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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 24, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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i don't think my wife, my 16-year-old daughter or 9-year-old daughter wouldn't turn on me or let me in the half if i didn't say that. >> eric: i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: liberals reignite the gun debate hitting the airwaves. vice president joe biden had a fireside hangout this afternoon after wasting 30 minutes of our time, here is the take-away. >> i don't agree with gun control. i agree with gun safety. making sure your keep the weapon out of the reach of kids, making sure that we are able to make sure bad guys don't, they get in registry so they can't buy a gun.
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>> eric: wow! don't let your kids play with guns and don't let psychos get guns. okay. got you, uncle joe. thank you for all you do. then there was a good senator from california, dianne feinstein. listen to her. >> the weak gun laws allow the mass killings to be carried out again and again and again. in our country. >> eric: senator wasn't always so antigun. listen. >> i know the urge to arm yourself. because that is what i did. i was trained in firearms. i walked to the hospital when my husband was sick. i carried a concealed weapon. i made this termination that if somebody was going to try to take me out, i was going to take them with me. >> eric: a perfect example of political hypocrisy. this is why you can't trust politicians. they make decisions based on political expediency, not principle and apparently not even what they practice.
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so, bob, dianne feinstein wants her gun to protect her, but what about us little people? >> bob: i'm not worried about you. you will be fine. i would like to know the context of what that is in, when she said that. leaving that aside, since the end of the weapons ban, the gun control bill that was in effect from 19942004, since then there were 350 killings with these weapons in america. most of them came from selling them at gun store, at gun shows. if we can at least put -- if that loophole can be closed and get away with doing away with the magazines carry with the guns, america is a safer place. >> eric: your thoughts? we can talk about the numbers if you want. >> greg: the numbers i see say there has been no increase in massacres, since the assault ban went. we can go back and forth over that. frankly, i'm so tired of that debate. what i'm interested about is the law. we keep talking about, weak
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fun laws. what about weak sentencing? with the current three strikes federal law, allows for crime that carry ten-year sentence. there is no ten-year sentence for illegal firearm use. so it doesn't apply. so bad guys keep using and possessing illegal firearms which causes an overwhelming majority of the crime. that is what kills people. the rifles are very small percentage in what happens in america and what hurts people. the blac gun on gun crime surprs me. what drives me nuts about the media how they don't know from right and wrong. i'm for immigration, not illegal immigration. i'm for legal possession of fire arms, not illegal possession of ire arms. the media forfeited the sense to wish between legal and illegal because they see guns as totally evil. it's dishonest. >> eric: dana, we talked about this last week, where he
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said hey, senator, senate democrats, in fact, why don't you take the vote. call for a vote on this and see if you agree with president obama's recommendation and feinstein's recommendations. max baucus, joe manchin and ten others are raided at least "b" plus, if not "a." a lot of these people are "a"s. how do they hand that vote? >> dana: i don't think it will necessarily come to a vote. i do admire the administration for putting biden out there today. a week after president obama signed the executive orders. i thought that maybe that would bebe that. but then when feinstein did her bill today, i guess it's possible that her personal feelings have evolveed over time, as it happened with other politicians. also i think one person's assault weapon is another person's self-defense weapon. what she was talking about in that clip was the ability to defend herself. this is possible that public opinion, though, looks at something that joe biden says where he says, as you point out, don't let your kids play
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with guns. don't let crazy people have guns. yes, we all agree on that. then is there anything, though, they said today, that would make this ban a magic wand? just because you ban it, as it showed from 1994 to 2004 when the ban was in place, nothing really happened. so how all of a sudden in 2012, what changed to make it more effective? >> eric: in fact, the number of people murdered with assault weapons, which the ban, the ban suggests, is around 1%. 1%. >> andrea: you are right on that. there is also the obsession with magazines. you have quomo saying the magazine can hold seven rounds. you have ten rounds. okay, so you are giving the kilter opportunity to fire shots at ten people? that is where you draw the line? it doesn't make sense. there is no such thing as an assault weapon. this is a creative term you
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use to get the semi-automatic weapon bans. i'm not buying that. i commend joe biden for the fireside chat. it's so cold in the east coast i wish there was a fire right here. that's what we get people to talk about for the issue. but i think they know they have big trouble in the senate. that's why they know they need to campaign for the assault weapons ban, because there are so many senators up for re-election, 20, some in purple states that don't agree with this because their constituents say listen, i'm not going to participate in a legal gun registry. that is part of the feinstein bill. i don't want limits on how much ammo i can buy. all of these things, the biggest point wouldn't prevent another sandy hook or aurora. he kept reloading. i didn't matter limit of the magazine. >> bob: dianne feinstein, remember, she was the one who went to city hall and found harvey milk and mayor moscone murdered by a crazy man on a twinkie high. his name was white. and she was blooded when she
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came in and made the announcement. i think it may have been a reflection on that. secondly, greg says -- >> eric: can i ask you? what the heck are you talking about? what the heck are you talking about? her definition of assault weapons because of something -- >> bob: no, what she was thinking is her thinking may have evolved. after she wentbe through that, she probably did feel a sense she needed to get a gun. >> eric: you don't think she would be more inclined -- >> bob: she said she would. if it was close when she became mayor, i'd say yes. >> andrea: so when it happens to them and they're threatened all of a sudden it changes. anyone who wants to espouse the second amendment says i want to prevent it from happening. i don't want to evolve. i want to be ready in case i'm attacked. >> bob: my second point, what greg said about not having mandatory sentences on the assault weapons. when they do, have those, they commit murders or crimes. the gun doesn't go away to jail.
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they go away to jail. >> greg: possess illegal firearms. exactly, they don't -- because that comes -- you are right. if the sentence is more than ten years. but anything below ten years there is no three strikes you are out. why don't they do that? then you get the guns off the street to get them off the street for longer period of time. >> eric: in chicago, the murder rate soared 17 in fact year. my hometown, earned the highest murder rate in country. true to form, chicago politicians, something bad happens, blame something, blame anything. in this case, blame the weather. listen to this guy. this quote. nice weather will put more people on the street. which will create more opportunity for crime to occur. the opportunity is limited when you have a foot of snow. that comes from none other than the police, chicago police superintendent garry mcbe car thy. dana, you pointed this out. how crazy is this? >> dana: the thing is, it hasn't been, it hasn't knowed in new york either.
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but new york's homicide rate is down. so, it doesn'tbe -- i don't know. nice try to blame the weather. everybody tries to blame it on everything. i guess, if you read between the lines, what he is saying is conservatives are at fault because they haven't passed global warming legislation. and that is what is causing the -- >> bob: i don't think that's what he meant. also in chicago, there is now raging a drug war between two drug gangs. not a war like that in new york. >> dana: the point is should they blame the weather? >> bob: he says are there more people on the street when weather is good? yes. >> andrea: what about cows in didn't environmental try to blame cow flatulence to cause global warming to make it warmer and that means there is more crime. cows are at fault for this. >> greg: technically, i'm at fault, too. >> dana: i'll say. >> greg: sorry about that. i blame the salad. statistically, chicago needs a 12-month blizzard to put a dent in homicide rate because of the gang violence. this is the difference between some people who know right and wrong and some people who
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don't. gang member shoots innocent woman. we see who to blame. the media often see what is to blame. so they look up at guns and the sun. but they never look at the person. >> andrea: a new "wall street journal"/nbc poll that shows chicago. 83% think that a lack of parenting which you could point to in a lot of cities causes these -- >> greg: the families are crumbling, the cities are crumbling. nobody there. >> bob: if you can see the concentration where the murders take place, map of chicago, in almost every case they are around housing project with single mothers and a lot of gang members control the city housing projects. that's why so many people are killed. >> eric: ban cocaine. >> dana: like a magic what happened, it will just go away. >> greg: it's easier to get an illegal gun than a gun permit.
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it's easier to get pot than it is to get booze. >> bob: isn't that a case to make it less easy -- easy -- >> greg: no. case for making gun permits easier to get and legalized guns off -- illegalized guns off the street and legalizing drugs. >> bob: are you in favor of gun shows they go through the same background checks? >> greg: i'm for background checks. >> eric: can we go? >> greg: no. i want to keep talking about this. >> eric: coming up, pentagon wants to send women to front lines and put them in the middle of combat. is that something they really want to do? unemployment, enormous deficit, benghazi. all important issue. why did press corps ask jay carney about beyonce lipsynching four times. wait until you hear this tape. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ blan
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♪ ♪ >> greg: i love that barry
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springsteen. pentagon is lifting a ban for women on combat. hooray. i guess. if cushing the combat roles would affect the ability to move up the ladder, it shatters the glass ceiling. it also elevates risk. god bless her, that woman is a better man than i. if she wants to fight, far be it from me to say no. the chances are she could take me and chances are i would enjoy it. the only thing i ever served was a volleyball. senator mccain knows women must still meet the same physical standards as men. you can't become a seal unless you can do what a seal does, i don't mean date kimberly. if you lower standards, putting equality before victory, that is pointless and deadly. win for equality must not come at the expense of the brutal, vicious killing machine that is the awesome american military. we musten deny the bigger truth, one thing important to
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mankind is not taking a life, but making one. men fought the war so women didn't have to. women had the bigger job, giving birth, making men like me way more expendable. that is science. one man can populate a city, but tons of women to do the same. even a one woman gave birth in nine months and immediately got pregnant again, she made 40 kids in a lifetime. beckel could do it over a weekend. men are doritos and women are diamonds. denying that doesn't help the war effort unless it's a war on common sense. sorry, bob. >> bob: that's all right. >> eric: we're dory toes? freddie yeah. people eat them, we make more. women, you have to protect it. however, i love -- women that are in the military are awesome. they do great work. the interesting thing about it, of the women that took part in this marine infan industry officer training, only two. one failed day one with other guys. the failure rate for men is
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25%. you don't see a lot of the women in the programs already. there is not a lot of interest in it. do you see more women getting in to it? >> andrea: colonel ralph peters who is a military analyst was on my radio show this morning and he said there is probably not a huge influx of women trying to get the combat positions. they are tougher than the guys i know. they're my heroes. kudos to them. at the joint chiefs think they should be in. if military officials think it will make us strongest and the best military in the world, i am for it. who am i to question it? however, the aclu does not belong on the battlefield. if this is an experiment and symbolism to gain equality and perhaps lower standards with the military has already done,
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they have already done it, lowered it for women and men as well. >> andrea: but could it be they are lowering the standards because the guys are overweight? >> eric: that is the problem. they have lowered the standards, you have more troops overweight. >> bob: the standard lowered when they needed more people in the volunteer army. >> greg: i heard the volunteer army is the best we have ever had. >> bob: it is, but the standard to get in to it is lowered. this thing is pretty clear here. he is not a guy that is a softie. he did it for the right reasons. joint chief of staff went along with it. they kept women out of seals and special forces and do in a gradual way, starting with the
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army. they could do as well as the men can do. >> eric: throw this out here. women want to serve. more power to you. the only issue i have, what is the cost? do we have to build separate unit or uniforms? infrastructure to train women because they can't train them? i don't know. if the cost isn't crazy, then this is fine. let me ask this. why today? why did they float this today? because yesterday hillary clinton was on the hill? getting grilled about things with four dead americans and now they need to get the shiny object over here. women on the front line? the attention and obliging media goes yes, there is a new story for tomorrow. instead of figuring out what went on in benghazi.
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>> andrea: or no call for diversity in the white house but on the front line. >> eric: always has to be a connection. >> bob: i think leon panetta decided to do it when he decided to do it. >> andrea: no coincidences. >> greg: dan, a what do you make of the world we live in? also this story. >> dana: i could never do it. last week, i took the suggestion to go from the three pound weight to the four pound weights and i couldn't lift my teacup the next day. for three days. miserable. >> greg: challenges of a perino lifestyle. >> dana: this has me puzzled. ii like the idea and understanding that women succeed in the military and they have. there are commanding officers. i can't remember her name but a great lady that runs paris island. there are ways for women to succeed if they choose a military career. i don't know if serving in infran industry is one of
5:22 pm
them -- infan industry is one of them. if you get pressure to go on the front line if you choose military career are you looked down why didn't you go to the front when we are in the tanks for 48 hours and pee in a cup? >> bob: it's true that most of the officers who reach the highest levels have had combat experience. >> dana: there are women who are able to -- >> bob: this will lead to more women getting to high position. >> andrea: in fairness, if you talk to soldiers and a lot called in the show. they have experience and they said men are chivalrous by nature and they find themselves put themselveses in danger if they are fighting in combat. >> greg: and long-term, will they keep the female-only units or will it upset feminists later. >> dana: general laurie reynolds is her name. >> greg: thank you. trechtly ahead, phil mickelson
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apologizes one more time for talking about taxes and says he wants to pay his fair share. how lame is that? what happened to golfers of america. later, good news and bad news for smokers. ♪ ♪
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humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's,
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we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: all right. earlier this week , progolfer phil mickelson said he thought tax rates were too high, federally and in his home state of california. a day later he apologized and then he apologized one more time yesterday, promising he wants to pay his fair share.
5:28 pm
>> my apology is for talking about it publicly. i shouldn't take advantage of a forum i have as a professional golfer to try to ignite change. i love this country. it affords me to do what i love. i never had a problem before. i never had a problem paying his fair share. >> andrea: imagine being his wife. sorry i left trash out, sorry i didn't make the bed. sorry. let me preapologize for something i do in the future. he stars in the ads "come visit california." maybe he had to walk it back because of that or the tour. but sounded like his brain was taken over from someone from the administration. he said, "fair share" like he got ahold of the talking point from obama. >> eric: if you break down his yearly, annual income of $60 million a year. he made $3.5 million the last year we have stats for. but he made $57 million on
5:29 pm
sponsors, on advertisers who spend money to make sure that he sells the product. if half the country is liberal and half the country is conservative, half the people buying the products are going to be liberal. and they probably took issue with what he had said. the advertisers saying listen, you are alienating half of our customer base. walk it back. do it quickly or risk losing advertisers. >> andrea: if you look at what governor brown wants to do. there is proposition 30, hike up taxes for those making more than $250,000. 60% tax break. william la jeunesse found out businesses and individuals not just mickelson are leaving in droves. this is a problem in new york, new jersey, connecticut. so there is no money to pay for the big welfare state. they need to retain him. >> dana: a i. cycle.
5:30 pm
he shouldn't take advantage of the platform and his ability to speak to a lot of different people and express his views on politics or ignite the conversation. that is the exact opposite of what liberals in hollywood think. when they get famous, all of a sudden they are against fracking or whatever other, take their pet cause, whatever it might be. it's the opposite thinking. very strange. >> andrea: it is strange. they call this brainbe drain. in new york, and -- brain drain and new york and the states, they go to college and get essentialcated and take the money like texas and florida. texas is booming. how can they sustain this? >> greg: $60 billion left new york city this year or bloomberg's budget on fanny packs. why does this happen? i want to go back to mickelson. why did he apologize? why? this is the true accomplishment of the modern progressive era. absence of shame in every arena except for success.
5:31 pm
you could do a moronic end zone dance in any sports game, but if you complain about taxes that is evil. achievement is a sin. victimization is a virtue. >> andrea: is this guilt? is this liberal guilt being successful, robert? >> bob: this did pass. now it's the high stake community. new york is number two. it gets back down to the problembe the tour had every year, they are under assault from the congress, because they are. in fact, taxing a charitable organization. i imagine the head of that, commissioner said we do not need to talk about taxes. >> eric: we have to go. a couple names that left california and went to texas and other places in the past year. chevron moved a big portion. capital one. ebay. calloway golf. hyundai and wells fargo. >> dana: carl's junior. >> eric: businesses are leaving high tax areas and going to places with lower taxes. i think california is 13.3%.
5:32 pm
>> andrea: california needs your uncle steve to pay the taxes. freddie they can have steve -- >> greg: they can have steve. >> andrea: coming up, now a racial component to the bloomberg bomb's soda ban. some civil rights group think it will hurt minority business owners. could it be the straw that break the nanny state back? or the straw that breaks the soda? back in moments. we'll tell you. so you say men are superior drivers?
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yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? [ voice of dennis ] silence. we replaced people with a machine.r, what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go, it's the power of pepto, but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel... of pepto-bismol to-go. i'm bret baier this washington. the big story here, confirmation hearing for the president's pick as the new
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secretary of state with foreign policy hot spots around the world. only getting hotter. tonight on "special report," we will look at the channels awaiting senator kerry if as expected he is confirmed next week. kerry faced mostly friendly questioning during today's session. the current secretary of state is criticized for a lack of consistency in her statements wednesday about last year's libya terror attack. we'll go over some of the inconsistencies tonight. brit hume will have analysis of clinton's tenure. wheels are in motion for women to serve on the front line of combat position. the change was officially announced today. does president obama really want to annihilate the republican party in "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: disgusting. >> dana: you're disgusting. >> greg: that is a sick song. >> dana: can i do my segment? we're going to talk about you. soda ban about to go in effect in new york city but has new opposition that used to be for it. they were for it before they were against it. we'll tell you about that in a second. start with this. a new study done by daniel callahan, a senior research fellow at the hastings center. he put out a paper this week. see how skinny he is. he thinks it's maybe time to start shaming people who are overweight, obese, fat. that is the only way to get people to take care of themselves and prevent diss caused by obesity. now greg, do you have any experience you want to share?
5:39 pm
>> greg: all bioethicists are jerks. they usually talk about euthanasia. this guy is talking about bullying fat people. if you replaced obesity with promiscuity, how quickly would he be fired if you went after a sector participating in high-risk sexual behavior. fat shaming is bullying and fat shaming works, as you see in the photo of me from "red eye" four years ago. i changed because of all the mail i was getting calling me a fat -- >> eric: what? >> greg: they call me fat neck freak. >> eric: mail? first go to "hey, good looking, what you got cooking' a disgusting song? >> greg: back then "what you got cooking" wasn't about food. open your eyes. who am i on the show with? >> dana: fat shaming is wrong. how much weight did you lose? >> greg: like 40. >> dana: why were you surprised last week when you got the call to be a spokesperson for weight loss
5:40 pm
product? >> greg: i didn't think they knew that. >> eric: they want youto use you now as the after. >> greg: that is corrupt and genius. >> bob: you lost weight because of the letters you got? >> greg: after a while, you get tired of people -- i know. >> bob: 90% of my tweets starts off you fat -- goes from there. it doesn't shame me. i don't care. screw them. >> greg: i shame myself. >> dana: isn't there enough pressure we put on ourselves rather than having a bioethicist say hey, try to shame your neighbor to losing weight? >> eric: is it okay to shame your neighbor to pay taxes? >> dana: it's okay to shame your neighbor to tell their dog to stop barking. i don't have any per experience. >> andrea: i don't think it works. if you shame them, they go home and eat more because they
5:41 pm
feel bad about themselves. they need to come to the realization on their own. >> bob: this guy said cigarettes, people were shamed not smoking. they stopped smoking because health warnings were so dire they got off of them. >> dana: one thing that works better is incentives. some health insurance plans give incentives to people, they will pay for the gym membership or if you go in and get a regular checkup and you lost weight you get money back. the incentive for one, once you start losing weight, you would feel better, that works. >> greg: where is this leading is another rights group. they won't be called fat but they'll be large table --dais is coming. the fat people -- >> dana: the fat people class action lawsuit is coming. which is why you had coca-cola two weeks ago $is what i think. they did the antiobesity ad. the preapology for the obesity problem? that was the beginning of what you see.
5:42 pm
>> eric: bob thinks that is the, i don't know, the first shot in the big lawsuit that is going to come by some group. >> bob: there is a group to defend fat people. >> dana: can i ask. the other topic to bring it up. bob, i would like your opinion on this. the ncaa, they initially stood with michael bloomberg when he announced the new york soda ban but now they joined lawsuit against the city. big soft drink companies, got naacp to stand with them, in the lawsuit, saying that the ban is racist. >> bob: here is the problem, with naacp. they receive a lot of money from soft drink industry for other things they are doing and the programs that were funded. king and spalding is doing it pro bono for naacp. they should step back and let somebody else take it who does not have a direct conflict with the soft drink industry. >> eric: why does the naacp get money from soft drink
5:43 pm
industry? >> bob: coca-cola gives enormous money for research. >> dana: research and also they run fitness programs, after-school programs in urban centers. >> andrea: this law isn't racist. it's stupid. this is one of the dumbest thing that bloomberg has ever done. i like to see the groups going after each other. the dem on dem violence is fun to watch. but this law is just dumb. period. i mean, it's one of block block's i think -- >> dana: greg, last thought? >> greg: the big soda ban hurts people like dana who use the big gulp cups to bathe in while travelling. >> dana: it's handy. they said if they thought it was racist they should have made it initially. this law does not apply to places like 7-leb. this only hurts the smaller retailer. who runs the smaller retailer? a lot of people trying to work their way up. latinos and --
5:44 pm
>> greg: bodegas. >> dana: that is a term not used -- >> greg: it's a 7-eleven. >> bob: the flower shop somehow stay together. >> andrea: they are awesome. >> greg: you can get a tiny jar of miracle whip and travel bottle of scope. >> dana: there is nothing you can't get at a bodega. >> eric: one product, one thing you can buy at a bodega you can't buy anywhere else at the country. onesies. is that what they are called? one cigarette at a time. >> greg: i thought you were referring to what i'm wearing. >> dana: camera three, lucy, with the answer. if you're under 40 and still smoking, maybe you'd like to quit, we have good news for you. we'll fill you in on that after the break. ♪ ♪ so, we all set?
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i've got two tickets to paradise! pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? happier than eddie money running a travel agency. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: a new study out of
5:49 pm
the "new england journal of med sip" has mixed results for smokers. if you don't smoke at all it increases your life for 10 years. if you quit before you're 4, you get most of those years back on your life. among women, now, the lung cancer rate is higher than it was 24 years ago. the point of this is, another assault on us, greg and i, who smoke. >> greg: exactly. >> bob: what do you think of this? losing ten years of your life by smoking. >> greg: then how are you still here? how am i still here? it's heroic when you think about it. a smoker cuts ten years of the most costliest part of your existence, saving the government billions of dollars. there should be a smokers appreciation day where nonsmokers should give us meals and thank us getting off the street to allow them to
5:50 pm
live their lives. >> bob: at nursing home, father and mother at a nursing home, nobody was smoking. nobody went out of the wheelchair. >> andrea: theyed a oxygen and would blow up. if you don't die and you hang around, the government doesn't want to pay your healthcare bill. now they have the hands in healthcare. >> bob: you are saying this is the death panel? i understand that -- we got the point. how much more do you have to drill it in? we understand that smoking is unhealthy for us. we get it. i smoke cigars. greg smokes cigarettes. the rest of the wusses don't smoke anything. >> greg: dana does crack. >> bob: she does. that's right. >> eric: what you are missing is over time our life expectancies are growing. so whereas 75 or 80 years old cut those years off your life in ten to 15, 20 years, you may be living to 85-90. so 50s and 60s could be
5:51 pm
60s and 70s. 63 years ago, 63 was life expectancy. now it's 75 for men. for women, quit smoking. >> bob: you never smoked a cigarette in your life? >> dana: that's not true. >> bob: i thought you didn't. >> dana: i never smoked pot. i just smoked crack. >> greg: that will be, that will live forever on television. >> dana: i used to smoke crack every day before i did the press briefing. that's how i got through it. you are ruining my reputation. >> greg: you said it. >> dana: you started it. i have a theory about why women are having more complications because of it. it has to do with hormone medicine. birth control or hormone replacement therapy later. the medicines have a huge warning label like the size of a mack truck that says you cannot smoke on this medicine or you increase your chance of breast cancer, lung cancer, heart attacked stroke.
5:52 pm
something that they stress repeatedly. i wonder if maybe that is one of the things. not a scientific study. >> bob: i don't know -- >> eric: that make sense. >> it's part of a largeer, and we talk about the cultures. i think if it stuns or if it is sugar and sodas or cigarette, the land between new york city and l.a., elitist liberal want to control. they want to control everything they do. >> greg: they bum cigarettes off you. >> andrea: they bum cigarettes but they go after the gun and the cigarettes and feel people don't eat well. this is all part of that. >> bob: we have to get out of here. you new england your mal journaf medicine" should get dana on the next commission. >> dana: i could use a side gig. >> bob: one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪
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>> eric: all right. time for one more thing. andrea is kicking it off today. >> andrea: i know there is a lot of national security threats, attack in algeria. there is the attack in benghazi. however, the largest national security threat facing the united states today is a chicken wing shortage. that is right. chicken farmers did not raise enough chickens last year because of the high prices in
5:57 pm
corn. and other -- >> greg: thank ethanol. >> andrea: now, these delicious drumsticks are at a minimum. i don't know. the wing champion kimberly guilfoyle will be bummed out if she doesn't go buy her chicken wings. >> bob: let eric get a shot in here. >> eric: there is a verb, getting beckeled when you say it in the break and not supposed to say it on air. bob asked does anyone know where chicken wings come from. >> bob: they're so little. >> dana: he said what part of the chicken? the wing. >> eric: he didn't say what part. by the way, if you haven't noticed it's really cold outside. do we have the video? we have a video of a fountain that froze right over here in bryant park. i want to put the national map up right now. wind chill, rick reichmuth sent this to us. steve doocey said i'm supposed to say great plains, four corners, new england,
5:58 pm
southwest, upper peninsula. no idea where they are. but it's minus 16, caribou. 22 in the falls. >> bob: national falls. >> eric: stay inside and stay warn. >> andrea: biden fireside chat. >> dana: make sure you stretch before you go out and shovel snow, which is what they said yesterday. help tip. i have been holding on to something embarrassing for a week. i finally, i have to come clean, so there is a fan of "the five." she was at the restaurant the other night that i was at. i was talking to my guest. i could see she and sher husband were talking about the five and looking to me. i gave her a smile and wave. she went to get her coat and she couldn't help herself. she said i love you on fox. you are great. i think you're great. i said thank you so much. she said i watch you every day. we are so grateful. she says you were great on o'reilly. i said thanks, but i don't
5:59 pm
really go on o'reilly, because he doesn't invite me on. but laura ingram does go on o'reilly. and the lady said, "i told my husband you were laura ingram." i said thank you so much and i took the compliment but i felt like i need to come clean. if you were watching, lady at the restaurant, laura ingram you didn't meet. don't be impressed. >> bob: not enough time, greg complained. i read the tweets i got. one is about you should go back to drugs and alcohol. literally hundreds of you contacted me about that saying the guy was a jerk who did it. john sent me an e-mail and said i tried over to quit drinking but i can't. i can't imagine not drinking for the rest of my life. i lost my job, my house, my family and i still can't stop drinking. you can. go a day at a time. you will be fine. >> greg: "red eye" tonight, big one. darren darren is on. the "a" -- darren darren i danao


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