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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 26, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> and, eric, 11:30 a.m., you 11:30 p.m., "the five" tomorrow at 5:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m. will you plug this show? tomorrow? 5:00? >> i will. ♪ >> hello, i'm arthel neville, welcome to a new hour of america's news headquarters. >> rick: topping the news, paul ryan laying out his issues for the future of the g.o.p. what the wisconsin congressman learned from the election defeat and why the battle over the president's health care law may just be beginning. >> also, a developing situation in egypt. dozens are dead, nearly two dozen more sentenced to hang. the military struggling to keep order an egypt's president meeting with his top generals. >> rick: the latest in smartphone technology, "consumer reports" is here to tell us
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which new advances you may want and the costly bells and whistles you should try to avoid. ♪ >> arthel: we begin with the dangerous weather system bringing new troubles, ice and freezing rain making its way across the country, right now. causing serious problems on the roads, drivers are coping the best they can and out right treacherous conditions, there have been thousands of wrecks on highways across the affected areas including north carolina where large sections of i-40 and i-85 have slowed to a crawl. >> i don't think i've ever gotten stuck like this before. >> it is awful. >> you can't drive in it at all. >> it was bumper to bumper. >> scary stuff, no doubt. but it is winter and, even though new york city is getting bit big time by jack frost, huh is that.
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>> reporter: we certainly are. reading 27° behind us but it has been unseasonably mild this winter, so it feels even worse but residents across the midwest and the northeast are frozen and, piling layer upon layer, and hats and gloves an scarves and whatever they can get their hands on and fountains are freezing. and black ice making roadways treacherous for travellers. and, a winter storm blew through the mid-atlantic yesterday, creating hazardous driving conditions, north carolina taking the brunt and that state seeing hundreds of car accidents from slick roads and, across the northeast, temperatures have been 10 to 15 degrees below normal much of the week and department of transportation crews and contractors in new jersey are not taking any chances, monitoring the streets and putting down salt on the state's 13,000 miles of highway. to keep people safe. >> they predict the temperatures will go up but i don't think it will come up above freezing so
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the salt brian will help conditions, to keep it from freezing up but we'll salt it anyhow and put down rock salt as you can see we have a lot. >> the freeze began last weekend in the midwest before spreading east and factoring in the windchills temperatures plummeted to negative 50° in some parts of the upper midwest and northern new england but cold weather should relinquish its hold early next week and you know the arctic air can be deadly for our homeless population. shelters, across the affected areas are beginning to pop up. those already in place are adding extra beds. >> and always think of the homeless and the elderly, they have to be careful as well. thank you. >> everybody here in new york and maybe where you are asking the same question when is it going to end? joining us is jufstin from
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accu-weather. >> reporter: we'll have warmer weather tomorrow but changes along with the warmth and in the meantime, chilly temperatures and a little bit of snow coming off the great lakes, moisture over the southwest, has its eyes set on the midwest, and, lots of problems, the least desirable of all the precipitation, especially to drive on ice, it will be a concern from des moines to madison, chicago, potential exists for minor if not mainly delays, at o'hare and will be a widespread ice and sleet event that will sketches out to the eastern seaboard and, ice monday and monday morning, i-95, d.c., philadelphia, new york city, maybe boston, huge delays coming up here. then we'll flip the pattern and cold moves to the west and we'll see conditions rapidly warm up from the plains eastbound, talking about april-like temperatures, 50s, 60s, 70s, the ohio valley and tennessee valley and warmth moving into the
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northeast. good news. we'll get a break from the deep freeze however with the warmth comes the potential for severe weather. and we'll have the threat, damaging winds and tornadoes tuesday and wednesday over the -- it spikes for itself the southern plains and tennessee valley and we can see severe weather and behind that another shot of arctic air. very, very bumpy road coming up the next week. >> rick: justin, thanks. >> arthel: the second amendment taking center stage in the capital today. activists are making their voices heard at a pair of rallies, religious leaders and hollywood stars addressed gun control supporters outside the capitol building and on this national mall a smaller event billed as a rally against gun extraction brought out those fighting to stop tougher firearms laws.
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>> rick: former vice presidential candidate paul ryan warping fellow republicans to stay unified and not allow democrats to cast them as villains, in a speech set the stage for budget battles with the obama administration in the president's second term and molly henneberg is live in d.c. how does he think republicans should position themselves during president obama's second term? . >> reporter: she describes the republicans' role as twofold, to oppose the president's agenda when republicans think it is, quote bad policy and, to promote conservative principles where they can and, he may be a presidential contender in 2016, says they can't let the president divide them with phony emergencies and bogus deals. >> the way he sells it, it is the president and only the president who is trying to fix our bridges and feed or children and care for our seniors and clean our water. frankly, he must be exhausted.
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i know we are but we can't get rattled. we won't play the villain in his morality plays and we have to stay united and show that if given the chance we can govern, we have better ideas. >> even after losing the white house twice to president obama, congressman ryan says he does not think republicans are in a political wilderness since they control the house of representatives and most state legislators. rick? >> rick: do other leaders in the republican party agree with congressman ryan? i know there has been a big meeting going on, discussing the future of the party. what is everybody else saying? >> reporter: certainly a number of republicans are finding their voice again and the party seems to be doing soul-searching. louisiana republican governor bobby jindal, another g.o.p. presidential candidate in 2016 said the g.o.p. needs to put forth a clearer economic message. >> we must not be the party that
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simply protects the well off so they can keep their toys, we have to be the party that shows all americans how they can thrive and whose ideas will help the middle class and folks join the middle class and we are a populist party and need to make it clear to every voter and every american. >> reporter: today congressman ryan said republicans need to, quote, convince the country to change course economically to avoid a debt crisis. a lot of talk from republicans on the economy now and in the future. >> rick: molly hen burneberhenn. >> reporter: and, two of the most powerful regulation posts, the president has two choices and peter doocy has the story from washington. >> reporter: this week, president obama's nominee to become the next secretary of state, senator john kerry was received very well. his confirmation hearing by
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democrats and republicans. >> i commend his nomination to you without resignation. >> he'll be a terrific bridge from the hill to the administration. >> reporter: his support in the senate is not expected to dwindle before the expected confirmation vote and is likely to become the next secretary of state. but, handicapping the odds for confirmation of president obama's other nominees for important positions, is tricky. like richard cordray for the director of the consumer financial protection bureau. >> president barack obama: after they refused to give him a vote, i took action to appoint him on my own. >> reporter: the president renominated him this week and senator mike crapo, one of 45 republican senators to opposed his nomination last year and, the senator said this week until key structure changes are made to the bureau to ensure accountability and transparency, i will continue my opposition to
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any nominee for director. confirmation hearings for deputy national security advisor john brennan to become cia director and former nebraska senator chuck hagel to become defense secretary could be bumpy. but, both men have been making rounds on capitol hill trying to convince senators they are capable of filling critical national security posts for the next four years. >> arthel: peter doocy, thank you very much. >> rick: budget negotiation, the number one topic in the republican weekly address. south dakota senator john thune talking about the importance of getting finances under control and, the need to change the government's spending habits. >> washington is addicted to spending your money. over the past four years, our country has added nearly $6 trillion to the national debt. at $16.4 trillion, our nation's total debt is larger on our entire country. we can't add a trillion dollars
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to the debt every year as we have for the past four years. a major credit rating agency is already down -- has downgraded our nation's credit once and if we don't make real progress on spending reforms more downgrades are likely, in the near future. >> rick: he says the first priority in congress every year is coming up with a spending plan and admits it can be tough and says families have to come up with their own budget for their households lawmakers should be able to do it too. >> arthel: another fixture in the senate says good-bye, tom harkin from iowa says he's retiring and will not run for a 6th term, saying it is time to step aside. he has been a liberal main stay in the senate for decades and the white house released a statement from the president thanking him for his longstanding service. senator harkin's departure possibly opens the door for a republican to pick up the seat. he's the third big name senator to announce his retirement in recent days, coupled with saxby chambliss from georgia and jay
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rockefeller from west virginia. >> rick: washington on high alert as evidence suggests north korea may be ready to carry out its threat to conduct a nuclear test. we have recent satellite images to show you. a site on a mountain side where nuclear tests have been conducted in the past. and a u.s. research institute says that the image shows the trucks are moving around, tunnels are being sealed and all happened within the last month. analysts believe north korea could set off a nuclear bomb inside the mountain, in the near future. >> arthel: violence and celebrations following a judge's ruling in egypt. the deadly scene. riots broke out in port said and it started after a judge sentenced 21 people to the death penalty for their roles in a massive soccer riot last year. the military moved in to calm the crowds after reuters tried to storm a prison housing the defendants.
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family members of those killed in the soccer stadium celebrated word of the death sentence and 74 people died when crowds stormed the field after a game, a melee between the rival fan supporters escalated into deadly violence. >> rick: bad story all around. when we come back you may be paying a new fee when you buy something at the mall. starting tomorrow using your credit card could cost you more money. we'll tell you what is behind the new law. >> arthel: an army mother's promise to this heroic dog for an honor only our soldiers get. >> rick: the republican party laying out a new plan of action as rising stars offer tough love for the party. our political panel weighs in on the future of the g.o.p. coming up next. >> we have to stop being the stupid party. i'm serious, it's time for a new republican party that talks like adults and time to are calculate
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♪ >> rick: republicans doing a little soul-searching at their winter meeting at the r.n.c. in
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charlotte, north carolina, a three word slogan, renew, grow and win. the goal, rebuilding the party after last fall's elections, the rasmussen poll showing they have their work cut out for them, 63% of republican voters believe republicans in congress lost touch with the party's base and 30% say they do a good job of representing their party's values, and for democrats the image is totally reversed. 63% of democrats saying democrats in congress are still in sync with their party's base and values, and what does the g.o.p. need to do to get back on track? joining us now, our political panel, former communication director for former speaker dennis hastert and a former spokesman for the democratic congressional campaign committee and, a democratic strategist. thanks for coming in. appreciate it. here was the slogan, i read at the top, renew, grow and win. what is not included in that is change. and, you are hearing a lot of republicans say we don't need to
6:19 pm
change our message, or change our values, we need to change the way we deliver our message. what do you think? >> well, i think that first of all, i need to commend r.n.c.'s chairman for holding the meeting in charlotte and unveiled the slogan and unveiled what we need to do which is focus on rebranding our party. growing our party and now, yes, the polls, that is where we are. the president won re-election and now we need to move forward and we need to unveil a republican agenda that appeals not just to our base, but, to everyone. to women, minorities, swing voters we lost in the 2012 elections and then we need to, you know, have the presidential candidate eventually that does not just appeal to the wealthy. that appeals to everyone. >> rick: doug, as a democrat i'm getting none of this is too concerning to you, you probably take a certain amount of
6:20 pm
pleasure watching republicans do the soul-searching but it wasn't too long ago that your party had its problems and bill clinton came along and i wonder if you were to give advice to your republican friends, to ron, would you recommend that republicans take a page out of the old bill clinton play book and maybe shift a little bit towards the center? is that the answer, do you think? >>. >> ron is one of the best. i will not give him advice but i would say i think that republicans are actually learning wrong lessons. it wasn't that they had a bad messenger, mitt romney was not great but it wasn't the message, it was the policies, the "washington post" had a poll that showed the american people by 53% margin believe that the republican party have the wrong policies for the country and if you look at the president and match him up against the republicans on a whole host of issues including republican staple issues like taxes and foreign policy she does better. it's not enough to go into communities they've ignored or
6:21 pm
tinker with their message. they have to take a hard look at policies they've embraced, like self-deportation for immigration reform. i don't care how you spin that, hispanics are not going to embrace you if you have a policy like that in your party. >> rick: ron? >> i have to tell you i think president obama is going to help republicans out because he's now unveiled a liberal agenda that, since he has been reelected, surprise, surprise and republicans will be able to contrast themselves as a much morecentric party than the president is going, way left and i think on issues like, climate change, on spending, on, you know, creating a culture of dependence on the federal government, we can help to drive a wedge between senate democrats who are in red states up in 2004, we can drive a wedge between them and focus first on getting back the senate before we go after the presidency. >> rick: doug, what about that? this was a president who called himself a political pragmatist
6:22 pm
and ran as a centrist, the first time around and, even ran that way the second time around. tried to. and he gives in speech on monday, that totally sort of, you know, rips the band-aid off and allows everybody to see him for who he really has been all along. which is, a devoted liberal, a proud liberal, does he help the republicans moving forward? as ron is suggesting? >> anyone who followed the president knows the issues he talked about in the inauguration are the issues he talked about in the first and second campaign and he talked about climate change for some time now and talked about immigration reform and talked about strengthening the middle class. if those are liberal issues i'll take 'em. because i think those are issues that actually -- the most of the country embraced and so if people want to try to paint him as something far left they are painting most of the country as far left. that is where the country is on a host of issues, i'm not saying far left but on the issues he
6:23 pm
put out there. colit supporting a strong middle class and climate change -- those are things he has won twice on. there is nothing new there. >> rick: is there a whi-- white knight for the republican party. people who spoke at the conference who would like to be the savior and we move towards future election cycles? is it bobby jindal? congressman ryan, someone who can turn these things around for the g.o.p.? >> well, i think there are several young leaders that are growing in our party, like the ones you mentioned including marco rubio, that can really help us deliver the message. absolutely and we have 30 governors, right now. we hold 30 states and if we have some of those governors come forward we'll have a great crop to pick from when it comes to nominating their president. >> rick: quickly, final word from you? is there a republican out there, right now, that you think
6:24 pm
democrats would least like to face in a future presidential contest, someone who scares you? >> i'll let them do their nominating but if they point to the governors they have serious issues. rick snyder, rick scott, tom corbett, nikki haley? they are all below 40% approval rating and the only guy in a battle ground state that is actually doing decent is john kasich, and he's at 42%. i'm not sure if the model or people they should follow are their governors, they are having significant problems themselves. >> rick: have to leave it there. thanks and thanks for come in. >> arthel: a michigan mother is fighting to ensure the duty dog who served alongside her son is buried with honors, he was promote to sergeant before retiring from the army and three tours were with army sergeant mccourt. but after developing a serious lung ailment at 13, the dog was
6:25 pm
put down. however the great lakes national cemetery in michigan is denying beurial of the army dog. saying it's not allowed but mccourt's mother is not giving up hope. >> my father's buried there and my grandmother and grandfather are buried there. the beautiful cemetery, an honorable cemetery and, i just feel that mina deserves that as well. >> arthel: for now her remains are secured at an animal hospital in michigan. >> rick: you may need to drop more cash the next time you drop a letter in the mailbox. another increase in the price of stamps goes into effect tomorrow. how much more will you have to pay? >> arthel: new smartphones with new features, hitting the market. so is now the right time for an upgrade? "consumer reports" breaks down the latest models for us. [ man ] i've been out there most of my life.
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>> rick: thanks for spending part of your saturday with us. half past the hour, top stories and get ready for round two. luna is creating dangerous icy travel conditions all over the midwest, possibly bearing down on the northeast, come monday. >> arthel: and d.c.'s mayor leading thousands of people in a march calling for gun control an participants descending on the capital holding signs with names of shooting victims and phrases like gun control, now. >> rick: and your next trip to the post office will cost you a little more than before, starting tomorrow the price of a first class postage stamp increases from 45 cents to 46 cents, get the forever stamps. >> arthel: that's what i do. >> rick: that's what i do, too.
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a group of doctors is calling for immediate action to approve air quality in utah. this as the environmental protection agency designated salt lake city and the surrounding area having the worst air in the country, right now. doctors say even the healthiest people will feel the effects if things don't change soon. dominic denatali is live with more. >> reporter: hey there, rick, the soot in salt lake city is so dense the doctors are calling on officials to declare a public health emergency and are demanding lawmakers protect the citizens saying the health repercussions will be serious, in certain cases. >> some people who are pregnant, right now, are going to miscarry. some women who are pregnant, right now, will develop pre-eclampsia and a few more babies will be born prematurely because of these five days, this
6:32 pm
bad month. >> and the doctors say that those who are seriously sick are at risk of stroke and heart attacks. even those who are fit may get irritation of their sinuses and, the doctors want lawmakers to take immediate but temporary intervention including reducing freeway speed limits to 55 miles per hour and want to make mass transit free so people will stop using vehicles and want to see the largest polluters like the oil refineries cut pollution in half and shut down of small businesses, that burn waste and also, wood burning for the time being and, telecommuting, anding they, it doesn't meet the legal criteria, and they say the government, industry and public can help reduce the hazards. >> the governor's position is there is something we all can do, every individual in utah can do. drive less, take public transit. >> reporter: well, there is no
6:33 pm
sign of cold air that trapped the pollution in the city is moving off any time soon. the weather has to get warmer before the smog finally dispe e disperses. difficult kings salt lake city. >> arthel: millions of americans could get sticker shock tomorrow because retailers in 40 states can start taking up to 4% of your bill to cover credit card and transaction fees. it comes as a result of a class action settlement between some of the largest money guys in the business, we're talking about large retailers, and the big barks. let's talk about what customers should expect bringing in now, a portfolio manage with capitalist pig hedge fund and a regular on cashin' in. >> great to see you. >> arthel: what are these charges, surcharges? what do they cover? tell us more about the class-action lawsuit. >> you can expect to pay anywhere from half a percent, as much as 3-4% more every time you
6:34 pm
swiper credit card starting monday. regulation severely limited the amount of overdraft fees, companies could charge and swipe fees, every time you would swipe your card, the fees have been pay by the merchants and now, they can pass the fees onto consumers and as u, consumers could be paying more every time they use a credit card. some merchants, however, said we will not tack on the fee, and target, ten states outlawed the fees and customers, all customers will not be hurt by this but it makes reading the fine print and being even more certain about what is being charged on your bill, that much more important. >> arthel: and i "heart" target which makes me like it more and target with it not add the surcharge and others are trying to decide if they will do it or not. how is it some retailers can choose to opt out? >> reporter: one thing, they have to disclose it. it will not be a fee tacked on
6:35 pm
the -- secretly. retailers have to disclose this and consumers of course will have to make those choices about whether the product they want to buy is worth -- potentially paying the surcharge on and what you will likely see, thankfully, more competition in the space, but, absolutely, consumers, might opt to pay by cash, check or more likely use a lower or no-fee card. ideally, you will see more competition in the space, and whether it be retailers or credit card companies will say, consumers are stretched and they will not pay an extra 2% every time they use the card. >> arthel: you mentioned maybe -- there may be -- might bring out competition. how so? >> reporter: think about it. the credit card industry is tremendously regulated and became more regulated after the card act a few years ago and that restricted credit for a lot of americans and paypal made
6:36 pm
inroads to gain the business the credit card companies, and, they've called them a built in non monopoly and, they tend to entrench the visas and, discover cards of the world and you will see new competition coming into the space and if customers are paying more and more, and previously didn't have to pay the fee other companies will try to add value to the consumers' experience and lower costs. >> arthel: already we are paying the i high aprs and, people rel on them, people who never used to, are pulling out the plastic and before we go, tell me what would you say is the best advice to help americans negotiate what seems to be the new normal which is more fees? >> i think you should negotiate. and, a credit card is a convenience many of us have gotten used to not paying a thing for and it might be changing in the next couple of
6:37 pm
days, it will be incumbent on consumers not just to read the fine print. and know they are being charged a surcharge, but talk with retailers and credit cards and demand low or no fees when you make the calls. >> arthel: when you do that they always push back and i think, stop using the card and go to another card, possibly -- >> that's a good start. >> arthel: i have to go. >> washington is not doing it. americans have to do it for themselves. >> arthel: they told me, i have to go. nice to talk to you. thank you, jonathan hone ig. >> rick: a city in tennessee, is bringing residents top-notch internet access and trying to lower the top talent in the industry, elizabeth prann has details. >> reporter: cities across the country struggle to create jobs and, in tennessee, they are growing and doing so by leveraging the packet they have the fastest internet speeds in the nation and are doing a
6:38 pm
number of initiatives. geek move, for anyone who moves to the city and takes a tech related job. it chattanooga has a grid of fire optic cable and it is hoping to leverage the fastest internet in the nation into jobs. >> we thought if we could get some -- a whole different range of geeks from different technical backgrounds, to move into our urban neighborhoods there will be a new crop of folks living in chattanooga. >> and business leaders are hosting a summer long competition, every year, calling it the gig-take and teams compete to develop computer applications or build and improve current business plans. past so-called gig tankers created data sharing web sites now being used by scientists and even created language translating applications also being used by businesses. and many companies say the way they are enticing new businesses to come, they say everything can
6:39 pm
be done more quickly and efficiently in the the city. >> number one thing, starting a company. you have to reel in the costs and do as much as cheaply as possible and for us being in chattanooga... >> reporter: now we spoke with a student who said she won the competition last year and is excited to be part of the new emerging technology and says in the next decade we could see it in cities across the u.s. stay tuned, rick. >> rick: all right. thanks so much. >> reporter: thanks. >> rick: new york city mayor michael bloomberg has a new title. the billion dollar philanthropist. his alma mater johns hopkins university in baltimore announcing that he has given it a $350 million donation, that gift means the financial services magnate topped $1 billion in total giving. to the private university. he graduated from there in 1964. the university says $250 million from latest donation goes to a variety of subjects including health care and urban
6:40 pm
revitalization and the remaining $100 million, to need based financial aid for students, awarding bloomberg scholarships. >> arthel: president obama will never give another inaugural address again and how did he do? his second and final time around? we'll analyze his speech and what it may tell us about his new term in raufs. -- in office. [ piano plays ] troy polamalu's going deeper. ♪ and so is head & shoulders deep clean. [ male announcer ] with 7 benefits it goes deep to remove grease, gunk, and flakes. deep. like me. [ male announcer ] ad & shoulders de clean for men. ♪ [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit.
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♪ >> arthepresident barack obama news for defending eb entitlement programs and last weekend you may remember we asked susan estrich about history-making inaugural species and what to expect from the
6:45 pm
president's upcoming address. so, now that it is in the books, what did she think? and did mr. obama's speech give any hint as to how he'll focus his second administration? joining me now, susan estrich, professor of law, political science, at usc and, a fox news contributor. all right, susan, take it away. give us your take on the speech. >> liberal, liberal, liberal. we talk last weak, art, about whether the president would go liberal, go to his base or come in at this moment and time and say we have to unite and bring the people together. we have to work on a bipartisan basis. he didn't say that. what he said instead, the one memorable line i think was the line about equality. from seneca falls to selma to -- what is it... i have it right here. to stonewall the -- gay rights movement. you got it. so, i think we're going to see gait rights, we're going to see immigration reform, we're going
6:46 pm
to see gun control and the way he'll do it is not by trying to cut a deal with john boehner who probably can't cut a deal for all the republicans anyway but by picking up republicans in the house and senate he has the majority he needs. >> arthel: the president made history by being the first president to address gay rights in an inaugural speech but you say that the president has basically not -- figured out how to work the system? but not change it? you have no expectations, that the president will reinvent the wheel in terms of the way things are done in d.c.? >> certainly not reinvent -- you saw the shakeup in his staff and it was the shakeup from within, people from within his inner circle taking somewhat different position and you you saw him go hard liberal in the inaugural address and the recent votes where the president commanded the majority to keep us off the fiscal cliff. not by making a deal with boehner but by picking off
6:47 pm
republicans. so i think he's not going to triangulate. he'll work the system and will be progressive and doesn't stand for re-election again and so, maybe the real barack obama stood up this week, we saw him, we heard him and, that is where he's going. >> arthel: i want to talk about you for a second, susan. your column, latest column, that you write i don't love politics anymore as my mother would say. what is to love? tell me, you say there is a sharp contrast from the days you showed up in washington and became enamored with the place. >> i fell in love with washington as a kid and when i went there, i would pinch myself, there i was in the capitol and the senate floor with great names of my time and had a girlfriend in the carter years who worked in the white house and there was susan estrich in the white house and it was a time i first got there where you could fight all day with republicans and at the end
6:48 pm
of the day, you would -- >> arthel: go have a drink or two. >> you remember. you are younger than me but you remember, that is what politics was like and for a person who cared about policy which i always have, it seems like washington was a place where you could make constructive change without feeling like you needed to take a shower. and now it has gotten so ugly, vindictive and so much a game of gotcha, that i go to washington, d.c. and after 48 hours, i feel like, this is a toxic town. and, all my friends who i speak to, who are in congress and have what you and i would consider great jobs complain to me about how frustrating it is to try to get things done. >> arthel: and hopefully they can get back somehow to the olden days in that regard. for sure because the world is watching, susan estrich... >> of course. >> arthel: always a pleasure to talk to you. >> you, too, art. >> arthel: and, don't forget, you can read her syndicated
6:49 pm
column in newspapers across the country, that is every wednesday, and friday. rick? >> rick: hi. well, new smartphones packing plenty of new features like this brand new one from sony, just introduced recently at the securely electronics show and does a bunch of cool things, we'll learn about, when we come back. "consumer reports" is here to tell us about the new models and show us what they can do. stick around. ♪ [ male announcer ] tenacity plated in chrome. determination covered in mud fight firing on six cylinders. the new ram 1500 with best-in-class fuel economy. guts. glory. ram. motor trend's 2013 truck of the year.
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>> arthel: it may seem like every time you buy a smartphone a new one with flashier features hits the market and it timing could be everything, when it comes to bang for your smartphone bucks. >> rick: "consumer reports" has the new models and mike is here to show us what they can do and you brought new sonys with you. brand new. >> you can't even buy them yet. they are so new and an armed guard is outside making sure i give it back to them. >> rick: what is this here? up on camera. >> the sony experia-ion-z, and it has -- you will see this a lot, a high resolution display, and five inch screen and a lot
6:54 pm
of other features -- oops! >> rick: it is in water! not good. >> mr. sony will get mad at me, maybe not. you see, another thing you see on phones now. this phone has a waterproof barrier. it is some film and seals to keep water out for up to 30 minutes and you will not go skin diving with it but it is great for -- >> rick: that was intentional. just happened to have a bowl on the water, coincidentally. >> no, that is for my corn flakes. >> arthel: that is good. really good. >> this is its cousin and it has a five-inch display and they share high resolution screens and quad core processors which allow the phones to multi-task better and, something else. i mean, both phones do this. you heard about the communication where you can wirelessly people things like music? it is on this phone, here's a
6:55 pm
wireless speaker from sony and i'm playing kelly clarkson as you can see on the phone and all i have to do is touch the phone here, and -- unless it timed out... >> arthel: no. >> i can control it from the phone. you will see a lot of phones, larger speaker systems coming out now and, what they do, use bluetooth to communicate with the speaker but nfc technology fill states facilitates it and it will be available for $100, next month and it will have a zippier name -- >> rick: and you only pair with a sony phone. >> no, there is pat ability and the technology is -- compatibility. and... >> rick: this is a samsung.
6:56 pm
>> galaxy, and it has a five-and-a-half inch screen. high-def and beneath there is a -- yes, i agree. sorry. a great everything. just agree for today. >> rick: and show me quick... >> yes. >> arthel: okay. >> rick: cool. >> stylus, and you can crop photos and tap them and send them out as e-mails or social networks. >> rick: thank you so much, always good to see you, thanks to our friends from sony, too. hope we didn't ruin your phone! the fox report is up next with harris faulkener. >> arthel: nice to see you guys, you can have the phone, mike!
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