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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  February 25, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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telegraph. >> bret: thanks everybody. that is it for this special report. fair and balanced and unafraid. >> shep: this the s the fox report. another blizzard in the midsection and this one is crushing records. plus italy jebh austerity and creates political gridlock and our stocks, the civil trial begins for bp. one lawyer says the oil giant was more focused on profit than safety and it's negligence triggered catastrophe. >> developing now what is shaping up to be one of the biggest economic and environmental disasters this nation has ever seen. >> from up above you can see the oil in every direction. >> this is what we've been watching all day long.
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>> shep: now, finally putting a price on the damage. it's a story they have a habit of killing women. the blade runner's brother facing charges of his own and the parents of the dead model break their silence and make a demand of the blade runner himself. >> first from fox, oil giant bp put production over protection and province over safety. that accusation during opening statements during a civil trial in new orleans. the trial determining how much bp and its partnership should have to pay for the deepwater horizon disaster. it was nearly three years ago now that the rig exploded and sank in the gulf of mexico, 11 people died including a worker before that disaster reportedly nicknamed the site the well from hell. the reason -- safety concerns and very serious ones. for months afterwards, millions
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of -- or i should say barrels of oil poured into the gulf. that stream of crude choked wild life, polluted beaches and four times decimated tourism. bp has paid billions in cleanup costs but if they get their way, the payment could be just a drop in the very big ocean because estimated penalties in this case could reach into the tens of billions of dollars. plenty of pressure for bp to win this thing or settle this thing. one of the largest we've seen in decades, 11 teams of lawyers, thousands of pages of exhibits and 80 witnesses including this man, tony hayward. he is a bp former executive who said during the disaster that he would just like his life back. casey stegall is outside the courthouse in new orleans. the tone today may set the trend. what happened?
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>> reporter: a lot of finger pointing especially on the plaintiffs' side. the attorneys did a good job to try to paint a reckless corporate environment saying that top management put a lot of pressure on supervisors out in the field to cut corners and rush jobs. their goal is to prove gross negligence, meaning a conscious disregard to use reasonable care because if that is proven, the penalties go way, way up. >> if you are grossly negligent the penalty is over $4,000 per barrel whereas if you are not it's a little over a thousand. those two factors combined is why you get the wide variations. >> reporter: the lawyers said in opening statements that no one party is to blame here. >> shep: look, when there is no settlement talks, none that we know of. >> reporter: there were leading up to this according to some
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reporting from the "new york times", there was a report out the there that the gulf coast states tried to offer bp a $16 billion settlement to keep this thing from going to civil trial that started here today, but apparently that did not happen. it would have been break really when you consider that the total fines set forth by a judge in the court proceedings could reach $17.6 billion and then billions more in punitive damages but bp's counsel turning that down saying it feels the evidence coming out in court that the company owes around $5 billion. >> shep: the south african olympic hero, quote, pistorius must come out with the honest truth with what happened when she shot his girlfriend. that is according to the victim's parents.
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investigators say that he shot her three times right through a door after some kind of argument. the blade runner claims it was an accident and that he thought the intruder had broken into the house. an interview with south african television station the mother of reeva steenkamp described how police called her and asked her if you have a daughter and said she has been shot. all i want to know if she was alive or dead. he said i'm sorry to have to tell you, but she is dead in another bizarre twisted. prosecutors charge to prosecute the older brother with the equivalent with manslaughter. he attended every single one of his younger brother's bail hearings. that is he on the far let. keep in mind a judge dismissed
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it after it came to light he is facing attempted murder charges for a shooting at a taxicab full of passengers. and the beat goes on. greg palkot is live from south africa. we understand that oscar pistorius is talking with officials? >> they are basically trying to negotiate the terms of his life for the next several months. that is when his murder trial is set to begin. we watched where he is and shuttled back and forth in pretori at his uncle's house. we think they talked about regular visits to police stations but more visits by parole officers does seem likely. an official is quoted as saying the blade runner is already discussing how and when to get back training. a spokesman for the family denies this. they say he is still in mourning
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for his slain girlfriend reeva steenkamp. >> shep: what do we know about the case against his brother? >> reporter: they say carl pistorius drove recklessly when he killed the motorcyclist and he claims the motorcyclist ran into him. as for the timing, it appears to be coincidence. family we have seen a few coincidences in the short time that we have been here. one more twist in this case. it turns out the aunt of oscar pistorius is a top murder profiler. she used to work for the police and probably not going to be in on this case. >> shep: here we go again. a record-breaking blizzard in s on the move as fox reports tonight. we'll show you where it is headed. plus reports of horse meat in
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>>. >> shep: a blizzard that is blasting the texas panhandle is on the move taking aim at the same states cleaning up from last week's snowstorm. parts of texas looking like the arctic. closing in on record levels, 16 inches in some spots in texas. it's also packing serious winds, up to 75 miles an hour and that is a strong as a hurricane. kansas, missouri, oklahoma bracing for a foot of snow days after another storm closed airports and parts many parts to a standstill. oklahoma's governor has declared a state of an emergency. janice. >> light blizzard conditions for
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texas, oklahoma and take a look at the video from a storm chase they are oklahoma. this is woodward where they got 15 inches of snow, state of emergency for oklahoma and amarillo, 19 inches of snow and 75 miles per hour miles per hour winds. this continues into the overnight unfortunately so areas across the texas-oklahoma panhandle up to kansas an missouri getting the worst of it up to 12-18 inches. okay city and kansas city you could actually be on the borderline of 18 inches of snow. we have winter weather advisories posted from texas up to the great lakes. blizzard conditions which will continue into the overnight hours with winds in excess of 50 miles an hour making travel impossible in the area. some of the snowfall, 6-12 and 18 inches is out of the question. and we have tornado watches along the gulf coast with
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possibility throughout the evening into the overnight. >> shep: bearer of good news. thanks. >> kansas city, missouri. mayor declared a state of emergency. they got ten inches of snow last week and they are prepared for another foot or more. mike tobin in kansas city tonight. >> reporter: you can see where they have big piles of snow and ready to take on some more. typical with live television, snowplows just pulled out right now about 200 snowplows working the roads trying to stay ahead of the storm. it didn't go so well for them last time. so many citizens got out in their cars and got stuck. the snowplows couldn't work around them and ended up with 60 city buses that got stuck. the city leaders are hoping it works better this time because of the timing of round two. >> one of the things that will be difficulty is the timing of
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the storm. -- different. this is an overnight event. it will give us an opportunity to get the streets cleared. >> reporter: and although the snow is, we saw big, wet heavy snow storm. it's not the sticking on the ground but the snowplow crews are really interested in about midnight when it is supposed to get heavy and challenge for them to keep up with it. >> shep: no doubt you heard about the horse meat scandal in europe. they thought was beef and it was actually horse meat which is okay to eat but kind of gross. now it spread to ikea's frozen meatball. they are pulling meatballs in 21 countries after officials in the czech republic say they found contaminated horse dna. they only ship to european stores so stores here in the
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united states they are not affected. so you won't be getting horses. it begin last month when it showed that beefburgers in ireland contained traces. scientists have found horse meat in everything from pizza to pasta. finger licking. it's not happening here in the united states. i thought they sold furniture. >> if you want to liver longer, eat like folks in the mediterranean. scientists say mediterranean diet can cut the chances of heart problems especially strokes and cut them in a big way. they followed 7,000 people and put some on low pat fat diet and others on mediterranean diet. lots of fruit, fish, chicken, beans, salad, wine, olive oil, lots of nuts, very few baked goods and not any red meat. they stopped the study after five years, those that followed
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the mediterranean diet had done so well, had a 30% lower risk of major heart problems. the full story in the new england journal of medicine. >> word that the u.s. is ready to join other nations to try to cut a deal with the iranians as the new secretary of state john kerry makes his first trip overseas. what the west will reportedly offer and what iran has to do with the nuclear program in a live report coming up next. plus, would you look at this -- a car flies straight through the roof of a house. coming up, how the driver got away without a scratch. a homeless man returned a diamond ring to its owner. now, the internet is returning canning like new? you ask a ford customer. when they tell you that you need your oil changed you got to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotated, you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're car here to the ford dealership for service instead of any one of those other places out there.
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>>. >> shep: still time to end the nuclear showdown with iran peacefully. word from the new secretary of state john kerry on his first overseas trip since he started his job. next round is supposed to start tomorrow. secretary kerry with a rhyme that we'll live with for years, he says a diplomatic solution will stay open. >> iran with a nuclear weapon in that region and given all that has happened is simply unacceptable. we have stated that they will not obtain a nuclear weapon. president obama has been crystal clear about this. >> shep: us u.s. and other world powers are offering to ease restrictions on iran if they shut down the uranium enrichment planted. they insist they are enriching urineium only for peaceful
7:21 pm
purposes. not atomic bombs. james rosen is live in berlin traveling with secretary kerry. on the eve of those talks, iran announced a new expansion of the program. >> reporter: that is right. they are declaring to build several more nuclear reactors. u.s. officials serving under kerry is hoping this is bluster aimed at providing the regime with a political cover it might need stow it can engage in earnest nuclear negotiations. aides say they have no faith the talks will stand between the iran and the other foreign nations that sit on the u.n. security council will prove any more fruitful than the last decade of talks. inspectors recently disclosed that iran has installed new centrifuges at the nuclear installations that will help the islamic regime to enrich uranium sufficient for a nuclear weapon.
7:22 pm
>> shep: big meeting in rome about syria? >> there was a scheduled meeting of centerpiece of secretary kerry's nine nation tour. it was slated for rome on thursday. for the last 48 hours it appears it might have been scuttled. this is with syrian rebel leaders. they announced a boycotted citing displeasure from the help they received from washington. then kerry dialed up the syrian head of the council to attend these meetings in rome but listen to secretary kerry. >> the president of the united states has sent me here and sent me to the series of meetings and sent me to rome because he is concerned about the course of events. he is currently evaluating precisely what steps we will take in order to fulfill our obligations to innocent people.
7:23 pm
>> reporter: also at some time, he will hold his first face to face since becoming u.s.'s top diplomat with a russian diplomat. >> shep: massive explosion rattled damascus. a car bomb killed five syrian troops after intense fighting between rebels and regime forces. it follows a series of car bombings last week. this is new sign that the civil war is now threatening to consume one of syrian regime's last strongholdss. the capital city. at minimum, 70,000 men, women and children have died in the two-year conflict. >> we have a date when castro will no longer run the show in cuba after five decades. they will be finished in 2018. that is the word yesterday from
7:24 pm
891-year-old president karul castro. he accepted another five-year term but announced it will his last. he became president when fidel fell ill. 86-year-old former leader has looked frail. yesterday he appeared at the national assembly for the second time. he led the revolution that took over the island nation way back in 1959. u.s. borders could be less secure thanks to washington's latest spending showdown. washington manufactured crisis that doesn't have to happen the distraction for all of us. homeland secretary is talking about and white house is trying to scare americans with four days to cut a deal on mostly a fake issue. lots of americans apparently have their own money troubles. experts say you may look at your credit card bill and bank account. we'll show you why. a woman who killed her boyfriend admitted she lied to police and
7:25 pm
she jodi arias explained why. she still can't explain why she stabbed him 27 times but we'll get to that. her story is coming up as and the top of the news as fox reports tonight. mallonrothers magic? watch this -- alakazam! ♪ male announcer ] staples has always made getting office supplies easy. ♪ another laptop? don't ask.
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♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. >>. >> shep: car flute air and bounced off the house and punched through another home in texas, it happened in houston, the car could have been going as
7:29 pm
fast as 90 miles an hour when it went off road, hit and embankment. people escaped under hurt and driver walked away but then came the job of removing the vehicle. >> we're going to pick it up from there and slide it out of there and straight up and down. >> took crews ten hours to get the car back to the ground. at last report, no word of charges against that driver. a homeless man in kansas city could soon be a billionaire after returning an engagement ring to a woman who had given it to him by mistake. she put it in a her change purse. she later emptied it into the homeless guy's cup. she retraced her steps and he forked it over without hesitation. >> so grateful. >> i could tell exactly how much
7:30 pm
it meant to you when i held it up like that. >> it was almost like it was meant to be. i just hope it results in good things for you. >> the woman and her fiance set up a donation website to repay for his kindness. with 80 days to go,t's already up to nearly $150,000. the homeless man says he isn't looking for any pay day and he was doing what he learned from the grandfather who raised him. >> shep: i'm shepard smith. this is fox report. it's at bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news and fewer federal agents patrolling the border, warning, warning, that is what we're getting from the homeland security secretary j nap nasm. -- janet napolitano. sequestration designed to distract us all from real
7:31 pm
disaster. there is no solution for the elected officials that refuse to compromise. some republicans are accusing the white house of scare tactics. president says the cuts don't have to happen. >> congress is poised to allow series of arbitrary automatic budget cuts to kick in that will slow our economy, eliminate good jobs and leave a lot of folks thinly stretched scrambling to figure out what to do. >> my advice to the president, stop the campaigning. stop scaring the american people roll up sleeves. >> shep: they have four days to go. now, he is about to meet with republicans about sequestration go right? no, they are not meeting about the government created crisis. he will set down with mccain and graham to talk about immigration. ed henry is at the white house. what do we know about this meeting. >> reporter: they will be talking about immigration
7:32 pm
reforms and two key republican players and janet napolitano was siarg up the possibilities of what it will mean. she believes it's ironic she was testifying on capitol hill and all these lawmakers said secure the border. meanwhile, the budget cuts are about to kick in that are actually going to make the border less safe according to her. take a listen. >> people don't want to be less safe or less secure. they want to think securing the borders and enforcing immigration laws and if there is a disaster there could be an effective response. >> reporter: you heard republican bobby jindal one of several governors they think they are scaring the public right now. secretary napolitano says she is not trying to scare the public. she is trying to prepare the public for what looks like an inevitable spending cuts.
7:33 pm
>> shep: they can make it go away immediately. it's like look over here, look over here. the problem is over here and everybody knows it, but they are digging and republicans have a warning. >> they have a warning for speaker boehner. speaker boehner saying the president got increased taxes in the fiscal cliff talks. and republicans like ron johnson the senator from wisconsin today warned the speaker if he gives in on that no new tax pledge, senator johnson predicted that boehner will be knocked out as speaker. >> the president says we need a tax increase to avoid the sequester. you got your tax increase. it's time to cut spending in washington. >> i don't believe that the speaker boehner would be speaker if that happens. i think he would lose his speakership. that would be my own personal
7:34 pm
opinion. >> reporter: and behind me, that is the reason why they believe there is no progress on the budget talks. conservatives like johnson pushing boehner and others not to roam compromise. >> but it's eliminating the loopholes on corporations if we want to be accurate. >> reporter: it's about deductions, but if you and them, somebody's taxes are going up. >> shep: thank you. fears of political gridlock in italy. here is what happened. they have been having all these austerity measures all over europe and you may have noticed they are not working at all. italians rejected that today. analysts say traders are worried the elections that wrapped up could lead up to a divided government and make the debt crisis even worse. dow was down more than 250 points. at the end of the session it was off right at 216. the nasdaq was off and s&p 500
7:35 pm
was off 27. >> quarter of the country has more credit card than emergency savings. half the country does have more emergency cash than credit debt but 24% are in the red and roughly 40% are one emergency away from financial ruin. gerri is here. this is an improvement. >> this is improvement. 55% are doing the right way. can we have more emergency savings than credit card debt. it's men who have more savings than credit card debt. women do not because you guys make more money. i'm not angry or anything. >> shep: you should be. a lot of americans state of uneasy about the economy but all this stuff. >> stagnant wages not happy about the economy, if you have a job. 37% of us are worried about our
7:36 pm
savings. job security down. one bright spot that is net worth, housing prices and that is one good news in all this. >> shep: housing prices going up? >> yes. >> and gas prices, too. they are on a roll. it's like having another tax. >> shep: you can take the subway >> not in omaha. >> shep: woman admit she did kill her lover told the court she repeatedly lied to police. they ripped in jodi arias credibility and called her out for the killing in 2008. >> it was a light right? >> not regarding there on june 4th. >> anything having to do with responsibility in this crime was a lie, correct? >> yes. >> shep: yes, it was like.
7:37 pm
they say she shot travis alexander and stabbed him and slit his throat from ear to ear and she says all that was self-defense. prosecutors calderon eight jealous rage. and the time she tried to commit suicide because it stopped when she and how much it much have hurt the lover a when she jammed the knife into his chest over and over again. trace gallagher and there has been a late development. this jodi arias claims that travis alexander physically assaulted her on four occasions and she broke her finger and choked her unconscious. the problem is prosecutors pointed out she has zero proof, no pictures, no police reports, no medical records at all, but she was keeping a journal at the time.
7:38 pm
on the day she claims sha he was hit in the face, she wrote this about travis alexander. listen. >> he is my best friend in the whole wide world is that what it says? >> whole world. >> best friend in the whole world. >> you are saying about about an individual that just hit you? >> right. >> that speaks against that, doesn't it. >> objection, argumentative. >> reporter: she says she didn't tell anybody about the violence because she didn't want anyone to know. >> shep: so she killed him and she sent the family a letter. >> reporter: an 18 pin h than page letters that included details about how travis alexander was killed and some descriptions of the intruders who she said killed him a male and female. she wrote that letter because if it was her brother she would
7:39 pm
want to know. listen to the prosecutor and watch the reaction of travis alexander's family sitting in court. >> did they deserve that lie? >> i guess not. >> when you say i guess not does that mean you are not sure. are you sure they deserve it or are you sure they did not deserve it? >> i wasn't sure because.... >> you could see the sister shaking her head. the trial is done for today. jodi arias takes the stand for the 11th day tomorrow morning. >> shep: pope benedict is changing vatican rules during his final days leading the catholic church. how that could change. >> out spoken surgeon general
7:40 pm
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>>. >> shep: former surgeon general c. everett koop has died, he was well known in the '80s for drawing attention to public health crisis including aids and smoking. >> he made history as an out outspoken straight fighter for public health. his landmark report labeled smoking as an i diction which started the shift against tobacco. he served under ronald regulate and an george h.w. bush and fought to set the record straight. >> not enough people know there has not been a single confirmed case in which there has been
7:44 pm
transmission of aids from a physician or a nurse or other hospital employee to a patient. >> koop shocked many conservatives by advocating condom use but he was a religions man that never wavered in his opposition to abortion. they said, quote, dr. koop provided a voice to the voiceless. henry waxman said koop saved countless lives through leadership and standing up to powerful special interests like tobacco companies. he was 96 years old. >> shep: in one of his last acts pope benedict xvi has adjusted church law to help speed up picking his own replacement. he announced his plans to retire at the end of this month, the first pontiff to do so in about 600 years. he celebrated the final blessing yesterday in front of tens of thousands of people at st. peter's square.
7:45 pm
he signed a legal document allowing the churches cardinals to meet immediately following his resignation this thursday. lauren green is live in new york. do we know when the conclave is going to start. >> not certain yet. is he amended the rules and only another pope could do that. we will know likely friday. that is when the college of cardinals will begin meeting going over details about the church including scheduling the conclave. anything from march 8th to march 10th. >> shep: lauren, why is it important to move that date? >> if you want a pope by holy week, it had to be done. church law said they couldn't begin 15 days after the papal seated was vacant. to have a sunday installation mass a new pope would have to be
7:46 pm
elected before march 17th. most of recent conclaves have taken two to three days. you have to leave that much time. >> shep: and papal conclave does meet britain's highest catholic leader will apparently not be there. enter scandal, cardinal keith o'brien resigned in scotland amid accusations that he acted inappropriately with several priests. a british newspaper yesterday reported the allegations dated back to the 1980s. he doesn't want any media focused on him so he won't go. according to the vatican historian, no cardinal has ever skipped a conclave due to a personal scandal and topped all the newspapers across great britain today. >> whether you love or hate him, oscar host seth mcfarland brought in the ratings, some 40
7:47 pm
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>>. >> shep: star of the movie zero dark 30 is helping the free a doctor that helped catch osama bin laden. they are calling on other people to promote the doctor's cause. last night at the oscars a couple of them did. dominic. >> let's get background on who the doctor is. he is the man that help the c.i.a. locate bin laden in
7:51 pm
pakistan. he gained access to the compound and dna swabs from him and to the personal could you remember year he got voice prints and new was courier and that led them to the al-qaeda leader. a bunch of campaigners in hollywood who want to make the bin laden movie to help flee him because he is tortured held in jail by the pakistanis. i talked with the lead actress and asked her what should be done. she gave us an emotional answer. >> i think there are hundreds of unsung heroes. i don't think there was only one person that should be credited for it. i'm not a policy maker but i definitely believe that we should do whatever we can to release anyone held that helped
7:52 pm
to try to find him. it breaks my heart. >> reporter: also jason clark he thought was unfair the doctor was still being held. the punishment and fine of $33 million of the aid et gets every year really wasn't enough. the repercussions of the voices from hollywood after echoed all the way to washington already. the california congresswoman issued a statement saying that he plans to release a house resolution that will effectively highlight what the house believed, that he is an american hero. that he ought to be brought back to the united states. that really is going to place the ball firmly to the state department. they will have to say or forced to say what precisely though are doing in terms of trying to free
7:53 pm
dr. afridi. >> the tens of thousands of people turn out for a protest and all of a sudden, dozens of them are hurt when things turn strangely violent. that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. >> spain -- masses of people from students to retirees marched on parliament to protest cutbacks. it started when many of the demonstrators had left the area peacefully, riot police stepped in when some protestors lit trash containers on fire. 40 people hurt including 12 officers. >> a teen crashed his car into a swimming pool in sydney. cops had to get a crane to lift the car out of the pool. nobody got hurt. but the teen could face intelligence driving charges. >> austria, a skiing competition right in the middle of a famous
7:54 pm
spa town. 22 skiers from ten countries battled it out. organizers say it took nearly 800 truckloads of snow to build the course. a canadian won and second title since 2007. >> china, a robot waiter serving up food at a small restaurant in a southern province. the owner of the place he designed to it attract business during the annual lantern festival. the robot can only handle dishes weighing up to about a pound and that is wrap on a fox trip around the world. >> shep: you probably saw the crash at daytona 500. what nascar will try to do to protect fans in the future. we'll have that next. out here ,
7:55 pm
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>>. >> shep: nascar is reportedly planning safety reviews after the crash. it happened on saturday during the race. 32 car went airborne after the pile-up. nascar reports it is looking into how the fence safer. a similar wreck back in 2009 caused similar injuries. yesterday's daytona went off fine. danica patrick started first and finished 8th, and tv ratings were up, up 30% over the last year. top stories, an attorney for the oil giant bp blames the other company that worked on the deepwater horizon rig for the critical mistakes that led to the oil disaster. >> another round of blinding snow and extreme winds moving
7:59 pm
into the midwest after blasting the texas panhandle. president obama set to meet with republican senators tomorrow -- the topic the budget cuts -- immigration. >> and on this day 1949, reopen ert mitchum walked off a prison farm after serving for possession of marijuana. he was one of the biggest actors in hollywood and known for his rolls but in september of 1949 he was at a party in the laurel canyon in los angeles and cops busted in just he is was smoking a joint. they hauled him away. the actor said the arrest would end his career as well as his marriage. a judge sentenced him to 60 days in jail and probation. it did little to hurt his reputation


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