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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 25, 2013 6:00am-9:00am EST

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they looked beautiful. elegant, classy looks we li for a change. michael tammero, great having you. thanks for the update on the carpet. get some sleep. >> lots of fun. "fox & friends" starts now. we hope you have a great day. goodbye. >>gretchen: we will. good morning everybody. it is monday, february 25 now. i'm gretchen carlson. >> he was snubbed for best director, a nod for that but did the academy make it up for ben affleck with a gift for the first lady. watch this. >> and the oscar goes to? "argo." >>gretchen: argo's big win. jennifer lawrence's big miss. oopsy daisy. straight ahead. >>brian: car number 48 doubles down.
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>> for the second time the daytona 500 goes to jimmy johnson, five-time champion >> i claim him as my cousin. plus new video from that terrific crash just one day before. >> from a man who loves that car. democrats and republican governors saying the same thing, cuts to that stair doesn't have to happen. the countdown to sequestration. that is what this is about. "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: good morning. hope you had a great weekend. we had some legal segments but we might need help with
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regard to the oscars. what was the lawyer's opinion of the oscars last night? >> it was great. loved it. i stayed up until about 11:00. >>gretchen: there was knowingly -- there was nothing litigious about jennifer lawrence's fall. >>brian: that show went on so long. the best picture of the year, it goes to "argo." i thought everybody that made the movie was actually on stage at the time. >>gretchen: everyone thought this was going to happen. daniel day-lewis for "lincoln." jennifer lawrence best actress for "silver linings playbook." >>brian: ann hathaway. >>gretchen: another big surprise at the end for viewers was the first lady, michelle obama, gave out the best picture award.
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watch this. >> it's hard but you can't hold grudges. it's hard but you can't hold grudges. and it doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life because that's going to happen. all that matters is that you got to get up. >>gretchen: that was the best line of the night. we were supposed to hear from the first lady there. she actually was the surprise guest to announce "argo." as a winner. that line should be playing across the schools for all kids today what ben affleck just said. >>brian: he came out, he won. one of the other producers spoke first. george clooney didn't say anything. what was interesting is jack ni coleson walks out. i thought this is going to be clint eastwood-esque. then he gives it to the first lady of the united states who ends up naming the winner. >> ben affleck was referring to the fact that he was not nominated for
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best director's award. >>gretchen: he was not nominated at all. it was interesting to remember he started with "good will hunting." i had forgotten that history 15 years ago. the point i made was the message that when you get knocked down, you get back up. >>brian: i also think ben affleck, they said, was struggling because he did armageddon, a few other movies that didn't do too well. he was able to get back in a good movie. there were so many things country from the headlines, zero dark thirty, obviously bin laden. then you had "lincoln." jennifer lawrence was awesome in silver linings. she did get it. 22 years old. best female actress. when she walked up, i don't know how you ladies do it, when it comes to these big nights, you get the wider
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dresses, almost impossible to walk. >> nomination for jennifer lawrence. previously nominated for winter's beau. >> thank you. you guys are standing up because you feel bad that i fell and that's really embarrassing. but thank you. >>gretchen: looks like her dress is about ready to fall off. it's down here. should she have worn a dress that had this humongous train on it knowing she was kind of the favorite to be the one walking on the stage. i don't think you get to go through a practice run walking up those stairs. >> sometimes they'll have a fellow to stand and help a young lady like that. >>brian: i think there was an important message for people who think they're going to win. pant suits.
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>> what happened at the sag awards? did you have a problem at the sag awards in terms of the dress. >>gretchen: wait till you see what happens. >> all right. >>gretchen: we don't have it. when she walked up, her dress, it cut right here, peter. there was like a little slit right here. >>brian: she's okay. >>gretchen: i think it was the same designer for both of them. what did you think of the host seth mcfar land. here's a clip from the opening act that as brian said went on and on and on and on. >> as we honor all the best for the telecast design to put your patience to test. "argo" tells the previously classified story about an american hostage rescue in post revolutionary iran. the story was so top secret that the film's director is unknown to the academy. [laughter] >> django unchained. [applause] >> this is the story of a man fighting to get back his woman who has been
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subjected to unthinkable violence. or as chris brown and rihanna call it, a date movie. ♪ but he's got ♪ high hopes ♪ he's got ♪ high hopes >> tonight's ceremony is being watched by close to a billion people worldwide which is why jodie foster will be up here in a bit to ask for her privacy. captain kirk, what are you doing here? >> i'm here to stop you from doing what you're about to do. the show's a disaster. this is a newspaper headline from tomorrow morning. [laughter] ♪ i will feel ♪ aglow ♪ just thinking of you ♪ and the way ♪ you look tonight >>gretchen: the best part of the night for me was who knew seth mcfarlane had that voice? i liked to listen to him
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sing all night. >>brian: he's been nominated for grammys. >>gretchen: amazing voice. the digs below the belt, i was laughing out loud. there was one little skit where they were doing alcohol and some drugs. >>brian: i watched towards the end. they sang a tribute to the losers which was an interesting way to close the show. >>gretchen: you stayed up for the whole thing? that means you're going to be fantastic today. >>brian: at eight minutes at the hour we have news to get to that. >>gretchen: a newly released security photo show reba's photo hours before she was killed. it turns out to be fatal for her. a friend says reeva was not supposed to stay overnight there. she was too tired and ended up texting her friends and
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said she was too tired. she was going to stay there. there are reports the bombshell model was not only shot in the head. authorities told her family that her skull was backed in with that cricket bat found with blood on it. the story is maintained that he mistook her for a burglar. >> cardinals on the way to see pope benedict the 16th. sunday he gave his final blessing to a massive crowd. he'll make a final appearance wednesday and officially step down thursday. then the cardinal will decide when to pick the next pope. >> i don't think it will be seen as a very good thing if the pope who is supposed to be reminding them of their responsibilities to build peace. >>gretchen: the vatican plans to have the new pope
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in place by holy week. hamid karzai kicking troops out of a crucial region. he ordered special forces to leave the province outside kabul in two weeks over abuse claims. afghan security officials claim afghan troops are harassing, torturing and killing innocent people in villages. karzai demands the u.s. hands over individuals involved. the u.s. is investigating the claims. >> jimmy johnson does it again at daytona. >> the daytona 500 goes to jimmy johnson, five-time champion. >>gretchen: johnson starting the season with his second win at daytona, the tenth driver to do that. danica patrick, the first woman to win, finished eighth. saturday's crash still on everyone's mind. new video shows the chaos after debris when a 70-ton tire lands in the sand.
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seven still hospitalized this morning. nasa plans a thorough study of the crash. those are your headlines. >>brian: those nets did save a few lives. in a few hours president obama will be talking about the looming sequester. it comes as both sides appear to be far apart on a deal that stops the cuts from taking effect this friday. is it armageddon or business as usual? >> this is all manufactured. it appears to be business as usual in washington. people wondering what is going on here in the nation's capital. we are four days away from automatic spending cuts going into effect through the government manufactured sequestration. those cuts are expected to be drastic and will likely have an impact on virtually every state in the country. so president obama meeting with governors at the white house, quite interesting. the president commended the governors for steering their states through some of the nation's toughest economic times. he asked for the governors to partner with him in a team effort to put the country on a pathway to
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revitalizing the economy. >> the path before us is to find smart, commonsense solutions to each of these challenges that we can move forward on. and i'm looking for good partners. because while nobody in this room sees eye to eye on everything, we know that when we work together, democrats and republicans, north, south, east and west, we can accomplish so much more than we recall on our own. >> while the president has taken time to meet with governors, he has failed to meet with key leaders of congress. many governors are concerned about the impact the sequester will have on their state's economies. >> don't put 50% of the cuts on defense, our men and women in uniform while we're fighting a war in afghanistan. find another way to do it and get it done now. >> that is governor bob mcdonnell. various cabinet members of the obama administration are sounding the alarm of
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what the cuts would actually do. transportation secretary ray la hood, for example, says the sequester will affect air travel because air traffic controllers would have to be furloughed. and education secretary arrest knee duncan says -- arne duncan says 40 thousand teachers could lose their job. the bottom line a lot of people are wondering why the president and members of congress from both sides have not come together to actually honor this out and avert this crisis. >>gretchen: the days, we're counting them down. >>brian: up, up and away, gas prices soaring to record levels. is there anything the president can do to stop the surge? stuart varney will be walking soon. but he won't. ever wonder what your kids do when they're supposed to be napping? take a look at this. busted big time. one of the funniest things you're going to see all you're going to see all day.
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>>gretchen: welcome back. 17 minutes after the top of the hour. american families are getting hit hard by the rising gas prices. today a gallon of gas will set you back an average of $3.78 a gallon. that's almost $2 higher than the first day that president obama took office. >> drivers are spending more of their income on gas. about $900 more. is there anything the president can or will do to stop this? stuart varney is here. good morning, stuart. tell us. >> i've got three suggestions which would jump-start the economy, create jobs and also probably get the price of gasoline down. number one, you put pressure on the states to eliminate the 100 different blends we currently use for gasoline. the president should put that pressure on. so far he has not. second, build the pipeline.
6:18 am
that would create instant jobs; 20 thousand by some estimates, at no cost to the taxpayer. and it would boost the economy. third, quit the delays on fracking. we are the saudi arabia of natural gas. let us go get it. create jobs and lower the price of natural gas and energy in america. do those three things: you skwrufrpb -- jump-start the economy, help with jobs and maybe help the price of gas to stabilize. >>gretchen: the likely of president obama doing? zero; right? what they have been talking about more is the strategic reserve, they might go into that. that's usually only for emergency purposes. >> it should only be used for emergencies. real trouble in the middle east and supplies from there are cut off, you need our emergency supply. the obama administration frequently suggests maybe because gas prices are so high, maybe we'll release some oil into the economy. but it's not worked in the sense that gas prices keep on going up.
6:19 am
you yourself have established that expression, the new normal. and you're right. we go from one peak, dip that down a bit. there's the new normal. then we can up to another pa*ebg, we come back -- another peak, we come back to a new normal. >>gretchen: they said gas has gone up 20 cents per gallon in the last couple of weeks. that's got to affect people and their spending power when you're paying double the amount for gas and then you have the social security tax back in action. >> gas prices are up almost 50 cents a gallon this calendar year. each opinion ni rise takes about -- each penny rise takes about $1.2 billion out of the general economy per year. then you throw in social security tax increases. that takes another minimum $100 billion out of the economy. plus taxes on the rich; more money out of the economy. you've got an economy which is stalled.
6:20 am
and with an unemployment rate that in two weeks time may show it's gone up to 8%. that's how bad it is. >>brian: stuart varney at 9:20 today. good to see you again on a bright monday. >> bright and early. >>gretchen: the president wants you to believe it's not possible, cutting taxes and spending and balancing the budget. but did you know that president calvin coolidge did it? >> i want the people of america to be able to work less for the government and more for themselves. >>gretchen: up next, the lessons that president obama might learn. >>brian: then no nap for this kid. when toddlers do when you think they're sleeping. we've seen this before. we've seen this before. now it's captured. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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>>brian: 24 after the hour. back in 1924 president calvin coolidge stood on the white house grounds delivering the following message: >> i want the people of america to be able to work less for the government and more for themselves. i want them to have the rewards of their own industry. this is the chief meaning of freedom. until we can reestablish a condition under which the earnings of the people can be kept by the people, we are bound to suffer a very severe and distinct curtailment of our liberty. >>brian: put it in color and put a teleprompter, we might want to get that message today. president calvin coolidge left office with a federal
6:25 am
deficit smaller than when he began presidency. he also balanced the budget. who lessons can we learn from him? we have the author of "coolidge." this book is fantastic, insightful and a learning tool for today. first off, how did you discover what he did during his term and how it would apply to today's policies? >> things went pretty well in the 1920's most of the time. i was asking how did they do that? how did they get low unemployment? how did they get a balanced budget, cut the debt? how did they cut taxes to 25% as their top marginal rate. i went back and found the man. >>brian: you found out too as the money was pouring in, he lowered taxes. he was concerned the money would come in and we would spend it and government would get too big. >> that's right. when they lowered rates, they got more money. this is the story of a person, so he wasn't sure that if you lower rates you
6:26 am
get more money, but over time he saw the experiment worked. that's old time supply-side-ism. >>brian: his whole life you say he was like this. he worried about the dollar, worried about the budgets. he was always concerned. on a daily bases he met with his o.m.b. regularly. >> in this book we measured what is an accountant chief executive? an accounting spirit, that was coolidge. some of that was intense work with budget staffers to cut with a pencil in the morning, to be prepared to fend off the cabinet to do all the vetoes that coolidge did. and coolidge vetoed 50 laws. >>brian: and he also pioneered the pocket veto; right? different ways to stop spending. he said i'd rather veto a bad bill than pass a good one. >> was also silent and
6:27 am
minimalist in his choice of legislative and school tool. he used -- legislative and executive tool. he used a pocket veto which kills the bill. >>brian: what do you say to people who say wait a second, if his policy set us up for the depression coming around the bend. is there anything that coolidge did that prevented herbert hoover from having a successful administration? >> not much. it's hard to blame him. we look at the growth of the 20's. it's not gatsby champagne bubbles. it's real growth, real jobs. it was a series of policies. that is what my next book is about, the policy errors by people after coolidge mostly who made the depression great, particularly hoover and roosevelt. >>brian: and it was ronald reagan that saw calvin coolidge because he put his picture back in a prominent place in the white house. the name of the book is "coolidge."
6:28 am
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>> it makes me want to drive an astin martin down a glacier. that's just adele. excellent. barbra streisand. one of the great movies of all time. >>brian: there was a big tribute to james bond the whole show. >>gretchen: that of course was sky fall.
6:33 am
did that win too, the song? >>brian: it did. >>gretchen: i think it did. something that didn't win was mute have i "zero dark thirty." i thought it was an amazing movie. almost three hours long, you are in suspense during the entire thing. did it get sort of snubbed because it had a political message of sorts? as for jessica chastain, i thought she should have been the best actress. she depicted a c.i.a. covert agent who dedicated her life to finding osama bin laden. it was an absolute incredible performance. >>brian: what do you think, peter? >>peter: the americans win in "zero dark thirty." it came under political cloud based on how did it happen. was it enhanced interrogation? was it water boarding? what led to it? it came under attack by both parties in terms of of leaks from the obama white
6:34 am
house potentially and the use of this enhanced interrogation. and it fell victim to it. it was a great movie, though. >>brian: it was. i think the whole world is getting it. they all watched it last night and they understand what was happening. but i also thought it was good that jessica chastain doesn't seem to be running from the fact that the doctor in the movie is still in jail in real life. that doctor that provided the d.n.a. samples and confirmed it was bin laden and bin laden was inside, he is jailed right now. he's got a huge prison sentence. according to his family is being tortured. and i think jessica chastain is saying throwing her support behind that movement will help. >>peter: we talked about the doctor on this show and said where is the united states in seeking his release? >>gretchen: one of the other caveats is why does the united states continue to give millions and millions of dollars to pakistan when it jailed this particular person. you would think there would
6:35 am
be some sort of exchange there. in the meantime, let us know what you thought about that. did that movie get snubbed because of politics? extreme weather in the central plains. the area getting hit by another blizzard while many are still recovering from last week's record-breaking snowstorm. the snow moving from colorado expected to drop another foot of snow in areas stretching from texas to kansas. >>brian: a big concern, the road conditions. maria molina is tracking this storm. she has the latest. >> we're talking about yet again another blizzard impacting many areas as our record snow last week, now we could see over a foot of snow in some areas, up to 18 inches in some sections of oklahoma and the texas panhandle. that snow already coming down early this morning across the texas panhandle. very strong winds over 30 miles an hour. that area of low pressure centered over portions of texas and into oklahoma throughout the day. blizzard warnings in effect out here because of the
6:36 am
combination of snow and wind will produce blizzard conditions. whiteout conditions very dangerous day to be on the road. storms stretches from eastern colorado to oklahoma. chicago you are under a winter storm watch. by tuesday you could be seeing over six inches of snow, the most significant snowfall you've seen so far this season. on the southern side of the storm, we have thunderstorms fired up, texas, actually florida panhandle, georgia, alabama, mississippi, heavy rain associated with these storms. flooding is a concern aside from isolated tornadoes, damaging wind gusts and large hail. rough day out across sections of the gulf coast. otherwise temperatures very warm across sections of the southeast. right now in new york city, 34 degrees. a chilly morning here. >>gretchen: maria, thanks for that update. u.s. state department stepping in to help find a california couple missing in peru.
6:37 am
jamie kneel and her boyfriend were on a bike trek through south america. they were reportedly last seen on january 26 getting on a bus in peru. neil's co-workers set up a reward fund for information about the couple's whereabouts. >> upsetting. you know, i'm worried about both of them. my greatest hope is they return on schedule unharmed. >> a security message was posted warning american tourists about kidnapping threats near that town. local police are searching for clues about the couple. >>brian: dramatic security video of new york city fire fighters taking down a suspect who attacked his wife with a meat cleaver. the fire fighters heard the couple screaming at each other and saw the man dragging his wife down the street. they ran to help the woman. as the man pulled out the cleaver and started hitting his wife, it took three fire fighters to tackle him to the ground.
6:38 am
other fire fighters went to help the terrified victim. >> she had a deep cut on the back of her head and wound throughout her abdomen and torso. >> we run across all kinds of stuff in our career. first reaction is what can we do to help. >> the woman is in critical condition expected to be okay. the husband arrested. >> incredibly close call in the ukraine caught on tape. that massive tree comes trashing down narrowly missing a woman walking across the parking lot. she stops, listens to the tree probably in shock before walking away unharmed. look at that. >>gretchen: look at this piece of video. no nap for this kid. apparently two-year-old dude wasn't in the mood. instead he's caught on dad's baby monitor face planting over and over again. dad wanted to see what really happens when jude is
6:39 am
trying to sleep. now he knows. maybe he could host the oscars next year. >>peter: i think we've all walked on things like that. i have in my house. >>gretchen: brian, let's get some sports. >>brian: yesterday a big day for racing. you couldn't start the season better for jimmy johnson winning his second daytona 500. also remembering the 28 hurt fans in saturday's crash. listen. >> we wanted to get to the start of the 500. we knew it was the best car for us. very happy to have it in the 500. certainly did its job for us. want to give a big shout out to all the fans and also want to send my thoughts and prayers out to everybody in that grandstand. >>brian: danica patrick finished 8th, best ever for a woman. fox sports reporter attempts to make a pass on live television. watch this. make sense of it.
6:40 am
>> 50 cent here, i've got to go talk to danica patrick. good to see you. what are you doing here? >> enjoying myself. enjoying all the festivities. >> can you guys believe this? >>brian: he follows her all the way in. he's like okay, i've got nothing to do. i heard erin andrews is here. there you go. okay. never got danica patrick either but a lot of 50 cent. could it be tiger woods and his ex-wife playing nice taking their kids for an outing. the couple's marriage melted down in 2009. according to neighbors, they have been trying to -- they have been together before of late maybe trying to get it to work. that would be great for their family. coming up on kilmeade and friends, michael phelps in studio. bret baier doesn't. he plays golf. ed henry and diana madison,
6:41 am
a hollywood expert, you can listen on kilmeade and friends from 9 to noon on the east coast and on the west coast from 6 to 9. we'll see you then. >>peter: how about hawaii? >>gretchen: just days away from big cuts to our nation's military. our next guest, a veteran on the war in afghanistan wants to know where the president is on all of this. >>peter: is a bartender fired for alerting police to a drunk driver? her boss says it's bad for business. can they really do that to her? we'll let you know.
6:42 am
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>>brian: did banks know all along what bernie madoff was up to? the man behind the multibillion-dollar ponzi scheme says yes they did. madoff wrote to investors from prison urging them to go get the big banks claiming they turned a blind eye to him. >> in an unrelated story, honey boo-boo overseas? in the next few months the child reality star -- kabul she's a star -- landed her own spinoff, "here comes honey boo-boo" will be viewed in australia, the netherlands, italy and latin america. tlc admits it is a difficult show to subtitle overseas. >>gretchen: with time running out for a deal on federal spending cuts, president obama is issuing a warning about the potentially devastating impact of the looming sequester on our nation's military. but wasn't the sequester the president's idea? joining me to weigh in is
6:46 am
the c.e.o. of concerned veterans for america. good morning to you. there are so many interesting twists and turns in this story. the president not admitting that this was originally his idea, but he did say back during one of the debates before the november election that he was going to do something about it. now we're six months fast forward, the deadline approaching. what should he do? >> he says it wasn't going to happen. 18 months ago it was his idea to implement the sequester. it wasn't because he wanted to cut the budget. because he thought republicans would find it unacceptable. he didn't engage in this sound on the alarm until 18 days before tpwas -- it was about to take effect. he understands how bad this would be not because of the size. it's the nature of the cuts, the indiscriminate nature because they have been delayed, because of posturing by the president and his failure to lead. according to defense department we're going to see a 17.5% cut in ways that are going to undermine our readiness in direct
6:47 am
ways secretaries have talked about. it should be laid at the doorstep of this president. >>gretchen: it's interesting because republicans were really against this in the fall. we did a lot of interviews about how they were saying exactly what you're saying now. don't let these cuts to the military go through. now it looks like republicans are going to sit back because they're saying this is only 2.5% of the budget. if we're going to get cuts, this is the only opportunity to get them with this president. what message do you have to them today? >> my message to them is i agree with you that we've got a spending problem, that we've got a debt and deficit problem that need to be addressed. and we've got to look at cutting spending where we can. we all agree that reforming entitlements is the way to do it. but i also say defense cuts the way they're done are not good for our defense and we can replace them with more strategic targeted defense cuts.
6:48 am
there have been republicans who have taken out of what was supposed to come out of the defense department on sequester and taken them to other places in the pentagon where fat could be cut. stand up and be counted. put solutions on the table and we can cut spending and preserve defense capability. >>gretchen: there were governors on the talk shows yesterday, bipartisan support for what you're saying from governor o'malley and virginia's governor mcdonnell. let me ask you what you think the world reaction is to watching the united states, the biggest superpower in the world, talking so drastically about cuts to the pentagon and the military? >> the world sees yet another signal that america already has and will have to pull back from its obligations. enemies see weakness. allies see the potential for jumping back and forth on obligations to allies.
6:49 am
i think they see equivocation, weakness and they wonder where america is going to be in its role in the world. that foments more violence which makes defense more necessary. >>gretchen: let's see what happens. deadline coming up this friday. coming up, he fought the president on unions and won. now governor walker from wisconsin will meet with obama today to stop these massive cuts. what will he say to the president? the wisconsin governor top of the hour. then a bartender fired for pointing out a drunk driver? driver? can they really do that? my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked
6:50 am
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6:53 am
>>peter: a bartender in ohio fired for alerting police a drunk patron was getting behind the wheel after serving him a drink. >> i called the police. i said we have a very drunk person leaving the bar. he is going to kill someone. i stand by what i did. and i will do it again. >>peter: although the ohio department of public safety says there is no law requiring a bartender to report a drunk driver, bartenders are prohibited from serving an intoxicated person and could be held liable for any injury themselves. so was the bartender fired for doing the right thing? let's ask our legal panel. good morning. hi. >> good morning. >> what do you say? properly fired? not properly fired?
6:54 am
snitch? patriot? what's the story? >> this was not a good move on the bar owner's part. this bartender was doing the responsible thing. there is no law that said she had to alert the police but there are laws in all but seven or eight states which will put liability on the bar owner and sometimes the bartender's part if the drunk person leaves the bar and hurts or kills somebody. she was being very, very responsible. this guy was a .16. in legal terms that's stinkin' drunk. she could tell by his behavior this was not going to go well for anybody else on the road. she did the right thing. >> monica, what do you say? wrong thing? right thing? should be fired? not? >> i think she should be fired. though it may seem the bar is retaliating against her. in reality she violated the laws by continuing to serve the patron alcohol. when she came into the bar, she said he was already visibly intoxicated. i think the word she used was he was hammered.
6:55 am
the law states that a person who visibly appears to be intoxicated or is a minor in an establishment may not serve them alcohol. and that is what she did. so i think that the bar had all the right -- >> the fact is that she was not fired for violating the dramshat law. she was fired for another reason? >> she was fired for alerting the police. she said she tried to slow him down. she wasn't the one who got him to the .16 so to speak. he came into her bar on the tail end of this. she got fired because she alerted the police. most people don't realize alerting the police alone is not going to get you pulled over for d.w.i. the cops have to observe you violating some other vehicle and traffic law before they can pull you over. otherwise they don't have probable cause. peter, i could call the police and say you're going to be leaving the studio drunk. i could be lying through my teeth. they have to observe some other situation.
6:56 am
>>peter: monica, wrap it up. closing statement. >> ohio is an employment at will statement meaning she could be fired for any reason that is not contrary to law and she was not required by law to actually call the police and notify there was a drunk driver. so the employer has all the right to fire her. >>peter: monica and jonna, superb lawyers and superb communicators, let's do it again. good to see you both. apparently anti-gun groups don't have enough support, so they're paying people to switch sides? really? and then from washington's budget to the oscar winners to the losers. donald trump has a lot to say this morning, and he joins us top of the hour. but first here's nora jones at last night's awards. [music]
6:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is monday, february 25, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're gonna have a great day. forget getting snubbed in the best director's category. the academy made amends with ben affleck by giving him a gift from the first lady. >> and the oscar goes to "argo." congratulations. >> gretchen: "argo" the big winner. jennifer lawrence's slipup. and donald trump will comment on it moments away. >> brian: he was tweeting all night last night. the sequestration is deadline is days away. governors across the country meet with the president today to say knock it off. come up with a deal. one of those governors, governor scott walker. guess what?
7:01 am
he's coming on our show. >> peter: and then brand-new video showing the horrific crash at the daytona 500 and despite the disaster, a new winner is crowned. "fox & friends" starts right now >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. hope you had a fantastic weekend. steve doocy taking the day off and peter johnson, jr. is here. >> peter: good morning. >> brian: i can't wait. it's been a few weeks since i've been on the donald trump segment. i've been traveling, between the super bowl and everything and i missed last monday of the i'll be nervous. >> gretchen: so you keep up when he tweets 'cause he was doing a lot of that last night. >> brian: like six last night during the oscars. >> gretchen: and really unusual for him, he said what he thought. >> brian: i know. >> gretchen: we'll talk to him in just a moment. the u.s. state department is helping in the search for a california couple miss not guilty peru.
7:02 am
they were on a bike trek through south america. they were reportedly last seen way back on january 26 getting a bus in peru. his co-workers set up a reward for any information about the couple's whereabouts. >> upsetting. i'm worried about both of them. my greatest hope is that they return on schedule. >> gretchen: u.s. embassy in peru recently posted a security message warning american tourists about kidnapping threats near the area. local police are searching for clues about the couple. newly released security photos reveal reeva steenkamp's final hours. we see her driving into pistorius' apartment complex. a friend says she wasn't planning to stay the night. she got too tired to drive back to a friend's house. there are reports she was not only shot in the head, authorities have told her family that her skull was bashed in with a cricket bat that was
7:03 am
found with blood on it. pistorius has maintained he mistook her for a burglar. that's amazing. wouldn't that have been presented as evidence? >> brian: what the heck was that? two-hour dissertation. >> gretchen: weird. fox news alert now, the vatican announcing moments ago the pope has changed the conclave rules. cardinals can move up the date of a new vote on a new pope. this was expected. the pope announcing his resignation a few weeks ago. it's coming up on thursday. jimmie johnson does it again at daytona. >> the daytona 500 goes to jimmie johnson, five-time champion! >> gretchen: he's starting the season with his second win at daytona. the tenth driver to do that. danica patrick, the first woman to win pole for daytona finished eighth. that's the highest finish ever for a woman. hollywood's biggest night
7:04 am
belongs to "argo." >> and the oscar goes to "argo." congratulations. >> gretchen: in a surprise first lady michelle obama announcing "argo," that it would win best picture. it won two other oscars. ben affleck snubbed in the director category. still a winner as a producer. >> can't hold grudges. it's hard, but you can't hold grudges. it doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life 'cause that's going to happen. all that matters is that you got to get up. >> gretchen: great message. everyone is also talking about jennifer lawrence. she tripped, making her way up on the stage after winning best actress. but if there is a silver lining, get it, it's that she also got a standing ovation when she reached the podium. those are your headlines.
7:05 am
looked like she needed some suspenders for the dress. >> brian: we're not sure. four minutes after the hour. time to bring in donald trump, the author of "time to get tough" and we know the creator and host of the "celebrity apprentice" that starts a new season. welcome back. >> good morning. >> brian: first off, i know you watched the oscars 'cause i'm a member of twitter and you were tweeting all night. what did you think? >> i thought they were very average. i was not impressed. i thought some of the choices weren't very good. "django unchained" was probably one of the most racist movies i've ever seen. i thought it was terrible and a disgrace. when they talk about guns and gun control, that movie, people should watch that, you want to talk about something really with a problem. i thought it was terrible. and overall, i thought that the event was okay at best. i thought the set was social. you look at the set. talk about the word tacky. so i wasn't impressed with the set. and i was impressed by some people, but generally speak, very average
7:06 am
[ laughter ] i have to say that of everything this morning, i laughed out loud reading your tweets because i didn't get a chance to see them last night. you really kept it inside what you felt. >> i'm a very truthful person. i say it like it is. and i tell the truth. and you know, my twit service through the roof. maybe it's because of your show. maybe it's because you have your top 15 minutes of the week when i'm on. >> peter: what was your favorite movie this year? >> i was glad to see that "argo" got it because i really thought that ben affleck was shutrd aside. i thought that was terrible what they did with him. he should have been up for director. i was very happy to see -- i thought it was very good and i was very happy to see he got it. >> brian: here is the moment that you told us that you liked daniel day-lewis wins for "lincoln." i thought he was an entertaining speaker. >> i really don't know how any of this happened.
7:07 am
i do know that i received so much more than my fair share of good fortune in my life. i'm so grateful to the academy for this beautiful honor. >> brian: so you did not like him as inlincoln? >> no, i didn't. he had an accent that i could detect. i don't know if other people could detect it. i don't think lincoln had an english accent, to the best of my knowledge. i said that lincoln never sounded like that. i thought he played the role. i thought it was affected and i just don't think that lincoln behaved like that. he talked very, very slowly. i know lots of politicians and i know lots of successful people and they don't talk like that. they talk with rapidity, otherwise you'll never get anything done. the way he talked, you want to fall asleep. i knew he was gog win. i felt he was probably going to win because everybody is talk being what great actor, and he probably is, but i did not think he was good in "lincoln" at all. >> peter: you knew abe lincoln, he was no abe lincoln. >> i had a lot of criticism last
7:08 am
night. i said that is not the way abe lincoln spoke and people said, oh, were you there? how do you know? well, i know he didn't have a english accent, that's one thing. i know he was a much more dynamic president. when you watched the performance, he was always so slow -- that wasn't the way it happened. >> gretchen: i'm with you. i thought it was like a documentary. >> brian: i thought it was a pledge. there was so much lore to his life to that one amendment, i was surprised they -- >> peter: did you make it through the whole thing? >> i made it just about because i promised my folks, the followers, whatever you want to call, i said i would do it. so i made it, but i was so happy to say good night because it was boring. >> brian: let's talk about something that's going to mean something, much more substantial to you and your business. that is sequester. we have to cut 2.4% of our budget. you listen to republicans. it's no big deal. listen to democrats, the world will end. the planes will stop flying. what do you think? >> that's not going to happen.
7:09 am
2.4%, if you we want to a family and said cut 2.4%, they could do it instantly. 2.4% is not a lot. and i hate to say it, we have 17 trillion in debt. we have billion dollars deficits. we have trillion dollar deficits. we are going to have to get cutting very fast or this country is going to explode. we'll have a big problem. >> gretchen: i understand where you're coming from on that, but i think what americans are confused about and may have a problem with is that there seems to be a lot of flip flopping on this issue. republicans were really, really, really against this sequester for months and now suddenly they're for it and the same could be said for the other side. >> gretchen, we have no leadership whatsoever in washington. we don't have anybody saying come on, fellows, let's get together, and women, let's get together. let's make a deal. we got to get this country going again. our country is doing very poorly. you look at what's going on in india and china and brazil and these other countries, they're fighting to keep it down. they actually want to keep it
7:10 am
down. you saw what happened with china last week. they're doing so well that they're trying to pull it back. we're just the opposite. we need leadership. it's a very simple thing. >> brian: we know they're taking everything we have, copying it, they have felt no repercussions and there are things we could be doing. you also tweeted out that china and iran, they're helping china become a nuclear nation and we're not doing anything about it. >> look, china is not our friend. i've done lots of business with china. i've made a lot of money with them. they've been very nice to me in many ways. but i made a loft money with china. but they are not our friends. they don't respect us. they don't respect our leadership. they laugh at us. when you look at what's happening as an example, in north korea, they controlled north korea. we're always fighting with north korea. china, with one call, could settle the problem and settle the problem with north korea. they love taunting us. they're having a good time. they don't respect our leaders and they laugh at us. china, for the people to think it's wonderful what china is doing, it is, it's wonderful for
7:11 am
china. but it's not wonderful for us. >> brian: here is the question, we're slashing our military under the sequester. why won't the president stand up to china on all these issues, including cyber warfare? >> nobody really understands it. you look at what just happened with cyber warfare where they're attacking -- now they're attacking our military. how about the military they're building while we're cutting back? the one thing we shouldn't be cutting back and we should be strengthening our military because people are gunning for us. people are after us. whatever reason, they're not likings the united states and we're cutting back on our military? then you look at china and other nations going wild with their military. >> peter: is there goal to be number one, to beat us as the super power around the world? >> the problem is their leaders are much smarter than our leaders. we don't have smart leaders. they have brilliant leaders and their leaders are much smarter and they're playing us like a fiddle. by the way, they're getting rich on our back. they're making all our products. they're making everything. they're manipulating their
7:12 am
currency so it's impossible to do business even if you're in this country, it's hard to do business in this country. >> gretchen: what would you do, speaking of leaders? if you were president obama, what would you do about the sequestration deadline coming on friday? >> you probable -- i would personally do nothing. let it come and let it go. it's 2.4%. and you have to cut much more. but you can't cut where it counts, the military. you have to have a strong military in this country or we're not going to be a country very long. china is going to take over in 2016 if it continues to go like this, which it will, only probably get worse. china will take over as the world's great economic power. they're going to take over. 2016. that was unthinkable ten years ago. unthinkable. they will take over as the great engine of the world economically because we're stupid. >> brian: donald, you are so fired up today. you go at real donald trump and you'll find out exactly what he thinks 24 hours a day because he talks to the people, as well as running his business.
7:13 am
donald, thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> brian: we know "celebrity apprentice" will have a huge season. >> peter: great show. >> gretchen: coming up next, he fought the president on unions and won. now governor walker will meet with president obama today to try and stop some of these cuts. we'll have that next. >> peter: then the white rabbit chases down a teen girl inside the theme park. wait 'til you say she says he did to him. first, here is all that jazz from last night's oscars. ♪ and all that jazz ♪ i'm gonna use my knees and roll my jacket down ♪ ♪ and all that jazz ♪ just a noisy call 'cause it's nightly brawl ♪ ♪ and all that
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
>> for congress, the deadline has not been the case ever, not at all, at least in my lifetime.
7:17 am
take this friday, for example. if both parties can't agree on a new economic agreement, the u.s. budget will automatically get slashed and the president says this will not be pretty. watch. >> once these cuts take effect, thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for their kids. air traffic controllers and airport security will see cutbacks, causing delays across the country. >> brian: wow. wisconsin governor scott walker doesn't want to seat doomsday scenario come to pass. he's takes his case straight to the oval office and will meet today. what's your message to the president? i know you had a casual dinner last night. what's your message today? >> i think it's simple. the sequester is a bad idea. it's what the president said two years ago in 2011 when he proposed it when the congress went along with it and the theory was these cuts are so bad, that he and the congress would come up with a better set of cuts by now and my response is simple. i think their right. i think they should find alternative and do their job. but why not empower the
7:18 am
president and his administration? give them the authority within their budgets to make those changes so they don't have to do some of the things they're talking about. but still they have to make the cuts because we have to get back to a balanced budget. >> brian: right. it was the doomsday scenario the president said would not happen, that wasn't his idea. turns out bob woodward checked his notes and it was exactly his idea. what does your gut tell you? do we really not have enough money to get an extra aircraft carrier to the persian gulf? all flights will be delayed? is there a scare tactic there for americans? >> there is no doubt about it. that's why i said call the bluff, give them the authority to do it. we have to do this all the time. we have to make those tough choices and we find a better way than the scare tact ticks. for years, i heard not just in stayed, but local government. if you don't give us all this money, at the local level, fire, police will go away or other
7:19 am
things. there is always a better way. there is enough waste to be cut in this town. why not give the president and his cabinet, his administration authority to do that and allow them to make the cows in a way that's much more responsible. that's what we should be doing. that's what i'm hoping they'll do. >> brian: the american people will asked, do you think the government has a spending problem? 83% said yes. you would think o -- to a degree they would embrace this. you stand to lose 36,000 jobs. do you agree? >> no. the question i have is certainly there will be some impact government. for a lot of our employers, we've got a handful of defense contractors. nothing like what you have in virginia or california. they already made adjustments. they already accounted for the fact that the sequester was coming. this isn't going to happen at the flip of a switch on march 1. for the government, again, i think most people would agree, but particularly here in washington, that there is enough waste to be cut. empower them to do that. call the bluff and let them go
7:20 am
forward and doing it. it's not about avoiding cuts. it's about cutting true waste, fraud and abuse. >> brian: you have said governor scott and six other republican governors are taking obamacare money and setting up exchanges, 'cause you're not? >> i'm not. every state is different. we cut the number of uninsured and people on medicaid and we're not stuck with the bill. if they can't cut under the sequester, where in the world is this medicaid money going to come from in the future to expand? i think that's common sense. every state's got to make up their own mind. >> brian: the federal government says for three years, we'll cover the price, then 90% of it and you don't believe they can do that because of the deficit. good luck in your meeting today. hopefully you'll push washington to get something done like did you in wisconsin. >> thank you. >> brian: new video showing chaos in the stands after the crash on saturday at the daytona 500. we're live in florida with an update. plus, you'll hear from the winner, jimmie johnson. then apparently antigun groups don't have enough support, so
7:21 am
they're paying people to switch sides! really? really?
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
>> gretchen: 24 minutes after the top of the hour. let's do some news by the numbers. first, $11 an hour. that's how much a liberal group is offering people to join their gun control campaign in chicago. they're trying to sway voters ahead of the special election for jesse jackson junior's vacant seat. next, 85%. that's how many businesses in new york city south street sea port area are board up from hurricane sandy. a local law maker estimates 450 jobs have been lost. and 3.78. that's how much a gallon of gas is going for today. prices have skyrocketed 20 cents over the last two weeks and
7:25 am
continue to rise. boo hiss. >> peter: you couldn't start the season any better, jimmie johnson, he's thrilled about the win, but also remembering the 28 fans hurt in this weekend's crash. >> i wanted to get the start of the 500. we knew it was the best car for us and very happy to have it in the 500 and certainly did its job for us. and i want to give a big shout out to all the fans and want to send my thoughts and prayers to everybody who were injured in the grand stands. >> peter: that's getting everyone's attention. seven people are still hospitalized this morning. wofl's ray live outside the hospital in daytona with the latest. hi, ray. >> good morning to you. that's right. as you mentioned, seven nascar fans who were injured in that terrifying accident on saturday at the daytona 500 speedway, at
7:26 am
the hospital. they continue to recover. we understand from hospital officials that five patients were discharged yesterday. that's after 12 patients were brought here on saturday afternoon after that horrifying crash happened at the speedway. we got an opportunity yesterday to speak with one of those fans that was injured. we actually spoke to him on the phone from his hospital bed. his name is eddie and he was visiting here with his older brother from denton, texas. he was actually sitting 11th row of the grand stand when he said chaos erupted and shrapnel and car debris from the car that crashed into that fence at the daytona speedway flew in his leg, causing him to have severe lacerations. we understand he went to surgery on saturday and he continues to recover here. he will at least be here for the next 48 hours. many of the fans we spoke to in the grand stands yesterday during yesterday's great american race at daytona 500 stay despite the fact that crash happened, being up close is what
7:27 am
makes nascar live events thrilling and say they will definitely it again. the good news is that nascar officials are still thinking about them. hospital spokesperson here actually said that flowers were delivered to each of the seven patients who continue to recover here at the hospital. that's the latest here outside of halifax medical center in daytona beach. peter, back to you. >> peter: thanks. everyone here at "fox & friends" is thinking about all the injured down in daytona. good to see you. next, oscar reaction straight from the hollywood red carpet. was "argo"'s director dissed the best thing that ever happened to ben affleck? then look at this. disney's white rabbit chases down a teen girl inside the theme park. wait 'til you hear what he says sparked that particular reaction
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
♪ ♪ . >> brian: a lot of singing. >> gretchen: was that the tonies? oh, no. it was the oscars. let's get to the big winners and
7:32 am
losers. our movie critic is here and host of in the fox light joins us live from hollywood where i bet he didn't sleep a wink. >> i did not. >> gretchen: still looking fantastic. thanks for both of you for being here. >> i'm excited to be here. that "les mis" brought tears to my eyes. help me out here, please. >> brian: i didn't know all these guys could sing! did you know seth macfarlane could sing? >> the family guy, the opening of the show, he's an incredible singer. he's very talented. but the "les mis" cast, they all sang live in the music. >> peter: daniel day-lewis, can he sing? he won for lincoln? >> i think he could do anything. he could do anything. he's incredible. >> brian: he gets best actor. here is what he sounded like. >> it's a strange thing because three years ago before we decided to do a straight swap, i had actually been committed to
7:33 am
play margaret thatcher. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: he could probable lea do that, too. michael, what did you think of it? i don't know if you heard donald trump earlier didn't like his depiction of lincoln. >> he was a little rough, donald, wasn't he? but daniel, he's amazing and he was so funny. i was kind of surprised at how he was surprised that he won. >> peter: what about best actress? did you get a chance to meet jennifer lawrence last night? >> i did. i had an opportunity to one on one with jlaw herself, hollywood's latest it girl. she was fantastic. >> i am so delirious with happiness that this is the last and it's over. i'm like walking down the carpet like, i feel like i'm in a dream. >> then she trips on stage. >> i was in her dream last night. >> brian: how big a deal was that? >> the trip? i think it speaks to her personality. i think she's just a normal girl. she won the award. i think she's blown away by all
7:34 am
the attention she's getting. i think she deserved the academy award and i think she did great job. daniel day-lewis made history. he's the first actor to make a steven spielberg film for being in a steven spielberg film. >> gretchen: i liked her better in "hunger games." >> i agree. >> peter: what about best director? >> this was the biggest surprise of the evening. i went five for six of my major predictions. this is the one i got wrong. i thought ang lee really used 3 d to tell the story. deserved the award out of the five nominees. spielberg was favored, though. >> peter: how do you beat steven spielberg? >> because "lincoln" was not that great. "lincoln" was good burks not spielberg amazing. >> brian: "life of pi," i think it's gog give a big boost to the movie now. >> absolutely. i think kevin is right, we were
7:35 am
all kind of surprised about ang lee and people weren't talking about him. everyone was talking about "lincoln" and "argo." guys, i think you're right about "lincoln." it was a good movie, but frankly, i couldn't wait for him to go to the theater. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: when the movie critic is admitted that, the host can say, i agree. >> brian: it was 4:00 o'clock in the morning when we finally got to best picture. announced by the first lady of the united states. jack nicholson provided the preamble and who do we have is this. >> "argo" made history. it's the fourth film in the history of the 85 years of the oscars to win best picture without having a best director nomination. last one was 1990 with "driving miss daisy." affleck won the award, the best thing that ever happened to "argo" was affleck being snubbed. >> why is that a great movie? >> peter: why is it a great movie? >> it's a perfect three act structure. he nails it. does he have fictional elements in there.
7:36 am
i thought "django unchained" was the best movie, but "argo" is a feel good, great story. declassified. >> peter: michael, what do you say about "argo" and what's your favorite of the year? >> i think "argo," it kept you on the edge of your seat all the way until the very end of that movie. my favorite, i'm always the worst to ask 'cause i'm always in love with the last movie i saw. i just saw "life of pi" the other day and i'm still thinking about it. i thought it was a beautiful film. >> peter: i thought it was a true story. [ laughter ] >> brian: the other thing, they had ted on the show. >> i love ted. >> that was a little inappropriate. >> brian: it was like 9:00 o'clock. >> that was his way of using crude jokes by having a bear say them. that's why he did it. it was hilarious. >> peter: some of it's kind of nasty. >> brian: overall, what did you think? i thought he was tremendous? >> i thought seth did a brilliant job because he used self deprecateing humor to be
7:37 am
able to use crude jokes. >> gretchen: i didn't get past that. i felt like peter brady was doing the oscars. i couldn't get past that. michael is laughing. and he also looks too nice to be that mean. >> brian: he does. >> there is something charming about him. >> gretchen: something extremely charming. i like him. >> peter: is hollywood still glamour ous, michael? do they still are that old time feel when go there and you see these stars, is it in the air? >> you know, last night there definitely was. being on the red carpet for the first time, you know, television doesn't really capture the glamour and glitz and all the excitement. everywhere you looked, there was a douglas, there was a fonda, a clooney. i mean, the producers really did a fantastic job of turning out all the legends last night. and streisand, hello. >> gretchen: amazing. she sang on stage. michael, thanks so much for the real close up front look and kevin, as always. >> thank you so much.
7:38 am
>> gretchen: five out of six. >> i'm excite. and go terrentino for original screenplay. >> brian: in terms of best sneakers to be on the couch, has to go to michael. [ laughter ] you're wearing high tops. >> he's just hanging out. >> flip flops today. >> brian: are you wearing flip flops? >> california, baby. >> gretchen: all right. thanks so much. we got to do some headlines now. did banks know all along what bernie madoff was up to? the man behind the multi-billion-dollar ponzi scheme says yes? madoff wrote to investors from prison urging them to go after big banks. he says they had to know and just turned a blind eye. madoff is serving 150 year sentence behind bars. >> peter: so much for transparency. former white house press secretary robert gibbs says he was told to never talk about the administration's controversial drone program. he said, quote, when i went through the process of becoming
7:39 am
press secretary, one of the first things they told me was, you're not even to acknowledge the drone program. you're not even to discuss that it exists. >> brian: it was make believe in the action movie, armageddon. remember? >> we have gold for independence. >> brian: now it's going to be for real without the choir in the background. researchers at johns hopkins university plan to launch a rocket to smack an asteroid when it approaches earth. how dare you, asteroid, get out of here. if successful, the decade long project would mark the first time human intervention diverts an asteroid. if not successful, it will be the first time we've been hit by an asteroid. the new focus comes after the meteor blast in russia which left hundreds hurt. it's not expected to pass near earth until 2022. >> gretchen: it's the happiest place on earth, right? one family's disney trip took a turn for the worse. watch this.
7:40 am
[ laughter ] your turn. let him have it. whoop. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: as you can hear, a father telling his daughters to have a little fun with alice in wonderland's white rabbit at disneyland. after they pulled on his tail, he chased after one of them, pinning her against a fence. the girl says the rabbit told her to stop or he'd call security and then swore at her. disneyland says the family was provoking the rabbit for their own amusement. lawyer, what do you think? >> peter: i think that's, you know, fun. >> brian: yeah. >> gretchen: really? >> peter: i don't know. i'm sure there is a back story. if a rabbit starts talking to me, that's the time that you go back to the hotel and have a swim. that's a bad thing. bad sign. bracing for more. many people in the central plains and midwest still reeling from record snowfall, are getting another winter blast. the blizzard expected to drop another foot of snow on areas
7:41 am
from texas to kansas. that's on top of the foot of snow that people are still working to clean up right now. let's head over to maria molina to find out the latest and when when some believe to be headed their way. >> good morning, everyone. that's right. we have another winter storm headed towards portions of texas, oklahoma and kansas. last week we saw record snowfall out there with many cities actually seeing one of their top five heaviest snowfalls from a snow storm in that area. today again, looking at over a foot of snow possible in some areas. 18 inches are some of the highest totals i'm seeing from some of the computer models. otherwise you can see that snow already overspreading portion of the texas panhandle, oklahoma panhandle, in through areas to the west of wichita. we do have blizzard warnings in effect out here because it's not just how much snow we're going to see that's a problem. but also the wind gusting over 30 miles per hour producing whiteout conditions throughout the day today, eventually by tomorrow, the storm will head towards the north and the east and chicago will be dealing with
7:42 am
some snowfall as we head into tomorrow. winter storm watch up there, six inches of snow or more will be possible in that city. on the southernen side of the system where temperatures are warm, we have a chance to see severe weather from eastern portion of texas, louisiana, mississippi, alabama, into the florida panhandle. isolated tornadoes, damaging wind gusts and large hail will be possible on the southern side of the severe weather, we're seeing very warm temperatures. tampa, 81 degrees. upper 40s in new york city. not too bad in the northeast later on this afternoon. >> gretchen: all right. thanks very much fort forecast. coming up next, you're not supposed to lie on a background check when you buy a gun. but there may not be any way to stop you. >> brian: then love is in the air, but turns out it's a felony. why this guy was arrested just for showing his girlfriend how much he loved her with balloons.
7:43 am
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7:45 am
7:46 am
>> gretchen: some quick headlines. daring jail break is foiled in greece. armed men inside fired at guards, a rope was lowered to let a convicted killer up, but he was shot, forcing the helicopter to land in the prison's parking lot. love is in the air, but it turns out it's a felony? this florida man who is so in love with his girlfriend released a dozen heart shaped balloons into the air and they watched them float away. a cop saw it and arrested the man for endangering the environment. oh, so much for love. peter? >> peter: thanks. a new national campaign is warning people not to lie while buying a gun. but statistics show they might not have anything to worry about. william lajeunesse is live in los angeles with the details. good morning.
7:47 am
>> peter, lying and buying can get you five to ten. but gun crime prosecutions under president obama hit a decade low. it's an issue for 23 house wins who asked the president last week why he's demanding new gun laws while failing to enforce ones already on the books. >> the universal background checks are universally supported just about by gun owners. >> a new national campaign warns of lying while trying to buy a gun. those statistics show many who do are rarely punished. >> first question on the 4473 form is are you the actual buyer of the firearm? >> according to justice department data, 6 million americans apply to buy a gun, less than 2% or 76,000, were denied. of those, police investigated only 4,000 and even fewer just 44, were prosecuted. only 13 were punished for lying or buying a gun illegally.
7:48 am
>> if the prosecution of people lying on forms is a priority for the president, all he has to do is say, i want my federal law enforcement officials to prosecute these kinds of cases. >> under president obama, prosecutions for illegally possessing a gun are down 14% from five years ago. down 29% for making a false statement when buying one. administration officials argue prosecutors lack money. gun cases like jury appeal, and penalties lack pain. >> four out of ten straw purchasers suffer no meaningful consequence to what they just did. >> data shows a third of those charged with gun crimes serve no jail time at all. those who do serve only one to four years of a possible ten-year sentence for lying or illegally possess ago firearm. >> obviously there is a different level of priority given to these kinds of crimes. in this administration that existed in previous administrations. >> the obama administration argues it's a matter of resources that combats violent crime. they're going after criminals
7:49 am
who already have guns or using them rather than those who are lying on a form to buy them. a study found the administration has shifted its priorities from guns to drug crimes. peter? >> peter: thank you. i'm always happy to see your reports. good morning early in l., and here is a question. is your toddler totally tuned out on an ipad? there is a way you can make that work for you and for them. new advice from a mom who knows, coming up next. but first, on this day in 1975, "best my love" by the eagles was the number one song. ♪ sweet darling ♪ you get the best of my ♪ you get the best of my
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. is it the new norm? toddlers playing on ipads? saw it last night at a restaurant. eight-year-olds with tvs in their bedrooms and teens sleeping with a smart phone at their side. are our kids too tuned into their electronics? the mother of four, community editor fort "wall street journal", and i should say mother of four teen-agers. you're dealing with this in its toughest form. i have younger kids, so i can still regulate it, as you suggest, by reward systems. >> right. when our kids were younger, my husband seized a brilliant idea, which was to allow them to earn computer time through exercise. so they would have to take a bike ride or hike with him before screen time. then they became teen-agers and this became a nightly requirement of hours of homework and we couldn't tell the difference anymore between work and play. we knew it was taking longer and longer and cutting into sleep time. >> gretchen: you say it's kinds of like eating and going on a
7:54 am
diet. you still are to eat even when you're on a diet. so for fdic now, they still are to use computers because they need them for school. here are some of your points. don't be oblivious. how do you monitor it? >> we began this discussion in my family because there was one very dark sunday in december where i knew that everybody was laying around all day and i clocked it later and found we had watched 14 1/2 hours of programming and it was net flex. so we canceled it. but that was just one temptation. we had to have difficult family talks and i really pushed the kids to come up with some answers around this themselves. so really, opened my eyes and my husband's eyes to what was really going on. he was pretty clear all along that this was in excess and i was a little bit behind him in recognizing that. so once the conversation began, we asked the kids to help us innovate some of the solutions. >> gretchen: what did you come up with? because you have consequences, even though they're teen-agers.
7:55 am
>> well, right now my girls are at a better place than they were a few months ago of signaling very clearly where they stand in their homework. they will say mom, i'm going to take a 30 minute break because i'm two hours ahead on homework tonight. and i feel like i deserve a break. well, i appreciate them telling me that, so there is no nagging around that once we discover they're playing a game or back in the video. we can be confident where they stand. >> gretchen: i guess that falls under your point of clearing communications. >> right. >> gretchen: finally, you say install a rueter kill switch? >> we have great ideas coming back where we seized on an idea of having our kids make sure their grades are at a certain level before we would back off and get out of their way on computer access. this woman was remodeling her home and putting a kill switch in the master bedroom. not everybody has to do that. i think there are many points short of that. just everything from the parental controls that allows you to turn them off, or taking
7:56 am
the routeare power switch and turning them off at night. >> gretchen: thank you so much your thoughts. >> thank you. >> gretchen: and good luck. breaking news from the vatican on the so-called vatileak scandal. the pope will tell one person. then, no nap for this kid. got to watch this. it will make you laugh today. caught on camera, what toddlers do when you think they're sleeping. yeah.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is monday, february 25, 2013. i hope odd great weekend. thanks for sharing your time with us today. i'm gretchen carlson. once snubbed ben affleck is given a gift by the first lady. >> and the oscar goes to "argo."
8:00 am
congratulations. >> gretchen: more on "argo"'s big win as best picture. jennifer lawrence's slip up, and the moments from the oscars everyone is talk about. >> brian: the southwestingation deadline -- sequestration deadline days away and the governors from across the country have a strong message to the president. knock it offment we're live at the white house with the countdown to sequestration. >> brian: then, it's been happening for decades. now it's caught on camera. what toddlers do when we're not around. when they should be sleeping. all right, kids. any other confessions? "fox & friends" starts right now >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. steve taking the day off and peter johnson, jr. is sitting to the right of me. >> brian: i wonder if it's in the oscar party that steve is
8:01 am
not quite finished with because i know last night around midnight is when they wrapped up the oscars. seth macfarlane talked to all the other hosts like billy crystal to get advice, but totally different from anybody else. and it opened up with our good buddy -- >> gretchen: william shatner? >> brian: no, william shatner is our friend as well. but kristen chenowith. she opened the show and closed the show. >> peter: she had that accent. i'm glad she's looking so well. let's go to the winners last night. best picture winner, "argo." was that big surprise or not? >> gretchen: not after it won all those other awards leading up to it. people thought that it could happen. also you had the best actor, no surprise really here action daniel day-lewis for "lincoln." jennifer lawrence, "silver linings playbook." and supporting actor, christopher waltz for "django unchained." i did not see that. and anne hathaway in "les miserables." or as my daughter, les miserable
8:02 am
s. it's enough. >> brian: first off, so they're about to give out best picture and out comes jack nicholson. he gets a standing ovation. he looked like jack nicholson in one of his roles, that something could happen crazy. then he turned around to introduce the first lady who introduced the categories, back to jack nicholson and back to her for the winner. let's listen. >> and the oscar goes to "argo." >> can't hold grudges. it's hard. but you can't hold grudges. and it doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life 'cause that's going to happen. all that matters is that you got to get up. >> brian: he was referring to gigli. >> peter: he was referring to the fact that his film won for best picture, but he was not personally nominated for best director. that was a big scandal in hollywood. but everybody got together last
8:03 am
night. >> gretchen: usually there are not a lot of lessons to be learned from hollywood, but i have to say, that was the most important thing that came out of the show in my mind, last night, four kids and for -- for kids and for adults. >> brian: let's hope that in life, the worst thing that happens is you don't get nominated for best director. >> gretchen: you could apply it to your life in many ways jennifer lawrence, just as she's announced for winning best actress, has that horrible moment, i think, that any woman in that position would worry about and here it is. >> the first academy award and second nomination for jennifer lawrence. [ applause ]
8:04 am
>> thank you. you guys are standing up 'cause you feel bad that i fell and that's really embarrassing, but thank you. >> brian: we all worry about that. just like skaters, when i'm watching the olympics, i think the skaters are going to fall. they're on skates. that's the first thing you think of when you see those steps -- >> peter: i know earlier when you came on, you said hold me, because you wanted to make sure you didn't fall. >> brian: right. that was behind the scenes. >> gretchen: you're forgetting that her dress was as long as she was tall behind her. >> peter: she recovered so well, with great wit. thank god she's okay. >> brian: this is a sag awards where -- what -- >> gretchen: maybe she's trying to get more attention 'cause this is what happened at the sag awards, too. >> brian: what is supposed to happen there? >> gretchen: peter woke up! >> peter: what happened there? >> gretchen: good morning, peter. it's 8:00 o'clock. i thought that was boots when i first saw this happen. i thought it was on purpose.
8:05 am
it's the bottom part of her dress. >> peter: really? >> gretchen: yeah. >> peter: now she has two dresses. >> gretchen: continue. >> brian: what you have there is two fashion -- >> peter: could we see it one more time? >> brian: i don't understand, is it a dress or those pants? what is it? those look like sweats. >> gretchen: originally when i saw this happen, i agree with you, i thought they were boots. but that's actually the bottom part of her dress. i think the seam ripped. look at the shock. but she's a great actress and loverly young woman. >> brian: not many people thought she was going to win. now seth macfarlane i thought was tremendous. he definitely pushed the edge a few times. when you hired him, didn't you think that this was going to happen? here is an example of seth macfarlane being seth macfarlane ♪ be our guest as we honor all the best. ♪ net with a telecast designed to put your patients to the
8:06 am
test ♪ ♪ "argo" tells the previouscally classified story about an american hostage rescue in post revolutionary iran. it was so top secret that the film's director is unknown to the academy. [ laughter ] "django unchained," now, that was -- [ applause ] this is the story of a man fighting to get back his woman who has been subjected to unthinkable violence, or as chris brown and rihanna call it, a date movie. [ laughter ] ♪ he's got high hopes ♪ he's got high hopes ♪ . >> tonight's ceremony is being watched by close to a billion people world wide, which is why jody foster will be up near a bit to ask for her privacy. [ laughter ] >> captain kirk, what are you doing here? >> well, i'm here to stop you from doing what you're about to do. the show is a disaster! this is a newspaper headline from tomorrow morning.
8:07 am
[ laughter ] ♪ i will feel a glow just thinking of you ♪ ♪ and the way you look tonight ♪ . >> gretchen: i like the singing part and the jokes, some people probably thought they were a little too intense. but i laughed. >> peter: it was kind of an off color singing and dancing number at the beginning about women being topless. >> gretchen: that part, yes. >> brian: i didn't get that. >> peter: what part didn't you get? >> brian: about women being topless? >> peter: it was right at the beginning. >> gretchen: it was about a certain part of the anatomy. you missed that? >> brian: that, i got. >> gretchen: oh, my goodness. [ laughter ] okay. let's do some headlines. fox news alert. pope benedict xvi changing the rules about the conclave to elect his successor. cardinals can now move up the start date of the conclave if they are all in rome. many are already on their way, including archbishop of washington, donald cardinal
8:08 am
woerl, who has doubts if the new upon active will be an american. >> i don't think it will be seen as a very good thing if the pope who is supposed to be reminding governments of their responsibilities, to build peace if he is the same super power. >> gretchen: also this morning, breaking news on the so-called vatileaks scandal. the pope says he will only release the facts to his successor, to that one person. pope benedict officially resigns on thursday. spokeswoman for oscar pistorius, turned himself in, it comes amid newly released security videos showing reeva steenkamp's final hours alive. hours before she was shot and killed, we see her smiling as she drives into his apartment complex. it turned out to be fatal. a friend says she wasn't planning to even go there and
8:09 am
then when she got there, she was too tired to leave. she was supposed to go back to a friend's house, but ended up staying overnight. hamid karzai shock u.s. military brass by kick troops out of a crucial region. karzai ordered all special forces to leave the province outside of kabul in two weeks' time over abuse claims. afghan security officials claim afghan troops working with american special forces are harassing, torture examining even killing innocent people in villages. karzai is demanding the u.s. hand over the individuals involved. the u.s. says it takes allegations of misconduct seriously and is investigating the claims. jimmie johnson does it again at daytona. >> the daytona 500 goes to jimmie johnson, five-time champion! >> gretchen: johnson starting with his second win at daytona. the second driver to do that. danica patrick, the first woman to win pole for daytona finished eighth. that's the highest finish ever for a woman.
8:10 am
saturday's horrific crash at the speedway still on everyone's mind. new video taken from a fan shows the chaos after debris and a 70-pound tire lands in the stands. at least 28 people were hurt by the crash. seven are still hospitalized this morning. nascar plans a thorough study of that crash. those are your headlines today. >> brian: so that's what's happening now. let's find out what's going to be happening all week. the other big story, time is running out for a deal to stop sequester, the cuts to take effect in four days. a few hours from now, president obama will meet with governors in the u.s. about what those cut also mean to them. wendell goler live at the white house. it's going to be a wild week. >> it is, brian. for the most part, the governors have to balance their budgets and the sequester's across the board budget cuts make that difficult. the friday deadline for work out either $1.2 trilli in deficit reduction or a smaller deal to buy more time to avoid the spending cuts pretty much everyone says he'll want. a dinner for the governors last
8:11 am
night, the president touched briefly on the effort to find bipartisan solutions. >> the task before us is to find smart, common sense solutions to each these challenges that we can move forward on. i'm looking for good partners because while nobody in this room sees eye to eye on everything, we know that when we work together, democrats and republicans, north, south, east and west, we can accomplish so much more than we can on our own. >> officials say the sequester's cuts will impact everything from air travel to meat inspections, from national parks to the f.b.i. to head start. democrats will propose a tax hike on the wealthy and a cut in farm subsidies as an alternative. republicans may suggest cutting the federal work force across the board. louisiana governor bobby jindal says the amount to be cut is reasonable, but where the cuts will fall is not. >> the president proposed the sequester. he signed this into law and now doesn't want to make these cuts. the reality is nobody is saying he should make these exact cuts,
8:12 am
but we can cut less than 3% of the bum jet without hollowing out our military. >> the white house says the problem there is the problem contact choose what to cut without an agreement with congress. the reason for the sequester is to force an agreement. so far that hasn't happened. >> brian: it's going to be an interesting week. i can't wait to see who blinks. thanks so much. >> peter: and coming up, 82% of america says the country has a spending problem. but they don't blame the president for the spending. why? our next guest says there is one very simple reason. people are not connecting the dots. >> gretchen: watch this, a woman trying to take out the trash barely survives being hit by that huge fallen tree. right back.
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8:16 am
>> earlier you heard president obama threatening airport delays, daycare closures and won't inspect meat if congress did not pass the plan he's proposing this week. >> gretchen: he's not alone. the entire administration spreading the same message to the media. >> this is a huge cut. it's billion dollars. it's 600 million at faa, which has the largest number of employees at dot. it's about shared sacrifice. but this doesn't have to happen, david. if republicans and democrats get together this week and take a look at the president's plan, which he put on the table to save $85 billion, this does not have to happen. there is still time to reach a compromise. >> gretchen: so it sounds scary, but are they really the facts? the editor of the washington examiner is here. what do you make of the way in which the messaging is being put out by the white house and
8:17 am
administration officials and the way in which the media is handling it? >> i especially love seeing ray lahood speak because here you have someone who comes from the same state as barak obama, from the same illinois politics, but from the other side, from the republican side of it. and he's talking about how we're going to have three and four-hour wait times in airports and going to have to close down some of these smaller airports because of all these budget cuts. his department's budget goes up this year from the last year. his department will spend more money in 2013 than it did in 2012 even with the sequester. and this is a classic case of an administration employing the washington monument strategy which is you shut down the things that are going to cause the most pain so you can teach people not to shut down spending again. if the media get bamboozled, we all lose. >> brian: for example, he could
8:18 am
not withstand the follow-up question yesterday. david gregory and candiy crowley asked him, this is only 3%. what do you mean planes can't fly? what do you mean you got to furlough people? he just skipped the subject. he didn't have no reply because he had a message and a mission. >> it isn't even a real cut. what people don't understand is when they say your budget is being cut by 3%, that actually means your budget is being cut from the projection that somebody made of what your budget was going to be previously. the actual cut is an increase in spending. so people need to understand what's going on here. these guys are going to shed crocodile tears about how horrible the world is going to be if these cuts go into effect and later this year, they're all going to end up at warm weather locations going to some unnecessary conference and they're going to send 1,000 people to it. that's the way government works, i'm afraid. and reporters and everybody else needs to be aware of this because later this year when they do that, people need to
8:19 am
look back when they're claiming how austere and difficult, now they have to lay everybody off and make people wait in line, people who do that sort of thing should be punished by public opinion. that's what the media is here for. >> gretchen: you believe that real investigative journalism would be to show it's not really a cut at all? >> well, it would be a nice explanatory piece of journalism to show that. looking at some of these departmental budgets, it's not -- again, many of them are not actually being cut year over year. >> gretchen: defense is, right? we need -- >> defense for the first year, if you count war spending, i believe its being cut. but if you don't count war spending, it isn't being cut year over year. >> gretchen: interesting. >> brian: not being able to send an aircraft carrier to the persian gulf doesn't make sense. >> right. and there is another case of -- trying to -- obama talk being we're going to let criminals go, or the asteroids are going to start falling every week instead
8:20 am
of every couple years, it's hence to induce panic unnecessarily. you know how afraid people are of sequester in dc? home prices are up 11% year over year. that's just one year. 11% growth in home prices in the washington, d.c. area. >> gretchen: all right. david, editorial page editor, washington examiner. thanks so much. >> brian: we'll see how this week's gets spun. meanwhile, do you find yourself eating more just because the food is there? like for example, in our green room and it's free? up next, gadgets to help with you that. >> gretchen: we'll weigh a bagel for you. then, what happens at nap time in longer stays at nap time. brian, i imagine this is a toddler. kid's secret is out. that's really brian kilmeade as a toddler. >> brian: we're trying to explain a lot of things with me.
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8:23 am
8:24 am
>> peter: quick headlines. talk about a fright flight. a plane crashes into the waters off south florida and amazingly, the four people on board were not hurt. they managed to climb out and were pulled to safety by police. the plane lost power to its right engine while headed for key west. no word on why. and under this beach in the indian ocean could be the remains of an ancient continent. scientists say the sand contains crystal that's hundreds of millions of years older than any other rocks there. they believe it's remnants of a land that sank and broke apart by plate movement. gretchen? >> gretchen: thanks much. do you struggle to keep your
8:25 am
food portion under control? we have fantastic gadgets to help you keep your diet in check this morning of the joining me, fitness expert and author of "slim nastics,," nicky. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: this is a great little gadget. the first one, is the meals measurer. we live in the big society. this is the portion control. >> this helps you remember fruits and vegetables are king on your plate. there is a lyle inside. you measure out fruits and vegetables, starch, protein and then take it off. this is a big plate. most plates are smaller. then you can serve it in your guest and know everyone is getting a healthy dinner. >> gretchen: most people would look at that and say they really skimped me. baby blocks, a lot of people make their own baby food and then freeze it in these containers. you say they have good uses for other people. >> yes. if you're sitting at a desk in the office typing up, you might mindlessly be eating something like a big bowl of nuts. this is almost a full day's of calories. where you can pop one of these
8:26 am
open, there is dried fruit, grapes and then you know you just had the right amount. >> gretchen: also you have the pasta control. >> who doesn't want to eat it. >> gretchen: but i love this because it puts it in perspective when you're making the dinner. this is what i should eat and this is what i can eat. >> you can have the long pasta in here, take it out, put it in the bowl. or if you have ziti, fill it up first line. fill it up all the way, and it stores easily. >> gretchen: this is only one serving? >> uh-huh. >> gretchen: a lot of people are going to say, wow, i thought you were talking about the whole thing. >> pasta is only part of what you should eat. you should add vegetables. >> gretchen: cheese grater? >> so many people add so much cheese and before you know it, fat and calories. so you grate it right in here, comes out in here. you toss it in. so one line is one serving. fill it up, the whole thing for two servings. >> gretchen: this scale you say one of your favorites.
8:27 am
>> this is great. it has a handy book. it says mixed nuts. you turn it on. 50 is the code. pour in some nuts. >> gretchen: and we'll weigh them. >> it will tell you calories and everything. spells the whole thing out, exactly what would be on a nutrition label. >> gretchen: so it wasn't calculated it yet. let's see. anyway, it would work in real life. >> yes. zero it out and you can put any bowl on there. it calculates it for you. >> gretchen: it works for any kind of food because there is a different code. >> there is even catfish in here. there are so many different foods. like i said, i put the whole measure in there earlier and that was 1500 calories. almost a whole day's worth. >> gretchen: find them on amazon or fox "friends." talk about a lucky day a woman trying to take out trash, narrowly avoids that massive
8:28 am
tree falling. and "zero dark thirty" was the most talked about movie of the year, but got dissed at the oscars. now the actors getting political. here is jennifer hudson from last night's awards. amazing. ♪ ♪
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
>> it's crazy. "argo" won best picture. ben affleck wasn't even nominated for best director. next year he could get an oscar for whatever he directses, even if it's a documentary about yoga pants. >> gretchen: i don't know about that. he talked a lot about adversity up on the stage and said that when you get knocked down, the best thing is pick yourself up and keep trying. >> brian: it's just his relevance of being knocked down. if you're up there for producer and you're up there with all the success, even before this, his relevance to being knocked out, i don't think the average person could relate to. >> peter: it was important to him, i guess. >> brian: "zero dark thirty" was one of the pictures that got a lot of nominations and swung and missed, except for one minor category. why is it that "zero dark thirty," that most people saw and loved, there was such a box office success, unbelievable h a
8:33 am
great member of the "hurt locker," same producer from "the hurt locker." why do you think that that was thrown to the curb? >> gretchen: a the lo of people are saying that it is a political move. what do you think about it? do you think that it was politics? let's be fair, a lot of people from both sides of the aisle thought there was problems with it. in the beginning, that secrets were being turned over from the government to make the film and in the end, that enhanced interrogation techniques may have been used and people thought maybe that's why it didn't get nominated. i thought jessica chastain was amazing. my personal pick for best actress. >> peter: she was. and the director is a woman and a great director. >> brian: katherine bigelow. >> peter: was she not taken seriously in terms of this movie? there is a lot of questions. in the end, osama bin laden is taken down. and that is a great moment of justice for america. why wasn't it accorded the same laud that another american scene
8:34 am
was accord. >> gretchen: she won in "hurt locker." did she win best director? >> brian: i don't know. >> gretchen: yes. okay. >> brian: you answered three questions. >> gretchen: i just think that's interesting because that was also a war movie about iraq and "hurt locker" beat out "avatar," i believe, and then she won for that. so why not in this particular movie? in the meantime, jessica chastain has thrown her support now to try and get this pakinstani doctor freed. remember this is the guy who was helping the american government go to that compound where osama bin laden and his family were to try and gather dna to try and prove that he was actually in this compound. after osama bin laden was killed, the pakinstanis promptly put him in prison even though we continued to give them millions of dollars a year. >> brian: i really worry about informants in the future if she see how we treat them in the past. how are we going to get people to turn over other high value targets if they see this doctor sitting in prison and the way we left iraqs with a lot of the
8:35 am
informants on the ground with the sunni triangle, we left them in a lurch. i wonder if there will be long-term ramification, especially in that region. we got to put pressure on the pakinstani government to get this guy out. >> peter: we do not leave people behind who help us. and we have here. >> brian: we'll see if they can put some pressure. i don't know if pakistan gets the oscars, but -- >> gretchen: hollywood pressure? >> brian: maybe we get hollywood pressure on it. >> gretchen: the hits keep coming. while people in the central plains are still recovering from the record break snowfall last week, they're gotting hit with another blizzard today. >> peter: it's expected to drop another foot of snow on areas stretching from texas to kansas. a big concern. the road conditions. let's check in with maria molina. she has an update on this. that looks nasty. >> yeah, it does. good morning. amarillo, texas is one area that could see up to 20 inches of snow. people across texas or the texas
8:36 am
panhandle are being told to just stay indoors. that's pretty much the story across portion of oklahoma, kansas. you can see up to a foot of snow or even locally more in some of these areas. that snow already coming down across the texas panhandle, oklahoma, parts of kansas and if you zoom in, you can see on the eastern side of the system, temperatures are still too warm to see snow across eastern oklahoma. but that snow is going to be coming very soon as we head into the afternoon hours and into later tonight. blizzard warnings in effect because it's not just how much snow that's the problem, but also the wind. wind gusts have been reported to be over 40 miles per hour across texas. so that is going to be a possibility throughout later today. please stay off the roads yet again. blizzard warnings throughout the day today. otherwise chicago actually could see six inches of snow from the system as it continues to head towards the north and east, toward the great lakes as we head into tuesday. otherwise on the southern side of the storm system, a severe weather concern. eastern texas, louisiana, mississippi, all the way as far east into southern areas of
8:37 am
georgia, tornadoes, damaging wind gusts, large hail will be a concern and flooding. temperatures in florida will be very warm today. orlando, florida, could see a high temperature at 87 degrees. very toasty. not the story in new york. 46 degrees for us. >> peter: thanks. >> brian: hopefully we turned a corner and go right to spring. >> peter: i'd love it. >> brian: 13 minutes before the -- excuse me. 23 minutes before the top of the hour. >> peter: the u.s. state department is now helping in the search for a california couple missing in peru. jamie neil and her boyfriend, garrett hand, were on a bike trip through south america. they were reportedly last seen on january 26 getting on a bus in peru. neil's co-workers set up a reward fund for any information about that couple's whereabouts. >> upsetting. i'm worried about both of them. my greatest hope is that they return on schedule unharmed.
8:38 am
>> peter: the u.s. embassy posted a security message warning american tourists about kidnapping threats near the area. local police are searching for clues about the missing couple. >> brian: dramatics video of new york city firefighters taking down a suspect who attacked his wife with a meat cleaver. the firefighters apparently heard the couple screaming at each other and saw the man dragging his wife down the street. they ran to help the woman as the man pulled out the cleaver and started hitting his wife up to ten times. it took three firefighters to tackle him to the ground. another fireman rushed to help the terrified victim. >> he pulled the cleaver out of his waistband and starts hacking at this woman. i rushed him. i'm trying to grab the cleaver, but he's swinging. >> brian: the woman is in critical condition but is expected to be okay. her husband was arrested. no kidding. >> gretchen: incredibly close call in ukraine. come to your screen. watch this video of this tree. the massive tree comes crashing
8:39 am
down, narrowly missing a woman walking across the parking lot. she stops and looks at the tree, probably in shock before walking away unharmed. it was her lucky day. >> peter: no reaction. then, take a look at this. no nap for this kid. apparently two-year-old jude just wasn't in the mood. instead, he's caught on dad's baby monitor. he's face planting over and over and over. dad most the video ontube with the caption, wanted to see what really happens when jude is trying to sleep? now he knows. now jude is an internet hit. do it again, jude. >> brian: a future stuntman. >> gretchen: look. >> brian: i just heard that the camera is shaking because the dad watching was laughing. >> gretchen: that wasn't you, brian, growing up? >> brian: it might have been. i refuse to talk about it. there is no video back then. there was no baby monitors. they just locked the doors and said, i hope he's there in the
8:40 am
morning. >> peter: how do you know they said that? >> brian: we don't even know. you're right. >> gretchen: and brian, we played outside for like 17 hours straight and nobody knew where we were. right? and you just went home for dinner. >> brian: yeah. when the lights were off. when the streetlights went off. in racing, that did get started on time of the it was a bizarre -- you see james franco start this race? jimmie johnson finished it. he won it. johnson thrilled about the win but remembering the 28 hurt fans on saturday. >> we wanted to get the start of the 500. we knew it was the best car for us and very happy to have it in the 500 and certainly did its job for us. i want to give a big shout out to alt fans and also want to send my thoughts and prayers out to everybody yesterday who were injured in the grand stands. >> brian: what a start for him. danica patrick finished eighth. she was third until the last lap. look at this, talk about bizarre. aaron andrews cannot get a break. she's trying to find danica practice trick live on television. chris myers says, go find her in the pack. so she's great think.
8:41 am
she's weaving her way through the pack and out comes the celebrity. he's a rapper, chris chulo's favorite, 50-cent. listen to their interaction. >> of course, 50-cent here. i got to go talk to danica patrick. good to see you. what are you doing here? >> i'm enjoying myself. i'm enjoying the festivities. >> we're going to go see danica. you are guys believe this? >> brian: can you believe this? fifty-cent is following me as i try to find danica patrick. that's what he did. he just kept following her around. bizarre. she could not find him. she tossed back to chris myers. >> gretchen: he obviously knows she's still with an open mike when she said, can you believe this? like somebody come help me on live tv. >> peter: why didn't they? i've never seen anything like that. >> brian: in a way, she was saying can you believe this because danica was supposed to be there when they tossed to her. and it was like, let me about find her and she wasn't quite there. i loved that. that's hysterical. bizarre. >> gretchen: did you see all the movies that took the top spots at last night's academy awards?
8:42 am
there is a way you can do it on the cheap. secret discounts coming up next. >> peter: and it turns out america wasn't big enough for honey boo boo. the pint sized reality star is headed overseas now. wow. >> brian: america's exporting her.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> brian: quick headlines. so much for transparency. former white house press secretary robert gibbs says this, he was told to never talk about the administration's drone program. he said, quote, when i went through the process of becoming press secretary, one of the first things they told me was, you're not even supposed to acknowledge the drone program. you're not even supposed to discuss that it exists. too bad we knew about it already from the george bush administration. and liberal group is offering a to pay this lib -- offering to pay people up to $11 an hour to join their gun control campaign in chicago. they're targeting voters in jesse jackson junior's district, trying to sway them from the democratic candidate who has
8:46 am
support from the nra. now something else. >> peter: many families still haven't seen all the movies that took home top honors last night at the academy awards and it's no surprise considering the price of tickets these days. back in 1996, the average ticket price was 5 bucks. now it will cost at least $8, sometimes twice that to see a movie in new york city. how can you catch up without breaking the bank? >> brian: andrea is here to help us get discounts. welcome back. >> thank you for having me. >> gretchen: the oscars are over, but a lot of people didn't see these movies. how can we attend an oscar marathon? >> the oscar marathons did pass up, but you can make your own by following some of these tips. first of all, we all know about senior discounts, but there are tons of other discounts beyond those. on tuesdays, most movie theaters offer discount movie tickets. you are looking at buying tickets for five apiece.
8:47 am
cinemark offers them to families with a minimum of three tickets on monday. >> peter: today. >> head out today. a huge savings. >> gretchen: what about using your smart phone? >> although you're not supposed to use it in the movie theater, cinemark does incentiveize people to turn off their mode. it silences your phone and if you keep it silent throughout the movie, that means no text messaging, you'll get rewards, like discounts on concessions and free drinks. >> peter: don't use a smart phone to record the movie and bring it home. that's a big problem. >> gretchen: how do you gift yourself? >> if you look out on the daily deal sites, sometimes they're overwhelming, but there are good deals to be had, like deals on movie tickets. i got $6 movie tickets through i saved 40%. then you can also go to where they sell discount gift cards and i scored 36% off to fandango.
8:48 am
check those out and you can save a bundle. >> peter: you can lose yourself at the movies and save money in the process. >> exactly. >> gretchen: thank you so much. i'm going to take some of those tips to heart. >> that's a big one. >> gretchen: have a safe trip back. coming up, what if the president uses executive power to ram through new gun rules? our next guest is making sure his state doesn't have to enforce those laws. steve todd explains. >> brian: let's check in with martha mccallum to find out what's going to be on her show after a long weekend of preparation. >> it has been a long weekend of preparation. i was on your show. good to see you. good morning, everybody. all right. so is washington insider bob woodward telling the truth when he says that the white house is not telling all they know about the sequester? the white house is pushing back on that. is this a turning point for the media and the president? we're going to talk about that here this morning. and the battle between earth and the asteroids. we've got a new weapon on our side and michael phelps, the
8:49 am
most medals olympian in history will sit down with us this morning on "america's newsroom." bill and i will see you right here at the top of the hour.
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8:52 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. did the banks know all along what bernie madoff was up to? the man behind the scheme says yep. he wrote to investors urging them to go after the big banks. he says he haded this to know and turned a blind eye. madoff is serving 150 years behind bars. honey boo boo, so big she's going overseas now. the child reality star that landed her own spinoff will be viewed in australia, the netherlands, italy and latin america. tlc admits it's a difficult show to subtitle overseas. peter? >> peter: thank you. should state police officers be
8:53 am
prevented from enforcing federal gun laws? our next guest says not only should it be prevented, it should be illegal. texas state representative steve toth joinses from austin, texas. he's proposed a new state law to make it a state crime to assist the federal government's efforts to ban assault weapons. good morning, representative. >> good morning, peter. how are you? >> peter: let's talk about this hard right at the beginning. on its face, your law seems to violate the supremacy clause of the united states constitution, which gives precedence to federal law over state law. tell me why it doesn't and tell me how you intend to enforce this in the state of texas. >> sure. this is not a nullification bill. as some have suggested it would be like the wyoming bill. we target a very specific portion of where the obama
8:54 am
administration's proposed legislation is infringing on our second amendment right and it only deals with those two things. as an example, the size of a magazine and the type of weapon were very specific about it. and we're not going after federal officials. we're simply saying state officials within the state of texas are not allowed to violate our second amendment as it pertains to these two things. we were very careful about that. >> peter: my understanding of it is that the -- you tell me if i'm wrong -- there have been some reports that under your law, that if a federal official from the atf or the f.b.i. sought to enforce federal firearms laws, that that federal official would be subject to arrest in the state of texas. is that true? and if it's true, is it constitutional? >> that is wyoming's bill. that is not our bill. >> peter: okay. >> so we're very specific when we drafted this bill with the attorney general to make sure that it was not wyoming's bill. the way you eat an elephant is one bite at a time of the we're
8:55 am
going to start first with state officials that are also dual -- a state official that acts as a federal and state official. these are people that are -- go ahead. >> peter: so let's talk about this. say the federal government, the congress and the president signs a bill banning assault weapons. you're saying straight out that if your bill passes, your legislature and it's signed by the governor, law enforcement officials in the state of texas could be charged with a crime themselves if they enforced those federal provisions? >> correct. >> peter: has anything like that ever been tested constitutionally? >> no, not that we know of. here is the problem and here is why we did this. the very first day that barak obama started talking about infringing on our second amendments, my sheriff, sheriff tommy gauge, said that not only would he not enforce this federal law, but none of his deputies would enforce it either. and from that point on, dozens
8:56 am
and dozens of county sheriffs from around the state of texas said we're not going to abide by this. this sets up a problem because if, in fact, this legislation does go through, they would be subject to prosecution by eric holder and the justice department. so we had to protect them. >> peter: our time has run out. but i appreciate your thoughts on this very interesting subject. let us know what happens along the way. >> thank you. >> peter: good to see you. >> good to see you. >> peter: more "fox & friends," three minutesha away. indoors or out. and, obviously, astonishing throughput. obviously... you know how fast our home wifi is? yeah. this is basically just as fast. oh. and verizon's got more fast lte coverage than all other networks combined. oh, why didn't you just say that? huh-- what is he doing? . . . ..
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mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. >> brian: wow. that was impresssive. >> gretchen: tomorrow on the show, we'll have laura ingraham and justin bieber's pastor. >> brian: right. [ laughter ] >> that's one for you. >> brian: he comes from a very religious family. >> gretchen: his mom hasee


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