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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 16, 2013 6:00am-8:59am EDT

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onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. join today and find out why over 1 million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. >> good morning. today is tuesday, april 16. i'm megyn kelly in for gretchen carlson. >> brand-new video of yesterday's terrorist attacks on american streets. three are dead, 144 reported hurt in boston after two bombs exploded near the finish line in the boston marathon. we are live with brand-new developments overnight. >>steve: police and bomb squads working through the night to try to figure out what happened already have at least one lead. a saudi student being called a person of interest today, plus a search of a home in revere,
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massachusetts. we've got the latest. >>brian: when most people ran away from the explosion, these guys ran into the explosion. the national guard heroes who were there to watch and make sure nothing went wrong but put their lives on the line when something did go wrong. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: welcome to a special edition of "fox & friends" on this tuesday morning. megyn joins us. thanks very much, big day. >>megyn: got up early. unfortunately there is plenty to cover. want to get to the news in our fox news alert. >>steve: we've got new chilling video taken by a runner that catches the incredible force of the first blast. here he is, the finish line is up there. >>brian: running for four hours. >>steve: and then this happened.
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[sound of explosion] >> some thought it was some sort of celebratory fire work. but then people started running away and people were dropping and you could hear the screams as the bomb ripped through the crowd,. three people including an eight-year-old boy are now dead, and more than 140 others wounded. >> everybody just running and screaming saying it was a bomb. i mean, everybody was crying and trying to call and wondering where their families were. it was really, really sad. >> i fell to the ground again. people running, you were getting trampled and stuff. >> all of a sudden there was a huge, massive blast. we all just stood there and went that didn't sound good. you could see people panic with their hands over their mouths and really, really shocked. >> it was horrible. traumatizing. i don't know how to explain it. >>steve: a fellow by the name of tom kenny,
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43-year-old army vet, just crossed the finish line, recently back from afghanistan said it sounded like an i.e.d. went off. then 12 seconds later -- >>megyn: that video we played captured the audio more than the other video we have. it makes you realize how many of them must have known immediately what it was because that does not sound like a firecracker or fireworks. that sounds devastating, and it was. >>brian: bomb experts say look at the white powder that surrounded it. it shows to them that it could have been a lot worse. they say when they saw the white smoke, not the black smoke, it reminded them of an i.e.d., an improvised explosion. >>steve: they say because it's the white smoke, it could be indicative of commercially available explosive like mostly cloudyless -- cloudless gun powder. they're trying to figure out was it a pipe bomb? how did it get there?
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because there is a bank on the corner there are a lot of cameras. >>brian: two members of the homeland security committee say this looks like the mark of al qaeda. we have brand-new details in the f.b.i.'s investigation. first let's go downtown in boston. >> the sun is just beginning to rise over the city of boston, a much different city, a quiet city this morning, almost eerie to see boylston street behind me and this morning it still looks like a marathon happened here yesterday. streets are still a mess, papers are everywhere. that area is in lockdown. the business district not reopening today. that remains a crime scene as a terrorist investigation continues right now here on the streets of boston. this event happened just a little bit before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. that's when really the height of the marathon, the elite runners had long
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since finished about two hours earlier. so the people that were crossing the finish line were many of them charity runners, were here to raise money for leukemia, for the liver foundation, for all the various things that people raise money for in the course of the 26 miles, plus they're running. as they were crossing the finish line, it was family members that were waiting there at the finish lines. so the area was packed with children, with elderly people waiting for their loved ones to cross that finish line. that's the reason these incredible amount of people that were hurt over the course of these two intentional explosions, more than 140 people injured, catastrophic injuries, many limbs lost. we have reports from the local hospitals of eardrums being blown out, shrapnel wounds, incredibly devastating injuries. here on the streets of boston there is a heightened sense of vigilance. we're constantly seeing the police circling by, military here on site. governor deval patrick is asking people to remain
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vigilant throughout the day. take a listen. >> we're asking everyone be on a state of heightened vigilence. that is really required of everyone. please report suspicious packages or parcels, suspicious activity to local law enforcement. >> he also warns there could be people randomly searching bags throughout the city of boston, particularly if you're riding the boston transit system in the city, going from place to place. boston is open for business. people ka go to work with the exception of these many blocks that are shut down where the actual explosions occurred but there will be a heightened sense of vigilance. there is a possibility you could be stopped and there could be questions asked of you. if you are here in the area, they are asking you to call in any suspicious activity. it is the f.b.i. that is in charge of this investigation that has been taken over, of course, by the feds, by the federal government. that is who is in charge of this at this point in time. they are asking anyone to call with any little bit of
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information that you may have if you were anywhere near the scene where these explosions occurred. pieces of video -- they say no piece of information is too small. megyn, steve, brian. >>brian: ocean avenue and revere, is that anywhere near where you are? >> we're not particularly that close to revere. we're downtown boston, a little bit farther away. we have reports an apartment building has been searched there, an apartment has been searched in relation to this investigation to let you know this investigation is still unfolding. >>steve: thank you very much. >>brian: seemed to be a vacant amendment. we go live to washington following the f.b.i. search for whoever is responsible for this terror attack. anything more on the saudi that is in the hospital being treated for burns? >> still questioning him and he is cooperating. we'll get to that a little bit more in the body of this piece. the white house is ascribing the boston marathon bombing as an act of terror, senior administration officials telling fox news -- quote
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-- "when multiple devices go off, that is an act of terrorism. the senior administration official telling fox news moments after the president delivered a statement to the press corps deliberately did not use the word "terror" because at the time he was still looking at the facts but the president did vow his administration would help state and local authorities get to the bottom of this. >> we still do not know who did this or why. and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. but make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this. and we will find out who did this. we'll find out why they did this. answer responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> with that, the f.b.i. is now looking for those responsible for this. they are leading the criminal investigation. the f.b.i. and boston police are telling people to call down with any possible leads to help determine who is behind the
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act of terror. no lead, they say, is too small and that a hospital in boston investigators questioned a saudi national who had been tackled by people near the scene of the bombings. he reportedly was running away from the scene, has a leg injury and burns on his body. a federal source tells fox news the man is a student, around 20 to 21 years old. he is reportedly cooperating with authorities and is not being described as a suspect at this time. fox news is told that the man is here on a student visa. >> i want to stress one thing. the orpblg national suspect -- the original suspect at brigham and women's hospital, there are people we are talking to, but there is no suspect at brigham and women's hospital as has been widely reported in the press. i'd like to fix that right now. >> police searched one possible lead at this home in revere that you're looking at. the search follows police pulling over a driver who had been driving past the state police barracks
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several times. a police force telling our low cam affiliate -- local affiliate they pulled him over and he displayed a nervous demeanor. the driver then led the police and f.b.i. to this home. it is not known what police are looking for. police are saying -- they're not saying if they made any arrests there. boston police say they will turn overrock over in search of who is responsible. the f.b.i. saying the situation is fluid and it is too early at this time to determine a cause and motivation for the bombings. we can expect to get new information later this morning when the f.b.i. holds a news conference scheduled to take place around 9:30. >>brian: they did leave bags of what we assume are vital information. >>megyn: so far we haven't heard anybody claim responsibility. we haven't had any official suspects named. at most they describe people as persons of interest, including that saudi national. the reports on that saudi were that he was spotted by somebody near the trash can. suspicious to that person and then ran in the wake of
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the blast. and everybody did. so all these reports are, you know, sketchy in the beginning. you don't know whether they're meaningful, they'll prove to be meaningful later or not. you have to keep an open mind. we don't know much. hopefully we'll learn more at the 9:00 briefing. sadly, we do know now three people were killed in that bombing, including that 8-year-old boy. his mother and sister were also injured in the blast as they waited for their father to finish the race. it is reported that little boy ran out to give his father a hug after he finished the race and went back to his family. the blast went off. reportedly his sister lost part of her leg. more than 140 others are also hurt. a lot of those injuries are traumatic amputations have had to be done. at least 15 people in critical this morning fighting for their lives. one hospital reports a patient as young as three
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years old. so many of the injuries were to the victims' lower body, we're told and include broken bones, shrapnel wounds and ruptured eardrums from the sound of the blast. witnesses on the scene say they saw many people lose limbs. the reports about that are just heartbreaking, people talking about legs flying through the air. they went to run to celebrate, boston's patriot day to be there together, in many event to run for charity and they wound up facing carnage on the streets of america. hospital officials are saying they have had to deal with some amputations. >> a number of patients will require repeat operations tomorrow and serial operations over the next couple of days. as i mentioned, a lot of the injuries are combined, kpwoeupbd boney and soft tissue and vascular injuries and they have to be approached oftentimes in a step-wise fashion. >>megyn: one good thing is boston, its medical community is second to none.
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some amazing hospital facilities out there. doctors did say on camera that they had to pull debris from some victims' wounds but they could not say if it was regular street debris, did it come from a trash can that exploded, for example or did it come from the bombs. >>brian: an emergency worker told the associated press that this is something he has not seen in 23 years on the job, the amount of carnage in the civilian population; something you only see in war. meanwhile, in honor of our 40th birthday, our next guest ran the boston marathon. it was minute to be a joyous occasion and became an extremely dark day. she finished the race just before the bombs went off. joining us is jill wheeler. jill, have you thought about what would have happened had you not been as fit as you were and didn't finish under four hours? >> yeah. i didn't immediately go there. what really struck me is this was, like you said, a
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celebration. i'm from connecticut. i grew up going to boston my whole life. i have friends and family up here. i had family with me, my six- and seven-year-old girls were there waiting. they missed me. they were watching and watching. my daughter had 12 minutes of video before all this happened of the scene. and yeah, so i hadn't thought of that immediately, but now i've been watching more of the news and i'm seeing it. it was really, really close. >>steve: jill, the f.b.i. wants this and the boston cops want to see all that video, so make sure you get that video in their hands, the 12 minutes. it could be helpful. jill, describe the scene. you're running and then what happens? >> it was the most incredible -- i had qualified in the past but had been injured, so i didn't run it. so i raced again, qualify. the sense of pride and tradition this event has is like nothing i've ever
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experienced on this scale. it is like a love affair between the runners and the spectators. they are equally important to one another. it is just a joyous occasion. and it was a little bit more confusing at the end than i thought, with getting this medal and getting -- there was a lot of people. i took my time. people were hugging strangers, hugging, smiling congratulating. of course i wore a t-shirt to celebrate, a little bit more interaction with the crowd. people loved it, the little girls, the little pwoeurbgs it was a fun way to react with the people. then i got cold. and i said i'm going back to the hotel. i belined it. i hugged my kids, saw them in the family area. my husband was not there. i said meet me at the hotel in five minutes.
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i've got to go. we were five minutes away. i was literally watching it from my hotel room. >>megyn: how do you explain it to your six- and seven-year-old? >> thank you for asking. i was up all night. i'm a therapist and i was asking my fellow therapists and friends because my daughters have said mommy, i want to go home. is this what war is like? we've been watching it. we finally turned the news off. because they said are we in war? is this what war is like? they said is this really happening? they were confused. is this a movie? is this really happening? so we went -- we had been in lockdown since yesterday. we were in the hotel within minutes after the blast, and we finally got up to our room. the elevators were -- we weren't sure if they were safe at that time, so we waited, hundreds of us in the lobby. we finally got up and we have a bird's eye view. i've been watching everything from military to
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fires. a row of ambulances i've never seen in my life. it's been hard to have them not looking. i've been trying to figure out the balance of trying to figure out if this is real but understand this is not a normal thing to experience. >>brian: jill, are you going to be getting that video to the police? >> yes. my husband just noticed it last night, he said, like 10:00 at night. he said we've got to get this to someone. that whole area -- he's been holding it for about 12 minutes looking for me and i finished about 30 minutes before the attack, before the bombing. >>megyn: i want to tell jill we're going to have dr. keith ablow on and he's written a beautiful piece about what you should tell your children. it's very poignant. we'll talk to him live. he finishes the piece by tell your children we cannot be defeated because
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the truth wins every time and we in america hold these truths to be self-evident. tell them that liberty is a marathon. thank you for being with us, jill. >> i love that. thank you. >>brian: 18 minutes after the hour. steve? >>steve: thanks, brian. this morning doctors are working to treat more than 144 people injured in yesterday's bombing. most of them hit with shrapnel, ball bearings, b-b's. today investigators need to figure out what kind of bomb could have caused that explosion. we have a former commanding officer in the nypd bomb squad. he joins us live. good morning toufplt >> good -- good morning to you. >>steve: we're going to put up some of the videos we have. tell us what you can by looking at pictures of the explosion. we've got a number of them. here is right at the finish line. >> of course a person --
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the first thing you see is the color of smoke, the plume of smoke, the direction it is going. all you can tell from that is something exploded. initially there were reports of a propane gas tank to accidental. when the second one went off, maybe figured out maybe this wasn't an accident. >>steve: the smoke is white. what does that mean? >> anybody in the explosives field will be able to tell you that certain explosives will give you different colored plumes of smoke. >>steve: the smoke was gun powder maybe? >> i've heard several things dancing reports and numerous reports in the media and other places. what i'd really like to do is not put all my eggs in one basket and say what it is. you can see from what i term a is small explosion and that is exactly what it was. unfortunately with the cash kalts -- with the
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casualties and damage, it had a tremendous amount of damage to the people. >>steve: we noticed in some of the wide shots you see a cloud of smoke goes over. but in the initial explosion it looks like the plume kind of goes straight up. what does that tell you? >> with any explosion you're going to have a 360-degree outward push, heave from the heat of the explosion. the fact that you had a building there, some of the blast of course went in. the plume traditionally is going to come up. i heard it described as a mushroom cloud. not quite. the thing interesting to look at is the lack of damage at the front line, street line. the barricades are intact, banners are intact, flags are intact. the one clip they keep showing if you look a few seconds into it, you'll see there was a yellow balloon that sort of floated away. the balloon wasn't damaged. yet nearby people down at a lower trajectory were horrificically injured.
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>>steve: we thank you very much. who would commit such a heinous attack? we are taking you inside the mind of a terrorist the mind of a terrorist with dr. keith a blow. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, to policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what ee comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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>>brian: fox news is learning a u.s. marine helicopter crashed in south korea overnight near the north korean border. all 21 people on board alive and being treated at the hospital. the military says -- quote -- "super stallion chopper made a hard landing while conducting routine flight operations." the crew is from the 31st marine expeditionary unit stationed in japan. a quake hit luther,
6:25 am
oklahoma last night. right now there are no reports of any damage or injuries. >>megyn: we have a man on the phone who ran the marathon and witnessed the bomb. his wife and three kits just left the bleachers at the finish line. thanks for being here. you go out to run the marathon. what was the first sign you had of trouble? >> good morning. thanks for having me on. the first sign of trouble was the obvious one really, the first explosion which took all of our breath away. we were close enough to feel it. then there was of course the second explosion. although i'm not a professional, i'm not a military man, i don't have a lot of experience in explosive devices, or experiences at all, we clearly knew something was wrong. >>megyn: what was your first instinct at that moment? >> first instinct actually was to help because, frankly, we felt that it was a situation that needed
6:26 am
help. we didn't know exactly what was going on but we did see the smoke, we did see people, fellow runners in the road. some were getting up. some weren't. we're a small fraternity of folks. even though there are 27,000 runners here, we are all are a little bit crazy. we trained very hard throughout the year for these major event. a lot of us know each other. we felt compelled to help. the police turned us away quickly as we were going towards them. they did obviously an amazing job. >>brian: what about your family? how did you get your family out of there? how did they know to go? >> that was the first thing on my mind. we set up a location so they could take a photo of me and cheering me on as i was finishing. i knew exactly where they were because we set it up. where i saw the explosion was exactly where they were. once i'm done they would pack up and start heading
6:27 am
away. my hope initially is that's what happened. i have a wide range of kids, one being five and one being 17. i was overly concerned. i did get in contact with my daughter and then the phones were cut off. at least i knew that they were heading back to the hotel and would wait for me there. >>steve: neil, i've got a question for you, kind of a technical question about how the finish line was laid out. as you run past the finish line, to your right are the v.i.p. bleachers. that's a very secure area. then to the left where the bomb was -- and presumably, that's where your family was -- was a much less secure area; right? >> it is. i would say even the bleachers is not a very secure area especially at that time of day. the elite runners finish up in about 2 hours and 10 minutes. that was about nearly two hours before we had crossed. the security wasn't as steep, and perhaps that was
6:28 am
one of the intents there any way. but, yeah, it was definitely not a very secure area on either side, frankly. but not intended to be. this is an event on patriot's day, open to the public, very spectator-driven type of event. >>megyn: neil, we're less than 24 hours after the blast yesterday. as you know, terrorism is meant to terrorize and change the way we act, feel and behave in this country. are you feeling differently? do you feel a sacrifice of freedom, of liberty, of safety? >> another great question. the answer is, you know, since 9/11 i think we all feel a sense of, sensitivity towards event like this. all of us all over the world, frankly. any time there is an innocent taking of life in a situation like this where people simply are just there, two things: one to run a race and train really hard to be there. and, two, people who were
6:29 am
hurt and killed are those who were cheering on their families and they had sacrificed. i think what we learned over the years is we don't let event like this distract our goals in life. running a marathon or whatever it happens to be. if we did not continue our goals and if i did not personally continue to train towards my next event, which will be the berlin marathon in september, i would say that they had won and accomplished their goal. so my little piece of victory will be to harder and run faster and not let up as i train towards berlin. >>steve: and you were there at the boston marathon on that day. out of curiosity, neil, what was your time? >> i'm embarrassed. it was in the three hours, which was a little bit -- not as good as i would like. but certainly not a bad -- >>brian: neil, that is great. thanks so much. >>megyn: that's one of the things. you saw the blast go off in
6:30 am
some of videotape we've been playing. >>steve: you see the clock? >>megyn: you see runners look down and check their clock. they're about to cross the finish line. they don't know what happened. they're about to cross the finish line and their first thought was how long did it take me. they have been training for months. >>brian: and the time you didn't want was four hours. >>megyn: we want to take you back now to yesterday afternoon as the terror unfolded. two bombs 100 yards apart. as you can see in this picture, here is a look at how it happened. >> we've just gotten word of not one but two explosions near the finish line of the boston marathon.
6:31 am
as the blast flies over the boston marathon, we're listening to the audio and seeing the video, the first real indication we've gotten that something bad happened. >> at this point in time we have determined there has been a third incident. there was an explosion that occurred at the jfk library. >> they responded within 15 seconds; we saw everybody coming down here. >> some of the people have already received traumatic amputations at the scene. their legs have been blown off. >> let me give you an idea of the security posture here at the white house which has now been raised to a higher level. there are a series of uniformed divisions of secret service officers i can see from here. >> officially now from the police department, two are
6:32 am
dead and more than 20 are injured. those numbers are rising now and we are led to believe that those numbers will continue to rise. authorities have confirmed to us that these two explosions did happen as a result of bombs in the early going, in the first few minutes after we got this information, the hope was maybe there was a gas line. maybe there was some sort of awful accident that went prosecute one building to another -- went from one building to another. this was not an accident. somebody set bombs on the streets of boston today clearly with the intent to kill. i'm getting new information in right now, and this is coming through. a person of interest is now in custody. >> cell phone service has been shut down in boston to prevent remote detonations of explosives. more than 100 people are being treated at various hospitals. also a military-style
6:33 am
duffel bag left at the beth israel emergency room, police are asking to get people there to check that. >> they have a suspect they are watching. the suspect, i've come to learn, was injured and bleeding, is my understanding, in the aftermath of the explosion. a lot of people, in fact only one to my knowledge as a person of interest. >> we still do not know who did this or why. and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. but make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this. we'll find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> so whoever did this for whatever reason did so with the intent to cause mass
6:34 am
chaos, with the intent to kill, with the intent to disrupt, with the intent to cause fear. and that is the definition of terrorism. >>steve: it is 23,326 started the marathon yesterday. 17,584 finished. 4,496 did not. and the last people crossed the line at 2:50 yesterday afternoon. >>megyn: we were on the air live and had no news of this until the broadcast ended. then we saw shepherd smith, the news broke. at first it was what? what happened? because this is the first successful attack on civilians we've had in this country since 9/11. many have tried. we had the attempted times square bombing here, the underwear bomber on christmas day a couple of years ago. a lot of those bombs didn't go off or they were flukes and so on and we detected them. this is the first time civilians -- we had a fort
6:35 am
hood incident -- but the first time civilians were hurt since 9/11. >>brian: we continue our live team coverage of the boston bombings. security beefed up at landmarks across america today. cheryl ka -- caseone live. there is a system in place for catching a would-be bomber. >> it is called the trip wire system. i'll get to that in just a minute. first we want to tell you what the latest is that the f.b.i. is looking at. the f.b.i. is examining thousands of clues from along that marathon route this morning. they're searching every bag that was dropped. imagine this: all the runners and the bystanders dropping bag as they fled the area. the f.b.i. and others have to take a look at those bags. they are also looking at surveillance and cell phone video this morning, on-line chater and forensics from
6:36 am
the explosives and that is key. one expert i talked to in explosives a short while ago, that the bombs used appear to be low-tack bombs. reports from hospitals indicate that the victims' wounds included shrapnel and also ball bearings, and the intention of that is to maximize carnage but we don't know what the skpwhroef material was used -- explosive material used. in 2003 the f.b.i. set up trip wear and it alerts officials of wires used to make explosives. the ingredients have changed over the years. after the oklahoma city bombing fertilizer was the chief concern. today chemicals that don't seem intended for commercial use are the trigger today. a bomb used in 2010 was made from fairly common materials. that likely didn't raise the suspicion of the feds.
6:37 am
store owners are an important component of this. they alerted the fed in recent years, the buyers buying substances that raise red flags. this system, though, is not foolproof but it did lead to the arrest of the guy you're looking at now, a 20-year-old college student from saudi arabia. he allegedly planned to blow up the home of george w. bush. authorities nabbed him. investigators say they will use this trip wire system as they look at information from retailers and suppliers around the country who may have encountered someone making recent suspicious large purchases. we'll keep following this one and see what they come up with. >>steve: thank you very much, heather. there's going to be extra security around the country, including here in new york city. 1,000 extra officers patrolling major landmarks here in new york city, including the new york stock exchange. cheryl caseone is outside the fox -- rather, she's with the fox business network. she's outside the stock
6:38 am
exchange. cheryl. >> good morning. since 2001 september there have been 16 known terror plots against the city of new york. once again this morning new yorkers are waking up on high alert. mayor bloomberg coming out yesterday talking to new yorkers and saying while there is no known threat against the city right now, he is sending out 1,000 counterterrorism officers throughout the city today. major landmarks, strategic locations like the new york stock exchange, those are going to be under the careful eye of new york city officers and federal officials in lower manhattan. back in 2006 one of those known terror plots was against major financial institutions here in new york city, the prudential building in newark, new jersey and of course the new york stock exchange. new york is very familiar and getting very used to being the target of terrorists. what new yorkers are going to see today: increased
6:39 am
surveillance at the train stations, union square, penn station, the subway system -- again, a target of terrorists in 2009 -- and then of course the new york stock exchange. business will be opening today here in new york city because we always open for business here in new york city. and the stock exchange, that bell will ring behind me 9:30 a.m. eastern time. markets are looking higher right now. new york is going to be under careful surveillance. bomb-sniffing dogs, rifles and of course more officers on the street as we continue to find out what happened in boston and if indeed there is a threat against the good people of new york city. >>steve: cheryl casone live. >>megyn: we're getting reports that paris and london are on high alert today. of course next week there is a marathon in london. so they need to look towards that and make sure that they are more secure in the wake of what we saw this week. in the meantime there are good stories today that
6:40 am
have come out of all of this. you need to hold on to those. >>brian: in boston the boston red sox game was underway in the morning, but an outstanding new england patriot for years. during 9/11 he stood out because one day he came out with flags in both hand and his three fire fighter brothers behind him, all first responders in new york. he created a lot of emotion then and became a national tphaeufplt -- name. guess who was in the middle of things yesterday in the middle of the explosion? joe andruzi now retired. >>steve: runs to it. he and his wife were hosting an event on boilston street at the finish line. as soon as they saw a need. he's a big guy and that lady needed to be carted off. >>megyn: look at that picture.
6:41 am
think of the stories we've been done. this is an example of a professional athlete setting the right example, who could be held up as a hero to little boys and girls because when danger struck look what he did. he helped his fellow americans. >>steve: these national guardsmen had been there for crowd control. after the two bombs burst, what do they do? they pulled that barricade over so that the first responders who were there simply to treat blisters and creeky knees suddenly could get to those people who were struck by those bombs. >>megyn: amazing to see them run towards the danger. then there is a post on a facebook page writing "when you spot violence or bigotry or intolerance or fear or garden-variety misogny, hatred, look it in the eye and think the good outnumber you.
6:42 am
and we always will." well put. >>steve: there was a tweet put out by a phillies outfielder. even when i play i was thinking about the people in boston. god bless them. i think we have a couple of images. one is of him making an amazing catch yesterday. take a look at what he wrote on his glove. he taped on his glove "pray for boston." >>megyn: speaking of revere, we talked earlier about this search of an apartment in revere and there was a question is that related? "the new york post" is reporting that is the apartment of the saudi national, this college student, we believe, who is in the hospital, we're told. and now we're being told has been questioned by police. "the new york post" has described him as in custody, but he's in the hospital but under police guard. now there is a reported link between that man and this revere apartment that's been searched. and evidence has been taken out of it.
6:43 am
all of this is so preliminary. we have no idea whether this will wind up being connected or mattering at all but that is the latest on the investigation as we have it right now. >>brian: we're going to talk to judge napolitano about that in a minute. >>steve: a very busy tuesday morning. many comparing this terror attack to the one that rocked london in 2005. one of the investigators who worked on that case is here next. >> i was probably a half a block over, and all of a sudden everybody is running and screaming and saying there's a bomb. there's a bombing. it was just -- it was awful. everybody was crying and screaming.
6:44 am
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6:48 am
they're wary of going back to work. these wounds take time to heal physically. they take even more time to heal emotionally and psychologically. this in some ways is a devastating event on the order of 9/11 because of the fact that it took place on a street corner, not a massive iconic building. not in washington, d.c. or new york, but yet another city now scarred by violence. it's unpredictable. it can strike anywhere. >>brian: for example, in boston, you think about all the history there, the freedom trail that boston represents, the beginning of our revolution. and i also see those symbolic international flags, all the countries represented there. it seems this is like a carnival for terrorists. >> absolutely. brian, the sad thing is that freedom is everywhere in america and hence everywhere is a target. we have to understand that the light that shines forth from a country like ours attracts darkness. that's why they attack us, because of our good and
6:49 am
valued ideas that we embrace so fervently. there are great universities in so many cities around the united states. there are great sports stadiums. this can happen, sadly, anywhere. as i say in my piece on, liberty is a marathon. you have to be in it for the long haul. >>megyn: i think you make a good point. i've heard before when tragedy strikes a piece of advice is remember who you are and what you stand for. you write in your piece the target of those who hate freedom is anyone who loves it, anywhere, any time. we need to hold on to that today to realize it's what we love most about ourselves that makes them do this to us. >> sadly, megyn, in so many cases, even the cases where people prey upon children. why? because they're innocent. because they're full of life. and in a country that hundreds of years later is still a young nation embracing ideas and ideals
6:50 am
that are new to the world in certain ways, we're going to attract detractors and violent people because of our march toward freedom and our clinging to it. that's right. we should remind ourselves it's not anything we did. we shouldn't get stockholm syndrome and think we've done something wrong to the world. no. we've done good and decent things and people don't like us for it. >>steve: keith, you started by saying you're downtown in boston right now, and some people there in your town are afraid to go into the downtown area. >> they are. >>steve: it hearkens back to 9/11. if you stop doing what you do in your everyday life, the terrorists win. >> that's absolutely true. it would be -- number one, it wouldn't be something that honors the mathematical probability. these events thankfully are still very rare. and your likelihood of being hurt by them is exceedingly rare with respect to all those folks who were hurt here in
6:51 am
boston. but the second reality is exactly what you've alluded to. you can't be paralyzed by terror or the terrorists have won. and this can happen anywhere. what are we to do? to go to no movies? not assemble at basketball games where our kids are competing? at theaters? no. of course we will because that's the american way. sooner or later the terrorists will realize you can't defeat us on street corners with single bombs. we are a movement, a culture, a set of ideas. you can't bomb away ideas. >>brian: what about this? this is probably one of the tougher questions you're going to get. between 25 and 30 people have lost at least one limb. they went to watch or run in a marathon and they come back missing an arm or a leg. what do you say to them, dr. ablow? >> if any one of those people were in my office, i would, number one, tell them i don't know fully what they're feeling right now, the depths of their
6:52 am
pain. secondly, i would say that they have a race to run. that metaphors are very powerful in life. and that if you're a marathon runner and you were there for that day or you know what it's like to be in a marathon, you were there cheering on that sport, then you have it in you to take the race to a different level in your life taopbd say to yourself,, what do i need to do now to honor the fact that this has happened to me and to make of my life even more than i ever imagined. i would say i'm going to ally with you in that race. let me be your partner. i'm sure family members, friends, employers and others will be people's partners in making even more of their lives minus a limb. >>steve: dr. keith ablow, read his column, >>megyn: they are the survivors. injured though they are, they survived what we now know is a terror attack in
6:53 am
this country. this attack has many americans asking this morning are american streets the new battle field for extremists? we have not had that fear, unlike our friends in israel and elsewhere. we have a terror expert and research fellow in london. he investigated that city's terrorist bombings in 2005. robin, thank you so much for being here. do you see similarities? >> the similarities in the way that terrorists intend to frighten people, to kill, to bring chaos into the streets of cities and landmarks and institutions that we know so well. in terms of operation there, i think things -- we're going to have to wait until things become a little clearer to see if there's any cross-over in the type of operation that took place in london in july 2005 and that which happened so tragically yesterday. >>brian: robin, what do
6:54 am
you think is the attraction to boston and the boston marathon to the islamists' extremists mind if in fact they are the culprits? >> that is a little early to say. it is worth pointing out that boston has had quite a history with radical movements in the past. institutions set up in boston in the past, almost a precursor group to what became al qaeda about operate in boston in the 1990's. you have seen individuals who have resided there in the past gone on to commit terrorist acts. that could be one angle. but also the opportunism of it. the fact that garbage cans if that is what was being used, it's such a -- the security has to be so perfect all the time to try and stop this sort of attack. the cliche that we have to be successful all the time and the terrorists only
6:55 am
have to be successful once is true here. this was an opportunity that either a group or an individual has seen to carry out carnage on a mass scale. and unfortunately, they've taken it. >>steve: sure. yesterday it was the boston marathon, the running of it and the bombing there. and the london marathon is coming up, what, next week. are they ready? >> this will definitely sharpen mind and focus attention. london is forever in a state of readiness because there's been quite so many attempted attacks and terrorist convictions over the last decade or so. and so i don't think it will change fundamentally the mind-set. unfortunately, it's a way of life in the u.k. now that people are constantly on alert and state of readiness for this kind of attack to take place. we have to hope it is event-free, the marathon in
6:56 am
london. >>brian: there is a theory out there for federal authorities relating to a new york post reporter that they believe this perhaps was meant for the new york marathon that was canceled because of superstorm sandy, and they adjusted to the boston marathon. how flexible, how adjustable are these terrorists? >> very flexible. that's without knowing ins and outs yet, that is conceivable. there is a geographical proximity that would make it possible. you have to remember, these terrorist groups are so determined and so willing to kill and use opportunities they can, that it seems entirely possible they would be able to make that kind of strategic readjustment. >>steve: robin symcox joining us from london. thank you. >>megyn: coverage continues as we get new word on what investigators found at that apartment in revere, massachusetts, that they searched overnight and what we now know -- or at
6:57 am
least what is being reported -- about that person of interest and his connection to that apartment. judge napolitano is here at the top of the hour. the top of the hour. stay with us. i don't like to golf. i love to golf. ♪ [ grunts ] yowza! that's why i eat belvita abreakfast. it's made with delicious ingredients and carefully baked to release steady energy that lasts... we are golfing now, buddy! [ grunts ] ...all morning long. i got it! for the win! u mas! getting closer! belvita breakfast biscuits -- steady energy to do what i do all morning long. by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful?
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>> megyn: fox news alert. good morning, everybody. today is tuesday, april 16. i'm megyn kelly in for gretchen carlson on a busy news day. we begin with a fox news alert. chilling new video of yesterday's terrorist attack on american streets, three are confirmed dead. 144 hurt after two bombs exploded near the finish line of the boston marathon. we are live with the brand-new developments overnight. >> brian: also while you were sleeping investigators raid an apartment just outside boston. brand-new pictures, brand-new video. we know about a possible person of interest in the hospital. >> steve: plus the entire nation on high alert this morning.
7:01 am
we're live with how this attack has put other cities on terror lockdown. "fox & friends" for this tuesday continues right now. >> megyn: if you are just joining us, there is a lot of news in the wake of that terrorist attack in boston. as you can imagine, the moments after the deadly boston marathon bombings were chaotic and we are getting a glimpse of that in some of the 911 calls that have just been released. listen here. >> you need to stay off the air. make your way over there, all units, stay off the air and make your way over there. >> copy that. >> i only want to hear from of the 984. i only want to hear from them. >> here is what i need.
7:02 am
i need an ambulance. >> have multiple people down here. okay? i don't know what the cause is. have the bomb squad called in immediately. >> bomb squad monitor. >> 911, we have another backpack at boyleton. get people away from it. >> we're going to get the victims out. we're then going to conduct a sweep to make sure there are no other devices on the street. we will then get people out of the restaurants and bars. >> steve: total chaos and so many -- thousands of people had crossed the finish line there. it was at the conclusion of the boston marathon. >> megyn: it was a joyous moment. >> steve: absolutely. the biggest party day in the whole year in boston. so you got all these hundreds of runners who are gathered right there at the finish line. they feel helpless. they want to help.
7:03 am
they contact help as a first responder 'cause they're not trained. so they go right over to mass general and they donate blood. >> brian: look at this. let's go through megyn's papers. right there, that's on the cover of the new york post. boston bombs rock boston marathon. three killed. >> megyn: the look on her face, you can see this in so many pictures we're going to show the viewers in the still shots, the look of shock. they went from celebrating this great event where you either run or support, just so celebrate their accomplishments and then in an instant, it's turned into a terrorist attack on civilians on american soil. >> steve: we don't know the identity of that woman. but she's also on the cover of the new york daily news today. the headline is different. it says, massacre. it's also a larger shot. you don't see that. >> brian: right. blood and limbs everywhere, especially in the explosion. now, in the second explosion, we did not see a lot of injuries coming from that second explosion. it happened 13 seconds later.
7:04 am
we have yet to get all the details. that's why we have live coverage. kelly wright in washington, d.c. live in washington with brand-new details on the f.b.i.'s investigation. they have a person of interest. but let's begin with molly line. she's downtown boston blocks from the scene. >> the sun just coming up here over a fun city. this is the street where it happened, boyleton streets a few blocks down, that's where the two bombings occurred within just moments of each other, within 12 seconds. one ex plodding, then the next, 50 to 100 yards apart from one another. clearly an intentional act. over 140 people injured. many of them severely, critically injured. those injuries described as grave in many cases. a loss of limbs. we're hearing reports of many shrapnel wounds and people remain hospitalized. many in serious condition. there were three deaths, including an eight-year-old boy. his mother and sister also reportedly injured in this race.
7:05 am
it was his father that was reportedly the one run not guilty this race. and that really speaks to the timing of this event. this was a part of the day when family members, grandfathers, moms, dads, the kids were waiting at the end of this marathon to welcome their loved ones that have run this 26 miles, this exhausting race. finally making it to the end. this is a place where families had gathered together to celebrate. really busy time in the race. still 5,000 runners had yet to cross the finish line. it was packed. this was the key place, the center of it all when the attack s occurred. governor pot trick asking people -- patrick asking people to keep an eye out, to remain vigilant and says the city is open. businesses will be open with the exception of this area around where the bombings occurred. listen to governor patrick. >> the city of boston is open and will be open tomorrow, but it will not be business as usual.
7:06 am
it will be a heightened law enforcement presence, consistent with the severity and seriousness of the ongoing investigation. those riding the t, expect random checks of backpacks and other parcels and we just ask everyone to be patient. >> state, local and federal authorities will be working together in the course of the many weeks and months to come as this investigation unfolds. of course, the federal authorities are taking the lead here. the f.b.i. is in charge. they're asking anyone with information, anyone who saw anything suspicious no matter how small you think a tip may be, to call in and provide that information. particularly they're interested in video content, anyone that may have seen a suspicious person and as the days unfold in these coming days, the authorities here in boston are asking people to be very wary and aware of suspicious people. for instance f you're riding on the t here in boston, there is chance your bags could be
7:07 am
searched. there will be a might noted military presence and police presence with the national guard on scene as the day unfolds here. a difficult day ahead and for many of the folks that were so severely injured and many who are still working to recover in the local hospitals, some very difficult weeks and months ahead. >> steve: molly line. they want to see all the video. it may seem i -- inocuous to you, but it may mean something. >> megyn: here we are on the curvy couch, which is this thank is interesting for me. i did it once seven years ago. but never pregnant. >> steve: now you're curvy with the couch. >> megyn: off curvy anchor. so here we are and our viewers are sitting at home and drinking your coffee and catching up in the morning news and think about those people who survived, but lost limbs and now there are
7:08 am
some reports there could be 25 to 30 people who lost a limb. and think of how much was taken from them. it's not just a limb. it's this sense of security. this sense that we have enjoyed so long in this country. obviously in the years that have followed 9-11, we've managed to recapture this sense of security. and it was ripped from the people who were attending the boston marathon yesterday and so many others who have been watching and experienced in the wake of this. it's something we need to fight against to try to continue to live our lives as americans and enjoy the freedoms we have. >> brian: the people in homeland security, the people who work security have never been at rest. they always talked about how tenuous -- >> steve: it just takes one. >> brian: meanwhile. >> megyn: pennsylvania avenue in front of the white house is still closed off this morning. they say out of an abundance of caution as federal authorities vow to find out who is responsible for this bombing. kelly wright live with more in dc. >> just have to mention, megyn, you're so right with the message that we do have to recapture
7:09 am
that hope that is in all of us as americans, our american exceptionalism. having said that, the f.b.i. must move forward in dealing with the business of finding out who is responsible for this. they are leading the criminal investigation. in fact, the f.b.i. and boston police are telling people to call them with any possible leads to help determine who is behind this act of terror. no lead, they say, is too small. one person they have been questioning is a person of interest. he's 20 to 21-years-old saudi national in the hospital recovering from a leg injury and burns on his body. people tackled him at the scene of the bombings when he was allegedly running away. however, he is cooperating with authorities, we are told, and is not being described as a suspect. fox news is told the man is here on a student visa. >> i want to stress one thing. there is no suspect at the hospital. there are people that we are talking to. but there is no suspect at the
7:10 am
hospital as has been widely reported in the press. i'd like to fix that right now. >> police also searched this home in revere. the search follows police pulling over a driver who had been driving past the state police barracks several times. police source telling our local fox 25 affiliate there, they pulled him over and he displayed a nervous demeanor. the driver then led police and the f.b.i. to this home. it is not known what police were looking for and police are not saying if they made any arrests there. the white house is describing the boston marathon bombings as an act of terror. officials telling fox news, quote, when multiple devices go off, that's an act of terrorism. >> we still do not know who did this or why. and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. but make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this.
7:11 am
we'll find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> the f.b.i. and boston police say they will turn every rock over in search of who is responsible in massachusetts governor patrick is asking everyone to be on a state of heightened vigilance and he also says we can expect to get some new information or actually i'm saying that, we can expect to get more information today when the f.b.i. holds a news conference later this morning, scheduled to take place around 9:30. megyn, steve and brian. >> steve: thank you very much. right now let's dial in fox news senior judicial analyst andrew napolitano. let's talk about what kelly was referring to, the saudi national, apparently in custody in the hospital had some burns on him, not being called a suspect. perhaps he's a person of interest. could be on the student visa. >> there must be enough evidence to keep him there.
7:12 am
he is in custody. he's not free to leave. he's not in jail. >> steve: it sounds like they searched his house last night. >> yes. similar to a search warrant issue to do a federal judge based upon whatever they knew about him and whatever he told them. so they must be learning information, which is of a suspicious nature. >> brian: judge, if he was clearly innocent, would they have been able to search his house? nothing was leading to any other reason, if he gave the right answers, would they have searched his house? >> honestly, i think almost any judge would give them almost any search warrant they want in those circumstances, as long as there is something. we saw him running away and his pattern -- >> megyn: but the bomb had just gone off. >> right. anybody would run from the bomb. he appeared different from everybody else. he appeared deceitful. he appeared more concerned. >> megyn: how much of that is a guy from saudi arabia, he doesn't necessarily look like the other guys there. we've been trained to sort of do some racial profiling. i mean, how much of that can be
7:13 am
attributed, the suspicion of him to that, versus we have real reason to believe this guy committed the terrorist attack? >> here receipticcally, when there is a burning compelling interest to gather evidence against someone who might be involved, almost any judge would sign that kind of a search warrant. now, they have all kinds of e pes going through everything that's in there. what's in his computer, what's in his cell phone, what's in his visa application, who are his connections back in saudi arabia. they can't develop that information overnight, but they can do it pretty quickly. was he honest or was he deceptive when he made his visa complication, which is a lot more complex post-9-11, but which any smart and determined person can trick the government and get in here even though they have evil designs. was he a real student or was this a front? >> steve: boston is a college town. there is a lot of students on
7:14 am
visas from many different countries there. but you said he might be able to trick the immigration service to give him the visa. how? >> i don't want to be critical of the government here because this is a crisis moment. the government simply lax the resources to check and monitor the movement in a foreign country and here of every foreign student that comes here. so if he determined before he signed up for the visa, i'm going to go to boston. i'm going to pretend to be a student. i'm going to trick my way in and once i'm there, i'm going to kill people, he could have probable will he gotten away with it or gotten to the point where he perpetrated his murderous deeds. >> megyn: there has been debate about whether we should be treating alleged terror suspects and he's being called a person of interest, as if they're in the criminal justice system or a potential terrorist. >> right now he has the same constitutional protections as any of the four of us would if police were interrogating us. >> megyn: he is in custody even
7:15 am
though he's in the hospital? >> yes. they said you have a right to remain silent. you have the right to a lawyer. he'll be loyal to you and he'll be here in five minutes. >> steve: then the lawyer shows up and says shut up. >> the word is he is speaking. >> steve: thank you very much. >> brian: an eight-year-old boy, one of three victims killed in the bombings. more than 140 others injured. 17 are still critical this morning. wnyw reporter joins us live from the scene on the latest on the victims. this eight-year-old losing his life, just tragic the way he was greeting his dad as his dad finished the race. is that the story? >> that's exactly what we heard. he was in the middle of the crowd where those two bomb blasts went off about 12 seconds apart. one of the three who are now dead and the 140 plus that were injured, he is eight-year-old martin richard of dorchester,
7:16 am
that is a suburb of boston. how sad can you get? he's out here just watching his family. he's with his mother and his sister and he dies in this blast that people are still trying to figure out and make sense of. and the people here in boston, very upset over the death of this eight-year-old child. his mother and sister, as you mentioned, also badly injured. the extent of their injuries not completely known. but we are hearing that either the two could have been maimed pretty badly in these blasts. of the more than 140 injured, 30 people were transferred to area hospitals under a code red, meaning life-threatening conditions and because of that, the people here at a local area hospital are just feeling overwhelmed. mass general, they have 29 patients, eight critical. all those patients over the age of 18. reagan and brigham women's hospital, 31 patients. two of those in critical condition. let me read a quote to you that
7:17 am
really stuck out to me. this is a former marine who was working the finish line and he said to numerous media outlets, these runners just finished and they don't have legs now. so many of them. there are so many people without legs. it's all blood. there is blood everywhere. you got bone fragments. it's disgusting. those are the words of a rhode island state trooper and as i said, a form marine. we talked to some runners this morning and they are really walking around dazed. this entire city, parts of it, a crime scene. because of that, people are just trying to figure out exactly what happened and still, so many questions to be answered. >> steve: we thank you very much for the live report from boston. meanwhile, investigators working through the night in boston trying to figure out how somebody got those bombs into the crowd at yesterday's boston marathon. the latest casualty count, three people dead and more than 140 injured.
7:18 am
somebody who knows those streets well is former u.s. senator from massachusetts and fox news contributor, scott brown. senator, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. good morning. >> steve: patriots day, boston marathon day. that is the biggest, happiest, most celebratory day of the year in boston. >> listen, you had the red sox playing. it is patriots day. you had the marathon, probable will he an extra million five people in the city of about 640,000. so it certainly was a target ripe environment, target rich environment. it's just tragic to go from this horrific scene, i think everybody was just shocked, but i'll tell you what, i'm angry. i know a lot of other people are angry. i got a text, a long text from doug flutie, former quarterback, as you know, boston college fame, saying where do i sign up? who do we go and get? you see joann drowsy helping out a -- andruzi helping out. we're going to do a top to
7:19 am
bottom review of what went right and wrong and make sure it doesn't happen again. >> steve: i understand the anger. but you look at all the first responders, all the police officers, all the national guardsmen who were there yesterday. the city was vigilant. yet it just takes one. >> listen, it does take one. certainly because it is the marathon, it is the showcase, really of the city and the state, you have all those people there anyway. thank goodness they were actually there because the first responders, the medical personnel, the tents are right there. they're able to adjust from high duration to almost like a war type of reaction, type of force to protect people's life and limbs. i know it's unbelievable. that's the problem, i guess, of living in a free society. but what do we do? we're going to cower back or stand up and fight back? i for one am ready to fight back. i think everybody needs to hold their head high, be vigilant and diligent. obviously cooperate with law
7:20 am
enforcement personnel and try to obviously make our city secure again and drive on. >> steve: sure. i know you were caught out in depp very when this happened. otherwise i'm sure you would be there. but as you look at the images of what happened in the aftermath, hats off to boston. i mean, they really came immediately to try to help everybody they could and because there were so many first responders there, i'm sure a lot of people are alive today who wouldn't have been had they not been there. >> steve, i know the race director very, very well. i knew a bunch of my friends were running, a state trooper buddy of mine was at the finish line across the street. god forbid that the first blast, the second blast, based on information, there were other devices potentially under the bad stand and maybe over the glass bridge. had they all gone off simultaneously, i'll tell you, it would have just been completely devastating. a lot of moving stories of goodness as well. >> steve: indeed. all right. former senator scott brown
7:21 am
joining us from denver today. thank you. >> thank you. >> steve: investigators in boston are no doubt exploring the possibility the attack has ties to extremists or al-qaeda-like terrorists behind the blast? we'll be back with that next. come on, nowadays lots of people go by themselves. no they don't. hey son. have fun tonight. ♪ ♪ back against the wall ♪ ain't nothin to me ♪ ain't nothin to me [ crowd murmurs ] hey! ♪ [ howls ] ♪
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7:24 am
>> steve: coverage continues of the boston bombings in just a moment. there are a couple of stories we need to tell but this morning. we've got a fox news alert a. u.s. marine helicopter has crashed in south korea overnight near the north korean border. all 21 people on board are alive, thank goodness, and are being treated. the military says the super stallion chopper made a hard landing while conducting routine flight operations. the crew is from the 31st marine expedition unit stationed
7:25 am
in okinawa, japan. a series of small earthquakes rock oklahoma overnight. the largest, magnitude 4.3, hit near luther, north and east of oklahoma city. right now there are no reports of any damage or injuries in oklahoma. all right. mr. kilmeade, back to our lead story. >> brian: the question investigators in boston are now no doubt exploring this motorcycle, yesterday's bomb something this link to islamic terror or al-qaeda-like extremists behind the blast that killed three and hurt over 140? fox news analyst is here and expert on terrorism in the middle east and best selling author on the very topic. what do you think? what does your gut tell you? >> look f we don't have a suspect, a clear suspect f we don't have a body of a suspect who was killed during the operation, if we don't have a video or a statement, we are bound to three levels. level number one, determine if it's one individual or a team. so far we think it's a team to
7:26 am
place all these bombs. once we think it's a team, then we're going to see is it domestic, american terrorism, far left, far right, or is it al-qaeda inspired and linked. it doesn't have to be international. it could be domestic, but linked to al-qaeda. at this point in time, we don't have that second level determination. >> brian: we know in 1775, elections in concorde. we know it's a true international event and we know it culminates right there, so they get maximum bang for their dollar. here is the thing, you have two separate lawmakers, one is peter king, a specialization of homeland security, said these are the hallmark of al-qaeda. you're not willing to go there yet. >> no. these are basically the methods of al-qaeda. all i need is one indicator, the identity of a perpetrator, a video, a press release. otherwise this could also be used by other type of terrorists. i would feel that this is how al-qaeda operates, but i don't have that one determining element that would be the i.d. of that person.
7:27 am
>> brian: this would be an enormous success for them had they pulled this off, had they been behind this. how do they view what happened so far? >> well, even if we don't know who that is, if it's domestic or international, you already have sources on-line in the middle east by jihaddists who are very happy that something bad happened to the united states. if indeed we go the route of al-qaeda or their allies, that would show us what their intentions are for the future. it's not really linked to boston. it could be any american city. that is the model that we have in front of our eyes, if indeed it is that route. >> brian: so we have this saudi citizen, a person of interest, we're questioning him and have already gone through his apartment on fifth floor on this block in boston. if it is somebody here on a student visa or saudi what, does that mean in the big picture in the war on terror and al-qaeda knowing that we've had cells and others before? >> look, if the government determines that he's a suspect, they're going to of course run
7:28 am
this information with our allies in saudi arabia and they might have a huge file on him. if that is the case, again. and if this is the case and he is part of a team, then this could be of jihadi nature. it cannot be domestic american, far left, far right. but we have to wait for that information to come. but again, as to your question, if this is the case, then it would be an indicator that there is a determination on behalf of the jihaddists to strike in american cities. >> brian: right. as we get more information, we'll have you back, especially if this saudi is somehow involved. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> brian: i was just reading on, there is a lot of fear in america, a lot of arabs are studying here, muslims are worried about a backlash should somebody be behind that. so make sure we don't do that. up next a runner back on the scene, telling us what it was like finishing that race, hearing that explosion. we'll share their thoughts in two minutes
7:29 am
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7:32 am
>> something just blew up. >> steve: we haven't seen from this angle. that's a look at new cell phone video capturing the second bomb blast along the finish line at the boston marathon. meanwhile, cities across america this morning stepping up security at landmarks and subways and airports.
7:33 am
julie banderas is here with someone who just crossed the finish line when it exploded. >> hi, guys. we're here with tom, a race official with the boston athletic association, in charge of the finish line. he was there when these explosions occurred. a beautiful day, people from all the world come to run and you were waiting for your family members. then what happened? >> what happened was i was on the finish line because i am in charge of the line and i decided to walk down to see my brother who was waiting for his oldest daughter at the corner of exiter and boyleton. as i started down the street, i was probably on a diagonal, 25 yards to my right, and maybe five yards back from the direct interest of the lens crafter when the horrific blast occurred. it moved me to my left. i thought i was going to fall and i didn't. but i looked back to my right, i
7:34 am
saw this wave, a huge wave of smoke and glass and actually saw bodies flying in the air. and regained my footing and went to help a runner who got knocked down, an older gentleman. then the police and the medical people raced over and started tearing down the barricades and the snow fencing to try to get at the bodies on the ground. >> you barely had time to check your own self, but 12 seconds later, a second blast. then what did you think? >> oh, my god, am i safe here, because if there has been two, maybe another one coming. where is it going to be? so there was a tremendous amount of concern that i had and, of course, the police were just running around like crazy and the medical people trying to assist the wounded that were on the ground. >> people were severely wounded. >> severely. >> when you look down the street here at this area, the boston marathon has been run so many years and you've been involved so many years. your thoughts now? >> it will never be the same. >> thank you very much, tom. we appreciate t. tom mars, one of the boston athletic
7:35 am
association folks here there at the finish line when both of the blasts occurred. thankfully, he's all right and his family members are all right as well. back to you. >> steve: all right. thank you. >> megyn: makes you sad to hear him say that. >> steve: it does. >> megyn: what a tradition here in america, the boston marathon, to hear him say it will never be the same. and yet, you know that's the reality. as resilient and tough as we are, it's the same as you go downtown manhattan. >> brian: you've been to the super bowl, they have all these terror things and the barriers. they secure it. i just don't see how anybody can secure a city that runs a marathon, whether it's london -- >> steve: 26 miles. >> brian: or boston. how do you do that? it's a road race. >> megyn: even here in manhattan, there is a million people in times square. you got to go through the magnetometers in certain areas, and the police and they check bags. but that's a controlled area. it is a few square blocks here in manhattan that they can control the ingress and egress to and from. but this is a different thing.
7:36 am
26 miles! even if you tried to do just the finish line, i don't know how you would do it 'cause you got to let the spectators come otherwise the runners don't run. >> steve: but it was right at the finish line. because it is a high profile event, it is a target. police departments all across the country on high alert this morning action especially here in new york city where an extra 1,000 cops are now taking a look at landmarks. julie banderas is live in times square with more. >> hi there. right now everyone is on high alert here in new york city. one source is reported as saying that perhaps because the new york city marathon was canceled back in november, that perhaps that changed someone's plans and they attacked boston instead. needless to say, the new york city police department, one of the finest in the world, are on high alert as is everybody here in times square and grand central station. hotels around the area, any sort of key target area in new york city. i should also mention, though, that since 9-11, new york city remains on high alert, which is
7:37 am
that code orange. red being the most severe. meantime, among the areas on high alert, part of the heightened surveillance means officers are manning the key landmark, the 1,000 member counterterrorism squad and critical response units are out. special attention being paid to, we're told, to the mandarin oriental hotel and the bank of america tower in midtown because apparently bombs reportedly found in boston near those branches. so as you move around the city today, police presence will be seen and unseen around nearly every corner. the nypd never giving away their exact plan of action, but it does plan on stepping up security like no city does. deputy commissioner of the nypd police department going on the record saying that security is being stepped up until more is learned about the explosions. also we have not been at this stage since 9-11. however what, are they doing differently? we'll find out more about that when mayor michael bloomberg plans on holding a news conference at 12:30 this
7:38 am
afternoon. we should also note that there have been, believe it or not, 16 known terrorist plots in new york city since september 11 of 2011. dating back a couple to mention, 2009. there was a terror plot caught, three individuals had planned on blowing off bombs, exploding bombs during rush hour. here in 2010, a car bomb that did not detonate fortunately, but that suspect pled guilty and currently serving life in prison. back to you. >> steve: thank you very much. live from times square. >> megyn: security had been stepped up for the boston marathon, so the question is, how could these bombs have been planted without being detected? that's what we all want to moment dan was a u.s. secret service agent who walked ahead of president obama during "the nine" inaugural parade and he knows what it takes to secure this type of situation. dan, that's what people want to know. how? how could this happen? >> good question. i think everybody is assuming,
7:39 am
though, that these bombs were planted yesterday when they, in fact exploded and the event happened. that may not be the case. i don't know that for a fact, but what concerned the secret service and me specifically when i was there and we would organize the parade route for the president was not a device trying to come in that day. we knew we would be able to intercept it, but a device that was preplanted. and that, unfortunately, may be an avenue they may have to pursue investigatively. >> brian: from what you can tell, from what we know, this saudi national is a person of interest in the hospital right now who we've gone through his apartment. how unusual is it for the bomber, who is not a homicide bomber, to be a victim? evidently he had burns on him and smelled like gun powder. what does that make you conclude? >> yeah. usually my -- using my criminal investigative experience, i found it unusual that the boston police chief seemed to be distancing himself from the person of interest title there. i don't know, but i did find it odd, brian, that there was
7:40 am
supposedly a special weapons team out in front of the hospital to secure the hospital. that says to me that it wasn't adjust witness either. so yeah. the burns, that's an astute observation. that's very unusual. usually the homicide bomber obviously dies with the explosives. so we'll see what happens with the person of interest. >> steve: sure. of course, in your business, if you've got some intel ahead of time, that always gives you a heads up. but we're receiving word from jennifer griffin, apparently intel agencies did not see elevated chatter in jihaddist web sites before the bombing in boston. so if you don't get a heads up and you don't hear any chatter, it makes it a lot harder to connect the dots. >> steve, i'm glad you brought that up because it pains me, it really pains me to tell think, but there is no amount of security that's ever going to reduce the probability and event like this to zero. these things happen in a free society. but intelligence is the key. it will always be the key. human intelligence is signal intelligence. if we miss the signs, unfortunately these are the catastrophic results sometimes.
7:41 am
>> megyn: yet, there was an al-qaeda linked magazine that talked about targeting sporting events not long ago and encouraged more lone wolf type attacks. so we don't know whether that was the inspiration behind this. i want to add this, we're getting this just in from our justice department producer who says that we are looking at a law enforcement source says the f.b.i. has lots of leads and a lot of work to do and says that one of the people they are looking at is this 20-year-old saudi man, but on searching his apartment, they have yet to find anything connecting him or raising any serious concerns. the source put it, no hits yet. so we don't know. that could change. but dan, at this point, they can't be just focused on this one guy. it's got to be a wide net. >> right. if i was investigating the case, i'd focus on three things. people, chemicals and video. people, suspects, informants, people giving up tips who saw something. chemical, every bomb has a signature and video. you can't walk a city block without being recorded by two or three high definition cameras.
7:42 am
those are the three areas. >> brian: real quick, white smoke, white material on the ground. does anything come to mind when i tell you those things? >> to me it looked like gun powder explosive. it didn't seem to be -- although it was tragic, it didn't seem to be a high powered explosive from the look of the video. >> steve: thank goodness. dan, former u.s. secret service agent, thank you very much for joining us. >> very well. >> megyn: a runner who was in the medical tent when the victims started rushing in. stay with us the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard
7:43 am
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7:46 am
>> brian: wall street also taking a big hit yesterday after the boston attacks. stocks posted their worst day since november 7. the big question is what about today? let's go live now to the new york stock exchange with cheryl casone who normally you're here talking about jobs and how you get us employed. tell us about the people who have jobs o who work on the toc exchange. >> -- stock exchange. >> many new new yorkers are wakg up to certainly a different type of morning here in new york city. that is a new york city on heightened security. we're in front of the new york city stock exchange, one of several big landmarks in new york city under tight security. you mentioned what happened with the stock market yesterday. at the end of the day, what we saw was frankly a panic sell. i don't use that word lightly at all in the last few moments as traders here at the new york stock exchange and around the world were trying to get their
7:47 am
head around what was happening in boston, that fluid situation developing as the night wore on. when the market closed, the dow lost 245 points, biggest loss in five months. then you had gold. gold was a huge loser yesterday. it was the worst day for that contract in 30 years. that was other things happening around the world. the chinese economy was falling down, banks in cyprus potentially selling their gold reserves to pay to the european commission. a lot of things on minds when they open today. i'll tell you what's different today. this is the security tent. everyone that goes into the new york stock exchange has to go through that security at the present time. traders, heads of state, presidents. no one is immune from the security screen. as we come back and look around at the people that are starting to kind of get o work in lower manhattan, again, there is going to be increased security here at the new york stock exchange and
7:48 am
increased security around manhattan. julie banderas reporting on changes to times square, train stations. any financial institutions in new york city and some have been targets in the past of terrorists. mayor bloomberg making sure today that 1,000 extra counterterrorism officers are on the streets of new york. many of them, again, going to be here in downtown manhattan and at the new york stock exchange. again, market is going to open, 9:30 a.m. eastern time. the markets are looking to open higher today, substantially higher. one of the things that traders have been telling us this morning at fox business is that now that they kind of have a sense of what happened in boston, more details have come out, they feel more easy about making some trades today. that's what they plan to do. we'll be hearing from goldman sachs, another big financial institution, brian, that we'll be hearing from today and how their numbers are going. so it's going to be certainly a day of mixed emotions here at the new york stock exchange. >> brian: cheryl casone, good job. we'll check back with you and we'll see new studio again.
7:49 am
>> megyn: now getting on my blackberry, and one of the viewers is making fun of my blackberry. i have an iphone and they both work. a state police report in 2003 in boston warned that the marathon could be a possible prime terrorist target. that's a quote. a possible prime terrorist target because it involved so many runners, so many spectators and so high profile and happens on patriots day. and usually it happens during this week in which we've had so many other tragedies in our country's history, including columbine and oklahoma city bombing. >> steve: waco. >> megyn: so this week, april 19, that's the day of that. but this week is sort of, it gets more attention. >> brian: just when you think all the city budgets are busting at the seams, which they are, now you got to bolster it and put everybody's overtime in. and then security will be through the roof. clayton kelly joins us now. he finished the marathon and was in the medical tent when the bomb went off.
7:50 am
clayton, i imagine they left you and went right to the finish line, right? >> well, the medical staff appeared to be on a heightened sense of alert. everybody was kind of waiting to see what was going to happen next and at some point, we all realized that it was indeed explosions and they were going to be bringing wounded in. >> megyn: talk about things you never expected, clayton. you're sitting this thinking people might be overheated, that they might have leg cramps and what we're being told is between 25 to 30 people wound up having amputated legs and other shrapnel and burn injuries. what did you see? >> well, when they started bringing in folks on wheelchairs, there was just a lot of blood and it was just really odd to see people coming into the tent that were in civilian clothes that weren't runners. they asked all the runners that were able to move to the back of the tent. they started frantically making
7:51 am
roomqxl2ot]íe8s9uq u . that's when my wife and i decided we would, as we were able, we would just leave to make room for people who needed the facilities a lot worse than i did. >> steve: sure. clayton, we've got some graphic images that we're not going to show, but you saw them with your own two eyes. in some cases, in addition to people being, you know, traumatic amputation where their arms and legs were blown off, there was some cases where people's clothes were blown off. the force of the explosion such that it just blew their clothes off. >> the folks that i saw come into the medical tent weren't to the extent of missing limbs. they were in shock. they were bloody. but i have a sense that they were -- the more traumatic injuries were probably going straight to a hospital or that because i didn't see folks
7:52 am
coming into that medical tent that were missing limbs. but it did not look good. >> megyn: i want to tell the viewers as we saw moments ago, we saw that man in the wheelchair wearing gray and his pallor looked gray as well. the guy in the cowboy hat was pushing him. that photo was posted shortly after the inbound yesterday and it appeared he had at least one leg amputated by the blast, just terribly disturbing. we blurred those images. i want to ask you, 'cause you mentioned the shock. we've seen that look on so many people's faces in these photos where they just look not so much horrified, but just in shock. like this woman on screen right next to her friend or relative, who is in tears. did you feel that in what you saw, that people were just in shock? >> absolutely. when we left the medical tent, people were moving in every direction, lots of people are crying, children are crying. and the most difficult part at
7:53 am
that point was where do you go where you know you're going to be safe? you don't know how many more bombs there are. you don't know where the next target is. we elected to go back to our hotel, but we -- it was a 50/50 shot whether or not that would be a target as well. >> steve: good point. >> brian: just so many people were traumatized. so many were hurt, including a three-year-old who was brought to brigham and women's hospital. we'll have to see if he's okay. thank you so much. appreciate you sharing your story and congratulations on finishing a race and a race for many reasons you will not forget. >> steve: clayton kelly. brand-new video and this is a fox news alert. last night massachusetts state police executed a search warrant at that building. it's the waters edge apartment building in revere, massachusetts, which is a suburb of boston. and you can see they did cart out a duffel bag, a number of bags as well. apparently that apartment
7:54 am
belongs to a saudi national, college student on a student visa tackled by a bystander after one of the explosions. he was running away. the bystander felt he was acting suspicious. he kept an eye on him. so he tackled him and called the cops. he's in custody apparently at this hour in the hospital. >> megyn: in custody, meaning he's not at the police station, but apparently not free to leave the hospital. >> steve: right. so that's all we know at this point. but new video out of revere. >> brian: he does have some burns on him there. meanwhile, when we come back, we're going to go live to the white house where they're calling this an act of terror. but the president isn't. get the latest from the f.b.i join us at
7:55 am
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♪ [ male announcer ] sixty-two horsepower. fifty-three miles per hour. the gator rsx 850i. it's a whole new species of gator. but thanks to hotwire, this year we got to take an extra trip. because they get us ridiculously low prices on really nice hotels and car rentals. so we hit boston in the spring-- even caught a game. and with the money we saved, we took a trip to san francisco. you see, hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so, where to next? how about there? ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ >> megyn: fox news alert. good morning, everyone. today is tuesday, april 16. i'm megyn kelly. you did not oversleep, in for a
7:58 am
very special edition of "fox & friends" and we begin with this alert. chilling new video of yesterday's terrorist attack on american streets. three dead, 144 hurt after two bombs exploded near the finish line of the boston marathon. the very latest is that two other devices were found and handled by authorities. we are live with all the latest developments. >> steve: and brand-new video overnight. the f.b.i. searching a home in suburban boston. what did investigators find at an apartment they raided? the story developing by the minute. we'll give you the latest. >> brian: plus, the entire nation on high alert. we're live with how this attack has put cities on a terror lockdown. "fox & friends" final hour now.
7:59 am
>> steve: fox top story, fox news alert, chilling new video taken by a runner capturing the incredible force of the first blast as he's running toward the finish line yesterday at the boston marathon. oh, man. meanwhile, there was a second explosion 15 seconds later. >> something just blew up. >> megyn: can you imagine? we have live team coverage for you this morning beginning with molly henneberg who is live at the white house with brand-new details on the f.b.i.'s investigation, but first we want to start with molly line who is in downtown boston blocks from the scene. molly? >> we're just here next to boyleton street at the corner and as you can see, the road remains blocked off. we've seen spectators, people
8:00 am
coming by to take a look down the street, completely empty, deserted area of town right now. it's been locked down. people can't get into their businesses. they can't get into their homes in that area. the police are investigating. that's essentially a crime scene as they look into what they believe is a terrorism-related event. these two bombs going off really near the height of the boston marathon. the elite runners had long since finished their race. but this was the time in the afternoon when there was still 5,000 runners left out there on the race course yet to finish the race. their family members, moms, dads, the kids, grandmas and grandpas, all standing this at the finish line waiting to cheer these runners on. that's when this explosion occurred and that really speaks to the numerous amount of people that were sent to the hospital at that time. of all different age ranges. 140 people sent to hospitals. children, teen-agers, the elderly, all included. among the dead, an eight-year-old boy, his mother and sister injured. it was his father running that
8:01 am
race and that really speaks to what a family dynamic there was there at the finish line. i had a chance to speak with one of the race officials that was there and he talked about how sudden everything was, the 12 seconds separating the second blast and the fear that everyone felt as they were rushing for cover and the worry that there would continue to be more blasts. there were just the two blasts. today here on the streets of boston, things are open, businesses are open. not in the area where the bombings occurred, but governor patrick is asking everyone to remain vigilant. take a listen. >> we're also asking that everyone be on a state of heightened vigilance. that is really required of everyone. please report suspicious packages or parcels or suspicious activity to local law enforcement. >> clear there is a heightened sense of security all around the city. we're seeing a strong police presence. the governor also warning
8:02 am
yesterday if you're riding the t, there could be a possibility your bags could be searched, they are taking extra precautions. we've seen the police coming by throughout the morning. this is now in the hands of the federal government, the f.b.i. has taken over this investigation. not surprising, due to the circumstances here. they have asked anyone with any information about this, no matter how small the tip my seem, no matter how small the information or what you may have witnessed, to turn in that information. megyn, steve, brian. >> megyn: thanks so much. the f.b.i. telling us this morning that it is following many leads and looking at several people. this is pennsylvania avenue in front of the white house, still closed. they say out of an abundance of caution that. is where molly henneberg is live for us this morning. molly? >> good morning, megyn, steve and brian. the white house says the president was briefed overnight and will get another briefing later this morning on the investigation in boston. he'll be briefed by his f.b.i. director and his top homeland security advisor, relatively new
8:03 am
to the position, lisa monaco. there is still stepped up security around the white house. pennsylvania avenue, there is still yellow tape around it, put up by the secret service that runs in front of the white house. usually there is lots of pedestrians and bike riders on this street. now very few people are able to get through security and walk down pennsylvania avenue in front of the white house. the f.b.i. searched the apartments of the 20-year-old saudi man in revere, massachusetts that the bureau is said to be, quote, looking at. they just don't know if he's involved yet. they're looking very closely into his life. at the same time, the f.b.i. is running down many other leads and asking for any video, audio or photos taken at the site of the explosions yesterday. president obama here at the white house now, we have a picture of him yesterday getting an update on what happened in boston. he was very careful in his remarks yesterday not to call this an act of terror or terrorism, even though later a white house official said the white house does believe this was a terrorist attack. still the white house says the president did not want to get
8:04 am
ahead of the investigation and president obama said whoever did this will feel, quote, the full weight of justice. >> we still do not know who did this or why and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. but make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this. >> one of the things counterterrorism officials do after something like this is they start checking jihaddist web sites, known jihaddist web sites to see if there is an increase in chatter or any kind of communication that may signal who could be involved in this. at this point, the investigation is early, but at this point, counterterrorism officials are telling fox they have not seen increased chatter in those jihaddist web sites after the attack in boston. megyn, steve, brian, back to you in new york. >> brian: thank you very much. also the pakinstani taliban came out and said, not us. and they were part of the shazad in times square. >> megyn: no one claimed responsibility.
8:05 am
that's what they say is unusual. normally there is somebody out there saying we did it, even though it turns ou to not be true. >> steve: could be one guy with an ax to grind. laura ingraham joins us every week at this time. she is down in our nation's capitol. an awful day yesterday in boston. >> horrific day, washington, you definitely can feel the heightened security presence here. as i drove into the studio today, and our prayers go out to the good people of boston and the grieving families. really the words tonight really make it, it's prayer for those who are grieving and suffering and i will say that as someone who had the great privilege of running both the new york and the marine corps marathon, such euphoria for all those first-time runners, for the people who are running for a family member with cancer or leukemia or something, that turns into tragedy and fear and suffering and grieving. it is a horrible thing.
8:06 am
i hope that we keep politics out of this and i'm glad for the most part we can as we are all bostonnians today. >> brian: i'll tell you what, i just think about all the sporting events that have to be secured. i hate to see it, but marathons are something that cannot be secured. it's almost impossible to cover 26 miles through major cities. >> yeah. and in new york, and we had the situation with new york this year when that was canceled, new york going through staten island, people are throwing candy at you, you're going through central park. you're going uptown and there are throngs. but people are high fiving you. and to somehow stop that or prevent that, that would change the nature of the road races. i think people are rushing to say well, we can't have these types of event anymore. clearly this tells us something. look, we've been very fortunate since 9-11. we all remember that fateful day. boston was touched by 9-11, of course, when one of the jets from 9-11 took off from logan
8:07 am
airport that fateful morning. but we have to at the same time keep this in perspective. the suffering is real. a child dead. i have an eight-year-old daughter. heart breaking. but if this were a biological or radiological device that was detonated, we could have had potentially thousands of people dead on the scene. it could have been far worse. thank goodness we had the first responders there. great americans who helped out their fellow man. and two devices that were not thankfully, as damaging and as deadly as they could have been. >> megyn: you say we are all bostonnians today and president obama yesterday said there are no democrats, there are no republicans today. you don't want to say there is an upshot of a terrorist attack. but if there is any good that can come of it, maybe it is that moment of unity similar to what we felt after 9-11 where we realized we're americans first. >> yeah. when you're in a situation like that, i've been in a situation where i'm cheering on a friend running. i know a lot of you and everyone
8:08 am
watching and megyn, you, too. you're cheering or running in the race yourself, you just want to finish. you have that goal and you just want to finish. so when i saw the eyes of the runners coming across and i think about 4:00 onto was the too -- did 4:09 was the time, they were so happy and then shear shock and what? what is happening? it is mind boggling to think that such a wonderful event that takes place every patriots day in boston could turn into this. but this is the world we live in. and we have had a false sense of security since 9-11 in many instances because we want to go on with our lives and we have to go on with our lives. this is a free country. we can't let every terrorist attack result in the erosion of our personal freedom. that's a horrible thing to happen as well. so we have to balance our concern for safety and our individual freedom and i know the good people of boston are all thinking about that, as well as just prayer for these families. brothers and sisters, friends and relatives, runners and
8:09 am
observers and volunteers and first responders. i was very proud to be an american to watch them yesterday and watch the city of boston come together. my brother works at m.i.t. and i know m.ism t. was on a state of alert yesterday. and again, no words, just prayer. our family was praying last night and i know millions of americans were as well. >> steve: it was heart breaking what happened yesterday. but then you know what? because there were all those first responders and the paramedics at the finish line where they were expecting to help somebody with a bloody knee or a big blister on the bottom of their feet, they were absolutely prepared for the worst. they were expecting minor stuff. but as it turns out, they were there and they were ready. you got to figure that much manpower right there, that saved lives. >> yeah. imagine if it happened in the beginning of the race, again, there were the first responders and we all know this from new york. the first responders, but most of the medical people are at the end, the middle, different parts of the race.
8:10 am
but at the end the most. so we were very lucky to have -- lucky is a terrible word. but it could have been hundreds or thousands of dead and maimed. as it is, we don't have the death toll, thank goodness. but it could have been a lot worse. thank goodness we had those wonderful americans there. we're blessed to have them. >> brian: looks like there is going to be a lot of delays in some major cities until we find out who did this and why because we have no idea who we're protecting until you find out the person's agenda and who else was possibly helping them out. >> yeah. and we learn from each of these horrific attacks. we learn about things like garbage cans, where can you place them. in an inaugural route, the secret service, the security shuts down all garbage cans. all receptacles are removed, all buildings are shut down. you don't get access to the upper floors unless you have special access in certain buildings. we're probably going to have to learn something from that as
8:11 am
well. but we'll see when we find out exactly how these bombs were placed, who placed them and exactly what vicinity they were in to the ultimate security points in this race. we'll learn a lot. >> megyn: before we let you go, you're a person of faith and we saw ironically, perhaps the newtown families were there at the boston marathon. >> steve: at the finish line. >> megyn: those runners spent 26 seconds in silence observing what happened to those families. some of those runners or their family members would wind up dead before that race was over or maimed. the one thing you can do at a time like this, for many of us, is lean on our faith, lean on each other. >> it's hard, megyn, because look, they've been through so much in newtown and now coming to have that tragedy commemorated in another horrific attack. your faith is tested. our faith is tested every day. and i pray that the faith remain strong of the people who are affected in all of our country, through what's going to be a
8:12 am
difficult period and it has been since 9-11 and we forget about it. we go numb to it. we kind of have to. but our faith remains. life is short. we don't know when god is going to tap on our shoulder. that's all we have in the end. at least that's for me. i know there are a lot of people who are atheists and it's not disrespect them, but i think bostonnians are faithful people and i think that will help them get through. >> steve: as you put, we are all bostonnians today. thank you very much. we'll see you back. >> megyn: i should mention the newtown families we are told were fine. >> steve: absolutely. >> megyn: they were not among those hurt. there is a statement saying they were okay. they were at the finish line waiting to watch folks run. >> steve: because the last mile was dedicated to the victims. >> brian: right. but the trauma is compounded. meanwhile, the f.b.i. is searching a home. one report is they're questioning two people. why do they call haim person of interest? why do they not call him a
8:13 am
suspect? peter johnson, jr. with the legal break developments on this i have never encountered such a burning sensation... until i had the shingles. it was like a red rash. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit
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that's the impact of global connections. that's bank of america.
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>> you need to stay off the air. units, stay off the air. make your way over there. all units, stay off the air and make your way over there. >> copy that. >> i ohm want to hear from the 984. i only want to hear from them. >> here is what i need. the roads cleared. >> we're going to need more ambulances. >> multiple people down here, okay? i don't know what the cause is. stand by. >> have the bomb squad called immediately. immediately.
8:17 am
>> we have another one at boyleton, we need to set autopsy perimeter to get people away from it. >> we're going to get the victims out, we're then going to conduct a sweep to make sure there are no other devices on the street. we will then get people out of the restaurants and bars. >> brian: good luck with that. those were the chaotic moments after the boston bombings. now everyone wants to know who did this and how many people were involved? fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. here with -- he's been following the development of the investigation of this story. they turned it over from the boston cops to the f.b.i what are we going to learn something? >> we have some information. there is believed to be a 20-year-old saudi national who is under guard at brigham and women's hospital. according to one report in the new york post, and other reports as well, he was tackled leaving the scene. he was apparently burned at the scene. there was apparently the smell of smoke or gun powder on his clothing.
8:18 am
the residue, according to the new york post. according to a source, he smelled of gun powder and declared, i thought there would be a second bomb. he also asked, quote, did anyone die, unquote. so as a result, his house has been searched by the f.b.i. and local authorities. and i would believe, based upon my understanding of investigative techniques, that throughout the night, there has been an outreach to saudi arabia, to look at contacts and family there. at the same time there are probably search warrants and/or subpoenas being executed for his phone lines, his cell lines, his internet provider, and any connection with anyone to determine whether, in fact, he is a suspect or not a suspect. >> brian: if it's this guy, if there is one thing they have in common, if you look at the underwear bomber, and the times square bomber and this guy, they all messed up. they're all like relatively rookies at doing this and they
8:19 am
all hurt themselves in the process. >> you're correct. did he try intentionally try to hurt himself in the process if -- was he a homicide or suicide bomber? did he intend to die? but this alleged knowledge about a second bomb, about whether people were killed as a result of it, and the fact that a person who is grievously injured is leaving the scene would believe one to believe he is a suspect. >> brian: you said something interesting, you said he was talking and said did anyone die and there is a second bomb. >> right. >> brian: we also heard initial reports there was third and fourth packages found that were detonated and one was thought to be real. we have yet to get confirmation on that. >> there are reports it's untrue. >> brian: if that is true, that would be something you get verbally from a suspect. >> absolutely. there will be interrogating if the folks are conscious and not too sedated. people who are victims what, did
8:20 am
you see? it's important to know yes, i was looking at someone and they had a beefcase or a backpack. i was looking at someone and they had a duffel bag that showed up minutes before this attack took place. so there is a robust, intense effort by the f.b.i., atf, all kinds of people go back to one issue about someone is a person of interest versus a suspect. we don't know whether, in fact, this person of interest is also being interrogated by military, department of defense officials, of course f.b.i. >> brian: if i say suspect, what changes about me legally? >> everything. the fifth amendment, mayor randa -- miranda rights, in terms of being so identified as someone who was being looked at and so he is probably interviewed as a witness, as a victim. but at the same time, and it's constitutional, give american authorities the right to look at every part of his life if they get lawful subpoenas. i'm confident the f.b.i. will
8:21 am
get this guy. 1-800-494-tips. >> brian: thanks. coming up straight ahead, our next guest recorded history. pictures from the attack, a photographer in the boston globe here live next.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> steve: our coverage continues of the boston bombings. but there are other stories. first of all, a fox news alert. a u.s. marine helicopter crashed -- has crashed in south korea overnight near the north korean border. all 21 people on board are alive and being treated at the hospital. the military says the super stallion chapper made a hard landing while conducting routine flight operations. the crew is from okinawa in japan. a short time ago, a major
8:25 am
earthquake in iran, killing at least 40 people. the u.s. gs says the 7.8 quake, that's big one, near the border between iran and pakistan. no word on the extent of the damage or injuries. the quake reportedly was felt as far away as new deli and dubai. >> megyn: we've been showing you the horrific images caused by bombs. our next guest was taking pictures at the finish line at the time. >> steve: john mackie is a reporter fort boston globe and he joins us on the phone. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: did i pronounce your last name correctly? ntimackie. >> steve: good. so you've got a camera in front of you. how do you figure out where to start taking the pictures because everywhere you look, there is a picture. >> that's true. i was photographing right at the finish line when the first
8:26 am
explosion went off. the blast, the percussion, if you will, from the explosion actually tilted my camera, ran toward the blast and i saw this runner laying on the ground who was blown up by the explosion and surrounded by police who at that point drawn their guns out. it was only a matter of feet where i was at the blast scene, which is really difficult to get to because they have this protective fence to keep spectators off the course during the race. and that was a hindrance to get rescuers there. but i shot some pictures over the fence and then worked my -- >> brian: what we're seeing right now, i hate to interrupt you. you caught the second blast, didn't you? obviously you couldn't have anticipated it. how did you do it? >> i'm just shooting what's going on in front of me and couldn't have been more than 15 seconds when the second blast
8:27 am
happened. that's how quick it was. that's when the -- i think that's when i started seeing all people screaming, my god, what's going on. >> megyn: that will clearly be evident in this case, that photo, which is pretty clear of the second blast. you also caught that picture of what we now know was a 78-year-old runner who we're told this was his 45th marathon and, we've seen him so many times, when you run the video of the first blast, you see he's the one who stumbles and falls and here is your still shot of him on the ground. he got up and finished the race. >> he did. he was helped up by an official. i think he was in shock. i did speak to him last might and he's okay. he had a scraped knee. he was glad that he wasn't injured. but it was one of the things where i was shooting whatever was happening in front of me and he fell in front of me.
8:28 am
we were there at the sam time. >> steve: yeah. john, i got a question about that guy because it was the earliest tape we had and we ran it over and over. it looked like he was either knocked over by the concussion or by shrapnel. what knocked him over? >> he said he was knocked over by the percussion, the blast, the shock of it and the shock wave knocked him over. he stumbled. he fell on the ground. he was helped up and he crossed the finish line. i think right as i took that photo, probably two seconds after that photo was the second blast. >> megyn: was there anything having taken the pictures and been there the moments after, was there anything that stuck out in your mind as the moment or something that gave you pause as a photo journalist to say, it's no long better me and the camera. it's about me and these people? >> you know, you're a professional, you're a
8:29 am
photographer. you're the witness to people who can't -- i did think of that. there was one moment where there was a girl who was severely injured, was laying on the sidewalk and this man was leaning over her and comforting her. he had his hand on her hair screaming that you're going to be all right. i have to maintain my cool. i was walking through and i'm trying to be discreet. i don't want to exploit the situation, but i'm there to report. i'm there to -- i just feel bad that i had to take those pictures, but i'm doing what i have to do. >> megyn: the first draft of history, including photo journalist. >> brian: would you say, how much did you take, how many? >> i probably took, you know, 300 photos. most of the photos that i shot
8:30 am
were right in the scene there. i was very dissecrete about what i edited and used. there were some pictures that were so gruesome of people's legs blown off. i've never seen anything like that before. >> brian: i imagine the police are going to want to get ahold of these. correct? >> i haven't heard from the police yet. there were a lot of security cameras that were running at the time and some businesses. there are other people taking pictures. i don't know. one other scene that stands out is there was two women who were very gravely injured, laying down side by side. a police officer was leaning over, taking the pulse from their necks at the same time and it was horrific to see that. >> steve: all right. john with the "boston globe." yesterday he was sent to cover the boston marathon and he wound up essentially being a combat photographer. >> megyn: right. and one of the other images that we've been looking at this morning is that image of the one man in the gray shirt, the
8:31 am
bottom, the picture has been blurred out because of the injuries this young man suffered. but the man in the cowboy hat is now getting some attention today, being called a hero by some. his name we are told is car loss arrednodo. his marine son reportedly died in action in iraq in 2004 and he reportedly tried to kill himself on the day he learned of his son's death, but survived, became a peace activist and among those who bore witness to yesterday's events. ran over, tried to tie a tourniquet onto this other young man's legs and wheeled him past the finish line to the emergency responders. wow. >> brian: meanwhile, all eyes at this hour are on three places. you got the scene of the attack, the hospital, and the home being searched by the f.b.i we've got live team coverage on all. heather nower is covering the investigation. chris owe continental has details on the victims in the hospital. but first, let's go to jennifer davis, in downtown boston near the scene. jennifer? >> hi there.
8:32 am
certainly it's not a typical morning here, although i have to say we do see a number of people out jogging in boston commons as if they want to make a statement that they are going to continue on here no matter what happened yesterday. still there is a sense of sadness and really a somber feeling that we're getting as we walk around, see a lot of the runners still in town. certainly a lot to deal with here. there is the investigation part of things and people are very closely keeping an eye on that search warrant that was executed and also wanting to know what will come from the discussions with the 20-year-old saudi national who was at the hospital. there was a lot of confusion yesterday about exactly what was going on in terms of not only the two blasts that did go off, but then how many other blasts were discovered, how many other bombs were discovered that did not detonate. about two, rather five. those details still remain very fluid. then, of course, there is so much concern for all of those who were injured. the hospitals this morning are
8:33 am
very busy with more than 140 patients. the youngest is two years old, dealing with a head injury at the children's hospital here. we understand there are dozens of limbs that have had to be amputated. just a shocking realization for folks who one minute were running the marathon and the next minute lost an arm or leg and all of the folks who had to see it as well. so certainly a somber morning for folks here as they deal with the increased security that comes with an event like this. the governor said boston is open for business today. it's just not going to be business as usual. back to you guys. >> steve: all right. jennifer, thank you very much. meanwhile an eight-year-old boy, one of the three victims killed in the bombings yesterday in boston, 17 are still in critical condition this morning. wtxf reporter chris o'connell joins us from the scene with the latest on the victims. >> guys, much of the back bay here in boston is still an active crime scene.
8:34 am
you may hear some sirens behind me. you may see law enforcement pass me by as they have been all night. the very latest, three people are dead, including that eight-year-old boy who has been identified from a dorchester, boston suburb, identified as martin richard, among the dead. his mother apparently and his sister were among the 140 now injured with a multitude of injuries. take a look behind me. we're on boylston street, five blocks away from that blast site. the impact literally blasted runners off of their feet as they were crossing the finish line. to give you an idea of the magnitude, hospitals were dealing with, they usually have one or two trauma surgeons working at a time. last night, one of the hospitals had 25 to deal with the multiple injuries. one of those doctors told me the majority of the injuries, shrapnel type injuries, ear drums blown out, and a multiple
8:35 am
amputations. >> we're seeing a lot of shrapnel type injuries, many of those involve predominantly the lower extremities, but shrapnel injuries can affect the entire body. there is a lot of small metal debris. some people have asked already about whether these were bb's or parts of bombs. i don't think we're able to see whether these are small bits of metal placed there intentional lee or environmentally. >> more on that eight-year-old boy. apparently he was at the finish line waiting for his father to finish the race. he ran out, gave him a hug, went back to the sidewalk. that is when the blast occurred. we're also hearing more emerging stories of some of these injuries, like two brothers who each lost a leg during the boston marathon. so many stories we're going to hear more in the investigation coming up in about an hour when the f.b.i. gives us a briefing. >> steve: we'll take threw live.
8:36 am
chris o'connell, thank you. >> brian: the f.b.i. will have a briefing in an hour. >> megyn: they are taking the lead in this case in the boston bombings, saying it has lots of leads and they have a lot of work to do as well. heather is here with the very latest on that. >> good morning. hearing from our justice department producers and they are saying the f.b.i. is currently looking at many, many people for possible involvement in the bombings. investigators are also examining thousands of clues from long the marathon route. they are searching every single bag that had been dropped by the runners and also the bistanders as they fled the area yesterday. investigators are also looking at surveillance and cell phone video and also the forensics from the explosives. that is key. one expert i spoke with a short while ago says the bombs used appear to be low tech bombs. we're getting reports in from local hospitals that indicate that shrapnel and possibly ball bearings are being found in some of the victims' wounds. we don't know yet what explosive
8:37 am
material was used. this is interesting, i'm told by some police sources that investigators may actually be able to lift fingerprints from tiny fragments of metal. that's just how good they can get at finding this stuff. i want to tell but one other program. the f.b.i. has this program called trip wire. it was created back in 2003 to alert authorities to large purchases of substances that could be used to make explosives. store owners report buyers who raise red flags. the ingredients that trigger suspicion, those have changed over the years, fertilizer was a chief concern after the oklahoma city bombings. and today the purchase of certain chemicals that don't seem intended for commercial use are now closely watched by investigators. trip wire has had some success. it led to the arrest of a 20-year-old student from saudi arabia. this guy right here. he allegedly planned to blow up former george h.w. bush's home in dallas. the system, though, is not full proof. remember the times square
8:38 am
bomber. he attempted to blow up a car in may 2010. what he used, the substances were fairly common materials that were bought separately. so that apparently didn't raise any red flags. investigators say that they're now going to go back and look at information from the retailers and suppliers who may have encountered someone making large and suspicious purchases. we'll keep following this one. guys? >> steve: all right. thank you very much. >> brian: the new england patriot high school this lineman, joann drowsy. on 9-11, he stood out because it's the brother much three firefighters, new york city firefighters who went into the buildings when the planes went into the buildings on 9-11 and then when it came back to playing football on that sunday, he came running out with his brothers behind him holding, as you see right there, two american flags. fast forward 12 years later and look at andruzi. he was there for his wife. they had an event for his foundation at the finish line. he heard an explosion and he ran
8:39 am
to it. >> megyn: one of the things about the new york city attacks, they had the marathon. there was an incredible moment where the american flags were draped outside and it was so uplifting for such a damaged city and to see him running with the american flags and then run not guilty a different capacity yesterday tells the story, boy. >> brian: their whole event was right next to the second explosion. >> steve: yeah. >> brian: and the new england patriots saw that and tweeted it out and you just saw it. >> megyn: a lot of folks on twitter saying, quoting the mr. rogers line, look for the helpers, whenever you see something bad, look for the helpers. you always find them. and people like this, andruzi, make you feel better. >> steve: we got a lot of helpers yesterday. many wearing camouflage. there were a lot of national guardsmen there for a variety of reasons. transporting people. they weren't intending to transport any victims, but take a look, as you can see, they took down that special fence that kept people from actually
8:40 am
running out crossing the finish line a la rosy ruiz or whatever. after the bombs went off, suddenly they had to get those things out of the way to get to the victims and the national guard was there. >> megyn: this is just what was caught on camera. you can imagine those guy high school a very busy day themselves. speaking of look for the helpers, there is a quote, a tweet or facebook post that's being sent out, who writes the following, when you spot violence, or bigotry or intolerance or fear, garden variety may tread or ignorance, just look it in the eye and think, the good outnumber you. and we always will. that is so true. all those innocent victims at that boston marathon and then everyone who rushed in to help them. we stand behind them together as a country against some cowards. that was one of the things that the boston police commissioner said. what a cowardly act. it was. you know, obviously there is some coward behind this and eventually they'll find out who it is. but america stands for something very different than the people
8:41 am
who pulled this off stand for. >> steve: a famous name in boston is revere. the phillies have an outfielder named ben revere and yesterday he tweeted out this: even when i play, i was still thinking about the people in boston. god bless. you know what? yesterday ben revere had an amazing catch. look at this. look at that. >> megyn: how did he do it? >> steve: well, he used that glove of his and when you take a close-up look at his glove -- okay, there is the still frame. if we could look at his glove, look what he wrote on it. pray for boston. ben revere. very nice. >> brian: in other news, 19 minutes before the top of the hour. our coverage continues with the boston bottoming in just a moment. but let's tell what you else is happening. this 84-year-old inmate busted after police in texas say she hired a hit man to kill county prosecutors.
8:42 am
dorothy canfield wanted them to look similar to the slayings of kaufman county mike mclelland, and his wife and assistant district attorney mark hasse. and a series of small earthquakes rocking oklahoma overnight. the largest, a magnitude 4.3 hit near luther, just northeast of oklahoma city. right now there are no reports of any damage or injuries. >> megyn: our next guest is a retired detective with the nypd with over 25 years of experience. he's also a counterterrorism strategist who develops ways to help ease the effects of a terrorist attack. harry hoch joins us now with more. welcome back. >> good morning. >> steve: what's got your attention? >> well, this post report this morning that just came out regarding the man that was tackled by some of the people there. >> megyn: not yet confirmed by fox news, we should say. >> right. not confirmed, if it turns out it's true there is supposed to be -- there is a second bomb,
8:43 am
that shows there is a second person involved in this, it might be a woman, speculating in the boston area. >> brian: what is boston known to be a police where cells thrive or could survive? >> sure. it's a big city. anybody can hide in a big city. we've got people like that all over this country. a lot of people aren't really paying attention. so this could happen in dubuque, iowa. >> megyn: sorry. >> steve: we were looking at the video from overnight. the suburb of revere is where this saudi national college student lived and they did a search of his house. they carted off a bunch of stuff as is always the case. according to one news source, they didn't really find anything that might be helpful to them. >> i don't know. you know, maybe they're telling us the truth, maybe they're not. >> megyn: that was from our doj producer. at least so far, no hits yet. but i want to ask you because there is some reports from some eyewitnesses who say there were bomb sniffing dogs on scene at
8:44 am
the finish line shortly before the bombs went off. would that be a standard protocol that they would employ at such an event because there is some chatter about they knew, they had a heads up, they're not telling us they did, but they must have? >> i would tend to think so. if they did have some kind of a heads up, you know, bringing dogs out there. but you got a large event. you got an event that's international. so it would be very prudent for the police department to bring out bomb dogs to sniff around to see if they uncover anything. >> brian: let's talk about the bomb. they said there were thermal marks underneath why the lens crafter store is. i don't know if we can see that store is. they also thought it was significant that there is a lot of extra white powder there. they say that shows that it didn't ignite and the bomb was intended to be bigger than it actually was and other experts pointed us to the white smoke as indication of a military hit. >> right. i really can't comment so much on how the bomb exploded.
8:45 am
i'm not really an expert -- >> brian: if i tell you 144 people were hurt and three were killed? >> yeah. you know, this bomb could have probably been a lot bigger. all right? it looks like it's a low tech bomb. if you can sit and watch the video, the people on the street aren't even affected by the blast. the runners themselves -- >> brian: they blew up. >> right. exactly. there is a possibility that what they did was they directed the bomb to blow in a certain direction, but they might have screwed it up and it wound up going up. >> megyn: here in new york when we have these big events, we don't have these trash cans. we remove them. we don't know if they were placed in trash cans. some of the initial reports are they're looking into that. that is one of the leads they're pursuing, whether they were there and they were placed in there. is that an oversight? is that something that should never have been there if it was? >> well, why don't we pretty much wait to see if that's the
8:46 am
instance because not too many people are talking about seeing garbage cans. i was looking -- >> megyn: i'm asking you about standard procedure. standard procedure you remove the garbage cans. >> sure. they should not be there because it's very easy to hide a bomb in there. >> steve: how about how diabolical it was, and we don't know how they were synchronized or how they were triggered. but one blows up and once people figure out hey, that's a bomb, you're going to go running somewhere. if you ran one direction, you would have run into the other bomb which detonated 15 seconds later. >> exactly. they're saying maybe this bomb was detonated bay cell phone. all right. to me, i'm sitting here and i'm watching the video. there weren't too many people crossing the line at the time. there weren't too many runners crossing the line. >> megyn: but the reports are trial that the bomb went off at the most populated time for crossing the finish line. >> right. but if you look at the video, it's like ten or 15 people at the most. why wouldn't they have waited
8:47 am
for more people to be crossing? i know four hours is like the time when most people -- >> steve: why do you think? >> i think maybe it might have been a timer on the bomb and it went off in four hours or this guy that they allegedly tackled, all right, was coming by and dropped the bomb. dropped the bomb -- the bomb went off, hurting him, all right, then people seeing him and going after him. that's only a possibility. if this guy is somehow involved, you know, the bomb might have been in a backpack. >> megyn: what do you make about the fact that now there are reports that at least two bombs undetonnated were recovered by the police? it just seems hard to get your arms around the fact this it could be one guy with up to four potential bombs. he set two off. it suggests there were more people involved to you? >> i'm starting to lean towards a conspiracy of more than one person based on that. you've got four bombs, okay. you got -- if this statement by
8:48 am
this gentleman here in the post is true, all right, there was supposed to be another bomb, that tells me that somebody else was also involved. so it might be a smaller cell in the boston area. >> steve: if you think it might be a conspiracy there, what's to stop them from having affiliates in other towns? >> i mean, that could definitely happen. but there wasn't a lot of chatter. nobody picked up on the intelligence about this. and if there was affiliates in other towns, i would tend to think, if there was going to be explosions in new york, atlanta, chicago, it would have happened yesterday. >> brian: the white. did you see the picture? explosive experts have said that is the type of material that should have exploded and it could have been a lot worse. >> right. i was talking to mike earlier who you had on who i know from the bomb squad. he had stated to me that it looks like it was a very low tech device also and that the fact that that could be explosives there. i don't know. i can't basically tell by looking at it. you had a lot of people who were
8:49 am
smelling gun powder. >> steve: yeah. >> we're talking about fire. >> steve: like fire crackers. >> brian: the problem with the marathon is they all have string knapsacks. that is a security nightmare. >> sure. there is going to be big changes on the marathon next year in new york. >> steve: thank you very much. >> megyn: thanks. our own bill hemmer is in boston. we want to check this with him for what's coming up. >> good morning to all three of you. i am listening to you talk there and i'm getting your expert opinion from that guest right there. i just really want to caution a lot of people about how we move through the information throughout the day today. i was in newtown a couple months back, you remember in the early hours and days of that tragedy how much information went out publicly that has yet to be proven to this day. what we can say right now is there are a lot of leads, but there is also a loft work to do. so that will be part of our coverage over the next couple of hours. critical press conference coming up at 9:30 eastern time on behalf of the boston police and
8:50 am
the f.b.i this is frankly where we got a lot of our information, so we'll have that live for you coming up at 9:30 as our show gets rolling here in about ten minutes live near copley square. >> brian: initially, how would you characterize the relationship between the f.b.i. and the boston police? are they open to working together? are they okay about letting the f.b.i. take the lead? >> i have no reason to think right now, brian, that there is any bad blood at all with these agencies. they really want to figure this out. just talking to people who were living in boston last night, folks that we spoke to here, this community has been rocked by it. but they'll all tell you they want to solve this and do it as fast as possible. another thing, the police response yesterday was phenomenal. you talk to the runners who were still in the race and what they described to us is just the massive police presence. they came out and surrounded all of them. it was quite impresssive. >> steve: we'll be watching at the top of the hour. >> megyn: bostonnians are a
8:51 am
tough lot. on the ground, the moment the explosions hit and she shot this video. our next guest opens up about the terrifying moments ♪ [ male announcer ] this is a stunning work of technology. ♪ this is the 2013 lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> steve: our lead story, the bombing yesterday in boston at the finish line of the boston marathon. tang romney grew up in the area, he's the son of mitt and ann romney and joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning, thanks for having me on. >> steve: it's good to have you. what's your message to the people looking in at what happened to your town yesterday? >> it's just horribly tragic. boston is a city that celebrates sports and history and culture and patriots day for bostonnians
8:55 am
is the convergence of those three things. to have this senseless and stupid and cowardly act happen here in the heart of the city is just a horrible tragedy. >> brian: as you look around today and take notes of what you see the day after, what are your conclusions? >> you know, boston is a resilient city. we will come together. our office is just a block from the bombing site and everyone has already gathered there and consoled each other and people -- we're going to do our best to figure out who did this and make sure it doesn't happen again. >> megyn: obviously the people behind this wanted to instill terror and change the way we live our lives and the way we feel about our own security here in america. they may have underestimated not only bostonnians, but americans. >> yeah, absolutely. this country, i think, one of the things that makes this country great is when things get tough, we pull together. it was interesting comparing the cowardly act of the bombers or
8:56 am
bomber to the courage of the first stoppedders and the people all around who rushed to the scene and pulled those grand stands down and got to those who were hurting. and this is a great nation and we will remain great despite the efforts of those who want to pull us down. >> steve: i think you got it right. coward. you said coward twice. they were. he was. we don't know. >> yeah. this makes no sense. in anyone would want to do this, their lack of esteem for human life. it doesn't make any sense. it makes you question, but also makes you want to pull your family a little closer, hug your kids tighter and do more to help your neighbor. >> megyn: before we let you go, any reaction from your dad and mom? >> i spoke to both of them last night. they were worried 'cause they knew i was at the marathon. they both called to make sure i was okay. they also just don't understand why someone would want to do this. >> megyn: got to run. thank you.
8:57 am
>> brian: thanks so much. back in two minutes i'm telling you right now, the girl back at home would absolutely not have taken a zip line in the jungle. (screams) i'm really glad that girl stayed at home. vo: expedia helps 30 million travelers a month find what they're looking for. one traveler at a time. expedia. find yours. . ..
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