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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 9, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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about. this is a fox news alert. just minutes ago, court recessing in the george zimmerman trial. the george, defense and prosecution all burning the midnight oil in sanford, florida. you are going inside the time. . >> we're on the record. state versus george zimmerman. >> by the nature of this case it's more about determining whether physical evidence is consistent with mr. zimmerman's account of what he said happen. >> the wound itself by the gap, the powder tattooing in the -- indicates this is consistent with mr. zimmerman's account that mr. martin was over him leaning forward at the time of the shots. >> i want to focus your attention if i might, on a particular event and that is the event that surrounds the playing
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of a -- what we now know to be a 911 call. >> i don't know why i think they're yelling help, but i don't know. >> the decision was made to make it public. the martin family heard it first. >> in all probability he's going to be dead within one to three minutes after being shot in this case. now all i'm talking about is heart effectively pumping blood. >> critical testimony today and for the latest we go live to wofl, fox orlando reporter holly bristow. court just recessed minutes ago. what a long day in sanford. take me through what happened today. >> the jury's been out of the courtroom for more than six hours, the highlights of the day
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were pretty much the forensics expert that the defense called up there, and that the forensics expert testified that george zimmerman's account of what happened matches up with the forensics, he said it makes sense there was no bruises on trayvon martin's hands even though he delivered that kind of -- you know, beatdown to george zimmerman, the reason why? well, he was dead. once your blood stops flowing, you stop bruising. another good point, the defense believes trayvon martin was only alive for about three minutes after he was shot. why does that matter? because this expert was saying that he believed that within 15 seconds trayvon martin would have had the ability to speak and possibly move his hands. you'll see in some of the evidence photos that trayvon martin was found face down and his hands looked to be under his chest, where as george zimmerman says after he shot trayvon martin, he got out from
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underneath him and spread his hands out so he could see he wasn't going to get up and attack him again. another big thing that we need to talk about is the fact that court just got out. the jury's been out for more than six hours and the state and the defense have been going at it about things the defense would like to present in court tomorrow before they plan on closing. >> that includes the text messages on trayvon martin's phones. but the judge wasn't convinced they're really his text messages? >> that seems to be the big issue. the defense wants to get them in. one of the text messages has to do with the sale of a gun or possibly the sale of a gun that trayvon was buying it or selling it according to the defense, and they believe that should play into tomorrow's testimony showing that he knew how to fight. and knew the workings of a gun. >> also, the animated video defense wants to put an animated
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video in their argument today, did the judge rule on whether or not that would be admissibladmi? >> essentially the guy that put this video together, this animation together, he's out of california and used technology similar to what would have been used in avatar. you suit people up with these high-tech suits, it all goes back to a computer, where they're able to see the exact movements, they wanted to show a computer animation of trayvon martin and george zimmerman meeting at the t that we all know about in the middle of the neighborhood. and supposedly this is where trayvon martin threw the first punch. according to the defense, that's what's shown in the video. the big problem that the state is having, is that they're using things not presented as evidence in the trial, they're using transcripts and they just don't believe that the time line is accurately matching up, so they really don't think that the defense should be able to use this, and they're afraid that the jury could believe that this
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is the gospel as to how things went down that night, greta. >> thank you. zimmerman's lawyers taking heat for their questioning of trayvon martin's parents. the defense team went too far while cross examining martin's mother. >> you certainly would hope that your son trayvon martin did nothing -- >> what was your question again? >> you hope as a mom, you certainly hope that your son, trayvon martin would not have done anything that would have led to his own death, correct? >> what i hope for, is that this would have never happened and he would still be here. that's what upsets my -- >> dealing with the reality that he's no longer here, is certainly your hope as a mom, hold out hope as long as you can, that trayvon martin was in no way responsible for his own death, correct? >> i don't believe he was. >> that's the hope that you
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continue, correct? >> i don't understand what you're trying to ask me? >> and the defense calling martin's father to the stand to testify about the 911 call, but did that backfire? >> basically what i was listening to, i was listening to my son's last cry for help. i was listening to his life being taken. and i was coming, trying to come to grips that trayvon was here no more. it was just tough. >> darryl parks, the lawyer for trayvon martin's family. he joins us. nice to see you, darryl. >> good evening. very tough for parents in a case like this for any set of parents when their son has been shot. i'm curious, how do they think the trial is going from the prosecution's perspective, many people watching and thinking that the prosecution's got a
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tough haul ahead of them. >> greta, we've always believed from the beginning that this was not a tough case. have you seen in our system plenty of cases with less evidence where people go to jail. this is just a case that got attention, where the defendant has mounted a hefty defense to try to get from under the evidence in this case. well, fortunately there's plenty of evidence in this case that people really believe that george zimmerman is guilty. so we remain encouraged, it's been tough for them, you may have noticed today. i did take them out of the courtroom some, because they're getting pretty tired at this point, they've been there every day, it's sitting there every day under the cameras with all this attention -- you may have noticed mom was missing a little bit today. she's still here, she's still in the courthouse. and seeing this through 37. >> does the mother think that
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this is a fair trial? >> well, she understands that -- and we explained to her, one of the good things, greta, is the fact that she has our legal team around her. we explained to her that the state has the case, and the state is carrying the burden. in carrying the burden, they have put on enough evidence to present their case. now, the decision as to how much they put on is entirely their decision. obviously they put on enough evidence that they were able to get a direct verdict in this case. >> it's rare a defense ever wins a summary judgment acquittal, as you say. when she was on the witness stand, did she think she was treated with respect? does she have any sort of complaints about the way she's been treated in the courtroom? >> well, no, i think -- let me divide it up, i think that the way the system is treating her, the law enforcement, the
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deputies, the bailiff's in the courthouse, the judge, the others that are part of the system have treated her nicely, they are grateful to them. whether or not mr. o'mara went too far in his questioning, that speaks for itself. that is not the way you address the mother of a 17-year-old kid that's been murdered. the verdict we'll see in this case, will address a lot of different things. he knows he went too far. and i think it speaks for itself. >> have you prepared your clients? i mean, this is usually a lawyer to prepare a defendant for either a guilty or not guilty verdict. this is an unusual situation, you represent the parents of a zeised child. have you prepared them for the possibility -- i don't know what the jury's going to do, but the possibility of an acquittal? >> well, we talk about it briefly. we don't talk about it much, right? our faith is in god, even though
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i'm a lawyer. i think they understand the possibility that it could go the other way. they have all the faith in the world this guy is not going to get away with shooting an unarmed kid. it would send the wrong message from this jury to do so. they believe fundamentally, this guy has to be held accountable. he caused the situation completely. >> darryl, thank you very much. we'll be continuing to watch the case, thank you. >> thank you for having me. and the defense case is winding down, and so far george zimmerman is not taking the stand, the jury has heard from zimmerman through several police recordings. >> as soon as he punched me i fell backwards into the grass. and he grabbed -- he was wailing on my head, i started yelling help. i felt his hand go down on my side many i thought he was going for my firearm. i went for it immediately.
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as he banged my head again, i pulled out my firearm and shot him. >> is there any reason for zimmerman to testify in his own defense? anything for him to gain? ted, you've been in the courtroom, is there anything to be gained if george zimmerman elects to exercise his right to testify? >> there is nothing for zimmerman to gain by testifying in this case. the prosecution, i've been in the courtroom, i've seen already where the prosecution is putting on videotapes. this is what zimmerman could run into problem as he got on the stand. after trayvon punched him, he's down on his back, and he's bleeding from his mouth, and trayvon, when he's screaming for help, that trayvon puts his hands over his mouth. we've had dr. de mayo, everybody say they haven't been able to find any of trayvon's blood --
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from zimmerman. that is something i would want to bring up on cross-examination. >> diana, i was following you on twitter. there was a discussion a few minutes ago. george zimmerman had to have his curfew extended so he could stay out late enough to attend his own trial. the text messages from trayvon martin's phone, you say the texts are not hearsay, they offer to show state of mind. the judge says they don't come in because there's no proof they're trayvons, do you disagree with that ruling? >> here's what i think. it's the logic of letting in george zimmerman's school record, to show the full measure of his want to be copness and his motive on the night in question for wanting to go after a black teenager, you also have to take in the full measure of trayvon martin and why he may
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have wanted to be the first aggressor. i think these text messages should be admitted. i have lots of cases where text messages that are authenticated to a person's phone, unless there's proof that somebody else uses the pictures are somebody els are admitted. i think she kind of weaseled out of that, by not dealing with the hearsay relevancy issues and fell back on the -- we can't be sure they're from him opinion i think they should have been admitted. >> i thought she weaseled out when she didn't take the defense request to go to the scene, so they understood what the scene was like under the same conditions. i don't know how you authenticate. how someone could pick up his phone and say, i think the judge's ruling was probably the right one. >> i don't want to brother people for legalese. it needs to be reliable. if the defendant makes texts or phone calls, that always comes,
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in because the defendant's own statement, this is hearsay, meaning there's two things you don't do in a trial. you never ever cross examine the decedent's mother. do you actually hope that your son wasn't responsible for his own death? he's dead. what is she going too do, bring him back from the grave. >> i totally disagree with that. but we'll leave it there. >> the defense is asked to go out to the scene. this is the request from some time ago, and the judge said no. shouldn't the prosecution agree on that? if you reallien watt to have the jury understand this particular case, does it make sense to go out there late at night and take a look? >> in general, where there's witnesses who have testified, i think it would be a good idea. i think it would really bring some light, even though it's
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dark, out at night to the question of the claim that he jumped out of the bushes and the rest of it, i think so. the jury, at the end of the day, is zimmerman lying or not? they're going to have to look at the evidence against that, i think the scene itself is one of those pieces of evidence. if i was a prosecutor, i would bring him out there and embrace all the evidence. >> i don't think it's whether zimmerman is lying or not. the prosecution has proven the case beyond the -- >> i'm the prosecutor, you're the defense attorney, greta. the one way i'm going to win is to convince the jury that zimmerman made up the self-defense, it's a lie and he shot an unarmed kid for no reason. that's how the prosecution wins. >> stay with us, we're going to have much more to talk about. but first, the hot button issue, have you not heard all the evidence in the case and you're not the jury, but we're curious, do you think george zimmerman is guilty or not guilty? go do and vote in our poll. straight ahead, does the
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court just ended a few minutes ago. george zimmerman has a 10:00 p.m. curfew and his own trial lasted until 10:00. . does the forensic evident
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support george zimmerman's account of all the videos of the shooting of trayvon martin. >> if you lean over somebody you will notice that the clothing tends to fall away from the chest. if instead you're lying on your back, and somebody shoots you your clothing is going to be against your chest. so that's a fact that we know the clothing was 2 to 4 inches away is consistent with somebody leaning over the person doing the shooting. the wound itself by the gap, by the powder tattoo iing in the fe of the contact indicate that
10:21 pm
this is consistent with mr. zimmerman's account, that mr. martin was over him at the time of the incident. >> trayvon martin had to be physically on top like this? >> i'm saying that the physical evidence is consistent with mr. martin being over mr. zimmerman. >> and is it not also consistent with mr. martin pulling away from zimmerman on the ground and you would have the same angle, he's pulling away and zimmerman's shooting him at that time? >> yes. >> of course, the witness was also cross examined by the state, so it's not all rosie for the defense today with the witness. what's curious about this testimony, it wasn't his opinion, but rather he said it
10:22 pm
was consistent, the evidence was consistent with what was said by george zimmerman in the videos, he also said it was consistent with trayvon martin backing away. but your thought -- >> that's very interesting greta. many new york courts would not let us testify about consistent with, because consistent with could be 1% consistent or 99% consistent. it's like saying possibly. we can't give as experts possibly evidence. we have to say beyond -- usually our mantra is beyond a reasonable medical certainty which is above 51%. we believe it happened this way, more than 51%. in this instant when dr. de mayo talks about consistent with trayvon lying over him, it could also be consistent with zimmerman pulling up trayvon on the ground on his back, pulling
10:23 pm
up on his shirt and shooting also. we can tell usually what the positions of two people are, the relative positions we can tell, not whether one is standing, one is lying on the back, that comes more from all the other evidence that was presented. i think from all the different statements of people who saw what was going on, and the quickness in which this all happened, it's most likely that trayvon was on the ground. was -- that zimmerman was on the ground and trayvon was later found on the ground after he was shot. the fact that it was sort of almost a tie that it was consistent with george zimmerman's versions in all the tapes and it was also consistent with the state's version that trayvon martin was backing away. when it's a tie, it benefits the defendant. since the prosecution has to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. while it may appear to not be
10:24 pm
that beneficial to the defense, any time the defense can put a tie into it, the defense wins. >> you're correct, depending on how the jurors think. the jurors can think anyway they wish to. the business about the broken nose. de mayo was super on the gunshot material. but the broken nose a little -- there can be a little dispute about, because the nose was not broken when -- no evidence of it when he went to see, later on, he -- the emt thought it might be broken when it was examined by one person, there was no evidence of it, no x-ray was taken, nobody said that zimmerman should go see a doctor or have x-rays to examine him for his head injury and the broken nose. >> speaking of the head injury, let's listen to the tape earlier
10:25 pm
today. >> there's an injury here and here which are probably represent the lacerations. you look in between the valley, this impact is swollen. and then this is swollen here so this is not swollen. you know that there are two separate impacts. one impact here, one impact here, producing two separate lacerations with an area in between that is not swollen. and the swollen is just bleeding under the scalp. >> are the two lacerations with the valley in between on the back of mr. zimmerman's head consistent with at least two separate impacts on the surface like concrete? >> yes, sir. >> what do you think of that testimony?
10:26 pm
>> i think it's two impacts. i would agree, most likely two impacts, but they're minor impacts. zimmerman showed into evidence of any kind of brain injury. remember they spoke a little bit about the gcs the glasgow coma scale where the emt's said it was a 15, 15 means perfectly normal, no evidence of any kind of brain injury, brain disease. all that was needed to treat those minor superficial injuries were band aids, he wasn't sent to a doctor, or to the hospital. so i think that the injuries to the nosant head to zimmerman were trivial injuries and what we used to call a fist fight. you get in a fist fight, you get some of these injuries, nobody has any severe results of those kind of injuries. >> thank you, sir.
10:27 pm
>> thank you. now back to our legal panel. diana i want to go to you as our florida lawyer. if we accept the description of a fist fight. if you don't have severe injuries under florida law, can you still take -- can you still have a defense, a legitimate self-defense and use deadly force under what condition? >> the jury instruction will have nothing about injury whatsoever, it says a reasonable belief of imminent death or serious body harm given the circumstances. i disagree many i think getting hit twice on the back of the head on concrete enough to split skin, i believe the medical personnel testified the very next day, they believed it was broken, any which way, i think he spoke to the perception of the person being beaten, it's going to be stunning, it's going to be painful, it's going to be
10:28 pm
frightening. it's pitch dark. you do not know where the next blow is going to take you. i definitely don't think the minorness of the injury is going to have any effect on whether the jury can or can't find that under those situations he had a reasonable fear. >> that's sort of the interesting thing. it's not really how bad the injuries are or are not, it's really what's in a person's head -- >> in fact he could have no injuries. >> dr. carter who is a jag officer and a professor of zimmerman testified you need not have any injury, as long as in your subjective mind you have a reasonable fear of imminent bodily harm, you can use that force. >> he brought it on himself, no disrespect, dr. biden did 4,000 autopsies.
10:29 pm
this is a close call, dr. biden is world renowned. sister veronica called disagreements when i came in from the playground. this is his head going to the thing, bang, bang, punch in the nose, he shoots somebody. i don't think that's reasonable, i know income those circumstances, somebody may think it's reasonable. >> jim, your thought on this, clean this up for us. >> well, listen, i think this is the heart of the case, and i said in the last segment, it comes down to however you want to phrase it. did the jury believe him in the end. there's two parts, it's reasonable. so an ordinary person in those circumstances. not that they were going to lose a fight, but that they were about to die or suffer serious body injury. i think they're key. if we were arguing i would say,
10:30 pm
this is a guy losing a fist fight, that's what a reasonable person would think, you don't get to kill somebody for losing a fist fight. >> here's what i -- i urge -- i think it's so important for the judge to revisit the issue of bringing the jury back late at night. ted and i have been thereafter dark, and if you go thereafter dark, you really get a sense about whether or not it's reasonable. it's so dark you might contribute to reasonable fear. >> i couldn't agree with you more, the jury needs to be out there. just being out there in the dark was eerie for me. you want to have a jury out there to get a feel for what's taking place. >> thank you. the news is, they went late tonight, just until 10:00 tonight, it's going to be -- a long day today. it's going to be a long day tomorrow. thank you. coming up, changing the
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delays. the employer mandate protects fat cats, leaving american families to bear the burden. senator lee author of the book why john roberts is wrong about health care joins us. did i correctly quote you about fat cats? >> yes, the president's corporate cronies are getting a break, while hardworking americans are going to be required to comply with the mandate. the president doesn't have the authority as you know, to rewrite the law after congress has passed it, the president said he's not ready to implement the law. if he's not ready to implement it, we shouldn't fund it, the american people should not be required to pay for what they're not getting. we need to defund the implementation of obama care. >> is it not ready for 2014? when it's supposed to happen? is it because they just couldn't get their act together, sort of the inefficiencies of government or it's too big and complicated? or is it a political ploy because there are u.s. senators in the democratic party up for
10:36 pm
re-election in midterms and it's to get past that midterm election in 2015? >> i think the political considerations are definitely a dominant force here. i also think the sheer complexity of the law has made it impossible for the president to get this thing together. it is so complex, it's a 2,700 page bill. >> that's before the regulations, that's just for starters. >> at the end of the day, i think it may be some of both. the important thing to remember, if he's not ready to implement it, he shouldn't be implementing part of it, he shouldn't be implementing it in a way that benefits his corporate cronies, while throwing hardworking americans -- >> those corporate cronies are republican business owners who have been pounding on the white house door saying, this is too complicated we can't do this. >> call them whatever you want. >> you call them corporate cronies. >> the point is, that they shouldn't be given a pass while individuals are told, you have
10:37 pm
to apply -- you have to comply with the mandate. >> let me ask you about this letter that was written by the speaker of the house. have you seen this -- speaker boehner has written a letter to president obama dated today, and he's asking for the president to provide congress's justification for delaying the enforcement of the employer mandate, which is what you say, and not the new mandate on individuals and families, and in addition, he wants the president to provide the speaker a complete list of all other provisions in the law that he expects to delay prior to october 1st, 2013, what do you think the odds are -- it's also signed by a lot of people, including majority leader cantor, what are the odds the president is going to respond to this? >> i think the odds are low. this president has not been forthcoming in telling us what his plans are. he made two separate announcements last week, one early in the week, another on friday. explaining -- >> we all know, friday night, we know it's just a document dump
10:38 pm
to hide it over the weekend between the media. >> for all we know, there are other announcements to come. no republican in congress, no member of congress from either house or political party has any business voting to fund the operations of government. if that funding package includes obama care funding. the american people aren't getting obama care implementation, they shouldn't be required to pay for it. >> he's amending it by doing partial implementation. i haven't thought about it, i suppose that happens all the time with bills? >> not quite like this, not where you have a cohesive hole of a piece of legislation, with a whole lot of deadlines that are coordinated. you have a whole lot of provisions that are set to kick in on january 1st, 2014. what he's saying is, i'm going to implement some of them, but not others. >> big business, no. >> senator, nice to see you, sir. coming up, the irs is at it
10:39 pm
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to mobile apps, small business solutions from at&t have the security you need to get you there. call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪ first you saw irs spend your money on line dancing. then government credit cards for porn. now it gets worse, the irs mistakenly posting a social security numbers of thousands of americans online. how and why did that happen? rick klein joins us. nice to see you, rick. i guess i should start with, is it mistakenly? >> i can't imagine there's a conspiracy here, it would be so blatantly stupid. this is a totally separate irs scandal, this is different than the ones you just referenced about all the videos they made, it's also different from the ones that got everyone in
10:45 pm
trouble about the tea party groups. this is what -- if you gave money to 527 groups, these are explicitly political groups, you always knew your name would be released. what the irs was doing as part of the public disclosure, they would just release all the information that you sent. if you happened to include any personal information like a social security number, they just put that out in as well. this information was on publicly available databases for at least a couple days. >> did someone have to load this data into the database? i mean, some irs person loading this data with the social security numbers into the computer? >> yes, they basically took the forms the group would send them, which they're required to send to the irs, the irs tells you as a group don't give us the personal information you want out there. if you did put it in there. >> there's some fault on the person who put -- >> the group for allowing it to go there. it should have been caught by the irs. they should redact that information, black it out, make
10:46 pm
sure it doesn't get out there. it looks like whatever the middleman was in this, they were opening the door, letting it all out there, uploading it without even looking at it. >> how did this come to anyone's attention? the irs noticed they made a mistake? or someone had foolishly put a social security number on a document? >> no, watchdog groups look at this stuff as soon as it comes out. there was a watchdog group that looked at it and said, are we sure we're supposed to be seeing this, went back to the irs, and there were multiple incidents of this that could push into the thousands. >> my social security number was somehow on this, would anything happen to me or it could be used in anyway? >> we don't know, it was only up there for a short window. the idea of the carelessness that went into this, suggests another level of confidence. >> i don't think people watching tonight are the least bit surprised. most people think it was a mistake and not done intentionally.
10:47 pm
>> the irs is overseeing this very complex election with all these different intricacies, we saw that with the groups a couple weeks ago, we're seeing it now with these 527 groups, they're not equipped to do this, and they don't have the structures in place to make sure there aren't breaches. >> they're not doing too well in the pr area. >> rick klein, thank you. >> straight ahead, rush limbaugh versus fox news channel. is there really a rift 1234 ♪
10:48 pm
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>> greta: okay everyone here is the tip of the day. if i want to toss a cup and run you better turn off gps before tweeting. taunting tweet turns california fugitive into jail bird. yes, good old wanda missing the gps memo tweeting cops catch me if you can. no problem, a little gps led johnny law to her on a beach in mexico just when we thought criminals couldn't get dumber, well, there she is. and is sara palin throwing her hat back into the ring? reporting sara palin considering 2014 senate bid. telling sean hannity she
10:52 pm
thought about a senate run but would rather see someone else do it. waiting to see what the line up will be before making a decision. so, stay tuned. and great news, america. the return of the twinkie. abc news reporting twinkies are returning to shelves on july 15th but something will be different. so, what is different? the little sponge cakes will live longer, shelf live stretching to 45 days. go figure. we thought those things never went bad z is bad boy justin beiber telling followers to break the law? tweeting the video of the ufc fight tonight? send it to me. he may have been desperate to see the fight bur that is illegal. how would you like it if your fans illegally down loaded your music. the ufc head putting the beebs in his place saying pay per
10:53 pm
view, b justin z meet the newest member of the fox team. hollywood reporting elizabeth hasslebeck leaves "the view" for fox news channel. she's heading here to fox. she will co-host "fox and friends". that starts in september. welcome, elizabeth. and don't forget to use hash tag greta with tweets and posts. coming up is there a rift between rush limbaugh and fox news channel? rush limbaugh has that answer rngs next. [ brent ] now steve's looking pretty good so far.
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the last thing i want is to feel like someone is giving me a sales pitch, especially when it comes to my investments. you want a broker you can trust. a lot of guys at the other firms seemed more focused on selling than their clients. that's why i stopped working at my old brokerage and became a financial consultant with charles schwab. avo: what kind of financial consultant are you looking for? talk to us today. >> greta: koit be true? did rush limbaugh tell people to stop watching fox? here is the answer. >> i'm political today, headline rush limbaugh tells caller not to watch fox. rush limbaugh has a message
10:58 pm
from a caller stop watching fox news, tony from tampa called into limbaugh's radio show to complain about the lack of outrage from the right over obama's policies and the liberal war on coal. tony mentioned julie roginski telling coal was horse and buggy stuff and limbaugh asked who she was. tony said she's a democrat obama alinskite at which point limbaugh cut him off. we don't cut people off. i said oh, tony. when mentioning cavuto as though he's watching fox. since its payne it's got to be fox business channel. maybe sometimes he guests on cavuto i said tony stop watching these people because they're intended to make you
10:59 pm
question your sanity. you need to stop watching these people because they're in the going to change. that has become limbaugh told listeners to stop watching fox. i did not tell anyone to stop watching fox. i said stop listening to these people that make you so mad what. else am i going to say? i don't watch people that make me mad anymore. i gave that up years ago. what is the point? i told tony they're not going to change. they're there to tick you off. don't let it get to you. just so you know this whole drummed up thing with fox and me is all media reporting on it i'm encouraging people to do that it's bs. greta van sustren anymore tie you want to come on my show and talk, whatever you want, feel free. >> make sure you go to do


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