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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  January 26, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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this is a fox. tonight, did one state become a prime battle ground for 2014? which party is eyeing the seat of a well-known senator who announced he would not run again . the man who was number two on the republican ticket makes a prediction about president obama's second term. >> and the president implements his agenda, the results will fall short of the rhetoric and they will not be pretty. the president will bait us and portray us as cruel can unyielding. >> paul ryan and the reemerging republican party sending a message x. why they
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say the future looks bright for the gop despite the critics. also, he had a six-day head start before anyone knew he was gone. now the fugitive who simply walked out of jail using an elaborate scheme to escape. new fall out after a school district punished a fifth grader after bringing a paper gun to school . was it all a misunderstanding that went too far? we report you decide. >> i am harris faulkner. we begin with a come back chorus with the grand old party. paul ryan joining republicans and sharing their vision . stay united and stay focused on true conservative principles. ryan speaking today warning that president obama will try
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to villanize congressional republicans to achieve his goal and down played the republican party's imminent down fall . instead ryan pointing out why he believes that the gop is poised for a rebound. >> we can't get rattled. we will not play the villian in his morality plays. we have to stay united and we have to show that if given the chance, we can govern. we have better ideas. >> you know, the fact is, that we are not in the wilderness. republicans control the house and most state houses. >> molly live with us tonight. molly, congressman ryan said that republicans will have a stronger argument in the president's second term, why >> because he said that now republicans can show voters what actually happens when the president's agenda is
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implemented. >> in the president's first term we argued against big government in theory n second term, we'll argue about big government in practice it is not a bill. it is 13,000 pages of regulation and growing and implemented. this year the law will restrict our ability to use flexibility pending account . restrict life saving devices. >> paul ryan said republicans should be prepared for the president to delejet myself them and urged them to be smart in the battles they pick. >> molly as we watch the news unfold on saturday, it was obvious that ryan is not the only person talking about this. is this a broader gop reset? >> the republicans are finding their voice and the party is doing soul searching.
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governor jindle said earlier this week that the gop needs to put forth a clearer economic message. >> we must not be the party that protects the well off. we have to show all americans how to drive and the party that helps the middle class and helps the folks join the muddle class. we are a populas party. >> and more on the question from congressman rhine who said that republicans need to convince the country to change course to avoid a debt crisis. harris. >> molly, reporting tonight. interesting timing for a possible gop resurance. as a key senate seat opened up in a state that republicans look to gain ground. five-term iowa senator harkin will not run again. he would be in his 80s he rain
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and at ed for a six year term. senator harkin has helped to craft mar quee laws including the 1990 americans with disabilities act and big sales person for the obama care . the president acting and said he fought passionately to improve life for families and insure that every american has acess to health care. harkin is the third powerful senator to announce his retirement. long time republican senator chambliss will not seek a third term . jay rockefeller of west virginia announced he is finished after five terms. five-terps in the senate and harkin is the junior senator from iowa. republican chuck grassley
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outranks him having held the seat since 1980. >> fox extreme weather alert. millions of americans in states with dangerously cold temperatures. they have been in the freeze zone for days now. look at the colors there. purple and pink and a little bit of light pink where it is extreme. arctic air stretching from the midwest to the northeast. people are trying to stay warm and safe now on the heels of the frigid air . a winter storm system working its way in the midwest and bringing sleet and snow . problem for travel as you know . winter weather already causing problems this weekend. drivers in north carolina have a lot to deal with right now. >> they are in front of us. >> it is bumper to bumper. >> no is one thing and ice you can't drive in it at all. >> difficult to negotiate on ice. >> on the avenue of americas
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right in the middle of new york city. wind chyles - chilse are piercing. >> feels like a heat wave because it is 24 or 25 degrees. it was in the teens earlier this week. folks in the northeast are feeng it more than normal it is a relatively mild winter for folks. boy is it cold outside. folks grabbing their hats and scrarves and globes and puffy coats and bracing for the temperatures that are 10-15 degrees colder than it has been. arctic air is deadly for the homeless population. we see numerous shementers popping up shelters already in place adding new beds. contractors in new jersey are not taking chances and monitoring the streets and putting down salt on the
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13,000 miles of highway to keep people safe. black ice making it treacherous . causing folks to take tumbles. patients from emergency rooms from falling on snow and ice. >> usual day it is one or two or three at most. today we are 10 times that number or more . associated with significant injuries. >> and the deep freeze started in the midwest before spreading east and factoring in the wind chills . temperatures plummeted to negative 15 degrees in midwest and northern new england. minnesota had the first day . wind chill as always and windy mount washington new hampshire hit more than minus 70 degrees. harris, a bit of good news for you. old man winter's arctic grip will loosen for most of the country. back to you. >> 50 below zero.
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>> i can't even imagine. >> i have lived in that part of the country. anathank you. >> and the dangerous weather system is on the move. winter weather advisories coming in affect and all the way through monday. we'll get a detailed look a little bit later. >> right now, a rogue nation possesses the most dangerous weapons on the planet and growing worries about whether or not they are getting ready to test them after threatening the united states. the latest satellite pictures taken over north korea are fueling concerns deadly riots in the streets of one of our allies . here's not a guy to run into on the streets. fugitive is on the loose . while they hunt for him. we'll learn how he walked out of the jailed door. stay close. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪
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>> when you look at the newest satellite imagery of north korea scientist want us to know that that is proof that the nation is closer to testing a nuke. it would be the third time according to a u.s. research institute citing the photographs in the site where north korea held testing in 2006 and 9. the north korea is building rockets to target a sworn enemy, the united states . threatened our friends in the south and calling for an all out war in south korea that. is in response to the united nations that tightened the sanctions against the north and condemned their rocket launch. the north will not say when the next nuclear test would happen but analyst say it could take place on court notice. the u.s. military stationed bey i troop in south korea.
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>> a manhunt for a inmate who walked out of jail and got a good head start. no one knew he was missing for six days. ron savage of our fox affiliate in detroit has the story. >> the manhunt is on after his escape from the wayne county jail. rocky mar questions - marquez is clef yer dangerous. they switched identities according to the u.s. marshalls and marquez walked out with inmates scheduled for release. after eight months on the run he was arrested in metro detroit. he was found hiding out in a home in detroit. he has family members in detroit. he was wanted for jail escape and fraud and forgery and witness tamper misconduct involving withins and perjury
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and driving under the influ yence failure to stop. the u.s. deputy marshall rivera confirmed for me that his prelimary information is rocky marquez pulled the same stunt in detroit as in phoenix. he switched identities with another inmate and the wayne county deputies aloud him to walk out of the doors with other inmates. you need to order extra eggs for the faces of the jail staff. no one at the jail knew he was gone until 4:30 friday afternoon. that is six days after his escape. all of the information, regarding his escape in detroit coming from the u.s. marshalls out of phoenix. >> we should tell you that the sheriff in charge of the jail since said in an interview they reviewed what happened and have a clear idea of how that prisoner got out and that
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was ron savage of fox affiliate reporting. police are releasing new information in the murder of a connecticut man who died visiting florida on business. his body, fren year old jay harper was found not far from his hotel in deerfield beach. there is a person of interest. they are not call a suspect. but harper was talking to this man here before he disappeared. harper's family hopes that this person will come forward. >> for everyone who loved him, get it off your chest. >> and here again is the picture of the person of interest. if you have information, call broward county crime stoppers, with the number on the screen. 954-5 -- 493--tips. >> they have launched cyber attacks. but a new word that a shadowy
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group targeted i site. it could be personal. how would you react if a little girl brought a gun to school. she's keeping her daughter out of school after officials searched and scolded the guy. the gun was paper and tonight, the school district is defending its decision. ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing e all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit.
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an american ally in turmoil. with new righting in egypt, that country marking the second year since they tossed out the dictatorgs. they are angry because the judge sentenced 21 soccer fans to be put to death for their
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involvement in a deadly melee. the roy on thing fueling the chaos with the police taking on violent protesting in the streets. the f.b.i. ising after a government website got hacked. the department of sentencing. anonymous is taking responsibility . they are threatening to disclose secret information that was hijacked from other websites. they are avenging the suicide of thar republican swartz. friend and relatives said the government hounded him for posting government reportos line. >> new concerns and call for immediate action. salt lake city has a toxic air problem. the amount of soot in the air is three times the federal clean air limits. doctors say it is dangerous and can cause lung problems
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and they want authority to do something about it they are following the story now. dominic. >> it is alarming call from the doctors warning of severe health repercutions for the public. a weather condition has left a ca of cold air over the city and trapping in all of the polushion. doctors are pleading with the authority to declare a public health emergency because the illnesses that the public face being be fatal. >> women that are pregnant right now will miscarry. some wome will develop preclamsyia and a few more babies will be born prematurely because of the five-days this bad month. >> you don't have to be pregnant or old and sick. fit people can develop problems if it lasts much longer. >> the governor's office said
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the smog hasn't crossed the legal limit yet but there are tempering measures to be taken. >> the governor's position, it is something we all can do and every utahian can do. drive less and take public transit. >> now those stats are among others urged by the physicians including no outdoor exercise and reducing freeway speed limits and making mass transit free so that people use vehicles less. >> it is a very divergent reaction. government saying one thing and the doctors saying the other. for real utah people. what do they need to know to keep safe. >> what is worrying is what people are saying can happen. 2000 people die a year from pollution in utah. it penetrates and shortens the life expectancy . what they want people to do.
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stay inside and don't use their cars so much and try to think of ways to either escape that bad air or reduce the bad r that they put out with the vehicles and just the emissions and houses and businesses as well and try to bringg it down until the weather changings. >> whether or not you agree, at least you are keeping yourself safe in the interim. dominic, thank you very much. >> frigid temperatures are part of the problem with the weather. a serious storm system working way in the country. we are track next . turning a liquor store in a drive through. what led to a frightening scene and what happened to the woman behind the wheel . what led nba super star lebron to hug it out, hug it out on the court. we'll tell you.
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morning, boys. so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, nobody keeps you on the road like progressive commercial auto. [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> at least six women killed in a fire while they were working it is our top story as we go around the world in 80 second says. bangladesh. that fire breaking out in a garment factory in the country's capitol. there was a stampede to get out of the building when the flames broke out. this happened just a few months after a fire in another factory nearby that killed 100
7:29 pm
people. india, flames sweeping through a shanty town. people forced to run for their lives and others seen pouring water on their dwellings trying to save their belongings. fire regulations are lax in india and hardly every imelemented or reviewed. australia, three tornados striking the queens land coastal town. windows were shattering and it was insane. 17 people were injured and homes and buildings were damage flood waters causing problems and high tide expected to make it worse tomorrow. pakistan, $30 million worth of seized drugs destroyed. heroin, and cash and chewing tobacco . cases of beer smashed to pieces along with hundreds of bottles of alcohol. pakistan is declared a drug
7:30 pm
free country for 133 - 13 years now. >> i am harris faulkner. it is the fox report. one police officer died and two more seriously hurt after someone opened fire as they were responding to a house fire in southern louisiana, two surviving police officers are in critical condition at this hour. police say they have a suspect in custody. long-time iowa senator to harkin calling it quits. when his fifth term ends harkin will not seek reelection. he is one of three senators to announce retirement . georgia senator chambliss and west virginia senator jay rockefeller not seeking another term . saying goodbye to baseball legend stan newfield. his funeral in st. louis, missouri. he played 22 seasons in the majors all in st. louis.
7:31 pm
cardinals calling him the heart and soul of the fran and of the city he loved so much. he was 92. >> fresh faces about the key posts inside of the obama administration. president obama nominating candidates including john kerry for secretary of state and chuck hagel for defense secretary. but with all of the choices, questions of will they sail through congress, peter? >> harris, this week president obama's nominees to be the next secretary of state john kerry was received well by democrats and republicans. >> i commend the nom to you without reservation. >> he will be a terrific bridge from the hill to administration. >> senator kerry's support in the senate is not expected to dwindle . so he's likely to be the next secretary of state. but hand capping the odds of
7:32 pm
the other nominees for important position is tricky like richard corda for the consumer of the financial bureau. >> after the senate refused to allow him a up or down vote i appointed him on my own. that expires in the end of this year and president obama renominated cordray this week . senators wrote letters opposing the nomination and the senator said this week. until key structural changes are made to the bureau to insure accountabiity or transparency i will continue my opposition to any nominee for director. john bren ontobe cia director and chuck hagel to be defense secretary could be bumpy. they have made the rounds trying to convince senators that they are each capable of fulfilling the national
7:33 pm
security posts for the next four years. >> sharp words about chuck hagel and his nomination for defense secretary. chuck inhoff called hagel the wrong man for a job. senator inhoff points to list of serious concerns among them hagel's position on iran saying hush urged the bush administration to support iran in the world trade. he directeds with iran . threaten the security of israel. inhoff said hagel would push the plan to cut the size of our military. now the trouble in mali. bum pumadministration is seeking 32 million to train african troops to fight the extremist holds up there.
7:34 pm
weighing to provide air tankers to the french fighter jets. they are already helping by transporting french troops and equipment. france has 23,000 sold yerse there and wants the african nations to take the lead. it is a significant development in the battle al-qaida extremist. a look now in the ongoing civil war in sir yampt the united nations estimating willy i people have died since the uprising and reports that 200,000 syrian refugeeses are living in jordan. thousands more leave syria every day. the assad regime offering to let them return as part of a reconciliation plan. remember his military slaughtered people over there. here is more from jordan. this is the front line of the
7:35 pm
syria refugees crisis. we are standing in jordan, looking into syria. you can see the villages under fire every single day. dozens of shells landed today . there are thousands of refugees who make the dangerous journey down the forbidden hill to safety. >> jordanian soldiers bring them to the operating base turned refugeesing sight. 50 to a truck. it is almost exclusively women and children. the feeling of despair once people arrive in the sprawling refugees camp. each one of these tents represent a family to give up their home to have a tent. the rarp is tarp and floor is dirt and the ditches are the indoor plumping. if i stay here there will be no man to defend our homeland.
7:36 pm
i have to go fight. his father died in the fighting and he brought his mother and cousin . at 14, he won't go to the battlefield but showed me his cell phone of his father who died for a free syria. there will be more martyrs as the jordanian military commander pointed out where the syria artillery takes pot shots at refugees trying to escape. thank you for that. we'll move back to the united states. chattanooga, tennessee has a smart idea on how to get the economy growing there. hire the best and brightest minds of technology and lure them with them. holding a competition and putting up a mart grid that sends out super fast high speed internet. here is more from atlanta. i hear business leaderships
7:37 pm
paying big money for people to move there. >> businesses and nonprofits are contributing to a number of initiatives and harris, so-called geeks are moving to chattanooga. >> as other cities struggle to create jobs and prosper, chattanooga, tennessee has a plan to grope th economy at the speed of light. >> our internet is litterally hundred times faster than the national average. >> there is a square mile grid of cable. fastest internet in the nation and it is called the gig and they are hoping to leverage it into jobbings. >> no other city has it on the level we have it and so that is a big recruiting tool. >> the city is luring business and residents. first the geek move. a generous relocation package for anyone who moves to the city and takes a tech-related job. incentive to get geeky folk to
7:38 pm
come to 10; arey i for a mortage down payment and 1200 in moving costs. business leaders host a summer long kochitition called the gig tank. teeps compete to get new and improved computer application and build improved business plans and using the fast business speed. >> effort to bring entrepreneur and students to chattanooga and explore the possibility of what we do with this stuff. >> we are seeing other people take interest. can an city has a pilot program. this fast internet speed could be headed your way. >> you get the award for saying geek the most time in a report. this is using good old-fashioned imagination to get a job. who is paying for this. >> geek move is sponsored by the linnhurst foundation that is a nonprofit.
7:39 pm
the geek tank is sponsored by not only local but national business. it is great network a great opportunity for upstarts to begin . businesses are eager to jumpp n harris? >> elizabeth, good to see you, thank you. >> former child actor, charlie brown, is speaking in his own voice these days and for the first time since being arrested on suspicion of stalking. we'll hear from him next. >> and what she really wanted was room service in the hotel and instead we get cattle in the lobby. here is a story here, i promise. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪ ♪ with tasty grilled flavor and goodness to savor ♪ ♪ friskies grillers blend.
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>> voices on both sides of the gun control
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the former child voice actor behind charlie brown speaking out for the first time since his arrest. he was arrested on a warrant. robins repeatedlyy threatened his ex-girlfriend and son by phone stalking and calling them thren types a day. prosecutor said he threatened his ex's plastic surgeon following an operation he paid for. he was angry with the results. in a jailhouse interview robins apologized for what he called a nervous break down. >> i was in mexico. i said guess where i am. i was outside of your window . i apologize tried to prove a point and did it badly and i apologized to shauna for making her. >> wow. it doesn't sound like charlie
7:45 pm
brown, thank goodness. >> a bail hearing set for monday. he was charged with felony threat and stalking. if convicted he faces nine years in prison. >> glass goes fly lives put in danger as a car barrels in a liquor store. texas, an eldarely san antonio woman behind the wheel as her red car rolled through the parking lot and straight through the front door. the woman is okay . amazingly so it the manager who narrowly missed being run over it destroyed a thousand worth of alcohol. the woman suffer arthritis that led to the crash. >> michigan, four policemen on the wrong side of the law. prosecutor said the officer asked for bribe all while in
7:46 pm
uniform. the cocaine was not real. but the officers face federal corruption charges and up to 55 year in prison. illinois, a nine-year-old girl called a hero for saving her mom's life. when she went in diabetes shock driving home from a basketball game. young alex sprang in action. i turned off the key because we were about to hit the tree and i kept my hand on it and i didn't want to try to get it back on. the mother woman up safe in the back of the ambulance. alex school honoring her with a day off and to go shopping with mom. >> colcom, annual champion steer competition lined up for the show in the lobby of a fancy hotel. the brown palace hosted the cattle every year.
7:47 pm
i don't want to know what it looks like when they leave. >> tonight, a school district is responding to a story that is caught national attention. a fifth grader was humiliate searched in front of her classmates all because of a paper gun and she hasn't been back to scoot will. my daughter is crying and saying i am having nightmares djibouti, africa, 2004. the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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>> the philadelphia city school district is defending itself amidst controversy of a fifth grader. child brought a paper gun to control. she was telling classmates she
7:51 pm
had a gun on her. the school was right to question her and search her belongings in front of all of the students. melony said it was folded in a gun and took it out to throww it away. she's very upset how she was treated by the school officials. >> they yelled at me and i shouldn't have never brought a gun and i told him it was a paper gun and he was not listening. melody's mother said the district is gone too far and now having her home schooled. for more go to fox this week markings 40 years since the supreme court legalized abortion in this country. the stigma and consequences continue to haunt a termination of a pregnancy. lauren green with the story.
7:52 pm
women are petrified . ashame scared that their secret will come out. here they will not surrender the secret. it is about women in a bible study trying to recover from the guilt they feel after having an abortion. it is the ever increasing vitriol of roe versus wade. >> no connendation in christ. >> they hope to heal her emotional wounds. >> i think ultimately i would like to convince women to make a different choice. if a woman is going to make it. make it fully inform know there will be a consequence and a price that is paid and it is huge. >> i realized there were so many women living with a secret and they felt alone and
7:53 pm
no one else was going through it >> according to the institute on sexual and reproductative think tank nearly half of all pregnancy are unintended and four out of 10 of those end in abortion . they hope telling their stories to the world it will bring a different understanding to a different issue. >> it is not something you wear as a badge and like saying i used to smoke when i was a teenager. jane delainey never had children, a conscious decision. >> it was self reservation. i felt i didn't deserve happiness or deserve to have more children and all of that changed when i went through the first bible study. >> producers hope to reproduce the study in another city next season. >> and the miracle on ice. remember that. when young american hockey players beat the unbeatable
7:54 pm
russian team . now you can own a piece of olympics history. we'll tell you how. miami heat superstar lebron james embracing victory with a guy who has a knack of working outside of the paint. ♪ aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup
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prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonderhat other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. >> vict torin the australian open. as she was beaten in the last two sets. what is interesting about this is what happened before. this win comes after the controversial match. just a couple of nights again. azarenka was down against oan stevens and called a 10 minute medical time out. that breather gave her time to
7:58 pm
get her strength and come back and beat sloan. it is all over now. they are celebrating in australia and set off the fireworks. tonight the men face off. we will watch the final 3:30 in the morning eastern time. you could watch greg first in red eye and stay up watch that. they are on different channels as you know. miami heat fan hits the shot of his life. half court basket worth $75,000. >> $75,000. all right, mike. here we go. >> and we hear. clutch. nothing putting it it. i don't know if he said that. he is 50 years old and computer technician and sending that crowd in laugh
7:59 pm
yer clap basketball superstar lebron james hug out. good for him. $75,000. it is one of the greatest games in all of sports. winter 1980 olympicses . team usa captain michael scored the winning goal and auction off the jers yehockey stick. experts say the jersey could fetch more than one million . worth every penny. recap of the top stories. former vice-president candidate paul ryan speaking optmistically about the republican prty . gop must be prepared for the president to delegitimize them. on the weather. a storm expected to bring freezing rain and snow in the


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