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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 5, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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all right. that is all the time we he have left this evening. let not your heart be troubled. why? because the news continues and greta van susteren is standing by to go "on the record" tonight. see you back here tomorrow night. greta, take it away. >> greta: tonight, so you think you dance? the irs may like line dancing but they can't dance around the latest scandal. $4 million taken from you the taxpayers to they could party. and now two irs employees headed to the door. the acting commissioner placing to employees on administrative leave. >> one more example of the kinds of problems that we have from the world's largest, most powerful and most feared tax dough election agency. a monster. out of control. too big. too powerful and needs to be re reined in. >> their inability to grasp
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fiscal discipline cannot be mixed with a training memo or inspector general's report. it is cultural. it is character laden and it is moral and they need to be eviscerated as a department. >> this was not the an accident. this is a willful act of intimidation to discourage a point of view you. >> these people are, indeed, victims and they needed to be treated like victims, not accused of being part of the problem. >> a "wall street journal" nbc news poll released late yesterday shows 55% believe the irs targeting of conservative groups raised questions about the regime's overall honesty and integrity but obama had nothing to do with it. >> we cannot destroy the trust of the american people in our government but we are going to do it if we let the irs scandal go unabate. >> i would say the vast marijuanaity of people i run intmajority of people that i rn into.
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>> people in increasing numbers don't like what is happening in the country. they don't associate obama with it at all. not tainted by it. his administration has problems. administration hey be dishonest. hissed adam joseph menstruatis very he troubling. not him according to the polling. >> greta: tonight, two irs employees accused of accepting free food and guests at the 4 million irs conference in california. your thoughts tonight on two being put on administrative leave? >> the one thing i see this will continue to grow. there is much more. to me a cultural problem at the irs and one thing, it is not just the two employees. think about what they go before everybody. we are now hearing this isn't just the direction of cincinnati looking over. irs agents are telling us that washington was sending them direction on who to investigation. i believe this is going to continue to grow.
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to get to the bottom of this i think you have to have a fundamental cultural change inside the irs. >> the "wall street journal" publishing that a lawyer at the irs in washington was actually the one helping them with the questions. a lawyer. >> a lawyer that cincinnati said that they don't have the direction to look in. so they had to ask washington for guidance and they were directing them on what to do. to me, that is so unacceptable. when you think about what transpired in anaheim at the $4 million convention and think for a moment when the irs comes in and audits businesses and think of the action that the irs was doing and they go through the businesses and say their production of what they do is unacceptable. there is so much more to look at. >> greta: you talk about culture and the irs says it needs guidelines. i'm stunned any one would need guidelines to know this would be inappropriate to do any of this stuff. >> more compelling to me when
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this was all going on why didn't a whistle blower come forward? why didn't one person in the irs say hey, this was wrong? we found it in other agencies they do that. why in the overall irs nobody said anything? that to me shows that the entire agency needs it turned around. >> greta: stand by, congressman. now, to the $64,000 question. who approved the irs spending $64,000 of your tax money on gifts, toys, for employees attending the california conference? griff jenkins spoke with congressman mike turner about the very expensive sag bag. >> over $64,000 was spent on promotional items for the irs employees that attended like this bag leading into the future. all this was part of the environment in which they threw you a $4 million party for themselves. >> leading into the future. >> leading into the future. teamwouk in action. your leadership journey all about our tax dollars spent in
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inappropriate ways. >> and a nice leather bag or case. where is some of the stuff made? >> this is made in china. they were not even buying american. but it shows that this was a party. they threw themselves a $4 million party. >> and do we know about how much these things cost that we have on the table here? >> the swag bag items around $64,000. or 3,000 of promotional items that were given in addition to the lavish suites, the parties that were thrown. >> congress mapp, wman we wantk you in addition to the items given mere in the swab bag as we call it, various promotional items were provided. these were purchased by the human capital office for $730 and given to attendees at the information quarter and the conference workship and consist evidenced of kik key chains,
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plastic squirting fish this is not from the conference. it is similar to the ones given out. roughly 3,000 the number of attendees. i ask you, sir, what in the world does the irs employee need with a squirting fish? >> maybe this represents the fishy thing going on at the irs. they were attending a party and used taxpayers' dollars to throw it. >> greta: tomorrow a hearing on the lavish irs spending. the irs scandal is raising doubts about the the overall honesty about the obama administration. 55% of americans say the irs targeting scandal raises some hell of doubt about the administration's honesty and integrity. congressman mccarthy your thoughts? i don't know if this is just simply the obama administration. this is washington. this is the culture. this is the culture. think about it for a moment. they are holding the $4 million
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party and giving out swag bags in 2010 in the height of our fiscal challenges. who would ever think this is right? what is more important here is when you look at the poll if i was the president i would get a little worried because maybe he thinks he is holding his numbers but look at the independents. not the republicans. not the democrats. the independents. he is in the 20 about percent approval rating in the 20s for approval. more than 59% disapprove and i think a lot of that goes to the trust. and the trust starts from the top on the way down. and what is he doing to correct this? actually in hiding and then when you look at what he is doing for appointments today he is not listening to the american public. if he had nothing to do with it i would come forward and say i want to get to bottom and start cleaning house and changing the culture that sits there. >> greta: time to ban government conferences. this was called leading into the future. what in the world does that have to do with the irs. in.
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>> i don't see why the irs needed to go. think for a moment the way they contracted. they he didn't go contract and get the best price for a hotel. they were paying the highest price. i think you always need transparency will clean a lot of this up. people do have to meet and interest training with you you have to have a mission why and should be he up front while why you are doing it. no one needs a $4 million conference and swag bags to learn what to do in the irs. >> skype, online, google hangout. a lot of things that don't cost a dime. $27,000 for a keynote speaker. >> they need some ethickial training inside to know what is right and what is wrong. that is why i think you need attunedmental change. i talk to my family more and face time. i do teletown halls. there are ways to have training
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in a more cost efficient and reach more people in a way that can work better than the process they are doing today. >> greta: why did the irs have to hire a lawyer to help them with the scandal? they have a bunch of lawyers there. why don't they just come forward and tell the truth? >> that is what shows the character is so wrong. if you go and lawyer up you are not even admitting to the problem. you are trying to defend yourself or cover something up further jerk think the first thing, everything should come out in the open and correct it. how can you a is an irs agent sitting there working for the agency not want it to be better? bring it forward and make the corrections. i don't believe this is the only agency that needs to be looked at. we will find it many different ways. a commitment as all americans when we get through there will be a greater accountability and more transparency in government and we want the government to earn the trust of the american people and the only way to do that is clean house.
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>> greta: more accusations against the irs. the virginia attorney general joins us. why do you think you were targeted or the state of virginia? >> i don't know that i was targeted but afterrit after eis of income p income pa tense. and lo and behold, virginia, with a republican governor and me fighting with the administration for so many months or so many years really it starts to raise other questions and i heard you raise other questions tonight. i can't point to an e-mail or something that says okay we are going to deny cuccinelli and virginia the rightfully earned money in the biggest healthcare fraud case ever investigated by a state, a billion and a half dollar finding against abbott labs last year. we now have the first and second largest here in virginia and this would be the biggest
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asset for fitture i'm aware of a state getting and the irs was the only player left that had to fill out a two page form that they could doug shulman in a lot of -- that they do in a lot of other cases to move the asset for fitture along? whose doesn't move with you virginia's. given how little is necessary to accomplish this and that all of the other players had done their job to finish out the case and finish the distribution of the asset forfeiture. while the federal government got and kept their billion dollars. billion with a b. virginia was trying to get about 100 million today's $125 million we earned with the investigation from a criminal defendant that was sitting in treasury accounts and the irs was the only block. they were the only block left and after eight months of
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incompetentence it starts to look like more than inconpetenc. >> on an investigation level they do a doesn't job. the minute it crosses from virginia and gets into washington all sorts of bad things seem to happen or more accurately in this case nothing seems to happen. and sat and sat and sat despite help from congressional representatives from virginia amid others it took going public with it this morning to knock the money loose and within hours we got a commitment we will send the check, $115 million and whatever the number is they at least decided that but we don't have the money yet and they added all sorts of through rules with how it is going to get spent that are different from the way it has always been treated in the past. we are getting treated differently. we were held up because of the irs and one i think can
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reasonably ask why? why? >> greta: attorney general, thank you, sir. >> my pleasure. good to be with you, greta. >> greta: u.s. attorney general holder missing a deadline and says he is not going anywhere. >> some things i want to get done that i discussed with the the president and once i have finishd that i will sit down with him and we will determine when it is time to make a transition to a new attorney general. >> but to be clear you are not stepping down now? >> no, have no intention of doing so now. >> greta: attorney general holder answering questions from one reporter but is not answering questions from the house republicans. missing a deadline to personally respond to their inquiry with b. his testimony on reporter surveillance. congressman peter king. good evening, sir. what was the deadline and what are you going to do now that it wasn't answered? >> chairman goodlatte and his
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committee set the deadline and basically it is because eric holder certainly at least a misstatement, certainly a conster dickion, at worst there is punchry and it is up to -- perjury. the fact the deadline has remiss i would expect them to take strong action. i don't want to tell the chairman what to do but if i were eric holder i would think i'm in a precarious position. he is defying the congress as i see it. for a person supposed to be administering justice and be impartial and hope beyond reproach or at least be reasonably honorable his testimony was so contradictery and involving such a serious first amendment issue that to me there is no execution for what he is trying to do. he is trying to be too cute and i think this is something the president showed today by selecting susan rice and i think eric holder is showing the same thing by saying he is going to stay on as long as he
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wants to. >> greta: they sent two letters so he will say that is the answer what would you do if you were the chairman? >> i don't want to speak for bob goodlatte. he leaves himself open to a subpoena and charges of contempt of congress. he owes it to the committee and to congress. he will lose all credibility. as it is he lost much of it. he lost all credibility if he tries to hide behind the subordinate. we are talking about his testimony. in the talking about some legal interpretation here. we are talking about his interpretation of his testimony. a subordinate cannot give that. he owes it to the economyee, owes it to congress and to the american people. he leaves himself vulnerable to number one a subpoena and number two another contempt citation in the congress. >> greta: but that is rather futile since he would be the one ha has to enforce it.
10:16 pm
the last one he got fast and furious sits at the defense department. if the president wants to say with him and he refuses to leave it is difficult for congress to remove him. having said that it weak ins the administration and with so much legislation coming up that is going to involve the justice department including any keep of type of immigration bill how the president expects to get the agenda forward or hope to move it forward or deal with congress in good faith so long as eric holder is in that boggs is going to be difficult. >> greta: anything the attorney general could say that could satisfy you that the testimony on the 15th of may was correct and accurate and fair and not misleading? >> i think what he assad say is that what he intended was that there was never a criminal prosecution of james rosen intended and that he realizes now that he should have made that more explicit when was giving his -- saying that he is
10:17 pm
not aware of any criminal action or any prosecution that he didn't mean too be that cute that in his own mind, thought one thing and said another and wishes he had said it a different way, something to that effect which is a form of apology, form of explanation. at least it would show that he realizes a serious mistake was made. if not he leaves open the possibility he could be pursuing a perjury charge which no one wants to do but he leaves himself open to that. by trying to give a good faith explanation as to what happened at least he would show that he is willing to work with congress, willing to admit he made a mistake and wants to start over. but absent that i think it is -- i just think the waters are poisoned. >> greta: that is a very difficult thing to do in height of the fact be that the affidavit in support of the search warrant called james rose and coconspirator and probable cause to believe he committed a crime. he can't say that he never in
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tended to prosecute james roseness because that meant there was dese deceit in the affidavit to the judge. >> could have been guilty of criminal conduct but didn't attempt to prosecute him. i agree with you, greta. i'm trying to play his defense con you sell right now is all i'm saying. i think he is in an almost untenable position. if i i were eric holder and trying to get out of this that is what i would be saying. at the very least hypocrisy. certainly misleading and possible perjury. >> greta: thank you, sir. not to the hot button issue on why did attorney general holder miss the deadline? a, he was too busy. b, he didn't think it was porch. or c, he is trying to insult congress. go to and vote on the poll. president obama naming ambassador susan rice to the
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>> greta: president obama defying some republicans naming u.n. ambassador are susan rice as his national security advisor. that does not require senate confirmation. that is lucky for her. she he is still under fire from gop lawmaker who insist she misled the country about the benghazi attack. what do you think about the president's selection? >> good evening, greta. i think you hit the nail on the head. this is about the arrogance and about really the president thumbing his nose not just at the senate and house gop but also to the american people because it is basically saying someone can come out and americannd lie to the tern people but i will still promote them within my ranks. previously you recall talking representative king about eric holder. he is further more emboldened
10:24 pm
now. when you have seen what the president has done, lois lerner pleads the gift and goes out on paid vacation. victoria newland who was part of the doctoring up of the cia talking points now she is going to get promoted. susan rice is not qualified to be a national security advisor just the same as she wasn't qualified to come out and talk about benghazi. >> greta: when you say she is not qualified. she came out and repeated the talking points. is the the problem is that not that she is not necessarily qualified but that she didn't ask questions of what she was fed to say to the american people? >> i would say that is the exact point. you should not blindly say okay sure i'm going to go out and speak on a topic for which she should not have been talking about any howe. because it was an embassy and ambassador that lost his life should have been the secretary of state. the other person that should have been out there was the one that the president he turned to
10:25 pm
and hold him to handle it and that was the secretary of defense or chaim of the joint chiefs of staff. susan rice is showing us she is a blind follower of the team and i guess she he has been rewarded for her loyalty not to the nation even though the president said she puts country first, she puts him first and that is clearly shown. >> greta: what is the job she has? what is national security advisor? >> well, i think that when you look at where our country is right now you have got this meeting coming up with china's president, so i mean she needs to be able to articulate courses of action and also some unintended consequences, the consequences of some of the key he decisions and oints that need to be brought up. you got china which is expanding its military. shoalse going into the scar and threatening philippines and
10:26 pm
making incursions into india. when you look at what is happening in the middle east we need to have someone that can clearly articulate and deal with what is happening in turkey. when you see them taking the turkey territory. what are you going to do in syria if russia follows through with the antiaircraft missiles and then also problems in latin america where iran is establishing themselves and hezbollah. those are the type of things where we need someone that is attuned to what is happening and able to give the right type of advice and i don't think she has the background to be able to contend with the multitude, a plethora of foreign policy faux pas. >> greta: senator rubio will tell you what his plan is, next. the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard
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>> greta: senator rubio says he has found a way to teak the heart right out of obama care and tells us how he is turning his idea into action. senator, nice to see you, sir. >> good to see you. >> greta: you propose an amendment to the u.s. constitution. >> dealing with obama care. when the supreme court heard the case on obama care the argument was congress can't require you to buy something like health insurance and the answer was they can't require you buy something but tax you if you fail to buy it. this amendment to the constitution says that the congress cannot punish people for failing to buy something like health insurance with a tax. that is what it is. it is pet privat is pretty str. the right to refuse. >> introduced in the house. >> it has. it was introduced and i think this obama care issue is going to be a real disaster for the
10:32 pm
country. wait until october when people start to let the gears explaining the benefits they are losing and wait until january when rates go up on personal insurance and businesses start to figure out that they have to pay a $2,000 fine or have to lay people off or move them to part-time to comply with obama care. when that hits our economy next year even if it starts to hit later this year i think the economy is really going to freak out for back of a letter term. >> greta: another issue not all of the states have set up the exchanges so the federal government has to and appear rently has not at least completed that. i don't know if they will get done by october. i don't know where they get the cash to do it. then the problem that the implementation or fine aspect is through the irs and the irs is embroiled in another scandal. >> one of the agencies on the frontline of enforcing obama are is the irs, the, they are now the going to be reaching out to the insurance company to determine what kind of insurance cover and you have and whether you ever paying it
10:33 pm
and what does it cover and not cover. adding what is it between 1600 and 2,000 additional employees to enforce the law. we have the agency that already has no credibility with the american pub live and we are putting them on the frontlines of a program that quite frankly cannot be administered. >> greta: the obama administration thinks it can and doing the mad scramble to figure out how to do it. you a proposal for are a constitutional amendment. do you realistically think you can get a constitutional amendment? i don't. >> when this thing starts to fall apart and obama care and the full brunt and impact on the economy starts to be felt people will start looking for answers. how can we get out of this and we want this to be an option on the table for people. i think after the 2014 election given the disaster that obama care is going to be we could well have the votes in both chambers to do significant repeals if not all of obama care the key portions of it. this would take the heart out
10:34 pm
of obama care which is the individual mandate. >> greta: seems more likely if the republicans get any sort of relief it will be in repealing it but to get a constitutional amendment you to get two thirds of the senate and house of representatives. might get that in the house, certainly not in the senate and three fourths of of the state legislatures. >> i think once obama care has the negative impact on the economy, people including democrats will be looking for ways to distance themselves from it. you outlined some of the reasons why. it is worse worse than that. we will see is next year when businesses realize maybe it is better if we only have 49 employees instead of 50. or move 10 or 15 people into part-time status. >> greta: you make that statement based on the assumption that is going get implemented. i don't know how it is going to get implowmented if we he don't have the money. we have the hhs secretary trying to raise money
10:35 pm
privately. i don't know how we get to the point where you are talking about. >> the point is that small businesses and mid-sized businesses and even large businesses by some point this year as they sit down with the tax professionals or lawyers they have to plan for the fact that this could and is supposed to be implemented. they have to start planning for that it. they can't wait until january. they have to do something about it this year. start making hiring decisions this year and start making decisions to lay people off this year and start planning for next year based on all of the information and assumptions. this is going to start having an impact on o the economy this year. the next few months we will start to see the neglect impact that obama care is going to have. >> greta: what do you think president obama is thinking about? >> i think they are worried about it. we he know that a couple of days ago we discovered all of the democratic offices have gotten a binder that tells them to assign somebody in the home district to be the outreach person on obama care. all sorts of thugs to try to --
10:36 pm
things to try to make it look better are in the eyes of the about public. the problem is that the system in and of itself is not implementable. it will be a complete disaster for the american economy and american businesses and employers and it will hurt millions of americans and i think you will start to feel that this year. in florida in october of this year people on medicare advantage like my mom will bet get a letter in the mail and describe the benefits they used to get and benefits they are no longer getting and they will not be happy about it. sadly, they don't know it yet because hhs issued a gag order and the insurance companies telling them you can't tell the customers about this. >> greta: how can there be a gag order? >> they are not allowed to it tell the customers what the changes are. >> greta: how could that be? who came up with the gag order? >> that was part of the original days after the bell was passed. >> greta: if that gets passed in the house -- >> a rule. >> greta: added afterwards. >> they don't want insurance companies beginning up the customers against the law or
10:37 pm
against implowmenting the plow. they didn't want the insured to know or the potential patients to know of the changes that are coming. they are not allowed to. a medicare advantage insurer is not allowed today to tell the recipient hass is coming down the pike. it will tell them we he no longer cover dental or eye care or what have you. >> greta: i want people to have medical care but i don't see in unfolding as a good thing for americans. >> think the exist thence of obama care the next few months will have a detrimental effect on american jobs. >> greta: i think it is a con liquidity of interest. couldn't do it as a plow. if you tried to hustle like that you get into a lot of trouble. >> i cannot go out and raise money to go ought and promote a bill of mine. she oversees the individuals.
10:38 pm
imagine getting a phone call from the head of hhs asking you more money know they make rules and regulations that directly impact your bottom line. that is an unyou comfortable position to be in. to raise the money for the purposes of going out and promoting the law is not appropriate. >> greta: more with senator marco rubio. and a senator's wife warning women to stay away from her husband. who is the couple sparking the internet frenzy. in that is just two minutes away. [ whirring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat mo dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting to mobile apps, small business solutions from at&t have the security you need to get you there. call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪
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a political wife sending a warning to other women out there. keep your hands off herman. she claims other women are soliciting her husband for sex. posting i have been silent for long enough. no more. she says she is tired of women e-mailing her husband and sending him scantily clad
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photos of themselves. the senator's wife says she is trying to protect her home and her husband and their children. she says the righteous anger pushed her to post the warning on facebook. the post now going viral. has the senator's wife gone over the edge or totally justified to tell other women to stay away? go to and vote in the poll. we're back again in two. [ male announcer ] running out of steam? ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle.
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>> greta: a major set back for a way forward for immigration reform. the gain of eight in the house is now just again of seven. republican congressman raul labrador says he is done. the others say they reached a deal. senator rubes tsunam marco rube
10:44 pm
charge as the senate plans to vote next week anion immigration bill. what will it take for are the bill to pass? we asked senator rubio. where does it stand on the immigration bill? >> to get the vote the to pass out of the senate not the house. people have to know this is never going to happen again. they are prepared to deal with the 11 million in the country illegally. the status quo is unacceptable. they prepared to deal with this only if we take steps to ensure this never happens again in the future. i think that is what the next few weeks are about. coming up with changes to the bill that ensure that the boarder is secure and e verify is work and we are tracking the entry and exit of visitors to the country to ensure when we deal with this issue now it will be the last time we deal with it. >> greta: we e verify and border security and it hasn't worked to it date sealing the border. what do you intend to do differently to convince the
10:45 pm
american people that this time willle work? >> resources at our disposal that didn't exist 25 years guy. >> greta: like? >> drone technology. spot people overmight. >> greta: and follow them to phoenix? >> yeah, throughout the desert. are you can see them even at night. we know that technology exists. ground sensors. the double player fencing works and needs to be built. there was a bill passed in 2007 or 2006 that required 700 miles of double phelpsing and that was never -- fencing and it was never built. the congress came back and defunded a significant portion of it. staffing levels at the border patrol. the other part is e verify. the magnet that draws people here illegally is labe irand jobs available. the true e verify system every employer is required to comply with. cost-effective and can do in a matter of minutes but you allows you to positively identify whether the person you are hiring is here legally or not. we track people when they come in but don't track when they he leave. 40% entered legally and
10:46 pm
overstayed visas. we don't track people when they leave? >> greta: i mean whether it is jfk or miami international airport or -- not just the border between u.s. and mexico. we have the major airports people coming in on student and vacation visas and then just stay. >> all have to have a passport when you come in. have to swipe it back out. entrance and exit. >> greta: you have a six month visa. >> once you enter the country you are registered as clocking in. if you haven't left the system will say john doe came in. >> greta: are we going to hunt them down then? >> number one, they won't be able to find a job because you have an e verify system. they will be in the database so if they interact with law enforcement or anybody else it will pop up that the descried is in the country illegally. >> get picked up for drunk driving or speeding or lifting someone at the 7-elueven.
10:47 pm
>> but you won't be able to work. you have to be able to sustain yourself if you going to overstay is tourist visa sunday that is why the e verify is important. >> what if it is like a 7-eleven. >> where they only have four you or five employ hes. >> the software is cost-effective. the person has to produce an i.d. and type the name that the program and a photo he tool shows you if it is them. if the perm doesn't check out as legally here they can't work for you and if you hire them we are doubling the penalties for businesses that violate the law. >> greta: and we have the software and it works. a matter of using it? >> has to be improved. i can show up some where with someone else's social security card and say i'm john doe. comes up as legal even though it is not me and you hire me.
10:48 pm
now, there will be a photo tool associated with it. a picture of you online with regards to who you are. and especially effective are people in the country in a nonimmigrant status or recent arrivals that as part of the entry program have the photo of themselves taken. they will be able to match that up and see not just the card but a picture and foe that that is the person or not. >> greta: and today senator rubio saying he does ne does nk the senate immigration bill will get enough in the house. straight ahead, breaking news on the massive building collapse in philadelphia. live report, next. talk e and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile.
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>> greta: this isú alert. death toll rising after a
10:53 pm
massive building collapse in philadelphia. fox philadelphia reporter shawnett wilson is live at the scene. >> this is a tragic day here in the city of philadelphia. we can tell you that we just confirmed three people are now dead and the result of the building collapse that happened here in center city more than a dozen people were hurt. this is around 10:30 this morning. people in the area reported hearing something like a loud boom. many people say they felt ground shakeag5w four-story building in the process of being demolished. the wall fell on top of a /2. there were customers inside whit happened. we're told they were relying on crews as well as search dogs to sift through the rubble. one woman we're told remained in the rubble for an hour
10:54 pm
before she was rescued and at this hour tonight an active search and rescue is toing on here in philadelphia. police are still looking for possible bodies that may be trapped in the rubble.a5ñr what we can tell you city officials tell us -- they had permits that were obtained february 1. it's a mystery why the wall came down and back here live an active scene we're talking about hours and hours after this happened, emergency crews still sifting through rubble looking for body buzz three people confirmed dead in more than a dozen people reported hurt. live in philadelphia fox news. >> greta: one question is there any chances that people could be buried under there?
10:55 pm
>> we just spoke with a high-ranking official. they do believe people are still here. we've been standing out here maybe 20 minutes or so, we've seen ambulances just in and out of the area behind me. we've seen all day that is an indication they've located someone. they'll pull the ambulance up to block the view from media cameras. and wait until emergency vehicles take off so an active search and rescue here. >> greta: thank you very much. and coming up, the gingrich family with big news, what wife, calista is running for, next. up to 25 devices on one easy to manage plan. that means your smartphone, her blackberry, his laptop, mark's smartphone but i'm still on vacation. still on the plan. nice! the intern gets a tablet? everyone's devices.
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