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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  January 25, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> good friday morning to you. i am heather nauert. >> i am heather childers. thank you so much for joining us. it is friday january 25th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". time now for the top 5@5:00. a vigil held last night for beloved philadelphia pediatrician melissa katanuchi. her body was found bound and burned earlier this week. an exterminate tore confessed to killing her. he told police the two got into an argument during an argument
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at her home. he strangled her and set her body on fire. surveillance video shows smith's truck parked nearby him following her into her house and driving by twice after the murder. he's facing several charges in connection with the pediatrician's killing. >> diane fine stein introducing a new proposal that would ban certain kinds of so-called assault weapons. in a press conference democrats say they want to block the sale manufacturing and i am port tation of weapons like these. >> enough is enough. these weapons don't be long on the streets of our cities. their purpose was to kill large numbers of people in close combat. >> critics claim the proposal would have done little to prevent the mass shooting like the one in newtown, connecticut. >> congress will be spending less time talking more time
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passing legislation. senate leaders compromising a deal to limit the number of filibusters in return. both parties are allowed two amendments on all bills. this hopefully will speed up the process of passing legislation. president obama praise the deal saying this i am hoping the bipartisan agreement with pave the way for the senate to take meaningful action in the days and weeks ahead. >> another shocking twist to tell you about in the manti te'o hoax. a new report says the cousin of the alleged hoax ster is really the one behind the voice mails left on the football star's home. >> i am just calling to say good night. i love you. i know you are with the boys. i will talk to you tomorrow. i love you so much. >> te'o releasing the voice mails in an interview with katie couric. he spent hours on the phone with the person he thought was his
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girlfriend. the person was a cousin who was really behind the calls tuiasosopo. it was his client pretending to be a woman the whole time. >> salt lake city international airport back hope after a scary landing in an airlines plane freezing rain causing it to slide on the runway shutting down the airport actually for about 3 hours. as we were pulling in it felt like the whole plane was kind of going sideways on the tarmac. it was a very uncomfortable feeling. >> after the plane came to a stop trucks stood out in front of it so it could reach the gate. none of the passengers on board were hurt. in ue saw that's not the only state getting a real last of winter. across the country so many of us are dealing with really cold
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temperatures. >> today some places will be seeing some snow and some ice. janice, i understand some record cold temperatures there as well. >> they are seeing as cold there in two years in charlotte north carolina. the temperatures continue to plummet across a good chunk of the nation. we will see a warm-up heading into next week. don't get too comfortable. things will go back down late next week in terms of temperatures across the country. there are your current air temperatures 13 in cleveland 13 new york 50 in dallas. we should also point out that it is pretty warm across the west. the jet stream is hupg up on the eastern part of the country. with your windchill what it feels like with the wind outdoors if you are not bundled up properly 5 in chicago, 4 in cleveland minus 1 in new york. another day of complaining in new york city.
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satellite radar real quick. we are dealing with the system that could bring icy conditions across the south freezing rain could see mixture of ice. across tennessee, kentucky across the carolinas. the pink is pretty on the radar but we could see ice yea conditions. stay off the roads if you can. >> janice dean thank you so much. i don't know what you are complaining about 1 degree here did you see care beau maine? >> plus janice has her parka. >> you have to practice what you preach. john kerry making his case before a senate committee to
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become the next secretary of state. >> when you listen to senator kerry speak you get a sneak peak into the foreign policy goals for the next four years. senator kerry thinks one of the main challenges they will face if confirmed is al qaeda. they are looking for new ways to carry out the attacks. osama bin laden in the documents that came out is quoted as urging his cohorts to go to other places, to get away from the airplanes get away from the drones. he specifically encouraged al qaeda to disperse and they did. >> another major foreign policy challenge senator kerry says is what to do about irani specially since our closest ally in the middle east israel is anxiously
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following iran's every move as they try to build a nuclear weapon. >> we will do what we must do to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. i repeat here today our policy is not containment. it is prevention. >> the top republican senator bob corker from tennessee tells us yesterday he expects to actually vote on senator kerry's confirmation sometime next week and secretary clinton is apparently planning on staying put at the state department until the 21 ss. a vote possibly tuesday would allow for a smooth transition. >> peter doocy in washington thank you so much. have a great day. >> it is time for a look at who is talking. let's switch our focus to the controversy the most deadly weapons for the country of egypt as part of the massive 8 package. >> 20 are being handed over to the country those critical of
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this they fear the weapons can one day maybe be used against israel. last night hannity sent his cameras to a flight museum in texas. there he showed just how deadly an f-16 can be when it ends up in the wrong hands. take a listen to a former u.s. fighter pilot lieutenant colonel bruce bleakly. >> behind me is a lucky martin f-16 fighter. it first flew in 1974 and has been in the air force inventory for 85 years. it can climb to 60,000 feet and extremely maneuverable which has made it a very successful aircraft in air to air combat over the years. it has internally mounted 20 millimeter volume can cannon. the vulcan cannon can fire the shells at a rate of 100 rounds per minute. in addition to a being an effective air combat airplane it can deliver a pretty good
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knockout punch to a target on the ground because it can carry a pretty hefty load of ordinance, pile lons under the wing. this pile lon there's provisions for one on either side and the aircraft can carry an assortment of rockettes and bombs or external fuel tanks. rounding out the plane is on each wing tip a heat seeking sidewinder missile which is used in air to air combat and in conjunction with the other weapons it is capable of carrying in all it makes the f-16 a pretty fear some weapon. >> indeed. the kernel sacolonel says the p capable in the hands of a capable pilot. working for a living is taking on a whole new meaning now. more and more americans are having to put off retirement. lauren simonetti joins us with the details.
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>> you want to retire and go to a beach that's not happening. >> hold on. 16 percent of workers are at least 65 years old. in 1990 that percentage went from 12 percent. by the year 2014 estimated one in five americans will be 65 or older. why are we working into our golden years inadequate finances that's the big reason. lots of people lost money in the stock market during the recession. also women were working later in life. >> wonder what the employment rate is for older americans. so many are shown the door when they get to go an older age. >> it's good for employers to have the older workers they make more money but they bring experience to the work force. i know a lot of younger workers appreciate that they have someone to look up to. >> they are in tnot yapping on r cell phone. >> you can tell a lot by somebody's desk. managers should take a look at
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employees. >> you should take a look at your desk it will tell your boss what kind of worker you are. personality style at work there were four personalities in the office. your desk is key to revealing which one you are. so if it's covered with paperwork but organized in piles that means you are direct you make quick decisions you dislike group work. if it is messy you are considered quote spirited which means you talk a lot you tend to exaggerate. if you are cluttered but much of the clutter is personal stuff like photos you are dubbed consider rat. if your desk is tied de and clone i hate you but your systematic deadline driven. here's a picture of my own desk. you can see the tv and monitor are off. >> but it's orderly. >> so you are what? >> i think i am consider rat based on that. >> you think it's orderly. >> i think that looks orderly. because my desk is kind of a mess but not overly messy.
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lauren simonetti from the fox business network thank you so much. 12 minutes after the hour. coming up there's a school that is banning parents wefrom visitg kids during lunch hour. the parents say this isn't fair. it is needed to keep the kids focused. we want you to grbrew on this that's coming up next. >> a new policy is going to go into effect that makes every state -- it will make you feel twice about swiping your credit card at checkout. this is what is being done in various states by the bank. we will tell you about it. ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. make it worth watcng. introducing the 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit.
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>> welcome back. 15 minutes after the htop of th hour. the man who helped the brutal
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attack in museum by will spend 35 years in prison. the possibility that the 52-year-old could one day go free. heedly helped scout the targets of the 3 day rampage. relief may be on the way for super storm sunday see. the money will help rebuild hard hit areas especially new york, emergen new jersey and connecticut. the bill already passed in the house last week. >> time now to brew on this. here's what we would like you to brew on today. there's an elementary school in the state of tennessee it wants to limit parents access to their children during school hours all in the name of safety. parents have been allowed to visit their kids during lunch time at clover croft elementary school. this will change under the policy. the school will handout vouchers that limit visits parents to two during a nine-week period. the school principal says in the wake of the newtown connecticut
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shooting they want to make sure they are able to account for all of the adults inside the cafeteria. some parents are furious about this. they say it's a violation of their parental rights. they want to know from you if you think the school is in the right limiting access to students or is it taking it a step too far? send us your comments at fox friends first or send us an e-mail at fox friends i am a mom, too. i think it's a good idea. >> we have a bitter cold snap. right now preparations are underway in the south for snow. snow and ice. denise dylan is at the department of transportation in atlanta with a look at how they are gearing up for this winter storm. denise. >> not sure denise can hear us. we will try to check back in
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with her. snow and ice expected to come across in large portions. >> including the state of north carolina. >> 18 minutes after the hour. coming up is the chapel for soldiers in afghanistan. why is the army being ordered to remove the crosses from the chapel of all places. >> did you notice a lot of missing money from your paycheck this past week? every american has taken a hit thanks to tax hikes. that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice savings. personal finances expert vera gibbons explains next. i have low testosterone. there, i said it.
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>> good morning. it's 22 minutes after the hour. here's a quick lack at headlines at this hour. they are forced to remove a cross and a steep pell from this chapel at an army base in afghanistan. sending a letter to the pentagon after one soldier complained. in response the military ordered soldiers to take down christian symbols to make it what they called a neutral facility. it will cost you more to swipe your credit card. merchants will be allowed to add what they call a check out fee that is a charge of up to 4 percent of the total purchase price. this sir charge is part of a settlement between credit card companies and merchants reached in july. a lot of money especially for big ticket items. >> speaking of money, have you noticed your paycheck is smaller
5:23 am
after the new year? that is because of tax hikes including the payroll tax. don't worry you don't have to stop saving actually. vera gibbons has sop tips. everyone is hit with this. 160 million americans are affected. >> start by with justing your withholding. go back take a look at your w 4. 75 percent of them get a refund. average refunds are coming in at 4,000. it will push down your withholdlings and brighten up your take home pay. >> do you want your money now or do you want to get it back later. >> fur getting too much of a refund you rely on the refunds you are not having the right amount with he would had. >> have aing you'll tvaluable t. >> the earned income tax credit for example only 6 million americans they don't know they are elible or they don't know how to claim it.
5:24 am
you are leaving free money on the table. you want to take advantage of all of the job hunts expenses mortgage interest deductions a slew of valuable breaks. claim them. max out your 401 k. >> this one goes without saying. you have got to plan at work max it out. gone up to 17,500. that's three percent from last year. if you are 50 or older you have the cash contribution of $5,500. the more you take that will bring down your tax bill wages retirement is ridiculously costly as you well know. >> price match guarantees. we have all heard about this through places like wal-mart and target. >> a lot of the stores are doing that. take advantage of the price match guarantees. takes it one step further. you go out you buy something you register your purchase on-line get the purchase lower price for you for the next 30-days if it finds it it refunds you the
5:25 am
difference. this is a perk available on all of consumer credit cards. >> very good tip. avoid retail rip-offs. don't buy popcorn at -- don't buy popcorn at the movie theater. >> bad pore your waste line. the markup is 1300 percent. wine at restaurants 100 to 200 percent. 300 to 400 percent on bottles and glasses. coffee markup 300 percent. fruits and veg tees 25 percent more than their counterparts. skip it all together and save a bundle. >> cut your own carrots. >> no more movie theater popc n popcorn. >> finally out of all of these tips the number one tip people should be looking at right now with the changes? >> i think the withholding is one people should take a look at. they have kids they get married they divorce they only do this once when they sign up for a job they don't mess with the withholdings.
5:26 am
>> go to payroll department they should help you out. >> they should help you out. takes a couple weeks. >> vera gibbons great tips. appreciate it. >> 25 after the top of the hour. coming up first iran claims that they had released this american pastor from jail. turns out that wasn't true. now no one can find him. more on that. don't be fooled by the friend request from the cute girl in the bikini. there's a new danger lurking on facebook. first on this day in history back in 1985, reporting began for the hit charity single "we are the world." [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she?
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>> i am heather childers. >> i am heather nauert. >> top stories making news at this hour the family of jailed american pastor in iran say they have no idea where he is. he was arrested back in september and he's about to stand trial and could face a death pen sense. on mon -- death sentence. they moved him to a facility to get medical treatment. the judge agreed to that but now his family hasn't haurd from
5:31 am
him. >> he is not there now. there was no notice. they were not aware of anything if he was moved or where he is. >> he has been charged with endangering national security. he has been charged with trying to convert muslims to christianity. >> they wanted to make the city better not to get rich. that's what defense attorneys told a jury as an opening statements in the corruption trial began in california. 6 council members nearly sent the small town over the financial cliff by taking pay for searchirving on boards that rarely met. some supposed to get made for part-time work earned almost 100,000 dollars a year. today a former city clerk is expected to take the stand. >> if you have mounting debt be
5:32 am
careful the next time you go on facebook. facebook workers are sometimes disguising themselves as bikini models and try to friend you. if you accept their friend thip they t -- friendship and then they contact you. >> creative. >> just because he's in a wheelchair doesn't mean he can't fight back. listen to the story. army veterans mark sykes was watching tv. without hesitation he grabbed his hand gun and confronted the man as he entered his bedroom. >> i said what are you doing in my house? it is going to be me or him and this is my house this is my home. >> the suspect bolted oh you tell the front door but has not been found. he thinks he has a car waiting for him. >> i like that guy.
5:33 am
is it a bird or a plane? no it's a dog on a zip line. something you don't see every day. this pooch was stranded on an island in a california park and since the department of parks and recreation doesn't have any boats they decided they had to put up this elaborate rigging system and carry him back home. they thought he would get hypothermia from getting wet. maybe you can adopt it heather. >> looks like a little poodle. >> that is your 5@5:30 folks. >> we are following this extreme weather all across the country with falling temperatures and snow. we go to mary ann rafferty with an up close look of this nasty weather. >> a stonowstorm expected to hi the midwest and east coast today as many across the country are dealing with a bitter cold snap. in mid town manhattan bryant park many people wearing layer
5:34 am
upon layer to try to combat the cold while walking the streets. take a look at what happens when this wet t hit is left out in the cold in duluth money minute 18 degrees below zero taking only 4 minutes to make this shirt rock hard. >> making it all the more difficult for firefighters to battle a massive 3 amrarm blaze. icy roads leading to dangerous driving conditions in west virginia. this truck flipping over after hitting a patch of black ice. the people inside luckily weren't hurt. in condition ken it's hands on deck preparing for potential snowfall to bring down trees and cause widespread power outages. >> we are expecting the worst. we always do doesn't matter if it is part of the forecast or the whole one. >> temperatures are expected to rise modest lee but the rise is expected to be met with snow. >> very modestly.
5:35 am
>> extreme weather what you can expect when you leave the house today. let's get an update from janice dean. >> we were talking about this. they canceled hockey of all things. >> it is takes a lot to cancel hockey. >> absolutely. that's fright incredible. let's take a look at where the real, real, real cold air, arctic air still bottled up across canada. we are going to see things warm up for much of the lower 48 over the next several days. new york in the next four or five days you could see temperatures up to 50 degrees. yes, we are expecting a warm-up. right now pretty cold, 13 in new york 20 chicago, 29 billings, 24 in kansas city. we will see the cold air as far south as tennessee river valley in some cases lower mississippi valley potential for freezing
5:36 am
rain ice on the roadways and the trees and power lines. that could cause big problems. north of tennessee and kentucky mainly a snow event you are seeing the pink area where we could see freezing rain and/or sleet. freezing rain advisories for the areas in purple. we will see click roads and bridges in the snow air rrea we could see 1-4 inches of snow. that will continue through out the day into the evening and in the overnight. all of the areas in the light shaded blue. enough to cause tricky travel ways certainly. we are going to definitely see travel delays in the air as well. call ahead if you are traveling or picking someone up at the airport. >> that map. look at all of that potential snow. >> lots of stuff going on. >> busy day for you. thank you, janice. >> we turn now to washington. that is where john kerry made his case before a senate committee to be the next secretary of state. peter doocy has the details on the confirmation hearing and
5:37 am
what foreign policy challenges awaits. >> good morning, peter. >> good morning, heather. a few of president obama's nominees for cabinet position can expect confirmation hearings. senator john kerry not one of them. he was introduced by the current security of ry state hillary clinton and senator warren and senator john mccain representing the republicans. they were all very complimentary. once kerry got talking he laid out hid world view and explained at the state department if he is confirmed he plans to be faced with a new look al qaeda. >> loosama bin laden in the document that is came out of abad bad is urging his cohorts to go to other places to get away from the airplanes, get away from the drones. he specifically encouraged al
5:38 am
qaeda to disperse. and they did. >> iran is sure to cause headices for the next secretary of state. as the nominee for the top diplomat senator kerry makes clear he wants to do whatever it takes to keep nuclear weapons out of the country. >> i repeat here today our policy is not containment it is prevention. >> we expect to see a committee vote to confirm kerry tuesday and a full vote of the senate shortly after that. we are told that since secretary clinton is planning to stick around at the state department until february 1st a tuesday vote would allow for a smooth transition in foggy bottom. heather. >> peter doocy reporting live for us. star wars fans get ready for
5:39 am
this, there is a new director joining the force. we are hearing that jj abe abrams behind the hit tv show lost, he will be directing the next installment set to be leased. george lusz r lu-- george lucas sold his property. >> the freedom to create and to build and as artists as individuals. >> that's kutcher playing josh gad. he plays steve woes back. it opens in april. >> singer michael buble will be singing lullabies. they are now expecting a baby. it will be their first child together. they are married in march 2011. not sure yet when the baby is due. >> there will be good lullabies. >> time for your starting lineup. top sports stories from hornets
5:40 am
to pelicans. the hornets changing their name. the brown pelican in louisiana. the change will take place next season. just call them uptons in the outfield. atlanta braves have a trade to right fielder justin upton to arizona. it reunites upton with older brother bj upton who signed a five year deal with the braves this off sen. >> a clever fan forced to give up the trademark of the phrase har ball. it hopes that the har ball brothers the coaches of each of the teams the phrase that was too similar to their super bowl. fox gave up the trademark after the league pressured him from legal -- they pressured him with legal actions. >> that's a good idea, though.
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the time is 40 minutes after the top of the hour. still ahead could the key to happiness be as simple as the food on your plate? some say yes. >> talk about taking the next step. a girlfriend texting her boyfriend takes the plunge but it's probably not the kind she had in mind. so cold out, too. tell you where this happened. the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more... [ midwestern/chicago accent ] cheddar! yeah! 50 percent more [yodeling] yodel-ay-ee-oo. 50% more flash. [ southern accent ] 50 percent more taters. that's where tots come from. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. 50% more spy stuff. what's in your wallet? this car is too small.
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>> under obama care they will be allowed to who charge smokers up to 50 percent higher health insurance premiums starting next year. a 60-year-old moeker could end up paying more than 5,000 dollars in penalties.
5:45 am
that's not a reason to quit there are others. here's another reason why texting and walking is a bad idea. a british radio newscaster was so busy texting her boyfriend she didn't see the cold water. she said she is okay. she is learned her lesson. >> cold. >> i bet she is pretty embarrassed, too. >> wow. >> yeah. hopefully she is okay. >> the time now is for your fox news health fix anna kooiman is here with a roundup of the top medical stories of the day. anna topping it off don't text and walk. good morning to everybody at home. there is a new stomach bug going around it's all of the way from down under. a new strain of the norovirus in raws australia sickened people in japan and europe and now in america. the cdc says it is responsible
5:46 am
for 60 percent of the stomach bug cases reported in the united states this year even though it is not more dangerous than the normal stomach bug the norovirus spreads quickly across large groups of people. there's no real treatment you just have to ride it out. you hear about the winter blues all of the time what you really mid to be watching out for the winter munchies. we tend to eat more during cold weather. they say it goes back to our animal instincts and the need to fat ten up during chillyer temperature. the longer the cold weather lasted the more calories people are consuming day-to-day. research says it can be possible. a study claims 7 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day improvings your mood. people's mood stays positive after consuming that amount of vegetables.
5:47 am
adults get 5 fruits and veggies a day but only 14 percent eat that recommended amount. for more on these stories and latest health news visit >> thank you very much. the time now is 46 after the top of the hour. still ahead, at least there was a confession -- or confession nearby. one man caught on camera singing in the middle of church. >> if you are head to do new orleans we have got what you need to know getting there if you haven't figured that out next that's coming up in first class travel. first let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on fox and friends. >> we are going to give you important advice on how not to get scammed this valentine's day. obviously all of the news of the day. missouri lawmaker will be stopping by talking how one legislator wants to have a law where if you have a gun at your home you have to tell your kid's
5:48 am
school you have a gun at your house. how crazy is that? we are going to talk to them. plus a guy comes to new york city goes to a steakhouse about 4 blocks from here the bill comes it's 208 bucks. what does he get to dessert? a trip to the gray bar hotel. it's happening to you. fox and friends for our friday kicks off 12 minutes from right now. surgery was successful, but he will be in a cast until it is fully healed, possibly sever months. so, if the duck isn't able to work, how will he pay for his living expenses? aflac. like his rent and car paymets? aflac. what about ga and groceries? aflac. cell phone? aflac, but i doubte'll be using his phone for quite a while cause like i said, he has a fractured beak. [ male announcer ] send the lac duck a get-well card at
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>> if you are lucky enough to get a ticket you may be headed to the super bowl. joining us is senior editor. >> which team has best travel?
5:52 am
>> we looked at it ravens fans are beating out san francisco fans about 2 to 1. we are seeing more air bookings from the west coast. >> i guess that surprises me san francisco bigger snoir people. >> air fair tickets are more expensive coming out of san francisco. out of baltimore close behind $25. >> that's just coach. >> talk about hotel prices. >> it is pretty much sold out unless you want to pay $1,500 for a 3 star hotel room for one night. most people are staying further out even places like gulf port, baton ruj, hour to an hour and a half drive. we are starting to see hotels fill up along the gulf coast. a noncasino hotel 1500 a night
5:53 am
for one of the casino properties. >> how does it compare to past super bowls? >> very similar. we see prices go up from 200 to 400 percent for super bowl weekend. the thing that is different about new orleans is they don't have as many hotel rooms. it >> no offense to indianapolis but indianapolis in february. >> and you have mardi gras right on the heels of super bowl. people may be taking part in those if he istities. >> how do you get around when you get there? >> traffic will be a mess. it is normally bad and this weekend will be three times as bad. so everyone in the area recommends not renting a car if you don't have to. it's not expensive. only about 25 a day. parking is very expensive. it will be tough to get around. we have a hop on hop off bus is of in the metro area you can
5:54 am
sue. >> what about things to do if you are not in the super bowl or one of the great bars. >> you can't go there without taking part in the great things going on. one is the national world war ii museum. it's a really cool experience. very interactive. they have an interactive submarine experience where you get on you take part in one of the final missions. and they also have a really cool film it's narrated and produced by tom hanks a 4 d panoramic film. >> clubs, kay june, dancing and auto bond nature institute that is neat. >> i-max, the zoo, it's all there. bring the kids. >> thank you so much for coming in from orbits. >> turns out the men and women aren't created equally.
5:55 am
women have a tougher time when it comes to one part of life. last chance to answer the question of the day. we told but the school that wants to ban parents from visiting kids during lunch hour. is it a good idea for did the school go too far?
5:56 am
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5:58 am
>> welcome back. it is about two minutes till the top of the hour as we look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. a louisiana police officer going above and beyond to grant a very special birthday wish. blades richard has autism and always wished of becoming a police officer. on his 18th birthday his mom took him on a tour of the local police station and that's when officer mike hill presented him with a uniform phaeupbd him an honorry officer for the day. up next, the bad. a new study revealing women have to work harder than
5:59 am
men to lose weight. when scientists put men and women on the same fitness program, men peeled off the pounds faster and reaped more benefits. finally, the ugly. a thief caught on camera stealing a woman's purse as she prayed in church. this happened in england on christmas day. the pictures just now surfacing. police hoping that someone will recognize this guy. that's really bad. >> you know where he's going in the end. now it is time for your brew on this question of the day responses. we asked if you thought it was okay for a tennessee elementary school to limit parents access to kids during school lunch time. we wanted to know if you thought this was too -- going too far in the name of safety. >> here's what some of you had to say. jo ann writes school lunch is a time for kids to interact with their friends and peers. they develop their social skills and friendships. when parents are there, it changes the dynamics. >> dan


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