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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 30, 2013 6:00am-8:59am EDT

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>> sean says no way. i would rather give my money to charity and look at satellite images. >> bill says i'd like to see several safe missions first. >> have a great day everybody. "fox & friends" starts right now. gretchen carlson somebody was calling you. >>gretchen: good morning. it is taourbgs april -- tuesday, april 30. blockbuster on benghazi? a claim the obama administration trying to intimidate whistle-blowers into silence. >> people have been threatened at not just the state department. people have been threatened at the c.i.a. >>gretchen: brand-new details on what the state department has to say now. >>steve: communication failure. the nation's top spy
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a long-running feud. feeling a little stressed? maybe you should blame where you live. the top five stressed out states coming in at number one. west virginia followed by rhode island, kentucky, utah and massachusetts. the least stressed state? this one makes sense. hawaii. a top tip: turn off electronic devices. wonder how they gauge that? >>brian: you turn them on and realize how many people
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are mad at you because you haven't returned their texts. >> let's talk about benghazi. it is back in the headlines. >>steve: there is a blockbuster. john kerry received a letter from darrell issa over the last couple of days. essentially what it says -- i've got a copy of it here. it essentially says the department of state is stonewalling. what some attorneys who are representing at least four people with intelligence who are either on the ground or know exactly what was happening on september 11 of last year when those four brave americans were killed, the letter complains that the state department is not providing the access and the process so that the attorneys can do their jobs and would have clearance to security documents. >>gretchen: it's a federal law with regard to whistle-blowers. the headline here is that there are four whistle-blowers apparently of these 20 people. state department officials are within the c.i.a., not knowing if they are on the ground in benghazi or not. but four whistle-blowers willing to come forward to
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say we have information about three important things regarding this investigation. >>steve: they have been willing to come forward but the problem is the department of state won't give them the process. that is a problem. a representative of at least one of them says people have not come forward before because they have been threatened. here she is. >> i'm not talking generally. i am talking specifically about benghazi, that people have been threatened. not just the state department. people have been threatened at the c.i.a. not we're going to kill you or not we're going to prosecute you tomorrow. they're taking career people and making them well aware their careers will be over. >>brian: they bring up three areas in which they can shed lied on this process -- shed light on this process. the first one is leading up to the attack when the state department is saying we are very upset about the low level of security here and feel very threatened. number two, the eight-hour time frame in which the attacks unfolded.
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now we know, people are on the record saying we could have helped out. at the very latest we could have been there in four hours. if you didn't want us fighting on the ground we could have helped the exit. the eight day period following the attacks when the obama administration incorrectly described that as a spontaneous attack because of video. they feel they can shed light on all these things and are about to. >>gretchen: we're going to hear from one of these people who has gone in disguise, so to speak and granted an interview. that interview will be coming in the next hour. it is interesting to juxtapose this situation with the boston bombings with regard to how quickly attorneys came into that investigation and now why is that same due process not coming in here for these people who also would like to have counsel. an interesting juxtaposition. >>steve: it is. you know how the state department is responding? we've already investigated. the case is essentially closed. they say administration officials have testified at eight hearings. we've given 20 briefings
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and 25,000 documents. a state department spokesman said i'm not aware of any private counsel asking for security clearances, which is curious because apparently mr. issa, congressman issa wrote a letter to the department of state, the legal department on the 16th day of the month of april and then he wrote another letter on 4/26. the key is -- and if anybody at foggy bottom is watching -- there are people who want to tell us what happened in benghazi. give the attorneys the clearance so they can see that stuff and we can find out what happened. >>gretchen: let's talk about the latest update in the boston bombing situation. a new intelligence announcing that the investigation of course is going to be going on as to what happened with the communication failure with the f.b.i. and the c.i.a. potentially before the attacks happened. now could there also be more people of interest in this investigation?
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they tell us now that there has been female d.n.a. found on one of the bombs. so could it be from the female who sold the gun powder and those fireworks up in new hampshire to tamerlan? could it be the widow of tamerlan, catherine russell? yesterday investigators show up at her parents home where she had been living. they took her laptop. they took bags of other evidence. it will be pretty easy to figure out in a very quick matter of time whether or not it is her d.n.a. they are obviously doing that right now. >>brian: she's lawyered up. they were negotiating to get a match and see if it matches the bomb or anything else they are investigating and not telling us yet. she is deciding whether to come forward or not and what kind of deal to cut. they want her parents to --
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>>gretchen: somebody who has a lot of experience in these kinds of cases. it is judy clark and her past clients include the unibomber, the olympic bomber in atlanta, also jared hrouf -- will have -- jared loughner. >>steve: on monday the
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president of the united states chatted on the phone with president putin and they talked about we've got to do something about it. we've got to coordinate and cooperate more when it comes to the intel information. just one other note regarding the female d.n.a. they say it could actually be just a hair that wound up on the bomb and there was a lot of hair that day. we should know sooner than later what happened. >>gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends" today, i lost my life savings, and all i have to show for it is this stuffed banana with dread locks. this guy wants the carnival game investigated. but should he have known better? we report, you decide. >>brian: remember when nancy pelosi was accused of making money from insider trading. a law to stop this from happening got gutted. the man who broke that story next with why every single american should be paying attention.
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time when there is a deficit of trust between this city and the rest of the country. >>steve: that's right. that was president obama more than a year ago touting transparency as he signed the stock act, a bill that banned elected officials with insider information. that is against the law? not on capitol hill until then. last week the most important part of the stock act bill was gutted. peter schweitzer is the author of "throw them all out." he broke this story and told us about it the next day. peter, first of all, let's start with what was the stock act going to do? >> the stock act basically did a couple of things. number one, it made clear in the law, steve, that no members of congress and their staff could not trade stock on inside information. the law now would apply to them that previously only applied to us. the second thing it was going to do was have more immediate disclosure. rather than once a year, it
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was going to be several times a year. the third thing it was going to do was make it accessible so the citizenry could monitor and see what stock trades were being made at what time. it is really about transparency. >>steve: absolutely. if a committee has business in front of congress and, you know, it involves a company, if one of the staff member or the member himself wanted to trade stock, they absolutely could back then because it wasn't a violation. under the stock act it was a violation until last week and they gutted it. who's the genius behind that? >> there is plenty of blame to go around. they talk about the gridlock in washington, they can't get anything done; they got this done real fast because both sides wanted to gut this law. you had in the senate where it started, it was harry reid that led the charge. then in the house which is of course under republican control, they didn't even have a voice. they had a voice vote. we don't know who voted for and against.
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then president obama signed it very, very quickly of the rationale was this would somehow be detrimental to american national security which is ridiculous and outrageous they would make that charge. it is simply a case of they don't really want the american people to see and know the kind of financial transactions they're involved in. >>steve: when this first came up, a big flourish, your book came out, you were on "60 minutes" talking about it. the country was going that can't be real, and then they passed the bill. now in kind of a sleepy time in april, they gut the bill. we're left essentially with nothing. is there anything we can do? >> i think people should let their members of congress know they're upset and outraged by this. the biggest issue we believe is you can pass a law that says it's against the law for them to do
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this. but if nobody is paying attention, if it is hard for average citizens to know about it, it is a toothless bill. i think what we need to do is contact our members of congress and tell them these sorts of things matter to us because ultimately we are the sentinels of our country and we as the public need to know these sorts of things that are going on. we need to know we are angry about this and this is not something that will pass quickly. >>steve: that is great. sir, thank you very much. quite a story. >> 18 minutes after the top of the hour. bottoms up with mitch mcconnell. why the senate minority leader wants to come have a drink with somebody. and that empty chair means it could be clint eastwood? no, it's somebody else. tim tebow out with the jets and nobody is buying except for the lingerie football league. is his pro career done? phil simms is going to
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>>gretchen: if you're just waking up with us, 2 # 2 minutes after the top of the hour. a couple quick headlines. boeing confirming debris found behind the ground zero mosque is actually part of a wing of the
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planes used in the september 11 attack. it does not know which plane because the part is badly damaged. >> the fed meeting at a meeting today to keep interest rates at low levels. it is currently 7.6%. brian? >>brian: tim tebow and now his journey to new york has ended almost as quickly as it started. one season after he went to the jets, the popular quarterback out of a job, released. not a shock. the fact that he's fallen so quick is somewhat a shock. his career some what? jeopardy right now in the nfl. nobody knows what it takes to be in the nfl more than phil simms. great to see you. your son on the jets, quarterbacked with the
6:24 am
jets. not a surprise tebow gets cut? >> i don't ask him for the information. he's not one of those guys who gives it up freely. i'm not surprised they let him go. i think after last year, what we saw, basically the media circus that surrounded him and kind of engulfed their football team. they need to clean it up. we know they drafted gino smith. >>brian: they had no plan. they had no idea what to do with him and they did him an injustice in acquiring him. they could have let him go to jacksonville where they actually wanted him to play. they had no interest in him playing. >> i think they had a plan but we all have plans and they don't come through. >>brian: was he on a punt team? >> i watched the jets practice a few times last summer and i thought to myself, and i said it to a lot of people, i thought this is trouble. they go why? when tim tebow and mark sanchez left the field, they both had a tent to
6:25 am
have conferences in. they had a press conference every single day. when you do things like that with a football team you're asking for trouble. >>brian: there seems to be the most controversy coming out of that team and that is gino smith gets drafted. is he the future of the jets and is mark sanchez at 25 no longer the future? >> gino smith is the future. when you're a quarterback, even though gino smith went the second round, it is like a first-round pick. when you're quarterback, you've got to do two things. you've got to play extremely well. extremely well. and your team has to win a lot of games. so it's tough. >>brian: now everyone is looking at tim tebow and saying where is he going to go next? tim would want to exhaust his opportunities in the nfl but we would love to have him. i think he would improve as a quarterback in our league. what about the afl?
6:26 am
>> yeah tim tebow going to the arena football league. everybody says canada. i would be shocked if he goes there. i think he's looking for a chance in the nfl. if it doesn't come, he'll do whatever. >>brian: the lingerie league is trying to get publicity. they brought it up. phil, you don't think he's a good passer? you think he's never going to learn to be a good passer? >> when you say those words, is he going to be what we call a drop-dead nfl passer, no, that is not going to happen. when you bring him in as a quarterback, you have to understand what he is. he's a power runner. he brings a lot of energy to the team. but you're going to play a whole different style than everybody else is playing in the league. >>brian: you spent about 25 years of your life out in the sun, playing in summer and no one is thinking about sun screen. you're here to talk about melanoma and your bout with skin cancer. >> it's rough for me. yes, i always am thinking of it.
6:27 am
i grew up on a farm. my dad looked at me one day and goes boy, you better cover up. i knew -- even when i played i had sun screen on. it didn't work. i've had a lot of problems over the last few years. i haven't been in the sun in years. at all. i just can't go out in it. so i tell people screen. you've got to do it. men don't like to get screened. why? they're too busy. they don't want to know. oh, only women do those types of things. >>brian: like go to a dermatologist. >>brian: june 23 at the giants facility, anybody can get a free screening to see if they have melanoma. >>brian: is the sun too close to the earth? when i was growing up people were putting on baby oil to get sun. what has happened? >> i was never out in the sun a lot. then i go wait, i got sun
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burn when i was ten. i look back over the course of 30 or 40 years, a lot of sun brought a lot of problems. >>brian: i'm going to close in saying this. you said it was good to see me. i'm going to take you on your word. >> you look good, man. the lighting must be really professional in here. >>brian: and the makeup. good to see you, phil, i thought. two minutes till the bottom of the hour. >> remember when gas was four bucks a gallon? it is coming back. stuart varney says the government might be able to stop it but won't. then i lost my life savings and all i have to show for it is this stuffed banana. this guy wants the carnival game investigated, but shouldn't he have known better? better? we report, you decide. [ male announcer ] straight from red lobster's chefs
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>>gretchen: 32 minutes after the top of the hour. time to check out your shot of the morning. that's senate minority leader mitch mcconnell striking back at president obama's jabs at the white house correspondents dinner at this invite for a drink. the president joked he can't reach out to republicans because mcconnell wouldn't be a good drinking buddy. mcconnell said i'm
6:33 am
shocked. he's obviously not seen my soft side and responded by tweeting this photo from a jar with an empty chair and a red glass for the empty chair. looks like mcconnell has a beer in front of him. >>brian: the joke at the white house correspondents dinner when people said you have a beer with mitch mcconnell. >>steve: meanwhile, headlines. imagine hearing your flight attendant saying brace for impact. that's happened. >> alert information. cabin pressure loss. >>steve: i hate it when they say 102 souls on board. that happened on a frontier airlines jet yesterday as it cruised over the rocky mountains. >> we dropped quite significantly and we were like, we were getting closer and closer to the mountain. >> he put us in position and said there will be a crash. >>steve: the pilot was able to turn that plane around and landed safely in
6:34 am
denver. we still don't know why the cabin lost pressure. but what a trip. >>brian: catherine zeta jones was checked into the hospital for a second time for her bipolar disorder. she got held back in 2011 when she reportedly went to a mental health clinic facility in connecticut. jones's spokesperson said she is committed to her health. >>gretchen: cameras catching an unusual heist. a teen seen casing the scene before pulling a wysteria right out the ground. >>brian: file this story under weird but true. a new hampshire man claims he was conned at a carnival by a rigged game.
6:35 am
henry grabone said he lost his entire life savings, $2,600 trying to win an xbox. instead all he has to show for it is a stuffed banana with dread locks. >> you're expected to win a few things and let the kids have a good time. it didn't turn out that way. as you get caught up in the double or nothing, i've got to win my money back. for once in my life i've become that sucker. >>brian: henry said he didn't expect the game to be so hard. i think it was ring toss. he now wants the game's contractor investigated for potential fraud. >>gretchen: somebody should pay him 26 hundred bucks for walking around town with that banana. i'm not sure that i'd even take the banana after spending -- >>brian: you've got to leave with something. >>gretchen: a banana with dread locks, can somebody tell me where that comes
6:36 am
from. is there some movie? >>brian: jamaica. if you do win it, to bring it everywhere is an interesting decision. he's literally bringing it everywhere. >>steve: gretch has a good point. where is that from? maybe it is a collector's item. in which case maybe the 26 hundred bucks is a good investment. >>gretchen: i'm hearing you can buy that on amazon come for $24. $124? are you kidding me? that's a ripoff too. >>steve: who are you talking to? >>gretchen: there is occasionally a little voice right there. no more. >>steve: check out this amazing video of ice crystals forming on a lake in minnesota. >> that is so cool! that phenomenon is called chandeliering when temperatures warm up and frozen lakes start to melt.
6:37 am
at some point the ice crystallizes. if pushed on the shore, the ice shatters into fine shards and pile up. maria, you knew all about that, didn't you? >> that is pretty cool stuff. i have to say growing up in florida, we did not see much of that happening on the shores or the lakes. but we have more warm temperatures, so we could continue to see ice melting across parts of the great lakes today. temperatures will be very warm. in the 80's in places like chicago, places like kansas city and minneapolis, 72 degrees. a very warm day out there. enjoy it while you have it because take a look at tomorrow. that will be changing in minneapolis. a big cool down in store. 45 degrees for your high. 33 in denver. we have a strong cold front headed eastbound today. this storm will be producing rain across sections of wisconsin, already doing so. even in minnesota, later today we have a chance to see severe storms from parts of kansas, nebraska, up into parts of wisconsin. gretchen, i know you have family in parts of the midwest.
6:38 am
take a look at this. this is a snow forecast. some parts of minnesota, according to this computer model, could see one to two feet of snow coming up wednesday into thursday. it is just a computer model, but of course we'll keep an eye on it and keep you posted. >>steve: can't shake this darned winter. >>gretchen: it has been especially brutal in minnesota this year. supporters say it will create thousands of jobs and reduce dependence on foreign oil but environmental concerns still keeping the keystone pipeline from forging ahead. >>steve: while the pressure heats up on president obama to make a decision, gas prices remain high at $3.50 a gallon. let's talk to stuart varney. are they connected, the keystone and the high price at the pump? >> i think they're going to be connected. at the moment you've got an average price nationwide, $3.50 a gallon. this is gretchen's story. she coined the expression the new normal for gas. the normal keeps going up. we've got $3.50 now.
6:39 am
i think we're headed towards $4 a gallon in the summer. as prices start to rise towards that magic level $4 a gallon -- in comes the debate over the pipeline. the president has to make a decision fairly soon: build it? yes or no. as he's making that decision, gas prices rise. i don't think the two are connected. if you build the pipeline, i don't think you get prices down tomorrow morning. but in the public's mind they are going to be linked. >>steve: do everything you can? >> yes. because as you get closer to $4 a gallon. it's a big deal in america, $4 gas. that precise moment, then you have the president who is discussing the pipeline. >>gretchen: my point about this whole story in being the new normal is we don't hear about it. we don't hear outrage about every american paying close to $4 a gallon. i don't get it. >> we're paying $3.# 0 in california -- paying $.90 in california and illinois now.
6:40 am
crude oil has gone up sharply. summer driving is about to begin. i think we're on the way towards a renewal of $4 a gallon nationwide. >>brian: we need presidential leader. there's menty of democratic support. just -- there's plenty of democratic support. make the decision. this thing would be in the rear-view mirror. nobody would be talking about it if he didn't let it linger. >> there is fear of opposition from celebrities and environmentalists. >>brian: celebrities? they're powerful. >> you saw the white house correspondents dinner littered with celebrities. they play an important role in this presidency. they are unanimously against building this pipeline. >>brian: you know who's for it? the teamsters. >> just as you get this debate rolling all over again -- build it or not building -- you've got gas prices rising. >>brian: i want to know
6:41 am
what kloe kardashian wants to do. >>steve: i've got the book from her nanny. "malibu nanny." >> her nanny wrote a book. >>gretchen: i'm wondering do you think we'll get back to gas prices where it is under $2 a gallon? >> i don't think so. when i first came to america -- >>gretchen: that's not the point. how do you feel about that? do you like paying $4 a gallon? i don't. >> ten cents a cup coffee unlimited. incredible. >>steve: stuart 9:20 eastern time over on fox business channel where he will wax nostalgic. >> a new record for the stock market is what we're talking about.
6:42 am
>>gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," make eavesdropping on americans easier. can they do that? the judge is going to weigh in on that. >>steve: more than 30 years after she landed on the cover of sports illustrated swimsuit edition, christie brinkley is about to do it again? what? girl vo: i'm pretty conservative. very logical thinker. (laughs) i'm telling you right now, the girl back at home would absolutely not have taken a zip line in the jungle. (screams) i'm really glad that girl stayed at home. vo: expedia helps 30 million travelers a month find what they're looking for.
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♪ nespresso. what else?
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>>steve: some conviction "fox & friends" headlines for you now. more than 30 years after she landed three of these sports illustrated swimsuit covers in a row, christie brinkley will be back in a swimsuit. brinkley set to grace the cover of "social life" next month. >> don't like doing situps? don't worry. turns out they may actually be lousy for you. new research -- i knew it! new research finds crunches and situps can overload the spine causing damage to spinal -- >>brian: looks horrible for her. >>gretchen: i think this sounds like a good excuse to not do situps. the obama administration is looking to fine tech companies big
6:47 am
bucks unless they make eavesdropping on americans easier. companies like google that ignore wiretap orders could be in hot water if this is approved. >>brian: so what would happen if had gone on under president bush? and is this even legal? this is tailor-made for us? why do i always get these contentious topics? >> this did happen under president bush with the n.s.a. persuading -- national security administration -- persuading telecom providers to allow them to tap into it. colleagues in the media exposed it and it stopped. now the obama administration wants to say if you don't cooperate we want the ability to fine you. two cooperations they're asking for. one, if they don't have time to search warrant, they want to be able to call a computer provider and say let us listen to kilmeade as he e-mails gretchen carlson and back
6:48 am
and forth. >>brian: they probably wouldn't because we are not terrorist threats. >> they wouldn't for you. if the internet provider said no, get a search warrant, they want to be able to fine the provider. the other thing they want is when they do get a search warrant and she show up with a search warrant, the internet provider said find what you're looking for, they don't know how. they need an employee from the internet provider to, quote, plug them in. they want to be able to do this from their f.b.i. office. they want to switch a but button and decide who to listen to. >>steve: go to court, gets the search warrant or whatever. for them to call and say google help me out, that is just -- >> it's an interesting point. the search warrant system works. i issued search warrants at 3 in the morning in my gym shorts in my living room. i have a colleague who issued them on the back of
6:49 am
a motorcycle in downtown d.c. on a saturday afternoon. as long as there is evidence there, it works. for the f.b.i. to say we don't have time for this or we're getting lazy, want to cut corners -- >>steve: how long does it take? >> a few hours. we're not talking about somebody in realtime. we're talking about surveilling -- >>brian: how about you're tamerlan and you're with your brother. you're going to head to times square with five bombs in the back. you're trying to get access to his phone to find out where he's going and who he's calling. they can't find judge napolitano in his boxers in the middle of the night. >> it's gym shorts. chase him down and stop him, and stop the car. >>brian: judge, it's not "spiderman." we can't do that. >> the system works best when the constitution is followed. when it's not, the system is dependent upon the values of whoever is in office. the founders didn't trust that kind of power in the
6:50 am
hand of human beings, so they laid down a guideline. >>gretchen: it's a great debate and we unfortunately have to wrap it up there. judge, have a fantastic day. >> it became a hit on-line for lying. remember this? >> do you know it's not nice to tell stories and to lie? look at mommy. >>gretchen: it's not always that easy to tell if your kids are lying. it is national honesty month. ♪ i've got the power people lose 5x more weight following the weight watchers approach than trying on their own. you can too. the new weight watchers 360 program. join for free and check out the new risk free guarantee today.
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6:54 am
>> you know it's not nice to tell stories and to lie; right? look at mommy. you're not supposed to lie. >>gretchen: that video went viral, the lying kid. little sprinkles. but it is not always easy to tell if your kids are fibbing. today is national honesty day and we're on a mission to help parents to figure it out. we have the author of "the complete idiot's guide to reading body language." good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >>gretchen: i'm fantastic. i guess it was a dead give-away with the sprinkles on that little boy's face. but do you have thoughts on why he would think he'd be able to get away with it? >> first of all, the reward was outweighing the risk. he thought he could pull over a great big whopper on his mother even though he had the evidence on his face. here's the thing.
6:55 am
his little horns are poking through his halo and these little kids generally score higher on their s.a.t. tests. >> tougher parenting may pay off later on. let's do signals for parents to find out if your child is laying to -- lying to you. they angle away from you or rub their hair or hands. >> we're looking for change in behavior. we know how they normally would respond in a normal situation. all of a sudden we're looking for deviations. what we notice is they want to escape towards the door or out of the room so they'll shift their bodies away. excessive nervousness, rub their fingers together, stroke their hair or may put their hands over their mouths. these are clues your little one is lying to you. >>gretchen: what about when they reach a little bit older. my kids are eight and nine. lying can mean something different; right? >> it sure can. when it becomes very
6:56 am
habitual and also when you're seeing more changes in their behavior -- depression, sadness, isolation, hiding -- those kind of things are a little bit more suspect to more behavior. there could be some bullying going on at school, could be some self-esteem issues or low confidence. these are the times that you need to be really concerned about your kid. >>gretchen: how do you instill truthfulness in your kid for every other day that's not national honesty day? >> the first thing you want to do is instill truthfulness. you need to also explain to them why it's important for them to tell the truth later in life. when we do this, we need to also do it in love. when we're so harsh, we're actually giving our kids an incentive to lie. the thing is to provide a safe environment for your kid to share so that they actually will tell you things that are bothering them and not create so much fear and demand on your kids. >>gretchen: okay. it's very good advice. susan constantine, body
6:57 am
language expert. thanks for your time today. >> check out that hot red ferrari. guess who's behind the wheel? a nine-year-old and mom was a nine-year-old and mom was filming the whole thing. [ female announcer ] a classic meatloaf recipe from stouffer's starts with ground beef, onions and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care, for you or your family. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the firsweek... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke.
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this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing conte and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet? >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. hope you're gonna have a great tuesday. it's april 30 already. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. blockbuster on benghazi now. a claim u.s. forces could have intervened. have cost have gotten there in time in the terrorist attack, in time to help? that special op? silhouette, an exclusive interview with someone who watched it go down. >> brian: it wasn't the ellis impersonator who mailed poison-laced letters to the president. is this a true story? a senator and a judge as well. defense eyeing his arch rival. wayne newton impersonator. >> steve: what? >> brian: yes. >> steve: you think this picture, that one right there, is real? that woman, a reporter, says she
7:01 am
ducked a baseball just in time. a lot of you think it's photo shopped. she's going to be here this hour to explain. "fox & friends" hour two for tuesday starts right now. >> brian: when will may get here? >> gretchen: excuse me? >> brian: when is may getting here? >> gretchen: tomorrow. may day. you going to bring in some flowers? >> brian: i can't wait for may to get here 'cause it will warm up to 50 and feel lake spring. one tulip came up this year. the rest are scared to death to come up. they're sitting there. i'm not going up there. you go up there. >> steve: we're spring. just not today. it could be a chilly may though, too. it's going to be really chilly april. >> brian: those with a lot of body hair, you're in luck. this will be your spring. >> steve: way to go, sasquatch.
7:02 am
>> gretchen: now to your headlines this morning. we're getting a look at the silver mini van michigan police are look for in the kidnapping of a young mom. officials want to talk to the driver. not sure how they got their image because thereof no surveillance at the gas station. this is the woman, jessica. she was kidnapped friday night. her purse and keys were left behind. another customer called 911 a short time later. >> there is nobody. there's a car here. there is another car out front, but it's very suspicious why there is nobody here. >> gretchen: the driver is described as a heavy set man in his 30s or 40s. jessica's grandparents will join us live to talk about the search. the american pastor held prisoner in iran for refusing to renounce his christian faith has been placed in solitary confinement. he and nine others were put there following a peaceful protest they held about the conditions of the prison.
7:03 am
his family is worried. they say he may be suffering from organ failure and isn't getting proper medical care. trail mix, potato chips and gum, with the growing number of food boasting added caffeine for an energy boost, the f.d.a. says it's time to investigate their safety protocol. the last time the f.d.a. approved the use of caffeine was in the 1950s for cola. they're investigating energy drinks and energy shots. it was a hero's homecoming in kentucky. for one soldier, this returning was extra special because he got to meet his six-month-old daughter, lillian, for the very first time. >> words can't describe the meaning and feeling i'm feeling right now. i'm just waiting to catch up and spend a little lovely time with her. >> i'm beyond happy. he gets to have his daughter and i get to have my husband and we get to have our family. >> gretchen: the group returned sunday after being away for 11
7:04 am
months in afghanistan. and those are your headlines. >> brian: three minutes after the hour. new report is out revealing female dna has been found on one of the bombs used in the boston marathon attacks. now authorities want to know if it can be linked to the wife of tamerlan tsarnaev. david lee miller live in boston with this link. hey, david. >> hi. this is a significant development. how significant it is, that is unclear. but yes, authorities say they did find on the components of at least one of the bombs female dna. not clear whose dna is it? it might be dna coming from a victim. it could be dna coming from a store clerk who unknowingly sold components that would be used in a bomb, or it could be dna coming from an accomplice. a source who talked to fox said no one should suspect that this investigation is over. as authorities of tamerlan tsart
7:05 am
that information is not being made public. he says that will only happen when the body is released and so far, the next of kin, katherine russell, has not claimed her husband's remains.
7:06 am
lastly, the police commissioner, ed davis, getting a great deal of attention in boston now, brian. he's going to be the commencement speaker at the university of massachusetts at lowell, a number of universities are bestowing upon him honorary degrees, many looking up to him for the help he provided in helping the city endure the difficulty of the last two weeks. he told the newspaper here that, quote, it's all very humbling. he never expected to find himself in this position. brian. >> brian: all right. david lee, good report and we have another path to follow. everyone wanted to categorize a simple crime, two brothers. man. >> more complicator complicated -- complicated than that. >> steve: the boston herald has got an item, we know the tsarnaev family received public assistance. they got section 8 housing, they got food stamps. they have got cash. boston herald says that family received more than $100,000
7:07 am
worth of taxpayer assistance and how did the brothers thank the taxpayers? by trying to kill as many as they possibly could. >> gretchen: there is another big story now. are we going to go back to investigating benghazi and what happened there september 11 of last year? remember, there was the theory that it was a done deal. but guess what? there is four whistle blowers who work within the state department or the c.i.a. who say that they have new information about benghazi and what exactly happened that night and the caveat is they're apparently facing some sort of threats. according to one of their attorneys from the obama administration. they want to come forward, but apparently victoria tensing, former chief counsel on the senate intelligence committee, she's the attorney that wants to help them. she says she's not being given the clearance that she needs to get some of that classified information. here she is. >> i'm not talking generally. i'm talking specifically about benghazi, that people have been
7:08 am
threatened. not just the state department. people have been threatened at the c.i.a. not we're going to kill you or not we're going to prosecute you tomorrow, but they're taking career people and making them well aware that their careers will be over. >> brian: instead of being lauding whistle blowers to come forward and find answers to what was behind the deaths of four americans, and by the way, there is a lot of drama even to getting the ambassador's body back. that wasn't a government operation. these were special forces on their own to get ambassador steven's body back. i can't believe the lack of curiousity from the white house on this. but they're looking at four different areas and three different time periods in which victoria tensing says her clients can provide information. number one, the months leading up to the attack and the plea to get additional security. number two, the eight hour time frame in which the attacks unfolded. for example, they could have gotten, according to sources, we could have had resources in the region within four hours and at the very least, if you didn't
7:09 am
want to engage on the ground, you could have got people out of there. had an exit plan. and eight-day period that follow the attacks when the obama administration incorrectly told everyone a spontaneous attack and reaction to the video. they have information on this. >> steve: and darrell issa has written a couple letters to the department of state essentially accusing them of stonewalling. one went to the legal department, the other went to john kerry saying hey, come on. you got to help us out. what's interesting and we're going to listen to charles krauthammer, you know what? think about what happened up in boston. the surviving bomber got an attorney within 16 hours. these brave americans who work for the government, what are we, eight months later, they can't get an attorney, cleared to see the stuff? whoops. here is charles krauthammer. >> she says it's curious, i think it's rather obvious. the word is stonewalling and it's a word that's generally applied if you have a republican in office.
7:10 am
but if you have a democrat in office, the main stream media are quite uninterested in stonewalling, won't call it that and have a lack of interest in people who want to bring information. you blow a whistle against a bush or a reagan, you become a national hero on tv. if you blow it against obama, you go into a cone of silence, except here and in other extremely select media outlets. these are very serious charges. >> gretchen: now you have somebody with special ops who decided to go in a silhouette kind of interview so that he can not be identified and he's describing that there could have been help that would have been able to get to benghazi before the second attack. remember there was that time span of hours after the first attack and then there was the second attack that was also so deadly. here is that special ops. >> we have the ability to load out, get on birds and fly there at a minimum stage, c 110 had
7:11 am
the ability to be there, in my opinion, four to six hours from their european theater to react. >> they would have been there before the second attack? >> they would have been there before the second attack. >> steve: that guy is very brave for coming out. the special operators, people -- how many times on this program over the last couple of months have we said r are the survivors? the survivors are out there. they want to talk. there are a number of people who want to be protected under the whistle blower thing, but because the attorneys are not being given the process so that they can have access to the special security stuff, it's just stalling out. >> brian: i would say offhand, we've had about 12 different special forces retired come in here for various operations to talk about tv shows they're on or security experts, all of them as they left, are outraged, but they won't come public yet, about the way their guys were left to die and the way the government is keeping it all quiet and 70 ended up signing a sheet saying we want answers and little by little, you're going to see more and more coming
7:12 am
forward. >> gretchen: so people disagree, neighbors, they have spats and that kind of stuff. well, could it turn into what we're now witness not guilty one of the most bizarre cases ever where you have somebody who likes to dress up as elvis and somebody who likes to dress up as wayne natoen and don't like each other and one allegedly decides to frame the other guy and send ricin-laced letters to president obama, a senator and a judge. could one of these guys have taken it so far, this wayne knewton impersonator because he doesn't like the elvis guy that much that he would put his own future in jeopardy? the guy on the right there apparently, if he's guilty of sending these letters, is going to go away for a very long time. >> steve: 100,000 hours of public service. so yes. there is a possibility, apparently these guys were friends punishes upon a time, but now they're rivals and did mr. fake wayne newton frame mr. fake elvis presley?
7:13 am
that's what it comes down to. >> brian: it's amazing that ricin could get -- the president must be saying, i don't have enough problems? you got to get me in the middle of your fake feud in mississippi? >> gretchen: if you don't like your neighbor, do you take it to that extreme? you might have killed the president of the united states over a feud with your friend? >> brian: or a postal worker who has to screen it. >> gretchen: few other issues going on, i think. >> steve: so 13 minutes after the top of the hour. government health care was supposed to be easy, right? until we told you one application, 21 pages long! took hours to fill out. now the white house says they got a better idea. how many pages have they shortened it by? we'll tell you coming up. >> gretchen: imagine waking up on your birthday and your parents handing you the keys to a red hot ferrari. that happened to this kid and he just turned nine. right back k9 aantix ii not only kills fleas and ticks,
7:14 am
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it shows. we don't run like that. we build john deere equipment the way we always have: the right way. times change. our principles don't. you don't just have our word on it. you've got our name on it. that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. discover the full line of riding lawn equipment at or your local dealer. >> gretchen: investigators searching for the gray or silver mini van you see on your screen there driving by at the top of this newly released surveillance video along with its driver in connection with the missing michigan mom, jessica. she mysteriously vanished friday night from her job at gas station. her purse and car left behind. police believe she may have known her abductor. her family remains hopeful and joining me now, jessica's
7:18 am
grandparents, roamen and diane. good morning to the two of you. i know you're going through a really difficult time and we appreciate your time this morning and talking about your granddaughter. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: so i understand that jessica made a call to her fiance about 10:00 p.m. on the night that she disappeared. what can you tell us about that? >> well, they only had one cell phone, so her cell phone was at home with him and she just called and to make sure everything is okay and let him know that she's okay and i suppose at times it's pretty deserted in the station. >> gretchen: he was at home taking care of her three-year-old at the time. then there was a 911 call that came in about 11:15 or so from somebody who comes to the store and says look, there is nobody working here. so is that how police have this time line, r oman?
7:19 am
>> yes. that's part of it. there was also a time stamp on the video where they found the car that was like 10:46. >> gretchen: okay. go ahead. >> her last entry into the ch register was like 10:55. then at 11:15, good night come in and called 911. >> gretchen: okay. so we were looking at that surveillance video. unfortunately, there were no surveillance cameras -- there are now -- but there weren't at the gas station where she worked that night. so this surveillance is from a bar that was about two minutes away. that's how somebody said they saw this silver or gray mini van and a man who was heavy set, in his 30s or 40s. do you believe, diane and r oman
7:20 am
that jessica may have known who possibly took her? >> well, we have so many people come forward that would frequent the gas station and tell us how much they loved her and appreciated her smile and just her outgoing, friendly personality. so we think it was someone that at least frequented the gas station. >> gretchen: i know that if you could give a message to this person, that you would please ask for them to return her safely to you and to her parents, to her fiance and her baby who is waiting for her at home. roman and diane, thank you so much. if you have any information on the disappearance of jessica, please call the silent observer phone line at 231-722-crime or the norton shores police department in michigan.
7:21 am
coming up, the government wants to help fix the damage from hurricane sandy as fast as possible. what if that means confiscating some homeowners' private land using eminent domain? should that be legal? then, a new beer app, coming up ♪
7:22 am
there's a new way to fight litter box odor. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions. two trusted names, one amazing product.
7:23 am
7:24 am
>> steve: now some numbers in the news. first, three pages. that's how long the new application for the obamacare health ha exchanges will be. many criticized it when it was 21 pages and now it's just three. next, more than five years. that's how long it took the obama administration to make its first payment toward our debt. five years. rapidly approaching $17 billion. finally, nine years old. that's how old the kid is hyped the wheel of that ferrari in
7:25 am
india. his parents actually say they allowed their boy to drive their luxury vehicle since he was five years old. not on dad's lap. actually driving the car. wow. >> brian: six months after super storm sandy, several towns on the jersey shore are faced with the incredible task of rebuilding homes, protecting them from future storms. so in order to do so, towns are using the power of eminent domain, taking control of small strips of land from homeowners and turning the land into sand dunes. now many of those homeowners are firing back, saying you can not take my property. my rights are being violated and you're not compensating me. the eminent domain attorney who represents some of those property owners is here. those property owners holding out, not allowing those dunes to be built are being called selfish and some are saying we're just going to take that land if you don't give in.
7:26 am
>> the government may have the right to take the land and that's something that the government has the right to do under its eminent domain powers. but these people are being called selfish merely because they want to protect their property rights. >> brian: so in order to protect that, the government has ruled we have a way to do that. we're going to build sand dunes to create a barrier so the next storm doesn't wipe out the whole area and you're saying, you're going to take my property, block my view, and not give me any money back. >> that's what's happening. but it's not just about the view. what's happening, brian, is the government is taking part of the private property that these people own and some of them are losing a view. some of them are losing access to the beach that they paid for. some of them are losing private beach because in new jersey, most private property along the shore is owned up to the high tide line. when the government takes the sand and puts it into a dune, the beach becomes public. it's no longer private. so these people want to be compensated for the loss of their property. >> brian: so they say you're holding up $60 billion worth of
7:27 am
disaster relief aid because you will not allow these dunes to be built, your clients won't. what do you say? >> if the government needs to take the property, new jersey is a quick pick state. the government can take that property and the compensation part of the case would be resolved later on. so the government does have the right in most of these cases, if not all of them, to come in and take the property quickly. within a matter of weeks or months. >> brian: what's the next step? >> the next step, at least in new jersey, will be for the government to try to negotiate an acquisition with the property owners. if that fails, they can use eminent domain. >> brian: your clients feel they're being intimidated and bullied? >> some of them are. >> brian: that's why you're here? >> yes. >> brian: how many do you represent? >> we represent a few right now. but there are dozens up and down the shore in various towns in this position right now. >> brian: so i can understand both sides, but the bottom line is, you have property. you're paying for the property. how hard would it be to compensate the people for the property being taken away? >> if the town took part of your backyard to make a baseball field for the little league, wouldn't you want to be paid fort loss of your yard? >> brian: i'm going to ask you
7:28 am
what your rates are and i'd fight for it. >> there you go. >> brian: thanks so much. >> thank you. >> brian: three minutes before the bottom of the hour. cinderella coming to broadway? yep. finally. anna kooiman has your back stage pass. she's putting a tee i can't remember i can't -- did she putting on a tiara. got an annoying neighbor? one neighbor found a solution. play the loudest music they can find. the rocker revenge up next angie's list is essential. i automatically go there.
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7:32 am >> the buddy cup. cup integrated with facebook. when two people clinic their cups, they became friends. >> steve: uh-huh. picture shot of the morning. toasting with new friends is going viral. bud riser introduced something called the buddy cup, a special pint glass made with a special chip on the bottom that let's you connect on facebook with a simple toast. clinic your glass, next thing you know, you're facebook friends. they plan to debut them at special events. i think right now it's only available i want to say brazil. >> gretchen: okay. how does that work? >> there is a chip in the bottom of the glass. >> gretchen: so you have to program it with your facebook information? >> steve: when you go in, you use yours smart phone. you scan it. >> gretchen: okay.
7:33 am
>> brian: blackberry users, we're screwed. >> steve: the problem is -- >> gretchen: you can still cheer somebody and hook up later if you want to. if you meet somebody at a bar and you're single and you want to hook up, do you really want to be facebook friends potentially if it doesn't work out? >> no, that is so creepy. not only do i not want to meet guys at the bar action not a good place to meet guys, fyi, but it's just -- we're just getting way too lazy. we don't even want to ask our names now. now we can't even facebook find each other. we just need to cheer and that's it, we're buddies? >> brian: here is the thing, put yourself in the guy's spot. he's kind of shy about getting rejected, does not want to be there. he sees this lovely weather person at the bar, in this wonderful red overcoat and he says, i don't know how to break the ice with her, but die know how to toast with her. you toast and next thing you know, he ends up being a nice guy. he goes to the dentist
7:34 am
regularly. >> brian, the chances of that happening, not high. >> steve: how about this? how about if you're just a guy and you go through to a bar and there are a bunch of pretty girls who will not talk to you and you start clinicking their glasses. >> brian: against their will. >> steve: and you're facebook friends with all of them. >> gretchen: that's actually the reality of the problem that this might create, right? >> brian: you can block them, can't you? >> steve: i don't know. >> gretchen: whatever happened to just meeting people like the good old old-fashioned way? >> you meet at the mall, grocery store, i don't know. and asking for your name first before facebook. >> steve: meeting out on the streets of new york and that's where you are with the weather right now. >> that's right. we're looking at pretty nice weather today in new york city. we do have some clouds, but no fear, it is going to be clearing out. you'll have sunshine. that will be the story over the next couple of days. very nice springtime weather out here through the weekend in new york city. temperatures in the 60s and even 70s some of the days. as far as today goes, 67 for your high in new york city.
7:35 am
take a look at areas farther west. in chicago, kansas city, in the 80s for your highs. it's going to be a very warm day. 72 degrees for your high temperature in the city of minneapolis. enjoy it while you have it because we actually have a strong cold front headed eastbound and behind this front, it is going to be much colder. in minneapolis, your high temperature tomorrow, only 45 degrees. 33 in the city of denver. guess what, denver, you could see some snow accompanying that cold front as we head east. we have showers across sections of the great lakes. farther west as well, north dakota. in minnesota, and we even have a slight chance to see severe storms from parts of kansas and nebraska, up into wisconsin, damaging winds, large hail being the main concerns. otherwise steve, gretchen, brian, this is one of our computer models. we're thinking we could see anywhere between one to two feet in some spots locally across iowa, minnesota, wisconsin, crazy stuff. that's wednesday into thursday. so may 1 and may 2. could be snowing there memorial
7:36 am
day. i don't know. >> brian: you never know. >> steve: i was talking to my dad yesterday in kansas, he was complaining it was too hot. today 85. day after tomorrow, snow. great. >> gretchen: yep. it's been an interesting winter and spring. thanks very much. >> brian: new video showing an incredible rescue in the pacific ocean. police helicopter in peru brought five people to safety after their hot air balloon crashed due to strong winds. the woman had been in the freezing water for eight hours. the pilot and another man still missing. >> gretchen: the man carjacked by cop killer christopher dorner is suing for the $1 million reward offered during his rampage and manhunt. he says dorner took his truck at gun point, then fled to the cabin where he ended up killing himself. the man claims he gave police dorner's exact location and was a key factor in leading police to him. several other people filed claims for the reward. the three-judge panel will decide if anyone should receive the reward. >> steve: your chance of
7:37 am
traveling in space became one step closer to reality. look at that. virgin galactic spaceship 2 plane made its first rocket powered test flight monday in california. the goal, to offer passengers the chance to travel to the edge of space and back for a price. the cost of that view of earth from space? about $200,000. more than 500 people have already signed up. it is scheduled to launch in 2014. >> gretchen: cool. now an elderly couple came up with a creative way to retaliate against their noisy neighbors. ♪ . >> gretchen: the 71 and 81-year-old blasted that song, iron maidens afraid to shoot strangers as loud as they could and as late as 4 a.m police found one music system on the balcony and another in the basement. both pointed toward their neighbors' home. they now face harassment
7:38 am
charges. you think? >> steve: that's how we got noriega out. remember? >> brian: it worked. we haven't heard from him in a while. >> gretchen: brian, you got get a chance for sports. >> brian: busy night, could the houston rockets avoid the sweep? >> brian: missing the point-blank look to send the game into everytime. houston wins. game five is tomorrow night as they try to hold off the thunder. and the nets stay alive in game five. they beat the bulls to force a game six. thursday in chicago, last time they played with a bunch of overtime. we're tied up in the hawks-acers series. indiana hosts game five tomorrow night. tim tebow getting an offer to lace it up. what used to be called the lingerie football league wants him to be the national
7:39 am
quarterback coach. what's his next move? phil sims was here moments ago to weigh in. >> he brings in the crowds, no doubt about it. but i just can't see tim tebow going to the arena football league. i don't know what he's going to do. everybody says canada. i would be shocked if he goes there, too. i think he's looking for a chance in the nfl. if it doesn't come, then he'll do whatever. >> brian: maybe new england because bill belichick likes him and the offense coordinator with the new england patriots was the one who drafted him when he was head coach of the broncos. this might be the best opportunity for tim tebow to be the quarterback coach. >> gretchen: if tom brady gets hurt, you never know. >> brian: he's always been very complimentary to him. >> gretchen: later the tony awards will be announced. at least the -- not the awards, just the nominations. and one good show with a good chance of a nomination, the fairy tale of ender ella. it's really great. >> brian: anna kooiman was turned into a princess, or tried to, anyway.
7:40 am
>> good morning to you and to everybody at home. unfortunately, everybody is going to see i'm not nearly as detaineey and graceful as the real cinderella. but the song writers are brilliant. they brought you "south pacific," the king and i and the sound of music. if you liked those, you'll love this as well. the story is timeless. this show marks the broadway premiere of rogers and hammer stein's version. let's activate our all access path. >> everybody loves it. i think no matter what age it is, no matter what age you are, you love the romance. you love the dream. >> we're in the hair room, about 40 different wigs, including those for the understudies. cinderella has six wigs? >> that's right. we're going to put on your tiara. we're all done. >> impossible things are happening every day. let's see what else we can find.
7:41 am
>> have you ever waltzed before? >> i think i waltzed in my sixth grade cotillion class. >> your neck is long, you're like a princess. ♪ i may never come home again ♪ . >> we better hurry up this tour before the clock strikes midnight. we want to talk to cinder leal and the prince before we turn into pumpkins. time to go to the ball. can we come in? >> yes. >> hi! >> hi! >> so great to see you. >> the hardest part is the ball. there is like ten-minute full on dance number i'm doing in a 17-pound dress.
7:42 am
her character centers around kindness and generosity and forgiveness. >> we sound the prince before he gets changed. you're going to let me try on the slipper? >> i am. >> can we cram it in there a little bit harder? >> you're very special. >> thank you. i think we should have tried me out with the ugly stepsister wig on instead of the tierra, judging by the slipper. time to set up my new dance move with the prince. >> good, good. great! great! you got the job. >> thanks. >> steve: very nice. >> you can catch it at the broadway theater. the tom nations for the tony awards this morning. this is the version from 1957
7:43 am
that julie andrews starred in. ten minutes ago i saw you, and " impossible." >> brian: is that on your ipod now? >> it is. >> steve: what size is the glass slipper? >> 6 1/2. i'm an 8 1/2. >> steve: good job. >> gretchen: it's a great show. bring your kids. they'll really enjoy it. bad news for frequent fliers everywhere. those free upgrades coming to an end. say it isn't so. >> steve: then do you think this picture is real? the reporter who is doing the seve right there says she ducked a baseball just in time. she's going to explain they did not photo shop it when we come back [ male announcer ] this is betsy. her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain...
7:44 am
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7:48 am
the u.s. that's a great idea. >> steve: that's a cool way. take a look at this amazing shot right here. tampa bay rays reporter, kelly nash, was exploring fenway park, taking a selfy right there, it's the home of the boston runningback before reporting on the game when she took the image on top of the park's famous green monster. look at the ball right there. >> brian: as she snapped the photo, a ball cracked off the bat of a player during batting practice, barely missing her. joining us now, kelly nash. kelly, is that shot real? >> it is more than real and i can't tell you how many times i've been asked that in the last 48 hours. >> steve: you know why? >> gretchen: it looks like it was photo shopped. like the ball is so clear and you're kind of out of focus. how did that happen and how close did it come to trial hitting your head? >> i honestly couldn't tell you how close because i didn't know that it was that close until i
7:49 am
went to review the actual picture. i took about five or six selfies. it was my first visit toughenway park. went to shoot them a text. we want to attach an image to the text and the last one i took, there was a ball next to my head. and i thought, you have got to be kidding me. i thought it was hilarious, started showing people around the ballpark. there was an usher who saw it. i had my producer there. he actually didn't see this ball land. we think we have the ball. there was a ball that landed behind me in row 1. i think i was in row 2. and he pulled that ball from row 1 and we traded balls. i had a ball from earlier in the day. so we traded because we're pretty sure this is the lucky ball. >> brian: can we see in. >> steve: would the ball have hit you in the head or gone right by? >> yeah. i really couldn't tell you. the most bizarre thing i've been around ballparks my entire life. you think i have some ball
7:50 am
awareness. but i didn't feel the ball. i didn't see the ball. i didn't hear the ball land. i had no idea until i was walking up the steps to leave 'cause there was a tour group coming in and i said, no way i caught this photo with a bull in it and -- sorry. >> gretchen: that there must be a photo expert who could tell you the distance 'cause why the ball is so clear and you're fuzzy. >> i'm not sure. if someone wants to come forward and analyze the photo, i actually tweeted yesterday the original photo because instagram crossed it. so it was hard for people to believe this actually happened because they didn't see players in the field. but the original photo, which i believe you guys have as well, you can see the batter, literally. maybe the red sox could analyze this further. you can tell he's just finished his swing and it's unbelievable. >> steve: thanks for sharing your story. we believe you. >> any time.
7:51 am
thanks. >> steve: next up, cheryl casone is here with five companies hiring today. good morning to you. >> brian: on this day in 1991, amy grant's "baby, baby" was number one, redone by justin bieber look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. that everyone should have access to good nutrition. so they're donating two meals to feeding america for every purchase of one a day women's multivitamins. help families across america get nutrition they need. buy one a day women's, make a difference. with the innovating and the transforming and the revolutionizing. it's enough to make you forget
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that you're flying five hundred miles an hour on a chair that just became a bed. you see, we're doing some changing of our own. ah, we can talk about it later. we're putting the wonder back into air travel, one innovation at a time. the new american is arriving.
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7:54 am
>> steve: we know it's been tough for military personnel making the transition to jobs here at home. cheryl casone from fox business spoke with one tech titan who is leaving the charge -- leading the charge. >> the chairman and ceo of cisco, we spoke with him yesterday. these working with the white house it get veterans i.t. certifications. i asked him why this is so important to him. here is what he had to say. >> there is going to be a million servicemen and women coming back who protected our country and to ask them to go
7:55 am
fight the battle for a job by themselves is just wrong. we've got to, as a country, come together and public-private partnerships and really think about training these young people and enabling them to connect to the opportunities and get jobs. is cisco hiring? absolutely. >> so here is the goal for ma what they want to do with the white house. 1.8 million jobs by 2020. they'll be giving certifications, training veterans while still in the military. cisco has 5700 jobs right now. most of that again, engineering and i.t. jobs. that's what i want to help out. >> steve: something less techy is forever yogurt. >> they have got about 6 to 800 jobs they'll be opening up this year because they'll be opening up more franchises. every location looks completely different. mostly they'll be hiring boston, dc, the midwest especially. but they're look for anybody that can either manage the store, serve the yogurt, customer service, all that stuff. >> steve: all right. health way is a big company that provides clean air at big
7:56 am
places. >> this is interesting. they basically go into like hotels, offices, buildings, homes, and they do environmental cleaning. it's seasonal allergy evan soons. >> steve: it's killing me. >> me too. 45 to 60 opening over the next six-month. salary range, 38,000 up to $80,000. they offer full benefits. i wanted to get that out there. they also have a sister company called pure that works with all the hyatt hotels. that's going into the rooms and especially if that allergy cleaning materials because you've got to get -- it's so bad right now for pollen. >> steve: if people would like more information? >> i have more information there. i'm going to put all that in there today because if you're in the service right now, even if oversea, they'll train you. >> steve: thank you very much. >> you bet. >> steve: elvis has left the building, but it wasn't the king of rock'n'roll impersonator who
7:57 am
perhaps mailed those poison ricin letters. the feds now eyeing his arch rival a wayne newton impersonator. then he lost his life saving to get that banana with the dread locks @ñ@@@í
7:58 am
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8:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, it's april 30 already. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. there is a blockbuster on benghazi, a claim the obama administration is trying to intimidate whistle blowers into silence. this is serious. but this one watched the attack and says it could have been stopped. >> c 110 had the ability to be there, in my opinion, four to six hours from their european theater to react. >> they would have been there before the second attack? >> they would have been there before the second attack. >> gretchen: the brand-new details and what the state department has to say for itself this morning. >> steve: meanwhile, we've got brand-new information on the
8:01 am
boston marathon bombing investigation. female dna found apparently on the bomb and the government admits parts of this investigation flat out failed with the intel leading up to the bombing. >> brian: he blew his life savings on a carnival game and all he has to show for it is a stuffed banana with dredlocks. now he wants the game investigated for fraud. does he indeed have a case? i'll personally look into it with my lack of legal background should not dissuade you from watching. "fox & friends" starts now. >> gretchen: you think after about ten bucks, maybe 15, 20, you stop playing the carnival game because you maybe aren't going to win the actual huge prize? >> brian: monday morning quarterbacking. you don't know what it's like. >> gretchen: up to 2600 bucks? >> steve: you might go up to 300 'cause he was i think playing
8:02 am
for an x box, which would be valued at about 300 bucks. but once you get into the it's all my life savings department, that's a little crazy. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: that kid that he's strolling around there may not appreciate the fact that there is no money left to raise him. >> steve: but a big banana they can live off. a think one that size you can probably eat on for three or four months. >> brian: and sleep on. >> gretchen: we'll tell you that story in a few minutes. but first, the other headlines. we're getting a look at the silver mini van michigan police searching for in the kidnapping of a young mother. detectives want to talk to the driver seen driving away from the gas station. he's described as a heavy set man in his 30s or 40s. around the time jessica heringa was kidnapped friday night. her purse and keys were left behind in the gas station. another customer called 911 a short time later. >> i just walked inside. there is nobody. there is a car here. there is another car out front, but it's very suspicious why there is nobody here.
8:03 am
>> gretchen: earlier on "fox & friends", her grandparents joined us and said she spoke to her fiance just an hour before she disappeared. >> she just called and to make sure everything is okay and to let him know that she's okay and i suppose at times it's pretty deserted in the station. >> gretchen: police say she may have known her abductor. they've already interviewed and cleared four people. police in san jose, california, arresting a 50-year-old woman after they say she put two tainted bottles of starbucks orange juice on a shelf with other refrigerators items. a customer alerted the manager after smelling something toxic. they contained a mixture of juice and rubbing alcohol. no one drank them. her motive unknown. trail mix, potato chips and now gum, that's right. with the growing number of foods boasting added caffeine for an energy boost, the f.d.a. says
8:04 am
it's time to investigate their safety protocols. officials say the last time the government approved the added use of caffeine in a food or drink was way back in the 1950s for colas. the agency is already investigating the safety of energy drinks and energy shots. >> brian: maybe we should all get more rest. file this under weird but true. new hampshire man claims he was conned by a carnival by the rigged game. harry, that guy, says he lost his entire life savings, $2,600, trying to win an x box. all he has to show is a stuffed banana worth $149. >> you're expecting to win a few things and let the kids have a good time. it didn't turn out that way. as you get caught up in the whole double or nothing, i've got to win my money back. for once in my life, i happened to become that sucker. >> brian: right. the tattoos were a good move. this one was questionable. henry says he didn't expect the
8:05 am
game to be so hard. in fact, he now wants the game's contractor investigated for potential fraud. we'll see how this goes. >> steve: aren't all the gameses there rigged? the odds are in their favor? >> gretchen: yeah. i think you know when you go to the carnival -- >> brian: if you're good dad, you win that game for your kids. if not, you're not a good parent. >> steve: we had two lessons today. one, the dad who waged his whole life savings to get the x box. andand then the nine-year-old in india that got to drive the ferrari. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: for his birthday. >> steve: different approaches to parenting. >> gretchen: let's talk about this big news story. could it be a benghazi blockbuster? there are apparently four whistle blowers within the state department and c.i.a. who say that they have new information on what actually happened that night in benghazi september 11 of last year. now the new news this morning is that they could be facing
8:06 am
threats from people within the obama administration, saying things like your career may be in jeopardy if you decide to come forward. here is their attorney, victoria tensing, former chief counsel on the senate intelligence committee with those claims. >> i'm not talking generally. i'm talking specifically about benghazi, that people have been threatened. not just the state department. people have been threatened at the c.i.a. not we're going to kill you or prosecute you tomorrow, but they're taking career people and making them well aware that their careers will be over. >> steve: so these are guys and gals with families and they say, your career could be over, which means you would get fired if you spoke out. or you would be fined or we could actually prosecute you if you don't get the okay to speak. here is the thing, they all want -- the people who are forth coming want whistle blower protection. but the attorneys, including victoria, have asked the state department and others for special process so that they can
8:07 am
look at security protected stuff, secret documents, evidence and things like that, and so far, the department of state has stonewalled and darrell issa has written two letters to the department of state saying come on, help out. let's get this investigation going. the white house says we've done enough investigating cases. >> brian: john kerry said last week, i don't want to come up here every other week talking about benefiting. they said they gave thousands of documents. we're done, we're through, that's it. i don't think they planned on these guys coming out of the background and telling their side of the story. >> gretchen: the person who now is in silhouette, he says that potentially that second attack -- remember the time line on that night. there was a first attack and then there was hours that the second a-- before the second attack happened. he's saying that he believes something could have been done during that time. listen to this. >> we have the ability to load out, get on birds and fly there at a minimum stage.
8:08 am
c 110 had the ability to be there, in my opinion, four to six hours from their european theater to react. >> they would have been there before the second attack? >> they would have been there before the second attack. >> steve: that guy's testimony is important because he actually saw it with his own two eyes and we have obscured his identity because currently he could get in big trouble. and he is a special operator and he would never work for whatever agency he worked for before. one of the things, apparently i've heard, apparently some of these survivors have been -- here is what they did. they came back to the united states and they were given medals and then they said good job for a job overin benghazi. next thing you know, they say, okay, you got a medal, but you can't tell anybody what happened. simply what victoria tensing and the attorneys want is for them to have access so the whistle blowers can get their day in the public court. >> gretchen: let's talk a little bit now to give an update about the boston bombings.
8:09 am
intelligence now announcing intel, an investigation into the boston bomber communication failure. we've discussed that a lot on the show. what happened before the attacks happened with the f.b.i., the c.i.a., et cetera? now there could be more people of interest in this case, including female dna found on one of the bombs. so could it be that it was a store clerk who sold the fireworks to tamerlan, that that could be her dna? could it be from one of the marathon bistanders after the explosions happened? could it be from the widow of tamerlan, katherine russell? you got to wonder because yesterday the investigators were at her parents' home taking out a laptop and a bunch of bags of other evidence and you also got to know they'll be able to figure out if it's her dna pretty quickly. >> brian: you got to add in the fact that anyone who tells you they got their issue of inspire magazine and thought i could make a bomb on paper, absolutely wrong. bomb experts say there is no way you could do it that quick and safe and pull it off with five more to go unless you had some
8:10 am
training, which leads us back to russia, dagestan and the region where they spent six months. on top of that, when you look at what the surviving brother has to deal with, he got some good news yesterday. he got maybe the premiere defense attorney for those who want to get life instead of the electric chair and that is judy clark, all on our dollar. that's our system, eric rudolph, the olympic bomber, whack job bomber and others. >> steve: so james clapper, the director of national intelligence, has said something went hay wire. we need to have an investigation. so that is good. as poe put all the pieces together, mentioned a moment ago that the boston herald has this story that the family when they came to the united states they did wind up getting cash and they did wind up getting food stamps and they did wind up
8:11 am
getting section 8 housing. in all, that family received over $100,000 worth of taxpayer assistance. >> brian: now we're finding out about his ex-girlfriend, the up with he beat up. he was a normal guy, a works. she liked him. her name is nadine asario. one day he said, you should convert to islam. he stops boxing, starts praying five times a day and demanding she start following islam. she did not want to be converted. went along with it for a little while. one day she had a pool party. he walked in he got angry. slapped her around. he thought the shorts were too short. this is a heck of a guy. started date not guilty 2006. at that point, i don't know if you're in a relationship it might be a little tough. but if you think this guy is this dangerous, he's on the books for domestic abuse. i would let the interrogators know, we were arguing about the fact that i will not convert to islam. >> steve: she dropped the charges. >> gretchen: i don't think they coo anything on that basic claim. >> brian: would you put it into
8:12 am
the file? >> gretchen: it's tough to get people to pay attention to domestic violence. so i'm not -- >> brian: i don't even know the answer. do they ever put in what caused the dispute? >> steve: sure. >> gretchen: i'm sure it was in his file that they did not investigate when he came back from russia. anyway. >> steve: all the dots they did not connect. dozen minutes after the top of the hour. did you know the obama administration has a say in what medicine your doctor gives you? dr. peter johnson says this is a prescription for disaster. and he's coming up. >> gretchen: and it wasn't the elvis impersonator who mailed the ricin-laced letters. it was a wayne newton impersonator. we can't make this stuff up. >> brian: why do they bring us into their world? ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> brian: part of the stimulus that people don't know about. new program funded with your tax dollars allows government to advise doctors on prescriptions that they pick for you. sounds like an invasion of your privacy. isn't it also a conflict of interest? fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. has the prescription for truth. >> good morning. i think it is, it's called
8:17 am
academic detailing. they're spending hundreds of millions of dollars at the federal government level for academic detailers. these are consultants to go in and meet with your doctor at primary health care centers and say listen, i know your patient is using plavix after a stenting operation, but you can use the generic. i know your patient is using nexium, but you can use the generic. most of the time generics, name brand drugs are the same. but should the federal government be telling doctors in terms of people's personal health care that they should be putting cost over the effectiveness of certain drugs? a lot of people know, once you're on a certain drug and it's working, they're loath to change it. but if the generic is cheaper, then there will be pressures on the doctors to prescribe the generics. >> brian: they say trained clinicians, consultants, visit physicians, farm secretary of
8:18 am
states visit and health care system decision makers nationwide to share unbiased, noncommercial information about the medications and other therapeutic options with the goal of improving patient care. so if they're the same, you could save money and everybody is happy. >> but the issue is should a doctor be conscious of cost or should a doctor be conscious of the effectiveness of a certain drug and how it's going to be used therapeutically? as a lawyer and as a patient, i say no. the important thing is the therapeutic effectiveness of the drug. not how we're going to balance the deficit in this country. >> brian: it will be interesting to see if you give somebody the option, like we all do, if you want to get a luxury car, you pay more. if you want to get a compact convenient car u pay less. it will be interesting if they allow you to say i'm going to nexium. >> but that was the concern about obamacare in some ways that we're going to create two or three levels of health care system and a lot of americans
8:19 am
are going to wind up on the bottom. so the richest people have the capacity to pay more will get better medical care. that's the real iniquity. the other problem is there is no standards for these so-called academic detailers. we don't know what they're felling the doctors or seeing. private pharmaceutical industry is regulated, state, federal and their own voluntary standards. there are no standards for these federal consultants who are spreading out across the country, preaching whatever they're preaching 'cause we don't know. >> brian: peter johnson, jr. talk being another element of obamacare we are not familiar with. coming up, two trains on a collision course and the buy who threw himself out to save his own life. see that? that's great. that's the guy behind the wheel. gabby douglas is here. she captured the heart of the entire nation in london and she has never let go but says there is still some things you do not know about her. she's going to change that when she opens up about her new book and her new life
8:20 am
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8:23 am
>> steve: quick headlines from the control room. it wasn't an elvis impersonator who mailed those ricin-laced letters to the president and others. perhaps it was a wayne newton impersonator. today a judge denied suspect james everett dutschke bail. 41-year-old, an impersonator of wayne newton himself. last week the feds dropped charges against elvis impersonator paul kevin curtis. he reportedly has a long running feud with the wayne newton
8:24 am
impersonator. check this out, two trains on a crash course in canada. you can see an engineer from one of those trains, jumped from the moving car. he wasn't hurt. fortunately, the trains did not collide. all right. gretch? >> gretchen: she was the golden girl of the 2012 olympics becoming the first u.s. gymnast to bring home two gold medals in the same game. one for herself and one for her team. now at the ripe old anal of 17, gabby douglas is giving fan has glimpse into her not so normal teenage life in her new book. she's my guest today. good morning. >> good to see you. >> gretchen: last time you were here you were talking about your sort of auto buy graphcal book. this one is different. there is a lot of great pictures. tell me what it is, what does it encompass? >> whoever knew i would come up with two books. it's called "raising the bar."
8:25 am
it's like a fan book. there is pictures, what i've been doing, life of gabby douglas, there is scripture, motivational quotes. there is so much. it's a really fun book. i hope you guys enjoy it. >> gretchen: so i know that religion is a big part of your life. i can see you're wearing the cross around your neck as well. so many people will find inspiration from the book. they're wondering what you have been up to and you've been up to a lot of acting. you were in what show? >> at this a cameo on "the vampire diaries." >> gretchen: is this something you might be doing in the future? >> definitely. i would love to pursue acting in the future. >> gretchen: people are asking whether or not you're going to go back to gymnastics. you said you've really taken eight months off, which i was surprised at. will it be hard to get back into in. >> it will be hard. i'm excited to get back into the gym and see all my coaches and everyone. so it's going to be a little hard, but i'm ready for it. >> gretchen: and so you plan to compete in the next olympics? >> yes.
8:26 am
>> gretchen: three years from now in brazil? >> yes. >> gretchen: over the weekend you were at the correspondents dinner in washington. what was that like? >> amazing. it was such an honor to even be there and just the room was -- everyone was laughing, the atmosphere was really -- it was funny. really nice. >> gretchen: when people look at you and they say, wow, they can't believe what she's accomplished and she's only 17 years old, what's your message to young kids so you can relate to them? >> my message is definitely work hard and just fight for your dreams. i'm so blessed to be in this position where i can help people believe in themselves and tell them, hey, don't let anyone stop you from what you want to achieve. >> gretchen: one of your other messages is to be healthy because you can't be an athlete and you can't be healthy. i understand you went undercover to figure out what breakfast you're going to bring in today. >> i went undercover. it was actually fort mcdonald's new egg white delight. and no one knew who i was.
8:27 am
i slipped in times square. i think i brought you some. >> steve: they're delicious. >> gretchen: i like the egg mcmuffin. this is an egg white. everything else is the same? >> everything else is the same. do you like egg while? >> gretchen: i love them. >> this is for you. >> gretchen: you're sponsoring this, you think it's a good, healthy way to start the morning? >> yes. >> gretchen: thank you so much. check out her new book "raising the bar" about her life since winning olympic gold. thank you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, imagine this, your pilot tells you there is something wrong and to brace for impact. >> alert information. 102 souls on board. cabin pressure loss. >> gretchen: more on that wild ride and how they all made it back on land safely. and bottoms up with mitch mcconnell. why the senate minority leader wants you to come have a drink with him. there's a glass of red wine waiting for you. right back ♪
8:28 am
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8:31 am
>> that is so cool! >> brian: your shot of the morning looks something like this. amazing view of ice crystals
8:32 am
forming. it spells the end of the world. >> steve: it does not! >> brian: when temperatures warm up and frozen lakes start to melt, the ice crystallizes. if it's pushed up along the shore, it shatters into fine shards that begin to pile up. >> gretchen: that's very cool. >> steve: it looks likes a special effect out of a movie or something. >> brian: i dare any other planet in our galaxy to match that type of amazing magic. >> gretchen: unfortunately for the folks in minnesota, they're going to have a blizzard, so it will cover all that ice. coming up on may 1, if you can believe that. let's do some other headlines. the federal reserve board kicking off a two-day meeting today where it's expected to keep interest rates at record low levels. the fed promised rates would remain unchanged until unemployment fell below 6.5%. that could be a long time away because right now, it's still 7.6%. it's also been buying $85 billion a month in treasuries and mortgage bonds to keep rates down. it's kind of a ying and yang
8:33 am
thing. >> steve: imagine hearing your flight attendant say this. brace for impact. >> alert information, 102 souls on board. report of cabin pressure loss. >> steve: it happened on a frontier airlines jet yesterday as they were cruising over the always hard to crash land in rocky mountains. >> as we started banking, we dropped significantly and realized we were getting closer and closer to the mountains. >> they put us in position and said there will be a crash. >> steve: so that's what they heard. but amazingly, the pilot was able to turn the plane around somehow and landed safely in denver. we still don't know why the cabin lost pressure. but there will be an investigation. >> brian: checking into rehab for bipolar. she's 43, expect to go complete
8:34 am
a 30-day recovery program. she got help in 2011, went to a mental health clinic in connecticut. zeta-jones pro-actively checked into the clinic and committed to managing her health. michael douglas, her husband, was at the washington correspondents dinner. >> he was. >> gretchen: senator minority leader mitch mcconnell striking back at president obama's jabs with this invitation to have a drink with him. the president joked he can't reach out because mcconnell wouldn't be a good drinking buddy. mcconnell said i'm shocked. he obviously has not seen my soft side and responded by tweet ing this foe with a drink and an empty chair. >> steve: the red wine summit. crews will be searching the area near ground zero, that mosque, for human remains later today. it comes as boeing has confirmed an aircraft part from the wing of one of the two jets that crashed from the buildings there, was found there recently.
8:35 am
reporter theresa live from new york with more. theresa? >> hey, good morning, guys. it's been a busy morning here in lower manhattan. i'll get you caught up on what's been happening. at 8:00 a.m., this process got underway here on park place. the crowd that you may be seeing, i know it's tough to see because of all the traffic here, as well as these massive command mobile command centers parked here, which is a pretty narrow street. however, there is a crowd gathered in front of that metal door. we're seeing members of oem, medical examiner's office, fire, police, they are all going in there and trying to get to a back alley
8:36 am
concerned, we now hear from boeing it's a boeing 767 wing flap, apparently a mechanical device used to slow the plane down. it had initially thought to be part of landing gear. that is not true. it is, in fact, a portion of the wing flap. we don't know which plane it belongs, although we are hearing that it may be from the united flight 175 which crashed into the south tower just based on its location here a few blocks away from ground zero. today investigators will be sifting through this material, taking it from that stairwell, that door. bring it into a tent, which is located right around the balloons right there, sifting through it the way that they have all of the other debris they have collected from around manhattan. just one more thing i want to mention to you. we are hearing that the rope that was entangled around this device that was causing a lot of people to theorize that maybe it was placed there by somebody, particularly because this
8:37 am
building behind me, 51 park place, is a controversial building. it's the site of a very controversial islamic cultural center and mosque here. so perhaps the two are tied together. we are hearing from police commissioner ray kelly that that rope was put in place by some of the first responders who were trying to remove it when it was discovered on wednesday. so at least one controversy solved this morning. now back to you in the studio. >> brian: thank you very much. that's absolutely amazing and who would think it would land there in between those two buildings? let's talk sports. busy night in the nba players. can the houston rockets avoid the sweep? let's listen. >> the drive comes up short! at the buzzer! >> brian: thunder have won it, but we need extra sessions. the shot was missed. houston wins this game 107-105. game five is tomorrow night. they're extending the champions. the nets look good, finally. they beat the bulls.
8:38 am
game 6 will be thursday in chicago. the nets had that game in game 4 but they blew it. we're tied up in the hawks-pacers series. indiana hosts gave five tomorrow night. the winner of that series will pay play the winner of the knicks-celtics series. we first showed think shot yesterday, reporter exploring fenway park before the game. she was taking a self portrait on top of the green monster. as she snapped a shot during batting practice, a ball cracked off a player's bat, barely missing her. kelly joined us moments ago to talk about the authenticity. >> i've been around ballparks my entire life. you would think i have some ball awareness. i didn't feel the ball. i didn't see the ball. i didn't hear the ball land. i had no idea until i was walking up the steps to leave 'cause there was a tour group coming in. and i said no way i caught this photo with a ball.
8:39 am
>> brian: yeah. you would think you'd be aware. kelly has the ball that barely missed her. >> steve: maybe that's a 30 football mascot. >> brian: or a ball caps. >> gretchen: she also said that she cropped the photo for instagram and so when you see the real photo, you can actually see the batter of the ball. because remember when we saw this yesterday, we were like, where are the players on the field. >> brian: come on radio, is ambassador hill. >> gretchen: and i'll join you as well. >> brian: from 9 to noon. >> steve: nasa scientist discovered a giant waterless hurricane on the planet of saturn. they're estimating the storm has winds of 330 miles an hour. four times the speed of an average earthly hurricane. the eye, more than 1200 miles across. >> brian: shouldn't they be focusing on our planet? >> steve: they should.
8:40 am
but that's maria molina's department and we join her on the street. it's time for the weather. >> i got it. yes, we do have very calm weather. not hurricane like across sections of new york city. we do actually have some clouds right now. but they should be clearing out shortly. we're expecting some sunshine as we head into later on this afternoon and temperatures in the northeast are going to be absolutely beautiful, pleasant day, very springlike. temperatures in the 60s and 70s for some of you as we head into this afternoon. as we head westbound, i want to show you we have a storm system we're tracking. this storm is producing areas of steadier rain across parts of minnesota, wisconsin and into the great lakes and later on this afternoon, we do have a slight chance to see some severe storms in parts of kansas and also up into parts of iowa, into wisconsin and this is the same storm that actually, as we head into wednesday and thursday, could bring snow into parts of the plains. otherwise look at phoenix, 101 for i couldn't high temperature. back inside. steve, gretchen and brian. >> steve: all right.
8:41 am
thank you very much. >> gretchen: next up, can your homeowners association really foreclose on you? bob massi answers that question when he gets into his mail bag. >> steve: more than 30 years after she landed on the cover of sports illustrated swim suit edition. >> brian: christie brinkley is about to do it all over again. >> steve: including the thing with her hair like that? >> gretchen: she still looks like that @p@ñ@p@ñ
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> gretchen: 45 minutes after the top of the hour. more than 30 years after she landed three of these swim suit covers in a row, breasty brinkly will brace the cover of social life next month. chin-ups may be bad for you. new research finds crunches and situps can overload the spine, causing damage to the spinal disks over time, could be an excuse. steve >> steve: here is something you probably have not heard of before. homeowners associations are now
8:46 am
foreclosing on people who live there at an alarming rate and if you live in one of those communities, you may have tons of questions about what they can do and when they can foreclose on you if you're a homeowner with an association. fox news legal analyst and real estate expert bob massi is here with some answers. good morning to you. >> good morning, sir. >> steve: i had -- sure, we know homeowners associations can say take down that flag or you can't have a swimming pool there. but they can foreclose on you? >> almost every state in the union, hoa's, homeowners associations, have the power to lien your property for nonpayment of dues and then they have the right over a period of time to enforce that lien by way of foreclosure. because of all the foreclosures that's going on still in the country, hoa's have to recoup their moneys. that's one of the ways that they do it. >> steve: okay. we've got a question here and it dove tails perfectly into what
8:47 am
you say. okay, the homeowners association forecloses. somebody goes and buys that house. then do they have to wind up paying the missed homeowners association? >> what happens is let's say you bid at the sale. so the hoa's announce there is a sale, $5,000 is owed. you bid on that 5,000. people actually come and bid more money, steve. so that what may happen is for a $5,000 assessment that's owed, people may pay 10 or 15,000 because they're getting title to that property. when they get title to that property, they have to continue to pay the hoa dues also because now they own the property, at least they have what we call dirty deeds. which is another issue. you would get title and you have to continue to make the payments. >> steve: that's interesting. and so people would pay a little extra because ultimately you're probably getting it at a reduced rate anyway, right? >> absolutely. you end up owning the home. you have title to the home. >> steve: question number three,
8:48 am
why would anybody buy at an hoa sale if there is a dispute between the new title owner and the lender? >> this is what i want to quickly explore to our viewers. remember, if there is a mortgage on that property, steve, and you bought that property at the sale, you have title. you have title, but what about that wells fargo lien? what about that mortgage on the property? what's the dispute there? here is what you say. i don't really care. i'm going to rent this home out for $2,000 a month for six months or eight months. if wells fargo wants to foreclose on this home, i'll fight them in court or in the alternative, i don't care 'cause i've made my money back over and above when i rented the home. if i lose it in court, fine. i may not even fight it. but i made money by renting the homes. that's what a lot of investors are doing here and in florida and texas and arizona. they're buying it in hoa sale, renting it out. if the north company wants to foreclose against the owner, knock yourself out. we don't care. >> steve: real briefly, one final point and that is if the
8:49 am
homeowners association is about to foreclose on you, they give you a call, don't they? they see you out on the street and say by the way, you got to start paying up? >> most hoa's have management companies. you will get letters, you will get served with paperwork from lawyers, generally speaking. you have the right to call them and make up the dues to bring it current, absolutely. the problem is, a $500 assessment became $5,000 because lawyers and collection agencies got involved. that's a big dispute right now. >> steve: indeed. all right. bob, thank you very much. folks out there, if you have housing questions you need answered by bob massi, e-mail him, log on to meanwhile, coming up, we are just learning the president will be holding a news conference this morning at 10:15 eastern where he's going to take some questions about 90 minutes from right now. we're watching that. also this kid became a hit on-line because he's a liar. >> did you eat those sprinkles? >> no.
8:50 am
i did not. >> you know it's not nice to tell stories and to lie, right? look at mommy. >> steve: yeah, look at mommy, you trouble maker. the truth written all over that kid's face. but it's not always easy to tell if your kids are lying. so how do you know? it's our talk of the town this morning and it's next. coming up next, is martha mccallum with a preview of the top of the hour. >> thank you very much, steve. i wonder if the president will get questions about this this morning because benghazi is back in the headlines. whistle blowers from the c.i.a. and the state department are now prepared to tell what they know. we're going to speak with a former justice department official who says her client has been threatened by the obama administration. it is a big story, a major benghazi development. she will join us on "america's newsroom" this morning. bill and i will be here at the top of the hour and we will see you then ♪
8:51 am
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>> look at me. did you eat those sprinkles? >> no. i did not. >> you know it's not nice to tell stories and to lie, right? look at mommy. >> steve: there is a sprinkle under your shnoz, son. that went viral. the lying kid with the truth written all over his face. did you know today is national honesty day? not always easy to tell if your kids are fibbing. so that is the talk of the town today. here is an expert on signs to look for when your kid is telling a lie. >> we know how they normally would respond in a normal situation. and all of a sudden we're looking for little deviations. so what we notice is that they want to escape, generally toward the door, so they'll aprille or shift their bodies away. they're excessive nervousness, they'll rub their fingers together. they'll stroke their hair and maybe put their hands over their mouth. these are clues they're lying to
8:55 am
you. >> gretchen: there are so many other ones. as they get older, it becomes tougher to figure out if they're actually lying 'cause there could be underlying, more serious problems. my question is, why is there only one day that's national honesty day? >> steve: every day is. >> gretchen: we could tell our kids that every day is national honesty. >> steve: maria, when you're telling a lie, how do you do it so we're not on to you? >> i don't know. i try to be honest as much as i can. i remember growing up, the one reason why i would lie is when i was ashamed of something. if i didn't get an a in something that was pretty easy. >> brian: you would change the grade on your report card? >> yes. [ laughter ] in the spirit of national honesty day, yes. i did do that. but my parents found out. [ laughter ] >> brian: what would you do? >> i would lie about little things. what movie was it "uncle buck" where the kids would run their toothbrush under the faucet so it would look like they brushed
8:56 am
their teeth. but i would tell my parents that yeah, i brushed my teeth. >> steve: i remember my daughter, sally, when she was three or four years old, she lost her retainer. so we said, where is your retainer? she looked up and she goes, the birdies took it. the birdies took it. >> brian: you didn't buy that, did you? >> steve: no, she hated that thing. she threw it away. >> gretchen: how did you like paying for it? >> steve: you get the first one free. >> gretchen: yes. and then the second one costs you something. >> steve: she never lost that one. >> gretchen: i guarantee you. probably we could go on and on about our kids' stories. but we're out of time. so next on the update on mitch mcconnell's invitation for a drink, three minutes away [ male announcer ] there's something new behind the silver of philadelphia. the rich, luscious taste of fresh milk and real cream... now kicked up with zesty california jalapenos.
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