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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 17, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EST

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>> i can't believe we are missing the donald trump show. well, i'll be watching. >> i'll tune? >> tune into fox and friends after the show, show, pope benedict making first public appearance since announcing his resignation, blessing well-wishers in st. peter's square. second to last blessing before stepping down this in the college of cardinals and they meet sooner than expected to choose a new pope. first cardinals have started arriving in rome. what does this development mean? we will ask about that and what
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the cardinals who they could pick later in the program. >> first this morning, begin with a controversy at home. new details emerging about the immigration bill being drafted by the obama administration. that legislation reportedly lays out a process for illegal immigrants to become legal residents but that proposal is not going over well with some republicans. good morning. welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm eric shawn. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. great to have you here. president saying we only pass the boil to congress if lawmakers can't agree on legislation of their own. doug is joining us live from washington. >> reporter: white house says it's a backup plan but they have come up with their own reform
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bill. president's plan that was leaked to u.s.a. today would offer special virsas to illegal immigrants that would put them on a pathway to full permanent citizenship. they say the president's plan will come into play only if congress fails to act. >> all it says to me we are doing exactly what we said we would do, we will be prepared in the bipartisan talks which we are aggressively supporting, if those don't work out, we'll have an option that we will be supporting. >> reporter: the problem may be enforcement. the president's plan does include some measures to secure the borders but the language appears to be vague and there is not a trigger mechanism but newer pathways to legalization.
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some say the president doesn't want to deal. here is rand paul. >> this is president saying his plan and saying he is not serious. there are many people that democrats bring these issues up as wedge issues. they don't want to pass them because they wouldn't have the republicans to blame. >> reporter: there is still this ongoing effort on capitol hill to craft a bipartisan solution, gangs of eight, the white house says the president back that has effort but congress needs to act in the coming weeks so the administration will have this plan ready information. >> jamie: thank you so much. how difficult it will be to get it accomplished with such a divide between the white house and congress? joining us is campaign for elections magazine, great so see you shane. first of all it is interesting we are back talking about the immigration issue. a lot of folks wondered where it
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stood in the second term agenda. first, about the fact this was leaked. tell me about that strategy. >> i think that right now the white house is smartly content capitol hill leaders to continue with their bipartisan talks. however, there is a major fault line and this question whether you are going to increase border enforcement measures and exactly how you are going to do that and whether or not that will be tied to some sort of pathway to citizenship. the white house and the president, they have expressed saturday doubts about that, immigration reform advocates have expressed doubt and that is on the table with this bipartisan group. i think that the white house wants to remain hands off but also the president wants to show he is going to come in and play the hand of the white house if, indeed, if it ends on the table is not what the president is looking for. i think that is part of this.
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>> jamie: the president was respectful of congress in the process it would go there and saying he would introduce this if they couldn't come to a decision but congressional leaders know what the president would like to say. marco rubio issued a formal statement on this issue saying, it creates a special pathway that puts those that broke the immigration laws at an advantage over those who chose to do things the right way. explain that to me. >> the feeling among republicans is that in previous conversations about immigration reform and trying to move things forward that border security piece and making sure that it is tied to whatever occurs with the pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants has been neglected. republicans have felt that in the past and they have been serious in suggesting that now whatever emerges in the form of
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some bipartisan legislation has to be seriously focus on border enforcement mechanisms and dealing with that first before you take about a specific timetable for a pathway to citizenship. that is the most difficult issue here and that is reflected in senator rubio's statement and that is the opposition's argument. >> jamie: clearly we haven't heard from everybody and we will learn who is in favor and not and what congress comes up with. on border security we know that terrorists are coming in with the country and thwarting plans that we don't hear about oftentimes. how much money is going to be allocated to border security under the president's plan, what measures would be taken? >> i think, in the specifics in either of these plans we don't have specifics yet. if you look at this bipartisan group in the senate, essentially you've got a broad outline, you
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have a broad outline and agreement on things that we don't have legislation to look at. we don't have a draft. same thing from the white house. essentially the president has outlined a series of broad principles of what he wants done. some of this has given some specifics. this eight year pathway to citizenship which is new detail this morning, but we're lacking a tremendous number of specifics from folks working bipartisan on the hill or from the white house. that is where the negotiations are going to get difficult. >> jamie: you would actually get a status, a lawful prospective immigrant under in plan. back to border security, the cost of obamacare and where the funds are coming from and whether we have the money or running low. in this particular instance, too it will cost money to implement whatever legislation is
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proposed. what about the tax base that we would see once these folks are registered? some are working already and paying taxes but 11 million immigrants in this country, could we have the first mechanism to collect and how helpful would it be to the economy? >> these discussions that you are going to see in congress start debating details here. if you look from the perspective of republicans in the house, we talk about this bipartisan gang of eight in the senate and there has been progress made there, if you want to do something you have to get it by the house. it's tremendously difficult because there is serious electoral considerations for house republicans and many are in conservative districts and they will be more concerned about primary challenges than they are going to be concerned about getting an immigration
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bill passed. >> jamie: as we get closer to the midterms it becomes a relevant point. great insight, thanks. >> eric: small army of repairman are on the streets of russia trying to fix windows that were shattered by the sonic boom by a meteor. it blasted through the earth's atmosphere streak go through the sky and causing a flash of light and powerful shock wave that smashed countless windows. more than 4,000 windows were damaged and 200 people were injured. luckily there were know deaths reported. the government says half the windows have been replaced and more than 20,000 people turned out to help as temperatures have hit 12 degrees below zero. >> jamie: let's go to news in
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afghanistan. president hamid karzai is asking nato forces to carry out air strikes on neighborhood areas. he will issue a decree in response that killed 10 civilians last week. afghan forces have requested the air strike during a joint afghan operation that was targeting tal ban forces in the northeastern part of afghanistan. >> eric: the supreme leader of iran insisting his nation has no intention of developing nuclear weapons but he did add if it did wish to build an atomic bomb he claims the united states would not stop it. how close is iran from getting a bomb? is he to be believed? joining us this sunday is former united states ambassador john bolton. good morning. >> good morning. >> eric: do you buy it, you
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can't stop it? >> in law, it's pleading in the alternative. devil made me do it. that is what he is saying. really, it's very revealing repeating their standard line that their program is peaceful and they don't want nuclear weapons but indicating what is really going on. they feel very confident under current circumstances that they have time. they have faith and going to continue with their program and going to build nuclear devices. >> eric: what do you think they are like full speed ahead? >> the economic sanctions which have caused disruptions have not slowed the nuclear program at all. just recently the regime announced they would be putting in thousands of new centrifuges. they have plans to put in much more sophisticated centrifuge
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program at another location. they continue to stiff the international atomic energy agency. they make it clear they expect if they resume negotiations with five permanent members of the security council they expected relief of the sanctions. this is the mark of a regime that is constant and can out negotiate the west. >> eric: you say they are confident but the president has made it clear they will prevent them from getting a bomb. we will do what is necessary to prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon. do you think the administration will do what is necessary to prevent that? >> no, clearly not. i think that is what iran thinks, too. it's what israel thinks. if you need evidence, not just about the obama administration but about the bush administration, look at north korea which last week on the day of the president's state of the union address exploded a nuclear
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device having launched a missile into earth's orbit for the first time in december. the lesson that north korea teaches iran, continue to make progress. smartest thing that iran could do is build a nuclear device and detonate it because the same people that are saying we can negotiate iran out of the nuclear weapons program, they would say, we have to accept their nuclear weapons. >> eric: there is a report that head of the program was in north korea. an activist wrote this. she calls it a win-win for both parties, tehran can slaughter more iranians and build nuclear and president obama will kick the can down the road and say he scored a diplomatic coup -- >> do you think there can be a
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breakthrough? >> i think the administration will certainly try that. particularly with the new secretary of state and new secretary of defense and pros are coming in. they want to show they can have a quick success. they will not negotiate with north korea at the moment so they will try with iran. i am very worried their desire to have a negotiation will cause them to make the kinds of concessions that iran wants and to get that legitimacy as they continue to support the assad regime and syria to support terrorists around the region and continue to make progress toward that objective. >> eric: negotiations in two weeks, do you expect anything coming from that? >> no, i think it's more than a exercise. they are going to continue ahead absent some indication from the governmental of israel that they are prepared to use military force. we'll have to see what happens.
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>> eric: ambassador bolton, always good to see you. >> jamie: another potential hiccup in the process to could confirm chuck hagel at defense secretary. new comments coming to light that are raising eyebrows in washington when chris wallace joins us next. >> eric: new details about a misterious sighting in northern california. do you see that. what is it it? >> jamie: potential breakthrough that could help sight for folks that are blind. that is straight ahead. i was in the ambulance and i was told to call my next of kin. at 33 years old, i was having a heart attack. now i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i didn't know this could happen so young. take control, talk to your doctor.
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>>. >> jamie: welcome back. we have been telling you the asteroid in russia and how about this. this is northern california, the american meteor society it was probably a fireball, not a major event. one scientist saying it was a small piece of asteroid and headed toward earth. it's still drawing extra concern after the large meteor exploded over russia and injured 200
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people causing major damage. >> eric: new eye-opening information that could make a new complication in chuck hagel's confirmation. lindsay graham pointed to some newly reported comments that hagel is said to have made at rutgers university a few years ago, that the state department was becoming an adjunct of the israeli foreign ministry. >> he said the u.s. state was the adjunct of the israeli foreign ministry office. i got a letter back from the senator in response, did you say that and do you believe that. the letter said he did not recall saying that. and he disavows that statement. >> eric: joining us is chris wallace.
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these xhechblts are coming out about the jewish lobby and iranian regime is legitimate and latest comment that latest one, what does it mean? >> if he never said it it doesn't mean anything. he said he didn't recall which is not a flat denial. you think you would recall it if you said something like that. this is a was in a age of cellphones and somebody has a record of it. if it turned out he said that, it mate be curtains for him. we don't have any indication he did say it other an blog post. that is the interesting things here, although the senators who blocked his nomination, first time to a defense nominee, saying they want more information about hagel but also about benghazi, this does give another week to ten days while
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the senate is in recess for people to investigate, people to see whether there is anything he said. as bob woodward, one of the panelists said, it's like watergate twisting slowly in the wind. there is more of an opportunity to come up about him. if they do, he may be in trouble. >> eric: the investigative project came up with this and as you are saying this delay could then perhaps get more information to come out that could be more damaging quotes that he allegedly said. as you say eventually curtains for senator hagel the if it happens? >> well, potentially. at this point we have no indication every other an blog post. whether it is this or something else, there are a lot of people that are unhappy with the hagel nomination, they feel is too soft on iran. they will be working overtime
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and republicans blocking the nomination gives them time to do everything they can see if they can dig up more information that he has made. if they get it, it will go to senators opposed to his nomination. >> eric: people that support him can there will be a tipping point. what do you think will happen? >> again, unless bombshell new information, i think his nomination he will be confirmed to be the defense secretary but that is an if. we'll have to see if there is another shoe to drop. it will be very interesting. i commend people to watch it and very interesting conversation with lindsay graham. he calls him the hagel, he is going to voted against him. he calls him radical and unqualified. he think,000 is bad nominee. >> eric: chris, thank you so
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much. you can watch chris's interview on fox news sunday. he sits down with rand paul of kentucky. fox news sunday is right here on the fox news channel later on today. >> jamie: the doctors will be here for their sunday house calls. they will tell you about a brand-new device that could make a world of difference for the blind. they also have a warning for men who take a common supplement that could cause kidney stones. that coming up and taking your questions on that topic or any others, go to calls and we will take one of your questions right on the air. we'll be right back. ...with geico... ohhh...sorry! director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw...
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>>. >> eric: time for sunday house calls. joining is dr. mark siegle.
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associate professor of medicine and author of the inner pulse. >> jamie: andled is david samadi. chief of robots at mount sinai malmedical center. great to have you here. er where i go people talk about this segment. there is new hope for those that are visually impaired. the fda approved a brand-new item? >> right now we are use foorg a condition called retinitis pigmentosa where the lighted cells in their eyes in the retina are not working. it's congenital. you get it when you are born. sites have been -- scientists have been trying to figur


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