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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  February 19, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> goold morning to you. hirment nauert. -- i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". brand new video of olympic track star of oscar piss totouri. >> this all taking place live. >> we have the breaking details this morning. >> what's happening in court so far? >> we are following this and this is what i can tell you looking grim and solemn a judge
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charging oscar piss to. he sobbed uncontrollably in the courtroom as cross cute tors descri -- prosecutors say he killed her in her own home. he grabbed his pros metic leg as she came in. he fired four times but she was struck three times while in a bathroom. pa paralympic prince a friend and fellow competitor of him. >> good guy. very down to earth. very polite. always put people before himself. good competitor. i mean very good spirit. very compassionate and understanding and support i have of the men he competed with. >> want to show you brand new
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video of steenkamp's family members carrying her casket out. okay leap and nike distanced themselfs with him. nike says it has no plans to use him in future ad campaigns. ladies? >> thank you, anna. it is now 2 minutes after the top of the hour. the top five stories making news at this hour. we are getting the first look at the engine room where the fire broke out which crippled the carnival cruise ship stranding passengers for five days. now we know a leak in the fuel line sparked the entire thing. so far two people filed suit against carnival including one woman who claims she suffered severe dehydration and bruising from other passengers swhieflz waiti -- she was waiting. >> sandy hook shooter was obsessed with norway's most
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notorious mass murder and saw himself in direct competition with him. lanza wanted to kill out kill the man who bombed and gunned down 77 people including many children in norway back in july of 2011. lanza reportedly picked the elementary school because it was the easiest target with the largest cluster of people. drew peterson could be sentenced for murdering his wife kathleen savio. they will argue his former lawyer did such a terrible job during his trial last year that it led to his conviction. that attorney might have to take the stand to prove that peterson had an adequate defense. if a new trial is denied sentencing will be next. peterson faces up to 60 years in jail. the drone race is on . united arab em brits is buying
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u.s. made drones as part of a deal. it would help them boost their surveillance capabilities and match claims that france is making its own drone capability. a couple trying to give their son a sibling is going home from the hospital with four newborns. he got a sibling all right. they aren't just quad dub lets. she has two sets of identical twins. >> it is very rare, very unexpected, but they are here now so we are very thankful. >> a blessing, miracle. i am happy. i am real happy about it. >> their names are ace, blaine, cash and dillon. yes, a, b, c and d. if they can't remember their names call them by the letter. >> the chance of having two
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identical twins at one time, one in 10,000. >> gas prices typically rise this time of year. this year it seems a lot more extreme. consumers have already seen 32 straight days in a row of increasing bagas prices. the average cost is 3.75. that's up $0.17 since last weekend in a lot of states it costs more than that. kelly wright is live with us with more on what's going on. why is this happening, kelly? >> it is happening for a lot of reasons. when you get to the pump it's usually a big ouch. prior to memorial day weekend it's a long ways off before summer vacation kicks in that's when you really see the price. now the prices at the pump keep rising. that's a concern. they wonder how high prices will go. in fact the price of gas has been climbing as you mentioned, heather, 32 days in a row since mid january the price at the
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pump has risen $0.43 a gallon. every day you go to the pump you are bracing yourself for paying a little bit more. jeff leonard says there's a number of factors contributing to the early spike in prices. >> every spring we typically see gla gas prices $0.50 gallon between the fwooishgs of february and right before memorial day. this year it is starting early. it is starting early for a couple of reasons. number one we have the unrest in the middle east whether it's egypt or iran. number two we are still seeing some of the after effects of hurricane sandy. >> analysts say the price of oil effects gas prices as well as oil production which has been slow. then there's the issue of the pipeline from canada. the administration hasn't made a decision on whether to allow the program to move forward.
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supporters say it would provide oil from a reliable ally. opponents are protesting against it because they believe it will harm the environment. >> that is the harbinger is whether he believes in his campaign rhetoric. >> that he is talking about obama and whether he will do anything about the pipeline. the president will make a decision sometime in march. canada's ambassador to the united states say people protesting they get more attention than 65 percent of americans who prefer to get their oil from canada rather than venezuela and the middle east. >> we have a whole lot of reasons for the rising gas prices. >> it is what we want you to brew on today. are you struggling at the pump? send us your comments you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail at
5:08 am >> time to get weather updates from miss maria molina this morning. she is tracking storm this is morning. what's going on. >> it will be a very active week as far as weather goes. we have one storm system that is relatively weak and it will produce systems across the great lakes and northeast down to sections of the southeast. i want everyone to pay attention. we are going to be talking about possible tornadoes and over a foot of snow possible across sections of the east. there are some sections that are going to be cold enough. especially higher elevations. keep that in mind. we have a winter storm warning in effect across the state of maine looking at 10 inches of snow that is quite significant. overall temperatures ahead of
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this system relatively warm in new york city. you are going to need the umbrella as you head into later on this afternoon. otherwise we have to go into a winter weather advisory across persons persons and western sections of virginia and north carolina. we could be looking at a slippery compute commute ads we head out to work this morning. winter storm warnings advisories and watches in effect. we are talking easily over a foot of snow. otherwise i want to show your high temperatures for today again mild ahead of our storm system in the east 47 for your high in new york city. >> maria molina thank you so much. talk to you later this morning. >> let's get to the stories you can bank on this morning. some of us don't have hotmail accounts but they are about to disappear. adam shapiro joins us to explain. >> muk soft announce it had will get rid of hotmail and they are going to migrate everybody into what they call they have been experimenting
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with has 60 million users now they are going to migrate everybody from hotmail to outlook. you won't lose any contacts or messages. it will migrate seamlessly by this summer. hotmail will be out. i still won't get my parents to switch from aol to a free sfsh. >> you have got mail. >> they won't lose it it automatically transfers to the new one. >> it becomes >> there will be a lot of people pushing a lot of buttons. >> you know the meteorites that blew up or crashed in russia on friday there are people going on a gold rush there? >> 20,000 people. that's the number russians are talking about being involved in seekers. it is going tore $22 a graham. 28 grams in an ounce. >> there's gold in these meteorite. >> there's no gold.
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just actually iron. you would be better getting a clump of dirt from their backyard. they are buying it at almost 40 times the price of gold. little teen teen tiny fragments. >> just the novelty of it. novelty of having a fragment of the meteorite. >> there's a market for everything. >> there is. >> always love having you. thanks a lot. it is 11 minutes after the hour coming up in just a bit could the deadly terror attack in benghazi been pay back for a secret operation run by john brennan. one man says this is the case. you will hear from him next. one lawmaker telling women to give up their guns and use pens and whistles instead? this is dopey as homeland security saying use your scissors.
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remember that?
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>> 15 minutes after the top of the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. colorado law americas narrowly passing tough new gun control bills through the house. lawmakers improving limiting the size of gun magazines to 15 rounds and only 8 rounds per shot guns. they want background checks for all gun sales. the bill also head to the state senate. burger king sold to mcdonald that's according to this post on burger king's twitter page along with a string of obscene messages. it is not true. burger king's account was actually hacked and they asked whether to shut down the page the latest company to fall victim to hackers in recent weeks. >> ainsley thank you so much. test time for a segment called "what the hill." if somebody is shooting at you
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what would you do. one law america says use a pen. >> congressman gifford's life was saved and so many others when folks do not defend themselves and protect themselves and they did it with ball point pens. >> talk about sending a mixed message. he touted his plan for creating jobs and job training in the state of the union address. the labor department suspended new roenlment for the job corps program. that's the largest job training program for low income young americans. it could effect 30,000 young adults. part of a new series what the hill. >> we are hearing from two men saying the attacks on our consulate in benghazi were in response to off the book counter-terrorism operation. >> that was run by john brennan. the cia director who authors of the book called benghazi written by former navy seal brandon webb
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and green paw ray jack murphy while they spoke with hannity about this last night. take a look here. >> the definitive report beyond the time line we are going through here you claim that there were incidents that the american public had never heard about where we attacked them and that we might have precipitated this that then puts a lot more clarity on maybe why it happened. also there is folks plan nation at that point why we didn't at least ray bide by the request byam ambassador stevens to get more security. >> i think one of the big takeaways from this is the state department didn't have visibility on these operations. they didn't have the wherewithal to be able to know the counter attack that this blow back from other operations was coming. they couldn't have known. however there was an escalation of terrorist attacks against american assets inside benghazi over the summer and that alone should have been enough to elevate their security.
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>> the state department really now prepared in benghazi. the request going up the chain of command. they weren't being responded to. the state department was in a very poor situation when it comes to security. >> the authors will be on fox and friends at 6:15. >> it is 18 minutes after the hour. coming up next on "the rundown"." are you worried about the tax man knocking on your door? a lot of us are. vera gibbons is here to tell you how to avoid an audit. >> he's 4 feet 4 tall and look at him dribble.
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>> good morning to you. it is 22 minutes after the hour. so much for resting. hillary clinton is now set to cash in on the lecture circuit after she stepped down as secretary of state. she is being represented by an agency that helps politicians get 6 figure fees for their speeches. nice money if you can get it. clinton is eyeing another run for president in 2016. the tea heart is planning a big outreach to latino voters. the tea party the nation's largest tea party political action committee is putting a buck for the country. they had their own latino outreach plan last week. marco rubio and texas senator ted cruz are both tea party
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candidates. >> thank you, heather. the past season internal revenue service is going after the big taxes. how do you avoid an audit. we are going to ask vera gibb s gibbons. >> you say number one do not cheat. >> do not cheat. >> that is a good rule to follow. >> 12 percent of fierls admit to cheating. very bad idea. you have to report all of your income. it gets confusing for freelancers and contractors missing 1099's tracking down these forms. get the forms report every penny. they are cross-checking their records verses yours. if anything doesn't add up if there is any discrepancy, red flag. >> when you are deducting thing a lot of people deduct more than they make. >> don't deduct more than you make. >> don't deduct more than you make. crazy bad idea all together taking your income and
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offsetting it against your losses taking these crazy charitable deductions that are not proportion gnat to your income. the key is to look exactly like other taxpayers in your income bracket. you don't want to have anything stand out that is different or unusual. >> that goes back to the number one point. >> don't cheat. >> you like that one. >> i like that one. it's a good rule to follow. >> number three, if you are self-employed you need to to look out. here's the thing statistics show individuals who are self-employed making between 100 and $200 are five times more likely to be audited than the average employee. merging business taking too many deductions as it rae lates to travel entertainment. schedule c you are taking massive losses there. that is bait for the irs. same thing home office deduction. you have to prove this is your primary place of business you use your home exclusively for a
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business. that raises a red flag. >> you have to measure the room. >> just because you have a computer set up in your living room doesn't mean you have a home office. >> mistakes happen. >> no doubt the isa are cash starved they need the money, but even though your chances of being audited are one percent higher for higher income individuals they are targeted these days. even so, math is a big problem here. people are just not doing the math correctly or taking the wrong exemptions or deductions. that comes back to haunt you. if you are doing your taxes alone as some of us still are these days double and triple check these days. >> this is why people prefer to do it electronically. >> the error late is less than 1 percent filing electronically. you are lowering the odds of
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getting ougaudited in the first place. >> can't believe it's tax time. >> don't cheat. >> there's your take away. >> 25 after the hour. coming up a florida college professor may learn how bad the economy really is after forcing the students to promise to vote for obama. plus mindy mccready's ex tells how her tragic death could have been avoided. after 1945 u.s. marines invade.
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>> welcome back to fox and friends first. it is now half past the hour a fox news abelert to bring you ts morning. live video of oscar piss tor pi ry. >> this is what i can tell you looking grim and solemn the judge charging oscar with a pre-meditated murder of his model girlfriend on valentine's day. he sobd uncontrollably in the courtroom as they describe yhow
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he killed reeva steenkamp. he attached his pros threatic leg before killing steenkamp. she was struck three times in the bathroom. this is video of reeva steenkamp's parents carrying her casket out. it was an emotional and private ceremony today. steenkamp's brother says his family will be remembering his sister for all of the goodness he stood for. >> there is a which ae are goin post the things we remember about my sister and try to continue with the things she tried to make better. >> two of his major sponsors oakley and nike distanced themselves from the runner.
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nike says it has no plans to use him in future ad campaigns. he could also lose his olympic medal. evidence during his trial showing he was taking steroids before or after the london games. they found the banned drugs in the search of his home. >> we have the top five stories making news at this hour. an ex-boyfriend of mindy mccready thinks someone made a huge mistake in letting her out of rehab. ♪>> sorry we didn't have that video clip. billy mcknight says she lost custody of one of her sons early this month. despite that she was allowed to leave the court ordered rehab program days before she took her own life. >> can you image having your own house searched by a sheriff
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because you own an all the weapon? hard to believe but it is a proposal in a new bill introduced in washington state. begun rights advocates are outraged with the idea police going door to door to check on the gun owners. supports didn't know that provision was in the bill and they want to now revive it. >> force your students to sign pledges they vote for president obama last november. now the president of brevard community college says this professor should be fired. after the incident she was put on leave. school officials determined she violated the code of conduct. the board of trustee also decide whether she stays or goes. >> more drama by the gitmo lawyers. they claim they are being spied on and are unable to represent their clients. no eavesdropping has taken place
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so far. the defense lawyers are also complaining that courtroom microphones are too sensitive and can pick up things by their client. >> meet julienne newman he is the 5th trade prodigy that he makes up in talent where he lax in size. >> taking on players twice his size. he has more than 12 million views on tube. what a talent. that is your 5@5:30. >> paying at the pump. gasoline is urging by 55 percent. the average cost per gallon of regular unleaded 3.75 cents. that is up 17 krens ras week and up $0.45 since mid january. >> rising gas prices are hitting hard. you take a look at the prices over the course of the last
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month going from 3.30 a gallon to north of 3.70 a gallon. that's well over $0.40 a gallon in just over 30-days. in some parts of the country a gallon of premium gas will go for well over $5 a gallon. the timing isn't necessarily the pride it has to start the annual ritual of switching over the government mandated summer blends. this year it is one factor among many. >> number one we have the unrest in the middle east whether it's egypt or iran. number two we are still feeling some of the after effects of hurricane sandy. the east coast hasn't caught up with inventory and that has been a problem. >> the energy debate in washington is focused on supply. we saw more protests over the weekend over building the keystone oil pipeline in canada. environmentalists are concerned about possible fills. canada is quick to find out the u.s. oil has to come from
5:36 am
somewhere. >> people protesting to get more attention in the media than the 65 percent of americans that prefer to get their oil from canada rather than venezuela or the middle east. >> now some people will look at this and say this happens every year. they are right. you have to look at the specific numbers. you compare what's happening this year to last and you see a key difference. this year's numbers in green the price rise has been deeper and ultimately hire. it acts as a tax slowing down the economy. >> before you leave the house this morning let's get the first degree weather update with maria molina. >> some parts of the country could get freezing temperatures. others are warm. >> we have a roerl coaster going on with the country. heyed of each one you will see a slight rise in temperatures.
5:37 am
north central in particular. blizzard conditions temperatures in the 30s. temperatures are colder in sij digits. that's what your windchill is. take a look at these windchill temperatures. 35 below zero. 25 degrees below zero at international falls. high temperatures in minneapolis only four degrees. that's as warm as it will get today. dangerously cold across portions of the country. out west we have to pay close attention to the weather center. it will be dumping a lot of snow across portions of california easily over a foot of it. otherwise blizzard conditions across portions of the
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northeast. you will be getting some of the showers later on this afternoon but we will be looking at a wintery mix especially during the morning hour and temperatures are holding up for this to happen. we have a number of advisories from pennsylvania into western sections of north carolina and some spots will be seeing more snow. there is a winter storm warning where they could get 10 inches of snow. >> it is type to entertain this. on twitter fergie and me and baby makes three. it's their first child together. >> the x factor won't be keeping up with chloe cardian any more. co host mario lopez has been asked to return to the singing show but cardian has not. ex person spokesperson says a
5:39 am
decision has not yet been made. this comes after the departure of reed and brittany spears. a picture on the left taken in november 2011 actually. he is documenting all of the progress on twitter. >> time now for a look at the starting lineup. >> fox defensive end bauers caught carrying an illegal gun at liguardia airport. he told the ticket agent about the gun. but he didn't even have a license for that gun in the first place. bauer faces up to 3 and a half years behind bars. mike montgomery reprimanded for shunning star guard allen crab during the game. we won't know the exact punishment but he won't be suspended. >> danica patrick the talk of
5:40 am
the town after winning the pole in the daytona qualifier. international speedway to find out if she can beat her boyfriend and fellow racer ricky stein house on the track. >> he is clearly a talented driver winning the last two nationwide championships. i definitely think it is possible for sure. >> rookie of the year up against danica patrick your girlfriend. how is that going? >> good. i told her whoever wins -- >> heather chilleders in daytona teams up with the sprint unlimited second place finisher. >> we will be watching on sunday pulling for canadanica. >> coming up in a minute it sounds like something out of a spy novel a russian lawmaker
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found buried in a blofk cement. wait until you hear who is taking responsibility for that. >> they don't have enough money to deliver your mail, why is the postal service sending millions of dollars for the party. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome. but when i cook up some beef, ketchup, relish and cheese, cover it with crescent dough and pow! cheeseburger crescent casserole. double awesome. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin.
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>> what are making headlines over seas. >> politician's body was found encased in a barrel of cement. city councilman was kidnapped last week by three men. his body was then found on sunday. another politician is accused of ordering his murder over an $80 million debt. >> next to spain that's where chaos in madrid international air force as nigerian airline
5:45 am
workers went on strike to protest a plan to layoff 3800 employees. hundreds of flights have been canceled. >> baseball spring training has been in full swing in the state. tax dollars to build a new stadium for the tampa bay rays getting test full share of ge s jeers. >> clear water florida the first full week of spring training here in the west coast in florida. half a dozen teams come down here do their spring training on the west coast. the full-time team is in search of a new stadium. it is known as the worst if not the worst stadium in major league baseball. the government is considering using tax payer dollars to help fund a new stadium. talk to do tampa's mayor earlier
5:46 am
he told us tampa dollars could be part of this though he will drive a hard bargain. in this economy in this environment we don't have the wherewithal to do it. >> teams say you can revitalize an entire neighborhood. tax benefits say the stadium will pay for itself. >> a utility crew hit by a van.
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fox and friends kicks off 12 minutes from right now right here on channel for news.
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>> 10 minutes to the top of the hour. this is one plan that should have been return to sender. losing billions of dollars but it's still planning to spend $2 million on a lavish conference in san francisco. the four-day event started off with a golf outing. there's also a dance party and dinner gala. the postal service defending the decision to continue on with the conference. coffee during pregnancy could harm your baby. a new study looking at 60,000 pregnancies over a 10 year period in norway finding expectant moms who drank more than 2 cups of coffee are increasing their chances of having an under weight baby and having a longer lasting labor. something we do not want. >> nobody wants a long labor that is for sure. >> speaking of labor what comes next? children. childhood obesity has more than doubled over the past 30 years. if your kids only want to eat pizza and mac and cheese like my
5:52 am
kids how do you get them to eat healthier food. he created a blog called mom dishes it out is here to help navigate family issues they have with selecting groceries. thank you for coming in. you want to talk about substitution. we walk through the grocery store aisles and we see all of these nice packaged things. you say they are bad for you. do more at home yourselves. >> you want to be the gatekeeper of your child's nutrition you want to make their lunches for school you want to try to have family meals at night so you role model healthy eating. even if kids aren't up to this you can at least show them. >> let's talk about good substitutions just made this yesterday with my kids. chocolate chip cookies there's something as whole wheat chocolate chip cookies? >> you can buy refined at the store or make a whole wheat oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookie at home it's high in
5:53 am
fiber high in nutrition and you are getting the extra antioxidants from the dark chocolate. >> chicken nuggets you can do it yourself. how much time does this take? >> you quickly bread the chicken nuggets buy regular chicken cut lets and use whole wheat bread crumbs. it's not really going to take you longer. >> it is that much health yir? >> when you buy a regular chicken nugget you don't know what you are getting. >> hot dog turkey dogs verses regular. >> you can betget a beef hot do. a lot of thyme you don't know what's inside of them. or you can buy a chick et hot dog that is 100 percent chicken and serve it on a whole grain bun. >> is chicken better than a turkey dog? >> it depends. factor in the fat with chicken or turkeyment.
5:54 am
>> you say make spin match pizza. >> my kids love this. you can buy it in the store. instead of adding pepperoni you add spinach. >> they will eat it? >> they will. >> we are going to try that one. >> macaroni and cheese another spap tell. what can you do to make it healthier? >> switch to a whole grain noodle real cheese. >> 100 percent whole wheat or sprouted weight and use real cheese instead of powder cheese or cheese products. this isn't real cheese. >> not velvetta or craft singles a real cheddar cheese? >> exactly. >> you are going to come to my house and feed my kids we will try it. >> the name of the web site? >> mom dishes it out. >> it is now 6 minutes after -- before the hour. coming up on "the rundown" who can say no to a face like this? this horrible place this puppy
5:55 am
was found and we will tell you where he was rescued. >> we told you earlier about gas prices and how they have risen for 32 days straight. we want to know if you are struggling at the pump. we will read your e-mails next. [ manager 1 ] out here in the winds, i have to know the weather patterns. i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect. so i can get three times the coverage. [ manager 2 ] it's like working in a giant sandbox. with all these huge toys. and with the fastest push-to-talk... i can keep track of them all. [ male announcer ] upgrade to the new "done" with access to the fastest push-to-talk and three times the coverage. now when you buy one kyocera duraxt rugged phone for $69.99, you'll get four free. other offers available. visit a sprint store, or call 855-878-4biz.
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two minutes to the top the hour 5th as we take a look at the good, bad and ugly. first, the good. >> save me i guess in dog talk. >> and indiana trash collector saved that puppy. he heard it crying inside a plastic bag and took it to the vet and the puppy is doing aok. a man arrested in three times in one week for a d.u.i.. first two arrests have been just
5:59 am
hours within one another. he has been arrested six times for driving under the influence since 2007. >> and the ugly, missouri utility worker mowed down by her van. two people working on a water main when a van comes at them and fortunately the person that was hit is expected to be okay. >> time on the question of the day and we asked you about gas prices. >> earlier in the day we were asking if you are struggling when you go to the pump because of the soaring gasoline prices. here are some of the responses. >> john emailed us, hurting me not so much but a choice of gas or health insurance. >> remember that, putting pennies in. brad, bicycle sounds great right now. >> and kuarn send us an email and when gas prices continue to rise we are constantly to look for


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