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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 30, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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b." back here for another fox report tomorrow night. right ahead of mr. bill o'reilly and the most powerful prime time in all of cable news which happens to begin right now. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: the economy is still in neutral gear. >> amazing job though convincing people that things are rosy. >> bill: bad news for the u.s. economy. it is going down again. even as president obama's poll numbers are going up are we the people completely clueless? we have a special report. you al gore are doing business with this country that's enabling your ultimate foe climate change. >> i think i understand what you are getting at. [ laughter ] >> bill: even david letterman is pounding al goren othe hypocrisy of making money from big oil. we will show you how gore is being treated by the left-wing media. >> isn't there a contradiction in that?
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also tonight dennis miller on the most popular tv personalities in america and my interview with collin powell last night. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. bad economic news but it doesn't seem to matter to the folks. that is the sung of this evening's talking points memo. last quarter, the economy fell back. in fact, it was the worst economic performance since the second quarter of 2009 when the recession officially ended. according to the associated press, the u.s. economy shrank from october through december, christmas season, hurt by the big defense spending cuts. and the a.p. says the economy may stay weak. because of the rise in social security taxes. if you earn 50,000 bucks a year. you have $1,000 less to spend
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in 2013. a household with two workers will average about $4,500 less in their paychecks. finally job growth sluggish, unemployment likely to remain around 8%. again, it's according to the associated press. president obama has spent approximately $5 trillion trying to stimulate the economy. that's taxpayer money. we will never see again. because of all the federal spending, president obama has added $5.8 trillion to the debt in just four years. so this is grim. america is in a bad place economically. but the folks don't seem to care. new "the washington post" poll says 60% of americans have a favorable opinion of president obama. that's a 3 year high. now, that approval may go down due to the sinking economy. there is no question americans like barack obama they are cutting him a tremendous amount of slack. could be style over substance because the president's
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achievements have been few. obama care is the law. we all know that. but corporations like boston scientific are laying off some workers. largely because of the cost they will incur for obama care health insurance. if that trend takes hold, we're all in big trouble. so we are living in a very interesting time. we have a popular president, a bad economy, and everybody paying more in taxes. simply doesn't add up. pardon the pun. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, an opposing point of view. with us one of the 8 a co-hosts of the five broadcast bob beckel. you know, there are so many guys. i don't know -- do you know what i mean? >> it's not that many. it's five. that's not the point. where did you get that $5 trillion from? this is the no spin zone. that's a spin. he didn't spend $5 trillion. >> bill: yeah according to the congressional budget office he did. >> that included social security and medicare.
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any president would have spent that. >> bill: i'm not sure how that is dlee delineated let's say you are right and it's $2.5 trillion. let's get back to the point of what you are asking why is he doing so well and the economy is so bad? first of all the economy as to when he took office is doing much better. >> bill: much better? >> yeah, in people's minds it is. >> bill: is it doing much better or is it in people's minds snrges isn't perception what it is all about? >> bill: no, no. reality is what it is all about. >> no, perception is all about the american politics. and how people feel. second thing is is he is a winner. people get advantage for being a winner. third thing is i think people did settle. saw the exit polls. believe he inherited such a bad economy that he had to dig himself out of a much deeper hole. >> bill: they still believe that four years later. >> believe it or not they okay. >> bill: you are a former football player, correct? >> yes. >> bill: so am i. >> say get hired to take over the carolina panthers. all right? and they are pretty bad shape.
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okay? quarterback but everything -- four years later, we're worse than we were. four years worse. we blame the previous coach? >> sure. >> bill: sure? who gets away with that? >> we want to keep our jobs. >> bill: nobody gets away with that. >> bad trades. we had to inherit that. >> bill: they are out of there in three years and they are out of there. >> probably in coaches. the facts are what they are. is he very popular. people like the guy. they think he has done a very good job in bad situation. >> bill: i can't allergy that with 60% approval they think he is doing a good job. it's crazy land. did you see my interview with colin powell last night? >> you know, bill, i didn't wake up. >> bill: i know you are asleep at 7:30. get the ovaltine and you are out. the economy is getting better. then i said black unemployment is almost 2% worse than it was
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when the president took office. general powell had no answer for that. yet, 93% of blacks vote for barack obama. >> correct. >> bill: it's worse for them now than it was four years ago. >> let's cut through all the spending and get down to it other part of it is people flat out don't like the republican party. a lot of obama what he is benefiting here the view of the republican party is a waste -- a negative party of no everything. >> bill: that may be true. >> not maybe, it is true. >> there is emerging leadership in the republican party that people are responding to. however, when you are asked a question, do you approve, you can say i don't approve of president obama or the republic party. but the 60% who are answering approve of barack obama. >> that's right. >> they do. even though the economy is bad after all this massive spending. >> you say it is bad. it is better than it was. >> bill: no it isn't. >> it is too.
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how you can possibly come up with the notion it's worse. >> bill: it's not better. >> houses are not going under the water the way they were when he took office. you are wrong about this. >> bill: i want you to understand where beck kepple is coming from. beckel will not cede, ladies and gentlemen, the economy is worse than it was when the president took over here is why. >> i don't think that matters. >> bill: you don't think 16 trillion in debt matter. >> no. >> bill: really. >> what happened to you today as you woke up this morning. what ask it about the debt or any american that's affected your life today. forget talk about your children and grandchildren. today what was it? was there inflation, no? >> bill: you don't think the debt matters of course you think the economy is better. >> what does it have to do with the debt? >> bill: the economy is tied into the debt. surely you know that. >> do you think this deficit matters about the economy? >> bill: of course. >> the fact is he spent that money and did stimulate the economy. >> bill: no it didn't. bob beckel o'reilly, everybody. >> there it is, buddy. >> bill: you make the call. thanks for coming, in bob.
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"new york times" incredibly running a front page story about gun murder chaos in chicago even though that city has the toughest gun laws in the country. also up ahead, miller need i say more? the factor is coming right back as we continue all across the u.s.a. and all around the world. produced human.
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>> bill: imlacket segment tonight. crime, guns and sanity. today on capitol hill, more hearings about gun control. a lot of blather, nothing urgent. we have the story with rosen and cammeron with what went on in a few moments. here is something interesting on the front page of the "new york times" today they actually ran an article that said despite chicago's tough gun laws, the murder rate there continues to be out-of-control. more people were killed by chicago gunfire than among coalition forces in afghanistan. can you believe it?
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440 people including as many as 57 children gunned down in the streets. now, the factor has been reporting about why this is all happening. but apparently we overlooked one thing. >> now, there are credibilitying factors that are contributing facts that are not under anybody's control it may seem odd. one is actually the weather. there is dramatic increase in gun violence when it is warmer. we are having this climate change effect that is driving that. bill so global warming possibly responsible for the murder rate in chicago. good to know. joining us now from washington kate obershane. and kirsten powers. i thought it was a good sign that "new york times" going against policy and reporting on the gun madness in chicago and you say? >> yeah, i think it's great. you know, the editorial page and the news page are not
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connected. they are completely separate things. >> bill: i didn't know that perhaps i didn't know that because in the last 10 years there has been absolutely no deviation. but thank you for telling me that. >> no, that's not true. >> thank you. >> they have very strict wall between. >> >> bill: very strict wall i see, i'm sorry but that's the truth. it is great that thea they reported on it i think they got into one of the fundamental problems that's not discussed enough, which is, yes, chicago, the city has these gun laws, but the state doesn't have the strict gun laws and the surrounding states don't have the gun laws, which means that you can just go right outside city limits and buy a gun. >> bill: powers, the state of illinois has very very strict laws, but your point is correct that you can go outside of new york city, washington, d.c., chicago, and it's easier to buy a gun. but, the problem is, that's not going to change with any ban because there are already 300 million plus guns. >> we agree on that. >> bill: on the street. not going to change.
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now, gabriel giffords, the former congresswoman from arizona who was shot, terrible, everybody feels bad for her. she testified on the hill today. as i said, cammeron and rosen got some inside stuff on that. that was a very emotional moment ms. obershane. >> right. >> bill: she is appealing for much tighter gun laws and you say to her? >> right. well, well i say to her that it's a tragedy what happened to her. just as what happened in new town is. and that has to be acknowledged. what is great about the "new york times" article today is that they broke through sort of the swirl of emotion and actually pointed out the fact that these oppressive gun laws are not working, in part, not just because guns are available elsewhere but because criminals do not buy guns from licensed gun owners. they are not just going across the border to buy guns. they buy guns from other criminals. they don't care what the gun laws are. >> bill: as long as they get a discount on them. but -- >> -- as long as they can buy them. actually kirsten it true.
8:15 pm
that's where the criminals buy the guns. >> bill: i'm fascinated by powers' take this evening telling me that there is a separation church and state in the "new york times" which i find amusing. now telling me it's not true that criminals will buy guns from anywhere. do they have to have a little polo pony on the gun. >> criminals will buy guns anywhere but they happen to buy a lot of guns from gun stores. >> bill: yeah. whatever is cheaper and closer. >> okay. but the point is that the idea they are only sold on the black market is not true. in the "new york times" article they talk about 1300 of the guns that they con if i -- confiscated from chicago came from one store outside of the city limbs from illinois. don't act like not having stricter gun laws outside of the city wouldn't help. >> actually what would help is would be if we forced the gun laws on the books. if they are buying they are lying on criminal background checks which we have seen that joe biden said hey, we don't have time to check the criminal background checks.
8:16 pm
you know what? that's why that's a law. these people would not be able to buy guns from licensed dealers. >> bill: committed fraud on the thing. brings me back to by point which the "new york times" did not address pinheads on capitol hill won't address. uniformity in punishment. you send a message, you buy a gun legally and have a fraudulent background check, 10 years. 10 years on the books that's where you go. >> that's on the books. not doing it. >> bill: every state has different laws and different qualifications. if president obama and the democratic party and the nra, which says it wants to cut down on gun crime, too. if all of these people were serious about it, they would stop the nonsensical stuff that doesn't work, and they would say we're federalizing gun crimes. state lines which you can and can't take. get out of line, violate the gun law, mandatory prison sentence. believe me, that would cut it
8:17 pm
down way. you didn't answer my question, kate, i'm very disappointed. gabriel giffords. there she is how are we as americans if she wants stricter gun laws. shouldn't we rally to her cause? >> genuine reforms gradually cut down on gun violence. >> bill: you would say you want the same thick that she wants but you would debate her on how to get there, correct? >> of course we all want less gun violence. we just want reasonable reforms. and enforce what we already have on the books. >> bill: powers, would you just like to tell me one more time how the "new york times" hard news pages differ from their editorial? >> yeah. there is editorial page and they work in a separate area. >> bill: separate? >> they write their
8:18 pm
editorials. there are reporters and they do not collude with each other. >> bill: don't collude. >> you can prove that they collude? >> bill: you are absolutely right. >> can i say one thing? i completely agree with you on federalizing. i'm about to actually faint actually because i completely agree that's what you should do. >> bill: my solution works. we appreciate it cammeron and rosen have a bunch of stuff. my interview with collin powell last night with dennis miller and monkey business with iran. coming right back. all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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in the washington beat segment tonight frks things i you you may not know. joining us from washington, james rosen and carl cameron. cammeron, tell me something i don't know about the gun
8:22 pm
hearings today. >> well, you were talking about the testimony from gabriel giffords. she and her husband mark kelly, the former astronaut, founded a big political action committee exercise last year, basically up veiled it last month with the expressed purpose of advocating gun control laws and come batting the nra wane wayne lapierre testified today well. lapierre says he opposed background checks at gun shows. everybody knows that the polls show that hunters and huntsman think it's good deal. gun control have gas roots and way better professional lobbying effort than the gun control crowd. a ban on semiautomatic rifles is going to be really really tough especially for democrats in red states. now even limiting high ammunition magazines is going to be met with a ton of resistance, bill. >> rosen, there is a story floating around, we have not
8:23 pm
covered it because it might not be fair. senator robert menendez of new jersey, a friend of his is in big trouble. fbi raided the friends' home in florida today. and there is some unsavory stuff floating around. be careful, rosen, but tell me what you know not speculation about this story. >> all right. bill, we know as an indisputable fact that the fbi did indeed last night raid the west palm beach, florida offices of an ophthalmologist down there named dr. salmon melgam who is a long time supporter of the democratic senator from new jersey robert menendez. the two have traveled together on the plane to the dominican republic. there were allegations that surfaced shortly before election day on the conservative web site the daily caller alleging that senator menendez traveled to the dominican republic and there engaged in, again, allegedly, in sex with underaged prostitutes.
8:24 pm
the committee for responsibility and ethics in washington, otherwise known as crew, which has a pretty good track record on ethics issues has formally asked the fbi and the department of justice to investigate whether or not senator menendez did indeed engage in sex tourism in the dominican republic. whether, information in fact he he also allegedly made use of prostitutes in florida. and violated the man act which makes it a crime to transport underaged girls overstate lines for immoral purposes. >> menendez denies everything, correct? denies any involvement? >> and he just sent out a statement minutes ago in which he said that any allegations of engaging with prostitutes are manufactured by a politically motivated right-wing blog and are false. crew is not a right wing blog or right wing organization. it's nonpartisan. >> bill: asking to look into it. i want to tell the audience something. abc was investigating this story. brian ross who we respect. so we called him up and said do you
8:25 pm
anything solid and he said. no that's where it stands now. one other thing to note bill if i may. people found it curious on this fbi raid on dr. mehlman's office. dr. menendez cancelled point with jack lieu who is likely to become the next treasury secretary and also failed to attend on the floor john kerry's good by speech not only a matter of sentiment but senator menendez is scheduled to become the next chairman of the foreign relations committee succeeding senator kerry. >> bill: there is something going on there that he doesn't want to be around to answer any questions about. i think that's true. cammeron, go into the immigration. one minute for you, cammeron and rosen beck in one minute. immigration debate. president obama didn't really say much specifically yesterday in las vegas. how is this going to shake down? >> well, did he put himself out in front of it not everybody was entirely thrilled about that some within his own party. the hispanic caucus wanted him sort of to stay on the sidelines. not be not involved. but the idea of inserting himself they worry could
8:26 pm
ultimately polarize and lead to more gridlock. mr. obama ignored this issue at his first term and some say now he really wants to make it part of his legacy and get serious and get real reforms. there is also worry that this could become ongoing fight and it becomes a political wedge for republicans and immigrants and senate would be orchestrating that. marco rubio signed on to big comprehensive reform plan this week. that's a big change for him. he spent much of last year warning republicans to do the whole comprehensive reform ran the possibility of collapsing under it own weight. he wanted to do smaller bite sized pieces of it and change to do this. >> picture thing. it's all speculation. i want to wait until this clarify itself on what exactly they are going to talk about specifically and krauthammer and i laid it out last night. real quick, rosen, egypt, military coup, throw out the islamic brotherhood over there? >> there was a warming over the weekend from one of the top generals in the egyptian
8:27 pm
military to the effect that collapse of the government could be near. people who are charitiably described as soccer rioters who are actually militant thugs actually took control of a port city, over the weekend for a little while. most analysts i have spoken to don't expect that the government will completely clapsz in egypt. and a lot of people, including senator rand paul, republican of kentucky are upset that we're transferring 2 o0 f-16 fighter jets to egypt right now at a time when the president of the muslim brotherhood, mohammed more is i has failed to really come out and strongly apologize for 2010 comments calling jews the descendents of apes and pigs. what i'm told this is more military to military thing. >> bill: we have got to keep the egyptian military on our side. >> it does not describe the military edge. >> bill: gentleman thanks as always. al gore challenged by both david letterman and matt lauer
8:28 pm
about gore's hypocrisy. wow. [the most popular tv personalities in america. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> with hotwire's low prices, i can afford to visit chicago for my first big race and l.a.
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for my best friend's wedding. because when hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire so i got my hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ >> bill: factor follow up segment tonight. terrible situation in iran. 32-year-old be a dean any american father of two, christian pastor. convicted of insurrection and sentenced to 8 years in a
8:32 pm
iranian president. why condemn iran's freedom of religion and we call on the iranian authorities to release mr. abedini. close contact with the family actively engaged in this case. >> bill: that's nice i don't think iran is quaking in proverbial boots. with us now is a member of the group human rights watch iranian expert. they don't care what cash carney says, do they? >> i think international pressure does wind up helping in several cases. we have a case of a christian pastor niewmed yousef who was actually sentenced to i had i had. he was sentenced to death initially for the crime. this is about two years ago. because of international
8:33 pm
pressure, partly from human rights watch and other organizations, including christian organizations, in the united states, and in europe and elsewhere: his conviction actually was changed, he spent a little bit of time in prison and he has since been released. he -- so you think you can bring some pressure to bear. >> yes. >> abe -- abedini. is he american citizen. is he persian by descent. lives in the u.s.a. goes back to persia, iran, and they grab him, for what? >> you know, they grabbed him essentially in the summer of last year as he was trying to enter into iran from turkey. and the reason why they grabbed him because he was involved in the home church movement in iran. >> bill: what's that? >> mr. abedini is a christian pastor. is he a convert. he was born into a muslim family. he decided to change to christianity. >> bill: what's the home church thing? >> the home church movement is
8:34 pm
essentially a protestant movement in iran it is relatively popular and has become more popular in recent years. it's in some ways an underground movement because many christian converts and protestants are not allowed to build churches in iran. as a result they hold their ceremonies and services in home. >> bill: if you are iranian, you have got to it be a muslim, right? >> not true there are actually jews in iran there are christians in iran. there are christian converts in iran. what the iranian government has a specific problem with is these home church movements because they are very popular. a lot of young people. >> bill: they don't want anybody converting anybody? >> exactly. their big issue is evangelical christians. >> bill: you are not a muslim you have got to shut you? >> i wouldn't necessarily put it that way. >> bill: you are a little soft on iran. there is no freedom of religion over there, come on. >> no, there isn't. >> bill: let's call it. an american in jail for eight years for doing nothing, right? >> absolutely agree with you.
8:35 pm
>> bill: president obama get him out. >> he should not be in prison. organization also continue to push on this issue. >> bill: we're glad. the american government as powerful as it is cannot get him out. >> well, at the end of the day it's judiciary in iran and authorities that have to release him. >> bill: no, at the end of the day his butt is is in jail. that's what is it end he of the day. carney and everybody else, statement from the new secretary of state kerry. i'm concerned. concerned doesn't cut it it that's my frustration. >> i agree with you. >> little backwater, this fascist state, terrorist. we can't do anything about it? >> one point that i want to make. >> bill: real quick. >> christians are not the only groups that are targeted in iran. the iranian government essentially has a problem with any group, whether it's secular or religious that challenges the orthodoxy of the state. christians are a part of that. but there are many other religious minorities in iran. >> if i were an american i wouldn't be going to iran, period. thanks very much. >> thanks for having me. >> more iran. they put a monkey in space. also my interview with collin
8:36 pm
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill in the miller time segment tonight. let's get to the sage of southern california who joins us now from santa barbara. so my interview with collin powell last night. loss of people watched it posted on bill o' and in case you missed it, you can
8:40 pm
check it out there. what did you think, miller? >> billy, you know, i missed it but i read the transcript today. and it sounded like you were spunky, baby. so, good for you. let me say this about collin powell. and, first, i'll introduce race into the thing. thank you general powell for protecting my skinny dariere your entire life. secondly i met this guy at a social event with his wife who is lovely. sweet cat but he runs with the swells. he runs with the intelligence. it is like al gong quinn celebrated talking points for whips. that's a tight circle. everybody has two obits on the file. post 656789 one is them about powell being latter day ulysses s. grant one of them is about powell giving overhead slide presentation about going to iraq and it's not panning out as far as weapons of mass destruction.
8:41 pm
i believe they went across the border into syria fine. i might live in delusional land. two ways to be marked. best keep the tear side on his side for the rest of his life. they will drop that dime on him and that's the opening line in his obit. >> bill: that was my last question to him last night and he said it was ridiculous. that's certainly going around. no doubt about that. >> listen, billy, any time you bring up that a man talked about racing something and then he says he doesn't want to be asked that as a black man but as an american. you can see clib powell for entire life inconsequential that's weak cheese right there. sorry, collin, you brought it up through that prism. if somebody notices that you can't come back and drop the dime on them. that's the opposite of generalship, baby. i like you a lot. you are a great american. thanks for protecting me, like i said. that's crap when you do that though. iran sends a muslim into space. we assume is he a muslim monkey. if he were a christian monkey
8:42 pm
he would be in jail and you say? >> well, they were always flinging their fecal matter at us anyway over there. why not a chimp in space? listen, they are so far behind the times. this is the problem with obama and primitive culture back into the stone age, they are stuck there. i have a friend who works as realtor over there for century four. what are they going to come up next danger will robinson next year? listen, you see these parades in mostly and tikrit surfing coffins down the main drag in the middle of the afternoon? does it look like space travel is a big deal to them? trust me. the muslim they pght to colonize. >> the muslim world will want to go to the moon the day after jews set up israel there. that's the truth. >> bill: just getting prepared. i have a lot i could do but i'm not going to do it because this is more important.
8:43 pm
remember the crew rainyian topless woman who yelled at the pope. >> taught you grawmple on your show that wasn't her. different. about a week or two ago. these three women they yelled at the pope and they take their shirt off in the square and cops arrested them and said nothing would happen to them. they show up in switzerland topless again you know what comes to mind? frost bite. this is cold. are those -- that's crime change calling blurring breasts all over the planet. that's what's happening. this is al gore predicted. this blurried breasts is finally happened. thank god sandra fluke spared us. this thank god sandra fluke spared us this. the reason they are there,
8:44 pm
they think are bad. any other female protesters out there with big money business guys topless might not be the way to go. that might be -- >> have you ever seen swiss cops want to come down on one side of things in their life. they were doubling like maniacs. >> there was a lot of yodeling going on is all i know. >> a lot of echoing coming back. [ laughter ] >> julie andrews would have been appalled if she had been there. >> yes, she would have. harris poll on best personalities we have got a minute. number one ellen degeneres one of the most popular. harman two. leno, jim parsons on big bang theory. o'reilly number 6. >> and seven is jon stewart. >> no, stewart is 3. >> stewart is three. number 7 is anderson. look at you, billy.
8:45 pm
tucked in there real cozy like between parsons and anderson. what does that feel like? that doesn't sound good. i mean as far as polling -- that doesn't sound good. >> bill: i have no control. >> you are in sixth there billy. it's the harris poll. harris is the gallup as roebuck is to sears. i finished 1632 right behind gary coleman who has passed. >> bill: right. miller wasn't -- he was a little bit out of the running. you are gaining. last year you were 2145 you are coming back up. >> i'm coming at you, bill. >> bill: dennis miller, everybody. we would like to remind you miller and i in the valley of the sun phoenix, arizona just a few tickets remain for the bolder fresher show. on february 22nd also miller and i will see new l.a. march 1st. best bury long island june 1st. check it all out on bill o' love to see you.
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>> back of the book segment tonight. did you see that? juliet huddy off tonight joining us from los angeles the always effervescent leslie marshall. now, leslie, as you know, leslie your guy al gore who you once dated i believe way back, way back, is he getting pounded gore is in the court of public opinion selling phony cable network to al jazeera. >> what country. >> cutter. >> that's -- >> -- gas and oil. >> gas and oil. so you are selling this television network to a gas and oil supported elm rit.
8:50 pm
it's not elm rit. it's independent country. >> one of the elm rites. it's independent. of the closest ally of the u.s. in the arab world our fleet is there. >> isn't that one of the problems with global warming our dependence on petroleum producing countries? >> yes, it is. >> so you al gore are doing business with this country. [ laughter ] >> that's enabling your ultimate foe, climate change? >> i think i understand what you are getting at. [ laughter ] >> but i disagree with it. >> bill: looks like al had a few celebratory dinners after that deal. all right, leslie. i'm al gore, right here. i have just morphed and put on about 100 pounds. >> okay. >> i want you, leslie marshall, a former giant fan of me, al gore. to address me about this issue. al, i have got to say,
8:51 pm
mr. gore, i think it is a bit hypocritical for you to sell to al jazeera which is based in qatar that makes its money and certainly is the land of oil and gas. however, i do commend you, especially after super storm sandy for standing out in front of global warming. when you were pounding your chest and you were talking about an inconvenient truth, we in america, many on the left were deaf to your cries that we heed the warnings of global warming. >> bill: so hurricane sandy was caused by global warming? >> you are telling me hurricane sandy was caused by global warming? >> i think there is is scientists and many that. >> bill: you think there are scientists. i thought that you. >> climate change. do i believe what the scientists say, yes. they are far smarter than i am on their. >> bill: do you have a name of a scientists who will say on this program tomorrow sandy was caused by global warming? do you have one name? no, you don't. >> i will get a name for you, yeah. i can tell you that chris christie isn't going to say
8:52 pm
obama is great after super storm sandy or mayor bloomberg say we need to address climate change. others on the right. >> bill: we're getting away from the issue and al gore, me, is confused. let's have matt lauer refocus. go. >> the critics jumped and they said here is the guy who just sold current tv to al jazeera, which gets an undetermined amount of funding from the country of qatar, which gets its money from oil reserves. isn't there a contradiction in that? >> i certainly understand that criticism. i disagree with it. because i think al jazeera has, obviously long sense established itself as a really distinguished and effective news gathering organization. and, by the way, it's climate coverage has been far more extensive and of high quality than any of the networks there. >> from a country that bases its wealth on fossil fuels and fossil fuels are the enemy. you targeting climate change. isn't there a bit of hypocrisy
8:53 pm
in that? >> i get the criticism. this network has established itself. >> letterman and lauer could have knocked him out. they rattled him. i gave them credit. they like him. just like you leslie. not as much as do you. could have knocked al gore here. is he not going to sit here and promote his dopey book. don't give me any of this al jazeera business. threw a party for a man who bashed a little girl's head in with a rifle. they threw a party, al jazeera, for that -- just that alone disqualifies any decent human being from doing business with al jazeera. period. end of discussion. last word, leslie. >> okay. i cannot disagree with you regarding the birthday party and what happened to that little girl. that is horrific.
8:54 pm
but i can say that we, as a nation, have made enemies and allies back and forth of people in the past like bin laden and qaddafi. both terrorists and that we as americans are hypocrites in the sense every time we buy an iphone because we are buying it from a communist country that has human rights violations. so i think there is a fine line between politics and business and i think that al gore is being secured for the sale because of that. >> bill: here is my prediction. no one will buy gore's book. it will be a tremendous -- >> -- i disagree. >> bill: okay, leslie, dinner. dinner at what some swell restaurant in beverly hills going to cost you a couple hundred bucks. i say gore doesn't sell 20,000 copies of that dopey book. >> it's a deal. you are coming here march 1st on tv going to buy me dinner? i will find a good place in beverly hills. >> bill: go to the bank. >> i'm ready i'm going to be hungry. >> bill: so am i, leslie. belief me. every advertiser i'm ordering. in a moment, factor tip of the
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>>. >> bill: factor tip of a day. what do you think about colin powell. in a moment. first, victor... >> bill: shut your irish yap. you sound like a rational guy. stay away from sharp objects. watching out for you.
8:57 pm
>> bill: appreciate that. >> bill: we ship overseas. you would have received copies of the u.s. constitution and the declaration of independence free conversation pieces down under and if you are a bill o'reilly premium member you would have gotten the books free.
8:58 pm
>> bill: watch yourself howard, that thing can blow. [ laughter ] >> bill: yes, it was stuart, when somebody lies to your face, let's them have it. finally tonight the factor tip of the day for this wednesday. very interesting poll. my interview with colin powell last night. if you didn't see it, it's posted on the o'reilly website. then after you watch it i want you to vote in the poll. was the interview fair, too tough or too soft? the results are very fascinating. let me get a few more people in so you can check it out.
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