have proven reliable and in hindsight that's obviously not the case. you take the totality of the questions asked, here is what is clear, you have all of this information come from
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different sources to the state department. basically saying, libya is dangerous, benghazi is dangerous, in fact so dangerous the other countries pulled their missions out and united states didn't respond sufficient security or extraction to get our people out of there. >> greta: she said a couple of times both here and on the house side that one of the problems that the state department was having that he had either asked nor money and hadn't been authorized or there was some sort of financial problem or she want it transferred from one particular area of the state department to another and i am p ped-- impediments there. is she correct they're underfunded. >> two separate issues. as far as money allocated, one use to another. we need to look at that, i'm not sure that makes sense to do that. >> greta: she might be right about that one. >> the second part not to have enough money for security. here is what happens, you have the requests for security. no one came to the hill and said we have specific rifts in libyaen it's dangerous we will have to close down the benghazi place unless you
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provide more money for security there. and it will look, at the end of the day it's about resource allocati allocation. the truth is they didn't believe, they didn't believe they needed more upgrades in benghazi, in fact, if you looked at some of the statements they made in the early hours and early days after the attack they talked about how heavily fortified it was, how much security was invested in there and they bragged how much was put in there initially. in hindsight it's clear they didn't have nearly enough. that wasn't their posture at the time. their posture at the time was not give us more money or something really bad is going to happen. that may be their posture now in hindsight and ultimately, i mean, this is a time of limited resources, but they clearly didn't press the case to think that we were in danger of something like this happening. >> greta: was she candid? >> well, i mean, she tried to answer questions, the questions that were asked, but time will tell. >> greta: but did you-- >> time will tell whether some of the things she said bear out to be true or not. these things have a way of flushing themselves out. i'm not going to sit here and accuse the secretary of state
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lying. i'm concerned about some of her answers, the reason, i do not understand how a high profile place like libya with the amount of dangerous situations that had already occurred with the information coming into the government, to the u.s. that in libya not only a dangerous mace, but benghazi in particular was dangerous and islamist fundamental radical elements training in the facility. how with all that have out there someone didn't look at all that have we have a problem and we need to address quickly, we need to provide moore security for the consulate, perhaps close it for a period of time. a military asset on stand by to extract people. why there weren't more resources prepped. and she was clearly aware that libya was a very dangerous place and i think as goes on, we'll learn more-- i don't believe the only people aware of what a bad situation it was, were of the mid level people that resigned. i think that it was clear from her testimony today that she was aware of how libya was, although, obviously she says there's no way she could know it was going to turn into this.
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>> greta: if i get right from what you said, your main concern was the process of information and to make sure we find out what happened, how it happened so it doesn't happen again. >> only one of two things could have happened. either the information didn't get to where it it needed to go or the information got to where it needed to go, but the response was not appropriate. both are bad. >> greta: and we investigate that so that doesn't happen again. >> absolutely. >> greta: okay. the second, there was some questioning not by you, by others, about ambassador rice and about what, how the administration disseminated information in the hours and days and weeks that followed. do you have any problem or any question about. >> sure. >> greta: and why is that important now? >> well, it's important for two reasons. number one i thought others, i knew other senators were going to handle that question and did a very good job of raising that issue. john mccain made a great point today when he said people don't bring rpg's and the weaponry that was used in this attack to spontaneous demonstrati demonstration. it's relevant. here is why it matters. when they put out word this was not a terrorist attack, it
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was sprung out of a spontaneous uprising, it furthers the narrative al-qaeda was in disarray and that we had, by the elimination of bin laden made this extraordinary reduction in the risk in the area. as it it turns out not only was it not true in libya, but other parts of north africa as well and the fundamental question did the administration really believe that? if they did they badly miscalculated or did they know it was true and for political reasons didn't want it out there. they were eliminating the war on terror and these groups and no longer capable of care i go out attacks against the u.s. and one or the other. either they assess wrong that radical terrorists were not capable of care caring out a
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>> more with senator marco rubio. and house nearly three months to raise the debt ceiling. >> look, i understand why they want to move the initiative forward and i think there is
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some strategicty to the way they're doing it it and i believe the second part the of it it, congress shouldn't get paid unless a budget is passed. no one wants to miss a paycheck certainly, but i think it's a very valid point and i think that it's not unfair to say to the people if you're not going to do your job, you shouldn't get paid. >> greta: and we keep getting these, like goal posts and mile posts and three more months. >> absolutely. >> greta: six more months and another excuse-- >> in fairness, i think it's the house. if they believed they could pass a bill out of house that not only dealt with the debt limit, but with our debt problem and passed out of the senate and signed by the president they would do it in a heartbeat. that's not what they're facing. they want facing a president that wants unconditional limits and the senate hasn't passed a budget in days. i think they're trying to make the best of a bad situation. absolutely we're going to deal with the fact that this government spends 40 cents--
1:22 am
that borrows 40 cents out of every dollar. people think it's a moral hazard, it's destroying jobs right now. every penny that goes into the government borrowing, is money not to invest in businesses and one of the reasons we have stagnant growth and high unemployment is because of the debt. >> greta: every time we hit one of the mile posts, whether it's sequestration or debt ceiling, taxes going up, whatever it is, what happens is the solution is just to extend is somehow and create another hurdle in a certain period of time and when we get to that point we do it again. i mean. >> that's not the best way to do it. >> greta: is there ever going to be a finality to this. >> one way or the other because there will come a point where the debt will deal with us if we don't deal with it. no doubt it has to be dealt with, we would hope we would deal with it it before that point of crisis before we become europe or one of the places that scramble to deal with it that should been dealt with a long time.
1:23 am
the president of the united states gave his inaugural address on monday and barely mentioned the national debt and the fundamental argument only way for the middle class and create prosperity in america is for the government to have more control over our economy, more taxes, more regulations, more spending. there's a fundamental difference between the president's view of our future and reality and so when the president gives an inaugural address and doesn't address the national debt that's how difficult it is to get anything done. >> greta: what is the reasonable expectation for the american people is going to happen. i mean, knowing the president and owing that he's in power and knowing that democrats are here in power in the senate and republicans in the house and all the people, all the different interests. what's going to happen? >> i think, look, we're going to have to win some elections and get people up here in both chambers that are going to take this issue seriously. >> greta: and all parties. >> i think in our party--
1:24 am
everybody knows it's inevitable. the time will come when we have to deal with the issues and the sooner we deal with it, the better off we'll be. if we deal with them now we deal with them on terms. the longer we wait to save medicare, the more disruptive it's going to be, the more complicated it's going to be, if we act now, we can save medicare in a way that doesn't change it at all for people like my mom. >> greta: and why doesn't -- i mean, everyone knows it's getting worse and the long her you wait the bigger the problem, but the politicians push it down every three or four months. if everybody knows that why is there-- >> because to be quite frank, you've got elements in that party that refuses virtually any changes to the spending programs. >> does your party have any responsibility in this at all. >> our debt is a bipartisan debt no doubt about it. and if people want
1:25 am
bipartisanship, there it is, spending going on for democrats and republicans borrowing, many, many years, we've never seen anything like the last four years in the sheer scope of spending and the direction we're going with all of this. certainly, look, if the republicans had the house and the senate and the white house, okay, given the current construct of our party i have little doubt we would pass a balanced budget amendment and put in spending constraints and deal with the issues. in fact the republican house has already dealt with many of these issues, they have passed dozens of bills, serious proposals to help grow the economy and deal with with these issues that haven't received a mention in the senate. that's the reality, i think you need to look at that. ultimately both parties are to blame for a 16 trillion dollar debt. it's bipartisan debt although the growth in the last four years has been unprecedented. >> greta: thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: and "on the record" took a walk through the state with senator rubio and we discussed one politically explosive topic, immigration,
1:26 am
and tomorrow, senator rubio on the record. and up next, senator john mccain says he categorically rejects secretary clinton's answer to a question. and which question is he talking about, senator mccain will tell you next. this is wild and maybe nuts. wait until you hear what some wait until you hear what some libe in america tay we're running out of a vital resource we need
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>> many questions na are-- that are unanswered and the answers that you've frankly given this morning are not satisfactory to me he. why is it the administration refuses to give the-- to the talking points. why do we care? because if the classified information had been included it gives an entirely different version of events to the american people. going to the american people
1:30 am
and tell them what happened, then you ought to have your facts straight. >> greta: senator john mccain confronting secretary of state hillary clinton about the benghazi attack, the attack that left ambassador chris stevens and three others dead. why wasn't he satisfied with the answers? we'll ask him. hi, senator. >> hi, greta. >> greta: i know you were friends, but you were quite rough on her. >> i hope i wasn't rough on her, i think we need to make it clear there are many unanswered questions months after the tragic deaths of four brave americans and we still don't know what shape the talking points that ambassador rice used. we still don't know when the president was briefed. we still don't know why the survivors who were flown to germany were not asked the next day whether it was a
1:31 am
spontaneous demonstration or not. we still don't know why the president continued for at least two weeks afterwards to say that he didn't know whether it was a terrorist attack or not, and of course, the exchange that he had with mitt romney in their debate, where he said he had called it a terrorist attack when he hadn't. but there are so many questions that remain unanswered. why were so many warnings ignored by the state department? why was it when the person in charge of the detail of 16 people objected and requested to stay because of the failure in the security there around the consulate? why did they heed the warnings when there was an attack on the british ambassador. none of these questions have been asked to the satisfaction of frankly any of us who paid close attention. >> greta: did you get them today? i didn't have a chance to watch all the hearings or in
1:32 am
the house, and a lot of members talking and they get to the end of the time and they have to get the answer in writing later because they've been either praising her or roughing her up. there really wasn't sort of, what do you know, when do you know it, who was there? there's very little of that in the hearing. >> first of all, it's not too surprising given members of congress. but second of all, you only have five minutes. so i had to layout in my five minutes those questions that remained unanswered because with all due respect to the secretary of state, she basically sort of said that everything had been taken care of. greta, why in the world should we not know what the e-mails were, where they decided what particular language that ambassador susan rice would use in talking to the american people? why would ambassador rice say al-qaeda has been decimated? we know al-qaeda hasn't been decimated. we know it's on the rise. >> greta: why -- i realize
1:33 am
you're in the minority here, but ambassador rice talked to senators behind closed doors. she is not been summoned to the house where the majority, republicans have the majority so none of this-- she has those answers and she hasn't been summoned. >> i'm not sure how many answers she has-- >> say why she was chosen or gave her the points. >> the president said in defense of her, she doesn't know anything about benghazi. that was the president's statement. she was given a set of talking points. now, she should have known better. she should have checked them out, the same way that colin powell should have known better when he told the world that saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction, but i don't think she has many of the answers. the answers lie within the state department, the cia, and the white house. who changed the talking points and why? because the talking points, if it had included the classified information they had would have depicted a very different version of events than the
1:34 am
ones that ambassador rice told the american people. and i guess, finally, why would we ever think that people bring mortars and rocket propelled grenades to spontaneous demonstrations? i mean, on the face of it, this cannot be ignored, the fact that this was all in the heat of a presidential campaign, a president who's campaigning, saying bin laden is dead, and al-qaeda's on the run. we know that's not true. >> as sort of passing of the torch at least in the next couple of days, between secretary of state clinton and john kerry. your thoughts on how hillary clinton has done as secretary of state and john kerry as going forward. >> first of all, secretary of state clinton has been respected around the world. >> greta: i think there was a drinking contest involved, is
1:35 am
that false? >> false. >> greta: right. >> so, i have-- i admire the fact that she is admired throughout the world and a very effective secretary of state. i also think that john kerry will do a credible job as secretary of state. he has a world of experience and john kerry and i don't agree on a lot of issues, but we have a relationship which was forged years ago and so, i have confidence that he will carry out the president's agenda and serve the president. now, i wouldn't nominate, very frankly, as we are, wouldn't nominate him to be secretary of state, i would have my own selection, but i respect the president's selection in this case. i do have significant and serious questions for senator hagel. >> greta: and that will be coming up soon. >> yes, be coming before the armed services committee next week. >> greta: on the topic of the pentagon, secretary of defense, secretary of defense
1:36 am
panetta has said that he's going to lift the ban on women in combat. what's your thought on that? >> i think that i respect that judgment. i would emphasize that there are certain specialties that require certain physical capabilities and i would not bar women, for example, seal teams, okay? i would not bar them from them if that's the decision, but i hope that they would have to measure up to the same physical standards because these seals are the best example, they're a small unit. they have to depend on each other and i'm not saying that women can't perform that way i just hope that we would keep the same standard requirements for screening and eligibility to be a member particularly if some of our elite military units. >> greta: and another log jam issue in washington. one of my colleagues confirmed that speaker boyner told a group of republicans on the house side that president obama's focus is to annihilate the republican party. is that the collective
1:37 am
viewpoint here in the republicans in the senate or not? >> greta, i've seen a number of presidents in their second terms, i've seen president reagan and president clinton in their second term and president bush, jr. in his second term and there's always an outreach starting with the inauguration. look, we've got to work together. obviously, it was a very confrontational speech that the president gave that i think would have been more appropriate if he feels that way at the state of union as opposed to an inaugural speech. i think you can lend credence to the belief that the president of the united states want to regain a majority in the house of representatives and in order to achieve that he has to split the republican party, particularly in the house and so i regret that i didn't hear one word from the president about it's time we all sat down and worked
1:38 am
together and addressed these issues that are confronting the nation, but it is what it is. that means that we're in for a pretty rough couple of years. >> greta: you mention that you have a good relationship with senator john kerry and it didn't miss my observation that when there was a discussion what to do about taxes recently, is that senator-- vice-president biden who is a u.s. senator for many years, has many relationships up here with the senate, he was dispatched. and relationships are important in washington, isn't it? >> relationships are important, i have a very good relationship with the vice-president. he's one of the most likeable guys in washington. he and i strongly disagree on many issues, but it's good to be able to pick up the phone and talk to somebody. but the trick around here and took me a long time to learn it, is that you can disagree with people and you can disagree, god knows, ted kennedy and i used to go at it, but as long as you don't
1:39 am
get personal, as long as you doesn't attack someone's character and integrity then you can shake-- i had a huge fight one day with ted kennedy on the floor and we were yelling at each other and walked off and he looked at me and he said we did pretty good, didn't we? that was what it was like doing business and i learned a lot. >> greta: do you do that with president obama? >> i haven't had that much to do with president obama. i've been over the white house once in the last four years and the meeting we had was very pleasant and he said he was going to get back to me on a number of issues, and i never heard from him again. so it's not that we've had a bad relationship, we've just had no relationship. >> greta: senator, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, what does golf star phil mickleson thinking of doing that tiger woods has done. does it spell pr trouble with the golfer great just like with tiger woods. and foot long subs coming
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>> you've heard about celebrities fleeing france because of high taxes. is the same thing about to happen to california? pro golfer phil mickleson saying the new california tax rate may force him to make drastic changes of his own like moving right out of california, but tonight, does mickleson regret saying that? >> i love this country and i love the opportunities that's afforded me to be successful and to do what i love. and so, i've never had a problem with that before. i've never had a problem paying my fair share. my apology is for talking about it publicly because i shouldn't take advantage of the forum that i have as a professional golfer to try to ignite change over these issues. >> greta: so, is mickleson the only one thinking about fleeing california? l.a. times sacramento bureau
1:46 am
chief, evan, i understand that tiger woods made the move from california to florida. but tell me, is mickleson seriously thinking of leaving? >> i don't know what is in his mind. his tax rate is 13% and in florida i don't think they pay any taxes and that's why tiger woods left. 39.6% and add 13.3% up from 10.3%, that's 3 points higher for him in california than it was last year, and we calculated that if we had the new rates to the last year's income he would have paid 1,822,904 more dollars in taxes, that's insignificant. >> yeah, it's a lot of money and the tax rates for the super wealthy like phil mickleson are higher in california than other parts of the country and california is the 9th biggest economy in the world and output dwarfs other states and there's a reason
1:47 am
that you know, lots of millionaires and billionaires want to live here and keep living here. >> greta: well, and he's now backing down, he's advising for saying that publicly almost like it's bad manners to talk about money and taxes and people are out of work or looking for jobs. it's almost like he apologized for bad manners, not for thinking i've got to get out of here. >> yeah, i think that's clear in his apology. after his after-tax income, for a lot of people that was bad form for the taxes he has to pay when he is still earning that much money. >> greta: are others going to leave? >> people have been saying for years, for decades, it's been a complaint that california's tax rates are too high and going to drive people out and complaints now, the taxes just went up again in november that that's the tipping point and you know, and the wealthy people are going to leave and there's always efforts by other states to poach rich californians, you know, the state continues to thrive and continues to have an economy that's much bigger than other
1:48 am
states. >> greta: evan, thank you as always. >> okay, greta. >> greta: and straight ahead, the head secretary of state hillary clinton decides to run in 2016? did she make a mistake today and let a big clue slip? and a juice bar officemax can help you drive supply costs down... and down. use your maxperks card and get a 10-ream case of officemax multiuse paper for just 4.99 after maxperks rewards. find thousands of big deals now... at officemax. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's 30 shrimp! for $11.99 pair any two shrimp selections on one plate! like mango jalapeño shrimp and parmesan crunch shrimp.
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>> developments kicking off our top social media news of the day. the bbc tweeting just moments ago, north korea says it plans to carry out nuclear tests and more long range rocket launches, quote, aimed at the u.s. that doesn't sound like good news, does it? also today the associated press tweeting about secretary
1:52 am
of state hillary clinton. congressmen joked with hillary clinton about a 2016 presidential bid. yes, secretary clinton's possible run was the elephant in the room during today's benghazi hearings, and the comment getting a laugh from secretary clinton. >> thank you, mr. chairman. madam secretary, let me first thank you for your service and i wish you the best in your future endeavors, mostly. (laughter) >> and taking aim at lance armstrong, tweeting that lance armstrong-inspired graffiti art pops up around los angeles along with an iv is turning up and the identity is a mystery and the tweet from the national review, lego accused of racism, and because the versus of jabba's hut supposedly reassembles the
1:53 am
hagia mosque, not a joke. and they say it resembles a mosque in istanbul, making it racist and lego says the toy does not represent the mosque or any actual building. what are your favorite tweets of the day. who caught your attention on twitter. follow me on twitter at greta wire and send your top picks with hashtag greta. and the sign says it all. and paying 4.95 for a smoothly why are conservatives and liberals, 5.95. and customers pay an extra dollar if they admit to liberal leanings, are they willing to pay the partisan smoothie tax? the owner joins us, nice to see you, sir. >> greta, great to be on your show. thank you. love your show and thanks for having me. >> greta: great. all right, so, this is -- i love this story so you have two signs, right, for the price for the same drink and
1:54 am
what happens? >> well, i've got two signs and you know, i just felt, greta, that when people come in i'm going to charge liberals just a little bit more and the reason is, is that supposedly the government and more reckless spending and entitlements, they're costing us a lot of money. and jobs and taxes. so, i thought it was fair when i set up my juice bar that i charge them just a little b bit-- (inaudible) >> and in terms of they just voluntarily pay more, right? that's what i love about the story, people come up and say, well, i'm a liberal and i'll pay an extra dollar. >> that's right. they just come in and it says it right on the menu board there that what the price is and we just, we just direct them to the menu board and we just asked them what's your price? and then they just volunteer, either conservative or liberal and pay the extra little bit more and they seem happy to do it. we've only--
1:55 am
we're in a pretty conservative town out here in the oil fields and we've only had a few of them in. we collected $3 and we give the money to the heritage foundation and we don't pocket it we have our tips and the money, good conservative cause and it's seems to have worked out pretty good so far. and people-- although people are pretty excited about it on the internet. >> greta: all right. well, what i think is just fun is that people seem to be enjoying volunteering to do it one way or the other. thank you forgo do it. >> greta, thank you for having me. >> greta: this is a fox news alert, university of virginia's wise campus is right now on lockdown, a report of a gunman on campus. students received an e-mail alert about the lockdown saying lock down continued, alleged gunman on campus, stay put. lock all doors until further notice. and employees have been told to stay in the business until further notice. stay with fox news for the
1:56 am
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now that's progressive. nancy pelosi now represents san francisco. who is she rooting for in the super bowl? >> i will be rooting for 49ers not losing against ravens. i was rooting for both to go to the super bowl. and then, they both did. but only sons


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