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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  February 4, 2013 7:00pm-7:59pm EST

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>> john: that's it for tonight. house majority leader eric cantor note what many republicans have been complaining is terrible messaging by the party leadership. we will see you tomorrow. >> shepard: first from fox this monday night a fox urgent and dramatic end to the hostage crisis in alabama happened late today when fbi agents stormed the underground bunker to rescue the a-year-old boy being held for the past seven days by an armed survivalist. investigators say they were forced to act out of serious concern where the suspect's mental state. they say they thought the child was in imminent danger as they put it. the accused kidnapper is now dead and a brave little 5-year-old boy is physically safe. we are still waiting to learn lots of details and we may during this hour but according to investigators jimmy dykes, this man on tuesday grabbed the boy off a bus full of children after killing the bus driver, retreated with the child to the bunker near his home. dykes according to police then
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held the child in the room no bigger than a jail cell 6 feet by 8 feet. by many accounts the suspect was a violent and paranoid man. the town's mayor says the boy was very scared and had been crying for his mother. then today negotiations started to go down hill. and this afternoon the fbi said law enforcement decided to end it all. >> at approximately 3:12 this afternoon, fbi agents safery recovered the child who has been held hostage for nearly a week. within the past 24 hours, negotiations deteriorated and mr. dykes was observed -- was observed holding a gun. at this point, fbi agents fearing the child was in imminent danger entered the bunker and rescued the child. the child appears physically unharmed and is being treated at a local hospital. the subject is deceased. the resolution of this matter is a direct result of
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extraordinary collaboration between law enforcement at all levels. the exhaustive efforts and dedication of this community's law enforcement is truly exemplary. i want to thank everyone in this community that has supported us throughout the past few days. i know there are several questions that need to be answered and more questions to come. we will have an opportunity to address these later as more details become available. thank you very much. >> no other details on cfnt child but he reportedly suffered from asberger's syndrome on the autism. what's going on there tonight, jonathan? >> well, shep, as we speak, fbi special agent bomb technicians are sweeping the area surrounding the bunker, they are looking for any improvised explosive devices that the suspect may have left there. they want to make sure the
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area is safe before they allow forensic teams to go in. once they do finish their work, they will allow state, local and federal police to go in and continue the investigation piecing together exactly what happened through the this tense hostage standoff, shep? >> not a perfect ending, jonathan but pretty close. >> pretty darn close. you know, the community such bittersweet emotions, immediately this it afternoon everyone was overjoyed to hear that the a-year-old was safe but then people began to remember that bus driver charles poland who lost his life. witnesses say that he stood up, trying to prevent the gunman from taking hostage as the gunman was actually pointing to individual students saying i want that student. i want that student. we spoke with one girl who was on the bus when all of this went down. she explains her mixed emotions. >> kind of good. kind of sad. you are like sad that he died but then the next you are
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happy because the boy is living and now he gets to live his life happy and gets to see that he gets to live for another day. >> and that little girl single terry says some students are nervous to get back on a school bus. she says they need to in order to get an education and, shep, she says that she is looking forward to returning getting everyone's lives back to normal. >> i know she is. a negotiator. maybe even a team of them has been speaking with this suspect or had for the better part of seven days. and this afternoon it sounded like they were giving us a hint as to what he might be wanting out of this. >> it sounded like they were giving a hint. in particular, sheriff wally olsen said the suspect had a story that was important neighbors tell us that the suspect held strong antigovernment views.
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so, that could lead one to speculate that perhaps he wanted to draw attention to those views but if that was the case, he certainly went about it the wrong way and now that he is dead, he will not be telling that story. jonathan on scene. a lot of questions to be answered here. hope to be hearing from police this hour. news crews spotted this ambulance leaving the scene just after the ambulance freed the boy. were wheeled him into the hospital on a stretcher. elizabeth prann at that hospital tonight doe than, alabama less than 10 miles from the scene, elizabeth? >> yeah, shep, witnesses tell us the little boy was brought here flowers hospital in alabama, in fact, one witness snapped a photograph where you can see the little boy sitting up in a stretcher. he tells us the ride to the hospital was anything but frantic. >> very calm. they were not in a hurry. ethan appeared to be at an angle on the stretcher as far as with the stretcher up. and they carried him into the
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emergency room. they didn't appear, like i say, in the transport. it was nonemergency. obeying all traffic laws and very casual carrying him into the emergency department. >> fbi officials here on the scene just told us he is safe and okay. they relacy nod other details about his condition. we know that little 5-year-old boy has spent almost an entire week under a bunker 4 feet under ground and, shep, he has also been a witness to two killings in one week. back to you. >> shepard: yes, indeed. elizabeth prann on scene. the state senator who has been with the boy's mother all week. state senator smith was with the victim's mother when she got the news near -- when the standoff was over. and we will get to that first, senator smith thank you for being here. all of us in our newsroom and i'm guessing in our audience have been thinking so much about that mom and the family. how have they done during all of this? >> listen, she is an amazing woman. and has been so brave.
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just so brave. >> shepard: you know, the thought -- i have a niece to happens to be that age. the thought that you are away from the child none less than this kind of condition. what an ordeal she has been through. >> i think every mom out there would know how she was feeling if your child was abducted. but, she was so brave and so strong. i always knew that her child would be brought home to her safely. she was amazing. >> she handled this very well. >> shepard: i didn't mean to interrupt. i'm sorry there is a satellite dee delay. i know you were there when she got the news her son was free today. take us through those moments if you could. >> i usually visit every day. i drove up for my afternoon visit. and she was being whisked away out of building she was. in and i kind of saw a little smile. and they said she needed to go. and she said let me have a little hug. and so i hugged her and she tapped me on the back. i kind of knew maybe things
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were going well. immediately i heard rumors that she was being taken to be reunited with her son. i know there is a lot of hugs and kisses going on right now between her because they are very close family. >> senator, we're being very careful not to identify this family or the little boy or anyone involved because we don't know the details of what this child has been through. but has the family been given the kinds of updates through the this that any family would want? >> the mother has been briefed by local law enforcement daily or or as situations have arisen. i mean, she has been very cooperative and very strong very brave. she is an amazing person. she gave them the information they needed when she cooperated fully. i know that tonight that everybody is smiling in alabama over this situation. a lot of prayers have been
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going out. we are just so happy that this ended well for that family. >> shepard: senator harri ann smith thank you very much. all a the best to that family. >> thank you. >> shepard: more than 500 people crowded an auditorium yesterday to remember the school bus driver who was hot hot -- shot and killed while trying to protect that little boy. jimmy dykes shot and killed this driver charles poland last week. the driver's sister told a local television station? washington state that poland joined the army in 1960's, moved from idaho to alabama. she said he had been driving the school bus only to support his wife until her retirement. charles poland remembered today as one of the best guys people at that funeral knew. he died at 66, trying to save the life of a 5-year-old. more ahead from lower alabama in a moment, including new
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information on the accused killer. how his life brought him to that underground bunker with a gun. a very scared little boy. and we'll also wait for this news conference. police have promised further details. how did this go down? what was the trigger that made them move in? how did they keep the little boy safe as whatever happened to the abductor we don't know if he was shot and killed or police were forced to kill him. a lot of details to fill us in on. police have promised to do just that plus, the man people called the deadliest sniper in all of the american military is dead. and a former marine is accused of murdering him. ♪ >> he was a legendary sniper who wrote a best selling book about his kills. >> it's not a problem taking out someone who wants your people dead. >> shepard: and while chris kyle survived four tours in iraq, he died at a shooting range in texas. now, a former marine whom he was trying to help is facing
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murder charges. she went to turkey by herself and never came home. now investigators are trying to figure out who killed this new york city mom. tonight, why d.n.a. could provide the clue that cracks the case. plus, from a record-setting return to a fake field goal attempt, that was one crazy super bowl. and when the power went out, the conspiracy theories lit up. but now we know what really made the superdome go dark. tome. when they tell you that you need your oil changed you got to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotated, you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're car here to the ford dealership for service instead of any one of those other places out there. they are going to take care of my car because this is where it came from. price is right no problem, they make you feel like you're a family. get a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation and much more, $29.95 after $10.00 rebate. if you take care of your car your car will take care of you.
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>> shepard: just in to fox news there is new information about the mental condition of a man accused of murdering an american hero and word of repeated visits to a mental hospital. the sheriff in a central texas town says the suspect is now on suicide watch in jail. investigators say former marine eddie ralph shot and killed the legendary navy seal sniper chris kyle and one of
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kyle's friends. he is the author of the best selling book "american sniper," he did four tours in iraq and reportedly had more than 160 confirmed enemy kills, including one from 1.2 miles away that he actually called straight-up luck. a bit of modesty from a man so feared on the battlefield that he say the rockies nicknamed him the devil of ramadi. put a price on his head. he told our bill o'reilly that he was more interested in saving americans than killing iraqis. >> i wasn't so much committed to killing them as i was committed to making sure every servicemen over there, whether american or ally came home. >> shepard: the military gave kyle a chestful of medals including chest full of stars. bronze star valor. kyle left the u.s. navy in 2009 and dedicated himself to helping his fellow veterans. >> chris kyle was an incredible person. i mean, all the headlines are
7:16 pm
that he is the most deadly and proficient sniper in american military history. that's part of it. but chris is probably one of the most kind, compassionate people that you would ever meet. and he dedicated his life to helping veterans readjust from combat. >> shepard: exactly what investigators say he was trying to do as he died. you see, according to the authorities, kyle and his friend had taken the former marine, ralph, to a shooting range to try to help him work through his post-traumatic stress disorder. a hunting guide later found the bodies of kyle and his friend. investigators say ralph admitted to his sister that he did, indeed, kill both men. now he is facing murder charges. tall murder. jailers say he has gotten aggressive behind bars and they have had to use a stun gun on him. casey stegall with the news from dallas tonight. we got late word today on his mental condition. what you can tell us? >> yeah, shepard, we did. it was really deteriorating when you look at the run-s in with the law just in the last two weeks or so. dallas police issued a
7:17 pm
criminal trespass warning with them because they were called to quote a major disturbance at his girlfriend's apartment. and then back in september, according to a police report, he had threatened to kill his family. and commit suicide. we understand police transported him to an area psychiatric hospital after those two incidents where he told authorities he was suffering from ptsd, shepard. >> shepard: police documents also revealed something about what the suspect had said. >> yeah, that just came out according to an arrest warrant affidavit where ralph told a relative that he quote traded his soul for a new truck. all along the sheriffs down there had told us that chris kyle's vehicle was stolen, that he stole it right after these shootings. so that, perhaps, would have been what he was talking about. the affidavit goes on to say that he wanted to drive to oklahoma to avoid police here in texas, shepard. >> shepard: casey, post-traumatic stress disorder is is a fairly common condition. the veteran's health
7:18 pm
administration properties sphrufer ptsd. one out of five. that's 520,000 people. and the national institute of health reports more than 7 million americans overall suffer from it. earlier today, i spoke with a psychologist who explained what the disorder actually feels like. >> it's an alternating between feeling flooded by upsetting memories and emotions and then having to sort of escape from that. they go numb. it's like they hit tilt. and it's as if they are not there. >> shepard: one study found those with ptsd are more likely to have problems in relationships and spouses and children and that those problems can lead to higher rates of divorce and violence. police say they are hunting for a killer after an american woman turned up dead in turkey. fox reports live on how this mother of two died. and what turkish authorities are doing about it. >> this program is brought to you by american airlines. >> inspired by our paths but
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>> shepard: investigators are in turkey are ordering a blood and dna stample sphrt 2-6r789 1 people to try to find out who killed a woman from new york city is a radio sierra bringing istanbul alone investigators say they found her body on saturday reported whether i a head wound. police say there is no evidence that she was robbed they don't know why somebody targeted her for dead they still haven't told her children ages 9 and 11 that mom is not coming home. case gal ger tracking droments who are these 29 people they are examining. >> including two women. police have already questioned in connection with with the murder of is a rye sierra. her autopsy has been completed take samples from her body and
7:23 pm
see if they match any of those potential suspects. fingernails show signed she tried to fight off her attacker including citizen beneath fingernails. the fbi is involved in this investigation new york congressman michael grem has confirmed that. shep? >> are they completely clear what she was doing on this trip? >> the main purpose of the trip was for her to go and take exirks friend was supposed to go with her. she documented the entire trip on instagram photo sharing application. these are some of the tips are trick she's took. munich and amsterdam. no evidence of drug trafficking or espionage her family knew exactly where she was, listen. >> were you aware that she was making side trips? >> oh, yes the whole trip was
7:24 pm
well documented. she told us almost every step she was going to take. >> of course, she was headed out to take one more picture of a bridge in istanbul, shep. that's when police believe that she was murdered. >> shepard: trace gallagher live with us. thanks. so much for dow 14,000, at least for today after closing above that milestone for the first time since 2007. stocks today posted biggest drop of this year. the sell off came amid worries about debt problems overseas. the dow off 130 to settle below 13,9. the nasdaq off 478 and s&p 17. we begged to make today national holiday. 87,000 signatures to go. couple more weeks to make it happen for next year. it will be tough for that game to top what we saw last night. man, the latest on the blackout and how this super bowl made all kinds of history. and we'll go back live to lower alabama. for more on the breaking news.
7:25 pm
the dramatic ending to the hostage standoff at the bunker. what we're learning about the man who held a little boy under ground for almost a week. police have almost -- have also promised a news conference with further details on how this went down. we'll have it for you as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. yo? a talking car. but i'll tell you what impresses me. a talking train. this ge locomotive can tell you exactly where it is, what it's carrying, while using less fuel. delivering whatever the world needs, when it needs it. ♪ after all, what's the point of talking if you don't have something important to say? ♪
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china. it happened when a my grant worker dropped about 3,000 bucks on his way to deposit it at a bank in shanghai. he scrambled to pick up the money as it blew in the wind. but nearly 20 other people ran into the road to grab some for themselves. some drivers ignored traffic lights and got out of their vehicles for a piece of the action. the worker says he only recovered a few hundred bucks of what was apparently a year's worth of wages iraq, some 3,000 families are homeless after severe flooding in the north. sent rivers over their banks in submerged villages. crews -- the damage topped $150 million. india. an attempt to create the world's longest painting in a western province. tens of thousands of students and locals came together to work on the 10-mile long canvas.
7:30 pm
four times longer than the painting with which the same province had set a previous guinness record four years ago. japan. the annual bean throwing festival in tokyo. the tradition aims to ward off evil spirits. hundreds of folks got safety goggles and four pounds of soybeans to take part. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> around the world is brought to you by verizon, powerful answers. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. and five-year-old boy is safe now and the man suspected of killing a bus driver and holding that boy in an alabama bunker for a week is dead. officers stormed that bunker this afternoon to else are could you the child they tell us and that the child is now at a hospital. the special agent in charge of the fbi's mobile alabama division said negotiations with the suspect had deteriorated and that officers had seen him with a gun.
7:31 pm
how they saw him, we don't know. but neighbors say the suspect was a violent antigovernment man who once beat a dog to death with a led pipe and patrolled his yard at night with a flashlight and a gun. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt with the news. is he live with us tonight. what else do we know about this man, jonathan? >> well, according to those who knew him or even crossed his path, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes was a loner. he was estranged from his family. we are told he grew up in the same part of lower alabama where this all played out. he served in the u.s. navy from 1964 to '69. awarded the vietnam service medal and the good conduct medal. after that he lived in florida working as a truck driver and then about two years ago he moved back to the midland city area. that of course, is where his paranoia and eccentric behavior became much worse and where he began building the bunker that was at the center of this almost week long
7:32 pm
drama, shep. >> shepard: all of that odd behavior included run-ins with neighbors. >> several run-inies with neighbors. he seemed furious if anybody strayed on or near his property. he once as you said beat a neighbor's dog to death with a led pipe. and, of course, we poke to one man on "studio b" last week who got into a scrape with jimmy lee dykes. jimmy davis told us he had been driving on the dirt road near dykes' property with his daughter and his mother when dykes flagged him down and started shouting and cursing. listen. and about the third time i told him he needed to calm down, mr. jimmy dykes turned around and ran probably 30-foot to his van and pulled out a pistol. he then began to cock that pistol. when i seen him cock the pistol out of the corner of my eye, i floored the truck and i got away from there. >> jim were lee dykes, of course, walls due in court last wednesday on a charge of menacing his neighbors. that court appearance never
7:33 pm
happened because it was the day before that he shot the bus driver charles poland dead and took that boy hostage, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, thanks very much. we are waiting for a news conference from police. they haven't given us a start time. they promised more details. we will take them to that if it happens in this hour. not going to wait until the next newtown. that's a quote from the president today as he waited for another push for gun laws. met with blifers and families shooting victims in minneapolis. the president says he chose that city because it's taken steps to reduce gunshot injuries among young people and has done so by had 0%. the white house says the president plans to travel across the country to make his case. but the head of the national rifle association claims new law also not make a difference because criminals don't obey them. mike emanuel in our d.c. newsroom tonight. and, mike, the president is also asking measures to contact their senators and give them a piece of their mind. >> shep, definitely a grass roots feel to it. president obama says people may not agree on everything, but he believes we must do something. >> we may not be able to
7:34 pm
prevent every massacre or random shooting. no law or set of laws can keep our children completely safe. if there is even one thing we can do, if there is just one life we can save, we have got an obligation to try. >> while the white house admits gun control and some of these other components are difficult to do. they are not prepared to start giving up aspects of the president's proposal, shep. >> shepard: we know by now what the nra opposes. tell us what they favor. turn into a registry of law abiding people. calling for getting many many people the help they need. >> you have fixed the mental health system. the every police officer knows people on the street that should be institutionalized because they are out there walking around on the street. we need to change our civil commitment laws. we need to change the mental health system, fund it, make it work. get these people into
7:35 pm
treatment. we are not doing that. >> tomorrow bipartisan group in the house will unveil a ghal would make gun trafficking a federal crime and go after people who buy weapons for convicted criminals and others who should not have them. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel in washington. mike, thank you. survivors called the scene horrendous after a tour bus plummeted down a mountain road in a crash that killed several people. we're hearing details of the moments before the impact and we'll get to that. but first mourners gathered together today-to-remember a big city leader who was larger than life. new york city mayor ed koch died on friday of heart failure at the age of 8. bill clinton and the clurent mayor of new york city michael bloomberg among those who spoke at a synagogue. >> he used to say he he was a liberal but he was sane which was another way of saying i believe in government but you have to look at the impact of it. >> he was our city's quintessential mayor. and more than anyone else, ed knew that new york was more
7:36 pm
than a place. it is is a state of mind. it is an attitude. an attitude that he displayed to the world every day. ♪ [ ♪ new york,. >> sinatra's new york, new york played as officers carried out his coffin. former chief of staff said ed koch insisted on being buried in a cemetery near a subway stop so new yorker could say come and visit him. inscription on his tombstone reads in part he fiercely defended the city of new york answered fiercely loved its people. today, new yorkers again showed they loved him back. [ applause ] 5 under $15 menu! oh my goodness... oh my gosh, this looks amazing... [ male announcer ] 15 entrees under $15! it's o new maine stays!
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7:40 pm
circuit breaker which cut off half the lights in the superdome as well as credit card machines that was joy us. interguy and smg. it had finger pointing going on at beyonce's electric performance. last night's super bowl will definitely go down as one of the wildest and weirdest super bowl games in nfl history. >> half the power in new orleans stadium, the superdome here is out. >> shepard: the lights first went off at the start of the second half. >> we lost power. >> i don't know what happened. >> shepard: the ravens up so big the conspiracy theirists hit twitter like a sack of bricks. mob. new orleans pay back for the nfl bounty scandal punishment. katrina's revenge. one thing is for sure ♪ what i need you baby >> shepard: it happened just after queen bereunited with destiny's child and blew the roof off the place.
7:41 pm
the nfl says there is no indication she had anything to do with it but you know beson see had to bring it big after that dust up over inauguration day. but so did jennifer hudson ♪ o beautiful ♪ for spacious skies. >> shepard: with children from sandy hook elementary in connecticut. hudson's own mother, brother and nephew were gunned down four years ago. that leaves us with alicia keys who sung the longest national anthem in super bowl history ♪ gave proof through the night >> shepard: what about the game? well the 9ers screwed up on the very first play. >> illegal formation. >> shepard: there was a brawl and then some razzle dazzle when the ravens thrid tried the first fake field goal in super bowl history it didn't work. 108 yards tieing the all-time nfl record. baltimore suddenly up by
7:42 pm
seemingly insurmountable lead of 28-6. the outage stopped the game, changed the momentum and san francisco clawed all the way back to within just two points. and looked like the young gun collin kaepernick might have stolen joe flacco's mojo. in the end the clock expired. the harbaugh brothers hugged it out and ray lewis and his ravens took the lombardi trophy for baltimore. how did the game mvp quarterback feel? [bleep] awesome. >> pretty bleeping awesome indeed. >> shepard: dropped an f bomb there. there is word that the fcc is looking into flacco's utterance to see if anybody faces a fine. meantime the nielsen folks are out with the ratings down a little bit from last year but a ton of people watched. preliminary estimates future as the third most watched super bowl of all time with an average of 108.4 million viewers. about 3 million fewer than last year's. that may be the last big halftime show we will see in a while. nfl officials are reportedly
7:43 pm
worried that cold temperatures at next year's super bowl site in new jersey will make it impossible to pull off a halftime show like that. that's according to the reporting of the "new york post" newspaper which our parent company owns. it's not just a singer's officials are worried about. but the crews that would have to set up the stage in what could be near freezing or zero temperatures. meantime millions of people are are dealing with bone chilling cold right now. the mercury is plunging into the teens and single digits across much of the midwest. the same cold air is now moving east. fueling a winter storm that dumped snow on chismght it's now taking aim on the east coast. first alert forecasters say folks from d.c. to filly could see snow pile up overnight. that weather made it tough for firefighters tackling these huge flames. happened suffered a night in a motel in flint michigan. fire officials say freezing temps broke three of the four water hydrants on scene. they had to bring in water from another hydrant about a half a mile away. took close to 7 hours to get the thing out. nobody hurt. a tour bus went speeding out of control down a hillside for
7:44 pm
five terrifying minutes they tell us before it crashed into other vehicles and killed at least 7 people. that's according to a passenger who survived the deadly wreck. it happened last night along a mountain road east of los angeles. the bus returning from -- to mexico from a day long ski trip when the brakes failed. that witness says that the driver yelled out for somebody to call 911. but there was no cell service in that area. cops say the bus rear ended a car, flipped over, hit a pickup truck. then came to it a stop on the edge of the roadside. rescuers worktedz through the night pulling bodies from the wreckage. the bus driver survived and cops say he could play a key role in learning exactly what went wrong. adam housley with more in los angeles. what else are we hearing here adam about this crash? >> well, first of all, we got the bus driver's name. perez, very serious condition. he has maintained and also the tour company maintains that it was a brake issue. but we do have some new video that's just come into us because the roadway is still
7:45 pm
closed at this hour. they have finally been able to put that bus up on the back of a tow truck. they are taking it away. took longer time than they expected. inspectors could not get on board. mtsb. could not get on board. once they finally did board that bus, shepard. the death toll has gone down from 8 to 7. earlier today they thought it might go up once they got on the bus but again it's gone down from 8 killed to seven. 17 still in the hospital at this hour, shepard. five of those in are in critical condition. >> what's the safety record of that bus company. >> this bus has had some issues. the company's name show that the company has had some problems in the past. failed more than thaferred safety inspections. this bus specifically had 22 safety violations problem with brakes and the windshield, shepard. >> shepard: thank you very much, adam housley. remember the dare devil who broke the sound barrier when he he jumped from the
7:46 pm
stratosphere? we learned now that the guy fell even faster than analysts thought at the time. here is the jump from october. his name felix baumgardner. officials first estimated that he reached a top speed of 834 miles per hour. 834. according to today's final report. fearless felix as they called him fell at speeds of 843 miles per hour. jumped lower altitude compared to the initial estimates. the experts who insured a safe jump broke boundaries in their own fields just as surely as i broke the sound barrier. our new secretary of state on the job today john kerry says he he has some big heels to fill and today secretary kerry hit the ground running first day in office. a live report next. queens and kings of england usually buried at westminster abbey. remains of one infamous king who looked a little like that have now turned up in a supermarket parking lot. details next.
7:47 pm
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the president of turkey claims that new radical left i.r.s. group had planned last week's embassy attack. he says his government did not have enough information to stop it from happening. as you recall, a suicide bomber reportedly posed as a courier on friday. killed himself and a turkish guard when he set off the explosives outside the embassy's side entrance. that embassy reopened today. turkish police have linked the bomber to an outlawed group that is hostile to the united states policy in the middle east. the u.s. deputy secretary of defense is currently in turkey the country's state media reports that investigators so far have questioned 12 people. defense secretary leon panetta will testify on thursday about the attack on the u.s. outpost on benghazi. that's the word now from senate armed services committee. officials say that the joint
7:51 pm
chiefs of staff chairman general martin dempsey will also testify at that heampleght the attack killed the u.s. ambassador chris stevens. foreign service officer sean smith and two former navy seals tyrone woods and glen daughtery. secretary of state john kerry paid tribute to the victims of benghazi attack today as he started his new job. >> i know everybody here still mourns that loss and why we will. i pledge to you this. i will not let their patriotism and their bravery be on secured by politics. [ applause ] >> shepard: secretary kerry plans to focus on security for staffers arranged the world. james rosen at the state department tonight. we are also learning that he met with survivors of the benghazi attack, yes? >> fox news has learned that secretary kerry carved out time on saturday of this past weekend to make a secret trip to walter reed national medical center. and there he visited with some
7:52 pm
of the security agents wounded in benghazi on 9/11. >> everything i do will be focused on security and safety of our people. we have tough decisions to make but i guarantee i will will do everything i can to live up to the high standers that secretary clinton and her team put in place. >> kerry's spokeswoman declined to say when i asked her what kerry meant why that reference to benghazi being obscured by politics, shep. >> shepard: he made the rounds on the phones today i understand. >> yes, and over the weekend he he spoke with the foreign ministers of japan and south korea. aids to kerry say he dialed up israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas. aides say kerry used those calls to reaffirm president obama's commitment tolls israel's security and to the two sides' search for peace. >> i think what's important here is that there was a very early contact with both sides to express commitment to
7:53 pm
continuing to support them and getting back to the table with each other. >> john f. kerry is the nation's 68th secretary of state. he is the first child of a career foreign service diplomat to hold that post, shep. >> shepard: james rosen at the state tonight. shoppers have been parking their cars right over the remains of britain's most notorious kings. scientists in the u.k. announced that bones somebody found last year under a supermarket parking lot in central england are indeed those of king richard iii. he was king for only two years in the late 1400s, most accounts claim he was not a very nice guy. reportedly killed two nephews on his way to power. an arrow found with the skelton suggest richard died in battle. the fbi still busy at the scene in lower alabama where law enforcement officials rescued that 5-year-old boy from the underground bunker where they say a killer was holding him hostage. we're still waiting for police to come with more information. they promised they will.
7:54 pm
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>> shepard: update on the mystery thief who claims to have stolen a giant cookie and tried to frame the cookie monster. seems our suspect has had change of heart. remember, police say somebody last month swiped a 44-pound golden cookie from a sign outside the headquarters of popular german cookie company. somebody sent a local newspaper this ransom letter and you can see somebody dressed as a cookie monster holding that prize. ed real cookie monster posted on sesame street it wasn't ehe. the cops say that marp has gotten a second note claiming the suspect now wants to return are the cookie sculpture. updating our top story tonight. the hostage crisis in lower alabama has come to an end after almost a week. the a-year-old boy at the center of the standoff is now safe we're told and the suspect is dead. now, fbi bomb technicians are doming through the area
7:58 pm
searching for explosives. jonathan serrie is on scene from midland. alabama. waiting for update from investigators it's my understanding? that's right. even though the standoff is over this is still an active crime scene. fbi wants to make sure any improvised explosive devices are removed before they allow federal state and local investigators in to process the scene. it's unclear whether he killed himself or killed by the fbi team that stormed his underground bunker after negotiations apparently failed. his 5-year-old hostage is safe, back with his family and other students who were on a school bus when he was abducted are ready for life to return to normal. listen. some of us are shane up. some of us are telling ourselves that we don't want to get on a bus that much. like not anymore. but, you know, we have to do what we have to do to get our education. >> and tonight those students remember charles poland jr., the bus driver who died trying to protect his students.
7:59 pm
and later tonight we expect to hear more from authorities. shep? >> shepard: jonathan serrie live midland city, alabama. and on this day in 2004. some harvard student named zuckerburg launched internet phenomenon from his dorm room, facebook, of course. at the time the concept of online social networking was in the very early stages. zuckerberg had told the crimson newspaper he modeled his page after a web site called friendster which never saw much success. facebook was a hit. pretty much anybody 1 or older can join, post status updates and like pictures. when facebook went public last year its stock price quickly plummeted, now it's started to rebound. but the internet got a new friend 9 years ago today. wow, facebook is only 9 years old. that's crazy. now you know the news for this monday, february the 4th, i'13.


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