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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 24, 2013 4:00am-5:00am EST

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>> that would be great. >> how about phrases you can invent? >> i will wear success -- suspenders. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> the specific security request pertaining to benghazi were handled by the security officials. i didn't see those requests. >> secretary of state hillary clinton grilled by some republicans in the house and the senate while the democrats did not ask any tough questions about the assassinations in libya. we have a full report on what happened today. ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ >> bill: did beyonce lip synch the national anthem? did the national band fake it
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as well. we will blow the lid off this story. ♪ home of the brave. >> yes, sir mr. president. no, sir, mr. president. may i have another, mr. president? >> also tonight, dennis miller has some thoughts on the inauguration. and the happiest countries in the world. ♪ do-ro-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do. >> caution, the no spin zone begins right now. >> i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. hillary clinton in libya. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. because president obama was not forth coming about the assassination of the u.s. ambassador to libya, christopher stephens and three other americans in benghazi, secretary of state hillary clinton now bearing the brunt of the public exposure. today she testified in front of the senate and the house foreign relations committees.
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the overall tone, soft. but there were some intense moments. we were mrs. leads that there were supposedly protests and something sprang out of that an assault sprang out of that and that was easily ascertained that that was not the fact and the american people could have known that within days and they didn't know that. >> with all due respect, the fact is that we had four dead americans. was it because. >> i understand. >> of a protest or guys out for a walk one night who decided they would go kill some americans. what difference, at this point, does it make? >> bill: with all due respect, it makes a huge difference, ms. secretary. because ambassador stephens was very worried about security and asked for help. but no help arrived. perhaps because secretary clinton didn't even read the ambassador's cables. >> the specific requests
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benghazi were handled by the department. i didn't see those requests. they didn't come to me. i didn't approve them. i didn't deny them. >> had i been president at the time and i found that did you not read the cables from benghazi, did you not read the cables from ambassador stevens, i would have relieved you of your post. >> bill: secretary clinton had no response to senator paul right there. and her demeanor in general angered john mccain. >> the answers, frankly that you have given this morning are not satisfactory to me. the american people deserve to know answers. and they certainly don't deserve false answers. and the answers that were given the american people on september 15th by the ambassador of the united nations were false. >> bill: once again secretary clinton didn't respond, allowing senator mccain's comments to float in the air. it should also be noted not one, not one democrat asked mrs. clinton the tough question. now, come on. that's appalling. are you guys looking out for
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the folks or what? secretary clinton will leave her job as soon as john kerry is confirmed as the new secretary of state, which should be in early february. but going forward, mrs. clinton doesn't really have to worry much about libya. it's clear americans are not holding her accountable. in a if new fox news poll 59% of americans approve of secretary clinton's job performance. just 29 percent disapprove. clearly the folks think she has been effective running the state department. many americans believe that hillary clinton will run for president in 2016. and if she does, she will be formidable. everybody knows she dodged bullets in various controversies while her husband was president. including the fact that she made nearly $100,000 in a very questionable commodities trade. summing up, if there is one politician in the country who should be advertising teflon? it's hillary clinton. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. let's bring in fox news correspondents james rosen and
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carl cameron following the news in washington today. tell me something i don't know. >> probably, bill, the only salient fact that we didn't previously know that emerged from secretary clinton's testimony all day today was that the one suspect in the benghazi attacks who has actually been arrested in to your tunisia and later released we are now told by the secretary remains under surveillance, constant surveillance and probably has not left tunisia. now, i'm going to tell you something you do know, bill, having been a reporter yourself which is that congressional hearings are a very poor vehicle for actual investigation for two reasons. number one, the witness, as was definitely true today, is usually smarter than the questioners on capitol hill. and that's for two reasons. number one, they don't do their homework. they don't really -- they are not well briefed in the actual substance of the benghazi case. and, secondly, they are not -- they don't really grasp the fundamental principles of the art of cross-examination. the first principle of which is pose one intelligible question at a time. even john mccain posed about
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10 questions in his one shot at hillary clinton it was ineffective at getting answers from her. so i tell that you most of the really important questions that she should have been asked today went unasked. >> bill: cammeron, how do you see it. >> well, i think the republicans actually showed a lot of incon sis inconsistencieu talked about john mccain there. over the years john mccain has been very very quick to praise hillary clinton both publicly and privately and called her a friend and respectable. he was quite frank to her face. rand paul eyeing presidential run of his own. her spat with ron johnson of wisconsin was far and away was the hottest. it's going to play over and over to the only the facts but the style as well as the substance. marco rubleio, too. they were all pretty tough on her. >> bill: let me ask you guys. this is a quiz question, all right? because these guys are savvy reporter rosen alluded to it. what was the major mistake that both the congress people and senators made in
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interrogating the secretary? >> hand down, bill, this is decades old, probably century's old problem with congressional hearings. members of the congress, house and senate, used their question time to make speeches. >> bill: okay. >> rather than breaking new ground. >> bill: that was a mistake. i don't think it was the biggest. rosen do you have an opinion on what was the biggest mistake? >> they didn't do their homework. >> bill: i'm not sure about their homework. here is the biggest mistake. come back to me, please. here is the biggest mistake. first you have to lay down a narrative. what happened? tell us what happened. the american people have never been told what happened. why the ambassador was in benghazi on 9/11 in a very dangerous spot on a very dangerous day. what happened, secretary clinton, tell us now that we're months -- i'm sure you have investigated every bit of this. what happened and who screwed up? who didn't give you the cables? i would like a name. who did it? so, therefore, then you start with the narrative that
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hillary clinton provides because the president will not. we never got the narrative as you both rightly pointed out. they are hitting susan rice, the u.n. ambassador. that's old news. they are hitting this. well, what the duce happened? that's what we need to know. >> here is one question along those lines that should have been asked and i didn't hear it asked in several hours of testimony. was autopsy performed on ambassador stevens? >> bill: that's right. >> what was the finding as to his cause of death? let me raise one question that secretary clinton stated under oath which potentially could cause problems for her down the line. and she said to the senate this morning, i certainly did not know of any reports that contradicted the intelligence community's talking points at the time that ambassador rice went on the tv shows. in short, what she is saying there is i had no evidence whatsoever as of september 16th that this was a terrorist attack. our own chad pergram back in october broke a huge story. you can find tonight internet. there were internal state department emails flying
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around to 300 people on the national security council, the situation room, and elsewhere showing that within hours of this attack our government had evidence al sharia was taking credit for the attack. she knew that they had claimed credit for it and that contradicts what she said under oath today. >> bill: cammeron, wrap it up for us. >> the republican members on the panel didn't challenge her on the assertion that the problem was lack of funds for the embassy security. when there are -- it is at least debatable if not demonstrably false that fnszing of the facility was not the problem that led to the security breakdown. let's face it your 2016 rhetoric is stone cold dawn on this. it's not coincidence all the buzz with joe biden having met with folks at new hampshire concealed over the weekend and released the day that hillary clinton is testifying the before congress. >> bill: already competing. what are the odds of that? >> zero to 100.
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>> bill: by the way, rosen is the author of the book "the strong man," john mitchell the secrets of watergate. >> bill: colonel peters react to hillary clinton's testimony. sending jirt jets to egypt is that smart in the inauguration and the
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight. lots to talk about in the security area. 38 oil workers dead in algeria, including three americans after al qaeda terror attack the othe obama administration announcing it will send four high tech fighter jets to egypt even though that country is in militant hands and of course hillary clinton's testimony about libya. here to run it all down for us colonel ralph peters joins us from washington. what's the headline of the
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hillary clinton testimony today for you. >> hillary mops floor with congressman and senators. she was as james rosen pointed out. she was prepared. she had it down. she had answers anticipatory answers ready. the congressman and senators didn't do their homework. they made speeches again as james rosen pointed out. their questions were ill focused. they went down the red herring road. they needed to ask hillary, why when it went down, if shes would was aware there was an attack, whate qulatly ask ask fr urgent military help. they needed to ask her specifically who and when denied the request from libya for greater embassy security. they needed -- i would have asked her this question. were you asked, madam secretary, to go on the sunday talk shows before susan rice was asked and did you decline it? >> bill: why was susan rice put out there by the obama administration and not you since you are the boss of the ambassador who was killed? that's an excellent question
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as well. so, all in all, you didn't learn much today, right? >> wop, i came away with deeper respect for hillary clinton's bureaucratic lawyerly. she was good and the republicans looked like wienies. >> bill: i still don't know what happened. i would like to have a narrative of what happened. >> i'm with you. that's the key to the story. once you know what happened. you can go back and correct the problem. hillary clinton is for we want to correct the problem i'm we don't want to happen it again. i'm not going to tell you what happened. if she doesn't know by now then rand paul the senator from kentucky is right. she should have been sacked. she knows she didn't tell. bottom line. egypt. all right. so we are sending four f 16s. these are high tech fighter jets over there, they are not paying for them. they are not buying them. we're giving it to them, is that right? is that smart?
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they are buying them with money we give them. >> they -- right. smart? >> i would suspend military aid to egypt nod end it but suspend it and let the military know we are watching what they are doing. the obama administration is a deer caught in the headlights in history. they have no idea how to deal with the multilayered ramifications of the arab spring. they don't know how to deal with morsi and big brotherhood's big wins. hoping to keep ties over to the egyptian military so that if necessary it will eventually be a check on the muslim brotherhood. >> bill: that's not the bottom line here though and correct me if i am wrong, the egyptian military pretty much operates aton newly. they don't do what morsi wants to do. they want four jets. basically giving it to the military, not the civilian government by saying look we're going to still be friends with you because we
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may have to call on to you get these notes out of there at some point so we want your loyalty to be to us. maybe it's not such a dumb thing to do. >> it's not a stupid thing to do. i would do it a little differently. these are expert model f 16's. they are no match for the israeli air force. very important, bill, these four military sales we give to egypt over a billion dollars a year. really comes back to the united states and congress won't stop this. they won't stop giving to egypt because it benefits u.s. defense industry contractors who make a lot of money on this and oh by the way -- >> we still want the egyptian military to like us and i think that's the bottom line. morsi is going to chip away at them. >> algeria off shoot attacking the oil facility out there. three americans dead, 38 foreigners in total dead. a lot of criticism of the raid
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that the algerians should have negotiated with al qaeda and you say? >> i think the algerians got it as right as you can possibly get it they responded quickly and in force. the terrorists were taken aback. their quick response saved over 100 foreign workers. we shouldn't forget that they would end quick, cordon the terrorists off. gave them a brief chance to answer. hit them with everything they had. unfortunately the terrorists got to kill almost three -- about three dozen foreign workers. but the terrorists are dead. a few of them are captured. >> bill: three. >> oh by the way the algerian military. algerian lit gators aren't going to worry about the ethics of waterboarding. we're going to get good intel out of this. algerians did it right. >> bill: if anybody knows history you know that the algerian government never negotiates with terrorists they go in and kill everybody. if they want to torture you you will be hanging by your ankles somewhere in the desert. that's the way they operate.
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the french algerian war, as you know student of history, colonel, one of the most brutal and that's carried over. algeria does not mess around. you though, it's interesting, you say they did the right thing that the algerians went in there. they solve the problem even though the loss of life was substantial at 38. >> well, yes, and this was clearly a carefully planned terrorist attacked. >> no doubt. maybe moved up because of french intervention in mali, it was planned for months. algerians did the right thing. they denied the terrorist as prolonged victory and actually embarrassed the terrorists by killing them. >> bill: new study says liberals get angrier than conservatives when people disagree with them. later, dennis miller, beyonce and update on that notre dame football player who had a fake girlfriend. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. new study out of george washington university says that liberal people using the internet are less tolerant than conservative net users are. also 71% of americans younger than 25 believe what they see on the net is as or more trustworthy than what they get from the mainstream media. joining us now from washington kate observer shane a republican strategist and kirsten powers. i always knew liberal people were more sensitive. more sensitive to criticism. more sensitive to disagreement and according to the study, 22% of liberals have ended digital relationships, whatever they are, because somebody disagreed with them politically for conservatives the number is 15%. and you say? >> you know, i have to say this actually jives with sort
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of real life experience that i have found, especially as i came into more contact with conservatives as i got older because i used to live very much in a democratic bubble when i worked in politics. did i find that they were much more open to sort of hearing other viewpoints where i think liberals because they are so used to controlling all the media pretty much, academia, that for them when they hear things that don't jive with what they want to hear, it's very disconcerting and unsettling to them and it doesn't surprise me that they are less sensitive. conservatives are used to it lived in a world where the whole media has been sort of liberal. >> bill: they are used to the joust more than the liberals are? >> they just sort of expect it where the liberals are sort of taken aback they feel like what are you talking about? everybody knows what i think is right and nobody did thinks differently. >> bill: and you say? >> in a lot of ways i agree with kristen, liberals are less use to defending
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themselves. they get a pass when it comes to college universities. if you disagree with the liberal orthodoxy you get slapped with violating the campus speech codes. they don't have to defend their liberal orthodoxy, frankly they are not able to. i do think liberalism is much harder to defend. when somebody does attack them they pull out the name calling and when that doesn't work they try to shut down the speech fairness doctrine speech codes. their intolerance of differences. >> bill: you listen to some talk radio so i don't think that's just on the left. look i will give you my p.o.d. on this. i won't shut anybody down. i don't have internet friends. that frightens me. i like to see people, you know. but i won't shut anybody down as far as a friend is concerned unless they are irrational if i present an argument and back it up with facts and they go no, oh, okay. maybe i will see you next month. i'm out thereof like mighty
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mouse. all right? but i like back and forth as long as it's not edged in a way that they take it personally. i think that's the crux of this study at george washington. liberals have a tendency to take things more personally. >> i don't think that's true. a few times i made you cry on this program, powers. >> i would like to say on the record the average person isn't as combative as you are, bill. most people don't enjoy that as much as you do. >> bill: confrontation can be useful. >> i don't think that liberals are some emotional issue. i just think that they -- i think right. i found this to be true. i find a lot of conservative columnists are more interesting than liberal columnists they are arguing their case where liberals assume everybody agrees with them. >> bill: san francisco is a liberal city and liberals go there because there is other liberals there. can you name one american city where conservatives just go there beside the villages in
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florida and that's golf? that's a golf thing going on down there. >> the south. >> glen issue in village. >> texas, alaska. there are places where everybody is conservative. >> bill: texas is a big place. conservatives just don't go i'm going to texas. i'm going to abilene. >> the whole south is conservative. i mean, what are you talking about? there are liberal ghettos. >> outliers. >> bill: where is the conservative ghetto? >> they don't need a ghetto. they have the whole state of texas. >> bill: whole state of texas? you obviously haven't been to dallas. all right. kate, i'm giving you the last word. why aren't there conservative ghettos? >> i don't think there are conservative ghettos. i think conservatives love the back and forth of ideas because they know their ideas win. liberals have been conditioned to be a little bit more thin-skinned and you have got a president that every time republicans disagree with him he calls them haters of the
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middle class or wanting to drag women back to the 1950s instead of engaging in the actual ideas. >> bill: okay. ladies thanks very much. we appreciate it plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. big show biz scandal, did beyonce lip-synch the national anthem at the inauguration? say it ain't some of the dennis miller has some thoughts on the inauguration and the happiest people on earth. other than factor viewers, of course. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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cinking at the -- lip-synching that's what some are saying beyonce did ♪ the home of the free ♪ and the home of the brave biden had to know. he is standing right there. apparently the marine corps band may have taped as well. still no word from beyonce on whether she faked it or not. no truth to the rumor she is conferring with lance armstrong. joining us from washington president of pro-ethics, a consulting and training firm is this a felony, misdemeanor
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or nothing? >> >> i think it's closer to a felony than nothing. i think that's for two reasons. one is that the best comparison is when we are told that we are watching an impressive athletic feat and in fact it's been rig ared. this is like cheating for a singer. >> bill: why is it cheating in the sense that she is not performing on a stage where people have paid money? or selling a recording like -- remember milli vanilli? there was a rumor that they turned down a booking to the inauguration but they didn't want to show. that's not true. all she is doing is basically fronting the national anthem. there is no commerce involved. what is the deceit? >> well, the deceit is she is introduced as beyonce performing the national anthem not as beyonce. >> bill: if she performed it
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two days ago. i performed it i just didn't perform it there. >> that's the desks of deceit. it's intended to mislead. there is something worse than. this the reason is this. this is a traditional great ritual of the of america in which we are there to celebrate american ideals and the best in american values. and we're beginning it with a lie. and we're not only beginning it with a lie, but beginning it with a lie in order ousher in four years of a president who promised us that his administration would be the most transparent ever. >> bill: it's is subterfuge and there shouldn't be. i kind of agree with that let me read you some reactions to beyonce and by the way us magazine is saying beyonce is admitting that she lip-synched. >> beyonce is so hot she can
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do anything she wants. unquote. i guess if you are hot in america, can you rob a bank or you can do anything you want. is that the message from stephan tyler. >> that's the message. it's the king's path. if you are important enough and powerful enough you can break the rules that other people can't and you have to reject that. >> okay. so hotness is not a license to deceive. >> correct. >> aretha franklin said i gist really cracked up when i heard it thought it was funny. she did a beautiful job with the pre-record. so ms. franklin who i don't believe lip-synchs at her concerts said she prerecorded. that's all we should care about. it was a beautiful rendition and much ado about nothing. and you say? >> it is not nothing. and we think back on christina agri aguliara having the guts to sing at the super bowl and make a mistake.
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>> bill: had the guts to sing but not the wherewithal to remember the words. >> that's right. it's a tough song. somebody nails it they deserve credit. >> bill: absolutely. anderson cooper at cnn says he doesn't care. so what? and i'm sure a lot of americans feel the same way. making a big deal out of this. jennifer lopez says you have to prerecord some stuff because of slap back, which i don't really know what that is, but i assume that's the the venue isn't a good sound venue and that's why she did it. >> yeah, anderson's comment bothered me the most. i heard hillary clinton before the senate when she was asked about the benghazi raid about whether, you know at this point the administration was now saying indeed it was not a spontaneous uprising and her answer was what difference does it make? you know what difference it makes? is this why the public doesn't trust the government and this is why the public thinks that the moon landing was faked and
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this is why the public trust is declining in all of our institutions because we have been shown again and again that we're willing to accept lies simply to avoight the consequences of presenting reality. well, the best place to draw the line is at the small stuff. if we don't tolerate beyonce and the marine band faking it at inauguration, then maybe we won't tolerate other lies. >> bill: all right, mr. marshall, thank you very much for your point of view. when we come right back, it will be miller time. the d man wants to talk about the inauguration. also the happiest people on earth and there is nobody to stop them. miller is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. we have two hot topics for you. the inauguration and the happiest people on earth. but i do want to know what miller thinks about this lip-synching deal. the sage of southern california joins us from santa barbara. you say, miller? >> well, bill, i think if an individual wants to lip-synch, you know, i have no trouble with that. >> all right. miller have vanilly, there he is he. >> a little visual. i feel very japanese.
4:42 am
listen what about the guy before we daddy warbucks meets jack palents is he sore about this? >> bill: he wants the nation to be up and up. biden was three inches away from the vice, the vice preside. you can see half his face there he he had to know it was faked. >> biden has no clue. his mind is on one thing. it's like a dog on a bone. is he thinking about four years from now he was slobbering so much thinking of himself getting sworn in, they had to pass out water wings to people on the podium. listen, the president barely pays lip service to the constitution, so i don't mind beyonce, she looked great. i'm just glad her old man didn't jump in to interrupt her. every time there is a pretty girl singing, alicia keys. old man comes in the middle of it jay-z. i call him the interrupter. it was nice to see bill and hillary together at the inauguration because it reminded me the last time i
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saw them together was at bill's inauguration. nice to see the kids together. the country is so lost now that i loved it when the president in the middle of his speech said ask not and he just stopped there because he doesn't want to hear any questions about anything. ask not. that's where it stopped. >> at the inauguration there was some satire splendor. the chief justice of the supreme court had a nice hat. i thought he was cardinal of the catholic church. >> he looks like he just had a novocain shot during dental work. i don't even think that's a hat on his head. i think that's actually his hair. he tried to do a pomp door and like a souffle and it fell in on him. all i know he is absolutely stunned at the events that are happening right now. >> bill: if it just had some round things on the side of it he would have been a mouseketeer. [ laughter ] >> a-n t -- anthony.
4:44 am
>> bill: go to aretha franklin who we mentioned earlier. she had an interesting hat. i'm not sure what that is all about up there but it says something. >> i think scalia dressed her. what the hell is that thing? that looks like the flag show when they are shutting down indy for a couple laps because somebody skidded out. >> bill: i just got a word and i didn't know. this that was from the last inauguration. we are not faking it ladies and gentlemen. we just loved the hat so much we had to bring it back. anything else about the inauguration before we get to the happiest countries on earth? >> no. i was just -- i'm overjoyed. he is the greatest president we have ever had. the smartest man and everything couldn't be better. >> bill: okay. [ laughter ] >> bill: this is a survey taken by an international group. and they surveyed 54 countries
4:45 am
about and -- and they called a bunch of people and said how happy are you? the happiest people on earth live in colombia, south america. why are they so happy? >> that's because the people in colombia light up a tie stick before they turn the alarm off in the morning. if a guy gets up to wiz in the middle of the night they hit a joint. they are loaded all day long. they don't know if they are are in colombia or othe district of columbia. that's why they are so happy. brazil has a big crime problem there but they have that mardi gras where everybody is naked. it's a tradeoff. >> tough not to smile when everybody is running around in a thong. even their madeleine albright is in a thong which makes me stay up on this side of the equator. >> saudi arabia is the fourth happiest country if you show happiness you are beheaded so i'm a little confused. >> listen, even the homeless people have their own mal in saudi arabia.
4:46 am
half these countries are dirt back countries where they are happy on a day-to-day basis because they are content with the they have no shot for happiness. we are unhappy over here because we are so happy we can delight in trivialalities and pretend we are unhappy. if they are going it tell me afghanistan is is a happier place than the united states, hey, afghanis, do me a favor stay over there and be happy because i would like to get in a cab in new york where i don't have to communicate my destination to the guy with semaphor flags. >> bill: just for the record afghanistan is the 28th happiest country and the u.s.a. is the 31st happiest country right ahead of france. >> every time i see footage from the streets of afghanistan, and see them crowds surfing those coffins down the main drag at noon, they look so happy it's like the cornfield on hee haw
4:47 am
reruns, right? >> i don't think the survey is one we want to take to the bank. >> the survey was taken to colombia. >> bill: next week, miller i want you in that hat. >> i'm wearing it now just not on my head. i'm wearing it now. >> bill: phoenix, february 22nd close to a sell out. l.a. march 1st at the nokia theater tickets going fast. ditto washington, d.c. april 26, dar constitution hall. west bury long island. check them all out on bill o' if you can't see us live there is a dvd of the bolder fresher show. did you see it on deck that notre dame football player had a fake girlfriend. did katie perry shock the kids at the inauguration? juliet huddy moments away.
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>> bill: back ever the book segment tonight. did you see that we begin with manti te'o the north dame football player who apparently had a fake girlfriend who apparently died only she didn't because she never existed -- or something. here is what te'o said today to katie couric. >> you stuck to the script. >> um-huh. >> and you knew that something was -- >> -- um-huh. >> was amiss, manti. >> correct. >> why? >> well, anybody who puts themselves in my situation, this girl who i committed myself to, died on september 12th. now i get a phone call on december 6th, saying that she is alive and that i'm going to be put on national tv two days later and ask me about the same question, you know, what would you do? >> wait, here now to explain, juliet huddy? >> what would i do? i would probably tell the
4:52 am
truth. if the national media was going to be asking me questions, i would tell the truth. >> bill: do you think this guy did anything wrong, this manti. >> no. >> bill: he is not a ph.d. candidate, we know that but did he do anything wrong, this guy? >> i think he -- what he did was just -- he is incredibly naive. >> do you really believe that. >> honestly i have been watching this incorporate this. nothing makes sense to me. this story doesn't make sense it's so fantastical. we are not the online daters. i'm not. maybe he is we don't know what that whole world is like. people get caught up in the idea of romance. >> do you think he was scammed. >> i don't. you don't. >> he is honestly not a person of any sophistication. i don't say that in a mean way. you don't have a girlfriend who dies and you don't ever talk to the girl frentd on the phone. he never talked to the girlfriend on the phone.
4:53 am
this is just way beyond belief if you want to live in the land of oz. >> this is man tie. >> he made it up. got a lot of attention from it. now he is back and all over the place. if manti came in here and sitting where you were sitting. it would be grizzly. >> let's get him in here. manhattany, call us. >> bill: katie perry, you know her right? pop singer? >> i love her. >> she was at the inauguration for kids. go. ♪ this is the part of me ♪ that you never want -- come on sing it with us ♪ this is the part of me ♪ that's your never ever going to take away from me. >> bill: now, the blaze, which is glenn beck's web site, i guess, raised questions about whether that corrupted the kids. >> right. [ laughter ] bill. >> why are you not laughing?
4:54 am
>> beck had more on his mind than her outfit. she tends to wear things that are a little wacky. that is whip cream. >> she didn't wear that at the inauguration. where did she wear that? just shopping that way? >> in concert. that's her peppermint candy bra. she wears boost -- >> this is what she does. >> this is what she does. >> bill: the kids know what she does. >> walk by news stand or magazine rack at local c.v.s. and you see pictures on the front cover heck of a loss worse than this. >> got the thing around her neck. >> she is a patriot, bill. >> bill: i hope the children weren't offended by it? >> they probably love her. >> bill: they see worse things than that katie perry okay but this manti guy not adding up there. juliet huddy, factor tip of the day.
4:55 am
exclusive clip of the movie killing lincoln. don't miss this tip 60 seconds away.
4:56 am
>> factor tip of the day. the upcoming "killing lincoln" movie. in a moment. and bonnie from pennsylvania. your talking points is on the mark. i work at social services and many people see themselves as victims and feel they are owed something. brian fitzpatrick, reading, pennsylvania. if people had basic understanding of economy being, if a country promotes economic equality over economic freedom, the economy will fail. and ahead, i feared may be too late. terry nelson, florida, i don't believe romney's message was wrong, it was just twisted by the media. some truth in that, terry, but the governor had many opportunities to counter that on this program and others, he
4:57 am
didn't show up. brad johnson, kansas, a huge slice of evangelical simply couldn't vote for mitt because of theology, they can't complain now. if you're waiting for st. peter to show up, he's otherwise occupied. and mayor john hickman, from nevada. great debate with stephanopoulos, no spin, no bull. and cindy withholding our laname in connecticut. you men can't tell women they can't have abortion. the state has been allowing abortions for pretty much any reason in the third trimester, cindy. if like governor cuomo, you support that, you better hope, better hope there's no judgment day. my job is to protect the kids and i will continue to do it.
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