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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 24, 2013 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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that was a myth. >> back to you greg. >> nicely done. jedediah, imogon, buck, gavin, that's it for me. i'm greg gutfeld and see you next time. w. caution. tonight: >> today, usama bin laden is dead. there have been no large scale attacks on the united states. and our homeland is more secure. >> bill: president obama trying to reassert his authority in the wake of the scandals. with a major foreign policy address. >> the decisions that we are making now will define the type of nation and world that we leave to our children. >> bill: we will analyze the president's dilemma. >> by law we swear -- until you leave us alone. >> islam is not a religion of peace. islam is -- we have had enough. >> bill: there l. there be street battles in london
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between muslims and those who dessurprise them? we have a special report on a very tense situation. >> enough is enough! >> bringing in a muslim guy to take care of you. >> that's right. >> if you were really sincere you wouldn't. >> what? >> if you really cared about the muslim community, you would bring in a substitute muslim host. >> bil: once again, the rumble is on. we'll show you highlights from the stewart show last night. >> keep it pithy, look for it next to the 10 other [bleep] [ laughter ] >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> i'm bill o'reilly thanks for watching us tonight. president obama trying to reassert his authority. that is the subject of this evening's talking points
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memo. major foreign policy speech today at the national defense university in washington, d.c., the president put forth that his administration is winning the war on terror. although, of course, mr. obam does not use that phrase the war on terror. in the address the president explained how the drone attacks are legal and effective. talking points agrees he once again called for the closing of the prison at guantanamo bay. exactly how and where tried in the u.s. before agreeing with that president talked about increasing security for diplomats abroad this off the benghazi story. finally mr. obama's promise to protect the rights of journalists off the a.p. and james rosen situations. it's clear mr. obama is doing damage control. and that was also done in the "the washington post" this morning. article in the paper about the irs scandal clearly planted by the white house. it said the president was not in the loop, that his top advisors kept irs information from him for a
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variety of reasons. fascinating footnote is that david plouffe a fervent supporter of the president attacked lanny davis for saying this about kathryn ruemmler who admits she knew well in advance about the irs abuse. >> i don't know ms. ruemmler but they don't think about anything more than the legal issues. it's an investigation. we are not going to share the conclusions. you don't have to. just give a heads up and do crisis management planning. >> so, davis gets hammered by obama acolytes for saying that. i don't get it so the white house strategy is clear. the president did not know anything about the irs targeting conservative groups. even though his top advisors did. also new information from the daily caller web site, it says ms. ruemmler met with christophered me, chief counsel for the treasury department which overseas the irs three times last fall. the two had never met one-on-one before. ed me is a long time left-wing activist who
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apparently knew about the irs investigation a year ago. it's clear ms. ruemmler and mr. mead must testify in front of congress and white house chief of staff mcdonough must as well. the country needs their sworn testimony. especially after lois lerner who oversaw the irs abuse took the fifth yesterday. irs story just beginning to surface. that's the memo. top story tonight, two opposing views of the situation. first up from los angeles ben stein. and you say? >> oh i say that something is clearly wrong here. we don't have a top irs official taking the fifth amendment if there is no likelihood that a crime was committed. why bother inducting privilege self-incrimination unless there is some self-incrimination possibility there. also the idea that the president is not responsible for his top aids and is not responsible for the department of the treasury. it's just ridiculous. the idea that all this conspiring is going on and
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somehow he is kept out of the loop. look, i have been down this road before. i worked for mr. nixon. i have seen how it works. this is the nixon look again minus all the foreign policy achievements. >> bill: when you know about corporations and government, because you have worked in both as you pointed out, and the deniability factor, this is important for people to understand. it's not beyond comprehension that ms. ruemmler, mcdonough and all the president's men and women in the white house decided, you know, we are not going to tell them anything because we think this could be very serious we will protect him by not telling him. that's not beyond comprehension, is it? >> what is beyond comprehension, sir that they would think that was poor important than stopping it right then and there and protecting the american people and the american taxpayers from this kind of abuse. >> bill: maybe they did take action to stop it. we would have to get them under oath and ask that question. see, look, i think to be
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fair on, this we have to say a few things definitely. that president obama is not holding anyone accountable. that's absolutely true. and he should be scolded for that because lois leisurer should have been suspended immediately. you agree with me on that. >> absolutely. >> as soon as she took the fifth amendment she is out. out. suspended, gone, figure out what the hell you did, lady. mr. obama didn't do it. clearly he is responsible for that also, if it's true chief counsel ms. ruemmler and his chief guy in the white house, mr. mcdonough, kept vital information from the president, they got to be fired. they have to go. >> absolutely, what kind of a functioning white house is it. >> bill: right. you can't keep them. >> kept from the president. >> bill: you can't keep them in office. it's crunch time for mr. obama. you have got three people in the headlights with no
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other side to the story. even though we are going to get somebody who disagrees with you. there isn't any other side. lerner took the fifth. she is gone. ruemmler says -- admits she knew about it and didn't tell the president. she is gone. >> why didn't she tell the president. >> president admits he knew, why didn't he they tell him. >> bill: because of the deniability thing. >> if he had done the right thing told them and said look, you guys are all fired for doing this and it's never going to happen again, he would become out of this smeg like a rose. >> bill: deniability thing is not out of range of possibility. >> it's not -- it's just a very long stretch, a very odd hard to believe coincidences. >> bill: all right. now, today, the president gave his speech and it was a good speech. >> very good speech. >> bill: i thought it was. >> subpush speech. >> bill: try to be reassert his authority of the commander and chief of the armed forces and the leader of the united states because he knows he is in
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trouble. and this is a good way to do it. and the planted story in the "the washington post," which is very humerus, everybody should go to the "the washington post" web site and read it, because this was directly planted by the white house. that through -- threw rum bler -- ruemmler under the bus. didn't item them it's their fault. he has to fire these people after the memorial day weekend. they have to go next wk. i think maybe they will but i wanted to get your feeling on it. >> i think they will too soomp -- super or later. why aren't we seeing them appear in front of congress. >> believe me they will. they will call them nextuyíúñ week you know they will be calling them. >> what if they all start taking the fifth too. how deep does it go? it doesn't stop at a field office it has got to go pretty deep. >> it's a huge story, if mccup that and ruemmler walk n front of the congressional committees, both the senate and the house have their own committees and take the
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fifth, that's holderman ander lichtman. >> i'm not sure halder man and erlikman. >> bill: fired. >> put in prison. this thing is happening all over again only with no shame. >> bill: thanks very much. mexico on the rundown, marc lamont hill will respond directly to mr. stein. later, tensions are high on the streets of london after a jihadist murders a british soldier. laura ingraham on that. and we are coming right back.
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>> bill: continuing with lead story president obama trying to reassert authority in lead scandal. dra dr. lamont hill. you know i you a agree with me and ben stein that lerner ruemmler and mcdonough all have to do.
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>> i do agree. somebody has got to go in the midst of this. i also agree with something you said when you were talking to ben and i think ben is absolutely wrong about this. is that there is not only plausible deniability in the case of obama, i think it's quite reasonable to assume that he really didn't know. that is not to excuse his behavior post findng out. i surely believe that his chief of staff. >> you and bob beckel are giving the president the benefit of the doubt that he didn't know and that's because you are both supporters of mr. obama. i have -- >> -- no, that's not why. you said the same thing. you said that it's not out of the stretch of belief. >> no, that's absolutely correct. i agree with you. plausible denial a technique used not only in government but in private industry. you keep the big kahuna from the real nasty stuff if it ever comes back at him he says he doesn't know. that's a strategy that is employed so everybody should understand that i'm in neutral as far as president obama is
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concerned. my job is to be fair and balanced. >> so am i. >> bill: i don't know what he he knew. if evidence points to the fact that he did know and he covered it up he is through. >> the problem is there isn't any evidence of that. no there isn't any evidence right now. the rubber meets the road next week. he has got to get ride rid of these three. the two of them ruemmler and mcdonough have to go and testify under oath. if they take the fifth amendment, hill, you know all hell is going to break loose. >> if they take the fifth, i would imagine thatheir days are numbered in the white house it would have to be. again, it doesn't mean that we know exactly what the legal culpability is. they pled the fifth. however, it looks bad, it stinks and american people are not going to be comfortable with this. they don't want a white house democrat or republican that targets political groups that based on their beliefs. you don't the that. i don't think that's what obama is attempting to do. >> bill: certainly irs attempted to do it. that is a federal agency under his administration. so you can't just say oh he didn't know about it so we don't really -- you have to get to the bottom of it.
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>> get to the bottom of it but the problem is the right has attempted to paint this as some nixon-like moment. >> bill: some have. >> and some have like john boehner. some have not. >> bill: no, no, no. boehner didn't do it. boehner is basically in the irs. that's where the speaker of the house is. directly in there going, you know somebody has to go to expwral here. if they did it they did it. he didn't say someone in the white house has to go to jail. >> boehner says it's impossible to obama didn't know. that's against all evidence to the contrary. it's entirely even bill o'reilly saying it is possible. >> bill: even bill o'reilly, i love that phrase. used by the far left can a. even bill o'reilly. i'm the fairest guy in the planet. i'm not going anywhere unless there is evidence to take me there. now, the president today and i think you will agree with me on this used his foreign policy speech to reassert his authority. he probably said things that offended you, and the loons up at columbia university all day long. drones thinks they are justifiable and so do i,.
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>> first of all i love the term loon, that helps to highlight your fair an balanced nature, but, look, the nature here is not about whether or not drones are defensible at all. that's a straw argument used by war hawks to suggest that somehow the left is saying that at no moment should drones ever be used. president obama used today's speech to reassert a very dangerous foreign policy. and i might add he did it to divert our attention from i don't know what the danger is really important and profound, bill. is he doing it to distract us from the irs. he is doing this distract us from the a.p. sector of american people who are on his butt right now because of that stuff. those same people love war hawk talk. that's the same reason is he giving speech today to divert our attention. specifically the issue is not whether whether or not a drone has any usefulness in our lives. as a surveillance drone i'm fine with that i could even live with, although i don't love it it i could live with predator drones under certain circumstances.
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the problem is the obama creation has used them in ways that are not transparent, in ways that probably violate law. in ways that hide the death toll and that overstate its ability to be safe. we -- i want fewe drones. i want safer drones and i want legal drones. obama done none of that. the speech today was disgusting. >> challenge on the legality of it the proof is obama has been weakened by them. i don't see this as hurting the united states. some muslims don't like it. i understand that. >> some people don't like it, bill. >> bill: some people don't like it but the alternative is to lit them sit up there in the mountains and hatch their plots. >> bill that is what we call a straw argue: >> bill: whatever it is, straw. >> bill, you are being dishonest the suggestion is to either have wild drones shot by the cia. >> bill: wild drones. >> indesscream
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indesincriminate. >> we don't have access to the proof. >> bill: because we are fighting a war. you don't have access to all the battlefield stuff in a war. no war you have access to that. so there it is. >> the problem is it is not only a battlefield. we lie about the death tolls we have 18-year-old people in yemen being called millimeter combatants. >> bill: if you have proof of that doctor, please give it to me and we will do a segment on it we appreciate your point of view as always. here are the results of our bill o' poll we asked. which situation is more damaging to the country? benghazi irs more than 25 thundershowers of you voted. 23% say benghazi. 77% say the irs. i concur with the irs on that. directly ahead, ms. laura ingraham on another muslim act of terror causing big tension in london, england and later megyn kelly on the james rosen situation. those reports after these those reports after these me
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>> bill: in the impact eggment tonight tensions running high in london after two muslim extremists murdered a british soldier right in the street. two in custody after being shot and wounded by police >> bill: today fomc framed the jihadist problem this way. >> the united states is not at war with islam, and this ideology is rejected by the vast majority of muslims. who are the most frequent victims of terrorist attacks. >> joining us now from washington ms. laura
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ingraham. on the heels of boston i think the world may be turning against the jihad after london thing, do you agree with that? >> yes, i agree, bill. this was so shocking, obviously occurring in daylight. the 25-year-old young man who was murdered has a 2-year-old son and he is being obviously remembered today in london as people being -- giving interviews to various london news outlets saying, you know, they are worriedor their own safety. and they are concerned that they have a whole separate group of people in britain who are not assimilated and who are prone to radicalization and prone to this jihadist sentiments. i spoke to a couple friends of mine in lob done today. it's all anybody can talk about. >> this is a turning point. the united kingdom has been very lenient with the muslims. will he let them in. not assimilated. they live in areas of
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london, they own language. they don't assimilate like american muslims here. in france you have the same situation. and i think the world, the western world is now starting to say you know what? as the guy said in london and that's from a group that really is opposed to muslims in london, i think there is going to be real violence there until british authorities started to clamp down on jihadists. >> remember a if you years ago angela merkel got left wing blow back when she said multi-culturallism utterly failed. david cammeron came out and said muslims in our country mostly law abiding but they have to believe and ve to accept british values. he was getting a lot of heat for that at the time. and he slowly has come along this has been brew for a long time. i interviewed radio show. he said laura, i come home
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to london i don't even recognize london. it's not about color of skin. it's about a refusal, an adamant refusal on the part of so many new londoners and new brits from other parts of the world to refuse to accept the british tradition and british values. that is setting up a clash of civilizations that sadly in areas like this lead to murder and death. >> bill: as you said, it was so shocking to see a british soldier just walking down the street and these two thugs going over and trying to behead them and theguy that you see there is the soldier with the 2-year-old son has blood on his hands and it was just somebody there with a camera. he is saying allah told me to do this i'm going to do it. >> bill, thank goodness that man that terrorist was videotaped. >> bill: you bet. >> if he wasn't videotaped. he we would still have people on the left, most of them on the left well, we have to be very cautious about assigning motives here.
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he could have had a beef with the system totally unrelated to his radical view of islam. >> any kind of speculation and sympathy. why do you think that doesn't happen here. american muslims, they don't cause a lot of trouble generally speaking. they have assimilated into our society? >> they are much better assimilated into american society. major hasan the president alluded to that today in his speech in texas and obviously the tsarnaev brothers they obviously became american niced in some ways but prone to be radicalized. >> bill: extremisttright. >> we have that problem. overwhelmingly muslims in the united states have not gone down that path. >> bill: thank god. >> we have to make sure that we don't let our guard so politically correct and so worried about offeding people that we don't call this out for what it is. and that is a conservatorship.
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>> bill: one more question for laura giving her 30 seconds more here. i went on your radio show this week. and what i -- we talked about a lot of things. the biggest reaction was to, what? >> well, o'reilly, all these people called in and emailed in. they didn't see this side of o'reilly before. he coaches his son's little league. o'reilly's history as a semiproball player. they all want to go to the little league now. >> bill: i want them to governmental thousands of people showing up at little league games. >> bill: wrote my column on the little league experience this week on bill o' it was a lot of fun. i'm glad they responded positively. >> no. my 5-year-old boy needs to -- he toughen up go to o'reilly's little league game. >> bill: baseball is good for america. >> exactly. >> bill: mismegyn kelly very angry over the james rosen spying scandal. she will be here. later bette midler say sheelg is fine with discriminating against the tea party.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, as you may know' 2-year-old kermit gosnell sentenced to prison last week for murdering three babies in philadelphia. awful crime and one that hurts the entire country. i recently spoke with gosnell attorney jack mcmahon. so, couple, after the verdict came in you were complimentary to the jury so i guess you are convinced your client was guilty. >> no. i was complimentary to the jury because they did their
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service. they worked hard, two and a half months, to weeks of deliberations, they came in as civic duty and they did their duty and they were con sen shut. >> they must have made a right decision or you would have criticized them for making the wrong decision, right? >> no. that's not true at all. i don't -- i don't criticize the decision that they make because whatever they make is the right decision. that's the verdict, that's the nature of the verdict in a criminal case. >> do you believe that your client was guilty? >> i don't believe that the commonwealth established that the three fetuses, infants were born alive. that was our argument all the way through. i believe that. i think that you have to remember these were injected with a legal drug in uterond that the purpose of that is to cause fetal demise. >> bill: 26 weeks is the limit for this kind of a procedure so guilty either or, right? >> actually, it's 24 weeks. and there is no doubt about that. i will agree with that.
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100%, dr. gosnell did do abortions on a limited basis past 24 weeks. >> bill: why did he do that? >> past 24 weeks? >> bill: yeah. >> first of all very small number of them. >> bill: it doesn't matter. why did he do one? why did he do any of them? >> basically because a girl would come in crying with her mother, 13 years old, had no place else to turn. would beg him. and he felt. >> bill: he did it for humanitarian reasons? >> he did it to help that particular girl at that particular time in her life, yes. >> bill: ant didn't have any conscience about the children that he aborted? >> well, i can't speak for dr. gosnell. >> bill: did you ever talk to him philosophically before you took the case? didn't you want to know who you were representing? >> yeah, i know who i was representing. he was -- all the times i was with him for two and a half years he was nothing but a gentleman. >> bill: didn't ask you him hey, did you feel bad for the kids that you terminated because he got charged and convicted on these three. but there are hundreds that he did.
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according -- >> -- no he did. no he did not. >> bill: hundreds according to people. >> that's not true. convicted of three and not guilty of five. the jury considered all the facts of the case. dr. gosnell didn't kill in mice mind live human. >> bill: in his mind. >> live human babies. >> bill: a what in his mind he was doing because these babies will never ever exist on this planet. i would just like to know that. >> they were dead before he did anything to them. >> bill: because he killed them. >> no he did not. that was abortion. that was the abortion process. big difference between abortion process. >> bill: abortion is killing the fetus. >> it's legal. >> bill: it doesn't matter whether it's legal. he killed them. doesn't matter whether it's legal he killed them. >> it's legal. we're talking about crimes. >> bill: no, i'm talking about philosophy. one more thing. you injected race in this and you said the only reason that this might be happening is because the man is black. do you stand by that? >> that's not what i said. but i said its with a
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racist elitest prosecution and i said i stand by that there is people doing abortions all over the place. and he was singled out, i believe, because he was african-american. >> bill: really, you think the commonwealth of pennsylvania went after him because he was comern. >> i don't think so much experience. i think it was because of the community that he served was a poor urban community. >> bill: they don't like that community in the commonwealth doesn't like that community? so they are going to get people in there. >> if you think there is no racism in the criminal justice system you are a fool. >> bill: i might be a fool because i always go on provable facts not speculation. >> i do, also. i do also. >> bill: you have provable facts commonwealth of pennsylvania is targeting doctors or anybody else in that community, i would like you to give them to me that's not right and i will do the story on it it, counselor. we appreciate your time very much tonight. and when we come right back, megyn kelly on the james rosen justice department scandal. and then carolla takes on midler over comments the actress singer made about the tea party. we
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight, a number of controversial issues. get it ms. megyn who joins us now. i was watching your afternoon program. i do that maybe once a month. >> thank you for that. >> bill: sensed anowance on your part about this rosen situation. >> poor james rosen of all people -- he is a criminal and a flight risk? really? do you know james rosen? >> bill: it's stupid, it's stupid works to rosen's advantage. >> of course it does. >> he is a good reporter. >> he is a great reporter. >> bill: let's try to put ourselves in the department of justice because you are an attorney to. all right. they must know this is insanely stupid. >> yes, yes. >> why would they do it? >> here is what irritates me about the situation. i have no problem with the government investigating leaks of national security
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information. because that's a serious matter. >> me too. i agree. >> if you compromise the safety of american people and put lives at risk by disclosing certain classified information, they have the right to look into you. there is no question. what happened in his case was in order to get at james' records, and the records of the parents and fox news phone lines and not notify james because normally you would have the right to go into court and challenge their push to do that they said he was a part of a conspiracy and co-scon spur tore. >> we talked about is it legal this week. >> that doesn't make it okay. >> it's the judge's fault though. the judge has to know this is bow gun. >> the u.s. attorney for the district of d.c. is to not, he accident get off the hook. >> believe me the justice department holder, holder has got to go this are all at fault because they come up with this piece of garbage. shouldn't a federal judge in that's the last line of
4:40 am
defense. >> magistrates before with all due respect to them. they are lowered down on the totem pole. it's not a district court judge. >> who is this person that did it? >> i don't have his name in front of me. it's -- i don't have it. i thought i did. >> we mentioned it on tuesday. >> federal district court judges are here and magistrate judges are below them. the point is there was no reason not to give him notice. we maybe we could have worked with them and james would have worked with them. you have to try, there is a system in place that allows the opposing party go in and make a prediction. >> here is how bad it is. no reporter worth salt going to give up sources. this wasn't a story north korean acting. >> he they knew who his source was. >> because is he charged this guy named stu. >> mr. and mrs. rosen. really? you need the parents' records, too? >>ill: holder has got to explain it and of course he
4:41 am
is not going to be able to. >> the president made news on that today saying he has talked to eric holder and he wants to establish this commission. >> they want to get to the bottom of it. >> the president made news by saying he wants to get to the bottom of it may have heard that before. >> i'm glad you brought up the president's speech because it knocked you off the air. we had millions of calls going we want mig -- megyn. during the president's speech, he mentioned guantanamo bay and he wants to close it. he is wanting to close it now for i guess 8 years. still open. he goes heckled. roll the tape. >> let m finish, ma'am. >> this is very important. >> so today. >> were congress future. there are 102 people on a hunger strike. these desperate people. >> i'm about to address it, ma'am, you have got to let me speak. >> you are commander and chief. >> let me address it. >> close guantanamo today.
4:42 am
>> why don't you let me address it. >> release those 86 prisoners. >> why don't you sit down and i will tell you what i'm going to do. >> bill: now, i feel sorry for the president there. and where are the bouncers? >> where is the security at the national security speech? [ laughter ] >> bill: if i everywhere president, that woman who did that, guantanamo bay. don't vote for me. >> irs audit. i sense an irs audit coming your way. >> bill: that's small stuff. guantanamo bay. that's where she would have been. >> bill: president so smooth under those circumstances i thought he handled it very well until he ceded the floor to her and let her go on and on and on and spent the chunk of his speech to her. way tone courage future heckling. >> bill: ised this price is right calls them and run down and if they get a good point they get a refrigerator. shut up, lady. do we know -- was this code pink? >> it sounded like madea. >> bill: sounded like code
4:43 am
pink we can't speculate. might have been, could have been. >> if we find out about their tax exempt status getting revoked we will know what happened. >> bill: what should have happened was you should have heckled president obama. we should have cut you in. >> on the national airways. >> bill: it was your show. >> if this is what he is going to do is respond i'm in. >> bill: carolla on deck. he is annoyed with bette midler over her tea party irs comments. wow, carolla will have his say after these messages.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. rolling with carolla. comments by bette midler doing a play on broadway about the irs scandal. ms. midler tweeted quote:
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i thought i would never say this to the irs thank you, thank you for denying 501 crmpleted 4 to any group who hates. i guess that includes media matters or move on. extreme left hate groups who enjoy tax free benefits. joining us now from los angeles adam carolla. do you know bette midler? do you hang with her out in l.a. >> oh yeah we do torch song every saturday night. >> bill: have you ever met the woman. >> no. never met her. just seep her specials where she goes out on stage dressed like a mermaid. we are taking political advice from a giant fish. i don't know about that. >> bill: the wings. >> first off the hypocrisy bothers me. because, obviously, if it was a republican administration going after plan the parenthood, she would eat her own fishtail. >> bill: i don't think there is any doubt about that. but i was surprised that ms. midler would really condone when most liberal americans are not condoning
4:48 am
the irs situation. most of them are condemning it but ms. midler standing alone, carolla. you know? saying thank you, irs, for persecuting conservatives. she decided there is anus and then. this is going on more and more where i think you and i -- hopefully you and i agree that we have our team. they have their team, but we want the game played without corrupt officials, right? >> bill: yeah. absolutely. we want an honest shake for everybody and our leadership to be honest. but, ms. midler has wind beneath her feet or something. i remember some song that i never really listened to the whole song it was like that. l.a. has a new mayor garcett icon graduate legs to him. i hope he shapes the town up. you owe all kinds of money. each so the school board >> well, i do because it's the
4:49 am
most important meal of the day. you are letting the people who run los angeles provide for your kids which is basically going to be surplus fish sticks from the korean conflict. number two, i did some checking into this, you can get for $18 a sack of oatmeal that has over a hundred servings. under 18 cents a day but let's call it a quarter and brown sugar, you can feed your damn kids. the biggest thing i want to focus is not the nutrition, it's the indoctrination into the system. we are pulling six and seven-year-olds into a system that basically says don't worry about your parents. they are not going to take care of you. >> bill: we'll provide. >> in 20 years they will want to cater their weddings. >> bill: and fv has vanished. it's no longer exists because
4:50 am
this happened in prime time last week. roll the tape. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill: so on abc program, nicky monaj gave somebody a lap dance. thank you to black that out. >> wasn't my idea, but thanks. [ laughter ] >> i love to kig up ed sullivan and show him this just to see. >> bill: that would put him right back in the ground. >>yeah. listen, i don't judge because i live in l.a. and every second house here comes with a stripper pole. [ laughter ] >> it's where we go. i told my family during an earthquake go to the stripper
4:51 am
pole. that is strongest part of the house. >> bill: i would like to see what topogigilio the little italian mouse. what is that? adam, back with the tip of the day a. jon stewart last night. the tip is mome
4:52 am
4:53 am
>> bill: factor tip of the day, more raw can you say behavior with john stewart but an amazing thing happened today. this billboard went up in times square new york city scaring tourists from all over the world. plus my previous books killing jesus, which will be out. very high up on the building so
4:54 am
nobody can put a mustache on me. if you want u.s.a. strong gear for dad, this father's day go to all the money i get goes to charity. how to the mail. >> bill: are you crazy, tony? beckel did that and i challenged him. that comprised most of segment last night. willis... >> bill: what is sad is your lack knowledge of this program willis. we have no fear here. wise up. lisa... >> bill: that is absolutely correct.
4:55 am
>> bill: you know, to be fair i'm not sure any country does, tom. >> bill: that would be ace producer ron monaco. >> bill: thanks to you and everyone that is reading it. pi think debuts, number ten on the times list moves up to six the following sunday. thank you all. finally tonight the tip of the day, last night on the stewart show i debated my pal, jon over
4:56 am
the muslim jihad situation. >> let's say somebody committed an act of terror and we took their own religion and we all lumped th in for special singling go out. >> "a" an an act of terror. i'm doing the math here. is to keep the mountain up. are you gone? are you. i'm leaving in a couple weeks. i'm going to a$[kç mission. [ laughter ] >> i heard you are going to direct a movie. i'm shocked when they told me you got fired. >> did not get fired. >> where did are you going? >> i'm going to the middle east. >> the exchange program? >> i'm setting up a charity. it will be above board. >> you are not going to be here? >> i'm going to be directing a movie. >> who is going to be here? >> a young man british gentleman
4:57 am
named john oliver. [ applause ] >> you should come in?óf and chk up on me. you are bringing a muslim guy to take care of you? >> that's right. >> you rhelly cared aboutjté muslims immunity you would bring in a substitute muslim host! [ applause ] >> call it for what it is. >> shut up! >> stewart! >> here is the tip be fair to every ethnic group but don't back down when something is wrong. that is it for us tonight's. please check out the fox news factor website which is kissed from also we would like you to spout off about the factor, any time,
4:58 am
any time. if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be atribilius. >> they edited the interview with me on stewart. -- atrabilious. >> but the whole interview is on his website. it really is watching. they didn't cut out anything important. it was the best stuff was there but if you want to watch the whole thing you can. always interesting what is going on. thanks for watching. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops here and we're
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