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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  June 16, 2013 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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we elite leaders and assume they are honest and trustworthy to run the government and let them do their daily job. no daily analysis. really chicken? really faithful? are they really honest? chicken, marriage and the government. for all three you just have to have trust. in god we he trust. in this government, not so much. hello and welcome to justice. i'm judge jeanine about pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. this week more disappointing reviews for the real losers of d.c. hookers and drugs in the state department. big brother invading your privacy and more vindictive rehe tal torre acts towards those americans perceived by the administration aston villa enemy. is edward snowden whistle blower a hero or a traitor? i'm personally not sure yet.
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i'll tell you who the heros are not. they are not director of national intelligence james clapper who lied to our faces after swearing to tell the truth in front of a congressional oversight committee. and we don't hesitate to indight and lock people up for it and attorney general holder is certainly no hero. he took an oath in front of a congressional oversight
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committee, lied to their faces saying he knew nothing about an outrageous search warrant for reporters records and e-mails when actually approved the request. you remember him in over his head holder who thinks the way to solve gun crime is to hand free assault rifles to the mexican drug cartel and then lie and say he knew nothing about fast and furious. and heros. certainly are not people like hillary clinton who said that hateful video he caused the massacre of four americans in benghazi. you remember her. the one who dodged that sniper fire after landing in bosnia. that was the truth until footage showed her calmly walking across the tarmac with her daughter. hillary clinton the one who said 9/11 affected her deeply because chelsea was jogging around the world trade center that day. that was until -- that was her truth until chelsea told the press she was actually in bed
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watching the coverage on television. >> people can't trust not only the executive branch but also don't trust congress and don't trust federal judges to make sure that we are abiding by the constitution and due process and rule of law then we are going to have some problems here. >> judge jeanine: mr. president with all due respect we already have some problems. the retaliation against those who are your political enemies is unprecedented. the seizure of press information unprecedented. the collection of this information by the nsa unprecedented.
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>> i think on balance we have established a process and a procedure that the american people should feel comfortable about, but again, this -- these pro grams are subject to congressional oversight and congressional reauthorization and congressional debate. >> judge jeanine: really? it is your administration that repeatedly commits perjury and lies in front of the very oversight committees. how can we possibly feel comfortable? so now a script rewrite by the real losers of d.c. shift the plot and scare them. fbi director robert muller says national security has been harmed by americans knowing that they are being spied on. >> but let nobody be misled in this, this hurts national security. >> judge jeanine: really? hurts national security?
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you really think that people sophisticated enough to take on the united states of america don't know that their phone calls can be tracked? hell, when i was a d. a. investigating the mob i looked for alternative ways to gather intelligence because even those low level bozos knew we were listening and they knew to throw their cell phones away ten years ago. do you really think that abdual la is calling oh he sam ma saying i read the washington post and they are collecting all our verizon numbers we got to move to at&t and when you do, don't use my credit card, use mahmoud's? even i told you a year ago that google was invading our privacy. >> their motto is do no evil. but should google's motto instead be do no wiretapping? >> judge jeanine: shocking. there are now reports that
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google is the one sending our information to the nsa. but don't worry, be happy. >> this program does not target innocent americans in any way, shape or form. these programs have helped keep america safe. they have enhanced our ability to go after terrorists who want to bring harm to the american people. >> judge jeanine: really? you don't catch the boston bombers. these guys were constantly on the phone with jihadi mom, living in the country from which they all fled political persecution. the boston bombers were all over the internet and youtube trying to be famous and your data collection couldn't find them. it was civil yans who identified the times square bomber are and it was civil yans who identified
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abdulmutallab the underwear are bomber. sunday rainfall yans identified the boston bombers and the nut job at fort hood communicating with al-awlaki. but by collecting hundreds of millions our efforts you thwarted dozens of terrorist events. >> it is dozens of terrorist events that these have helped prevent. >> judge jeanine: but this genius could only think of one. and by the way, if terrorist and our security is so important to you, mr. president, why do you keep cutting the military budget? and mr. president, you say you want our blind trust. nothing about your administration can be trusted from the failure to give the order to save americans in benghazi and the state department's fantasy and made up narrative from the irs targeting your political
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enemies and that agency lying about it. the department of justice targeting the press and lying about it and now the nsa collecting unprecedented data and lying about it. the script just doesn't work any more. the fairytale doesn't work any more. the real losers of d.c. just can't be trusted. here is something for you. i can't trust you. i don't trust you. and i won't trust you. you don't deserve to be trusted. that old chicken salad, marriage and the government. it seems the only thing we can trust today is that chicken salad sandwich. coming up, an influencial member of congress is here to tell us why he thinks the obama administration has lost all credibility and what that means for the rest of us. and what do you think? is edward snowden a hero or traitor? message me on facebook or tweet
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can you tell me how many agent investigators you have assigned to the case? >> may be able to do that but i have to get back to you. >> can you tell me who the lead investigator is? >> no. >> this is the most important issue in front of the country the last six weeks and you don't know who the lead investigator is? >> at this juncture, no, i do not know. >> judge jeanine: how embarrassing. that is president obama's fbi director admitting he knows nothing about his agency's investigation into the irs scandal. nothing. wow. a new fox poll shows it is eroding confidence in the obama
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administration by the american people. 41% polled say they don't have a lot of confidence in the federal government. 22 about percent say they have none at all. a whopping majority 53% say they can't believe anything this administration says. with me is california congressman devin nunez, member of the house intel committee who joins us from d.c. good evening, congressman. >> judge, great to be back on with you. >> judge jeanine: thank you. what do you think about the fox news poll? have americans lost trust in this government and this administration? and is this something new we are seeing. >> absolutely. you talked about it in the monologue. episode after episode from benghazi to fast and furious to the irs scandal and the morning that i was weed after this -- after this terrible leak you were mentioning on the opening the first thing i thought of is it doesn't matter what we say now because no one is going to
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believe whether this nsa program is good or bad because no one trusts the government on everything else. if you can't trust the irs not to leak information how are you going to trust the nsa? >> really the difference between congress knew about the nsa program. everything else congress has been lied to about but now they all blur together and i don't know how the president is going to come out of this. >> judge jeanine: not just the distrust by the american people in the federal government and the obama administration. the public feels strongly according to another fox news poll that congress should continue to investigate the irs. a whopping 78% of americans think that that should happen. 76% of americans think that the justice department should be investigated or at least have a special prosecutor appointed. and 73% still want to go after benghazi. is this is cumulative effect of all of this that is going to
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sink obama in terms of, you know, his legacy? >> well, as it relates to benghazi, that investigation is ongoing. we just had another hearing yesterday actually in the intelligence committee. i also served on the ways and means committee so we are in the middle of this investigation on the irs scandal. and i can tell you that what we are doing is we are being very methodical about it. we know if we just go to the administration officials they are going to lie. they lied time and time again. what we are doing is actually going to cincinnati. we trying to have whistle blowers come forward. conduct interviews. as you know, basically the way the administration tried to describe the irs scandal was that oh, this was just two oath agents out in cincinnati -- two rogue agents out in cincinnati. we are starting in cincinnati first. >> judge jeanine: and you know, not just that but lois lerner clearly lied according to her testimony in front of a congressional oversight committee.
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it is just -- it is the lies that are really offensive. it is almost as though the american people are being laughed at and i don't think they are going to take too kindly to that. let's talk about edward snowden who leaked the information about the nsa. is he a traitor, congressman? >> i believe this is going to be the largest leak in american history. i have actually seen just a piece of what we know that he had in his -- in his hands. we have only seen a small bit of what is out there now in the press. i assume there is going to be more stories coming. >> judge jeanine: what do you mean a piece of what he had in his hands? what are you talking about? >> the intelligence committee has now been briefed on at least what we know for sure that he had access to and that information is damaging to national security interest. >> judge jeanine: all right. go ahead. >> i can tell you, look, this is very frustrate hing as i said before because no one trusts the government so why are they going to trust the
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agencies, the nsa and cia, et cetera, et cetera. i get that. congress was read into the program. i have three daughters sitting at home right now. i understand there is a difference between liberty and protection and we are trying to balance that here. congress can turn the programs off. i can tell you someone who has access to the pro grams and briefed over and over again i believe they are important to the nation's security. >> judge jeanine: we all want to be protected. we saw what happened. i was in new york city on 9/11. what about the idea that, you know, saying that by the way, they have got these algorithms with all your phone calls. do you really think that is a problem for us in terms of security or is it what is yet to come from snowden that is going to be the problem? >> kind of talking about two different issue there's. the whole issue that the program exists, okay, that is the debate we can i have in the congress. we can turn the program off. the issue i believe what snowden has, at least the minimum amount i know is very
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damaging to the united states national security. this is the largest leak in american h his tore arery assuming the rest of the information comes out. just the fact that the guy fled to hong kong. i can think of a lot of pleases to go other than hong kong. you worry about the united states spying? worry about china, iran, russia, other bad actors around the globe. the digital and data age is move something quickly that we really have a responsibility to stay ahead of it. >> judge jeanine: congressman nunez we will continue to watch this and see what unfolds and what is jet to come. thanks so much for being with us this evening, congressman nunez. >> thanks, judge. >> judge jeanine: coming up, is the whistle blower's life in danger? we will talk to an nsa whistle blower who nose exactly what it is -- who knows exactly what it is like to go up against the u.s. government. and vote in the insta-poll, "is snowden is hero or a traitor"?
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i'm worried about somebody in our government might kill him with a cruz missile or a drone missile. we live in a bad time where american citizens don't even have rights and that they can be killed. but the gentleman is trying to tell the truth about what is going on. >> judge jeanine: ron paul might just be right about that. is edward snowden continues to take refuge in hong kong, the questions keep pouring in. there are only a few people, though, who know what it is to go through what snowden is
12:24 am
going through and my next guest is one of them. thomas drake was a senior executive at the nsa and is himself a whistle blower. he joins us from d.c. thanks for being with us this evening. >> thanks for having me, judge. >> judge jeanine: you spent ten years in the air force. with the cia and then the nasa. those that would call you a hero based on that alone. then when you went to work at nsa you objected to a program that involved wireless wiretapping and made the decision to become a whistle blower. why? >> shortly after 9/11 i discovered much to my horror that the government unchained itself from the constitution. abandoned the rule of law and revoked the fourth amendment and violated the foreign intelligence is surveillance act on a vast scale. they did this this secret. it was a collaborative arrangement between the white house approving the program and
12:25 am
nsa became the executive agent. i discovered that and blew the whistle finn nsa, to congress and to the department of defense and shade what i knew that was unclassified about the secret surveillance programs as well as the multibillion dollars of fraud, waste and abuse at nsa in 2006. >> judge jeanine: you make the decision and take the designated whistle blower route. the supervisor, congress, dod, inspector general. you end up getting indicted. why? >> under the obamaed a about menstruation no less. it was part of his looking backwards not forwards i believe they chose me he given what i had rehe vealed internally and the fact it that i had gone to a reporter and ultimately a criminal investigation was opened up on me over a number of years and in april of 2010 they charged me with ten felony count indictment five under the espionage act designed to go after spies not whistle
12:26 am
blowers. >> judge jeanine: and you ended up pleading guilty to one misdemeanor. >> that was an agreement in which they he would drop all 12 felony counts for the misdemeanor. unauthorized use of a compute. >> judge jeanine: do you think the way you were treated has influenced people like sno snon so they make the decision not to go the whistle blower route? >> the government wants it is fair game if you are a whistle blow her and they want to ensure that the whistle blowers are made extinct in the country. >> judge jeanine: you think thomas there is more to come and snowden predicted there is more to come. what do you think is going to happen? >> in terms of additional. >> judge jeanine: information. >> shoes dropping, i believe we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. i saw the secret surveillance programs and became aware of them. i provided witness evidence, material evidence to the congressional 9/11
12:27 am
investigations in 2002. it wasn't just verizon. the major tellcos. it is also e-mails. we are talking about turning the united states of america into the equivalent of foreign nations for the purpose offing didnet electronic surveillance on a large-scale. i think this throwing the football is more to come out -- i think there is more to come out. >> judge jeanine: some people say we should know they are monitoring and sur veiling us. why choose china? it spun the hole thing around a little bit. >> there is all kinds of speculation particularly since he is self-disclosed. i can only say unprecedented war against truth telling information and whistle blowers more so than all other administrations combined. why would he remain in the united states when his chances were slim to none that he could stay free? he made a conscious choice to leave the country.
12:28 am
>> judge jeanine: and there is no question he did make a conscious choice and to give up family, are friends, everyone, he had to feel strongly. a lot o more yet to come. thomas drake, nsa whistle blower. thanks for being with us this evening. >> thanks for having me, judge. >> judge jeanine: coming up, another obama 180. the president possibly getting us into yet another war by pledging military support to syria. and later, sex, drugs around the state department. besides logging miles what was hail let's get the ball rolling. in parks across the country, families are coming together to play, stay active, and enjoy the outdoors. and for the last four summers, coca-cola has asked america to choose its favorite park through our coca-cola parks contest. winning parks can receive a grant of up to $100,000. part of our goal to inspire more than three million people to rediscover the joy of being active this summer.
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note found with the words i will set this plane on fire written on a nap it kin. some 300 passengers need to be questioned before they head to new york. despite concerns about reports that censorship preceding election, the white house says it respects the results and looks forward to finding a resolution to the dispute. i'm marianne rafferty. for more news log on to
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>> judge jeanine: with me, former ambassador to the united nations john bolton who joins us from d.c. and colonel day visit hunt. thanks for being with us this evening. >> hi. >> judge jeanine: ambassador, why even get involved in this? >> i would not provide military assistance to the syrian opposition. i still don't think we have confidence or could have confidence the weapons could be kept out of the hands of terrorists and al-qaeda and other radicals. i think senator mccain's analysis is correct without a no fly zone and substantially greater arms assistance than not -- administration is prepared to give we will not have much of an effect. the risk of both possible worlds we are in but we don't affect the outcome. >> judge jeanine: why now, colonel hunt? why now? >> chemical weapons we have known for a year they have done it. too convenient by a long shot. >> judge jeanine: 93,000 people are killed. blown up, shot, you know and they are killed. and we do nothing. then 150 die of chemical weapons and all of a sudden we are all over it. why? >> the reasons are obviously political as all wars are. there are things going on in this administration you could consider this a wag the dog theory.
12:35 am
the bottom line for me is we have been at war almost 12 years. our military is tired. there is no end game here in syria. no strategic interest. we have no ability to control the outcome. we should not get in the middle of this. >> judge jeanine: ambassador bolton what would the reason be for getting involved? what is our strategic interest? what do we have to gain? >> i think the bigger question in syria is the influence of iran. the assad regime would not be empowered today were it not for the assistance that iran and russia continue to give it. the problem with getting involved in syria is you are getting involved militarily in a side issue and the real threat is iran's continuing support for international terrorism and its nuclear weapons program and syria won't affect that one way or another. >> judge jeanine: and colonel hunt if we get involved what is the issue as it relates to after you send in small arms
12:36 am
what happens after that? >> nothing if you just send in small arms. the syrian military has tanks, helicopters and jets. the only way to affect this is with serious weapons like cruz missiles and tanks. the only problem is you are giving it to part of a terrorist group in the militia fighting the government. >> judge jeanine: how do we know who to give the stuff to? >> we don't which is why we shouldn't do it. the ambassador is right. the bigger target is iran. if we get into this we are screwing around with russia, hezbollah, iran and a lot of other bad players. >> judge jeanine: china? >> no question china. a tough area but there is nothing in this for us. we should have learned from vietnam, afghanistan and iraq this is not the place to be. >> judge jeanine: ambassador bolton, do we know who we are arming? by the way, ambassador i will ask you this first. why is this guy benjamin rhodes
12:37 am
making the announcement we will give small arms to syria and the president is off at a gay pride event? reminds me of benghazi. they are waiting for help and the president fires up air force one and goes to vegas. is this guy connected? >> no, the president is hopelessly confused on this and the way the policy is being rolled out is just indicative of the larger confusion. even if you could identify leaders that we could trust not to commit a bloodbath if they won or commit to destroy syria's chemical weapons and we gave those people arms you couldn't guarantee in 30 days they would still have them in their possession that they wouldn't have been transferred and acquired by al-qaeda and the other terrorists. that is why this is so dangerous for the united states to be involved in. there are dangers in the region. there are dangers to -- threats to jordan, for example. we are not going to resolve them by getting involved in syria unless you go to the source which is iran, this is
12:38 am
simply going to continue and expand. >> judge jeanine: do you think, colonel hunt, that this feckless policy of the white house and the obama administration is jeopardizing us this this country as well? how is it that we continue to send our troops over there. i mean is there a morale problem? >> we have a tired problem. the military is exhausted. this is 11 years of military combat. the military families and effects on the veterans administration. yes, it would affect the military. a policy we are talking about a no fly zone and missiles in jordan. >> judge jeanine: what is the significance of the no fly zone? >> the significance is american jets, american logistics. american intelligence and missiles inside jordan. that would be how we would support a no-fly and you have a chance of knocking down a russian aircraft or doing what happens once you do no-fly the next step are boots on the ground.
12:39 am
we have been in two wars in the middle east and we do not need a third. >> judge jeanine: neither of the wars have worked out so well. and i'm coming up against a break. we had hard interests in the wars which justified them. >> there is no tangible american interest in syria. >> judge jeanine: ambassador bolton and colonel hunt thank you both for being with us this evening. >> thank you. >> judge jeanine: come up, sex lies and that pesky video at the state department. how could hillary not know what was going on in her own department? and later, a special father's day creep of the week. you won't believe how many presents this guy is in line to get tomorrow. uh-oh! guess what day it is?? guess what day it is! huh...anybody? julie! hey...guess what day it is?? ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike mike mike... what day is it mike? ha ha ha ha ha ha!
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what happened here in colombia is being investigated by the director of the secret service. i expect that investigation to be thorough and i expect it to be he rigorous. if it turns out that some of the allegations that have been made in the press are confirmed, then, of course, i will be angry. >> judge jeanine: since we haven't heard thug from him, i guess -- heard anything from him, i guess he isn't angry. hillary clinton faces yet necon cal after failing to protect her friend ambassador chris stevens and three others in
12:44 am
benghazi. this time an inspector general report. this as prostitution and drugs permiated her department's diplomatic security is service. what is going on in the state department? whacky and wild me is a former spokesman to the tour u.s. ambassadors to the u.n. and a fox news contributor richard grunell. thanks for being with us this evening. >> thanks for having me. >> judge jeanine: our pleasure. what we are hearing about is state department officials are sexually one in particular sexually assaulting foreign nationals that they hired as embassy guards an ambassador are who goes into a public park and routinely dumps the security detail and solicits prostitutes including underaged minors and hillary clinton says she knew nothing about any of this. do you believe that? >> i mean it is ridiculous. mean this all went on during the hillary clinton tenure. we only know about this because a whistle blower decided to come forward and say that she was trying to brief a senator
12:45 am
on the inspector general report and she he was threatened. she was told that she shouldn't do this and that she would be punished. she came forward as a whacky blower so say this isn't fair and this isn't something that should happen at the state department. the irony here is that hillary clinton hires people like cheryl mills and tom nye that will keep the issues away from vantingle she is gala around the world. >> i don't believe for one minute that cheryl mills who is a clinton supporter for 20 years isn't telling her what is going on. we is just making sure that don't hear about what is going on and that is what i think is the issue. >> i agree with you and i think that is true. what i mean by that is they keep the issues away interest
12:46 am
her interest a paper trail. maybe they take a walk and that is how she is briefed. i can guarantee they are not briefing her via e-mail so there is a paper trail. >> judge jeanine: her security detail her security guys are soliciting prostitutes and engaging in prostitution in the very hotel that she is staying in and she says she knows nothing about this either. do you believe that? >> i mean, of course, she knows and has a long his tore arery of looking the other way when it comes to these types of issues. the simple fact is that we all know that hillary clinton knows about the problems in benghazi, the problems of the ig report. all of these issues but chooses to have people to keep the issue away from her. this is how i know that she is actually running for president that she sat in the chair at the state department for four years and didn't do anything.
12:47 am
it was pure ambition to sit there and just say i'm going to serve barack obama when is done he will h help me run for president and i will have secretary of state under my belt. >> judge jeanine: all right. what is very telling here is the fact, rick, that when her own security detail got called out and they were found -- it was found that they actually were soliciting prostitutes in the same hotel where she was staying which puts her security in jeopardy, that they got a one-day suspension. one-day suspension. here is a woman who supports women and children and women's rights and these guys are still working in her department with a one-day suspension? that is like a joke. >> also indicative of the fact that if you give them more of a suspension than one day, if you make this a bigger issue then the press corps at the state department knows about it and then it immediately is known to
12:48 am
the public and then she looks like she is not able to handle this. so the suspension is all about keeping this quiet. it goes down to pat kennedy who also works for hillary clinton and -- >> judge jeanine: right. >> and he is the one who decides where the punishment goes and i'm sure that she directed him to say let's try to keep this quiet and give them a slap on the wrist and let's all go our own way. >> judge jeanine: rick grenell, thanks for being with us this evening. >> thanks, judge. >> judge jeanine: last chance. snowden, hero or traitor? message me on facebook or tweet me @ judge jeanine. and you won't want to miss my special father's day creep of the week. our creep is quite the dad. [ male announcer ] technology. it's pretty amazing.
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>> judge jeanine: now, for your insta-poll results. we asked if you think edward snowden is hero or traitor. this week was a mixed bag but the overwhelming 70% saying he is a hero and a patriot. molly says an american are hero. he told us the truth our government won't. sheila says "i'm grateful someone had the nerve to get this information out." and rita, he isn't either. he is an american doing the right thing. a lot of people, about 8% who voted say they need more information. joelle says the jury is still
12:53 am
out on this one, i think there is a lot more to this than we really know and kristine says without knowing all of the facts it is hard to say but my feeling is hero based on the crooks in washington. 20% think snowden is a traitor. they have trouble with the fact that he is hiding in hong kong. larry says he opened a lot of eyes but ran off to china of all places to hide. seems like he has an agenda to me. and tommy says going to a communist country, traitor. staying home and testifying to congress whistle blower. steven, i believed hero at first for exposing obama spying on american people. but he needs to come back to thes and tell us what he knows because it is now leaning toward tree son. and lynn says if he gives away classified information to the chinese he is a traitor. if he is is trying to make a name for himself he is an idiot. now, time for a special father's day creep of the week and my closing on what i think of this guy.
12:54 am
tomorrow when you celebrate father's day consider yourself lucky that you are not one of orlando shaw's many kids. shaw takes fatherhood to the extreme. the 33-year-old are is the father of a whopping 22 children! 22 children and get this? with 14 different women. how and why did this romeo accomplish such a feat? here he is in his own words. >> the ladies love me. they don't like me, they love me. the shaw legacy lives on. my family stays strong. i make sure we will be here for years and years to come. >> judge jeanine: that might be the case but right now you are in deep to all your babies' mommas for unpaid child support totaling tens of thousands of dollars and guess who is
12:55 am
footing the bill while he refuses to take care of his own kids? that's right, the government supports shaw's children at the cost of at least $7,000 a month. now, during a recent hearing a magistrate was stadiumed as who how shaw could even attempt to pay child care saying he needed to work three or four full-time jobs to even come close to paying the bills but shaw says his criminal record prevents him from holding down a job. he says he has no plans for having more kids. yeah, right. orlando shaw, if you are watching congrats on being named the creep of the week. let me tell you what i think. as a county judge i sat in family court ruling on child support cases all the time. how to i don't mind how many women mr. shaw sleeps with or whether the women know about each other. what i do mind is paying for his tallances. some might say it is none of my business but it is my business when i have to give my i hard earned money to the government to feet, clothe and house 22
12:56 am
children from 14 women of a man who says he doesn't have a job because of his criminal record for crimes that he chose to commit. by the way, i spent an hour going through his rap sheet. how this mann new jerseys to even find a woman to sleep with him amaianis me given at least 30 arrests in the last 12 years. what do we do with these guys? i won't even get to the devastation the children themselves go through. if you can't pay for the children you sire you beh belon jail. don't give me the if you jail them they can't work line. i locked their jobs up on friday after they worked five days and most spade up before the cuffs were put on in order to not go to jail. i have an idea. it is called castration. if that is too much might i suggest dep provieira?
12:57 am
or how about a sanction that i used on my sort show. >> i tell you what i'm going do. from now on if you want to have a one night stand here you go, the first time i saw a sony 4k tv, it was like opening my eyes. it's four times the detail of hd. colors become richer. details become clearer. which for a filmmaker, changes everything. because now there are no more barriers between the world that i see and the ones i can show you. the sony 4k ultra hd tv. (girl) w(guy) dive shop.y? (girl) diving lessons. (guy) we should totally do that. (girl ) yeah, right. (guy) i wannna catch a falcon! (girl) we should do that. (guy) i caught a falcon. (guy) you could eat a bug. let's do that. (guy) you know you're eating a bug. (girl) because of the legs. (guy vo) we got a subaru to take us new places.
12:58 am
(girl) yeah, it's a hot spring. (guy) we should do that. (guy vo) it did. (man) how's that feel? (guy) fine. (girl) we shouldn't have done that. (guy) no. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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