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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 30, 2013 2:00am-3:00am EST

2:00 am good night from washington, d.c. we'll see you tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. an incyst they
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vote on it -- insist they vote op it right away. >> andrea: the most controversyial the pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegals. today the president was scooped by the senate. it look like they got to him earlier and the president didn't have anything on paper. there are reports that the hispanic caucus don't go to las vegas, don't do it, let the gang of eight do in a bipartisan way. they couldn't help himself. he had doto act like he was calling for it and swoop in to take credit. is that a fair assessment? >> andrea: >> dana: no some ways you could think is an elaborate scheme. rubio could attack obama -- but i don't think that much thought is put in to it. i think he will say i promise this in 2008. i delivered what i could.
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but the republicans won't help. they threw a monkey wrench in his plans when senator rubio put forward, brought the group of eight together. four republicans and four democrats. look, agreement on principles. and they want to have a hearing. pat laey, senate chairman of the judicialiary committee are going to have hearings on february 13, two weeks from tomorrow. this ball will get going. it's hard to see right now whether president obama helped or hurt the effort today. you could read it either way. most people would say it's not help to fly and do campaign attack and those coming to the table with a sensible plan if you want a solution to the problem. >> andrea: the biggest problem i see is the border control. bipartisan group of eight senators agreed the border must be secured. however, president obama does not believe that citizenship is contingent upon stealing
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the porous borders. does this put them at odds with majority of most of america? >> eric: the senators did something wrong. they say all the things that happen after the border is secure. make sense, they like to way a path to citizenship in the 11 million. the breakdown of how they atape the goals and benefit and rights they would get. made sure the border was secure. but president obama went the opposite way saying it has to happen and has to happen now. if they not willing to vote on a package or his package soon he would force a vote. how much off base can you be? first, you have to close the border. you have to make it a sound safe border before you put anything in place. otherwise you have influx of millions. not thousands. millions of illegal aliens coming from everywhere which way saying i got to get there. >> andrea: isn't the plan
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2014 midterm coming up, the president can say look, i try to put something forward. republicans didn't agree on it. he has an echo chamber talking about this, defending him on an issue over 56% of americans don't agree, listen to chris matthews already indicating which way they will go. >> wiem believe in border protection and stop someone by higher towers or more drones are right wingers or idiots. >> isn't that the plan? republicans speak up and say they have to get it done first. we have democratic support here. democratic obama and his echo chamber can stand up and say they're all right wing wakoos. >> bob: we should give something to chance that what an opportunity to have real reform. i don't think there is any great 2014 strategy involved. obama laid out the principles in the campaign. nothing new. there is a difference between
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the border of security. the security for one person, maybe not security for another. the point is they agree. the republicans realize, for the most part they realize they are getting trounceed among hispanics. this is major cause. >> eric: what do you agree with? do it now? >> it will take 10 to is a years before the people will become seasons. >> eric: rubio is asking responsibly here. >> first, it's been flat. virtually no increase in the number of illegal immigrants in this country. undocumented workers -- >> andrea: because obamanomics kept them out. >> bob: excuse me. i didn't laugh at your point so please don't laugh at mine. the point here is it's flat. there have been a lot of people exported back to mexico. i think we have a chance to get something done here. let's try to get it done.
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>> andrea: the politics of it, some conservatives worry if they join with democrats and pass something they may not get the credit. democrats will register them all, put them in the party and get them on the dole. is dependency a big issue here? >> greg: first, i'm tired of the phrase "living in the shadows." you know who lives in shadows? red heads. they sun burn. call me. i want to go to the point the reason this may not be a problem is the numbers are dropping because u.s. becomes more like mexico, mexicans stay put. we spread the wealth around, spread misery also by default. the other something there is a real difference in the plan. border security comes first in the senate. it seems like everify will start immediately where it will take something like five years if i read it correctly in obama's plans. in a weird way forfitting key
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element of enforcement, trying to stop a leak like colin dar, that make -- contro colandar. you know if they were coming here, obama would build an electric fence. but that couldn't secure an embassy. remember? i don't trust them. >> andrea: you see al-qaeda hasn't been decimateed. national security corn certain. i like a lot of this bill. i do. i have been pushing for immigration reform because i'm a kid of an immigrant and grew up in a kitchen full of immigrant and hispanic wores. i like this. my fear, though, is that not all immigrants are like my dad. depensy is a huge issue. may not take government assistance but they will be funneled in the obamacare exchanges, maybe on the food stamps. this is a political method of
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the left. >> dana: i am not as worried. they work hard and want to come to america to feed they're families. the number of people who are going to college, first generation college students. i think the ones that come here just for dependency sakebe is a pretty small number. not that we should allow them. what is interesting on the border security point. president obama and chris matthews will say this is a false issue. in white house fact sheet, the first bullet point that the white house makes and the first one that president obama says continuing to strengthen the border security. if i could make a final point, i think that republicans and also democrats should stop thinking about this in terms of politics. good policy is good politics. i don't think republicans should worry about who will vote for them in years coming because of something they do
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today. they should do the right thing for the economy and the national security. it's better than doing nothing. >> shouldn't it be coupled with entitle reform? >> bob: a couple of things here i'd say. the vast, vast majority of people work and you can see them in city. they are working. they are not near to go on the dole. obama and the senate called for them not to get the welfare grant. the other thing as dana pointed out, she did not point this out, i'll point it out. the border got more and more secure every year. it is good policy. we have to deal with this. if we turn to politics right away it doesn't happen. a great and serious loss to america. >> eric: we have to go but i disagree with everything that bob just said. >> greg: the problem here is that people are worried about the things that work sounding mean. replacing border with feelin feelings.
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it's easier to get in the united states than disney land. why don't we employ all the cast members on the border and we'll be safer. >> andrea: a lot of questions. the unions did enforce this plan. are they going to funneled on the membership roles? coming up, "60 minutes" correspondent steve croft explains why president obama seems to come on their show every couple of weeks. >> i think he knows we are not going to play gotcha with him. >> andrea: plus, limbaugh reacts to the attack on him and the fox news channel. that's up next. you don't want to miss it. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. president obama raised eyebrows the other day, sunday, when he said, "if a republican member of congress not punished on fox news by rush limbaugh or by rush limbaugh for working with a democrat on a bill of common interest, you will see more of them doing it."
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what is he up to? we were scratching our head. we're trying to figure out what this is about. we know where he stands on the second amendment. he wants to trash that. now he wants to go after first amendment. what do we do? we keep an eye on you, president obama? make sure that people in a fair and balanced way understand where you are? what are you you up to? we report you decide. is that okay? we thought so. rush limbaugh had something to say about it. listen to rush. >> barack obama. if it weren't for me and fox news, that he would haven't any opposition, if it weren't for me and fom news, the republicans would be totally content to agree with obama and democrats on everything. then everything would be fine. everybody would be ficketted and okay. >> so, bob, that pesky fox news and rush would get out of the way i'd have any way. >> bob: i disagree with everything you said there. i don't think obama is trying to trash the second amendment
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or the first amendment. to pick out rush limbaugh and fox news is doing fox news a favor. not a good idea to do it. i have no idea what he was thinking when he did it. one of those things that happens when you win and you take too much in your victory. >> eric: flippant statement? >> yeah. >> look at mary landrieu on the senate floor. listen to mary landrieu. >> i am not going to keep cutting the division cessionnary budget, which by the way is not out of krog, despite what you hear on fox news. >> now the president and senator calling on fox news. >> dana: it's not the discretionary budget that is out of control. it's one being squeezed, because the nondiscretionary spending on entitlement is out of control. check that.
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i find that they want to get conservatives rivaled up. it's bemusing that they think this is really going to get under our skin. they are like fox news. fox news derangement syndrome. i am willing to persuaded. if they have great policy and show the fact, "a" to "b," this is how we get there and solve a problem, hey. bring it to me. i have not been able to see it. they need opponent rather than solution. it laugh about this. i don't think we should get all our feathers ruffled. >> eric: feathers >> dana: are you a duck? >> greg: i'm a duck. if they were trying to hurt my feelings, it worked. /am devastated and i have been somebodying in my pillow. what would be great is if the president imagined the real enemies of fox news channel. we would do so much better
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with russia and imam if he imagined them bill o'reilly and i keep expecting to find he is teepeing our offices at 3:00 a.m. or send stack of pizzas to studio "b" we didn't pay for. when you work in the media and you are a conservative or libertarian you understand it. you sockry fise popularity for your prescription approximatelys. you miss out on parties and awards. you miss out on promotions and opportunities that go to people that are way less talented that you are. that is because what we are living in now is a political version of high school. cool people get rewards. uncool don't. >> eric: the middle east is a tender box ready to go any second. people are jumping over the border in droves. >> it's a distraction. that is what it is. it's policies that haven't largely gotten where you say he said they would get us. i think he is trying to do a
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lot of what bill clinton did. his best. by that, bill clinton when he had a billionaire to defind him. if i were one of the other media outlets i would be embarrassed. that i wasn't called out. how can you claim to do your job and cover the president when the only people he can find is talk radio and fox news channel. we don't have a video today. but daily caller tried to ask senator bob a question about the alleged report that he patronized underage dominican prostitutes. they asked him the question his press secretary jumped in and said you sit there. if you can be quiet now. i bring this up not to bring up the patronization of dominican underage prostitutes but that is their attitude toward nip who asks them a question. sit there and be quiet. >> bob: that is unfair. to think that about menendez -- daily caller is a
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rag that says stuff like that -- >> eric: guys. thank you very much. take a look at how main stream media, hard-hitting journalist, "60 minutes," listen to how steve croft defended the softball interview he gave to mr. obama and hillary clinton. watch. >> ethink he like -- i think he likes "60 minutes." he knows we won't play gotcha or go out of our way to make him look stupid and we will let him answer the questions. >> eric: it wasn't long ago that people were afraid of mike wallace walking in. kicking the door down. now he picks up the phone and says hey, croft, can you get here? i need a hand here. >> bob: land land lan mary lands right. we said that it's the
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discretionary -- >> dana: nondiscretionary. she said discretionary. >> bob: i thought she said nondiscretionary. >> dana: no. >> bob: okay. croft, i'm not sure, when his response when he was asked a question about this, it was reasonable. he had 30 minutes. as he going to get in a bunch of foreign policy issues or find out what people wanted to know about. i think people want to know more about this than syria. >> eric: i wasn't suggesting syria was the question. maybe benghazi but softballs. >> greg: steve croft summed up why "60 minutes" is 59 minutes too long. we have seen harder hitting journallism on back of cream boxes. the only way the lovefest could have been fakeer is if
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they went skeet shooker. >> eric: more fake. >> greg: faker? thank you. >> dana: "60 minutes" is known to point out hypocrisy and inconsistency. there is plenty to choose from, from the testimony on benghazi alone. i think if they called me up and said we want you to do an interview with president and mrs. clinton, offer it to you exclusively and give you 30 minutes. i can't do my job in 30 minutes. i'll take a pass. why didn't they do that? >> eric: last word. >> bob: i suppose they could have done that. i believe people want to know. the first time you see them together. questions. they ran against each other in heat of the battle and became two of the most opposite people working together for success. >> andrea: he did throw them a very, very softball on benghazi. the response had to do with somebody screwing up in the government. both of them collectively laughed. they both laughed. >> bob: you are going to -- >> andrea: disgraceful response. >> bob: the answers are going to be fixed. i think the idea of what she said to him and he said to her is interesting.
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>> greg: you know, you have to give croft credit. originally obama wanted the whole thing done in a hot tub. he said no -- >> andrea: we draw a line. >> greg: draw the line in the hot tub. >> eric: leave it there. coming up, al gore fires back at the critics who calls him a hypocrite for selling the tv network to oil-funded al-jazeera. he has words for the global warmers and the deniers out there. big al on tape next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: as you may know, al gore recently sold the cable network to arab-owned al-jazeera to the tune of about $100 million.
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now mr. gore is hitting the talk show circuit to promote a new book. matt lauer confronted the hi pock analysisry of selling out to operation financed by big oil money. listen. >> here is the guy that just sold current tv to al-jazeera which gets undetermined amount of funding from the country of qatar, which gets its money from oil reserves. isn't there a contradiction in that? >> i certainly understand that chris schism. i disagree with it, because i think al-jazeera has long since established itself as a really distinguished a effective news gathering organization. by the way -- >> get funding from a country that bases its wealth on fossil fuels. and fossil fuels are the enemy, you targeting climate change. isn't there a bit of hypocrisy is in that? >> i get the criticism, i just disagree with it. >> dana: interesting the producers of "60 minutes" are watching that this morning saying wow, that's how it's done. you have missed al gore so
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much. >> greg: definitely. al-jazeera is really respected. that is one al respected. he's become a depressed exjock who sits at bar and just ruminates over his past. i figured out why he is depressed. i have a chart. the world stopped getting warmer 16 years ago. there are no category three storms that hit the u.s. since 2005. there were a third fewer u.s. wildfires in 2012. and finally, the natural gas boom has led to lowest fossil fuel emission since 1992. the world isn't going his way. it e's irrelevant, he is over, he's done. but he's rich. >> dana: one of my favorite columnists is holman johnson and he wrote this. mr. gore must flaw the image of himself as a lonely voice with sinister conspiracy to account for his open failure. had he and his advocates been
2:30 am
less sanctity moanous, they might seize the high ground now. i worked in energy for a long time before coming here. big oil companies have thrown in the towel and said okay, fine, climate change here is a bunch of money. we will fun the rams. the science has not kept up with it. american taxpayers are asked to fund programs like solyndra that don't produce anything that would the problem. >> produce opportunity for the administration to pay back people who bundle money to put the administration in. that is what happened. people hired by solyndra and got loans through tesla were big obama bundlers. there is a nice little hey, took care of me and i'm going to make sure things are good for you in the loan department. we'll guise it under hey, we need to keep the energy prices down. i don't have a problem with a.m. gore making a ton of money. that is the american way.
2:31 am
fantastic. my problem is when he invests in this hedge fund, venture capital hedge fund. then they get money from department of energy. he did it right way with current tv. but my problem is invest in the the kleiner perkins. >> dana: they are lobbying for policies to have the americans pay more taxes that would go toward the programs this don't have a global solution. >> there is money in this. norwegians came out and said that this is less severe, global warming,s than previously reported. it will make everyone rich except for the taxpayers funding it. now it hurts the al gores of the world.
2:32 am
they used a consensus, alarmist thing to build consensus and they cite it as fact. see, everybody agrees rather than the science that hasn't been there. now, i think people are saying look, we think something is happening. it doesn't constitute a quick alarmist action of million of taxpayers dollars. >> dana: i talk to democrats in d.c. and asked them were they surprise or offended about al gore taking the $100 million from the country that has a media outlet, al-jazeera, funded by oil money? >> bob: when conscience got away with making a profit? wal-mart makes money and they put a business on main street. >> greg: but wal-mart doesn't accuse others of doing it. >> bob: you can argue if
2:33 am
it's global warming or nottism read a study, pros and cons. a group out there tries to put both sides down. they had co# admission levels. on the side of pro-global warming, american academy of science. national oceanic -- noah. nasa. the other side, heritage foundation. that is disingenuous. >> dana: we need an hour for this. >> bob: you have your scientists we got ours we have more. >> greg: no, you don't. >> bob: we, i think that we in the end the question is what do we hand off -- >> eric: your scientist funded by federal grants. >> greg: you have al gore only happy in other people's misery. he was glad to see a disaster. it meant he would have been vindicated though the
2:34 am
disasters are not linked to global warming. though president obama thought wildfires were linked to this. >> bob: you said the oceans emit co2. according to the study i read -- guest >> greg: the oceans are warmer and create more warmth. you mention 2019 is hottest op record. that's 2% of the earth getting warmer. you have win. >> dana: i love this topic but je to go, because bob will get mad because we don't have time for his. john kerry confirmed to be the next secretary of state and will succeed hillary clinton who will be talking to greta tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. be sure to tune in for that. should the government decide who lives and dies based on lifestyle choices, eating and drinking?
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greg has a warning when we come back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at his current pace,
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york. ♪ ♪ >> greg: with the high cost of daring for the sick shoulders by us all, thank you, obamacare, the society must wrest with whether to let the sick live or die. now it's time to start shaming obese as they cost us billions in medical care. where is this headed? government pays for the healthcare, they can decide who lives or dies based on what behavior they dislike. if you can't be penalized to
2:41 am
lose weight, to quote the piece why not just let the health sinners die? annual healthcare cost are roughly $96 billion for smokers and $147 billion for the obese, the government says. that is the big point. the government says. when everyone else pays for your care withholding care is their call. your death improves the bottom line. one way time to prove the care, resources is eliminate the bioethicist. it never met one and i would like to keep that it way. i'm sure you feel the same. invite them to camp david. i'm sure the president could use a few running targets. we'll tell them it's the fox news company picnic. danas for you look at raxing of care in the u.k. it's inevitable someone will get a new hip or who doesn't. >> dana: where did you get that line? guest from you. you said ask me that question. >> dana: i said add it to the monologue because it's
2:42 am
brilliant point. there is a limited amount of resources. they can tax everybody however much they want there will become a point the government, the panels are going to have to decide well, then we should get a hip for this person, not for this person. what i wish they had done is allowed more competition in the system. because then we could all decide for ourselves whether or not we want to pay for a hip or not. rather than let the government decide for us. >> greg: there should be hips "r" us. i'll take that. take it for a spin. >> buy two get one three. >> bob: this argument is going on before obamacare. i wouldn't bring obamacare in this necessarily. those of white house smoke and are fat. if we will die earlier we is a save you money because you keep people who stay healthy, the runners and marathoners will get old and have alzheimer's. they cost a lot of money. >> eric: it cost money in
2:43 am
the five years before you die in healthcare. it's, obviously, obviously proven people who smoke use up a lot of healthcare. >> greg: not really. >> eric: really? >> greg: not really. >> bob: if i drop dead tomorrow, then that means someone who lives old -- >> eric: if that is the case, why wouldn't health insurance premiums be lower for smokers? not life insurance. health insurance premiums? they would be lower. >> andrea: yeah. >> greg: maybe -- you know why? they are consistently probably sicker or more sick, maybe they get more flus, i don't know. >> dana: sign mus sinus infecti. >> greg: that's what i get. although i'm quitting. >> eric: when? >> greg: sunday tech neckly. >> eric: promise? >> greg: i never say i'll quit smoking because i know around friday i am smoking again. >> bob: there are reports out that says if you are slightly obese you live longer. number two, if you smoke you live longer.
2:44 am
freddie or it seems like it's more fun. >> bob: why be so bummed out to give up something you like? i don't understand that. >> greg: good point. it hate the fact that it's not about the health, that it's your health, they are implying that you hurt other people's health. like smoking outside affects people. >> andrea: this is beyond the smokers. the point is real. president obama came out and said it's a difficult conversation that takes place which means cut and reimbursement to doctors and hospitals. maybe smokers but also cancer patients, disabled. they are the most expensive. smokers are expensive. long-term care for cancer drugs are expensive. you see it in england. this is the biggest issue. cost containment. especially president obama said maybe my grandmother, maybe she didn't need the hip. about his own grandmother. it's a real concern. freddi >> greg: she's the first under the bus. >> eric: over the cliff. >> greg: right. coming up, a disturbing video from the thing we call the
2:45 am
internet that show what is appears to be a toddler getting a tattoo from his mom. did this actually happen or did i just dream it? we will show you the tape next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: okay. warning here, we are going to show you a troubling video that went viral. difficult to authenticate this video. it show what is appears to be a young child screaming while forced to get a tattoo. take a look. ♪ ♪ [ crying ]
2:50 am
>> bob: i don't know, i don't believe in the death penalty but i'd begin for that mother if i did. go ahead. >> eric: i have to be honest with you. so we talked about this, doing this story. it sounded provocative, sounded interesting. i never saw the video to be honest until right there. my original thought is remember that kid, taiwanese kid smoking, it was disturbable but watchable tv. i apologize. i said we probably should rup it with. i think i made a mistake by suggesting we do it. i think we made a mistake. we shouldn't run the video. >> bob: you think it's disgraceful. >> eric: i think it's so bad, we shouldn't be showing it. >> bob: you didn't want to look at it -- >> dana: i can't. i don't watch anything like that. ever. even if it's made in hollywood. it's not like the kid was getting a vaccination. >> bob: is problem, there are probably 1,000 vax naces and pin picks. >> greg: what's the problem? what's the problem?
2:51 am
kid got a tattoo. of course it's awful. but you know, in cuba, it's far away. there are a million, million, million horrible things happening in this world. you can find it on the internet any day. it's terrible and awful and we chose to look at it and show it to the world. it's our fault. it makes me think about adoption. how hard it is fo for people to get kids in america. >> bob: you are upset with the tattoo, because you got one. >> greg: it didn't grow with me. let me finish my point. it should be, the lesson is it should be easier for people to adopt kids from awful areas. that was my point. >> andrea: i forgot what i was going to say. go ahead. brooklyn one more thing is up -- >> bob: one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪
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>> eric: the iranians said they sent monkeys to space. cute boy. they sent him to space. it's cute but iranians are sending a missile to space. they look to man the missile.
2:56 am
disturbing. 'canes poor monkey -- >> dana: poor monkey. >> andrea: we joke when they try to distract us, look at the monkey. look at the monkey. they really are. >> bob: the russians started space program putting a monkey in space. >> dana: when do you go? >> bob: i have been already. >> dana: not to russia. >> bob: sometimes i'd like to say. >> andrea: you're up next. >> bob: this is a sad story, barely able to get it out by i will. new york, has one of the few remaining nude beaches in america. what happened during hurricane sandy was that dunes that proticketing the beach were knocked down. so national historic society decided to close the beach. that rules out having a nude
2:57 am
beach for those of us who believe strongly in them. i just want to say for those brothers and sisters of mine who like nude beaches this is a sad day. maybe it will come back. >> eric: that is the big problem with nude beaches because if you go -- >> dana: there is no quality control. >> greg: really hot people don't go to nude beaches. you don't give it away for free. >> andrea: never fear, i share a office next to bob i heard him ordering two tons of sand to his apartment. beach ball, fake palm tree. you are making our own beach. >> greg: i got caught on a nude beach and was forced to clean the whole place. >> eric: what do you mean you got caught? >> greg: i climbed upheaps and i got caught by the bikers doing security and i had to clean the beach. i was clothed. >> dana: you are lucky that is all they made you to do.
2:58 am
a producer here at "the five," took a brave step in her career of branching out. she did a local news package for news channel 12 about a woman who went in labor. tamika gave birth to maxwell in a subway station. here is krista. >> it wasn't a typical day of work for officer garcia but one she will never forget. >> the best day on patrol so far. the pest. >> dana: congratulations to mom and baby and to krista. i thought she was really good. >> andrea: excellent. greg? >> greg: gee whiz. red eye, we have john gibson. he is always fun. >> dana: awesome. >> greg: he is great. tonight we are going to realize there will be a need to raise awareness about the plight of the clay pigeon. the president can callously talk about shooting clay pigeons. >> eric: where is peta?
2:59 am
>> greg: i don't know. he'll start serving them at thanksgiving. >> bob: you should write another book. it would be better to promote that. >> greg: the book takes another nine months. >> andrea: when do you have another book coming out? >> bob: i don't. nine months from now get on the list to buy it. >> andrea: there have been very controversial and upsetting headlines about the military recently. the sequestration cuts will come down the pike, cutting half a trillion dollars. also, $1.8 billion from tri-care, healthcare for the veterans. also, the pentagon announced today that 46,000 jobs will be cut due to budget cuts. the saddest headline today and has me the most upset is one the troops in afghanistan are not getting breakfast. look at the headline. they are cutting back on meals for the soldiers. the guys put their lives on the lines every day. the guys and gals. we should give them a warm breakfast; particularly, in the draw down to thank them for wha


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