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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 15, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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weekend." don't move n a few seconds, my friend, neil, will bring your world to you. in that world, asteroids, meteorites, but we're still here. fox on top of the meteor and the meat head? there's a lot of scary stuff outside our earth, the other proves they're scarier stuff here on earth. >> is it a spending problem in no. it's because we have a misallocation of capital. a misallocation of wealth. >> what? i've seen the signs of the apocks lips. i just had no idea they would be dollar signs. >> wow, welcome, i'm neil cavuto, good grief a meteor
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hitting russia, an asteroid darn near hitting earth and no less than a u.s. senator hitting us with this. >> everyone says we have a spending problem. when they talk about that, it's like there's an assumption we as a nation are broke. >> neil: we are broke! but do you see a pattern here? not the meteor and asteroid thing, the spending isn't an issue thing. tom harkin, nancy pelosi, barack obama, i'm seriously gingrich to think they are crazy. they're all card carrying members of the you the new spending planet earth society. no problems, no worries. good god. to former ohio democratic congressman dennis kucinich. congressman, a trillion dollar more going out than coming in. this would be a spending problem, would it not? >> government's wasting money.
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it should spend less on war and give less to the pharmaceuticals. i understand what senator harken's saying. >> i don't understand it at all. when you say we don't have a spending problem, you are saying that a trillion more going out than coming in -- >> i didn't say that. >> you know what i mean. the 60 trillion-dollar in debt. we've known each other many years. in your worst days, and there haven't been many worst days, you never said that. that's crazy talk. yet i her more and more of it. >> i read what senator harken said and what he was saying is we have so much money in the country, how can you say we're broke? he's right about misallocation but it would have been better to elaborate and this is his position, we spend too much on war and foreign intervention. >> congressman, we're broke. we're 16 trillion-dollar plus in debt.
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we'll be 20 plus trillion in debt. i don't know another way to say we owe more than we're making. that's the definition of broke. >> there's no debating the underlying premise of what you're saying but there's a debate about the monetary system that put us in this jackpot. money equals debt. the only way to get money into circulation is borrow. we'll never get rid of the scourge until we look at the monetary system where money equals debt and the exponential growth of debt. >> you're right, just a cost -- that makes it exponential at worst. what bothers me and you know this town far better than i. there must be a method to the madness. we can part company on who says what and what they mean but when i hear we don't have a spending problem and nancy pelosi saying the same thing. the president doubling down on
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hundreds of millions of dollars on new initiatives saying it won't add a dime to the deficit, someone's smoking something. >> you need to -- you know how google has translate? you need to translate what is said on the floor. what senator harken said is we have so much money, how can we say we're broke. >> he wants to take more money. >> i oppose. >> well, neil, i oppose the administration's spending more money on war and interventions. >> yes, you did. >> and i opposed this medicare part d give away to the pharmaceuticals which led big pharma name its price and get it. we're getting ready for interventions. why do we have a blank check for war but when it comes to meeting the basic needs -- >> congressman, believe me, i'm the first to say everything's
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fair game. we want to trim the growth -- everything that has hit the table. when we talk about cuts and everyone makes it sound onerous. we're trimming off growth in programs that are never cut much when a u.s. senator faces the american people like a former speaker of the house, like the president of the united states, like dozens of other prominent politician to say tell the american people, with he don't see a problem. you can stick your head in the sand and pretend but when we've spent ourselves into this fix and now we're saying there's no immediate need to fix it with spending, maybe to the senator's point we can fix it with taxing, that's screwed up. >> is there waste, yes. i've spent 16 years if congress and saw plenty of areas where money is wasted. but i think tomorrow harken -- tom harkin alluded to investigating in education. >> we don't have the money to invest.
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where does that investment strategy come from? >> hold on a minute. >> we're investing on a credit line. >> are we -- that's true but i said we have to rethink this when looking at monetary policies. we have to start creating wealth in america. we can't be -- >> i agree, but you can't do that when you're in a deep, deep ditch. sometimes the better part of valor, put the shovel down. >> neil, we've got to be careful we don't cut our way into austerity. >> congressman, you have no reason to worry, my friend. that will never happen. we will never cut our way into -- >> watch the sequester. >> oh my gosh. it's going to peel off $80 billion in a 3.5 trillion dollars budget. that's our ruin? >> well, it could push unemployment to 9% and impact the private as well as the public. >> i'm glad you're here with us but when i see you in person, i want to throttle you.
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i'm kidding. always good seeing you. >> good to be with you. >> i wanted -- with the washington examiner, david, you follow this as well. and you get a sense of what is behind this thinking. because obviously there's a strategy here to dismiss the problem and say it's not a problem. for the president to come before the american people and propose more spending and not mention debt, i guess there's no problem but there must a strategy to misrepresent things. >> definitely. i think senator dodd said to me years ago, we don't have a spending problem, 80s revenue problem. a lot of liberal politicians like nancy pelosi, tom harkin, barack obama, all the white house has said the president does think there's a spending problem. but the way -- the philosophical world says we're not taking enough money away.
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when tom harkin says there's enough money in the country, it's just not properly allocated, that means people have the money and it's not allocated to us so we can -- >> that's it. you hit the nail on the head. what he's saying is look, we have this country full of money. how much do you make? give it to us. what is inherent in the message is we don't want to -- we like what we're spending. the only way to keep it going is tax more or get more money from more folks but not the 50% paying no income tax. i guess i see couldn'tly finding creative ways to get more money to washington, not cut more money going out of washington. >> and to avoid and delay spending cuts as long as possible. what the democrats proposed on the sequester has been -- they're trying to get -- instead of spending cuts, they want half to be tax increases. this is an attempt to kick the
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can down the road on trying to control spending. what you said before, how we're never going to cut spending. that's not true. at some point we'll reach the end of the rope and government services will suffer, and we'll have huge tax hikes and we'll slash spending just because we have no more ability to borrow money. it may be years from now but at some point your country looks like greece. >> it's a spit in the ocean. thank you very much. >> i didn't want to get everyone worked up at home but i'm a numbers guy. i said the thing about the bush bailouts or the banks, was chasing good money after bad. this is not a right or left issue, it's not a democratic or republican issue, we're spending more than we take in and the tickets are coming home to
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roost. we're $16 trillion in debt. liken that to you folks at home, if all your bills were pushed up to the limit and someone gets the idea to go on a vacation regardless of having no money to pay for t nothing to tap. you think that person was crazy. we are all taking a massive vacation and our leaders are the ones taking us on it. we don't have the money to pay for it. you don't have to be a democrat or republican, conservative or liberal, to see the simple math that we're broke. when our leaders tell us we're not broke, we just have to find more ways to get more money, be afraid. be very, very afraid this that they don't know math and they don't know squat and we're just grateful an asteroid didn't hit us? take a look at earth as these asteroids.
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you have heard about marco and his water. what about mendez, who is in hot water. another case of mainstream media picking sides. we just dodged a bullet from space but russia was not so lucky. why didn't anyone see this coming? why didn't they? [explosion] [ sirens ] ss in arg, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. that was pretty close. a massive asteroid headed toward earth and barely misses earth. in russia arc meteor exploded injuring over 1100 people. is it a matter of time till this happens to the united states?
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brian, i know we've been lucky but in 1908 in sigh bieber, we present to lucky. had that hit london it would have wiped out london. do we keep dodging bullets here or what? >> well, you could say yes. it is inevitable that something like this is going to happen. things hit the earth constantly. every time you see a shooting star or something tiny, something microscopic is shooting through the atmosphere and every year something size able. >> how do we see the asteroid and don't see the meteor? >> i'm not a professor but -- >> i'm not actually an expert, so it's okay. how do we miss that? >> the thing is, nasa really is tracking thousands of objects that are objects of interest near earth asteroids. this thing was small and frankly the direction it was coming from was towards the sun. so we didn't see it.
4:16 pm
sometimes we spot things just days before they pass by. and some things we track for years in advance. >> so this we just barely -- or unfairly, we missed. we could miss other stuff. should we pour money into equipment or technology that would see more of that stuff, however small? i'm all for putting money into nasa. it's half a percent of our budget. only a small fraction of that goes towards this, monitoring the earth's asteroids. it might be important in the long run. but like i said, they do track some things for years. there's many things that we're aware of. but the solar system is not eight planets, there are millions of objects making up the solar system. >> you say you're not a
4:17 pm
professor, you come off as a very good one. thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> thanks. >> neil: is the economy about to take a strike? look how many companies are striking deals. spending a lot of dough on hookups, a sign that companies fear what's about to come down? the market watch's larry glacier, and anger. >> anger. he says i'm going to force you to give it to us. >> david ion horn going after apple. >> somebody wants to use that money. it's a temptation if it's sitting there. they're looking at comparative returns and opting for deals. >> something's going on. because the idea of cash on the side has been out there, now they're opening up the wallets. >> that's right.
4:18 pm
z no question companies are hoarding cash but the deals are safe deals. when you see warren buffett buying heinz, what is safer than ketchup or mustard? he's playing it defensive. corporate executives, the people behind the deals, so called really smart money, they have been insider selling, not buying. they're the ones that have a view of the future. what they're concerned about is the impact of payroll tax hikes, affecting consumers. we see that in retail sales but they're concerned they see gasoline prices moving up. some parts of the country, gas is up 50 cents in two weeks. it's important for investors to appreciate what's going on but remain vigilant and aware of the risks on the the horizon. >> to gerry's point, dell is the perfect example of what can go wrong if you continuous will i
4:19 pm
take extra money and sink it into your stock. they kept doing it year after year. >> taking themself private. >> the only way to go is take yourself private. in the case of heinz, a very safe deal. what it says overall, the market is getting better for mergers and acquisitions. part of it is negative in that maybe you hit the point you cut couldn't anymore to create profits. you shrunk your employee base down and have to buy your way to profit but we're starting to see deals come back. >> normally that's a bullish indicator. is it this time? >> i think it is good news. i think that people -- c.e.o.s probably see better news than regular americans who are seeing taxes go up and gas prices going up. at the individual level it's not great. on an national level, international markets, it may be a prettier picture.
4:20 pm
>> maybe it could be whatever is going on across the globe, we look okay. maybe that's the case -- it is what it is. >> no question, neil. i'm for being the tallest pill pigmy in the bunch but the fortune 500 companies do a lot of business. we need global health. in europe, we're getting signs they're not as strong as we hoped. >> you like the trend for the united states. >> i do. what i really like is gerri willis and i just agreed to good night, folks. >> thank you all. taxpayers are feeling the squeeze. so why won't nancy take the pay freeze. >> i don't think we should do it. they should respect the work we do. twins. i didn't see them coming.
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now, mrs. jesse jackson junior has been charged with spending $750,000 of campaign funds. the both of them now charged essentially with the kind of stuff that could land both in a lot of hot water and potentially jail if found guilty. the in meantime, don't sneeze at this freeze. the house of representatives voting to extend a pay freeze to all federal employees despite the president's wishes and despite nancy. >> i don't think we should do it. i think we could respect the work we do. i think it's necessary for us to have the dignity of the job that we have awarded.
4:25 pm
>> the republican congressman who said there's nothing about dignity in what they've yielded. congressman, good to have you. >> hey, neil. >> what now? where does this go? >> it goes to the u.s. senate and i think that harry reid should take it up. most voters do not believe that members of congress, the executive branch officials or the vice president deserve to have any pay increases this year. so it's a common sense measure and saves $11 billion over ten years given our fiscal situation. >> a lot of people look at $11 million over ten years with budgets of 3.5 trillion. it's a spit in the ocean. i understand it's a start but you're about making a statement. that if you're not getting the job done, you shouldn't get paid more for it but nancy pelosi talks about the dignity of your
4:26 pm
work and that this is essentially undignified. what do you say? >> part of the reason we have to do this is in response to her speakership, frankly. when she was making comments about obamacare that you have to pass the bill to find out what's in it, americans thought that process was undignified. so we're trying to change the way congress is viewed, trying to put ourselves out there, willing to sacrifice to show the american people we don't want to repeat the shenanigans that went on when she was speaker of the house. >> you talk about the next stop being the senate. i doubt the senate would take this up. what are you left with here? >> there's a lot of democratic senators up in red states and should be asked, do you think your leader should bring this bill up. if they say no, they'll cause problems for themself back home.
4:27 pm
the bill should be taken up and voted on. it enjoys broad support from the american people. we got 40 to 50 democrats in the house. >> no, you did not do too shabby. it makes a powerful statement. it's a statement about responsibility. thank you very much. >> thanks, neil. >> the nightmare cruise may be over, but is the ship really about to hit the fan for carnival? >> republican senators not on his side. why time might not make themdn'l more so. we took the nissan alta and reimagined nearly everything in it? gave it greater horsepower and class-leading 38 mpg highway... advanced headlights... and zero gravity seats? yeah, that would be cool. introducing the completely reimagined nissan altima. it's our most innovative altima ever. nissan. innovation that excites.
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chuck out of luck? the donger the defense secretary nomination mess drags out the more time critics have to dig stuff up. mcfarland warns time not on chuck hagel's side. good to see you, explain. >> he has two weeks where he's going to twist in the wind and his opponents will find out every dumb thing he's ever said. every speech he's ever made. they'll find out how many overdo library books he had. they'll try to paint the picture of a unqualified man to be secretary of defense. >> i think when there's something like this and it drags on, whether it ultimately passes, and john mccain was here saying he thinks we would
4:32 pm
be approved. he wouldn't vote for him but he would be approved. the upshot being that what happens is most nominees withdraw. they say it's not worth it and to save further embarsment they go quietly into the night, would he? >> one of two things, either he'll withdraw -- maybe the white house says this is also a distraction from the president's mission. we think it's a good idea if you withdraw. if he does, there are two candidates behind him. number two at the defense department, ash carter and michelle flowknow. both very well respected. say he does get confirmed. he's a weak secretary of defense. he's going to have two major jobs that the president wants him to do. one, cut defense and deal with the united states military, deal with the generals. make sure they're onboard and, number two, go up to capitol
4:33 pm
hill and let the congressmen and senators know we may cut a base in your district, we may shut down an assembly line but we want you to go where it. you have a weak secretary of defense who may not be effective. >> we hear the administration thought there would be a bill cohen on hair their -- their hands that. they would win over republicans who were skeptical to the approach of foreign policy but chuck hagel and bill cohen were could not be further apart and the administration miscalculated. >> i don't think they did their homework. they didn't check out the fact he's not well-liked. personally not well-liked. i talked to senator imhoff who has issues with his policy on israel and iran. mccain said he may vote
4:34 pm
against him but thought he might pass. then lindsay graham. those are strong conservative republicans and they're not buying it. let me tell you one thing, at the end of the day, if what the republicans want is an ineffective secretary of defense, why? they're not going to agree with obama's policies. ettes far better to have a weak secretary of defense than a strong one who shoves the president's policies down. >> neil: that might be the choice we're left with. kt, always good seeing you. >> thanks, neil. >> from gold to gone, a a meddle winner charged with murdering his girlfriend. ma anyone gunshot. "make seone y >> ma mendez and the media. we question, you decide. one som♪
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trouble. oscar pistorius, crying in court today as he faces murder charges in the shooting death of his model girlfriend. nicknamed blade runner for his artificial legs, the first double amputee to compete in the olympic track events. a long line of heroes who could do not wrong suddenly looking very wrong and not very heroic. you say get used to it. you're right, lately anyone you cast your bets on and really hold up, they're knocked down. this is a particularly tragic case, if it proves true. what's going on? >> well, neil, the money's so great and the pressure is so great, you often see a lot of professional athletes, they're not coached or educated and a lot of times you get a downward spiral. i would not look at an athlete
4:39 pm
as a role model. you emulate their passion and drive but you don't necessarily emulate them as a person. as we can see in society, they're letting us down. >> i don't want to link lance armstrong, as far as doping up and lying, with a guy who could be a murderer but i want to get to the bigger point of how we hold these folks up. whether it's a tiger woods or inning mcguire, stars who seem bigger than life and they're letdowns. they still debtence -- get endorsements. >> you always see the megastars get the big money and get the endorsement money. it happens every year as new talent comes into the lesion, you often see they'll get the
4:40 pm
shoe deal, the trading card deal. but sometimes you have to move on and kind of look up to other people because as i said, a lot of times you can't look at these guys as role models or people to emulate outside of some characteristics such as what they do on the playing field. >> a lot of times, the bad boy image can be converted to fit them. like in the case of tiger woods and i don't know about pistorius. but it does almost beg a creative way for them to make money regardless. >> oh, you're 100% correct. sometimes the bad boy image sells. and redemption and the story sells. each individual athlete is always -- it's always different. there's always a different case scenario. but if you look at this as a whole, you have to look at each
4:41 pm
individual athlete and decide how their story ends. some fall, some hit it big, and some redeem themself. >> it was an inspirational story, just as lance armstrong was. steve, thank you very much. >> thank you very much, neil. >> neil: this just in. after showering up at least one triumph passenger is lawyering up. the lawsuit coming as we get a better look at the conditions aboard the i infamous cruise li. >> you said only one has been filed. there will be many more. the cruise line is this should have, could have known the vessel was in trouble. it had propulsion issues weeks before and they did nothing about it. once the fire was set and the horrible things started to
4:42 pm
happen, they could have gone to mexico but that was too expensive to fly them back so they kept them in the boat for four to six days. >> they couldn't helicopter them food? i understand boats and choppy waters. >> they didn't have contingency plans. >> it's a tough thing to get out of. >> here's the problem for the passengers, just going on a disaster cruise and living in deplorable conditions, described as a cesspool. >> literally. >> surge leaking, your ticket to go on that cruise, that fine print as a binding contract and the cruise ship has every single contingency covered for bad conditions. a bad cruise, so the only way that someone's -- >> a bad cruise that would involve you might -- you know. >> you chip a tooth on.
4:43 pm
>> right. i don't think it allows something like this. >> i do. because those provisions are written to strictly in favor of the cruise line, that no matter how deplorable your cruise is, i don't think you're going to recover in any court of law. >> neil: i don't know. >> for injury, if you're -- >> she'll -- a kid with a lemonade stand on the street couldn't be there. >> for physical injury, yes. you can recover under maritime law. this is federal law, too. stricter standard than your regular civil law in the united states. this is government maritime law. >> courts again and again have not adhered to the contracts. you're right, in this -- the -- you have fine print that barely any of us can read. >> you might have deaf indication to deal with. >> it doesn't say that but there's an exempt for negligence and foresee ability. if the passengers show the cruise line could have or should
4:44 pm
have known this was a possibility, they have an absolute case. >> but what if carnival -- i find it funny when they do this, tickets for another -- >> right, like you want to go back. >> neil: but that's what they're offering. >> here's the distinction under law here. if there's negligence, and i agree on that point, if there's proveable negligence there can be recovery but only if you have physical damages. just saying i suffered emotional distress because there was a feces leaking off the walls, not enough, unless you can show that you went to a psychiatrist meantimes and documented the. >> i'm not one to sue easily but if there was a young bride and her husband and their entire extended family on the boat, fair to say not what they counted on. now, you cannot tell me that they don't have grounds to say,
4:45 pm
this was not what we signed up for. small print or not, this was stupid. >> unless they're physically injured or emotionally injured. >> we don't know. they suffered for days. >> you made my point. you said or emotional injury. that's emotional injury. >> no tell you what. yes, they're angry and yes, they were damaged emotionally. >> stuck on a boat with his in-laws for more than a week -- come on. feces? >> i'm sorry, you have to be physically injured from your emotional distress. your hair has to fall out. >> feces? >> that's enough to make your hair fall out. >> there you go. >> i don't want to stew but -- by the way, in a pattern of behavior, come on. >> that's the problem and that's where they can show negligence. >> why am i taking your side? >> what is today? y is neil?
4:46 pm
>> i don't know. i don't know. by the way, senator harkin is misunderstood. when we come back, when we come back, this guy sips and the media rips. this guy might have just slipped up. and the media ignores. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks... wait, why are you taking... oh, i see...solitary. just a man and his thoughts. and a smartphone... with an e-trade app. ♪ nobody knows... . hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices.
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weird. rubio's mid speech water sip sparks a media frenzy. headline after headline in the days following his response. this amid allegations democratic senator bob menendez involved potentially in a prostitution scandal and worse as a investigation widens into dealings with a donor.
4:50 pm
you wonder, where is the intense media coverage for that? not so fair, not so balanced. i thought it was a brilliant examination on your part. not fair at all. >> it's not. two high profiled senators, both of hispanic origin and one is involved in a serious scandal and we don't hear anything about it. the major negotiation don't cover it. when you hear about menendez in print they fail to mention he's a democrat or they'll say leading senator and not mention his name. the rubio thing is overblown where you have reputable anchors at networks asking if it's a career killer. it's amazing. and we -- it's unfair and i think it's hypocritical. >> i was thinking of the case of senator cruz in texas, in a
4:51 pm
bankrupt, -- >> abrupt, in your face latino. newly elected senator not to be amired and the menendez thing is given a pass. that shouldn't shock me but the observe obsession over the water thing maybe speaks of rubio's feared influence. >> exactly. he's the worst nightmare for democrats because he comes from this background -- he really speaks to why he's a republican and uses his hispanic heritage, working class,ion, energetic, smart, he's hard working and he might make the difference. in the last election, if mitt romney had done better with the hispanics in four states, not even the majority but even better in colorado, nevada, new mexico, and rubio's home state
4:52 pm
of florida he would have won. in 2016 we go put our eggs in ohio the mainstream media rooting for the democrats is a problem. >> what if it were the opposite and it was marco rubio on the charges of maybe financial inpropriety and donors. >> under age prostitutes. >> they would have free rein with that. menendez, swigging water, wouldn't be covered. if you're going after one, go to both. if you attach severity to a water incident, go equally against the one that's more owner russ. >> it has the more to do with the fact marco rubio is of hispanic heritage and republican. the left, the democrats and friends in the media must
4:53 pm
destroy him because he could make the difference. they must sweep under the rug the incident, the scandal, with a democratic hispanic senator because he's so sensitive with the vote and it's so valuable and republicans are so close, the democrats, it's fine if they want to do that but when you have the media help them, hide the menendez schedule and make a scandal out of the fact marco rubio took a sip of water, incredible. >> i don't care what side you're on, that's glaring in the coverage. sherry, a very interesting read. thank you very much. thank you, neil. >> neil: now i know why the president doubled down on spending. he thinks he has money to spend. i think i found the cash that's got him cocky but it's not real cash, so i don't think he should be so cocky. my insurance rates e probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident.
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>> neil: all right. finally, have you ever gotten a raise at work or new job or
4:57 pm
just come in unexpected dough and gotten cocky? i call it "cash cocky." that brief euphoria when you realize you have more wiggle room and you like the flow and you go with the flow. perfectly understandable. right now, democrats in washington are feeling cash cocky. what else could explain the president not mentioning the debt in the "state of the union" address? or nancy pelosi and today tom arken not thinking we have a spending problem. they have to see something we don't or smoking something we're not. ai'll assume the former. although lately i am assuming the latter. i suspect i know why they are acting the way they are. cash cocky. looking at the market and saying wow and look at the surprising january surplus, the first in years and say doubly wow. they're assuming revenue from taxes they wanted proved the spending cut they never wanted so they are cocky. again, cash cocky. here is the thing about being
4:58 pm
cash cocky. you need to make cash to stay cocky. like you need to get big raises to keep the cash flowing. let cash start flowing in. back to fretting about the cash flowing out. here is why i'm fretting about washington. washington is not fretting. they are proposing hundreds of millions more. that is the thing about being cash cocky. you are cocky enough to think you will always have the cash to remain cocky and cocky enough to say thing like you know as a per sen tam of gdp this debt of ours isn't that bad. you are assuming of course the gdp continues growing and cash you just stumbled keeps coming. what if it doesn't? a lottery winner goes on a spending spree and wonders where the dough went. maybe if the lottery winner first paid off her bills before the new ones she would have avoided the mess. we didn't win a lottery. thanks to washington, we're in a bigger mess.
4:59 pm
all because the guys are just cash cocky. spending -- we don't have on stuff we can't ignore. it's dumb. the thing about bills. they're always there. the newfound dough, it rarely stays. tonight on fox business, why the democrats are targeting now another tax to deal with the situation. because of the cash cockiness. tonight at 8:00 p.m. on fbn. i'm thinking to myself, wait a minute. whoa, whoa. they might not have fbn. they not be feeling it. >> if they don't have fbn they should probably try to demand fbn. if they don't get it, they should go to a store.


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