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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 30, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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same size. >> dana: racist. >> kimberly: he is so cute. it bet he will be in the movies. >> dana: they tell me i have to go. but we'll see you tomorrow instead. thank you for watching. >> bret: a short term the wrong way. the economy slinks bringing on fears of a new recession. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. hard slap in the face tonight from reality. economy thought to be improving shocked experts and shrank in the final months of last year. huge falloff from gain last summer. white house correspondent wendell goler with an explanation and reaction. >> less than two weeks after the president said in the second inaugural address that an economic recovery had begun, the commerce department said not so fast. the biggest drop in defense
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spending in 40 years combined with a decline in exports and slow growth in company stock piles slashed economic growth from 3.1% in the third quarter to minus 1/10th in the fourth. first negative quarter since 2009. white house downplayed the report and gave the republicans part of the blame. >> home prices are starting to climb back. consumer confidence overall has been rising and consumer spending is rising. but there is more work to do. our economy is facing a major head wind that goes to your point. republicans in congress. >> carney cited comments by house speaker john boehner about using threat of across-the-board spending cuts mown as the sequester as leverage for fiscal austerity and unnamed leadership aide that said government shutdown might show some members' constituents they are fighting. >> inflicting damage on the economy to achieve some political roles in washington seems like a bad idea. >> carney accused republicans of pushing spending cuts for their own sake. but senate minority leader
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mitch mcconnell denies that. >> this is a conversation about growth. and opportunity. not conversation about austerity. >> they say righting the fiscal ship would stimulate more buying and economists say the payroll tax hike that people felt this year may slow the current quarter's growth. >> where it will have an impact is on retail sales in january, february, those could come in a bit soft as people start to respond to the fact that the income isn't as high as they thought it would be. >> nigel gault says the latest gdp report doesn't suggest the trend but taking the last two reports together is a clearer picture of the economy. >> average the two, we are around 1.5%. i think that is the pace we were showing in the second half of the year. it's recovery. but it's soft. >> gault says most private spending categories like housing for example, did better in the fourth quarter than the third. he expects positive growth
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this year and not a slide in a recession. bret? >> wendell goler live on the north lawn. thanks. let's bring it home now. what does it mean for you and your family? fox business news anchor melissa francis is in new york with answers perhaps. good evening, melissa. >> reporter: good evening, bret. it means if you thought the economy felt worse than the politicians especially in washington who kept saying that things were getting better and we're moving in the right direction, if you thought it was worse than that, you were right. i means if you listen to the shrews fed who said this is the worst recovery in terms of economic growth we have had in the history of our country, we are growing so slowly, you were right. if you were one of the 22 million people who don't have enough work to pay the bills or are unemployed the economy is probably going to continue to grow slow through the whole year. you are probably going to see more trouble ahead. >> bret: stocks were down. s&p dropped 6.
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nasdaq off 11. overall we have been reporting this has been a huge month on wall street. will the upward momentum continue? >> i think so there. has become a huge disconnect between what is going on with the stock market and what is going on with the economy. that has to do with how the federal reserve has been behaving. they have been keeping interest rates so low, it drives investors, especially professional investors in the stock market. the only place you can find a return. we are look at the levels on the dow where stocks climbed back to where they were in 2007. if you have a 401(k), that is great. you have seen the money come back. but unfortunately one in four americans dipped in the 401(k) to pay bills because everything else was going poorly. >> bret: because the economy is weak it ensures the fed will continue to act that way. >> that is true. we heard from the fed today.
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if you look at the economic numbers it seems to ensure they will keep the loose monetary policy going forward. interest rates are low. mortgage rates are low. borrowing rates are low. if you can get a loan. if you have a job and you can qualify, the rate you pay will be low. >> bret: melissa, as always, thank you. >> thank you. >> this is a fox news alert. syrian civil war is overshadowed for today by reports of military action involving israel. correspondent conor powell is sorting through the information from jerusalem. >> long fear that chaos of the bloody civil war, weapons both conventional and others could fall in hands of the enemies. they strike at weapons convoy in syria near the lebanese border. it was suspected of sophisticated russian made
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antiair-craft missiles on the way to hezbollah fighters. sirria, however, claims that israeli jets hit a research facility outside damascus, killing two people. israeli officials refused to comment. on sunday, israeli vice premier raised the possibility of this scenario. >> it means that chemical weapons if it will move to the end of the -- [ inaudible ] it would change dramatically the balance of power in the middle east. this is something that most of the world cannot tolerate. >> in a cautionary move they deployed the iron dome rocket defense system to the northern boarder to prevent an attack. >> recent weeks, the u.s. and israeli officials had meetings to discuss chemical weapons stock pile. they believe it's essential to the long-term survival. >> you mention that they said the attack is not on a convoy but a research facility near damascus. why would they make that
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claim? >> syrian tv reported in the past that syrian rebels attacked the military facility believed to be a chemical weapons plant. claiming that they launched the attack they tie israel to rebels, undermining support to rebels in syria. >> but that concern about the chemical weapons is real, right? >> it is. they talked a great deal about syria chemical weapons supply. there are reports in the past that they were close to using chemical weapons on its own people. it's a real problem. >> we'll watch that closely. conor, thanks. back at home, massachusetts democratic governor duval patrick named the former chief of staff to the u.s. senate. william cohen will become the second african american in the chamber. the first time there have been two african-americans at once in the senate. cohen will replace john kerry until a special election in june. kerry has been confirmed as
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secretary of state. senators heard from both sides today on the gun issue. besides the usual suspects there was a surprise witness today with a special point of view. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is on capitol hill tonight. >> six weeks after the newtown connecticut school shooting, congress began to examine issue of gun violence. high provile victim of 2011 attack in tucson, arizona, made this appeal. >> it will be hard. but the time is now. you must act. be bold. be courageous. americans are counting on you. >> judiciary chairman patrick laey from lurel vermont promised the second amendment would continue to be protected but auvred this idea. >> what responsible gun owner objects to improving the
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background check system? when i bought firearm in vermont i go through the background check. i would expect everybody else to. >> the nra says the precautions won't work in the real world. >> when it comes to background checks, let's be honest. background checks will never be universal, because criminals will never submit to them. >> recent fox news poll revealed 56% of those surveyed favored high-capacity clips and 54% supported banning assault weapons. today the baltimore county police chief backed the steps. >> the been a on assault weapons and the high capacity ammunition must be reinstated. like assault weapons, high capacity magazines are not used for hunting. they do not belong in our homes. >> advocate says large weapons can make up for a woman's lack of size, and strength. >> the peace of mind she has knowing that she has a scary-looking gun, gives her more courage when she is fighting hardened violent criminals. if we bans these type of -- if
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we ban these assault weapons you are putting women at disadvantage. >> harry reid will want to protect members up for re-election in 2014. better enforcement of existing gun laws may be the best hope for those wishing to do more. >> more with the panel. mike, thank you. police negotiators are locked in a stand off tonight in alabama with a man they say fatally shot a school bus driviver and snatched a 6-year-old child off that bus. the 6 of 5-year-old retired truck driver said to be holed up in a storm cellar at his home. residents describe him as the crazy man of the neighborhood. we're following this story as it's developing. unusually warm winter weather in the midwest and south led to storms. and even tornadoes in some places. one person is reported dead from a twister in georgia. the pictures are from northwest of atlanta. also a fatality up the road in nashville. thousands in the region were left without power.
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when we say you see things here you will only see on fox, we're not kidding. another bit of evidence later in grapevine. up next, getting all choked up in china. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> bret: more trouble in greece over a troubled economy. protesters stormed the office of the greek labor minister today until they were driven out by police. latest public revolt against austerity measures. 30 people were arrested. a couple of minor injuries there. china's premier calling for big changes to fix that country grower air quality problem. david piper shows us the amazing pictures. >> continues to suffer air pollution. visibility dropped to little as 100 yards cause manage flights to be canceled.
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surge in respiratory illnesses; particularly, among children and elderly. many residents including foreigners are keeping the kids at home. the u.s. embassy, which monitors pollution levels says particulate matter can penetrate deep in the lungs have gone "beyond the index." the chinese authority are advising people to wear face masks and travel. strong winds and heavy rain can clear the air. premier told the industry leaders yesterday they need new regulations to improve pure quality. and restrict industrial emissions. his comments aired on national tv news indicate that this dirty air may become not just a healthcare problem and political one. >> bret: bipartisan group of senators and president obama have outline of immigration reform legislation this week.
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senior political analyst brit hume is here with his analysis of what is right with one of them. why have so many immigrant families from asia done so well in this country? one reason they had to come a long way to get here. it's still a formidable obstacle and screens out the less able and determined. relatively small subset of the population, 6%, nearly half of whom have a bachelor degree. they are in short the people this country needs. this is why one of the most useful part of the immigration reform package rolled out the other day to award green cards to immigrants who old advance degrees in science, technology, engineering and math. we need 120,000 computer engineering jobs a year and we graduate a third of those and many of those leaf the country because the visa expires.
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55,000 green cards were awarded bay brandon draw each year to immigrants from countries who previously sent few people to the u.s.. not surprisingly it's known as the diversity lottery. it's green card to skill workers the country is losing now would be improvement. >> the critics who say it's amnesty and is it going to get people in right away, do have an arguement? >> not about this proposal. but broadly speaking the bill holds out for something called probationary status. you are here working legal and you are not on a path to citizenship. this is subject to "a" word, amnesty, which is a killer in
6:18 pm
times past. the problem the good stuff, stuff i described and there is lots of it in the bill is hostage to this kind of accusation. we are making exchange here. we will close the border. really going to do it. but the problem is measuring how well you have done the security piece. we'll see. >> republicans say that is what reagan did. >> he thought he was getting amnesty and turned to exchange. close the border, the border never quite got closed. >> thank you. >> still ahead, a question that is being asked: should we scrap the u.s. constitution and go with something more relevant? does washington have a spending problem? another question being asked. or is it all hype? just no fun to drive.
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>> bret: last night, federal agents raided the office of the south florida eye doctor who one website alleged was involved in providing prostitutes to new jersey democratic senator bob menendez. it's not known whether the raid had anything to do with those allegations, or menendez. the senator's office says he has travelled on the doctor's airplane but he did not engage with prostitutes. he says the allegations are manufacturered. by a politically motivated right wing blog and are false. >> if you watch this channel much you may hear a common complaint from some, washington has a spending problem. many lawmakers are in denial.
6:23 pm
some disagree saying that we, fox news channel and other out of the main stream media such as talk radio are blowing it out of proportion. tonight, both sides from the chief political correspondent carl cameron. >> president obama reportedly said that america doesn't have a spending problem. we know that is not accurate. >> that is the senate's top republican referring to the president's assertion the u.s. does not have a spending problem on the federal debt crisis quoted by house speaker boehner at recent "wall street journal" op-ed. otherring eagerly embrace the sentment and vowed to oppose the discretionary spending cuts, arguing that the debt crisis if spending's role are overhyped on fox news. >> i am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget which by the way is not out of control.
6:24 pm
despite what you hear on fox news. >> he said limited if any entitlement reform and intensifying opposition to additional discretionary spending discipline. >> the american people still believe by overwhelming margin that the rich should contribute to this. they believe discretionary spending has been hit hard already. >> for the record, the government accountability office issued a report saying the structural imbalance will lead to growth of debt. the structure of the federal budget is unsustainable. jay carney said the president doesn't view deficit reduction as goal to itself. fine part of broad economic package. but stand alone priority is not worth the effort in the president's mine. more battles ahead. >> thank you. >> researchers may be getting
6:25 pm
twice the access to your money for their projects. tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer grant money may have been awarded in the last decade to scientists who are double dipping. getting funds from more than one source for a single project. the analysis says it might represent $200 million in three decades. >> this may surprise you to know that some people believe the entire constitution, not just the second amendment is out-dated. correspondent shannon bream tonight on the call for a fundamental change. >> georgetown university law professor smarked a heated debate authorizing a piece in the times advocating we give up on the constitution. with the archaic, idiosyncratic and evil provisions. >> this is our country. we wouldn't let france rule it. we have wouldn't let the u.n.
6:26 pm
rule it. there is no reason for to us be ruled by people two are long dead who had some good ideas and a lot of bad ideas. in any event for whom it makes no difference at all. >> he is not the only one questioning just how well the founding document works in this current day and age? professor from university of texas and virginia floated similar concerns. last year, supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg speaking with the the media after the ouster of president mubarak said -- >> even those who admit it isn't perfect note the drafters were wise enough to provide amendment process. >> charges this is a document written by old white men in 18th century is not true. it's a document written by we the people in the past few
6:27 pm
centuries. >> some believe there is already a certain level of disregard for the constitution playing out in washington. >> the fact that someone might not say i want to ignore the constitution. should still be help accountable when they do ignore the constitution. whether they are saying they are doing so or not. >> when asked how we would guarantee things like freedom of religion without the constitution, professor seidman said it's up to those who believe in the ideals to convince the fellow americans they are worth upholding. bret? >> thank you. >> bret: what happens when a democrat uses a racial slur against white people? we find out next in grapevine. what didn't happen in response to indications the administration is giving up on shutting down gitmo. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds. and from national. because only national lets you choo any car in the aisle...and go.
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. we told you tuesday the obama administration appears to wave the white flag in effort to close guantanamo bay detention facility. the administration is not replacing the point man for transferring detainees in other countrys. a telling development. clearly signaling it's not closing gitmo at all. there was nary a mention on the big three broadcast network in the morning or evening news shows. but, back in 2009, when president obama announced his announcement to close gitmo, he covered it extensive i. chuck todd said he offered the
6:32 pm
world another olive branch. bob schieffer said he told the world we'll practice what we preach. >> political analyst on msnbc arguing that republicans are using hateful rhetoric on immigration issue was forced to apologize what many consider a harrell slur. tuesday, karen finney, national communications director said this talking about the g.o.p. the crazy ones on the right, start with the hateful language. that will kill them. let's not talk about race. >> bret: many people took to twitter to call her out saying cracker is a pejorative and racist toward whites. --
6:33 pm
>> bret: we report, you decide. great britain is launching a new ad campaign with the message you don't want to live here. british media reports say negative ads would run in bulgaria and romania, highlighting the down side of british life, like bad weather and working conditions. one minister said they wanted to "cen "correct the impression that the streets here are paveed with gold." this is one idea that british leaders are floating to deter anticipated population influx at the end of the year when immigration curbs expire. guns in school are a big problem. but people believe it's part of the solution. lawmakers in south dakota improved a bill to arm teachers and other personnel. tonight, senior national correspondent john roberts takes us to another place where teachers may soon be packing more than homework papers.
6:34 pm
>> terrifying ten-minute standoff, school resource officer karen holds a gunman at bay in hallway of east tennessee high school. moments later, sheriff deputies shoot man dead. clear proof to senator neislly the only way to meet deadly force is with deadly force. especially after what happened in newtown, connecticut. >> teachers up there laid down their lives to safe the children. we don't want the teachers here to have to do that. >> nicely introduced legislation today requiring all public schools in the state to have an armed presence on campus. >> if schools can't afford a resource officer, teachers who have gone through gun training can carry them in school. >> they are gone through background test and take the proper level of training that is as safe as resource officer. >> while both lawmakers on both sides of the aisle support more resource officers some like democratic state
6:35 pm
jernagan draw the line of arms teachers. >> they have a mental toy educate and nurturing students but not necessarily defending them with arms. if they wanted to go in to law enforcement, they would have. >> move to let teachers carry is gaining steam in tennessee. last week, mount julian, nashville su push waived fee for wanting to take handgun safety course. >> why do you take the position more guns are better? >> we want good guys to have protection. >> yesterday the south dakota house passed a similar measure. 12 other states are considering the idea. colorado rejected bill to arm school teachers and three districts in texas allow it. >> we know it saves lives. we expand it. >> senator believes the bill will become law that could make tennessee the first in the nation to sanction teachers as the last line of defense against a horror like
6:36 pm
sandy hook. >> bret: thank you. more on this with the panel. do you want to arm teachers or other facultie faculties in sch? let me know on twitter. follow me @brettbaier. why is the u.s. economy slinking? what does it mean for you? we will get answers from the fox all-stars when we return. hungry for the best? it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? it's eb. want to give them more vitamins, omega 3s,
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we have seen consistent job growth over three years. home prices are starting to climb back. consumer confidence overall is rising. consumer spending is rising. there is more work to do. our economy is facing a major head wind which goes to your point. that is republicans in congress. >> this is not good news for the american people. it says a lot about their failure here in congress to do what i think most of us understand. that we need to do. that is get our fiscal house in order. >> bret: there you see the bar graph.
6:40 pm
the nation's gross domestic product. gdp. from 3.1% growth in the third quarter of last year, to minu minus .1%. first negative quarter since 2009. a lot of analysts saying the biggest drop of defense spending. decline in exports playing a role in this. the democrats are weighing in saying republicans are to blame. house minority leader saying this. "today is a disappointed gdp report is direct report of the economic uncertainty created by the white house republican strategy of obstruction and manufacturered crisis." let's bring in the panel. start there. steve hayes for "weekly standard." nina easton for "fortune" magazine and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. charles, start there. >> even if you want to say this was a quirk, if you average over the last year the
6:41 pm
growth is 2%. historically low. this is the weakest recovery since the second world war. it's come call the first response is to blame republicans. we didn't hear the debt crisis, sandy or george bush. he has always been around. the tax cuts that obama restored 96% of it. the administration has been in charge of the economy four years. the amount of stimulus for weak recovery is shocking. fiscally, it's $1 trillion a year. we have never had that in stimulus. deficit spending. on the monetary side, from the fed, they are printing at a wild rate. so, you've got all the -- you know, all the accelerated to the floor in every aspect. you still get the worst
6:42 pm
recovery. has to do with the overregulation and taxation, uncertainty and $2 trillion of money sitting on the sidelines of companies with obamacare, all the regulation. dodd-frank who don't want to invest, because they worry about the conditions that the administration has created. >> bret: nina? >> yeah, i like that the republicans responsible for obama recovery. so that red bar you saw there, if you get another red bar, this quarter, that is technically a recession. it's, you know, there are some good signs in the economy. consumer spending, housing sector. but head winds are coming down the pike, including automatic spending cuts coming down. fight, fight over the budget resolution creates all sort of uncertainty. we have a payroll tax cut. what we are missing for the economy is leadership. it takes leadership to get this economy moving to do
6:43 pm
something simple, not that simple. but something like corporate tax reform. that would lower the tax rates, close the loophole an bring the $2 trillion that charles is talking about. something not simple but leadership to reduce the debt. the president hasn't shown that leadership. i was at the world economic forum in davos. turkey was there. turkey of all places got their fiscal house in order and the economy is taking off. the way the debt is right now is a drag onbe this economy. the same way it's a drag on all the advanced economies. you've got to address this. i am troubled that the mantra out of democrats is debts don't matter. >> bret: right. here is how the republicans responded. house majority whip kevin mccarthy saying that the house continuously passed legislation to grow the economy. address washington spending problem and provide responsible solutions to anemic growth that plagued the economy over the last four years.
6:44 pm
with the legislative solutions have been met with silence in the senate. he goes on to say that time for the senate and the white house to start working with the house. to nina's point, democrats have been talking about how debt and deficits for the time being don't matter. you heard mary landrieu saying spending, mandatory spending doesn't really matter at this point. >> she says she wants gentle solutions. the president of the united states has been saying this basically since he, since the 2010 elections. minimizing the importance of debt. remember, shortly before the election he gave an interview to david letterman where he said debt is not that big of a short-term problem. we will take care of it in the long-term. this has been a lack of leadership in the white house. look, it is certainly not the white house republicans. we can point to a bunch of different things that contributed to this surprising report. but i think we can say safely this is not the house republicans. one thing i heard from business owners i have talked
6:45 pm
to ranging from the small to medium businesses is after the election, the fact that they don't really know what is going to happen with the implementation of obamacare, they don't understand exactly what the president's economic policies in the second term are likely to be because he hasn't spent time talking about it, whether at the end of the campaign. in any specific way. or whether it was in his second inaugural address. the fact that the -- we had re-election of a president. you would think it would mean continuation of the economic policies but we have more uncertainty with the re-election of the president than we would have had with the election of mitt romney. >> bret: i said mandatory, i meant discretionary is what mary landrieu was talking about. >> i was going say the intellectual person they are looking to, on this, saying that the debt is okay, is john manard keynes, saying it's keynesian economics. but it's not.
6:46 pm
he would have said it's limited and the long-term deep structural debt you don't pay for, he would have rolled over in his grave. >> bret: prediction time. we are, well, week-and-a-half from the "state of the union." are we going to see president obama address the issues, deaf, deficit, entitlement reform and tax reform in a big way? >> i think he has shown for four years he has zero interest in the debt issue, in spending. he says it's not a problem. he wants to expand the entitlement state. >> you are making the intellectual case debts don't matter. >> there will be rhetoric about it but it won't be a serious proposal of any kind. what we are likely to see is additional stimulus. >> bret: next up, the gun debate on capitol hill. [ male announcer ] what are happy kids made of? bikes and balloons, and noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze, a dunk of grilled cheese. catches and throws, and spaghettio's.
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violence is a big problem. too many children are dying. we must do something. >> not including guns when discussing mass killings is like not including cigarettes discussing lung cancer. >> the reaction to the tragedy at newtown is for a lot of elected officials in washington to rush to reenact a law that according to department of justice did nothing to reduce gun violence. the assault weapon fan it doesn't ban machine guns, what does it ban? what it bans, i would suggest to you, are scary looking gu guns. >> a big hearing on capitol hill today. the senate jew kish dare
6:51 pm
committe -- senate judiciaryheas testifying saying congress must act in the wake of newtown and the shooting in tucson. back with the panel. this was an emotional hearing, at times fiery. look at the votes up there. what do you think will happen? >> the say all the weapons ban is going nowhere. there are other pieces of legislation. piece in the senate looking to stop the black market. the gun activity by mark kirk of illinois and gillebrand from new york. there are other gun proposals coming to life. i don't see senator feinstein's bill going anywhere. >> at one point, senator schumer said one thing we should do is a universal background check. that is something we can all agree on. it seemed to be almost that democrats were starting to do
6:52 pm
a fall-back position that we need to get at least this done. >> i wouldn't say that anybody is giving um on assault weapons ban or something that will at least limit magazine size. the bagground check has wide support. so does banning assault weapons and limiting the size of magazines, well over half the population supports that. so i think -- >> bret: in the polls. but on capitol hill -- >> on capitol hill -- if >> if you took a head count ever among democrats -- >> this is a case where the white house will put capital behind it. make an effort to move it forward. >> it is tough with senator feinstein not even wanting to comment op mary reid and his position. optimism or skepticism from pat haey. there are a number of reasons to believe what the senate
6:53 pm
democrats and white house are doing are putting this forward in effect to allow democrats to say that they voted for, or that they voted against some gun proposal, in this case, the feinstein bill to maybe free them up to vote for other things. >> bret: nina, you see the white house putting enough capital behind it to push it across the finish line? it seems like they put the focus on immigration now and take it away from gun control, at least publicly. >> the president said he is on record saying newtown was the worst day of my presidency. >> bret: i understand that. politically and optically. >> i think optically, what you've got -- i think the optics favor the white house. in this case. because what you have got is a story of people who have been attacked in mass murder. gabrielle giffords with a theoretical argument about the second amendment. the optics play in his favor.
6:54 pm
early in the debate. i would not give up on this happening. >> there is a second argument that isn't theoretical. it's empirical. we tried this for ten years about it had no effect. so what is going on is competition between the emotional reaction from newtown that wears off over time that always does and where what can we do that will actually work? if you have diminishing strength of influence, on the second one the more you look at this, not having an effect. not going to have an effect. >> bret: one of the back and forth events it was nrabe. wayne lapierre appearing at a back and forth with senator durbin from illinois. >> you hear minority members say you don't get it. it's not just about hunting. ice not just about sports. it's not just about shooting targets. it's not just about defending ourselves from criminals as
6:55 pm
miss trotter testified. we need the fire power and the ability to protect ourselves from our government. >> what people all over the country fear today is being abandoned by the government. if a tornado hits or hurricane hits, delay be out there alone. the only way they protect themselveses in the cold and dark vuller in seasonable with a firearm. >> see. >> that is one of the several times i thought that wayne lapierre was on the hot seat. he had a similar fiery exchange with dianne feinstein. it's interesting arguement to hear from the head of the nra that people were worried about not enough government at the times of crisis. they wanted a firearm. certainly something that will appeal to nra membership. >> bret: much more to talk about this. the president, by the way, heads to minneapolis on monday. to talk about gun control. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for the difference between cats and dogs. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool
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>> bret: finally tonight, there is always a competition, one way or another. dog lovers, cat lovers, well, they are always competing. everyone has their personal preference. but which ones are supreme -- s? ♪ >> let's play a game. >> [ laughter ] oh,. >> let's try the dog. [ laughter ] try again? [ laughter ] [bell] >> all right. cat wins. >> bret: don't you just love the dog?


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