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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 19, 2013 2:00am-3:00am EST

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it bad but do you have it worse than 4,000 stranded on nightmare cruise that is about us! >> yes. >> enough of that headline. >> thank you for being with >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, and our long-lost friend greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: so president obama is about to return to washington after a guys' weekend in florida where he played a round of golf with tiger woods. we'd love to show you pictures but there aren't available because the press was shut out. didn't the president say this last thursday? >> this is the most transparent administration in history. i can documentbe how that is the case. >> dana: the white house press corps is not convinced. fox's senior white house correspondent ed when i have current the president of that
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group -- ed henry is the currently the president of the group and said they're frustrated not having access to the president all weekend and they will continue to fight for transparency in the days ahead. okay. golf-gate. gutfeld, since you are back and here, you're up first. this isn't really necessarily about golf. this is about the press' frustration feeling like they are not getting access. now that president obama doesn't have another election to run for, maybe the white house press office is testing the waters to see how much they can shut them out. >> greg: the white house is acting like elvis presley's entourage. they only get upset with them when he ignores them. he should walk around in a white jump suit. people talk about him playing golf. i have never seen a picture of obama golfing so i called the white house and i said i demand proof that you actually played, that obama played golf. they sent me this picture which is interesting. interesting club, by the way. you think, do you think that president obama ever asked
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tiger woods why aren't they playing golf in california? it's an interesting question. why is tiger woods winning in florida? >> eric: why is smoke coming out of the golf club? >> greg: the fact is tiger lives and plays golf in florida. it has to tell obama something. it's called taxes. >> dana: the tiger woods piece to this is important. because on sunday, the white house press office told the reporters we have a lid. when you have a lid, that means the president, you won't see him more today. nothing to see here folks, everybody can go home. then they find out that the guy from golf digest, a member of the coming up had been there. he's like oh, yeah, i saw the president and tiger woods are going to play happen. is newssy for a lot of reasons. what do you think of this, andrea? >> andrea: i don't think it's that big of a story. the president obama is a golfer. he loves to golf. we're always talking about how much he golfs. tiger woods i heard arguments this is not the best opticsor aperience for the president
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especially after he was in chicago talking about the importance of family. i don't care about that stuff. the reason they put a lid on it, as you said is because he promised 62 days ago he would not rest. until every american has a good job. this is only six weeks after the two-week hawaii trip. i don't think it looks good. but the transparency arguement is one that is fun to watch the press get frustrated with him. in their defense, he has been not transparent with a lot of other things they haven't covered. like invoking the executive privilege on fast and furious. number of reporters have even documented that they responded to fewer freedom of information act requests than any administration in history. not transparent at all. >> dana: the frustration is that, it's been building. with technology now, the white house is able to communicate directly to people. they have their own videographer.
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do you have concern about the press corps and not able to get it back? >> bob: i'm the only golfer at this table. >> greg: i pe wee golf. have you hit the ball between the windmill? >> bob: just once. anybody that gets a chance to play 18 holes of golf with tiger woods ought to take it. >> eric: and his coach. >> bob: have eight hours of training before he went. party plus means outside. >> bob: the cool van. >> dana: they put it on the white house briefing room the press would gather on the pool. >> dana: that is the point. what does he care?
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>> eric: here is what i would have asked him. president obama going on a guys' weekend, just goog the names he went with. i did it. and i found tony chase, big-time houston businessman who holds $35,500 per plate fundraisers for president obama. and carroll, board member of halliburton. did you know that? he crushes the oil companies but this one eric whitaker a long-time friend of president obama runs the u.h.i., urban health initiative that got $5 $5.9 million in grant from one of the stimulus packages. when the taxpayer is paying $180,000 for air force one to fly down and met michelle obama going to aspen on another $180,000 at least for air force two to fly to aspen you have to question it. >> bob: that is a real surprise. that is a big surprise playing golf with contributors. >> greg: not one woman or
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transgendered individual playing golf. that the outrage! this is the bigotry of president obama. >> dana: soft big trill of golf excursions. >> greg: there is a golf war on women. >> dana: i want to say something about women, there is not enough women working in the west wing. if i would have been told hey, after this, it's so great. president obama is going to get to play with tiger woods, i would have said, i know you think that is great. i don't think he should play this weekend, this particular weekend with tiger woods. he can play with tiger woods every day for the rest of his life starting january 21, 2017. until then, why don't we just keep it clean and not have him play with tiger woods? obviously going to get out. >> bob: because it wasn't a woman president that it was -- >> dana: if, i think -- yes, i don't -- i don't know. >> bob: i married a professional golfer. the first time i played golf with her, she beat me by 22
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strokes. she hit from the men's tee. i asked if she should hit from the men's tee and she hit it and said next time you should play from women's tee. >> greg: it was ben krenshaw in a wig. >> dana: that is where bill o'reilly threw the first pitch. >> eric: do you think president obama is getting advice from tiger woods on personal issues? >> bob: probably not. on golf, yeah. >> dana: since you, you are a big guy on benghazi, let me go to one other thing that happened yesterday on the way home. >> greg: what are you asking me for? >> dana: trying to be polite and collegial. >> greg: she's good. feeling stronger. >> dana:be your mom is strong. is she watching? >> greg: she is. say hello at the end of the show. she missed you and asked about everybody. you know, she looks forward to watching -- >> dana: what does she think of obama golfing with tiger woods? >> greg: she doesn't care. she would say it's okay to
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play with tiger woods but don't play in tiger woods. it's dangerous. >> andrea: don't you think after his "state of the union," the "state of the union" speech was so focused on the middle class. i just doesn't look good. the white house doesn't seem to care. >> dana: they don't care. >> andrea: they don't seem to care over and over. >> greg: you just got the -- >> eric: i get it. >> dana: i was going to show this clip. we still have time. senator john mccain yesterday on "meet the press" about benghazi. >> there are many, many questions. we have had a massive coverup -- >> a massive coverup of what? susan rice said there was lot of confusion. >> do you care, david? do you care, david? do you care? i'm asking you. do you care? i'm asking you, do you care whether four americans died? the reasons for that? >> you said there is a cove
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coverup. the information concerning death of four brave americans. >> maybe senator mccain should join the press corps. >> the only question is did obama get his valentine's day card? all he did is what gregory did on the sandy hook thing. he didn't wave a magazine. about time the conservatives and the republicans ask do you care about death? the left says it to you, all the time. maybe obama would care more if benghazi had 18-hole pga course there. fly out there. >> eric: gregory had another concern. he was concerned whether marco rubio was going to make it through the next speech without drinking water. >> bob: mccain called benghazi a massive coverup. that's going way over -- >> greg: what if it was moderate one? >> bob: if it was a screwup, not a coverup. that is a different.
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>> dana: why would they do it? >> bob: it was election time. >> dana: don't you think that is a story? >> andrea: they're not even admitting it was a coverup. >> bob: that is politics. >> andrea: the president talking about transparency, he said after the words benghazi is not a good example. he said that was largely driven by campaign stuff. four dead americans are campaign stuff. then we learn last thursday he didn't make one phone call at all. don't you think if you are the president of the united states you would follow up to see how benghazi turned out? i mean there was no 3:00 a.m. phone call. he was just like don't call me at all. call me, maybe. no, don't bother me. it's bizarre. >> bob: at the expense of sounding cruel here, you know, there was a lot of things going on in the world. hundreds of thousands people die. a lot of -- >> dana: on 9/11 when you an american killed by al-qaeda terrorists? >> eric: can we make one more point. don't forget a couple hours later he flew to vegas. >> bob: i agree that was -- i said at the time, terrible
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idea. district to use a cliche we are tired of "if it were bush" god knows what would happen. >> bob: can we move that aside? >> greg: we can't. it's true. it's true. >> andrea: you worked in a number of white houses. when something like that happens and an attack on american soil, consulate is considered don't most president bring in joint chiefs and all of their cabinet agencies vapid a conference call? they don't say hey leon, it's up to you how to handle it and never follow up. >> bob: i think that there was a lot going on in the middle east. over that period of days. i think probably he did. i don't know the answer to this. >> dana: they testified he didn't. >> bob: he is taking this massive imagery of a massive coverup and a scandal. it was sad and horrible thing. but it was not the biggest thing that happened to the united states government. >> andrea: eight-hour attack on a consulate. that is not exactly nothing. >> dana: all right. we got to go, we have more to talk about.
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coming up, is america ready for libertarian president? senator rand paul thinks he might be orb we might be ready for him. i'm not sure. we will discuss the pros and cons when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> greg: so, as america marches in to the abyss it voted for, talk turns to the republican party's future, if there is one. it's got on the the point you talk about the party's fate is like discussing the future of your senile aunt. you do it in front of her. here is rapid paul, i wonder if he would -- here is rand paul, and i wonder if he would absolutely not run unless it were to win. >> i would absolutely not run unless it were to win. points have been made and we'll continue to make points but i think the country is ready for the narrative coming, the libertarian republican narrative. also because we have been losing as a national party. >> greg: and there is karl rove. it wonder if he thinks rand paul had it right that everybody has a chance. >> i think rand paul has it right. everybody has a chance. let people go in and participate. it's opposite of the bureau. the more people who
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participate the better off we are. the more we examine the quality of the candidates from top to bottom, the likely we end up with fewer christine o'donnell's and more rand paul. >> greg: i think they would like to see more in this nation than open intelligent conversations, not just casting aspergess at each other. >> i would like like to see more often is open and intelligent conversation. not people just casting aspersions at each other. it's up believable to me the way people act like third graders. >> carson for president. you are retiring as a surgeon this summer. what do you make of it? are you going to get in to politics? >> it's not my intention to do that. but as i always say in every part of my life, i'll leave that up to god. >> greg: here is what is needed in a nominee. someone you don't have to explain, that doesn't need me or you to defend his clumsy
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retorts. i don't want a witch. feel free to cast aspergess but not spells -- cast aspersions but not spells. i want someone who won't roll over on a debate on benghazi because someone told him to. i want someone to realize they are fighting two front, democrat and media and the only way to beat them is shine a light on them with humor rumors of the republican party's death have been greatly exaggerated because the republicans have a secret weapon. the democrats. while we may have a different republican savior every week there is a cop stant we can count on, inherent interruption of liberal ideas and that joe biden will say something stupid. he's the best thing to happen to republicans since dana perino. >> dana: i don't think that was a compliment. >> greg: it could be taken both ways. >> dana: okay. >> greg: much like a lot of things. andrea, is america ready for a libertarian president or really just saying a small
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government person with less military output? >> andrea: that is a very good question. libertarians had a lot of luck in the 1990s. since then not so much. i think they often are considered too controversial because of their positions on legalizing pot. which now has become more mainstream. and legalizing prosecutio prostn that a lot of conservatives can't wrap their arms around. rand paul is different. i like him a lot. i think that he speaks the truth. he is very, very tough. he doesn't go back and forth. he is not his father. do we want to become a big tent? are we really that big innocent a lot of people say i'd love to vote republican but i can't because of the social issues. if we had someone more liberal we could get voters and open up the big tent. every election, democrats use the social issues around our necks. contract with america was great, because it doesn't get in social issues and something we could agree on.
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but they use the social issues like with todd akin. maybe somebody doesn't give them the opportunity. that would be a chance. >> does he have a personal? >> rand paul? >> greg: i can't tell if it's a natural hair curl or a perm. that is for the debate. we have a professional grad student in the office. and we have $6-gallon gas. why not a libertarian? it can't be worse. >> bob: well, gutfeld, let me tell you. first of all, it's interesting to me you said a libertarian republican. libertarians are on the ballot every four years and they qualified for it for a long time now. he is clearly running for the republican presidential nomination. but the idea that rand paul and the good doctor and the republican party casting aroundbe for the various people tells me that the bench for the republicans, which we kept talking about would be mighty strong is not nearly as
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strong. rubio got a taste of what it's like to step in the midto feel mix and it's not pleasant. >> greg: he sold $200,000 of bottled water. i should be so lucky. >> eric: did you get a haircut? >> bob: i did. what's it to you? >> eric: the problem with me and libertarians is the whole thing about smaller military. true libertarian would say protect the borders don't have any foreign policy at all. that is tough to win anytime soon. i'm evolving on something. i've listened to what is important. making the bigger tent. making sure the republican party says, you know, more people -- >> bob: are you coming out for prostitution? >> eric: no. i'm coming out for chris christie. i'm back on chris christie again. >> dana: what? >> eric: we need someone with personality. >> greg: we said big tent. not big pants. >> eric: i like that he says what is on his mind and don't worry about the issues that may be a problem to carson and
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maybe rand paul. >> bob: i think he would be a stronger candidate than rubio. certainly a general election. >> greg: i want to get dana in this. do you have anything intelligent to add to this? >> dana: people reject calling themselveses a republican. they don't want to call themselves democrat or say conservative or liberal. there are appealing characteristics with a libertarian to speak to people how they feel about themselves so people take another look at it. but it's like an a la carte menu. i want a little of this and that. gress good point. i'm surprised. okay. >> dana: drink awkwardly. >> greg: hold on. i'm sure it was done while i was gone. it doesn't matter. >> dana: we didn't do it. >> greg: facebook made $1 billion in profit but didn't pay a penny in taxes. should president obama be calling for them to pay their fair share? we tell you what he has or hasn't said about it next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: we know president obama hates it when rich people don't pay their fair share. he goes on and op about it. how many times do we hear him say this in the last couple years? >> millionaires and billionaires can afford to do a big more. we can close corporate loopholes so oil companies aren't getting necessary tack breaks. >> eric: i was shocked when i learned that facebook earned $1 billion and not only did they not pay a penny in federal taxes but getting a refund of half a billion dollars. full disclose sure, i'm a facebook shareholder. but trillions in debt. trillion dollar deficits.
2:28 am
why haven't we heard from the obamanist on this? >> dana: you were doing great until there. >> bob: right until there, i thought this is the eric, mellowed back version. but obamanist? he said in the "state of the union" speech he wanted to rewrite the tax code. included that doing away with the loopholes like this. shocked me they can do it. this is law and you have for whatever you do under the law, do it. >> eric: the problem is over the last couple of years we heard about the loopholes that oil companies take part in. $4 billion. facebook took a $3 billion loophole. you don't hear about the facebook or g.e. not paying taxes in 2010. is it good to be friend of obama? >> dana: is it from a p.r. perspective. when you see the example of the oil companies and the private corporate jets, but we uses oil companies as the
2:29 am
target. i am for ending it all. >> greg: are you depressed? you could have talked to me before the show started. >> eric: somebody get ablow on the phone quick. >> dana: now i've lost it. >> eric: tending the loophole. >> dana: i'm for loophole, clean slate. >> greg: the loopholes are a family next door. she wants to kill them now. i see a weird philosophical difference. this is the energy facebook is like anti-energy. all they do is talk to people out there. like you're not doing anything. they don't bring the country forward the way that oil does. i am a hypocrite because i
2:30 am
tweet 118 last night. >> eric: weigh in on this full screen. look at low donations. donations to president obama for 5 to 1 versus romney. twitter was 71 to 1. but i'm guessing they don't include the loopholes with the social media. >> andrea: he talks about class warfare he created two classes but not the ones you think. the connected and the not connected. if you are a rich person but a friend of obama you get the tax benefits. if he deems he doesn't like you, you don't. that's why i don't like this. let everybody start out in the same position. examine a flat tax. the companies eventually do pass it on to the consumer. as greg points out, people now are at the pump with the highest gas prices in any month of february ever. the oil companies pay enough in taxes already.
2:31 am
>> bob: is it fair to say obama used twitter and facebook effectively and romney did not. that's the reason you got it. it's easier to beat up on oil companies. >> andrea: he helped google, too. >> eric: facebook will take a $3 billion -- >> bob: i understand that. this is easier to beat up on -- on -- >> greg: eric agrees with you. he's saying we beat up on the oil companies because we demonize them. if it wasn't for the oil companies there would be no facebook. there would be nothing. >> bob: i will say this. oil companies are the most unbelievably explosive material every day and nothing happens. give them credit for that. move hundreds of billions of barrels around. they never get credit. but they still have in the public mind, they go back t to -- >> greg: that is your fault. >> bob: fine, i'll take responsibility for it if it's my fault. >> andrea: they fund the welfare state. how do you think the programs
2:32 am
that obama wants to propose are paid for? it's big taxes on energy companies like exxon that he loves to paint as an enemy. >> bob: it's not just on exxon. a lot of companies. that paint the oil energy as those who frankly the public believes it. >> eric: so far, the oil companies have paid hundreds of billions of taxes and facebook paid zero dollars in taxes. last thought, anybody? >> dana: i think solyndra and the scandal from last year has fed people in this idea of end it all. make at it clean slate. but also maybe look at a flat or a consumption tax. >> eric: fair tax means no corporate tax, income tax or sales tax -- >> dana: but people working at facebook buy a lot of stuff. >> greg: where does facebook make money? i go on there -- >> bob: ads, right? >> greg: i don't see ads. i just see people i don't
2:33 am
know. >> eric: that is the biggest problem that facebook has. they actually have ads. we don't even recognize them. >> bob: they are losing huge number of people not using facebook. >> eric: we have to go. can people put a muzzle on alec baldwin? this time he is going wild on the street of manhattan threatening a reporter and throwing racial slurs at a photographer. alec's latest explosion coming up next on "the five." ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids.
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now back to new york and the colleague with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> andrea: another day and epic blow-out between alak baldwin and someone in the media. it started when a new york post reporter caught up with
2:39 am
the actor in new york city. she tells police she asked about a lawsuit involving his wife at which point he grabbed her and threatped to choke her to death. bald win then allegedly turned to an african-american photographer and shouted a racial epitheticalling him a crackhead and drug dealer. baldwin says the photographer assaulted him but however there is a recording that has been turned over to police if you're alec baldwin p.r. pressure you guzzling pepto-bismol now? >> dana: if i'm his p.r. person i have a strong stomach. it happens every week. i thought he wanted to run for mayor. i'd like to know his position on bike lanes rather than this. i am not a fan. he is hilarious on "30 rock." i love the show. >> a queen senator has asked
2:40 am
tv producers not to contact baldwin until this issue is figured out. he says he should seek counseling for anger management. this is a democratic lawmaker in new york. >> greg: if you are a left winger it's okay to talk about this. you can be sexist and race fist you're for the greater good. is he racist, though? i don't think he is racist. he is a nut like paul krugman. we need to pass the alex law to get him off the street before he hurts himself. i don't think it's racist. this is fighting words. if you get angry and you look at somebody and go i will use the thing that is the closeest to insult to you. i don't mean it. i think 90% of all racist stuff is fighting words. >> andrea: fighting words or racial slurs? >> eric: both.
2:41 am
we will hear the audio at some point. but i agree with greg. i have been in fights with billy baldwin, we were in a bar one time. we roll out in street on second avenue because people were giving him a hard time. they're fighters. four brothers. billy, steven, daniel and alec. they are fighters. if someone gets in their face they fight back. >> dana: but you are a lover. look at what eric just drew from bob -- >> i was thinking about my lovely wife. i drew that. >> dana: so sweet. >> andrea: speaking of lovers, bob beckel, somebody who never got in a verbal altercation with anybody what advice do you have for baldwin. there is a recording of him calling his daughter a vile little pig. >> bob: if i were him i'd knock him out before calling him a racial slur so it wouldn't a problem. you can't use the word "crackhead" and "coon" and not assume it's racist comment. in the black community those
2:42 am
are words that are stigmatiz stigmatizing. >> greg: he denies saying it. >> bob: i agree with eric. the brothers, i'm glad i didn't grow up next to them. the family must have been tough to get through. >> greg: it wasn't the brady bunch. more like manson family. >> andrea: not just racial. he was assaulting a woman. it wonder how much outrage on the left. he told a female reporter that he was going to choke her. >> dana: his wife runs a yoga studio and a guy fell over and gashed his leg and he is stewing them because the yoga studio is too crowded. this is a first world problem if you ever heard one. >> greg: first ips dept of yoga violence.
2:43 am
>> bob: andrea says the deep down dog position -- >> greg: nothing good comes from yoga. >> bob: nothing. bad backs. >> dana: i disagree with that. >> bob: ther i walk to work and there is a guy in front of me with a mat. >> bob: what is that they do in central park? >> dana: thai chi. >> andrea: never mind. we should do yoga on the five. we seem angry. >> dana: let's say "ohm" three times together. ahm. >> andrea: still to come, country music world is mourning one of their own as singer mindy mccready is found dead in an apparent suicide. another celebrity gone too soon? that is up next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: that was country singer mindy mccready singing her number one hit "guys do it all the time." the mother of two was found dead yesterday after an
2:48 am
apparent suicide after years of struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. she was 37 years old. a few years ago she was on fox and friends and talked about trying to get her life back on track. >> it's been six years since you've done an album. where have you been? >> gosh, where haven't i been would be a shorter answer. i'm been getting in to a lot of trouble. >> you have been? >> yeah, i have. getting out of -- never prison. jail and prison are two different things. >> man, we have a lot to talk about after the show show, thennism've done work to stay out of trouble now. i am seeking redemption. >> bob: she stayed in a lot of trouble during those years that followed that. interestingly, she killed herself in the same place ten days before her boyfriend david wilson the father of her baby also killed himself with a gun. the only thing i can say about this, it comes down to this. a judge orders her to 30 days in a rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. she is let go after one day.
2:49 am
in an outpatient facility. not as good as inpatient. this is example of celebrities treated differently and it's killing them. wake up soon. >> eric: what can you do? can you force a celebrity to stay in rehab? >> bob: you can't force them. there are ways for rehab -- i have been in five. ways to convince them to stay there. >> eric: this woman even killed the dog. thank god, if she is going that far she left the kids alone. >> dana: i am a huge country music fan and i willed to her for a long time. i didn't know she was in trouble a year or so ago. the nashville community is a
2:50 am
tight knit one and they are upset by it. the saddest thing of this was when i read the story that her dad had going to authorities saying you have to help me, she is being abusive and hurting herself. she is not being nice to her son and being mean to me. and nothing they could do. >> bob: that is a good point. it's very, very difficult no, matter who you are. close you are. blood relative to get people committed. that's the way the law is. >> bob: it had to be upsetting for her family. >> andrea: the biggest tragedy she has two little boys in foster care. there is a video she was working on before she died. it was a suicide awareness video, i guess she was filming. in honor of her boyfriend and the father of her 10-month-old son. she is putting this together to help people deal with the suicide. the perp who is helping her came out and said this is her suicide note herself. it's so sad. >> bob: i don't know a single drug addict or alcoholic who in the course of
2:51 am
their addiction who didn't say i want to leave this life. i did several times there. seems to be a higher percentage of people famous if you will that do that. that >> greg: can i take a moment and ask the producer? can we make today's show more depressing? show famine videos in one more thing. i am frug with my emotional investment about self-destructive people. it spent five days in a hospital with people who are not there by choice. my sympathy for self-destructive people is this much compared to that. she had two kids. if it didn't get you off drugs, boo-hoo. >> bob: you are right but there are enablers around the people who are famous that continues to allow them -- lindsay lohan, i hate to say one of the days -- >> greg: going to celebrity rehab does not help anybody. >> bob: right. five of them died. >> andrea: don't you think there are people you can't help? >> bob: sure.
2:52 am
some are -- you are not going -- they are going to die and die early. one more thing is up next. smile. ♪ ♪ with the spark cash card from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contract, ease? thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns 2% cash back on every pchase every day. great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. read back the chicken's testimony, please. "buk, buk, bukka!" [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase every day. told you i'd get half. what's in your walle
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so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs - each of
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your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort ... individualized. right now, queen mattresses start at just $599 . and save 50% on our limited edition bed-plus special offers through monday. >> dana: time for one more thing. greg, you go first.
2:56 am
>> greg: last week i went to visit my mom who had to go to emergency surgery. there she is. she is doing well. say hello. she watches "the five." i want to thank those who tweeted me. i showed her that people supported her. i hope she does well. >> dana: yeah. she's great. great. >> andrea: if you are looking for vacation ideas? richard branson can take you in outer space. the virgin galactic will shoot you in sky. daily flights, propelled in the earth reese atmosphere and tethered to the mother ship. it will only set you back $100,000. but people with mup on their hands find it exciting. cades i would never do that.
2:57 am
>> bob: i have been there several times. >> dana: figure out how to market that. >> bob: california acid is what it's called. this is along the lines why i think that running and exercise is bad for you. there is a new report out that proves exactly what i said, which is that joggers and walkers, joggers are in much worse shape. they don't lose as much weight as walkers do. pound your leg and hurt your knees a ankle for what? to run behind somebody from africa who will beat you in the race anyway. all the kenyans -- who would do a marathon? think about that? except for our producers who doing a wild man,be whatever they call those things. >> dana: iron man? >> bob: walk out and get the mail. walk around the block. lose weight and be in better shape and live longer. >> dana: the wild man. market that as the -- >> andrea: bob's workout.
2:58 am
>> eric: yeah. >> dana: when he walks the streets. >> eric: last night i'm watching my favorite show, "walking dead." i went to college with lou temple. in my fa ternty and catcher on the baseball team. scrap iron. i'm like really excited. luke temple is now a character on "walking dead." axel. look what happens in 15 minutes of the show. he's shot! e is done. got rid of him. good job, brother. glad to see you on tv. >> dana: did he have a mustache like that in college? >> eric: he did. >> greg: so did you! >> eric: show a picture from when i was 18 years old. >> andrea: was his baseball career longer than that? >> a great baseball player. >> a lot of careers. >> dana: wow! i want to get to my barbara bush story. over the weekend, barbara bush hosted the 13th annual
2:59 am
celebration of rating. her john jeb bush. they do it every year. they have done an amazing job of getting people. in fact, our own bill o'reilly of the o'reilly factor and author of many best sellers "killing kennedy" -- >> greg: does he write books? i didn't know that. >> dana: he also hosts a show. sometimes you're on it. here op presidents day, presidents and their family can have lasting impacts for years to come. we have 40 seconds left. >> greg: talk about how important that reading is. >> dana: you have a book there. >> greg: i do. i stole it. >> bob: let me guess. what book is it? has the word "hate" in it? >> greg: no. >> dana: it's called "the last line of defense." attorney general of virginia. he wrote this book and rupping for governor. >> bob: you are supposed to time these things so we get out on time.


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