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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 25, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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owsequious. and remember, the spin stops here in l.a. and that's why we're looking out for you. >> sean: welcome to "hannity," tonight four days are all that remain before the 85 billion dollars in automatic spending cuts kick into effect and president obama spent his weekend trying to avoid the sequester. no, of course not. instead of leading, the obama administration decided it's time, would best be spent highlighting how the sequester would impact each of the 50 states. what the white house failed to mention and the media won't cover, yet again, is that president obama and his left wing cohorts, they are the reason that this country is in this mess to begin with. and now, the white house is trying to vilify republicans, they're heartless, they're budget cutters, firing teachers and first responders
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and kids don't get immunizations and republicans are going to shut down schools and let criminals go. earlier today, the house leadership responded and tried to put some sanity in the numbers into perspective. >> the president's only idea to solve a problem is to take more of the hard working taxpayers. >> and that's let's put the sequester into perspective, it's 85 billion dollars. we have a spending problem in washington, we borrow more than a trillion. we roughly borrow 85 billion dollars every 28 days. so what we're looking to do is cut less than what we borrow in one month. not what we spend, but what we borrow. this is not time for a road show president. this is a time to look for someone who will lead and work with us, 'cause we're willing to work with them to solve america's problem. >> all right, now, congressman mccarthy is absolutely correct. there will be a slight economic impact, but it will not put this country in dire straits. now, let me explain, the total
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government spending for the 2013 fiscal year is projected to be 3.6 trillion dollars, which means the sequester cuts would only be a reduction of 2.4%. now, let's compare this to the national debt. which now sits at an alarming, a staggering 16.6 trillion dollars. and the sequester cuts are only 1/2 of 1% of that number. now, the administration, they refuse to look at the big picture or try to confront the real economic problems that are facing the country. our kids, our grandkids, they're going to be paying the price for this for years to come. as of today. if americans were asked to reach deeper into their pockets and help pay off the national debt each of you watching this program and every american would owe almost $53,000. it's depickable and frankly immoral to be is stealing from future generations, what americans need to realize as they listen to the president and you'll be whining all week about this as he tries to pin this mess on the republicans,
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it was under his watch that the annual federal budget jumped 19% since he stepped food inside the oval office and joining me now to talk about what lies ahead before the sequester deadline, strikes, midnight on friday, democratic new york congressman meaks and jeb with texas. congressman meaks, do you care about children? >> i love children. >> sean: i love children, i might be a grandpa one day at the rate i'm going, many years down the line of course, we borrow as a country, congressman, 46 cents of every dollar you guys are spending this washington. 46 cents of every dollar we spend we borrow, 16 1/2 trillion dollars in debt. and don't you think that there's something immoral about stealing from those kids? they're going to be the ones paying that back, is that wrong? is that wrong? >> listen, number one, when
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the republicans were in control, that's he when we had all of this-- >> no, no, no is that wrong today-- is that wrong to steal from our kids's piggy banks? >> we're not. >> we're not stealing, what we got into a couple of wars that we shouldn't have been in and we have to pay-- >> obama and now says a trillion in debt and not getting away with this congressman. >> shaun, what we need to do is to make sure that everybody in america pays-- has their fair share. >> yeah. >> got to finish your sentence for you. >> so, we need to-- i'm with democrat do we need to cut some spending, absolutely. but do we need to raise some revenue? in 76% of americans, democrats and republicans, agree with that. >> okay. >> now, let me ask you, congressman because this is important because the congress meaks wouldn't answer, is it amoral and wrong to steal money from future generations? your take?
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we have over a trillion dollars in debt every year. >> listen, absolutely. i've got a nine-year-old and my son is turning on thursday. this is not just an economic question, it's a moral question, it's a gentlemen of generational theft. at what point do you quit spending money you don't have. if we continue on this trajectory, the one that the president and the democrats have put us on, you know, our children are going to be competing for fewer jobs, with shrinking paychecks, and you know, living in smaller, older homes and they're going to be confined to small dreams, we are he' on the verge of being the first generation in america's history to leave the less generation with less freedom, fewer opportunities and a lower standard of living and that's frankly immoral. >> well, george bush did give us 4 trillion dollars in debt in eight years, obama's 6 trillion in four years. >> now, the following democrats, steny hoyer, nancy pelosi, and tom harkin and even the president today say we don't have a spending
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problem. let's go to the videotape and see if congressman meaks agrees with that. >> folks who think that spending is our biggest problem should be really concerned about anybody improving our infrastructure right now. >> i want to disagree with those who say we have a spending problem. >> if we're so rich, why are we so broke. >> is it a spending problem? no. >> the country have a spending problem? >> does the country have a spending problem? >> yes. >> the country has a paying for it problem. we haven't paid for what we bought. we haven't paid for our tax cuts. we haven't paid for-- >> and so, it is almost a false argument to say we have a spending problem. we have a budget deficit problem that we have to address. >> we're spending, congressman, a trillion more dollars a year than we take in. >> is there had a spending problem? what's your answer to that? >> we're still paying on the debt that george bush created. >> and i'm asking you about today. >> george bush-- >> today, the credit card. >> do we have a spending problem? >> today, we have to--
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we have to pay back the debt and deficit. that's what we've got-- >> we've got obama's debt. and. >> stop, stop. >> you've got a credit card, i've got a question for you, we've got a spending problem today. and yes or no? it's not a hard question. >> we have a debt problem. >> we have a debt problem. we don't have a spending problem today? >> we have a debt problem. >> and we have a debt problem. and we have to pay our bills. >> all right, but we're borrowing 46 cents of every dollar. >> the deficit is the symptom, it is spending that is the disease. i mean, over the last ten years, federal spending has almost doubled in the economy and only increased about 15 to 16% and working families, they have the income increase at all. it is a spending problem. and right now, the president's taking spending from 20% of the economy to about 25 and it's on its way to 40. i mean, at this spending trajectory, working families are going to have tax rates
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that will make france's new socialist president blush, can't do it. >> congressman, just heard the chairman say i agree maybe by working families and mr. chairman, we're going to agree that we need to raise the minimum wage for working families so that they can have and earn more money and that's something that i think that we can agree upon, what i'd like to do-- >> what we actually need is maximum opportunity and we're not going to get maximum student when your party and this president taxes small businesses, when we put crushing regulatory burdens like obamacare and dodd frank on them and-- >> and can we agree to the minimum wage? >> and i have the last question. >> we're not talking about the-- >> and how to word it. >> an opportunity. >> we want opportunity and you're-- >> so you don't care that-- you're giving the opportunity away, to the average week, getting an increased wages because you just said it. >> congressman, it've got a question, a question for you.
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>> let's not bankrupt our children. >> sean: i've got a question for you. congressman meaks, barack obama has given us 6 trillion dollars in new debt. he said that george bush's 4 trillion was irresponsible and unpatriotic. by definition, is he irresponsible and unpatriotic? >> well, has to pay george bush's debt. talk to me about the debt cut that was taken care of, when the republicans control the house, the senate, and the presidency. >> and time to go with-- >> and sit at the table and take responsibility and george bush is out of office five years. and you've got to grow up, and-- >> going to say. >> he's given a trillion dollar deficits, not george bush. george bush never gave obama the deficit. >> and president obama, president obama-- amassed more debt in four years than the previous. you can't escape that. >> under president obama we created jobs every month, and-- >> fewer americans working. >> losing $800,000 jobs.
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and we were gaining with this economy is recovering under president obama. >> thank you both. and they're unemployed and-- >> senator rand paul will join me for a live in studio interview, that's coming up, first with the help of the new york times, yes, you heard me right. we will reveal next the truth about the obama sequester. in other words, it was his idea, and you'll find out exactly why the president proposed the measure in the first place and robert gibbs admits he was instructed by the most transparent administration to lie to reporters about the administration's drone program. that's straight ahead. [ indistinct conversations ]
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>> welcome back to "hannity." the show called paper record whether knowingly or not has exposed the real reason why president obama was so supportive of sequestration back in 2011. an article reads quote, that reality also disclosed what republicans and some democrats say was a major miscalculation on the part of president obama. and he agreed to set up the automatic cuts 18 months ago, because he believed the threat of sharp reductions in military spending would be enough to force republicans to a deficit reduction plan that included the tax increases that he favored. so, it's safe to say that president obama thought he could not only trick republicans, but that he could once again raise your taxes with this plan. well, good thing the administration waited until after the election was over for all of this to happen and
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joining me now is reaction, former miss misgovernor haley barber. and you had to balance your budget, governor. right? in your state? >> of course you did. had to have a balanced budget every year and one of those years because of the recession, physical year '09. i had to cut spending 9.4% in one year. >> and were you able to do it and the children survived and vaccinations continued and granies weren't kicked out of their homes? >> i have to tell you that like the sequester, we had to cut each 9.4%. we were not allowed to do a lot of of-- to do a lot of picking and choosing, but we managed, and frankly sean, nobody noticed. >> that's the amazing thing, we're going to spend more this year, governor than we spent last year, but, the presideseem be purposely trying to scare the living day lights out of the american people. kids won't get the i am nun
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sayin-- immunizations and the military is decimated and the economy suffered. and why do you think he's going to do that. >> scare people and cause the republicans to fold. there's a part that you talk about that's scarier than you say. because they're so politically invested in scaring people, the administration has every interest in making the skwout come as bad as possible. and if they're out there crying wolf with their hair on fire and two weeks from now, nobody can tell the difference, then that's a big flop. so every bureaucrat in washington knows, you better not make this easy, we want it to be terrible and everything they're saying is it's going to be terrible, going to be terrible, if it it doesn't turn out to be terrible, it'd be politically hurt. that bothers people and that bothers me. >> i don't like to be lied to and i don't like the american people to be scared unnecessarily. >> to me, we've got to think
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about the kids whose piggy banks we're cracking open and taking their pennies out of. i played earlier and the democrats say we don't have a spending problem and steny hoyer, tom harkin, president obama, nancy pelosi, they said the same thing, this joe biden said americans no longer are worried about the economy, here is what he said. >> they're no longer traumatized by what was a traumatizing event. that great collapse of 2008. they're no longer worried, i think about our economy being overwhelmed, either by europe at large, the eu or china somehow swallowing up here bit of innovation that exists in the world and they're no longer, i think, worried about our, our economy being overwelcomed beyond our shores. but, and i don't think there's no, there is he' very little doubt in any circles out there. about america's ability to be in a position to lead the
9:18 pm
world in the 21st century, not only in terms of our foreign policy, our incredible defense establishment, but economically. >> governor, fewer americans are working, the last quarter the economy just contracted and we've got 50 million americans on food stamps and 6 trillion in new debt. and what alternate university is crazy uncle joe living in here? >> let's just say i wouldn't characterize it the way he said it. the fact of the matter is that most american families have done worse in the obama, quote, recovery than they did during the the recession. and median family income went down $1500 during the the recession itself, and then went down another $2500 during the obama recovery. the health insurance framers were shot up since we adopted obamacare and this idea that we're going to scare people to death over the sequester, as you know, sean, the sequester
9:19 pm
is a ten year program. currently the law says we would spend without the sequester, 46 trillion dollars over those ten years. and with the sequester, we're going to spend 44.8 trillion dollars over those ten years. the american people think if you can't save that over ten years, we've got the wrong people running the government. and they're right about that. >> i think they're about, you know, let me play one other thing and the president lives a pretty extravagant life style since he's been in the white house and the media cares about, they don't care about the chinese hacking us and chinese flying over guam on inauguration day, they want a picture of president and tiger. and everybody has to give up something and i want to give you a question about that. >> we've got to have additional revenue, so we have an approach in which there's shared sacrifice and everybody is giving up something. >> how about the president give up maybe a few hours on that $180,000 an hour plane
9:20 pm
that we paid for? >> look, the president is not helping himself by jetting around. but look, let's talk about what the truth is. we don't have a trillion dollar plus deficit in every one of the last four years 'cause we tax too little. it's 'cause we spend too much and they're taxing proposals are so strained, now they want a new form of the alternative minimum tax, yet for the last 15 years the democrats in congress, every year have passed legislation to keep the current alternative minimum tax from going into a fit. what, they have a very punitive idea about taxation that's got nothing to do with funding the government, it's got everything to do with quote, fairness that people who are successful should be punished and that the government knows better how to spend their money than the people who made the money know. >> all right. governor, good to see you as
9:21 pm
always, thanks for being with us. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: and coming up next, when i went through the process of becoming press secretary. one of the first things they told me, air not even to acknowledge the drone program. >> it was the spokesperson of the president who claims to be the most transparent in our history. why is robert gibbs now admitting he was instructed to lie to american reporters? we're to debates that serious question next and later, hollywood gets a big thank you from the obamas as the first lady makes a surprise appearance at last night's oscars and we're going to reveal how much that cameo cost by examining how much the actors and actresses in attendance donated to the obama reelection campaign and by the way, the stars, $47,000 of free stuff and a lot of armed security guards there, but they often want you not to have your second amendment rights. we'll debate it. going on vac, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons.
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>> former white house press secretary robert gibbs has a new job as a paid analyst for nbc news and they're working hand in hand. the former spokesman for the most transparent administration in history made news yesterday when he was asked about ducking a question for major garrett concerning
9:26 pm
the unmanned drone. >> and when i was the press secretary. one of the first things they told me, you're not to acknowledge the drone program and you're not even to discuss that it exists. and so, i would get a question like that and literally, i couldn't tell you what mange asked because once i figured out it was about the drone program, i realize i'm not supposed to talk about it, and here is what's inherently crazy about that proposition, you're being asked a question based on reporting of a program that exists, right. >> all right, so much for transparency, you take a look how the president ended his meeting with the national governor's association earlier this morning. >> so, i looked forward to our partner, with that, what i want to do is clear out the press so we can take some questions, all right? >> thank you. >> clear out the press, we can ask some questions, you wouldn't want the press to hear any questions na the nation's governors might have. >> joining he knme now with
9:27 pm
reaction, democratic strategist. you might remember this tape, the president said quite often most transparent administration in history. watch this. >> this is the most transparent administration in history and i can document how that's the case. everything from every visitor that comes into the white house is now part of the public record, that's something that we changed. >> why would you tell your press secretary the lie? why? >> well, the first part of your question. hello, sean, by the way. the first part of the question you talk do i remember? i also remember ronald reagan acting like he couldn't hear the press and i remember george bush doing the same thing and this is the most transparent administration. and with mr. gibbs i don't think that we have to tell the american public everything. don't you want relative protections from people who want to hurt us, seems to me
9:28 pm
we need to do that. >> sean: i know that your side is just obsessed with going back to the bush administration and help you out here. george bush did go to the congress and did get the authorization for use of force in iraq and afghanistan and we debated publicly the use of enhanced interrogation for use against our enemies and this president bombs libya without permission of congress nor seeking it and this president is using a drone program not seeking permission or telling the american people. and that doesn't seem transparent to me. >> i don't recall president bush doing that proactively. i believe that he was asked to do this. he was almost forced to do it by the american people and by members of congress, and i don't remember him doing this proactively on the president obama side. >> and-- >> you know, it was debated once he basically had, was force today show his hand relative to that. i don't think he was going to do it on his own. >> let me ask you this
9:29 pm
question. >> president obama said that national security is first. >> i'm going to give you two choices as fair as i could possibly be. >> because the left, including the president, said that enhanced interrogation was against our values. he went to egypt and apologized to the country. i will end torture, he said. so if i give michael brown as a friend of mine, by the way, these are not real choices, hypothetically, i'm going to say you get to be, you get enhanced interrogation or you get a drone strike on your head. and you only have those two choices, which do you choose? >> i choose-- >> i know what i choose? >> what would you choose, sean? , i choose enhanced interrogation and i'm not going to choose the drone strike on my head. although that would make some liberals happy. >> but i think that's the last resort and everyone will agree that any kind of military action is always the last resort. >> what's your choice? >>, but the question is, we also, we also are a humane society as well and that's why there was so much outrage relative to some tactics that
9:30 pm
were used before. >> you've got to answer my question for me to follow up. play along just which would you choose? >> we all would choose the military accent as the last resort. >> wait a minute, there have been thousands of people killed, including children, by the way, by obama's use of drone strikes, so, for the very people that claim to be outraged. this is so against our values, now, i favor enhanced interrogation, and drone strikes against our enemies, i do, i think it's the right thing to do on the war on terror, but the president that said that this was against our values, that then dropped bombs on people, and innocent children are getting killed sometimes, i see hypocrisy here, tell me where i'm out of line. >> i don't think you're necessarily out of line, sean, you think, but anytime you're in an issue related to terrorist attacks and what we're trying to do to defend americans, you also want to put our soldiers in at least risk as possible and that's what drones do, air not putting anyone's life at risk. >> i love the technology, but
9:31 pm
the point is, you can't be against enhanced interrogation and be for drone strikes and intellectually consistent. the president's not intellectually consistent and not transparent about what he's doing. >> frankly, he's absolutely consistent and-- >> just drop a bomb on their head? >> he's probably going to go down as one of the best policy leaders in this country's history. president bush acted like he was the best. he will come in as the probably in the basement and president obama will be in the penthouse. >> the only difference is that, you know, obama's complaining about waterboarding, how it's so against the american values, but he'll drop bomb on people's heads and use unmanned drones to do so and sometimes get it wrong as it has. which by the way, i understand can happen. >> which is a war on terror and-- >> better than-- >> and that's one of the unintended consequences of war though, sean. >> i don't know why i like you so much, but i do. >> that's why nobody likes it it. >> i like you. >> sean, i like you, too, sean. >> and would absolutely keep drones away from where you are. >> all right.
9:32 pm
i appreciate you saying that, thank you. >> coming up next, senator rand pall up next, right here live in our new york studio and we'll talk about the sequester, does rand paul think about running for president and how much did hollywood pay michelle obama. we crunched the numbers and wait until you hear how much they donated to the president's reelection campaign and by the way, we want to hear from you tonight. so log on to our special companion site right now, hannity live. and follow the show and share your thoughts on the program and tell me you want to see me waterboarded or see me with the drone strike. go to hannity take her car. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... go(mom) i rais my son to bester! careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe...
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9:37 pm
but is there any truth to the reports and can the sequester be avoided? joining me now in the studio to help answer the questions and more, kentucky senator rand paul. how have you been? >> welcome to new york. >> yeah, and the big apple tonight. i don't know about the city, i'm a smalltown guy from kentucky. >> be careful, if you're carrying a gun or anybody with you, you're only allowed seven bullets. >> i was more worried about the big gulp, it was a 16 ounce drink and afraid your mayor is going to arrest me. >> actually they're going after the restaurants, that's crazy. >> you know what that frustrates me, the average wealth of the average american in the last five years has gone down 22%. and everybody out there watching this program for the most part has had to make decisions to cut spending. and we're going to spend as much this year, pretty much, that was spent last year, and the president is scaring the living day lights out of the country. i think, why can't we make even a base--
9:38 pm
why can't we keep the budget the same? if we can't cut this little bit about and this is the cut in the increase, i'm worried will we move forward? are we destined for bankruptcy in this country if we can't cut the rate of growth. that' what we're talking about. 1.10 trillion in cuts over ten years. >> for growth. >> so every year, we have the thing called baseline budgeting and i'll let you explain it to people. >> the budget is going up. several percentage points a year and we're slowing down the rate of growth. and now, in the first year, there's a little bit of dip in spending, and some budgets they want to look at, but interestingly, all of these budgets went up 17%, under obama and now they're going to come down 2.6% and still above when he came it into office and i present add plan it that would allow us to do this without any layoffs. we have 100,000 people who retire every year, don't replace them. he we pay federal employees 16% more than private
9:39 pm
employees, equallize the pay. cut out half of the foreign aid and boom, you've got your sequester and nobody not laid off. i was disappointed, you have an amendment that would have prevented the u.s. from, we're paying for the f-16's and tanks and 1.5 billion, going to morsi, the muslim brotherhood, the leader of egypt. and why didn't more republicans worry about that? >> i lost the majority of the republicans and we had 19 votes and making some progress and lost the democrats and secretary kerry this coming before the confirmation, wouldn't you like to see that, and see if the muslim brotherhood becomes more scary, less stable or if they're in power for a year before you send the planes and the argument. we're sending them to the military and that's not morsi. but morsi fired the military. >> and yes, the head of the military now is a morsi appointee, i don't know what
9:40 pm
they're saying, but i think it's foolish and dangerous and weapons might be used against israel. how do you go up against the president that's a demagogue. >> this is the latest in georgia, 4,180 fewer people will get measles, mumps, rubella. and in new york, disadvantaged vulnerable children can lose child care, what about the children that are going to have to pay the money back? >> here is what we should say. number one, mr. president the sequester was your idea and number two, you're making those cuts. because we've offered other cuts. i told him yesterday, there's some gold fish that we've been spending 5 million on research on gold fish to see how they interact collectively and democratly. they spent a million and a half on important stuff. >> a million and a half on rollup beef jerky, 300,000 on dog kennels and 100,000 on comedians we sent to india. the list goes on and on and on and you're basically saying there is he' another way to do this. >> the president wants to
9:41 pm
demagogue it and portray republicans as hating children, grandma and wanting poison air and water and all of that stuff. i don't think that the republicans is been effected in combatting this language, these tactics of the president. and the democrats, what can they do better? >> well, they need to be less afraid and they need to come forward and say we can survive the sequester, we can do the sequester without layoffs if you'll actually target the sequester towards waste in government. there's 100 billion dollars in our government spending that is unaccounted for. they do not know where it was spent. >> 100 million? >> 100 billion. >> unaccounted for. >> did it disappear? >> well, it's improperly spent. they're not sure exactly where it's spent. >> and that's just great to hear, it gives me confidence. >> yeah, i think the national defense is the most important thing we do in washington, it's a constitutional duty, however, the pentagon should be audited. some estimated 25 billion in savings by auditing it. i'm for it. even on the sequester talk about 800,000 civilians are going to be laid off from the
9:42 pm
pentagon. i don't believe it because the pentagon is increasing their budget as a result of this. in terms of real dollars. let me ask you this, i see four senate stars, you're one of them. and you, marco, ted cruz and mike lee seem to be the strong conservative voices that i look to to bring some sanity back to washington. now, are you all friends. >> yep, we have lunch together a couple times a week. >> and and with the whole crew and we eat together and we get along and work on different issues together and i see a lot of the freshness being new members in the senate, and the system beats you down and that's why i'm a big believer in term limits. we need more rollover, more turnover because after you've been there for a while it's hard to have the energy it takes to combat government, it's hard to combat that government. >> a lot of speculation, you might run for president. >> i know it's early, but seems you are thinking about it. i think the country is seeing, and the republican party in
9:43 pm
particular, that we're not doing very well in new england or on the west coast and i think we may need a different type of republican, a libertarian republican leanings. >> you view yourself as a libertarian. >> and a lot of different labels, but someone who can appeal to independents, who says, look, i believe in a strong natural defense and don't have to be involved in every war around the world and the government has a prerogative to tell you, yes, it's not good for you to use drugs, if you make a mistake, and on immigration, we need to embrace immigrants. my family came. i'm the grandson or great great grandson of immigrations and i think the four of you can have an impact on the country and interesting to watch this unfold. and no more than seven bullets and can't have more than 16 ounces of coke. >> i don't know how i'm going to make it, sean. >> sean: and you don't get
9:44 pm
salt if you go a restaurant on the table. >> down how many bullets an average policeman says, five bullets. what if you're not a policeman. >> sean: if your hand is shaking. >> better not have to reload if they're breaking into your house. >> sean: and michelle obama makes an appearance at the oscars, and some of the violent movies. you think there's hypocrisy and a man wielding a meat cleaver taking down some of the bravest. we've got shocking footage and why two fdny firefighters are now the toast of the town in new york. straight ahead. citrucel is different- it's the only fiber for regularity that won't cause excess gas. it's gentle and clinically proven to help restore and maintain regularity. look for citrucel today.
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>> welcome back to "hannity." obama's obsession with hollywood was unfolded at academy awards when first lady michelle obama presented an oscar and she prioritize getting ready to celebrate some of the hollywood's most violent gun movies, what better way to thank the liberals in hollywood to support her husband's reelection. the most anticipated soiree of
9:49 pm
the year and hollywood insiders did give the obama campaign 6 million dollars before the election. here with reaction, a democratic strategist, bernard whitman and the republican strategist-- >> good to see you. >> i don't care that she attended, that's not what bothers, i cannot watch that without getting nauseated at, you know, this self-congratulatory and wearing this gown. what about everybody who works hard. what about their oscars? >> what about the hypocrisy. why can we not just have entertainment, sean, anymore, without politics, like hillary and bill clinton and-- >> why do we have the culture of worship and who cares what dress somebody is working and who cares about the limousine? >> it's about voting. and a lot of people who don't watch fox and cnn. a lot of people watch the desperate house wives and reality shows and vote. >> sean: honey boo boo. >> and the culture and you vote. >> sean: let's get real. the oscar are a celebration of
9:50 pm
movies. >> why don't we celebrate moment builders. >> the reason why you're ticked of off you wish that you had a candidate that had as much support from the number of celebrities and the type of celebrities that barack obama does. >> that's not true. >> the reason why you don't, you're assuming something that's not true. >> we do have someone like that chris christie. >> and best actors nomination. >> sean: stop putting words in my mouth. i don't put hollywood stars on a pedestal. people get up every morning and take care of their kids and pay their taxes and obey the laws and build houses and great lawyers and save people's lives and doctors, and don't get the hollywood stream and the star treatment and get to hang out with the obamas. >> look, and with the movies, sean, there's nothing better than celebrating movies and nothing wrong and-- >> admire the brain surgeons, too. >> they contribute millions of dollars and help to spread the president's message and the reason why you're ticked off because you wish you had people who supported your guys.
9:51 pm
>> and you sound like a broken record and you're wrong. i i told you that's not true and hollywood would celebrate. >> lets me throw something on the screen. let's look at the taxpayer subsidies, the rich people that obama demonizes and argo, by the way, a great movie. i liked it, get this. the taxpayers subsidy from california, 6.21 million dollars, let's see, lincoln. another good movie. 3.5 million. silver linings, jennifer lawrence was so much better in the hunger games. 5.6 million bucks. "django unchained." 8.4 million. wait a minute, what about the tax loopholes for the rich buddies in hollywood. >> and there's way to do it right and wrong. and new york state gets 2 billion dollars in direct activity out of less than half a billion dollars. that's a great return. >> new york city. >> what about the small business guy. >> and mayor bloomberg is a
9:52 pm
contractor. >> and who would-- >> and this cost trickles down to, have you not realized how much movie tickets are? this trickles down. these tax breaks trickle down to the middle class to consumers and they have to-- >> wait a minute. >> tens of thousands of jobs. >> what about the contractor, the plumber, the lawyer, the doctor that actually saves lives. >> excuse me, they don't get a penny, they don't get any tax breaks, and they get demonized by obama. >> those tax breaks are benefitting jobs and a doctor generates jobs. >> and the gas station, the hardware stores, down how much economic activity is generated. >> down how rich those hollywood actors are with the expensive gowns and necklaces. >> and the people onset. this is hypocrisy, because the hollywood stars are standing out, backing obama and his policy saying you know what? i'll pay more taxes and pay more taxes at the same time they're in line to get the tax credits and tax breaks. >> let me ask you a question,
9:53 pm
how does obama go out there with a clear conscious, we've got the get the tax and they've got to pay their fair share. >> i'll tell you why, he's a community organizer at heart and here is the difference, sean. if he were to have managed the community center and maybe he would be used to paying bills and making a budget and having a deadline and knowing what it is to operate a business. instead, he was a community organizers and he was not in charge of-- >> hang on a second. let me finish. hang on a second. >> if you-- she said something that's profound. >> and you're dealing with the-- >> and except his friends in hollywood that give him money-- >> it's chicago pay to play and-- >> no, it's not politics. >> it's politics. >> and at times like this of with the question. spent a half-- >> one last question. what about giving those tax breaks to every american and not just the elite few that give to obama? >> we're talking about giving
9:54 pm
tax breaks to companies that are generating. >> i'm asking you again, why not give it to everybody? >> because everybody is not creating jobs. >> relating to obama. >> check mate. thank you. >> and a man armed with a meat cleaver, assault his wife in broad daylight. thankfully some firefighters were this to take them down. fire surveillance camera and play you the chilling footage coming up next. not what you . it's a phoenix with 4 wheels. it's a hawk with night vision goggles. it's marching to the beat of a different drum. and where beauty meets brains. it's big ideas with smaller footprints. and knowing there's always more in the world to see. it's the all-new lincoln mkz.
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plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. >> i heard a xhoergs and it's-- it's a commotion and a man dragging her by the arm and she was crying and screaming. >> that was a horrific scene that unfold the on a city street. and jose ortiz was one of two
9:59 pm
firefighters to witness a crazed man in broad daylight 10:30 in the morning on sunday and things spiraled out of control when the assailant pulled out a meat cleaver and began striking the woman. listen. >> he pulled it out of his waistband and started hacking at this woman. i rush him. i'm trying to grab the cleaver, but he's swinging. >> now the ensuing struggle between the crazed man and the firefighters, jose ortiz and james trainer was on a security camera and new york's bravest put their lives on the line in order to subdue the attacker until the police arrived. the 28-year-old man has been charged with attempted murder and remains behind bars at this hour and the wife according to the new york post is listed in critical condition at a new york area hospital, but she is thankfully expect today survive and thanks to the horrific actions of the new york city fire department and


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