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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 31, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> greg: hello. i'm greg gutfeld with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, and her big wheel is double parked outside. dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city. hence, "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: so some groups are ticked off at coca-cola for the super bowl ad featuring an arab with a camel in the desert. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: so one arab group is claiming this is racist or something. coke says it was just using film characters from the past. now you might call the groups cry babies but that would have been people with malfunctioning tear ducts. instead, i call them americans where they figured out like the rest of us outrage gets attention. forget anger over terrorism. words speak louder than actio action. as you demand subservient to hurt feelings. how to beat them? join them. taco bell claims they pull their ad that asked people to eat tacos instead of carrot after vegetable lovers, vented on the whine seller, called twitter. here is the ad. >> veggie on game day is punting on fourth and one. it's a cop-out. people hate you for it. introducing the taco bell variety 12-pack. aame day tradition since right now. >> greg: so the center for science and the public interest tweeted pathetically shame on taco bell for
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disparaging healthy vegetables. yeah, veggies have feelings. it saw a rudebega weeping in the corner. veggies are living things! so why are they okay to eat and not chickens? the difference in i.q., minimal. here is a chart i made. chicken has i.q. of 12 points. the rudebega has i.q. of 8. f.b.i. agent has 7 point 7 poin- cspi staffer has 7 points. i'm offended. forget eating vegetables or taco. eat the people at cspi to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the population and that is good for planet earth. >> greg's apology. >> i'm sorry. >> greg: five seconds ago i advocated eating members of
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cspi, i'm shocked and appalled by my own behaviori. i'll engage with a dialogue in hopes to better understand my cannibalism be. at my place 10:00 and eat something spicy before-hand. >> dana: you took full responsibility. >> greg: i thought i might apologize for it. >> eric: i get it. hillary clinton. >> greg: that went over my head but i'm short. stay on top of this. coke ad, this is what the arabic groups are mad about. you first, eric. because you can vote for groups to win, you couldn't vote for the guy on the camel. that's what is offensive. it's exclusionary. >> eric: people in both ads, less about what they are saying that they are probably not outraged, the group is probably not outraged, i don't think it'srace. the food group doesn't think that veggies' feelings will be
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hurt. this is more about them making it, using it to create awareness. they think if they make a big stink about veggies people will pay more attention to what they eat. that is the game plan. with respect the arab one that they call racism on it, people will pay more attention to the way they treat arabs. >> dana: and camels. >> eric: and camels. wasn't there nothing out this week a group that advocate for them felt like islamists was -- islam is racist and offensive. islam. >> bob: i don't know what the problem is here. don't get mad here. what is the problem? you got to chill out, everybody. i mean listen, listen, man, happy. get yourself something to eat or homegrown weed from where i come from. you will be much be happier. >> andrea: in case anyone is
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wondering what bob is doing -- >> bob: parody on yesterday's volkswagen ad when people were upset because they were speaking like jamaican. i got a jamaica lesson from the doorman. >> dana: is that what she calls it? [ laughter ] >> dana: that is like john wayne and jamaican. >> eric: doing a great job. >> greg: what bob is getting at is jamaica is worldwide, including the jamaica minister of tourism loved the ad, thought it was great. >> bob: good thing. >> andrea: i think the janet jackson flip -- >> bob: what did you call it? >> greg: let's not repeat it. >> andrea: i think the world has gone crazy.
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if i walked to a bowles party and there were just veggies i would go crazy. one chance we want to eat tacos and hamburgers. >> greg: who brings, by the way, who does bring a veggie tray to a super bowl party? >> bob: broccoli on super bowl day. >> greg: bill hemmer never invited me to a super bowl party. >> andrea: i didn't know vegetarians have that much clout, a big lobby. >> eric: everybody is grabbing hold to promote the causes.
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>> dana: i have had enough. usually you're offended on somebody else's behalf but then you find out the jamaicans were not fended. most people in the arab world would not be offended by ad describing lawrence of arabia. they couldn't vote for arab on a camel that is not different than real life. not a lot of democracy going on. my hero is the p.r. american who gets a call from one of the nut groups and their quote to them is not well, we're sorry, we were trying not to offend anybody but shut up. if that got quoted somebody, you would be my hero and you'd get a jasper calendar. >> eric: this is important. trying to jump in here. i was going to say the same thing. volkswagen pulled the ad and taco bell pulled the ad. not sure if the camel ad was pulled. why do they cave? someone says racism, they say you're right, pull the ad. jump first and think about it
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second. there is nothing racist about ad or the volkswagen ad. it's funny, fun ad. >> bob: don't take away from groups. they feel strongly about the position. >> eric: are they always right, though? should corporate america be a slave to a group -- >> bob: i told you that corporate america is wusses. >> andrea: the goal has been achieved, right? if you are in a corporate office in coca-cola you are saying the ad got ran anyway. arguably people have seen it. are nudist going to protest the lingerie bowl because girls wearing the lingerie? or animal rights activist protesting the puppy bowl? this is where we are headed. insane. >> dana: the atheists group sue because you couldn't go to the charlie brown play because something might have something to do with christianity? so they pulled a field trip
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and they weren't allowed to go. where is the aclu now? defending the company. >> greg: i want to hear the groups get outraged over actions. over terror threat rather than what hurts their feelings. >> andrea: if they came out and make a stink about something it would be women's rights in the muslim world or shariah law treats women or something like that. it's over guy on a camel and coca-cola ad. >> bob: i know the aclu gets behind some of the things that seem outrageous but they do awfully good things and takes on good causes. i'm a strong aclu person. >> dana: video maker, not anything for that guy. >> greg: we are teaching your kids, eric, i believe you a son. that is the quickest way to get snore are you mocking me? >> greg: yes, i am. you light candles with him every monday. >> eric: oh, my gosh.
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did you just go there? "joy of hate" every day for the past four months. >> bob: that was a direct attack right there, buddy. gutfeld. >> eric: who is on "red eye" tonight? let me guess, one more thing is who is on "red eye" tonight? >> dana: citizens for the protection of eric bolling on outrage. >> greg: this is an important point. this is teaching kids to play the victim. >> eric: did i say this right? is it center for american islamic relations? they have a problem with the word "islammists." it's in their title. >> andrea: only they can use it. >> bob: remember what gu gutfeld said. it was a slur. >> dana: islamist and illegal versus immigration. pretty soon they will say you can't say islamist anymore.
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>> greg: we have solved that. >> dana: banned phrase. >> eric: are you going to bans a phrase or something now? >> greg: at the end of the show. >> bob: ban candles in the catholic church. >> greg: still to come, female gun rights activist tells congress -- you are so sensitive -- that gun keep american wie women safe. then the left went nuts. her testimony next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: president obama signed warning shot to progun advocates to put bullseye on the nra. two puns. he included ban on assault rifles but he never defined "assault" and he proposed banning high ammo clip. what about victims or women and children? listen to this lawmaker defending her right to choose
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to protect herself. >> she would have an adequate ability to protect her family. >> how can you say that? >> without 100-round -- >> how can you say that? you are a large man. you are not a teenage -- tall man. you are not a young mother. who has a young child with her. and i am passionate about this position. because you cannot understand. you are not a woman stuck in her house having to defend her children. not able to leave her child. not able to seek safety. on the phone with 911. she cannot get the police there fast now have protect her child. she is not used to being in a firefight. >> eric: do you think the president may have jumped a little too quickly in pushing this gun, his gun wishes through without listening to someone like this young lady? >> bob: absolutely not. as sad as the situation was when she defended her kids, that is great. i don't have the exact position but i assure you that
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more kids are killed in gun in household and more women are killed by husbands getting angry, domestic violence cases than killed by people breaking in to a house. >> eric: so ban husbands? >> bob: that would be a good start. >> greg: ex-wife tried to do that. >> eric: wouldn't vit been smart to give this breathing room and hear from groups like her. biden said he met with 100 groups but i never heard that before. >> dana: her passion came through without any manufacturered outrage. that was effective. effective testimony. that is what a hearing is supposed to do. there is no doubt that the white house and democrats have momentum to get through something in congress. when it comes to guns. i think they would have been better off doing the hearing
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first before the executive order and then doing it on the back end. if this doesn't get through, a lot for nothing. >> greg: i love that it's okay and laudable for women to enter combat but not own a gun. so you can defend the country but you can't defend your home. in terms of feminism, guns do more than a subscription to coz mow. subscribe to glock, not glamour. >> bob: who said women should haven't guns? >> greg: you did. >> bob: they should haven't 100-round ammunition -- >> eric: bob beckel -- >> andrea: unload ten holes in men's head. >> bob: right. >> eric: ten is fine. >> andrea: even the "new york times" -- >> greg: they're killed by drugs and car accidents. >> andrea: the number one
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killer of children is swimming pools. i don't know if you want to ban swimming pools or time tommy lee up to congress because a kid died in his poo pool. ethicist wrote a column in 2009 about the benefit of arming women and talked how gun violence is typically men on men but disproportion nately women are effected in men on women violence. there is smart technology that women, triggers identify their own fingerprints so the gun can't taken out of a woman's hand. that is true. that is my point. at the same time they push for women on the front lines in combat, they are talking about stripping women of their second amendment rights here at home. >> bob: they are not talking about that. that is ridiculous. that swimming pool did not start out with the idea to kill a kid. >> eric: nor did the gun. >> bob: you have -- >> eric: i want to get this in here. 15-year-old honor student who marched in president obama's
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inaugural parade was killed in chicago two days ago. a twist that she appeared in this 2008 vaunt violence psa. watch. >> this commercial is informational for you. it's your job to say no to gangs and yes to great teac teacher. >> andrea: this is so sad. she was at the inaugust ration last week. obama hometown and they are silent on sideline. the most vocal rahm emanuel has been is going after the banks to not offer gun manufacturers line of credit. >> greg: or chick-fil-a. >> andrea: this report came out saying that those who shot and wounded the murders last year did not go to jail 94% of the time.
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>> greg: we have been talking act chicago and what ticks me off is where the r the celebrities talking about gang violence or carriaging witnesses to speak out against the gangsters? they are terrified. chicago is a war zone. rahm emanuel is taking easy policy position while people in city are killing each other. >> dana: a beautiful young girl and we could learn a lot from young people with the presence of mine to participate early on. >> bob: a tragedy. killed with 1-clip ammunition.
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>> greg: gang banger. >> bob: it doesn't matter. >> greg: it does matter. why are you scared of talking about gang violence? you want to think every gun owner is a white red neck. >> bob: i do not. >> greg: you do accents when you tack about them. >> bob: i'm the one that said there is a gang war in chicago from the beginning. >> eric: this is illegal shooter. am i getting this wrong? >> bob: you these these are benevolent things that hide in closet. >> greg: you want to take guns from law-abiding people. >> bob: not at all. high capacity from everybody. >> eric: leave it there. straight ahead 49 ignites a firestorm days before the bowles. chris culliver apologizes for his remarks. we'll tell you what he said. which hall of fame has more
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." 49ers player apologizes for a fumble off the football field. earlier in week, corner back chris culliver said he wouldn't accept a gay teammate if he had one. >> no, i don't do the gay guys, man. i don't do that. >> any on the 49ers? >> no. they don't got no gay people on the team. they got to get up out of here
5:28 pm
if they do. can't be with that sweet stuff. >> they might be able to play well. >> nah. >> so they have to keep at it secret? is thersecret >> come out ten years lateer a of that. >> andrea: today he said he was sorry. >> i'm sorry if i offended anyone. that's ugly comments. that's not what i feel in my heart. i hope i can learn and grow from this experience and situation. >> dana: oh, my. >> andrea: having a dialogue about it. it seems to me four days before the bowles perhaps the 49ers might have something to do with the apology. >> greg: that is the quickest flip when you do that. this way, the voice is like this. then the voice changes. but you know what? i'm sorry. what do you expect? do you think n.f.l. players sit in a locker room and discuss gay marriage? they don't. they, all they do is play football. they don't care. they done care abanything else. they don't know the sacred cows. >> bob: have you noticed everybody has a change of heart.
5:29 pm
that's the line. it had a change of heart. >> andrea: he's learning. it's a learning experience. >> bob: learning. change of heart. not what is in my heart. this is san francisco, pal. the largest gay community by percentage in the country. think about that. there probably are gay players. >> greg: there probably are. athletes don't think about that. it reminds me of hip hop music ten years ago. everything was homophobic there. but they didn't, that is what they said. they didn't care. >> andrea: he is certainly entitled to his opinion, eric ; however, why he would be voice it on gay players four day arguably before the biggest game of his life. >> eric: this is not his fault. this is the 49ers' fault for not giving him media training, stay away from these topics. republicans, someone wants to bring up rape. stop. don't talk about rape anymore. whatever is legal in the state, go with that. let's talk about whether there are gay football players or not. gay population is estimate sad
5:30 pm
to 20% of the population. >> greg: no. it's between 4-7%. >> eric: so let's say 5%. 5% of 40. two gay players on every team. >> andrea: shouldn't you want the best possible players on his team, gay or not? what does it matter? >> dana: in defense of the media trainer, this guy proved just because you play football does not mean you also have a brain. nor a heart. i don't believe him for a second he had a change of heart. he had a worry his pocketbook would be emptied out and he would get fired from the team. i will blame the p.r. people for putting him out there in first place. you don't need everybody doing interviews. pick four people, make sure they are the best people. you shouldn't tell somebody by the way, don't disparage an entire group of people in your interview about gays. like why you have to media train somebody for that? >> andrea: if there was a gay player on his team, how would the player feel knowing on game day this is the way the other player feels.
5:31 pm
>> bob: get back to this point. one thing 49ers should make clear to the players don't talk about gays in san francisco! i mean, c'mon, man. this guy is homophobic. no question. he doesn't like gay people. he had no change of heart. threat of his wallet. >> andrea: speaking of p.r. decision, dan marry know, a -- dan marino, a super bowl legend. well, he never got a ring. he came out recently today and admitted he has a love child, fathered a love child with a woman from cbs sports he impregnated in 2005. he was known to be a family man. six children. his marriage is still intact, greg, with his wife. what do you think the p.r. decision was for coming out now? secret love child. >> greg: probably because it was going to come out anyway. why is it called a love child? better than the alternative. >> dana: child in wedlock is not a love child? >> greg: i call it a drinking child. it happens after you have been
5:32 pm
drinking. did this happen when he went on nutrisystem? i blame them. he got in better shape. >> andrea: so if he were heavy he would haven't had the opportunity to have the love child? >> greg: i have no clear answers for this. >> andrea: you have lost a lot of weight, greg. what have you been doing with your time? >> dana: midlife crisis child. >> greg: arnold. >> dana: lots of examples. >> andrea: he is doing pre-game for a number of hours. i guess one of the news stories people are going to start looking at him differently. will you? >> dana: no. there are so many dads, men who father children who then never take care of them. he did. look, he worked it out with his family. i consider it personal. >> greg: you found out your dad was dan marino. you'd go cool! >> eric: love child of dan marino. >> bob: only thing i can say is i need to take the fifth amendment on this. i'm only kidding. only kidding. only kidding. >> andrea: do you have an announcement? >> greg: be careful.
5:33 pm
>> dana: true confession. >> bob: man, i tell you. that was rough. that was rough. >> andrea: thoughts on dan marino? or bob being your father? >> eric: there is an interesting thing that goes on. athletes, it happens a lot. we forgive and forget. second chances. politicians we seem to remember those forever. >> andrea: dan parry know wasn't up there trumping family values and moral integrity. if his wife forgives him -- >> bob: the question is he taking care of the child? >> andrea: he has. millions of dollars enough so the woman was living in the hamptons and became a socialite. >> bob: is she married? >> andrea: this is a big price for a baby. still to come, should a math teacher be history at her school after posting pictures of herself half naked and smoking pot on twitter? is the teacher too hot for classroom? did she use to teach bob fledge or should she get a pass? all that and the discussion coming up next. ♪
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i'm bret baier many washington. the big story, contentious pick for president to run the pentagon. chuck hagel faced tough questioning from the one-time colleagues. hagel walked back many of the controversial statements and positions voiced earlier. the question now is this bumpy hearing enough to detail ris confirmation? u.s. intelligence officials tell fox news al-qaeda wants to hit more western targets like the algerian oil field this month and may be planning to do just that. that story, the latest between syria, iran and israel. plus a big picture look at a very troubled middle east. president obama is shutting down his jobs council. this has new unemployment numbers are due out tomorrow. we begin a new series on a new economy to tell you about a place where jobs are plentiful
5:39 pm
and starting pay is great and training is free. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: remember when president obama said this in 2011 -- >> keeping the economy going and making sure jobs are available is the first thing i think about when i wake up in the morning and the last thing i think about when i go to bed each night. i will not be satisfied until every american who wants a good job can find one and every american gets a shot at the american dream. >> dana: then we woke up this morning to learn the white house shut down the jobs council that got all sorts of praise at the time and it only met four times in the last two years. so, eric, do you think the economy is at a point now we can abandon this great idea that was the jobs council?
5:40 pm
>> eric: you know, i'm trying to figure out is it that the job situation getting better, the economy is better or the fact that he is 11 days after inauguration and he doesn't have to worry about that stuff anymore? >> dana: they had a two-year charter, greg, when it was first created. they met four times in two years. a very rigorous schedule in washington. they had an option to renew. but after the election they decided not to. >> greg: they met as often as parallel lines. [ laughter ] anyway, here is the thing that drives me crazy. i don't think the administration likes real jobs. they actually, i think look down on jobs like, whether it's working on a pipeline or fracking. that is beneath them. in a perfect world for president obama, the ideal job would be running lesbian, gay, bisexual transgendered bookstore in portland, oregon, that also sells biodegradable
5:41 pm
bicycles. >> dana: and tofu. >> andrea: shaved ice. >> greg: but anything working for industry or the man is wrong. >> dana: this is what i believe -- >> eric: parallel lines never meet and they met four times. >> andrea: they don't even like doing their own job. >> dana: bob, this is what i thought was amazing. in the press office, i don't know if they heard about it last night or what point they did but yesterday the gdp numbers came out. surprise contraction of the fourth quarter to be explained away. but still, a contraction. if i had heard about that. i would have poured gasoline on my head and threat on the light a match if they didn't say we were shutting down the jobs council the next day. >> bob: time is rebrettable but two-year deal and funded by the congress. if they reup it -- >> dana: why do you need funding to meet four times a year? >> bob: the council has to have funding. the other thing to make a point about this group is they gave 60 proposals to the white
5:42 pm
house. most adopted 306789 proposals for creating jobs to the congress and not one moved in the house o house of representa. classic republican. >> dana: i love it. that is the excuse today blame republicans for fact they only met four times. >> bob: why didn't they act on the proposals? >> andrea: if anyone thinks that a council or summit or task force is going to do anything, can this be the evidence -- can you ban task force summit? >> bob: they had slated proposals. >> you brought up funding for a jobs council. there are so many people in the government now, why do you need fund there are so many people working for president obama. >> bob: answer why 30 proposals sent to capitol hill and not one of them -- >> dana: why didn't the democrats pass those? >> bob: that is a question. >> dana: a great question. >> bob: all jobs bill start in the house. that's where -- >> dana: i also think that this release today the timing of it, was a predistraction
5:43 pm
strategy to take away from chuck hagel's testimony today. in front of the senate. >> greg: it was horrible. >> dana: maybe somebody had a premonition and they said shutter jobs council because it will get us attention we would rather have than on the defense council. >> eric: yesterday we had the first contraction in the economy in 3-1/2 years. what did n.b.a. do in nightly news? didn't mention it. abc kind of mentioned it in quick comment. scott tellly took the cake. he mentioned it but said don't worry that number will likely be revised. scott ply is now an economist? figuring out when the economy is going to contract or expand? wow! >> andrea: my favorite is dnc communications director brad woodhouse tweeting throughout is the best looking contraction we have ever seen. that is the best case of diarrhea we have ever seen. >> dana: worst recovery in history. >> bob: why the "wall street journal" who i assume you like a lot said most is attrit to
5:44 pm
believe sandy? >> dana: did you read that editorial snod >> bob: i did. >> greg: sandy duncan? >> eric: deja vu. >> andrea: what do you think the contraction was caused by? >> bob: sandy an caused by a disruption in the christmas season. that -- >> dana: wait. what about the -- yesterday -- [ overtalk ] can i make a point. can i make a point? i want to make one point? they said it was defense cuts. >> eric: of course it was. >> dana: but defense cuts, the defense spending went down in q-3, not q-4. the defense cut was the white house's idea in the first place. the administration. they said they want more of the same. so i don't understand how you blame republicans for defense cuts that haven't happened yet. >> bob: what is wrong for defense cuts? >> dana: i'm not for defense cuts. >> eric: she is not saying there is anything wrong with them but nancy pelosi, harry reid and third lawmaker said the reason we contracted in the fourth quarter is
5:45 pm
government spending going down. the reason government spending went down is because of the defense cuts. they were part of sequestration that started -- >> bob: $700 hammers. remember? >> andrea: spending didn't go down in the fourth quarter. it increased in the fourth quarter. >> dana: you know what? we have to go because we have to talk about a hot teacher coming up. that's what bob wants to talk about. we'll tell you about a great new announcement he has about the legendary johnny cash. that's ahead on "the five." ♪ ♪ [ roasting firewood ] ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: 23-year-old math teacher carla mckinney of colorado, put on administrative leave because she posted a few pictures on the internet which were some people considered racy. i don't know if they are but nonetheless. that caused a huge furor with
5:50 pm
people and put on administrative with pay as they investigate this. the school district said be sure when you put something on social media, assume the classroom, the kids in your class will see it. i can understand that. so they said to her, she said this is a parody. but some of them had her smoking marijuana. she was a math teacher. allegation was she was grading papers while she was stoned. i wish they graded mine while she was stoned because i didn't do well in math. i don't know. is this such a big deal, eric? >> eric: yeah. it is. i don't even think it's a big deal about the pictures. the part about saying she was smoking pot on school grounds, i believe. she was high. she was stoned when she was grading papers. that alone, any parent in the world who has a 14-year-old son wants her fired. >> andrea: she was also naked and stoned and wet while grading papers according to her tweet. >> greg: who hasn't been
5:51 pm
there? can i make a point 23. we have longer life spans now. so 3-year-olds are essentially -- 23-year-olds are essentially 13-year-old. if you look at young adult males they dress at german kids at fat camp with paggy shorts and silly hats. this woman has more in common with high school kids than she does adults in their 30s. >> bob: dana, are you upset by this? >> dana: i grew up in colorado. it must have changed a great deal since i was there. i agree with this school administrators to make the decision. i saw that the kids got together and want a petition to get her back. no. put her on administrative leave. if she is a math teacher add it up that the human body and soul was not meant to be online 24/#. >> greg: what about male professors who hit on girls 20 years younger? >> dana: she a high school teacher. >> bob: does this upset you?
5:52 pm
>> andrea: it would if i was a parent. it's funny the students put forth a petition to get her back. shocking. >> bob: new word i -- >> andrea: can i finish? >> bob: sorry. >> andrea: if she wants to teach, washington state is looking for pot consultant. she can go to academia. the fact she had weed in her car, the fact she -- >> dana: it's legal now. >> bob: public sector, paid by the taxpayers. go to the private sector if you want to smoke dope. >> bob: new term here crunk, driving drunk and doing dope while driving. do you hear that? >> andrea: crunk. [ overtalk ] >> bob: one more thing is up next. that math class is online if you want to go get it. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. email marketing from constant contact reaches people in a place they're checking every day -- their inbox. and it gives you the tools to create custom emails that drive business. it's just one of the ways constant contact can help you grow your small business. sign up for your free trial today at >> greg: one more thing. andrea? >> andrea: outside of "the five" a lot of people ask me what it's like working at fox news and what people are like, they ask are bob and i friends? yes. does bill hemmer really live in your basement? yes. they ask who is the nicest person at fox news?
5:57 pm
i respond sean hannity. the king of talk radio came on my syndicated radio show today and gave a kind endorsement of me and show when asked about the future of talk radio. >> also people like you, andrea. young, dynamic. conservative, pro-life and it is irritating to them that you don't fit in to this box that they would think oh, this demographic is going to vote this way. >> andrea: i'm humbled by your endorsement and the comment. thank you for coming on the show. >> bob: one of the kindest, most generous men there are. johnny cash, best album was johnny cash at folsom prison has been awarded a stamp in his honor. good job, you were a great singer. we'll miss you a lot. you a stamp now. people won't forget you. >> andrea: cool looking stamp. >> bob: it is. >> greg: too bad nobody uses them. >> dana: a beckel stamp. >> greg: it never comes off.
5:58 pm
eric? >> eric: you don't want to lick it either. okay. keep going. >> bob: what are you talking about? >> eric: did you see the video that the department of homeland security released who urges americans confronted by an office place shooter? look at what they suggest you do. watch. >> consider the difference between cover and concealability. cover will protect you from gunfire. concealment will hide you from the shooter. if you are caught in the open and cannot conceal yourself or take cover, consider overpower the shooter with whatever means are available. >> eric: use scissors. as greg pointed out, get yourself a gun. >> bob: bazookas, that would be something. >> greg: you want a permit for a gun so you're not a sitting duck. >> dana: i have the round tipstip scissors. they won't work well. >> greg: banned phrase.
5:59 pm
"lo and behold." unless they're the name of your ferret be done with it. you don't need to start a sentence with "lo and behold," just start the sentence. >> dana: i heard you would do think. looked up the origin of "lo and behold." it turns out it's from the bible. you can't ban a phrase from the bible. >> greg: great. >> -- saying that -- >> dana: behold and lo is how it was there but it's also in letter from lady of the bed chamber in 1808. do research. >> greg: going to wikipedia. >> andrea: you think you are smarter than god, don't you? >> dana: that is mrs. anna on "downtown abbey." lady's made. got promoted. >> eric: lady of the bed chamber. >> andrea: lo and behold. >> dana: lo and behold this political cartoon.


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