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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  January 27, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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great week and we'll see you next fox news sunday. ♪ >> this is a fox report. tonight, congressman paul ryan speaking out on speculation about 2016, what he said today about a white house run with his name at the top of the ticket. and convicted for being christian, for an american pastor locked up in iran and the father of two facing what is known as the hanging judge. now we know his fate. hunted for doing god's work, thrown in a notorious prison for months by one of the most brutal regimes on earth, only to receive a judgment not based on justice, but on fiction. in minutes, new reaction from
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the people fight to go win his freedom. what comes next? and she left on what was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. and never came back. she's a mom, a wife, and now her family travelling a half world away to find answers. >> and we've been married over 14 years and my love for her is deeper than i've ever had for any other individual. >> fox report, the mission to bring her home. >> and will that be credit or debit? how you choose to pay could cost you more at checkout. i'm harris falkner, we begin tonight with an american pastor being held prisoner for months now in iran. convicted for being christian. his fate decided by the man whom iranians call the hanging judge. eight years in that country's most dangerous and notorious
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prison. 34-year-old saeed abideedinabeds been locked up since september, he denied the charges not made public until last week and says he simply went to iran to set up 0 orphana orphanage. we condemn the continued violation of the universal right of freedom of religion and we call on the iranian authorities to respect mr. abedini's human rights and release him. there's a war of words over the controversial nuclear program and the rogue nation vowing to continue the research that they claim is for peaceful purposes. and holding war games as a warning to the rest of the world. and shannon bream has the latest from washington.
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>> reporter: family and friends of pastor abedini has now become a matter of life and death. an eight years sentence in one of iran's most brutal prisons. abedini born in iran, but has american citizenship was doing work with an orphanage, according to the group trying to get his release. he had a warning because of his work with christian houses in iran and the lcj has been representing the family and the pastor recently sent a disturbing letter from jail. >> first, that they pass out pain medication toss prisoners there every day and second they won't give that to them because the nurse for the hospital for national security criminals, says he's the not clean, and there's a caste system. >> his wife says, with today's development i am devastated for my husband and my family, we must now pursue every effort, turn every rock and
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not stop until saeed is safely on american soil. the white house and state department have publicly condemned the treatment of pastor abedini and following the sentencing today, national security council says we're deeply disappointed that he's been sentence today eight years in prison in iran on a charge related to his religious beliefs, we condemn iran's violation of universal right of freedom of religion and we call on the iranian authorities to release mr. abedini. >> the pastors supporters say he's been beaten and there are serious questions about his medical condition. >> harris: thank you. americans have been held captive in iran before. as you recall the iranian hostage crisis in 1979. a group stormed the american embassy in tehran at the height of the iranian revolution, and americans were held hostage for 44 days.
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in 2007, robert levinson, an american private investigator disappeared on an iranian island. and iranians deny knowledge of what happened to him, but some say they're behind the disappearance. in 2009 regime sentenced roxanna savari to prison, and she went on hunger strike and eventually released. also that same year, three american hikers were arrested near the border with iraq, and charged with espionage. one of the prisoners freed in 2010, the other two released in 2011 after their families paid a million dollars. coming up inside the fox report, the attorney for pastor abedini's family will join us here live at the bottom of the hour. well, a lot of reaction, new reaction on this sunday after the pentagon lifted the ban on women in combat. defense secretary leon pa net
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making that announcement last week opening up thousands of front lines and potentially elite commando job opportunities to women in the military. our steve centanni is live with the news tonight in washington. steve, what is the argument against women serving in combat. >> well, people say it could lead to problems with unit cohesion and combat readiness, but with the stroke of a pen last week, as you mentioned, harris, outgoing panetta made it official, women can serve with men on the front lines. and some argue, there's a basic question of physical strength in combat situations. when women are put in those kind of demanding roles, they begin to break down. there's difference in the the physicality of women and men. they're not in the nfl. olympic athletes compete by gender. >> reporter: others claim women suffer more combat casuals and illnesses as men and pregnancy could be an
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issue as well, harris. >> harris: who are the supporters of women in combat? >> well, it's people like senator john mccain, a vietnam veteran himself and member of the ranking armed services committee. here is what he had to say. >> i think women are obviously are prepared to serve side by side with men in combat. i just want to emphasize though, there should be the same physical and mental standards for anyone to perform certain roles and functions in the military. >> reporter: and many women say it's a question of equal rights as well, since serving in combat allows the soldiers to advance through the ranks farther and faster. >> harris: steve centanni reporting live from washington. thank you very much. >> reporter: you bet. >> harris: for the seconds time in two days we're hearing from former republican vice-presidential nominee wisconsin congressman paul ryan. hours ago, congressman ryan questioned president obama's economic strategy and called for a serious down payment on reducing our nation's ballooning debt. he was also asked about his
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thoughts on a possible presidential run atop the ticket in 2016 and he had an answer. >> i think it's premature. i've got an important job to do. i represent wisconsin, i'm chairman of the budget committee at the time we have a fiscal crisis. i think i can do my job representing the people i work for by focusing on that right now than focusing on these distant things. >> harris: last night on the fox report we showed you the congressman sounding off on the future of the republican party at an event in washington. his message positive and upbeat, telling his fellow conservatives to stay unified and focused on their core principles. an american woman missing and the search is on. we're learning her life may be in danger, she's a mom of two children from new york city. and as far as anybody knows she vanished without a trace in turkey. 33-year-old sierra was on a vacation by herself. she left new york for istanbul on january 7th, but never made it it it back home.
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her family last heard from her the day she was supposed to leave. >> i called united airlines and when she hadn't showed up in the airport and they stated that she didn't -- she didn't board the flight. >> you don't know what to think. you don't know what to believe. you don't know what to expect what's going on come out of this. >> police found her clothing and passport in her hotel room. her family fears the worst as you might imagine and now we understand members of the family are headed to turkey to try to find her. anna kooiman spoke with some of the family members a short time ago. >> they're in pieces here, the last time anyone saw her was monday into the leaving her istanbul hostile for dinner and her house steven it wills me the u.s. embassy is now involved in the investigation and he's headed to turkey tonight to meet with u.s. officials as well as local authorities there. her brother, david is making the trip, too. >> this is all so surreal, so,
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i don't know what to expect. i don't know, you know, what we're getting into. all i know is what i'm hoping and i want to hold on to that help when i find my wife, you know, i'm bringing her home. >> and family members say sierra is a photographer and went to turkey to take pictures and to soak up the culture there. she would skype with her nine and 11-year-old boys daily and send text messages to family and friends. and the last one was to her sister, that was monday morning. sierra was originally planning to come home tuesday, january the 25th, but she missed her family and pushed her flight up to the 22nd, and when steven went to the airport to pick her up, harris, she never showed up. >> harris: and what are authorities in turkey doing to help find her? >> turkish police telling the family they're checking local urgent care centers and precincts and posted pictures of her around the area where she vanished. they remain optimistic about
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finding her and family members are trying to stay positive as we well. >> i'm going through a lot. it's very challenging, not just myself, my whole family. you know, you don't have an appetite, you know, you can't even sleep, you wake up crying. you know, your mind is all over the place. but even still, you know, despite all that, you have a hope, you know, and you hold ton that hope. >> reporter: crossing our fingers for him. steven sierra it will me the kids are staying with family while he is in turkey and he's hoping that they don't know their mother is missing, they know something is wrong because they haven't spoken to her, but trying to keep them entertained and hoping for the best. >> harris: that's so hard because they had been in contact with her. >> daily. >> harris: and anticipating that she's going to be okay. i reached out to congressman grimm's office a short time ago and received a start regarding the story, we're
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troubled by the facts surrounding mrs. sierra's disappearance and my office has been working around the clock to locate her and return her home safely to her family and remain in constant contact with the officials in the u.s. and istanbul and urge they will to use all available resources to find miss sierra, end quote and told by congressman grimm's office that these officials are coordinating now a full scale investigation to locate her. we'll let now what happens with that. and right now, we are getting breaking news of a plane crash into the hudson river just outside our studios here in manhattan. the details just coming into our news room. we're learning about this and we'll fill you in on the other side of the commercial break. also, nothing, but heart breaking work ahead for first responders at a nightclub. investigators trying to determine what set off an inferno inside that building. meanwhile, we are learning about all the people who could just not make it through the one door, the only way to exit
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>> just in, a small plane has crashed into the hudson river. reports say the plane went down into the water off yonkers, i said originally before the commercial break it was near midtown, we're learning as the facts went into story, it went into the water 25 miles north of new york city. the u.s. coast guard and yonkers police went on a quick rescue with the two people on board and the pair were equipped with flotation devices and were not hurt. and the same rivers so-called miracle on the hudson, the u.s. airways plane landed after hitting a flock of geese
7:17 pm
and all survived thanks to the cool headed maneuvering of coolheaded pilot chesley sullenburger. >> and in brazil the number has been changing, but at least 233 people have died inside a nightclub there. police say most of the victims suffocated. others were trampled, trying to escape the "the kiss" nightclub in santa maria, a university town in southern brazil. workers say a flare or firework lit by a band member may have ignited the thing and one way out and the thick smoke, finding the exit was impossible and those who did reach the doorway couldn't get out, it was partially blocked, we're told by the bodies of people who succumbed to the smoke and firefighters had a hard time getting in. grn reporter andrew downey is joining us from sa ocho palo,
7:18 pm
brazil. >> thanks for being with us tonight. reports say the club was packed. what did firefighters face when they got there? >> well, i think once they got there most of the damage had been done and because the fire spread so quickly, as you said, a fire went onto the roof and started on the roof because of the-- and caused a lot of people were trampled. most of the damage was done by asphyxiation, and officials have now removed the bodies and named most of the 233 victims and close to 100 people in hospitals treated for injuries, some of them seriously. >> harris: wow. i know i had mentioned to our viewers that this is a college town. i would imagine that it some of these people might have even been students. what can you tell bus that nightclub? is it a pretty special place? why was it so packed? >> well, it was one of the biggest nightclubs in santa maria and popular with students as you said. santa maria has a population,
7:19 pm
270,000 people and one in ten study at one of the local universities and last night the club had organized a lot of different parties for the faculties in the area and most of the kids there were students. also, this is carnival time in brazil and carnival starts next month, celebrations and there are people getting ready for carnivale next month. >> harris: a time for celebration, and look at it now. so what happens next with the investigation? >> well, questions are being asked about the security issues and whether the club had done all it could. as you said, was there only one emergency exit? that needs to be checked out. was that exit big enough for so many people to get out, another question that people are asking and did the club have the necessary security? that's another issue that's been addressed and one final question, where are some of the people in the club stopped from leaving? that seems to be an issue with the first people who tried to
7:20 pm
get out and because the security thought they were trying to escape without paying. and police have already interviewed many of the survivors, and some of the owners of the club and will continue to do that tomorrow. >> andrew downey joining us from grn. we appreciate it very much. temperatures have been down right frigid for people across the midwest and northeast for days now and setting the scene for a winter storm on the move right now. it's already in the mid section of the country. with some of the warm-up right behind it and you think that might be good news, but maybe not. why the higher temperatures could bring dangerous weather of their own. also, before this advertising banner got caught in the wires you see there, it was being pulled by a plane. and that meant problems for thousands of people on the ground. we'll tell you about it. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪ ♪ with tasty grilled flavor and goodness to savor ♪ ♪ friskies grillers blend.
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>> egypt's president took the airwaves in an effort to stop the wave of deadly violence in a teleadvised address to the nation, mohammed morsi declared a 30 day emergency, imposing a curfew over the provinces, and at least 50 people have died, most of them in the city of port saeed. and the violence began on friday, after a court sentenced 21 defendants to death for their roles in the deadly brawl that happened after a soccer match last year. president morsi says he will take more action if the brutal protests don't stop. >> fox weather alert. a widespread winter storm is pounding the midwest and great lakes at this hour, freezing rain and sleet and snow falling now. meteorologist maria molina is
7:25 pm
in the fox weather center with the latest. >> that's right, we're looking at dangerous weather across the areas of the midwest, great lakes and eventually actually into the northeast as we head into tomorrow just in time for your monday morning commute and we're talking about ice accumulation possible from the freezing rain and we're seeing reports across places in the midwest of trees coming down because of-- or tree branches coming down because of this ice accumulating out there. could be half a mch of ice in some areas and we do have freezing rain advisories in effect and winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings, not just freezing rain, but a couple of inches of snowfall accumulation and as far as the snow right now. the freezing rain and area shaded in pink through pourings of oh pourings-- portions of ohio and as far as snow goes, generally less than six inches, good news across the area and michigan, off to wisconsin not too much snow, but worse to see the icing across the roads out there.
7:26 pm
by monday again, seeing the system pushing through the mid atlantic and also into the northeast, behind the storm we're expecting another round of more rain and even more winter weather, but something to note, behind the storm we will see a significant warm-up with temperatures possibly into the 60's by tuesday in chicago and in new york city, upper 40's tuesday and possibly 60 by wednesday. >> wow. i guess that is kind of be careful what you wish for, because i understand that there are now serious concerns what the warmer temperatures could bring. >> yes, so the problem-- the good news we have the warm temperatures for many people, but when that warm air interacts with the cold air that's left behind you're talking about severe weather possible across a big chunk of the country as we head into your tuesday across places in texas and illinois and by wednesday, harris, more severe weather across the eastern part of the country isolated tornados possible and damaging wind gusts and even large sized hail. >> harris: maria molina from the fox weather center, thanks very much. >> a fight to free an american
7:27 pm
pastor held captive in iran far from over, despite the brutal sentence the judge just handed down. the attorney who represents the family will join us live inside the fox report, i'll ask him what lies ahead for saeed abedini? what are his chances for freedom at this point. nobody likes fees, and when they ask you, credit or debit, how you answer will determine if there's a little extra money you have to pay. [ indistinct conversations ]
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fixodent, and forget it. >> i am he'-- i'm harris falkner, the bottom of the hour time for the top of the news. a pastor convicted for being christian, an iranian judge known as the hanging judge, sentenced pastor saeed abedini to eight years in iran's most dangerous prison. this is sudden. he'd only been charged last week. the news a crippling blow to his family, as you might imagine. they've been trying to win his freedom. and joining us is juniordan
7:32 pm
sekul sekulow. and afraid to say it, is this a death sentence for this pastor? >> i've said it earlier and it will be if we don't keep working, if we don't keep speaking out and telling his story, iran is extremely dehe fient here and wanted to highlight something just to make at that clear, usually when they go after everybody if there's a christian or a convert, they don't say that, but the iranian state media today in that courtroom, this other surprise trial where they announced his sentence and conviction and sentence in less than a week, as you said. they put in their own article. i mean, we sent it out in farsi and they say his crime, what he was convicted of, was attempt-- intentional attempt to undermine the national security of the iranian government by being involved in house churches from 2001-2005, this is really old information as well. he's been back nine times, more than that since 2005. so, again, shocking to him. shocking to the family, but we
7:33 pm
knew there would be some sort of conviction at some point, and we just wish this lawyer had at least some information. he's shocked as well. >> where is the pastor tonight? >> the pastor is in a new ward of the prison, one of the toughest prisons in the world and especially inside of iran. people don't survive there. i keep telling the story in october, there was a blogger arrested a political blogger, by the way pastor saeed not involved this politics, not an incident, not trying to make a story, he was there to get bureaucratic signoff, follow the rules on his orphanage, we've talked about that before on fox. a blogger arrested and he was ted on the third. and the pastor, if he survives, that prison is a miracle in itself. and harris, they won't give it to him, he's unclean, a
7:34 pm
christian, won't give him pain medicine. >> harris: and i want to cut in and cover more ground and go there, how they have harmed him. you talk about pain medicine. he actually, as far as you know, really needs it? >> he's been beaten and tortured. he's been very clear, he was brave and able to dictate a letter to one of the family members during a visitation, a few weeks ago, when he made it very clear, how bad the suffering was. it's the classic torture and imagine if you're him now tonight, you're thinking, well, it's not just four months now i've got to do eight years and he knows iran, he was born there. in iran, eight years becomes 16 years very quickly and so they beat him one day, treat him nice the one day, tell him he's going to hang one day. it's really bad abuse and people get killed. you know, we didn't highlight that as much until today because we wanted to, you know, remain strong, but i think people need to know, eight years very serious,
7:35 pm
beatings, unconsciousness, the list goes on. >> harris: all right. man, so tough to hear this, jordan. can you or his family? can anybody see him and let them get messages to them to let him know he cares. >> the family confirmed his location, and the attorney did see him today, but the attorney had no idea he was walking into court and it was naghmeh, the pastor's wife told the attorney i think you need to go to court and he shows up and there's the iranian state media and government press and pastor saeed in front of the judge, so, again, he did see him. it's not a good situation, i want to make that clear. >> harris: okay. >> but we fight on and this is not over, not over at all. >> harris: and jordan, this is not happening also in a vacuum. iran has taken american hostages telling viewers in
7:36 pm
the newscast 1979 and one was sentenced to eight years in prison after being convicted of what they called spying, eventually though they let her go. she forced a hunger strike and three hikers held more than a year finally freed. what is pastor abedini's best shot at freedom at this point? >> well, thankfully by friday, which took besides we've been working with his family since he was pulled off the bus and put under arrest, and he's been in jail four months since september and the state department finally didn't just acknowledge him, but called for his release and condemned iran so did jay carney at the white house, we've had a tough time getting the state department to issue that statement. it took months and months of being on television and of course, now that the statement's out there we're going back to the people we work with who are not the spokes people and say, okay, jay carney at the white house, the press secretary thinks you're doing your job.
7:37 pm
how about america need on this, what does it mean? all it means is encouraging her countries that do have diplomatic relations with iran to tell them, this is serious, you need to let this guy go, you're putting our trade and business in danger and worked on pastor usef's case and the vice-president got involved, and involved because the u.s. said, it's a good thing to get involved here. this is american. they need to know from the american government it's the right thing to do. we're getting there, but the state department can do that. and it's public, but at least right now, they're not doing anything. >> harris: jordan, you said a mouthful there. how about america take the lead on this? those are the words that will stick. and it it sounds like a place, a role for mramericans across the country to contact their leadership and elected leaders and let them know how they feel as a country, how we feel as a country. >> absolutely, we had 49 members of congress call on
7:38 pm
so secretary of state clinton and congress, and sharing it with your friends and fox news, and praying about it in church. it doesn't matter what your politics are, a man who wants to get back-- an american citizen wants to get back to his wife and six-year-old daughter and four-year-old son and it's going to take a world outcry, but our government can't just issue statements, they've got to lead. he's an american, it's an embarrassment if we're not at least the one encouraging those who can do it to get the job done and plenty of allies that have much better relations. . >> harris: and jordan sekulow, if there's a website or web page, i'll tweet it out. keep us posted if you will, on what happens, hopefully he comes home safe soon. >> don't lose hope, folks, and thanks for covering this,
7:39 pm
harris. >> harris: sure. the fight over guns in this country is about to move forward this week in washington. members on all sides of the debate are getting set to speak at a congressional hearing on capitol hill. as work continues on a slew of new gun control legislation bills, one lawmaker behind a proposed assault weapons ban admits it will have a hard time passing and peter doocy with the news from washington. >> harris, more than 157 kinds of military style assault weapons would be banned by legislation introduced by democratic senator dianne feinstein and she says this morning, she thinks most americans are behind her. >> sandy hook, i think, really destroys all of the kind of tails that the nra are trying to weave about, you know, young people and guns. >> president obama revealed in an interview with the new republican, he takes guests skeet shooting at camp david all the time and that quote, i have a profound respect for the traditions of hunting that
7:40 pm
is back in this country for generations and those who dismiss that out of hand make a big mistake. >> we heard from one of those hunters, congressman paul ryan. >> let's go beyond this debate and go deeper, and what's going on with mental illness and i hop we don't skip past that and recycled ideas failed in the past. >> and congressman marsha blackburn suggested that banning assault weapons had not prevent mass murder. >> do a so-called assault weapons ban is going after a symptom and as teachers have said to me, don't focus on whatever is the weapon, get to the root cause. >> senator feinstein said today she doesn't expect a vote on her proposed gun control legislation for a while. harris. >> harris: peter, thank you. also, the oak creek, wisconsin
7:41 pm
police chief john edwards is in washington d.c. for law enforcement meetings and officer edwards says while he's in town he'll be meeting with the president and vice-president and the chief says the topic of that meeting is scheduled to be gun violence, oak creek, wisconsin, as you may know was the site of the mass shooting at the sikh temple. and growing concern, women travel to go this country to gain birth and citizen rights for the birth of the baby. where it's going on and what's being done to deal with it. and the cost of mail, remember the forever stamp? get this, i thought it was forever. it's not. it's going up again. it's going up again. forever now costs more. stay with us. hey, our salads. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice.
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>> well, this is not the way to get your advertising out there. the a pilot loses control of an aerial billboard causing frustration to say the least below. it's our first stop on a trip across america. california, more than 2000 customers left in the dark when that advertising banner fell from the sky, taking out power lines below. >> i saw the plane, the banner carrying plane, certainly, and the ban ner not in the correct position, kind of failing. >> what were they advertising? local reports say it was for a $8.99 hair cut. utility crews have restored power and the f.a.a. now investigating. new york, manhattan's busy port authority bus terminal evacuated after some people saw heavy smoke in the building. emergency crews got the situation under control in about a half hour and a
7:46 pm
spokesperson saying a malfunctioning air filtration system was likely the cause. >> florida, pirates filling the streets of tampa for the annual gasperilla parade where the floats go by and people clamor for beads. >> and catch the beads and have fun as a family. >> some people perhaps having too much fun and priss arrested many of them underage. >> texas, the happy ending for a washington state family. with their reunited with their dog, they thought was gone forever. eastton vanished last year after chasiing coyotes off the family property and she turned up in el pass other. they're giving her a star state bandana and a card to remember them by. that's the fox watch across america the quest for the american dream is giving a
7:47 pm
rise to an old practice, birth tourism. when a pregnant woman travels to a foreign country to obtain that nation's citizenship for awn born child. and california reveals why birth tourism is major concern for local authorities. dominic di-natale joins us. >> it started back in the fall when in the neighborhood of chino hills noticed numbers of pregnant chinese women around the grounds of a secluded home. >> in the hill topical cal mansion where unknown women came from china to have their babies and give their offspring a chance to one day live the american dream. >> just report ago location we know there are five ma termperatures by one person and to the website and create a website and market it out in china. >> and the local resident started a campaign to have them closed down.
7:48 pm
>> it's an ethical and moral problem that people just can't deal with. which is essentially, completely goes against the intention of the 14th amendment. >> and what's going on here? >> ap when we sent our crew down to interview the operator they shoved our producer and refuse today talk to us, said vanish. lawmakers have struggled to intervene, it's not illegal for the tourism, but how-- >> and we're going after we can in the toolbox to shut that down. >> it's not just the money being made and all the taxes being evaded it's the condition of the places and the health risks posed to mothers, at one point last year a young baby was actually dropped and that child died. the mother's now trying to sue the hotel operator, harris. >> harris: wow, dominic di-natale, thank you very much. it's a sunday night tradition, but tonight, peter slegr is not getting micced up to join
7:49 pm
me at home basin side the fox report. nope, he's going to come up live from new orleans. he's rolling like a rock star tonight just before the super bowl. and even if people don't get into football, all that much. sometimes they like to make a pick of their own. so who are you picking to win the super bowl? even the orangutan knows who she loves. ♪ ♪
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7:52 pm
>> one week from super bowl sunday. fox peter is already there now. he's usually sitting next to
7:53 pm
me on a sunday night, no, tonight he's in new orleans robbing elbows-- i should say rubbing elbows with the scene setters out there. what's it look like? >> i'm going to be here eight days and tough assignment. i was thinking just super bowl, but it's also mardi gras, and parades going on. >> harris: nice. >> today was the dog parade up and down the french quarter and little dogs on floats. awesome city and awesome times and teams get here, 49ers tonight and ravens tomorrow and from then on all football. >> harris: a lot of people don't know, a the best parties are the ones leading up to it. >> and first time the two brothers head coaches or managers going at it. john harbaugh with the ravens, jim harbaugh with the 4ers and you'll hear plenty of that. the bro-bowl, the bros-bowl and of cars the har-bowl all very clever. >> harris: so your houston texans aren't in it.
7:54 pm
my cheese head dream come true isn't in it. colin kaepernick and joe he flacco and people are saying who the heck of the q.b.'s. >> colin kaepernick, out of university of nevada reno, took over mid season and joe flacco, university of delaware, both have great stories and have been fantastic over the playoffs. joe flacco, his fifth year in the nfl and hasn't thrown an interception all playoff long, three touchdowns away for tying joe montana for most in a post season. >> harris: and kaepernick is always kissing his arm. >> and he kisses his biceps, and i don't have one, but that's what he does. if he scores a touchdown expect that next season. >> harris: that was for our senior producer whos has that. and ray lewis, potentially a swan song, unless he comes
7:55 pm
back with baltimore, and that's where we'll leave it. >> he says he would retire and nobody thought they'd go to the super bowl and here they are, ray in the big easy, in the super bowl and love to go out hoisting that lombardi trophy. >> harris: we'll see you soon. >> miss you harris. >> harris: oh, thanks. in the house. thank you. >> thank you. >> harris: who says only humans can predict the super bowl winner? a zoo in california leaves that job to an orangutan, we're told this one has a knack for opening boxes. don't they all? officials at the zoo in fresno put the skills to use. they gave her the box and two blankets representing each team. she picked, wait for it, wait for it. come on. syboo, the 49ers eventually and must be be something yummy and apparently only gotten her picks right 50% of the time. and this just in, a state
7:56 pm
department spokesperson confirming secretary of state hillary clinton's last day on the job will be friday, this friday, february 1st, just coming in. we knew she was leaving, but now we know officially when that will be. and the senate is expected to it vote on her replacement, john kerry, on tuesday. we'll keep you posted on that. you may want to think twice before swiping one type of plastic card in your wallet. credit or debit, they ask? we'll explain coming up. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪ ♪ dreams of land meet sea, deliciously ♪ ♪ friskies surfin' and turfin' favorites. ♪ ♪ feed the senses. why do more emergency workers everywhere trust duracell? duralock power preserve. locks in power for up to 10 years in storage. now...guaranteed. duracell with duralock. trusted everywhere.
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>> businesses in some states can now charge you more for using a credit card at checkout. today a new fee went into effect limited to no more than 4% of the total purchase. it does not affect debit cards. if merchants apply the fee and it's operational. they must inform their customers. people who live or shop in ten states on the map don't have anything to worry about. they have laws against


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